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Wicked Games - 4. "I Was There With You, Wasn't I?"

[4 years before the "incident"]

The blindfold came off, and the boy's eyes opened, slowly blinking as they adjusted to the light from which they had been deprived of the last four days. He could recognize the small cupboard under the stairs, where he had been held hostage, whose door was now unlocked, giving him a view of the hallway and living room. The initial blur surrounding his eyes began to dissipate, the shadow looming over him finally being revealed.

"If I take this off, will you promise to be quiet?" The man asked as he kneeled beside the boy, who nodded reluctantly as his frightened eyes gaped up. The man took a small knife from his pocket and skated the sharp edge along the gaffer tape glued to the boy's mouth, cutting it swiftly. "What's your name?" The man questioned.

"Jamie." The boy stuttered, visibly terrified.

"I'm Robert." The man stated. "That's Caleb." Robert introduced, pointing his head towards the couch, where a large, beautiful, ebony-skinned man sat, legs spread as he stoked his mammoth semi-hard cock. It glistened as the stud rubbed his hand up and down on it.

Jamie's eyes immediately veered away, shocked by the sight. Besides his father, he'd never seen a naked man before.

"Where's my Dad?" Jamie questioned, his voice bottled with apprehension.

"Upstairs. Resting." Robert responded. His voice was soulless, void of any emotion.

"You're lying..." Jamie muttered as he turned his eyes away from Caleb's sweat-covered body. He knew the truth. He had heard it. His father's screams, moans, and pleas for help echo across the house for the last five days. As his eyes plugged into the floor, he began crying, his lament reverberating across the house.

"Jesus Christ, are you crying?" Robert contested, his tone becoming confrontational. Jamie nervously shook his head as he desperately endeavored to cage his tears. "Look at me!" Robert yelled, snapping his fingers in front of the boy's face. "If you keep crying, I'll punch your fucking nose in. Do you understand?" He threatened as he held his closed fist inches from Jamie's nose.

"Yes..." The boy whispered reluctantly as Robert's fierce blue eyes hovered over him.

Suddenly, a series of sounds fired from where Caleb sat, his giant arms moving and hands slapping together as he conveyed something through sign language.

"Did you clean it up?" Robert interrogated. Caleb shook his head slowly. "For fuck sake...here." He said, pulling Jamie by the neck, dragging him across the hallway, over to the living room, and tossing him into Caleb's lap.

The ebony stud quickly caught the boy's frail body, his bulky arms locking his movements. He pulled the boy's dark hair back with his right hand, exposing his face. The bull smiled and spat on it. Jamie closed his eyes, tears desperately crawling their way out. Then, Caleb drove the boy's face into his chest, holding it there as he gestured with his free hand.

"Fine, I'll do it." Robert uttered, annoyed. "Take him to the other room." He directed.

Jamie felt his body being lifted in the air not a second later. Instinctively, he kicked and punched, trying to flee from the bull's hold. But his attempts were futile. He could barely move an inch as Caleb dragged him upstairs, arms and legs locked under his bulky, muscular arms. The boy's head dangled upside down as they climbed the steps to the upper floor.

And then, as they crossed the narrow hallway between the two rooms, Jamie's eyes caught a glimpse inside his father's room: the broken glasses scattered around the floor. The drapes on the windows ripped and laced around the windows, locking them. A pungent smell so intense Jamie's face squinted as he felt it in the air. And finally, lying on the bed, facing down, with a white blood-stained pillow over his head, his father's naked dead body.

Time ceased, his head went numb, and a loud buzzing sound blasted inside his ears like a bomb exploding nearby. The boy began screaming, and the more he did, the less he heard himself. The next thing he felt was the bull's hand swath his mouth, blocking his voice and breath. Jamie's head violently shook as Caleb dragged him, kicking into his bedroom, before shutting the door behind them, the sounds of the boy's screams trying to break free from under Caleb's hand resounding through the dim house.

[Present time]

"ETHAN! Ethan, wake up!" Ben's voice roared, his muscular arms pinning Ethan's body to the bed as he shook violently, his eyes glazed and empty. Animal-like growls erupted from his mouth. "Please, wake up!" Ben pleaded as he fell over Ethan, trying to cage his spasms.

After a few seconds, they began to subside, and the blonde's body started shivering, his skin filling up with sweat. Ethan's eyes finally opened from his nightmare, blood reddened and exhausted. He snuffed and held his breath before exhaling profusely, pulling Ben into him. From within their embrace, Ethan wept.

"I'm sorry..." He cried out, tears soaking Ben's chest, where his face was seeded.

"Shhh... it's ok. It's going to be ok." Ben whispered, his voice soothing and tender. He could feel Ethan's fingers cling deep into his back. "I'm here." Ben uttered, rolling their bodies to the side and brushing his fingers over his friend's blond curls. As he did, tears began falling from Ben's eyes as despair, and a profound sadness took hold of him.

It had been two weeks since they drove back from Ethan's house. The night terrors and subsequent panic attacks were getting better, but still, they endured, Ben, being the only bridge between the real world and whatever place Ethan's mind inhabited. He seemed to get better during particular periods of the day, but as night drew, his mood would become sad and aloof. He would stop talking, isolating himself in Ben's bedroom. They had been sleeping together. Ben felt uneasy leaving Ethan alone during the night. As such, he hadn't been sleeping much, staying awake most nights and watching as Ethan slept.

Despite the countless chances both had to become intimate, Ben knew Ethan would have to be the one making the first move. Ben would never enforce himself onto him, given his fragile state. Even so, as he lay beside his best friend, most nights, Ben desired nothing more than to kiss Ethan and make love to him. He wanted to heal Ethan, exude his pain with the touch of his lips, and liberate his broken spirit with the thrust of his 8.5-inch cock.

Even so, and despite the circumstances, having Ethan around brought Ben a sense of security and tamed happiness. Of having gotten back a tiny glimpse of a time forgone. When the incident hadn't yet crushed their lives, and the cruelty of those men hadn't stolen their essences.

It was one of those exceptionally bright mornings when Ben walked up the stairs into his room and woke Ethan.

"Ethan?" Ben's voice summoned from the doorway, his deep yet soothing tone filling the unlit room.

"What?" The blonde stud replied, his voice was husky and weak.

"Get up. I need to change the sheets." Ben uttered, purposely trying to snap Ethan out of his induced isolation.

"Now?" Ethan muttered.

"No, next month." Ben replied sarcastically. "Yes, now!" He hollered, walking up to the windows and finally flaring the blinds, the sunlight exploding inside the room.

Ethan lay naked in bed, stomach down, his scarred back now completely exposed. He turned his head to face Ben, eyes squinting over his pillow. He yawned, stretching his beautiful body, inadvertently sticking his ass up slightly. Ben's eyes immediately locked on it. He walked to the bed and sat on the edge, facing the window. A few seconds later, Ethan's head popped from behind him, his arms crawling up Ben's back, cladding the stud as his head rested on his back.

"I need to go out." Ben informed, reluctant.

"Where are you going?" Ethan questioned, lifting his head and landing his chin on Ben's shoulder.

"We need to do some grocery shopping." Ben clarified before pausing. "And...I'm meeting someone." Ben uttered. He could immediately feel Ethan's body react.

"Who?" The blonde hunk asked.

