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Enchanted Life - 1. Chapter 1 Exposed

Some people may believe being a sorcerer is about writing any type of symbol, and combining it with random gestures while blurting out any kind of enchantment.

Those who believe that, are very wrong! Every sorcerer young and old knows: if one symbol is missing a stray line or if one letter is not pronounced correctly, your powers will back fire on you.

Something that has never happens to me, because I have always taken extra precaution while doing my sorcery. I learned quickly as I grew into my powers: keeping a fresh mind on my work, writing down new material so that it could soak in, and studying over the material three times or more, would prevent any mistakes that came with handling these powers.

Ever since my mom put the life of a sorceress behind her, I decided to pick up where she left off. I made it my obligation to become one of the greatest sorcerers alive!

I never understood why my mom would stop using her great abilities. Why would anyone want to put away the grand beauty of power?

Sorcery is not something that should be put away and never used. It is something to use for your liking and to gain advantages over people. I tend to use it to remove difficult obstacles from my path.

This enchanted life is so important to me. It seems to be the only real thing in this world. Believe it or not there are some stupid people who walk around the earth who don’t believe in this kind of power, and I say they are all fools!

My mom doesn’t use her powers, but she can’t help herself when it comes to me. Lately I sensed she’s been picking up on my intentions. The thing about her, she can tell a good sorcerer from a bad one. I so happen to fall in the category of a bad one.

I have journals stashed all over my room, on different ways to use my powers. Ways to hurt, ways to cause damage, ways to bring strife, ways to become stronger, ways to gain advantages… I couldn’t let my mom see what I was studying. I knew she would disagree with my route of using sorcery. That’s why she had to stay in the dark about what I was doing.

My mom was a quiet, none violent person. She used her powers for the right reasons, and when she found love she happily let her powers settle. She never had a real reason to use her powers anymore after she found love. Which I didn’t understand either. How could love make you want to give up your special abilities?

My mom was the only good sorceress out of her side of the family. Which was strange because, everyone else on her side of the family were vindictive and known by others with powers, for being malicious. People with other special abilities knew better than to mess with my mom’s side of the family. Although the power only manifested in the girls of the family.

No men ever had the power at all… it came to me as a surprise to learn that I was the first male to become a sorcerer.

My dad had no powers. He was a nothing to me. In complete honesty, I seriously disliked him.

My mom thinks I don’t know that dad is the real reason she stopped using her powers. It wasn’t because she found love and her powers settled. That’s what she wanted me to believe.

It really my dad making her not use her powers. Forcing her to be normal. I didn’t know why he couldn’t let her be happy and use her powers? He is another reason I have to do my studying and training in secret.

If my dad found out I was doing sorcery I don’t know what he would do. He knew of my powers but he didn’t want me practicing or using them EVER! Maybe if he would let me do as I please, I wouldn’t be so cruel, insensitive, and uncaring to others.

But on second thought, I have always found it fun to cause destruction and get away with it.

I get tired of everyone trying to play heroes, or saying: ”If I had powers I would make the world a better place.” I hate those lines. Those days of people trying to be a hero are dead to me.

Face it. As long as there are different personalities in this world, people are going to clash. Everybody should just shut up and adjust. Being a hero isn’t the answer to the problem. Whoever hasn’t figured that out by now needs to wake up.

“Sweetie.” My mom chirped, swinging my room door open wide. Her long wavy black hair flowed down her white night gown.

Her hazel eyes were standing out more than usual because of the whiteness of her gown. “Your father wants to speak with you down stairs.” Shortly after, she closed my room door silently and walked away.

I get my rare hazel eyes from her, although most people say my eyes look more yellowish than hazel. Which tends to be a very mesmerizing trait I was created with. Most of the strangers out at stores or restaurants notice the glowing yellowish quality around my iris, first.

Raising myself from my spreaded sheets. I was preparing to see what my crazy dad wanted. I knew he would probably fuss at me for some off the wall reason. But who cares?

Before leaving my room I double checked behind myself to make sure nothing odd was left hanging out. I looked over various of hiding places to make sure the books and equipment I use to train, were out of sight.

