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    Mac Rountree
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The Boys of Summer - 6. Pate meets Granny Louise

Pate gives a party which brings together a variety of colorful characters.

“I don’t know why you won’t take a key to the house.” I was urging ET to take the key I had put on the breakfast room table. It was the week after July 4th and Timmy had not gone home after our weekend together.

“I don’t need one. This is your house and I come over when I am asked.” He slid the key across the table so it lay in front of me.

“You practically live here now. Your clothes are here, your movies are here, your hot little butt is here. I don’t understand.” I smiled when I mentioned his hot little butt. We had made love again when we awoke that morning. What had it been…..six weeks….eight weeks? I was prepared for the ennui to set in and yet it just got better and better every day.

Six weeks? I was talking to this man about moving into my life and he was skittish. Of course, if I had an ounce of sense I would have been frightened out of my skull. I was going on sheer animal instinct. I was letting down my emotional barriers and responded in an elemental way. I had been down this road once before and then Johnnie had died. I was numbed after that and never thought I would fall in love again. For the first time since, I felt that I was coming alive. I was being a risk-taker with my bruised and battered soul. I was offering my heart through the symbol of a key. I needed affirmation not hesitancy and rationality.

“It’s because of Blue isn’t it. It is because he stole a key to the house and I kicked him out and now you won’t take a key to the house when it is offered. That’s it, isn’t it?”

Timmy was looking down at the table and he slowly looked up and stared at me. “Garry called me at work yesterday.”

My body convulsed. I didn’t know why but it just shook me to my core when he said that Garry had called.

We looked at each other. I reached across the table and held his hand.

“What did Garry want?”

“He had something to tell me. He said that he and Jube talked on the way home and he felt that we were connected through his Aunt Myrene and that he had an obligation to tell me.”

I just looked at him.

“I know that we were just dating and you didn’t have an obligation to not be out fucking around but I felt betrayed by what Garry told me. He acted all concerned but I could feel the knife turning. He was taking delight in telling me about the last time you and Jube were in Norfolk. He told me about how you fucked that fellow all weekend and that Jube had to put up with it and couldn’t sleep because you did nothing but fuck. He said that Jube lost count of the number of times you fucked. Didn’t you feel bad when Jube got the bed covers and went into the bathroom to sleep?”

My mouth was hanging open. Timmy squeezed my hand.

The morning had started so well with us awakening at the same time and then looking into each other’s eyes. We greeted the day with a kiss and from there we started kissing and caressing each other’s shoulders, chests. It then moved south. Afterwards, we showered and stood side by side while shaving and cleaning our teeth. It felt so normal. It felt like we were coupled. It felt like I wanted to do this every day for the rest of my life.

It felt like someone had just punched me in the gut.

“I don’t know what to say, Pate. You got home that night and had a fight with Blue and then you made love to me. Or was it just more fucking for you? Is there an emotional attachment or am I just another person you fuck?”

I knew not to answer his question.

“I knew it was special for me from our first night together. You haven’t learned that yet have you? Even after knowing all of this, I’m still in love with you. For me it is not sex, it is love.”

Timmy got up from the table and started putting dishes in the dishwasher. I sat at the table. I was numb. Timmy dressed and came back into the breakfast room where I was still immobile.

“I didn’t say that to hurt you. I can’t unknow what I know. Garry is bitter and hurting and wants someone else to hurt as much as he is hurting. He chose me to further his bitterness. I have to be honest with you or it would have eaten me alive. This does lead to a fundamental question though: are you in love with me and are we really coupled? You walk right up to the line about us being coupled and then pull away. Isn’t it better if we figure this out now rather than later?”

With that, Timmy walked out of the door.

I called my office to let them know I would be late and would try to get there by lunchtime.

I poured a cup of coffee and went out to the deck. What did I think of Timmy? Was he just a boy of summer who would be gone by autumn? Why the hell was I thinking of Don Henley lyrics. Timmy was not emotional in telling me Garry’s tale. He was simply stating facts that had been told to him. I was sure that Garry had embellished Jube’s story from the weekend but I knew that it was best not to try to separate the fact from fiction. I had screwed Karl while thinking of Timmy the entire time. Could I tell Timmy that I thought of him while fucking someone else? Hell no. This was a mine field and we would both get hurt no matter how I maneuvered.

