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Wicked Games - 5. "Palo Santo"

[13 years earlier]

"What about that one?" The blonde boy questioned as he pointed at the endless blue sky before him, his arm raised in the air as he lay on the large patch of green grass.

"Hum...I don't know." The boy lying next to him replied, sounding bored out of his mind.

"How long do you think they will keep us grounded?" The blonde child asked.

"Probably until dinner time." The tanned skin, raven-haired child responded.

"Ben, I'm getting cold." The blond kid noted, dropping his arm and rolling his head sideways.

"Stop being such a pussy, Ethan." Ben stated before turning his head and looking at his friend. "Come here." He instructed, dropping his arm sideways. Ethan crawled over and nestled into Ben's embrace, their hips touching gently and his head on Ben's arm. The two friends lay there silently for a while. But Ben could feel Ethan's head fidgeting nervously. "What?" He asked, annoyed.

"Nothing..." Ethan muttered, dying to voice his thoughts.

"Spit it out, bro." Ben demanded.

"Do you think we'll always be friends?" Ethan questioned, his voice bustling to finish the sentence.

"Yeah." Ben replied before silence retook hold. Moments later, Ethan spoke again.

"Even if we go to different schools?" He asked. His voice trembled a bit.

"Sure..." Ben hesitated, suddenly overwhelmed by the potential scenario posed by Ethan.

"What if one of us gets married? Or have kids?" Ethan fired.

"I...guess." Ben stuttered, his heart beating anxiously faster.

After a brief silence, Ethan's soft voice spoke again.

"If we marry each other, we won't have to move." Ethan suggested.

"Dude, that's weird." Ben replied. Another silence. Ben's eyes glanced down at Ethan, whose hand was now on top of Ben's stomach, his fingers brushing his friend's shirt. "But sure, why not." The Latin boy added. Ethan smiled, his reaction hidden from Ben's view.

Ben...?" Ethan called.

"Yeah?" Ben replied. This time, his voice was soft and patient.

Ethan suddenly stood up, his face turning to face Ben. His golden gaze submerged inside Ben's eyes before pulling away and scanning the grass around him. He stretched his hand, and his fingers plucked a small wood splinter from the ground. Then, he turned back to Ben.

"Hold out your hand." He asked. Ben obliged reluctantly. Ethan took the splinter and punctured Ben's finger with the tiny sliver.

"What the fuck, Ethan!" Ben blurted instinctively.

"Don't clean it!" Ethan warned. He then opened his left hand and pressed the splinter against his finger, unleashing a small gush of blood. He lifted his eyes and, without ever pulling his gaze away from Ben, placed his finger over Ben's, smudging the two drops of blood together. Ben looked at him with a confused yet allured expression. "Now, we'll always be together." Ethan professed before taking both their fingers and putting them inside his mouth.

Ben could feel his friend's tongue sucking on them, swirling around, trying to clean the wound off. Inside his shorts, Ben's dick became hard. Harder than those times he had secretly jerked off in the shower. During all this, their eyes never parted. It was the most unassailable, intense, and compelling feeling Ben had ever experienced. Ethan finally pulled their fingers out of his mouth, his soft, plump lips hugging them as they slid out. And his golden gaze latched on Ben.

"Boys, dinner's ready!" Ben's mother called from inside the house.

Their gaze broke, and they awkwardly straightened themselves, pulling their bodies out of the grass floor and standing up. As they did, Ethan glanced over Ben's crotch and smirked. He turned and rushed inside, leaving Ben standing there, hostage to the overwhelming beauty of their moment. Eventually, he followed Ethan inside.

That night, Ben and Ethan jerked off for the first time. Together.


[Present time]

Ben sat on the kitchen stool. His back slanted over the counter as his hands held a warm cup of coffee. He swirled the cup around, the base scraping against the marble stone, his eyes drenched in tears. They suddenly lifted, awoken by the lights coming through the window as a vehicle parked outside the house. He slowly straightened himself enough to allow his eyes to scan the driveway and see his car stopping just outside the garage. A few seconds later, Ethan hopped out, turning his arm back as he pressed the remote and walked inside. He shut the front door and tossed the keys inside a large plastic bowl on a small cabinet to the left of the entrance hall. A few seconds later, Ethan crossed the kitchen doorway, rushing past Ben as he tried to flee upstairs.

"Where the fuck were you?" Ben fired, his words stopping the blonde hunk in his tracks. He lingered there, his eyes avoiding Ben's at all costs.

"What's it to you?" Ethan replied, his voice spiritless.

"It's my business if you take my car without asking." Ben countered, his hand gripping the coffee cup with so much force it trembled.

"Fine. I'll take an Uber next time. Or walk." Ethan countered. "You're the one who said not to bring anyone over." He argued.

"So, how was it?" Ben questioned, his eyes squinting with anger. But Ethan didn't answer. He just stood there, his eyes on the floor. "How many times did he fuck you?" Ben persisted.

