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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Roommates - 6. Chapter 6

Getting dressed and looking myself over in the mirror I seemed out of place. I wasn’t the night scene type of person that Brett loved to be. Kat seemed like she needed to step away from the yacht and I agreed with her. It seemed that we’ve become too confined to one area and we all needed to stretch our legs a bit.

“You’re not wearing that are you?” Brett asked and I turned to look at him.

“What’s wrong with this?” I asked as I stood there and waited for his complete verdict.

“There are only two things you need to wear that to,” he said as he stood and walked over to my side of the closet, “and that’s to a funeral or a wedding.”

“It’s how I normally dress,” I said, “and I think I look sexy.”

“I’m not saying you don’t,” he said peaking over his shoulder for a second, “it’s just not night material.”

“Fine master,” I said as I sat myself down on the bed, “pick me out something, but we need to hurry.” I noticed that the sheets had been changed and the room smelled a lot cleaner. I didn’t expect the staff to clean our rooms, but it was nice not having anything to worry about.

“Alright since you don’t have anything I guess you’ll just have to wear something from my side of the closet,” he said giving up and grabbing some of his clothes for me to wear.

“I’m not wearing those,” I said as he handed me a pair of ripped jeans, “you don’t even have back pockets.”

“So?” He said shrugging his shoulders.

“So where am I going to stick my wallet?” I asked laying the clothes down on the bed beside me.

“Just put them on and stop making that face,” he said shaking his head.

“I’m not making a face,” I said as I stood and started undressing again.

“Well I don’t smell anything stinky,” he said laughing slightly, “I do believe those were clean.”

“You don’t even know what’s clean and what isn’t?” I asked as I grabbed his pants they were tight when I pulled them up and zipped them.

“Not really,” he said, “as long as it didn’t stink I shoved it in my bag.”

“Where the hell are the buttons to these?” I asked noticing they were missing.

“Fell off,” he said, “they’ll stay up you have the ass for them.”

“Fine,” I said as I started unbuttoning my shirt so that I could change into the shirt he picked out for me.

“The best way to tell if someone has looked at your ass is for them to tell you what color underwear you have on,” he said, “that’s half the reason I wear what I do it’s a really nice ice breaker.”

“For what kind of people?” I asked laughing at him.

“The only kind that is of any use to me,” he said winking at me, “fuck I’m so excited I don’t think I’ve ever done this with you since college.”

“We’ve went out together after college,” I said as I tugged the tight shirt over my head.

“Yeah, to drink champagne and listen to boring music,” he said as he grabbed my hand and guided me towards the mirror.

“I look like shit,” I said tugging on the shirt trying to make it stop clinging to my chest and stomach.

“You look hot,” he said as someone knocked on our door. He left me studying myself in the mirror to open the door.

“Ya’ll ready to go?” Carl asked as he entered the room. I turned to see that he wasn’t dressed in his staff uniform that he was wearing an outfit similar to most of what was in Brett’s closet.

“Yes,” Brett said, “come on Willy.”

“Ok,” I said turning and following them out the door into the hall.

“We’re running a little late, but it won’t take long to get to the dock,” Carl said, “then Kat has ordered a limo for the four of us.”

“Riding in style,” Brett said as we walked down the hall. When we entered the stairs we went down to the staff floor. Then Carl led us to the back of the boat where two small boats were waiting and already in the water. We had to walk down a small ladder to get to the boats where Kat was waiting with everyone else.

“Where’s Walker?” Brett asked as we all got settled and to boats started speeding towards the shore.

“He has to stay on the boat,” she said offering Brett a short smile, “and besides I have my eye on someone else.”

“Who?” I asked crossing my arms.

“I’m not telling,” she said as she winked at me.

“Remember what Mom said?” I asked, “Don’t become a slut.”

“William I’m old enough to think for myself,” she said, “let’s not ruin the night by having morals.”

“Hell yes,” Brett said punching his fists into the air. Then he leaned back relaxing for the rest of the way. Kat didn’t say what exactly we’d be doing and I didn’t want to talk to her about it either. What ever happened I decided to just go along with her plans.

