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Wicked Games - 1. "Knock, Knock"

"Dude, what the fuck!?" Ethan hollered, lifting his arms in frustration before dropping on the couch behind him.

"It's not my fault that you fucking suck at this." Benjamin replied as he tried desperately to contain his laughter, sticking his tongue out cheekily.

They had been playing FIFA on the PS5 for over two hours, and it's safe to say Benjamin was wiping the stadium's lush yard with Ethan's face.

Ethan and Benjamin had been best friends their whole life. Being both only children and having grown up in the same neighborhood, their houses sharing the same lawn, it was only a matter of time before their relationship developed into a deep, fraternal, and intimate connection.

Ethan was 23 years old, 5.7, straight, smooth skin, with a firm, toned body, pale skin, light brown hair, and the most mesmerizing light-brown eyes, almost golden looking, and the lightest golden fuzz covering his legs and chest. He was a beautiful man, the perfect Caucasian specimen.

Benjamin, look-wise, couldn't be further apart. He was 24, 5.8, straight, Latino, hairy chest and legs, light fuzzy ass and arms, and the most profound hazelnut gaze. He sported an untamed thick beard that framed the most luscious, perfectly designed lips. Although his stature was empowering and, at times, intimidating, his eyes conveyed the most disarming tenderness.

For the first time in ages, they had decided to take some days off and book a trip to a seaside town just 5 miles from their home. They rented a spacious summer house, hoping to indulge themselves in everything they wouldn't usually have time or inclination to do after the nine-hour shifts endured at the media store they both worked at. None of the two were wealthy, having grown up in a middle-class neighborhood. Ethan had lost both his parents when he was still a child, victims of an unfortunate fatal car crash. His grandmother ended up coming to live with him. And, of course, slowly but surely, Benjamin's parents "adopted" Ethan into their household, treating him like a son. This made his bond with Benjamin grow even more profound.

They were, for lack of a better term, like brothers.

Even more than brothers, if you factor in the complete ease with which they dealt with each other's nudity and how, on several occasions, they had shared experiences as they grew together and navigated their sexual awakening. When they were around ten years old, Ethan would sleep over on some nights. They would secretly wake up at the crack of dawn, undress, and hone their bodies together. At the time, one couldn't say there was any sexual thought associated, but rather an exploration of their bodies. To them, it was normal. Something they felt like doing.

And around Benjamin's 13th birthday, they started their first jerk-off sessions as the first hormones began to fire, and their hands felt unwillingly compelled to explore the unbraved new world between their legs. That resulted in clumsy exploration sessions that usually ended in awkward giggling as they shot their first loads before the third stroke. But soon, the sessions became cum contests, the friend's healthy competitiveness taking over as they spent hours watching porn and figuring out who could shoot their load further.

Then, as high-school life neared its end, prom night came, and they lost their virginity to their respective dates, two girls who would end up becoming their girlfriends. But unlike Ethan, Benjamin wasn't suited for a committed relationship. He broke it off and proceeded to fuck every piece of pussy he could find, eventually becoming one of the most coveted dicks in town. On the other hand, Ethan ended up dating his high-school sweetheart, Claire, and she got pregnant two years into their college years. Being a born and raised catholic, and despite Ethan's insistence, she refused to have an abortion, and a baby girl named Lory, the light of Ethan's life, was born.

Despite this pregnancy having hijacked the best years of his life, there was hardly anything more important to him, except for Benjamin, the only individual able to pull Ethan's focus away from his family. In fact, at times, Ethan's relationship with Benjamin seemed more consequential than his family. In a sense, Benjamin's presence was Ethan's way of connecting to the youthful man he used to be. Because even though he was still in his twenties, his existence was void of freedom or any sense of adventure.

"You want another beer?" Benjamin asked as he tugged his muscular body from the couch, stumbling on the coffee table. They had been drinking nonstop for four hours.

"Fuck yeah. Oh, dude..." Ethan called before being cut off.

"The cheese crackers. Got it." Benjamin interjected, his intimacy with Ethan anticipating his best friend's every need. Ethan smiled and reclined comfortably back in his seat. Not even his wife knew him this well.

Benjamin walked out of the large living room, past the main hall, and into the kitchen. It was your typical summer house. Cozy, with a white wood outer layering and a dark tile roof. Inside, an expansive living room with a comfy couch, coffee table, and an 80-inch 8K TV set plugged into a brand new console. The kitchen had a large center island with stools and a big sliding glass window facing the deck, overlooking a remote peer, where several little boats were decked. The fridge was stocked with beer mostly, and the cabinets were filled with junk food. They had been ordering in for the past few days so they wouldn't have to cook, taking as much advantage of their planned leisure as possible.

Further down the hall, a guest bathroom and a flight of stairs that went up to the second floor, with two rooms, one on each side. One of them was more prominent, with a private bathroom. The boys had been sleeping together as they would normally. Not only were they used to it, but the big room was the only one with a king-size bed and a large TV in front of it. The stairs also descended into a basement, but Ethan and Benjamin had yet to go down there.

Benjamin opened the fridge, the cold steam from inside brushing his chest and prickling his nipples as he pulled two beer bottles out, the satisfying cold feeling making him linger slightly before finally shutting the door. He then opened one of the cabinet doors, pulled out a bag of cheese crackers, opened it, took a handful out, and stuffed them inside his mouth. With his hands full, Benjamin walked back to the living room, tossing the bag at Ethan, placing the beers on the table, and plunging his body onto the couch. He popped the lid with his fingers and chugged half the bottle down before reclining back on the comfortable sofa, his legs opened and his prominent bulge exposed, concealed by a pair of white undies.