When I was sure nothing was lying around I went down the stairs. Ready to see if my dad was about to fuss about me not cleaning something or order me to get him something from the refrigerator. It was a number of possibilities he was calling on me for. All things he could do his lazy self.

I entered the living room seeing my dad sitting on the couch. He wore an old stained t-shirt with a pair of boxers. He was watching something on the news, slouching back in the chair.

My inner instincts were giving me a feeling. A feeling that let me know, ‘something wasn’t right.’

My dad switched his sight to me heavily squinting his eyes.

What was this all about? What did I do now?

“Son,” he called out, lurching forward in his seat, glaring. “I’m proud of you for bringing home good grades.”

I was about to say thank you but he cut me off holding up a finger. “…staying out of trouble and not giving your mom and I a hard time raising you.” He was expressing everything as if he didn’t want to give me the little credit of having good grades. He seemed rather disappointed about the whole thing.

My mom walked into the living room standing close to dad as he talked. She held a look of sorrow deep in her face. I felt like she didn’t like what was going on. But she didn’t want to get involved.

After hearing more sentences of my dad’s dissatisfaction he switched courses. “…be honest with me Julius.” He watched me through the corner of his eye as if waiting for me to lie about something. “Have you been feeling weird lately?”

Where was this question coming from? Am I feeling okay? Was there some virus going around?

The only time someone thinks I’m not feeling well, is when I haven’t brushed my hair. my hair is very long and straight (another trait from my mom) and when it gets a little nappy. People know I must not be feeling too well. I normally spend at least thirty minutes every morning trying to manage the silky affect my hair has. My hair was important to me.

I brushed my hair today. So my dad’s question doesn’t add up. Running a carful hand down my hair to ensure it was still tangle free.

“I feel fine. I don’t have any fever, from what-“

“Don’t play with me!” My dad yelled jumping off the couch pointing his finger at my nose. Once again he was angry.

My mom put her head down every so often she would pick it up and listen to dad make an idiot out of me. She wanted to tell him to stop his rant, but she seemed to afraid. She looked as if she wanted to help me but she only stood there looking regretfully sorry. If only she would use her powers one time. Just one time to set dad in his place. He wouldn’t be blowing all his built up frustration on me.

From the sounds of his fussing I could see he really didn’t have a reason to be mad.

“Julius, Julius, Julius,…” he said pacing two steps around, never disconnecting his danger filled glare. “ there’s some things that I have told you about before. And it seems you don’t listen to what I say. When I say ‘don’t’ do something YOU DON’T DO IT!”

I didn’t know where he was going with this whole thing. ” I don’t know what you are talking about?” I told him.

“Oh so, now you don’t know what I’m talking about, huh?” he asked throwing his arms open in a mocking taunt. It was like he wanted to make me feel stupid or something. “Oh so, now you are so innocent, and you have never broken a rule or did anything evil.” He spat continuously, never getting to the root of his problem.

“I don’t know what I did?” I said almost at the edge of a yell. I was getting tired of being pulled out of my room to do these small minded talks with this simple man. He thought he knew me. He thought he had a piece of me figured out…haha he was very wrong.

“Save the whiney girl antics for someone else. Because playing dumb and innocent is NOT going to get you anywhere with me. I’m too smart for that!” he pointed at the side of his head with a finger. “ …and this ‘thing’ I’m talking about is something I warned you about before. It’s something I told you about over and over again. So it shouldn’t be something new….and it was such a simple, tiny, small, little rule to follow and you broke it.” My dad said his stern voice rolling out in thunderous vibrations. He was still trying to make me feel like nothing. Like I was too stupid to follow rules.

My mouth dared not to open. My tongue stuck dryly to the side of my cheek. Scared to speak a word that would further make me look guilty. Lifting my shoulders in a shrug, I was still confused and I didn’t know if we were on the same page. “I…don’t know...”

Mom backing to the corner of the living room, repeating in short sobs ‘no, please…no…please don’t.’ her hazel eyes were filled with puddles of what looked like tears. Dad was ignoring her, and he was still fussing at me. “…you must think I’m crazy? Or that I don’t know who you are, and how you think!” His veins appeared in his neck, as he filled the room with a burst of flaming sounds. “I KNOW WHAT YOU HAVE BEEN DOING!!”

