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  1. Sometimes you've got to stop and smell the roses. They made memories today, and that's a good thing.
  2. It's a little sad when things don't turn out as you hope. I suspect they both feel that way. And in those times, parting like this would probably be forever, although they'd probably be less sentimental about it than me.
  3. Brokenbind

    Chapter 7

    And were they married in the end..? I hope so. Soulmates!
  4. The question is - is Coy ready to face the World on his own? Young, relatively naive, and used to others looking out for him. I bet Boone's 1200 mile trip with a grumpy Blue will be its own trial...
  5. St. Anselm's might be the perfect fit for a number of reasons. Things click into place easier, for one. It sounds like a great place to raise Clay.
  6. Brokenbind

    Chapter 4 Lawman

    I'm certainly enjoying it @Headstall but I've been quiet too. Perhaps I'm a bit foxed about where Boone and Coy are going to find any happiness. It doesn't seem as if it will be together, no matter how fond of each other they are. I'm expecting a final parting of ways soon, and that's kinda sad. I like my HEA's!
  7. Brokenbind


    Wonderful! Give them all our love!!! Three for three on HEA's after all Thanks for letting us know @Thirdly!
  8. Brokenbind

    Handling It

    Tabloids. Yuck...
  9. Brokenbind

    Chapter 3

    So sad. And a surprising level of acceptance from Earl.
  10. Well that's better.
  11. Wow. I think you'd have to be very brave to go through a public one-on-one session like that.
  12. Happy Birthday @Wesley8890!
  13. Brokenbind

    Chapter 1

    This felt like a very British story. It's not always 'happy ever after'. Poor Mark.
  14. Brokenbind

    Talking it Out

    That was sweet and positive, but I bet those emotional sessions can leave you feeling very raw and exposed.
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