Benjamin was hung. He knew it, Ethan knew it, and half the female population in their small town knew it. He would sometimes catch Ethan glancing at it when they swam naked or when he walked around the house after showering. Not that anything was wrong with that, but Ethan's cock was, by comparison, shorter. And Benjamin would, to his amusement, bring that point up occasionally so that he could rile Ethan up.

"You're doing it again." Benjamin said as he glanced at Ethan.

"What?" Ethan replied, oblivious to Benjamin's intentions as he stared at the screen, smashing the console's remote senselessly.

"Stop staring at my dick." Benjamin teased, breaking Ethan's concentration as he unwillingly turned his head to look. As he did, Benjamin pushed his pelvis forward and broke out laughing.

"Mother fucker!" Ethan hollered, leaning over and punching Benjamin's arm energetically. "Grab your remote. I'm going to fuck you up this time." Ethan provoked in a juvenile manner.

"Nah, I'm burned out. Maybe later." Benjamin said as he chugged the rest of the beer. He punched it over the table and dropped his body on the sofa.

"Fine." Ethan said, tossing the remote on the table and grabbing his bottle.

He turned sideways and stretched his legs over Benjamin's, laying comfortably along the sofa. He wore his swim shorts, bare chest and legs grazing the couch's velvety fabric. Almost instinctively, Benjamin's hands came over his lower legs, brushing Ethan's golden fuzz gently. They lingered there for a while before eventually skimming down into his friend's feet as he massaged them. Even though this was an intimate gesture, for Ethan and Benjamin, this was mundane behavior. If Ethan ever did this around Claire, she would disgustfully push his feet away. But not Benjamin. He touched Ethan's skin like it was his own, and giving his friend these small, momentary pleasures was second nature to him. Ethan was his family.

"A little lower, dude." Ethan directed as he closed his eyes. Benjamin's fingers slid down into that soft spot just midway through the base of Ethan's foot. "Right there..." Ethan moaned inadvertently.

"You want a finger up your ass, too?" Benjamin mocked. They both giggled as he pressed his fingers into his friend's feet. Ethan had very delicate feet, smooth, hairless, and strangely un-ticklish. "So, have you decided what you're gonna do for Lory's birthday?" He questioned.

"Not sure yet, dude." Ethan replied without even opening his eyes. He bore the most pleasurable expression.

"What do you think I should get her?" Benjamin asked.

"Just show up, man." Ethan responded, his voice dragging already.

"C'mon dude, help me out." Benjamin insisted.

"Chill, man. She worships you. You know that." Ethan stated. Benjamin beamed. The truth was, the feeling was mutual. He adored Ethan's daughter as if she were his own. Benjamin was the only person she would let herself be held by besides her parents.

I can't believe she's three already." Benjamin commented, shaking his head in disbelief as he rubbed Ethan's feet. "How have things been with Claire?" He questioned apprehensively.

"Miserable." Ethan confessed without any reservation. If there was anyone he felt he could be truthful with, it was Benjamin. "We haven't fucked in six months. It's like living with a nun." He divulged.

"Six months...fuck." Benjamin blurted out.

"I'm telling you, man...I could fucking fill that bottle right now. Both of them." Ethan stated, his words between playfulness and verity. Benjamin chuckled, masking his sadness for his friend's unhappiness.

And here lay Benjamin's life predicament: he could not function appropriately if he felt Ethan's happiness was at risk. His friend's well-being was crucial to his own. One could say this was an unhealthy way of living, but despite Benjamin's many attempts to change this, he could never. If Ethan had a problem, Benjamin would fix it. He had to.

His hands froze, eyes locked on the large TV set before he slowly turned to face Ethan, who now slept profoundly. Benjamin smiled, gently lifted his friend's legs, and placed them on the couch. He stretched his arm, grabbed a blanket, and covered Ethan's smooth body. The blonde stud unleashed a sigh before rolling to the side and drawing the blanket over his shoulder. Benjamin tiptoed out of the living room, through the hall, and into the kitchen. He pulled one of the stools and sat on the kitchen counter, his hairy chest hovering over it as he scrolled through his phone. From where he sat, he could see Ethan's smooth and toned back facing him as he glanced at it occasionally, noticing how it gently moved as he breathed. After about fifteen minutes, Benjamin closed his phone and walked up to the room, hurling himself onto the bed and falling asleep.

Later that afternoon, Benjamin woke up feeling rested but still slightly hazy. As his eyes opened, he noticed it was getting darker outside, a metallic purple filter coating the room as twilight pierced through the window unannounced. He begrudgingly turned around, his body now facing the door. Ethan lay there next to him, his face facing Benjamin, puffing his breath onto his face. Benjamin flickered his eyes as he took the scent in. Parsley. Ethan's breath smelled like parsley. But Benjamin already knew that.

Suddenly he coughed, surprised by an invisible particle of dust that found its way inside his throat. The sound made Ethan move, rolling his body up, his chest facing the ceiling. He inhaled deeply, taking his hand to his crotch. It wasn't intentional on Benjamin's part, of course, but his eyes followed Ethan's hand, disclosing his friend's hard cock, now completely exposed as Ethan's body lay naked in bed. What began as a casual brush to adjust the shaft's position turned into a full-on rub session as Ethan stroked it gently, still lingering in a sleep-like state.