“What I’ve been doing?”

“YES YOU! Don’t play innocent because you aren’t. you demon seed!” mom was in the corner too scared to say anything about what was going on, too teary eyed to stop this mad man’s on going rage. If I was her, I would have did something to stop this raving lunatic. There is no way a mother is suppose to stand back, while her child is being accused, and fussed at, by a dangerous hateful man.

Dad kept yelling at me. He had no idea what dark thoughts were crossing my mind. I was thinking of all the things I could do to him as a sorcerer. He hasn’t realized I have been holding back on him. He doesn’t see that I have given him mercy all of these years. I could kill him horribly if I wanted to, I could shut him up anytime I wanted to… but he wasn’t seeing it that way. This man was taking my mercy for a weakness. Which is a devastating mistake. From my knowledge, devastating mistakes causes for devastating consequences. He would soon see that if he didn’t find a stopping point.

I should be the one yelling, after all the things he’s did to mom and I. stripping our freedom, trying to make us not use our powers. The consistent fussing day in and day out, making me work rigorously. I’m seventeen years old. I’m almost an adult. And I normally don’t take loud talk from anybody. Especially this guy…

“…Something is wrong with you! You have problems, BOY!” my dad went on, he frustratedly pointing his finger down at my nose. My tolerance had reached its breaking point. I had had enough of his yelling. I think it’s my turn to speak. I feel like I need to be heard. I know myself, and if I don’t hurry up and say something, I might ‘do’ something.

“Dad!” I screamed back trying to raise my voice over his. “Why are you acting like this? You called me out of my room to fuss at me. And I haven’t did anything. You do this all the time and you have no good reason for it. If you had a bad day at work I could under-“

He blocked out my voice by raising his to a form of authority. “Oh, here you go playing innocent. Acting like you don’t know what you did.” He interrupted. “You know exactly why I called you down here.”

I glanced at mom hoping she would step in but she only cried harder. She seemed to become a shadow in the corner. I still didn’t know what I did? It’s probably something he made up just to have a reason to keep his rage going. I wanted to know what I was being blamed for? What did I do this time?

“Why did you call me here?” I questioned getting a tad irritated by his need to pace back and forth angrily. He was taking the whole thing over board. I’m sure whatever it is he is blaming me for isn’t that bad.

“Julius,” he started taking a sigh of agitation. “I saw you practicing that magic crap. I specifically set a rule letting you know that was never to be used. I told you this years ago. It was one small, tiny, simple rule that you were too dumb to follow. I told her,” he stopped for a quick second to point in the corner where mom was. “That crap isn’t allowed here…EVER!”

This has to be a lie. How did he see me? I always stash my journals out of sight. I hide all of my practice books, I always take extra precautious steps to make sure I never leave anything hanging around my room. I never practice with my powers until I’m alone. Whenever I do train I make certain, that it can’t be heard. That’s why I don’t get how he saw me. Every day before I leave my room, I double check behind myself, to confirm I didn’t leave any evidence lying around.

He had to be playing a mind game with me. He didn’t have a reason for fussing at me, he didn’t have any evidence to pin against me. So he decided to play this simple mind game on me to make me confess. This had to be one of his tests because it’s impossible that he saw me. He’s just using accusations to get me to squeal on myself and it won’t work.

“Dad I don’t know what you are talking about.” I lied pleading my innocents. “I study when I go to my room. And occasionally I will watch TV, or talk on my cell phone. That is it! Other than that, I do what any normal teen would do in their room.” If he didn’t believe my story… oh well.

He must be out of his mind if he thinks I will sit back and let him rip away my abilities like he did mom. I’m too strong for that mess.

“Ordinary? Are you serious?” my dad was gripping his head in deep disbelief. “Ordinary is one word that should never come out of your lying mouth.” he started his rage rounding on me again. Trying to make me feel worse. “You know what I saw you do? Do you really want to know?”

A loud “What!” popped out of my mouth.

