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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

Roommates - 8. Chapter 8

Waking up I heard the shower running in the bathroom. I looked over at the digital clock and saw that it was early. It was hours away from breakfast and I didn’t know why Brett would be moving around to get ready. I knew he hadn’t taken a nap last night like he said. They always changed the sheets when they cleaned, but the sheets were still the same light floral blue from the last time they had changed them. Nothing else had been done in the room either, but I didn’t want to talk to Brett about it last night. I would as soon as he stepped out of the shower though. I sat up in the bed and turned on my lamp and waited until I heard the water shut off.

Brett then came out dripping slightly with a towel wrapped loosely around his waist. His eyes fell on me briefly then he changed his direction and walked over to the closet to get dressed. His wet tanned back was in view now as he bent slightly to search for his underwear in one of the drawers. I sighed feeling the tension increase in my boxer briefs I looked away until I heard a muffled thump hit the floor. Brett was now standing with his back to me with the towel lying at his feet on the floor. I sucked in a short breath and he turned to look at me.

“Good morning,” he said, “I’m sorry if I woke you.”

“You didn’t,” I said swallowing hard trying to make my voice sound stronger than it was.

“I would lay in bed, but I get fidgety so I decided to take a shower,” he said, “to release some energy.”

“Yeah,” I said noticing that he hadn’t made a move to get dressed.

“I’m sorry Will,” Brett said again then started dressing bending down to slide his red boxer briefs up his legs. They were strong legs from his many surfing adventures and they were only slightly dusted with black hairs the California sun tanning them like the rest of his body.

“What are you sorry about now?” I asked offering him a smile, “You’ve not done anything wrong so stop.”

“I’ve just been moody lately and I know you’ve spent the past few days worrying about me,” he said.

“You know I worry about you anyway,” I said lightly, “come here so we can have a talk.”

“Ok,” he said sliding on a pair of shorts then he walked over and slid into his side of the bed.

“Are you having a good time here?” I asked as he lied down completely in the bed and pulled his arms up crossing them resting his head on them looking up at me.

“I’ve had a great time,” he answered smiling, “your sister is great and this is distracting.”

“Don’t be worried about failing that drug test, Brett,” I said, “I’m not mad about that.”

“I know you’ll take good care of me,” he said laughing slightly, “it’s also good to get away from one place too though, right?”

“Yeah,” I said still thinking this new subdued Brett wasn’t the person I knew. He should be bouncing off the walls air guitar rocking to a band he liked. Trying out everything on the boat and bothering the captain to drive it. That’s how he was normally and I spent most my time laughing with him all the stress of the day washing out of my body. “You know what, I bet the captain will let us drive the Yacht.”

“You think?” He asked looking up at me a little brighter than he had been before.

“This is the Ocean, what are you going to hit?” I asked causing him to laugh.

“Do you think I could possibly try this baby out then?” He asked looking around the room. “I’ve been wanting to ask someone.”

“We’ll go see after breakfast,” I said, “I’ve been wanting to see what it’s like up there anyway.”

“Alright,” he said sitting up in the bed.

“What’s in the bags?” I asked stopping him from getting out of bed. He looked at me then winked standing completely.

“That’s a surprise,” he said, “you’ll have to wait and see and no peaking or I’ll push you overboard.”

“Right,” I said laughing, “I’ll just ask Kat, I finally have dirt on her I can threaten her with like all little brothers should.”

“You’ll see that I’ve got Kat well on my side,” he said, “and besides her sleeping with men seemed to make your mother happy.”

“Yeah,” I said, “she’s been wanting one of us to settle down.”

“Are you looking to settle down?” Brett asked as he walked over pulling off his basketball shorts to change into something more suitable for breakfast.

“What you had on was fine,” I said, “they only want Kat and I to dress formally.”

“I don’t want to be the eye sore of the dinner table,” Brett said glancing in my direction. “Don’t change the subject either.”

“Yes,” I said, “I would like to have someone to settle down with.”

“Oh,” he said pulling up a pair of khaki shorts that weren’t ripped. They weren’t new, but he didn’t wear them too often either.

“Well don’t you?” I asked, “We’re too old to be like we are.”

“Like I am,” Brett said, “Will you’ve not been laid since, since when did you last get ass?”

