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Wicked Games - 6. "There You Are"

[At a certain point in time]

"What's the last thing you remember, Ethan?" The therapist questioned with a monocordic and surgical voice.

"Crawling to the floor. Ben's hands...touching me." Ethan recounted, his eyes locked on the pristine wooden floor of the doctor's office. "A sharp pain in my back. And this...iron taste in my mouth." He added, his voice lingering almost as if he felt it at that moment.

"Did you hear anything around you?" The therapist coached.

"Footsteps. Gunshots." Ethan answered.

"What were you feeling?" The physician asked.

"I was afraid. I..." Ethan stumbled, his voice cracking slightly. "I thought I was going to die." He concluded.

"And after that?" The therapist drilled. Ethan sat in silence, his eyes twitching and his body shivering. "Ethan, it's ok." He stated, leaning forward in his chair.

"Angry..." Ethan whispered as if his words came unwanted.

"Did you two ever talk about what happened?" The doctor asked, leaning his back on the chair.

"Why would we? We were both there." Ethan replied, slightly annoyed at the question.

"Can you describe your feelings towards Ben?" The therapist asked. The question dropped a soft yet sounding discomfort in the room.

"What do you mean?" Ethan replied.

"When you look at him, what do you feel?" The therapist explained.

Ethan's golden eyes blinked before his gaze fled towards the window to his right. It was glistening with tears. After a brief moment, he released a gush of air, exhaling profusely.

"Warm...even when it's cold." Ethan whispered. "Like...that feeling when you're inside the house, with the fireplace on, and there's a thunderstorm outside." He continued, his hands grabbing his knees, pulling his legs up. "When you shower and slip naked into freshly cleaned bed sheets..." He went on, his lips stretching slightly. "Ben's a dip in the ocean. A sunset on an empty beach." Ethan muttered, emotional.

"Do you love him?" The therapist questioned. Ethan's head lifted. The question seemed to catch Ethan by surprise.

"He's my best friend." He dodged.

"That's not what I asked you, Ethan." The doctor confronted. Ethan's eyes remained in the window, perforating the glass. There was silence.

"Did you forgive him?" The therapist's voice questioned. Ethan's eyes froze.

"For what?" Ethan whispered, his mouth clenching as his eyes twitched in trepidation. He knew what the question entailed.

"For not walking up those stairs sooner?" The therapist pointed out. A sudden silence took hold. Ethan looked at the therapist, a strange mist covering his eyes.


[Present time]

Ben's eyes opened, startled by a small twig hitting the bedroom window, carried by the intense storm brewing outside. It had only been a few hours since he arrived home to find Ethan on the bathroom floor. After a brief jolt in his chest, Ben's body relaxed as he realized Ethan slept peacefully in his arms, enveloped in his embrace like a small child. Ben adjusted his position slightly, trying his best not to wake Ethan, whose head lay over Ben's bulky arm. Ethan moved with him with eerily coordination, almost as if his body was synchronized with Ben's, whose lips stretched into a smile. He squeezed tighter, shielding the blonde's body and casting a protective layer over him.

Ethan had hit rock bottom. His sadness and pain had finally caught up with him. As he lay there, holding Ethan in his arms, Ben couldn't help but wonder if that peace he held in his arms would last. It was inevitable that he didn't. But Ben's protective nature was a force to be reckoned with, and he quickly brushed off his insecurities, silently professing his love for the man who lay peacefully in his arms. Ready to uphold his promise and meet Ethan wherever he was.

Ben tilted his head forward, his nose grazing Ethan's back as he took in his scent. And as he snuggled even tighter, with no rift between their bodies, the alarm went off on his disturbingly loud phone.

"Shit." Ben groaned. He rolled his body over, his left arm still pinned under Ethan, and flicked his finger on the screen, shutting the sound down. He quickly rolled around again, shielding Ethan, who moaned softly from under him.

"What time is it?" Ethan muttered.

"Early. Go back to sleep." Ben ushered, turning his head to the ceiling. He took a deep breath before glancing back at Ethan, leaning in and sniffing his blond hair. "I have to go to work." He informed, almost as a reminder to himself. He immediately felt Ethan's body tense up, and after a couple of seconds, he rolled over, facing Ben.

They were inches from each other, their breaths merging.

"Stay." Ethan whispered. Ben wanted nothing more than to oblige and surrender to Ethan's request.

"I can't." Ben groaned, annoyed at the thought of having to leave.

"Call in sick." Ethan suggested, his forehead falling forward into Ben's chest. The Latin stud could feel the blonde's warm breath on his skin. Despite his mind trying to fight it, it wasn't long before Ben's cock started to harden. "I don't want you to go." Ethan pleaded as he moved closer, his chest grazing Ben's stomach. "Stay with me." The blonde finally whispered.

That was all Ben needed to hear.

"Ok." He conceded. He felt Ethan's body contract before releasing abruptly, slowly melting into his. His smooth arms slid under Ben's, and he pulled himself closer, latching himself inside the Latin stud.

Ben's arms circled Ethan's smooth skin into his scarred back, his fingers brushing over them. It had become a ritual by now, and Ben's hands were becoming a welcomed presence, now aware of every scar, greeting them with soothing tenderness. Ethan's entire demeanor would change when it happened. He would stay quiet, his body motionless like a child nurtured by a caring grandmother's soft, silky, wrinkled hands. There was an underlying beauty to it. And it wasn't long before Ben could recognize every scar inflicted on Ethan's body, like a map, leading him closer to his friend's lost spirit.

"Ethan?" Ben whispered. Ethan didn't respond, but the stud felt the blonde's breath on his chest as he exhaled. "I'm making some eggs. You want some?" Ben asked.

"No." Ethan replied, his fingers clinging to Ben's fuzzy chest.

"You have to eat, Ethan." Ben argued before halting. "This gorgeous, smooth ass of yours needs sustenance." He teased, brushing his hand playfully over it.

Then, suddenly and unexpectedly, a muffled giggle broke from under Ben.

"Dude, was that a laugh?" Ben questioned, his eyes gaping with excitement. "Did you just laugh?" He continued, lifting his head and pushing Ethan's shoulder, forcing him to turn on his back.

To Ben's utter happiness, Ethan was smiling, his eyes squinting, contended by the morning light that crept through the window. Ethan's smile was, without a doubt, the most beautiful thing in the world, like a transient sunset on a deserted beach. But soon, the blonde's hands landed on his face as he tried to hide his momentary joy.

"Don't do that." Ben uttered. He could see Ethan's gold gaze peeking through his fingers. "You're too beautiful to be repressed." He stated.

Ethan's hands started skating slowly down, his alluring expression finally revealed. He began to scan Ben's face, his eyes getting lost in it. Then, his hand came up, and his fingers brushed Ben's scruff.

"I was so jealous when you started growing your beard." Ethan commented, his fingers lingering on Ben's face before climbing over his nose and into his eyebrows. "So bushy." The blond muttered, tilting his head to the side in the most adorable way.

Ben's heart melted. He pushed his body up, his face now hovering over Ethan's. He leaned in and kissed Ethan's nose, the softest of pecks. But instead of pulling back, he stopped midway, gazing at those deep golden brown eyes. Ethan smiled again. Then he closed his eyes. Ben descended into Ethan again, and this time, he kissed his left eyelid. Then he hovered over to the other side and kissed his right. Ethan moaned, his body stretching, enveloped in Ben's warm blanket of gentle adoration. His arms slid over the sheets, spreading outwards. As he did, Ben glanced down. Between Ethan's legs, his 7-inch cock throbbed, bouncing off his abdomen.

"Good morning to you, too." Ben uttered cheekily.

"Sorry..." Ethan apologized, his eyes closing with awkwardness.

The veil that had been lifted between the two made everything more evident. It was so clear that now everything felt new, unexplored like an ocean of endless first times, of a newfound innocence.

