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  1. Brokenbind

    Chapter 15

    I wonder what it would take for Connie to choose Will over his Rugby career. And, whether Will would accept that. Stupid HEA dreams... 😆
  2. Brokenbind

    Opening Night

    Yonatan seems a bit lost in the melee, although holding his own when he has to. Todd's behaviour is becoming increasingly erratic.
  3. Together, settled, content, and prospering. Perfect.
  4. Brokenbind


    Perfect! Did Jacinda actually want any burger with all those condiments? It sounds like a storyboard for a washing tabs commercial ("Cue Jacinda taking a big bite, with goo jetting like a car wash over Damien and MJ. Look how Soapytabs cleans those clothes, even at low temperatures!") Sorry, it's been a long day...
  5. That was lovely. I'm sorry that there are only a few chapters left; this story has the scope to run for a while, but in your judgment we trust, and all that! Something tells me that the Land Agent won't be at all happy with their choice of plots, for reasons yet to be revealed.
  6. Brokenbind

    Summer Delight

    Summer Delight indeed, but raising a few questions, too. For example, is Todd just too busy to be polite, or is more going on there? And does Yonatan prefer Juju to Ossie in some way? I'm sure all will be revealed in the fullness of time!
  7. Brokenbind

    Chapter 7

    The stereotypical Brit as a pompous twerp. Thankfully, we're not all like that (I hope...)
  8. Brokenbind

    Dude, the Hair

    I'm glad that Thomas seems to have turned a corner. Now, if only Sidney could perhaps do the same? I'm rooting for Sidney and Eli, and Laramie and Walter.
  9. I think we've all felt somewhat adrift this past year. What a good idea to find new touchstones and experiences to keep us centred whilst the world rights itself again.
  10. Brokenbind

    No Knocking

    Oops! That'll teach you to knock first...
  11. That's a unique way of interpreting Belinda, but there is something otherworldly about her, so perhaps not far off. At least Sufiyan and Cecelia didn't run to the Sûreté. That does not end at all well for LGBTQ+ there.
  12. I had a line manager a lot like Sheriff Willard. Knew me better than I knew myself, and subtly altered the course of my life, often indirectly and in not so many words. I didn't cotton on until much later, and by the time I pulled my head out of my ass, it was too late to be grateful in person. Hopefully Boone and Coy can make it to Larkspur without further incident. And that's a long way on horseback with a headache.
  13. Someone is looking out for Boone. Was it Coy, Blue, or something or someone else? I'm not sure but I'm very happy that Coy is back to save Boone. Hopefully we understand why he is back in the next chapter (he hinted...) What changed his mind?
  14. Brokenbind

    Chapter 8

    Ooh. Power couple..?
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