"Don't." Ethan pleaded. Ben could see his friend's hands fidgeting nervously.

"Answer the question." Ben provoked. Ethan's head finally lifted, his eyes still avoiding Ben.

"They were taking turns. I lost count." Ethan revealed coldly.

"How many were there?" Ben drilled.

"Three." Ethan answered without hesitation.

"Did you eat their cum, or did they come inside you?" Ben questioned, mining persistently deeper. This time, Ethan's head turned. His eyes were lifeless, their golden glimmer wholly gone.

"Both." Ethan admitted. Then, to Ben's surprise, he began undressing. "Here." He said as he pulled his shirt off, exposing his bare, smooth chest. "I'll show you." He uttered, dropping his denim pants to the floor, the belt plunging loudly on it. He wore nothing underneath. He walked forward and squeezed his naked body between Ben's legs, held the stud's face, and blew his breath into it. "Can you smell their cum?" He asked. Ben nodded, his eyes closed as he desperately held his dismay at bay.

"Turn around. Show it to me." Ben ordered.

Ethan smiled, his demeanor changing immediately. He was now engaged, enamored by Ben's dominance. He turned and dropped his upper body over the counter, exposing his perfect ass.

"Spread them." Ben demanded. Ethan obliged, grabbing his cheeks and pulling them apart, exposing his pink hole. It was still moist, with small pieces of gelatinous cum attached to its walls. "Push it out." Ben ordered.

Ethan's hole started puckering as soon as he did, his sphincter unfurling outwards. Seconds later, thick white cum started spewing from inside. Ethan moaned lustfully, almost as if Ben was entering him. Ben's hand gently brushed Ethan's cheek, feeling the blonde's soft skin.

"They were lucky to have you..." Ben muttered, his spirit faltering.

Witnessing what Ethan was doing to himself was the most challenging thing he ever had to endure. And now, not even the beautiful memories of their good times together and the profoundness of their friendship could protect them from the darkness that had fallen under them.

"I wouldn't have to do this if you would just fuck me." Ethan's voice slithered. "I know you want to." He stated as he came up and turned his body over to Ben, motioning his intent to kiss the Latin stud.

But as he leaned in, Ben's hand suddenly shot up, grabbing Ethan's wrist violently.

"How easy it must be..." Ben whispered. "To not feel...anything." He stated, his eyes glistening with pain. "Careful, Ethan...if you keep this up, you might end up like them." He uttered, letting go of Ethan's wrist, getting up, and walking over to the kitchen's doorway, leaving the blonde stud unaided.

"Why don't you just let me go, Ben? Why don't you just fucking quit me?" Ethan's voice spoke, now riddled with sadness. Under it, Ben could finally recognize his old friend.

"Because I made you a promise, Ethan. And I intend to keep it." Ben professed before finally walking up the stairs. A few moments later, the bedroom door shut clangorously, echoing across the house.

The mood between the two men became sour for the next few days. They didn't talk, look at each other, or even touch. Ethan started sleeping in the guest room, actively avoiding bumping into Ben around the house. He would wait for the stud to leave for work before he finally got out of bed and wandered around the house, procrastinating. One morning, he waited for Ben to leave and walked over to the kitchen window, hiding in sight as he watched Ben's car leave their driveway. And as it disappeared in the distance, Ethan's body collapsed over the kitchen counter. His chest filled up, his muscles expanding outwards before he released what seemed like an endless breath of air. It was so loud and urgent it seemed stored there for ages.

He went to his room and picked up his phone, texting something before putting his phone down and rushing for the bathroom. He showered, wore a nice shirt and fancy trousers, and rechecked his cell phone. He had, since then, received a text. He replied as he walked to the front door, grabbing his keys from the bowl before rushing out of the house.

Ethan walked the streets for twenty minutes, and as he did, every person who passed by him would turn their heads and stare, mesmerized by his beauty. Something Ethan wasn't a stranger to, for it had been happening his whole life, even as a young boy. Yet, ever since the incident, these occurrences came pervaded with profound irony. That they would deem him beautiful, Ethan thought, when behind his alluring layer, ugliness resided.

He suddenly stopped just as he came to two large gates. Beyond them, the most luscious, green garden, where children played, old couples sat on benches, adults jogged, and couples lay on the soft lawn, their heads nestled into each other's bodies. He walked inside, across that public garden that beamed with life, painfully contrasting with the arid lifelessness he felt inside. He suddenly heard a high-pitched scream as he reached a small, charming Cafe that stretched over a large pond.

"Daddy!" Lory's voice called. Ethan turned just in time to catch her running with her arms stretched outwards, jumping up as she reached him.

"Hey, baby girl." Ethan whispered, a soft giggle involuntarily fleeing his mouth. It seemed to surprise him, and soon, his arms closed around his daughter, pressing her against him.

