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    Mac Rountree
  • Author
  • 6,150 Words
Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

The Boys of Summer - 7. Weekend Company

The guys have weekend guests who cause a visceral reaction from Timmy.

Patti was singing in the background. “You are my friend…………..” I loved me some Patti. Timmy was rather indifferent to her voice which I could not understand.

It was a rare Saturday morning in that it was just the two of us at the breakfast table. Michelle and Trace had journeyed inland for a party for their upcoming nuptials. We were expecting company later but this morning it was just the two of us. I had made vegetable omelets, wheat toast, hash browns and corned beef hash. I couldn’t help myself so there was also a rasher of bacon. Just because. Mother had made some strawberry jam from her bumper crop and had shared her bounty with us. We were sitting across from each other staring into each other’s eyes.

I sang along with Patti but I was singing to ET.

I see the world with brand new eyes

your love has made me realize

my future looks bright to me

because you are my friend.


“I can’t get over what a wonderful voice you have.” I smiled at ET’s compliment.

“I could always sing but it was in college that I really learned to sing. I was in the college choir and had a good mentor who helped me develop my voice. During my junior year, a college professor asked if I would help out at his church. Actually, he was teaching one of my courses and I was not doing very well so he told I needed extra credit to pass the course and he had the solution. I chuckled at the remembrance. “I arrived at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church on a Thursday night for choir rehearsal and went to the choir room. It turns out I was to be the lead for the bass section. I quickly moved from an indifferent singer in a large choir to one of four leads in a sixteen-voice choir. Four voices for each part. I had to learn the music and ensure that all of the basses knew their music inside out. We sang two services each Sunday, all church holidays, and Evensong Services once a month. I learned Episcopal Hymnody and services fairly quickly. I loved it and I actually miss singing with a choir of that quality.”

ET sat stunned as I revealed another part of myself. I had reacted so negatively when he first told me about being a preacher’s kid. Then we went to National Cathedral while in Northern Virginia where he saw me participate in the entire service without a prayer book or hymnal. I had initially been adamant that I didn’t want anything to do with church and now I confessed that I had a history of being a church musician.

“Look, Timmy, it doesn’t have to make sense. I am as complex and eccentric person as you ever want to meet. I am a mess of contradictions and I can’t make sense of them most of the time. I am just trying to live an authentic life, whatever that is. It is what this guy calls a focused life. I am just trying to get the camera into focus.”

ET cocked his head to the side and looked into my eyes as if he was trying to reach beyond the iris’ and into my soul to better understand me. It was a dis-quietening moment for me. I had revealed something else about myself that I had kept fairly well concealed.

I smiled, “So what do you want to do on this morning when it is just the two of us in the house?”

ET thought for a moment, smiled shyly and said, “I think I am not finished eating and the rest of breakfast will be in bed. Race to you the bedroom.”

Laughingly, we ran and I grabbed him by the waist and pulled the black gym shorts off of his slim hips. I stood back and stared. “You are starting to go commando all of the time. I like this.” Just at that moment he grabbed my gym shorts and slid them down my furry legs. We feasted as if we hadn’t eaten in months. ET gave as good as he got. There was no reticence from either of us.

We were a hot mess. We had ended up on the floor and ET was kneeling between my legs and was looking into my eyes. His hands had fistfuls of my hair as he pulled me into another kiss. We both smiled like silly fools. Gosh, I didn’t know that love could be like this.

We both sighed at the same time and then started laughing.

“OK, big guy, get your hot ass off the floor and start cleaning this house. We have company coming in a couple of hours.”

“Not until I have one more kiss. ET leaned in and then I grabbed him by the waist and we tumbled across the floor. He was on top of me and I dropped my arms to the floor above my head and smiled at him. “I’m too worn out to do anything. I guess they will just have to find us in the floor naked.” I then pinched his butt. He yelped and jumped up. He stood grinning at me and then reached down, took my hand, and pulled me into an upright and standing position. “Get yourself to the shower right away. No slacking off this morning.” I did as he directed after a quick peck on his lips.

The water sluiced over our bodies. I used lots of body wash to create abundant suds to cover both of us. We got out of the shower and toweled each other off. I grabbed the tooth brushes and gave ET his. I made him stand in front of me at the basin, my cock nestled in his hot, hairy crack. We looked at each other in the mirror as we cleaned our teeth and shaved. We touched each other in intimate ways. “Raise your arms.” I grabbed the baby powder and applied a goodly amount to his pits. He did the same to me. I didn’t like using commercial deodorants and found that baby powder would provide a modicum of relief during the day.