"I'm not." Ben replied, taking his hand and skating it down Ethan's leg, stopping just inches from his shaft before gently grabbing it. He looked up to find Ethan gazing down at him, a soft smile on his lips. Ben smiled back and leaned down, kissing the blonde's belly. Ethan's skin prickled as Ben's scruff grazed over it.

"Ben..." Ethan moaned, his whole body stretching in ecstasy.

"Just relax." Ben muttered, his lips buried in Ethan's skin as he kissed it, descending slowly into his cock. "Let me take care of you." He whispered before taking his lips and sucking the tip of Ethan's pink shaft.

The blonde arched his head back and moaned, his voice soft and tender. Ben lingered there, sucking the tip off and licking the gland softly. Ethan's taste was beyond alluring. It was intoxicating, like a spring breeze. And each time Ben's mouth touched it, he felt it throb between his lips. He took his tongue and glazed it down Ethan's dick, stopping momentarily to kiss his soft, now veiny skin. Then, he sniffed his smooth blond bush.

"You're leaking so much." Ben commented, his eyes mesmerized by the amount of precum oozing from Ethan's cock.

Ethan's hips bounced slightly off the mattress, pushing the tip of his cock closer to Ben's mouth, who took the hint and sucked the liquid out of it with his mouth. Ben lingered there momentarily, feeling the blonde's juices slide down his tongue and into his throat. Its taste was sweet, yet wild, like an off-season strawberry, much like Ethan's spirit. A surge of lust ran through Ben's chest into his groin, and, without a pause, he lunged forward, wrapping his mouth around the blonde's pink shaft.

"Oh shit..." Ethan groaned, his voice packed with joy and passion.

Ben replied with a moan. But it was uncharacteristically submissive, not in line with his usual masculine energy and demeanor. This seemed to entice Ethan even more, who immediately looked down. And it was then that Ethan saw the most beautiful image. Ben, with half his cock inside his mouth, swirled his tongue around it as he looked up at him. The blonde's eyes glistened with emotion as he watched Ben tap into a part of himself only Ethan could bring out of him. But the contemplative moment was short-lived as Ben began to move his head up and down, his bearded jaw stretching outwards, moistening the cock as he tried to swallow the rest of it. Ethan squinted, taken over by a sudden surge of rapture. His hands came down and slid inside Ben's hair, gripping it.

"Fuck Ben, you look so fucking sexy..." Ethan groaned. Ben moaned, feeling Ethan's cock throb immediately inside his mouth as he did. He slowly pulled away, hugging the shaft with his lips as he came up, propelling the blond to release a long groan.

"You like that?" Ben asked in his usual raspy voice as he kissed Ethan's spit-covered prepuce. Ethan let his head fall back and just nodded, his mind brimming with ecstasy as he lifted his arms, crossing his hands over his head and chuckling. "Good. Just lay back and let me take care of you." Ben suggested before sliding his tongue along the base of Ethan's cock. "I'm gonna make you feel good, Ethan." Ben announced, pulling his body up and swallowing Ethan's 7 inches in one go, resuming his neck thrusting as he moved up and down on the blonde's cock.

"Oh my God..." Ethan moaned, his body stretching and trembling, consumed by pleasure. He tried to bring one hand down and touch Ben's hair, but the stud pushed his hand away, signaling the hunk to submit. "Slow down, dude..." Ethan warned, feeling a warm-tempered explosion in his groin.

Ben obeyed, aware that whatever he did sent Ethan over the edge. The Latin stud pulled his mouth away from the blonde's cock, and with a swift move, he slid his left arm under Ethan's right thigh and rolled him over, exposing his perfect, smooth, muscular ass. He slid his other hand under Ethan's right leg and pulled him over, unleashing a surprised gasp from the blonde's mouth.

"Come here..." Ben groaned, spreading the blonde's cheeks before taking his mouth down to the base of Ethan's balls, pulling his tongue out, and sliding it inside his hole. He felt Ethan's body flinch, so he pulled away. "Don't even think about touching your cock." Ben ordered with an eerily empowering softness before taking his fingers and spreading Ethan's cheeks, unveiling his pink puckering hole. Ben smiled and dove in unceremoniously, gliding his tongue along the crevice, basking in the musky scent and salty flavor of the blonde's sweat. He forced his head forward, stuffing his face between Ethan's peach, and pushed his tongue inside his hole, wiggling it as he did. And as expected, as soon as he did, Ethan's moans broke free.

"Fuck..." Ethan stuttered, his hands climbing up the mattress, along the sheets, pulling them.

"That's it...moan for me." Ben groaned from inside Ethan's ass, his tongue detaching from it momentarily before driving back inside.

Ben rimmed Ethan's hole for over fifteen minutes, dancing between tenderness and vigor. With deep shoves, long slides, and gentle kisses on the cheeks, the sphincter puckered with excitement. Ben was taking his time, relishing the pleasure that exuded from Ethan's beautiful body.

Ethan was in heaven, having Ben care for him like that. And amid this intimate moment, it finally dawned on him how he had forgotten what sex should feel like. How long had it been since he felt the gentle touch of someone's hand? The softness of someone's kiss or how it felt to be cared for. Respectfully. Every thrust of Ben's tongue inside him came overlaid with adoration. Ethan felt safe and protected. A feeling long forgotten that was now being escorted back to him, imprinted back into his soul. And this felt overwhelming.

"Ben...I'm gonna cum." Ethan announced, his voice trembling slightly.

Ben rolled Ethan's body on his back, exposing his throbbing cock as it pulsated between his legs, slightly reddish from sanding against the sheets. The Latin stud leaned forward and pulled Ethan over to him.

"I know." Ben replied, swallowing Ethan's cock, teasing his orgasm with gentle tongue movements. His mouth hugged the shaft with tenderness and eagerness as he finally felt the first strings of batter shoot from it.

They were warm, sweet, and thick. One after the other, Ben struggled to keep Ethan's body steady. The blonde shivered and twitched in bliss.

"Fuck, dude." Ethan gasped, dropping his head into the pillow, as he felt Ben's warm mouth and lips finally slide from his cock, his eyes locked on the ceiling. Ben lifted his head slowly, still swallowing the last pieces of Ethan's cum. "That was amazing." He muttered, bringing his hands to his forehead. Ben smiled and pulled away, but Ethan's hand suddenly grabbed his wrist. "Hey, wait. What about you?" He questioned, his eyes lingering on Ben's hard crotch.

"In time..." Ben spoke softly. "Today wasn't about me." He stated.

"But I want to make you feel good too." Ethan uttered as he pulled up and sat on the bed. Ben stopped, his gaze bright as he saw his reflection inside Ethan's golden gaze.

"In time." Ben repeated with the utmost softness. His eyes lingered on Ethan before his lips stretched into a mischievous smile. "Ok. That's it!" He energetically stated as he pulled himself up and jumped off the bed. "Pack your shit." He uttered.

"What...?" Ethan questioned, utterly confused.

"Pack, Ethan." Ben uttered as he stood in briefs, his beautiful brown skin shining as the soft morning rays hit them from the window. "A while back, you told me you would run away with me if I asked you to." Ben stated. Their eyes locked, and the whole world stood still as Ethan's eyes glistened with emotion and the promise of his dream coming to fruition. "Were you being serious?" Ben questioned, his smile being chaperoned by Ethan's bottling joy. "Well?" He asked inthusiastically.

Ben could see Ethan's body rise on the bed in slow motion as the blonde stud leaned forward, jumping forward into the Latin stud's arms. His legs scissored around Ben's waist, and his arms gripped the stud's neck like a python.

"Fuck yes, I was being serious!" Ethan whispered. From under his neck, Ben could feel him smiling. Ethan's head snapped back as he stared at Ben's eyes. "What should I pack?" He questioned.

"Everything." Ben stated.

Ethan smiled again, and briefly, he seemed bound to say something. But he halted, his lips and mouth lingering open as he stared deep into Ben's eyes. Then, he leaned forward and kissed the Latin stud. He locked lips, drilling his tongue deep into Ben's mouth, their moans breaking the surface as they joined. A sharp and fast wave of lust ran through Ben's body, his heart beating viciously close to his chest. Finally, Ethan pulled back.