"When are you coming home?" Lory asked, whispering into Ethan's ear.

"Daddy's spending some time at Uncle Ben's." He stuttered, unsure of what to answer. As he glanced further down the path to the Cafe, he spotted Claire approaching. Then he noticed her stopping.

"I miss our bedtime stories time." She conveyed. Her words felt like an alacritous cutlass plunging inside Ethan's chest.

"Why don't you ask Mommy to read them?" He replied softly. Lory's lips leaned even closer to Ethan's ear.

"I don't like it...she doesn't do the voices." She disclosed. Ethan struggled not to chuckle.

"I see." He replied, picking Lory up and waving to Claire in the distance.

Ten minutes later, Lory was running around in a recreational playground just in front of the Cafe as Ethan and Claire sat on one of the tables facing the pond.

"How have you been?" Claire asked. There was an apathy in her voice.

"Ok." Ethan replied unconvincingly. "You?" He added.

"Tired. I'm doing everything by myself now." She passive-aggressively declared. She then stopped, glancing at Ethan briefly. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean it like that." She added.

"I know. It's fine." Ethan excused. There was no resentment in his voice. "Did you bring it?" He questioned.

Claire nodded, stretching her arm and fetching her bag from the empty chair beside her. She pulled out a small plastic brief. She opened it and took out some papers, laying them on the table before Ethan.

"I had the lawyer add the clauses you talked about. Lory's college fund and the medical insurance stuff." She informed before pausing, seeming hesitant. "But you can read it first." She said.

"Nah. It's ok. I trust you." Ethan stated with conviction as he straightened himself on the chair. "Pen?" He asked.

"Oh, right." Claire uttered, clearly caught by surprise by Ethan's proactiveness. She took her hand to her bag and pulled a pen out. She gave it to Ethan, who proceeded to sign the papers, sliding the stash over the table before reclining back on his chair.

They sat there in silence for what seemed like ages. They both stared at Lory, playing in the distance, watching as she enjoyed her childhood's blissful and ingenious freedom.

"That's an unexpected relief." Claire commented, their eyes locked on Lory as Ethan sat silently beside her. "I suppose it was inevitable." She continued, with melancholy. "How could I ever compete with what you two have?" She uttered, her voice cracking slightly. Ethan kept silent, eyes unmoving. "I hope...you find your way back, Ethan. I do." She stated, eyes gleaming with tears and a soft smile. But as she finally turned to look at Ethan, her smile faded slowly.

The man Claire knew, the man she had loved, the father of her child, was gone. In front of her was someone else. An entirely different person.

"Take care of her for me." Ethan stated. His voice was stern, barren.

He stood up and walked away. He didn't say goodbye to Claire or Lory. He walked away without ever looking back. The further he wandered, the more diluted he felt. After twenty minutes of walking, when he stepped on Ben's driveway, his heart was empty, the memories of his family life bestrewn to the wind.

He stormed inside the house and collapsed over the kitchen counter, his arms stretched over it. He stayed there, breathing heavily until his chest finally caved in. He eventually pulled himself off the large marble plate, standing up and looking vacantly into nothing. He felt empty, unaided, and overwhelmingly yielded. Ben's presence was the only source of light in his life. But even that light felt dimmed by his own destructive behavior. He returned to his room, stripped, put on some white undies, and was about to leave for the living room when a text popped up on his phone. He walked back to the bed and picked it up.

"Want to get used again? Nearby."

Ethan's fingers lingered, hovering over the screen. His hole puckered, and his dick throbbed. But something stopped him, so he put the phone down and left the room. He strolled into the bathroom, turned the water on, and splashed a cold handful into his face, grabbing the sink as he stared himself in the mirror. There wasn't a single piece of himself Ethan recognized anymore. His old self was shredded by what had happened. Standing there, as he gaped at himself, he tried to remember who he was, who he used to be. But the more he delved inside himself, the thicker the darkness would become around him, and it wasn't long before his mind was shrouded in a dark veil, blinding him completely.

His cock got hard, and he started stroking it. And soon, a sense of solace came over him like a gentle wave of warm liquid. His eyes glazed, and his mind went blank, drowning his soul into darkness. And it was then that Ethan finally realized. Darkness had become his home, his temple. His soul had been dragged too deep, irrevocably binding him to an abyss from which he had never been able to escape since those fateful days. And this darkness was slowly but surely becoming his private place of worship, of prayer. A shrine that allowed him to block his pain from growing, breaking, and scattering it into the void his spirit had become. Invisible to his heart and mind, like unsavory memories in the current.

He rushed for the room, picked the phone up from the nightstand, and started texting.

"Cum over."

He typed before putting the phone down and walking back to the hall and into the living room. He sat on the couch, opened a small box he took out of one of its drawers, and started rolling a joint. His tongue grazed the rolling paper delicately, his glazed eyes still staring into nothing. He took the joint to his lips and puffed, reclining back on the couch as he exhaled.

