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Wicked Games - 2. The World Until Last Night

The night was quiet, the water shrouding the pier was dormant, and the air was unmoving on that desolate harbor. But it was a different matter inside the only occupied house on that street.

"Stop making this awkward, Ben. We're supposed to be having fun!" Robert quipped as Ben's screams of pain echoed in the background, barraging the house.

"What the fuck?!" Ben vocifered as he glanced down at his knee before shaking his head violently, trying to handle the sharpest, most severe pain he had ever felt.

"Now that I got your attention, we can talk." Robert stated, glancing back at Jamie, who looked at him, rolled his eyes, and begrudgingly got up from the couch. Robert walked up to Ben's chair, cut the string that held him to it, and pulled the stud's arms, hauling him through the floor. A scream immediately broke from his mouth. "Shhh...I know, I know." Robert replied as he continued to drag Ben's heavy body, eventually tossing him into the couch, the stud's head tilting back in pain. "There. Happy?" Robert ridiculed.

Jamie followed closely behind, his frail body arduously trying to carry Ethan over to the couch, his heavy, knocked-out body lying motionless inside the boy's slender arms. As he did, Robert took his place in front of Ben, sitting over the coffee table facing him. Jamie tossed Ethan's body next to Ben, clumsily falling with him, his face inadvertently sinking into Ethan's neck.

"He smells amazing." Jamie commented with an eerily delicate voice. Robert chortled before extending his golf stick and signaling the boy to move out of the way.

Ethan started moaning as he gradually regained consciousness. Robert waited patiently, playfully hitting the golf stick on the ground like a clock. He occasionally glanced at Ben, whose outrage gushed uncontrollably from his eyes.

"Look...I think we got off on the wrong foot. Or knee, I should say." He mocked, stretching the stick and grazing it over Ben's leg.

Ethan opened his eyes, his body bucking slightly with surprise as he began to acknowledge his surroundings. He finally locked eyes with Ben, who nodded, pleading for Ethan's silence and momentary cooperation.

"Morning, Sunshine!" Robert welcomed, fueling his voice with sudden enthusiasm. "You don't mind if I call you that, do you?" He asked Ethan, who just gaped at him, his eyes fluttering as a string of blood skated down his forehead. He then locked eyes with Ben, who heeded Robert's every move. "I can see why you like him." He provoked as he glanced at Ben.

Jaime, who had been standing behind him, started to giggle. Ethan and Ben looked at the boy, perturbed by his childlike behavior.

"What the fuck is his problem?" Ben questioned, unable to contain the burning wrath in his chest.

"Jamie's just eager to start playing." Robert explained as he straightened his back. "In fact, this is an excellent time to lay down the rules." He conveyed.

"Rules?" Ethan mumbled almost to himself.

"You bet your sweet ass, Sunshine." Robert replied. "We can't just wing it!" He hollered, adjusting his tone completely. He raised the stick, stretching it, the tip inches from Ethan's face. "Rule number one: whatever we tell you to do, do it." He announced. "Simple enough, right?" He kidded, bringing the golf club down.

As Robert spoke, Ben could hear a faint noise from the basement, like a quiet, feeble moan and a scratching sound of something being towed across the floor.

"Rule number two!" Robert said as he lifted the stick again, pointing it at Ben's face. "Bathroom breaks aren't allowed. Unless we allow it." He informed. "Same with food or water." He continued before pausing. "Nothing goes in or out of you unless we say so. Got it?" Robert clarified.

Ethan glanced at Ben, whose eyes surveyed the back of the room, where a mysterious figure crossed the hallway into the kitchen. A huge black man whose high stature barely fit the doorways. Robert immediately noticed Ben's inattentive gaze.

"The last rule..." Robert uttered, pressing the tip of the golf club into Benjamin's injured knee, ushering a groan of pang from him. "...and you should pay attention to this one: don't ever, under any circumstances, try to outsmart us." Robert stated, his expression transforming again, his forced smile sagging. "No running away or calling the police. Deal?" He challenged, his blue eyes lingering on the two friends.

"Yes." Ethan mumbled. Robert smiled. He then turned to face Ben, whose reluctant gaze challenged Robert's authority. The mysterious man pushed the tip of the golf stick deeper into Ben's knee, making the stud squeal.

"Ok!" Ben yelled, his lips clenched as the word quarreled out of his mouth. Robert's gaze lingered on Ben briefly before finally addressing the couch again.

"If you follow the rules, I give you my word that once we're done, we'll leave, and you'll never see us again." Robert pledged before standing up, taking a few steps forward, and squatting in front of Ben and Ethan. "But if any of you two breaks them at any point..." He continued. "I'll bash your fucking head into a pulp until your brains are splattered over this nice carpet. And I'll make the other one watch while I do it." He threatened.

"Jesus Christ..." Ben whispered, his eyes fidgeting.

"Well!" Robert exclaimed, slapping his hands on his legs and standing up. "Glad we had this talk." He stated. "Jamie, the windows." He instructed. "I'll go see what Caleb's up to." He asserted before walking away into the kitchen.

Ben and Ethan sat there, their eyes tracking Jamie as he went around the room and sealed all the windows and doors on the first floor, leaving the house in total darkness before popping some of the floor lamps on and coating the place with a low sandy brume. They could hear Robert mumbling something over in the kitchen.

"Ben..." Ethan's nervous voice spoke.

"Calm down. For now, we need to play along." Ben directed. His voice was cold, emotionless. He knew he needed to keep subdued and try to reason.

"They're fucking crazy, dude." Ethan whispered, his lips thinning with apprehension.

