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  1. Another wonderful chapter! You are such a talented writer, I can’t wait for you to return to this story! 🥰 🥰
  2. Another fantastic story, I couldn’t put it down! 🥰
  3. Fantastic story, couldn’t put it down!
  4. Excellent story! You are such a wonderful writer, I hope you return to sharing your stories with us! 🥰
  5. Absolute fantastic story, I simply couldn’t put it down! 🥰
  6. Kev’s kind of a dick, hate to say it but kinda glad he got dissed by her. Hope he changed in the next chapters 😁
  7. IanDaniels


    Finally!!! I so love this story!!🥰😍😘💕❤️
  8. Fantastic story!
  9. Another great chapter! So happy you’ve returned to the story! ❤️
  10. IanDaniels


    Another fantastic chapter! Excited to see where the story goes next! You are such a fantastic writer!!
  11. When will you republish this chapter?
  12. I am soooo addicted to this story! Waiting on pins and needles for Book 9, chap 50, and hopefully Book 10. 🥰 swoon Any chance the story will continue? I’m not above begging, hehe 😁
  13. Great story! This would make a fantastic multi-chapter story! 😉
  14. Another fantastic story! When I saw it tagged with were-creatures I was going to skip over it, that theme has been soooo over done by others. I’m so glad I didn’t; it was a base for the story, but the character development and flow of he story felt so natural. Thank you earth-mother for bringing us this story. 😁
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