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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Fanfic - 6. Chapter 6




I, honestly, felt like I couldn't breathe. The air in my lungs felt as though it was being squeezed right out of me from within the murderous coil of a boa constrictor. Every beat of my infatuated heart felt like a sucker punch to the stomach. I was watching the TV screen...but my brain couldn't absorb anything that was going on. Not while Chris was sitting next to me...being HOT!

"Ooh, they're getting to the train station! You guys are gonna absolutely love this part!" Chris grinned, and his eyes met mine for a split second, nearly causing me to faint right there and then. I just...I started panicking. I feel like I can't hold it together. I'm losing my grip on my self control. I'm going to kiss him. I just know I am. I don't even have any say in this anymore. I'm going to lunge at him, and start kissing him on the lips as hard as I can before I'm able to regain my common sense...and he's going to be so disgusted that he's going to shove me off of him, take his movies, and go home! He'll never speak to me again! He'll 'out' me to the whole school! My life will be over!

But, you want to know what the saddest part of all this is?

I'm almost convinced that it would totally be worth it. Just a few seconds of lip-to-lip contact with one of the dreamiest boys that I've ever laid eyes on...it would give me ten to twenty years of masturbatory fuel, just from the memory of it alone. Especially if I could surprise him enough to slip my tongue in there!

Ugh! God, I'm such a rapist! The world is going to put me on a sinister 'hashtag' somewhere for this.

I'm sooooo hard right now! Ok, I'm going to do it. Even with Johnny watching. I have to. I'm...I'm just...I can't even...

"Say, can you guys pause it for a second? I'm gonna run to the bathroom really quick. I don't wanna miss this part!" Johnny froze the movie, and I gasped as Chris handed me the bowl of popcorn from his lap. Oh God! Now it's in MY lap!!! My boner is touching the spot where his penis was just a few seconds ago! So...it's almost like we're touching penises! Right? Oh God...I'm surprised I was able to balance the bowl at all.

Chris stood up and he walked away from the couch, leaving me to salivate over his beautiful ass as I watched it bounce and sway in the cutest way. His butt knows how to fill out a pair of pants, believe me. I was staring so shamelessly that I was almost certain that Johnny had caught me perving on him. Luckily, he immediately preoccupied himself with his phone messages instead once the movie stopped.

What am I doing? I almost made the biggest mistake of my whole life. I was actually going to kiss him on the mouth. What was I thinking? Why can't I calm down? Why can't I catch my breath? I thought I could handle him coming over here tonight. I thought that I might even be able to have some fun with the idea. But I've been soooo obsessed with Chris Margo for so long that I simply can't imagine me being able to keep my cool when he's in close proximity.

I looked over at the empty cushion where Chris Margo was sitting a few seconds ago...and I'm ashamed to say it, but I actually put my hand on it, palm facing down...just to touch it. Oh...oh wow. It was still warm. I got another shiver and felt my boner throb wildly as I lightly closed my fingers and gave the cushion a squeeze. I bet that's what squeezing his soft, round, ass feels like.


Nothing about my current behavior is even remotely normal.

Johnny saw my hand sort of gripping the couch, and he's like, "What are you doing?"

"Huh? Nothing. Why?"

"Oh. Ok. I don't know, just..." He shook it off. "...Forget it. Anyway, this movie is pretty cool so far, right? This is right up my alley. I wonder what other stuff he's got in his stash at home. We should definitely do this again next week. That would rock!"


What makes him think that I won't die of a massive heart attack right here and now? He's talking about NEXT week???

It must be nice, being so friggin'...STRAIGHT! To be able to sit here within kissing distance of a boy like Chris Margo and not feel like you're going to throw up if he so much as aims one of his cutely dimpled smiles in your direction!

Goddamn it, Johnny! How can I be so alone in all this?

SHIT! He's coming back! Omigod...pull yourself together! Hurry!

"Sorry. You can start it up again. I'm back." He said, his sweet voice vibrating in my ear bones and turning me on even more. Then, before I actually was able to snap out of my trance and see what he was doing...Chris reached over for the popcorn bowl and pulled it out of my lap.

