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  1. Shadow086

    Chapter 37

    Another great chapter! I really hope Wesley can find a way to break free from this brainwashing, but I'm not sure how. Maybe that other pack could help, but I fear they would simply RE-program him instead. But at the very least, he's now aware of how deep the brainwashing goes, that gives him a small chance to fight back against it. At least I hope it does, because it's going to get ugly when his father starts talking bad about Cyrus.
  2. Shadow086

    Chapter 25

    Finally! I hope Ethan is getting through. It's not going to be all sunshine and rainbows, but they're not alone anymore. They have each other now, and Patrick, and unless I'm getting the wrong signals, Jermaine and Ethan's parents will be supportive as well, and let's not forget Drew's mom. So they have people in their corner. And the people Drew is worried about? Well, sounds like they've already made up their minds about Ethan, so I don't think it matters if he distances himself from Drew, he's already a target. Can't wait to see where our two lovebirds go from here!
  3. LOL, I didn't get that vibe at all. You must be reading too much into things.
  4. My thoughts exactly. Artie and Scotty are real sweethearts, and they both seem to like each other, But Scotty won't make a move as long as he thinks he has a chance with Tristan. Scotty is going to get hurt either way, so Tristan might as well let him down gently and soften the blow as much as he can. What if Artie decides to go for it and tells Scotty about Tristan and Jesse so he can move on? Or what if Scotty wanders around and finds them kissing (or worse )? Come on, Tristan, don't be stupid! If you don't tell him everything at once, at least let Scotty know you're not available, so he can take a chance on Artie, who IS available and very interested. Loved it, Com, I can't wait to see where this goes.
  5. Another amazing one, loved it! Super cool that Scotty and Artie are hitting it off, they look adorable together. I hope things work out for them. I thought the end of the chapter was slightly bittersweet. Looks like Scotty figured out what's going on between Jesse and Tristan, and he's probably hurt, but at the same time he found Artie who appears to be very interested in him. I think Scotty is going to be sad, and probably angry at Tristan for not saying anything, but in the end he'll see that Artie is a better match for him. I can't wait for more and hope that everyone gets a happy ending (except for Jason Fixx).
  6. Shadow086

    Chapter 36

    Another great chapter, Com, I just HAVE to know what happens next! I have a feeling the old man is the guy Cyrus said they needed to 'take care of' a while back. If Cyrus considers him a threat, then maybe Wesley and Isaac are safe for now. As long as the old man doesn't consider them to be too dangerous. It'll be interesting to see how this plays out. Poor Isaac, he just wanted to have a bit of fun and now he has to choose between being killed by a pack of werewolves and moving far away from everything he knows, he's obviously not safe anywhere Cyrus can reach him. Who's the old man? Is he friend or foe? Where does he live? Could the boys end up living with him? So many questions.
  7. Shadow086

    Chapter 24

    That's why I'm frustrated with Drew. Ethan is basically being dragged out of the closet, and Drew just runs away and leaves him to deal with it on his own, when he knows how hard and painful that can be. On the other hand, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out that Drew panicked and thinks Ethan blames him for the whole thing, and that this is just a big misunderstanding that will be cleared up once Ethan manages to get a hold of him.
  8. Shadow086

    Chapter 24

    My oh my, Drew is royally fucking this up. It's a bit late for keeping some distance, that ship has sailed. He of all people should know that they won't leave Ethan alone now that it's started. I just hope Patrick can talk some sense into him before it's too late. C'mon, Drew, your boy needs you! Ethan seems very determined to not let this get in their way, so maybe I'll get my Ethan + Drew PDA after all. I'm guessing most people probably won't care anyway, and they might even get some cool new friends out of the deal. Great chapter, as always! Can't wait to see how this gets resolved!
  9. Wait, you can get strikes for making a playlist? Good to know that guilt by association is a thing on Youtube now. But don't worry, I'm sure it's just a glitch in their algorithm, and they'll get that fixed right away and Youtube will be more careful to make sure this doesn't happen again until this happens again less than a year from now. 🙄
  10. Shadow086

