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  1. Shadow086

    Chapter 49

    I was wondering if Suraj's shapeshifting ability was an extra or something else. I guess I got my answer. The whole interaction with Suraj was very fun to read, but I wonder if it had another purpose. Also interesting is the mention of the possibility that Taryn lives, I wonder how that will play out. As for "Richie", I'm not convinced. I find it very suspicious that he shows up at the crack of dawn, right after Justin had a long conversation with a shapeshifter, having passed right through the Jeweler's supposed top-notch security. It could be the real Richie, but at this point I'm more inclined to believe that it's more of the Jeweler's tricks and deceptions. We'll see in the next chapter, hopefully soon. By the way, thanks a lot for the cliffhanger, Com! 😒
  2. Shadow086

    Chapter 48

    At least it wasn't AJ, although that could have made for an entertaining time. Now I'm worried that Billy will have to tread carefully with this whole Greg situation. There's always the chance that Ollie will find out some other way and try to take it out on Billy, and Ollie probably wouldn't hesitate to stir up that kind of trouble. There<s still so many things that could go wrong here, but at least Billy was honest and told Brandon that there was more to his little sexcapades than he let on during their talk. I just hope learning about this won't push Brandon away. By the way, who's Mr. Phillips? Is he "The man formerly known as Mr. Franks"? 😉 Either way, great chapter, Com!
  3. Shadow086

    Chapter 47

    I get the feeling that Brandon's message is a lot less sinister than Billy is making it out to be right now. Maybe Stevie tried something, but I don't think Brandon would let things happen. I think it's either Brandon wants to tell Billy about Greg being the mysterious 'one other person', or he's just not ready to be out at school yet. Of course, I could be wrong and Brandon will admit that he's been AJ's wingman all this time. Good to see Sam again, even if he only brings bad news this time. Jimmy is, well, he's just being Jimmy, I guess. I'm trying to feel bad for him, but then I remember how selfish he was about this whole 'relationship' and completely ignored Billy's feelings on the matter. I hope he can find someone who can make him happy, but I don't think he's ready for that yet, and he's giving off strong "if I can't have him, no one can" vibes right now. He'll probably start spreading rumours the moment school starts, and also out Billy and Brandon in a bad way. That's why I think they should do it on their own terms, at the party. Another great chapter, the suspense is killing me!
  4. Shadow086

    Chapter 48

    What was the Jeweler expecting, anyway? I think he wants to be able to basically kill Taryn right in Justin's face with Justin not reacting at all because of some "greater purpose" or whatever. I wonder if the Jeweler and his ilk have ever stopped to think that maybe losing their sire (and their reason for living) was the main reason all the previous Mimics lost it and went over to the dark side. Sounds pretty obvious to me. What's also obvious is the danger of leaving Taryn in the care of a man obsessed with a prophecy that requires him to die, and who has the means to make sure that he does. It won't end well.
  5. Shadow086

    Chapter 48

    Okay, so that just happened... I was fully expecting Justin to lose control, as he always does when Taryn is concerned, but the shapeshifter thing took me by surprise. I'm not too sure what's going on right now, but I fear for Taryn's safety. The Jeweler is dangerous, and I don't think he want anything more than to use Justin as a figurehead while he takes all the power for himself. Great chapter, Com, but I think I'm going to get very angry with you, very soon! 😉
  6. Shadow086

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    You know, I've been thinking, and this is starting to sound a lot like one of the excuses a cheater would use. The thing about Nathan is, yes, I think a lot of us saw some signs of their relationship being on shaky ground, but the main reason for me is the way it ended. It never felt like Nathan made any real effort to stop the breakup. Alex needs to be punished because of what he did, regardless of why he did it. How Alex reacts to his actions in the next few chapters will be very telling, and I'll be taking that into account before "passing judgement" on him. Personally I still feel some amount of sympathy for him, and I will until he shows that he feels no regret or remorse for what he did. Either way, the current living situation is now untenable, and Alex has to go before it escalates further.
  7. Shadow086

