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    Mac Rountree
  • Author
  • 6,759 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

The Boys of Summer - 9. Labor Day Weekend - Part One

Pate and Timmy have made it through the summer and now have to get through Labor Day weekend. Granny Louise has come for a visit and has taken on the role of Major General. How will the boys deal with a push granny?

There was a knock at the bedroom door.

“Breakfast will be ready in five minutes. You boys need to get up. You hear me?”

“Yes, granny. We are up.” I grabbed ET’s hard cock as I said we were up. Unfortunately, there was no time for me to play with his erection. I crawled over ET and headed to the bathroom to wash my face and clean my teeth. I heard Louise knock on each bedroom door to let the house know another day was upon us.

A bunch of scraggly gay men wandered into the breakfast room and sat at the table for Saturday morning breakfast. Jube, Garry, Art, ET and I had bed heads and unshaved faces. We were not a pretty lot. Louise was too cheerful for it to be so early in the morning. She set platters of food on the table. I reached for a piece of bacon and she slapped my hand.

“Peyton, you know we don’t eat until we have thanked the good Lord for this food. Why don’t you lead us in morning grace?” Everyone looked at me and smirked. Louise slapped ET behind the head. “You were raised right Timmy. No laughing at God.” I chuckled and was ready to make some quip to ET when Louise gave me the evil eye. I immediately straightened up. I looked around the table, raised my arms in the open, inviting position and said, “The Lord Be You.” There was silence. It was obvious none of these folks were Episcopalians. I did the response. “And also with you.” I then recited the Jubilate Deo from the Morning Prayer service as the grace. Louise gave me the look again.

“Thank you, Peyton. I am not used to such a Catholic prayer at the breakfast table. I supposed there is something all of us can learn. Of course, you are still wearing that bracelet kind of thing which I don’t understand.”

I heard the front door open and Blue and Tommy walked in.

“Perfect timing. I told Tommy we could come by for breakfast before we headed to Hatteras to surf.”

We made room at the table and what followed was a raucous conversation about our plans for the day. Garry had little to say to anyone but would give a wan smile when someone said something funny. Blue, on the other hand, was the ring leader of quick retorts to anything that was said. Blue had on his swimsuit and had recently acquired a pukka shell necklace. With his deep tan, he looked like the typical surfer. He was acting like an alpha dog. He did everything except sniff people’s butts and lift his leg to piss on them. Tommy was fully engaged but not as loquacious as Blue but would get a good jibe in time and again. As we were winding down our breakfast conversation, Louise looked at Garry and asked if he would help her clean up.

“Well, thank you for the offer but I was going to work on my tan.”

“Do you want me to talk to your Aunt Myrene? I could tell her that I asked for your assistance and you were too busy primping and trying to be pretty to help an old woman.”

That is all it took and Garry immediately fell into line.

“Thank you. Now Peyton and Timothy I need for you to set up for the luncheon on the deck.”

“Yes ma’am. Can we then go to the beach?” I asked that with a wee bit of sarcasm. I got the look again. Damn, this was my house and Timmy’s grandmother was acting like the Major General. When Louise called and asked if she could come visit for a couple of weeks I didn’t know what I was getting into when I agreed. It was a holiday weekend and I had planned on rest and relaxation instead we had this 5’2” tyrant running the household.

Blue thanked Louise for breakfast and told her that he never had a grandmother. He used his puppy dog eyes when he said it. She quipped, “Well that explains a lot, doesn’t it? If you had been raised by me you would be a very different boy than you are today. Of course, there is nothing much wrong with you that I couldn’t fix.” Her eyes were twinkling as she walked up to Blue and gave him a hug. “I think you are doing mighty fine just as you are.” Blue beamed. Tommy grabbed his hand and said the surf was calling his name. They headed out the door and promised to be back for supper.

Jube and Garry had arrived at midnight on Friday night. ET and I were already in bed when they pulled into the drive. I gave a per functionary greeting and welcomed them to the beach. I directed them to their bedroom and told them we would catch up in the morning. Jube and I knew there would have to be a conversation over the weekend about Garry’s telephone call to Timmy. I was frankly surprised that they were staying with us. I chalked it up to Garry being a cold-hearted bitch who wouldn’t own his bad behaviors. If Jube hadn’t been my best friend in the world I would have told them to f-off when Jube called to confirm that the long-standing tradition of being at the beach house for Labor Day was still okay. It was an awkward conversation at best.

