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Friend Of A Friend - 1. Chapter 1

As a major heartthrob in the 8th grade, I got to hang around with some pretty cool people. I wasn't really popular on my own, but my friends were and they kind of gave me my reputation. You know what they always say...only cool guys get to hang out with other cool guys. Everyone was always saying, "David, you're so lucky." Or "David, you could have any chick you want." And at the risk of sounding snobbish...I used to believe them. As far as girls were concerned, I had no trouble. I was practically the "make out" king! I used to do this thing with my tongue that drove them wild! One time this chick ripped my shirt open after getting so hot. But I never went all the way, guess I just was never in the right mood at the right time. But girls liked the way I looked, and the school was my candy store. It wasn't until the middle of the school year that my whole world changed and made me what I am today.

In case you were wondering, I'm 14 years old. I've got long blond hair that's not quite Hanson-style, but not quite shaved either. I guess you could say it's medium length. Enough about that...I'm around 5' 8" with an average build and my muscles are bound to sprout up somewhere soon. I'm what many refer to as a late bloomer. I've got a baby face and people think that I'm just a really tall ten year old. I've got blue eyes and healthy teeth (My dentist would be proud!) and I'm finally getting control over my voice again. Thank goodness for that! If one more person called me "Squeaky" I was gonna stab them until they took it back!

Back to my life altering experience though. I've had small crushes on my cuter friends from time to time, but I don't even think I was aware of it. It was only after meeting HIM that I looked back and realized my emotions at that time. It started that night when we went to the movies together. We had made a habit of hitting a movie every Friday night, no matter what was playing. It was me and about three or four others, each with a date. I had some ditzy girl on my arm who I asked out simply to keep her from bothering the hell out of me. She was stalking me, calling me on the phone, following me home...she did everything short of ironing my underwear! Which she probably would have if she had access to them. But that night, my friend Richard had a tag-a-long. We drove by his house, crowded into a car like a bunch of sardines, and waited for him to come to the door. I was getting frustrated at the heat in the car and the pain of being mashed up against the window in the back seat. That's when our extra passenger came out of his front door and I caught sight of him for the first time.

I inhaled deeply and never let go of that breath. My eyes had to adjust themselves to make sure what I was seeing was not just an illusion. Some strange vision from a dream that I hadn't had yet. Whoever this kid was...he was a beautiful sight to behold. I looked at him through the window and the rest of the car, the heat, the pain, suddenly fell into the background and just didn't seem to matter anymore. He made me nervous, weak, and confused all at the same time. I found myself fidgeting, anxiously awaiting his arrival in the car. He had the golden blond hair of the gods, and he wore it short around his temples. It shined and moved ever so slightly, as if it had a life of it's own. He was a little shorter than me with a frame that was kind of flimsy, but didn't really look that way. He had these gorgeous pink lips, and this cute little nose! His eyes were dark brown and they enchanted anyone who peered into their awesome splendor. He was wearing these cut off sweat pants, and after looking hard enough, I could see a faint hint of his package jiggling playfully as he ran out to the car. I lost all focus, all hope of breaking free of his charm, and it was wonderful!

"How are you guys supposed to fit me in here?" He asked.

"I don't know dude. We've never had to make room for this many people before." Richard replied from the steering wheel. I loved to hear this kid speak. His voice tickled my eardrums as his boyish sounds echoed through my heart. I was so confused. I had never...and I mean NEVER thought about another boy this way before! In fact, I'd never thought of anybody this way before! Why now? What was it that suddenly made me want to reach out to this cutie and hold him against me until the stars burned out? I sighed to my self, and it took a few moments to realize that my 'date' was talking to me. Blah, blah, blah! She had some weird self-centered chatter going on and it just bugged me. It was one of those conversations that somebody wants you to hear, but doesn't really require you to pay attention to. I indulged her a little bit though by saying "uh-huh" every once and a while.

"...Sure, if David doesn't mind." The kid said. WHAT?!?! Did he just say my name? Oh, please say it again! I missed it! He was soooo cute!

Richard turned back to me and said, "Well, is that going to be cool dude? It's only a ten minute drive."

"Is what going to be okay?"

