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Concentrated mistakes - 4. Chapter 4

The first person to follow my first story is jnoel87. I must say thanks and hope I hold your interest. Please review. Let me know what you are thinking.

O.K, O.K, deep breath, just calm the fuck down. Nathaniel listened to his internal monologue. He took deep breaths and tried to clear his head of the Cab.....no, Dane, he reminded himself. He moved away from the door and walked briskly to the refrigerator where he gulped down water. He, Nathaniel George Farafax, made out with a taxi driver who he had met only a few minutes before!! Oh my God!!

What the fuck was going on with him, anyway? It seems as if the closer he got to eighteen the more shit he gets himself into. He prided himself on being dependable, reliable and predictable for fuck's sake! He is not a typical teenager who gets into shit and gives his mom trouble. His mom knew she could trust Nathaniel to come home on time, study and get strait A averages. His mom never had to go to the principal's office for any behavioral problems which most teenagers got caught up in. Nathaniel understood that his mom worked hard and tried not to give her added stress.

Last week he had to do an extra piece of work for Mrs. Brody, so he could maintain his A average grade in History, because he had not handed in one piece of assignment on-time and so had lost precious marks. Now this!

He went upstairs and threw himself down on his bed. He touched his lips as he remembered how Dane had silenced him. Despite his internal argument with himself, Nathaniel realized that he was still as horny as hell. His pants felt confining. His hand inched closer to his crotch. He remembers Dane kissing his cheek, his lips, his neck and God, his ears. He hurriedly unbuckles his pants, moved his underwear out of the way and wrapped his hand around his cock.

“Ahh”, he sighed with relief as he moved his hand in a motion which had him gasping for air. He closed his eyes as he imagined that Dane was the one touching him. “Oh Fuck! Oh Fucking God!” He swore as Cum shot out unto his stomach.

He took deep breaths as he tried to calm his trembling limbs. This guy is dangerous, Nathaniel concluded. He looked down on his still twitching cock and nodded, “yeah, he is fucking dangerous”.

He almost fell asleep in his post orgasmic bliss but remembered that his mom would soon come home just as he felt his eyes drooping. He got up hurriedly and headed to the bathroom. He showered quickly and went down to the kitchen to start dinner.

While he worked he thought of the tall, handsome man who had opened a part of him which he, himself did not know existed. As he thought of Dane, he had intense moments of arousal and thought, once or twice, about going back upstairs to relieve the tension in his pants.

By the time dinner was ready and his mom was opening the door, Nathaniel had made up his mind about the bothersome issue of the taxi driver. He would avoid him like the plague. With his mind made up he went to greet his mom.

“Man, it’s wet out there”, his mom said, entering the house. “Did you have much trouble getting home? Dr. Henry was kind enough to drop me home”.

“Hi mom, I got ho..... home O.K.” he said, memories flooding his head.

“Nathaniel, are you blushing?” His mom smiled.

“No, I….. The kitchen was a bit hot. Are you ready to eat?” Nathaniel asked, trying to divert the conversation away from himself.

“Let me just take a quick shower, I won’t be long”, his mom said hurrying out of the room.

Nathaniel sighed and started to set the table. It has always been just him and his mom from ever since he could remember. His dad came around from time to time when he was a kid but stopped totally when he was about eleven years old. He used to call but even that has stopped now. Nathaniel’s mom said he had a new family and so had forgotten about his first son and his high school sweetheart who he got pregnant at the age of seventeen. His mom behaved as if she is above it all but Nathaniel knew that it still hurts, especially when she sees his dad and his new family from time to time.

Nathaniel heard his phone indicate that he had a new message so he opened his inbox. He pursed his lips in confusion as he saw a strange number on the screen. He opened the message and read,

“Hey, my beautiful snob, hope you are not still freaking out about what happened on the way home”.

Nathaniel looked at the message and felt his face getting flushed again. What the hell was up with him blushing like a twelve year old girl! He thought with annoyance. “If I ignore him, he will get the message!” He mumbled to himself.

“Should I take you in for a psychiatric evaluation tomorrow?” His mom asked with a smile, as she re-entered the room. “They told us that talking to yourself can be a sign that something is not right”. She explained.

“I am an only child, mom, who else am I supposed to talk to?”

“If that’s your way of asking for a little brother, Nathaniel, then I am sorry, I can’t help you”, she ruffled his hair playfully as she sat down to eat. “ Yum, this is tasty.”

After they had both cleaned up the dishes, Nathaniel went to his room to study for his exam tomorrow. His phone chimed as he was about to open his book.