When faced with a conundrum I knew to get out paper and pencil and start making lists and drawing diagrams. It helped me by putting everything in its proper box and to understand the inner relationships and how actions led to both intended and unintended consequences. I was trying to make sense of my life in some logical way. I didn’t think it would be good for me to operate from a place of emotion. That would come later when I knew where the players were on the chess board. I was comforted knowing that I could figure out this puzzle and we could move forward.

I walked into the bedroom and I saw Timmy’s prayer bracelet was on the bedside table. I felt like I was going to throw up. Had he taken it off when we dressed for work? Why was it in the house and not on his wrist? I reached down and started my mantra while fingering his prayer beads.

I calmed and started on my brain work. Cold clinical facts. That is what I needed. I needed the logic model on relationships and I could then plug us into that model and all would be right with the world. If only love was that rational and logical I would have been fine.

I made a jug of sun tea and sat on the deck doing my mental gymnastics. I quickly filled pages with disparate thoughts and ideas. I knew to start with the abstract and move to the specific. I drank another glass of tea and actually started to hum along with the music coming from the library. Rick James and Teena Marie were emoting all over the house. Who put on “Fire and Desire?” I jumped up and pulled the CD from the stereo. I didn’t need that soundtrack running through my brain. I needed something more innocuous: something that wasn’t laden with desire.

Later that morning, I was standing at the sink when I saw the mailman put a package in the box out by the road. I don’t know why but I picked up the key I was going to give to Timmy and walked out to the beach road. Sure enough, the box was filled and there was a package. I was sorting through the mail and trying to open the package when climbing the front steps. I dropped the key. I knew it would be easy to retrieve so I went inside and put the mail on the kitchen countertop.

I went back outside and started looking for the key. Damn, I knew I dropped it under the steps. Where was the key? Something so easy and simple as finding a dropped key and I couldn’t find it. I had filled the space below the stairs with seashells that I would pick up while walking the beach. I was throwing the shells out of the way. I got a shovel from the garage and started digging and sifting the sand. I was still working when ET’s car pulled up the drive. I saw him and I started crying. Snot was running down my face. I looked like hammered shit. I explained that I had lost his key. He looked down and then started walking toward the garage. He picked up the key and smiled, “I found it.” It had bounced off of sea shells I piled under the steps and had landed on solid pavement.

He put the key in his pocket.

“Do you want some lunch? Why did you come back at lunchtime?”

“I called your office and they told me you were out. I forgot to put on my prayer bracelet after getting out of the shower this morning. After such a short period of time, I feel like it is part of who I am. All morning I would reach over to twist a bead and it wasn’t on my wrist. I found it distracting not to be wearing it. I came home to get it.”

He came home? Did it consider this home?

I made sandwiches for us to eat. We actually just nibbled at them while looking at each other. Each of us was afraid to start the conversation because we were afraid of an unhappy ending. Finally, I looked at him and said, “I love you. I mean I LOVE you. If I learned anything from that weekend in Norfolk it was that I loved you and nobody else. I want us to be a couple and I am trying to figure out how to do that. I don’t know how but I am willing to learn with you.” I leaned across the table and kissed him. We both sat back down and just smiled at each other. There was a comfortable silence. He slid his hand across the table and grabbed mine.

Timmy then said, “You probably don’t want to hear this but I had a telephone call this morning.”

The look of panic on my face was obvious and almost comic. I tried to pull my hand back but he held on. ET laughed and said it wasn’t Garry calling again. He said, “It’s even worse. My parents are coming to the beach for their vacation.”

“When do the parental units arrive?”

“Actually, this coming Sunday afternoon. One of the church members told them that he had a rental cancellation and offered the house to my parents. They are due to arrive Sunday after church and will stay through the following Sunday morning.”

“So, what does this mean?”