"Can Mason here sit on your lap until we get there?" Mason...now I had a name to go along with his spellbinding face! He looked over at me and as his blond hair gently brushed over his eyes I thought to myself..."This is what heaven is like!" His face, his hands, his...his...DID RICHARD JUST SAY HE WAS GOING TO SIT ON MY LAP?!?!?!

Before I even had a chance to come to my senses, Mason was opening the car door and making his way into the back seat! Omigod omigod omigod!!! What do I do? He smiled at me as he climbed into the back, his hair falling even further into his face. As Mason turned around to sit down on my lap, I stared directly at his lovely soft ass as it passed in front of my face. The shape of his squeezable cheeks will be forever embedded in my memory! It looked so firm...so round...so tight! He straddled my thighs and wiggled a little to get comfortable. His shirt was still a little damp from his body, he must have just jumped out of the shower not long ago. He smelled of soap and shampoo, and some kind of body wash that smelled a little like apples. His sweats were a bit worn and thin, so there was no difference between him sitting on my lap like this and him being naked. I could feel his tender ass cheeks spread and press against me as he plopped down. I spread my legs a little involuntarily, and I could just imagine his cheeks being pried open, exposing his tight little anus! I got an instant erection that could not be controlled! I just hoped that he wouldn't slide back on me and feel it. A crowded car full of teenage boys and gossiping girls is not the place to come to terms with my new found feelings! I just prayed that I could make it to the movie theater before having an accident!

The car started off, and I never noticed it before, but Richard is really a bad driver! It seemed like we hit every bump, curve, and pothole in the street! With every jolt, Mason would bounce seductively on my lap and slide back a little further. I tried to keep my composure, but the further he slid up my thighs, the harder I got! I tried to think of something else, ANYTHING else! But when Mason got a little uncomfortable and started wiggling to get a better position, I almost came! I could feel my cock head tingling, almost going numb, and the sensations it was giving me threatened to take me over the edge! What made it worse, Mason started talking to me and trying to get to know me a little better! So now I had the most awesome boy grinding on my lap in a crowded car, smelling like soap and apples, talking to me with the sexiest voice that ever came out of a teenage boy, and I was on the verge of the ultimate orgasm! It was a pleasant torture!

Suddenly, I felt Mason sliding back further and further...he was almost touching it now!!! The feeling of him moving up my legs ever so slowly, with those luscious cheeks gripping my thighs with a light suction, was taking me to new heights that I'd never even dreamed of! I didn't even reason why I liked him anymore, all I knew was that if he'd have me...I'd take Mason over any girl on the planet! Then, as his back gently rubbed against the dick head, causing me to shudder with sexual delight, I got extremely nervous! I had to think of something quick!

Suddenly, I remembered my 'date'...you know, 'what's her name', the babble machine! I suddenly leaned over and kissed her on the lips. That way if he felt the boner, he'd think it was because of her. The kiss caught her by surprise, and even though it meant nothing to me, it felt really good to release some of the built up lust that had just over come me. I felt Mason slide all the way back onto my swollen cock, and I didn't look, but I could feel him glance over at me and my activities. He didn't say anything...and he didn't move! He just pretended not to notice (I say 'pretended' because I have a 6" cock and I KNOW he had to feel something!). Mason just sat there as the car moved along, bouncing and wiggling just as he had before! I was going crazy! I could feel the pre-cum start to soak through my underwear as Mason leaned back onto my cock! I kissed my date even harder, moaning quietly to myself, my stiff cock at its full size and throbbing so much that it hurt! I pictured her lips being replaced with Mason's and I kissed her with mad passion, while my teen infatuation ground deeper on my lap! I started to wonder if he was doing this on purpose! Suddenly, I felt my rock hard member fall in between the crack of his luscious ass and it started massaging it from both sides! I tightened up and had to hold my breath to keep from cumming right then! But the real clincher was Richard hitting that curve, making Mason rise up a bit. When he sat back down, even though I had on pants and he had on those thin sweats, I could feel my cock head press against his tight virgin hole!!! That was all I could take! I tried as hard as I could to not let anyone in the car know what was going on, so I buried my tongue in that girl's mouth as far and fast and hard as I could to muffle my whimpers! Mason continued to vibrate and squirm as I came hard in my pants! I felt the pulse rush through me and the warm sticky liquid flooded the crotch of my pants! I was so sensitive that I almost screamed when Mason didn't stop moving around! It was so strong that even though I'd jacked off a million times before, I actually consider it to be my first orgasm! It was great!

