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Fanfic - 7. Chapter 7




I had NO idea what the hell I was going to do at that very moment! I was stuck!

I couldn't turn to the left. I couldn't turn to the right. I wasn't just pitching a tent here! I was on the very edge of a full blown orgasm. Obelisks in ancient Egypt would envy the erected monument that I had going on in my pants right now! Oh God...I'm being so...obscene right now! This is ridiculous. What is he going to think of me if he sees me turn around with a friggin' Harry Potter wand, ready to unleash a heavy 'Patronus' all over his sexy face and chest the second I give those pretty hazel eyes of his another extended glance?

I was supposed to have a couple of minutes alone up here! Why did he follow me into the kitchen? WHY???

"Andrew?" He asked after a few seconds of silence.


"The ummm...the lemonade?"

Shit! Think of something to say, Andrew! Hurry up! "OH! Right! Yeah! Ummm...the glasses are up in the far cabinet on the right. Next to the fridge." I told him with a point of my finger, still too terrified to turn around for fear that my desperate erection would come into view and practically 'swap' him on the chin!

God...puberty can be so friggin' gross sometimes!

"Oh..." Chris said quietly. "Ok. Ummm...this cabinet over here?"

I heard him stand up, but I was still pressing my boner against the side of the kitchen sink and staring straight out of the kitchen window and into the back yard. I don't know...I was afraid that I'd look at Chris' seductive face, see his alluring smile, accented by those deep deep dimples...and I'd be reduced to a quivering mess in his presence. That's the thing about Chris Margo...you have to find ways to take in his undeniable beauty a little bit at a time. You have to 'bottleneck' the whole religious experience to keep it from totally knocking you on your ass without warning. Otherwise...his cuteness overpowers you like a poison. You can't stand it. It becomes too much and you keel over from the intensity of its aggressive assault on your emotions.

I closed my eyes for a moment, secretly wishing that my erection would deflate itself in a hurry so I could stop being such a basket case. Go away, go away, go AWAY!!!

I heard Chris' delicate fingers rummaging around in the cabinet not far from me, and even that was sexy for some strange reason. Just...having him touch the same glasses that I touch on a daily basis...there was something hot about that.

"Do you want some too?" He asked. "I can pour you a glass, if you want."

My voice made the worst, high pitched, squeak EVER when I said, "No thank you!" Oh God...it was ear piercing. What a time for my voice to crack like a thin sheet of ice on a sidewalk puddle.

I heard Chris open the fridge, which meant he was facing the other way. I was hoping that I could use the few seconds I had to think of something else. Anything else! And maybe get back to an acceptable flaccid state before I ended up searching for another excuse to not follow him back downstairs. But it wasn't working! He was right there. Right...like....like...right THERE!

I felt my boner throb and tighten from the thought of him being this close to me. I felt my hips push themselves against the sink without my direct permission. It was just some involuntary sexual instinct that kicked in all by itself, and that only made things worse. My butt clenched tightly, and I had to fight to keep from vigorously humping myself against the side of the kitchen sink. I felt weak in the knees, my heart pounding, my lungs shrinking with every labored breath.

If this is how I act just having him in the same ROOM with me...can you imagine what it must be like to kiss him??? Those sweet lips, and his sensual tongue, and my nose pressed against the smoothness of his cheek? His hands softly resting on my shoulders. My hands wrapped around his back. Hearing him moan softly under his breath as my adventurous hands slid further down to cup the warm, taut, globes of his perfect ass as I...

NO!!! No no no no no!!! Stop! Don't think about it!

Oh God! I think I just came a little bit! Is that possible? I think I...oh man...yep. There's a little wetness in my boxers. I have to calm down. Breathe, Andrew. Breathe.

Chris poured himself a glass of lemonade, and I heard the cutest little slurp as he pressed his lips to the edge of the glass. It was a sight that I didn't want to miss. So I took a quick peek over my shoulder...and I caught a healthy glimpse of his sexy lips sucking the bittersweet liquid into his mouth, his head tilted back slightly, his neck exposed, his Adam's apple rising and falling with every gulp. I don't think I had ever been more in love with him than I was at that very moment. Wow. He could be so mercilessly beautiful when he wanted to be.

