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  1. Forevermotion

    Chapter 14

    Perfect way to show their love.
  2. Forevermotion

    Chapter 1

    I have read this story before and enjoyed it. Gonna read it again.
  3. Forevermotion

    Chapter 17

    I've never really been a fan of harry potter but I did enjoy this. I love the politics and I really liked how you brought all the battles to life. Brilliant.
  4. Forevermotion


    My money is Chris. I think he is trying to scare them so that they will become distracted in fighting him. They do need to get that lawyer get the ball rolling and get out from under Chris.
  5. Cool new story Comicality. Can't wait during more!
  6. Forevermotion

    Chapter 7

    That last paragraph was beautiful.
  7. Forevermotion

    Chapter 1

    Really good. Gonna love reading more.
  8. Forevermotion

    The Wall

    I think I agree with what people have been saying about Ezra. I don't think him just passing by is a coincidence. Seems fishy to me. I loved seeing the Borderlands reference there. Is that because the 3rd one out in September?
  9. Forevermotion

    Chapter 50

    This is a great story. Really enjoyed it. Looking forward to reading the next books.
  10. Forevermotion

    Chapter 18

    I'm surprised the alpha declined Aidens request.
  11. Forevermotion

    Chapter 10

    It always amazes me when people don't learn there lesson.
  12. Forevermotion

    Chapter 8

    That Michael guy is gonna cause problems I think.
  13. Forevermotion

    Chapter 1

    I love Werewolf stories. Sounds like this will be a good one.
  14. Forevermotion


    This wee story has always been one of my favourites. I really hope for a sequel.
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