ET grabbed the towels and I started stripping the bed. It was cleaning day for our bedroom. With the summer heat and the rutting by two horny men the bed and bath linens needing changing at least every other day. While ET took them to the laundry I grabbed clean linens. He returned to the bedroom and we quickly dispatched the work. We pulled on our gym shorts and put on black tee shirts. “Wear your black flip flops today. We are doing the solid black look.” I smiled and pulled the flip flops from the wardrobe. I couldn’t believe how much the shy boy had changed into a take charge, sexual omnivore who was also directing small but decisive parts of our lives. I liked it.

We went to the breakfast room and started cleaning the detritus from the table. We loaded the dishwasher and wiped down the counter tops.

We went to the deck and I sat in a chair. “It is time to plan the weekend activities.” ET looked at me then walked in the house. He came back wearing a pair of my reading glasses and had a pencil and pad of paper. He came over, sat on my lap and said, “I am ready for dick-tation, sir.” He reached down and grabbed my dick.

I asked, “what kind of dictation do you know? Do you know Gregg’s?”

“I know Pate dick-tation and I am very good when it gets especially hard. I am very studious and want to get it just right.”

We just grinned at each other as he wiggled his hips on my lap. I slapped at his leg and told him we needed to get serious because Adam and James were due by lunchtime.

“I am completely serious. You are the one with the dirty mind thinking I am here to do more than to take orders from my master. I brought my pencil and paper to make the list.” He slipped the glasses down his nose and then leaned over and kissed me. We were not making much progress toward our need to be good hosts in a short while.

“First off, what do you want for lunch? Then what is the afternoon agenda? Remember, we are going to “The Lost Colony” tonight and then there is an after party at Morrison’s Grove. Do we eat in Manteo or take a picnic supper and eat somewhere on the north end of the island? What is for breakfast tomorrow morning? Tomorrow afternoon we are supposed to go down Hatteras Island to the nude sunbathing beach.”

At that point, ET’s eyes got big and he stopped me. “I am not going to the nude beach.”

“Yes, we are.”

“No, I am not and neither are you. I will get hard and embarrass myself and you. I don’t want people to see my dick. I don’t want people to see your dick! What we have is private between us.”

“Adam and James want to go and I told them we would.”

“They can go on their own. Pate, I do not want us to go.”

We just looked at each other. I realized that we had taken positions that would require future negotiation.

Finally, I looked at him and said we needed to think about Sunday night dinner since Adam and James would not leave until Monday morning.

“Let’s go to Austin’s and get some steamed shrimp for lunch. We can get some fresh tomatoes, asparagus and melon. Lemon sherbet for dessert.” I was glad he had made such a good choice for lunch.

We got up and headed into the house to grab keys and wallets. We left a note on the front door letting the guys know we would return to the house shortly.

When we pulled in front of Austin’s Seafood, ET noticed that Randolph’s car was in the parking lot. I quickly did a drive through the parking lot from the beach road onto the bypass. We were two months into this relationship and we still had to protect ourselves from Randolph. It was not easy. It was a busy summer but a there was a small year-round population and word spread quickly about affairs. We went to the Farmer’s Market and then headed back to Austin’s. Randolph’s car was no longer there. We went in and got steamed shrimp for lunch and some flounder for Sunday night. The scallops looked wonderful and ET said he wanted some later in the week. I made a mental note to come back on Wednesday afternoon to get some to sauté in butter.

We arrived home just as Adam and James pulled into the drive. There was lots of hugging from them as I introduced Timmy. They looked from one of us to the other. They gave each other a knowing smirk. They looked at our matching outfits. I said, “you guys are just old and don’t have a young stud boyfriend who likes for folks to know that we are together.” I gave them my best smile.

“Yeah, the last time I saw matching outfits was when I watched Mommy Dearest. Please tell me there are no wire hangers in the house.” Adam was always the one with a movie reference.

“There is no need for wire hangers. Pate spanks me with his cricket paddle. I like that better than some cheap dry cleaner hanger.” ET just smiled at them as he returned the volley. “I then put him in a dog cage in the garage until he starts behaving.” I put my hand on ET’s lower back and gave him a questioning look. He was looking at our guests with an angelic smile as if daring them to respond.

