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  1. Happy 21st Birthday guy, I hope you have an AWESOME day and a GREAT year my friend.

  2. Happy Birthday :)

    Have an awesome day :)

  3. of course i am why wouldn't i be?

  4. Missing superman. Hope you are smiling.

  5. i thank you all for your comments. sorry for the late reply but i just now found out this story discussion even existed. if you haven't already read them here's a link to the rest of the stuff i have written. feel free to take a look if you are interested, if not then that's okay too.
  6. So do your, "About Me" page and put a link to your stories. Don't be shy. As my momma always said, "If you don't toot your own horn once in a while, someone will use the darn thing as a funnel."

  7. Happy BOYthday! And I repeat, you're hot. You'll have no trouble finding the right guy.


  8. Dang! You are getting close aren't you!


  9. i see that you didn't notice that i am soon to be 19

  10. Author:Author! Looks pretty impressive from here. 18 years old and recognized as an author! Yep, book candy. That's what you are. lol

  11. Hey I remembered you had little brothers right? Give me a little credit won't ya? You are like a silent breeze that shows up every six weeks or so. You want to be remembered? Fortune favors the bold. So be a little bolder would ya? Give other boys a chance to drool over ya. There's somebody for everyone, even you.

  12. ah yes to be remembered by a date rather than a name it fills me with joy

  13. Ah yes! Joined on my son's birthday Now I remember.

  14. ok, so now go find a cute pic of something for your profile. Anything cute will do.

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