“Ok, smart ass,” I said causing him to laugh. I shook my head even if the question sounded serious I had no intention of answering.

“Seriously, I think half the men on this yacht is gay,” Brett said. “You could so score before the summer is over.”

“And why haven’t you?” I asked and he smiled then looked away.

“So you’ve made your point,” he said, “I’ll stop talking about your shitty sex life if you stop talking about mine.”

“Agreed,” I said smiling and getting out of bed. It was close to the time for Carl to be here getting us for breakfast now and I still needed to shower and shave. I stepped into the bathroom closing the door behind me. The hard on in my boxer briefs hadn’t subsided any as I started the water and sighed I turned the water temperature to cold then stripped. I clenched my teeth as I stepped into the shower pulling the stall door closed behind me. After he water took affect I turned the hot water on and started washing my body with soap. Then I grabbed the shampoo and scrubbed up the suds in my hair before I leaned against the stall feeling unusually lonely. The talk of the morning and the increasing of my urges only made me want to find someone to start a relationship with. I could start naming a lot of excuses, but the only real reason I wasn’t with anyone was because of my own self. I hadn’t been comfortable enough to look, Brett did give me a confidence sometimes, but I still never could take the second or third step towards getting to know someone new. Brett was my roommate and my only lasting friend from college. He still had friends who would call or drop by to visit. Even the ones that hung out with the both of us found it hard to believe when Brett introduced me to them. I wasn’t shy, but being gay made me reserved.

“Will,” Brett said as he opened the bathroom door so that I could hear him better, “Carl is here to get us for breakfast.”

“Oh,” I said as I put my head under the spray of the shower letting the water rise my hair, “I’ll be done in a few more seconds.”

“Ok, I’ll go on,” Brett said closing the door behind him. I turned the water off rushing to dry myself. I didn’t want to be late for breakfast now that we were all on thin ice with the parents. Brett also wasn’t waiting for me, which made me think about the bags again. When I exited the bathroom into the bedroom again I was alone. I walked over to the drawer and grabbed a pair of boxer briefs quickly sliding them up my legs then I walked over to the closet and opened it up to my side picking an outfit quickly then slinging it to the bed. I noticed the bags then, on the floor the contents still inside them. I peaked over my shoulder then down at the bags again. I sighed turning away from the closet sliding the door closed. I walked back to the bed and started dressing choosing not to shave until tonight. I wasn’t going to be late for breakfast and I was hungry from not having dinner the night before.

When I entered the dining room Brett had taken my usual seat next to Kat. Dad didn’t seem to like the new seating arrangements and I saw him eyeing Kat and Brett when I sat. The room was quiet with everyone looking around the table. Mom reached for her wine which drew everyone’s attention to her.

“Good morning Kathryn,” I said leaning forward to get a better look at her.

“Good morning,” she said offering my a smile.

“Brett, switch seats with William,” Dad said waving his finger in our direction.

“Dad, it’s just one seat,” I said, “he got here first so it doesn’t matter really.”

“You all heard what I said,” he said, “let’s not ruin another dinner.”

“It’s ok,” Brett said as he stood. I hesitated looking up at Brett before I stood and we danced around one another not having much room to move to our usual seats.

“God, Brett and I would never be up to anything naughty,” Kat said and I saw her roll her eyes.

“That better be the case,” Dad said turning to look at Mom to back him up. She only offered him a smile before she took another sip of wine.

“Good morning everyone,” Mom said speaking finally. She looked to be in a good mood this morning.

“Good morning,” we all said at once. She smiled again then a silence fell at the table until the food arrived. Our plates were set in front of us and we started eating together. The small argument didn’t turn into a large one, but breakfast had only just started.

“So what are you two doing today?” Kat asked before she took a bite of scrambled eggs.

“We’re going to bother the captain a little,” I said, “take a tour of things.”

“Don’t break anything,” Mom said.

“Mom, we’re not kids,” I said lowering my fork to rest on my plate.

“I know, but this is our home for the time being,” she said still looking and sounding more pleasant than she had ever been.

“We won’t break anything,” I said, “Kat do you want to come?”

“Seeing how a Yacht works is boys stuff,” she said, “I’ll be in the pool, when you get done come get me.”