    Chapter Seven

    Go Jake! Show that bastard why he shouldn't make a move on someone else's man! Two things I see as likely to happen next: 1) Dylan will be confused at the extra attention he'll be getting at school, which I expect to be more positive as his quick action may have saved that girl's life as far as they're concerned. I feel like they were looking at him in surprise and a bit of awe more than the usual contempt. 2) Dylan will witness the fight between Jake and Liam, and the fight will reveal an ugly side of Jake that Dylan won't like one bit. Not sure if it's something he says or does, or a new bit of information that's revealed, but I think Dylan will love Jake a lot less when this fight is over. I'm a bit disappointed in Dylan for letting this happen and not resisting the kiss as much as he should have, but then again it's not like Liam didn't know about and tried to take advantage of Liam's drunkenness. What a scumbag, but I'm really starting to wonder if he did change or if this is who he was all along and Dylan was just on his good side. Great artwork, I thought Dylan's was a real pic when I first saw it on my phone.
  11. Shadow086

    Chapter Six

    Yeah, but he feels really bad about it now and said he was sorry, so you totally owe it to him to let bygones be bygones and give him another chance, you know? /sarcasm I can't stand selfish and entitled people like that, and it really bothers me when they end up "getting their man" in the end. Should they end up alone and miserable? Not necessarily, but redemption shouldn't mean you get everything you want in the end, some damage just can't be undone. As for Jacob, I'm going to hazard a guess that Liam and Jacob's fathers are business rivals or something. We'll probably find out soon enough.
  12. Shadow086

    Chapter Six

    Just when I thought Liam couldn't get any more oblivious and disgusting, he goes and pulls the "You're mine" card. I really hope Dylan picks up the 8 ball and hits him in the nuts with it, what an entitled creep. As for Jake, I don't think he's what he seems either, but at least he hasn't hurt Dylan. Yet. And if he does turn out to be bad news, it just means Dylan needs to go out and date a third guy who isn't one of those two toxic losers. Liam looks like one of those people who peaked in high school, I hope Dylan can move on to bigger and better things without letting that dead weight hold him back.
  13. Now that I think about it, it could be the title. I can just imagine some random mother going on Amazon, seeing your book and thinking "What a lovely collection of stories and songs for my little baby", and then complaining to Amazon when she ends up with hot gay sex instead. And then you get flagged and become a target for the 'content police'. This just sucks. I'd rather cut them out and buy the books directly from you instead. Then I wouldn't have any reason to go on Amazon at all.
  14. Shadow086

    Chapter 19

    I don't know what's so hard about this. If you hate waiting for the next chapter so much, just don't read it until it's complete. Simple, right? It's always been a worry of mine that Comsie is overextending his creative muscle with the dozens of stories he has going on, but somehow he still manages to do it after all these years, and the quality never disappoints. But if you only like and follow ONE of those stories? Yeah, I guess waiting so long between new chapters can get a bit frustrating. But just sit down and wait, it's not that hard. There are plenty of other stories on this site and elsewhere that are completed, go read one of those instead. I really think anyone who keeps bitching about how it takes too long to get the next chapter should be forced to write a story of their own. We readers have it easy. for Comsie.
  15. Shadow086

    Chapter 23

    Good to see this one again, great chapter, Com! Things are looking up for our two lovebirds, I think they'll be okay. It's one thing to be the only 'out' kid, but there's strength in numbers. Drew and Ethan obviously have each other for support, as well as Drew's mom and both Ethan's parents by the sound of it. And at school they have Patrick in their corner, and probably Jermaine as well. If Joey and Billy have an issue with it, then they're not friends worth having. It might be tough for Ethan at first to maybe lose some old friends, but he'll get other friends like Patrick that let him be himself, and I think he'll find that a lot better. I'm a bit disappointed that Drew ghosted him, but I understand his reasons. But at some point you also have to wonder when it stops being worth it to hide their relationship. If the locker is any indication, Ethan is already a target. If he's going to get the downsides of being a gay kid in school, I think he might as well reap the benefits as well. I thought Ethan was about to chase Drew down and start making out with him right there in the crowded hallways, LOL!
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