I don't think he noticed it, but I was sticking straight up in my pants! Like...in this obviously obscene way! But he already had the bowl in his hands, and it would look weird if I were to suddenly snatch it back from him. Knowing Johnny, he'd probably draw attention to my arousal by pointing at it and laughing out loud...encouraging Chris to join in. That CAN'T happen! No way! I'd have to murder my best friend in cold blood...and that's just not cool.

My knee immediately raised itself up and I turned my hips away from him while grabbing a nearby pillow and slamming it down on the offensive bulge before Chris could lay his pretty eyes upon it. I pressed the pillow down hard on my crotch, and tried to keep from blushing too hard. I don't think it worked though.

Chris gave me a bit of a strange look. He smiled and squinted his eyes as he tried to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. "Hehehe, you ok? This movie isn't giving you the heebie jeebies, is it?"

Gah! Don't talk to me! You're making it worse! "Hehehe, umm...no. I don't get the heebie jeebies."

"Never?" He grinned.

I got lost in his eyes for a second or two, and slowly shook my head. "Nope..." I said softly.

Gosh...every time I look at his face, it's like...falling in love for the first time.

"We'll see. I'm sure I've got some movies that'll test that theory."

"Ok..." I said. Then i sighed, "I'd love to watch them all." Did I actually say that out loud? I did, didn't I? Yikes. I'm having some serious trouble controlling my 'gay' right now.

Johnny started the movie again, and Chris offered me some more popcorn. I mean, he actually moved the bowl over a bit so I could get some. ME, specifically. Johnny had to reach on his own. It's not a big deal or anything, but...I noticed. I was so hyper sensitive to his every gesture at this point. I just...I felt this intense 'wiggling' sensation in the very center of me, and I couldn't get it to calm down.

Chris Margo has really cute feet, you know? I just looked down at his sock feet, and they're just...they're cute. I don't know. Just...perfect little arches, and wiggly toes. I bet he's ticklish. He just has the kind of feet that look like they'd be really ticklish. If I touched them right now, he'd probably try to jerk back, and he'd give me the cutest laugh ever...and we'd start rolling around and giggling...and then we'd stop for a moment, all breathless and heated...and he''d look into my eyes. And I'd look into his. And then I'd lean down and kiss him so tenderly. So deeply. And I'd feel him sucking on my tongue as I sucked on his. And I'd grind my hips into him while he grabbed my butt and pulled me even tighter against him, and he'd moan so sensually...his boner and mine, mashed up between us.

Omigod, I'm going to have to write a thousand more 'Andris' stories to get rid of the pent up sexual frustration that I'm feeling right now! Ahhhhh!

I reached over for another little handful of popcorn, taking a brief glance at Chris' stunning profile. Then I did it again. Then one more time. He was chewing that third time. He's cute when he chews. He's cute when he does anything. I bet he's cute when he sleeps. He could literally be unconscious and still be more stunningly gorgeous than half the boys running around thinking they're all that. It's so ridiculous how much I worship the ground he walks on. I'm making such a sucker out of myself.

I found myself actually getting horny over the fact that the bowl was sitting in his lap. I began reaching down to the bottom of the bowl...shivering at the thought that there was just a thin layer of glass between us, and that I was practically 'groping' him with every handful. I let my fingers linger in the bowl for a bit longer each time. And, once or twice, I pressed down on it...wondering if he could feel the pressure of it on him. Hehehe, I know, I know...I should stop. But this is the most erotic thing that I've ever experienced in my life up to this point. So it was kind of hard to help myself.

I found myself with this mischievous little smirk spreading out on my face, but when I lightly pressed the bowl down into his lap this time, Chris turned his head to look at me. And he smiled. He...he smiled! It was quick, and it was cute in its bashful delivery...but it caused my grin to disappear completely as I felt all of the blood being drained from my face. I was suddenly gripped by the paralyzing fear that I might have been caught...and the even more insane notion that he LIKED it!

