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  1. Danners

    Chapter 20

    Neil does keep us wondering, doesn't he? What a tease. Javier shrugged, smirking at the retreating boy. “Kid has a date. A girl, probably. You know how tight he is with th’ girls.” At face value he seems to be he's saying Neil is friendly with the girls and gets along with them. The smirk could imply he thinks Neil acts like one of the girls. Regardless, "a girl, probably" has me dropping our Neil into the equal opportunity "a hole is a hole" category. West watched in awe as Jorge’s typically laidback expression twisted up into a brief sneer, indignation coming off him in waves. “It better be a girl. Shit, we just got here.” Same sort of vague acknowledgement of the basketball player slam dunking on both ends of the court, so to speak. Now, Jorge's sneer and indignation shows you where on the sidelines he sits. Finally, their text exchange: West: Ur cousin’s pretty cool West: Javier I mean West: Not tht Jorge isn’t cool West: Wen do we meet the girlfriend? Neil: That wut he told u? West: Not a girl? Neil: Nobody im gonna b fuckin My vote? He's going to take care of his little sister and used it as an excuse to dip out of a party he was becoming increasingly uncomfortable in. If he later sends West a selfie with the little girl, I'll officially declare their friendship is solidifying.
  2. Danners

    Chapter 42

    D'oh! At least I didn't mistake him for Dr. Giggles. They should contact the duty nurse from that evening and have her keep tabs on him. If Eike is indeed hurt, he may need to pull the not-so-good doctor in for an outpatient consult. Eh? As for Arric and Key, I can be patient. They'll soon be locked in carnal bliss.
  3. Danners

    Chapter 39

    I mean, I'm all for Jason standing up for himself and seeking out other places to live, but it's pretty selfish of him to leave Devyn in the clutches of an abusive mother. Especially when Devyn is trapped in wolf form and couldn't call for help even if he needed to. What a way to thank him for his unending loyalty.
  4. Danners

    Chapter 42

    I knew there was something unsettling about Dr. Morgan! He was far too fascinated with Cyn as a specimen but not as a patient. Hope the rat bastard gets castrated with silver razor wire and then blinded by having those same testicles surgically grafted to his eye sockets. Cyn amazes me every chapter. The depth of his compassion for his fellow shifters. What a truly magnificent gift. I teared up a little bit when he gave Hauser his forgiveness. He is such a pure soul. And, as always, Arric and Kieran remain perfect for one another. Sail that ship off into the sunset.
  5. You are indeed the best. I would kneel at the altar of Gary any day of the week. 😉🤠💦
  6. Wes knew that Will left work early. He's been stalking the man on Instagram. 😜
  7. Half the reason is to keep you sweet talkin' these boys and giving away teensy glimpses behind the curtain. Since you only post once a week, it's all a guy has to hang on to . . . unless you give us more to hang on to. Eh? Eh? I was just about to add to my pet theory that some of the previous violence or gun slinging or whatever that Mitch swore "they're going to pay" for involves people like them. Gay men were not treated with kindness if discovered in those days, but there were allies willing to step up and defend them. I think Mitch was, in a weirdly violent way, an activist. Whatever it was, it had to be personal because "the law" alone couldn't have been enough to keep him from setting aside his guns for Will. Could it? More speculation to add to the fire! Hahaha! You're the best, Gary.
  8. We know Mitch left that town, wherever it was, before settling in Red Bluff. As far as regrets go, I can say with certainty he wishes he would've made an effort to change his ways before losing Will. My working theory puts that as the reason why he made a concerted effort to look after the other men "like him" and took such exception with a certain sidewinder. Call it penance. I can also say with certainty he witnessed the very tragic endings of those particular love stories and had no way of knowing if Boone and Coy's journey played out the same way his and Will's did. He watched those he cared most about in this world leave him in some form or fashion while holding on to bitterness, sorrow, and regret. On top of it all he was told he's going to die. When you think about what he found in Larkspur, Mitch has been given all the keys necessary to free himself from the chains of his past and move on. We'll see if the time he spent alone on the trail and the immediate inclusion and undeniable and unconditional, if somewhat annoying, friendships will allow him the clarity he needs to see this opportunity for what it is. I mean, if I were Boone and Coy, I'd be ready with a lasso and tie him to a chair. Or . . . well, at the very least, lock Will and Mitch in the barn.
  9. Danners