"Just a guy I met in my meetings." Ben answered, glancing at Ethan as he fell back on the bed. "It's not like that." Ben added.

"I didn't say anything." Ethan responded, his jealousy lurching through unannounced.

"What, are you jealous?" Ben teased.

"No..." Ethan reacted, turning his head away. Ben grinned.

"It's fine, you can say it..." Ben razzed. Ethan turned his head, and their eyes locked. "You're jealous." He provoked.

Ethan opened his mouth to reply but suddenly halted. His lips stretched slightly, and he froze there, his laughter eminent. But suddenly, he shot up, grabbed Ben's neck with his hand, and pulled him down on the bed, rolling over him and saddling the stud. Ben was lying on his back, and Ethan's naked body hovered over him. Their eyes locked on each other. They lingered there, Ethan's golden gaze submerging Ben into their private world. Ethan grabbed Ben's wrists and locked the stud's arms into the mattress.

"What are you doing?" Ben questioned, his dick already hardening under his pants.

But Ethan didn't respond. He stood there, holding Ben's wrists at bay, his beautiful golden eyes scanning every inch of the stud's body. He began to lean forward slowly. As he did, Ben could feel the scent of Ethan's breath on him. The blonde hunk sunk his face into Ben's neck and took his mouth to his ear. He slowly started shoving his tongue inside. Ben could feel it sliding in, a tingling feeling traveling through his spine, making his pelvis shoot up, pushing his caged cock between Ethan's cheeks. He honed his denim pants over Ethan's skin, dry-humping the blond hunk. And while he did it, he began to feel Ethan's teeth gently nibbling on his ear lobe.

"Fuck." Ben groaned, his hands still under Ethan's authority.

But soon, Ethan's energy began shifting. His grip got tighter, his touch was less gentle, his breath became hectic, and his muscles tensed. Suddenly, Ben felt a sharp pain.

"OUCH!" Ben hollered, his head snapping away from Ethan, who unleashed his grip on the Latin stud's wrists. Ben took his hand to his ear. It was bleeding. "For fuck sake, Ethan!" He growled just as Ethan's head was coming up.

Ben rolled over, taking Ethan with him, and pinned his naked body to the bed, his 8.5-inch cock between them. He could now feel the blonde's throbbing cock rub against his stomach. Ethan's legs came up, scissoring around Ben's waist, locking the stud. And as Ben finally closed eyes with Ethan, he saw it for the first time since the incident. Ethan's beautiful golden glow was gone, and now, in its place, profound and unsettling darkness festered, nothing but rage, violence, and unbridled sexual hedonism.

"C'mon. Do it. Fuck my hole." Ethan moaned, wholly consumed by his urge. Ben looked at his friend, distraught by the realization of the damage done to him.

"No." Ben uttered as tears began falling from his eyes. "Not like this." He mumbled as he gradually pulled away, defeated. Ethan's arms fell flat on the bed, his frustration palpable.

"Guess I'll have to find someone who will, then." Ethan spewed, his voice belligerent, almost unrecognizable.

Ben slid off the bed, pulling himself up and dragging his feet over to the doorway before turning around, his face covered in tears.

"Take a shower. You reek." Ben stated before walking out and leaving the door open.

As he strode down the stairs to the bottom floor, his legs faltered, and with every step he took, he felt himself move further and further away from Ethan. Both physically and spiritually. Ben rushed to the kitchen and clutched his car keys and wallet. He stopped as he entered the garage to text something before getting in the car and driving off, his eyes on the rearview mirror, watching as his house became smaller and smaller. As he continued driving, a text popped on his phone. He glanced at it, and soon the car was veering towards the town center, to a small Cafe.

Ben parked the car on the opposite side of the street and walked inside. Patrick sat on one of the tables to the back, his eyes gleaming as Ben approached him.

"Hey, handsome." Patrick welcomed as he stood up. Ben's arms opened and swathed Patrick in a tender embrace. Patrick sunk his face in Ben's chest, closing his eyes as he took in the studs scent. "I've missed you." He stated as he pulled away, grabbing Ben by the shoulders and scanning his face. "What's wrong?" He asked before Ben plunged back into him, cladding his arms tight.

Fifteen minutes later, they sat at their table, hidden from view.

"I can't imagine how hard that must have been." Patrick commented as Ben recounted the latest events. "I... was just under the impression you guys were estranged." He remarked.

"We were. But... by the time I realized, I was parking in front of his house." Ben confessed. "I thought I could help him. I thought..." Ben stuttered.

"Hey." Patrick said, stretching his hand over the table and placing it over Ben's. "Don't be so hard on yourself." He conveyed before his eyes locked on Ben. Patrick suddenly understood as he stared at Ben's defeated spirit. "You love him." He uttered as he finally unveiled Ben's true feelings towards Ethan.

"Of course I do. He's my best friend." Ben replied.

"I think it's more than that." Patrick remarked before Ben lifted his head to look at him, his eyes sheathed in tears. They stood there for almost a minute before Patrick finally chuckled nervously. "This sucks." He uttered, making Ben smile. Patrick knew that the kind of love he craved from Ben would never be his.

"Don't disappear." Ben muttered.

"Don't worry." Patrick said immediately. "You're a good friend, Ben." He said, squeezing the stud's hand inside his. "I wouldn't throw that away." He said, smiling.

Ben's eyes lingered there, gazing down at Patrick's hand before finally coming up to face his friend.

"Patrick..." Ben stuttered. "Do you think it's possible...for someone to..." Ben tried to continue, his voice cracking as he struggled to convey his words.

"Ben...?" Patrick challenged, leaning forward. He could feel Ben's distress.

"Ethan...he..." Ben attempted to continue before suddenly stopping. He raised his eyes to face Patrick. "I need to tell you something." He muttered.

"Ok..." Patrick said, visibly uneasy.

"Something I never told anyone." Ben admitted as he squeezed Patrick's hand tighter.

"It's ok." Patrick whispered as Ben's mind began to drift away. "I'm here." His voice resonated inside Ben's head, becoming increasingly distant.

Soon, Ben's memories were being exhumed.

"I think it's time." Robert uttered, his lips still stretched into a smile as he gazed at Ben insidiously.

"For what...?" Ben questioned, challenging his captor.

"To take you upstairs." Robert stated before his smile completely disappeared, exposing his soulless cerulean gaze.


[5th day of the "incident"]

"FUCK!" Ben screamed as Robert slid his hands under the stud's armpits and lifted him off the chair, his legs dangling and his feet dragging through the floor.

"Shut the fuck up, Ben. I thought you wanted this." Robert mocked as he lifted Ben's heavy body over his shoulder, stumbling slightly before finally finding his footing.

He started walking up the stairs, one hand on the rail and the other holding Ben's thighs, trying to keep the stud's body steady. Jamie followed closely behind, and as they reached the top, the boy squeezed under them and ran ahead. Ben felt Robert stop, his body lowering. He placed Ben on the floor in a particularly gentle way. As he leaned down, Robert's head accidentally touched Ben's groin, and for a moment, he seemed to linger there before he finally came up. Their eyes locked briefly, and for a beat, there was silence.

Then suddenly, the sound of a door opening blasted from the small first-floor corridor. Caleb walked out naked, his huge cock bouncing between his legs, dripping cum. His towering, muscular body made the floor thump as he crossed the hallway into the bathroom. Jaime seized the opportunity to rush inside the room. From where Ben stood, he could already feel the pungent scent oozing from inside.

