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  1. CincyKris


    Even though Rick may not have a business tying him to the town (soon), he still has a home, friends, and history. I don't know if I see him following Gus around the world on the concert circuit. I could see Gus finally firing Zoltan because of his meddling and threats, but I don't see him settling down and retiring. I can't wait to find out how these two will get their HEA. They will get their HEA, won't they???? Please?
  2. You’re his dad.” “I’m his brother.” “Yes, you’re his brother, but you’ll be the only father he knows.” Matt cringed. “It’s just weird. I don’t feel very dad-ish. I don’t feel like I’ve earned the title.” Yes! This is what I've been talking about. Matt thinks of himself as a brother who is a full-time babysitter. He thinks of himself as a "typical college kid" (even though less than half the people going to college meet this traditional definition). How long will Seamus put up with just being the hot boyfriend with no input into the relationship. Unless Matt grows the h
  3. CincyKris

    Embers 9

    I still love me some "Wrath of Khan" with a wonderfully over-the-top Ricardo Montalban!
  4. CincyKris

    Embers 9

    Hopefully Ethan can get a handle on the fires, or should I call him Kim? Khloe?
  5. CincyKris

    Chapter 17

    I have been binge reading up to the last chapter, but am now caught up and a victim of cliffhangers! I agree that mom is way more concerned about being right than trying to save people's lives. I called her selfish in a prior comment and that is playing out even more, now. China involving themselves in the USSR and world politics outside Asia this early is very scary. They barely won WWIII in the last timeline, I don't think they can beat both together.
  6. CincyKris

    Chapter 16

    I'm not as surprised at his mom's behavior as some of the other readers. She has always been narrow minded and somewhat selfish. She only ever acted until she had to, sticking her head in the sand (just like her mother) until she had no other choice. I don't doubt she loves her children, but she only likes them if they are doing what she wants.
  7. CincyKris

    Chapter 15

    Just when I was liking the man I hated, he gets shot! I hope his message got through to most of the crowd, as well as the tv audience.
  8. CincyKris

    Chapter 14

    I'm so proud of Davey's dad. I wonder how many changes will occur due to Ms. Flores being removed from social services almost 2 years earlier. How much damage was prevented?
  9. CincyKris

    Chapter 13

    I would imagine his dad has conflicting emotions about this, considering his thoughts of molesting Jenny. Thank goodness Davey put a stop to that before it started. David Sr. really is a different person in this do over, thanks to Davey.
  10. CincyKris

    Chapter 12

    Hopefully some of the 5 billion can be spent on outreach and information. Too many people get all their information and opinions about sexuality from their church and t.v. Neither are reliable sources.
  11. CincyKris

    Chapter 11

    I can't wait to find out how Davey explains this away. At least they all know he works with the military already. Living through 2020, we've all heard the debates over how the covid pandemic should have been handled. Some wanted a total shutdown and forced quarantine (except for absolutely essential workers to provide food, utilities, and medical care). Would that have worked? Maybe, but almost no one was willing to take that drastic a step in the U.S. or Europe, let alone third world countries. I can't imagine that the President's address will go over well. This was only 40 years since
  12. CincyKris

    Chapter 10

    This chapter was like an interlude. Dare I say, even sweet. I liked it, but now we need to get back to the intrigue!
  13. CincyKris

    Chapter 9

    I agree with the Dr. that depending on the original timeline to remain the same (Brian hooking up with the witch at 16) may not work out. Originally Brandon fooled around with Davey before he left for Eureka. Maybe without Davey there, he fools around with Trevor and Brian. Brian was never hesitant about coming out, what if he falls for another boy before he turns 16? As for the bully, sometimes letting them leave an altercation with a little self-respect, as the wrestling match did, keeps them from overreacting in the future. I think their second battle ended well. I have a feeling havi
  14. CincyKris

    Chapter 8

    Hopefully Bitner will dig his own grave, pompous fools with Napoleon complexes usually do. Even if he does find a way to make a life with Brian (and I hope he does), Davey will make lifetime friends here in Eureka, too.
  15. CincyKris

    Chapter 25

    Two in one night isn’t bad. Who else did they kill? They really need to put this dog down.
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