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Roommates - 12. Chapter 12

I woke up when I felt someone rubbing my head, when I looked up I expected to see Mom standing over the bed, as it was how she always woke me up when she wanted to talk, but all I saw was Brett smiling down at me. He had changed clothes and when I sat up he sat down on the bed next to me.

“It’s time to tell the parents so get dressed,” Brett whispered glancing in my direction. “I told them that you had something to tell them over dinner.”

“You didn’t wake me?” I asked feeling my heart flutter with the rising tension in my stomach.

“No,” Brett answered, “I wanted to talk to them before you’re sent into that kind of talk blind.”

“You didn’t tell them for me did you?” I asked thinking that Brett had just messed up the whole talk.

“No Will, I didn’t tell them anything, Kat and I just talked over dinner with them, to make sure they’re in a good mood.”

“I don’t think I can do this.”

“Don’t be a chicken, it’s only the rest of your life,” Brett answered and I looked at him and he shrugged grinning slightly.

“Don’t be a psychologist,” I joked shaking my head.

“I’d make a damn good one,” Brett said, “but get up, throw up if you need to, then we’re doing the deed.”

“I can’t just walk in there and say hey, I’m a gay,” Will responded, “I’ve never been able to do that, you’ve always outed me.”

“I have not,” Brett gasped, “I have never told anyone about you until you did.”

“Only because you blurt your sexuality to the whole world they already assume since I’m your little tag along that I’m gay too.”

“You’re a paranoid shit aren’t you?” Brett asked studying me. “You outed yourself loser and you’re not my tag along.”

“Fine,” I said as I stood and walked over to the bathroom. I didn’t know what time it was, but it was late in the evening. I hadn’t wanted to over sleep this long, I would be in for a long night as it was. All the hints my parents shot in my direction leading up to the next few moments told me that when I walked into their room I would be walking into hostile territory. It was enough for me to rush out of the shower to hang my head over the toilet to relieve the pressure building up in my throat and stomach. After that I gave up on the shower completely, brushed my teeth, then for good measure splashed cold water on my face.

“You ok?” Brett asked poking his head into the bathroom. “You can’t go into the living room looking like you’re near death.”

“Well I am damn near it,” I groaned trying to calm myself down by closing my eyes. When I felt Brett wrap his arms around my waist and rest his chin on my shoulder, I let out the breath I was holding. He pulled me closer to him and I leaned back, letting him hold me.

“It’s part of who you are Will,” he whispered, “it’s nothing you can be scared of, all parents don’t like to hear it, but most learn to love it anyway.”

“Most,” I said as he let go of me.

“If they don’t then you have me,” Brett said, “and Kat, you might not have your parent’s blessings on the idea, but you won’t be alone.”

“Do I have to tell them now?” I asked turning to face him. He took a step back and smiled slightly before nodding his head.

“I believe you want to so it’s the right time.”

“Ok,” I responded taking a deep breath them slowly releasing, “I’ll get dressed.”

“I’ll get Kat,” Brett said as he walked out of the bathroom and out of the room. I turned around and studied myself in the mirror. I noticed that I wasn’t pale anymore and my hands had stopped trembling. I no longer felt the need to vomit and my breathing had returned to normal.

“Damn he’s good,” I said aloud to myself as I turned and left the bathroom. When I was dressed in shorts and a t shirt, Kat and Brett returned to my room.

“If they start giving you a hard time I’ll tell them that I’m pregnant,” Kat said, “that ought to make them happy.”

“Are you pregnant?” I asked studying her.

“I’m late,” Kat answered shrugging.
“She also peed in a cup and the thing turned blue,” Brett said causing Kat and I to laugh.

“Well which one is the father?” I asked crossing my arms.

“Oh, Carl,” Kat answered and I could tell that she blushed and shook her head. “The chef and I used protection the one time we did all that.”

“Good,” I said, “well not good that you’re pregnant, I don’t think, but that it is Carl’s.”

“Yeah,” Kat said, “how are you though?”

“I’m a wreck,” I answered, “we better get this done while I’m not feeling the need to throw up again.” The three of us left my room and walked down to the living room and Kat turned to go get them. “Maybe they’re drunk and passed out,” I said feeling my hands begin to sweat.

“You know the planner had all the liquor locked up knowing how your parents liked it so much,” Brett answered, “so they wouldn’t be hung over in the morning.”

“Great,” I said shaking my head, “I’m about to bomb them with news and they don’t have their wine.”

“It wouldn’t matter if they were drunk or sober,” Brett said, “you’ll be ok and if they do react negatively then you still have California.”

“Yeah,” I answered, “but now that I have my Mom and Dad back I kinda don’t want to lose them.”

“If they don’t love who you are then what’s the point?” Brett asked his voice hushed and when I looked at him I noticed that he forced a smile.

“Well your parents accepted it though,” I said and when he shook his head I stood. “You said they did!”

“Keep your voice down,” Brett hissed looking around, “I told you that they did because you’ve been on a mission since college to tell your parents.”

“And you’re fixing to see this blow up in my face,” I said, “I’m only doing it because I thought you was brave.”

“I done it didn’t I?” Brett asked crossing his arms, “That’s all we can do.”

“Right,” I said, “have you always sheltered me like this?”

“Well you are kind of like a lost puppy,” Brett said leaning back in the chair looking at me. I sat down in the other chair across from him, wondering what else I need to know about my best friend.

“Am not,” I said then Kat entered the room with my parents following close behind her. She sat down on the couch and they sat beside her. The room fell quiet for a few seconds with everyone looking around at everyone else.

“Why are we down here?” Mom asked turning to Kat.

“We need to talk about a few things Mom,” Kat answered, “before the big day tomorrow.”

“What do we need to talk about?” Dad asked leaning forward on the couch so that he could see everyone. “You three best not be in any kind of trouble.”

“We’re not Mr. Carolton,” Brett answered then I noticed Brett glance in my direction unsure of the situation. Everything leading up to this moment was clear to me, I didn’t want to do it, but I knew that I needed to. I just didn’t know how to now that they were there looking at me.

“Mom, Dad,” I said trying to will away the tight feeling in my throat. I needed my voice to be strong for this.