Before setting the lunch table on the deck I went to the library and started sorting through music. I needed just the right songs to put me in the holiday mood. I pulled out an assortment of “Beach Music” in celebration of the holiday. I was bent over getting ready to load the music in the CD player when Timmy leaned over and lay across my back. I felt his hand on my ass and turned to see him grinning at me. He kissed my neck and told me that he loved me. I turned my head and kissed him on his luscious lips. At that moment, I could have fucked him on the floor of the library. Jube walked in and asked if we could talk. Bad timing of course. I said that we could but wondered about Garry’s availability given his duty roster from Louise.

“I don’t want Garry to be part of the conversation.” My quixotic look to Jube after his comment did not elicit more information.

“OK, why don’t we go sit on the deck and talk?”

Jube suggested we walk down the beach and talk while we were getting in our morning exercise. I put on my Oakley sunglasses and told him I was ready. Timmy agreed that the two of us needed to be alone and he would stay at the house to finish setting up for lunch. Jube immediately told him that was a great idea. It seemed that Jube needed some Pate time.

The sand was scorching. I had anticipated the heat and wore a pair of flip flops. I had on my usual beach wear – gym shorts and an athletic tee shirt. We walked to the water’s edge and headed north. No words were said. We kept walking. Finally, Jube started speaking.

“I can’t do this. I am breaking up with Garry this weekend. He is such a miserable person. I thought that after moving in with me he would get his life together and find a job. Nurses can always get jobs. There is a shortage. Our newspaper is full of ads seeking nurses. He stays home and lies to me about job hunting. It took me a few weeks but then I started digging into what happened at the other hospital. Pate, he was fired. They didn’t close a unit and lay him off. They fired him because of his attitude and behaviors. He had refused to participate in the EAP program so I can’t blame the hospital.”

I remained silent and gave Jube lots of time to talk through what was happening. I was holding his hand while we walked in the surf. Oblivious as ever, I didn’t notice the people staring at us. I didn’t care. My friend was hurting and I needed to provide assurance that I was there to support him. We walked up on the sand dune and sat in silence. We were still holding hands.

“Does he have an inkling this is going to happen?” I was wondering what type of scene to expect in the house.

“He is so self-absorbed he doesn’t have a clue. All week he was bitching and wondering if we were going to have to eat potato salad all weekend.” Jube gave a wry smile.

“I can make that happen if you want.” I laughed as I said it.

“Friend of mine, you cook what you want. You know I will eat anything you fix.”

We sat in silence.

I was thinking: in for a penny in a pound…..

“Jube, there shouldn’t be any elephants on the beach or in the house so we have to talk about what Garry told Timmy.”

We sat in silence then Jube gave a big sigh.

“We fought on the way home after July 4th. Garry accused me of still being in love with you and he hated that we had our “boy’s weekends” that didn’t include him. He kept haranguing me and I finally told him that you and I had found a trick and fucked him all weekend. I owned my role in the event. He seemed satisfied after I said that I had cheated on him. He then had this self-righteous look on his face and thanked me for telling him the truth. He told me later that he had called Timmy. I don’t know what he said and I was too embarrassed to call you. I apologize.”

“It is alright. Everything actually turned out for the better because I had to make a decision about Timmy and that conversation forced the discussion. It was unpleasant but afterwards we knew we were settled. It was an absolute shitty day but Timmy was so forthright. He wasn’t accusing. He just told me I needed to make up my mind. He gave me space to decide what was important in my life.”

“Well, it seems that you did. You even have the granny-from-hell running the house this weekend.” Jube grinned.

“I will need to take care of that when we get home. I love Louise and it is obvious that she adores her grandson. So do I. But I don’t need a drill sergeant running my house on a holiday weekend.” We both chuckled. “I need to tell Timmy what to expect for the weekend. I don’t want him to be caught unaware so I will let him know about you and Garry. Lord knows, we have had enough drama in our lives this summer. Let’s go home so I can make some potato salad.”

We turned south to head home. We were caught in a wave as we walked the edge of the ocean. I grabbed Jube by the waist and pulled us both into the surf. He was caught by surprise as we were submerged and came up spitting water.

“You’re a complete ass wipe.” He grabbed me and pulled me down into the next wave. We were both laughing as we resurfaced.

“You are dead meat if I lose my Oakley’s. I have already lost my flip flops.”

