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Fantasy Flash Collection - 2. A Quick Drink

This was a piece where I was experimenting a bit

The man holding the knife to his throat was rather ripe in his personal stench. Not that Zavien was all that surprised. The blade was not overly sharp, which he viewed as a good thing.

Zavien had been lectured extensively about not going out into the streets with the commoners. Kidnapping, murder, rape, and burglary were the most stressed reasons. Apparently, they were right. He had no sooner finished his ale and started the walk home when some common thug grabbed him and used him as a shield against the town guards. The guards, indeed not recognizing the teen boy hostage, were far more intent on getting the thug than protecting the innocent bystander.

‘Bully for me’ the boy thought to himself.

“Let the boy go, Firrel,” the Sergeant ordered.

“I’ll kill him,” Firrel growled in return.

“Then we’ll add his murder to the long list of other charges, and instead of locking you in prison, we’ll hang you.”

The man growled and started to slide the knife across Zavien’s throat at the same moment that Zavien reached out with his will and pulled some magical energy into him. He willed the knife to be insubstantial to him. And so it became. It passed through his skin as if it wasn’t there, leaving no mark at all.

Zavien spun in the moment of confusion and slammed his fist into Firrel’s chin. The man crumpled to the ground. Zavien stared at his hand in surprise and realized it had morphed into something far denser than flesh. He had no more time to ponder this as the Sergeant pulled him roughly away.

“Unhand me, Sergeant,” Zavien growled.

Startled, the man did just that.

“Hold on there young man. You’ll need to go back to Headquarters with me.”

“I really don’t have time Sergeant. I’ve probably already been missed.”

“You don’t have a choice, boy,” the Sergeant replied sharply.

“I’m afraid, that’s where you are wrong,” Zavien replied, pulling out a medallion that had been resting against his chest.

The man’s eyes nearly doubled in size in shock as he leaned forward and felt the tingle from the medallion, indicating its validity.

“Your Highness,” the surprised man bowed his head.

“Never mind all that Sergeant. I need to get back to the Palace as quickly and quietly as possible.”

“Yes, sire. You are free to go, of course,” the man replied, though he obviously didn’t want Zavien to leave just yet.

“I’m sorry for the trouble Sergeant,” Zavien told the man as he scrambled out the door.

Zavien rushed along to the Palace and the secret entrance. He checked thoroughly around him to make sure that no one was around before ducking into the secret passage. He smirked to himself as he rushed through the dark corridor.

He was able to return to his room without further incident. He was surprised to find his bed occupied, however. Arin, a close friend of his, was sleeping soundly in the center of his bed. Zavien shrugged silently to himself before stripping off his clothes.

He climbed into the bed and snuggled close to his friend. He pulled the covers over them both to close out the night’s chill. He then pulled Arin as close to himself as possible. He discovered quickly that Arin was also naked.

Zavien fell asleep a few moments later, warm and content.

©Copyright 2018 Myr; All Rights Reserved
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So... another tease? Careful... you could get a reputation, Myr. :P  Seriously, you do have a way of grabbing my attention. In the words of Oliver T, please sir... I want more. Cheers... Gary....

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  • Site Administrator
3 hours ago, ReaderPaul said:

read more of this great set of fantasy?

eventually when I'm not so busy. lol

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