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Magic Man - 3. Chapter 3

Part 1

My stomach began to quiver, and this overwhelming rush of unprecedented humiliation washed over me so fast that it nearly knocked me down! I couldn't believe that he had done it! I couldn't believe that he had put one of my most PRIVATE drawings up on the bulletin board for everybody in the SCHOOL to see! I was speechless. Literally speechless!

"How....how could you do this to me?" I said, looking over at Gideon who was still grinning proudly to himself.

"Do what?" He asked.

"DO WHAT??? DO WHAT???" I shouted. "You PROMISED me you wouldn't show it to anybody!!!"

"I promised you that I wouldn't show it to anybody directly. And I didn't. I just put it up on this board, and people can choose to look at it as they please."

"You TRICKED me you lying FUCK!"

"Come on, Gavin...geez, calm down. What's the big deal?"

"The big DEAL is that this is a piece of my fucking LIFE...and you just...you THREW it out there, put it on display, and then act like it's no big deal!" I grabbed him by the shirt and shook him. "TAKE IT DOWN!"

"Gavin...you are really going to have to learn to be a bit less confined about your feelings..." He said, but I shook him even harder.

"Fucking take it DOWN!!!"

He looked me in the eye, and said, "You take it down." And the son of a bitch had the nerve to SMILE at me when he said it.

"Fine!" I said, and walked over to the bulletin board to yank it down as fast as I could.

"Hey, what are you doing?" Somebody said, and I turned to see another boy with a notebook and a pen giving me a dirty look. He was a bit on the skinny side, with longish dark brown hair, and blue eyes. "That's somebody's artwork. Who are you to just run up there and tear it down like that?"

"It's...it's mine..." I said, a bit confused. And the boy's eyes opened a little wider. I turned to give Gideon an angry look, but as always...he was gone. Vanished the second I let him go.

"Oh...really? It's yours?" He asked, and he looked down at his notebook. "So...you're Gavin Blake?" He asked, reading off the name he had just written down in his notebook. Arrgh! Why did Gideon put my NAME on it?

"Me? I...I mean..yeah, I am. I mean, that's me. Why?"

"Dude...did you draw that? It's kick ass. I've got a major thing for dragons, so..." He started, and he seemed a bit awkward at first, but then stuck his hand out in my direction. "I'm Aaron. Aaron Berko. I've been kinda collecting stuff for the big art appreciation week coming up next month. I thought that...you know...anybody who draws like this should definitely enter a piece or two into the exhibit."

"Wait...what?" I said, now almost hiding the drawing behind my back. "N-N-No...this was...you got me all wrong. This was just a mistake..."

"A mistake? What do you mean? It's your drawing, isn't it?" He asked.

"No. I mean...YES, technically it's my drawing...but somebody else put it up there. NOT me!" I said

"Well, if you ask me, I'd say they did you a favor. Because that's exactly the kind of artwork we're looking for." Aaron smiled. "I mean look at the colors you used..." He started to speak while pointing down at my hidden drawing, but I snatched it even further back, and then spun around to shove it into my backpack.

"It's not...I'm not gonna.." I was stammering, and just had to try my best to get away from there. "...I'm sorry. Ok? This was all just...a big mistake." I said, directing my stare back to the floor to avoid the confused look in his eyes. "I gotta go..." And with that, I took off. Not even giving him another glance as I rounded the corner as quickly as possible.

"You could have at least let him finish his sales pitch. It was beginning to sound interesting." I heard Gideon's voice as I found myself walking right past him. The coward was waiting right there around the corner the whole time!

"You son of a BITCH..."

"Whoah! Hostility. You wanna tone that down a bit, junior?" He said.

"How could you do that to me?"

"What exactly did I do, Gavin?" He asked.

"You know what? Fuck you! I'm done being humiliated for no reason."

"THAT'S your idea of 'humiliation'? No WONDER you don't have any friends" He smirked, and I swear to God I nearly punched him in the face on instinct alone.

"You don't know what you're talking about."

"You know, maybe YOU'RE the one who doesn't know what he's talking about." He said. "You pour your heart and soul into a drawing, you make it one of the best things you've ever done, somebody sees it, praises you for it...and you run away like a frightened little bunny rabbit before even giving him a chance to talk to you about it. And that's supposed to be 'humiliating'?"

"YOU did that!" I snarled. "You MADE him come talk to me, didn't you? It's a trick!"