Jube grabbed me, pulled me into his chest and kissed me. “Peyton, I love you as my best friend in the entire world. I am so glad I am here with you.”

We played in the surf as we headed home. I pulled my t-shirt over my head and wrapped it around my neck. Jube left his on and said he was getting a bit of a spare tire and didn’t want people to see it. That was all of the information I needed to tackle him and pull him shirt over his head. I balled up his shirt and ran toward home. Jube was hot on my heels. I ran across the scorching sand toward the deck. We bounded onto the deck to find Garry, Art and ET lying on the chaises. I grabbed a hose and aimed it at Jube.

“I love you Pate Ruffin.” Jube let the world know as he grabbed me and planted another kiss on my mouth. I kissed him back and said, “I love you too, Jube Tyler.”

Garry jumped up and demanded an explanation of our behavior. ET was looking at me trying to figure out what was happening and Art was totally non-plussed.

“It is wonderful to have a best friend through thick and thin. You are the best Jube. I thank God you are in my life.”

“Oh, it is just ya’ll being all brother like or something. I thought you were trying to steal my boyfriend, Pate. I know how ya’ll are like sex pigs and how you lead him astray when you are in Norfolk.”

There was a deadly silence. I turned off the hose and said that I was going in the house to make a bowl of potato salad. I looked at Garry as I said this.

ET spoke up and said that Louise had prepared lunch.

“I will thank her for doing so, but I need potato salad and this is my house and so we are going to have some. First, I need to rid myself of this bathing suit.” I stripped and lay my gym shorts across the deck railing. I tossed Jube his shirt and said I was going to shower.

There was not a sound said as I walked across the deck. I hoped that my ass was still good enough to get a rise out of the fellows. I walked into the house. Louise was standing in the foyer and caught her breath when she saw me. I just stared at her and visually challenged her to say anything. The shower was refreshing. I put on clean gym shorts and then walked into the kitchen, Timmy was dicing celery and pickles. He was sitting on a stool at the counter wearing his navy-blue speedo. He was sans shirt and his shoulders were glowing from his time in the sun. I leaned down and started kissing each freckle on his shoulders.

“I love you so much. I thank God you are in my life.” His eyes welled with tears after my proclamation.

He dropped the knife on the cutting board and wrapped his arms around my neck. “Oh Pate, I love you too. I don’t know what happened with you and Jube but I sense that everything is okay. I am so glad.”

Louise came into the kitchen and told me that she had already prepared food for lunch. I told her that I was in the mood for potato salad and I was making a big bowl for us to eat. She looked at me and then Timmy. She nodded and said that potato salad could be a challenge for people but was also healing. I asked her what she meant.

“Well, potato salad is one of those competition dishes. Everyone has their own little spin on how to make it. Lordy, at church lunches you have to put labels with people’s names on their bowls of potato salad so everyone knows which bowl to pick from to eat. It just wouldn’t do to eat potato salad from someone you might not be talking to that week. It is a challenge; almost as much as a pound cake. Potato salad is also healing because it is about comfort and familiarity. All of that oil and eggs emulsified then folded with the potatoes, pickles, celery, onions, and eggs combine goodness and mercy.

“Wait, are you telling me you put eggs in your potato salad?”

Louise laughed. “See what I mean. Yes, I put eggs in my potato salad but you obviously don’t. We are all individuals and something as simple as potato salad acknowledges our diversity. Yes, the base ingredients of potato and mayonnaise are the same but then we can have variations on the theme. You like bread and butter pickles, I prefer my home-made cucumber pickle. Sort of like humans. We are all different flavors and they are all good.”

“One more thing,” I said, “You should only use Duke’s mayonnaise in potato salad.”

We were laughing as Art walked into the kitchen.

“Arthur, does your daddy know where you are staying? Should I mention to him that I saw you when I see him next Sunday at church?”

Art blushed and asked Louise not to mention anything to his daddy.

Louise looked him in the eyes and said, “there is so much hurt in the world. Of course, I won’t tell him if you don’t want me to. You are a special kind of potato salad, aren’t you?” Louise let loose with a big laugh.

There was confusion on Art’s face but also an audible sigh of relief.

Louise allowed as how it was almost lunch time and we should think about eating. I looked at Louise and asked her if we could do without her Major General approach to life in the house for the weekend.

“This is a holiday for my company and I would prefer that it be relaxed. I love you, but you need to calm down. This is about Timmy and me taking care of you.”

