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  1. Mym8te


    What a beautiful, quintessentially English story. Thank you so much for writing this. Absolutely loved it all. Laughed and cried with all my other fellow readers too! Magical. Chris
  2. Mym8te

    Naked Calendar

    Wow hitched in real life and two possible hitches to come in this story. Perfect. I am really enjoying having an english based story and love the way you write. So fluid, with a developed story line. Great work and thoroughly enjoyable. I have now read all 26 chapters and it only two me three nights! Hope there is plenty more writing left in you! Bravo.
  3. Mym8te


  4. Mym8te


    This is so funny! It could be a BBC Comedy show. Brilliant🤣
  5. Mym8te

    Chapter 50

    When a plan comes together..... well written, gripping and with some strong characters. Delightful story. Thank you.
  6. Mym8te

    Chapter 2

    Love this story so relaxed and genuinely natural. I'm sure that there's a future for these two hunks. Thanks for the light-hearted story.
  7. Mym8te

    Chapter 15

    Yep sure has! I think its his haircut that does it for you......
  8. Mym8te


    Its amazing what can happen in life, and seemingly from beyond the grave! Wasn't sure where this story was going at first but it sure unraveled through excellent explanation. Very well written, liked the suspense and being introduced to the D/S thing - (its not my cup of tea - though) Best wishes and thanks for entertaining. Chris
  9. Mym8te

    Chapter 15

    Please spill why you heart is captivated by Cal? I'm intrigued now......
  10. Mym8te

    Chapter 15

    I have re-read this story again this afternoon. WOW. It really tugs at the heart strings all the way through. The way you capture the unconditional love between Cal and Davey is extraordinary. Its great that they have found each other and that they were meant to be together. I am in awe of them and very jealous of their love for one another. Brilliant writing, considered and heart felt, emotion and truth all poured out in a realistic way. Oh and by the way nice to have story set in England for a change too! Keep up the good work. Its so enjoyable. Thank you. Chris York England
  11. This heart warming family is reminiscent of the Waltons! I love the family warmth and bonding. Its awesome. Thank you for sharing this with us.
  12. Mym8te

    JV Chapter 3

    This story has a lot of potential indeed. I feel it is a little sugar coated at present though and needs more depth. I appreciate that Walker may be a bit naive in terms of his personal life experiences but so far everything has been a bit too easy for him. Don;t get me wrong there is lots of personal family issues not explored yet which are troubling and disturbing too! As for Mr Wright I'm not sure if he is the sugar daddy type, or just a hard nosed business man winding Walker into a Subdom role! As I say there is loads of potential here. Lets see how it pans out! Chris
  13. Mym8te

    Chapter 26

    I have just read one of the BEST love stories of my life in 16 hours straight through. I have cried with laughter, pure unbridled happiness and despair. This story is so compelling and intoxicating that I could not put it down. Thank you for giving me such an epic experience. Your consideration of all the characters introduced throughout this book are fully justified being there in the story. Superb creative writing and I am so jealous that I don't have that kind of love in my life. This story has great depth and appreciates like a fine wine. Magnificent. Thank you so much
  14. Mym8te

    Chapter 15

    An epic journey that is just as powerful on my second read through. Well written and full of humbling characters who have a lot to give and more importantly, do give, leading by example. So pleased I re-read this story again. Thank you. Chris
  15. Mym8te


    I Stand Corrected David. For me it doesn't really matter if it is one person or more. The results are the same. A person's life is wrecked needlessly with untold damage. Will it stop, I think sadly not. Can we all help just one person, YES we can and we must. I hope I have not caused any offence. I do try and do my little bit to assist where I can and I hope others do to. Peace Chris
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