"I'm going to shower." He said, letting his legs fall to the ground, unlocking his arms, and rushing out of the room like an unbridled child, making Ben beam.

They ran around the house for the next few hours, stuffing clothes into their bags and stacking them inside the car. Ben called the store and cashed in all those vacation days he had piled up from the last year. Eventually, the commotion around the house subsided. They got in the car, and as Ben slid the key in the ignition, Ethan smiled at him. Ben pulled the car back into the driveway and drove off.

For roughly five hours, the car didn't stop. Slowly but surely, they began to leave everything behind. All the things that grounded them in their former life were becoming faint landscapes in the distance as their eyes and minds began to settle ahead on the road and the endless horizon that stretched before them. The city buzz and chaos eventually ceased, and there was nothing left but silence and an overwhelming wholeness of isolation. Ethan pulled his window down as they drove through an empty road, and the sun set before them. The air was soft and warm as he stretched his arm outside the window. His hand opened as the wind slid between his fingers. He reclined in his seat and sat there, golden gaze locked on the view as the landscape rushed past them. Ben glanced at him and smiled, overwhelmed by the serenity of that moment. It was the most relaxed he had felt Ethan in a long time, the blond's spirit surrendering to the freedom they drove into. Ethan sighed, and slowly but surely, he smiled too, his eyes locked on the last beams of sun that descended into the horizon's comfortable embrace.

Even though Ben felt tired, he pushed through, allowing Ethan to linger in that peaceful moment. It was only when the purple aura of the twilight began to slowly cover the sky that Ben finally suggested they stop and check in at a nearby motel. They veered off the next exit, and about twenty minutes later, they were parked outside the motel's lot. Ethan had fallen asleep.

"Ethan, wake up." Ben called, making the blonde flinch slightly in his seat.

"Where are we?" Ethan asked.

"Some motel. Let's get some rest." Ben informed, opening the door and jumping out of the car.

Ethan stretched and eventually followed, walking behind Ben as he rubbed his face in his hands and yawned. As they walked, there wasn't a single breeze of air flowing as if the night's stillness was as quiet as their spirits. Ben walked inside the reception area, where a bored-looking, gum-chewing young woman waited behind the desk. She scrolled through her phone, and it was a while before she even acknowledged their presence, despite the loud sound the door made when they entered.

"Evening." She uttered before glancing up briefly, her eyes immediately shifting expression, surprised by the two men's attractiveness. "Hi." She added in a slightly awkward way.

"Do you have any rooms?" Ben questioned, tipping his bulky body over the counter.

"Hum, let me check." The girl uttered, punching her oversized fake fingernails over the old and dirty keyboard. As she did, Ben glanced over at the lot. There was only one car besides theirs parked there. "Two beds?" She asked, even though it sounded closer to a suggestion.

"Nah." Ben uttered, glancing back at Ethan. "One bed will be fine." He teased, making the blonde smirk at him. As he turned his eyes back to the desk, the young woman gazed at him disappointingly before rolling her eyes and turning her chair around to fetch something from the printer.

"Here." She muttered, tossing a key with a small wooden plate that read, "4".

"Thanks." Ben replied coldly, picking up the key and tilting his head, signaling Ethan to follow.

They stepped outside and walked along a narrow porch back to their car. They took their backpacks out and climbed back on the porch, opening the red door just in front of it. For a side-of-the-road motel, it seemed particularly clean. Ben rushed ahead and opened the tiny bathroom door, peeking inside. It could barely fit two people, but it was clean. As he turned around, Ethan jumped onto the bed, slightly bouncing as he tested the mattress's firmness.

Suddenly, a series of distinct masculine and female moans broke from the other side of the wall behind their bed. Ethan's eyes flared, and he glanced at Ben, who chuckled. Right after, the bed springs bounce vigorously from the other room.

"Fuck, oh fuck." A female voice hollered from the other side. Ethan chuckled.

"Shit, they're going at it." He commented before his hand discreetly skated down his chest, over his stomach, and landed on his crotch.

Ben looked at Ethan, his countenance changing slightly, becoming aloof, which caught Ethan off guard.

"I think I'll shower and hit the sack. I'm tired." Ben stated, turning and tossing his bag into an old chair beside the TV. He then began to strip slowly.

Ethan's eyes became immediately transfixed as Ben peeled off his clothes, piece by piece. His golden gaze lingered on Ben's masculine beauty and how different it was from his own. Every muscle on Ben's body flexed as he moved in an understated magnificence. His short yet bountiful fuzz covered his legs and chest, slowly diminishing and softening into other body parts. His ribcage peeked from under his upper body as he leaned forward, and his perfect six-pack pushed through, covering his stomach with the most mesmerizing tiled flesh sculpture. The now untamed beard and curled hair fell over his chiseled face, where the most tender eyes rested, profound and loving. So easy to get lost in, so overwhelmingly comfortable.

Ethan thought how easy it seemed to forget Ben's powerfulness under his regular, baggy clothes. And it soon became apparent to Ethan that he had never, during their long friendship, looked at Ben like he was doing now. As if he were discovering Ben's body for the first time, his heart beating faster as his golden eyes traveled through every inch of the stud's brown skin, scanning the surface like a machine, imprinting it into his mind.

Ben turned, his 5-inch soft cock swinging gracefully between his legs as he walked to the bathroom. As he pushed the door, it hit the toilet.

"Could they make this any smaller?" Ben commented, clearly annoyed. He pushed the shower curtain to the side and hopped inside.

Ethan had turned sideways on the bed, his head sunk on the pillow. He was completely and utterly consumed by wonderment, baffled by the notion that Ben's beauty had eluded him all these years. He would blink rapidly, afraid that if he wavered, he would miss even a second of Ben's motions. The stud was now inside the tub, his luscious head of raven hair practically sanding the ceiling.

As Ben turned the water on and started showering, leaving the curtain half open, Ethan lay there, watching. It was the most beautifully mundane ten minutes of his life, mesmerizing and wholesome. And slowly, something started shifting. A lingering urgency and bottled anxiety. Ethan's heart no longer felt content with the silent adoration it nurtured for Ben. He now felt the need to express it. He needed Ben to not only know it but to hear it.

Yet, whenever he felt the urge, something inside him would pull back, hindering his will. Ethan knew. The darkness was still there, clinging to his soul and spirit. Unable to be subdued completely.

"Hey, you ok?" Ben questioned as he dried his bulky body with a white towel, snapping Ethan out of his thoughts. The blonde blinked twice before nodding and turning the other way.

Ethan lay there, his eyes piercing the small window facing the motel lot, the sound of Ben rubbing the towel over his body ushering him to sleep.


[At a certain point in time]

"I thought we'd try something different today, Ethan." The doctor suggested as he addressed Ethan, who lay on his usual chair, his golden eyes scanning the therapist with tamed trust. "I'm going to try and take us further back this time, ok?" He questioned.

"Fine." Ethan replied, sighing as he reclined further into his chair.

The doctor walked across the room towards a small cabinet and pulled out a peculiar device composed of a silver needle attached to a wooden structure. He placed the device on the glass coffee table beside Ethan and, with his index finger, slowly nudged the tip of the silver stick to the side, propelling it to start moving side to side. As it did, a soothing clocking sound began to fill the air. Ethan felt himself sink into the chair as the doctor's voice broke gently into the cozy darkness of the blonde's resting eyes.

"Ethan, I want you to focus on your breathing. Follow my voice and try to focus on the ticking sound." He started, a surgical control in his voice as it stretched in tone, becoming slower and more profound. "Let yourself fall. Don't be afraid." The doctor continued. "Deeper...and deeper." He guided.