Benjamin's gaze wavered awkwardly on Ethan's dick before he felt compelled to roll over and, with his chest up, took his right arm over to his face and covered his beautiful dark brown eyes.

"Hey..." Ethan murmured. It was a moment before Benjamin finally responded.

"Hey..." He replied, his voice navigating nervousness and laughter." He turned his head to the side, eyes locked on Ethan's until he finally glanced at his friend's dick again. "Are you going to take care of that?" He asked.

"Do you mind?" Ethan questioned as he continued to stroke his dick gently.

"No." Benjamin replied. "Want me to put on some porn?" He asked, not even pausing for an answer. His chest bounced forward, and he lay belly down, his muscular ass sticking up, covered by his white undies.

"See if they have..." Ethan suggested before Benjamin cut him off.

"Fifty Shades of Pussy - Vol. 2. That scene with the cuffs. I know." Benjamin blasted. As he glanced back, Ethan was already adjusting the pillows and coasting comfortably against the bed's headboard. "Jackpot." Benjamin uttered as he successfully discovered Ethan's favorite porn scene. He pumped up the volume and hit play.

"Jake...I don't know about this." The big-breasted, blonde girl muttered apprehensively, albeit sounding eager.

"Trust me. You're going to love it." Jake uttered as he cuffed the blonde's wrists to the headboard, spreading her legs and exposing her shaved pussy.

"Fuck yeah." Ethan muttered as he stroked his shaft, his hand gliding up and down patiently, stopping to rub his thumb on the prepuce, coating the tip with the first drops of precum.

"You fucking slut. Do you wanna get fucked? Is that what you want?" Jake questioned as he slapped his cock against the blonde's pussy, making her moan.

"Fucking love it when they tie a bitch like that..." Ethan commented as he towed himself up on the bed, adjusting his position on the pillows. Then, he grabbed two extra ones from the floor and tossed them to his right. "Ben." He called, tilting his head slightly, signaling his friend to join him.

Benjamin rolled over and looked at Ethan, then at the pillows. He pulled himself up using his arms and dipped back on the headboard. Ethan looked down, catching a glimpse of Ben's hard dick tucked under his underwear. The white fabric was already smudged with a round stain of precum. Ethan pulled his gaze away, surprised by the size of Ben's cock. He squinted, trying to focus on the porn.

"Jake...not so rough." The blonde begged.

"Shut the fuck up and take it!" Jake groaned as he began fucking her pussy hard.

"Bad acting, though." Ethan chuckled, his neck turning almost instinctively to his right, his eyes locking on Ben's chest as it tightened. His nipples were hard, disclosing the tip, framed by his beautiful cinnamon-toned skin, layered with a soft, short, dark hair blanket.

"He's really smashing that pussy." Benjamin commented. "Still sounds fake, though." He added before turning his head to face Ethan, whose eyes met his. "You're a sick fuck, Ethan." He said before they both burst into laughter, and Ethan punched Ben's arm, knocking him to the side.

As Benjamin bounced back, his large hands gripped his undies waistband, and he pulled them down, exposing his rigid shaft as it bounced up, hitting his stomach. Ben had the most stunning, manly body. His arms were bulky and structured and framed his broad, chiseled chest. A string of dark fur traveled down his abdomen, blooming into a harmonious tuff of black pubes shrouding his massive cock. Roughly 8.5 inches of thick, uncut, veiny, throbbing meat from tip to base from where his large and hairy balls rested. His broad, muscular thighs contracted, exposing every muscle as they veered down to his lower legs and big feet, whose toes were now starting to curl up with excitement.

Ethan seemed transfixed and slightly puzzled that he had never noticed Ben's body. Not with the amount of attention and detail he was now. Yet, his brain struggled with the notion that this time around, he was enjoying it.

"Pass me the lube, dude." Ben uttered, snapping Ethan from his momentary stupor. He stretched his left arm and opened the bedside drawer, taking out a small bottle.

"Here." He said, tossing the lube at Ben, who caught it with one hand as he pulled his thick foreskin back, exposing the pink inside of his tip. As he did, it released a heavy musky scent that immediately caught Ethan's attention. Endeavoring to fight his urge to keep looking, Ethan closed his eyes, sighing in frustration.

His strokes got faster, the precum oozing from the tip skating slowly down his hand and fingers. Soon, and unbeknownst to him, his body started slanting slightly to the side, and he felt his arm touch Ben's, their skins caressing softly against each other. In the background, the blonde's moans got louder and sharper, and the sounds of her wet pussy being smashed echoed across the room.

"Shit..." Ethan muttered, his voice bottled with nuisance.

"What?" Benjamin questioned, looking at him.

"I can't fucking concentrate." He clarified, his head bashing into the pillows behind him.

A short silence took over as Benjamin's gaze drilled into Ethan.

"Get up." Benjamin ordered.

"What...?" Ethan questioned as he flared his eyes, a confused expression on his face.

"Up." Ben stated, pulling himself up, his knees on the bed as he faced Ethan, whose body reluctantly came up to meet Ben's. They were now fronting, their cocks nearly brushing. "Closer." Benjamin directed to his friend's surprise.

"Dude..." Ethan muttered. You could hear the apprehension in his voice.

