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The story is a work of fictional, based on real locations weaved into selected major events happened in the year 2019.  The history of San Francisco is researched to the best of the author's ability.  Characters however are fictitious.  Attached photos are used to enhance the story but the author reserves the right to remove them or substitute them.  Please do not use/link photos without author's permission.

The Sojourner of San Francisco - 7. LTR/07: If Life Is a Stage, Does that Mean Your Life Is Scripted? Me Too. High Five!

Please stay calm and be positive. Do a random act of kindness (or happiness) to a stranger. I challenge you.

FROM: Sojourner

TO: Perfect Stranger

DATE: JUN-04-2019


Dear Stranger,

I’ve been strolling around Golden Gate Park last couple of weeks. I found out if you drove here early enough, you might still find some free parking spaces on Fulton Street without hour limitation. Maybe you already knew that, but I think it’s nice to share.

Observation tower level of de Young Museum is where you want to be. You can definitely spot the orderly rows of residential area so typical of Richmond and Sunset Districts which flank the museum. Golden Gate Bridge is looming if weather permits. Of course, you can see the Living Roof of California Academy of Sciences across the Music Concourse, and the omnipresent Sutro Tower though miles away, looks only like few feet behind.

Well, I’ve been concerning about my saving in the bank. Saving, what’s that? I know right? Well, it’s something a single person without kid has, because he lives with his parents trying to save up for home down payment. Then he watches housing price increases several folds over his pay, while the money in the bank is being depreciated by inflation. What’s the point of this saving? He doubts. Hey, at least he’s not homeless…, yet. That’s the life around the Bay. True story.

Anyways, so yeah, I am depleting my mortgage slave fund to take this therapeutic trip. Unless I get married of course, then there is a very slight chance of building a home together. Well, happiness is only real when shared, right? Yup, Alexander Supertramp again. Did you see that coming? Haha.

If things get worse with money, I guess I’ll just cut the trip short, but I’m determined to carry on. For now, I’ll just be more mindful of my expenses. Here is my GoFundMe account for your consideration. Just kidding! Haha

Speaking of a happiness when shared…, wow, almost a decade now. There was this random stranger asking for directions. The Shy Boi Automated Defense System™ must have gone down that day, along with my general skepticism of humanity, because I ended up letting him hitchhike. I was driving toward that direction anyways. Never in my life I’d imagine having a good time. We passed through some really beautiful San Francisco landmarks along the way: Golden Gate Bridge, the Presidio, Palace of Fine Arts, Crissy Field Marsh, Fort Mason, and Fisherman’s Wharf. He was a great conversationist, so time went by fast.

What seemed to be a random act of kindness, now I think of it, might not be so random after all. I just came out to my mom the day before, and my best friend passed away a month before that. You see, dear Perfect Stranger, it was a dark period. Somehow, I was lifted by a coincidental happenstance. Though bad things had already happened at home which could never be reversed, but it’s still important to reinvigorate each future day, you know. I wished I had figured that out when I was in high school. Do you remember your high school days?

Lovingly yours,



I just want to say the story is on limbo with the publishing of this chapter. Thank you for reading it so far. There are a couple more chapters ready in the pipeline, but they're more negative, and I don't like leaving people hanging while with all these background noises in RL. No, I'd prefer all those real life melodramas go away before I post my melodrama. LOL I just want you to know after all the darkness, there will be some light. Stay strong and make a difference.

Copyright © 2020 Ashi; All Rights Reserved.

I have tried my best to research depression and suicide issues.  My time writing the story runs short due to recall back to my real life work, so some parts may not be the best.  It is not meant to cause distress if the issues presented in the story are not well-represented, especially about the issue of depression and suicidal thought.  Please feel free to contact me via PM or comments, so I can improve the story whenever possible.

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