He caught me looking, and my head snapped back towards the kitchen window. But I could still see his reflection in the glass.

Chris licked his lips, and he said, "I think your house is neat. With the big TV in the basement and stuff. Your set up is a bit nicer than mine at home."

I was trembling from head to toe, but attempted to keep my voice from giving away how utterly panicked I was at that moment. "Oh...oh yeah?" I said. "That's cool..."

"Not that our set up at home is bad or anything..." He added. "...It's still pretty sweet. I don't usually have anybody to share it with though. I watch movies all the time, but it's always better when you get to watch it with friends, you know? Even if it's a bad movie...at least we can make fun of it together. Right?"

I felt myself getting even harder, another uncontrollable leak seeping into the material of my underwear as he kept talking to me. His voice was like a siren's song for me. I honestly didn't know how I was going to get out of this situation without being rude to him or something.

"Yeah. Movies are always way cooler that way..." I said, breathlessly.

"I know, right?" He smiled. Oh God...why did I look at his smile in the reflection of the window? "I really liked this. Coming over here tonight and all. You guys are fun."

Please don't compliment me. This is killing me right now!

I rubbed myself against the edge of the sink again, and tried to respond to him to keep him distracted from my situation. "Yeah. Me too. You've got some good movies."

"I've got tons more at my house." He grinned. "Say, maybe if we make a habit of doing this sort of thing on the weekends, maybe you and Johnny can come over to my house too every once in a while. You know, just to change things up. Besides, I'd like to see what you guys might have that I'm not up on yet."

This conversation is taking WAY longer than I thought it would. Didn't he get his lemonade already? Isn't he ready to go back downstairs yet? Sweet Lord, I'm SO horny right now! Keep distracting him! Keep his brain busy for another few minutes.

"Yeah. Sure. I'm sure I could find a couple of movies that nobody has heard of. I'll start digging them up out of the back of the closet. Pure quality. Promise." I turned my head to give him a casual grin...you know...to sort of sell him on the idea that I was just being a normal, friendly, host for a good friend. But...when I turned my head...I noticed that his eyes were...ummm...focused downward.

It was only for a quick second...and his gaze snapped back up to look me in the eye the second he noticed me looking at him...but I was forced to ask myself...

Did he see my boner?

It would be pretty hard to miss if I didn't have it mashed against the kitchen sink, but...he was definitely looking at something down there. Wasn't he? Ugh! PLEASE tell me that he didn't see me all hard and hot for him! I tried to angle myself away from him, just in case I was showing. But I didn't want to make too big a gesture where he might suspect that something was wrong. He might have just been staring at...my shoes or something. That's always a possibility, right? it's not outside the realm of possibility.

I nervously cleared my throat, and there was this sudden 'silence' that fell over us. Something...awkward. The air seemed to get thick. My heart beating so loud that my ears throbbed with the pulse of it. I opened my mouth to say something...but nothing came out. It was like a million effective phrases all came rushing to the back of my throat...something that could, maybe, deflect the clumsy nature of the current situation that I was in...and then got stuck. Just plain stuck.

That's when Chris took his glass and said, "Thanks, Andrew." But he said it in this, like...this soft voice. The kind of voice that made my skin bunch up into a severe outbreak of infatuated goosebumps. Then I tried to keep from gasping as he moved even closer to me, and reached in front of me to put his glass in the sink right in front of me.

I didn't DARE turn my head to look at him while he was this close to me. I was sure that I'd faint if I did. My oxygen intake was already at an all time low as it was. But...in my peripheral...I could see Chris Margo actually looking at ME! At ME!!!

I was too scared to move at first. I might have been imagining it, but I could swear that I could feel some of Chris' sweet breath breezing lightly against the side of my cheek. The quiet was creating a panic within me that I was quickly losing control of. Should I look back at him? Would it be strange if I just kept staring out of this window like some kind of psycho, my boner smashing itself against the sink while the most beautiful boy that I've ever seen tries to figure out what the hell is wrong with me? This is no FAIR! I didn't have a way to prepare for this!

