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  1. 7letcher

    Chapter 39

    Why don't you write anymore?? You are so goooooooood! Please start writing again or if you are but not on this site please tell me where i can find you. I really miss you.
  2. 7letcher

    Chapter 23

    You are too good of a writer, i have not seen anything from you in a while. Whats happening?
  3. 7letcher

    Chapter 11

    I love this story. It is so well written and I really love the guys.
  4. 7letcher

    Chapter 2

    Why is it going so fast?
  5. 7letcher


    I wish, wish, wish that you would complete this story. It is sooooooooooooo damn good!
  6. 7letcher


    Honestly, i started reading this and i was like, 'yes, a good read!', then it started to go south. The characters just became unbelievable in the end. Tracy, for one became the nanny for everyone's kids after they treated him like shit. It also became too 'syrupy'. My God, everybody loved everybody and although there were toddlers about everybody behaved.
  7. Wow!! Bracing for hurricane Matthew in Jamaica!! Damn it is huge!! I am normally a calm person but shit this system is huge!!

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    2. 7letcher


      Thanks Val.


    3. Carlos Hazday

      Carlos Hazday

      I remember playing in flooded streets after a hurricane when I was 6 or 7. Funny how 50 years later my perspective has changed. Living through Andrew may have had something to do with that. Let's hope Jamaica and Cuba survive with no loss of life and Florida escapes the fury of Mother Nature.

    4. 7letcher


      My kids are like "Yaaaaaaay!! No school, no school!" When you are a kid you have parents who worry for you. lol.


  8. 7letcher

    Chapter 41

    I read this story to see a little bit more of Davis and Ellis but i fell in love with this story. I think it is finished here.
  9. 7letcher