Twenty minutes went by. Just as Ethan took in the last drag, he heard two knocks on the door. He stood up and stretched, his arms reaching for the ceiling before they tumbled down. The blonde stud walked to the front door and opened it.

"Hey, stud." The gorgeous, ebony-skinned guy who had fucked him in Ben's room a few weeks before greeted him as he stood in the doorway with his hands in his pockets. Ethan scanned him up and down before his eyes turned slightly left. There was another guy, half his body hidden under the black hunk. "I brought a friend. Is that ok?" He questioned, his eyebrows slightly raised in waiting.

Ethan tilted his head to the side, prompting the other fellow to step forward slightly. His eyes scanned the guy. He was tall, maybe 5.8, with a full tattooed sleeve on his right arm, muscular, with light skin and a hairy chest, whose curled dark brown fuzz peeked slightly out of his white tank top. Ethan took a few steps back, slid his fingers inside his undies waistband, and pulled them onto the floor. Both men stared at him in awe.

"Close the door behind you." He ordered before turning around and walking inside his room, his beautiful muscular ass bouncing as he did.

"Dude..." The hairy guy commented, his mouth slightly dropped as he glanced at Ethan's scarred back.

"I know." The black stud replied, his expression unbothered. "Trust me, in five minutes, you won't even notice. He's the sexiest piece of ass I ever fucked." He argued with a smirk on his lips. "He's fucking insatiable." He concluded before walking inside. His friend followed, closing the front door behind him.

As they reached the room, they pushed the door open to find Ethan near the window, closing the shutters and quickly enveloping the room in a dark glow. He walked to the nightstand and opened one of the small drawers, pulling out a burgundy handkerchief. He opened it and dropped it over the bedside lamp delicately. Every motion was deliberate, systematic, almost like a ritual of sorts. The two men's eyes followed Ethan's every move, their gaze entirely captivated by the blonde's alluring beauty and peculiar demeanor.

Ethan crawled onto the bed and slid down his body over it, his back curved like a reptile and his ass facing his guests. As his pelvis finally touched the sheets, he turned his head back, eyes facing the two men, and smiled.

"Well?" He provoked, his voice lacking gravitas, completely contrasting with his body language.

The two guests looked at each other and giggled before undressing clumsily and hurriedly, dropping their clothes all over the floor. As they stood up, both their dicks were rock-hard. And they couldn't be shorter than 10 inches each.

The black stud took charge and walked over to the bed, sliding his hands under Ethan's thighs and pulling his body to the edge of the bed. The blonde slid over the sheets, his expression motionless. It was only when the ebony stud spread his cheeks and took a giant sniff that Ethan's eyes finally twitched.

"That's what I'm talking about." The stud groaned, dunking his face inside the blonde's crack before the slurping sounds of him feasting on Ethan's pink hole finally filled the room. Now and then, the stud would slap his hand on Ethan's cheek, pinching it, unleashing these lavish moans from the blonde's mouth. Every time this happened, Ethan would drill his face deeper into the mattress, sticking his ass even more into the black hunk's face as he felt his tongue swirling around inside his hole. "Fuck!" He suddenly hollered as he pulled out, snapping his head back. "Jason, get over here." He called, pulling away and letting his friend, who stroked his cock silently behind them, take his place.

The hairy hunk crouched, spread Ethan's already slobbered cheeks, and spit inside, making the blonde's hole pucker. His friend stood beside them, stroking his cock, looking down as the hairy stud succumbed to Ethan's charms. And it was, for lack of a better word, spellbinding how easily the blonde indulged and how effortlessly he tapped into his sexual nature.

"I need to fuck this hole." Jason stated as he pulled his face out of Ethan's ass. Without missing a beat, he stood up, spit into his hand, brushed the moist over his goliath, 10-inch cock, and leaned over Ethan, aiming the tip and plunging it inside, balls deep. A growl broke from Ethan's mouth as the hairy hunk snapped his head back, his long hair bouncing with it before bringing himself forward again and looking down. He stood there, staring at his cock shoved inside Ethan's perfect ass. Then, he pulled his pelvis back slowly, watching it slide off. As the last inch of his throbbing cock was about to pop off, he pushed himself back in again. "Holy fucking Christ...Mike..." He groaned.

"I told you." Mike uttered, smirking.

"It fucking pulls you in, goddammit." Jason commented, his breath heavy and exhilarated. His hands brushed Ethan's ass, spreading the blonde's cheeks, glancing down as he watched incredulously at his dick being sucked inside the bottom's hole. "You fucking beautiful slut..." He stuttered, wholly lost in ecstasy. "Come here." He demanded, finally grabbing Ethan's hips, clenching his fingers around them as he thrust his pelvis back and forth, pumping his massive dick into him.