Seconds later, Jamie came back inside the living room. He stopped at the doorway and sauntered, swirling his arms, occasionally glancing into the kitchen hallway. He seemed impatiently waiting for something. And it was only when Robert's voice blasted from the kitchen that Ben and Ethan saw the boy's eyes light up.

"Jamie, time to get comfortable!" Robert steered.

The boy smiled before yanking his shoes off and tossing them randomly across the room. Then he removed his sweatpants and pulled his t-shirt off, revealing his tattoo-covered arms and chest. He stood stripped, sporting nothing but an old-looking, washed-up white jockstrap. As he stepped over to the coffee table, the light from one of the floor lamps scratched his skin, finally allowing Ben to see his tattoos in detail. The boy's arms were filled with number marks, like the ones seen on prison walls. And across his chest, in large, uneven lettering, Ben could read: "CUM PIG."

"Jesus Christ..." Ethan whispered, his eyes gaping in shock and trepidation.

After his noticeable shock, Ben couldn't help but notice a certain sadness and juvenile novelty hidden behind Jamie's dark eyes. And it was only when the boy turned around again to peek at the kitchen's doorway that Ben's eyes gaped in horror. Across Jamie's back, dozens of thin scars scattered, layered over each other like hay stacks. Benjamin's eyes closed, and his head turned sideways as he tried to block the image. Inside, his mind wrestled with validating what his instinct had already forewarned. Something terrible was about to happen.

As he pondered over this, his eyes still sealed, he felt something move before him. He slowly opened his eyes to find Jamie sitting in front of them, his skinny ass over the coffee table. The boy glanced back, ensuring nobody was listening, before finally addressing Ethan.

"Can I smell you again?" The boy asked.

"I..." Ethan stammered, his eyes twitching in distress. Ben's attention was now on the muffled voices coming from the kitchen.

"Please. Before they come back." The boy pleaded, his head turning again to secure the living room's doorway. Despite the peculiar circumstances, although his initial reaction was to reject the boy's request, something inside Ethan compelled him to oblige.

"Fine." Ethan whispered, making Ben turn his face at him, surprised.

Jamie's mug lit up, and the boy bent forward, placing his arms on the sofa and kneeling before Ethan. He took his nose to the blonde stud's crotch and inhaled deeply before tumbling his whole face into it. His slim hands started skating the side of Ethan's legs, grazing his blond hair, and it wasn't long before the stud felt Jamie's moist tongue lick his groin. His dick twitched involuntarily, raising the boy's head, his dark eyes now locked on Ethan, who seemed bent on avoiding the boy's gaze.

But not Ben, whose eyes discreetly surveyed the boy. Jamie's glistened gaze stared up at Ethan, almost as if he was apologizing for something.

"Kid...please...just untie us." Ben gambled, taking hold of this moment to try and seize the upper hand on the situation.

Suddenly, Jamie froze, all the sweetness and purity in his eyes melting away, revealing a bottomless pit of void. His dark eyes became pitch black, like a shark's.

"Robert!" He hollered like a child warning a parent about a sibling's misdeed.

Seconds later, Robert eased into the living room, bare-chested, wearing nothing but his black trousers and white, fingerless leather gloves, swinging the heavy golf stick playfully around.

"What?" He questioned. Jamie ran toward him and whispered something in his ear, making Robert chuckle. He then locked his eyes on Ben, and as he did, he took his hand to one of his pockets and pulled out a silver leather leash. He slowly strapped it around Jamie's neck, belting the other end around his wrist. "Good boy, Jamie." He stated, yanking the leash down and forcing the boy to drop to the floor on all fours. He walked across the room, the boy crawling behind him like a dog, stopped in front of Ben and sat on Jamie's back, using him as a stool.

"You're a sick fuck." Ben muttered, the words slithering out of his mouth.

Robert's eyes blinked before he leaned forward, his elbows over his knees and his face now dangerously close to Benjamin.

"You know, Ben...I'm starting to like you. A lot." He stated, showcasing his usual robotic smile, his shimmering white, perfect teeth reflected in Ben's hazelnut eyes. "I tend to get excited when I like people." He continued before his smile began to disappear slowly. "But trust me when I tell you...you don't want me to get excited." He threatened before finally standing up, making Jamie spring from his position. "Let's get this party going, shall we?" Robert proposed, pulling Jamie's leash and making the boy stand up.

He unlocked the clipper from the sash around Jamie's neck and weaved his head, pointing towards the couch. Jamie rushed over to the coffee table, dragging it across the living room and pushing it into a corner. Then he grabbed two chairs from the dining table and placed them in front of the sofa, facing each other. Finally, Jamie grasped Ethan first, bringing him to one of the chairs. Before he sat him down, the boy held the waistband on the blonde stud's sweatpants and pulled them down to the floor, exposing his cut, soft cock. Jamie lingered before it momentarily, honing his nose on it, then pushed his hand against Ethan's chest, making him fall with his naked ass on the chair. He walked back to the sofa, this time grabbing Ben, who resisted before Robert stretched his arm, pointing the tip of the golf club at his face. Ben paused, aware of what Robert was making evident: he had no choice but to play along. Jamie dragged him by the arm and pushed him into the other chair, Ben's weight knocking it back slightly as he descended. Jamie kneeled and pulled off Ben's undies, exposing his cock. Even soft, the Latin stud's dick was impressive. Jamie stared at it, his lips stretched into a devious smile.

"Can I?" He asked, turning to Robert.

"No." Robert uttered without a pause. His tone was ominous, making Jamie crawl away from Ben's crotch. After a brief hiatus, Robert began slowly orbiting their chairs.

