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  1. I'm so sorry the next chapter isn't up yet. I'm hoping to have it done within the next week. I just wanted to share with you all that I've been working hard on editing and preparing 'Do You Ship Us?' for publishing, which is why I've not been able to work on this story for a few weeks. The whiplash of editing their budding love story and trying to write this was too much. Do you remember when Jasper kissed Ryan and then panicked about it because he had a girlfriend? I couldn't edit that and write this sex deprived married version of Jasper at the same time. Anyway, if all goes well, chapters 1- 40 of the original story will make up the first book of the series. I've kept it fairly close to the original with some scenes cut and some new ones added. It's been a massive job with the final word count over 100,000 words. I'll keep you posted on any news along the way and hopefully be back to regular weekly-ish updates of this story. Thank you for your patience and sorry again that it's been a while.
  2. There’s a secure feeling that encapsulates Jasper the moment he opens the envelope to see the birth certificate with his name under Parent/Guardian 2. Ryan’s under Parent/Guardian 1. They’d been given one at the hospital of course, with Grace and Ryan listed as the birth parents, but it was official now. There was no going back, no changing minds. He and Ry were legally forever tied to Jasmyn, and the thought brought overjoyed tears to his eyes. Sure, he’d spent almost every minute of
  3. "Stop! Stop! Stop! Ryan. What do you think of that performance?” Ryan looks across the group of dancers, all catching their breaths while trying to appear perfectly ready to keep going. “I know it’s been a long day, but where’s the enthusiasm? Where’s the energy?” he asks. “It was pathetic. You over there in the bright pink tights, you tried so hard to pick the most attention-grabbing clothes, but every time I am drawn to your legs all I see is continuous and exhausting fail
  4. “We can do this on our own, can’t we, Jazzy? You’re going to sleep most of the day. I’m going to organise what I’m doing with my life now and daddy’s going to come home and be impressed with me. We can do this.” Jasper whispers as stands by the front windows holding Jasmyn’s little hand and making her wave while Ryan reverses out the driveway. “Shit,” he mutters under his breath, watching the car leave and feeling the pressure set in. Luckily, the next feed stayed down, and Jasmyn we
  5. Littlelovestories


    I'm glad the name is being well received! I thought it was possibly a little cheesy but Ryan loves cheesy and Jasper is enough of a celebrity to come up with combining their names while preaching he wants to keep her out of his drama. 🤷‍♂️ As for the surname, while it's traditional that a child is given a family name and most parents do this to prove the connection to their child, it is not a legal requirement (at least nowhere I came across while looking this up). In fact, names in general are less important than ever these days. Some married couples are choosing to legally change their surnames to a new family name rather than picking to go by one of theirs. I don't personally know anyone that's done this but I'm sure there're examples out there of people who've given their child a separate surname from theirs. I know that when in hospital after having a baby, the baby and mother wear arm bands with their names on it and it's certainly a security and safety issue to be able to identify that the right child is with the right mother, via proof of identity with their names. Given Jasmyn was born through surrogacy, where her paternal mother is not the one providing care through her hospital visit and (being celebrities) Jasper and Ryan would have been staying in a private room without public access, the use of a family name to prove their relationship to her wouldn't have been as necessary. I honestly just went by the theory of, they are celebrities and can do whatever the hell they like, but your question sent me fact checking and it was interesting to find that using a family surname is only a tradition, not a requirement. As long as both parents are on the birth certificate, that's all the proof of family connection they need.
  6. Ryan walks out the massive glass doors of the hospital with his daughter wrapped securely in the safety of his arms. They had a long time to get used to the idea that they would at some point be taking a baby back to their house, but this felt completely surreal. Out in the fresh air, the morning sunlight was shining down on them as they stepped out of the secure little bubble they had been in since her birth, into a world of stress. If they could conquer crossing the street, it would be an achi
  7. Don't worry, it's not that. She definitely has a name that will fit in with theirs. That may be a hint...
  8. "Do you reckon she had the baby and just hasn't told us?" "Are we ticking paranoia as day five's mystery symptom?" Ryan answers. "Fuck you." "Or anger?" "You're such a dick." "Suth a dith." Ryan mocks. "How is your tongue?" "You tell me." Jasper says then pokes his tongue out. "It's all swollen and gross." Ryan teases, as he steps in closer to look. "That's from all the dick I sucked in therapy." Jasper says, giving Ryan the finger.
  9. One of my best friends has bipolar but doesn't really talk about it. I told him I was planning on having Jasper's character diagnosed and he advised me on some things to include to give a more realistic representation. I have and will continue researching any of his illness related behaviours though. Sorry to hear about your step-sister. Hope she's staying on her meds and managing her illness as best she can.
  10. "Come in." Finally, the time had come. It'd been the longest 72 hours and 36 minutes of Ryan's life. He felt sick with nerves as he walks into the plainly decorated office with inspirational and a peace-willing quotes in picture frames on the wall. There's some kind of subtle yet soothing background noise, like the gentle wash of waves on the shore. There's a desk with two seats opposite the psychologist, flipping through a file, waiting. Directly across from the door Ryan entered through w
  11. Jasper knocks on the door, waits only a few moments, then knocks again. On the third knock, the door opens. He was getting really sick of hitting a breaking point and going for support, only to be surprised by Brayden answering the door. "What the fuck are you doing here?" he asks in a defeated tone, absolutely no energy to deal with this. Brayden shrugs and leans against the doorframe. "You thought I wouldn't be around for the birth of my niece or nephew?" "Well
  12. I will say that being so full of irrationality, the issues happening in this dumpster fire of a chapter don't get dragged on once Jasper takes a chill pill and they check themselves back into reality and actually communicate like adults. But don't be sorry for feeling like you've hit your limit of drama. I only hope you won't give up on them for good and might revisit to see how things will get resolved and how they grow from it. All the best~
  13. Instead of helping set up any of the house, Jasper had spent the first three days in bed. He kept mumbling about jetlag and post-tour blues, which Ryan found completely understandable. However, the longer this dragged on for the more it robbed them of the chance to prepare their family for the birth of their baby. Ryan had begun to wonder whether Jasper was in some kind of hardcore denial that tour was over and life outside of the spotlight was starting. In the early hours of the fourth
  14. Thanks for the comment! I've been excitedly watching your reactions pop up on chapters but appreciate you taking the time to share your thoughts on the story.
  15. “Welcome home.” It wasn't the light pattering of rain starting that was making him not want to get out of Leo's car, but the sight of a suburban front door. Noticing his hesitation, Ryan reaches a hand out to Jasper. “It looks better inside, I promise. And we’ll make it our own. Come on.” Ryan smiles with such optimism that Jasper sucks it up and takes his hand, trying to remain open-minded as he’s led to the door. Ryan makes a fuss out of unlocking the door together, then leave
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