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  1. Geemeedee

    Chapter 8

    He’s giving back a bit of the control she lost over him. A concession. He doesn’t have to tell her a damn thing going forward.
  2. Five bucks says when Lee finds out about Nash and Penn, he’ll accuse NASH of cheating!!
  3. This is one of those FINALLY chapters where the reader (and the characters) finally know what’s going on and where they stand. And this chapter is mighty satisfying, but as others have mentioned, mighty sad as well. Nash’s complete tunnel vision for Lee kept him from something great with Penn. Penn’s inaction cost him years of misery. I keep thinking about how Penn repeatedly left Lincoln for work. He was really avoiding the pain of seeing Nash thriving and devoted to another man. It’s so ... “Wuthering Heights,” “Great Gatsby” without the tragedy, abuse and dark drama. I don’t think Lee will cause much trouble. It’s obviously time for him to try his luck — career-wise and romantically — elsewhere. His boss probably has plenty of contacts and will give a solid recommendation. Nash sounded like the poster child for D.A.R.E and “Just Say No” when we found out he’d never been to a dance club. Good lord, what a sheltered existence (most of it self-inflicted, by the sound of it). He’s not afraid of dodgy street eats in foreign lands but recoils at the thought of a dance club. Fascinating.
  4. Geemeedee

    Chapter 14

    Is Katherine not really Katherine (thinking about the Desmond stories) or has Katherine always been ... not right? (Maroon eyes is NOT RIGHT.) Now wondering if Leon has an ability, or if you were just talking about Stratos’ ability. I hope you can start posting more often, Katya!
  5. I don’t think Penn didn’t like Nash. I think Nash made him uncomfortable — he was probably unsettled by the attraction.
  6. Excellent points. The fact that Nash has gone this long without knowing what’s up with Cam is impressive. I would’ve exploded by now. But these guys are so adorable this chapter. What a great trip. Finally, Chapter 12 is next! The one we’ve been waiting for. After the holiday, I assume. I’ll just re-read the last couple chapters in anticipation... Oh, yeah — who’s Seth?!
  7. I think it’s cool that Nash can just take up teaching English in Thailand. That’s so brave! Bummed that Penn didn’t tell Nash what’s going on. Yeah, yeah — whatever Cam said. He could’ve told Nash, then sworn him to silence. What are we doing here, you know??? The conversation with Lee was fantastic. All that stuff needed to be said. FORCED to get back with Nash? What a gut punch. Asshole. They both should leave Lincoln (going in different directions, of course) and start fresh elsewhere.
  8. I have a couple problems with this chapter. The first is, why have Tracy be home if she doesn’t get to respond to the divorce news? We know she came and sat at the table and that’s it. It’s a waste of a character. Second, Penn was waiting for Nash after his time with Lee, but earlier we were told Wednesday was the one night of the week they *didn’t* get together, because Nash would be wiped out from dealing with Lee. Looking forward to where you take this. I expected Penn to go to Thailand with Nash, but I guess that’s not gonna happen. But if Penn knows so much about Nash’s marriage, why doesn’t Nash know about Penn’s? The friendship is one-sided in that regard.
  9. Geemeedee

    Chapter 20

    Some fine writing here, but I freely admit I don’t get it. I think time spent in therapy for each of them to work on issues and they could make a go of it. That said, I’m not into BDSM, so I don’t know what I don’t know.
  10. Geemeedee

    Chapter 14

    I agree that his father has something to do with TC’s need for total control. And I think once he realizes that, his need for a 24/7 sub will ease. I think both men could learn to compromise in order to be together. It’ll take time, of course ...
  11. Geemeedee

    Chapter Eight

    WHOA. All these people are in a town “dozens” of miles away from a phenomenon that causes insanity and they aren’t evacuating? WTH?? This story took a weird-ass turn.
  12. Geemeedee

    Chapter 13

    STRATOS IS A FOOL, telling Leon all that about Gemini. He will regret it.
  13. Geemeedee

    Chapter 6

    LOVE Jada. What a well-written conversation! I look forward to when Sawyer lets go a little — this time, hopefully without using drugs and alcohol as a crutch. I also look forward to how he fits into Jimmy’s story.
  14. I actually thought it was clear that Cam is the one who wants to eff around. And I think she might be an alcoholic. I get the feeling they’re best friends who married young because that’s what everyone expected them to do, and they’re definitely more friends than lovers. In fact, Cam was probably Penn’s best friend until Nash came along. I honestly don’t get Penn. It’s almost like he’s asexual. Cool chapter. I was surprised Nash left YEVO immmediately, but here we are. Dude shoulda asked for a severance package. And TAKE THE SPOUSAL SUPPORT FOR A YEAR. Jesus.
  15. SAME. I was expecting to cry. I’m enjoying this way more!
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