Suddenly, Ethan felt himself tumble downwards, his body descending slowly into a crystal-like pit beaming with searing lights of ivory tones. And it wasn't long before he finally opened his eyes, gaping as he realized he was far beyond the borders of that small doctor's office. He felt smaller, lighter. He pushed his upper body with his arms, scanning his surroundings. He was in Ben's room and could feel a familiar scent. Ethan rolled to the side and let his legs drop by the side of the bed, struck by the sudden surprise of his feet being unable to touch the carpeted floor. He hopped down and walked to the closet mirror. His mouth gaped as he stared at his reflection. There he was, staring at himself, his adult mind caged inside his twelve-year-old body.

"Shit." Ethan uttered. As he did, he heard a moan behind him. He turned his head in time to catch the sheets moving slightly. He walked up to the bed slowly and stood at its feet. "Ben?" He questioned.

"What?" Ben replied, his still pitchy young voice struggling to keep steady.

Ethan smiled. A wave of nostalgia and deep comfort washed over him, and his eyes glistened with emotion. If there was ever a sense of happiness in his life, this was it. The blonde boy jumped on the bed and squeezed inside the fluffy duvet that covered the entire bed.

"Joder, Ethan, estoy tratando de dormir aquí." Ben groaned, annoyed.

"Sorry." Ethan whispered, stopping momentarily before pulling the duvet over their heads. After a brief moment, Ben's body rolled over, facing him. His eyes were still closed as he released a sigh, pushing his breath over to Ethan. The blonde closed his eyes as he breathed it in.

"What?" Ben asked, slowly unfurling. Ethan lingered there, gazing at his friend with the most allured expression.

"Nothing." Ethan replied, blinking. The morning light started peering through the room window and slowly pierced through the duvet, unveiling Ethan's gold glimmer. And soon, Ben's sleepy hazelnut eyes were staring back at him. "Ben?" Ethan whispered.

"Yeah?" Ben questioned, his voice mellow and slow. Ethan's right arm stretched over the mattress, his hand covering Ben's left hand.

"Can I come live with you?" Ethan asked.

"Dude, you're here all the time." Ben argued. Ethan went quiet for a brief moment.

"Your mom told me I couldn't sleep here every night." Ethan confessed. Immediately, Ben's eyes gaped, his attention now focused and alert.

"When?" He interrogated.

A couple of days ago." Ethan informed. Ben just stared at him, his eyes locked, unflinching. "I don't think she likes me being around all the time." He whispered, his voice breaking. He felt Ben's hand squeeze him gently.

Ben's body started to move, nudging slowly across the mattress, growing closer and closer to Ethan. Soon, his and Ethan's hands were touching his chest, and the blond boy could feel his friend's heart beating and the scent of Ben's breath on him.

"Ethan...?" Ben whispered.

"Hmm?" Ethan whispered back.

"Can I keep you?" Ben asked, his breath coating Ethan's face like a warm embrace. The blonde boy smiled, a single tear skating down his rosy cheek as he nodded, and a blinding white light engulfed them both.


[Present time]

Ethan woke up, startled by this vivid dream of his precious childhood memory. He glanced at his phone, surprised that a few hours had passed since he dozed off. Ben slept beside him, his heavy body facing up with a thin sheet covering his crotch, his soft long dick resting over his abdomen. Ethan could see a dim light peaking through the window blinds and hear muffled voices chatting outside their door. He let his head sink into his pillow as he slowly turned to face Ben, who slept comfortably and profoundly beside him.

Suddenly, Ben's phone screen flashed, a text popping up as it did. The sound was off, so the Latin stud groaned and slowly shifted his position, returning to his heavy breathing. Ethan's body wavered momentarily before he instinctively reached over to Ben and grabbed the phone in time to catch a message on the screen.


I miss you. Where have you been? Do you want to meet up?

Ethan's eyes flickered, the light from the screen reflecting on them. He glanced at Ben before swiping his fingers over the screen and casually unlocking Ben's phone with the secret code he knew of. His fingertips briefly paused before he started typing. He paused and placed the phone down, sliding off the bed like an eel, tiptoeing into his clothes, laid over the chair by the TV set. He popped on his denim pants, a white T-shirt, and Ben's leather jacket, which looked slightly oversized. He scoured the jacket's inside pockets and took out the car keys, rushing silently for the door as he slowly shut the door behind him. He knew Ben wouldn't wake anytime soon after all his driving hours.

He stepped off the deck and hopped inside the car, driving away into the dark-pitched night with only the front lights signaling his position. After about one hour, Ethan arrived at a large, clearly fancy, and overpriced hotel near a more busy part of whatever town they were in. He parked the car in the parking lot just in front of it and sat there, patiently waiting as his eyes scanned the entrance to the hotel lobby. About twenty minutes in, he finally grabbed the keys and hopped outside, walking inside and rushing past a large group of foreigners to the reception desk.

"Where's the bar?" Ethan asked a charming and vivid manager.

"To your right, over the fountain, sir." The young man answered, his eyes going up and down Ethan.

"Thanks." Ethan muttered, his head already turning. Behind him, he could feel the desk manager's lustful eyes burning a hole in his back.

He crossed the foyer, cornered the water statue, and rushed through the large corridor, stopping under a massive doorway to a bar lounge where a band played. It was an ample room, with black leather chairs spread evenly across the carpet-covered luscious space. Ethan scanned the area for a few seconds before walking to a man sitting next to a large glass window facing a charming garden and pool at the back of the hotel.

"Evening." Ethan uttered, his legs hitting the empty chair in front of the young, attractive man sitting opposite it. "Patrick, right?" He questioned.

"I'm sorry, who are you?" Patrick asked, his face riddled with confusion. Ethan sat on the empty chair, legs spread, and just lingered there with a deviant smile, taunting Patrick.

"I'm Ethan." He answered, giving Patrick time to gather his thoughts as his expression finally changed.

"Oh...right." Patrick mumbled, his eyes slowly glancing around Ethan, scanning the background as he searched for something.

"He's not here." Ethan stated as he lifted his hand, gesturing for the waiter to approach. "I'll have a scotch." He ordered. The waiter nodded and quickly moved away. As he shifted his attention back to Patrick, Ethan could feel his apprehension slowly weighing.

"I remember you from Ben's apartment...from photos, I mean." Patrick clarified. His eyes gradually focused on Ethan, clearly captivated by the blonde's beauty. "But I messaged Ben, not you." He pressed, his tone shifting slightly. Ethan chuckled before leaning over the table, his elbows pressing against the dark glass tabletop.

"What's the deal with you and Ben?" Ethan questioned directly. Patrick seemed surprised by the blonde's bluntness.

"That's a rather personal question..." Patrick countered.

"Nothing is personal between Ben and me." Ethan fired back, briefly pausing as he took a deep breath. "Look, I have nothing against you." The blonde uttered. "And given how you met Ben, I'm sure you have your fair share of pain to deal with." Ethan continued, leaning back into his chair as he sipped Patrick's drink. "But I didn't come here to exchange sad stories." He declared.

"Right." Patrick mumbled, his words fusing with a sudden curiosity.

"So? Answer my question." Ethan pressed relentlessly. Their mutual gaze was momentarily interrupted by the waiter bringing Ethan his scotch. Both men patiently waited for him to step away before they resumed.

"You're pretty blunt." Patrick muttered, inadvertently voicing his thoughts. "Ok...I like him. A lot." Patrick tried to explain. "Trust me, I wish I didn't." Patrick commented. "I know how he feels about you." He added, finally confronting Ethan's passive-aggressiveness. "Honestly, I've always wanted to meet you." He admitted as he finally relaxed, reclining back on his chair. "You're even more stunning in person." Patrick acknowledged, staring deep into Ethan's eyes. "I can see why he would..." Patrick stammered. But Ethan's expression seemed unbothered, his eyes searing on Patrick's.

"You think you know us?" Ethan questioned, cutting him off. His tone was harsh and aggressive. Patrick paused, his eyes studying the blonde's demeanor. He was intrigued and slightly threatened, seeing as a deep darkness brewed from under Ethan's beauty.