James looked at Timmy and asked, “Just how old are you? Are you legal yet? I am asking solely for professional reasons in case I need to bail Pate out of jail? He didn’t tell us he was dating a teenager. By the way, we like teen age boys.” This was said in a joking manner but I knew there was something more to his statements. They were always bantering around like this. I immediately felt ET slide to my side and stepped back slightly off to my right shoulder. He was in a defensive position. Something had happened and I didn’t know what it was. I put on my best host smile and suggested we go into the house.

This was not how I anticipated the weekend would start.

Adam was a banker from Richmond. James was an attorney. They were both slim and handsome. I think they were both on constant diets to maintain their weight, exercised four or five times a week and the rumor was they fucked it off with an array of men in Richmond and other environs as they typically traveled every weekend looking for cock and ass. They were obviously successful with their hundred dollar haircuts, expensive luggage and bespoke casual attire. They lived on Monument Avenue. In short, they were pretentious as hell. And yet, they were my friends.

It was known they liked to pick up young men and could be ruthless with them though I had never seen that side of them. They were always gracious guests and we had a good time together. “You guys know where the guest room is. Go unpack and freshen up while we get lunch ready. We are eating on the deck.” Adam pulled a case of wine from the trunk of the car as a gift. ET was still standing behind me not saying a word.

I got out a large round platter for the steamed shrimp. I made cocktail sauce using lots of horseradish. Then I sliced the melon while the asparagus was steaming. ET had the table set in a less than enthusiastic fashion; in fact, everything was stacked in the middle of the table. He usually reveled in putting together just the right combination of china, silver and crystal that was artistically arranged and stunning. Timmy said it took an artist’s eye to get the table perfectly arranged. Adam and James came onto the deck and looked at the table and then each other. They knew this wasn’t my normal luncheon on the deck. ET smiled at them and asked to be excused for a minute. “Go ahead and start eating, I will be right back.” I gave ET a confused look but didn’t say anything.

I opened a bottle of Riesling that I had bought at a Virginia winery. I knew it would be perfect with seafood. I poured the wine and told Adam and James to dig in. They took some shrimp and put them on their plates. Just as James put a shrimp in his mouth ET came onto the deck. James choked and coughed. ET was wearing his white speedo and it was obvious he had jumped in the shower. The suit was transparent and he had plumped himself. “Excuse my outfit but I was getting hot and thought I would put on something more comfortable.” James and Adam could not take their eyes off of my boyfriend. He walked over, leaned in and kissed me and then sat beside me at the table. He took some shrimp and put them on his plate, peeled one, dipped it in cocktail sauce and then put it to my lips. “I need to keep his energy up. It can be exhausting at times being Pate and having a boy to take care of.” He looked right at Adam and James when he said this. Again, he had that angelic smile. Adam and James couldn’t take their eyes off of ET’s fingers as he pushed the shrimp into my mouth and then licked his fingers.

This certainly wasn’t what I had planned or the normal actions of my boyfriend. I was totally baffled.

Adam and James were usually loquacious but were having a hard time coming up with anything to say. They were watching ET peel shrimp, dip each one in the cocktail sauce and then either feed them to me or put them in his mouth. Each time licking his fingers. When it was time for dessert, ET told us to sit at the table while he got the sherbet. He got up and dropped his napkin on the deck. He bent over to retrieve it, stretching the swimsuit across his ass cheeks. The guys were drooling. He turned, smiled nicely and apologized for dropping his napkin. He went to the kitchen and then returned with lemon sherbet.

Patti was singing in the background. “Just stay, stay in my corner. I love you, honey I love you.” ET started swaying and singing along with Patti. The boy had a light tenor voice that blended with Patti. I didn’t know that he knew the words and he didn’t falter on one of them. I suggested we clean up since eating steamed shrimp could be a messy affair. Then we would go to the beach for the afternoon.

ET told us to go get on our swimsuits and he would clean the kitchen. “Please, the three of you go the beach, I need a nap and plan to spend the afternoon here. Besides, I have a headache and the only way to get rid of it is to sleep.” They both told Timmy they hoped he felt better soon. They couldn’t take their eyes off of his ass.