ET looked at me and told me that his parents wanted him to spend the week with them at the cottage. “It is in Kitty Hawk.”

“You do remember that Felicia and Tom are coming weekend after next and are staying here. I promised Felicia I would invite folks over to see her artwork. I thought we could also use that evening to invite Trace and Melissa’s family and friends over. Sort of a party for their engagement. I was thinking that you and I would host this. Sort of an announcement of us being a couple. A trifecta of announcements.”

“We will figure this out. Maybe it is time for you to meet my parents.”

A cold chill ran down my spine.

On Sunday afternoon Timmy packed a bag and went to the cottage where his parents were staying. Trace, Michelle and I ate dinner together each night. I was less than agreeable company by Wednesday night. I was missing Timmy something fierce.

“Pate, you have fallen hard haven’t you?” Trace knew exactly how to read me.

“Little did I know that Timmy would do this to me. I swear, Trace, when he got mad that Sunday morning and left, I didn’t think I would ever see him again. Yet, he gave me a second chance and here we are with me missing him like hell. It is more than sex; you know I can find a piece any day.” I gave Trace and Michelle a smile when I said that.

“So, what are you going to do about it? Is he moving in?”

“Too many questions and not enough answers. I will meet his parents on Saturday night so we will see what happens after that. Who know, maybe his father will bring a gun and shoot me for taking his son’s virginity. He certainly won’t stand up and marry us.”

This was getting too heavy. Michelle finally broke the spell by saying, “Okay, tell me about the plans for the party on Saturday night.” She knew how much I loved to entertain.

“We are taking down all of the art work in the house tomorrow night. Felicia and Tom will arrive on Friday about lunchtime. They are bringing the painting I bought in Arlington. They are also bringing other pieces of art work to show. Timmy is coming over Saturday morning so he and Felicia can hang the art. On Saturday night, people should start arriving about 6 pm. I have staggered the invite list so that people arrive at different times. I hope it is ok but I invited your work crew last. They can then stay and get drunk and have fun without disturbing the fat wallet people. I think about 75-80 people in total.”

“My mother wanted to know why she was invited so early and whether there would be supper? You know how Margaret Rose can be. Of course, she and dad are in bed by 9 pm so it is a good thing they are included in the first wave.”

Just then ET walked onto deck where we had settled. I stood when I realized he was home. He grabbed me in a bear hug and wouldn’t let go. He looked up into my eyes and then started kissing me and kissing me and kissing me. When he was sated, he held my hand while he sat in the chair next to me. We then talked about the party and ET told me that his parents and grandmother were coming. I was glad and scared at the same time.

Saturday morning dawned bright and clear. I showered and was cooking breakfast for Felicia, Tom, Michelle and Trace when Timmy walked into the kitchen. He told his parents that he had to help prepare for the party. His father didn’t understand why he had to help set up; he had never heard of a guest having to help set up for a party. Timmy explained that at the beach some of the niceties of life were turned upside down. We sat at the table and enjoyed country ham, Rocky Hock cantaloupe, eggs frittata, and southern buttermilk biscuits. I had made red eye gravy to go along with the country ham and biscuits. The French Press coffee maker was on full tilt making pot after pot of coffee. The table was groaning from all of the food, dishes, glassware and linens. We dispatched the meal in quick fashion as we all had full schedules for the day. I stripped everything from the table so it could go onto the deck later. I put gallon jugs of water on the deck rail and measured Ceylon tea leaves in each jug to ensure a surfeit of sun tea during the day.

Felicia and Timmy walked through the house discussing where they would hang the artwork. My painting would have pride of place over the living room mantle. I couldn’t help myself but I kept finding Timmy and hugging him. He and Felicia were in deep discussion about the placement of each painting and I would interrupt by walking up and hugging Timmy. I would then kiss him, apologize for the interruption and then walk off. He would stand there with a crazed smile on his face until Felicia would bring him back to the task at hand.