“Yes Will?” Mom asked as she placed her hands in her lap and began to nervously play with hem of her shirt. I noticed that they both had looked nervous when I looked at them closely. They knew this was big news, they just didn’t know what kind.

“I have something really big to tell you,” I said after a few seconds past.

“Well spit it out son we don’t have all night,” Dad said crossing his arms. “did you finally get some sort of promotion?”

“No Dad,” I said, “it’s nothing like that.”

“Will can I speak to you for one second?” Brett asked as he stood and walked out of the room. I looked over at the door wondering if I should follow him or not, but I needed out of there so I stood and followed him.

“I’m not doing this right am I?” I asked when I found him sitting on the bottom stairs leading to my room.

“There isn’t a wrong way,” Brett said, “I just wanted to tell you why I lied to you.”

“That can wait,” I answered, “I know you were just trying to help.”

“Yeah,” Brett said, “you never would’ve been comfortable with yourself if I told you my parents didn’t accept the news. I thought you’d never live as yourself at all.”

“I wouldn’t have,” Will said, “I would’ve lied forever.”

“I wanted to tell you the truth,” Brett said, “but I couldn’t let you go in there thinking I had a good experience.”

“I know,” I said, “thank you,” as he stood and when he walked past me I grabbed his wrist stopping him. He turned to look at me and I hugged him. I felt him suck in a breath then relax; putting his arm around me, rubbing my back. When we separated I followed him back into the room where my parents were sitting tense, waiting for the news.

“Is everything ok Will?” Mom asked, “what is going on here?”

“Nothing Mom,” I said, “and yeah, I’m ok.”

“Then what do you need to tell us?” Dad asked putting his hand on Mom’s stopping her from fidgeting with her shirt. She glanced in his direction before turning her attention back on me.

“I have been wanting to tell you this ever since I got here,” Will started, “it’s something I’ve kept from you for a while now.”

“You’ve found someone?” Mom asked cutting me off.

“No, it’s about me,” I answered, “Dad, Mom, I’m gay.”

“What?” Mom asked looking at me in a way I couldn’t read. Dad had leaned back and put his hand over his eyes and I wanted to get out of the living room.

“I’m gay too,” Brett said and Mom gasped and turned to look at Brett. I turned to look at him thinking that he picked the worst time to out himself as well.

“Are you two?” Mom asked her voice strained.

“No,” I answered, “we’re just roommates.”

“And don’t even think about blaming Brett for it either,” Kat said sounding stern, “that’s something that you’re born with not turned into.”

“We know that Kathryn,” Mom said, “we can read can’t we?”

“Then what is with the two of you acting like this?” Kat asked crossing her arms.

“Kat,” I said shaking my head slightly to stop her from getting into an argument with my parents. Dad hadn’t said anything and when I looked in his direction he was still hidden behind his hand. I thought he was crying, but I had never seen him do that so I didn’t know exactly. I just knew it wasn’t good.

“Honey,” Mom said getting my attention.

“Yeah?” I responded, when she stood and walked over to where I was sitting, she took hold of my shoulder.

“Well stand up and let me hug you,” Mom said as she let herself cry. I stood and she wrapped her arms around me, resting her head on my chest. I could feel my shirt getting damp.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered as I wrapped my arms around her.

“No I am,” Mom said, “there I was all these years, pushing girl after girl on you, when I should’ve been inviting cute boys over.”

“Mom,” I groaned feeling my face getting hot, but she just ignored me.

“No wonder you rushed off after graduation,” she said, “my selfishness about made me lose my little boy.”

“It’s alright mother,” I said gently pushing her back so I could look at her. “I’m sorry too, for running and hiding.”

“Why pull this on us tonight William?” Dad asked breaking the hug that Mom and I had been sharing. She stepped aside turning to look at what else Dad had to say. I sat down waiting for the worst.

“I had put it off and since we’ll be leaving soon I just felt…”

“Felt like ruining our day tomorrow with your nonsense,” Dad said, “you’re not gay, Brett, Kat, stop this and go to bed.”

“This isn’t a prank father,” Kat responded, “Will really is gay.”

“No son of mine is a homosexual,” Dad countered standing up, “I’ll forget I ever heard what you said Will.”

“Honey,” Mom said stopping Dad from leaving the room. My chest had tightened and I hadn’t taken a breath since he started talking. I could feel my pulse strengthening in magnitude, pumping faster. My mouth was dry and my throat refused to speak the words rushing through my mind. I wanted to tell him myself that it wasn’t a prank, but I wasn’t brave enough.

“Let’s go to bed dear,” Dad said, I watched as he seemed to ignore the look that I was giving him and left the living room.

“He will come around,” Mom said leaning down on her knee in front of me.

“I know he won’t,” I said leaning back in my chair trying to regulate my breathing. My head was swimming and it was making the nauseated feeling in my stomach to intensify.

“He knows what it all means,” Mom explained, “he just has to think about things, you know how he is.”

“Even if he doesn’t, you have to feel good about telling him,” Kat said getting my attention. “So stay calm, let Mom go talk to him.”

“Ok,” I said, “if Brett can take not being accepted by his parents, I can stomach not being accepted by Dad.”

“Right,” Brett said, “now let’s go get something to eat, I’m hungry.”

“Brett,” I said shaking my head. I found myself wanting to smile after he patted his stomach, but it was short lived.

“Mom,” Kat said, “I have something to tell you too.”

“I know you’re not a lesbian Kathryn,” Mom said then her eyes widened, “you’re pregnant!”

“I am,” Kat said nodding her head smiling.

“This has been some night,” Mom said as she stood from her kneeling position in front of me. She kissed us both on top of the head before walking to the doorframe then turned to face us. “Don’t stay up too late, I love you all.”

When she left, the living room fell quiet. I knew in the back of my mind that Dad wouldn’t accept the news. He also never really was a prominent father figure when I was a child. It was still something though, that I wished for, but I expected this as well. It didn’t make me feel any better watching Dad’s reaction unfolding in front of me though. Being prepared for the reaction made it easier as time passed in the dimly lit living room.