Are you planning on ignoring me from now on?”

“Well aren’t you smart, all things considering”. Nathaniel mumbled as he opened his book. Good thing it is a subject that he found easy or else he would be in trouble. His mind was definitely not on Geography. His phone chimed again. He sighed and looked at his latest message.

I have never done anything like that either, you know. You are just different.”

Nathaniel smirked at this and gave a disbelieving, “really!” under his breath. Who did this guy thought he was dealing with? Taxi men were notoriously known for their sexual escapades with anybody who is willing. Nathaniel cringed as he realized that “the willing” in this scenario was him. He thought the man had given up but his phone chimed a few minutes later.

If you won’t talk to me, then I’ll have to just come on over”, the message read.

The phone almost dropped from Nathaniel’s hand. What! Is he crazy? He hit the call button as quickly as he could and Dane answered on the second ring.

“Well hello, Nate. I thought you were not receiving my messages”. Dane said softly.

“Look, I am busy. What do you want?” Nathaniel said rudely.

“Back on that high horse, I see”, he said. “I wish I was there to get you all flustered and horny again”.

Nathaniel sighed loudly, “What happened this evening was a mistake and, believe me, it will not be repeated. I am sure you have a lot of guys vying for your attention so go bother one of them.” Nathaniel disconnected the call and lay back in his bed looking towards the ceiling.

He stayed that way for a while until his phone rang. He put his pillow over his head, trying to stop himself from answering it. “Argg”, he growled as he answered on the fourth ring.

“What?” He asked.

“It is either you come out to me or I make so much noise out here, the whole neighborhood will come out”. There was no joke in his voice.

“Are you crazy!?" Nathaniel whisper yelled.

“I am giving you a minute”, he stated.

“Damn it! Just wait I….. I… just wait! I’m coming.” Christ! This guy was fucking nuts! So am I , he said to himself. Nathaniel shook his head as he realized that he was sneaking out to a crazy stranger he had met this evening. He swore that he was getting more and more unpredictable the closer he got to his birthday which is three weeks away.

He heard his mom talking on her phone in her room and hurriedly went down the stairs and out the front door. He saw him parked a little distance from his gate and ran towards the car. Despite the situation, Nathaniel could not help the feeling of excitement that made his heart beat faster. He took a deep breath, opened the door and got into the car.

“Are you crazy!?” He started.

“I knew that would get your attention”, he said seriously.

Nathaniel took a deep breath to calm himself, “this is crazy. You know that, right?”

“What is? Feeling the way we do in such a short space of time? I am not imagining things, Nate. Maybe I have had a longer time to get here, because I have noticed you for a while now and have felt really attracted to you, but your feelings are just as strong”.

Nathaniel looked at him intently and asked “ For a while? How long?” For a moment Nathaniel felt apprehension and a bit of fear as the fact that this guy could be dangerous dawned on him. He swallowed nervously and waited for the other man to respond.

“About six months now. Your mom always mentioned you in her conversations on the phone but about six months ago I saw you and her and figured that you must be the saint Nathaniel who could do no wrong”. Dane said the last part with a teasing smile.

Nathaniel looked down at his hands that were folded in his lap. “You taxi men!” Nathaniel said with disdain, the apprehension and fear giving way to anger. “All you want to do is fuck with people’s emotion, when I am sure that you have a baby mom or some shit stacked away somewhere. I want no part of that, so just stop!”

“What the fuck!?” Dane said angrily. “Did I fuck with you in some past life or something? I get it, you have an issue with taxi men. A bit weird, but I understand that, but this shit is beginning to feel personal as if I, personally, did something to you. Did I?” He asked softly at the end.

Nathaniel bit his lips and looked down at his hands. He glanced up at Dane and whispered, “this is going too fast too soon, I……I……. need time, It is just too fast”.

“Hey, hey”, Dane soothed, taking him into his arms. “Nate, I am not pressuring you into anything. I know I can be like a freight train when I want something, but honestly, I just want us to get to know each other”.

Nathaniel pulled back from him and looked into his dark eyes. “Just getting to know each other?” he asked.

“Yeah,” Dane replied. “And please, do not use the actions of a few of my colleagues to judge me. You are too smart for that, Nate. Get to know me first, that's all I ask. O.k? I am really not that bad.”

Nathaniel swallowed nervously and looked at him. For some reason this guy was making the once predictable, conventional and responsible Nathaniel do things that were just downright unpredictable and irresponsible. You don't know him! His more reserved side screamed at him. While the new and emerging side of him screamed This is exciting as fuck and just fucking look at him, he is hot as hell!!