“Alright, we’re here,” Carl said as the boats slowed down. When we were cleared to dock the two small boats we exited them and stepped onto the wooden dock.

“Ok, it’s just us four for the limo,” Kat said as we approached the car. Our driver opened our door and we slid in.

“This will get us ahead of the line outside of the club we’re going to,” Carl said, “I’ve not been inside myself so that’s why I wanted to come here.”

“Well look at you two, finally acting like spoiled assed billionaires,” Brett said grabbing the bottle of chilled champagne that was sitting on ice in the middle of everyone. Kat grabbed the glasses and after Brett opened the bottle he poured everyone a glass. “We may need to get Willy drunk so that he will enjoy himself.”

“You do not,” I said shaking my head and taking the glass that Kat offered me.

“Were you complaining?” Kat asked as she handed Carl his glass.

“No,” I said holding up my glass ready to take a sip.

“He was,” Brett said, “because he didn’t have any back pockets.”

“You need to mess up your hair a little bit,” Kat said looking me over, “you look too boarding school.”

“Why don’t you both just knock it off?” I said then downed my glass of champagne holding out my glass for more. Kat reached over and ran her fingers through my hair messing up my style.

“There,” she said smiling at me, “takes two years off of you right there.”

“So Carl what kind of place did you pick out anyway?” Brett asked as the limo eased out into traffic. There was a lot of traffic out tonight so things were moving slow.

“It’s the best dance club this far south,” Carl said, “I don’t know much else as I’ve never made it in.”

“I don’t dance,” I said causing everyone to laugh.

“We’re not surprised,” Kat said, “just shake your ass, you’ll fit right in.”

When we finally arrived the limo slowed to park at the entrance of the club. When we stepped out the small crowd of paparazzi lining the entrance hesitated at first. The bouncers at the entrance stood in our way as well.

“Well let us in,” Kat said as she stepped up to the bouncers standing in our away. They were both tall, thick bodied men with security in yellow on their shirts.

“Just because you arrive in a limo it doesn’t mean you get V.I.P service, go to the back of the line,” the smaller of the two standing there said. He was older than the other one as well as parts of his facial hair was graying. Both men were bald they definitely fit the part of being club authority.

“Look here, I am Kathryn Carlton, I’m here with my brother William and our friends now please step aside,” Kat said holding up her driver’s license for proof. The camera flashes started blinding us them and I didn’t like the attention we were getting. The two men stepped aside then and let us into the club.

“We’ll be in the news tomorrow,” I said shaking my head, “Dad is going to kill us.”

“We’ll only be in the stupid tabloid and I bet we’ll only have a small picture and Dad refuses to look at those,” Kat said, “learn to live a little kiddo, a picture in the paper won’t kill our father.”

“Fine,” I said as we entered two other doors the music blaring in our ears leaving all conversation drowned out by the noise. It was early in the night, but the club was already packed to near capacity and I doubted there will be much more admitted into the club tonight. The D.J was at the far end of the club being in control of keeping everyone dancing. Looking around I wouldn’t call what people were doing dancing.

“This club kicks ass!” Brett yelled over the roar of the music. I was following them all deeper into the crowd and we were almost in the middle of everyone. It was warm in here and people were bumping into us as we walked to the middle of all the action.

“Why did we have to come to the exact middle of this mess?” I asked leaning in close to Brett so that he could hear me.

“Less chance of you being groped,” he said laughing at the face I made, “it’s just a good place to pick up a dance partner.”

“I don’t want to dance though,” I said, “especially the way these people are.”

“There’s not enough room to do your waltzing shit,” Brett said, “so just shake your hot little ass a few times and fit in.”

“No,” I said looking around, “and don’t comment on my ass in public.”

“Why not?” Brett asked as a woman grabbed him by the shirt collar dragging him away from me. I was about to answer him, but he left me only winking as he started dancing with the floppy breasted blonde grinding her hips into his. Kat and Carl was dancing with one another and I made my way to the bar. When I got there the bartender slid a small plastic cub over to me.