“Do we have to worry about you Will?” Kat asked as she stood and stretched after a few minutes passed.

“I’ll be alright,” I answered, “thanks for being my support.”

“If you need me or if anything happens come get me,” Kat said, “Dad will come around he always does.”

“Ok,” I said, “goodnight Kat.”

“Can we please go to the kitchen?” Brett asked as soon as Kat left the room.

“You can,” I said, “I don’t feel like eating.”

“I’ll get lost then you’ll never find me,” Brett said, “and this house is scary.”

“How the hell is it scary?” I asked smiling as he looked around the large living room. This room was mostly for show, no one ever came into the room anymore. I didn’t think the room was appropriate to drop bombshells in either.

“Its old,” Brett answered as I showed him the way to the kitchen. Taking a nap in the middle of the day had left me restless. The talk that I had also had me too awake to go back to sleep, even though it was now getting late. Brett opened the large metal doors to the fridge and rummaged through it until he closed the door holding lunchmeat. I watched him make his sandwich then put everything away. It took him less than four bites to down the sandwich then he opened a can of pop and guzzled that down as well.

“How do you eat like that?” I asked and when he held up his finger he opened his mouth burping.

“I said I was hungry,” he answered shrugging. “You should be used to it by now.”

“Ready for bed?” I asked standing and he stood quickly leaving us face to face between the stools that we were sitting on. I could feel his stomach touching me every time he breathed in and his breath on my neck when he exhaled.

“Yeah,” He answered sliding out of the small space with me following him out of the kitchen. We crossed the hall and walked through the dining room to the front steps leading up to our room. The flower smell was strong in the room as we walked up the stairs. The scene in the kitchen felt strange to me, but Brett had always reacted in unreadable ways that had me wondering what was going through his head. Everything was a surprise to me and that was something I liked about him as well. Only this time I hated not knowing why he gave me that look when we weren’t inches apart.

When we entered my room I was still restless. Brett didn’t look tired either as we sat down on the bed. He was tapping his thumbs against his knees as he sat Indian style with his back against the headboard. I smiled when he finally looked in my direction and he smiled then looked away. Brett hadn’t been as wild as he usually was recently. I had noticed a while ago that guys stopped coming home with him after a long night out when I was sitting at the kitchen table paying the bills. I had noticed him maturing slightly, even though, he was still the same Brett I met my first year of college.

“Why are you staring at me?” Brett asked snapping me from my thoughts.

“I’m just realizing how much you’ve changed recently,” I said crossing my arms smiling. “Do you have a boyfriend you’re hiding from me?”

“No,” Brett answered, “I’m not looking to be tied down this young.”

“Right,” I responded laughing. “It’s not embarrassing to be in love with someone at our age.”

“I’m still the same piece of ass I’ve always been,” Brett argued shrugging. I laughed earning a shove from him.

“You know you won’t always be a hot score,” I teased, “the ass will sag, your beer drinking will catch up to you.”

“You won’t have that hop in your step either,” Brett countered grabbing my shoulders pushing me down on the bed. I tried to struggle, but when he shoved my arms under his legs he reached down and started tickling me.

“I’m not afraid of growing old,” I said as he searched for the spot he knew I was ticklish. His surfing had left him with better balance and strength. I was helpless with my arms being held down as well. When he found what he was looking for I couldn’t control my laughter.

“You might as well be old to fit the boring part of you,” Brett responded when she stopped tickling me so that I could answer him.

“I guess you’re right,” I said rolling my eyes. Brett rolled off me laying beside me. Our heads were at the bottom of the bed and we were both laying on our backs looking at the ceiling.

“We’re going to be grumpy as hell tomorrow if we don’t get sleep,” Brett said breaking the silence that fell on the room. I was breathing heavy from laughing earlier.

“You will be,” I said, “you need at least thirteen hours of sleep before you can break a smile.”

“Fuck off,” he said smacking my stomach with the back of his hand, “you need five cups of coffee before you can spell your name correctly.” I turned to look at him trying to come up with something to top what he just said, but I couldn’t. When he turned to look at me smirked.
I didn’t know when I fell asleep, or when Brett did either, but when I felt someone crawling over me I woke up to see Brett leaving the bed. He was stripping as he walked into the bathroom and when I looked at the clock I sucked in a breath. I had expected someone to wake us if we over slept, but it was well past breakfast. The Anniversary party would be starting soon and the highlight of my vacation.

When I heard the shower start I stood and smoothed out my clothes. I walked out of my room and down the stairs looking for Kat to see if anything had happened this morning at breakfast. I couldn’t find her and I only saw Mom for a second before she disappeared into a room following people that were carrying fresh flowers somewhere and she was telling them where to put them. Then Dad walked out of the dining room, the room that Mom just had entered. When he saw me standing in the hallway he walked through the doorframe.

“I need to talk to you William,” Dad said as he pointed to his office. It was in the second floor, and when we were growing up he always pointed up, meaning that he was to meet us there. Usually those talks were after one of us did something wrong. The office, was a place where he had all the control over the conversation. It was where he was most comfortable, so I knew that I would be up there only to listen what he had to say.

“Alright,” I responded after looking up, like I always had after he pointed. I followed him to the stairs then down the hall opposite of the bedrooms. When he opened the large oak sliding door he let me enter then followed me into the office. It had been changed around a lot, it looked more like a library now, with more comfortable chairs and no table to hold meetings. His desk was still there and when he sat behind it he waved his hand for me to sit in the large black leather chair across from him.

“Will I want to apologize about last night,” Dad started then swiveled around in his office chair to look out the window. It overlooked the back yard, where the ceremony will be taking place. I couldn’t see how things were being set up from where I was sitting, but the sun was shining through the window, no sign of bad weather.

“That’s alright,” I said, “I’m sorry I chose the time I chose to tell you.”

“You should’ve have been afraid to tell me,” Dad said, “I work in the business where many of my coworkers are homosexuals.”

“You can say gay,” I said and he nodded and smiled slightly.

“I grew up where the word gay meant happy,” Dad responded shrugging.