The hours quickly passed and the caterers were at the house to set up for the party. I had rented plants from a nursery and the workers had the house and deck looking like a veritable jungle. Timmy and Felicia had finished hanging all of the artwork and the house looked splendid. Timmy left and told me that he, his parents, siblings and grandmother would be back about seven o’clock. I slid my hand down the back of his shorts and told him that I was looking forward to him being back in our house where he belonged. He got that goofy grin on his face which I loved. I kissed him and sent him on his way.

Margaret Rose and Elmer, Michelle’s parents, were the first to arrive. Michelle and Trace were quick to jump in and help. Trace’s parents, Edna and Joe, were the next to arrive. They immediately started talking about the wedding. Luckily, my parents had also arrived and agreed to help Michelle and Trace manage their parents.

The catering company had done a spectacular job of preparing the food. The buffet tables were draped in sky blue linen, filled with silver salvers of food and were decorated with tall vases filled with yellow and white gladioli. Some people found gladioli rather funereal but I loved the long stems of blooms as they wafted in the evening breeze. I had on black linen slacks, a white dinner jacket and an antique formal shirt that was unbuttoned at the neck. I had used a great-uncle’s pearl studs and links for the shirt. I had slipped on a pair of black penny loafers. A yellow rose was pinned to my lapel. I tried for a look of casual elegance at the beach.

I heard Margaret Rose call me, “Pate, what is this chocolate cheese you have tonight? I have heard of chocolate cheese but I have never eaten any.”

“Margaret Rose, that is pate.”

“Patty, what is patty? I thought it was chocolate cheese.”

“It is goose liver that is prepared with herbs and spices.”

She was undone. She had a mouth full of liver and could neither swallow it nor spit it out.

I discretely handed her a napkin. I guided her to something more agreeable that would suit her taste buds.

The deck quickly filled with people. I had prepared a sound track for the evening and Sylvester was singing “Too Hot To Sleep” when I saw Blue walk onto the deck. He was handsome in grey cotton slacks, navy blazer, un-ironed white Oxford cloth shirt and his feet were shod with flip flops. It was a casual but expensive presentation. He looked like a fashion model as he walked through the crowd. He tentatively approached me and told me that Michelle had invited him. He asked if it was okay for him to be at the party. I told him that it was fine and that he looked great. He introduced me to Tommy who was a little taller than Blue. He had black hair, brilliant blue eyes and a blue-black shadow across his chiseled jaw. He was the type of man who needed to shave twice a day. Tommy and Blue made a stunning couple and were the object of many envious and questioning looks.

I heard her before I saw her. “Jay, Jay, oh my God, look at you darling. I didn’t know you were going to be here.” Felicia parted the crowd as if she were a tug moving a liner through the harbor. The crowds parted. All of the color drained from Blue’s face. He quickly regained his composure and was ready when Felicia pulled him into a hug and they exchanged quick kisses on each cheek. People turned back to their drinks and food and the spectacle had passed.

“Well, please tell me how you know each other.” I looked at them both.

“I have known this dear child all of his life. His mother and I were upstart painters many years ago. Of course, she didn’t have to paint to earn a living unlike poor moi. I lost touch with the family a few years ago. I guess now we are down to just sending Christmas cards.” Felicia was holding onto Blue’s hand and not letting it go. “How do the two of you know each other?

“I just met Pate a couple of weeks ago in Arlington when he bought a little trifle I had painted. It is hanging in the living room, let’s go look at it and you can tell me what is going on in your life.” Felicia led the way and I put my hand on Tommy’s lower back to guide him toward the house. He turned his head and gave me a smile acknowledging that he was thankful for pointing him in the right direction.

“Pate, did you really buy this painting?”

I averred that I had invested in the painting and that I was having to sell the house to pay for it but that I thought it was worth it. We all laughed. Blue stepped back and looked at the painting as if appraising it. He finally opined that it was the most perfect place in the world for that painting to live and should never be hung anywhere else.

Felicia pulled Blue toward the sofa where they sat. Tommy tucked in behind Blue on the sofa and looked stricken with the surroundings and the fact that his date knew the guest of honor.

