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  1. Geemeedee


    What a great chapter! The uncle from Hades thinks he has won. I was waiting for the secret hand signals! Fleming and Marietta, where are thou?
  2. Geemeedee

    Chapter 2

    I lost it at *husby.* The writing is so fun! That Patrick is dangerous, man …
  3. Geemeedee

    Building Blocks

    Man, they fucked up royally by going after the kid. Screw swords — someone should get him working on vines that choke and plants that like to eat flesh. I’m excited to see the band back together! (Well, when Loren and Wren return from spying.)
  4. Geemeedee


    I know it’s the wrong move, but I hope Brathay kills everyone in the room (except Leon, of course). At least Zhorman. Maybe the bear and the thing in the lake saw the beacon and are on their way? I’ll keep the faith until the next chapter arrives. Edited to add: Oh! They surely took his necklace, dammit …
  5. Geemeedee

    Chapter 16

    Did anyone mention this? “Kellan reached for the lube that had been tossed onto the bedside table the night before. He took his time stretching Kellan’s hole.” I’m so glad you spent some time on Kellan and Hunter. We’ve known the least about how it’s going with them.
  6. Geemeedee


    Talon is my favorite, but Rah wins best dressed. Her wardrobe sounds fab — sumptuous and sexy.
  7. Geemeedee

    Chapter 13

    “Goldicocks” took me ouuuuutttttt!! 😆
  8. Geemeedee


    Nothing like a war to bring partners together. It’s the thought they might lose each other … Peacetime doesn’t suit this crew.
  9. Geemeedee


    Me at the end of the chapter: “WHY ARE YOU JUST TELLING THEM NOW?!!!!” Can’t wait to see who asks Suman that question lollll.
  10. Geemeedee

    Chapter 14

    Thank you for continuing this story! I cried at the end, too. it’s hard to believe I’ve been following this story for five years! I didn’t even know i’d been a member of the site for that long,
  11. Geemeedee


    This captures what I’ve been thinking. Ten weeks is an incredibly long time. I don’t understand why they had to wait so long, either. To me, the extra time gives the villains more time to plan their strike against Leon and Brathay. The two must know each other very well at this point (not just carnally — but surely the guards have heard them going at it). Haycock leading the prosecution makes me nervous. I think it’s a mistake to think he’s slow on the uptake. He’s one on Leon’s captains, after all. Can’t imagine Leon putting someone dim in charge. Thank you for the Christmas gift, @lomax61!
  12. Geemeedee

    Chapter 7

    Thanks for the update! I enjoy Reilly’s personality so much. “McDen” cracked me up. All of the primary six are engaging characters. It’ll be fun to watch them work together.
  13. Geemeedee

    Chapter 5

    Just read this again. How did Ben know the main mates in the painting were both male, yet didn’t know the sex of the others?
  14. Geemeedee


    I got to the end of the chapter and was like, “You’re locked in the room with him! You ARE free, dumbass!” Marietta really messed with Brathay’s head. This is the first time he really seemed his young age. The best stories on here have now slowed to a creep. I’m bummed, but glad authors are sharing with us. I’ll strive to be patient. Edited to add: LOVE travlbug’s reminder about the secret passage. Brathay can do his own investigating.
  15. Geemeedee

    Chapter 3

    I don’t like indulgent smiles. I’m scairt. 😆
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