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  1. CincyKris


    I had flashbacks to my 7-year life in corporate culture. "cheerleader for change’ - and yes, that was one of the vomit-inducing catchphrases used within head office" This made me laugh out loud! Office Space was a documentary, not a comedy. I have worked for a family owned independent garden center for 16 years and I will never go back to cubicle hell! I love the direction this story is going.
  2. CincyKris

    Chapter 39

    I can't believe one of them actually has a conscience. The run felt free and jubilant. Unless they accept a cheetah into the pack, Cyn will be the fastest (and would still be faster on a longer run). That has to be empowering to a prey shifter. And finally, I'm very happy for Arric and Kieran. I'm also happy the bunnies didn't get trampled.
  3. CincyKris

    Chapter 6

    As foreign and antiquated as Eloise's attitude seems to us "normal" people, this has been status quo for the wives of the noble, rich, and famous for centuries. That doesn't make it any more right than slavery or domestic violence. I suppose if you married for status, money, and things rather than for love or companionship, this "stick your head in the sand" solution she suggests makes sense. Not that Patrick's current responses are any healthier. Of course, the solution we reasonable readers have suggested would not make for as good a story!
  4. CincyKris

    Chapter 5

    Patrick is spiralling. He at least realizes this, he's just not ready to let go. I don't know if telling Chloe will give him a much needed reality check or a partner in crime. I really really want him to read the script. I want to read the script.
  5. CincyKris

    Chapter 49

    Wow, Essell stood up to the council. We finally know what name they call themselves. Timok may be the weasel we thought he was.
  6. Getting Steurm out of the way would certainly make things smoother for both Mesker Park and for our boys. I'm happy that Vincent is doing well with his training. Is it my imagination or did this chapter feel like it was setting the stage for future drama?
  7. CincyKris

    Chapter 4

    Lets see....... Is Michael the black haired guy? He is an actor, so probably not the writer. I believe that chapter 3 "the Patrick poisons Ford" chapter stated that none of the 3 harem boys were living in the condo, this one is. So, is this boy #4? Who is the brother? Was he also adopted as a baby? Twin? if you couldn't tell, I love this story. I might be a little obsessed.
  8. CincyKris

    Chapter 3

    I'm loving the direction this is taking! I read the beginning summary and was not expecting a sweet romance. The script is adding a deliciously creepy layer. Patrick was taking control of his situation, albeit slightly psychotic control, now he is thrown off-kilter. My vote on the writer is the black-haired cheatee.
  9. Aww you made tear up! Thank you.
  10. I don't know if I can add a lot to the other fine reviews. Very well written and entertaining story. The characters are flawed and interesting, the story is engaging and addictive.
  11. CincyKris

    Chapter 17

    Wonderful ending! I can see these two making it work. In my head Tom is going through multiple boyfriends, none of them quite meeting his particular standards or them leaving him, frustrated by his doucheyness. Kat never was quite the same after that embarrassing fall on the runway. The plastic surgeon couldn't get nose quite right. I think she signed on for a third rate reality show. Drew is still pining away after Joel.😁
  12. CincyKris

    Chapter 16

    Loved the love! Still hoping Kat goes to Paris and falls on the runway! Breaks her nose maybe.
  13. CincyKris

    Chapter 15

    The great thing about reading a completed story is I don't have to wait!
  14. CincyKris

    Chapter 14

    Please tell me that Kat gets a brutal take down!
  15. CincyKris

    Chapter 13

    Tough chapter to read. Both of them are being self-destructive idiots.
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