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  1. Belated Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday Jorel, I hope you are having an AWESOME day guy :)

  3. i know one thing all 4 better survive cj better not kill them off lol cant wait OMG crazy crazy crazy lol 4 souls and 3 beating hearts hmmmm......
  4. LOL wouldnt it be the worlds best cliffie which we might as well say CJ's notorious goat endings if he actually left the story as the ending of their journey and the end of the edge of your seat saga that has become circumnavigation
  5. OMG the suspense when is the next chapter and is it 2 more chapters and the epilogue or is it just 1 more and the epilogue?
  6. jorel82

    Chapter 15

    gripping and very interesting on the edge of my seat and cant wait for the new chapters to come right there with this one as well as circumnavigation way to go
  7. jorel82

    CJ's Rant

    CJ Thank you for writing an amazing story of untold proportions from the very beginning. I have thoroughly enjoyed the story so far and cant wait for new chapters to come out im currently on chapter 132 or 133 where Trev and Shane are arriving in Sydney. i cant wait to see what happens with Bridget and every other plot twist that you have open please please please finish the story and wouldnt mind seeing a continuation after things are settled with the cartel bridget and trev with trev and shane enjoying themselves finally and running their charters like they wish too. All i can say is WOW wonderful job so far and cant wait for for future chapters keep up the good work
  8. Happy Birthday Jorel, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year my friend :)

  9. Was going to say welcome to GA, before I saw how long you have been here :) But welcome anyways :hug:

  10. heya Krista great story i tried to copy/paste the link and its giving me page not found ive read all 28 chapters on nifty and i wanted to finish reading has it moved from the origional link? thx Edit: Here is the link to the story: Something Unexpected
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