“I know you wanted grandchildren from me and you pictured me being married to some successful woman like yourself,” I said breaking the silence in the room. He hadn’t turned to look at me, but he wasn’t yelling or being stone faced.

“That was your mother,” Dad answered shaking his head. “I just wanted you to make something of yourself.”

“And I have,” I said, “just not as successful as you.”

“We’re not up here to talk about your career,” Dad countered turning to look at me finally.

“Ok,” I responded crossing my arms thinking the bad part of the conversation was coming.

“I blame myself for you being gay,” Dad said carefully. “Maybe if I included you in my work a lot more, your mother’s influence wouldn’t be as strong on your life.”

“Dad, you being busy didn’t make me gay,” I said shaking my head, “it’s something that just stuck with me for a really long time. It was like, girls having cooties never changed to girls are hot.”

I was surprised when he laughed then leaned back in his chair to look at me. He had a surprised expression that I hadn’t seen from him. He was usually strict and professional in this room, rarely casual. The look faded though, and he cleared his throat resting his hand on his desk.

“I don’t know anything about you,” Dad said, “and that was the one thing that stuck with me last night when I was thinking about you.”

“I’m sorry for not coming around more,” I said, “and being so closed.”

“I’m more to blame than you, I never gave you the impression to be open with me,” Dad explained, “now, it will take me a little time to get over the shock of last night, but it is against me to not accept you.”

“I know,” I said, “and that’s ok too.”

“Now, we do have to get ready,” Dad said, “today’s the big day.”

“Thanks,” I responded standing, “for having this talk with me.”

“It was more for me than you,” Dad said, “just promise me you won’t disappear for another couple of years.”

“I do think I promised to winter with the family in Montana,” I said smiling. He nodded smiling as well. Then he stood and I followed him out of the room. I watched him disappear down the stairs before I walked down the hall to my room. When I entered the room I saw Brett toweling off examining two suits that had been laid out on the bed.

“Who wants me to look like a penguin?” Brett asked looking at them closer not caring that I was in the room. His tan lines made his ass stand out in the dimly lit bedroom.

“I didn’t lay them out on the bed,” I answered shrugging, “probably something the planner picked for us to wear.”

“Your suits aren’t even this lame,” Brett responded looking at me, “a damn bow tie.”

“You’ll be fine,” I said smiling, “now get your white ass in it and stop complaining.”

“Fine, but as soon as the old people kiss I’m stripping,” Brett said as I walked into the bathroom. The room was steamy from Brett’s hot shower. The mirror and small window was fogged over and the tile floor was wet to the touch. I took a quick shower knowing I didn’t have much time to waste enjoying a long shower.

When I stepped out of the bathroom with a towel around my waist I looked as Brett was cussing as he tried to tie the bow tie. When he yanked it off his neck and threw it in the floor taking his foot and stomping it like it was a large bug he saw me standing by the bathroom door. I smiled at him holding back the strong urge to laugh. I dried myself off more then walked over to my luggage and grabbed some underwear. I pulled them up then walked over and picked up the bow tie dusting it off before putting it back on Brett tying it.

“There you go,” I said, “your penguin suit is now complete.”

“Thanks,” he said turning to study himself in the mirror. He reached up and smoothed down his hair. I could tell he missed the blond, surfer hair as he struggled to get a wild spike to lay down. He finally gave up and walked into the bathroom to grab the gel while I finished dressing and tied my own tie I too examined myself.

“Dad and I had a talk,” I said then I heard him drop the bottle of gel then watched as he walked out of the bathroom with the stray spike still untamed.

“You’re not a wreck so it went well,” he said smiling. “Your old man isn’t as bad as I pictured him after all.”

“Yeah,” I said, “it was the best talk I ever had with him actually.”

“That’s good news,” Brett responded, “at least he didn’t blame me for it.”

“I wouldn’t let him if he tried,” I said, “of all the things you’re guilty of when it comes to me, that one is definitely not one.”

“I never corrupted you,” Brett argued shaking his head, “it was me that inhaled the pot.”

“Right,” I said, “but it was you that talked me into it.”

“All you had to say is no,” Brett said, “and I do remember your ass plastered against the window before I even had my underwear down around my ankles.”

“Fine you win,” I said, “I was just as bad an influence.”

“Thank you,” Brett replied laughing.

“I believe you’ve won every argument we’ve ever had,” I said shaking my head. I just had styled my hair the way I liked when someone knocked on the door. When Kat walked in wearing a light blue dress Brett let out a whistle.

“I look like a goddess and you two look like the help,” Kat said raising an eyebrow. “Why don’t you just wear your own suits.”

“Someone laid these out for us,” I said looking down, “I think they’re ok.”

“I don’t,” Brett said and I stopped him from untying the bow tie.

“These will be fine,” I said, “my suits are probably wrinkled by the packing anyway.”

“I overheard Mom and Dad talking,” Kat said, “and you and Dad had a talk, how did that go?”

“It went well,” I said shrugging, “the best talk I’ve had with him for awhile.”

“That was unexpected, Mom didn’t even know about it,” Kat said, “she was shocked that it happened at all.”

“Kids,” Mom said as she entered the room. “Time to start.”

“Alright,” Kat said, “we’ll be down in a second.”

“I love you all,” Mom said as she turned and rushed out of the room. She was wearing a white dress that didn’t resemble a wedding dress at all.

“She’s been a slave driver all morning,” Kat said rolling her eyes, “she canceled breakfast and everything so that all the staff could put together the decorations her way.”

“Why have a planner then?” I asked as we walked out of the room and down the stairs.

When we walked outside the white chairs were in a row, and mostly filled with guests. Everyone had made time to come as every seat was filled. A lot of people I didn’t know were looking us over from head to toe. It was something that made me nervous, but it was short lived as we took our seat in the front row on the family side of the yard. The large string band was playing, and the temperature was hot and I noticed that most of them were red faced and sweaty, even if they were under a small tent. Dad walked in wearing a suit and Brett elbowed me.

“He doesn’t even look like a penguin,” Brett whispered, “I am so pissed.”

“You’ll be alright,” I said laughing at him.