"I know what you're thinking. This looks familiar." Robert clarified. Jamie's giggles could be heard overlapping his words. "The thing is, we feel guilty for interrupting you guys earlier. So we're giving you a chance to resume your little shenanigans." Robert explained as he watched Ben and Ethan's eyes search each other's. "It's ok. Just pretend we're not here." He quipped.

"What the fuck do you want?" Ben questioned, baffled.

"You're a beautiful man, Ben. Not too bright, though." Robert mocked, strolling over to the couch and slowly sitting on it, arms stretched outwards and legs spread. "I want you to fuck your friend's ass." Robert announced to Ben and Ethan's utter shock. "You were about to do it before I knocked on the door earlier, anyway." Robert stated, his fingers gripping the couch and his pelvis twitching slightly.

"No..." Ben whispered as he gazed at Ethan's eyes, which now fidgetted uncontrollably.

"You know the rules, Ben." Robert berated. "Don't test my patience." He added.

"Please, man... don't do this." Ethan's voice finally uttered, his eyes locked on Robert, gleaming with tears.

Then something happened. Robert's eyes shifted, a gray coating shrouding them, turning their bright cerulean into a misty blue. His lips stretched into a sadistic smile.

"Fuck...that just made my dick hard." He said before reclining back on the sofa. He stretched his right arm and held his hand open. Jamie rushed over to him from the other side of the room and placed something heavy and metallic on his palm. It was a handgun, which Robert pointed at both of them. "I'm waiting." He commanded, signaling Jamie with his head. The boy rushed over and clipped the tapes around Ben and Ethan's wrists.

Ethan's right hand immediately went for his left wrist, brushing gently over it. It was red and slightly bruised. In turn, Ben's head stayed ducked between his shoulders. His eyes tried desperately to avoid looking at his best friend. His mind sprinted. His heart raced inside his chest. Everything seemed blurred, powered by the darkness that towered over the house.

Suddenly, he felt a shadow loom over him. Ethan's hand appeared under his head, touching his skin softly before pulling Ben's chin up. He leaned forward and saddled him, their soft cocks nestling against each other and their thighs honing softly. Ben's face sank into Ethan's chest, and a soft whimper evaded his mouth. His arms came around his friend's torso, his hands locking over his back, and for a brief second, Benjamin forgot where he was. He lingered there, lost in Ethan's embrace, wishing all this was nothing but a bad dream, until Ethan's voice, whispering in his ear, carved through the silence like a sharp blade.

"Let's just do it. Please. Maybe they'll leave us alone if we do." Ethan implored as he slid his hand between them and grabbed Ben's cock, stroking it. But after a few seconds, Ethan's hand stopped.

Ben's head came up, his sniveling eyes gazing at Ethan's. He desperately desired to believe his friend's words. He wanted to accept there could be a way out of this horrible situation. But something inside him was straining, becoming more faded and remote. Ben was yielding. And Ethan was witnessing it.

"Jesus, Ben...that was fucking embarrassing." Robert's calm voice mocked with a disparaging tone. "Guess you're not as tough as you look, hum?" He stirred. "I'm officially bored...Get the tape." He ordered Jamie.

"Finally." Jamie muttered, like a kid being granted play time after doing homework, rushing for the kitchen.

"Don't feel bad, Ben. Most guys like you buckle under the pressure." He added, rubbing his hand over his crotch before finally pausing, his eyes moving away from Ben and locking on Ethan. He stood up and walked over to the blonde stud, going behind and swathing his arm around his neck, the gun pointed at his head. "I hope you forgive me for what I'm about to do to your best friend." Robert declared, sticking his tongue out and gliding it over Ethan's face, from his jaw to his eyebrow.

Ben slanted forward, his jaw clenched in rage as someone grabbed his hands and taped them behind his back. Then Benjamin felt someone snatch his hair and pull his head back. As he looked up, Jamie's face hovered over him, smiling. The boy unfurled the roll of gaffer tape and clad Ben's mouth, going around the stud's head two or three times before finally ripping it, leaving Ben's mouth sheathed. Robert unleashed his grip from Ethan's neck and walked over to Ben as Jaime bolted to the blond stud, taping his mouth.

"We'll take it from here." Robert said, turning Ben's chair toward the sofa. "You sit back and enjoy the show, ok?" He executed before picking Ethan up and launching him on the couch.

The blonde stud fell on his back, his head bumping against the sofa's headrest. His eyes instantly locked on Ben, slowly blinking as time stalled around them. Then suddenly, Ethan's eyes gaped in fear. And for a moment, Ben assumed his friend was looking at him. But as a towering shadow soared over his head, he quickly realized Ethan was reacting to a new presence that made itself known in the room. Ben's eyes turned to his left, and a 6.1-foot black man emerged from its corner. His heavy step made the floor creak as he walked. And even from the side, his body stood massive. Heavily carved and athletic. He had bulky arms and a broad back that stretched endlessly, its muscles moving like serpents as he breathed. He wore black underpants, but a massive bulge struggled to keep itself caged inside them. The man's skin shone even with the dim lights now coating the house. The most stunning ebony-toned skin, so dark that from it, a smear of violet shimmer pushed through as the low lights reflected from it. As the ebony bull approached the sofa, he darted back at Ben. His eyes were green, electric, and percolating primal energy.

From behind Ben, Jamie scurried over and jumped into the man's arms, scissoring his legs around his waist. Seeing the boy's lean and smallish figure wrapped around the ebony hunk revealed his massive size. Robert stretched his arm and gave the gun over to him. Then he sat on the couch and leaned back, his head next to Ethan's.