    Chapter 9

    Dane’s POV He felt as if his world was imploding as he looked at the woman sitting and staring at him. He had told her time and time again never to come to his house, yet here she sits with that fucking silly, innocent, but conniving look on her face. Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! Nate can’t know about this! Not yet anyway! I need just a little more time! The thoughts kept swirling in his head, threatening to make him temporarily insane. He then remembered his short conversation with Nate. He was the one who had told him that he had a visitor; that means that ……… Dane held his breath and scanned the room.His heart pounded in his chest painfully as his eyes fell on Nate’s. He was looking from Dane to the woman and then back again. There was confusion in his eyes as he looked at both of them. For a few seconds no one moved. Nathaniel finally shook his head and walked forward to hand the glass of water to the woman who gulped it down thirstily. She then placed the glass down, turned and looked straight at Dane. “I am done hiding! This kid is yours and I am not going to hide away as if I am ashamed of that! Here is an idea, Dane, get used to it!” As she delivered her little speech, Dane looked fixedly at Nate. “Dane?” He asked, looking only at him.“Nate”, he hurried over to him and tried to guide him out of the room. “Babe, let’s talk in private, I……” “No!” He stood where he was, refusing to move. “Who is she?” “'Babe'? Hold on a minute”, she laughed bitterly. ‘Don’t tell me that you are fucking him!” "Shut the fuck up Zoe! Nate, just come with me and we can talk in private, please, I’ll explain everything, just ………….,” desperation was creeping into Dane’s voice as he saw the situation getting worst. “She is pregnant with your child? Tell me that what she has said is a lie, and then I will come with you,” His voice sounded void of emotions and that scared Dane even more. “Tell me”, he insisted, when Dane hesitated. “Baby, it’s not that simple, just let me explain”, Dane begged. Nathaniel looked at him with his emotionless eyes. Dane breathed a sigh of relief when Nate moved towards a room he used as a study area. “Well, I’ll just make myself at home then, why don’t I,” shouted Zoe disdainfully. Nate folded his arms across his chest as he went to stand at the window. He was not looking at Dane. “Tell me everything”, he said quietly. Dane took a deep breath, hoping that somewhere down the road he ends up with this guy by his side again. “Her name is Zoe Frazer; she attends the same University that I attend. Eight months ago I went to a party, got very drunk and ended up in bed with her. She said she had known me for a while but, to the best of my knowledge, that was the first night I had ever seen her.” He took a deep, steadying breath and looked over at Nate. “Baby, all of this happened before I ever dreamed of getting with you”, he finished. “And you knew that she was pregnant when?” Nate asked, still not looking at him. Dane ran his fingers through his hair and exhaled shakily. “She told me two months ago”. He swallowed as Nate spun swiftly around to face him; he was looking at him with disbelief on his face. “Two months ago,” he stated softly, and then exploded. “You knew for two fucking months and you said nothing!!” He yelled. “Oh, let me guess”, he was speaking softly again. “You hadn’t fucked me yet, had you?” Nate’s voice was dripping with disdain. “Nate, come on man, this has nothing to do with that”, Dane pleaded. “I wouldn’t -----” “What wouldn’t you do? Lie to me? Hurt me? Prove that my first assumptions about you were true?” “Nate, just listen for a minute”, he said desperately, reaching out to touch him. Nate exploded and this time tears were running down his face. “Don’t touch me! Don’t ever fucking touch me again! Why are you even in here with me? Your family is out there! I have to get the fuck out of here!!” He looked around the room as if he was in prison. He was taking deep heaving breaths as he moved towards the door. “Nate”, He stopped. “I know that this looks bad right now but please know that I love you very much and---“. “Love, really? Goodbye Dane and, congratulations”, he said in a strained voice as if he was trying to control his emotions even if it kills him. Dane watched him walk out. He knew that Nate needed time to process this but he cannot help the feeling of dread that passed over him. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He exhaled as he got his phone and send out a call. “Hey, Frank, are you in my neighbourhood? No? Ok? Later man.” He dialled another number, “Jimbo, you anywhere near my house man? No nothing is wrong; I want you to pick Nathaniel up for me. He should be coming down the road from my house”. Nate does not know that most of the guys Dane works with know who he is and his relationship to Dane. He knows of the other guys’ wives and girlfriends as well. It was just like a little insurance thing where they looked out for each other’s families. “Got him”, Jimbo’s voice pulled him back from his thoughts. “Thanks man”, he replied and hung up. How is he going to fix this? Can this be fixed? He suddenly remembered his very pregnant guest. “So, you are gay now?” asked Zoe with mockery in her voice as he entered the room. “You, who had at least one orgy a week? With girls, I might add. You? Gay?” She laughed humourlessly. “What do you want Zoe?” Dane asked tiredly. “You can’t have run out of money already.” This was said bitterly. Dane has been supporting her financially, although there was a good chance that the child she was carrying was not his. He was always careful but that night he had had too much to drink and can’t really remember his encounter with her. She had even admitted that she does not really know who really got her pregnant. When she had contacted Dane and told him that he might be the father of her un-born child, he had freaked out. He remembers spending a very stressful time at the clinic while he got tested and warned by the nurse who asked him personal and embarrassing questions. Lucky for him, he was clean but he had to do the tests all over again in a few months’ time. This experience was the catalyst that sent him into self-imposed celibacy for a few months before he finally met Nate. Dane had no doubt that he was in love with the younger man. “This child is yours and you are behaving as if this is only my responsibility, and yes I know that financially you are there, and I am happy for that but there are other things as well. You missed another birthing class again. I was the only one there without a partner. Do you know how pathetic that makes me feel?” She took a deep breath when she was finished and stared at him with stormy blue eyes. “You travelled all the way over here just to tell me that I missed a birthing class?!” Dane replied, barely able to control his anger. “What the fuck happened to calling? Is something wrong with your damn phone? And what the hell is up with this bag?” he pointed to the travelling bag on the floor, “I pay the rent on your flat so I know you are not fucking homeless!” “Well, aren’t we in a pissy mood! Don’t blame me for your boyfriend finding out about this,” She used her right hand to point to her stomach. “Secrets always have a way of biting you in the ass, don’t you think?” she stated conversationally. Dane felt his anger increasing. “What the fuck are you doing here Zoe?” He said between clenched teeth. “I saw my doctor this morning; she said I should not be on my own right now, so here I am. The baby is due anytime now anyway and we should at least try to talk rationally before it comes. Have you given any thought to my proposal? In light of the fact that you are now gay, this proposal should be music to your ears. In fact I think I am making you a sweet offer, even if the kid is not yours.” Dane looked at her with disbelief. Zoe was a mercenary. She thinks of money above all else, even her unborn child. “Zoe, this child has been inside of you for eight months now. Don’t you feel any connections to him at all? All you can think of is making a profit? You are fucking unbelievable!!” “Don’t you look down your nose at me, you fucking pampered heir!” she said with disdain, “I could have followed through on my original plan to abort it in the beginning but I didn’t do that. Two hundred thousand dollars will mean nothing to you but that money will forever change my