“Ok,” I said shrugging. I looked over and saw that Brett had already cleaned his plate. He waited until I was finished and stood when I scooted my plate away from me. I could tell he was excited so I smiled and stood as well. “Do you have anything planned for us later Mom?”

“No,” she said, “go have fun.”

“Ok,” I said then I followed Brett out of the dining room. He was walking fast as we started up the hall.

“I can’t wait to drive this fucker,” he said as we started up the stairs.

“If he’ll let us anyway,” I said, “don’t get your hopes up if he’s anything like Dad.”

“Your Dad,” Brett started then looked over his shoulder.

“What about him?” I asked as we stepped out on the hall leading to the front deck and the door Kat entered to go to the navigation room.

“He’s never going to like me,” he said, “even if I became more successful than you.”

“Oh, don’t pay any attention to him,” I said putting my arm around his shoulder. “I like you and that’s all that matters.”

“I guess,” he said as we approached the door stopping in front of it. We didn’t knock and when Brett tried the handle it opened. The stairs were metal and clanked under our feet when we walked up them. When we entered the front we saw the steering wheel and everything in front. The tinted windows overlooked everything, but the captain wasn’t in site.

“Do you think he saw anything Dad and Mom did?” I asked looking out clearly seeing the front deck.

“Maybe he’s went and killed himself after that show,” Brett said causing me to laugh.

“No, I’m right here,” the captain said from behind us. We both jumped as we turned to see him dressed in his pajamas. We looked and saw in the back a small room with the door open an unmade bed in view.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I didn’t mean to wake you.”

“That’s alright,” he said, “it was time for me to get up anyway. What can I do for you two?”

“We were just looking around,” I said, “and hoping we could get some driving lessons.”

“Oh, I don’t know about that,” he said, “this is your Dad’s yacht William.”

“We’re in the ocean what are we going to hit?” I asked offering him a smile.

“Well there are things in the ocean too,” he said, “look at the radar see all those formations some of those could be shallow enough to sink us.”

“Right, well a small circle around won’t hurt anything, just Brett,” I said. “It’s the one thing he wanted to do really.”

“Ok,” the captain said, “I’m Steve.”

“Hi Steve,” Brett greeted shaking his hand knocking me out of the way. Brett took hold of the wheel and Steve stood off to his side close enough to intervene if he needed to. Steve was and older man with graying hair. He still looked professional even if he was standing in his pajamas and I could tell he’d been around boats a lot of his life as he pointed out everything. Brett had a lot of questions for Steve and he smiled and answered everything the best he could. Brett had yet been given the go ahead and I could tell he was getting frustrated, but he was also curious to learn about the yacht as well. I had looked out the tinted windows and I saw that Kat was talking to Carl who was pretending to check the pool for chemicals. She was in her bikini on a float that took up most of the room on the surface of the pool. She had a glass of what looked to be lemonade in her hand and she was smiling. Carl had been able to keep her attention and she hadn’t mentioned anyone else for a short while so I was hoping Carl was the guy for the rest of the trip. Even if that meant Walker would not be getting his phone call.

When the yacht lurched forward I took hold of the bar above my head. I hadn’t noticed it there, but as I was loosing my balance I saw it. I looked at Brett and he was focused on the radar his eyes looking over it and the ocean in front of him. We were the only yacht around. The radar would pick any other vessel as well. The yacht was moving smoothly as I watched Brett. He was smiling as he turned the wheel slightly making the yacht turn in the circle we had agreed to make with Steve still watching over his shoulder giving him pointers and compliments.

“You’re doing good,” I said when he glanced at me briefly.

“Can we see what this girl has in her?” Brett said eyeing the lever that controlled the speed of the yacht.

“Sure, turn left and we can go deeper then you can let her loose,” Steve said breaking his own agreement.

“Fuck yeah,” Brett said causing Steve to laugh. The boat smoothly headed deeper into the ocean then. The turn was a little rushed and I noticed Kat looking up in our direction wiping something off her stomach. When she flipped us off I heard Brett laugh. “I bet we’ll be bitched at later.”

“Not me,” I said, “I’m innocent.”

“I’ll tell her it was you driving, she’d believe me,” he said as Steve slowly pushed the lever forward causing the Yacht to hum louder and pick up speed. When the Yacht went to full speed Brett looked tense concentrating more on what he was doing.