"This is crazy". Nathaniel said out loud and covered his face with both hands as he leaned back in the seat. "My head hurts". He said with a whimper.

"Stop thinking so hard about it", Dane advised. "Look, I know this is a bit overwhelming but let us just hang out as you would do with your friends and just get familiar with each other".

"Just friends?" Nathaniel asked with skepticism.

Dane smiled, " How about this? We try being 'friends", he used air quotes with his fingers, "for a month and then we evaluate at that time and take it from there".

Nathaniel looked at his hands, which were now folded in his lap, as he considered what Dane was proposing. "As 'friends' what would be allowed?" He also used air quotes for the word 'friends'.

"I will leave that up to you", Dane said with a cocky smirk. "For the month of our 'friendship', I will leave it up to you as to how we progress physically".

"Really?" Nathaniel asked with surprise.

"Yeah, really". Dane nodded. "Nate, man", he said seriously, taking his hands. "I know you have your hang-ups and you are prone to think that all I want to do is to get into your pants, and Nate, I won't deny it, I find you attractive as fuck!" Nathaniel blushed and Dale bit his lips and took a deep breath. 'I also want to get to know you, Nate. I want to know what movies and books you like. What makes you happy and what makes that temper of yours flare up". Dane finished by putting a finger under Nathaniel's chin and turning his head so he could look in his eyes.

Nathaniel looked into his eyes and felt his insides melt. "You call me Nate".

"Yeah, it fits you better", he said with one of his cocky smirks.

"You are pretty sure of yourself, aren't you?" Nathaniel said with mock indignation.

"You'll find out more about my other wonderful qualities as you get to know me". Dane breathed.

"I like it", Nathaniel said softly.

"Hmm?" Dane asked

"I like that you call me 'Nate". Nathaniel admitted with a blush.

Dane bit his lip and shifted uneasily in his seat, "Babe, if we are gonna be taking it slowly, you're gonna have to stop doing that".

"Huh?" Nathaniel said as if he was in a trance because Dane had called him 'babe'.

Dane growled under his breath and said, "never mind, I just am going to have to exercise more willpower when I am around you, that's all".

Nathaniel looked at him with confusion in his expression but said softly, "O.K, we will try 'getting to know each other' for a while. Please remember tha......that", he paused and took a deep breath. "I have never done anything like this before and my mom does not know about this part of my life and ..... and I don't want her to know yet”.

“Slowly is the only speed I can go with you, jail bait”, teased Dane. Nathaniel smiled at him and he leaned down and kissed him tenderly. “I will pick you up tomorrow at 7:30 ok?”

“No, no, no”, Nathaniel said hurriedly. “You can’t do that ….. what about mom? That's not taking it slowly!”

“I don’t know what you are going to tell her, Nate, but I am picking you up tomorrow.” He said stubbornly as he bent his head and kissed him again. “You've got to go, jail bait, before I get charged for abducting an underage high school student”, Dane teased again.

"You are going to get me into trouble with my mom, Dane" Nathaniel warned huskily as he leaned over and kissed him, then opened the door and ran back to his house. He heard Dane's soft laughter as he went. When he was safely back in his room he smiled and touched his lips as he remembered the look of shock on Dane’s face as he had leaned over and kissed him.

He laid down on his bed and stared at the ceiling for a while. He had a goofy grin on his face. He felt as if he was floating. "Easy now", He said under his breath , "don't get carried away", he cautioned himself. He closed his eyes and saw an image of Dane and him huddled under an umbrella as violins played in the distance. He snapped his eyes opened and sat up quickly. He ran his fingers through his brown hair and sighed in frustration. "I think I am going to take mom up on that offer for me to get a psychiatric evaluation cause I have lost my fucking mind!"

Well? Feeling the boys or not? Let me know.

copyright to 7letcher(2015);All Rights Reserved
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After reading this chapter, I'm liking Dane more. He's definitely persistent, which is exactly what Nate needs due to that kid's general standoffishness. There's an obvious chemistry between the two, and it will be interesting to see how they interact once they have more of an opportunity to actually get to know each other. Enjoying it so far.

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On 12/18/2015 12:49 AM, spikey582 said:

After reading this chapter, I'm liking Dane more. He's definitely persistent, which is exactly what Nate needs due to that kid's general standoffishness. There's an obvious chemistry between the two, and it will be interesting to see how they interact once they have more of an opportunity to actually get to know each other. Enjoying it so far.

WHEW! I wanted to get Dane off the "creepy, stalker list". You are going to find out more about him in the next chapter. Thanks for the review.

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