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Concentrated mistakes - 6. Chapter 6

Hope the Christmas was good and the new year will be peaceful, prosperous and profitable.

Nathaniel’s eighteenth birthday passed with him and his mom having lunch together. Nathaniel had quite forcefully told his mom that he did not want another ‘surprise party’, in which she invited his ‘friends’ from school to help him celebrate. Thankfully this year she had listened. Nathaniel had also warned her that he was going out later so she was not too worried that he was going to spend the evening of his birthday alone while she went to work.

Dane told him to dress up and they went out to a fancy restaurant after which they went clubbing. He had given Nathaniel cologne for his birthday and Nathaniel dabbed some of the heavenly smelling musk behind his ears as he left the house.

Over the few weeks they have been together Nathaniel has realized that Dane was not afraid to show affection in public. When they were dancing, Nathaniel had felt self-conscious at first but after he realized that no one was interested in them, he loosen-up.

“You are making me horny as hell”, Dane whispered in his ears.

Nathaniel tipped unto his toes so he could whisper in his ear, “good thing that I am no longer a ‘jail bait’ then?” he smirked as he grind his lower half into Dane, making sure he knows that he is also horny as hell.

The physical side of their relationship was frustrating. Nathaniel found that he was in a constant state of arousal and most times Dane had to slow down or halt their make out sessions. So far they have only made out and did a few gropes through their clothing.

On the second week, Dane carried Nathaniel to his home one evening and they spent the time making out, playing video games and talking. One of their make out session got out of hand and Dane started to pull Nathaniel’s shirt off over his head. Nathaniel uttered a “yes! Thank you God!” Dane was breathing heavily as he lifted his head and urgently begged, “come on babe, I am depending on you to stop this, cause I want to fuck you like crazy”. Nathaniel had really thought that they would get farther then, but Dane’s phone rang and stopped him. By the time he had finished his call Nathaniel was sulking and Dane was back in control.

Christmas was a few days after Nathaniel’s birthday. His mom roped him into decorating the tree and doing Christmas cleaning. They also prepared a big dinner for the day. His mom had the day off so Nathaniel was going to see Dane in the evening. Dane had worked until late last night so he said he would catch up on some sleep during the day.

Nathaniel and his mom made too much food, as usual, and his mom tried to get him to over eat. She said that a Christmas meal was not a success unless people are uncomfortable afterwards. Nathaniel laughed and told her to go right ahead. Dane texted him at 2:24 to wish him happy x-mas, again. Nathaniel texted back to tell him that he was taking dinner over.

After they had put away the leftovers and tidied up, Nathaniel planned to go up to his room and get ready to go to Dane’s. Halfway up the stairs his mom stopped him, “Nathaniel, can we talk for a moment?”

‘O.K. mom but I am going to have to get ready”, Nathaniel looked longingly up the stairs.

“I won’t be long, have a seat”, his mother patted the seat next to her on the couch. “You know, I thought we have a good relationship, but I could be wrong”, she began.

“Mom, you said you won’t be long,” Nathaniel warned.

“Is there anything you should tell me?” Her hand was folded across her chest and she looked upset.

“Mom, I…….What….”, Nathaniel took a deep breath.

“You and a taxi driver!! Don’t deny it! I got it from a reputable source. You weren’t even hiding, were you? Everybody knows except me!” She stood up and started pacing. “You know what these guys are like!! You better be engaging in safe sex cause God knows where this guy has been!!”

“Mom!” Nathaniel snapped out of shocked at his mother’s revelation.

“I should call the damn police! You are a minor for God’s sake!” She seethed, still pacing.

“I have been eighteen years old more than a week now!” Nathaniel retorted. “And for your information, mother, he had to be holding me off, not the other way around!” Nathaniel was upset now.

“Nathaniel,” she said softly as if she was speaking to a slow witted child, “he is going to chew you up and spit you out! Mark my words; you are going to get hurt”.