life. Besides, if you do not take this kid off my hands then I will sell it to the highest bidder, and you know that I will do it!!” Dane would have credited her advance state of pregnancy with her thoughts but he knew better. She had plainly stated her intentions from day one. He had hoped that as time passed she would change her mind but she was even more resolute in her decisions. Dane had tried to change her mind but there was no budging her. “I do not want a child now! You know this! Are you trying to change my mind again? Look, I have another couple who is interested in my proposal and they are willing to pay much more, so just stop stalling and tell me what you decide. I can’t believe we are back at this again! Decide already!” “Don’t you think you will feel differently when he is born and you hold him? Just wait Zoe.” Dane begged her. “You really don’t know me, do you?” She smirked. “Look, if it is yours then I get the money and I sign over all rights to you. If it is not yours then I sign him over to the other couple. If it is yours and you don’t want it then you can sign it over to me and then I will take it from there”, she spoke matter-of-factly as if she was talking about selling a pair of shoes on E-bay. “You are not fucking human!” Dane said looking at her with disgust. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, whatever. Just make your decision so I know what my next move is. Where am I staying, by the way? I need to sleep. This conversation is doing a number on my head”. Dane looked at her for a moment, took a deep breath then took her bag up. “Follow me”, his voice was void of all emotions. He led her to the bedroom that was downstairs. When she sat tiredly on the bed Dane spoke again, “I will call my lawyer and get the money and paper work ready. If he is not mine then you will have to find out who his father is. You do that and I will adopt him if his father decides to sign away his rights. This will have to be legal. Once you are out of this child’s life I do not want you back in his or mine!!” “You are its father, Dane”, she said with conviction in her voice. “Where did you think I was before I contacted you?” She looked at him with amusement on her face. “I know how to pick them for sure, and you were not even in the line-up and look how this turned out. Fuck, your money makes him look like a pauper. Don’t look at me like that. Men do this shit all the time and get away with it!” She turned away from him as he walked towards the door. “The other guy I was with found out that he was sterile. He was furious and wanted me out. Imagine my surprise when I really found out who Dane Wynters was,” she finished with a self-satisfying smile. “The paternity test will confirm or deny that”, Dane said as he hurried out of the room. He can’t say he was surprised at Zoe’s revelations. He has come to expect anything from her. He dialled his lawyer’s number. Zoe was right, two hundred thousand dollars was really not a big deal. Holy shit, this was happening. His life was forever changed when he met that damn woman, this child will change it even more. He explained the situation to his lawyer and listen as he shed some legal light on the whole thing. Dane told him what he needed and then left him to do his job. He took a shower and got himself ready to have another confrontation tonight. He inhaled sharply, hoping this might help to calm his nerves a bit. He needed to tell Nate everything and hope to God he has not fucked this up to the point where it cannot be fixed. He thought of the fact that in a few weeks he may be a father. Can Nate handle that? Would he want to? Dane’s hands started to sweat. Shit he felt nervous. “I am going out”, he called out to the closed door Zoe was staying in. She opened the door. She was wearing a pink robe which was open, revealing a short nightshirt. “Going to visit your boyfriend? Hope he forgives you. I would let you grovel first”, she laughed. “That’s none of your business”, Dane replied, his voice was frosty. “Okaaaaaaay then, I will make myself at home”, she smirked as he turned away from the door. When Dane knocked on Nate’s front door it was after nine. He took a deep breath and knocked again. The door swung open and Nate’s mom stood at the door in her white uniform. Dane did not know if she was going out or coming in. “Good evening ma’am, ahhm, may I speak to Nathaniel?” She was looking at him as if he was a bug under a microscope. It made him uncomfortable. “Ahhh”, she said softly while rubbing her chin, “another piece of the puzzle”. She stepped aside and motioned for him to come inside. “I don’t know what is going on here, but you better get your shit together!” She was pointing up at his face. Dane held his breath at the look on her face. “I have a space in my album which I labelled 'Nathaniel’s high school graduation'. I promise I will kill you if I don’t have my son’s smiling face on a photograph in that spot the day after graduation”, her voice dropped as she leaned in closer, her voice dripping ice, “I am a nurse and I can make it happen, don’t play with me!” she threatened. “I just want to sort things out”, Dane promised. “Good, see that you do”, she picked up her hand bag. Going out then, Dane thought with relief. She threw him a last threatening look before she exited the door. Dane quickly ran up the stairs to Nate’s room. He knocked softly at first. He got no respond so he tried again. He heard him say something but it was too muffled. He opened the door and stepped inside. The room was dark and so he took a cautious step to where he knew the bed was. “Fuck!” he breathed as he kept stepping on items littering the floor. Suddenly the room was flooded with light as Nate used a secondary switch beside the bed to turn on the overhead light. Both just froze and looked at each other for a while. Dane then began to look around him. The room was destroyed. Even the curtains were torn. It looked like a hurricane had passed through the room. Things from the dresser and clothes were all over the place. Dane moved forward, stepping over a chair that was perched on its side. Nathaniel exploded. “What the fuck are you doing here!!” he shouted. “Get out! I don’t want to see your fucking lying face again! Get away from me!” Dane stayed still as Nate rained angry words on him. He, however, had to move when Nate started to throw items at him. A book zipped past his head; a glass vase narrowly missed his arm as he watched it shattered into many pieces on the wall behind him. By the time he turned around to look at Nate again he saw what looked like a stack of copy paper coming towards his head. He ducked but not fast enough, the stack of paper connected with his forehead. “Fuck! Nathaniel!” he shouted as he held his head and tried to avoid the other objects. Nate had a crazed look on his face. “I hope it fucking hurt!” Nate shouted as he looked around for more ammunition. “You lying son of bitch!” He lifted up the bedside lamp and was about to throw it but Dane knocked him off his feet and onto the bed. Nate tried to fight, claw and curse but Dane held his arms above his head, while he kept his movements under control by lying on top of him. “Get off!” Nate shouted as he twisted and thrashed in an aim to get away. “Calm down first. Damn, you are fucking crazy when you are mad!” Dane was panting as he tried to control Nate. Nate fought and screamed until they were both tired. Dane loosened his grip when he saw tears rolling down from the corners of Nate’s eyes. He rolled over and held Nate tight on top of him as he cried. “I am sorry, baby. Sorry for hurting you. I’m so sorry, shhh”. He soothed over and over again. Nathaniel was pliable in his arms as he rubbed his back, his hair and arms to comfort him. He was also trying to embed the feel of Nate in his brain because he did not know what was going to happen when he told him everything. He hoped he understood because he knew what it felt like to have Nate as his own and he fucking loved it. He loved him and want them to grow together. He worried though because he remembered a few years ago when he was eighteen years old. Someone would have had to hold a gun to eighteen year old Dane’s head for him to do what he was about to ask Nathaniel to be a part of. He worries that Nate had a lot of wild oats to sow like he had when he was his age. He hugged the now silent man tighter as his thoughts got stormier.
  10. 7letcher