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    I'm going to guess he's heartbroken that he didn't have what he thought he had with Robbie, and he reacted the only way he knows how, with anger and violence. I don't know, I still thought they could have been a good match, and that Alex was trying to "be better" for Robbie, but that's all over now.
  8. Shadow086

    Chapter 115 Old Habits Die Hard

    I'm going to say both? Alex definitely forced him against his will, there's no denying that. But at the same time, Robbie was well aware of how Alex is, and how dangerous a game he was playing. I don't think keeping this a secret is the best thing to do, but what choice does Robbie really have? Alex will deny or lie to the police about it, and Don won't believe him since Alex is the straight, masculine son he wish he had gotten instead of Robbie. You know, the weirdest thing is, I feel a bit sorry for Alex (if he wasn't lying). He made it sound as if he was ready to come out to be with Robbie, and if he was telling the truth about that, it means he was ready to throw away the tough guy image he spent his whole life building, for this one boy, and he was being strung along this whole time. I was actually starting to think Alex could change and have a healthy relationship with Robbie for a second there. What Robbie should do, but won't, is tell Sue about his headaches and stuff. He may not want to, but at this point he'd probably be safer staying in the hospital than with an increasingly violent Alex. He knows how bad Alex can get, and that was before he had that huge chip on his shoulder. About Nathan: Like I said, he's too full of himself to see his own role in making the relationship fail. Of freaking course your boyfriend will be insecure when you keep flirting with every other cute boy you see, you dum-dum! Nathan knows a lot about drama queens, since he sees one in the mirror every morning.
  9. Shadow086

    Chapter 28

    Oh, how I wish this wasn't the end for Zack and Brody, but it really doesn't look good this time. You know, it really hurts to see Zack try to sabotage his own happiness at every turn, and I really thought Brody was starting to get through to him. I'm still hoping for a positive ending, but this gets so difficult to read sometimes. I just don't understand how anyone can live with themselves after treating another human being this way.
  10. Shadow086


    I'm feeling a bit torn on this outcome. On one hand, I feel like Loz got off very lightly in the eyes of the law and deserved more punishment. On the other hand, he was mature enough to take full responsibility and the guilt will probably haunt him for the rest of his life, maybe that's punishment enough. Daniel's wishes also have to be taken into account, and maybe in time he'll get a chance to give him a proper apology. As for his father, I don't think he was really homophobic, I think he was more or less trying to act according to how he thinks society expects him to treat gay people. I'm not so sure about the brothers, though, so it may be wise to wait a little bit before telling them everything.
  11. Shadow086

    Chapter 114 Welcome to Cobourg

    I'm glad Robbie is trying to get some closure with Nathan so they can both move on, but is Nathan willing to listen? I'm not so sure. Either way, Robbie needs to let things go if he's going to have a chance at making things work with Connor. I hope Robbie keeps tabs on his bank account, because I wouldn't be surprised if Don was dipping into it. As for the teaser, I'm gonna go ahead and say it's Alex related. He still hasn't gotten Robbie back for the pictures last time.
  12. Shadow086

    Chapter 114 Welcome to Cobourg

    Oh, so it's not gonna work out with Conner, then? 😝
  13. Shadow086

    Thanks, Walmart Spidey! XD

    I love how most people just ignore him like this is a normal thing at Walmart.
  14. Shadow086

    You know...

    Complainers need something to complain about, and if they can't find it they'll just make it up.
  15. Shadow086

    Chapter 113 Photographic Evidence

    I think Nathan ended up the villain because Robbie is telling the story. The main problem I see with Nathan is that, right now, he's too full of himself to make any long-term relationship work. I have high hopes for Conner and Robbie. I think that if Robbie gives him a real chance, and gets Alex and his toxicity out of the way, he has a chance at something really special. But I think Robbie will eventually succumb to temptation and let Alex have his way with him. He should wait and see if Conner can be his bad boy instead.

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