“What is this?” I asked looking around to see if the cup was even for me.

“It’s a complimentary jello shot,” he said as he served someone else a drink.

“How do you know I haven’t had mine already?” I asked sniffing of the jello before leaning my head back letting it slide into my mouth.

“Because we give you a plastic club band,” he said as he handed me the bright orange bracelet.

“Ok, I want a couple more of those jello shots then I want something strong,” I said then I turned to see if everyone was still where I had left them. Brett was being sandwiched between two girls and Kat and Carl had moved closer together. Her mouth was moving so I knew she was talking.

“Here you go,” the bartender said, “my name is Cole.”

“Yeah, I read it on your name tag,” I said pointing to it as I lifted the second jello shot to my mouth. Cole smiled then walked around the bar seeing if anyone needed anything then he returned to where I was sitting.

“So you don’t dance much do you?” Cole asked leaning over and resting his elbows on the bar.

“Not like that,” I said pointing out to the floor, “I bet I don’t even do that in bed.”

“You don’t think?” Cole said laughing. I couldn’t believe I just told him that and I felt my face getting hot. It was dark and shadowed in this club the only lights coming from the small different colored strobe lights.

“What is this?” I asked holding up a clear liquid.

“Flavored vodka,” he said, “you don’t drink either.”

“Not really,” I said, “I’m damn boring actually.”

“What’s your name?” He asked as he left me to go tend to someone else. I didn’t want to tell him my name at all. It was nice that I was talking to someone, I expected to be bored until Brett and Kat noticed that I wasn’t on the dance floor with them. I turned around to see that they were still dancing. From here I could tell that they were sweaty, but now Kat was kissing Carl and Brett had ditched the two girls he had and was now dancing with a different trashy blonde. I turned back around taking a drink of my vodka grimacing and coughing at the strength of the drink.

“My name is Will,” I said as Cole returned to my side of the bar. He held out his hand and I shook it.

“Nice to meet you,” he said letting go of my hand.

“What’s up?” Brett asked putting his arm around my shoulder.

“Nothing,” I said turning to look at him.

“Here you go,” Cole said as he slid a jello shot to Brett.

“Thanks,” Brett said turning to look at me and wink before he slid the jello into his mouth.

“They’re complimentary,” I said rolling my eyes.

“Oh,” he said, “I thought the bartender just wanted my ass.”

“Not this time,” I said waving the bracelet that was on my wrist in his face, “this is how they keep track of who has had one.”

“Oh,” Brett said as Cole handed him a green bracelet. They all had the name of the club on them and when Brett slid it on he stood, “come dance Willy.”

“No,” I said, “I’m not drunk enough yet.”

“Come on,” Brett said as he tugged on my shoulder.

“Why?” I asked, “just go dance I’m having fun up here.” Brett shot a look to where Cole was standing in front of me. I noticed that he studied him before he let go of my shoulder and left me sitting at the bar to go back to the dance floor. When I turned back around I saw that Cole was smiling at me so I looked down at the rest of my vodka swirling it gently in its glass.

“Well your friend seems like a fun guy,” Cole said causing me to look up.

“He is,” I said smiling.

“I get off this shift in about five minutes,” Cole said, “do you want to talk after?” I didn’t know how to answer him and I studied him for any hint of what he was thinking. I glanced behind me to see that everyone was still dancing and I had no ambition to join them.

“Sure,” I said, “where?”

“There is a V.I.P. lounge,” he said then he pointed to a dimly lit upper deck of the club. The windows were tinted and wasn’t noticeable.

“Ok,” I said standing, “I’ll go see if everyone wants to come up and I’ll meet you there.”

“Oh it’s twenty bucks for the drinks,” Cole said putting his hand on my shoulder to stop me from walking away.

“Sorry,” I said pulling my wallet out of my front pocket and paid him. He let his hand slide off my shoulder then he disappeared into a small room so I turned and walked my way through the crowd to where Kat and Carl were dancing.