"You can limp your way there." Robert uttered as he finally broke eye contact with Ben.

Robert walked up to the bathroom's doorway and leaned on it as he started hand gesturing.

"I brought the other one." Robert informed as his hands danced in front of him. Ben could hear Caleb's hands slapping together and these guttural, indistinct angry groans. "You know the rules." Robert continued, visibly vexed. "Fine...but I want him to watch first. You can do whatever the fuck you want after." He negotiated before pulling back and walking back over to Ben. "C'mon, handsome." He sounded.

He seized Ben's arm and pulled him, dragging him over to the room as he limped, trying arduously to withhold the pain emanating from his knee. As they neared the door, Ben's body fell forward, and his taped hands grabbed the doorway, holding the weight of his tired body. His head sank between his shoulders as he felt the intense odor swelling inside the bedroom. Cum, piss, sweat, and spit layered with a deep musk. It was both repelling and overwhelmingly inebriating. Ben's natural reaction was to lift his head, and that was when he saw it. The window curtains laced around the handles, locking them. The sheets pulled and rolled around the bed. Glass bottles and broken glass everywhere. And these burgundy veils covered the floor lamps, enveloping the room in a red brume. As Ben's eyes scanned the room, they finally stopped, locking on the bed where Ethan's body lay. He was naked, facing up, his arms spread outwards, wrists bound to the headboard by thick black ropes. His eyes were blindfolded, and his mouth was sealed with a black silicon ball gag. At first glance, Ethan seemed asleep, but soon he started to move, his legs shifting slightly along the mattress, momentarily exposing his hole. It was trickling with cum.

"Ethan..." Ben muttered, his body shooting forward before he felt Robert's hand hold his neck.

"Don't even think about it." Robert said, directing him inside the room and pushing him into a mattress they had placed on the ground just beside the bed. It was strategically positioned so that when Ben finally turned, he had an immaculate view of the bed as Ethan's body lay on it. "He's just about ready to pass out again." Robert continued as he looked back at Ethan's motionless body before he kneeled slowly in front of Ben, his animated blue eyes gleaming in the red dark. "Still...I felt you needed to be here...so you could see for yourself." He muttered as his eyes scanned Ben's countenance.

Robert stretched his arms, his fingers grazing Ben's face as the stud pulled away, disgusted.

"Ben, Ben...I think I might be growing a soft spot for you..." Robert whispered.

There was an unsettling softness in his voice that quickly shifted. His eyes went dark, and his hand tumbled down, landing on his crotch. He got up, took a few steps back, and started stroking his cock in front of Ben. He turned around and crawled on top of the bed, squeezing between Ethan's legs and spreading them apart. He grabbed the blonde's hips and pulled him in before shoving himself inside his hole. A feeble moan erupted from Ethan's mouth.

"Mother fucker..." Robert suddenly groaned. As he did, Caleb appeared at the doorway, where he stopped, his towering shadow looming over the room. "What the fuck did you do?" He questioned, turning his head back.

Caleb started gesturing calmly before releasing a soundless chuckle. Ethan raised his head slowly, seemingly trying to discern Caleb's location. Visibly irritated, Robert turned over to Ethan, raised his fist, and punched him violently, knocking the blonde stud's face down on the mattress. Ben's body blasted forward, but as he did, his knee pushed against the wood foundation, and he fell, screaming from under his taped mouth. As he wriggled on the floor like a worm, he felt someone approach him. He turned to find Caleb standing over him, his electric green eyes staring back. He took his hand to his mouth and gestured for Ben to be quiet.

"Fuck this shit!" Robert hollered, visibly frustrated as he grabbed Ethan's legs, shoving them violently to the side before pulling back and crawling off the bed, his dick rock hard.

He started pacing the room nervously and soon booted the bed, grabbing empty beer bottles and smashing them against the wall. Ben watched, stunned, as Robert's true nature finally began to unravel. Caleb looked at Ben, his expression calm, and stood up, walking over to Robert. Without forewarning, he grabbed Robert's neck and shoved him against the wall, locking his throat under his grip. With his other arm, he gestured. Robert tried to unlock himself from the ebony studs grip. But to no avail. Caleb had him bound and subdued. He resumed gesturing. Ben watched, enthralled and weirdly fascinated by the new dynamic both men were revealing. Caleb's hand moved graciously in the air as he scolded Robert for his outburst.

He suddenly stopped, turning his head, his eyes locked on Ben as he eerily scanned his body. From under his grip, Robert's blue eyes followed, and soon, his whole body relaxed. Caleb freed Robert, whose feet dropped to the floor. His body had been hovering inches from the ground, and his neck now sported a red mark in the shape of Caleb's hand.

"Fine. I won't touch him." Robert whispered reluctantly. But his eyes glanced at Ethan briefly, long enough for Caleb's hand to swing at him, slapping his face.

Ben's eyes flared. He couldn't believe it.

Robert begrudgingly pulled away from Caleb, grabbed a roll of tape from one of the dressers, and walked back to Ben, who reclined on the mattress and leaned against the wall, bracing for impact as Robert approached.

"I'm taking a shower." Robert stated as he taped Ben's feet. "Then I'm going to prepare the other room for us." He informed with a disturbing glare in his eyes. He then leaned in and took his mouth to Ben's ear. "Oh, Ben, I can't fucking wait..." He whispered before sliding his tongue over the stud's ear lobe, making Ben's head pull back in aversion. Robert chuckled and pulled away, walking to the door and disappearing into the hallway.

Caleb followed him, closing the door and locking it from the inside. He grabbed the key and tossed it on the nightstand. He lifted one knee, climbing on the bed before stopping to look at Ben. His colossal cock hovered in front of his pelvis, 12 inches of throbbing meat leaking precum over the sheets. As the two men locked eyes, Ben saw something in Caleb he hadn't before. There was a playfulness, a teasing of sorts. But soon, that energy started to change, and his stare deepened. And it was then that Ben realized. Caleb's gaze wasn't an invitation. It was a forceful command. He was binding Ben's gaze, forcing his compliance to whatever was about to ensue.

And then it happened. To Ben's complete surprise and utter shock, Caleb leaned forward, and without ever taking his eyes off Ben, he cut Ethan's ropes loose. The blonde's arms fell on the bed, his fingers slowly gripping the sheets as he wailed. But this time, Ethan's moan was different, not like the one he had let out when Robert was there. The blonde's neck started to stretch, his nose searching for the scent emanating from Caleb's dick. The ebony stud smiled before sliding his hand under Ethan's neck and unlocking his gag, which fell by the side. Ben's breathing intensified, the sound of it traveling across the room. All the while, Caleb's eyes remained on Ben, luring him inside his twisted world as he unveiled the dark truth of what had been happening inside that room.

He began stroking his cock, slowly and gently pushing his thick foreskin back and forth, exhuming his manly scent. And Ethan's neck would stretch further each time he did, the blonde's nose practically touching Caleb's meat. The black stud brought his hand up Ethan's back and gripped his blonde locks, pulling his head up. Ethan's mouth flared open as he did, his tongue sliding out slowly. Caleb leaned down and grinned at Ben before spitting inside the blonde's mouth and licking his face. Ethan moaned again, but this time, it came bottled with eagerness. Ben's body caved in, sinking into the wall behind him, along with the inevitable realization of what was truly happening. Ethan had been tamed. His body domesticated, his will suppressed, and his spirit brought to heel. And Caleb owned him. All of Ethan was now under the ebony stud's control. Ben's eyes twitched before tears began to floor them, his mind bracing for what he was about to witness.