"C'mon." Ben insisted, chuckling slightly.

Ethan scooted forward, feeling his dick slap Ben's. He instinctively exhaled, his breath spewing into the air around them.

"Remember when we used to do this?" Benjamin questioned, his hand grabbing his dick as he resumed stroking it. They were close enough that his moving wrist was slapping against Ethan's inner thigh.

"No." Ethan whispered, his head dropping as he stared at Ben's giant dick, the scent of it wafting up to his nose.

"Liar." Ben teased. His nose was inches from Ethan's curly hair now, and he could smell his friend's shampoo fragrance. He glanced down, catching Ethan's hand hovering near his cock, reluctant to proceed. "Here." He conducted, grabbing the lube, squeezing a thick layer into his hand, and rubbing it on his cock, before continuing and holding Ethan's as well.

"What are you doing?" Ethan sighed, his forehead falling on Benjamin's shoulder, who could now feel his friend's breath on his nipple.

"It's called a friendly hand." Ben teased, moving his lubed hand back and forth between their cocks, squeezing them together inside his grip.

"This is way past friendly, dude." Ethan moaned. Ben could feel his breath become less constrained, and his body gradually relaxed.

"Is this weird?" Benjamin challenged as he continued to stroke their cocks together.

"Only if you grab my ass." Ethan joked before they both giggled. But suddenly, his giggle was cut short by a sudden adrenaline rush. Benjamin had closed his grip around their tips and had inadvertently rubbed their perineal glands together. "Fuck, Ben." He moaned into Ben's shoulder, brushing his forehead against it. "Do that again." He directed.

"What? This?" Ben teased, repeating the same gesture, only this time lingering there, perpetuating his best friend's pleasure and his own.

"Holy shit..." Ethan moaned, his hand coming up and touching Ben's chiseled stomach. The Latin stud's free hand crawled up Ethan's body and grabbed his curls, pulling his friend's head further into him. Once he did, he felt Ethan's hand push deeper into his stomach, his fingers working their way between the cracked edges of his chiseled abs.

"Wait...Ben..." Ethan pleaded, his breath becoming faster, more hectic.

"It's ok, Bud." Benjamin groaned as his muscular arm pumped the loads out of their dicks. "Almost there." He announced as he puffed in rapture, pushing his breath into Ethan.

This seemed to send both men over the edge, and after a few seconds, Ethan felt his stomach being hit with something warm. Moments later, he felt a rush build in his groin before his cock twitched inside Ben's hand, firing his load into his friend's stomach. Their bodies stood there, latched together and convulsing erratically, triggered by the shots of white batter that spewed indiscriminately from their dicks.

Then, Ethan felt Ben's hand slowly unleash its grip, releasing his shaft from the pleasure-induced captivity it was in. Once he did, a sense of guilt came over him as Ben's cum covered hand hovered before him. He turned around, slid off the bed, and rushed for the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Benjamin plunged his back on the bed, his hand sticking in the air as he looked around, attempting to find something to clean himself off. He picked up a small towel from the nightstand drawer and dried to cum out of his hand and abdomen. Suddenly he stumbled, stopping before taking the towel to his nose and sniffing it, chuckling.

He lay back and turned upside down, one of his legs bent and his ass sticking out, before finally falling asleep. By the time Ethan came back from the bathroom, he was snoring.

Later that night, his eyes opened, and he rolled on the bed. When he did, he found Ethan's golden eyes staring at him in the dark. The two friends loitered briefly in comfortable silence.

"Are you weirded out?" Ben asked. His voice was deep, soothing. The blonde stud shook his head.

"Are you?" Ethan questioned. Benjamin chuckled, lifted his arm, and punched Ethan's chest before rolling around again, his broad back and naked ass facing his friend.

"Goodnight." Ben whispered before his mind tumbled back to sleep.

The next day, Ethan woke to an empty bed. His eyes felt heavy, yet his body was well rested, and his balls weighed less than half of what they did the day before. He lifted his head, his face greeted by the warm sunlight peeking through the window's cracks. He yawned, stretched his body, and slid out, putting on his undies and dragging his feet downstairs. As he descended the stairs, he could hear a faint commotion in the kitchen. He walked inside to find Ben's naked ass sticking up as he bent over the fridge, his arm holding the door open. Ethan's gaze dawdled momentarily on Benjamin's toned and slightly fuzzy ass before he finally coughed, denouncing his presence.

"Morning." He muttered, his voice still raspy.

"Hey." Ben replied, his head still stuck inside the fridge. "Eggs, bacon?" He questioned.

"Sure." Ethan responded. "Thanks." He said.

Ben finally turned, his pelvis concealed behind the kitchen counter, with only the v-shaped muscles that descended into his groin showing. He pulled a glass bowl from one of the cupboards and started cracking the eggs into it. Benjamin was a great cook and moved with ease around the kitchen. He began to mix the eggs, his muscular arm quaking as he did. Ethan's vacant gaze locked on it.

"Did you sleep well?" Ben teased. Ethan lofted his golden brown eyes and chuckled.

"Don't." He uttered, rubbing his face with his hands and yawning.

"Just cause we jerked each other off doesn't mean we're gay." Benjamin mocked.

"Your hand was on my dick, man. Not the other way around." Ethan countered as Ben turned around and tossed the mixed eggs on the frying pan, exposing his ass again.

