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  1. Shadow086


    Great chapter, although you have me worried about the party now that the two chapters of reprieve are over. It doesn't look like things will go well for Daniel, unfortunately. Oh, and I'm starting to really dislike Jason, since his behaviour isn't due to peer pressure like I originally thought. Julie should just let it go, there's no helping those who don't want to be helped.
  2. Shadow086


    It's so nice to see Daniel and Michael slowly opening up to each other. I hope they can keep this momentum going, because this is exactly what Daniel needs right now. I can't help but see the dark clouds on the horizon, though, and I think I have an idea of where this is going.
  3. Shadow086


    Maybe the intent wasn't to out Daniel, but the end result is the same: Daniel will now be the target of homophobic bullying. And why, just because he's not Loz's property and talked to Michael anyway? I can see where Loz gets his behaviour from, but it's still gross and inexcusable. As far as Michael and Mr. Griffiths go, I think they're going to start figuring it out on their own, even if Daniel doesn't say anything. Both of them seem to know that something isn't right.
  4. Shadow086


    I know it's an unfair question, but what does Daniel have to lose by telling Michael or anyone else? I mean, Loz practically outed him to the entire school, and the bullying is going to escalate whether he keeps quiet or not, so the logical step to me would be to tell someone and get help. Loz needs to be stopped before he does more damage in his attempt to coerce Daniel into becoming his boyfriend, because that's what he's really trying to do here. Also, didn't anyone notice whose scarf Daniel was wearing? I really think Michael is reaching the end of his patience and he's about to try to find out who's behind this himself. And hopefully Griffiths noticed Loz doubling back to the locker room as frequently as he did and can put two and two together.
  5. Shadow086


    I don't have a shred of sympathy for people like Loz, and he deserves whatever is coming his way. Doing all that, and still not taking responsibility for any of it, and blaming Daniel for "making him queer" on top of it, that's just disgusting. I can't wait for Michael to find out about this and put a stop to it, especially now that Loz knows where Daniel lives. Who knows what he's going to do with this information? I'm really curious about that conversation with the coach, though, that mention of Loz being a bully was a bit odd. I think the coach suspects something's going on between Loz and Daniel, and he's trying to get the parents involved.
  6. Shadow086

    Chapter 107 The Laundry Game

    I'm going to take a wild guess and say that Robbie is jumping to conclusions about Nathan and Alex. Alex is a jerk, but I doubt even he would go stoop so low. What I think happened was that Nathan and Alex had a fling before Robbie came along, and when Nathan got bored he tried to hook up with Alex, but Alex kept making excuses to put him off. Either that or he was talking to someone else and Tom misheard the name as "Nathan". I'm glad Walter will step in and help Robbie get his life back on track, and I'm also glad that Mr. Andrews saw through Don's facade and is trying to get Robbie some real help. I'm calling this now: Robbie forgets about the cigarettes and Sue finds them while cleaning his room or trying to put his laundry away.
  7. Shadow086

    part ii

    Agreed. The timing of Skyler's return and Cory's cancer diagnosis is a really big coincidence.
  8. Shadow086

    part ii

    I'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt until I hear his side of the story. Reading it again, I don't really see anything indicating that they've hooked up since then. That's the part I don't like, that Daniel appears to have let the boyfriend off the hook and blamed it all on Skyler and definitely stabbed him in the back. Do I trust Skyler now? No, not really, but I don't think he hates this pretend boyfriend thing as much as he says he does. This could either be the ultimate revenge plot, or they'll end up together, I'm still not sure which way this is going to go.
  9. Shadow086

    part ii

    Did Skyler really stab him in the back, though? We never got the full story, and I'm having some serious doubts that things happened the way Daniel thinks they did. And if you consider the nebulous circumstances, it looks to me as if Daniel was the one at fault here. In any case, I think Skyler's idea to be pretend-boyfriends looks a bit planned in advance, as if hooking up with Daniel was his goal all along. I can't see why else he'd transfer back to that school.
  10. Shadow086

    Chapter 41

    Except for AJ, he gets nothing. 😏
  11. Shadow086

    Chapter 41

    *Groans* Bobby, what is wrong with you??? I guess he decided that Ian wasn't "Billy Chase" enough for him, or something. Yet I still expect him to come charging in within a few chapters to blame Billy for trying to steal his boyfriend or something. Great chapter, Com, looking forward to the next one!
  12. Shadow086

    Chapter 26

    It's so nice to see Zack smiling and being genuinely happy for a change. Loved this chapter, I just hope this wonderful day can last as long as possible.
  13. Shadow086

    The Young and the Hopeless

    I'll be honest, I'm not completely sold on this one yet. I didn't like the person Dustin turned into during Commencement, and it looks like he's become even more of an asshole since then, so it's an uphill battle to get me to root for him like I did with B&B. This isn't the start I was expecting, and I'm still not sure about the tone of the chapter, but it feels like Dustin is in the same place Billy was in the last book. I'm not trying to be a downer, and it was a good chapter, but I just can't bring myself to care about Dustin until he starts to get his head out of his ass and reach his full potential. Still, I'm looking forward to seeing where this goes.
  14. Shadow086

    Chapter 40

    Well that was a surprise. I thought this was going to be about Ian, but I guess that has to wait for another day. I have to wonder why Garrett was so shy around Taylor all this time. I'll be really curious to see where this Taylor situation goes. Great chapter, Com!
  15. Shadow086

    Chapter 104 The End of the Rainbow

    Robbie? Control his temper? 🤣 The problem with Nathan is that it's Nathan's way or the highway. Things got shaky when Robbie stopped caving in and started being more insistent with Nathan to move things towards what Robbie wanted out of the relationship. The fact that Robbie kept locking himself out of chances to be with Nathan because of his temper tantrums didn't help either, but still. At the end of the day, with all his flaws and all his good points, I don't think Nathan has the makings of the steady, long-term boyfriend Robbie wanted him to be. Still, I can't help feeling Nathan may have at least tried to tone it down if Robbie had spoken up and asked him to, from the way he reacted to Robbie's comment. But that would only have delayed the inevitable, they just weren't right for each other.

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