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  1. sixxone

    Chapter 1

    I so love how you tell a story and omg Johnny Quest was one of my fav toons as a youngster back in the 60s...lol 😁
  2. sixxone

    Chapter 25

    Love pouring from the heart such a strong emotion to keep them together.
  3. sixxone

    Chapter 37

    My heart bleeds for Zach to be free from his demons and abuse. I am glad he has Brody as a rock to stand on in his struggles.
  4. Wonderful series of stories and how they all linked together!
  5. sixxone

    GFD: Persona 2

    Man what a total mind fck he must be going through.
  6. sixxone

    GFD: Persona 1

    As Spock would always say...fascinating! Great start to this story.
  7. sixxone

    Chapter 23

    A great story to touch the heart and finding your soulmate makes it even better. 😊
  8. sixxone

    Chapter 12

    A cute and enjoyable story! Well done.
  9. sixxone

    Chapter 3

    Erotic story but left me really sad.
  10. I really like how this story is pulling me in and can't wait for next chapter!
  11. sixxone

    Entry 58

    Love it!
  12. sixxone

    Entry 57

    Good job on Brandon's story! Most excellent work! 😊
  13. sixxone

    Entry 50

    I so much wanted to know more about Brandon from the Billy Chase story and you have done a marvelous job of filling in the whole background of him. I also identified with his character from my earlier teen years and really love your work.
  14. sixxone


    Beautiful...touched my heart this morning.
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