Ethan's moans of pleasure were finally released in all their glory. Free, uninhibited, and wild. His body rocketed back and forth over the edge of the bed, his muscular ass smashing against Jason's pelvis, the clapping sound covering the room with the most perverted musical compass.

And for over ten minutes, that sound was all that was heard.

"Fucking cunt...you're wearing me out." Jason finally muttered between heavy breaths and deep thrusts as he brushed his arm over his forehead, his face and body dripping sweat over Ethan's body. "Shit." He suddenly uttered, halting his movements completely. He lingered there, holding Ethan's hips, his fingers pulling the blonde's soft skin as he breathed deeply. He finally glanced back at Mike, his eyes blinking slowly. Mike tilted his head, signaling his friend to move out of the way. Jason glanced down and reluctantly pulled his cock out of Ethan, who moaned continuously until the last inch popped out before collapsing on the bed. Mike walked up, holding his massive, 10-inch throbbing shaft, and shoved Jason to the side.

"Where the fuck do you think you're going?" He questioned, grabbing Ethan's ankles and pulling the blonde back into the edge of the bed. Ethan's ass immediately lifted, eager to receive, his sphincter contracting vigorously. Mike aimed his tip and pushed inside, unleashing a vibrant whimper as his cock slid into Ethan. Ethan's moans shifted, now even more eager. "That's right. That's it." He mocked. "You missed that cock, didn't you?" He teased with contempt.

Ethan didn't utter a word. Instead, he just moaned and nodded, his fingers gripping the sheets tightly as his arms stretched outwards. Every fiber in his being was submitting, his spirit desperately clamoring for the void. For his pain to be ended.

He suddenly felt an arm swath his neck and pull his body up. He felt Mike's chest touch his back and the ebony stud's nose dive inside his neck, taking a deep whiff.

"I don't know what it is about you, dude..." Mike muttered, his eyes rolling as he became intoxicated by Ethan's scent. "I wouldn't mind making this exclusive." He suggested as he kissed the blonde's neck softly. But Ethan suddenly pulled away. "What, no romance?" The black hunk mocked as he pulled away, a disappointed look on his face. He lifted his right arm, signaling Jason to move to the bed. "Your call, dude." He finally said before pushing his hips into Ethan, his dick finally hitting the blonde's prostate. Ethan's neck snapped back, his silky blonde hair with it.

"Fuck!...yes." He whispered, his mouth opened as his tongue glazed over his plump lips.

As he slowly unfurled his eyes, he found Jason kneeling before him, the hairy stud's cock dangling in front of his mouth. He looked at Ethan, spellbound by the blonde's beauty, and for a brief moment, he seemed keen to lean in and kiss him. But he didn't. Instead, he slid his fingers inside Ethan's blonde curls forcing his mouth towards his cock. Without a second thought, Ethan swallowed it, mouth agape before his lips closed on it, roughly 7 inches in. He could taste himself on Jason's dick as he did it.

"Mother fucker." Jason uttered, his head falling back as he stared at the ceiling. As he pulled his head back, he glanced down, marveling at the sight of Ethan's lips stretched thin around his shaft. He tightened his grip around the blonde's hair and thrust his cock inside.

Even as he did, Ethan didn't flinch. He didn't even gag. He was taking Jason's 10 inches inside his mouth like a pro, his tongue sliding under the base and his mouth hugging the massive cock like a warm pussy. And for over twenty minutes, all you could hear was Ethan strenuously working to breathe through his nose while his ass was pounded into submission by Mike's massive cock. Everything went numb and eerily silent until Jason's voice blasted through Ethan's restful darkness.

"Fuck, I'm gonna cum." He announced, his ass finally halting, his cheeks clenching as he unloaded inside Ethan's mouth. Mike pulled the hairy stud's neck in, and they started kissing, their tongues swirling inside each other's mouths. "He's swallowing it. Holy shit!" Jason muttered into Mike's mouth, their foreheads touching as they gazed at each other lustfully.

Ethan was taking every shot of Jason's thick load, but the taste was sour and highly salty, propelling the blonde to start gagging and eventually pull away, his head falling on the sheets. Jason fell back, his head landing on the pillows behind him. He lay there, his dick slightly softening as he watched Mike continue to fuck Ethan's hole. He smiled and leaned forward, grabbing Ethan by his armpits, pulling the blonde across the bed, and nestling him over his chest, forcing Mike's cock to pop out suddenly. But the ebony stud seemed unbothered, quickly tracking the blonde's ass, pushing himself inside again, and resuming his thrusts. Ethan's head bumped and pushed against Jason's chest when the hairy stud grabbed the bottom's head and turned it to face him. He stared at Ethan's vacant eyes, their surface glazed with an opaque layer.

"What happened to you...?" He whispered to Ethan's unresponsive stare. But his comment caught Mike's attention.

"Hey!" He snapped, his hips halting momentarily. "Cut the shit and just fuck the slut." He ordered.