"This is Caleb." He whispered into Ethan's ear. Ben's eyes squinted as he tried to read Robert's lips. Suddenly, the tall hunk started moving his hands, speaking with Robert in sign language.

"I got carried away, I know." Robert explained, his voice sounding strangely submissive. "But look what I got you. I nicknamed him Sunshine." He remarked, brushing his hand over Ethan's face.

Ethan glanced up in time to catch the ebony hunk's green eyes glistening. They were eager with craving. They were hungering with ardor. The tall stud resumed speaking in signs. He seemed upset.

"I know. I know." Robert said, slightly annoyed, before taking his tongue and licking Ethan's face.

Almost instantly, Ethan began shivering, his body finally succumbing to the shock. And soon, his trembling turned into sharp jerking motions as he tried to pull away, endeavoring to free himself from Robert's touch. Ben pulled his body forward, his taped hands preventing him from aiding his friend. Suddenly his body froze, and from behind his taped mouth, a desperate muffled scream broke. Robert's eyes glanced at him, his lips stretching into an insidious smile.

"Caleb, hold this bitch down." Robert commanded.

Caleb's arm holding Jamie lowered, and the boy's legs fell to the floor. The ebony bull took a few steps forward and held Ethan's arms, pulling him forward before squeezing behind him and taking his place on the couch. Robert pushed Ethan back, making him fall over the stud. Caleb squeezed his arms under Ethan's and tugged them behind his back, blocking him. Ethan struggled, his body straining to scrape away, but Caleb's strength was overwhelming. Ethan could barely move except for his smooth, toned legs and ass, which dangled over the couch's border. Robert pulled his skivvies down, exposing his 7-inch hard cock and hairy ass for the first time. He dropped his knees into the floor and seized Ethan's ankles, spreading his legs and finally exposing his pink, tight hole. Robert's head dropped, and he chuckled.

"I almost feel sorry for you, Ben." Robert's subdued voice spoke, his arm jerking as he stroked his cock. "You won't get to break into this perfect pussy." He taunted, before taking his hand to his mouth, spitting on it, and skating his moist over Ethan's hole.

Ben could see Ethan's legs kicking in distress and soon heard the first muffled screams erupting from his friend's mouth. Caleb closed his grip on Ethan's arms, twisting his wrists, causing the blonde hunk to grumble before his kicking finally halted, enabling Robert's heavy breathing to be heard as he aimed his cock into Ethan's hole and forced himself inside unceremoniously. A sharp scream fired through the room, Ethan's head snapping back in pain as it did.

"Fuck, that's a tight pussy!" Robert exhaled in complete ecstasy, unleashing a euphoric scream.

Ethan's legs tensed, and his toes curled with discomfort. Immediately after, his head violently shook as he tried to jostle himself off. But Caleb had him pinned down, and soon he felt the second thrust. A sharp pain around his sphincter prompted him to shudder his body again.

"Stop squirming, you fucking bitch!" Robert hollered, lifting his closed fist and hitting Ethan twice. Ben vocifered from the chair, his voice hushed by the tape around his mouth, as Ethan's body finally ceased moving. His friend's legs collapsed by the sides of Robert's ass, whose pelvis resumed thrusting, powered by an even stronger fever. Soon, nothing else was filling the air in that dark living room but the sound of Robert's hips slapping against Ethan's cheeks.

"That's what I'm fucking talking about..." Robert mumbled, his voice slicing the damp air as he slapped his cock mercilessly inside Ethan's now motionless body, his ass muscles clenching as he fucked the blonde stud's hole. His head fell back, his eyes on the ceiling, and his mouth fanned. "Fucking cunt..." His racing voice muttered. "It's dripping..." He chuckled. "I think I just popped Sunshine's cherry." He mocked as he continued to thrust his hips into Ethan.

Ben's anguished scream blasted from behind them. It was now mixed with crying as he sat there, powerless, watching his best friend being brutally raped in front of him. A void opened before Ben's eyes. A gateway into a dark, lonely place he and Ethan now inhabited. A place of boundless cruelty and sexual anarchy. An inconspicuous knock on the door had hijacked their lives, and now, Ethan's innocence, and Ben's, were being stolen with each jab from Robert's pelvis. As his body shook violently, almost crashing his chair into the floor, Ben felt something touch his shoulder, and a gentle voice spoke into his ear.

"Please...just play along. They'll kill him if you don't." Jamie whispered, the words seemingly able to temporarily control the chaos inside Ben. His body eventually gave in and stopped fighting, much like Ethan's. But Ben's soul wept in grief, tears skating from his eyes, sliding over the metallic gaffer tape around his mouth as his best friend's legs dangled in front of him.

"Turn him around." Robert's voice ordered as he finally pulled out, bringing Ben's consciousness back from the stupor he found himself in.

As Robert pulled away, Ben caught a glimpse of Ethan's hole. It was puckering as it struggled to close, looking bloated and dripping blood. But soon, Caleb's giant arms pulled Ethan with him as the ebony bull lay sideways on the couch. Robert pulled back, walked to the table, and picked up a towel to clean off his dick while Jamie walked in and taped Ethan's wrists. Caleb then grabbed the blonde's arms and pulled them over his head. Ethan now lay on the black stud's chiseled, sweaty oiled chest, his face now turned sideways, facing Ben. Caleb's arm glided down, and he started sliding his finger inside Ethan's hole, which seemed to wake him up slightly.

"Hey, I'm not done yet." Robert warned. Caleb's green eyes locked on his friend, his pearl-white teeth shimmering in the dark like diamonds.