    Chapter 3

    Thank you Canuk for the kind words. I have always wanted to do this. Just do it, is my advice to you. It also helps me to relax, I've realized so it is a win, win hobby.
  11. 7letcher

    Chapter 8

    “Nathaniel George Farafax! You better stop averting your eyes! Do you want me to take you down to the clinic so that Nurse Timull can do this?” His mom tapped her shoe on the tiled floor in an impatient way as she held up the chart which showed a high level of grossness, in Nathaniel’s opinion. The chart showed ass holes in many different shades, sporting all sorts of warts, sores and ….just gross! “Mom, I know all about STIs and how to be safe”. His face being permanently red as his mom took charts, pamphlets, condoms and other fun stuff from her box. “Mother, this is mortifying!” “Shush”, she countered as she tore a condom and retrieved a large dark rubber penis from the box. “Kill me, kill me now!” Nathaniel said over and over again as he felt as if he was going to be sick. His mother just smiled and held the rubber monster up in her hand. “Nathaniel, this is the proper way to put on a condom. If it is not done correctly then you will put yourself at risk.” “Oh God!” “Just because you bottom does not mean that you should not pay attention to this, in fact you should be even more careful. The lining of the anus is thin and ……… will you take your hands from your ears and stop behaving like a child? This is important. It is better you are embarrassed now and healthy in the future.” She reached down and pulled Nathaniel’s hands away so he could hear every word she said. “Now, where was I? Yes…. The lining of the anus……” Nathaniel spent the next twenty five minutes moving from shock to embarrassment to horror as his mom gave a very detailed tutorial on safe sex, STIs and how to be extra safe when you are a bottom. Nathaniel started to feel offended that she automatically assumed that he was a bottom but said nothing, hoping that this will soon be over. He had a feeling that he was going to be uncomfortable around his mom for the rest of his days. When she smoothed the condom down on the rubber penis, he told himself that he will have to see a therapist to get that disturbing image out of his mind. Nathaniel made himself scarce for the rest of the day. He did not want to be ambushed by another tutorial. His mom had fun with his state of embarrassment. A day after the talk, she came into the kitchen with the same box in her hands. Nathaniel started to hyperventilate, “Mom, please, not again! I am begging you!” “What?” His mom said innocently, and then smiled cunningly, “Is it against the law to carry a box of books?” She whistled as she sauntered out of the kitchen and up the stairs. Dane found his situation very funny also. He stopped laughing when Nathaniel threatens to have his mom do the tutorial again the next time he came over. For a while Dane was a little apprehensive when he came to pick Nathaniel up and he was expressly invited inside. Dane was always pleasantly surprised when Nathaniel did this to make time for make out sessions and sex when his mom was not there. Nathaniel was surprised at himself; at how he has become a wanton, insatiable horn dog.He wished that he could just stay in Dane’s house and have Dane deep, deep inside him all day long. It has been a few weeks since the first time they made love. Nathaniel wasexpecting this urgency to decrease as time and frequency have increased but that had not happened. He still craved the man like a damn addict waiting on his next fix. Dane was an ultimate Alpha in the bedroom and Nathaniel delighted in being his submissive partner. Nathaniel still trembled with renewed lust when he remembered yesterday when Dane lifted him up and fucked him against the wall until he was a blubbering mass of lust and need. Nathaniel remembered how they both collapsed onto the bed as they pantedand swore; still kissing and joined in the most intimate way. “Damn!” Nathaniel sighed as he adjusted his cock. He glanced at the clock and realized that he did not have time to relieve himself. Dane would be there shortly. As he ran down the stairs, his bag covering his cock, he heard the car pulled up to his gate. He grabbed his coat and hurried out to meet him. He smiled and breathed a sigh of relief when he saw that there was no passenger in the car. “Hey, beautiful”, Dane smiled, got out and held the door open for him. Nathaniel has gotten over Dane opening doors, carrying his books and treating him like a fair damsel. They would just argue, so more often than not, Nathaniel just went with the flow. Nathaniel leaned over and kissed Dane as if he was a dying man “Damn, baby! What is going on in that head of yours?” Dane groaned when Nathaniel released him. Nathaniel smiled, licked his lips and fixed Dane with one of his horny, sexy stares. “Wouldn’t you want to know”, he replied seductively as Dane swallowed. “I have an exam today. I do better when I am relaxed”. He said matter-of-factly. “Oh, so I am being used for my powers of relaxation, am I?” Dane relied with a smirk. Nathaniel leaned back over to him and whispered in his ear, “don’t worry, later you can use me any way you want”. Dane’s breath hitched as he held Nathaniel’s head and hungrily shoved his tongue into his mouth. Nathaniel groaned loudly and opened for him. Nathaniel was awkwardly trying to wedge himself between Dane and the steering wheel. Dane released his lips abruptly. “Oh no, you