“I’ll tell you ‘what’ I saw,” his eyes showed lines of arteries about to explode from the rush of blood in his head. “I watched you write odd symbols on your room walls. I sat there and watched you mouth words causing pictures to lift of the walls and float around you!”

Mom quickly put her hand over her mouth. She seemed so hurt by what I had been practicing. Somehow she knew I was using bad sorcery enchantments. The pictures floating, were a clear sign that I was using bad sorcery. My dad was exposing me. I don’t know how he knew what I was practicing but some way he knew.

My best bet is to play like I don’t know what he is saying. Yeah, that is my best option here! That way he will seem like a maniac. Because how am I sure he actually saw me performing these enchantments? How am I sure this isn’t apart of his mind game? Who knows, he could be using the things he saw mom do a long time ago and he’s trying to pin those things on me.

“What? Making pictures float off the wall?” I tried to make everything sound like he was losing his mind. “Writing symbols? All of those things are beyond my ability and understanding.” I stood my ground defending my perception of the situation. He wasn’t getting a confession out of me. I don’t care what he uses.

“Do you think I’m someone you can lie to? Do I look stupid or dumb to you?” he was madder than he was before he started this argument. “Obviously making pictures move isn’t beyond your ability!”

“I’m not lying, Dad! Why aren’t you listening to me! Even if I did do these things, how did you happen to see me doing it?”

Dad took an aggravating sigh, before growling, “I put cameras in your room earlier this week.”

“You what!”

“I was curious to see what you were doing with all your time, you stayed locked in your room.” My dad flexed his jaw muscle. “It brought the highest form of shame to me, to know my only son was practicing this crud!”

My dad invaded my privacy! How could he do something like that? I don’t get what he wants from me? I don’t get who he wants me to be. He wants me to do good in school. Be good at home, do this, and don’t do that.

I have done everything he has asked of me. But I guess that wasn’t enough. I suppose I was being ‘too’ good. So he wanted to install cameras in my room to see why I was being so good. That is why I have always told myself ‘being good gets you nowhere.’ Someone is always looking for a single flaw to make you the bad guy. So you might as well start off being the bad guy. That way, they have nothing to look for.

I wonder if I was a problem child to my parents, would they have done the camera thing then?

The truth was out now! Everything was on film. There was nothing to hide anymore. Nothing mattered to me. He pulled his final string that held the black monster inside me, back. After he invaded my privacy he thinks he is going to take my powers from me. he must be crazy. This is personal!

“So what, if you saw me! So what, if I am a sorcerer! Yeah I said it! I don’t care anymore. I don’t see what’s wrong with having this ability. I love training myself gaining more power by the day. I wasn’t born with this gift for no reason and I refuse to let anyone stop me from using it!” I was firing out at him. I wasn’t holding anything back.

His face dropped and went cold at my back talk. He hadn’t heard me like this. It was what he deserved. He struck twelve of my nerves and this is my deadly reaction. This was a sensitive topic for me, he has to understand that.

“Julius Rainy!” my dad screamed addressing me by my full name. “You will NOT be a sorcerer! No magic, no weirdness, no more crazy stuff. Starting today you have no power!” all mom could do was gawk at what dad was saying. “You will carry on your life like any other teen. I won’t allow you to be a worthless, irresponsible, freakish sorcerer.”

“Forget it! I’m not letting go of my powers! You should get accustom to having a son who is-“

My dad Slapped me hard across the face. Without a thought. There was a fierce red sting in my cheeks.

My inner cruel emotions were antagonized by the pain. Just like that, I lost the concept of being good, or at least pretending to be good.

I gave dad a dreadful stare. A stare that laid hidden in me over the course of the years I have known him. A stare of pain mixed with revenge.

For the first time mom broke her silence. “No julius! Think about what you are doing?” she pleaded from the corner. “No sweetie, please don’t do it!” she ran towards me sensing something off about me. as she came running, dad looked at her oddly. He had no idea what she was trying to do. He thought she had really lost her mind this time.

Even though mom wanted to stop me, I couldn’t let her. I had to fight for what I believe in, I had to prove who I am to him, and I wasn’t going to let anything prevent that from happening. This has been long overdue.