Ok! I've had enough Chris Margo for one night! I'd like for him to go now. Maybe I can try again later. Have him visit for shorter periods of time...so I could build up some sort of tolerance to the idea of having him here. I bit off more than I could chew, and now I'm paying for it. I'm paying so BAD!

"Do you mind if I rinse my hands really quick?" He asked. "Popcorn butter and stuff. Ya know?"

"Sure..." I replied, hoping to keep my naughtiest thoughts at bay for just a few seconds longer. Not that I could really help but to wonder what it would be like to kiss him. Just once. To just...melt in his arms and get drunk off of the taste of his tongue in my mouth. To rest my hands on the small of his back and roll around, back and forth, grinding on one another until we were both too breathless to contain our lustful urges any longer. To have this one golden moment become an 'Andris' story come to life. A fantasy where he simply couldn't hold his feelings back from me for one minute longer. He would confess that he needed me just as badly as I needed him. That we were meant to be together. And that he loved me with his entire heart...ready to strip down and have me pleasure him in every way humanly possible. To taste the aphrodisiac of his thin sheen of sweat as he whispered my name, his eyes closed as I reached down to stroke him lovingly with my clutched fist. And then moving down to finally take his hard shaft into my mouth and...let every inch of his deliciously extended inches slide back over my tongue and reach thee back of my throat. To lick the soft wisps of hair under his balls. To rub my hands, palms down, over the smooth surface of his inner thighs...and up over the spongy muscles of his flat stomach...further up to his erect nipples...all while inhaling the intoxicating fragrance of a sexy teen boy in heat. Oh wow...it's like I can practically taste him right now.

"Andrew...?" He asked, forcing me to slowly gain the courage to make a split second's worth of eye contact.

"Yeah...?" I said...more whisper than actual voice. Chris gave me just a hint of a cute smile before he looked at the faucet in the sink and then back at me. "OH! I guess...ummm...I guess I should get the hell out of your way, huh?"

Chris giggled. He's so CUTE when he giggles!!! "Maybe just a litttle. Yeah." I didn't back up from the kitchen counter, I just slid my hidden erection further down so he could get access to the sink. I had only taken one big step to the side, but then....AGGHHHH, FUCK!!!

There were these drawers beside the sink, and when I slid to the side, one of the drawer handles totally scraped my boner in the worst way! Jesus CHRIST, that hurt!!! What kind of sadistic son of a bitch would design a set of drawer handles that were positioned right there at teen boy boner range??? That's just fucking stupid! Owwww...it knicked me right under the ridge of my circumcision! I thought I was going to CRY!

I held my breath and slammed my eyes shut as I waited for the temporary pain to fade, biting my lip and looking away from Chris as he turned on the faucet and started rinsing off his hands.

That really hurt. I can't even begin to explain how much that really hurt.

I hid my anguish from him, but wanted to make sure that he didn't get suspicious about what I was doing. So I glanced back over at him again, trying to drain as much agony out of my expression as humanly possible. And...there it was again.

He was looking down, and then swiftly looked back up at me, as if I had caught him doing something that he shouldn't have. Except this time, he actually blushed a little bit. He was running his hands under the warm water, and this little smirk spread out on his face. "Hehehe..."

I was like, "What? What's funny?" Trembling slightly.

"Huh? Nothing. Hehehe, I'm just...it's nothing..." Just when you think Chris couldn't get any more alluring to you...he starts getting all shy and bashful, and it intensifies his whole aura, tenfold. It was hard not to just...stare at him, you know? Some crushes actually 'crush' you. I'm still finding it hard to believe that he's even standing here in my kitchen right now. none of this feels real to me at all.

Chris turned off the faucet and sort of shook his hands free of the excess wetness before asking me, "Do you have a towel or something?"

"Yeah..." I sighed, and reached over to get him something to dry his hands with. "Here ya go...Chris..."

"Thanks." He said, dreamily.

Another short silence passed between us. It was the strangest feeling in the world. We exchanged a few glances, then a few smiles, and we both turned a bright shade of pink, simultaneously. It was almost as if my heart and my deepest instincts had suddenly discovered something special all of a sudden...and my brain hadn't quite gotten the memo yet. I found myself trying to analyze the moment. Make some kind of logical sense out of what was going on here. But my thoughts couldn't process this in anyway that didn't sound completely crazy to me at that very moment.