Louise looked at me unblinking. She then walked up to me and put her arms around my shoulders and thanked me for clarifying. “I wasn’t trying to be bossy but everything just seemed so disorganized. I know you usually have a very organized life and I thought I would provide relief for you for the weekend. “Lord knows, you are tightly wound most of the time. You are worse than a wind-up clock on a night stand. All night you hear that thing just ticking and ticking and you don’t know if there will be an explosion or just an alarm when it goes off. You know that you are like that, don’t you? I will relax if you will relax. Deal?”

We both laughed and I said that life was good. I elected Timmy to be in charge for the weekend, thinking he would take everything nice and easy.

“Art, go tell Jube and Garry that lunch will be on the table in fifteen minutes. Granny, get the food from the Frigidaire and put it on the counter. Pate take the food to the table. After we sat, ET looked down the table and asked Jube to say the grace. Jube stated that he preferred that someone else pray. ET looked at him and said, “I asked politely, now I will tell you that we will not eat until you say grace.”

Jube’s eyes popped out hearing this from ET but he bowed his head and started saying grace. After he finished, Louise told him that he did a right good job and she could tell he was raised Baptist. Louise beamed at Timmy for taking control. We ate Louise’s country meal for a hot summer’s day. Melon, congealed salads, chicken salad, shrimp salad and butter beans and corn. We also had the leftover clabber biscuits from breakfast. And of course, there was my potato salad and pitchers of sun tea. The lunchtime conversation was congenial however somewhat stilted. I grew weary of trying to keep the conversation flow going and gave up. As we finished, ET once again handed out assignments and told everyone that we had a cook-out that night and he would need help in getting everything organized.

ET then looked at me and told me to go take a nap.

“You are worn out from trying to take care of everything and everybody. I don’t want you to be cranky tonight so a nap is in order.”

I suggested that I needed to go to the grocery store first. ET gave me the eye. Damn, he had inherited that from his granny. Louise asked if she could go also because she might need to pick up a few things. As anticipated, the store was absolute madness. As we were getting out of the car, we saw Randolph. Louise walked up to him to say hello. She reminded him that she was Timmy’s grandmother and that she was staying with us for the weekend. Randolph gave me a strange look and I chose not to acknowledge or respond. We said our good-byes and walked into the store.

“That man is right queer, ain’t he?” I looked at Louise and said that he was good at his work. “Well, he acted like he didn’t know you and Timmy were together.”

“He didn’t.”

“What do you mean? How can he not know that you and Timmy are a couple?”

“Well, he has forbidden Timmy from dating clients and I am a client of the agency.” Louise was mortified by what she had done.

“Please don’t tell Timmy what I did. Let’s figure out what to do about Randolph. I didn’t mean to cause a problem.”

We were on aisle three looking for sugar and flour so that Louise could make a cake for dinner. We were discussing what cake would be best for dinner. I preferred a simple pound cake but Louise was intent on making a Hummingbird Cake. I looked up and saw the police chief coming our way. He walked up to me and asked for a word. Louise now had the popeyed look. The chief and I walked down the aisle and once no one was in hearing distance the chief gave me some information that I was not expecting to hear. I looked him in the eyes and asked if he was sure. He nodded his head. I thanked him for the information and that I would need some time to decide how to act on the situation. He told me that I had five days or he would have to act.

Louise asked if everything was alright and I assured her it was.

“He’s not getting ready to arrest you or anything is he?”

“No, it is ok Louise.”

“Timmy’s not in trouble, is he?”

“Timmy is not in trouble.”

Louise let out a sigh of relief. “You must be somebody important if the police chief knows you and wants to have confidential conversations with you in the Food Lion.”

My outward appearance was cool and collected but internally I was quaking.

We got back into the Jeep and Louise reached out and grabbed my hand. “This is none of my business but has Timmy talked to you about his life? Has he told you about his real daddy?”

“We have both talked about growing up but I don’t know what you mean his real daddy.”

“Make him tell you. It is probably best if he does it while I am here. I can fill in the details he might not remember. I will also be here to support him after he tells you the truth about himself.”

I was dumbstruck by both the chief’s comments and what Louise had just told me. This was supposed to be a holiday weekend but it was quickly turning into a trifecta shit storm. Jube and Garry, ET and his real daddy, and the confidence from the police chief. What else could possibly happen?

We returned home and I put the groceries away. I looked out to the deck and the guys were lying in the sun. I went to our bedroom and stripped. I lay on the bed and fell asleep. I awoke when I felt a mouth of my cock.