"Despite your weird ideas about magic, Gavin...I don't do that." He said confidently. "Magic isn't a 'trick'. It's not a form of 'mind control' either, so get that out of your head. It's a natural law of the universe..like gravity."

"I thought you were supposed to be helping me."

"Helping you learn how to help yourself, yes."

"That's NOT the same thing!" I said a little louder.

But he just replied with, "You're damn right, it isn't." I was fuming at this point. But Gideon was so frustratingly good at double talking that I hardly knew how to come up with something that would cause any kind of real 'damage' to his ego. "I told you...honest effort, gets honest results."

I rolled my eyes and began to walk away from him. "Forget it."

"Let's not. Talk to me." He said, walking by my side.

"You shouldn't have put the drawing up on display like that, ok? Just...stop embarrassing me." I sulked, hoping nobody else paid it any real attention.

"The only thing 'embarrassing' you is your own insecurity, Gavin. You created something beautiful. And people liked it. You lifted your head to say hello to a few people in the hallway. And people responded. What did you think 'popularity' was going to entail? Sitting quietly in a corner by yourself while people try desperately to climb over each other to get to know you, and kiss your ass? It doesn't work like that. What you put out, you get back. It's one of the most important universal laws there is." His voice became so soothing. Almost apologetic, but not quite.

"If you can't use magic to make things happen, then what good is it?"

"You ARE using magic to make things happen. And when they do, you run away."

"That's NOT what I mean, Gideon."

"What? Did you think you could just have access to everything and not risk a piece of yourself in return? It doesn't work like that."

I heard the bell ring, and knew that I had to hurry off to my next class. But thinking about it some more, I had to ask him, "So...you really didn't do anything to make that Aaron guy say what he said to me just now?"

Gideon gave me a cocky grin. "All I did was push in a thumbtack to hold it up on the bulletin board. Nothing more."

I sighed to myself. "Did I just fuck up?"

"Yes, Gavin. You just fucked up. But keep trying. You'll get the hang of things eventually."

"Dammit. When is this 'magic' stuff gonna rush in and make everything all better?"

"When are you?" He asked. "Just remember...the universal laws you're trying to tap into can only act on the energy you give them. Magic doesn't just 'grant wishes', Gavin. It provides opportunities....and you just missed one." He patted me on the shoulder with a smirk, and then started to walk away. "Don't forget to keep talking. Eye contact, confident voice...say 'hello'. You gotta keep doing it. More energy, better results. It's all up to you." And then...he was gone.

It was a thought that I kept with me through my next period class. The idea that I could somehow....maybe...open a little bit more. I don't know why that freaks me out so much, but it does. I mean...what am I gonna do, draw all this attention to myself and then let everybody know what an idiot I am? What happens if somebody takes a chance on getting to know me, and I end up just being...sighhhh....a big disappointment. I think I'd rather not have any friends, than to start getting friends and having them ditch me at the first available opportunity. And that dragon drawing wasn't even all that great, anyway. I mean..not good enough for an 'art week' display or anything. I didn't think it was.

And yet, the thoughts continued. They spun around in my head over and over again, until my brain was almost 'aching' with the possibilities. Damn Gideon for doing this too me! Sometimes I just wish I didn't have to worry so much about being 'out there'. Or being spoken to. Or even being looked at. I felt safer when I was alone. And...I guess that was Gideon's point from the very first time I saw him. Alone isn't 'safe'....it's just...


I doubt I paid any attention to my teacher at all today. If it wasn't for the bell ringing to send us to our next class, I probably could have daydreamed my way through the rest of the day. I gathered my stuff, and tried to get my nerve up enough to start talking to people again. As much as I hate to admit it, Gideon was right about it getting a bit easier the more I did it. Even when I didn't really get any responses from a few of them, it didn't matter as much as it did this morning. I still had a bit of fear inside, sure. But it was hardly the paralyzing fear that was crippling me before.

"Hey....hello...what's up?" I said as I walked through the hall. Every fourth or fifth person got some type of greeting, and I forced myself to look them in the eye.

Then, before reaching my next class, some guy and his girlfriend recognized me from my math class, and when I said hello to them, they stopped me. "Hey, Gavin, I saw your drawing in the hallway today. Very cool."

"It...was?" I said, and then remembered what Gideon said about 'faking a little bit of confidence'. "I mean, thank you." There was an awkward moment, where I was standing there next to them...afraid to say anything else...kinda waiting on one of them to say anything else. But that's when he gave me a bit of a weird look. As if to say, 'what the hell ELSE do you want?' I think I could feel myself starting to blush from the embarrassment of standing there like a dork. I should have just kept walking. It's not like he was trying to be my best friend or anything. Go! Walk away, dumbass! "Thanks..." I said again, and went on my way.