"You loved it. Admit it." Ben teased, grabbing two glasses and two plates, serving some orange juice, and placing everything on the counter. But as his eyes faced Ethan again, he was met with his friend's concerned countenance.

"What the fuck are you doing?" Ethan muttered.

Ben paused, aware that he had just brushed a nerve. Ethan seemed uncomfortable with the situation despite Ben knowing they both enjoyed what had happened. But he knew he had to pull back.

"Ethan, relax. I'm joking." Benjamin attempted to defuse.

"Don't. You're making things weird." Ethan stated, turning his face away from his friend.

"Fine." Benjamin replied. "Here, eat your eggs. I'm going to shower." He uttered, visibly disgruntled. He served Ethan's plate, tossing the pan on the sink and rushing out of the kitchen.

Ethan sat there alone, eating his eggs slowly as he gazed at the large glass door facing the balcony, feeling like a real piece of shit.

During the rest of the morning, the mood in the house sobered. Not that it was awkward. Ben and Ethan, despite the latest affairs, were unable ever to reach that point. But they mostly kept to themselves, especially Benjamin. He eventually came down from his shower, wearing his swim shorts, and just lay in one of the sun chairs on the deck, bathing. At around 1 pm, Ethan finally joined him.

"Dude, you're going to get a sunburn." He cautioned, attempting to cut the quietness off.

"I'm Latin, dumbass." Ben razzed, not even glancing up at Ethan as he hovered over his chair. His body shimmered with sweat under the scorching sun.

"Want me to fetch the sunscreen?" Ethan insisted.

"No." Benjamin replied, stretching his body on the chair, forcing his dick to poke out from his bathing suit. Ethan glanced at it before sitting on the edge of Ben's chair near his feet.

"Sorry." Ethan murmured. "By trying not to make it weird, I made it weird." He joked.

"Yeah. You did." Ben responded. "But I love you, so...it's cool." He said, removing his sunglasses and scrubbing his eyes, trying to wake himself up.

"I know." Ethan muttered almost to himself as he scratched his nails on the plastic chair. Ben stretched one of his legs over Ethan's, whose hands instantly landed over them.

The two friends abode there as Ethan brushed Ben's legs, his eyes fixated on them while his mind was elsewhere.

"What?" Ben questioned. His eyes were still closed, and he could feel his best friend's subtle anxiety build up.

"Nothing." Ethan mumbled as his gaze fled toward the peer.

"Dude, you're making it weird again. Spit it out." Ben uttered, beginning to sound annoyed.

"I...kinda wanna...try it again." Ethan muttered as his fingers played with Ben's leg hair. After a brief silence, a loud chuckle broke from Ben's mouth.

"Dude, that's so gay!" He hollered, laughing playfully.

"Shut the fuck up!" Ethan fired back, lunging over Ben's body.

Benjamin was more robust, and it wasn't long before his legs were scissored around Ethan's body, and his arms had overpowered his friend's more petite frame. Ethan was a fit guy, but the Latin stud's toughness was no match for him.

"Shhh...calm down, or I'll make you suck my dick." Ben mocked as he giggled uncontrollably, watching Ethan's flushed face squeezed between his legs.

"I'll bite it off." Ethan hollered, trying to cage his giggles.

They remained there, jabbing at each other until their bodies finally tired and slowly sank into each other. Soon, you could hear their tired breaths coating each other's faces.

"If I let you go, will you behave?" Ben questioned teasingly. Ethan nodded in defeat before the Latin stud finally unleashed his grip. Ethan's head fell straight into Ben's crotch, making him pull back immediately, arresting himself as they stared into each other's eyes. You could cut the tension between the two with a knife.

"Wanna get drunk?" Ethan suggested, his golden eyes twinkling and his mouth slightly opened. Ben gaped at him intensely.

"Fuck yeah." He stated. His voice was now low, sensual.

Ethan stood up and walked inside, and soon, Ben could hear the noises of glasses beating together coming from the living room. His dick immediately throbbed, and he felt both conflicted and exhilarated. Being entirely truthful to himself, Benjamin had fantasized about Ethan on one occasion or two. Nothing romantic. But definitely sexual. He figured their profound intimacy might have catalyzed these thoughts, but he had never considered or even contemplated acting on them. That is, until now. It was rare enough these days that he would get Ethan all to himself, let alone willing to indulge. But Ethan, having disclosed his sexual dry spell regarding his girlfriend, seemed eager to explore.

"Get your ass in here!' Ethan called from inside, pulling Ben out of his thoughts. The stud shoved his hand inside his shorts and adjusted his cock before standing up and walking inside.

The minute he stepped into the kitchen, his heart started pumping faster. This feeling took him aback. It was foreign to him because the Latin stud was rarely nervous about anything. He walked through the kitchen, into the hallway, and finally entered the living room.

Ethan sat on a circular dining table at the room's far end. He had placed two whisky glasses and a full bottle over the table and calmly rolled a joint, taking the weed from a small box and sprinkling it gently over the rolling paper. Ben's lips stretched, but as Ethan lifted his eyes to look at him, he pulled his gaze away.

"Sit down." Ethan suggested. Benjamin obliged, his heavy body making the wooden chair crack and squeak as he did. As he lifted his head, Ethan's eyes locked on him. "You're fidgeting..." He spoke softly, bringing the joint up, sliding his wet tongue over the layer of glue, and sealing it.