His words were like an incidental spill, a brutish shove on a fleeting act of kindness. And whatever sentiment might have attempted to surface quickly vanished, propelling the darkness in the room to expand and strengthen. Jason looked at Ethan and shrugged, softly chuckling before he grabbed the blonde's face and spat on it. Mike's body suddenly crashed over Ethan's, pinning him between the two studs, and as Jason maintained the bottom's face turned to the side, he started shoving his tongue inside Ethan's mouth.

"You wanna get fucked? Is that what you want?" He groaned, fucking Ethan's ass, his cock barely pulling back as his ass rammed deeper into the bottom's gap.

"Yeah, pound his fucking pussy!" Jason instigated as he pushed his tongue inside the blonde's mouth.

The hairy stud's words seemed to challenge Mike's stamina, and the black hunk increased his thrusts, slapping his pelvis deep into Ethan. The blonde's legs spread outwards, allowing his hole to open even more, his feet lifting in the air as his toes curled in pleasure. Suddenly, a high-pitched squeal erupted from his mouth, unlike any the men had heard. His body began twitching, his hips pushing against Mike's cock, making the stud punch his wrists into the mattress, lift his ass in the air and descend his cock violently inside Ethan's gaping hole. Every thrust was now loud, brutal. The ebony stud would pull his cock just an inch out before slamming it back in, shoving the blonde's body into Jason. Ethan's arms came up, and his fingers started grabbing Jason, his nails scratching the hairy stud's skin.

"Now that's what I'm fucking talking about!" Jason hollered, mesmerized by how Ethan not only surrendered to his pain but endured it. "This bitch can take a dick!" He mocked belligerently. "But can he take two?" He questioned. Mike's eyes locked on his friend, glinting.

Under his abdomen, Ethan could feel Jason's cock growing hard as a rock. Moments later, Mike's dick slid out of his ass, his hole puckering, releasing a loud popping sound. And then, he felt Jason's dick enter him. Ethan instinctively brought his knees up, squatting on the hairy stud's pelvis with his dick stuffed inside his crevice. Ethan felt a hand on his waist and his body being shoved forward. And suddenly, he felt his sphincter stretching, a sharp discomfort around the edges.

"Shit...wait..." Ethan pleaded, his voice dancing between pleasure and pain.

"Shhhh, relax. Breathe." Jason directed, his voice strangely soothing. Mike continued pushing inside slowly. Ethan's hole now stretched to the size of a closed fist. And that was when he heard it. "Do it. Fuck his pussy." The hairy hunk commanded.

And with a mighty shove that buried Ethan's face inside Jason's hairy chest, time halted. Ethan's soul was suddenly suspended in a soundless limbo. In the distance, the muffled voices of the two friends, shouting obscenities and growling as they used his body to satisfy their perverted needs. And slowly, Ethan felt himself lose his smell, his sight, his taste, his touch, and he could only hear a distant disturbing buzzing sound echoing inside his head, like the aftermath of a bomb explosion as both men's cocks rubbed against each other inside his hole.

His mind roved far beyond the borders of that room, outside the house, beyond the street, and over the town. It floated upwards, carried by the breeze, through the clouds and into space, where it finally stalled, hovering motionless. Fragments of his life drilled through him like trains rushing past each other on the tracks. The day he met Ben, the day they jerked off together for the first time, the day he found out he would be a dad, the day of Lory's birth. All encased in a benevolent light that brushed his skin with overwhelming softness.

But just as fast, that softness wilted and, in its place, an all too familiar darkness, piercing his skin and taking hold of his veins, destroying everything in his path. Then came the house and the first knock on the door. Robert's voice and Caleb's scent. And the red room. The countless hours of rape and torture of his once innocent body and the complete destruction of his spirit and soul. Ethan felt himself fall, his weightless body tumbling nowhere.

"He's...mine...now." Caleb's strained voice echoed inside Ethan's head.

Ethan's senses began to return to his body as he felt tears running down his face. But it wasn't long before he heard another whisper.

"Sometimes I look in the mirror and don't recognize myself. It's like I'm seeing someone else." His voice echoed, ushering more tears.

His consciousness slowly descended as he felt his body being jerked around. His hole stretched beyond recognition as both men fucked him mercilessly.

And it was then, when Ethan's spirit was about to let go and surrender, that a familiar voice whispered finally.

"I will fix this. I promise you. I will make it better." Ben's husky voice echoed inside his mind. "Ethan, I love you." His best friend professed.

Ethan's eyes opened, his body pinned between the two men, locked in place by their sheer force.

"No." He uttered, his voice muffled from being pinned against Jason's chest. He tried to pull back, his nose squished against the stud's fuzz, so he turned his head to the side, unleashing his mouth. "NO." He hollered, moving his wrists, which were locked behind his back. "Let me go..." Ethan groaned as the two men continued to stuff their cocks inside him. "GET THE FUCK OFF ME!" He finally hollered, jerking his body violently enough to allow one of his wrists to unlock. In the process, Jason's cock slipped out.