Dad looked intense as he scanned the crowd with his eyes. I could tell that he was nervous, he had never been the type to put on a show like this. He was doing this for Mom and when the planner nodded for the band to play a different song, I noticed that it was an old rock ballad.

“The song that Mom and Dad chose as their song when they got married the first time,” Kat explained, “I talked her into it.”

“Oh,” I said as Mom appeared at the back door. She walked down the path laid out by white roses and when she met Dad the ceremony began. Following the same decorum of a traditional wedding, only leaving out the parts unnecessary for an already married couple. I thought it was the youngest my parents looked in awhile and by far the most care free. When their marriage failed when I was growing up, they were both over worked and taxed by their time. Now, that they were both successful and leisurely about work, their happiness around each other was easy in coming to them. When the kissed at the end people clapped, then she stepped forward holding Dad’s hand telling everyone to meet in the house for catching up and drinks. Everyone exited then and I noticed that Brett was already removing his bow tie as we walked. I reached up and undid my own and stuck it in my pocket. Then I unbuttoned the two top buttons to make myself more comfortable. When we all entered the back room we were told that the dining room had the bar. The large oak doors were open when I walked in with Kat. She had been looking around and checking her watch.

“Carl not show?” I asked looking at her.

“Not yet,” Kat answered glancing around the room not looking at me when she answered.

“Scared he ran off after knowing he got you pregnant?” I whispered leaning in so no one around us could hear.

“No,” Kat said, “he’s not that kind of guy.”

“I know,” I said, “because I just saw him sneaking around so close your eyes.”

“What?” She asked, “where?”

“He’s obviously trying to surprise you, so just let it happen,” I said, watching as Carl hid behind one of Dad’s business partners. An older fat man that had four daughters, all of which Mom had tried to get me to date.

“Fine,” Kat hissed crossing her arms. I watched as Carl kept sneaking until he got clear of people. When he was standing in front of her he grabbed her arm gently uncrossing them. She jumped slightly then opened her eyes.

“I need to talk to you in private,” Carl said as he took her out of the dining room and I noticed they walked in the direction of the stairs. Brett was no where to be found, I thought he had just went up to change. I was expecting him to walk through the open doors wearing ripped jeans looking around for the beer. I felt out of place being left to myself. I couldn’t name the familiar faces in the room, and some I had never met before. I knew that the families of these people wouldn’t all be attending, and I didn’t see any of my old school mates either.

When I walked up to the bar I remembered that Cole was supposed to work here. When he appeared carrying some chilled bottles of white wine walked up to where he was working. When he noticed me he smiled then reached across the table. I shook his hand then he started pouring wine into glasses and lining them up for people to take at their leisure.

“How’s it going?” Cole asked when I didn’t just take a glass and leave.

“Pretty well,” I said, “it seems that I’ve been abandoned and left here with all the old people.”

“Well, take a seat, I’ll try to keep you entertained,” Cole said pointing to the stool on the same side of the table he was standing. I walked down the row of tables and around them at the end of the room. The large dining room table had been removed, now the room was lined with small tabled with white cloth with lace trim covering them. There weren’t any flowers in this room. The tables and alcohol being the focal point, decorations would just be a distraction when people were supposed to be catching up and talking.

“If I get in the way tell me to leave,” I said as I sat down. He handed me a glass of wine and I took it taking a sip.

“How’s your friends?” Cole asked smiling at someone who came to get a glass then leave without returning any smile.

“My sister is pregnant and Brett is missing in action,” I said shrugging, “I thought he was changing, but he’s not that picky about what he wears.”

“Well I’m sure he’s just trying to impress you,” Cole responded and I looked at him. “You know he likes you.”

“He’s just a friend,” I said shrugging, “my best friend.”

“Right,” Cole responded smiling.

“I bet you’d rather be working at a night club then watching these fat wallet people have boring conversations,” I said changing the subject and scanning the room. I saw Mom and Dad talking with a group of people, their old drinking buddies – the only guests Mom and Dad cared enough to talk to at length.

“The pay is better here,” Cole said, “but yeah, I’d rather be working at the club.” Seeing that I had drunk what was left in my glass he filled my glass again.

“Do you think we could meet up after this?” I asked, “I want to get to know you a little better.”

“You’re taken,” Cole answered winking at me.

“No I’m not,” I said sitting down my glass.

“You better keep that off the table,” Cole said, “someone may pick it up.”

“Sorry,” I said grabbing it then letting holding it with both hands on my lap. “I’m not seeing anyone though.”

“But you’re still taken,” Cole said, “I’ll just be in the way.”

“I don’t understand what you’re trying to say,” I responded, “I’m not with Brett at all, I’m not even the kind of person he’s looking for anyway.”

“Are you always so clouded?” Cole asked laughing slightly. “Even I noticed every classic sign of a jealous love sick person.”

“Brett is just protective,” I answered, “as best friends should be.”

“Whatever you say,” Cole replied giving in, “I don’t think leaving here with you will be a good idea for me.”

“Why?” I asked, “I don’t do this often because I’m too shy, I’m just talking about a few hours of your time to go to dinner or something.”

“And what will you tell Brett?” Cole asked, “when you’re getting dressed up in something you think will impress me?”

“I will tell him that I’m going to meet up with you,” I answered thinking that this was too much work just to get someone to agree to go on a date.

“And you think he’ll just smile and send you on your way?” Cole asked shaking his head still amused by something I didn’t understand.

“A slap on the ass, but other than that yeah,” I answered causing him to laugh.

“Look,” Cole said then leaned in closer to me, “I like you, I think you’re an attractive, smart, man that anyone would like to date.”

“But?” I asked when he stopped, knowing that I’d not be going on a date with him.

“But you’re already taken,” Cole answered, “and I’ll just get in the way.”

“This is frustrating,” I said downing the last of my wine. “Just go out with me tonight and you’ll see that I am the definition of single.”

“Fine,” Cole said, “I’m done here at eight, we can go out then.”

“I’m looking forward to it,” I said, and then I saw his attention turn away from me. I saw Brett standing at the door looking at me. When he noticed me he walked across the room and when he stood in front of the table he cleared his throat.

