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  1. Shadow086

    Chapter Seven

    Go Jake! Show that bastard why he shouldn't make a move on someone else's man! Two things I see as likely to happen next: 1) Dylan will be confused at the extra attention he'll be getting at school, which I expect to be more positive as his quick action may have saved that girl's life as far as they're concerned. I feel like they were looking at him in surprise and a bit of awe more than the usual contempt. 2) Dylan will witness the fight between Jake and Liam, and the fight will reveal an ugly side of Jake that Dylan won't like one bit. Not sure if it's something he says or doe
  2. Shadow086

    Chapter Six

    Yeah, but he feels really bad about it now and said he was sorry, so you totally owe it to him to let bygones be bygones and give him another chance, you know? /sarcasm I can't stand selfish and entitled people like that, and it really bothers me when they end up "getting their man" in the end. Should they end up alone and miserable? Not necessarily, but redemption shouldn't mean you get everything you want in the end, some damage just can't be undone. As for Jacob, I'm going to hazard a guess that Liam and Jacob's fathers are business rivals or something. We'll probably find ou
  3. Shadow086

    Chapter Six

    Just when I thought Liam couldn't get any more oblivious and disgusting, he goes and pulls the "You're mine" card. I really hope Dylan picks up the 8 ball and hits him in the nuts with it, what an entitled creep. As for Jake, I don't think he's what he seems either, but at least he hasn't hurt Dylan. Yet. And if he does turn out to be bad news, it just means Dylan needs to go out and date a third guy who isn't one of those two toxic losers. Liam looks like one of those people who peaked in high school, I hope Dylan can move on to bigger and better things without letting that dead wei
  4. Now that I think about it, it could be the title. I can just imagine some random mother going on Amazon, seeing your book and thinking "What a lovely collection of stories and songs for my little baby", and then complaining to Amazon when she ends up with hot gay sex instead. And then you get flagged and become a target for the 'content police'. This just sucks. I'd rather cut them out and buy the books directly from you instead. Then I wouldn't have any reason to go on Amazon at all.
  5. Shadow086

    Chapter 19

    I don't know what's so hard about this. If you hate waiting for the next chapter so much, just don't read it until it's complete. Simple, right? It's always been a worry of mine that Comsie is overextending his creative muscle with the dozens of stories he has going on, but somehow he still manages to do it after all these years, and the quality never disappoints. But if you only like and follow ONE of those stories? Yeah, I guess waiting so long between new chapters can get a bit frustrating. But just sit down and wait, it's not that hard. There are plenty of other stories on this site and el
  6. Shadow086

    Chapter 23

    Good to see this one again, great chapter, Com! Things are looking up for our two lovebirds, I think they'll be okay. It's one thing to be the only 'out' kid, but there's strength in numbers. Drew and Ethan obviously have each other for support, as well as Drew's mom and both Ethan's parents by the sound of it. And at school they have Patrick in their corner, and probably Jermaine as well. If Joey and Billy have an issue with it, then they're not friends worth having. It might be tough for Ethan at first to maybe lose some old friends, but he'll get other friends like Patrick that let hi
  7. Shadow086

    Chapter 10

    You can't keep doing this to me, I need to know what happens next! He should go see Ali, but he probably won't, and I kind of understand why he wouldn't. I feel like Jamie is in a bubble right now where he won't believe Ali's side of the story even if he's shown concrete proof, so meeting up with Ali probably wouldn't do any good. But if he doesn't go now he may not get another chance to have closure. I think he should meet up with Ali but I also think he needs to bring Will along. But, he'll probably end up going to meet Oliver and be a lousy date because he'll spend all his time th
  8. Shadow086

    Chapter 9

    I was under the impression that whoever it was only took Ali's letters, and that one of the housekeepers took Jamie's replies from where Ali was keeping them. We know Ali was being followed, but how could they know who the other person was and intercept the letters before Ali got them? It doesn't make sense. I'm really enjoying trying to solve this mystery, and seeing my theories crumble with each new piece of information. I just have the feeling that Jamie's father was an unwitting participant in this scheme. Maybe it was the hot bartender all along, playing the long game.
  9. Shadow086

    Chapter 9

    I agree with everything @Bard Simpson said, but on the other hand, I think we all know how difficult it can be to get someone to admit they were wrong about anything, especially after ten years of believing it. And for the record, I think Jamie is wrong about a lot of things in this situation. I think they need someone more detached from the events, like Will, to navigate through this and help figure out the truth.
  10. Shadow086

    Chapter 9

    Thanks for reminding me, I was pretty annoyed when Jamie walked out of the bar like that. How the heck did he expect Ali to react after telling him that he was in fact NOT dead like Ali was led to believe for several years now? Shock and stunned silence is pretty much an expected reaction to hearing news like this, not an admission of guilt. For someone who's studying psychology, James appears to be really bad at reading people.
  11. Shadow086

    Chapter 9

    You know, the fact that Jamie is so adamant about his father not having anything to do with this makes me think that it was really him. The real question for me then becomes "did he know the letters were for Jamie?" and I'm not so sure about that. My theory is that Jamie's dad was made to take/copy the letters and give them to Ali's dad, then was given the bonus and promotion ostensibly as a reward for a job well done with the letters, and Jamie's father never found out that his own son was the one writing the letters. I'm pretty sure Ali's father paid the PI for that fake death story onc
  12. Shadow086

    Chapter 8

    The wait for the next chapter is already unbearable. It seems they were both lied to, but what's the true story here? I don't believe Ali is lying or knows who Jamie is, he's not stupid enough to think Jamie will somehow be convinced of his own death. The most plausible explanation is that Ali's dad used Ali's friends and that story about Jamie's father to turn the boys against each other (which appears to have succeeded), then sent Jamie away as an extra precaution. That's what I think is most likely, but I'm curious as to the circumstances of Jamie's mysterious death. And now Jamie has
  13. That's all well and good except the bribes they accept are legal, they're called "campaign contributions". That's what the problem is. Congress doesn't work for you, they never did. As long as both parties can be bought, none of this matters, it'll still be the same puppetmasters picking the corrupt politicians you get to choose from. Term limits? Okay, you'll just get to vote for a different set of corporate shills every few elections. What I think needs to happen is to get rid of this stupid PAC and superPAC nonsense, strict limits on individual campaign contributions, and maybe a bit o
  14. A little? From where I stand they are very self-centred. Almost every bad thing that's happened to them can be traced back to this. And they still don't get it, because they're not thinking about Aidan's feelings at all in this matter, just how they were hurt by his (completely justified) disappearance and refusal to return. They just went "Oops, I guess you were right all along, let's let bygones be bygones" and think that entitles them to Aidan's forgiveness and everything going back to how it was before. I'm sorry if I'm meant to feel sympathy for Luis and the rest of the Royal family,
  15. Why, you make it sound as if they were a bunch of lazy moochers who want to live the good life at taxpayers' expense instead of putting in an honest day's work. Surely that can't be what you're saying. 😉 That's okay, though. They'll cut taxes or something, and everything will be fine.
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