We got out of the car and headed to the movie theater. That walk from the parking lot to the front door was the longest walk in history. My body was still shaking and my mind was suddenly filled with new emotions and feelings that it had never experienced before. As we walked through to the theater, Mason smiled at me sheepishly and it looked like he was blushing! Did he know? Did he do it on purpose? And if so...did I...LIKE it?!?! I remember his gorgeous smile being worth a thousand first kisses, and it made me tremble with a sensation that couldn't be described! All through the movie, my date kept trying to relive the kiss we had in the car, but my heart just wasn't in it anymore. The bad thing was, I couldn't even remember her name to tell her to stop. But Mason's name was plastered in my mind forever! I found myself imagining him naked, rubbing his thin lithe body up against mine, his heat bathing me with uncontrollable lust. I wanted to kiss his soft lips and have my tongue curl around his delicately as we intertwined on sheets of black satin. I could almost feel the silken hairs all over his body crawl over me as I pictured the two of us touching each other in seductive and passionate ways. I had never dreamed of boys before that day, but after Mason, it was hard for me to believe that I'd ever wanted anything else.

Mason and I wrestled for space on the arm rest a few times throughout the movie, playfully shoving the other's arm into his lap when he didn't expect it. But feeling his skin against mine only brought the fantasies back even stronger than before. To hear him laugh at the jokes in the film made my heart skip beats. The feeling was incredible! The movie was over too soon for me, but I was also looking forward to having Mason sit in my lap again! So I practically ran back to the car and hopped in the back. Mason, of course resumed his position, but this time, he kept a safe distance from my cock, which hadn't gone soft in over two hours! I was beginning to think it was all in my head and that my whole love affair with this hot kid was over. For some reason, that hurt me so bad that I just wanted to run off and cry. This was so weird!

The guys dropped me off first, but when Mason got off of my lap to let me out, he really surprised me by saying, "Just leave me here guys. I've gotta run to the store and then I'll walk it from here."

They all drove off and for the first time, Mason and I were alone. I was so out of it that I didn't even know what to say. Mason asked if he could come in for a minute and make a phone call. I agreed, but my hands were shaking so bad that I could barely open the door! I guided him to my room and over to my phone. He sat down and called his house, telling his mom that he'd be late coming home. That made me even more nervous! Now I felt almost nauseous!

"So...." He said, sitting next to me on the bed.

"So...." I repeated. It was like he was expecting something to happen, and I really wanted something to happen! But I chickened out! Every word that came to mind sounded stupid to me and refused to leave my mouth. Why was this so hard? Either he likes me or he doesn't. I should just ask him. If it were a girl, I'd have my tongue down her throat by now!

"So, you and Richard are friends huh?" Mason continued. His voice was humming a sexual lullabye that was turning me on in every way! I knew at that moment that I was totally in love with this kid! Not a crush, and infatuation, or lust...but completely and totally head-over-heels in love!

"Yep...we've known each other for about five years now." I said, trying to hold back my emotions.

"I've only known him for a few months, but he's a cool guy. I like him."

"Do you go to our school? I've never seen you around before."

Mason seemed to get a bit uncomfortable and he looked down to the floor. "I've seen you a couple of times. You just seemed like you'd be really...nice. Anyway, what did you think of the movie?"

"I can't remember that much of it really." I said.

"Me either." That comment was followed by a long uncomfortable silence, and I suddenly felt his hand gently rub against the outside of my thigh. I shivered and he drew his hand back quickly! "I should get going man. My mom will be waiting for me."

For some reason, I got a little more courage and said, "You told her you'd be late. Why don't you..stay awhile?" I don't know what made me say it, but Mason must have gotten the hint. He sat down and put his hand on my thigh again. But this time...he left it there!