I was practically shaking at this point. That was almost, like...a conversation. Well, I mean, not REALLY. But close. That guy barely knows me. Having him give me a compliment...I dunno...it kinda stroked my ego a little bit. Pride is a weird thing sometimes. You kinda feel guilty for indulging in the sensation...but every now and then, it's fun to get a little enjoyment out of it for a while.

And then...that pride seemed to bleed right out of me all at once...

As I saw Joshua Roth coming towards the same classroom that I was getting ready to go into. I swear, I must be subconsciously timing myself to get here at the same time every day, because I almost ALWAYS meet him at the door when I'm going into my English class. It's a bit of a gift and a curse, depending on the day.

Today...I'm thinking...'gift'.

It almost seemed like he was walking in slow motion, the way his graceful stride seemed to affect everything else around him. I swear..if you look closely enough, you can actually see his beauty glow. It's like a halo of pure golden light that surrounds every inch of him. A light the sun itself should be jealous of. From his soft sandy blond locks, to his impossibly blue eyes, to the liquid smoothness of his skin, to the apple red, candy coated, glory of his sweet thin lips. Joshua Roth never fails to give you a 'show'. He never disappoints. Thoughts of kissing that long neck entered my mind, and it sent sparks of electricity through me. Crawling seductively up my legs from the floor...and collecting into a unified tingly sensation between my thighs...where I did all I could to fight off the urge to spring a hard one right in front of him. How could I have become sooooo enraptured with one human being in the course of a few weeks? It's insane.

It was then that I realized that I was standing outside of the classroom door, not moving, and just staring at him without any kind of reason as to why I was just idling there in a dopey dream like state. The sudden realization caused a slight panic, as I tried to figure out what to do with myself as he got closer. I couldn't just 'run' inside...that would look weird. But I couldn't just 'stand' there either. That would look even MORE weird! So I rocked back and forth on my heels, desperately using the last few seconds that I had left to come up with some kind of goddamn PLAN! Then...I instantly swung my backpack around and pretended to look for something inside. Hey, give me a break! It was short notice.

Josh came closer, and when I peeked up at him...he was looking right AT me! Those...those eyes! That sky blue gaze of his started to make me hard before I even had a chance to figure out what kind of sexually activated hormone he could have triggered with his eyes alone. I felt myself beginning to shake, and I got weak in the knees, and with my erection beginning to swell up despite my orders to 'abort' the mission...I had no choice but to put my backpack on the floor and get down on one knee to look through it more closely. It was the only way for me to hide! And yet...I never felt so 'unhidden' as I did when locked in Josh's line of sight.

"Hey, Gavin." He said, quietly. Oh God....Oh GOD...I didn't expect him to actually speak to me! I reached full hardness the second that angelic voice of his reached my ears, and in that moment I was emotionally caught between crying, choking, and simply standing up and running for my LIFE!

"H-H-Hi...uh...Josh..." I didn't raise my head. If I looked him in the eye, I was gonna totally lose it! I can barely see his shoes right now, and I already feel like I'm going to pass out. Is it me, or is there not enough fucking AIR in this school?

"Are you ok?" He asked.

"Huh? M-M-Me....?"

"You look a little bit stressed. Did you lose something?" Oh, for Christ's SAKE...PLEASE stop talking to me Josh! I'm seriously about to cum all over myself right now!

"I'm just...I mean...yeah. I lost...well, I found it now. So..." I stammered. I made the mistake of making eye contact, and he looked so damn cute that it nearly knocked me over. Awwwww...why is he even bothering with me right now? LOOK at him! And look at me! He shouldn't even be talking to me out of pity! I reached in my bag, and pulled out a random piece of paper. "See? I found it. Just some..uh...homework..." And when I looked at the paper I was holding..it was the dragon drawing. And my face nearly turned PURPLE when I noticed him looking at it! "Uhhhh...that was just...forget you saw that..."

He wrinkled up his forehead a bit...looking hotter than ever. And then...oh wow...he smiled. It was like...the most heartwarming smile I'd ever SEEN! And he tilted his head a little bit as a delicate little giggle left those kissable lips of his. "Hehehe, ok. If you say so." Shit. He MUST think I'm a total freak right now! But...just staring up at that adorable grin had me falling in love all over again. He reached up a hand to gently tuck some of his blond hair back behind his ear on the right side, and he walked past me to go into the classroom.