Robert tossed the towel on the table and walked back to the couch, teasing his still-hard cock with one of his hands. As he reached the sofa, he crawled over Ethan, his right leg on the ground and his left over the couch. He raised his hand and slapped Ethan's ass.

"Round two, Sunshine!" He mocked, lifting his pelvis and aiming his dick with his hand before shoving it roughly back inside.

Ethan's body flinched upwards as he groaned in pain, his hair grazing Caleb's chin. This seemed to entice the ebony hunk, who seized Ethan's golden locks, pulling his head back and exposing his face before spitting on it. Ethan's eyes fluttered before opening again, anger and disgust exuding. Caleb's hand came up and slapped his cheek. Then, he spat on Ethan again. And again. And again. And each time he did, he would smear, coating the blonde's face and hair with his taste.

Meanwhile, Robert continued to fuck Ethan's ass, thrusting deep enough that the blonde would skate up and down on Caleb's six-foot body. And for the next twenty minutes, Ethan became their sole focus, as both men used him to satisfy their twisted needs, the blonde's muffled whimpers and wails being the only measure of these men's cruelty. Then, Robert's body finally collapsed, his chest smacking against Ethan's back.

"Oh fuck, here it comes." He announced. Ben watched the muscles on Robert's ass contract as he began to unload inside Ethan's hole.

Ben's eyes traveled sideways, and for the first time since the beginning of the assault, his eyes met Ethan's. And inside them, Ben found shame. And hopelessness. As he gazed deeper and deeper, Benjamin witnessed Ethan's essence depart his body. His friend's gentle nature shattered into a million shards that no amount of willpower could piece together. Ethan's soul was being murdered. Tears began falling from their eyes as they stayed there, holding on to whatever was left of their old selves. Until Robert's last drop of cum crammed Ethan's hole.

"Fuuuuck, Sunshine!" Robert hollered, pulling out and raising his naked body off the couch. "You nearly wore me out!" He razzed, disrespectfully bashing Ethan's ass before looking at Caleb. "He's all yours." He stated before turning around and disappearing into the hallway.

Ben could hear a soft queefing sound coming from Ethan's ass as his friend's feeble moans filled the silence in the room. His cum drizzling hole and spit-covered face lay defeated on Caleb's massive body. Caleb's torso rose, bringing Ethan's body up and tossing him on the sofa. He stood, his back facing Ben, and removed his black boxers. As soon as he did, Ethan's eyes gaped in shock, and he started to crawl back into the couch, his shivering legs attempting to pull away, shaking his head as his indistinct wails broke from under his taped mouth. Caleb effortlessly clutched one of Ethan's ankles and pulled him in, making the blonde slide down the cum-covered couch like a helpless prey that its predator had just subdued.

Ethan unleashed a despairing scream that seemed to stretch endlessly. Unending. That is, until Caleb's hand descended into his neck, the bull's long fingers gripping it as he choked the scream out of Ethan. The blonde's body began twitching slightly, fighting to breathe as his face flushed and his eyes gaped. Then slowly, his eyes rolled to the back of his head, and his distressed body began to melt into the sofa. He didn't pass out, but Caleb had sucked enough life out of him to numb him.

Tears fell from Ben's eyes, but like a horrible car crash, he couldn't look away, his eyes latched on that horror.

The ebony beast grabbed Ethan by his waist and pulled his ass to the edge of the couch, locking his hands under the blonde's knees and pushing them against Ethan's chest, exposing his ravished hole. Caleb lifted his dark and muscular ass in the air.

And that was when Ben saw it.

In front of him, hovering over Ethan, was the most massive dick he had ever seen. A 12-inch thick cock, of mammoth proportions. Throbbing hard, veiny, and leaking precum all over the blonde's white-skinned ass. Caleb came down and drilled it inside Ethan, balls deep.

Ethan's eyes flared, awakening him from his temporary paralysis. But in seconds, his body was buried inside the couch, his back being pushed down as Caleb bounced on top of him like a pneumatic hammer, pounding the blonde's soul into submission. Soon, queefing sounds began bursting from Ethan's hole as the ebony hunk slid in and out of him. He tried to scream, but his attempts were cut short by the violent thrusts. Yet, under those heavy breaths, Ben could hear his friend's voice straining to break free.

"Please...stop..." Ethan begged between howls, wails, and whimpers of desperation.

But the more Ethan resisted, the more he fed Caleb's unwavering and abysmal craving. The ebony stud lunged on his hole continuously, annihilating Ethan's will to fight back with every thrust. The blonde's legs dangled open, his butt cheeks smashed like dough, and his gape stretched beyond recognition.

Suddenly, a powerful stench filled the room, and Caleb's ass halted, pausing in the air before descending slowly. His knees touched the sofa's edge, and he pulled out, allowing splash back to spew from Ethan's asshole. It started slowly drizzling to the floor before Caleb threw the blonde's legs sideways and stood up, lifting his arms and looking around. He walked to the table, grabbing Robert's small hand towel.

Ben watched Ethan on the couch, his friend roaring, legs shaking as his tied hands came forward and his fingers gripped the sofa's edge. He was gradually attempting to drag himself away when Caleb returned, seized him by the feet, lifted his legs like an infant, and wiped his ass with the towel, brushing off his mess. He tossed the towel to the corner, shrouded his arms under Ethan's knees, picked him up, and turned him to face Ben. Then, holding Ethan, he dropped onto the couch and, without a pause, pushed his cock inside him again.