“Mom, those are your issues and your hang-ups. Stop forcing them unto me!” As Nathaniel said this the fire went out of her and a hurt expression settled on her face as she sat down.

Nathaniel looked at her for a moment, took a deep breath and then sat beside her. “I am not going to say sorry for that last comment, mom, because I mean it.”

“So now you are eighteen and you know everything, right?” She asked with malice.

“No, but I know that this prejudice that you have against all taxi drivers is crazy. You don’t even know him, mom”, the anger had dissipated from Nathaniel. “You are not surprised that I am gay?” Nathaniel realised after a short pause.

“Oh please, I knew you were gay from age twelve”, his mother said with a small smile.

“Oh”, Nathaniel responded and leaned back in the seat.

“Be careful.” She warned, “I didn’t even know that he could speak English for God’s sakes! Does he speak English? How will you communicate with each other? This is ridiculous!” She was going off on her monologue again.

“Mom, will you stop?” Nathaniel breathed. “I like him…….. a lot”, he added as his phone beeped. He opened his messages and read that Dane would pick him up in the next hour.

“Mom, I really have to go and I am glad that you know now”, he took a deep breath. “Sorry that you had to find out from others and not me but I really like him and I hope you can calm down enough, in the future, for you and him to meet properly”. He got up and started up the stairs. “I love you, mom, but I have to get ready”. He looked at his mother as she shook her head in disappointment as he ran up the stairs.

Dane texted again when he was outside and Nathaniel hurried to the kitchen to grab the plate that he had prepared for Dane. He opened the door and saw that his mom was outside talking to Dane. He was standing outside the car with a blank look on his face while Nathaniel’s mom spoke to him. “Shit, no, no, no”, he breathed as he saw them. He got his coat and hurried out to them, he heard Dane said, “Excuse me ma’am”, as he took the plate and went around to open Nathaniel’s door. The angry woman looked at them as her son asked, “Is everything alright?”

“We are O.K. Nate. Your mom was just warning me to treat you as you deserve to be treated, that’s all”. Dane said seriously.

Nathaniel stopped by his mother’s side. “Mom, what are you doing?”

“What, am I not allowed to meet the boyfriend of my only child?” She said with venom in her voice. “You better heed my warnings too”, she turned to Dane, then back to Nathaniel. “Be careful o.k?” She reached up and hugged him.

“I will be, I promise”, Nathaniel hugged her back. She let him go and retreated back up to the house.

Dane released a breath as Nathaniel sat in the car. Dane came around, got in and started the car.

“If I was a lesser man”, said Dane with a little humour as he drive towards his house, “I would be wetting myself right about now”.

“Oh God! I am sorry about that. I didn’t know she would get like that”. Nathaniel looked embarrassed.

“Hey she is just being a mom, I guess, no worries. I just gonna have to treat you extra careful from now on”, he smirked.

“Stop,” Nathaniel still sounded embarrassed.

Dane lived about thirty minutes away on the other side of town. The house was a beautiful three bedroom split level unit which he lived in all by himself. He said his parents had bought it as an “apology” and also to show their support. When Nathaniel looked at him with shock and asked if he was rich he said his parents were “O.K”. Looking around, Nathaniel thought that they were much more than O.K. Dane had rented out one of the rooms to a student when he first moved in but had to threw him out a few weeks later as he and his friends tried to turn his house into a drug den. Dean said he would never try to rent out again and that he enjoyed the peace and quiet.

While Dane heated up the food and then sat down to eat, Nathaniel rambled on about random things. In between his ramblings, he apologized again for his mom. When Dane was finished and was sitting beside Nathaniel on the couch, Nathaniel looked at him nervously and then reached for a small bag he had brought in with him.

“I….ahm….I got you something. I hope you like it”, Dane smiled as Nathaniel handed the bag to him. Nathaniel felt his chest hurting and released the breath he was holding.

