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  1. The drive is mostly silent, neither Zeke or Tyler felt like talking, for fear that they might screw the whole thing up and say more than they knew they should. There was once again, the sense that they couldn’t trust each other, because they couldn't. If this were a real mission, that would be the first mistake because on the field like this you had to be able to trust the person who was by your side. Of course, it was a fine line to find, because you also had to be willing to accept and do the right thing by the service if it turned out your trust was misplaced. There had to be no hesitation
  2. The only thing worse than waiting for Zeke to come home was knowing that Zeke was not going to come and join him. Still, there was some comfort in knowing that Tyler had the place to himself. He was already planning little ways he could make it his own. Tyler had never lived on his own before, so it was pretty exciting for him. The situation as a whole was far from ideal, but he was going to make this work for him. Had he gone to college, he’d be decorating his dorm room, but instead it’s a tiny apartment in the basement of a mysterious building. A building he now worked in apparently, though
  3. When Ryan sees Jasper’s name light up on his phone screen, he almost drops his phone. It'd been another three and a half weeks since he'd seen him and those were the longest weeks of his life. Simon and Luke had both called him to ask about how Jasper was when he visited, and sent him screenshots of their attempts to contact Jasper. Though every text was unanswered and every call rejected from Simon, Luke had gotten a response to his baby announcement. 'Congrats Luke, enjoy parenthood.' He'd added Grace's phone number and told Fi to call if she wanted a mum friend to vent to when it's difficul
  4. “Absolutely not.” Zeke scoffs at the idea, barely considering it a genuine offer. He couldn't see a reality where Tyler having a job in this agency would be of any benefit. “Why not? You don’t see potential in him.” G asks, not taking his eyes off Tyler, who was staring at him stunned into silence. He was trying to work out whether this was a joke, a test to see if he was gullible or something. Everyone waiting for him to reply so they can laugh at the fact he thought it was serious. “I see the potential of him getting killed. He’s had no training.” Zeke crosses h
  5. Ryan knocks on the door desperately, the whole trip over he had been anxious about whether Jasper would even open the door for him, but the moment he arrived he was determined to kick the door in if Jasper was too stubborn to acknowledge him. Not waiting patiently for a response, he lifts his hand to knock again just as Jasper opens it. “Woah, settle down.” Jasper flinches to avoid having Ryan accidentally smack him in the face. Ryan looks at him, frozen with surprise at how unrecognizably empty Jasper looked. The spark that was almost always in his eyes, whether he was flirting, sch
  6. I couldn't decide who it would be, but it's certainly my subtle reference to it being one of the guys from the band. XD
  7. With some time before Zeke was due to come back and talk to him, Tyler was full of adrenaline. He was anxious and excited to finally get to sit down with Zeke and discuss all the questions burning in his mind. He was also very, very keen to know where things stood between them. He goes over what he hopes to hear, what he will say in response, important points he felt he needed to clarify and make with Zeke and almost the entire conversation is planned out by dinner. He only needed Zeke to say the parts Tyler planned for him to say, and they would get this done nice and quickly, then move forwa
  8. “Married?” Jasper gawks. “You’re getting married? When?" "Well we haven't set a date yet, but it will likely be soon. I know it seems like Flynn and I haven’t been together for that long. But it’s been over a year since we met and he’s made me feel so special and loved, and he treats Ellie like she’s his own, he has been acting like he's her dad so well I forget sometimes that he isn't." Grace continues rattling off Flynn’s good traits like Jasper needed any convincing that he was worthy of marrying his sister. He loved Grace and they were making this family thing work and that was a
  9. Jasper for sure has issues, I've been foreshadowing three particular issues from very, very early on. Those are only now becoming the obvious problems and yes I did just skim my entire story to find as many examples as I could to show this attitude of Jasper's has been a long time coming. I hope this helps you see why he's handling this so badly. Ch18: “Are you alright? I get you mightn’t want to talk about it but whatever it is, I will support you and be there for you.” Blake asks, giving him a comforting smile that serves as a reminder that Blake is not only better at being a boy
  10. “Well don’t you look like shit.” Damien’s voice comes as a welcome distraction to Jasper who sighs in relief to finally see someone show him absolutely no pity. “Good to see you earning money with your clothes on.” Jasper comments. Damien flashes him an impressed grin at the passive aggressive insult. “Is it too early to do shots?” Jasper asks as he sits down at the mostly empty bar. “Ethically yes, but as long as you pay me I will pour them.” Damien shrugs and gets out a shot glass, placing it on the bench and waiting for Jasper to tell him what he wanted. “What
  11. Tyler didn’t know whether to punch Zeke in the face or throw himself into his arms with relief when he walks in the door. It’d been almost 2 days. He had thought he would be a few hours and dropped off the face of the Earth for almost 2 days! “Where the hell have you been?” Tyler shouts, apparently going for an enraged response. Zeke looked exhausted, walking straight through to the bathroom while Tyler followed close behind. “I have been so worried. And Corey couldn’t tell me anything, because he says he doesn’t know shit when it comes to mission stuff. I’ve had G try to visit twic
  12. I don't know what you think he might do, but I think you're going to be very surprised with Leo's part in the rest of this story. Oh well you are going to have a time reading how well Jasper goes about things over the next few chapters. If it helps though, he's very aware of how he's treating people around him and he does acknowledge it in a future chapter with this part (spoilers taken out of it). “I was such a dick to you." Jasper shakes his head at Ryan. "You think I can’t see when someone is being a dick just to push people away, as a pose to being a dick f
  13. Jasper stares out the window in the back of Leo’s car, it felt like this drive was never going to end, and he'd lost count of how many different ways he hoped it wouldn't. Facing today would be the hardest thing he'd ever had to do. The days that followed losing Blake were numb to him, he’d barely slept, barely eaten, barely spoken and most shockingly, not cried. Compressing the emotions, compartmentalizing them, comfortably in denial, as long as no one reminded him of the truth. Today was going to be that reminder, and he didn't know how it would go but he knew he couldn't avoid this, even if
  14. Goddamn I knew I should have run a ctrl+F search for his name before I posted it, muscle memory from typing that name a lot! XD I've edited it now. My bad. Haha
  15. Tyler wakes up alone in the dark, the only light coming from around the corner where the kitchen was. He drags himself from bed and starts smacking his uninjured hand against the wall to find the light switch, the noise gaining Zeke’s attention and a light flickers on from the other side of the room. Tyler spins around quickly just in time to see Zeke quickly turning his back on him. “Sorry.” Zeke apologizes and Tyler frowns before looking down and realizing he’d not gotten dressed since passing out in the shower the night before. “Shit.” Tyler races off embarrassed, searc
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