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The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

Eddie And Me - 1. Chapter 1

DISCLAIMER: This is a fictional story about Eddie Furlong and in no way implies
anything about his sexuality...at least I don't think it does!

It was kinda hot that day, even for California, when I was on the set of Terminator 2. I was sooo lucky to be cast as an extra in that movie! I was going to get the chance to meet Arnold Schwarzenegger, and be seen in a sequel to one of my favorite movies of all time. It was perfect!

My name is Jason. I'm about 5' 7", 110 pounds, and my 14th birthday was just last week. I've got blond hair down to my ears. You know, that hair that's not quite long, but not quite short either. Anyway, all of the girls at school consider me to be a cutie...but who wants GIRLS? I guess you've figured me out by now, eh? Enter your own gay joke here. But I don't care, I yam what I yam!

I walked over to the catering truck for a burger and some chips. I spotted another extra and figured that I'd ask him some questions and find out what the movie was about. He explained to me that there were going to be two terminators this time around, and that Arnold was going to play the good guy. SWEET!!! He also told me that the second terminator would be chasing Sarah Connor's son, John, in this one. That's when he pointed him out from a small crowd of make-up people a few yards away.

He was absolutely, positively, one of the most beautiful boys I'd ever laid eyes on. He was about my height and weight, and he had gorgeous hazel eyes that you could only catch a quick glimpse of as they darted behind his shiny brown locks. His hair was longer on one side of his head than the other, and it flowed down to his chin where it caressed his face gently. His name was Eddie Furlong...and he was beautiful.

He had never acted before, so he was just as happy to be there as I was. I kept looking in his direction, then looking away, then sneaking another peek, and looking away again. I was hopelessly addicted to the mere sight of him. After a few more minutes of "peek-a-boo", I actually made eye contact. I froze! I got nervous and looked away, but when I looked back he was going back to his trailer. Shit! I blew it! He was probably on his cell phone right now telling his friends how some fag was staring at him for the last ten minutes. I just kind of wrote the whole thing off as one of those experiences that you jack off over once or twice and forget about. Kind of like those skate borders in front of my house, or those cute guys in school, or those hot bodies I see at the mall. Some guys were meant to be had, and some guys were put on this Earth to tease guys like me. Looks like Eddie was going to be one of the teasers.

I was done eating and was trying to guzzle my coke so I could get back to the set and see what was happening.

"Is anybody sitting here?" Came a voice from over my shoulder. I looked up and saw the object of my affections standing behind me. God, he was so close that I could have leaned back and buried my head in his chest. Just as I started to come to my senses, I realized that it had been a good 30 seconds and I hadn't said anything.

"Look...if you'd rather be alone..." Eddie said turning away.

"NO!!!" I shouted. I think it was kind of loud and it scared him a little bit. But I really didn't want him to leave. "Um...I mean...have a seat."

He sat down across the table from me and started munching on his chips. He noticed that I was almost finished and asked if I was getting ready to leave. I told him that I had some coke left and could stay a while. Shit! My coke was almost gone! I'll just fake it. So there I was, sucking air out of an empty coke can and sitting with a guy that turned me on in every way! I was in heaven. We talked, mostly small talk though. What's your name? Where you from? How did you get here? You know, chit chat. We even shared a couple of jokes. But they were soon calling him back to the set and I figured that he was gone for good. At least I got a chance to talk to this teen hunk. That's more than I ever got from staring at the guys at school, or the skate boarders, or the hotties at the mall. I liked him, he was cool.

I watched him film on the set. It was some scene where he was in a garage fixing his motorcycle. I tried not to stare too hard while he was at the table. After all, I didn't want to spook him out. But now that he was at a distance, I really got to check him out. He was so freaking cute! His hair, his eyes, his legs, his feet, his ass...hell, even his ARMS were sexy! I found myself being drawn into him. I was light headed, short of breath, and.....ERECT!!! Oh shit!!! I had a boner! I sat down quick and covered myself. Oh man, I hope nobody saw that. "CUT!" Yelled the director. It seems that Eddie had flubbed a line or something and he scene had to be done again. I waited until the movie crew went over to re-set the scene, and I made my escape.

I leaned against the catering truck and listened to a few tunes on my walkman. Anything to take my mind off of my loverboy. Anyway, it wasn't long before I felt a gentle smack in the back of my head. I turned around and saw Eddie standing there, running his fingers through his soft brown hair and pushing it out of his eyes. If only I could touch him. Hold him. Kiss him.

"Say man, I thought you were going to watch me perform!" He said with a grin.

"I just wanted to take a little break...maybe get some more soda." I said, never taking my eyes off of his beauty.

"Well, you know...I've got a Super Nintendo and some games in my trailer. Wanna play for a while?"

Before I could even answer, he grabbed me by the hand and led me towards his trailer. His hand was as soft as silk, and his grip was playfully firm. This little bit of physical contact was sending waves of electricity through my entire body! I was lost in him. On the way, who did I see coming onto the set, but Arnold himself! Arnold freaking Scwarzenegger!!! I had always dreamed of meeting my fave movie star...but it just didn't matter right now. As Eddie led me by the dick...um, I mean hand...we ran right past him. I didn't look back.

We went into the trailer and he pulled all of the shades down and locked the door. Strange. He sat on the bed in his trailer and I sat in a chair across from him. We played a few games, all of which I lost due to "lack of concentration". I just couldn't focus while this intoxicating youth was sitting next to me. Then, after about ten minutes, he laid back on his bed and closed his eyes. He let out a big sigh and ran his fingers through his hair.

"I'm sorry, you must be tired. If you're going to bed I can leave." I said, trying to be considerate.