Caleb leaned forward, pushing his dick closer to Ethan's mouth. The ebony-skinned stud shoved his left hand between Ethan's legs, drilling it into his asscheeks and shoving his middle finger inside the blonde's hole. Ethan's pelvis shot up as he moaned in pleasure. His arms remained stretched over the bed, completely and willingly subdued. Caleb began fingering him, fucking Ethan's ass with his middle finger, occasionally bringing it to his mouth to suck Ethan's taste off it before sliding it back inside and continuing finger-banging the blonde stud. Ethan's fingers were now pulling the bedsheets off, and his neck arched so far back that Ben could barely see his friend's face. From his mouth fired the most lustful wails as his body contorted in pleasure. As he stared at Ben, Caleb pulled his finger out and brought it to Ethan's mouth, pushing it inside and forcing the blonde to suck on it. But there was nothing forceful about it. Ethan munched on it eagerly.

Caleb pulled his hand out, Ethan's mouth trying desperately to cling to it, and pulled the blonde's head into his cock, tongue sticking out. As soon as it touched it, Ethan groaned, and for the first time, one of his hands came up and grabbed the giant shaft, holding it in position as he began to slide his tongue over its thick, veiny skin. Ethan's movements were lengthy and tenacious. Caleb would direct his mouth to the base of his cock, just above the balls, and let the blonde slide back up. As Ethan reached the tip, he would wiggle his tongue on the ebony stud's uncut perineal gland, teasing his stretched prepuce and making him tilt his head back in rapture.

Ben watched, dismayed by what seemed like a consenting exchange of power. The forcefulness of their actions was now layered with intimacy. Whatever had happened to Ethan in that room had changed him. Like a car crash, Ben watched, his eyes twitching in distress, as Ethan morphed into a submissive creature, eager to please his master.

Suddenly, Caleb's head came back up, a stretched grin, and his green eyes locked on Ben. He pulled Ethan's hair, signaling the blonde to roll his body, belly down as he slid over the bed, ass sticking up and facing Ben. His arms were stretched forward, holding Caleb's tighs as the stud stood at the edge of the bed, his monstrous cock aimed at Ethan's mouth. As he gripped the blonde's hair with his right hand, he leaned forward and took his left to Ethan's ass, slapping his cheeks. But he didn't pull his hand away, leaving it there as he squeezed the blonde's bubble ass, its muscles flexing slightly, showcasing Ethan's perfect form.

Ben squinted, struggling to cage the thoughts he had been fighting with for the past few days. But as Ethan's body continued to flex, reacting to Caleb as the stud's big hands caressed him, Ben's mind finally broke from its moral shackles. And then, despite his efforts, Ben surrendered and finally accepted Caleb's invitation. His tied hands slowly slid down his body and grabbed his hardening cock. And this time, there was no shame.

From the other side of the bed, Caleb smiled, and with one thrust, he shoved his cock inside Ethan's mouth. A loud gag erupted inside the room before the ebony stud paused, holding half his cock inside as Ethan's body wriggled, trying to pull back. But after a few tense moments, it began to stall, his neck making small jerking motions as his throat adjusted to the mammoth cock's presence. Once his body finally came to a stop, Caleb pushed further inside. Ethan pulled away, a sudden jolt propelling his body backward. But Caleb held him in place, forcing his cock down the blonde's throat as his hands pushed against the ebony studs' thighs. Soon, these high-pitched wails began erupting from Ethan's lungs, and his eyes closed as strained tears drizzled. And this was all Caleb seemed to need in order to proceed. So without warning, the stud began thrusting his hips back and forth, sliding about 9 inches of his shaft into Ethan's throat.

Everything seemed to stop, and for a few moments, all you could hear were Ethan's wails, followed by slobbering, slurping, and gagging. The blonde's hands fell on the bed, his fingers gripping the sheets as he struggled to breathe. Ben watched as his friend relinquished all control, his body subdued to Caleb's will. The ebony stud's gaze was latched on Ben, and for five minutes, it remained there as he pummelled Ethan's throat, the blonde's lips stretching thin as his eyes rolled to the back of his head. Sensing that he might pass out, Caleb pulled out momentarily, releasing his grip on Ethan's locks. The blond tumbled sideways, a clangorous gasp breaking from his mouth, followed by coughing as he desperately tried to regain his breath. Caleb stared down at Ethan, grinning.

Then he looked at Ben again, and without taking his eyes off him, he pulled back, went around the foot of the bed, and unlocked Ethan's ankles from the straps. The blonde seemed oblivious to this, his face buried in the mattress as he tried to catch his breath. Caleb leaned forward, grabbed Ethan's arms, and pulled him, turning him over, face up, and placing his head on the edge of the bed. He raised his hips, aimed his cock into Ethan's open mouth, and pushed himself inside, balls deep. Ben watched, horrified and aroused, as Caleb drilled all 12 inches of his meat inside Ethan's throat.

The blonde's chest shot upwards, his entire back arched, and his arms thrashing about. Caleb grabbed Ethan's wrists, pushing them down and locking them against the bed. He quickly looked at Ben and winked before raising his hips and plunging his cock into Ethan's mouth again. He began to face fuck the blonde mercilessly, the muffled sounds of Ethan's breath filling the room. Ben's eyes flared at the disturbingly captivating sight. He could see Caleb's giant cock slide inside Ethan, the skin on his throat raising like a snake moving under a patch of sand. The longer and deeper the ebony hunk drilled, the less Ethan fought, his body finally succumbing to his captor's dominance. Every few thrusts, Caleb would stop, his dick crammed inside, and he would look at Ben, taunting him. Drool and foam began slipping from the blonde's throat, his moans of pleasure escorting it out as the captor fucked his face for several minutes, barely allowing Ethan to breathe until his whole face was covered in his saliva, rushing down him like a waterfall.

Unbeknownst to himself, Ben had now been pumping his cock for several minutes, and it was rock hard, his tied hands stroking his foreskin as precum oozed from its tip.

Caleb chuckled as he glanced at Ben. Then, he pulled up, stretching his back as he filled his lungs with air. He pulled his cock out, releasing a wave of foam with it. Ethan gasped, turning sideways as he took his hands to his neck.

"Fuck..." He muttered before releasing a growl.

Caleb grinned with pride, staring at Ethan before taking his hand and smearing the blonde's face. Then he grabbed Ethan's body and rolled him over, stomach down, bringing his ass over to the edge of the bed. He grabbed his cock and shoved it inside Ethan unceremoniously. The blond stud didn't even flinch. He pushed his body into Caleb, his face buried inside the mattress. Caleb closed his fist and punched Ethan's back playfully. As he did, Ethan's body sank into the bed as he released these lustful groans, ushering his master's violence. Caleb obliged. He leaned forward, pushed his closed fists against Ethan's back, and started pushing his hips into him, stuffing the blonde's hole with his precum, spit-covered, throbbing cock.

"Fuck yes..." Ethan sighed, his lust laboring to stay hidden as his body bounced back and forth on the edge of the bed. His lower legs shot up, his feet swirling and his toes curling in ecstasy.