I snapped my head back to the screen and snatched my hand back so fast that half of the popcorn kernels fell into my lap and some scattered all over the floor. Oh God...does he know what I was doing? What I was thinking? I was taking things too far. That was dumb of me. SO dumb! I knew this night was a bad idea. I mean, look at me? I'm a complete mess and I don't even know if I can keep my hands to myself.


Jesus, how long have been stiff like this? These things usually 'deflate' or whatever after a few minutes. I thought I had gotten a better handle on this problem, but right now? It's like being in the seventh grade all over again!

"Ooh! Here it comes! Watch!" Chris said, staring back at the movie. Once again, I thanked the stars for the distraction, hoping that some good, gory, zombie train station action would somehow take a hold of my mixed up brain and keep me focused on something else. And...believe it or not...it actually started to work! Johnny and I both got sucked into the building tension surrounding this approaching action scene, all while Chris giggled proudly over the fact that he had obviously gotten us super hype over this movie.

The creatures were so FAST! And they would scream, and twitch, and roll all over the ground in the creepiest ways imaginable! "Holy shit!!!" Johnny shouted out, and our pulses began to race as the movies main characters tried their best to avoid becoming 'monster chow'!

"Omigod! That's so cool!" I gasped.

"I KNOW right??? I told you this movie was kickass!" Chris answered.

"Oh shit! Oh shit! RUN!!! Just run!!! What is that lady DOING??? Omigod! She's done! She's totally gonna get eaten!" Johnny was rocking back and forth now, and we saw a horde of zombies fall out of a window and drop to the ground like giants sacks of meat and broken bones! But they still got up and started chasing them again. Things got TENSE!

I was like, "Oh NO!!! Run, dude!!! They're catching up to him! Ahhhh! I LIKE that guy! Does he get eaten? No wait, don't tell me! He's gonna live right? He's GOTTA live! He's too awesome to die! AHHHH! The little girl! Oh no!" I got so involved with what was going on that I hadn't even realized that my boner had finally gotten some common sense and my rigid inches went back into hiding. Which is a good thing, because I suddenly noticed that Chris Margo was sort of...watching me watch the movie. Seriously! I caught sight of his unbearably visible beauty in my peripheral...and when I turned to look at him, he was smiling at me again. It was enough to make me freeze. I couldn't pull my eyes away as quickly as I wanted to. You can't just 'casually' glance at Chris Margo. He draws you in. He makes you stare at him. And he had one of those perfect smiles that made you wonder if the rest of the world had been doing it wrong since time began.

I could hear the noise from the action scene on the screen, but it began to fade out as I actually felt this weird...connection between us. I couldn't define what it was...I had nothing to compare that strange and silent feeling to...but it was undeniable. It was just this 'something'. This joyful vibration of total wow. And those few seconds of eye contact created as much fear as it did confusion. And yet...underneath it all...one of the most outrageously exciting sensations that I've ever encountered before. Whoah...

"Ummm...it's...it's cool." I said. No context. No reason. No questions asked or answered. I just said it to say something.

Chris' smile widened a bit more, and he said, "Cool."

It suddenly felt as though I had gotten extremely hot and gone to temperatures of subzero cold at the same time. The movie, and the popcorn bowl, and even Johnny himself with all of his commentary and squeals of delight...they all faded into the background. Time itself felt as though it had slowed down to a dreamy crawl...and I felt myself being drawn to him. Almost as if he was physically grabbing me by the heartstrings and literally pulling me forward.

It was so hard to fight him off. So hard.

So...oh shit! Oh no!!! I was getting hard again! And super QUICK this time!

Boner emergency! I need immediate evac! NOW!

"DO YOU GUYS WANT SOME SODAS???" I hollered out, popping up from my seat and making sure to angle myself away from Chris' wandering eyes. Having him see my growing tent was much more terrifying to me than any zombie flick ever could be.

Johnny and Chris looked at one another for a moment, and they both started giggling. Chris asked, "Are you ok? Hehehe!"

Johnny cackled, "Come on, Andrew, dude! We've seen worse than this before. This movie is crazy! Don't tell me you're spooked."

Feeling the growing intensity of the tingles in my lower region caused me to turn even further away from them. "I'm not spooked. I'm just thirsty, that's all. The popcorn made me thirsty." Good cover, Andrew. They'll buy that, right?"