"No, I'm not." Ben defused, grabbing the bottle and popping the lid off.

He pulled the two glasses across the table and served the drinks. Roughly two and a half fingers each. Ethan grabbed his glass and hauled it across the table, taking it to his mouth and chugging it before smashing it back on the table. Ben chuckled and proceeded to do the same before serving another two shots. Their eyes were locked, and they took advantage of the opportunity to study each other's intricacies. The truth was, neither had ever taken the time to admire each other's beauty.

Ben scanned Ethan's face like a hawk, admiring his pale, soft skin and his few tamed brushes of blonde beard that seemed unwilling to blossom fully. His plump, red lips were always perfectly moist, a product of Ethan frequently skimming his tongue over them. His golden, curly hair fell gracefully over his forehead. And his slick, light brown eyebrows, almost feminine-like, framed his beautiful golden eyes. Ethan's eyes were always the subject of comments. They were, truthfully, the most captivating eyes. Deep, innocent, tender, and alluring. And the more Ben plunged inside, the deeper he lost himself in them.

"Cheers." Ethan's voice uttered, slicing the loud lustful silence between the two as he chugged another shot. His whole face squinted as the whisky slid slowly down his throat.

He reclined back on the chair and lit the joint, taking a big puff and blowing it toward Ben. As the smoke mist dissipated, his mind now unclogged by the weed, Ethan finally caught a glimpse of Benjamin in all his glory. His dark, thick hair was always untouched yet exuded a shimmering glow that illumined and enhanced his cinnamon skin even more. His bushy brows hovered over his piercing, raven eyes, almost dark blue. Behind them, Ethan could see Ben's soul: gentle, yet housing a tamed fire, waiting patiently to be exhaled.

The two men had utterly lost track of time, downing glasses of whisky and passing the joint around as they stared silently at each other. That is until Ethan's voice discharged across them, soft and swift like an arrow through a leaf.

"I was actually serious." He muttered, his voice still doubtful.

Benjamin's lips stretched very slowly, not enough for Ethan to notice. He straightened himself on the chair, placed the glass on the table, grabbed the waistband of his shorts, and pulled them down, throwing them to the side. His dick stood completely vertical, slightly twitching as he reclined back on his chair. He took his hand to it, grabbing the base and yanking it forward before stroking it several times. Then, his eyes glanced down at Ethan's undies.

"Quítatelos." Ben uttered. Suddenly, his voice seemed calm, determined. He was now in complete control. And he knew it.

Ethan lifted his ass and yanked his undies out in one move. He sat back down, his smooth, naked, bubble butt hugging the cold, wood chair as he held the undies in his hand. Suddenly, he smiled at Benjamin and lofted his arm, throwing the white undies toward the Latin stud. They hit his face and tumbled over his lap. Both men broke out giggling. Ben picked them up and took them to his nose.

"Come here." Ben ordered.

"Are you sure about this?" Ethan questioned.

"No. But I've always wanted to try it." Ben divulged.

"With guys?" Ethan drilled.

"No. With you." Benjamin finally confessed.

These two men, best friends their whole life, knew that a line was about to be crossed. But they also knew they were finally willing to do it. Together.

Ethan stood up. Straight away, Ben could feel his friend's nervousness. Even last night's moment, powered by a more immediate and shallow sexual urge, felt profoundly different from whatever they were now feeling. This was more profound, more meaningful. The blonde stud walked up to Ben, who sat with his legs spread apart and nestled himself between them. His dick was hard and literally inches from Ben's mouth, who could feel a musky scent emanating, fused with a damp fragrance. Ethan was circumcised, and his skin stretched back, exposing the pink tip of his 7-inch dick. From it, a string of precum dangled. Without much thought, Ben took his thumb, rolled it over the sticky substance, and took his finger to his mouth.

"What are you doing?" Ethan exclaimed, surprised.

But Ben didn't even acknowledge his comment, his gaze wholly enthralled on his best friend's pink shaft. He grabbed it and leaned forward, his tongue licking it gently. Ben's every movement felt clumsy and experimental. But their bond and the intimacy of their moment provided the safe space he needed to take his time. He continued, sliding the tip inside his mouth, gliding his lips over it before taking it out again. Each time he did, he would inhale the scent, closing his eyes as he became enveloped by the smell of his spit fusing with the musky aroma from before. He hadn't looked up yet, but he could see Ethan's stomach muscles contract each time he put the cock in his mouth. And as he delved deeper into his exploration, his tongue soon began to work with his mouth, gliding over the tip's base and gently skimming over the prepuce. This sent shivers down Ethan's groin.

"Dude...fuck." Ethan moaned.

Ben let out a soft groan before shoving about two inches inside his mouth, letting it linger there, held hostage by his stretched lips as his tongue playfully teased it. Ethan's head snapped back, and his fingers grasped the Latin stud's thick, raven hair. He could feel his friend's fingers grip tighter as his warm, wet tongue swirled around until he felt his head being held in place forcefully.

Seconds later, he felt Ethan's dick slide deeper inside. Ben instantly gagged, feeling the grip of his friend's fingers become laxer. But despite his inexperience, his mind was spinning, entirely consumed by rapture. His big hands grabbed Ethan's waist, pressing them before skimming over his soft skin further back, finally resting on his friend's perfect peach. And as Ethan began to thrust his hips back and forth, sensually shoving his cock inside Ben's mouth, the stud's hands nabbed his friend's butt cheeks hard, aiding his increasingly confident movements.