“Will where have you been?” Kat asked noticing me standing there.

“The bar,” I said pointing in the direction of the bar.

“The whole time?” She asked and I nodded my head.

“There’s a V.I.P. lounge do you want to go rest and check it out?” I asked leaning in close to her so she could hear. Carl was behind her and they were grinding their hips while we talked. It caused me to feel uncomfortable and I stepped away from them as I waited for her answer.

“Sure,” she said stepping away from Carl, “go retrieve the life of the dance floor so we can all go.”

“Ok,” I said as I turned to look for Brett. He was dancing in a crowd of girls and I could barely see him in the middle. I pushed myself through the girls and he stopped dancing when he noticed me.

“You finally leave your boyfriend to come see what I was doing?” He asked and I looked around to see the reactions of the girls around us.

“I was wondering if you wanted to check out the lounge with us,” I said crossing my arms. I noticed that Brett was pissed about something, but I wasn’t going to talk to him about it here.

“Yeah sure,” he said as he turned to look at the girls still surrounding us, “sorry ladies, but I need a break.” They separated leaving us as we made our way through the crowd to the lounge where Carl and Kat was waiting by the door. The bouncer that was standing there let us pass easily and we walked up the flight of stairs into the lounge. Cole was already sitting at a table and when I started walking his direction Brett put his hand on my shoulder.

“What?” I asked turning to look at him.

“Let’s go over there,” he said pointing to a table off to the corner of the lounge. It was the farthest table we could choose from where Cole was sitting, “the view looks better from there.”

“No, I told Cole that we’d come up here with him,” I said shrugging his shoulder off.

“Who is Cole?” Kat asked as she stepped up to my other side.

“His boyfriend,” Brett said, “I’m going to go back down to dance.”

“Damnit Brett,” I said as I watched him walk back down the stairs.

“He’ll be alright,” Kat said as she dragged Carl past me to where Cole was sitting. I turned to look out the tinted glass walls noticing that Brett bypassed the dance floor walking to the bar where the new person was handing out drinks. This time it was a woman.

“Come on Will,” Carl said and I stopped watching Brett walking over to the table.

“Hi again Cole,” I said as I sat at the table.

“Hey,” he said seeming relieved that I was here.

“So is Cole coming back to the Yacht with us Will?” Kat asked and I wanted to disappear as soon as she asked the question.

“What do you mean, Kat?” I asked shooting her a glare.

“Oh,” she said glancing at Cole, “I mean do you plan to hang out with him later.”

“I don’t know,” I said, “Cole and I don’t know one another.”

“I’m still here,” Cole said offering us a small wave.

“Oh, I’m sorry,” I said, “This is my sister Kathryn and her lover for the night Carl.”

“William!” Kat said slapping my arm. Carl and Cole laughed as Kat stood walking over to the bar. She returned with three beers and some fruity drink for herself.

“Thanks,” I said as she handed everyone a glass of beer.

“So are you two the Carlton kids?” Cole asked looking at the both of us sitting at the table.

“Yes,” Kat said when I hesitated to answer him.

“So you’re the ones staying on that huge ass yacht two miles off the coast,” he said, “I’ll be doing your parent’s reception.”

“Well you better be prepared for that,” I said as I sat my glass of beer back on the table.

“Yeah our family can put away the booze,” Kat said causing Cole to laugh again.

“Well I think I can handle them,” he said then he picked up he glass taking a drink.

“Well I want to go dance again,” Kat said standing up offering me a wink.

“Why are you rushing off so soon?” I asked as I stood. I didn’t want to be left alone with Cole.

“We came here to dance,” Kat said grabbing Carl by the hand leading him to the door. I sat back down and when they disappeared I turned to see Cole studying me.

“Do you want to go dance?” Cole asked before he took the last few drinks of his beer.

“No,” I said, “I don’t dance.”

“I’m not much of a dancer either,” he said smiling at me.

“I’m sorry, but why did you pick me to talk to?” I asked leaning forward resting my arms on the table.