Reaching beyond my mom’s grasp. I quickly stuck my fingers out pointing them at my dad. “Enchantment, three!” as soon as I casted the enchantment, my dad fell limply to the floor with a thud as if his body became too heavy for him. No one could help him now. He will remain temporarily paralyzed.

Mom began to scream out in horror. She was screaming so loud I almost shut her up myself. She couldn’t take her eyes off dad’s body.

My dad had to be put in his place. If no one was going to teach him then I would. He had to learn, not everyone is going to allow him to strangle their dreams.

“Honey, what have you done?” Mom cried, tears were soaking her face. She had to learn to be stronger. It was only a temporary enchantment. It will wear off soon enough. She’s crying like he never put her through suffering.

I couldn’t help but to smirk. I held that back for far too long. He should be glad I took it lightly on him, I was really thinking about casting a more deadly enchantment.

Mom kneeled down beside dad’s immobile body. She cradled his head in her chest rocking back and forth holding him close.

“Mom what are you doing? Don’t show him any pity.” I stiffly said watching her kiss him and mumble sweet things to him under her tears. “I’m teaching him a lesson. Whenever the enchantment wears off, he will fully understand what kind of trouble he caused both of us.”

I thought those words would make her release him so he could suffer. I was hoping she would see I was helping her too, when I casted that enchantment.

She kept crying, after what seem like an hour she looked up at me, “He can’t stay like this Julius. I have to un-do this.”

“But mom isn’t this what you wanted? The freedom to be you, to be able to use your powers when you want to?” what was wrong with her? Was she not seeing the clear picture? Dad will have to respect us, and give us our space from now on. Isn’t that how it should be? I don’t get how you could love someone who wanted to take parts of you away from yourself?

“NO! This isn’t how I wanted things. This isn’t how things were suppose to go.” Mom sounded like she was mad at me more than she was at dad. I thought she would understand my reaction. “When I release your dad from this enchantment, He won’t be too happy with you.”

“I don’t care. If he isn’t happy, I will just do it again, and again and again!” I said showing no sign of mercy. I was blank to any emotions of regret. “Until he learns he has no right to stop us from using sorcery.”

“He will only come after you harder.” She tried to explain.

“But mom-“

“NO!” she didn’t want to hear anymore of my reasons. She was through with listening to my view on everything. “If I let that happen. There will never be peace in this house. You and your dad will constantly be at war with one another” how could she still be on his side? How could this be happening?

“Now that the truth has come out, your father will never rest knowing you might be practicing sorcery. So the best thing for you to do after I release him…is to…is to, leave.”

“What! Leave?” Where was I going to go? What was I going to do? Why did I have to leave?

This isn’t right. Why couldn’t dad leave?

“It’s the only way I can keep the two most important people in my life from killing each other.”

“Where am I going to go, mom? I’m only seventeen. I haven’t finished school-“

She shook her head stopping me from talking. “I knew something like this would happen, but I didn’t think it would happen so soon.” She calmly stated wiping the wetness from her eyes. “Before I release him, I want you to be out of the house. There is no need to worry. I have saved up money over these years, and paid for your enrollment at Celestial Academy.”

She was letting me know not all hope was lost for me. she knew I loved to practice sorcery, and that’s what I could do at Celestial Academy. At the same time, she could remain happily attach to dad. She had figured this plan out a long time ago. She didn’t want to lose either one of us and this seemed like the only way for her to win.

She explained to me: at Celestial Academy there would be dorms, eateries, new chances to meet people just like me. The Academy already had the requirements I would need to survive without having my parents around. She told me, my name was already in their files, all I had to do was show up at the school.

The more she told me the better I felt. I could finally be myself, and practice to get more power without hiding. Although I will be distanced from my parents I still think it’s the best move. What sadden me was I couldn’t lay in the same vicinity with my dad and be who I was born. At the same token, I was ecstatic to hear I wouldn’t be hindered anymore from training.

I should have punished dad sooner, if I would have known it would have a grand result.

I almost took two hours trying to prepare for my leave. While father lay lifeless, and droopy on the couch where mom left him. If I was her I would have left his body on the floor. He didn’t deserve any type of comfort.