"Mother fucker." Mike groaned. "Grab him!" He ordered, pointing his head towards Ethan's fist, as it was ready to punch Jason's face.

But the hairy stud had the upper hand. He grabbed Ethan's flying wrist midair and pushed it down, lifting himself and locking the blond's hands behind his back again. Then, he crawled on top of him and sat on Ethan's head, holding him down.

"Get my belt!" He ordered. Mike pulled out of Ethan, who moaned painfully, and jumped off the bed into the floor, pulling Jason's leather belt from his denim pants and swiftly jumping back on top of the blond. He took the belt and latched Ethan's hands together before grabbing his throbbing shaft and pushing himself inside again. From under Jason's ass, Ethan's muffled yells of distress could be heard.

Mike fucked Ethan's ass for fifteen minutes, and for the entire time, Ethan screamed. No pleasure or gratification. It was just an excruciating ache, reaching its conclusion as he felt the thick ropes of Mike's batter fire inside his insides. The ebony hunk pulled out, cum still drizzling from his cock, before Jason took his place and pushed his friend's seed back inside with his dick. He fell on top of Ethan and swathed his hand around his mouth, gagging him.

"My turn now." He mocked as he pushed Ethan's body into the mattress, the stud's ass lifting from the bed and lunging down with brutal force.

Jason ravished Ethan's cum filled hole for over half an hour. Enjoying every minute of it as Mike sat on the chair near the window, cleaning his cum and blood-covered dick with a towel while smirking as he watched. Jason finally came inside Ethan, his load feeling even thicker than Mike's. As he pulled out, Ethan's hole queefed loudly.

"Now that's what I call a loose pussy! We should definitely do this again." Mike suggested, slapping Ethan's flushed and sweaty ass while Jason put on his clothes. "C'mom, let's get the fuck out of here." He uttered, leaving the room and signaling Jason to follow.

A few seconds later, Ethan heard the front door close loudly in the distance.

He lay there, eyes on the window, whose shutters had opened slightly, allowing a small streak of light to sleaze her way inside, now shining directly into Ethan's golden eyes. It took a couple of hours until he finally garnered the courage to lift himself from the bed and drag his feet into the bathroom. He walked in, leaving the door open. He stepped back in front of the mirror and watched his reflection. His eyes started twitching, his heart unable to face himself. He pulled away and leaned against the wall beside the bathtub, sliding down slowly until his ass hit the floor. His eyes began to glimmer, slowly filling with tears like drops of water on a crystal glass.

Ethan sat there. Alone. Holding back his tears as his body wavered in shock.

Three hours later, he heard a car pull inside the driveway and into the garage. A few minutes later, the door in the hall opened, and Ethan felt steps going towards the kitchen, followed by a set of keys falling over the marble counter. And a few seconds later, Ben walked by the bathroom, stopping under the doorway. His eyes gaped in shock as he stared at Ethan, who was still in the same spot, his back to the wall, head dunked between his shoulders as a pool of blood and cum oozed from his asshole into the tile floor before him.

"Ethan..." Ben murmured, his body struggling not to rush over.

That is, until Ethan finally lifted his head, his tear-glazed gaze searching for Ben. And there, in that moment, Ethan finally realized. Ben was home.

"Ben..." He whispered, his eyes closing as his pain finally cracked open the impenetrable prison it inhabited. Ethan started sobbing uncontrollably.

Ben rushed over, sliding through the ground, his arms stretched and ready to embrace Ethan. He held him, the blonde's head nestled inside his chest, a safe port for the unsurmountable grief pouring out of him, seemingly unending. His whimpers were layered, overwhelming, and childlike as his body shivered feverishly.

They remained there together, for however long, until Ethan's sobs were nothing more than heavy breaths. Ben's fingers brushed Ethan's hair softly and gently as he tried to calm him. He lifted his head, kissing his forehead, his lips lingering there slightly.

"Don't move." Ben uttered as he stood up and turned on the water in the tub. He sat on the edge, his finger under the tap as he carefully adjusted the temperature. He got up and walked over to a small closet to the right of the sink, taking out towels and a rug he placed at the bottom of the tub. Then, he took out a small dish and two thick incense sticks. He kneeled again, stretching his arm and brushing his fingers under Ethan's armpit, making the blond lift his head. As he did, Ben smiled at him. "C'mon." He sounded with a soothing tone.

Ethan stood up, clinging onto Ben, who helped him inside. Although Ethan was a fit young man, as Ben held him at that moment, he felt small and feeble. He stepped inside the bathtub, lowering his body until the water reached his forearms. Ben leaned forward and closed the tap, the soft steam spewing from the water's surface. Then, the Latin stud took a lighter from his pocket and placed the small dish on the sink, burning the tip of one of the sticks.