"I know what's going on here. And despite what you might think, I'm not trying to take anyone's place in Ben's life." Patrick stated, gaining some ground. "But I know for a fact that Ben enjoys my company. I'm...easy, uncomplicated. I think he needs that." He provoked. But his cockiness soon melted, surprised by the understated smile growing on Ethan's lips.

Whatever battle was being fought, Patrick was losing.

"Just as I thought." Ethan said, chuckling sarcastically, letting his arms fall over the sides of his chair. "You have no fucking idea who Ben is." Ethan revealed. "You could never understand the weight he carries inside. The rage." He continued, his eyes glistening. "And you couldn't possibly fathom what he's capable of...to protect the ones he loves." The blond added. "But I do." Ethan stated. "I know him better than he knows himself." Ethan continued, his words drilling inside Patrick's defeated spirit, beating him into submission. "I'm the only one who can make him happy." He concluded.

All the noise around the room vanished, and a soundless calm took hold.

"I envy you, Ethan. I do. The way you feel for each other..." Patrick confessed. "That kind of love, of certainty...one should be lucky to find it. In a lifetime of searching." He continued as his eyes teared up. But suddenly, his expression began to change, becoming somber. "I just hope Ben's love for you doesn't lead him into a place he won't be able to come back from." Patrick warned before standing up, grabbing his coat, and rushing out of the lounge.

Ethan sat there alone, surrounded by the intense chaos of voices chattering. His finger held the glass as he stared deeply into it, drowning in the light copper substance inside. He took the drink to his mouth and chugged the rest before tossing some money over the table and rushing out of the hotel.

An hour later, the key turned on the motel bedroom door. As Ethan entered the room, he glanced at the bed where Ben slept peacefully. The blonde strolled over to the chair and stripped to his undies, careful not to wake the Latin stud up. Then he slid on top of the bed, pulling the sheets over his body and nestling himself into Ben's massive back, brushing his dick over the stud's ass. He stayed there, frozen and quiet, until he felt Ben's left arm move, his hand grabbing Ethan's and pulling it closer, placing it over his beating heart. Ethan smiled, pressing his whole body against the stud, relishing the overwhelming feeling of safety his body provided. The intense heat that emanated from Ben was overpowering, and soon, Ethan fell into a deep slumber, his plump lips pressed against the stud's back.

It may have been one hour until Ethan's eyes finally opened, woken by a sudden shift in the bed. Ben sat on the edge, near the feet, his back moving and slowly expanding as he breathed. It was still dark outside, the light from the vending machine outside their room squeezing through the door cracks.

"Hey." Ethan mumbled, extending his hand over the sheets. "What's up?" He questioned.

"Where did you go?" Ben's raspy voice asked. Ethan paused, watching the stud's breathing become more pronounced. He pulled himself up and sat on the bed.

"You already know where." Ethan acknowledged.

"What the fuck did you say to him?" Ben continued to drill.

"The truth." Ethan admitted. Ben turned slowly to face him. "I did him a favor." The blonde stated.

"What you did was fucking cruel, Ethan." Ben uttered, his eyes locked on the blonde. Ethan glanced at Ben's crotch before bringing his gaze back up.

"Then why are you hard as a rock?" Ethan questioned, a soft grin on his lips. "Admit it. You're relieved that I went there. You're tickled by it." The blonde teased before he slid forward and embraced Ben, pulling his head towards his smooth chest. He could feel Ben's exhales on it as the stud took in his scent. "Cut the bullshit, dude...you're dying to fuck me." Ethan whispered, his face buried inside Ben's curly raven hair, feeling the stud tongue graze his nipple. "And I want you too..." Ethan continued, his words teasing Ben's dominance. "It's all I can think about...you, sliding your cock inside me." The blonde moaned.

Ben's lips were now climbing up Ethan's chest, his tongue skating over his soft skin into his neck where his lips lingered, sucking on it.

"Ethan, I..." Ben's muffled voice spoke into the blonde's neck.

"Don't." Ethan interrupted, his nose diving deep inside Ben's curls, sniffing on them. "I already know what you're gonna say." Ethan stated as he tried to pull away, feeling Ben's arms squeeze harder around him.

Both men lingered in a contained dance of push and pull for a moment. They searched for each other arduously, their souls on the verge of connecting. Their bodies kept their passion alive while their hearts carefully harbored their love in a thick layered cocoon, preserving it. They were now wrestling with sharp and slightly violent moves as Ethan tried to free himself from Ben's forceful embrace. But the stud's strength was unmatched, and soon, they both fell back, plunging into the bed.

"Let go of me..." Ethan muttered as Ben pulled his arms up, locking his wrists over his head.

"No." Ben groaned.

"Let me go, dude!" Ethan hollered, struggling from under Ben. His voice was slowly cracking.

"No." Ben repeated with unwavering determination, which seemed to unleash a sudden burst of rage in Ethan, who began violently shaking as he tried to push Ben away from him.

"I hate you...I fucking hate you!" Ethan yelled, his neck and face turning red with anger. But the more he screamed, the heavier Ben's body became.

"I know..." Ben replied, his voice low yet commanding.

Suddenly, Ethan stopped moving, his head frozen as he stared at Ben. He jerked his neck forward and spat on Ben's face. But the stud didn't even flinch. He stood there, holding the blonde's body captive as he gazed into his golden eyes. There was no anger, surprise, or disgust. Ben leaned forward and kissed Ethan's chin, pulling back to lock on the blonde's eyes again. Ethan spat on his face again. Ben leaned forward and kissed the tip of Ethan's nose tenderly. As he pulled back up, he noticed Ethan's eyes changing. And suddenly, as the blonde prepared to spit again, Ben lunged forward and kissed his mouth.

A gush of breath followed a brief silence. And then, a shared moan as their bodies finally tumbled into a consenting embrace. Ben's tongue slid inside Ethan's mouth as he sucked on his luscious lips, the Latin stud's face covered in the blonde's saliva. Ben unlocked Ethan's wrists, the blonde's arms skating slowly and gracefully over the sheets, his hands reaching for the stud's muscular ass and hugging it before climbing over his massive back. Ethan pulled Ben into him, lifting his neck and pushing himself even closer, his tongue meeting Ben's as he moaned. But this time, his moans were soft, sedated. Ben was quelling his rage, nurturing him with love and kindness. They floated at that moment, Ben's mouth ushering Ethan's spirit back to him until the blonde finally pulled away. A string of spit followed him, dangling between their mouths as he did. Ben leaned forward and swallowed it, kissing Ethan's lips before pulling back again.

Ethan's eyes twinkled as tears began to surge. Ben's love was unconditional, even in the face of the worst of him. And yet, despite his heart shouting it and as he gazed deep into Ben's eyes, Ethan couldn't bring himself to tell the man he loved just how much he loved him.

"I know." Ethan stated softly.

"What?" Ben questioned, slightly squinting as if surprised by Ethan's comment.

"About your secret room, back at the house." Ethan admitted, feeling Ben's countenance freeze in front of him.

"You went through my stuff?" Ben questioned again, his eyes reddening and twitching with surprise. But Ethan just lay there, staring at him. Ben pulled away, but Ethan's body followed, the blonde's hair reaching for Ben's.

"You're looking for him, aren't you?" Ethan questioned.

Ben's head suddenly pulled away, eyes scouring the room, trying to disclose his feelings. Ben didn't feel angry, ashamed, or afraid despite the revelation. There was, in fact, a sense of relief.

"Yes." Ben divulged. Ethan's eyes blinked slowly, the tension reddening the thin veins inside them with anger and fear.

"Why?" Ethan asked, even though he regretted it immediately.

There was a temporary silence before Ben's words cut the air like a blunt knife.

"He and I have unfinished business." Ben stated. His voice was unrecognizable. Dark, heavy, lacking his usual compassion. The mere reference of the subject in conversation seemed to tap inside a part of Ben he desperately and laboriously tried to conceal.

"You already know where he is..." Ethan whispered, almost as a thought.

Then he felt Ben's hand pull away for the first time in a long time.

