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The Art of Walking in Snow

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Sub-genres: Drama, General Romance

Jamie doesn't let people get close, but his new employer refuses to play by those rules. Maybe this is the year Jamie will banish the ghosts of Christmases past.

Around the beginning of November, I got this romantic in my head that I would send out a short story with my holiday cards this year. Just a thousand words or so, maybe a bit more—a couple of typewritten pages and a handwritten note at the end.

You can guess where this is going.

My little story grew into 10,000 words. (Shocking!) So unless I wanted to fell a small forest and take out a second mortgage for postage fees, I wasn’t mailing hard copies anywhere.
But I still wanted to share it, so here it is. Happy Holidays to everyone at GA! May the season be merry and bright and the New Year filled with success.
Copyright © 2011 Libby Drew; All Rights Reserved.

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    • 10,023 Words

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This is a perfect, romantic, thoughtful short story.  Libby Drew has a talent for writing emotionally complex characters, never falling into easy stereotypes.  She tells us so much with very few actual details, and no lengthy exposition.  But we know everything we need to know about Jamie.  His journey has been a long hard one, but he is a survivor and has a lot of good karma banked.  

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· Edited by Summerabbacat

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I am always guilty of writing long-winded reviews whenever I write one. On this occasion I am going to avoid this pitfall in honour of this short story.

A wonderfully moving story from a very talented and gifted author. With a minimal number of characters and minimal interactions between those characters I did not expect such pain, compassion and love to express itself. Few words are spoken, but when spoken the words are full of passion and are compelling.

Profoundly moving, beautiful and inspirational. For this reader this "small" masterpiece encapsulated everything that Christmas and the festive should represent.

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