“Bartender give me a glass of wine,” Brett said, and when Cole waved his hand over the lined up glasses of wine Brett looked down and took one.

“Have at it,” Cole said then glanced in my direction, “I need to go get more bottles.”

“Alright,” I said as I stood and put my empty glass on a tray with other used glasses. They were taken to the kitchen to be washed. I walked back down the line of tables with Brett walking along with me on the other side until we met at the end.

“Let’s get out of here,” Brett said, “I don’t want to be around all these people that I don’t know.”

“I thought you liked a good party,” I said smiling at him. “You’ve never been shy around crowds before.”

“Come on,” Brett said, “all people are talking about are their precious stocks.”

“What do you have in mind then?” I asked as he sat his glass down then I followed him out of the room. We had a pool at the far side of the back yard; it would be something good to do to relax before meeting up with Cole later.

“I have something I want to show you,” Brett said, “you may have been paranoid about a few things that may or may not happen to you, but I have a something planned for you.”

“Oh god,” I said, “please don’t let it involve a possible trip to the emergency room.”

“I promise, scouts honor,” Brett said standing straight and giving his best impression of a boy scout.

“You were never a boy scout,” I pointed out.

“Quit complaining and follow me,” Brett said as he grabbed my hand and dragged me to the front door. When we walked out, the slime or washable paint didn’t fall from the sky so I sighed relieved. I then noticed that a limo was running and waiting for someone. No one was leaving from my family and when we walked down the marble stairs the door opened and he slid in.

“Where are we going?” I asked crossing my arms with him looking up at me from the seat of the limo.

“It’s a surprise,” Brett answered, “get in.”

“Will it take long?” I asked glancing down at my watch. It was a while before I had to be back to meet Cole.

“Do you have somewhere to be?” Brett asked as I slid into the limo with him.

“No,” I answered smiling at him. “You have my undivided attention.”

“That was the guy from the bar wasn’t it?” Brett asked as the door closed and the driver walked around then got into the front. The limo lurched forward gently as we put on our seatbelts.

“It was,” I answered, “Kat, Carl, and you abandoned me so I saw him and talked to him.” I didn’t like lying to him and I really didn’t know why I had let two lies slip from my lips, but the way he was acting, I knew Brett wouldn’t want to hear of my plans later in the day and he definitely didn’t seem like he wanted to talk about Cole right now either, even if he asked in the first place.

“Well,” Brett said, “sorry, but I had to see if things were ready or if they needed more time.”

“It involves more people?” I asked and he nodded his head. I knew the facial expression, a prideful devilish grin; let me know that I was in for something perfectly planned down to the last detail. I knew if he ever used his planning powers for something other than pranks, he would make it in the corporate world easily. “This is going to be something.”

“It better be,” Brett said as he glanced at his watch. “We should be there soon, so I’m going to blindfold you.”

“No,” I said as a black cloth appeared from his pocket.

“You trust me with your life?” Brett asked as he stretched the cloth out with both hands preparing to put it over my eyes.

“Of course,” I said, “but I’m not going to go blind into a prank the last time I did that I ended up in the hospital with a broken toe.”

“So I wasn’t a very good guide,” Brett said, “you won’t break your toe, I promise.”

“I’m still not going to be blindfolded,” I countered reaching for the blindfold, but he dodged my grasp moving it to his lap.

“It will go a whole lot more smoothly for you if you cooperate with me,” Brett said winking. “You may even enjoy the surprise as much as I know I will.”

“Probably not, but I’ll go along with your plan,” I said as I let myself be blind folded.

“How many fingers am I holding up?” Brett asked and I shrugged not being able to see anything. He got quiet then and when I felt the Limo slow to a stop with a slight bounce, the engine die. I heard my door open and Brett reached down and I felt my belt slide up and over my stomach. The driver then helped me out of the limo, then I heard Brett thanks the driver and tell him to wait. I couldn’t tell what kind of surface I was on wearing thick soled shoes. I couldn’t hear my footsteps either with the noise of traffic and construction would. No light shined through the blindfold giving me shadows to look at either so I wondered if it was cloudy.

“Where are we?” I asked, I didn’t receive an answer at first, and it scared me when another set of hands grabbed the other side of my shoulder.

“Step carefully,” Brett directed and I felt around with my foot not feeling anything directly in front of me, but when I stretched forward further I felt a hard surface so I stepped on it and I was released when I was firmly on hard ground again. Brett stepped on behind me and I felt him push me gently out of his way so that he could get a firmly onto whatever I had stepped onto first. Then he lead me for what felt like forever until I heard a door open and close behind me. “Ok, I’m going to remove your blindfold now.”

When I felt the knot loosen I reached up and pulled the blindfold off. When I saw two waiters standing behind a small table my mind went blank. I didn’t understand the surprise initially and when the waiters stepped around the tables and pulled out both chairs I looked over as Brett stepped around me and sat down. The room was dark, with only a few candles lit around the room. We were in the yacht’s dining room, but the large table that took up most of the space was removed. My favorite food was served, chicken parmesan. I had thought I smelled it when I entered the room, it had made my heart flutter thinking that I would soon be wearing it in some way unknown to me until it smacked me in the face.

“What is this?” I asked still standing. The waiters left after they poured glasses of red wine then put the rest of the bottle on ice.

“I have been thinking of a way to surprise you, as what I have to say will surprise you enough,” Brett said as he motioned for me to sit. When I hesitated he waved again so I walked the short distance to my chair and sat down still in shock at all the elegance the room had now. The dimly lit room with shadows moving by candle light. There was two roses in a thin clear glass small vase in the center of the table and I knew this wasn’t a prank at all.

“I don’t know what to say,” I responded looking down at the food.

“You said last night that I have changed a lot lately,” Brett said breaking the silence that fell on the room. He sounded nervous and I wanted to put him at ease, but I didn’t know how to do that this time, because I was nervous as well. “You really are blind to a lot of things. I tried to get along with your parents, I changed my hair, I actually put on suits, I stopped dating, and I tried to be part of every free moment you had for years.”

“For what reason?” I asked when he stopped and took a long drink of wine.