I was filling to the top with gratefulness as I packed my clothes. I used my mom’s suitcase to pack my major and minor belongings. I was trying to keep a clear mind so I could grab everything. I was trying to be sure to grab my journals, my writings, and my training books. I kept loading my luggage up with things I thought I would miss. When I was finished, I had an overstuffed backpack and suit case.

My mom came by holding a little black square like bag. “I knew you would probably forget something as simple as these things.” She said with a small smile, handing the black velvety bag to me.

When I took it from her to check inside. I saw my tooth brush, hair brush, and other hygienic products that didn’t occur to me while I was busy packing. “Thanks mom.”

Suddenly I noticed she had one arm behind her back. As if she was hiding something else. “This use to be mine, and since I have no use for it anymore. I thought I would hand it down to you.” She pulled her arm out from behind her, showing me a black coated thick book. “Put it to great use. Some of the greatest enchantments I have ever known are written in there. Some I never got to use.” She smiled, sadly.

As I looked at the outside black coating of the book in amusement, I saw a brown question mark on the front cover. “Thanks so much mom!” I rushed her with a hug. I didn’t know what the question mark was supposed to stand for but it wasn’t my main focus.

The book was thicker than any book I had seen in the school library. I was willing to read every page if it meant I would achieve my goal as the best sorcerer ever.

My mom shed a few tears before saying her final good bye. I was completely packed. I was going somewhere to become greater thanks to her. She hugged me and kissed me on the forehead. “Be safe Julius, and don’t be too bad, of a bad guy.” She chuckled lightly.

“Yes ma’am” I was trying to squeeze my mom to let her know how much I loved her. Everything was coming to me, small amounts at a time, but I was feeling the hard pain of missing her. I knew it would probably be a long while before I get to hug her like this again. I sniffed trying to keep my emotions in check. The last face I should depart with is a sad one.

My mom quickly got loose from me when she heard the sniff. It was almost like she knew I was on the verge of crying, but she didn’t want to witness it.

In a swift movement of her arm, she put two fingers up to her face. She then, quickly slashed through the open air between us with her fingers, and muttered something under her breath. She opened her hand up to the ceiling and closed her eyes slowly, chanting something in perfect rhythm.

Suddenly a blue glowing light filtered through her hand. Growing brighter in size. It looked like she was holding on to a blazing blue star. She swung her hand at me so fast I didn’t have time to see the rest. I was just covered in the blue swirling stars of blinding light.

Mom was transporting me and my luggage to Celestial Academy using an enchantment.

There was no turning back. I was gone; I was heading to a new destination to become greater. A new life, with a new start, two things I was ready to embrace.

Thank you all for reading "Enchanted Life". Let me know what you think. Let me know if i should continue posting or this story.

join my group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/princejoshwritings

The characters and events portrayed in this book are fictitious. Any similarity to real persons, living or dead is coincidental and not intended by the Author. No part of this publication may be reproduced, distributed, or transmitted in any form or by any means, without the permission of the Author.<br />
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Hmmm I don't usually read about the "bad" version of a sorcerer but I will hold judgement til I learn more about him. Right now he seems like the typical teenage boy who knows everything and won't listen to anything else. I hope you continue posting more chapters to this story sounds like it could be a good one.

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Wait. I thought this story was completed. I remember reading this somewhere before..

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How could he not be angry that his mother won't stop his father from being abusive. her solution is to send him away. And why does she allow herself to be an abused wife. it is pathetic. She should be protecting him. he is her kid. Yes, you can argue it will allow him to 'be himself' but he could have done that at their home without the asshole of a father. He should be angry at her.

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On 10/09/2014 04:17 AM, Cannd said:
How could he not be angry that his mother won't stop his father from being abusive. her solution is to send him away. And why does she allow herself to be an abused wife. it is pathetic. She should be protecting him. he is her kid. Yes, you can argue it will allow him to 'be himself' but he could have done that at their home without the asshole of a father. He should be angry at her.
i totally agree. she could have chosen her child over a man. it is really sad.
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