We didn't say anything, but we were both shivering and quaking with every beat of our hearts! He moved his hand in a very tiny circle on my leg, letting his thin fingers slide gently to my inner thigh! I was paralyzed with fear! My brain wouldn't function at all...and that's when my body got a mind of it's own and my arm reached out to him. A shaky hand ran down his chest and rested on his tender stomach. The circles his hand were making got larger and larger until his fingertips were lightly brushing up against my scrotum! With that contact made, I suddenly leaned back and closed my eyes. I couldn't believe this was happening! But in case it was all just an incredibly realistic fantasy, I refused to let it end by allowing my brain to rationalize! I felt the bed sink slightly as Mason laid down next to me, his hand still on my inner thigh! He then made the big move and cupped his hand around my testicles through the fabric! I gasped and arched my back as my body spasmed with pleasure! I could feel his breath as it fell on my cheeks, and I knew he was looking directly at me! His hand was rubbing harder now, more confidently up and over my crotch. His face was getting closer to mine and he seemed to be getting more and more scared the closer he came.


"Yeah.." I answered breathlessly.

"Would you mind if...Can I...kiss you?"

Not knowing what else to say, I mumbled an unemotional, "Uh...sure." Then he leaned forward, his sweet breath getting closer, warmer. I could feel the moisture from his heated panting as he leaned in ever closer. Then, his lips touched mine so softly that I almost didn't know they were there! The taste of him was terrific! I pushed myself up into his hand and moaned sensually. His kiss became harder and his hand started to undo my zipper. He reached inside and rubbed my cock through the soft material of my underwear! My entire body was lifeless, and yet it felt every touch with extra sensitivity! I wanted to move my hand to his package, but I was so enraptured with his kiss that I was helpless to move! I felt his warm wet tongue snake its way into my mouth and suddenly, my senses returned to me. I grabbed the back of his head with one hand and his ass with the other and rolled over on top of him. I began using my special make-out tongue trick on him and he moaned surprisingly! He gripped my cock and pulled it out of its confines! He then let it rub on his leg, naked flesh to naked flesh! I ground myself into his leg while we kissed and rolled around, reveling in our new found sexuality! Suddenly, we both looked deep into each other's eyes and knew that the "foreplay" was over!

We quickly switched around into a 69 position and he wrapped those delicious lips around my cock and started a slow and rhythmic bob as I tenderly chewed at his genitals through his sweats! The scent of boy musk filled my nostrils and his hard on slid over my face in long passionate thrusts! The hardness of his cock, combined with the rubbery softness of his balls, sliding over my face overwhelmed me and I yanked his pants down to his ankles! I felt his moaning send vibrations through my aching dick head as he sucked on it, licking the head lovingly with his coarse tongue! I let him enter my mouth and I knew the second that I tasted his manhood, that this is what I wanted! This is what I needed! I became an animal, grunting and thrusting into Mason's face as he went crazy on my cock! We both were squirming and grinding as we tasted each other and enjoyed our virgin love! I was getting close, and so was he. We stiffened up, more and more! We sped up the pace, faster and faster! Then, without much more than a muffled whimper, we came hard into each other's waiting mouths! We swallowed gallons of the sweet nectar and then fell exhausted to opposite sides of the bed! I was shaking the whole time, and so was he! It was the best!

Mason and I literally kissed for 45 minutes after that! I loved making out with him more than anyone I've ever been with! Mason was the best person I ever could have lost my virginity to, and looking at him laying next to me, I knew that my life would never follow the "straight" road again. My heart was his, and the love I felt kept me trembling long after the sex was over. There hasn't been a greater love since, but who needs one?

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Short, Sweet, To The Point without to much fuffing

Liked this story and the way the scenes played out,

But to stay in those wet shorts all evening yukkk....

Thank You For Sharing...

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I thought the car scene was really hot and daring. The fact that they were able to be so close on both journey's and the unspoken word between them really cemented this scene. I think the fact that he creamed himself and then had to endure the next couple of hours with the knowledge and smell of his manhood in close proximity to his 'dream beau' I think is actually very sexy. Loved this episode of a story. :kiss:

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This would make an awesome series of stories! So many questions on what happens next! 🥰

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