I went to our room and put on a pair of navy blue swim trunks with white and red stripes. They were boxer style and square cut. They fit my hips perfectly. ET smiled and told me to have a good time. “We’ll talk later,” he told me. I went on the deck and waited for Adam and James. They were wearing complementary suits with reversed colors. Adam’s suit was yellow with orange and blue stripes while James’ was orange with blue and yellow stripes. They had picked out beach towels that matched their suits. They wore matching Van’s. Normally I wouldn’t have paid attention to this but I reflected back to their comments upon arrival. We went to the beach and had a fun afternoon gossiping and talking. The tensions from earlier were gone. I deflected questions about ET and gave them basic information. I knew that I would not forgive them if they made fun of my boyfriend.

We returned to the house mid-afternoon and I quietly went into the bedroom. ET was lying across the bed, face down with his gorgeous ass facing me. I caught my breath at its beauty. He was naked and asleep. I stripped and lay beside him. I fell asleep. I awoke knowing that someone was looking at me. ET gave me a quick peck on the mouth and told me that we needed to get ready for dinner in Manteo and then “The Lost Colony.” We showered and dressed in khakis and polo shirts. It could get chilly in the outdoor theater which was sited on the water so we grabbed sweaters. We walked into the living room and Adam and James were dressed the same as us. I found my keys and wallet in a wooden tray on the kitchen cabinet and told them it was time to head out. I had the top off of the Jeep and we drove down the beach road. I reached over and held ET’s hand most of the drive down the beach road and across the causeway. We ate at Basnight’s Lone Cedar. The food was delicious and the setting was perfect. ET and I ordered different seafood dishes and ate from each other’s plates. It was a fun meal. ET was almost back to the playful, wonderful boyfriend I knew.

We met Blue and Tommy at the theater. They didn’t have the money to eat at the restaurant. They ate with me about three nights a week. We had some raucous meals with Michelle, Trace, ET, Blue, Tommy and me sitting on the deck devouring fresh seafood from the Wanchese fishermen. ET had even reached a truce with Blue and they would give each other wide berth and there was no open hostility.

Our seats at the theater were perfect. Being a benefactor of the historical association that managed the theater helped. I had seen the show more times that I could count. I had been going since I was a child. I had spent many a night in some actor’s arms in Morrison’s Grove which was the housing complex for the actors and crew of the show. It was a great opportunity for college kids to get experience in the theater while enjoying the summer on the Outer Banks. There were some locals who appeared in roles year after year, many of the choir members were regulars, and then those newbie college boys who needed theater experience on their resumes.

After the show, we drove over to Morrison’s Grove. Blue followed us in his truck. We were in no hurry as the crew had to secure the set for the night, the actors removed their make-up and costumes, and they enjoyed the nightly ritual of a swim in the Albemarle Sound. Tonight’s party was for the birthday of a cast member. I think the cast and crew looked for any excuse to party. I had stopped to purchase some beer for the party. The beer was for the cast and crew and not for me. The police were diligent about checking for DUI on the island and on the beach. I didn’t need to spend the night in Dare County Jail even with James in town to act as my attorney.

I was the only one of us who had been to Morrison’s Grove. When we arrived at the party it was already in full swing. ET grabbed my hand as we walked up the steps to the unit where the party was being held. The smell of pot was wafting through the air and I could hear whoops and hollers. I knew it would be a long fun night with many of the folks taking an early morning dip in the sound after a night of sex. When we walked in, a handsome fellow looked at us and immediately greeted ET. “Timmy, I haven’t seen you since high school. How are you? You look great.”

ET blanched.

I offered my hand and said I was Pate, Timmy’s boyfriend. The fellow was full of graciousness and was very friendly. He told me his name was Art. He and Timmy had attended high school together in Bear Swamp and hadn’t seen each other since. He had been on the football team and while they weren’t the best of friends they knew each other having both lived on Waterman’s Way and he went to church where Timmy’s daddy was the preacher. I watched Adam and James take in this information. I looked across and room and saw Blue and Tommy chatting with some of the guys. Art had told us he was on the crew for the show and worked backstage. Adam asked Art if he wanted a beer and took him off to the side to chat. The three of them quickly found much to discuss.

It wasn’t long before I was yawning. I suggested to Adam and James that it was time to go. They huddled and came back to tell me that Art would drive them to the house later. I told them to be careful and told Art not to drink and drive. I couldn’t find Blue and Tommy; I assumed they were off sharing drugs with some of the cast. When the hell did I become the responsible one? I chuckled as I realized that someone had to be the adult.