don’t,” He chuckled. “What?” Nathaniel asked in a dazed voice. “Nate, you know what”, he gently guided Nathaniel back to his seat. “You are not going to be late again. I swear… I have created a monster”. He laughed as Nathaniel pouted. He looked at the time. He is going to have to leave now to get him to school on-time. “It’s your fault, you know”, at Dane’s inquiring look, Nathaniel continued, “sex is not this great with everybody, else no one would do anything else”. “Oh, my bad”, Dane said as he drove away from Nathaniel’s gate. “I will just make sure that we don’t do it so great again”, he laughed. “You wouldn’t know how to make sex bad”, Nathaniel countered and he laughed also. By the time they reached his school, Nathaniel had his arousal under control. Nathaniel wished that their relationship had remained the same; so easy and light and playful. His acceptance letters were coming in and his mom was proud of the elite schools that were providing scholarships for him. He was not as happy as when the University that Dane attended accepted him; also with the offer of a scholarship. When he told Dane, he expected him to be very excited but was disappointed because a look of panic crossed his feature for a split second before he hid it behind his white smile. Nathaniel got even more apprehensive and suspicious when Dane started to drop subtle hints about other schools that were much better than the one he attends; schools that he knew that Nathaniel had also received acceptance letters from. There was something different in the sack as well. Dane made love to him, now, as if it was the last time he would be able to do so. Sometimes he would get achingly tender and treated Nathaniel with a reverence that was frightening. Other times he was needy and desperate and pleading for Nathaniel to declare his love for him over and over again. Nathaniel kept begging him to tell him what was going on because he no longer suspects; he knows something big is bothering him. He always responds the same way, “why would anything be wrong when I have you in my arms”. His answer always infuriates Nathaniel, who would accuse Dane of treating him like an air headed bimbo. Nathaniel’s world came crashing down a week before the summer holidays were slated to begin. His graduation from High School was three days away and he was very excited to put High School behind him. Dane was still acting funny but Nathaniel thought that during the summer holidays they would have endless amount of time to sort themselves out. With his final exams completed, Nathaniel decided that he was going to surprise Dane. He planned to cook for him. He knew that most of what he needed was in the fridge. The fridge was always stocked because Dane rarely cooked at the house, preferring to eat out. Nathaniel used his key that Dane had given to him a few weeks ago. He still felt a thrill whenever he uses it. He chuckled to himself and closed the door behind him. He planned to cook chicken, vegetables and potatoes. Nothing fancy but he hoped this will help to smooth the way for the talk that they need to have. An hour and half later he was lounging on the couch, watching a stupid game show when the doorbell rang. He looked through the peephole, skeptically. He saw a messy blond head and the lady was breathing heavily as if she had run from somewhere. He opened the door but kept the chain on. “Hello, Can I help you?” Nathaniel said with a small smile. “Is Dane here?” She asked with a hint of exhausted frustration. Before he could reply she continued, “You must be his tenant; I didn’t know that he was renting out again. Hope you are not as bad as the last ones”, she smirked. Nathaniel felt satisfied that she was not a threat and released the door from the chain. He opened it to look fully at the girl at the door. The first thing Nathaniel saw was the big travelling bag that was at her feet. He then saw her extremely pregnant stomach. He did not want to be rude to one of Dane’s friends so he stepped away from the door so she could slowly walk in, leaving the bag where it was. Nathaniel brought it in and closed the door. “Dane will soon be home, but I will call him and ………….” “Shit, sorry. This kid is resting on my bladder, I swear!” She rushed off in the direction of the downstairs bathroom. O.K. then, Nathaniel thought, she knows her way around. Hmm. He fished his phone out of his pocket and called Dane. Dane answered on the second ring. “Hey babe, I am practically at home now. Where are you?” “Well, I was planning on surprising you but you have a visitor”. Nathaniel replied as he heard the car being driven into the garage. “Really? Who?” Dane sighed. Nathaniel was about to reply when the lady in question emerged from the bathroom. “Come and see”. Nathaniel said as he disconnected the call and turned towards the woman. “Would you like something to drink?” Nathaniel asked politely as the woman sat gingerly in an armchair. “Water, please”, she said tiredly. Nathaniel was coming back to her with a glass of water when he heard what sounded like bottles falling to the floor and breaking. He looked towards the sound and saw Dane, white as a sheet with a look of terror on his face as he stared at her. “What the fuck are you doing here?” He said in a dangerously angry voice.
  12. 7letcher

    Chapter 7

    Spikey, I am happy that I still have your interest. Thanks for the meaningful and insightful comments; believe me, I am learning a lot as I go along.
  13. 7letcher