“Ummmm, yes, keep sucking my cock.”

ET looked up and grinned at me.

“I came in the bedroom to check on you and that big hog was laying across your thigh. It is wonderful that it is big enough to do that. My mouth started watering and I couldn’t help myself. I needed some MacDick. I don’t need lettuce, or tomato or a toasted bun; it is fine just as it is. I do want some of your special sauce though.”

ET’s swimsuit was obscenely packed with his dick. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband and slowly pulled it away from his cock and then down his thighs. I pulled him to me and slid his cock down my throat. He grunted. We worked out a push pull action so I was swallowing him on the downstroke. He was getting close but I wasn’t ready for us to be finished. I turned his body and pushed on his lower back. We continued with our frenzied love making. We reached completion and I kissed his lips. I wrapped my arms around him and pulled him close to me. We fell asleep coupled in cum.

I awoke and realized that the house was completely quiet. ET had slid to my side but still had his head on my shoulder. His shoulder was pushed into my arm pit. I needed to take a wicked piss but knew I would awaken ET if I moved. He looked like an angel. No worry or strain was on his face. A lock of hair fell across his eye. I noticed how the sun had bleached his hair during the summer and that highlighted his tan. Once again, I thought of what a handsome man he was becoming and that it had started just a few months prior and that we were coupled.

I couldn’t help myself. I had to get up. I was taking a piss in the toilet when ET came into the bathroom and started pissing also. We watched in fascination at the amount of liquid being expelled. I took his hand and led him to the shower. The water was soothing as we washed each other. No words were spoken. I slowly used my finger to trace a line where his swimsuit normally rested on his hips. The tan line was pronounced and pointed out how much time we had spent on the beach. I slid my fingers into his ass. He knew what I was starting but stopped the progress. Very quietly Timmy said, “We have folks coming to dinner and we have to get started. We can continue this later.”

We walked into the bedroom and I grabbed a pair of khaki shorts from the wardrobe. A black Izod and a pair of black Weejuns completed my outfit. Timmy wore khaki shorts, a navy Izod and Oxblood Weejuns. I sprayed 4711 cologne and stepped into it. Timmy did the same. We smiled at each other and our eyes indicated we were ready to face the world.

We stepped into the foyer as Louise came down the hallway.

“The two of you are absolutely stunning.” Louise walked up to us and put her arms through ours. We walked out to the deck.

“Peyton, I have a confession to make. I took a book from your library and have been reading it at night. Now, I had to skip some of the sex stuff because I am an old woman and don’t need to be reading about that. But there is a quote on the front on the book and I finally got to the scene in the book. “

I knew which book she had been reading.

I said, “As long as it’s love, the Lord won’t mind.”

“Yes, that’s it. I guess I have some learning to do. But I feel the same way. If you and Timmy are in love then the Lord won’t mind.”

“I love that soap opera of a book. There are some essential truths in the book and just to let you know, I did read the sex scenes. Several times.” I let out a loud laugh and kissed Louise on the cheek. I suggested that Timmy should read it also especially the sex scenes.

The deck was set up for a cook-out. There were a couple of dining tables, a buffet table, a drink table and the grill.

“You certainly know how to entertain. Back in Bear Swamp people aren’t so fancy. We focus on the food and enjoying each other’s company.”

“I am the same. Only I kick it up a notch or two.”

“Look at that table. There are china plates, and silverware and real glasses. Who in the world ironed those napkins? Is this the way that gay men entertain?”

“Yes ma’am it is. It honors other people when I use my best for them. I am showing that I respect them and want to share my riches with them.

Art walked onto the deck wearing tight black lycra bicycle racing shorts and a white gym shirt. Nothing was left to the imagination. He did a pirouette and said he was bartender for the night and hoped to get some big tips. In a bar, he would have taken in more in tips than there would be money in the till.

Louise looked at him and asked, “What would your daddy say if he saw you dressed like that?”

All of the air was sucked from the deck and Art totally deflated. I averred that his daddy was not part of his life and was not to be part of the discussion anymore. Louise walked up to him and put her hands on his shoulders.

“I can only say it is a good thing I am not 60 years younger. You are one handsome boy, Arthur. The good lord has blessed you in many ways. She eyed him up and down. Now, can you fix me a Coke with a little bourbon while I go get my purse so I can give you a tip. Peyton knows exactly how to fix what I like.”

