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  1. CincyKris

    CDMX • I

    The way I read it, the pompous lecture came when CJ first arrived, the breakfast where it was discussed happened the morning after the event, so no new lecture yet. The boss will probably be jealous that CJ made the news. I hope that CJ doesn't get sucked in to CIA spy crap!
  2. CincyKris

    Chapter 66

    But is Bouncer's idea of "play" the same as the kid's? I don't think there is any coming back from Bouncer eating the kid!
  3. CincyKris


    What a wonderful thanksgiving surprise! A couple of my followed stories just completed and I was facing a dreadful lack of entertainment. Thank you Carlos, I'm so glad you're back!
  4. CincyKris

    Chapter 66

    We finally have progress! Essell and Garjah make a good team. I can't imagine taking a child on a first contact mission!
  5. CincyKris


    We all knew Millflower was the snoop and generally unpleasant, but now we know she is up to no good. Who is her conspirator? I'm sad the crystals didn't do anything yet, but I think they will later. I think the better relationship with the villagers will help Leon in the long run.
  6. Beautiful ending! I loved the sexy and tender moments between the two. I can see them having many years together.
  7. This is everything I want in a short story! We get a great little mystery with an unsettling undertone. Perfect the way it it is, but would be a good starting point for a full novel if the author wishes to pursue it.
  8. This is a wonderfully fresh take on shifter stories. Our hero is a young deer shifter who is thrust into the human world he has rarely experienced since childhood. We get a character study, a romance, a fish-out-of-water comedy, as well as a really good shifter story.
  9. CincyKris

    Chapter 58

    Great ending (for now?) to a fantastic story! I laughed at Cyn's experience at the airport, I just flew a couple weeks ago and saw a human with the same reactions! I can imagine our couple running through the wooded trails in their animal forms. I hope we check in on them again some time in the future. I appreciate the rich, unique character-driven story you created. Thank you!
  10. CincyKris

    Chapter 1

    This is my favorite anthology entry! Loved the mystery, so many unanswered questions.
  11. Eric keeps adding new accomplishments to his scorecard. This was a big one! Timing is everything. A few months ago, Eric would not have been well equipped to meet with Rob. But now, the Pygmalion-like transformation is far enough along for Eric to manage a conversation. Hopefully a face-to-face meeting will follow.
  12. CincyKris


    I'm now wondering just how much the first duchess knows about Brathay and his mother?
  13. CincyKris

    Chapter 57

    What are you up to????
  14. CincyKris


    There was an eerie stillness underlying all the conversation and encounter with the bear. Wonderful writing! His medallion seems to connect him with and be protected by animals. Why was the beacon lit? Invaders? The evil uncle?
  15. CincyKris

    Chapter 65

    I wish I could see their faces when they see all those arms!!! Interesting that the Sonez didn't report him missing. Apparently a certain captain was hoping Essell would disappear.
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