    Chapter 2

    Why thank you, my darling.
  14. 7letcher

    Chapter 7

    When the Christmas break was over Nathaniel started the year high on his overpowering feelings towards Dane. There were days when Nathaniel felt that it just could not get any better and Dane topped himself yet again; surprising Nathaniel with simple things that sent him over the moon. Even his mom was softening towards him. “Hmm, he is caring, I’ll admit that”, she observed, when she came home to see Dane taking care of him when he got sick. She was even civil to him on occasions as he was now allowed to wait in the living room when they had dates. At school, Lana was questioning who the guy is. She has stopped asking if there was a guy after Nathaniel turned up with a hicky on his neck which he tried to disguise by wearing a turtle neck. This was not usually his style, so, naturally Lara figured out what he was trying to hide and pulled down the neck of the sweater to reveal his secret. Dane brought him to school every morning but he did not pick him up every evening because he sometimes had classes or work takes him out of town. Even with the routine, Lana did not figure out who Nathaniel was seeing until one afternoon when they had stayed back for Drama club. It was peak hours and it was difficult to get transportation to get into town. Lana’s bus had left so they, along with a small group of students were waiting at the bus stop. To make matters worse, the rain started to fall heavily. This was one of the evenings when Dane had classes and would not pick him up. Nathaniel was getting a little freaked out because of the lightning and thunder, to Lana’s amusement. He felt relieved when he saw a familiar car pulling alongside them. Nathaniel’s face brightened into a smile as he saw Dane, big umbrella and all, hurrying out of the car towards them. “Hey”, Dane greeted. “You ok? I have been calling to make sure you made it home alright but it keeps going straight to voicemail”. His voice had an accusatory note to it. Nathaniel fished his phone out of his pocket and smiled sheepishly at him, “sorry, looks like the battery is dead”. Dane exhaled and shook his head from side to side as he took the books Nathaniel was clutching to his chest. He was about to take the bag as well when Nathaniel remembered Lana, who was looking from one to the other with her mouth slightly opened. “Dane, this is my best friend Lana; Lana this is Dane, my boyfriend”. Lana released one of her ear piercing squeals, getting the attention of the other students who were at the other end of the shelter. They glanced at them but quickly went back to the conversation they were having. “Hi best friend, Lana,” Dane said smiling at her. “Oh, God!” She said looking up at Dane, “you are fucking gorgeous. No wonder Natty has been in such a good mood for a while now”. Nathaniel rolled his eyes, Dane smiled and Lana kept on looking Dane over. “I hope you treat your fag-hag better than he does”, she accused. “Getting information out of him is like breaking into the National Reserve Bank!” Dane chuckled at that, while Nathaniel scowled at her. The thunder boomed and Nathaniel jumped. “Can I offer you a ride home Lana, or are you waiting on someone?” Dane asked as he transferred the bag from Nathaniel’s shoulder to his. Lana confirmed that she would love the ride and so Dane covered them as he deposited Nathaniel in the front seat and Lan a in the back, along with the bag and books. In between giving Dane directions to her home Lana asked non-stop questions about how they met and personal questions to Dane such as when he knew he was gay. For Nathaniel, the sight of Lara’s house could not come fast enough. Dane was mainly amused and deferred some of the questions that he thought that Nathaniel had a problem with him revealing. Dane would say, “What are best friends for, if not to answer that question?”, and smiled pointedly at Nathaniel who would say, “No comment”. By the time the car stopped at Lana’s gate, Nathaniel was beyond relief. “I will definitely call you later”, she said looking in Nathaniel’s direction. Dane got out and sheltered her to her door. She waved to her friend as she went inside her house. “That girl is a riot”, Dane said as he pulled out unto the main road and headed towards Nathaniel’s home. Nathaniel smiled as he agreed, “that is defiantly one word I would use to describe her”. “How long have you two been friends?” Dane asked. “About five years. I think she is the only close friend I have, a lot of people can’t put up with my quirks.” “Oh yes”, Dane agreed. “I am getting to know those quirks now. One big one is not keeping your phone charged. Very annoying quirk, I must say, especially when your boyfriend is worried that something might be wrong,” he sounded as if he was not ready to let that one go yet. This had happened before so Nathaniel was pitifully remorseful. “As soon as I step in the house I am going to plug it in, I promise.” Nathaniel placated as Dane looked intently on the road as the rain continued to pour. “Wait a minute; aren’t you supposed to be in class? Was it cancelled?” Nathaniel turned to look at him. “I left early, because………….” He did not get to finish his sentence. “You were worried about me and couldn’t get me on my cell”, Nathaniel felt terrible. “Oh Dane, I am sorry you had to leave class because of me. I feel like shit”. Nathaniel said remorsefully. “Hey, take it easy. I was just worried that’s all. I know you think I worry too much but I can’t help it, especially when it comes to people who means a lot to me”. They stopped at Nathaniel’s gate and he leaned over and hugged Dane tightly. “Thank you”. He said softly. “For what?” Dane asked. “For caring about me”. Nathaniel took a deep breath, “honestly, I am still not