“No tips necessary, Mrs. Lane. Just your good wishes will do.”

The front door opened and my mother and dad walked in, followed by Trace and Michelle. Just as Art was fixing drinks for everyone, Jube and Garry walked out of their bedroom. Neither looked happy. Blue and Tommy approached the party from the water side. Blue’s eyes were glassed over but he was his usual charming self. Tommy was fidgety all evening. I had invited my office staff to join us for dinner and the deck was filled with people.

My dad enjoyed grilling burgers, hot dogs and ears of corn. He would ask people how they wanted their burgers cooked, then would pretend to inspect them, and would choose the one closest and put on their bun. Michelle helped my mother and Louise get the food from the kitchen. ET clapped his hands and asked that everyone gather round for the blessing. He looked at me and smiled. He said, “Dear God, we give thanks for your people who are gathered here tonight at our home. You have graciously brought us to together in love and fellowship. Thank you for the many hands that have prepared the food, those who have set up, and best of all we give thanks to those who will be cleaning up afterwards. So that being said, I finish with Good Food, Good Meat, Good God, let’s eat. Amen.”

Louise smacked ET behind the head. “You were okay to the very last.” She was smiling from ear to ear.

I looked around and it was like hogs at a trough. People were seriously eating. Before I knew it, people were eating seconds and my dad was in his element at the grill. He loved serving up food. There was much hilarity on the deck as people moved from table to table to join conversations. Old School R&B was playing on the stereo and people were singing along.

We finished dinner and Jube and Garry started taking dirty dishes to the kitchen. My mother brought out a stack of dessert plates and then ET make a big production when he brought out the Hummingbird Cake. It looked delicious. There were many accolades for Louise. I asked her to cut slices for everyone. She had a gleam in her eye and asked that Timmy and I cut the cake. Together. I was stunned. Timmy came over and asked if I was okay doing this. I just nodded. I stood behind Timmy and we both put our hands on the cake knife and make the first cut into the cake. Timmy looked up at me and I kissed him. We cut the first slice and gave it to my mother. Louise said that she would slice the rest of the cake. I was reeling from cutting the cake with Timmy as if it was our wedding cake.

The noise level was so high I barely heard the door bell ringing.

I walked through the foyer and opened the front door.

“I don’t know if you remember me?”

“Of course I do, Edward.” Timmy was standing beside me. We invited Edward in and said we were cutting cake. I looked down and saw a large duffle bag.

“Just like when I met you. You gave me cake during the fireworks.”

At that point, he entered the house and fell into my arms and started crying. Timmy was quick to wrap him in a hug.

“Let’s go to the library where we can talk.” I grabbed his duffle bag and got it in the foyer. We walked to the library and I closed the door.

“You are having a party. I am sorry for interrupting. I should leave.” He hesitated.

“Are you here with your uncle and aunt?” I asked.

His lower lip started quivering and his eyes filled with tears. I made a motion of drinking from a glass to Timmy and he left to get Edward something to drink. He came back in and said I should probably go out and mingle with folks as they were asking what was happening. He had a glass of sun tea for Edward and a large slice of cake. Edward dispatched the cake in quick order. He said he hadn’t eaten all day and it was good.

I told Edward we could sort out the story later but we should go to the deck and be with my guests. Timmy reached out and grabbed his hand. “Just stay with me and everything will be fine.” I walked onto the deck followed by Timmy and Edward. Garry shrieked that it was Edward. Edward moved slightly behind Timmy. I announced to everyone that a friend from Ohio had arrived. I introduced Edward to everyone. Art’s eyeballs looked like they were on stalks when he was introduced to Edward. Edward’s eyes traveled south to Art’s crotch. He instinctively licked his lips. Timmy laughed and handed off Edward to Art’s good care.

My dad fixed Edward a plate of food and my mother made sure he had everything he needed. All was right with the party until I heard Jube say in a loud voice, “I told you, NO. Leave him alone, he is not here to see you.” Garry started to respond and Jube slapped him across the face. The sound from the slap was like a rifle report. “I said stop. You are not going to embarrass me in front on my friends anymore. Go pack. I am going home. You will need to tell me where to drop you off. I cannot do this anymore.”

There was a stunned silence and Garry stomped off to the bedroom. Jube stood on the deck totally embarrassed and didn’t know what to say. Finally, he apologized for his bad behavior and headed to the kitchen. People started disbursing at that point. Blue and Tommy waved as they walked down the deck steps to the beach.