Suddenly, Caleb stopped. Ben's hands followed, stemming just as he felt his orgasm build. Caleb's body leaned forward, his chest landing on Ethan's smooth back. He closed in on the blonde and took his lips to his neck. Ben's head tilted alongside him as he desperately tried to hear what the bull was about to say. Caleb's lips began to move, but no words came out, just these muffled, indistinct sounds, apparently meaningless. But to Ben's surprise, the blonde stud began to nod, signaling his obedience.

"I promise." Ethan whispered before stretching his right arm, grabbing a pillow, and biting on it.

Ben's mouth gaped in shock.

Caleb pulled away, wiped his forehead, grabbed Ethan's hips, and began fucking his ass with such force that drops of sweat began flying around as they clashed with the ebony stud's pelvis. Ben watched as Ethan sank his teeth into that pillow, his eyes hidden behind the blindfold, all the muscles in his body flexing as his hole was fucked beyond recognition.

The world paused, the clapping sound of Caleb's hips hitting Ethan's cheeks being the only thing signaling the passage of time. Ben began stroking his cock again. And it wasn't long before he felt the last shred of principle leave his mind, and he tumbled into the deep, bottomless pit of depravity he had been pushed into. No walls, windows, or doors held back these men's endless search for pleasure. No boundaries holding back their desires, no social constructs caging their hunger. Ben gazed at Caleb's towering, muscular, dark-skinned body as he fucked Ethan, whose whole being was now free from any constraints. All his desire, emotion, and sexual urge centered around his hole, now transformed into the advent of the shared experience binding these three men.

By the time the ebony bull pulled back, Ethan's back was soaking in his sweat. A loud queefing sound exploded from the blond's hole, making him unleash a soft giggle before growling like a spoiled child whose favorite toy had been taken away. Ethan's arm stretched back, grabbing Caleb's wrist and pulling the bull back into him. The ebony stud groaned, grabbing the blonde's legs and rolling him over on his back, Ethan's rock-hard cock now visible for the first time. And it was then, while Ben jerked his cock slowly, wanting to delay that moment indefinitely as he watched Caleb gaze down at Ethan's body, that something became blatantly apparent.

Caleb had turned Ethan out. He had broken inside his soul. But, somehow, in the process, Ethan had broken into Caleb's. A minor crack through which the blonde's essence had found a way to slither. And now, those two men shared a bond that fed off all that darkness, barbarity, and transgression.

Tears fell from Ben's eyes, his cock throbbing inside his hands. For the first time in their lives, Ethan, his best friend, had gone to a place where Ben couldn't follow. He was sitting there, witnessing Ethan's most intimate sexual moment. They had never been so close. And yet, Ben had never felt so alone.

And just like that, Caleb reached forward and, with a disarming gentleness, pulled Ethan's blindfold from his eyes.

The blonde immediately squinted. He had been in the dark for days and was particularly sensitive to the light, even as dim as it was inside the room. Caleb just stood there, waiting, his cock twitching as it hovered over Ethan's. The blonde eventually opened his eyes, making sense of the blurring smudges before him. And as his sight began to clear, Caleb leaned forward, his massive body nestling gently into Ethan. His face came down, his dark lips hovering closely to the blonde stud's plump mouth. And once again, he started mumbling indistinct words. And just like before, Ethan listened, watching the bull's lips move for the first time. His golden eyes regained some of the light hidden until now.

Suddenly, he began to nod, and his beautiful lips stretched into a smile.

"Yes." Ethan whispered. "Yes." He continued, seemingly replying to Caleb's questioning. He didn't even acknowledge Ben's presence.

Ben couldn't look away. It was like being a fly in the room. He felt wrong for watching their exchange, yet utterly fascinated and compelled to continue doing so.

Ethan opened his mouth just in time for Caleb to spit, the bull making sure the string would land inside before plunging his lips forward, tongue out, and kissing Ethan. The kiss was plunging and enjoyed. Their breaths merged as Caleb rolled his tongue inside Ethan's mouth. The blonde's body started to move, mimicking Caleb's mouth movements as he sucked on his lips. Ethan's legs lifted, and his right hand slid between their glued bodies, searching for the ebony bull's cock. He grabbed and guided it inside his hole, moaning into Caleb's mouth as he felt the bull enter him.

"Fuck!" Ethan yelled out as he pulled his mouth away, his eyes locked on Caleb's. His legs started to lift, climbing around the bull's hips and landing over his ass, feet crossed into a lock. "Fuck me." Ethan whispered, his hands around Caleb's head, holding it in place, assuring he read his mouth as he spoke slowly.

Caleb's pelvis immediately bounced between Ethan's legs, the bull's massive cock stretching his pink sphincter. Unlike Robert, Ethan's hole welcomed Caleb eagerly. Ethan's head fell back, and his mouth opened as a caged moan battled to flee. His body romped up and down as the ebony stud's cock smashed into him. As Ben watched, he immediately noticed the shift. Caleb slowly relinquished his power, allowing Ethan to take custody of that moment. The bull lifted his head, trying to keep his eyes on Ethan's lips, feeding off his lustful words. As he did, his fingers started to brush inside Ethan's blonde curls, a softness in their movement that contrasted with the violence of his pounding. Caleb began muttering, his mouth emitting animal sounds. As he did, Ethan's head came back up, and his golden eyes locked on the bull.

Then, as Ben's stroking fastened, his breathing struggling to keep steady behind his tape, he saw it. Ethan began to cry, his eyes locked on Caleb and his head nodding affirmatively. An unbridled euphoria was taking hold of him.

"Yes...fuck yes...it's all yours." Ethan whispered, his voice becoming less constrained as the bull slapped his hips into him. The sound was breathtaking. "Don't ever stop fucking me..." Ethan continued, his voice gaining strength. Caleb's cock thrust inside the blonde viciously, his sphincter queefing loudly. "Pound that pussy. Own me." He demanded, his words unleashing Caleb's bestiality.

The bull pulled up, adjusted his body by bending his knees slightly, and grabbed Ethan's hips, fucking him malevolently. All Ben could see was the bull's ass moving back and forth, Ethan's body being slingshotted across the bed.

"Fuck...fuck...FUCK!" Ethan screamed as he suddenly pulled away, taking his hand to his ass as he wriggled in pain.

Caleb halted and took his hand to Ethan's mouth, gagging him. With his other, he signaled the blonde to be silent. Then he grinned. Ethan looked at him and lunged forward, punching the bull's chest. This seemed to catch Caleb by surprise, but seconds later, his hand rose in the air, descending on Ethan's face. A slapping sound shot across the room. Ethan fell back and stared at the ebony stud with his mouth open. Then, he rose and lunged at Caleb again, his arm ready to strike. But he didn't. Just as his hand was about to touch Caleb, Ethan grabbed his neck and pulled the bull in, sticking his tongue inside his mouth, growling like an animal.

Ben's jaw was on the floor.

Ethan crawled up Caleb's body like a wild creature, mindlessly kissing the ebony stud and licking his skin. His movements were quick, feral, and unruly. No reason or logic guiding him. Caleb's arms held Ethan with ease, allowing him to indulge. His hands bore the blonde's ass as he slowly positioned his cock near the loose hole. He lifted Ethan and turned over to Ben before sticking his dick back inside the blonde, allowing Ben to witness it up close. And this time, he didn't take charge. He stood there, jolting Ethan in his arms as the blonde stud bounced on his dick.