used to someone looking after me like you do, but you make me feel safe and needed. It is such a wonderful feeling”. Dane kissed him softly, and then gathered the bag and the books. “I can carry some of that, you know”, Nathaniel stated as Dane held the umbrella for him to get under. “One fight at a time, babe”, he laughed as they both walked up to the door. When Nathaniel reached inside the first thing he did was put his phone to charge. The following Sunday Dane and Nathaniel were at Dane’s house watching a movie. Dane’s head was in Nathaniel’s lap as he randomly ran his fingers through Dane’s soft black hair. Dane sighed, looked away from the movie and looked straight up at Nathaniel. “Are you afraid to do it?” He asked. Nathaniel looked at him, confusion in his expression, “excuse me?” He said quizzically. “Baby, I want you, but I want you to be ready.” Dane raised his hand to Nathaniel’s cheek. “So tell me what, from your research, has got you spooked”. Dane was speaking in a calm soft voice. Dane saw the question in Nathaniel’s eyes and answered before he asked, “I know you and I pay attention. You don’t do anything unless you do your research”. Dane smiled at Nathaniel’s expression. Dane was right. Nathaniel was a true geek. He enjoyed researching and sometimes he got a case of “information overload”. When this happens he sometimes “unloaded” that information unto Dane in the form of talking until it was out of his system. Dane sat up and looked at him. “Well?” Dane prompted. Nathaniel took a deep breath, “It is going to hurt like hell at first, right? Most persons say that on the internet. I know that you are big and that will make it hurt even more.” Nathaniel did not really want to talk about this, so his face was flushed with embarrassment. “That’s it?” Dane checked, “Or is there more?” At Nathaniel’s expression, Dane encouraged, “tell me”. “You’ve had experiences with both sexes, you know what good sex feels like”, Nathaniel sighed in frustration, “I just don’t want to….. to be bad at it”. They had had the ‘sex from the past” discussion already. Dane was actually bi-sexual, which really shocked Nathaniel. Dane confessed that he went through a time when he lived for the moment where he gained a lot of experience, with both sexes. Nathaniel, on the other hand, only had a sloppy, drunk kiss to his credit. “Nate, I am so happy that we waited as long as we have, without going all the way, sexually. It gave us a chance to get to know each other before the complication of sex. Man, I know all of your little quirks, expressions and hang-ups and I love just being with you. I have never had this before”, he entwined his fingers with Nathaniel’s. “You are already ahead of anyone I have ever been with, in terms of how I feel about you. Baby, I won’t promise that sex will be earth shattering for you the first time out, but we can work at it and together be fantastic at it”, Dane gave Nathaniel one of his winning smiles. “As for this monster”, he smirked, groping his cock through his pants, “We will work our way up to it. I don’t want you biting off more than you can chew, now, do we?” The mood turned playful as Nathaniel hit him in the shoulders playfully saying, “You are so full of yourself”. “Don’t worry, baby”, Dane laughed as he leaned down to whispered intimately in Nathaniel’s ear. “You’ll soon get your chance to have every single inch of me filling you.” He bit his lips when Nathaniel flushed red. “Down boy”, Dane cautioned himself, as he looked at Nathaniel’s sweet kissable lips. Later on that evening, as their make out session got very heated, Nathaniel reached down and unbuckled Dane pants. He timidly freed Dale’s thick, hard, almost nine inches cock from its confinement. Nathaniel looked at it and gulped. ‘Dear God! This will never fit in any hole I have on my body’, he assessed. Dane was watching him intently, his face a picture of desperate arousal. He looked as if he was in pain. Nathaniel licked his lips and then licked the head of Dane’s cock. It throbbed in Nathaniel’s hand. The head had pre-cum oozing from it and Nathaniel licked it again to get use to the taste. “Love, please”, Dale begged in a strained voice. Nathaniel looked down at Dale and basks in the power he had to get him to fall to pieces like this. Nathaniel tried to remember all the You tube videos that he had watched on how to give head to a guy. He lowered his head and Dale tensed from head to toe. “Oh Gooooooooooooooood!” he groaned as Nathaniel found himself being totally aroused by Dane’s reaction. All that he had learnt through his hours of research left the forefront of his mind and he listened and got carried away on Dane’s groans and pleas. He didn’t get all of Dane’s cock in his mouth all at once but he realized that if he relaxed his throat a little he can get him halfway there. Nathaniel was drunk on the noises, the smell and the taste that was coming from this amazing man. He would suck him in as far as he could go and then pull off and then use his tongue to fuck the slit at the tip of his huge cock. “Oh Fuck, baby, fuuuuuuuuk! Cumming! Jesus Nate, Cummin!” He babbled as powerful spasms started to shake his entire body. He tried to push Nathaniel’s head off him but Nathaniel was desperately sucking and moaning on his cock. When the first powerful spurt hit Nathaniel’s throat he felt his gag reflexes responded. He backed off a little but kept the swollen, jerking cock in his mouth. He swallowed as his man’s cum filled his hot, hungry mouth. As the orgasm reached a manageable level while they return to earth, Dane begged him to stop, “Please, babe it’s sensitive”. He inhaled sharply, “Wow! I need to….. Wow! You……fuck…. Come up here”. He pulled Nathaniel to him and devoured his lips. Nathaniel was still hard as