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    Katya Dee
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Specter's Gamble - 13. Chapter 13

He woke up several hours later because of someone’s strained moan. Desmond opened his eyes and sweetly stretched his arms. God, it felt good to be out of the damn cuffs finally! Gabriel was sitting on the couch, and he looked like the definition of ‘confused.’

“Where are we?” he asked finally.

“My apartment,” Desmond got up and opened the window slightly to let in some air. “Good thing that I covered the rent for the next couple of months, huh?”

“Your apartment?” Rayhe frowned. “You said you didn’t know any place...”

“Yeah,” Desmond nodded. “I lied.”

“Huh,” was all Gabriel said. He thought about something for a couple of minutes, his expression even more confused. “How did I get here?” he asked finally.

“You flew,” Desmond said seriously. “It was a beautiful sight,” he nodded energetically.

Rayhe blinked at that.

“You brought me here?” he asked slowly.

Desmond sighed.

“Yes,” he said patiently. “I brought you here... You are heavy as hell, by the way,” he added.

“I thought you left...” Gabriel muttered. “I took the cuffs off, didn’t I?”

“Yes, you took the cuffs off,” Desmond nodded again. “And I did leave.”

“You came back...” Rayhe looked almost astonished. Desmond sighed once more.

“Do you get off on stating the obvious?” he asked.

“Huh,” Gabriel said and stood up.

“Oh, hey, what are you doing?” Desmond started towards him.

“Getting off the couch,” Rayhe said in a puzzled voice. “Why?”

“Sit down,” Desmond commanded. “If he pumped you with the shit I think he did, you’ll...”

“I am fine...” Gabriel started saying when his knees buckled and he fell on the floor with a surprised ‘Oomph!’ exclamation.

“...do that,” Desmond nodded.

“What the hell...” Rayhe said incredulously. “What the hell...?”

Desmond sighed and pulled him up.

“It’s a drug that messes up your motor skills,” he explained, pushing Gabriel back onto the couch. “It knocks you out for a couple of hours, and when you wake up, you can’t walk, and you have somewhat limited usage of your arms. Mostly hits the leg muscles though.”

Gabriel frowned again.

“I feel fine,” he said slowly. “There is no pain, nothing... And I feel...” he thought for a second. “Fine,” he finished with a shrug.

“Yeah,” Desmond nodded. “It doesn’t cause any pain. It does, however, heighten the senses.”

“What’s the point of this?” Rayhe shook his head impatiently, the ‘I-am-confused’ expression never leaving his face.

“Used for tortures mostly,” Desmond said indifferently. “Some people like to inflict their own pain without any intervention from the chemicals. Power trip of a sort, I suppose,” he shrugged. “And as I said, this drug heightens your senses; everything feels far greater than usual. You can’t move, really, which means they don’t even have to tie you up... You’d be experiencing levels of pain you never thought were possible, and all you’d be able to do, would be screaming.”

“Have you used this drug before?” Gabriel asked quietly.

“Yeah,” Desmond nodded as indifferently as before. “Several times, when clients requested it...”

Rayhe’s eyes darkened a little.

“I never participated in the torturing part though,” Desmond finished. “Had a couple of requests like that. Declined them,” he shrugged again. “Too messy.”

“Messy,” Gabriel muttered. “Right... When it hit me,” he remembered suddenly. “It felt really cold. Why was that?”

“Because it’s usually injected through the icicle,” Desmond explained. “The water makes it kick in faster. I am not sure why. Chemical reaction, I suppose... That and the icicle is actually an old trick. It melts, therefore, there is no evidence left. No needles, no nothing. Convenient,” he finished.

“Very,” Rayhe muttered. “How long does it take to wear off?”

“Depends on the dosage,” Desmond shrugged. “Usually takes eight or so hours, give or take, but in your case... I am pretty sure he gave you more than the average dose, so it’ll be about twelve hours before it wears off. You should be fine by eight in the morning. Nine, for sure.”

“What time is it?”

Desmond glanced at the clock.

“Five,” he replied, and suddenly, there was a funny expression on his face. Rayhe narrowed his eyes.

“What?” he demanded.

Desmond sat on the couch next to him.

“Remember how I said that this drug heightens the senses?” he asked in a low voice.

“Uh huh,” Gabriel said carefully. “You also said that it’s mostly used for tortures...”

“Yeah,” Desmond agreed, and suddenly, he mounted Rayhe’s hips. “ ‘Mostly’ being the keyword,” he muttered, leaning forward and slowly licking the side of Gabriel’s throat.

Rayhe’s eyes flew wide open, and his back lifted off the couch.

“Oh, God...” he breathed. Desmond grinned and nibbled on his neck. “Ohh...” Gabriel looked like he was about to pass out.

Desmond kept licking and nibbling on Rayhe’s neck while his fingers started to unbutton the other man’s shirt. Gabriel was making sounds in the back of his throat he didn’t think he was even able to make. The assassin was right when he said the damn drug heightened the senses. This felt like everything was magnified times ten; he had no idea it was even possible to experience something like this. When Desmond pulled off his shirt and started trailing down his chest with his tongue, Gabriel thought that he was going to lose it for sure.

“Oh my freaking God...” he muttered, his eyes rolling back into his skull. “Ohhh... Oh my God...”

Desmond pulled off Rayhe’s pants and got rid of his own shirt as well, without even bothering to unbutton it. He simply pulled it over his head and threw it on the floor. When his mouth latched onto one of Rayhe’s nipples, Gabriel’s body shuddered head to toe. It felt as if an electric current shot down his spine. He buried his fingers in Desmond’s hair and threw his head back when the assassin did something indescribable with his tongue.