My stomach was so full of joyful wiggles that I could hardly find the equilibrium to STAND again! The only thing that helped me find the energy to get back on my feet was the fact that I couldn't see Josh's beauty from around the corner of the classroom door.

The entire forty minute period...I just kinda...'watched' him. You know? Not in that really timid way like I usually do. But in the kind of way where I just...admired his almost frightening allure, and found a true appreciation for being allowed to be in his presence for a while. He hardly ever spoke three words to me in a row in the same class. Hell, he hardly ever spoke three words to me on the same DAY. But, God, did I swoon with infatuation whenever he was near. I don't know what made today so special over all the other days that I gawked at him helplessly, wishing that I could reach out and touch him just ONCE. But the feelings I had didn't send me spiraling down into a pit of self pity and disgust like they usually did. Yeah...today was different.

The last few minutes of the period ticked away, and our time together was much too short for my tastes. Even if we were on opposite ends of the room...I can still consider that 'together', right? Wow...I wonder what it feels like to just...I dunno...put my hand on his shoulder or something. Or his arm. Oh God...what would it feel like to lay my hand, palm down, on the softness of his flat little stomach...sighhh...and just feel the warmth of his body heat on my skin. Just...feel it rise and fall while he breathed in silence beside me. A single touch..that's all I ask. So far my only contact was an accidental 'bump' in the hallway. And I didn't even get a chance to enjoy the impact. But just...one deliberate touch of his shirt, and I'll be happy or the rest of the day. I KNOW I will!

I was staring so hard that the ringing of the bell startled me a bit, and I hurried to get all of my stuff together so I could walk behind Josh down the hall like I always did. He's so much less intimidating when he's walking away from you than when he's walking towards you. I was barely able to zip up my backpack in time, but I managed to get up just as Josh was heading for the door. As all of the other students kinda 'bottlenecked' at the door to get out, I made sure to position myself right behind my dream boy. I could practically inhale the fragrance of his morning body wash. And then...I saw something. It was like...this little cluster of hair on his shirt, right on the back of his shoulder. It was too dark to be 'his' hair, but I noticed it, and I looked at it for a moment as everybody moved forward little by little.

What are you thinking, Gavin? You CAN'T be serious! NO! There's...there's NO TOUCHING Joshua Roth! Ever! Just...leave it alone. I got off lucky last time with a weird look and a giggle. I'm not gonna start pushing things by actually...placing my hands on his shoulder. I just...I couldn't. I mean..well...could I?

We emptied out into the hallway, and he was soon going to be too far away for me to do it. To actually...get my 'touch'. Should I? I'm gonna screw up everything, aren't I? I'm gonna touch his shoulder, and he's gonna call me a queer, and if I'm fortunate, he'll walk away and never talk to me again. If I'm unfortunate, he'll ball up his fist and lay me out right here in front of everybody. Think, Gavin. Gotta think. Gotta THINK! Don't do it. It's not worth it. Take what you got today and end on a good note. Just...walk behind him, take a few peeks at his ass, and leave it alone. No need to 'up my high' by fondling him with my fingers. No way.

But...the more I looked at that tiny little collection of dark hairs on the back of his shirt...the more the idea itched in the back of my mind. And, as if out of nowhere, I thought back to what Gideon told me earlier. And I softly whispered it to myself. "Magic doesn't grant wishes..it provides opportunities. Right...opportunities. Opportunities." I repeated, the fear building up in my chest, causing it to tighten. "Oh....for fuck's sake..." I mumbled, feeling the trembles begin in my arms and legs as I sped up my pace to get closer to Josh. I can't believe I'm doing this.

I tried to hurry up and get it over with before I lost my nerve, but my arm felt like cold wet clay all of a sudden, and refused to leave my side. I had to struggle with it for a moment or two, still concentrating on trying to breathe, and attempting to walk straight on a pair of shaky legs that were trying hard to run me right into a brick wall every chance they got. Awkward feet...COME ON! Finally, I took a deep breath, reached out, and with the most gentle of touches, I lightly plucked the strands of hair from his shirt. It was like...it was like...WOW! I mean, only three of my fingers actually did the 'touching'. My thumb, my index, and my middle finger. And just the tips. I made sure to remember. But his shirt was soft, and his body was kinda warm. I dunno..that little bit of contact just...it really thrilled me, you know?