he weld his body in sensual writhes unto Dane. Dane pushed his big hands down the back of his pants and cupped his firm ass cheeks in both his hands. Nathaniel sat up hurriedly as he unbuckled his pants. He wanted to take them off but Dane was not letting him go. Dane suddenly sat, then stand with Nathaniel’s legs still wrapped around his hips. The walk to the bedroom was awkward but fast as Dale had one hand around Nathaniel’s ass, the other hand holding up his own pants as he was also busy exploring Nathaniel’s mouth. Dane put Nathaniel on the bed and sucked on his neck as he undressed him. Nathaniel was wanton and pleading as Dane left his lips for a few seconds so that he could hurriedly take his own clothes off. On his way back to Nathaniel’s body, Dane stop for a second and examined the naked sensual man in his bed, “God, you are breathtakingly beautiful”, he said reverently. Nathaniel blushed and the calmness passed as Dane felt lust and need overcame him. No matter how close Dane got, Nathaniel wanted him closer. He grabbed, arched his back, begged, bribed and bargain with Dane so that he could get closer. He felt frenzied and out of control as he was suspended in a state of intense pleasure that was driving him out of his mind. Dane recognized that he needed to calm Nathaniel down a little and so he lifted his head and placed light kisses on his eyes, mouth, cheeks, neck as he whispered calming words to him, “shh, sweetheart, calm down”. Dane looked down into Nathaniel’s eyes and let him see the love and adoration shining there. Nathaniel swallowed shakily, reached up his hand and tenderly touched Dane’s lips. “I want to be yours, only yours, Dane. Make love to me”, he pulled his face down towards his, he then opened his legs in a wanton and sensual way. “Please fuck me”, he groaned more gutturally. Dane kissed him harshly and then reached into the bedside drawer for a foil packet and a bottle of lube. Nathaniel watched him with hooded lids as he got his fingers slippery with a generous amount of lube. Nathaniel felt a little flutter of apprehension as he looked down at Dane’s rock hard cock. “Hey”, he looked back up at Dane’s eyes. “Do you trust me?” Such a simple question, Nathaniel thought. “Yes, with all my heart”, he responded, meaning every word. “Breathe, and try to relax”, Dane advised while he started to trail wet kisses down towards Nathaniel’s cock. His tongue was distracting Nathaniel so much so that when he felt Dane’s finger breached his ring of muscles he tensed in surprise. “Relax”, he heard Dane said softly and swallowed his cock. Nathaniel yelped and opened his legs wider. Dane pushed into him and held still for a moment. Nathaniel moved his hips experimentally and seems to like what he felt because he let out a searing “Oh my God!” as he started to buck his hips, fucking himself on Dane’s finger. By the time Dane had three fingers in and was satisfied that he was ready, Nathaniel was fast losing it and begging Dane to fuck him. Dane came over him when he was wearing a slippery condom, lifted his legs to his shoulders and slowly used his cock to breach the ring of muscled inside Nathanial’s sweet ass. Dane felt him try to push him out at first and he leaned down and kissed him. He pushed in deeper and Nathaniel winced in discomfort. “Push out and breath for me, baby”, Dane said in a strained voice as he tried to control himself. Nathaniel looked at him and saw the effort in his clenched jaw and the rigid way he held his body. “Wow”, Nathaniel whispered as he did as Dane said. He felt him slipped in farther and then stopped so that Nathaniel can get adjusted to the intrusion. Nathaniel moved his hips experimentally again as both their bodies were becoming slick with sweat. Nathaniel did not know if it was the smell of sex in the room, the sex itself or this wonderful man above him but as he moved his hip he felt an explosion that shook his body into sensual action. “Fuck me,” he begged as the intense pleasure was undermining the pain. Dane planned on taking it easy but did not stand a chance as Nathaniel’s moaning and writhing forced him to lose control. He thrust powerfully into Nathaniel over and over again as he looked down at Nathaniel’s blissed out face. When Nathaniel started shaking, Dane pulled out, flipped him over and stuck a pillow under his hips to elevate him. Dane entered him again and slipped his hand around Nathaniel’s waist to hold him firm. Nathaniel was begging for release as he trembled and clutched the sheets. Dane’s control was shattered as he pummelled into Nathaniel’s body. When release came, Nathaniel twisted around and captured Dane’s lips in a painful, sensual, soul wrenching kiss while he screamed into Dane’s mouth. Nathaniel spurted over and over again as he rode the intense wave of his sweet release. Dane erupted shortly after when Nathaniel’s anal muscles were contracting and relaxing at an intense rate which pushes him over the edge. Nathaniel collapsed face down on the bed. Dane collapsed on top of him. They were both trembling and gasping for breath. Dane realized that he had to be crushing him. He rolled to the side as Nathaniel groaned. Dane lay on his back with one of his legs and his arm touching Nathaniel, the other arm was covering his eyes as he took deep breaths to calm himself. “Babe?” Dane drawled without moving. ‘Hmmm”, Nathaniel responded “You good?” Nathaniel chuckled breathily, “good? That was even more than excellent. Those You tubers don’t know shit!” “I aim to please, hon, I aim to please”, Dane laughed while pulling Nathaniel in close to him.
  15. You have the best avatar around this place. Where did you find it? I'd love to see it full size and any others by the artist!


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