Suddenly, Desmond pulled away and got off the couch.

“Whe...” Rayhe’s speaking abilities kept diminishing with each passing second. “Whe...” he coughed. “Where are you going?” he managed finally, and Desmond grinned.

“Be right back,” he said in a low voice.

Gabriel closed his eyes and tried to calm his heartbeat down somewhat. He didn’t want to pass out for real. He heard Desmond rummage through something in the kitchen, and then he heard the fridge door open and close. Finally, the assassin came back and he was holding a small bowl in his hands. Gabriel looked at him quizzically, but Desmond just smiled at him and said nothing.

“What’s in the bowl?” Rayhe asked, his voice hoarse. Desmond smiled again. “I know that it’s something that is going to end up on my body,” Gabriel said. “What’s in the bowl?”

Desmond slightly turned away, making sure Rayhe couldn’t see what he took out of the said bowl and put in his mouth.

“If this is some hot sauce that will make me burn...” Gabriel started saying in a dangerous voice when Desmond lowered his face towards his hips. The only sound that came out of Rayhe’s mouth was a high-pitched yelp. Ice, he thought while his body was getting very close to overload. He has an ice cube in his mouth... The combination of warm and cold was almost unbearable. Gabriel couldn’t tell if it was driving him crazy with pleasure or if it was killing him with discomfort. It was an insane combination of both, and Gabriel couldn’t tell which one was winning.

“S... Stop...” he stuttered finally. “I can’t... Too much...Please, stop...”

Desmond glanced at him, and when he saw the raw plea in Rayhe’s eyes, he stopped, pulled away, and crushed the ice cube with his teeth. He swallowed the ice, and finally pulled off his own pants. Rayhe was able to hem contentedly when he saw that the assassin was pretty much as ready as he was. Desmond noticed the look and shrugged.

“You think it’s easy for me to look at you when you are like this?” he asked, and suddenly, he mounted Rayhe’s hips again, impaling himself on the other man’s body. Gabriel’s head flew back and he screamed, not even being able to think; all he was able to do right now was feel, and all those sensations were driving him insane. After a while, he reached for Desmond, silently praying that ‘limited usage of the arms’ was not going to be too limited. Desmond shot him a warning look and Gabriel muttered:

“I... I want you to come with me... And I’m not gonna last much longer...”

The assassin nodded stiffly, and closed his eyes when Rayhe’s fingers wrapped around him, stroking in the same rhythm with his own movements. He knew that Gabriel’s body was in overdrive right now, but he was surprised when he realized that he was getting closer and closer to the edge himself. “He is the one in overdrive,” he thought. “And yet, you are going to be the one who comes first...”

“Desmond...” Gabriel muttered and the assassin opened his eyes. “Desmond...” Rayhe repeated. He looked like he was lost in his own world right now, which was probably the case. “Desmond... Desmond... Desmond... Oh God, Desmond...!”

Hearing Gabriel scream out his name, drove Desmond over the edge. He groaned when the release overtook him, his head falling back, eyes closed, his entire body shuddering.

“Des...!” Rayhe howled, and then his back lifted off the couch in an impossible arch, and Desmond could feel his spasms echoing his own.

When Desmond could see clearly again, he lowered himself on top of Rayhe who was still twitching with his eyes squeezed shut, his back still arching. The assassin stroke his neck with his fingers.

“Easy,” he muttered. “Easy...”

Finally, Gabriel’s body started to relax, and he slowly opened his eyes.

“Oh, God...” he said weakly. “I think I blacked out for a minute...”

Desmond laughed softly.

“Yeah,” he agreed. “I think you did too...”

“Oh, God...” Rayhe repeated, and buried his face in Desmond’s hair when the assassin pressed his face into his neck.

“I never knew that hearing someone scream out your name could do that...” Desmond muttered into Gabriel’s throat.

“You surely had people call your name out before,” Rayhe said slowly, and Desmond raised his head.

“Never had,” he smiled. “I never told anyone my real name before...”

Gabriel just looked at him silently, and when Desmond buried his face in his neck again, he closed his eyes.

“Could you get more of this drug?” he asked finally, and Desmond raised his head once more.

“I could...” he said slowly. “I wouldn’t use it again if I were you though... From what I’ve heard, this shit is addictive, and eventually you’ll stop enjoying the normal way...”

“I wasn’t thinking of using it on myself,” Rayhe said in a low voice. “I was thinking of using it on you.”

Desmond felt a slow smile stretching his mouth.

“Yeah,” he nodded. “I can get more...”

©Katya Dee; All Rights Reserved.
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That is an interesting drug. Desmond has become very comfortable with Gabriel if he's willing to let Gabriel use it on him. I think we can lay all these continuing promises of Desmond killing him to rest.

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I don’t know what happened with the above post, LOL. Just wanted to say methinks our heroes have found their mates, and God help anyone who tries to pull them apart.

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It is easy to see how that mysterious drug might become popular (and addictive), but doesn't anyone use a lubricant in MM sex in this story, or need to clean up his dick afterward, or is the reader just assumed to be so familiar with the process that mention of  mechanical things like that is unnecessary? I am somewhat experienced with MM sex and my asshole just clamps up tight at the thought of 'no lube' not even saliva!

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16 minutes ago, Will Hawkins said:

doesn't anyone use a lubricant in MM sex in this story, or need to clean up his dick afterward, or is the reader just assumed to be so familiar with the process that mention of  mechanical things like that is unnecessary?

That, yes. I guess it's the same as never really mentioning bathroom trips, even though it's important/crucial for a healthy functioning organism.

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