Josh turned his head, his blond locks lightly whipping around and falling right into their perfect place. And when those eyes met mine, I thought I was gonna be SICK! But I stuck it out, and I tilted my head up, and I showed him the hair. I couldn't really speak, but I at least had the common sense to show him that I wasn't just touching him for the hell of it. Um...even if I kinda was.

He saw the hair, and then he looked over his shoulder. Pulling on his shirt a bit as if to see if there was any more. "Thanks, man." He said.

I tried to keep from sighing out loud. But I don't think I could really help it. "Sorry. I just...I saw it on your shoulder...so...."

"Yeah. We've been babysitting the neighbor's dog while she's out of town. So my house is 'full' of the stuff. Hehehe!" There it is...that sweet little giggle of his. His lips are so perfect when they gracefully bend into a smile.

"It's no problem." I told him. I stopped there, and found myself with Joshua Roth's attention directed right AT me! KEEP GOING!!! I had to mentally SLAP myself to keep talking! "Can't have you walking around with trash on your shoulder. People will talk." I faked a small grin, hoping that he'd know I was just joking. Eeek! Am I JOKING with Joshua Roth? Am I?

"Hehehe, right. Well, thanks. You saved me." He said. "Say, are you going this way?" No...no he is NOT asking me to walk to class with him! He's...he's just not!

"NO!" I said, and then instantly lowered my voice. "I mean...my next class is...it's this way. So..."

"Oh. Well, ok? Well, maybe I'll see ya tomorrow then."

"Yeah...." I said dreamily. "Tomorrow."

"Later." He grinned, and I watch his delicate beauty walk away from me...still having a life enhancing effect on everything around him. He was the total answer to everything that my life was lacking in every possible way. And I TOUCHED him! I actually fucking TOUCHED him! With these three fingertips.

This is turning out to be one of the best days of my life.

"I saw that, you know?" Came a voice from behind me, and I saw Gideon walking towards me with a few school books in his hand.


Gideon looked down the hall, just as Josh walked around the corner. "Very nice. He looks just like his 'picture'."

"Shut up, don't tease me." I said with a slight pout.

"Who's teasing? I'm just happy to see that you have such...'ambitious' tastes." He gave me such a wicked smirk that I could just TELL that he was making fun of me somehow. I don't know why I put up with him sometimes.

"Do you actually WANT something, or are you just here to watch me squirm?"

"Well, maybe it's neither. Or perhaps a little bit of both. Who's to say?"

"You are. That's kind of why I asked." I told him as I started walking to class.

"Awww...your words are grumpy, but your aura is sparkling like you wouldn't believe. I take it you had a good experience with Mr. Heartthrob back there?"

"It wasn't THAT big of a deal..just..a little thing, that's all."

Gideon gave me a sideways look for a second, and then said, "You do remember what I told you, right? About it being ok to be happy?"

"I AM happy. Really. It's just a little thing, that's all."

"Nothing that makes you happy is a 'little thing'. Embrace it, enjoy it. Loosen up."

"And give you more chances to laugh at me?"

"Laughing at your happiness makes ME happy. So I'd think it was a win win situation all the way around. Be glad." He said, and after staring at me in silence for a few seconds, I actually started to chuckle a little bit.

"What are you DOING? Hehehe, get away from me!" I gave him a playful shove, and that brought out an even bigger smile on Gideon's face.

"Ahhh, now THAT'S the clowny face I was looking for!" He said. "So...was it good?"

"Was WHAT good?" I asked.

"I don't know Whatever it is you did to get your aura to sparkle like that. From the looks of it, I could almost assume that you got laid."

I blushed furiously at the notion, and hid my face from him as I giggled bashfully to myself. "Nooooo....nothing like that. Hehehe...he just...I dunno..." I shrugged my shoulder a bit, opening up just a LITTLE bit of that joy to show it to Gideon. Who evidently already knew that it was there. "...He makes me feel so...alive sometimes." My whole body felt weightless just saying it out loud. But I clammed up when I saw the hall filling up with more people. "Like I said, it was just a little freak coincidence. And it surprised me." Gideon snickered to himself. "What?"

"You still aren't really getting it, are you?"

"What are you talking about?"

He stopped me from walking and looked me in the eye. "You're beginning to achieve your awakening. You just don't realize it yet. You're tapped in now, you understand? The possibilities are only going to grow from here."

"Tapped in? Gideon...you're losing me."

"Your good fortunes today...you DO realize that YOU are making them happen, right?" He said.

"Psh! Get outta here. Whatever. Look, you wanna know what happened? Josh had some dog hair on his shirt, and I took it off for him. That's it. It's hardly some big mystical feat of magic, ok?"