As Dane removed the items from the bag, Nathaniel felt his face warm up in a blush. Dane held the driving gloves and the scarf up so he could look at them. “I know it’s silly but you are always saying that the steering wheel is giving you callouses and you are out late sometimes and the temperature drops at night and I know it is stupid but I…… just”. Dane put on the driving gloves and the scarf and stood up, adjusting the scarf around his neck.

“This is so thoughtful of you”, he said then, “bloody hell! Are the gloves reflecting?” He went over and turned off the overhead light. The room was lighted by the light from the kitchen. There were reflecting strips on the knuckles of the gloves that reflected the light. Nathaniel laughed as Dane held up his hand and kept staring at the gloves as if it was a new toy.

“This is great, babe”, he said, still looking at the gloves with his fingers left out. “Finally! A boyfriend who listens to me when I complain”, he said smiling, then lifted Nathaniel up and twirl him around. Nathaniel yelped as he heard ‘boyfriend’. Dane kissed him and he melted into his arms.

Dane stopped the kiss abruptly, held his hand and pulled him over to sit on the couch again. He got up and ran out of the room and back in a few seconds. He placed a wrapped box in Nathaniel’s lap.

“Dane you don’t have to get me anything, you just got me something for my birthday”, Nathaniel protested.

“Nate, don’t spoil this. Birthday, Christmas, two different events. Now stop stalling and open the box.” Dane sounded eager and excited and Nathaniel looked at him, half expecting to see him bouncing like a puppy. Nathaniel smiled and unwrap the package. The smile left his face when he saw the game console and then the rest of it.

‘Dane , no, this … this is too much. This cost too much, I couldn’t accept this”. Nathaniel looked down at the play station game.

“What? What’s the matter, I know you like playing when you are here and you said that you don’t have one at home so now you can practice and maybe, just maybe, get close to beating me one of these days.” He said lightly, not realising that Nathaniel was not laughing.

“I don’t want you to spend this kind of money on me. It makes me feel uncomfortable; especially when my gift does not even come close to how much this cost.” Nathaniel said sullenly.

Dane looked at him thoughtfully, then cradled his face in his big hands, “If you had bought a gift for me that costs a million dollars I would not appreciate it as much as I do this”. He paused to make sure Nathaniel was listening, “Your gift was thoughtful and it tells me that you pay attention to me and also that you observe and try to fix things so I am more comfortable. Your gift was all about me and that’s why I love and appreciate it. Now, I chose this gift because I know how much you enjoy playing it. When you play you really relax and I have realized that you do not relax as often as you should, you are always too intense, for a young guy. It’s like you have the world on your shoulders sometimes. I love to see you happy, as crazy as it sounds; so with the aim of getting you to relax a little more and also to get you to just have plain old fun, I got you this game. You, on the other hand, need to learn to just say thanks and enjoy the gift.” He kissed him as he said the last part of his sentence.

‘Sorry for being like this but I get uncomfortable…….” Nathaniel did not get to finish.

“When people treat you special?” Dane smirked.

“You sometimes go overboard, and you know it”, Nathaniel said indignantly. “You sometimes treat me like a girl; always opening doors for me, pulling out my chair. The other day you put your arm across my chest when you had to stop suddenly, for God’s sake! Sometimes it seems as if you don’t remember that we are two guys.” Dane had leaned back in the seat and looked intently at Nathaniel as he spoke.

“Nate, I don’t treat you as a girl. I treat you as my boyfriend, special. I put my arm out to protect you because, when faced with danger, It was instinctual to think of your safety above anything else, even my own safety.” He leaned towards Nathaniel so as to get his point home. “Nate if we are going to do this you are going to have to understand that I am going to treat you different, better, than I do other people. I am just that sort of a guy. If I am into you, then I am all the way in”. He watched Nathaniel’s lips as he got even closer to him. “The question is, Nathaniel, Can you handle me?” His face was very close now. They were sharing the same air.