“I thought you were cute and out of place,” he said, “is Brett your boyfriend?”

“No,” I said, “he’s just my best friend and roommate.”

“Oh,” he said, “I don’t think he wants to be just your friend.”

“I’m not his type,” I said as I looked down at my empty beer glass. I was starting to feel a buzz, but I wanted more.

“Larry two more beers please,” Cole said waving his glass in the air. Larry grabbed the pitcher and walked around the bar to our table. He filled our glasses then returned to where he was sitting.

“So you think I’m gay?” I asked noticing that we had been talking about my relationship with Brett.

“Well yes,” he said, “are you not gay?” I looked at him wondering if I should be honest. I knew that Cole was gay, but it’s different telling someone I just met.

“Yes,” I said then I gulped down half the glass of beer.

“But you’re closeted,” he said leaning forward to look at me.

“Extremely,” I said as I sat my glass back down, “if you could feel my heart beating.” Cole reached across the table and placed his hand on my chest.

“Damn,” he said lowering his voice. He didn’t let go of my chest for a little while and the longer he kept the touch the more nervous I became.

“I think I need to go,” I said, “can I have your number though?”

“No, I think you already have the number you need,” he said winking at me as he stood and left me sitting at the table. I was going to ask him what he meant, but when I watched him pass I saw Brett leaning against the door watching us. When we locked eyes Brett frowned and I could tell that he was drunk.

“I need money to pay the people down stairs, they’re getting pretty fucked over about it,” he said in a slurred voice.

“How much do you owe them?” I asked standing up pulling my wallet out. I walked over to Larry and paid him for the beers then he draped his arm around my shoulder and we slowly walked down the stairs to the bar where I paid the female bartender.

“We’re gettin a hotel,” he said, “goin back to the yacht in the morning.”

“Who said?” I asked grabbing his hand to keep him from falling. I knew Brett would be passing out soon so a hotel was a good idea.

“Kat,” he said leaning his head to rest on my shoulder, “they’re waitin in the limo for us.”

“Ok,” I said not wanting to brave the cameras, but it was the only exit we could use. We walked around the dance floor close to the wall of the club to keep from walking through the now mostly drunk dancers on the floor. Cole was the closest thing I had to a relationship after coming out to Brett. I turned to look back at the bar to see him watching us. He was wearing his street clothes and now a baseball cap. He was watching us leave and when he noticed me looking at him he waved.

When we stepped out Carl was waiting to help me carry Brett to the limo. There weren’t too many photographers still there, but I noticed our picture being taken a few times before we could get inside the limo.

“This was fun,” Kat said, as the door of the limo shut with all of us safely inside.

“Yeah,” Carl said, “the club was hot.”

“I had a good time,” Brett said as he leaned his head back and closed his eyes. It was a short drive to the hotel and when the limo stopped we all stepped out. It was late and Brett had almost passed out on the way over so Kat got our rooms and Carl helped me get Brett up to the room I’d be sharing with him.

“Thanks Carl,” I said as I unlocked the door to our room, “I can take him from here.”

“You sure?” He asked draping Brett completely on me.

“Yeah,” I said, “good night.”

“Night,” he said as I stepped through the door letting it close behind me.

“We home?” Brett asked as I sat us both down on the bed.

“Yes,” I said as he leaned back with his legs hanging off the edge of the bed so I stood and bent down untying his shoes taking them both off and placing them aside. I removed his socks and stood unbuttoning his jeans. “Lift your ass.”

“Okay,” he said lazily lifting his ass just long enough for me to pull his pants off him. I folded his jeans and placed them on the table by the window of our single bed room. Then I walked back over to him and I lifted him off the bed so that I could remove his shirt. Then with him resting his head on my shoulder I pulled down the covers. I covered him up then walked over and turned out the lights. I undressed myself leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor as I slid into the bed beside him feeling confused by all the thoughts in my head until the drinks of the night soothed me enough to sleep.

Copyright © 2010 Krista; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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