He opened his eyes and propped himself up on his elbows. He looked into my eyes and said, "Why would I want you to leave?" And that's when I saw it! His dick jumped! I swear it jumped! He was making it move!!! No way! No fucking way! He was not coming on to me! If I made a move, he might call security and have them beat the shit out of me! But if I didn't make a move, I'd be the biggest idiot alive! What do I do?

Just then, a knock came at the trailer door. "Hey Eddie, we're ready for you." Silence from Eddie.

He just stared at me, and with a flick of his head, his hair was flung out of his eyes. He whispered, "Well...I can't go out there like THIS, can I?"

That statement gave my trembling body the energy it needed to make a move. I slowly walked over to the bed and stood over him. I gently rubbed his thigh and he moaned, spreading his legs wide enough for me to fit between them. I laid on top of him, my body still shaking, and I kissed him on the lips. I instinctively began pumping him as we kissed. His tongue darted into my mouth shyly...he was nervous too. We were pumping and grinding and our kissing became more confident. He was an awesome kisser! We became an ocean of movement as we rolled back and forth on his bed, our young lust finally being released.

Eddie rolled me over on my back and pinned my arms, spread eagle, on the bed. Then he dove into my neck and started sucking at it with skillful technique. It tickled a little bit, but with my arms pinned, there was nothing I could do except let out a half moan/half giggle as he hungrily devoured my neck. Then he released my arms and kissed his way down to my crotch. He took my pants and underwear off and threw them in the corner. Then he took off his own and went back to work. He licked my balls and sent me into throws of passion that I never knew existed! He licked the very bottom of my balls and almost down to my asshole! This kid was driving me crazy! Then he licked the sides of my balls and forced his tongue into the crease where my thigh meets my crotch! His coarse, wet tongue tickled my groin muscles and I was completely lost in him. The feeling was impossible to imagine, much less explain.

Then he went down on my cut 5" cock. His mouth was soooo hot. He licked and teased the head to the point where I was ready to scream! He continued to bob slowly up and down on my teen stick while he was moaning. The vibrations from his voice only increased the sensation and I wouldn't be able to hold back much longer. My whole body was numb except for the part that he was pleasing! But it wasn't my body anymore...it was his!

Then came the last straw! He leaned forward and his pretty brown locks fell into my lap! His hair tickled my crotch and I couldn't take anymore! I came with the force of a hurricane! My whole body became rigid and I think I went blind for a moment or two! I'd never cum that hard in my life, it almost hurt! But this little dance with Eddie had just begun.

Eddie lifted my legs to my chest and began licking my asshole. When he felt that I was lubricated well enough, he positioned his dick at my tight virgin hole, brushed my sweaty blond hair out of my face, and penetrated me. It hurt a little at first, but by the third stroke I was so hot and bothered that I could only feel the incredible urge to get him to pump harder. He sped up his pace and I knew that it wouldn't be long now. He began moaning louder and louder with every thrust of his lovely cock into my insides. I got worried that someone might hear us, so I muffled his cries the only way I knew how...I reached up, pulled him down, and kissed him deeply as he continued grinding into my ass! He was still moaning, but now it was muffled by our interlocked lips. He was now moving up to a high pitched whimper and was beginning to lose his rhythm. He tried to keep a steady pace, but he was so full of sex that it was impossible! He felt it coming and kissed me animalistically! He screamed a silenced scream of pure bliss as he came inside of me. He tried to break the kiss so he could scream out loud, but I kept my lips glued to his throughout his powerful orgasm! He actually had a tear streaming down his face...which I kissed away.

He fell on top of me, completely spent. "Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit..." was all he could say while he tried to catch his breath. We kissed again and cuddled for a few minutes before realizing that someone would come looking for him eventually. So I got up and got dressed, and Eddie did the same.

"You know you wanted that!" He said with a seductive smile.

"What do you mean?" I asked.

"The staring, the small talk...and the empty coke can! Ha-ha! I thought that was kind of funny." He laughed.

He KNEW all along! I responded with, "You knew about the can, huh? Well we can't all be as good an actor as you are Eddie!"

"Good actor? Man, yesterday when I saw that boner in your pants, I flubbed my lines. I couldn't remember anything! Then I got all clumsy and..."

"I love you...." I said. It just kind of came out of me. Eddie stopped in mid sentence and gave me a sensitive look of genuine love. He grabbed the back of my head and kissed me passionately. Then he walked out of the trailer an back to the set. But not before turning to me, flashing me that incredible smile of his, and saying, "I love you too, Jason."

Copyright © Copyright © All Stories and Original Content Copyright © 1998-2008 by Comicality.
The story, all names, characters, and incidents portrayed in this story are fictitious. No identification with actual persons (living or deceased), places, buildings, and products is intended or should be inferred.

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I remember when T2 came out.  I so drooled all over myself watching Eddie. 

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Loved it! But as usual... I lack any intelligence when it comes to former and current teen idols. Shoot me now...

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Hehehe, I had SO much trouble getting this story out! Had to write it three times! It's nowhere near as good as the original that I wrote (and LOST! Grrr!) But thanks!


And yeah...me in high school? I had it BAD for Eddie Furlong! :: Giggles ::


In fact, he's 50% of the model I used for 'Taryn' in my "Gone From Daylight" story! :P





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Mickey sometimes emails me pictures of actors or models. To use as character templates, I guess?

Here's a photo of Cameron Boyce, who played in Adam Sandler's "Grown Ups".



Cameron Boyce


I'm working on my laptop right now, and the pic looks pretty big, so I put it in a spoiler.  :gikkle: 

Who wouldn't love to borrow him for a template or character bio?  :*)


Also, I loved the story, Comsie. I had soooo many crushes on so many boy celebs when I was a teenager. This really takes me back to my first crush on Jeremy Sumpter from Peter Pan.  :lol:

Edited by Page Scrawler
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