When we heard people coming up the steps I noticed Brett waving me over towards the wheel. When he stepped away I took hold of it and he took my spot standing off to the side and out of the way. Dad and Mom had come to see why the Yacht was moving and when I looked over my shoulder I saw them looking at Brett expectantly.

“Steve, stop this and return us to our original location,” Dad said then he turned on his heel grabbing Mom’s hand they both walked back down the steps. Steve slowed the speed of the yacht by pulling the lever back in the opposite direction he had before and I handed over the wheel to him not really wanting to give it to him. I wanted to see what it was like as well now that I was given the wheel. Steve would be in trouble if Dad came back though so I walked over to stand by Brett.

“Thanks for the drive Steve,” Brett said, “sorry about Mr. Carlton.”

“It’s alright,” Steve said, “I like giving lessons, I normally teach, but I didn’t want to pass up this opportunity.”

“Well you’re a fine teacher,” I said, “it takes a lot to keep Brett’s attention.”

“Right,” Brett said nudging me with his elbow, “maybe I can sneak in a few more later, but Kat is waiting on us.”

“Alright, don’t be afraid to bother me,” Steve said as we turned and walked to the door. We opened it gave the room a quick look around then walked down the metal stairs to the front deck. Kat was still in the pool, but when she noticed us she rolled off her float and got out to dry.

“How was your driving lesson?” She asked handing her lemonade to Carl as he walked away she pinched him on the ass causing him to jump.

“It rocked,” Brett said sitting down beside Kat sticking his feet into the water after slipping off his flip-flops.

“Dad made us stop though,” I said and Kat rolled her eyes.

“Well I know I heard him bitching as he started up the stairs,” she said. “Let me go steal Carl away for a few hours I’ll be right back.”

“Ok,” I said slipping off my shoes and rolling up my pants that I wore to breakfast over my knees sticking them into the water sitting beside Brett. I squinted my eyes the sun giving me a slight headache as I looked out past the white bars to the ocean and bright air.

“How many more days do you think we have?” Brett asked, “You both should really try to do more with your parents.”

“I know,” I said turning to look at him, “I don’t know how long it will take for Mom to work up the new plan.”

“Well meeting your family has been interesting,” Brett said as he moved his feet slowly forward. I noticed the ripples tickling the dry parts of my legs as he unsettled the surface.

“I figured they would be,” I said laughing slightly, “I know they’re a hit everywhere else.”

“Yeah,” Brett said, “anyone that can have wild and crazy drunken sex on front deck is cool in my book.”

“How do you think I should come out to my parents?” I asked lowering my voice.

“I thought you said you wasn’t,” he said turning his head to look at me. It was a similar look he gave me the last time this topic was brought up. A curious uneasy look that I knew he wanted to tell me something, but wouldn’t. I figured it was something that he knows I wouldn’t want to hear.

“Well I don’t know, I’ve been thinking about it,” I said, “I’m old enough to where it should be easier.”

‘Will, it’s going to be the same no matter how old you get,” Brett said offering me a short smile. He leaned towards me nudging me with his shoulder when I looked down at my hands. “You know how I feel about the closet too.”

“I know,” I said remembering how strong he was when he came out to his parents. I hadn’t noticed a change in him, but I could feel a change in me. I didn’t think I could do it, but I know if I didn’t before this trip was over then I wouldn’t later. We didn’t see each other as a family often, but I still struggled with them not knowing me. I was getting tired of people not knowing me the way that Brett knew me.

“Well, I believe you’d do fine,” he said, “but right now the blonde and her boy toy is arriving.”

“Ok,” I said as we both stood the water running down our legs as Kat and Carl came to a stop in front of us. Carl was holding two fishing poles and he pointed to the two seats towards the front of the yacht. They were white leather cushioned seats with seatbelts.

“We’re going fishing,” Carl said and we all laughed causing Carl to blush.

“Alright,” Brett said as he took one of the poles away from Carl and started towards the front of the boat.

“I’ll like to say that this was Carl’s idea and not mine,” Kat said as we followed Brett.

“Strap yourself in Brett,” Carl instructed taking the large hook at the end of the pole Brett had in his hands. A blue cooler was brought to us then and I bent down thinking there were cold drinks for us.