The drive home was quiet and when we arrived I suggested we go to the beach to look at the moon. The moon rays rippled in the surf. I always loved the ocean at night. It seemed to calm as soon as the moon rose in the eastern sky. We sat and held hands. I knew that ET would talk when he could figure out what to say. I processed by talking through things. ET mentally processed everything and then talked.

I heard the front door open sometime during the night and could make out a whispered conversation. ET and I were fixing breakfast the next morning when Adam, James and Art came into the kitchen. I greeted them and asked if they wanted coffee. I was not surprised there would be an extra person for breakfast. ET moved in close to me and stayed attached to my hip the rest of the time I was cooking. The three guys were all wearing shorts and no shirts. Art had a hefty well-defined chest. His arms were huge, he had a narrow waist, and a perfect ass. He was tanned and his pearly whites were dazzling. He was HOT.

Just as we were sitting down for breakfast, there was a knock at the front door and I heard Blue ask if he and Tommy could come in. They joined us in the breakfast room and started eating. ET had his usual glass of grapefruit juice while the rest of us drank Bloody Mary’s. Art engaged Timmy in conversation about high school and living in Bear Swamp. Art said he had probably been a shit to Timmy in high school. He remembered pushing Timmy into a locker one day. Art said it was because he had sucked a dick the night before and it was his first time. He was so conflicted he had to take it out on somebody and Timmy was the obvious choice. ET grabbed my hand under the table. I slid our hands to his thigh and slowly stroked his leg. His ragged breathing returned to normal. Art then apologized for his bad behavior and asked Timmy if he could forgive him. Timmy nodded his head unable to speak. Oblivious to Timmy’s discomfort, Art continued his story of coming out in college and how his favorite thing was to be middle man between two hot studs. He looked at James and Adam and smiled.

Blue had stopped eating. “Do you mean that you beat someone up because you sucked a dick?”

Art said he did but he had a reason.

“Man, you are one fucked up dude. When I sucked my first dick, I tried to turn it into a money making proposition. I like dick. I like sucking dick. I like getting fucked by dick.” At that point, he turned to Tommy and smiled. “I earned a pretty penny because I am pretty good at it.” Tommy just blushed.

I told the guys to head to the deck and that Timmy and I would clean the kitchen. They chatted and raced to the bedroom. They came back wearing speedos. It was obvious that Art was truly blessed in many ways. They chose chaises and gleefully covered each other in sun screen. Art was in the middle of Adam and James and reveled in the two men handling him. His blond hair, blue eyes, hot body and infectious laugh were an aphrodisiac to my friends. Blue and Tommy came into the kitchen and told us good-bye. Blue said they would be in touch on Monday night, hopefully at dinner. I laughed and told him I would figure out something for us to eat. They whooped and raced to the door. They were planning a day of surfing.

Chaka had finished singing and Luther was doing his magic on the stereo. I had crafted the music for a Sunday morning listen. I was very attentive to ET as we cleared the table, put things away, wiped down the kitchen and went to the library to read the Sunday papers. ET sat so he was not looking out to the deck. He was like a yo-yo around Adam and James.

About midday, James came into the library and asked what time we were leaving for Hatteras. I told him that the three of them should go because Timmy and I had some things we needed to do. He asked if I was sure and I convinced him that the three of them should head south so they wouldn’t miss the fun. After they left, I grabbed ET’s hand and said, “We are heading north.” We filled the Jeep with gas and I drove to Corolla.

“I need to see the horses.” I told ET the story of the Spanish shipwrecks and the wild horses that swam ashore and had been on the Upper Banks for four hundred years. There were different herds of horses up and down the Outer Banks of North Carolina. I put the Jeep into four-wheel drive and we drove past the end of the pavement and onto the beach. In front of us, were four mares. I cut the motor and we sat still. The horses moved our way. Soon another mare and foal came across the dune line. Then another mare and foal. We sat in awe watching the herd come together. We heard a snort and saw the stallion cross the dune line and head to the Jeep. “Don’t move. Just stay still,” I said. ET grabbed for my hand while the horses moved around and past us. We both turned to look at them. They were magnificent. The stallion turned his head and looked directly at us. His eyes were looking into ours. He somehow knew we weren’t a threat. We didn’t move for a long time but held hands, looked out at the ocean and took in the peace and quiet. We heard movement behind us and realized the herd was moving north again. We let them pass enjoying the foals jumping around and coming right up to the Jeep. I reached out to pet a colt when I heard the stallion make a whinny. I quickly withdrew my hand. They were wild and I needed to honor and respect that. Once they were past us, I started the Jeep, turned south and headed home.

