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  1. IanDaniels

    A to Z

    You are an amazing writer! I can’t believe how quickly I read the story, I just couldn’t put it away. I laughed, I cried, I was angry, and I felt the love. Simply a wonderful story. 🥰
  2. Wonderful writing! I so hope you return to this story! 🥰🙏
  3. Wonderful story and exquisite writing! I do hope you return to writing stories again! 🥰
  4. Fantastic story and phenomenal writing! I hope you return to writing stories again! 🥰🙏
  5. IanDaniels

    Chapter 25

    Awesome story! I absolutely love your writing style! 🥰
  6. IanDaniels

    Chapter 11

    So glad you’ve returned to this story! Eager for the next chapter!🥰
  7. IanDaniels

    Chapter 30

    Another great chapter! 🥰
  8. IanDaniels

    Chapter 29

    Wonderful story, can’t wait until the next chapter! I hope it’s soon 😉
  9. Wonderful, engaging and erotic story.
  10. Holy suspense!!!What will Tyler do? I’ve got a feeling that somehow Samson is going to meet Tyler now. ❤️
  11. Wonderful story of ❤️
  12. IanDaniels

    Chapter 32

    Wonderful story, you are such a good writer!
  13. IanDaniels

    Chapter 6

    Wonderful story so far. I know it’s on temporary hold, but really hope you start it up again soon. 😁🤞🙏
  14. IanDaniels

    Chapter 2

    Such a lovely chapter. Wonderful writing!
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