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  1. Geemeedee

    Chapter 11

    I’m actually surprised Brad is expected to attend courses in person. Accommodations are made all the time for students with disabilities. There are ways for him to learn and take exams without sitting in class sessions.
  2. Geemeedee


    I’m enjoying this story so much. It’s amazing to think you’ve worked on it for almost 20 years. Thank you for sharing g it with us.
  3. Geemeedee

    Chapter 41

    Will we get an update on Lysander soon? I’m still convinced Margaret was behind the wheel of the car that hit him.
  4. @garfwiz I agree — thanks for the chapter! But I was completely confused by Karla’s conversation with her parents. Why were they so dismissive and angry? Why did Karla’s mom say she was naive, then later that she hadn’t won? What was that all about??
  5. All this tech is fascinating! Thank you for the post. 🙂
  6. Do we know whose number is in the phone and I forgot? Cyrus? Tierney? Yakob? Great chapter! While I understand you have priorities, I was sorry to hear we have to wait so long for the next installment.
  7. Geemeedee

    Movie Offer

    Reading the whole story, now that it’s finished. Wow, three years you worked on this!! A couple things. 1) Is Chase Martinez the same as Geordi Martinez from earlier? I apologize if you already explained this. 2) I thought Chet was kidding when he said what is sex. In an earlier chapter he was more mature in his knowledge: “I guess we’ll have to come up with another language to keep secrets from Chet.” I chuckled at Mike who groaned. “She is afraid you’ll see us having sex and make you want to.” “That’s what all living things do,” Chet said simply. “I’ve seen dogs do it.” “But she is worried you’ll see your Dad and I do it.” “Why?” Chet asked louder and a little demanding. “It doesn’t make sense!” He knew what sex was then.
  8. Geemeedee


    I’m already wishing the story posted updates more often. I’m gobbling it up, and we haven’t even met His Grumpiness yet! I’ve been thinking about Brokerman. I don’t believe he sent a favored student into this icy abyss completely alone (other than Marrietta). I bet there’s someone else covertly in Brathay’s corner. Once he opens that slice box, Brathay will have to fight off the hugs and kisses of appreciation, lol. Between the spices and discovering the architectural pluses of the keep, he’ll make friends (and enemies) quickly.
  9. Geemeedee

    Chapter 39

    Will you deal with Lysander being paralyzed? And “Damian’s Wolf” takes place how many years before this story?
  10. Geemeedee

    Roughing It

    thermokarst is a great name for a metal band.
  11. Geemeedee


    Question, @Demiurge: How old is Meep?
  12. Geemeedee


    What everybody else said. Twice. ❤️
  13. Ah, but Zure already has a partner: the God Ha. (Talk about a great spinoff story!) Now SORAYA … I was thinking about her, too! Hopefully Kiyan will stay long enough to fall in love, for he deserves love as much as anyone else. If not Soraya, then some other woman equally decent and capable. His second match will be like his brother’s: marrying for love. I really enjoyed this chapter with all the family in one place. Great job showing all the little moments: Jihan and Rashan negotiating over getting to go with Grandpa and his cousins; Niku + Rael outing themselves as a couple (Kastan is gonna lose one of his generals); Kiyan observing everyone’s love and happiness and wanting some for himself; Kiyan going on a shopping spree at the stalls; Jihan holding his own against the emperor and Kastan breaking away to join them … This is one of the best series on the site, without a doubt. ❤️
  14. Geemeedee


    Well, damn. If he can bring people back from the dead, he can certainly heal Meep himself! (Unless he was born deaf and mute. I bet Kalian can only return people to the state they were before they were wounded.)
  15. Geemeedee


    I loved everything about this chapter! I knew that if Anders still lived he would try to take control again. His demise was spectacular. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for this wonderful series! THAT’S THE BEST PART. *claps hands with glee* (tiny voice) It makes him a little crazy, tho.
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