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  1. Ruh-roh, Shaggy. Robbie’s getting in way over his head. First, there’s something going on between Ben and Zane. Might only be business but I’m positive there’s more to it than that. They are or were conspiring in regards to Casey and now Robbie’s made himself known to both of them. Hell, he’s literally in bed with Zane, where keeping tabs on him (or establishing him as a crazed star fucker) couldn’t be easier. Then there’s Guy. Sure, he deserves to be happy and could do with some physical affection, but did Robbie kiss him for the right reason? Feeling emboldened by a romp with Zane makes me think that’s a no, and Guy’s awkwardness after Charlie came home gives the impression it did more bad than good. Poor guy’s obviously conflicted. Oh, and the more we learn about Casey’s behavior, the more signs of bipolar disorder I see. He’s becoming infinitely more complex as the story progresses. Keep ‘em comin’!
  2. I thought we already established it’s being called Yukon Do It. As for your other idea, how about Oils Well That Ends Well: Cave In On the Yukon.
  3. Danners


    Well, Gary’s done it again. Endings was a journey of discovery and a cautionary tale of the havoc depression can wreak on our lives. Chase was damaged by the death of his mother and Hank was tortured by the apparition of parents he didn’t understand, and each wound festered until what was an undeniably loving relationship detonated in the span of a single night. We watched as Chase struggled to pick up the shattered pieces of his life, rejected by the majority of his and Hank’s mutual friends. He found support in his sister and later his father, with true friends like Stacy — no ‘e’ — and Dawson, and learned valuable tools from his therapist. Without them urging him forward, he may not have overcome the guilt that drove him to punish himself over and over again. While we caught Chase on the upswing, Hank’s downward spiral was unveiled to us over time. The perceived sins of his own mother, Lilah, weighed so heavily on his shoulders that he couldn’t help but nosedive after catching Chase in the very same position he did her, and he did so spectacularly. Whereas Chase’s biggest mistake was to drunkenly flirt with a sociopath, Hank willingly and soberly allowed himself to be pulled into the waiting arms of another man. Cave-In deserves a dressing down of his own but he isn’t worth the effort. Throughout their story, Chase and Hank’s orbit never really broke. Their love for one another may have been buried under tons of psychological baggage and months of emotional hurt from what happened between them, but it was there and it was real. Otherwise it wouldn’t have been salvageable. They laid their sins to rest and started anew, and this time their relationship will blossom into a love story for the generations. One character we never had the pleasure of meeting was Chase’s dearly departed mother, Christine. Yet her presence was felt from the very beginning and her forethought actually proved invaluable in healing her sons. If the heartfelt dialogue and dynamic characters weren’t enough to demonstrate how absolutely talented Gary is as a writer, then let the gentle warmth of a mother’s love remind you that he was able to impart that without her saying a word. Endings was a journey and a cautionary tale, all right, but it was also a testament to a mother’s love and the power it has to shape our lives. Gary showed us the meaning of redemption and taught us patience — and not only because he refused to post more than once a week — and had me terribly invested in his characters’ lives. Though it pains me to know it’s over, as will you, I couldn’t ask for a happier ending.
  4. A happy ending indeed. My only complaint is you saying we’ve reached the end of their story when, really, this is what I’d call their new beginning. They aren’t the same two people they were when their relationship ended, they’re more fully realized; they grew up. More importantly, now that they’ve laid to rest the ghosts of their past — Chase’s survivor’s guilt and Hank’s tortured heart — they have room for one another in their lives and in their hearts. They can love one another completely, totally, without hesitation — and they will. You only had me worried in the beginning, Gary, but it was also you who made me believe hope wasn’t lost ... even when you claimed it was. Once you made me realize things from Hank’s perspective — which, by the way, you hinted at beautifully while telling the story from Chase’s — I knew they’d find their way back into each other’s arms. It was inevitable. Now, have you written the wedding and when are you posting it? It hasn’t been a day and I’m already feeling withdrawal.
  5. Danners