"Magic isn't big or small It just is." He told me. He saw me scoff at the idea, and continued. "What were you thinking about before it happened?"

"What? When?"

"Right before you touched him. What were you thinking of?"

"Nothing. Seriously." I said. "It's not even important."

"Everything is important, Gavin. Every minute of the day. You may not realize it, but your thoughts, your dream, your every motivation...it literally defines your reality. You use magic every single day, you just don't know it. But the more you tap in...the stronger it's going to get." He told me, and I gave him a weird look. Something about it felt like a scam. It was too easy. Just because I wanted to touch Joshua Roth and then found a way to..

...Touch Joshua Roth....?

Wait a minute...no. No, that's just stupid. It was a coincidence. It was HARDLY a coincidence! I'm not buying it.

Gideon grinned at me and said, "I know you've got a lot of doubt left, and that's ok. Some people need mountains of proof before they even get a 'hint' as to what they're doing. But that kind of thinking is exactly what I'm gonna break you out of"

"Right." I said sarcastically. "I'm just making it all happen by the power of my mind alone."

"That you are, my friend. You have more influence than you want to believe."

"So if I want Josh to come running around the corner naked and kiss me hard on the lips...it'll happen, right?"

He raised an eyebrow. "You making fun of me?"

"It makes me happy." I smiled.

He paused for a moment, and said, "If you truly believe that it's possible...why don't you give it a shot?" He said.


"When you tap in, you create the situations that you believe you can." He said.

"Well, if I'm so 'tapped in', then why has my life been so shitty up until today?"

"Believe it or not...you've been creating THAT reality for yourself too. It's not about wanting to be a better person...it's about believing that you ARE a better person. And voila...the world is yours." The bell rang a second time, and Gideon started to walk. "I've gotta get to class. And so do you. Meet me by the side door after school. We're walking home together."

"WALKING? That's a hell of a long walk, Gideon."

"That's why we're gonna stop half way, sit in the park, and rest for a while. I wanna talk to you." And then he backed away with a grin. As though I had no choice but to do what he said. Honestly...sometimes I felt like I didn't. How the hell does he DO that? "You keep working on that 'running, naked, kissing' thing. You never know. Just might work." He smirked. "Later."

I began walking to class...but there was a little piece of me that just...I don't know. I wondered. I felt silly even entertaining the notion. But for a brief second, I turned around, and I looked at that corner as the hallway emptied out again. I stared at it intensely. What if...what if I could really make it happen? Like...what if I...hehehe, stupid. No way.

But, as always, Gideon created the itch. And I thought about it. I really did. I thought really hard about Josh coming around that corner...completely naked...and kissing me passionately on the lips. I mean, the thought alone was awesome enough. But...what if I could really make it happen? What if I could really make it come true?

I stared, and I prayed, and I concentrated on the idea with everything I had. I know that I had to get to class before I was too late, but...just a couple more seconds! I just wanna see what happens. And then, I heard footsteps in the hall. I heard actual FOOTSTEPS! I have to admit, as silly as I felt, it kinda excited me a little bit. The footsteps got closer to the corner, and closer, and closer. I swear to God, if I see Josh peek his head around that corner I'm gonna totally flip out!

And then...I saw my biology teacher, Mr. Green, wobbling his 350 pound ass around the corner, wiping the extra breadcrumbs out of his beard from the Hostess apple pie he had just slurped into his mouth. Talk about a fucking letdown! "Hey! Get to class. Let's go." He said, his mouth still half full of chewed up pie.

Riiiight. NOT what I was hoping for.

I walked off to class, wishing that I hadn't even let Gideon talk me into something so crazy. But...like I said...the itch was still there. And it intrigued me something fierce.

Don't worry! You'll be getting another section of "Magic Man" VERY soon! So keep checking back for more! K? Let me know what you think at Comicality@webtv.net or just stop by the website at http://comicality.gayauthors.org and say hello! :)

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No one's commented on any of the chapters of Magic Man!!!  What an oversight.  It's been TEN years!  What's up with that?  Gidion's lessons on living a satisfying life for Gavin are fascinating and the outcome has been nothing but astounding!!  I would agree with Gavin when he begs to see where these changes in his outlook will take him into the future.  I'm sure he doesn't want to stop here when his dreams are actually within his grasp.  Write him some more chapters so he can earn Joshua's love 💘and find his way to becoming one of the cool kids on campus.  He will thank you as will I.



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