"It's so fucking warm...damn." Ethan groaned, releasing a youthful giggle as he felt a rush of euphoria flow through his pelvis, exploding under his balls.

He had been thrusting continuously but felt compelled to stop briefly, his cock now shoved four inches into Ben's mouth. As he stopped, he felt his friend gag, but immediately after, he could feel the stud's tongue roll around his thin skin. The feeling was overwhelming. So much so that he felt compelled to pull away, making Ben release a loud gasp as the cock snapped out of his mouth.

"Wait, wait, wait..." Ethan pleaded, his fists clenching around Ben's shiny hair, trying to keep his hungry mouth that hovered open away from his cock.

"What?" Ben asked, looking up. The look he gave might have just been the sexiest thing he ever saw, Ethan thought.

"I don't wanna cum yet." Ethan explained, making Ben chuckle.

The Latin stud slid his hands away from Ethan's ass and grabbed his thighs, signaling him to spread his legs. He pulled his knees together and squeezed between them, pulling Ethan's body down, forcing him to saddle him. For a brief second, his cock grazed his friend's crack before bouncing back towards his abdomen. Once Ethan's ass landed, their dicks were locked, rubbing. They sat there, staring awkwardly at each other for a moment before Ben retook the wheel and lunged his mouth on one of Ethan's nipples.

He began wiggling his tongue over it, then sucking on it, and finally nibbling gently with his teeth.

"Fuck." Ethan moaned instantly.

"You like that?" Ben asked. As he waited, he continued worshiping Ethan's nipples, moving from one to the other. "Ethan...answer me." He groaned, pulling away and speaking into them, spewing his warm breath over the now prickled surface.

Suddenly, he felt Ethan's head tumble over his shoulder, his friend's lips touching them. He seemed to be saying something. Ben closed his eyes, trying to focus.

"What did you say?" He questioned, his breath warming Ethan's tit. And moments later, Ethan's muffled voice broke from under him.

"Don't stop." Ethan whispered in the most vulnerable way as Ben felt him kiss his skin.

Time stopped, and Benjamin could feel their bodies, now latched, burst into an overpowering wave of heat. His face departed Ethan's chest and slowly began to travel up, his mouth slightly open as it desperately searched for his best friend's lips. Ben could feel the warmth of Ethan's mouth growing closer, and he felt, now more than ever, an unbridled urge to kiss his mouth.

But suddenly, just as their lips were about to touch, the sound of two loud knocks on the door punched their way through the silent house.

"Shit!" Ethan blurted out, his body shooting up as he clumsily searched for his undies under Ben's chair.

"You got to be fucking kiddin' me." Ben fired, visibly irritated that their moment had just been hijacked.

He stood up, grabbed his shorts, and put them on hurriedly and with difficulty as he tried to cram his fully erect 8.5-inch dick inside them. As he reached the hallway, his eyes glanced at the door, the glass partition able to reveal a tall shaped shadow behind it. His hand went for the door and opened it.

"Yes?" Ben's deep voice questioned.

In front of him was a man, maybe in his 30's, tall, with black hair, and well-built. He had the brightest blue eyes Ben had ever seen, a vibrant cerulean that seemed to pierce through one's soul. He was smiling. Right away, Ben noticed he was wearing these white fingerless gloves, a white t-shirt, and black trousers that cut just above the Achilles heel.

"Hi. Sorry to bother you. My name is Robert. A couple of friends and I are staying next door, and we were wondering if we could borrow an extension. We forgot to bring one." He asked politely.

"I...suppose. Sure. I think I have a spare one somewhere." Ben replied, his eyes frowning slightly at all the light creeping from outside. "Hang on a second." He conveyed.

"Sure." Robert answered, smile unfaltering.

Ben walked along the hallway and veered into the kitchen, opening one of the lower cabinets and pulling out a triple extension with a one-meter cord. When he came to the hallway, Ethan was standing guard, watching Robert from the living room doorway, a suspicious look on his face.

"Hi! I'm Robert." The handsome man hollered from outside the front door. Ethan just tilted his head up and nodded.

"Here." Ben said as he reached the strange man, lending him the extension.

"Thank you so much. You're a lifesaver." Robert uttered, his lips still eerily stretched. Then he paused as he gawked at Ben's face. "Could I just use your bathroom for a quick second?" He asked. Ben's eyes scanned Robert suspiciously.

"Your house is just next door..." Ben commented, annoyed.

"It'll be swift." Robert insisted, his smile stretching strenuously now.

"Sorry, man." Ben stated, slightly pushing his body forward, his left arm holding the door.

"Are you sure?" Robert pressed, his upper lip trembling slightly and his blue gaze becoming withdrawn.

"Positive." Ben reiterated, lingering on Robert's expression. "Excuse me." He finally uttered as he closed the door. He stood there, watching as Robert's shadow wavered behind the glass before exiting.

He turned to find Ethan, leaning in the living room's doorway and wearing nothing but his cum stained undies, looking at him.

"That was fucking weird." Ethan commented, his golden brown eyes on Ben.

"Yeah..." Benjamin replied, his voice lagging. Inside, his gut was firing.

"Let's just shower and order something." Ethan suggested, walking up the stairs to their room. A couple of minutes later, Ben heard the shower water running, and for a split second, he felt the urge to join Ethan. But he didn't.

