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  1. Shadow086

    Cock Fight

    I hope Maddox knows what he's doing, because he could end up in a world of hurt once the month is over. Jonathan remembers things and might look for some payback if Maddox takes things too far. Looking forward to seeing what happens next.
  2. Shadow086

    Chapter 27

    Sooo...where are the adults in this school, and what the fuck are they doing? Ethan needs to take pictures of this and report it, and he also needs to talk to his parents, because he's going to need someone in his corner when things get worse. It sounds like the school won't do a damn thing about the bullying (just like with Drew) until Ethan fights back, then they'll try to punish him because of some bullshit 'zero tolerance' policy. I'm so angry this had to happen right after Ethan and Drew both made breakthroughs about being more open in their relationship. I'm betting this is gonna be really hard on Drew. Ethan should also talk to his friends to see where he stands with them. Great chapter as always.
  3. Okay, this guy definitely feels like someone who wants to rule from behind the scenes. I hope Vincent surprises him by not being so easily manipulated. I can't imagine Ciprian would take it very well if Vincent ends up trusting Dani's advice over his, as I somewhat suspect he will. Dani is still stuck in this endless loop, unfortunately. It seems that every answer he gets comes with two more questions. You have to wonder how much of what he's heard about the monarchy was true and how much was propaganda from the current regime. I have no doubt in my mind that Dani will end up on Vincent's side, but I wouldn't be surprised if the Carandini family split into pro-Vincent and pro-Ciprian factions because Vincent is being too 'soft' or something like that. I think Dani's problem right now is a lack of confidence. He obviously trusted Vinicius a lot, but at the same time he failed to learn to trust his own judgment and decisions. It's like he found his answer but won't commit to it until someone else confirms it for him. It's kind of hard to watch him be so confident and yet so lost at the same time. I'm hoping he can get out of that house soon and speak with Graham, and hopefully get more answers. I'm also hoping Ciprian doesn't find out Dani's been asking about Dahlia, that could cause problems later. Glad to see a new chapter, as always.
  4. Shadow086

    Chapter 7

    I think Jake is trying to help, in the worst possible way. I think he knows that the increase in views didn't come from Sammy's cooking, and he figures that he might as well use their flirting and fun times to get more views. And Sammy's too busy enjoying what they're doing to stop him.
  5. Shadow086

    Chapter 7

    LOL, what is Jake thinking? That was pretty funny and hot, but maybe they need to tone it down a little. Or maybe make a 'clean' version for the channel and keep the 'spicy' edit for themselves. As long as we still get a behind-the-scenes look, it's all good. About the mom situation: the one thing that stood out to me is that Sammy doesn't mention grabbing his phone. Is it possible that he left it on the counter in his rush and mom saw some of the footage? If so, she doesn't look too concerned about it, that's a good sign. Loving this and I can't wait to see how the brothers deal with this setback.
  6. With how Jonathan reacted at the end, Ray would have to be completely oblivious to not figure out what's going on. Hopefully he can be the voice of reason who finally gets these two to have a long overdue conversation to clear this all up. Or, well, people tend to talk too much when they're angry, as Jonathan seems to be right now, so maybe while he's shouting at Maddox he'll let something slip and clue the bad boy in on what's keeping them apart. Either way, I don't see this being over any time soon. Even if the misunderstanding is out in the open, I still think it'll take time to build up enough trust to give this relationship a chance. Even if Maddox knows what's up, he's going to have to carefully navigate this and do all the right things to show Jonathan that he's serious and this isn't all some kind of game to him, or part of a bet or something. At this rate it'll take Ray, Hannah, and Maddox's friends joining forces to push these two together. Plus, we don't really know what that guy Drew did to Jonathan, and for all we know, all of Maddox's sincere efforts to get closer could be raising red flags all over the place. Looking forward to more!
  7. Started to read this a few days ago, and I'm hooked! I just had a crazy idea. I'm starting to think Deadnus is a relative of Dahlia who got herself turned into a vampire to get revenge on the ones who turned Romero against her. That's if she's not Dahlia herself. I don't know, she seems to have turned this into a very personal vendetta against the Carandini family, and I can't think of any other reason at the moment (why that revenge is aimed at Ciprian and not Romero is another mystery). It also plays into that conversation Vinicius had with young Vincent about not letting revenge consume you. Deadnus is so hell-bent on destroying the Carandinis that she probably just pushed her most powerful 'weapon' right into Vincent's hands. I don't think Dani will die that easily. I'm guessing his gifts could activate out of self-preservation and render the bullets harmless. Vincent should also take Edward Graham's advice and trust no one, especially not Ciprian. I'm getting bad vibes from him, like he orchestrated all this to get rid of his brother and install Vincent as a puppet king while he holds power behind the scene. Dani will probably see right through him, he seems to have a good intuition on who the threats are (even if he doesn't always listen to it). I think Vinicius knew that leaving Deadnus in charge of anything would end up in a disaster, and his plan was to use himself and the Specials as a moderating influence on Vincent to make him a more just ruler when he retook power. That's possibly why he avoided discussing the subject with Dani, so he didn't poison his mind against either side.
  8. Shadow086


    "Hello, I'm from the IRS and I have a few questions." 😆 The problem is there's no way he could have the amount of money he says he has and not raise suspicion somewhere along the way, unless he keeps it all in cash somewhere in his trailer where it could easily be stolen by one of his conquests. I'm assuming he's just stupid and sees the money coming in and never gave a thought about how he'd need a decent cover story for having that kind of income.
  9. Shadow086


    And puts all his drug money in the bank without a job to explain how he's earning it? I like how this shows him as someone who thinks he's a lot smarter more clever than he actually is. Maybe the cops are letting him run loose because it's helping them build a case against T.
  10. Shadow086


    I'm glad to hear that. Some problems require more 'creative' solutions, after all.
  11. Shadow086


    After going through a series of gold diggers who suck his bank account dry and leave before he can force them to service him. I want his gross habits to be his undoing, let him try to sugar daddy the wrong guy.
  12. Shadow086


    This fucking guy... I really hope his new squeeze is an undercover cop and he gets busted big time. Now if Jamie has any sense, which I seriously doubt, he'll steer clear of any customers Gordon sends his way. Sounds like they may be able to stay at T's house for a while, so he should take a real job, earn some money to get himself another car and then save up for a house. I don't think Creepo is done with him yet. Is Jamie stupid enough to fall for what looks like an obvious set up for drug charges? No, but he'll probably do it anyway because he wants easy money. I hope Adam and Harper can talk some sense into him.
  13. Shadow086


    I think Jamie and Connor should get together some day and compare notes.
  14. Shadow086


    I wouldn't say they're dumb as nails, but they all seem to have the most terrible judgment I've ever seen.
  15. Shadow086


    Jamie: "A motel where prostitutes is not a good environment for my daughter, but a house filled with crack cocaine is a-OK!" I can tell Harper didn't get her brains from him. Adam, I can let it slide since he's a naive and sheltered kid, but Jamie should really know better.
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