“For you,” Brett answered after swallowing. He had downed half the glass of wine and still had the glass in his hand preparing to take another drink. “All through college I tried to get your attention and all I succeeded in doing is becoming your best friend.”

“Yeah,” I said taking hold of my glass and swirling the wine gently around.

“And I thought that would be good enough, we could be best friends until you came around and fell in love with me and when I realized that wasn’t going to happen I decided to just tell you. So now I’ve told you.”

I noticed that he smiled at me warmly and it changed my perception of him instantly. I wondered then what was wrong with me for not seeing this happening with Brett. I glanced at my watch and saw that it was approaching the time for me to leave and meet Cole then I looked back up to see Brett fidgeting in his seat uncomfortably waiting for any kind of reaction. All I wanted to do was leave the room and forget all this had happened. I was scared to say anything to him fearing it would change everything.

“Well the room is nice,” I finally said when I was unable to stand the defeated look Brett was giving me.

“That’s it?” Brett asked then downing the wine he grabbed the bottle and gently filled his glass again. “I mean, I’m glad you like the room, but come on.”

“Well, sorry,” I whispered, “but you’re my best friend.”

“Did you even hear what I just said to you?” Brett asked blinking his eyes a few times.

“Yeah, I did,” I answered shifting in my seat. “How long have you felt this way?”

“Since our freshman year of college,” Brett answered smiling at me.

“Then why didn’t you say it then?” I asked, “I was drooling over you in college and you were off being you, I’ve grown to just see you as my best friend now, I’m sorry. I have grown to understand that you and I would be just that.”

“Really?” Brett asked standing up I watched him walk over and flip the switch, turning on the light. The contrast caused me to shut my eyes until they adjusted to the brightness in the room now. He had already blew out the candles and I smelled the smoke from them.

“I can’t lose you as a friend Brett,” I answered, “you’re really important.”

“What if I can’t just be friends with you then?” Brett asked not sitting down at the table.

“Why couldn’t you be?” I asked not answering his question, because I wasn’t going to give him the answer that came to my mind.

“Because when I see you talking to other guys and I think there is a chance the new guy could be the one that finally gets you to open your fucking eyes, I will spend all my time hating him for it,” Brett answered crossing his arms looking at me.

“I don’t know what to say,” I responded and he looked down towards the floor his shoulders slumping.

“Then I guess all you can do now is leave,” Brett replied and I stood wanting to comfort him. The chair scooting across the floor made him look up at me. I dropped my napkin letting it fall to the floor.

“I’m sorry,” I said then started towards him. When he pointed to the door I looked at it.


When I walked out I noticed that the sun was setting and I was at the docks. I took the limo, I was told that Brett would be taking a cab by the driver when he saw me alone. Brett had even planned on this and it made me feel even worse now that I had been part of Brett’s escape plan as well.

I arrived at the house to find Cole waiting for me and when I stepped out he walked up to the Limo and I let him slide in. I walked around to the other side and got in as well.

“Sir, where will you be going now?” The driver asked as he glanced back through the small window as it was lowering.

“To Bailey’s Bar and Grill,” I said as I glanced over to Cole.

“Been somewhere?” Cole asked as the privacy window rose again and the limo lurched forward as we went towards the restaurant. It was the place I liked going to when I was younger. It wasn’t a bar when I was in high school just a good place to get a good meal after school or on the weekends.

“Yeah,” I answered, “Brett wanted to get out of the house for a little while.”

“He didn’t return with you,” Cole commented, and I smiled realizing that I had just allowed Cole’s mind to wonder about what just happened.

“How was the party?” I asked wanting a distraction.

“Your sister came in with Carl,” Cole explained, “I noticed that there was a small rocked engagement ring on her finger and that she was drinking water.”

“My sister is engaged?” I asked smiling, “Carl is a good guy.”

“And I suspect he’s also a fertile guy,” Cole responded and I smiled.

“She has already told us she’s pregnant,”

“They talked about everything, I must be someone people trust with their life stories.”

“You are,” I said, “it’s the big brown eyes that give you away.”

“I guess so,” Cole said, “but if I am someone like that, then why have you changed the subject?”

“I was just curious,” I answered quickly, “as I didn’t see much of the party.”

“You saw the meat of it,” Cole said as the limo stopped and we let ourselves out. The driver told us where he would be parked waiting, as there weren’t any parking spots on the street in front of the busy place. We fell silent as we looked around and I hadn’t personally step foot in the place since High school, but the only change was the small bar taking up the buffet place that was no longer there. It didn’t take us long before we were seated and left to order our food. “I don’t think we should order.”

“Why not?” I asked reaching for my menu.

“Because I have a feeling we won’t be staying long,” Cole answered as he leaned back in his seat easily.

“What gave you that impression?” I asked leaning forward, resting my arms on the table.

“Just tell me that I was right about Brett,” Cole said not answering my question. “Tell me that when he came to get you, that he took you somewhere romantic to spill his guts to you.”

“Fine,” I said, “you were right, but it doesn’t mean that I can return his feelings. Brett is someone special and he will make someone happy and they won’t ever wonder what love is really like, because he would show them for sure.”

“Why can’t that someone be you then?” Cole asked and I thought that I had already answered that question earlier when Cole was asking.

“Because he’s my best friend.”

“You keep saying that,” Cole countered, “but really that’s a bullshit excuse that is just automatic when people ask you.”

“How is it an excuse?”

“If you remove the label what is he to you?” Cole asked, “you cannot say friend, just list what he is to you.”

“That’s a stupid thing to do,” I said reaching for my menu to order, but when Cole stopped me by placing his hand on the menu I let go of it. “Look, just because someone is in love with me, doesn’t mean I can just return the love at all.”

“List them,” Cole said, “because I believe you’re just scared of removing the label and think of him differently because you’re too used to him being who he is to you.”

“Fine, you will see though, that those attributes will all fit a best friend, not boyfriend or lover,” I responded and he sat back and waited. I kept thinking of Brett and kept changing my mind when descriptions rushed my mind. “He’s funny, energetic, charismatic, wild.”

“You’re not listing what he is to you personally,” Cole interrupted and I studied him for a few seconds wondering what he wanted from me.