Given Ethan's habit of taking long showers, it was already getting dark outside when he came down, that electric melancholic layer pushing through the glass windows. Ben gazed at Ethan as he walked down the steps, his wet hair falling over his face, his chest still dripping as he sported sweatpants and bare feet. The Latin stud couldn't help but smile, enamored by the sight of his best friend's body walking towards him. Benjamin was still wrapping his mind around these new feelings, this new light in which his eyes seemed to marvel at Ethan. He felt conflicted, fearing their relationship might get damaged while they tried to manage their growing desire for each other while simultaneously allowing themselves to succumb to their innermost wishes.

"What?" Ethan questioned as he sat on one of the kitchen stools, his golden brown eyes watching Ben.

"Nothing. Wanna order?" He deflected.

"Yeah." Ethan replied, pulling out his phone and opening the app. "Sushi?" He suggested.

"Sure." Ben replied, sitting on the other side of the counter.

Ethan ordered and placed his phone on the table. He raised his head, placing his elbows on the counter before locking his eyes on Ben. There they were again. Lost inside that newfound intimacy which was quickly becoming their most cherished commodity and their favorite place to be. Even time seemed to elapse differently. Slower. So much so they didn't even realize they had sat there the whole time it took for the order to arrive until the delivery guy rang the doorbell. Ethan chuckled nervously, startled by the unexpected sound, fishing them out of their self-induced haze. Ben got up and walked to the entrance, opening it.

On the other side of the doorway stood a short guy, probably 19 or 20 years old, on the thin side, wearing a delivery service cap and a matching vest. He sported a white t-shirt underneath and an extensive collection of tattoos stuck out, covering his arms, hands, and fingers.

"Evening. Your order." The young guy said, extending his hand and holding two large paper bags.

"Thanks." Ben said.

He grabbed the packs and was ready to close the door when he heard a loud noise from the kitchen. He turned around, his eyes scanning the hallway. Suddenly, he felt the door hit something, knocking it back.

"You know, you really should check that lock on the patio door." A soft voice spoke.

But before Ben could react, a heavy blow to the back of his neck knocked him to the ground, a sharp pain washing over him before he finally lost consciousness.

[A few hours later]

"Benjamin...Benjamin..." A familiar voice sounded in the distance as Ben's eyes opened slowly, his head still heavy and vision blurry.

He immediately realized his hands were tied around his back as he sat on one of the chairs in the living room. He started scanning the space, looking to his left to find Ethan sitting beside him. His hands were also tied, his head was dunked between his shoulders, and drops of blood skated from his forehead, falling over his sweatpants.

"Ben!" The voice called again. This time, it wasn't calm or soothing.

As Benjamin turned his head to look forward, he found Robert saddling one of the wooden chairs, his arms resting on its back as he faced them.

"You..." Ben mumbled, his eyes blinking slowly.

"Good. You remember me." Robert uttered, his cerulean eyes piercing through Ben's. "That makes things a little less awkward." He stated, his mischievous smile finally making an appearance. "I guess you've met Jamie." He mocked, pointing to the back of his neck and glancing sideways.

Further to the back of the room, sitting comfortably on the couch as he zapped through the channels, was the kid that had just delivered their food.

"Hey." The boy casually greeted, without taking his eyes off the screen.

"Where's Caleb?" Robert questioned.

"In the basement. Cleaning up the mess you made." Jamie cryptically responded.

Ben's head turned slowly around, glancing back at Ethan.

"Ethan, wake up." He whispered.

"Oh, forget it, Ben. He's out. For now, at least." Robert informed. He leaned forward, placing his chin over his hands, his soulless eyes gazing at Ben. "We've been watching you guys for a couple of days now. And I must say...you're definitely the kind of fun we've been looking for." He stated in a soft yet undoubtedly menacing tone.

"What the fuck do you want?" Ben questioned, his lips tensing up with bottled rage.

Robert straightened himself on the chair, pulling up and stepping forward. He held a golf stick in his right hand.

"To play, Ben." Robert replied. "You two are in for some wicked games." He threatened with a sadistic smile before kicking Benamin's chair, making it fall on the floor sideways.

"Fuck you, mother fucker!" Ben blasted, his shoulder hitting the wooden floor clangorously.

"Ben, Ben...that's not very polite." Robert calmly stated as he slowly went around Ben's chair. "In fact, let's start this off by teaching you some manners." He announced as he lifted the golf stick with both hands over his head. "This is for not letting me use the bathroom." He uttered with menacing coldness before bringing his arms down and beating the stick into Ben's knee.

A bone-shattering sound reverberated through the house, followed by Ben's scream of despair and pain. But there was no one around to hear it.

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On 6/29/2023 at 4:07 AM, Dan South said:

Whatever are you up to CW? Looking like a very long weekend…


On 6/29/2023 at 4:07 AM, Dan South said:

Whatever are you up to CW? Looking like a very long weekend…

Something wicked, I guess...

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"Ethan was circumcised, and his skin stretched back, exposing the pink tip of his 7-inch dick" Snipped and stretched back exposing is confusing

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15 minutes ago, Quetzal said:

"Ethan was circumcised, and his skin stretched back, exposing the pink tip of his 7-inch dick" Snipped and stretched back exposing is confusing

Hard cut cock's skins are usually always stretched. Meaning you can't tug them that much or pull them back. 

I'm European. Cut cocks don't come often. 😜

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