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  1. “Awesome show you guys!” Fi says, excitedly clapping as they walk in the dressing room backstage. “Thanks my babies.” Luke walks over and gives her a gentle hug and kiss on the cheek. “God, don’t you hate happy people?” Blake shakes his head disapprovingly at Luke and Fi. “So much.” Jasper agrees, his attention on his phone as he unlocks it to see 4 missed calls from Ryan. “Stupid happy people. They can all get fucked.” “They probably do. Every few nights. While you and I are out here suffering half a planet away from our lovers.” Blake turns to Jasp
  2. “What are you doing? Enjoying all the space we have now that Grace has left?” Jasper asks as he walks in and finds Ryan sitting on a chair in the middle of the otherwise quite empty dining area. Ryan smirks and gets up from the chair, he goes over to Jasper and takes his hand. Without a word to explain what he was doing, Ryan leads him to the chair, his eyes holding a steamy gaze on Jasper the whole time. As he gets him to the chair he takes Jasper by the hips and pulls him in close, sneaking a quick ass grope before stepping in so close Jasper had to stumble back, Ryan keeps the close proximi
  3. Zeke walks all through the house with Tyler following directly behind him, clinging to his jacket and. They go outside and walk all the way around the perimeter of the house. Zeke takes Tyler through the house a second time just to satisfy him that they were not in any danger, checking every place anyone could possibly be hiding. Tyler looks through each room nervously as they walk through and finally accepts that Zeke was right, there was no one there but the two of them, they had been too thorough in their search for anyone to have been there with them. The more he thought about it now the l
  4. With every planned show on their tour quickly selling out more shows were being added to meet demand. They couldn't believe the phenomenal support from their fans after such a long hiatus and the frankly shit first album that they had been forced to release under Chris’ label. Despite the hype surrounding their comeback The Obsolete had never felt less pressure in the lead up to an event. In fact, immediately after Blake’s party Simon had left for France to see his wife and Luke and Fi were preoccupied being way too prepared for the new family member they were expecting. Shockingly Blake and J
  5. Well I screwed this up and accidentally published an unedited chapter so I apologize for causing confusion. This story is one I've written a long time ago and characters names and story progression has been changed and edited as I've been posting it on here, so I'm pretty embarrassed that the chapter was posted before I had gone through it and edited any of it. Wow I need to never be up posting things past midnight again. Really sorry for the mistake!
  6. “Tyler.” Zeke sits beside him on the bed. “Have you ever had anti-depressants before?” He asks calmly. Tyler rolls over and looks at him nervously. He hated feeling vulnerable but wanted so badly to have someone he could talk to, about everything. The isolation of being dead was harder to live with than he’d imagined. More than ever, and perhaps because of the reason behind the fight they’d just had, Zeke felt a need to comfort Tyler, he wanted to be able to do something more than just stand and talk because clearly he wasn’t getting anywhere with that anyway, but he felt as though that would
  7. Zeke trudges down the hallway and peeks into the bedroom almost 20 minutes later. It looked like Tyler was fast asleep on the bed. Zeke decides he has to at least stay the night and be home when Tyler woke up, he wanted so desperately to help Tyler get through this but he felt way out of his depth with it. As he stands leaning against the doorframe staring into the room in deep thought, he realizes there was a very faint sobbing sound coming from the bed. Zeke frowns and looks over at Tyler, observes him for a few moments before he walks over to gently wake Tyler up. “Tyler, it’s ok. I
  8. “Only Blake would release his new album in the middle of a house party.” Jasper holds Ryan’s hand as they try to navigate their way through the crowd of people between the fence and the doorstep, the blasting of music loud enough that they could already barely hear each other. “I feel like I am at a frat party.” Ryan laughs and holds Jasper’s hand extra tight. Jasper turns around to Ryan and puts his arms around his neck, leaning in close so he doesn’t have to shout so much. “We don’t have to stay too long and don’t let me get too drunk. I am going to have A drink, maybe 2 but
  9. It quickly fell into a routine, though Tyler’s days were so monotonous and un-eventful that he could barely tell one from the next. He spent most of his time just waiting for Zeke to come home. When he was out, Tyler couldn’t relax, he was fidgety and agitated the whole time, planning escapes and imagining invasions to the point that he sometimes felt like it was real, but when Zeke was home he felt like he was safe from the whole world, and from the torment of living in silence with his own thoughts. The first week passed with predictability, they would both get up around dawn, Tyler
  10. “Why are you so tired? What have you been up to?” Blake asks with a smirk. “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Jasper winks back. “Ryan took me on a sunrise date, so I’ve been up since like 4am. You have a few hours before I turn into a demon from tiredness.” Jasper warns him as he walks over to Blake, looking down at the floor in thought. “Sunrise date? That’s so cheesy and on brand for him.” Blake rolls his eyes with a smile. “Mmm, I actually thought he was planning on proposing to be honest.” Jasper kicks at the ground. “Which is lucky, because you know me, if he had asked
  11. “Blake’s new music video seems like an attack or even a threat against the media, what do you have to say about that?” It took a brave reporter to take on the band now, with legal consequences being followed against the journalist that had tracked down Damien, and the music video that had just debuted. There were only a handful of people in the room with note pads, cameras and the balls to talk to the group now, much less than what these open interviews usually had. “Don’t take it so personally, we’re just doing our jobs, as entertainers.” Jasper offers a very obvious hint at the media
  12. “You’re still here?” Zeke asks genuinely surprised to see Tyler standing in his kitchen making coffee the next morning. “Of course I am, I want to know what the hell is going on and I don’t mean I need to know all your secrets, I just need to know enough that I am not still questioning whether I can trust you or not.” Tyler answers bluntly. Zeke raises an eyebrow at the demanding tone, pulling out a seat at the table and sitting down, ready to listen. “The more you know, the more danger you are in.” Zeke warns him. “That’s bullshit because my family knew nothing and the
  13. “See.” Jasper smiles at Blake as he hangs up the phone. “Told you he would be fine.” “Ok but why go there in the first place?” Blake asks with a tone of “Blake seriously. If that were me you’d be telling me I was being ‘badass’. Can we talk about why you hate my boyfriend please because I am pretty sure I told you to be nice and instead you’re being super judgy and...” “You pretty much asked me to be judgy about him, don’t be mad at me now.” Blake shrugs dismissively. “Uh, no I asked you to be my voice of reason, not to be a jerk every single time he does anythi
  14. The footsteps get closer and closer then Zeke walks in to see Tyler standing in the far corner of the kitchen with a knife in his hand staring at the doorway, white as a ghost. “Tyler hi, put that down.” Zeke says calmly as he walks towards Tyler who cowered further into the corner of the room. “Did you call here?” Tyler asks, still holding the knife up weakly. “No. Why?” Zeke frowns, he walks closer to Tyler, his hands up in a passive stance as he gets closer to the spooked guy, his actions were unpredictable at the best of times so Zeke didn’t know what to expect whil
  15. “You've still got his number haven’t you?” Jasper turns to Ryan who looked completely horrified and bewildered despite the fact Damien had not yet said a word. “Ryan tell me you are not still in contact with him.” Jules asks, her best stern parenting tone unleashed, she wasn’t taking her eyes off the screen, and if looks could kill Damien wouldn’t have been a problem judging by the glare she had locked on him. “I’ve got him blocked.” Ryan says defensively as he pulls his phone out of his pocket and quickly goes into his contacts, getting to Damien’s number and opening it to pro
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