This time, Ethan didn't utter a sound. Not a whimper or a moan. Nothing. His head fell back, his wet, spit, and sweat-covered curls falling over Caleb's shoulder, his eyes closed as he finally surrendered to the black stud's authority over him. The last drops of hope being fucked out of his body. He bounced on Caleb's mammoth cock for over thirty seemingly endless minutes before the hunk finally tossed him over to the side, mounting Ethan from behind and drilling him for another fifteen. While this happened, Ben witnessed it. Hearing every slap of Ethan's cheeks, every pounce of Caleb's cock, every queef, every groan, and every moan. Until Caleb finally proclaimed his orgasm by tilting his head back, his mouth opened as no sound evaded it. But unlike Robert, he pulled out at the last minute, crawling over Ethan and shooting into the blonde's face, splattering his thick cum all over it. It was dense and overflowing, his hips twitching over his prey's head endlessly until finally coming to a stop. The ebony hunk took his hand and smeared the cum over Ethan's face and hair before finally standing up.

But as he turned around, he locked eyes with Ben. It was the first time he had done so. He stared down with his piercing green eyes, his massive chest moving up and down, spurting his breath over Ben. It was potent, virile, intoxicating, and menacing. Ben couldn't bring himself to look up. He just sat there, watching Caleb's massive shaft dangle in front of him. After a couple of seconds, the stud walked away. As he reached the middle of the room, Ben heard Robert's voice.

"Now that's what I'm talking about!" He mocked as he strolled over to the couch with something in his hand. "Look at that fucking pussy, all stretched. I bet I could fit my hand in there." He continued, laughing as he did. "Jamie, I've set up the room. Take Sunshine upstairs." He ordered. "Round two in fifteen minutes." He proclaimed, opening his hand and revealing a leash like the one Jamie sported. He leaned over Ethan, pulled his hair back, exposed his neck, and put the leash around it before walking away.

Jamie stepped over, grabbed Ethan by the feet, the blonde stud's body frail and unresponsive, and pulled him, causing Ethan to fall off the couch and hit the ground loudly. The boy dragged him across the floor, clearly struggling with Ethan's weight, given his feeble shape.

Ben started rocking his chair from side to side, trying to get Jamie's attention, desperately trying to find a way to stall him. He couldn't let them take Ethan away. It was ludicrous and even irrational, but having been able to see Ethan all this time gave Ben a sense of control. If they took him upstairs, it was over. He would never be able to preserve whatever might still exist inside Ethan. And he would be alone. As he swung his chair one last time, it tipped over the edge and fell over, taking Ben with it. He lay there, screaming as he watched Jamie lug Ethan to the hallway and up the stairs.

Ben released the most guttural cry of pain and grief as his best friend's head disappeared in the corner. And it must have been over twenty minutes as he lay there with his mouth taped and hands tied when he finally heard a noise coming from their room again. A loud thumping sound of something hard hitting a wall. It was the bed's headboard bashing against it. Soon after, he heard Robert's voice.

"Fuck that hole!" He hollered. "Stretch that fucking pussy..." He persisted as his voice finally began to wane, and all Ben could hear was the loud thumping sound reverberating across the house.

Benjamin shut his eyes and shrieked. Exhausted and defeated, he finally fell asleep, bathing in a pool of his tears.

[Sometime during the following day]

Ben's eyes spread arduously, his eyelids feeling glued together. He could see the light coming from outside even though all the doors and windows remained shut, drowning the house into the same dark fog from the night before. He scowled, taken aback by the pungent smell around him.

"Good morning, Ben." A familiar voice greeted him from behind. He tried to turn his head but couldn't, given the angle his chair had collapsed on. "Here." Robert uttered, and moments later, Ben felt his body lift from the ground along with the chair. Once up, Robert swirled the chair to face him before sitting back on the couch. He was still naked, his soft dick resting between his hairy thighs. His blue eyes seemed brighter than before. He held the gun from earlier and pointed it at Ben. "Do you need to go to the bathroom?" He questioned.

Ben looked at him momentarily before nodding affirmatively.

"You can go." Robert authorized, sitting there. "Go, Ben." He asserted, smiling.

Ben blinked once before pissing himself right there, his dick dripping down his thighs, creating a small puddle around him. Robert's smile stretched even more.

"Better?" Robert asked. Ben paused before nodding again. Very slowly. "Good. Ben...I'm going to remove the tape from your mouth." He announced, grabbing a knife he had tucked away under his leg. He got up, walked up to Ben, placed the sharp edge over Ben's face, and swooped it down, cutting the tape and making a superficial gash on Ben's skin, who flinched. "Whoops." Robert mocked sarcastically before ripping the tape from Ben's face, bringing some of his thick beard hairs with it. Ben let out a groan, trying desperately to cage his scream, determined not to give Robert the satisfaction.

Are you hungry?" Robert questioned, stepping away from the chair.

Ben squinted, his mind racing as he tried decoding Robert's every word and expression. But he couldn't. So he shook his head, denying Robert's proposition, making his smile tighter. Ben could feel his dismay.

"I think you should eat something." He said. "Tell you what...if you eat something, I'll take you upstairs." He proposed, glancing down at Ben, whose hopeful eyes shot up immediately.

As he did, the sound of the bed screeching violently erupted from upstairs. Soon, clapping noises and Ethan's muffled moans descended with it, his voice desperately pleading mercy and release from his forced custody. Ben's eyes twitched before he finally nodded his head.

"Atta boy!" Robert celebrated enthusiastically. He walked up to Ben, pushing the gun into the side of Ben's head with one hand and stroking his own cock with the other.

"What are you doing...?" Ben questioned, disoriented.