Johnny paused the movie and said, "Well, don't take too long. Things are getting good again, and I wanna see what happens."

I peeked over at Chris for a second, making sure to limit my eye contact this time. "Soda?" I mumbled, thankful that my voice didn't crack when I said it out loud.

"Ummm...yeah. Sure. I'll take one. You guys got root beer?"

"Yeah. I'll get you one. K?" Oh man, I'm going beyond a 'halfie' right now. I'm almost at full hardness. I need to get out of here. NOW! "Be right back..." I said, and hurried over to the basement steps, trying not to look too awkward as my boner led the way.

Freedom. Privacy. And some fresh air.

The pressure in my chest felt like it was trying its best to brutally wring the blood out of my heart. It was so heavy. So hard for me to carry alone. I guess this is why they call it a 'crush'.

I was so stiff that I almost thought I was going to actually have to run to bathroom and jack it off into a wad of tissues if I had any hopes of hiding my embarrassment. I wasn't even sure that would be enough! I may have to go for more than just one 'pop'. Over Spring Break last year, I went seven times in a single day! This might be even worse. God help me if it's worse.

Maybe they won't notice if I just run to the bathroom really quick. Just for a minute or two. I mean...LOOK at this thing! I feel like I'm actually trying to grow an extra two inches longer, here! I'm sure Johnny and Chris will talk for a few minutes and give me enough time to relieve myself, right? I'm already on the edge. I have been since Chris sat next to me on the couch. I'll be quick. So quick!

I'm actually getting even harder just thinking about it. I'll just...

"Hey, Andrew?" Came a voice from beside me.

"CHRIS?!?!" My eyes opened wide, and the shock of seeing him standing in my kitchen was enough to nearly make my knees buckle! "Wha...what are you doing up here?" I said, immediately turning my throbbing erection towards the kitchen sink and making sure to keep my back to him.

Chris softly asked me, "Do you maybe have some juice or something? Non-carbonated? I'll take the root beer if not, i just thought..."

"We've got some orange juice. And maybe some lemonade..." I said, almost forgetting how to breathe.

Did I interrupt him? I didn't mean to sound like I was snapping at him.

Chris said, "Lemonade would be cool."

"Ok. Go on back downstairs and I'll bring you a glass." I said.

But that's when I heard the sound of a chair being pulled out from my kitchen table, and Chris sat his pretty little tush on it, saying, "It's ok. I can wait with you for a few seconds or whatever. If you don't mind."

His voice, and his cuteness, and his butt in my chair...all while I'm stuck pressing a hard boner up against the side of the kitchen sink!

FUCK! What NOW???

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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

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4 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

He knows. Chris totally knows. :gikkle:

I think you’re right, Andrew needs to get a grip on himself or he won’t be able to do anything because he’s going to rip his pants by continuing to get hard. He’s going to have to find a way to stop thinking about Chris.

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6 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

He knows. Chris totally knows. :gikkle:

Chris knows, and I have to wonder if he's teasing him or sending some kind of message. Maybe Andrew is just seeing what he wants to see, but Chris is acting a lot like someone who's 'interested'.

I'm going to pretend that Chris left to take care of his own 'problem' instead of using Andrew's awkward pillow strategy.

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a really great chapter! I can't wait to read the next chapter to see what happens between Chris and Andrew 🙂

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I wonder if the boys that like me feel like this when we hang out. If they did I would've kissed them even though Im not interested just to calm them down a little. Their strange behaviour around me suddenly makes sense ugh I feel so bad for being so oblivious! 😂😂😂

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2 hours ago, jryski said:

Their strange behaviour around me suddenly makes sense ugh I feel so bad for being so oblivious! 😂😂😂

I can see why they'd act nervous around you. You're very cute!  ;)

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6 hours ago, Page Scrawler said:

I can see why they'd act nervous around you. You're very cute!  ;)

Lol das my purse! I dont know you! Jkjk haha thanks 😅 Im hopeless when it comes to guys. I could be on a 5th date with someone and still be wondering if they like me or they just want to be friends. 😂 

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