“We’re using fish as bait?” Kat asked peeking over my shoulder to the cooler.

“You have to out here,” Carl said, “you need something that looks and smells like fish.”

“Well then, I’m not fishing,” Kat said.

“Kat the fish are already dead,” Carl said looking over his shoulder at her, “Will hand me a fish.”

“No,” I said looking down at the fish, “I’ve never.”

“Just grab the damn fish so I can catch me a whopper Will,” Brett said and I shot him a look frowning as I rolled up my sleeves.

“Here,” I said after I reached my hand into the cold water of the cooler where the fish were thawing. The slimy, rough texture skinned fish limp in my hands. Carl took it out of my hands then jabbed it onto the hook letting go of the line so that Brett could cast.

“That was brutal,” Kat said.

“Kat, you’re a biologist,” Carl said smiling at her, “you’ve probably seen worse things.”

“Natural occurring things,” she said.

“Fishing is natural,” Brett said, “grab a pole and I don’t mean Carl’s.”

“You’re a pervert Brett,” Kat said as she sat down in the seat beside Brett buckling herself in. Carl handed her a pole and I grabbed another small fish and handed it to him. Kat closed her eyes as he hooked the fish and she kept her eyes closed as she cast her pole.

“She’s going to be the death of one of us,” I said causing Carl to laugh. I didn’t know what to do with my wet hands. I could already smell the fish on me and I didn’t want the smell on my clothes.

“Here’s a towel,” Carl said as he handed me a small hand towel. I dried my hands and I placed it on the cooler that I closed.

“Oh shit,” Brett screeched as his pole went to life. It had almost been yanked out of his grasp, but he had it firmly in his hands and was reeling.

“You don’t want to go too fast you’ll tire yourself out,” Carl said walking over to Brett. I walked over to the edge holding on to the railing to watch. It took a while and I didn’t think Brett was making any progress as he struggled with the fish.

“This fucking thing is huge,” Brett said, “I bet it’s a shark.”

“Don’t be silly,” Kat said, “there aren’t any sharks out here, right?”

“There is too,” Brett said and I glanced at Kat as she looked at her pole seeming scared of it suddenly.

“I don’t want any part of this anymore,” Kat said, “take my pole Will.” I was about to take her spot when the pole jerked. She grabbed hold of it better not being able to hand it to me now.

“Here, I’ll help you Kat, but you’re doing the reeling.” I said as I walked over to where she was.

“What if it’s a shark,” she said looking at me as she wrestled with her pole.

“It won’t be,” I said not knowing what it was really. I stood behind her helping her keep control of the pole. Brett was red faced, dripping with sweat. Carl was now standing behind him helping him with the pole like I was with Kat.

“This is the ocean, so we won’t be fishing long,” Carl said, “Or we’ll all be sore as hell in the morning.”

“You got that fucking right,” Brett said as he sucked in another large breath. I looked out at the water to see a fish jump out of the water. It was close to the yacht and Carl let go and grabbed a smooth fiberglass hook.

“If you want to see it, fasten your pole to the chair, I can’t get the fish up I have to unhook it with the pole,” Carl said and Kat fastened her pole to the chair and we all walked over to see Brett’s fish. He looked proud as he leaned over beside Carl. It was a dark blue fish and when Carl successfully removed the hook it disappeared calmly under the water.

“You get my fish in Will,” Kat said, “my arms are too tired.”

“Ok,” I said as I sat in the chair and buckled myself in. When we fought the fish to where Carl could unhook it we saw that it was a smaller fish that Brett’s. It was the same species though and it disappeared back into the water just as calmly as the other one. We were all sweaty and breathing hard none of us wanting much to do with fishing. I turned around to see that a dinner was being prepared out on the table. Mom and Dad were walking towards it and they motioned for us to come over.

“Carl, put the fishing equipment away,” Dad ordered waving his hand, “you’re finished out here for the night.”

“Daddy, can’t Carl come back for dinner?” Kat asked as we walked to the table where they were sitting.

“No,” Dad said looking towards Carl frowning.

“Why not?” I asked, “he’s our friend.”

“He’s the help,” Dad said, “he can go eat in the staff room with everyone else.”