"Mother fucker!" Ethan growled as he hopped on Caleb's shaft. "Your cock feels so fucking good..." He whispered, caging his screams of pleasure.

From where Ben stood, the sight was uncanny. Caleb's cock resembled a large log, and Ethan's hole was stretched enough that you could fit an entire arm inside. Yet, it hugged the bull's dick like a tight glove, worshipping every inch of it. As it puckered, Ben could feel the scent of Ethan's insides spurt over to him. And this was the final straw that sent his orgasm to a reluctant conclusion.

"Fuck." Ben uttered as strings of cum spewed from his throbbing cock. His body began to shiver as he stroked his meat, pumping his load out.

As he glanced up, he noticed Caleb's eyes on him, vibrant, before finally closing.

"Fuck yeah..." Ethan muttered. "Give me that load. Fill my insides..." He continued, his voice reverting to a submissive tone. "Breed me." He pleaded before buckets of batter poured from his hole, hitting the floor beneath them and sliding off his cheeks.

As Ben gushed his last ropes, Caleb's thighs shivered, his cum still squirting into Ethan's hole. Unexpectedly, the bull took a few steps back and tossed Ethan's body on the bed, taking his hands to his waist and wandering mindlessly around the room, looking at the ceiling as he tried to catch his breath. On the bed, Ethan moaned, his hand covering his puckering, wrecked hole that struggled to close. His body was beaten, defeated.

Caleb stopped, turning to face Ben. He looked at him and grinned. Then, he walked over to him slowly and kneeled. Their breaths seemed attuned as if they had just shared the same orgasm. The bull took his hand to Ben's cock and cleaned it, blanketing his palm with Ben's cum. Then he lifted Ben's chin, forcing their gaze. He started to gesture something, and as he did, words began to crawl off his mouth.

"He's...mine...now." He mumbled with strain and effort. His voice was husky and deep.

Ben's eyes twitched in horror.

The bull stood up, brushing Ben's cum over his still rock-hard dick before turning around, unlocking the room door, and walking back to the bed. As he approached, Ethan attempted to pull away.

"Wait, wait, wait." The blonde stud begged with a weak voice. But it was too late.

The bull's arms grabbed Ethan's legs, spreading them apart. He brought his right arm up and punched down twice, fist closed, knocking Ethan unconscious before he shoved his cock back in.

A scream erupted from under Ben's taped mouth, guttural, primal. His spirit was clamoring for salvation from the nightmare in front of him. Reality kicked in. His mind became overwhelmed by the events unfolding, and as his scream persisted, Ben's consciousness drifted away, and he felt his vision become murky. His eyes still caught Ethan's unconscious body rocketing back and forth, legs dangling by the side as Caleb's 12-inch dick pounded his hole.

[A few hours later]

Ben felt a slap on his face, his eyes flaring in surprise as he woke up, startled. Robert stood before him, sitting at the edge of a bed. It was a different room, and everything smelled fresh and clean.

"I thought it might be good if we started on a clean slate." Robert stated, his electric blue eyes scanning Ben's naked body. "Do you know why I left you in the room, Ben?" He questioned before chucking slightly. "Blink once for Yes, and twice for No." He directed. Ben's eyes paused before blinking once. Robert grinned. "The fact that you're starting to understand me makes my dick so fucking hard." Robert provoked.

Ben's eyes were now frozen, locked on Robert as he stood up and started pacing the room naked. It was the first time he had noticed Robert's body in detail. Unlike the first time Ben had met him at the door, he seemed older now. Maybe closer to his 40's. His hairy chest and legs housed a muscular body, reasonably fit, his darker-toned skin slightly tanned, and his dark short hair framed a chiseled bone structure. Between his legs was a hard, dangling, 7-inch cock.

"You may find this hard to believe, but..." Robert uttered, pausing to face Ben. "I see a great deal of myself in you." He stated, stepping over to the window to look outside, his eyes peeking through the small cracks. "I used to be like you...always putting other's needs above my own." He disclosed, his fingers nabbing the window drapes lightly. There was a certain melancholy in his voice. "One night, I got drunk with my best friend. We grew up together, pretty much like brothers." He continued, his eyes staring at the outside as a small streak of light hit his eyes, enhancing their blue. "He passed out on the couch, so I dragged him into the bedroom and lay him on the bed. Stripped his closes off and..." He stuttered. "I found myself looking at him. I had always thought about how it would feel to fuck him. But I could never bring myself to act on it." Robert explained, turning to face Ben. "Until that night, that is." He confessed. Ben stared at him, eyes steadfast.

Robert returned to the bed and sat on the edge facing the window, his back to Ben.

"That night...everything changed." Robert stated, his voice aggravating, becoming somber. "Once you allow yourself to cross that threshold, Ben...the freedom it gives you...it's...addictive." He admitted, finally turning around, his eyes scanning Ben's body. "You remind me so much of him." Robert unveiled before a single string of light revealed a glimmer in his eyes. He stretched his left arm, grabbed Ben's tape, and gently pulled it off his mouth. He brushed his thumb over Ben's lips softly. "Do you know why I told you all this, Ben?" Robert asked.

"Because you're going to kill me." Ben replied coldly. Robert chuckled.

"I never thought I would say this, but...I wish I didn't have to." He conceded. Suddenly, Ben saw Robert's eyes glimmer with tears before he pulled away. "But we shouldn't pretend this will have a happy ending." He stated, his tone diverting, the usual coldness creeping back into his voice.

Ethan's moaning broke from the other room, snapping them away from their intimate exchange. Robert walked to the door, opened it, and walked out.

"Tie him up." His voice commanded as he walked away.

A few seconds later, Jamie walked in, holding a set of cuffs, ropes, and gags. He threw them on the bed and pulled out two black strings, which he proceeded to attach to the foot of the bed. Ben scanned the boy, following his every move as he paced around. He quickly noticed how Jamie seemed to limp, and as he glanced down, he saw the boy's bloodied leg, knee covered in gaff tape.

"What happened?" Ben questioned. Jamie remained silent, his eyes struggling to face Ben's. "Jamie..." Ben whispered.

"If you break the rules, you get punished." The boy muttered as he continued his task, strapping Ben's ankles and moving to the bed's headboard.

He climbed on the bed and leaned over Ben, his chest touching the stud's face. As he pulled back, their eyes met. And for a moment, everything stood still.

"Ben..." Jamie muttered. "If I help you...when the time comes, will you promise to kill me?" The boy whispered, his words enveloping Ben like a cold draft.

"What...?" Ben mumbled, perplexed by Jamie's request.

But suddenly, as he was about to strap Ben's right wrist, he stopped, leaving it untied. Ben rolled his wrist around the rope, reclining back just in time for Robert to walk through the door.

"Under the pillow." Jamie whispered as he pulled away, exposing a window of hope in Ben's heart.

"Get the fuck out." Robert ordered. The boy looked at Ben one last time before rushing outside. Robert followed him and closed the door, locking it. He turned around, grinning as he held the gun. "Finally." He uttered, strolling over to the bed, his hard cock dancing between his legs. He crawled on top of it, placing the gun on the nightstand before squeezing between Ben's spread legs, putting his cock over the studs. He grabbed both with one of his hands and started stroking them. "You're a sexy mother fucker, Ben. Just look at that..." He commented, brushing his other hand over Ben's muscular and hairy inner thighs, the Latin stud's muscles tightening.

