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  1. Hey, @garfwiz,The first half of this repeats the last chapter, in case you want to fix. I love this plot point of clans being told different things and paying different amounts. Government is shady across species, lol. The trick will be to lay out the crimes in a clear, untangled manner. Fingers crossed your head doesn’t explode trying to keep it all straight. 😄
  2. I have issues when it comes to dating, but even I wouldn’t play the Jay situation like Loe. It’s juvenile. Either tell the man you are absolutely not interested or give him a chance! He’s being cruel to a good guy. I suppose it will come into play later. Seamus is so patient with Aidan. It’s fun to read. They way he explained that kisses can be shared was lovely. He’s a great character.
  3. The addition of Kordell brings up a topic that I rarely see covered in these genre stories: an alpha without a pack. Great idea! It’s interesting that he keeps angling for validation by filing the paperwork instead of just ruling rogue. That says a lot about who he is.
  4. Ha! I’m detailed oriented. 🙂
  5. It was so clear, I thought you were setting it up!! Both are famous, and understand its pleasures and pitfalls. That celebrity also puts them on a more equal playing field (no pun intended). Both are single — no mention of a partner in Loe’s posts and Loren made his disdain clear in the earlier chapter. Both are physically fit and beautiful. Both love to be admired. (You don’t post that much on Insta if you’re shy and private.) Both have $$. Jay would have no problem going to Loe wherever he is, if he wanted. Or he could bring Loe to him with playoff tickets and the chance for more exposure
  6. Surely I’m not the only one thinking Jay + Loe? My favorite part was the Seamus and Brad interaction. So sweet.
  7. Girl alpha! Girl alpha! Deirdre Howard - Oakland, California Golden State Clan (Where do you think the Golden State Warriors got their name from? 😉 ) Remy Broussard, Natchez, Louisiana Cane River Clan
  8. Geemeedee

    Party Balloon

    I admire the way Matt lets Aidan clean with him. Some parents would sit him in front of the TV or an iPad. I also admire Matt not freaking out when he heard his future, lol. But once he said I love you, he was all in. Mike better not effin pop that balloon, tho.
  9. Geemeedee

    Embers 11

    How come no one smelled Brandon is an alpha? And what will he do, now that he knows? Interesting twist.
  10. The thought of Matt and Aidan in matching cat burglar clothes cracked me up. How could Seamus *not* love them? Looking forward to the Mike takedown. They should probably look for extra accounts in the Caribbean.
  11. Geemeedee

    Chapter 23

    Yikes. Takes fears about broken condoms to a whole new level. And so much for Jason giving blow jobs (if precum counts).
  12. Geemeedee

    Chapter 24

    Ok, I’m back after reading. There’s only one post left? Damn, you got a lot to wrap up ... I’m going to miss these characters. I’ve read every chapter two, sometimes three or four, times. Not gonna lie. I was hoping Andiya would backhand Nisa one good time across the face. That chick needs to be taken out of the equation. Shoulda left when she had the chance. “She looked fragile enough to be mistaken for a damsel in distress, if she kept her mouth shut.” I cackled.
  13. Geemeedee

    Chapter 24

    *shrieks upon seeing another chapter*
  14. Geemeedee

    Chapter 23

    Hurray! So happy to see an update. You wrote this in 2019? Are you doing rewrites as you post? This was such a great chapter. I love how you let the characters talk out strategy. It’s also fab that Kas and Jihan’s family members will be in the same place to support them both. We’re building to some big showdowns! Post more often, if you can.
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