“Without using the word friend?” I asked, “what if there isn’t any other label?”

“There is,” Cole said, “you just won’t say them.”

“Sure I will,” I answered, “I’m really not enjoying this date either, to be honest.”

“This isn’t a date,” Cole said smiling, “because you’re in love with Brett.”

“I love him,” I responded, “as a friend.”

“No you don’t,” Cole answered then he stood and left me to walk to the bar. He returned with two beers, sliding one like a seasoned bartender across the table between the salt and pepper to me.

“Are you trying to brainwash me?” I asked crossing my arms. “So what if I said that I think he’s special and that he’s made me happy and changed my life dramatically after high school?”

“We’re getting somewhere now,” Cole answered smiling, “keep going.”

“And I do think he is attractive and even at his most annoying I find myself laughing, but isn’t that what best friends are for too?” I asked and when Cole didn’t answer I felt myself getting frustrated.

“Have you looked for a boyfriend other than Brett?” Cole asked picking up his beer taking a drink.

“I’ve looked at you,” I answered, “but for some reason you won’t let it happen.”

“Because I am here and you live, in California,” Cole answered, “and we both know that you’re not into casual one night stands. I’m not an option.”
“And you think Brett is?” I asked as I started to feel myself agreeing with Cole. I leaned back and wanted him to explain everything that we talked about here.

“You know he is,” Cole answered finishing off his beer. “You just need to look beyond the goofball that Brett is.”

“I saw it tonight,” I said smiling, “he even remembered my favorite meal.”

“And I bet he even had your favorite desert for later,” Cole said winking, “but you chickened out and played the best friend card again.” He laughed when my jaw dropped and I was struck by the realization then shivered as the emotions I shrugged off as friendly rushed into my thoughts.

“I just always thought he would be too bored with me,” I said shaking my head. “He probably will be bored with me.”

“I’m going to go get a cab,” Cole said, “you though, need to go find Brett.”

“How are you so damn good at this?” I asked grabbing his hand to stop him.

“I have a degree in psychology, bartending is just more fun,” Cole shrugged, “nice talking to you.” When he left I tipped the waitress that never showed up to see if we were ready to order and left to find the Limo. When I found it, I told the driver that I needed to go back to the yacht, knowing how Brett liked to be alone when he was depressed. He wouldn’t leave the yacht until he had his emotions tucked away with a forced smile.

When I arrived I quickly jogged down the docks to where the yacht was docked. Fi
nding it I stepped onto it and jogged down the narrow hall towards the dining room, but when I turned the corner I smacked into someone. When I opened my eyes I saw Brett underneath me rubbing his forehead.

“What the fuck?” Brett asked as I lifted myself off him.

“Do you have blueberry glazed cheesecake in our room?” I asked as I helped him off his feet. He looked confused and I could tell that he had finished the bottle of wine by himself and had a slight buzz.

“I do,” Brett answered smiling, “and various scented massage oils.”

“I’m sorry,” I started, but when he shook his head and wrapped me into a tight hug. I felt his lips lightly kissing the nape of my neck and I realized that, in the back of my mind I wanted this to happen. I knew it would last, because I had seen every part of Brett imaginable and loved every part of him too.

Copyright © 2010 Krista; All Rights Reserved.
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On 03/20/2013 07:47 AM, joann414 said:
My second time reading this, and it is even more awesome than the first :2thumbs:
Thankies JoAnn! I need to check these older stories for reviews from time to time! I thought about doing a few shorts with these characters, but I likely won't ever get to them. It was refreshing to do a comedy. :)
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On 03/27/2014 09:56 PM, Suvitar said:
Will was so clueless all the way until the end :P


Great story, I really enjoyed reading it :*)

Thank you for reviewing all those chapters and enjoying the story as a whole. :)
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I loved the story and it only builds hope in me that I'Ll find someone like Brett who will not only be a lover but a best friend to me too. I loved ending the most. It wasnt cheesy and mushy. I mean....haha.... will asking Brett if he had his favourite cheesecake....haha... I'Ll never forget it, and they snuggled instead of kissing which seemed soooo nice. wish there'D been something more informative on Bretts coming out, but surely it'D have put a damper, so I love the end result, overall. thank you.

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I know I say this about every story, but I really did love this one. It was funny to see Will being so clueless. Thank goodness the bartender got him to see the light and Brett wasn't gone when the bulb did finally come on.

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On 07/30/2014 06:02 PM, Gene63 said:
I know I say this about every story, but I really did love this one. It was funny to see Will being so clueless. Thank goodness the bartender got him to see the light and Brett wasn't gone when the bulb did finally come on.
Aww thanks. This story came about because I was actually in a writing slump. :D I'm glad you read it and liked it. :)
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On 04/24/2014 12:44 PM, Rishabhpar said:
I loved the story and it only builds hope in me that I'Ll find someone like Brett who will not only be a lover but a best friend to me too. I loved ending the most. It wasnt cheesy and mushy. I mean....haha.... will asking Brett if he had his favourite cheesecake....haha... I'Ll never forget it, and they snuggled instead of kissing which seemed soooo nice. wish there'D been something more informative on Bretts coming out, but surely it'D have put a damper, so I love the end result, overall. thank you.
Thanks for reading! Yeah, it is rare that a best friend becomes the love of your life - when you find it, it is something special. :) But the love of your life will become your best friend naturally too.. but loving someone as a friend is always special. :) It has been awhile sine I read this story, so I honestly couldn't tell you how Brett's coming out happened.. :( I'll have to reread it and see. :)
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This is my second read, and I'm sorry, but I still hate the story for ending here. But otherwise it was great, weird parents and all.

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On 03/06/2015 11:51 PM, Timothy M. said:
This is my second read, and I'm sorry, but I still hate the story for ending here. But otherwise it was great, weird parents and all.
Aww, sorry it didn't continue past the ending for you. I'm like you think it is still a good story though. :D
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On 03/21/2015 10:36 PM, Slytherin said:
Finally !! :D:wub: What a great and lovely story ! :yes:
Glad you liked the story. :D Thanks for reviewing! I did have a fun time writing this one.. it went so quickly. :)
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