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  1. “Ryan!” Jasper startles him from a peaceful moment in the hammock. “We’ve been doing this all wrong.” “Doing what?” Ryan asks, sitting himself up to look out at his husband. “The making love thing.” “Really? Because this is the first I’m hearing you complain.” Ryan replies, not really sure at all what Jasper could want to do differently. “Shut up, idiot. Come here.” Jasper orders, turning and walking away. At least he didn’t stick around to watch Ryan
  2. Ryan sits up and fumbles for his phone light as he hears the window being opened and someone, anything but graciously, falling through it. “Shhh~” Jasper stands up and closes the window then hobbles over to the bed. “Why are you climbing through the window? How have you climbed a two-storey house?” Ryan asks in a whisper. “Because.” Jasper climbs on the bed, right on top of Ryan. “I’m your forbidden boyfriend, we’ve gotta keep it secret from your dad that I’m her
  3. “James is going to be so mad.” Ryan mutters as they pull up to the house. Brayden had stayed up waiting for Jasper and Ryan’s arrival. Apparently, he had the house to himself because they were rocking up to a full-blown house party. “Oh, you are going to be so grounded.” Jasper teases as Ryan calls Brayden. “What is going on?” Ryan asks, though he barely hears a reply through the music and noise. Brayden yells an order for them to come around the side of the house, then he
  4. Jasper stands in the wings, twirling his microphone and taking calming breaths. He’d considered cancelling this show 100 times at least, but he was here with the excited chatter of fans awaiting him. They had no idea what was going on in his life, and he wanted it to stay that way. He couldn’t simply call it off without an explanation, and he’d never forgive himself for letting so many people down, anyway. The lights go down and despite the enthusiasm of the fans, Jasper feels his hea
  5. Seems like what they need, is a honeymoon~
  6. Seeing the first ultrasound had been somewhat surreal, but heading home for the 20-week scan, knowing that they were somehow already halfway through this pregnancy, was just terrifying. They had gone off on tour, knowing they had ages until a baby would be their reality, but in a blink, they were already on the downhill run to parenthood. Tour was coming to an end and Jasper had managed to survive. The fact that their marriage had been the least romantic part of their relationship, helped in kee
  7. You know you've instilled fear in your readers when the chapter you intended on just being a quick little wake-up call that Jasper's got a lot to learn about his new celebrity status and how to navigate that world without falling victim to it, results in a bunch of worried comments. It's understandable, given what Jasper's gone through, but don't stress too much, this was his first experience in this new scene. He had a near miss and is not looking to go back downhill so this was just a lesson learnt. Credit where it's due, he left his drink unattended, but he did promise to only have one drink and he did only have one drink. He was trying to make good choices in regards to consumption amount. Like Leo said, they just have better lawyers to cover their tracks. (I'm a woman) Are men warned about it as much though? He was never really in the party scene and was still on his climb to fame in the last book, he's very out of touch with his new reality and has a lot to learn. He's not really been around people that would have been telling him this stuff. His parents certainly never would have, Ryan's not big on drinking, Blake went through his party boy stage before being in the band and Leo was always more worried about the amount Jasper was drinking. He ended the last book swearing sobriety, which was right for him at the time. But he never learnt to self-regulate and enjoy alcohol responsibly. His all or nothing approach was never going to be sustainable as a young pop icon. He's around this lifestyle and there's so much temptation, he's just got to learn that he's not 21 anymore and the expectations for how he behaves are different, he can't just be naiive. The comment about getting the partying out of his system has a lot to do with something else that's going on with him and is almost completely irrelevant to actually wanting to 'party'. It'll (hopefully) become more clear over the next few chapters as the issue builds, but his drinking isn't the issue being carried over from the first story, it's something else he hasn't learned to handle yet.
  8. “Is Ryan coming?” “Nope. He was up until 4am, so he’s sleeping. I’ve set an alarm on his phone for midday and I’ll have to send you back to get him before the show.” Jasper answers as he climbs in the front passenger seat. “Tell me you were up until 4 finally getting laid.” Leo jokes. Jasper scoffs and shakes his head, looking out the window. “I take it he’s still stressing about your baby.” “Yeah, you would think he’d have chilled out about it by now. Like, he was at
  9. Ok so the problem is if I post it myself, no one gets a notification. If I schedule it to be posted automatically, there's no problem. Not sure why this is an issue, but at least it seems that I've worked out a way around it! Thanks for letting me know about the issue, I truly appreciate it. Hopefully moving forward there won't be any problems with chapter notifications!
  10. Just tried something, did anyone get a notification that time?
  11. “What are you doing?” Jasper asks as Ryan sweeps him up the moment Jasper gets the door unlocked. “Carrying you over the threshold. We’re married now, it’s one of the rules of marriage,” Ryan replies. “Do you know how much time I spend trying not to perpetuate being the women in this relationship?” “You mean, by tying your shirt on the side to fem it up on stage?" Ryan teases. "My stage persona has always been camp, that's what my fans like." Jasper argues. "I just wante
  12. There’s a familiar sound of fans losing their minds as Jasper passes a small group of teenage girls who must have been waiting for him at the airport. Being screamed at on stage was a very different feeling than to see a bunch of kids crying at the sight of him dressed down and exhausted in public, still, Jasper smiles at them and gives a wave, stops for a group photo and acts like he’s got nowhere better to be, allowing Ryan to pass by completely unnoticed. Jasper did not know how he and Ryan w
  13. Littlelovestories


    Thank you for letting me know. It sucks that people aren't being notified of updates on this story. I have no idea what is causing the issue but I hope it gets rectified soon.
  14. Littlelovestories


    In a good way or a bad way? Hahaha
  15. Ooh you stopped right before the drama. I'd say welcome back, but I'm sure you're not enjoying your return to this story given where you're up to.
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