“Go get cleaned up for dinner kids,” Mom said turning to look in Dad’s direction, “I don’t care where you eat dinner, but your father and I need to talk.”

“Ok,” I said glancing at Kat who had her arms crossed. She was chewing on her bottom lip and I started walking towards the lower level entrance ushering the rest of them to follow me.

“I cannot believe him,” Kat said shaking her head, “I’m sorry you had to be part of that Carl.”

“Hey,” he said taking her hand, “I am the help.”

“You’re also a person,” she said, “but you come back and eat dinner with us in the dining room.”

“Ok,” Carl said looking apprehensive about disobeying his boss. Carl was crossing a lot of lines. Dad would fire him if he found out how close Kat was to him.

“So you won’t be looking to scoop out the rest of the staff?” Brett asked leaning into Kat as we walked down the hall.

“No,” she said shaking her head, “maybe it’s something you should do.”

“No,” I said causing them all to look in my direction. I felt my face getting warm then I shrugged, “the bed wouldn’t be big enough.”

“Will you animal,” Kat said as she slapped me on the shoulder. Brett laughed and we entered the door to go down the stairs. We separated when Brett and I entered our floor to go get cleaned up for dinner. We entered the room and Brett took the bathroom first and I examined the room noticing that things were clean. The sheets had been changed from the floral blue to a bright orange and brown. Brett noticed the bed when he entered the bedroom again and gave me a short shrug.

“I don’t know, the bed looks big enough to me,” Brett said turning to look at me. I noticed that he wasn’t exactly smiling.

“I was kidding,” I said, “if you see someone you like I can sleep in the living room.”

“Yeah,” he said, “I don’t want ass right now and didn’t we promise?”

“Yes,” I said studying him as he looked away. I gave up when he started walking towards me and we passed as I started walking towards the bathroom our shoulders rubbing together. I washed my hands and face studying myself in the mirror before turning and walking back into the bedroom.

“Ready?” Brett asked, he was sitting on the end of the bed, but when I entered he stood and we walked towards the door when I nodded. We walked to the dining room, our food had already been sent and Carl had joined us. He had changed from his uniform into a nice polo and khaki shorts.

“Well don’t you look hot,” Brett said as we took our seats across from them.

“Stay away from him,” Kat said as she scooted her chair closer to his. Carl jumped slightly and glanced in her direction. I noticed Kat was only eating with one hand and I didn’t dare look to see what was happening with the other one.

“Well looks like Kat found her a toy,” Brett said and I turned to see him looking under the table.

“Brett!” I screeched and he sat up in his chair again.

“I’m kidding,” Brett said winking at me, “or am I?”

“You better be kidding,” I said turning to look at Kat who smiled and shrugged. We all settled in to eat after that. We had been hungry from fishing and it was getting late in the day. The lights were also dimmer than usual and there was a candle lit on the table.

“Well, Carl and I are going to sneak to my room,” Kat said as she pushed her plate away and stood.

“Thanks for inviting me to dinner,” Carl said, “it was way better than our food.”

“No problem,” I said as he stood and they both left the dining room checking down the hall before they let the door close behind them.

“Well I’m tired,” Brett said causing me to turn and look at him.

“Ready for bed?” I asked and he nodded and we both stood and I blew out the candle before we walked around the table and out of the dining room. When we got back to the bedroom I noticed that the room had been a place a tension for us both. Brett was quiet as he stripped and he took the bathroom first as I stripped down to my underwear as well. We had never shared a bed for too long and it was usually on a trip when we did.

I took my turn in the bathroom when he entered the bedroom again. When I was finished and entered the bedroom he had already slid into bed and covered up. His lamp was the only light that was on in the room and when I slipped into my side of the bed and got comfortable he turned it off and turned on his side his back facing me.

“Goodnight,” he said and I looked at the slight outline of the back of his head in the dark. I turned on my side facing him and I scooted to his side of the bed and when I put my arm around his waist just above the hem of his boxer briefs he lifted his hand out of the way and let out a sigh.

“Goodnight Brett,” I said as I closed the distance between our bodies completely and felt him lean against me.

Copyright © 2010 Krista; All Rights Reserved.
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The parents are seriously weird, wine for breakfast and calling grown up children kids all the time and deciding who sits next to whom at a table. Otherwise, really enjoyable story :*)

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