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Oil and Water

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

How can we be sure we're making the right choice in who we love? What do we do with the doubts we feel? This is what Paul is facing, and suddenly, it all becomes too much. Walking away seems the right path to take, but, he doesn't want to hurt Chris... he really doesn't....

This story was inspired by a first line prompt, #694, that fired up my muse. "I'm tired of this, so I'm going home."
Warning: There is mention of physical and emotional abuse.
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  • 08/29/2018 (Updated: 08/29/2018)
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  • 2,568 Words
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Paul and Chris may be like oil and water, but once they learn to communicate they figure out how to make a great recipe together.  A short but fuzzy and warm story of love that definitely leaves you feeling good.

Response from the author:

I believe it's true that opposites attract, but after that attraction happens, there is real work to be done in building a solid relationship. This little story was based on a prompt, and I loved where it took me. Happy that you enjoyed it, my friend. Cheers!

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Great short story filled with Gary Magic loved it :hug:

Response from the author:

Gary Magic? Love it. Thanks, Albert!! I appreciate the review very much. :hug: 

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   3 of 3 members found this review helpful 3 / 3 members

A well written strong emotional tale, it shows how important communication is in a relationship. It would be nice to see more of Paul and Chris in the future.

A great story highly recommended as a story to read.

Response from the author:

Hey, Chris. I dreamed about these guys last night, and there is a further story there. So, the likelihood of seeing them again has increased. Who knows. :)  Thanks so much for leaving this review... it means a lot. :D Cheers... Gary.... 

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There better be more chapters to this, no way that this can be "complete"

Response from the author:

Hey, Buddy. I'm really glad you liked it, but for now at least, it is complete. You have me thinking, though. Maybe I will revisit Paul and Chris in the future. They were pretty strong characters in my head while I wrote this. Thanks so much for reviewing... cheers... Gary.... :) 

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