"I'm going to shower. And then we'll head out." Ben informed coldly, walking to the tiny bathroom and shutting the door behind him.

Ethan fell back, his blond curls bouncing on the sheets as he did. He lay on the bed, his eyes on the motel room ceiling. Suddenly, Ethan realized how oblivious to Ben's suffering he had been. During all this time, as he struggled with his pain, Ben silently fought his demons while still endeavoring to pull Ethan out of his darkness. When, in fact, Ben needed to be saved as much as he did.

If prurience and lechery were Ethan's prison, his dark and self-inflicted punishment, then wrath and vengeance were Ben's sin, his penance.


[At a certain point in time]

"Were you able to see anything?" The doctor questioned, his pen hitting the leather notebook at regular intervals.

"No. They blindfolded me. My arms and legs were tied to the bed." Ethan answered. He lay on the chair, stretched, with his arms and legs crossed and his eyes closed.

"What happened then?" The therapist continued. His voice was soft, cautious, yet precise.

"I could hear them walking back and forth. Their steps were different. His was heavier." Ethan replied, his voice trembling slightly.

"You mean..." The doctor uttered before Ethan cut him off.

"Yes." He replied. "They fought a lot." Ethan added.

"About what?" The therapist questioned.

"About me. He didn't like it when Robert fucked me." Ethan divulged. The doctor leaned forward but suddenly halted, examining how Ethan's body language changed. His arms uncrossed, and his hands started skating over his upper body.

"How did that make you feel?" The therapist asked, reclining in his chair slowly, trying to make as little noise as possible.

"...Scared...he was rough the first few times. All I could feel was the pain, his sweat dripping over me, and his smell." Ethan recounted. His left leg fell by the side of the long chair, his foot dropping to the ground. "After a while, I just zoned out. I remember falling asleep after he would leave, feeling his cum oozing out of me." Ethan continued, his hands sliding inside his pockets. "But..." He stuttered.

"Yes?" The doctor guided, softly pushing the answer out of him.

"After a while...something changed." Ethan uttered. "I...started to enjoy it. The roughness." Ethan admitted. "I started to get hard. I could feel my cock throbbing as he fucked me. The rougher he got, the harder I would get." He revealed.

The doctor paused, taking his fingers and pulling the slick reading glasses from his face. He could see Ethan fondling himself from under his jeans.

"Ethan, what do you think changed?" The doctor probed.

"Me. I changed." Ethan moaned. His whole demeanor had now shifted. Although he was responding, he seemed oblivious to the doctor's presence. His hand was now crammed inside his jeans, and he stroked his cock.

"Ethan?" The doctor called. But the blonde moaned in response, his neck curving back as he pumped his shaft unceremoniously. "Were you aware that Ben was in the room at one point?" The therapist questioned.

Ethan's body quivered as he stroked his cock even harder.

"Yes." He muttered between heavy breaths.

"Did you disregard his presence on purpose?" The doctor asked.

"Yes." Ethan moaned again, his mouth slightly opened as he skated his tongue over his lips.

"Were you punishing him, Ethan?" The doctor questioned. "Were you punishing Ben?" He insisted. Ethan's body began to shake violently in distress. His eyes glazed white as they rolled to the back of his head.

The therapist calmly put down his notepad, removed his glasses, and leaned forward on his chair.

"Ethan, I'm going to count to three, and when I snap my fingers, you're going to wake up. One...two..." The doctor uttered before a sounding snap echoed across the office, and a white light engulfed it.


[Present time]

Ben and Ethan had been driving for three hours since they left the motel. They had barely spoken to each other, still struggling to understand what had happened. The dynamic had shifted somehow. Both men were withdrawn, slowly digging themselves back into their pain. That secluded place they had inhabited this past few years. Ben insisted on driving, and Ethan just sat beside him, his smooth feet on the dashboard, his arm out as he let the hot spring air run skim his skin, and his head resting back, his eyes on the ever-changing landscape.

Suddenly, Ben veered right into an open dirt road. The car bounced and tilted sideways, the tires scraping along the rocks.

"What are you doing?" Ethan questioned, straightening himself in his seat.

"I need to take a leak." Ben coldly replied as he drove into the dirt road. But soon, the muddy surface started to soften, and the tires slowly sank into a sand-covered terrain. Ben stopped the car and hopped out, closing the door behind him and walking into a large heap of eucalyptus trees. Moments later, he had faded behind some bushes.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me." Ethan whispered as he scanned around the area. There wasn't a living soul for miles, it seemed.

He waited a few minutes, which turned into fifteen minutes inside the car alone. He clutched the key from Ben's seat and hopped outside. It was early morning, the sun had barely shown its face, and a cold breeze was flowing. He could feel the eucalyptus fragrance in the air, ushered by the soft wind current.

"Ben?" Ethan hollered to no response. "Shit..." He uttered to himself, rushing in the direction Ben had gone.

As he pushed through the clearing and tall bushes, the stifled sky began to open, and to Ethan's complete wonderment, he now stood on a wide cliff with nothing before it but a vast blue and green ocean. Ben stood at the edge, his back to Ethan. The blonde stopped momentarily, staring at his friend, who seemed eerily still. He took a deep breath and walked up to the Latin stud. As he stood next to Ben, Ethan's eyes glanced sideways. Ben's hazelnut gaze was locked on the horizon, glimmering as the sun's rays softly brushed over it.

"Why are you so fucking angry at me...?" Ben questioned. His voice was calm and collected. Ethan stood silent. "I wanna love you, but you won't let me in." The Latin stud continued. "I..." Ben stuttered, his voice finally breaking.

Silence took hold for what seemed like an eternity. Until Ethan's voice finally cracked it.

"You left me." He muttered. "You left me alone with them." Ethan added, his voice struggling to keep afloat. "I waited for you...for days..." He stuttered.

Ben's head finally turned to face his friend, his eyes glistening with tears.

"I know you got the short end of the stick, Ethan...and I have wept their decision to take you upstairs instead of me every day since then. "Ben stated with self-inflicted grievance. "But you were not the only one there, Ethan." Ben said, his words pulling the veil hovering around the two men the last few days.

A clarity took hold, and for a moment, they said nothing.

"I know why they chose me..." Ethan uttered, his voice low, almost like a whisper. "It was the only way to break you." He revealed as Ben's tears began to fall. "I've always thought of us like one-winged birds...you know...I always felt I could only fly and be free if you were there...holding me." Ethan voiced.

A smile began to push through Ben's tears. They were the most beautiful words he had ever heard.

"Remember the day we made our blood pact?" Ethan asked, his voice gaining strength and his golden eyes lit by the morning sun. Ben beamed.

"How could I forget." The stud replied. "That day, you didn't just take my blood, Ethan. Part of me went with you." Ben uttered. "There is nothing I wouldn't do for you. Nothing." Ben professed.

And with those words, Ethan's head finally turned to meet the person he loved the most in his life. And once his golden gaze met Ben's, he lunged into the stud's arms, diving his head deep inside his chest where he stayed, bathing in the comfort of Ben's protection, his source of strength.

"I guess we're just two lost souls..." Ethan whispered.

"...trying to find their way back." Ben concluded, their lips smiling concurrently.

"Ben?" Ethan called. His voice was now warm and content.

"Yeah?" Ben replied.

"Let's go home." Ethan requested.

The blonde's head tumbled sideways and landed softly on Ben's shoulder, their gaze now locked on the vast ocean that stretched before them.

They eventually returned to the car and drove off to Ben's house. Inside the vehicle, they barely spoke, their hearts now overwhelmed with resolve. Ben steered the wheel with only one hand. The other held Ethan's the entire time. And the blonde just stared out the window, smiling.

By the time they arrived, it was already dark.

They entered the house, leaving the bags inside the car, and stood in the hallway. Ethan's eyes seemed uneasy, darting around the room. Ben chuckled and held his hand, guiding the blonde stud up the stairs and into their room. As they walked in, he shut the door behind them. Ethan stood at the foot of the bed momentarily before turning around.

