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  1. Once again Ace will leave you speechless as he envelops you in another of his tales. I just finished this book and I loved every single chapter of it. Including the ones that made me cry or made me angry. For an author to be able to write in such a way that I get emotionally invested in the characters, to me, this means that this author knows not just how to tell a story. But rather, they know how to show a story. His writing is so clear and understandable that I am not just reading the story. I am in the story watching it happen like a spectator. If you like any of Ace's other stories then you have got to try this one. If you are new and haven't had the pleasure yet then sit back and hold on dear life, because you are about to watch a rollercoaster of a story!
  2. I haven't commented yet on this story but I have been adding ❤️ on every single chapter as I have reading through it like crazy because it keeps pulling me in. I just had to stop for a moment and comment because you have done it again Ace. You have made me cry again. That is a massive compliment to you. You write strong enough to cause me to more than just feel. You are a legend.
  3. jarquafelmu

    God Forsaken

    Yay! Artie and I didn't even have to go a whole chapter before he was rescued! Unknown uncle 1. Bigoted entitled grandparents 0.
  4. I can't suggest this story enough! This is one of a trilogy of stories that all work around each other and build from each one. The Tales from the Underground are a collection of stories that you cannot miss. Give yourself a chance and start reading this story and the others. This is an author that you need to keep an eye on because he is going places.
  5. jarquafelmu


    Ace! You did it again. I am now fully convinced that I have go read everything that you have written. I love your writing (flaws and all 😄). I hope that you keep writing and I am off to see if you have a fourth book in the Tales from the Underground or pick up one of your other stories now. I read blinded, then velocity and now this one. So it has been an awesome way of filling in the details of your amazing world. I absolutely love that in each of your stories you have an epilogue chapter that gives us readers a glimpse into the future of your characters. It is such a relieving way of tying up the story and making it complete. You rock.
  6. About time Robert finally realizes the bastard he has been! And awesome on Aiden for not buckling and making Robert prove that he actually means what he is saying and isn't just spouting BS in order to get Aiden home! You deserve all of the accolades that have been sent your way Ace! Every single one of them.
  7. jarquafelmu

    A New Beginning

    I don't often cry at movies, stories, or even events in real life. I get sad but rarely does it make me cry. I have however cried during each of your books in your Tales from the Underground. You are going places Ace. Keep this up and you will be a best selling author in no time.
  8. Ace is one of those rare authors that can tell you a story and make you believe that you are in it, watching it all unfold. Blinded is no different. Be prepared to laugh and to cry as you learn about Riley "Cy" Walker and the struggles that he has to overcome in order to find what he was always yearning for.
  9. A good honest book that combines both fear and love; hate and joy. You need to give this story a try. It will grip you and not let go.
  10. jarquafelmu


    Now that Aiden has finally stood up to his dad he can finally start becoming the man he wants to be rather than just being his dad's cock in the fighting ring. It's exactly what Aiden's "father" is doing. He's a cock fighter but instead of using chickens he's using his son. The bastard.
  11. Hopefully that comes with either a baseball bat to dear old dad or cuffs and an orange jumpsuit for the rest of his life.
  12. jarquafelmu


    Aiden's father is a bastard and his mom is not much better. What utter wastes of parents they are. I really hope that Aiden's father eventually rots in prison like he deserves.
  13. jarquafelmu

    Now and Forever

    Thank you for your story. I had to heart every chapter because each one was great in its own way.
  14. jarquafelmu

    A Real Father

    I started your story yesterday and I am already this far. I am loving it and huge props to you and your writing style. I have to wonder though. David Walker is in prison for first degree murder. Was he the one who slashed Riley's eye and killed his mom?
  15. 😂 In all seriousness. Thank you so much Bill for your wonderful stories. You should really look into publishing the Castaway Hotel series. I bet they would sell well. A great addition to the already wonderful line up. There were moments of scary, love, heartbreak, and all that there is to be alive. You sir have amazing gift.
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