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The Sojourner of San Francisco

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Life is a series of possibilities and impossibilities.  When Sojourner decides to take a long break from his work, his parents, and his mundane life in general, he intends to combat the demon from his past.  He travels alone to San Francisco, but plans to make an experiment.  He writes a series of letters to a "Perfect Stranger" as he explores the City, and his inner self.  Will this be the best year of his life..., or his last?

The story deals with depression and suicidal thought.  There is no sex nor violence but can occasionally be psychologically disturbing.  Please take caution and stop reading if you are sensitive to such theme.

The story is written during COVID-19 shelter-in-place order period, I am being called back to work before the story can be finished.  There is minimal editing, so there can be issue with story arc and inconsistency as well.  In other words, this is a first draft work.  Please keep that in mind.

Copyright © 2020 Ashi; All Rights Reserved.

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