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Ridley wants a lot of things. To be left alone, for people to forget a stupid nickname, and for time to stop and rewind two years. What he doesn't want is to be featured in the school paper.

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  • Action Packed 1
  • Addictive/Pacing 8
  • Characters 12
  • Chills 2
  • Cliffhanger 3
  • Compelling 6
  • Feel-Good 6
  • Humor 4
  • Smoldering 5
  • Tearjerker 9
  • Unique 6
  • World Building 5

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Table of Contents
  • 1. Part 1
    • 4,966 Words
  • 2. Part 2
    • 5,761 Words
  • 3. Part 3
    • 6,889 Words
  • 4. Part 4
    • 6,535 Words
  • 5. Part 5 - End
    • 9,271 Words

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A wonderfully captivating complex love story and journey of self discovery.  It doesn't feel finished though. There has to be more to discover and explore about Ridley's budding romance, and his family's collective recovery and reintegration.  I hope you will continue?

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@Krista has created a brilliant story in five chapters that will  be memorable to the reader long after you have finished the story. 

Ridley is an enigmatic teen who is trapped in a box he created from a promise made to his beloved father. It is his defense to exclude family and friends from the pain he is suffering when his father is injured.  The box leaves him alone with only his thoughts as company.  This defenses is threatened by a school newspaper trying to highlight Ridley and expose him to his fellow classmates. When Ridley is challenged by a reporter, he starts to re-evaluate what the promise was based on.  The results was both explosive and cathartic.

Kirsta is an amazing writer who creates characters to whom you will closely bond.  She is a master of details that slowly build up both the layered plot and complex characters efficiently without a packaged feel.  This is a character driven story that will take you on an emotional ride as you laugh, cry and love with these characters.  It is a very uniquely written story that you will love with a happy ending leaving you wanting for more.  Definitely memorable!

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   4 of 4 members found this review helpful 4 / 4 members

A story that takes you places, not literally but emotionally. The characters feel oh so real and their development, while being baby steps, feels major. This short story feels more real than many more elaborate works. Thank you @Krista

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Ridley was an introvert's guide to the high school experience but with a twist I've come to expect from @Krista.

The main character sandwiched his personality between a request from his (absent and then critically injured) father and his own interpretation of what that meant for him, and he unfortunately chose to sacrifice his future. Ridley opted to ignore his own feelings and desires in favor of fulfilling what he thought his father wanted for him, when all the man wanted was for his son to be happy.

It took the intervention of Gabe and the article he sought to write to shock the main character out of his gloom. Not just the article but also the author's (and photographer's) interest in him as a person. Gabe got to Ridley in a way no one else had and it shocked him into action.

This story was phenomenal. From start, where we experienced Ridley's self-denial, to finish, where we rejoiced in the main character's awakening, @Krista immersed us in mixed emotions we all remembered from our youth.

I couldn't have asked for a more compelling short story. 

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   7 of 7 members found this review helpful 7 / 7 members

What a wonderful story wrapped up in 5 chapters! It is amazing how quickly your MC and supporting cast got into my mind. Not overburden with tons of characters but the bonus is more about the ones that matter the most. Be prepared, Krista gets you so involved within the first chapter, your heart will break when she tackles a big issue in another one. :worship: 

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   6 of 6 members found this review helpful 6 / 6 members

Loved this coming of age tale. Very emotional and well written. 6 stars if there is a part two.

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A lovely, touching story about a broken guy who only realizes he’s broken when someone far from his ken breaks through his barriers.

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   7 of 7 members found this review helpful 7 / 7 members

Wow. Such a wonderful and well written story. It totally needs a sequel, but for now... It is just great

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