"Making breakfast." Robert moaned, his eyes locked on Ben, who twitched in disbelief. "I'm going to feed you my cum. And you'll eat it." He informed. "If you don't, I'll shoot your fucking brains out..." He continued, his strokes getting faster and his breathing accelerating. "Fuck...open your mouth, Ben. Tongue out." He ordered.

Ben obliged. How could he not? The only thing racing through his mind right now was being taken up the stairs into their bedroom to see Ethan. He closed his eyes and rolled out his tongue slowly, just in time for Robert to let out a sharp groan. Ben felt Robert's cock land on his tongue and slide inside his mouth before the first strings of thick cum began to fire inside. The first thing he noticed was how warm they were. But soon, the flavor kicked in, salty and highly bitter. His first instinct was to gag, all the cum sliding dangerously close to the edge of his throat. But he knew he couldn't spit it out, so he opened his eyes, looked up at Robert, and slowly swallowed it. Robert's head plunged, and his cerulean gaze latched on Ben, who faked a pleasurable moan as he forcefully ate his load, coercing Robert's benevolence out of him. And for a moment, it seemed to work.

"Shit...you love him that much, Ben?" Robert stated, surprised as he unhurriedly pulled his slobbering cock off Ben's mouth. He took a few steps back and paused, gazing at the Latin stud.

Ben just stared at Robert, waiting for him to keep his end of the bargain. But that hope was short-lived.

"I changed my mind. I think you need more time alone." Robert uttered before Ben's eyes closed in pain. He clenched his teeth, trying to control his rage. He knew that if he acted out, Ethan would suffer the consequences. Robert walked to the table and grabbed the gaffer tape roll, taping Ben's mouth again before holding the gun and strolling casually up the stairs.

Ben's head fell, his chin hitting his chest. The defeat took hold of him, and he began crying, overtaken by his solitude. In the background, he could hear Ethan's cheeks being pounded slowly now. But as Robert's footsteps came to a halt, the pounding stopped briefly before resuming relentlessly, the clangorous sound of the bed's headboard hitting the wall behind it as Ethan's indistinct wails escorted it.

[Three days later]

Ben had been in and out of consciousness for the last few days. His mind had gradually lost track of time, place, or space. They had been submerged inside that dark, shuttered house for over three days at the mercy of those hostile men. Ben hadn't left the living room since his last meeting with Robert, and his naked body reeked of piss and shit. He hadn't been fed either. Jamie was the only person he saw when the boy periodically came down to give him water. Ben felt weaker by the minute, and his mind was beginning to accept failure, now wrestling with vivid hallucinations. He would sometimes fall into a light sleep and dream of finding the house empty and the sunrays spearing through the glass windows. Ethan would come down the stairs, wearing his white undies, smile at him and lean over, kissing his lips passionately. But as soon as he did, Ben's mind would slap him out of his haze, and he would wake up in that room, surrounded by that pungent smell, his hands tied behind his back and his mouth taped.

And whenever he awoke from his dream, he would hear Ethan's moans upstairs. The sounds gradually faded and became murky as Ben's mind blocked them out, a coping mechanism as he attempted to preserve his last shred of sanity.

Truth be told, there was one occasion or two where a specific thought crossed his mind. In some of his most vulnerable moments, he couldn't help but think: what was happening upstairs? And what exactly had Ethan's mind and body been subjected to? But the shame of it compelled him to brush it away whenever it popped into his gradually crumbling reason. It felt immoral, sinful, and cruel.

Yet, although he would never admit it to himself, these thoughts made his dick raging hard.

Suddenly, as he felt himself drown in remorse, a hand gently touched his shoulder. Jamie stood behind him, holding a small bucket of warm water and a cloth. Ben's eyes glanced up. His once beautiful hazelnut glow was almost gone.

"I'm taking the tape off." The boy uttered as he peeked around, afraid he might get caught. He took a small pocket knife and ripped the tape under Ben's earlobe before pulling it off. Unlike Robert, Jamie's method was soft, delicate, and forbearing.

"Thank you." Ben whispered, unable to repress his gratitude for Jamie's kind gesture.

The boy kneeled, dragged the bucket across the floor, and dipped one of the washed cloths inside, squeezing the excess water off it. He began brushing Ben's feet with it. A warm, tingling feeling began to take hold of the Latin stud. Jamie gently lifted his feet, sliding the cloth under with the utmost gentleness. And soon, the scent of Ethan's shower gel began ascending into Ben's nostrils. As soon as it did, Jamie lifted his head, compelled by Ben's gentle sobs that began scratching their way out.

"Don't cry. It'll just make it worst." The boy stated, resuming his task.

"He said if we went along, he'd let us live." Ben uttered, his voice weary and cynical. "He lied. Didn't he?" He questioned, gaining a fleeting resilience in his behavior. Jamie continued brushing the wet cloth up his legs, reaching his thighs. "Did they ever let anyone live?" He asked, his voice slithering its way over to Jamie.

The boy hesitated, his hand stopping inches from Ben's soft dick.

"Just once." He stated. Ben could feel the gloom pouring out of the boy's soul. He knew the boy was talking about himself.

"Such cruelty...allowing someone to survive something like this..." The stud whispered almost to himself. Jamie's movements made Ben feel his words had reached the boy and struck a nerve.

Jamie dipped the cloth back on the bucket, twisted the water out, and continued his chore, climbing up Ben's broad and hairy torso. He seemed mesmerized by it as if he was discovering something new. A new body he didn't identify. As he grazed the cloth over Ben's nipples, they prickled up, sending a heat wave down the stud's groin. His dick twitched, catching the boy's attention. Jamie's hand started skating down Ben's chest, stomach, and pelvis, enveloping his now semi-hard cock in the warm cloth.

