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  1. Another excellent story. The supernatural elements are brought in nicely without overburdening the teenage love story, like a New Years Eve or summer campfire story within a longer tale
  2. Thank you very much for updating your stories and posting them here. They are a pleasure to read again!
  3. A lovely story. I'm glad that it has found its way here, and I it was a pleasure to re-read it after first encountering it on crvboy. I hope it will reach the larger audience it deserves.
  4. Another excellent tale, well told.
  5. A well-written story with a nicely romantic plot. I look forward to other stories involving these characters.
  6. Thanks for posting this excellent story. I enjoyed it several years ago on crvboy, and very much enjoyed this improved version here.
  7. Wonderful story, with enough twists and turns to make it interesting. Heartwarming in the end (which is something us romantics like). Many thanks for writng & posting it. Tom
  8. This was one of the best stories I read on crvboy. I'm very happy to have found it here and re-read it with pleasure. It seems to be slightly revised and a little tightened up from the earlier version --- all to the good. Many thanks for posting it. Tom
  9. vonfoto

    Admirer X

    Delightful Thanks!
  10. You'll need to have 5 active posts before the site opens completely. It's an anti spam thing. Be welcome!

  11. Just joined recently.... I'm an old fart who likes reading stories with gay characters, especially if they are well written. I like many of the stories on this site. All the best. And many thanks to the authors who post their work here for the rest of us to enjoy.
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