Nathaniel felt his heart hammering in his chest and he swallowed, licked his lips and nodded his head up and down. He felt heat rush to his face as Dane licked his closed lips. He has never been this horny in all of his life. Dane removed the game from his lap without breaking eye contact. He licked Nathaniel’s lips again and this time Nathaniel opened his mouth to give him access. When Dane’s tongue entered his mouth and seeks dominance he submitted. It was like second nature to submit to Dane. Nathaniel realized that he would want it no other way.

Dane’s hands and mouth were doing dangerous and arousing things to Nathaniel’s head which was affecting his cock. It was so hard it actually hurt. Nathaniel tried to calm himself, telling himself that it would be embarrassing if he orgasm from a kiss; but this kiss was that good. It was like Dane was using his tongue to fuck his mouth while at the same time tease and sooth him. This mixture of sensation was threatening to push Nathaniel to ultimate climax and he did not want that yet.

Dane started to unbuckle Nathaniel’s belt and Nathaniel go frantic. His hands wanted to go everywhere and touch every part of Dane. Dane captured his hands in one of his as soon as Nathaniel’s pants were open. Dane lifted his head and looked down at Nathaniel’s ‘drugged out’ appearance. He was now lying on the couch with Dane half way on top of him. Dane dipped his head and devoured his lips again because he needed to. He then lifted his head from a trembling needy Nathaniel and whispered, “shhh, calm down. I don’t want this to be over yet.” He leaned down and bit Nathaniel’s neck. Nathaniel let out a sound that was pure lust. His head felt as if it was going to explode with all of the different sensations. He was writhing and murmuring beneath Dane.

Dane kissed his neck again and as he did so he opened Nathaniel’s shirt. He kissed down to Nathaniel’s nipple and he sucked and bit and had Nathaniel swearing, cursing, thrashing and begging under him. He started on a trail, with his mouth, down to Nathaniel’s cock. Dane had not touched Nathaniel’s cock with his hand yet and the anticipation was killing Nathaniel. He held his breath as Dale slowly used his tongue to trail a line down to his cock. Nathaniel’s lungs were hurting and he could hear his heart beating loudly in his ears from refusing to breathe for so long.

Dane uncovered Nathaniel purple headed six and a half inches cock and swallowed it in one go. Nathaniel screamed with his teeth clenched as his back bowed off the couch. He was shaking all over as an intense orgasm rocked his body. His toes were curled, his hands were painfully grasping Dane’s shoulders, his head was thrown back and his mouth hang open as he begged for this intense pleasure to end. It was just too much. Dane pushed his hand inside his own pants so he can give himself a bit of relief. A sex crazed Nathaniel was just too much for him. Dane made only one stroke up on Nathaniel’s cock; when he was going back down to swallow, he felt Nathaniel’s sweet liquid hitting the back of his throat. Dane swallowed expertly as he sucked and swallowed between spurts. Nathaniel was moving frantically but Dane used his hand to control some of the movement of his hips as he desperately used the other hand to jerk his own cock. Dane’s cock exploded when Nathaniel’s made its second spurt. Dane groaned deep in his throat as the intense pleasure reached its peak.

When their orgasm had subsided, Dane collapse down on the floor and rolled a very pliable Nathaniel on top of him. They were both breathing heavily and Nathaniel was trembling. Every now and again he seems to try to borrow closer to Dane, although he was lying on top of him. It was as if he was not satisfied until all of him was touching Dane. Dane started to adjust his arms around him and Nathaniel thought he was removing his hands, “No, no”, he said in a shaky voice, “Just hold me for a minute, please. Don’t let go yet”. Dane tightened his hold around him as Nathaniel snuggled deeper into him.

Hope the Christmas was good and the new year will be peaceful, prosperous and profitable. Please review and let me know what you are thinking.

copyright to 7letcher(2015);All Rights Reserved
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