Timmy walked through the front door followed by a rather plain but handsome looking couple, two teenagers and an elderly but spry looking woman. I walked up and greeted them. I inadvertently placed my hand on Timmy’s back and leaned in. When I realized what I had done I jerked back. Timmy’s grandmother gave me a strange look. She then glanced down at my wrist and a smile slowly swept across her face. She nodded her head. I escorted the family to the deck where the party was in full swing. I could hear the Isley Brothers singing in the background. Perfection. The wine was flowing, waiters were walking around with trays of food, people were talking and enjoying themselves, and some people were actually going into the house to look at Felicia’s paintings.

The good reverend was trying to get his bearings. This was not a church supper. There were no cream of mushroom soup casseroles at my house. However, there were platters of fresh picked blue crab on ice, various crudities, fresh fruit, shrimp in pea pods and hot flounder cakes on toast with a remoulade sauce. I had sampled each prior to the party and found them excellent as always. I had told the waiter to offer Timmy’s family tea, coffee, Coke or fruit juices. Instead, Matthew, the waiter was standing with a tray of champagne flutes offering them bubbly. They recoiled slightly. I intervened and asked them what they would like to drink. I went to the kitchen where Matthew was enjoying telling the others how he had offered champagne to the religious folks. I lightly told him that he was bad for doing so. I also reminded him that it was my party and I wanted all of my guests to feel comfortable. He quickly prepared the tray of soft drinks to deliver to the family. I noticed that even Timmy was drinking a Coke.

There were pockets of interesting interactions occurring on the deck and in the house. I stood back trying to figure out where my host skills were needed. Felicia was walking through the house talking with Blue and Tommy. She was holding onto Blue’s hand as they walked and talked. Michelle and Trace were engaged in an intense conversation with their parents. Michelle’s co-workers were starting to arrive and were looking around uncomfortably. Some of the beach politicos were trying to figure out why I had invited construction workers to the party. My dad had joined that group and I was sure he was setting up a foursome for the next day at Duck Woods Country Club. ET and his family were standing in a corner of the deck talking except for the grandmother who was looking out at the crowd and taking stock. She wasn’t missing a detail.

As I approached Michelle and Trace, I heard Margaret Rose raise her voice. I quickly intervened and asked if they had seen Felicia’s paintings. I took Margaret Rose’s hand and suggested she help me pick out a painting as a wedding present for Michelle and Trace. She said they needed something practical and that paintings were frivolous. I said that I had never been practical but wanted her opinion anyway. Michelle gave me a look of gratitude for freeing her from her mother. I introduced Margaret Rose, Edna and my mother to Felicia. Blue likewise gave me a look of gratitude for freeing him and Tommy from Felicia.

Blue and Tommy walked onto the deck and immediately fell in with the construction crew. The guys were wolf whistling at Blue and talking about his being dressed like some Yankee carpet bagger model. Tommy backed away while they were teasing but Blue took it as a sign of being accepted as part of the crew. He knew they wouldn’t tease him unless they knew he could take it. Tommy headed back to the bar and grabbed another drink. I approached and asked if he was having a good time.

“I am not used to being at such a gathering. Blue told me it was important that I join him tonight. I am out of my comfort zone. I had to miss a party with my girlfriend to be here. She and I had a big fight before I left.” Blue walked up and I moved the conversation to a more comfortable topic. We chatted a few minutes and then Blue and Tommy walked down the steps to the beach. Blue held up a joint with a questioning look but I shook my head in the negative. I didn’t like getting high and wasn’t going to leave my party to get stoned.

I approached Timmy’s grandmother and asked if I could get her anything. She and the family were still huddled in a corner of the deck. I asked Timmy to show them Felicia’s art work. He guided them into the house. Granny hung back and asked if we could go in the living room to talk. I moved her through the crowd and when we got to the living room I asked what she would like to drink.

“Coke.” She hesitated. “Could you put just a taste of bourbon in that for me? It will be our little secret.” I smiled and winked at her. I made the drink myself and put more than just a taste of bourbon in her drink. We were sitting on the sofa looking at the fireplace. I told her about purchasing the painting and how Timmy and Felicia had decided where it was to hang.