I had some ideas, sure. Thoughts of nearly suffocating beauty that couldn't be based on much more than a build up of sexually frustrated hormones and a heavy dose of wishful thinking. But...there was this subtle 'tug' at my most potent emotions that almost wanted to believe that it was true. Heh...isn't that weird?

I've been writing too many Chris Margo fanfics. I'm actually starting to fall for the illusion of it all.

"Say, why don't you come over next weekend?" Chris asked.

"To your house?"

"Yeah. It'll be fun. We can trade off, you know? One weekend at your house, one weekend at mine? What do you say?"

"Will your parents be ok with all that?" I asked.

That's when Chris' blush got a little bit deeper, even though he seemed to be trying to hide it from me. "It's just me and my dad, actually. He drives a truck, so Friday and Monday nights are his longest delivery trips. He basically takes off Friday night and doesn't make it back until early Saturday morning. Trust me, his number one rule is for me to come home, sit still, and stay out of trouble while he's gone. So, it would be awesome. You and me...we could have the whole place to ourselves." He said. "We could shut all the lights off, get some junk food, a good old fashioned gore fest of a horror movie...it would be awesome."

The air in my lungs went cold. Frozen solid. Was I visibly trembling in front of him? For some odd reason, I feel like he can see that.

"That would be...neat?" My voice cracked again under the strain of getting the chance to accept his super generous invitation, and I cringed from the sound of it, but he didn't seem to mind much. "I mean...yeah. Let's do it." Ahhh! I didn't mean it like that!!! "I mean, let's...let's hang out. Yeah."

He smiled so wide. "Ok. Cool. We'll do it next weekend then."

I said, "I'll let Johnny know the plan so we can both agree on something cool to watch." Chris' expression had this really subtle change all of a sudden. He recovered quickly, but not fast enough for me to not notice.

"Oh..." He said, almost as if in surprise. "...Yeah. Totally. Johnny is more than welcome to join us too. The more the merrier, right?"


Was...was Chris Margo inviting me over to his house by MYSELF??? Holy shit!!! He WAS!!! How the hell did I miss that?

I stuttered, "OR...you know...I mean we could just..." "No. It's cool. All three of us could..."

"Sure, but...I mean, Johnny doesn't HAVE to..."

"It's up to you. We can all hang out together. That's fine."

"I know, but...if you were thinking...?"

At that moment, Johnny came charging up the basement steps to rush into the kitchen and throw a monkey wrench into what, I was thinking, was a very delicate dialogue between me and the dreamiest teen boy to ever walk the Earth's surface.

"What are you guys doing up here? How long are we gonna let this movie dangle without an ending! It was just getting to the good part! Come on!" He said.

Running his fingers through his hair, Chris gave me a brief smile...beautiful beyond belief, but slightly timid in its presentation. "Sorry. I think I got carried away with the gabbing and stuff. Hehehe! We should get back to the movie."

Johnny was like, "AMEN! How long does it take to grab a couple of sodas, for crying out loud? Let's go!"

Chris headed back to the steps, and I can honestly say that my immediate frustration with Johnny was the cure I needed for a throbbing erection. It drooped almost immediately, and I shook my head as i gave him a dirty look.

"What? What did I say? What'd I do?" He asked, bewildered.

In a huff, I just pushed my way past him and headed back towards the basement myself. "Nevermind." I said.

"Seriously...what'd I do?"

"Forget it." I grunted, causing Johnny to just shrug his shoulders and follow us downstairs anyway.

I swear, I need to have a serious talk with that boy some day soon. Ugh!

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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Oh, so Johnny didn't receive the coveted Chris Margo invitation? That definitely looks like someone's interested in Andrew. :gikkle: I love how Andrew's mind is blown by everything Chris does, I almost expected him to take the glass to his room so they can "share" the same glass forever.


I wonder if Johnny isn't more aware than he's letting on. Maybe he even invited Chris to try and play matchmaker. Andrew doesn't look very subtle about his Chris Margo infatuation.


Another great chapter, Com, and a very welcome surprise.



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