"It's Palo Santo. It'll help." He explained as he blew on the incense, driving the smoke to spread slowly inside the small room.

Ben stood up and leaned against the sink, listening to the sound of the last drops of water hitting the warm pool. But as he gazed at Ethan, he noticed his body shivering. Ben blinked. Once.

He pulled forward and began to strip, dropping every piece of clothes on the floor, one by one, without ever taking his eyes off Ethan, whose head was lowered, eyes staring at the water. Ben walked forward and carefully stepped inside the tub. He sat down, enveloping his body over Ethan's, his cock rubbing against the blonde's lower back and his chest covering all of Ethan's scars. He took a deep breath and hugged Ethan from behind, tightly holding him, and it wasn't long before he felt his friend's body melt into his embrace. And, as it happened, Ben began kissing Ethan's back with lengthy, deep, and wet kisses.

"I think the last time we sat together in a tub, we must have been nine or ten." Ben whispered as he continued to kiss Ethan's back, now moving to his neck and earlobes, his hands skating gracefully over the blond stud's arms. Ethan remained silent, his gaze submerged in the water. Ben leaned forward and placed his chin on Ethan's shoulder. "Ethan...tell me where you are, and I'll come find you." He whispered. From the corner of his eye, Ben could see ripples in the water caused by Ethan's tears that fell from his eyes, clashing with the water's surface.

Suddenly, he felt Ethan's arms move, his hands holding Ben's arms and crossing them, signaling the stud to hold him tighter. Ben obliged, his soul finally sensing his best friend's presence. His hands began strolling along Ethan's chest, feeling his soft skin, nipples, and pecs, stopping near his heart. Then he squeezed again, his arms holding Ethan under his shield, and kissed the blonde's neck again.

"That..." Ethan mumbled. Ben waited, giving Ethan the time he needed. "That feels nice." He murmured. Behind him, Ben smiled.

The Latin stud reached back and grabbed a soft bath scrub, dipped it under the warm water, and started soaking it before squeezing it over Ethan's back. After a couple of times, Ethan's head fell back, nudging Ben to continue. The stud obliged, pressing the soaked sponge gently over Ethan's beautiful blonde hair. Ethan's whole body fell back as he did, leaning into Ben's massive chest. They began sliding across the tub, and soon, they were at the far edge of it, their legs now stretched. Ben continued to bathe Ethan in his compassion, kissing his hair, neck, and ears. With each squeeze of that sponge, he was cleansing Ethan's heart. And with each kiss, he was sewing Ethan's spirit back together.

"You were always the strong one." Ethan uttered, his chest moving softly, his breathing now working at an average pace. Ben squeezed his arms around Ethan, enamored by his revelation. They lingered there in silence for a while, their bodies subsisting together. Ben had never felt as close to anyone as he did then.

"Tonto. Te equivocas." Ben replied. Ethan's head turned, and he looked up, his golden gaze finally unlocking. Ben was overwhelmed by the moment, and tears fell from his eyes. Ethan was back in his arms. "Eres mi fuerza, Ethan." Ben whispered.

He leaned forward and kissed Ethan, their lips abiding before he finally felt Ethan kiss him back. It was a tender, sincere, respectful, and devoted kiss. Born from love, not lust. They slowly pulled away, awkwardly assuming their original positions.

After a prolonged silence, Ethan's voice finally spoke.

"Ben...?" He called.

"Yeah?" Ben replied calmly.

"Can we stay like this forever?" Ethan questioned, his voice cracking. Ben could already feel some of Ethan's old self emerge from those cracks.

"Of course we can." Ben replied without faltering.

And although he knew it was impossible, in that moment and until they left that bathroom that night, Ben made sure Ethan felt like it could be.

(To be continued...)

Copyright © 2023 CasualWanderer82; All Rights Reserved.
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It has been hard to find the words to comment on this story.  So dark, so brutal, but also so compelling.  Following the journey of a soul so thoroughly destroyed has been achingly hard to endure, but the glimmer of redemption has always been laced through it.  The ending of this chapter has finally given us the start of that redemption, but also the feeling that the opening of Ethan is far from complete.  There is still rough paths ahead.  It must be difficult to write, but as you keep writing, we will keep reading.

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44 minutes ago, Quixo said:

It has been hard to find the words to comment on this story.  So dark, so brutal, but also so compelling.  Following the journey of a soul so thoroughly destroyed has been achingly hard to endure, but the glimmer of redemption has always been laced through it.  The ending of this chapter has finally given us the start of that redemption, but also the feeling that the opening of Ethan is far from complete.  There is still rough paths ahead.  It must be difficult to write, but as you keep writing, we will keep reading.

Wicked Games as been the hardest, most challenging story I've written so far. And by far, my biggest accomplishment.

Thank you for finding the beauty in it. 

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