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  1. mikel22

    Chapter 9

    Very good chapter I like the story
  2. mikel22

    Entry 46

    enjoyed reading it as a good chapter. I think Marie is going to stick stubbornly to Bandon and not give up so easily.
  3. mikel22

    Chapter 2

    can understand Ethan. He saw how Drew treated in shool. Ethan's not sure about his feelings, too.
  4. mikel22

    Chapter 1

    This is a very nice chapter much feeling. Both are lovable from the beginning.
  5. mikel22

    Chapter 16

    Unfortunately nobody says it to RYAN so Randy is alone with his criticism of Sean
  6. mikel22

    Chapter 15

    the sex scenes are very well written. But what I especially I like how the different stories Interlock. SO PERFECT
  7. mikel22

    Chapter 14

    AAriel likes it up the ass. TYLER SHOULD better have several packs of Viagra at home. I believe a sex monster is born.
  8. Actually, you can't blame Sean for flirting he is singel antRYAN Like it.
  9. mikel22

    Chapter 1

    The Eddie is a 10++++++ And cumsy that was a great story
  10. mikel22

    Chapter 1

    Well written I like it
  11. mikel22

    Chapter 1

    These are stories that one also likes to read more often.
  12. mikel22

    Chapter 1

    Wonderful Story I mean cumsy from the first 10 years are the best
  13. mikel22

    Entry 44

    Marie had no panty on wou. She almost fuked Brandon. , Brandon likes it up the ass. He's the ideal bottom. It's good for him to get some experience with Marie. sam's an arrogantly guy and not a good friend to billy.
  14. mikel22

    Entry 45

    have to say the story I like it very much. Good work especially the last chapters are well done. d English Deutsch Français Español Português Português (Brasil) Italiano Nederlands Polski Русский (Russian) PresseDatenschutzAGBImpressum
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