Suddenly, a screeching scream broke from Ethan's room and shattered through the house like a giant rock hitting a glass window. Ben's body tautened, his eyes flaring as his head shot up.

"Shit..." Robert commented, annoyed. "Caleb is getting bored." He uttered as he pulled back, his hands on his waist, gawking at Ben. "I hope you took the time I gave you in the other room to bid farewell, Ben. I don't think Sunshine is going to last very long." He mocked, seemingly unbothered by the horrific screams of pain blasting from the other room.

PLEASE!...STOP!" Ethan's voice begged, his wails of distress slicing the fabric of reality itself.

"Fuck, Caleb's going deep. And I don't mean that in a good way." Robert remarked, giggling sadistically.

Ben mustered all the courage and constraint to resist his urge to react. By far the most challenging thing he had ever done in his life. And it was at that moment that Ben made a choice. Powered by Jamie's observations, he felt compelled to act and fight for his life. Because deep down, Ben knew that if he didn't, neither he nor Ethan would come out from this alive.

So, swiftly, Ben pushed his body down, driving his hole against Robert's cock. The captor's head shot up, his eyes flaring at Ben.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Robert questioned, surprised.

"It's ok...you don't need to make me. I want to." Ben whispered, playing submissive. Robert's expression immediately changed, his lips stretching into a reluctant smile. Ben knew Robert's fascination for him would tip the scale, even if only momentarily. The captor chuckled slightly, his blue eyes gazing down at Ben's.

"You dirty fucking whore, you." Robert groaned, sliding his hands around Ben's hips and grabbing his ass, pulling it up and locking his cock under Ben's crack. The stud cringed internally, battling his disgust.

"I want you to fuck me like you fucked your friend that night." Ben uttered, teasing Robert's lust out of him.

"Be careful with what you ask for, Ben." Robert groaned, his breath revving. He was getting aroused by Ben's bait.

"Don't call me that..." Ben whispered, leaning forward and kissing Robert's lips softly, closing his eyes as he did, hoping not to vomit into his mouth.

There was a momentary pause, where Robert's lips lingered there, hesitant. But after a few seconds, they began to move, and Ben felt the captor's breath spew over him.

"Michael..." Robert stuttered.

"That's right...that's it." Ben ushered, grinding his cheeks against Robert's cock. He could feel it slowly teasing his sphincter, precum oozing into his crack. "Fuck me, stud." Ben teased, finally feeling Robert's cock press against his hole. He pushed his mouth into Robert's.

Suddenly, Robert's eyes flared uncontrollably, twitching as he pulled away, his gaze latched on Ben.

"I..." He muttered as his face squirmed. His body fell into Ben, face plunging into the Latin stud's neck. "Mother fucker..." He groaned as they rolled over, Ben's body now over him.

Ben's hand was positioned just inches below Robert's rib cage, his fingers grasping a thick black knife handle. Viscous dark red blood spewed from its bolster, sliding slowly along Robert's belly into the white bedsheets.

"Shhh..." Ben whispered, his wrist slowly turning, twisting the knife deeper. Robert handheld Ben's arm, his eyes pleading mercy as he tried to speak. But every time he did, Ben would twist the knife again.

"Fu...ck." Robert muttered before his head tumbled back.

Ben's hand started to shake, and it must have been a minute before he finally let go of the knife. His free hand reached up, and he freed his other hand, standing straight and working fast to liberate his ankles. As he did, his body slid down over the edge of the bed. He kneeled there, eyes peaking over the mattress, watching Robert's body convulsing. Ben was frozen, his body in a state of shock. Inside, his mind screamed for him to move. He took a deep breath and pulled his body up, grabbing one of the cuffs. He reached for Robert's wrist, cuffing it and swiftly pulling away. He was now standing at the edge of the bed, looking down at his captor as he bled into the bed, the white sheets unhurriedly sousing in his blood. Ben's eyes skimmed at the bedside table, and he rushed for the gun, holding it with both hands. He took a few steps back, unlocked the door, and walked back to the foot of the bed. Gun pointed at Robert's head.

"Monster." Ben vocifered, his mouth clenching in anger as his finger grazed the trigger.

Robert's eyes blinked, and he lifted his head, his arm following. His hand stretched in the air, in Ben's direction, but his eyes were looking behind him. Ben turned to find Jamie standing there, sloped against the doorway. He looked at Robert with an aloof expression, void of any feeling.

"Go. I'll watch him." Jamie stated with repose.

Ben responded immediately, stepping into the hallway, where Ethan's screams echoed indiscriminately. They pierced the air like daggers, making Ben shiver and tremble as he tiptoed into the bedroom. As the stud closed in, he noticed the door was slightly open. He pushed in with one of his hands, unveiling the most horrifying scene.

Ethan lay on his stomach, his arms strapped to the bed. Caleb was sitting on top of him, the bull's broad back blocking Ben's view. But he could hear Ethan's skin being cut open, followed by his wailing cries. Ben's hands suddenly stopped trembling, and everything in his body went silent. The only thing he could hear was the sound of his heartbeat. He approached Caleb from the back, Ethan's body writhing under him in pain.

"Please...no more." Ethan whispered, like a dying request. His best friend's last sliver of life turned into words.

Just as the gun's muzzle touched the back of Caleb's head, Ben fired.

The gun recoiled, pushing Ben's arm back slightly. As it did, he felt something wet hit his face, like a splash of water from a sprinkler. Caleb's body fell on top of Ethan, motionless. Ben exhaled, his lungs opening up as if he had been holding his breath for several minutes underwater. Ethan still cried under the bull's dead body, his sobs mixing with the sound of Caleb's brain falling over the sheets. Ben stepped forward, ready to push Caleb's body off Ethan. But suddenly, he heard a loud thump coming from the other room.

Ben immediately pulled the gun up again and turned to face the bedroom door, strolling back into the hallway. As he did, his eyes skimmed past the floor to find blood stains scattered over it, leading to the stairs.

"Fuck." He whispered, his eyelids fluttering slowly.

He walked along the corridor, and as he reached the other room, his heart caved, beating gradually to a stop. The blood-covered bed was empty, and he could see Jamie crouching against the wall near the window, the knife jammed into his neck. His eyes locked on Ben, bucking. The boy was alive, with not a drop of blood around the stab entry point. Ben stumbled, his instinct propelling him to help Jamie. But a sudden commotion coming from the kitchen halted his plan. He continued along the corridor and down the stairs, arms raised as he held the gun tightly. A trail of blood covered the stair's handrail, continuing through the main hall and into the kitchen. As he reached the doorway, Ben stopped, taking a deep breath. He rotated his body inside the kitchen, pointing the gun at the glass door facing the peer. Leaning on it as he fumbled with the lock was Robert.

"You owe me a bullet, Ben." Robert's feeble voice uttered, his body collapsing over the glass door that finally slid open.

"Turn around." Ben ordered, fuming.

Robert complied, albeit slowly. But as he turned, he had a grin on his face. He lifted his hands, uncovering his wound.

"You're a lousy butcher, Ben." Robert mocked.

"Don't fucking move." Ben warned.