“Just how long have you been in love with my grandson?”

I snorted my drink through my nose and then proceeded to choke and cough. She patted me on the back and handed me a napkin. I finally stopped coughing.

“Let’s start again. How long have you been in love with my grandson? By the way, my name in Louise. Please call me Louise or Granny.” She looked at me expectantly.

“I don’t know where to start.”

“At the beginning, of course. I just adore a love story.” She had a twinkle in her eyes.

We sat in the living room and talked. I ignored the party. She was simply captivating.

“When I saw you touch his back tonight and then lean into him I knew something was up. But when I saw that beady bracelet thing you were wearing I knew then it was something more significant. Southern Baptists don’t wear prayer bead things. We don’t do that rosary stuff. That is for Catholics and people like that. Timmy told me that someone very special had given him the bracelet and that was why he was wearing it. Then I saw you wearing one and I knew who his special person was.”

We sat in silence.

“He couldn’t keep his eyes off of you tonight. The two of you need to learn to be more subtle if you are going to survive in this world. That child means everything to me.” She then took my hand in hers and looked me in the eyes. “One more thing. If you hurt my grandson I will come after you. I hate violence so I promise you will not feel a thing. One second you will be standing there as if everything is right with the world and the next second you will be talking to St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. I know I am an old woman but I learned how to aim a shot gun when I was a mere child. It was a way of life growing up in coastal eastern North Carolina. I am a crack shooter and could take you out at fifty yards. I also work roots and that can be even meaner than a shotgun.”

I pulled my hand back from hers because I had an abiding fear and respect of root workers. She laughed and then leaned in and kissed me on the cheek.

“The two of you will be just fine. Let love grow. It takes time. I know these things. He is a sensitive boy who has a lot of love to give if someone makes life safe for him to grow and flourish. That someone is you, Peyton Fitzhugh Ruffin.”

“How do you know my given name?”

She cackled. “I have my ways, I have my ways.” She smiled at me. “I bet you don’t know my last name, do you?” I shook my head. “I didn’t think so. It is Long. I am Louise Long. I think we should walk around and you can introduce me to your guests.”

We did just that.

Louise became the de-facto hostess and was having a wonderful time when Timmy’s dad came up and thanked me for inviting them to the party. “We have to leave but it seems my mother-in-law has taken a shine to you. I will have to pry her away.” When they gathered to leave, Louise pulled me down for a kiss on the cheek and then told me that she was happy to have me as a grandson. She then laughed and said it was time to head back up the beach. Timmy gave me an odd look and then left with his family.

The next morning, I was up early surveying the damage to the house when Timmy arrived accompanied by Louise.

“We are here to help put this house back in order. I bet you need someone to fix you breakfast don’t you. You must be exhausted after putting on such a wonderful party.” Timmy shrugged his shoulders and grinned at what Louise had said. Michelle and Trace came walking out of their bedroom. They looked decidedly disheveled and freshly fucked. Louise bid them good morning and asked how pre-marital sex was for them. We all stood there gawping and she laughed and said that growing up in the country one learned about the birds and the bees and she had heard many a sermon about the sins of the flesh. Felicia and Tom walked out of their bedroom and asked if we had been up partying all night since we were in such a jovial mood for it to be so early.

Louise went into the kitchen and started cracking eggs for scrambling, frying bacon, and plying the biscuit dough. I started making Bloody Mary’s. When the meal was prepared, we all sat and enjoyed the repast. Louise kept up her banter about her observations from the night before. She told Felicia that she knew nothing about paint except what you bought at Sherwin Williams that could be used to put a top coat on a barn. Then Louise talked about what the box kite painting meant to her and that it freed her soul to have an important conversation with someone. At that point, she looked at me. A smile spread across my face at the sensitivity of this elderly woman. Louise reached across the table and took my hand for a second. Felicia was speechless, arose and then went around to hug Louise. We were all quietly moved by this sage presence.