“You give the most interesting parties, my friend.” Trace laughed. He grew serious and asked if Jube would be okay. I assured him that Jube was fine. “Well, it seems that someone is always crying and there is much drama on this deck. You need to put up a drama free zone sign. It provides a certain level of entertainment but I always feel like I have missed the first act and I don’t if I want to be around for the third.”

Michelle did air kisses and said it was so good that I had taken Blue under my wings. “He is doing so great. No problems. I think I can keep him on the workforce through the winter…that is if you continue to feed him a couple of nights a week.”

“We’ll talk.” I bid Michelle and Trace good night.

My parents told me they had filled the dishwasher and that the grill was ok for the night. My dad gave me a concerned look and asked if everything was ok? I assured them all was well. They left along with my office staff.

Louise said she was tired and going to bed.

I looked over to see Art and Edward deep in conversation. I decided that Edward could tell us his story on Sunday.

Timmy grabbed my hand and said he wanted to sit on the beach.

Down the steps and across the dunes we walked and found a place on the beach where we just dropped. Timmy was sitting between my legs. I wrapped my arms around him. I couldn’t help myself as I kissed his neck. He was cooing.

“The end of summer. I certainly didn’t know it would be like this when I came home with you after that development dinner in May. It seems like a lifetime ago. Did you notice that the sea oats are turning golden?”

I continued to kiss Timmy’s neck as he meandered in his disjointed talking. He stopped, cocked his head to the side and looked at me.

“Something serious is going on with you. You usually are like a magpie but you are very quiet tonight.”

I stopped kissing. “I am taking lessons from the Master. I am processing and will talk to you when I have it figured out. But, I am thinking about us and Stevie Wonder.”

“Once again your dots are not connecting for me. What does Stevie Wonder have to do with us?”

I started singing:

“This is not a coincidence, and far more than a lucky chance,

But what is that was always meant, is our ribbon in the sky for our love,

Love, we can’t lose with God on our side, we’ll find strength in each tear we cry,

From now on it will be you and I, and our ribbon in the sky for our love.”

“Timmy, I have never been so much in love before.”

I felt his tears as he twisted in my arms and kissed me. We continued to kiss. ET was sitting on my lap with his legs locked around my waist. We tightly embraced and did not want to let the other loose. Finally, we felt the cool night air enfold us. ET leaned in and gave me a peck on the lips and said we needed to go inside.

We walked hand in hand onto the deck where we found Jube wrapped in a blanket lying on a chaise. He was awake. We sat and I asked what was happening.

“We will leave in the morning. I am too angry to drive through the swamp tonight. I will not sleep with him and he insisted that he was company and would stay in the bedroom. I will be ok out here tonight. Lord knows, I have spent many a night sleeping on the beach.”

“Do you know where Edward went?”

“He and Art were talking when I came out here. Art asked Edward if he wanted to spend the night in his bedroom and he said yes.”

Timmy and I sighed and looked at each other.

I stood and we bade Jube a good night’s sleep. We went into the bedroom and Timmy quickly fell asleep. I lay thinking about the trifecta of shit that had turned into a quadruple when Edward arrived. It was the end of summer, it was Saturday night of a holiday weekend, and while this was supposed to be a holiday it felt like a surrealist play.






Copyright © 2019 Mac Rountree; All Rights Reserved.
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24 minutes ago, Canuk said:

"We need a drama free zone" certainly true of this group this weekend!



They can create some drama!!  

Thanks for reading.


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Not quite the carefree Labor Day weekend Pate was hoping for.  And there is trouble ahead for Timmy too, one way or another.

Might Garry be suffering from some type of anxiety? 

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On 8/17/2019 at 6:45 PM, Brokenbind said:

Not quite the carefree Labor Day weekend Pate was hoping for.  And there is trouble ahead for Timmy too, one way or another.

Might Garry be suffering from some type of anxiety? 


Holiday weekends at the beach are supposed to be fun filled, enjoyable times.  Right?  

Timmy does have trouble ahead but he will figure it out.  He has a strong inner core.

Garry suffers from a lot of things but deep down it is insecurity that presents itself as him being a bitch.  He needs a good dose of counseling because he has lost his job and now his boyfriend.  He is afraid to talk with a therapist because he is afraid that his entire world may fly apart.  What he doesn't realize is that it already has.  

Thanks for reading.


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