    Chapter 18

    Neil's mother is a one woman episode of Jerry Springer. Yeesh. If Neil opens up to West after this, knowing that the blonde saw and heard what he had, that means they've reached the first benchmark of actual friendship. I can understand why Neil is so suspicious of why West would want to get closer since Neil's opinion of himself is abysmally low and so far everyone he's met and/or known in his life as only found ways to use and abuse him. So he figures West has an ulterior motive too. That, and behind the bravado, he doesn't think he deserves to have a somebody like West in his corner. Or maybe it's the machine gun texts. You're comin' on a little strong/desperate there, Flower Boy.
  10. Well, the cat's out of the bag and it's yowling a sad song. I can't blame Will for walking away from a mate who was so intent on dancing with death. Seeing the man you love wounded over and over -- critically a couple times, it sounds like -- has to be heartbreaking, it has to chip away at your soul. So, as I see it, Mitch had it backwards and Will didn't leave because he didn't care enough to stay, he left because Mitch cared more about his job than his lover. Ideally they could've moved to a less dangerous area but there's no changing the past. There is the present, however, and if Boone and Coy can help these two stubborn older men mend their fences, maybe there's a future as well. I say this because I don't see Will turning away when he finds out about Mitch's grim prognosis. His instinct was to support the man up until he couldn't anymore and this is both his second and last chances to prove himself. Mitch, on the other hand, might take the easy out and try to leave. I hope he doesn't. He's said time and again how at peace he's felt here in Larkspur and burying the hatchet with (and burying his hatchet in) Will could give him . . . well, what he's always wanted. Live in Larkspur, love in Larkspur, and make the absolute most out of whatever time he has left.
  11. Danners

    Chapter 8

    Hunter's about to get a new OnlyFans subscriber, methinks. It's cute how Caleb's condition makes him so cerebral and yet completely earnest. He reasoned how best to catch his crush's eye and set the plan in motion with his whole heart. That the crush is more than likely Hunter, who is himself too in his own head about the whole thing to recognize the signs, makes this even better. You think Caleb will breed a flowering plant and name it after Hunter?
  12. Oh dear. Trent did not think that one through, but that's sort of his specialty. I want to be disappointed in him and yet I'm more pleased his heart was in the right place. Sure, he could've sat at his table for two and had the server extend an invitation for Kayden to join him there, and maybe Kayden would've accepted. That's not "alpha male" Trent though and while I don't condone punching your boyfriend's father (even if he deserved it), I do applaud his audacity for standing his ground. If he wanted to kick him while he's down, he could probably have Mark arrested for assault. No, if anyone is to blame for that poor old man's heart attack, it's Mark. He's a narcissist. A Markissist. I understand there's pressure on parents in many Asian cultures to present a perfect family unit, but this has always been about Mark needing to shine. If he has any love for his children as people, it's buried beneath layer upon layer of pride in their accomplishments -- and not him being proud of them or their accomplishments, him being proud he's responsible for them, that he can take credit for them being the best. As for Kayden. Mark's had an agenda since his son came out of the closet and that was to either force him back inside it and lock the door or find an excuse to erase him from the family. I don't think this dinner would've changed anything, honestly. He would've continued stringing Kayden along until his will was broken or the opportunity to cut him loose presented itself. I wish Kayden had heard Mark say to Trent: “I’m sure his grades will be negatively affected by all the time he’s been spending with you and then I can disown him for good!” so he can finally realize he doesn't owe Mark anything, least of all his loyalty. It was so satisfying seeing Kayden open up about his rape and, on a lesser note, his mistreatment by Trent. I'm proud of him, just as I'm proud of Trent for fessing up to his mistake and his frustration and apologizing for both in front of Lucas. Not only that, Kayden was ready to take the lead and do the talking and planning and Trent let him . . . up to a point. That shows how deeply they care for one another. Having Sarah to counsel them and having Lucas on a more . . . uh, informal basis (that I'm very much looking forward to and may have imagined a time or three, heh) should help Kayden and Trent get back to normal or even better than they were. Well, if the fallout from dinner doesn't implode everything. Prayers for Grandpa Lee!
  13. Danners

    Chapter 41

    I think Shea would be proud of his man, both because Cyn would be taking an active role in the pack and him being part of the Tracking Trio gives him the purpose he needs. Right now Cyn is a pack member because he's Shea's mate, but I have a feeling both men know he needs more. He didn't have an active role under previous bucks, yet his instincts, his history as "prey" and his superior senses lend themselves to tracking, and never mind his desire to prove himself. As for Kieran's workload, his fulltime job is with the university. What he does with his spare time is entirely at his own discretion, including tutoring middle school kids when he isn't working. And, y'know, if he's sharing Arric's bed (and home), that implies being able to consult the alpha without it interfering with his other duties.
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