The house was quiet when we returned. I went into the kitchen and started making potato salad, sliced some tomatoes, sliced cucumbers and onions and put them in vinegar and sugar and made the batter for hush puppies. The Cole slaw was already made. The flounder would be flash fried when the guys returned from Hatteras Island and the hush puppies were only good when they came directly out of the hot oil. ET and I sat on the deck and watched the afternoon shadows cast lines across the deck and dunes.

I heard the laughter before I actually saw James, Adam and Art. They had a great time on Hatteras Island. Art was saying that James and Adam would not be able to sit the next day because they had burned their asses lying in the sun. He then grinned and said that wasn’t the only reason they wouldn’t be able to sit. He slapped Adam on the ass and said the boys were good sports. All three laughed and headed for the shower. I chuckled at their antics. ET was in good spirits as we cooked the fish and hush puppies. We sat on the deck for dinner. ET had gotten out a set of Richard Ginori fish dishes, Italian silver flatware, and some nice crystal. He created a centerpiece of shells we had collected on our beach walks. Such a difference from lunch yesterday. I knew not to question anything.

The guys returned wearing shorts and sweaters. The sleeves of their sweaters were pushed up to their elbows. They had a beautiful glow from having been in the sun all day. ET told them to pour themselves some wine and that dinner would be out momentarily. We put down platters of food and everyone dug in. There were grunts and groans of appreciation for the food. After we demolished platter after platter of food, ET went inside and came back a few minutes later with a carafe of coffee, a tray of cookies and a cheese and fruit platter. He then brought out a bottle of champagne and stems. We moved to the chairs and talked late into the night. The stars were brilliant; the conversation less so but it was fun none the less.

ET wished them good night and said that he would be at his office the next morning and would not be available to see them off. Art jumped up and gave ET a huge hug. It seemed that he did not want to let go. Art then asked if he could come back and visit with us and catch up with Timmy. I reckoned that would be fine. Art then said he needed to get back to Morrison’s Grove because he had an early call the next morning. There were some technical changes that needed to be made with the show. Adam and James looked disappointed that he was leaving.

ET and I headed to the bedroom. We walked through each room turning off lights and making sure that things were put away. We gathered all of the day’s newspapers and I took them to the recycle bin. We closed the bedroom door and I went to clean my teeth before turning in. ET came into the bathroom wearing briefs. I was naked, per usual. I pulled him into my chest and kissed the top of his head. After finishing in the bathroom we went to bed. Sleep came easily.

The alarm clock let us know it was time to get the morning started. ET went to shower while I went to the kitchen to fix us some breakfast. We talked quietly while eating breakfast and then ET told me he wouldn’t see me until dinner. Clients were coming to the office and lunch was being ordered in. I kissed him and told him that I would miss him all day and that I would see him after work.

I went to the library and caught up on some mail while waiting for the guys to awaken. When I heard the shower running I went to the kitchen and put on a fresh pot of coffee. There were muffins that I had baked early that morning plus fresh strawberries, blackberries and blueberries. Adam and James were in a very good mood and very thankful for a fabulous weekend at the beach. They told me that Art had promised to visit them in Richmond after the season was over. Since it was just the three of us, the talk got somewhat slutty about their time on Hatteras Island and how Art had plowed both of them. They were obviously very taken with this handsome man who had a particular attribute that touched them in all of the right places. I asked if they needed to take the pillows to sit on while driving back to Richmond.

We talked about ET and they didn’t remember him from the Development Dinner we had in Richmond several months prior. I told them he had sat beside me at dinner. They still didn’t remember him. I talked about both his professional work and our private life. Adam told me that when Timmy fed me shrimp that he was about to cum in his shorts. James then said he had a hard on the entire time. Adam then blushed and said that when Timmy bent over to pick up his napkin he had shot his load. James had a surprised look and said he didn’t know that. I just smiled and then commented that Timmy had that effect on people. I mentioned that Jube and Garry had found him agreeable company also. Adam had a puzzled look and said that he couldn’t understand why they didn’t remember him from the dinner because he was certainly a hot ticket. I didn’t bother to tell them he was the dorky kid with the too-large clothes, too-large glasses and bad haircut at the dinner.