Louise then looked at Michelle, “Honey, your mother is going to be a challenge for the wedding. Trace, I hope you are up for a domineering mother in law.” Trace guffawed that someone he had just met had named his mother in law’s behavior. “I am sure it will be a lovely wedding but just make sure there is at least a four-hour drive between where you live and your in-laws. I know that from experience. If I wasn’t such a poor old woman I wouldn’t be living with my son in law, kind though he is. I feel like a poor relation in a Jane Austen novel.” She looked my way and winked. “Have you decided which character you are?” Timmy blushed.

There was a knock at the front door. I went to find Blue and Tommy standing on the stoop. I invited them in and said we were all in the breakfast room. We walked in and Louise eyed him up and down. She then patted the seat next to her on the bench and asked Blue to join her. She fixed Blue a plate of food and told him he needed to eat. “Your soul needs feeding and so does your body. Were you out drinking and drugging all night? I saw when you and that handsome devil of a boy (winking at Tommy) walked down those steps last night. You were holding up that marijuana cigarette and I knew you were up to no good. The devil comes in many disguises.”

Blue just sighed and took another bite of the food.

Felicia couldn’t stand not being the center of attention any longer and started relating the story of Blue’s life and how she was tangential to it but knew every sordid detail. I looked over and Louise had pulled Blue into a hug. “Felicia, you are a darling woman and a wonderful painter but this boy is hurting right now. He needs love and not a recounting of his life’s woes. I know you mean well, but let’s just give him love.” Blue hugged Louise for saying that to Felicia and then returned to his plate of food.

We sat in silence.

“Lord, look at the time. Timmy, we’ve got to go or your daddy will leave me at the beach and then I would have to come live with you and Pate.” She quickly went around the table giving everyone a hug and a kiss, told them how special they were and that she hoped to see them again very soon.

Out the door they went. There was silence at the table as we wondered if the last hour had been real. Finally, Blue looked at me and asked if he could clean the table and kitchen. I said yes as long as he made me a pitcher of sun tea. His demeanor changed, he laughed and said it would be his pleasure.

Trace and Blue helped Tom pack the van for the drive back to the District of Columbia. Felicia had sold several paintings and left them at the house for me to deliver and collect checks. It had been a successful evening for her. I had picked out a painting for Trace and Michelle for their wedding. Felicia gave it to me as a thank you for hosting the party. She also extracted a promise from Trace and Michelle for an invitation to the wedding. I knew another painting would be forthcoming for them.

At lunch time, ET opened the front door, did a faux fainting gesture and said he needed a cocktail to start recovering from a week of family and a lack of sex. We all laughed and agreed to lie in the sun for the afternoon. Blue and Tommy were already wearing surfer jams, Trace had on a pair of antique Hawaiian surfer shorts, and Michelle wore a bikini. ET and I went to the bedroom and put on matching Speedos. They were sky blue with white stripes. We had a long, deep kiss and knew that we needed to save our love making for later in the day. I walked through the library and put on a stack of Ashford and Simpson CDs. They would get us through the afternoon of sunning.

We each took a drink of choice, found our favorite place on the deck, and within a few minutes we were all asleep. I awoke when I felt something cold in my navel. ET was pouring iced tea on my stomach and licking it off. I laughed and thanked him for cooling me down. He was singing along with Valerie, “I want to know….I want to know…..I want to know. Is it still good to you? Does it feel alright?” We were alone on the deck. I was feeling sexed up from being together again. Trace and Michelle had repaired to their room earlier in the afternoon and Blue and Tommy had gone down the beach to catch some waves. We quickly picked up our towels and hung them over the rail, grabbed the glasses and put them in the kitchen and headed to our bedroom. We were sweaty and covered in sun tan oil so we didn’t stop until we got to the bathroom. ET turned the shower so we had a cool mist spray from the rain caps on our sun burned bodies.

We were rather frisky and kept singing Ashford and Simpson to each other. We danced, cavorted, and slid around the bathroom. Water was everywhere. We held onto each other and did a slow dance of romance. Our mouths were mashed together, our cocks did a sword play and our hands were planted on each other’s asses. It looked like we were trying to crawl into each other’s skin. We were trying to become one.