    Ah, so that’s why Sid and “Theo“ up and vanished all those years ago. He and Mr. Huntsman having a thing back then also explains why the latter is so hellbent on Jett doing the right thing by Jay. Bah! Why, oh why, won’t I peek ahead?!
  6. With all those barn cats, I hope you’re careful.
  7. Oh ho ho! I’m hoping Handprints Charming makes the mistake of propositioning Chase again or that Hank saw their exchange and was coming to Chase’s rescue. It would do both guys a world of good for Hank to deck that creep. Or maybe I just want to vindicate vicariously. At the very least I hope Hank sees how bothered Chase was and how angry he is, and he doesn’t jump to the wrong conclusion. It’s probably what Chase expects to happen but maybe Hank will surprise him. It’s become pretty clear Hank is working up to asking Chase for a second chance but he keeps taking two steps forward and one step back. Him showing up at Endings won’t be a coincidence, I’m pretty sure. He either overthought the way they left things or, knowing Chase mentioned going to Endings, he pictured him getting mauled by Handprints Charming again and couldn’t let that happen. I’m sort of surprised Chase hasn’t figured out what Hank has kept trying to tell him. Then again, he’s angry and frustrated and by now is convinced they’ll never get back together. They did talk though, and Chase was able to get his points across. That’s something. Whatever remained he was able to leave on the dance floor, and that is sometimes the best therapy of all. Now, Gary, are you absolutely sure you want to punish us with a week of waiting? Haven’t we suffered enough? C’mon, be a pal.
  8. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    As if Chase wasn’t messed up prior to and for some time after their breakup. Chase was forced to confront his baggage and it took months of therapy and support. Therapy and support — two important tools Hank did not have until recently. Hank has only begun to overcome his demons, the core of which was blaming Lilah for his father’s death. It’s the same one that caused his massive overreaction to the turned down proposal and Chase stepping out, the same one that pushed him to make perhaps inexcusable decisions afterwards. That’s one misconception that’s been corrected but it’s one he was operating on since he was, what, fourteen? Chase needed Hank to lean on before, during, and after Christine’s death, sabotaged that relationship, and hoped for forgiveness. Hank, the strong one, finally admits to his weakness and the mistakes he made, he needs Chase to lean on now, and suddenly he’s beyond redemption? That’s some double standard. Cut the man some slack and give him time to catch up. You can’t correct over a decade of damage overnight, but he has just as much potential to do so as Chase did. Lastly, their interaction this and last chapter proves to me (at least) that they could still make a great team. They’re more aware of each other’s bullshit now, Chase more so than Hank, and that old behavior won’t cut it anymore. They won’t allow it from themselves or each other, again more so Chase than Hank (but, again, Chase has more practice). For instance, Hank’s willingness to apologize and his sensitivity to Chase’s hurt feelings or Chase’s ability to cut through Hank’s anger and desire to comfort him. They’re not perfect and neither Hank nor Chase is “not good enough” because they’re both trying and that is good enough. /rant
  9. Danners

    The Answer

    What a beautiful story, Wayne. Even though it was told exclusively from Shawn’s point of view, you did an excellent job of conveying Ian’s feelings. The signs of his love for his friend were there from the beginning, but Shawn was too caught up in his own immediate gratification to recognize them. It may have taken twenty years for Shawn to reach where Ian needed him to be, but the time spent wasn’t wasted and the wait was most definitely worth it. I bet the next twenty years weren’t even spent making up for lost time — the pieces simply fell into place, allowing them to love in the present and focus on the future. You should write more poetry if it inspires material like this.
  10. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    That line you crossed? It was the last one.
  11. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    I take back every nice thing I’ve ever said about you.
  12. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    I’ve been told that before. It’s one of the many orifices I provide.
  13. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    Gary would never!
  14. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    You should hire a better bookie.
  15. Danners

    Chapter 17 Lilah

    Hank was broken; he hit rock bottom. Now, however, I’d say he’s haunted — by the mistakes he made, by the people he hurt in his righteousness, by the loneliness of waking up alone, and more. Faults he’s trying to work on. Today was a minor setback in how he reacted, but Chase’s form hand and Lilah’s patience helped him through that. He also had a momentary setback with Chase that they talked about and will hopefully continue to have a conversation about later on. (How upset he was over Chase being angry with him, how worried he was over Chase’s feelings, by the way, was one more piece of proof Hank needs Chase in his life.) For some reason I’m protective of Hank? What the what? Him being called broken made me want to cut a bitch. The things you do to me, Gary. You too, Wes.
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