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Concentrated mistakes - 2. Chapter 2

:D It felt so good to see my story published.  It gets better as we go along people.  Stick with it, you just might like it and you just might review.

"Time is up, ladies and gentlemen. Please remain in your seats while your transcripts are being collected and remember that you are not allowed to converse with anyone until you are outside. Thank you." The white haired, elderly lady spoke in a clear voice as a few other invigilators started to collect the papers.

Nathaniel took a deep breath and exhaled trough his mouth. Now he can relax. This was his most difficult subject and he believed that he has done well on it. He glanced over his shoulder as his paper was collected and saw Lana rubbing her temple.

Nathaniel sighed and remembered how harsh he had been with her. She was a long time friend but she was getting on his last nerve with her efforts to have sex with him. Damn! Can't she see that he is not interested? Lord knows, he has tried to explain to her over and over again that they are just friends and she refuses to understand.

One of these days he is just going to say, "Hey Lana, I am not interested in you because you have a vagina and girl titties." Nathaniel smiled to himself as he imagined how that conversation would go. How can she not figure out that he is gay by now? She has even caught him checking out guys, for God's sake!

He saw her leaving the room and ran after her. "Hey Lana, can we talk?" She stopped and looked at him and then motioned for him to follow her to a quieter section of the building.

"Lana, I am sorry for snapping at you earlier but you have to understand that I am not into you like that. It only annoys me when you come on to me in that way. Sorry that it does not have the desired effect but I can't say it any clearer for you to understand."

Lana looked at her friend as she realized something. She gasp and then put her hand over her mouth to quiet herself. " OMG!! You are gay, aren't you?" Nathaniel said nothing and Lana squealed in delight, "OMG!! I am the stupidest shit ever!! You are forgiven and I am sorry I made you feel uncomfortable but it is all your fault." Nathaniel looked at her as if she had gone crazy. "You could have just told me, stupid!"

"I swear to God the weed is eating your brain out slowly. You are happy now because...........?" Nathaniel waited for her to fill him in. She squealed again and whispered, I have always wanted to be a faghag. This is really a dream come true for me. We can do so much more together now. This is gonna be fabulous!"

Nathaniel looked at her and smiled indulgently, "You know that not all gays have the fashion and shopping gene right? I won't change much Lana. I was not hiding another me inside myself."

"I know that, but things are gonna be easier now that i know that i stand zero chance with you".

Nathaniel sighed and looked at his friend, "I hope so, because unless you have a penis under that tight skirt, I am not buying". Lana laughed and smacked him on the arm. They were already back to their easy way of interacting and Nathaniel hoped it stayed that way.

Nathaniel was standing at the front of the school waiting on a taxi. There was way too much pushing and shoving so he was willing to wait until the bulk of the students were gone. Lana had taken a school bus home but students, like him who did not live along the route that the bus traveled had to travel by taxis.

He felt a rain drop and looked towards the bus shed which was already crowed with boisterous Jocks and their lackeys. Nathaniel stayed out of their way and they stayed out of his. There was no need to disturb the equilibrium when he had less than six month left in high school.

Nathaniel looked up to the sky as the light drizzle was getting heavier. He was about to take his chances under the shed when a taxi slowed down a few feet away from him. "I am full!" shouted the cabby to a few students who were running to get on board. He drove down to Nathaniel and opened the front passenger seat which was empty. Nathaniel was surprised but really wanted to get out of the rain. After closing the door, Nathaniel looked towards the backseat where three adults were sitting. "Hello", Nathaniel greeted as the car drove off towards the town center.

In order to reach home, Nathaniel usually took a taxi to the town center and then another one to his home which was located on the outskirts of the town. Today Nathaniel was not looking forward to this. He did not have an umbrella and even if he did he still would be soaked.

Upon reaching the Town Center all passengers took out their umbrellas and got out. Nathaniel took a deep breath and was about to open the door. " Hey, wait a minute". Nathaniel stopped and looked at the man. The first thought that entered Nathaniel's head was that the driver looked so big and intimidating. Nathaniel reared back, a little. "You live over on Paisley Cross, don't you?" His voice, although booming was not threatening.

"Yea... Yes". Nathaniel stuttered.

The man smiled an attractive smile and cocked his head to the side, "don't be afraid, I know who you are because i carry your mom to work sometimes, she is a nurse at the hospital, right?"

Nathaniel released a breath and smiled a little, "yes she is".

"I am going your way and could drop you home. This rain looks serious and i don't see you with an umbrella." He smiled right trough what he said and Nathaniel found himself responding to that smile. It was making him feel warm and tingly in the worst areas.

You've got to be fucking kidding me!! Nathaniel shouted in his head to himself. A cabby!! I am getting hot and bothered over a Cabby? Nathaniel smirked in his head as he continued his internal argument with himself. Maybe I am putting the bar as low as it can go to avoid disappointment in some sick twisted way! A cabby?!!

"Hello?" The driver snapped his fingers to get Nathaniel's attention. "Do I drive or are you going to risk pneumonia?"

"I.... I think I will take it here," Nathaniel said in a voice that sounded as if he was out of breath. He started to open the door when there was a crash of thunder and a crack of lightening. Nathaniel squealed and hurriedly closed the door. He was shaking like a leaf.

"Are you ok?" Ask the driver as he came closer to Nathaniel to look at his face.

"Yea... yes, tha.... thanks, thank you for the ride".

The driver reached over Nathaniel to secure his seat belt. Nathaniel closed his eyes and took a deep breath. Oh God he smelled good!! What was that? I have never smell anything like that before. The driver took his time to adjust the belt over Nathaniel's chest. Nathaniel's adam's apple bobbed up and down as he swallowed several times so as to calm himself. He has never been so turned on in all his life.

The driver sat back in his seat as Nathaniel tried to compose himself. He realized that the car was not moving so he looked over at the driver. He realized that the driver was staring fixedly at Nathaniel's crotch. Nathaniel looked down and saw that his trousers was tented obscenely. Nathaniel hurriedly used his bag to cover himself and felt his face flushed with heat.

The driver smiled a knowing smile and bit his bottom lip. "My Name is Dane Wynters, by the way. You are Nathaniel, right?"

Well, thoughts anyone? What do you think so far?

copyright to 7letcher(2015);All Rights Reserved

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