We toweled each other and then went to the bedroom where we crawled into bed. ET was cuddling me with his cock nestled between my ass cheeks. He was kissing my shoulder blades as I drifted off to sleep. I awoke with him in my arms. He was softly snoring and I hated to wake him but we needed to do something about dinner.

We were wearing blue cotton gym shorts when we exited the bedroom. We were sans shirts and shoes. Michelle and Trace were coming out of their room at the same time. Our bodies were glowing from the afternoon in the sun. I reached out and scratched my hairy pec and said that it had been a wonderful weekend. I then reached behind ET and snapped the orange jock strap he was wearing under his gym shorts. He laughed and then did the same to me. I was thankful for my playful pup that afternoon.

“Let me see what I can make for dinner.” I went to the refrigerator and found lump crab meat and steamed shrimp. I made crab cakes, shrimp and pea pods over rice, Cole slaw and hush puppies. We were on the deck when Blue and Tommy showed up at the house. They easily finished the leftovers, Blue asked if he could borrow some books and I told him to take what he wanted. My solidarity with Timmy made it safe for me to be generous with Blue.

I looked at ET, extended my hand and asked, “Miss Anne, may I escort you?” ET immediately picked up on my thinking and smiled. “Why yes, Captain Wentworth, you may. Is the ship going to rock tonight?”

“I think you may have to mizzen this mast tonight.” I leered at him. He took my hand. Perhaps we would try out all of the Austen characters. We were enjoying the silliness in the meantime. We headed to our room and grandmother’s rice bed for more intimacy and love before we prepared for yet another week.

Copyright © 2019 Mac Rountree; All Rights Reserved.

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Chapter Comments

It's love!   What a revelation for Pate...

Granny is a hoot.  The world could do with more people like her.


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Louise is a force of nature.  A little bit of her goes a long way.  

It is a revelation to Pate that he is in love.  His bruised, battered heart has given itself to Timmy.  Perhaps he is the most astounded of all.

Thanks for reading.


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Just great. Louise sure is a  spring everyone should learn to drink from. 

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2 hours ago, Tonyr said:

Just great. Louise sure is a  spring everyone should learn to drink from. 

She is very generous sharing her thoughts and wisdom.  She has much more wisdom to share with Pate and Timmy.

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The beautiful romance of these two love birds keeps building and is getting better and better. There are demons and uncertainties, but confidence is growing all the time to make a lasting permanent relationship. Can't wait to hear more about the parents. 

News about the business has completely dried up too! Obviously ET did not get fired for having a relationship with the client! 

I would so like to be in Pate & ET's shoes having such a wonderful life together. 

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41 minutes ago, Mym8te said:

The beautiful romance of these two love birds keeps building and is getting better and better. There are demons and uncertainties, but confidence is growing all the time to make a lasting permanent relationship. Can't wait to hear more about the parents. 

News about the business has completely dried up too! Obviously ET did not get fired for having a relationship with the client! 

I would so like to be in Pate & ET's shoes having such a wonderful life together. 

Thanks Mym8te,

The romance is growing.    They are love birds.  

The business line has been sublimated while they are enjoying their summer.  It will come roaring to life in their near future.  Granny Louise will have a voice in that, as well as a character who has not been introduced yet.  

Thanks for reading,


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Posted (edited)

Oh wow, what a hoot Granny Louise is. It’s a shame some of her personality hasn’t rubbed off on her drip of a son. 
what a mean nasty bitch Garry was spilling all of the sordid details of the Norfolk weekend to Timmy. 
Are Blue and Tommy a couple, I know that there was mention of a girlfriend? 

Edited by Bft
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4 hours ago, Bft said:

Oh wow, what a hoot Granny Louise is. It’s a shame some of her personality hasn’t rubbed off on her drip of a son. 
what a mean nasty bitch Garry was spilling all of the sordid details of the Norfolk weekend to Timmy. 
Are Blue and Tommy a couple, I know that there was mention of a girlfriend? 

Blue and Tommy are a couple though Tommy also has a girlfriend.  He is trying to decide what and who he wants.

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