"Benjamin..." Robert's calm voice said. "You were my most unforeseen thrill to date. And by far, my biggest disappointment." He stated strenuously before coughing unexpectedly, his hand over his rib cage.

Ben took two steps forward and pulled the trigger. Robert's blue eyes stared unflinchingly as the gun fired an empty shot. Then another, and another, and another. And as Ben's finger finally yielded, Robert chuckled at him and shrugged.

"Party's over." He uttered, lifting his blood-covered hand and waving Ben goodbye, his lips stretching into a mischievous smile. He took a few steps back, crossing over to the outside, the strong sea breeze blowing his hair sideways. Seconds later, he was gone.

Ben stood there, motionless, holding the gun in his hands until his arms finally lowered. He stumbled back upstairs, knee-caving as he went. And as he entered the first bedroom, his body fell over the doorway. Jamie sat on the floor, his skin colorless and his eyes lifeless, as he held the knife he had just pulled from his neck in his hand.

The boy was gone. Tears fell from Ben's eyes.

"I'm so sorry, kid." Ben whispered, distraught.

He turned around and limped over to the other room. He was stunned to find Caleb's body unattended on the bed. But as he turned his head, he saw movement in one of the dark corners of the red room. He rushed over, dropping next to Ethan, who lay in a fetal position, mumbling incoherently.

"Ethan, it's me." Ben spoke softly, brushing his hand over his friend's blonde curls. Ethan's arm flung up, pushing Ben away violently. "Shhh...it's ok." Ben calmed. "I'm here. I'm here." He soothed before Ethan's body finally stopped pulling away.

"Ben...?" Ethan questioned, his voice childlike.

As he spoke, Ben broke into tears. Ethan lunged forward and latched his arms around Ben's neck. They lay there for hours, holding each other as they wept.

[Present day]

Patrick's face was drenched in tears, his eyes frozen in shock as he listened to Ben's recount of the events. It was as if time had stopped on that small table at the back of the Cafe, the two friends sitting among the chaos of people chatting and walking around.

"It must have been half a day before I finally pulled myself off the floor and called the police. Ethan's fingers were clinging to me like staples. I can still feel them on my back..." Ben recounted, his eyes down as he slowly stirred the spoon inside his coffee cup. "Sometimes I wonder...if..." Ben stuttered, lifting his eyes to look at Patrick. "Maybe we should have died." He confessed. "Sometimes I wish we did. The kid was right. People aren't meant to survive something like this." Ben stated.

Patrick's hand flew over the table and grabbed Ben's.

"Don't say that." Patrick expressed in a gentle tone. "That poor boy..." He commented, reclining on his chair.

"The police identified him as the missing Kintner kid. They buried him next to his father." Ben revealed before his hand gripped Patrick's tighter, a tingling rage brewing.

"There's just..." Patrick uttered, stumbling as he gazed at Ben, who seemed to anticipate his question. "The DNA samples they collected didn't match your description. There's no record of Robert anywhere in the system." Patrick drilled.

Ben's eyes faced Patrick head-on.

"That's because Robert doesn't exist." He stated, his face cold as ice. "At least not the Robert they're looking for." He revealed, to Patrick's surprise.

"Ben..." Patrick fumbled before Ben pulled back his hand. At that moment, Patrick knew that despite all the questions still racing through his mind, that was as far as Ben was willing to go.

"I think I should get back." Ben said.

"Ovecourse." Patrick reluctantly agreed.

They walked out and hugged before Ben strolled back to his car. He drove home, purposely avoiding a more straightforward path, allowing him the time to contemplate his thoughts. About an hour later, he finally parked inside his garage. He sat in the car, waiting patiently for the mechanical door to close behind him. He stepped away from the car and walked up the stairs to the hallway, closing the door behind him. As soon as he did, he heard it. A familiar moaning came from his bedroom. He crossed into the kitchen, tossed his wallet and keys on the bench, and stepped up the stairs, wandering slowly through the dark, lean corridor. The moaning was getting progressively louder, echoing through the house. Ben finally reached the doorway, tilting his body on it.

The most sculptural black man kneeled on top of his bed, with his back facing the door. His muscular, ebony-skinned, sweaty figure hid Ethan's body from view as he pounded the blonde's hole. The sound of his pelvis slapping against the blonde stud's cheeks rumbled through the poorly lit space. Ben watched, his eyes glistening with tears, as Ethan got fucked by a stranger in his bed. A profound sadness washed over Ben as his best friend's actions further blighted and befouled their tragic story.

"Who the fuck are you?" The man questioned, turning his head toward the door. His hips slowed down but still pounced into Ethan, who didn't even realize Ben's presence. Ben looked at the stranger, his eyes blinking slowly, conquered. He didn't reply. "Well, either join in or get the fuck out." He stated, turning his head away again, grabbing Ethan's hips, and pushing his cock deeper inside, unleashing a loud gasp from the blonde's mouth.

"Take that cock, you fucking faggot!" The guy groaned loudly, fastening his strokes, making Ethan's body shoot back and forth.

"Fuck...yes." Ethan mumbled, biting on his pillow and releasing a muffled scream.

Ben turned around and was about to leave when a voice called behind him.

"Hey, close the fucking door, will ya?" The guy ordered.

Ben obliged. He stumbled across the hallway, down the stairs, and rushed for the living room, his body collapsing on the couch. He leaned back and sat there, catatonic, the sounds of Ethan getting fucked in the distance being his only company.

About three hours later, Ben heard steps coming down the stairs.

"That was the best piece of ass I had in years. That bitch knows how to take a dick." The stud commented, chuckling as he put on his shirt. He seemed out of breath yet invigorated by the experience. Unable to get a response, he shrugged, rushing out the front door, closing it behind him.

Ben didn't move. He just sat there, silent. A few minutes later, he heard the shower running. Twenty minutes later, Ethan walked down the stairs, wearing a white pair of undies. He stepped inside the living room, cornered the couch, and stood before Ben. The stud looked up at his friend, his eyes gleaming with tears. He smiled. Even after all that had happened, according to his eyes, Ethan was still the most beautiful man, Ben thought.

Ethan leaned over, saddling Ben and wrapping his arms around his neck. He nestled his forehead gently over Ben's and took a deep breath. Ben felt at home.

"I'm sorry." Ethan whispered. There was truth and genuine regret in his words.

"I know." Ben replied.

"Hold me." Ethan pleaded, leaning into Ben, nestling his face inside the stud's neck, and sniffing his skin.

As they sat there, their bodies welded and their hearts beating together, Ben finally accepted the only truth that mattered.

"Ethan, I love you." Ben professed, running his hands over Ethan's back, his fingers brushing his scars.

Ethan's body stopped moving momentarily, lingering in edgy suspense before melting into Ben's embrace. Ben's body and soul beamed. Even though he didn't say it, he knew. Ethan loved him too. His eyes closed shut as an overwhelming wave of love flooded his spirit. He felt alive. Ethan's confirmation had provided him with a renewed sense of purpose.

About one hour later, Ethan had already gone to bed. Ben was pacing around the kitchen, cleaning the dirty plates on the counter, when he got a text. He dried his hands on a cloth hanging from a rack, picked up the phone, and swiped up.

Ben's lips gradually stretched into a pale smile as he read the words on the screen.

We found him.
A small town in the south of Portugal.
Your move...

(To be continued...)

Copyright © 2023 CasualWanderer82; All Rights Reserved.
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