After packing, Adam and James headed to Richmond. I moved through the house and realized it felt empty without ET being there with me. The storm cloud that presented when Adam and James first appeared had moved on, the weekend had been nice and ET had reconnected with a high school classmate. I pondered to what extent Art had harassed ET and whether there were lasting scars. Time would tell.

What caused this reaction from Timmy? Time will tell...................

Copyright © 2019 Mac Rountree; All Rights Reserved.
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History? Jealousy? Something more nefarious? Something has certainly upset him....


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The more I get to read about Timmy the more I like him. His confidence has grown and his assertiveness is welcomed. 

Pate is surely going to get his ass truly ploughed by ET very soon. 

Its time Randolph was made aware of this relationship and Pate should buy his company out and sack Randolph if he disses their relationship! 

Granny Louise must be due another visit very soon too! 

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13 minutes ago, Mym8te said:

The more I get to read about Timmy the more I like him. His confidence has grown and his assertiveness is welcomed. 

Pate is surely going to get his ass truly ploughed by ET very soon. 

Its time Randolph was made aware of this relationship and Pate should buy his company out and sack Randolph if he disses their relationship! 

Granny Louise must be due another visit very soon too! 


Timmy is a sweetheart of a fellow.  He has found his mate and his natural instincts can come through.  

Pate is ready for ploughing, but Timmy doesn't know how to drive that mule.  He has to learn the difference between gee and haw before he goes down that row.

Randolph is going to be back soon as will Granny Louise.  She is so wonderful except when..................

More to come.  Thanks for reading.


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5 minutes ago, Mac Rountree said:


Timmy is a sweetheart of a fellow.  He has found his mate and his natural instincts can come through.  

Pate is ready for ploughing, but Timmy doesn't know how to drive that mule.  He has to learn the difference between gee and haw before he goes down that row.

Randolph is going to be back soon as will Granny Louise.  She is so wonderful except when..................

More to come.  Thanks for reading.


Can't wait for the next chapters of this budding relationship. I hope Pate is ready to open up to timmy about his past and then there will be another wedding very soon I hope!

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19 minutes ago, Mym8te said:

Can't wait for the next chapters of this budding relationship. I hope Pate is ready to open up to timmy about his past and then there will be another wedding very soon I hope!

It will take some time before Pate is able to be open about himself.  Even to Timmy.  We learn more about Timmy's past and then Pate can be open about his past.  We have a summer Hurricane and then Labor Day weekend before the fellows can really explore who they are and what they want.  

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All relationships need to have firm foundations so I hope the journey to establishing the foundations pays off with strong communication and commitment on both sides. I hope the prayer bangles continue to feature too! 

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Both Pate and Timmy still have a lot of sharing to do with each other.  Both are wounded somehow.

I'm in no real position to comment on the lifestyles of others, but I have known couples like James and Adam and found their aggressive hunting behaviours and lack of constancy rather confusing.  It felt difficult to make any sort of friendly connection because I had little in common with them, but also that they were weighing and measuring potential 'guests' like livestock auctioneers.  Almost as if they were searching for something still missing.  Perhaps I'm being judgmental.

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6 minutes ago, Brokenbind said:

Both Pate and Timmy still have a lot of sharing to do with each other.  Both are wounded somehow.

I'm in no real position to comment on the lifestyles of others, but I have known couples like James and Adam and found their aggressive hunting behaviours and lack of constancy rather confusing.  It felt difficult to make any sort of friendly connection because I had little in common with them, but also that they were weighing and measuring potential 'guests' like livestock auctioneers.  Almost as if they were searching for something still missing.  Perhaps I'm being judgmental.


It is in their brokenness that they will find meaning to be one.  

It is fine with me for you to be very judgmental about James and Adam.  LOL.  They are like birds of prey waiting to swoop down and feast.  While he was still in college , they had wounded Timmy deeply and he recognized them immediately and hence some of his uncharacteristic actions.  They remain oblivious to the needs of others.  

Thanks for reading.  


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Talcum powder is not good for your skin as it blocks the pores particularly the underarms, it also causes cancer due to the substances that are in it, it’s better to use an aluminium free deodorant. 

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