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  1. Strong visual sequence of events playing out...can see it in my mind as it is going forward in a battle to escape the odds...Love it!
  2. lol...wipe that ass 😑😑
  3. Hmmmm that Jesus nut....crazy 😮😮
  4. Have a nice day ya'll! 😁😁
  5. Smoking scorpions....😯😃...lol
  6. A smile to start my day 😊😊...Thanks!
  7. That's sum phat stuff..Love it! 😊😊
  8. That river in Indonesia....😮😮
  9. WTF fun fact 7934...omg 😮😮
  10. Mainstream media propaganda...brings Disturbed cover of Land of Confusion to mind ... Cams group definitely gonna get some major toes stepped on. Love your stories.😊😊
  11. 867 kids......oh my he was a busy man...lol!😆😆
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