"I'm nervous..." He uttered, making Ben smile.

The stud took a few steps forward. He raised his hands and held Ethan's face, kissing him softly. Then he pulled away, his eyes running through every inch of the blonde's body before finally undressing him slowly and respectfully. And with each layer of clothing he peeled away, Ben slowly exposed Ethan's gorgeous body, honoring every mark, every mole, every scar. He pulled Ethan's undies by the waistband, kneeling before him and kissing his abdomen gently.

"Lay back." Ben directed. Ethan obliged, sliding back and spreading on the sheets, his cock rock hard, and his eyes completely transfixed on the Latin stud.

Then Ben stood up and began to strip slowly. He was making sure Ethan had the chance to run his beautiful golden eyes over every inch of him. Ben wanted Ethan never to forget what this moment felt like and how different everything was now under this new light that shined upon them. Finally, Ben pulled down his waistband, exposing his semi-hard cock. The most beautiful, uncut, perfect dick, leaking precum. Ben walked forward and crawled into the bed, nestling beside Ethan, sliding one of his massive, athletic legs between the blonde's thighs. His arm came up, and he brushed Ethan's blonde curls aside, exposing his face.

"Mi mundo está cegado por tus ojos dorados, y las curvas de tus labios reescriben mi historia." Ben whispered before leaning forward and kissing Ethan's red lips. He lingered momentarily, touching them softly, then pulled away. Ethan's eyes were closed.

As much as he wanted to avoid it, by now, it was impossible for Ethan not to notice the 8.5 inches of massive meat sticking out from between Ben's legs, gently poking his thighs. And it was then, as he struggled with this momentary conflict, Ethan slowly unfurled his eyes, his golden gaze scavenging for Ben's hazelnut ocean of profound serenity. He didn't say anything, but every fiber of Ethan's body radiated in a hectic dance between desire and fear. Innocence and lust for the unknown, like a young man eagerly awaiting his first touch, kiss, and the promise of his sexual awakening. Slowly, the final layer that loomed over Ethan's eyes dissipated momentarily, and his golden glimmer surfaced. His lips stretched into a reluctant smile, and he motioned to speak, but words failed him.

And it was then, at that moment, that Ben finally understood. Ethan was calling for Ben from the depths of the darkness he was shackled to. And even though no sound evaded from his mouth, his best friend, the person he loved the most in his life, his love, was shouting from the top of his lungs, clamoring for Ben to plunge into that sea of darkness and save him, ushering his body into the surface, into the light of his strength and comfort.

If Ethan was Ben's strength, then Ben was Ethan's light.

As the two men gazed at each other, they finally gave in to the truth now reflected in their eyes: they were each other's saviors, each other's reason to live.

And just like that, Ethan exhaled, his breath stuttering as tears began falling from his eyes. Ben rolled over, taking Ethan's body with him and pinning the blonde under him, his muscular legs gently spreading Ethan's apart. There was no reluctance in the blonde's body, only a humbling willingness to surrender to the man before him. Despite this, he was still crying, trying to disguise his pain from Ben. Ethan's hand slid down, going eagerly for Ben's cock, following what was now his coping mechanism. But the Latin stud stopped him, struggling between taming Ethan's mindless lust and indulging in his deepest desires.

"Ben..." Ethan cried, his eyes closed as he let his forehead fall over Ben's chest. Ben grabbed the blonde's head and pulled it back, forcing Ethan's gaze to face his. Then he leaned forward and slowly unfurled his tongue, licking Ethan's tears from his face.

"It's ok." Ben uttered, planting soft kisses where Ethan's tears stood, his lips moving with the softness of a rose petal. "Let me heal you. Let me love you." The stud whispered as he continued to kiss Ethan's velvety skin.

"Hold me, Ben." Ethan moaned. "Don't let me go." He whimpered, his body finally letting go. His hands fell over Ben's back, brushing the stud's skin, sliding down and landing on his muscular ass where they lingered. "I..." He whispered, his lips buried inside Ben's neck.

Ben's dick was now rock hard, pulsating between Ethan's cheeks. He slowly started grinding his hips, moistening the blond's crack with his precum. Ethan's pelvis shifted slightly, his legs crawling around Ben's toned waist before completely scissoring them. Then suddenly, the two lovers halted, their eyes latched and souls bound to one another. Time stopped, and the tenacious fog surrounding their lives since the incident finally lifted.

"There you are." Ben uttered, his words fleeing his mouth like a soft summer breeze. Ethan was finally there, present, tuned. His endearing innocence returned to his golden gaze. "I finally found you." Ben whispered, smiling.

"Ben..." Ethan mumbled, his golden gaze glistening as he became overcome by emotion before his eyes and mouth gaped as Ben's cock slowly entered him. "Fuck..." He muttered, his head leaning in to kiss the Latin stud.

Their lips merged effortlessly into a tight embrace, their breaths moving in a syncopated dance as Ben's shaft moved deeper and deeper inside Ethan's insides.

"Ben...I'm sorry...I hurt you." Ethan moaned.

"I know you are." Ben stated, his words comforting Ethan's guilt.

"Fuck my pain away." Ethan begged.

"No, Ethan. No." Ben stated categorically, stopping momentarily as his eyes pierced Ethan's. "I'm going to love your pain away." Ben announced, driving the last inches of his beautiful, giant, hard cock inside the man he loved. "Hold on to me." He instructed.

Ethan obeyed, his arms and legs clenching around Ben's towering body. His head dove inside Ben's chest, the blonde's lips bathing on the stud's hairy chest. Ethan's eyes gaped as he realized Ben was now holding his body in the air. Like an unexplainable supernatural transformation, Ben's body seemed to grow now and expand, making Ethan feel small and vulnerable under him. All he could feel and hear was Ben's heart beating, the thumping sound now spelling Ethan's name directly into his soul.

"I love you, Ben." Ethan finally professed as Ben's thrusts increased in speed. "I love you much." The blonde uttered, his body being plowed by Ben's massive cock.

Ethan couldn't explain it. It was as if his body had been designed to match Ben's. Like Ben's cock was intended to fit perfectly inside his hole. A two-piece puzzle. He didn't even have to clench his muscles. His insides hugged Ben's dick perfectly. With each thrust of Ben's cock, Ethan felt his sadness chipping away, revealing his bright, vibrant nature. Waves of memories engulfed him as the Latin stud fucked his hole, their bodies levitating as Ben's strength held them both.

"You see Ethan..." Ben groaned between heavy breaths. "This is how it feels..." He continued, his breath getting stronger. "To be loved." Ben stated.

And Ethan believed him. How could he not, for he had never felt so alive, so free, so whole. No words could ever express the joy he was being given. Ethan wondered how he could have lived for so long without knowing it.

He felt his back touch the sheets, like a feather landing on a soft surface, followed by Ben's sweaty chest pushing into his. As his ass touched the mattress, he felt it being pushed further down, Ben's cock drilling into it. The stud quickly resumed the plowing, ushering Ethan's wails out of him. They were sharp, unbridled, untamed. Ethan's hands skated around Ben's back and ass, unsure where to go. Everything felt massive, slippery, and feral. Ben displayed a physical prowess of such magnitude that his arms held Ethan with tenderness while his muscular ass bounced up and down, plunging his cock into the blonde's hole with raging passion. Nothing else moved except their hips.

"Ben..." Ethan muttered, feeling his legs shiver. "You're fucking me so good..." The blonde whispered before his arms came up and grabbed the stud's neck.

Ben didn't utter a word. He increased the rhythm even more, his pelvis slapping against Ethan's sweaty cheeks. Occasionally, he would slow down, grinding Ethan's cock more slowly, trying to cage his orgasm, delaying it purposely. Ben was on a mission to pleasure Ethan. Every cell on the stud's organism worked tirelessly to worship the blonde's body.