"What are you doing...?" Ben questioned, his head falling back as he did.

But the boy didn't answer. He kept stroking Ben's dick, whose mouth was now gaped as he tried to cage his pleasurable moans. He was breathing heavily when he felt Jamie come up, saddling him, the fabric on his jockstrap rubbing against Ben's abdomen. Ben's shaft was rock hard, the foreskin gliding up and down, smearing precum all over Jamie's belly. The boy put his arms around Ben's neck and pulled closer, lifting his ass slightly and aiming the stud's cock into his hole. Ben felt his tip rub against the boy's sweaty crack, making him exhale as he felt the first rush of adrenaline course through him. His hips started moving, honing the boy's cheeks with his 8.5-inch shaft. A part of him couldn't believe what was happening, how he seemed bewitched by this boy's willingness to please him. But another part felt embarrassed and compelled to push the boy away.

A familiar sound blasted from upstairs as these thoughts dashed inside his mind. Ethan was being raped again. By now, Ben could hardly make out the sound of his friend's voice anymore. It was gradually transforming, morphing into something unrecognizable.

Suddenly, Ben felt Jamie's hand grab his cock, sliding it inside his hole. Ben was immediately taken aback by how wonderful it felt. Tighter than a pussy, the walls clenching around his delicate, sensitive skin. Jamie's face sunk into Ben's shoulder, and the boy's lips began sucking on his neck.

"Fuck..." Ben uttered between heavy breaths. His cock was now throbbing inside Jamie's hole, the sound of the bed squeaking upstairs seemingly persisting.

Ben's face tumbled forward, his nose and lips inadvertently touching Jamie's skin. He was immediately surprised by its softness, contrasting with the boy's tattooed, rough exterior. As Ben began sniffing Jamie's skin, the boy's hands clenched to the stud's neck, and soon, the two men were exchanging something that felt confidential and taboo. At that moment, both of them were allowing each other to access parts of themselves that were slowly being exposed by the susceptibility of their situation.

They were silently and mutually exposing their vulnerabilities. Ben sensed the boy's appreciation for being dealt with anything other than destain. Each thrust of Ben's cock inside the boy came layered with compassion and empathy. But then again, Jamie was exhuming the stud's delicate nature out of him, scavenging what Ben thought he had lost. And soon, he regained some of his essence, remembering the pleasure of intimacy. Ben's hips began to thrust faster, the stud's cock pounding deeper into him. Jamie slid his hand between them and pulled his now hard cock from his jockstrap. Ben kept pumping, feeling the boy's short shaft graze his chiseled stomach, pressed between their glued bodies. Jamie's hands started crawling up, gripping Ben's thick black hair. The chair started squeaking and cracking, so the boy industriously placed his feet on the floor, lifting his ass slightly, letting it hover over Ben's cock as the stud fucked his hole to avoid them making any sound that might catch the other's attention.

"Kid...I think I'm..." Ben groaned.

Jamie let out a prolonged moan before he felt the first warm strings of Ben's cum fire inside his ass. He let his ass slide back down, clenching his muscles, draining Ben's dick that bucked uncontrollably inside him. Ben couldn't see the boy's face, but he could feel his soft muffled giggles pushing against his neck. And just as his high subsided and his mind began to descend back into that horrible reality, Jamie pulled back, and his eyes locked on Ben's. The boy was crying. He brushed his hand gently over Ben's face for the first and perhaps the only moment of genuine tenderness in his life.

"First, they break your spirit. And then they fuck the soul out of you." Jamie whispered as tears fell from his cheeks, tumbling over Ben's pumping chest. The stud stared at the boy, perturbed by his words. Then, Jamie leaned forward, holding Ben in his close embrace. "Don't let them take your soul, Ben." The boy murmured before the thumping sound of Ethan being force fucked into submission upstairs finally ceased.

Jamie's body shot back, Ben's soft dick sliding off him smoothly. He rushed for the table and grabbed the tape, gluing it around Ben's mouth before picking up the bucket and carrying it clumsily to the kitchen, spilling water everywhere. Thirty seconds later, Ben heard steps coming down the stairs.

"What the fuck took you so long?" Robert questioned as Jamie exited the kitchen. But as the boy stopped beside him, he walked over to the couch, slamming his sweaty naked body down. His dick was still hard, glistening with spit and glazed with fresh cum. "Cut his tape." He ordered without even glancing at Jamie.

The boy looked bewildered, as if Robert's request was somewhat unexpected. He walked over to Ben and ripped the tape. Gently. This made Robert frown at the boy.

"Tie up his feet." He commanded, taking his hand to his cock and stroking it.

His blue gaze pierced through the dark room, locking on Ben, who began to acknowledge what had been blatantly obvious since the beginning. Robert was fascinated by him. His eyes scoured Ben, trying desperately to find whatever seemed to feed his persistently hopeful spirit.

"You're a fascinating creature, Ben." Robert uttered in a provoking tone, yet captivated at the same time. "Most people would have tried something by now. But not you." He continued. Suddenly, Ben saw Robert's expression change. And a minor fissure unfolded, allowing a drop of his humanity to slip through. "You really care for your friend..." He muttered quietly, almost as if he wanted to suppress his statement.

"His name is Ethan..." Ben whispered, clenching his jaw angrily. Robert's face shut down, and he let out a sarcastic chuckle.

"I think it's time." Robert uttered, his lips still stretched into a smile as he gazed at Ben insidiously.

"For what...?" Ben questioned, challenging his captor.

"To take you upstairs." Robert stated before his smile completely disappeared, exposing his soulless cerulean gaze.

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