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A Promise To Protect

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Sub-genres: Suspense, Light Mystery

After the distressing discovery in his home, a serial killer on the loose and a stranger asking for his trust, Tyler realizes that his life is never going to be the same again.

"You’re actually going to be confirmed as dead when they do the official police reports. It’s for your own safety that you go under cover now.” Zeke tells him, Tyler raises his eyebrows at how serious the situation was, taking a few moments to comprehend what Zeke had just said.  

“I’ll be reported as dead? My friends will think I’ve been murdered?”



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  • Smoldering 1
  • Tearjerker 4
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  • World Building 3

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Gary L

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V hard to review but a serious, dark and demanding read.  
can’t say I enjoyed it but I admire the writing ✍️ 

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This story has dark undertones the entire way if you like twists and turns and suspense you are going to love this.The two main characters are Tyler and Zeke and for a lot of first half of the story it's mostly just them two as a horrible tragedy happens in Tyler's life and his own life is still in danger Zeke who is working for a mysterious organization is tasked with making sure Tyler stays safe.Later in the story you will meet other people and it will be difficult to figure who is friend or who is foe.This is a love story but a highly unusual one. 

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This is one of the hardest reviews I ever wanted to write, and I wish I had the option to write it without giving a rating.

This story is pretty amazing. Sometimes very dark and twisted. It keeps the readers on their toes all the time. The characters and their actions make, at times, no sense at all, but that's part of the storyline and will be explained later. The writing is very enjoyable and the psychological explanations of the characters state of mind and their actions feel right, given the circumstances and the storyline. The focus on just two characters in the beginning of the story gives it a kind of claustrophobic feeling that suits the theme and the state of Tylers mind very well. The later introductions of more characters marks a great opening up in the storyline, and also introduces plot twists and turns that will make the readers head spin, in a good way though!

First thing that I didn't like were some editing mistakes when it came to the characters names. A few time a character was named Lee, who I assumed to be Zeke (if I remember correctly, it was in the first few chapters). For me it stops the flow of reading when I have to think about whether I have forgotten a character or if there's a mistake in the naming.

Second, and by far the bigger issue I have with the story, was the ending, or more precise, the endings. While I have a strong preference for one of the given endings, the fact that two were provided without any warning, just felt wrong. I don't know if the author couldn't or didn't want to decide which one to use or if it was intentional because they thought the readers would enjoy it, for me it felt completely off and, to be honest, took away a lot of the positive feelings I had for this story. I think it would have been different if the alternate ending would have been it's own chapter, so the readers could prepare themselves for it, or chose to ignore it. Also, while I don't much care for the alternate ending, I feel like if that was the only ending, it would have been fitting as well, only if it would have been worked out better and in greater detail. The way it stands now, it feels like it's been carelessly thrown in there without much thought given.

Without this, it would have been a very solid 4 stars or maybe even 5 stars rating. With the unexpected presence of the alternate ending, I can't really give it any more than 3 stars, which I can only give because I didn't rate and review it right after reading but instead after letting it sit for a day or two.

Please don't take this review the wrong way, @Littlelovestories, it's just my point of view and reflects only my personal opinion on one thing at the end of the story. The rest of it would have deserved much more praise and a far better rating.


Response from the author:

Thank you for taking the time to not only review the story, but give feedback that I can take forward in my writing to improve aspects of my story writing. It's much appreciated.

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