Suddenly, Ethan felt Ben pull away, bringing him with him. The stud unlocked Ethan's arms from his neck and rolled him over, exposing his ass. Ethan was now on his stomach. Ben leaned forward and slid his tongue along Ethan's back, licking his sweat before collapsing over his scarred back. He then began kissing them, one by one.

"Ben..." Ethan stuttered, the last shred of self-consciousness regarding his trauma marks being washed away by Ben's mouth.

"It's ok...I'm here." Ben groaned as he slowly shoved his cock inside Ethan again. The blond felt himself being stretched even wider, the tip of Ben's cock rubbing against his prostate, unleashing micro spurts of precum from his pink cock as it rubbed against the sheets. Ethan gasped, his eyes rolling back as he felt a wave of euphoria run through him. "That's it, baby. Let me love you." Ben whispered into Ethan's ear. "Let me fuck you like you deserve." Ben groaned before collapsing on top of Ethan.

In seconds, his ass began to bounce up and down on Ethan's ass, battering his cheeks into the bed, cramming them with the weight of his hips. Their bodies barely detached as Ben fucked Ethan with deep and smooth motions. He was honing the blonde's hole, dancing into it, his cock throbbing lustfully.

"Fuck...Ben...what the fuck..." Ethan whimpered as he shook his head in disbelief. The pleasure was almost too much.

"Shhh...come here." Ben groaned, grabbing his hair and pulling him for a kiss.

He drove his tongue inside Ethan's mouth, quieting his angst. Ethan's hand came up, his upper body bending upwards, and he held Ben's neck, signaling the stud to drive his tongue deeper inside his mouth. Both men were now moaning, two tones composing a strikingly melodic melody. And for over ten minutes, they remained there, their mouths locked as they sucked on each other's tongues, and Ben's giant cock fucked Ethan's ravishing pink hole.

"Oh my God!" Ethan gasped as Ben's mouth finally pulled away.

The stud tore away, sliding his cock out of him. Ethan rolled over and stared at Ben, eyes agape as he did. The stud's chest moved up and down, expanding outwards as he stroked his slobbering cock. Ethan opened his mouth but struggled to voice his thoughts. Ben beamed, stretching his arm forward and grabbing his wrist.

"I know what you want." Ben said.

Without a pause, he pulled Ethan up in the air and grabbed him. The blonde instinctively swathed his legs around the stud's waist. Ben carried Ethan over to the desk just in front of the window and dropped his ass gently on top of it. He pulled Ethan closer to the edge, grabbing his cheeks and spreading them just enough to allow his precum-drizzling cock to slide back in.

"You wanna see my face while I come inside you, right?" Ben questioned. Ethan nodded, his mouth opened in shock. Ben had read his thoughts. By now, there was no degree of mental or physical separation between them.

"I..." Ethan mumbled as his body began moving back and forth, the sound of the desk hitting against the wall as Ben pushed his hips into him echoing across the room. "...had no idea...it could..." Ethan stuttered as he tried to cage his tears.

"...feel like this?" Ben added, his voice bottled with passion and desire.

There it was, the truth. Inside their eyes, they had found their purpose. They were meant to love each other, to fuck each other. They were soulmates. Bound by their history, their destiny, tragedy, and pain.

"Ethan..." Ben groaned as he stared into his lover's eyes.

"Ben...my love..." Ethan moaned, his golden gaze reflecting on the Latin stud.

Ben began to smile and cry simultaneously. And soon after, Ethan felt the first strings of Ben's cum explode inside his hole. A strange surge of cold followed by a heatwave sprung from his prostate and climbed rapidly up his groin to the tip of his cock. Ethan was busting his load into Ben's stomach while the stud flooded him with his thick cum.

"Fuuuuuuck!" Ben hollered, his head snapping back in ecstasy.

Ethan's mouth lingered open before he finally burst into laughter and let his forehead fall over Ben's chest. And as both their orgasms began to land, their giggles merged, and they held each other in laughter.

"That was fucking insane, dude!" Ethan stated as he tried to catch his breath.

"You don't need to fucking tell me that..." Ben replied, chuckling.

They stayed there for a couple of minutes until only silence remained. And then, from under their lingering embrace, Ethan spoke.

"Thank you." He whispered.

"For what?" Ben questioned.

"For finding me...For bringing me back." Ethan replied.

Ben pulled Ethan tighter into him, his fingers brushing gently over the blonde's neck. He lifted his lover and laid him on the bed, nestling beside him. And there, by Ethan's side, Ben waited patiently until the love of his life fell asleep.

It was the most peaceful slumber of Ethan's life.


[At a certain point in time]

"Am I finally getting rid of you, Doc?" Ethan playfully asked. The therapist chuckled.

"I wouldn't say that. But let's narrow it down to once a month from now on. What do you say?" The doctor suggested.

"It's a deal." Ethan replied, smiling. As he stood up, the doctor stopped him.

"Ethan, have you considered talking to Benjamin about coming to see me? From what you told me, I think...I believe he would benefit from it." The doctor suggested with a slight hesitation in his voice.

"He won't do it." Ethan replied categorically.

"Ethan..." The therapist uttered before pausing, measuring his words wisely. "I fear Ben's trauma might be deeper than you think. His love for you might not be enough to keep him from doing something...bad." He warned.

Ethan put on his coat and rushed for the door, pausing with his hand on the doorknob.

"I know, Doc." He stated before walking out and closing the door behind him.


[Present time]

Ethan woke up, startled by the sound of a car pulling off their driveway. He jumped off the bed and ran down the stairs, his feet faltering just as he reached the bottom.

"Ben?" He called. "Ben!" He shouted again before running to the kitchen, his eyes immediately locking on the counter where a folded piece of paper with the weed mixer bowl over it waited. "Shit..." He muttered.

Ethan took a few steps forward, reached for the letter, and opened it.



I'm sorry I had to leave like this.

But I can't bear to keep living, knowing he's still out there. I need to do this.

I'll leave my heart with you.




[Somewhere in southern Portugal, three weeks later]

Ben's rental car halted beside a white sign with black lettering at the deserted intersection road. He sat inside the car for twenty minutes until he saw flickering lights coming in his direction. Seconds later, another vehicle was stopping behind him. A man jumped off, carrying a large bag, and walked over to Ben's luggage, opening it and tossing the sack inside, unleashing a clangorous sound. He approached the side of Ben's door just as the stud opened the window.

"I got the stuff you asked for. The house is just a couple of miles down that way." The man informed with a thick accent.

"Neighbors?" Ben questioned.

"Not a soul in sight." The man replied.

"Good." Ben stated, reaching for his pocket and taking out an envelope. "Obrigado." He uttered, closing the window and driving off, watching in the rearview mirror as the man stood on the deserted road, carefully counting the cash inside.

Ben drove silently through the dark, pitch-black road for twenty minutes. After a subtle slope, he came across a large country house about 600 yards further down. As he approached the fence around the property, he stopped, shutting the car down. He sat inside, watching lights flickering inside until the whole bottom floor of the house lit up. He leaned over the wheel, his chin resting on his hands. Moments later, he saw movement. A familiar man walked inside the kitchen, over to the oven, and turned, holding a food tray. It was Robert. Ben's eyes twitched with fury in the darkness, yet he smiled.

But suddenly, Ben's eyes glanced sideways, daunted by the appearance of a second person. It was a young man, about 19 years of age. Robert grabbed his neck and pulled him in for a kiss on the forehead. The boy shrugged him away. Robert's tenderness towards the boy immediately took Ben by surprise.

Ben's eyes flickered again as a woman entered the frame. She seemed about Robert's age, blonde, elegant, and tall. She rushed over to Robert and wrapped her arms around him, kissing his neck before walking around the table and sitting opposite the boy. Robert eventually took his place at the head of the table. Ben watched their interactions for several minutes as they ate a meal like a typical family. Robert had a family.

"Well, what do you know..." Ben mumbled before his incredulous countenance shifted.

In its place, a callous and stern expression surfaced.

"We're in for some wicked games..." Ben's voice conveyed from the darkness.

(To be concluded...)

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