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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 

New Frontier - 10. NF Chap 10

“Would you like Francesca and me to pack up and leave too?” he asked eventually. “No, from what I have heard so far, you and Francesca are fine with having gay crew members on the team, unless your views have changed since we last spoke about it?” I replied.

“No, I am fine with the lads, they seem like nice blokes, and I believe Francesca thinks they are darlings, and I am quoting her on that statement,” Hamish responded, and that made me laugh.

“Well I guess then that you have Nathan as a permanent crew member now, and I am sure that amongst all of us we can fill any other positions when needed,” I announced, “Ok boss, thanks for that, I was starting to get a bit worried that Francesca and I wouldn’t have jobs any more, but I am glad now.

We are about to head off to the timber mill, to arrange delivery of the wood supplies for the extra decking,” Hamish said to me, “Ok mate, if it needs to take a bit longer, to organise and load up, spend a night there, and come back tomorrow, when you are ready,” I responded.

After the phone call, I sent a text message to Nathan. “Hey Nathan, are you ok mate? I have just spoken to Hamish about what happen with the twin’s situation? He informs me that you were shoved around a bit until Francesca stepped in to cool things down, Anton.”

It was nearly an hour later before I received a response from Nathan, “I am ok, but a little beaten up, apparently when I was shoved against the counter in the pantry, I received a injury, didn’t show up, until I started helping with loading the wood, and it really hurt. Hamish asked me to show him where I was injured, and he says I have a contusion the size of an elephant, and has sent me on a 45 minute taxi ride to the hospital in Hobart to get it checked out.

I am there now waiting for the results of the x-ray and scan. The Doctor, who saw me, agreed that I have a large contusion to my side, and I have pain killers and an ice pack on my side. I will let you know when I know. Nathan.” I was a little concerned about this and wondered if it was more serious.

About half an hour later I received a text message from Hamish, “Hey Boss, I have sent Nathan to a hospital in Hobart, to see about an injury he sustained during the mini brawl on the yacht with the twins. He has a huge bruise on his lower side, and he only complained that it hurt when we began work on loading the wood onto the yacht.

I am very furious with my niece and nephew that this happened, but I have not said anything to them yet, until I know more about Nathan’s injuries. Hamish.” By now I was almost ready to go and be with Nathan, to see how he is, as I began to pace back and forward in worry.

“What is the matter with you?” Sarah asked me, “What? Oh… there has been a bit of trouble with our now two former twin crew members. Nathan overheard the twins talking about the guys, in a not so nice way, and Nathan took offence to it, which ended up being a shoving match which now has Nathan in Hospital in Hobart.

Hamish has told his niece and nephew to go home, as this work was not suited to them, and he and Francesca, are left to finish off loading the wood supplies,” I explained. “Those bastards, how dare they attack a permanent member of your crew, that is disgusting behaviour,” Sarah said angrily.

“Yeah, I know, can you round up everyone, get two days of clothes packed and meet at the jetty, we are going to take a trip up to Hobart, in the Trimaran,” I announced, “Sure thing boss, I will get right onto it,” Sarah said as she took off to get everyone organised.

With a crew of nine, we set off for Hobart, and with a good southerly wind, we were able to get up to 16 knots quite easily, and we arrived at the Wrest Point Jetty, in just over 2 ½ hours. With just Sarah joining me, we headed off to the hospital, while Simon anchored the yacht offshore, to await news of what is happening.

When we arrived at the hospital and asked for the location of Nathan, we were directed to a hospital ward on the third floor, which surprised us a little. On the third floor we walked up to the nurse’s station. “We would like to see Nathan Adamson please,” I asked politely.

“I am sorry but Mr Adamson already has a visitor,” the nurse replied, “Who could that be?” I asked, “That would be me, came a familiar voice, and I looked down the hall and saw Jasper. “Hey, I thought, you would be on your way home by now,” I said as we walked towards him.

“Yeah, I would have, if I hadn’t decided to spend a few days looking around the place, and getting a phone call from my stepson. Do you know he has two cracked ribs?” Jasper replied, “What?” I said in shock, and we followed Jasper into the room, where Nathan was sleeping.

“He has just gone to sleep, so we better not stay too long,” Jasper whispered, “I only heard about this about three hours ago, and we jumped on the Trimaran and came up straight away, the rest of the crew are with the yacht,” I explained to Jasper.

“I can hear you, no need to whisper, I am too sore to sleep,” Nathan said from his bed. “I have spoken to Nathan about this matter, and he agrees with me. I want to file a formal report on this assault, to the local police, this should not have happened,” Jasper said to me. “I am in full agreement with you there mate!

It would be best if you and Nathan did it though, since the rest of us where not there when it happened,” I stated. “True, where is the skipper and Francesca at the moment?” Jasper asked. At Huonville, collecting a supply of wood to extend the boardwalks,” I replied. “Message them and get them to come up here, as they will need to make a statement too,” Jasper suggested.

“My phone… sound recording,” Nathan croaked, and at first we didn’t know what he meant, until I found his phone, and he put his finger on the button to unlock it, and I located the Voice Memo app and on it was one recording saved. I turned up the volume and pressed play.

Five minutes later after hearing the recording for the second time, we looked at the phone in shock, Nathan had recorded the whole event, and it was very damning evidence, even without anyone else making statements on what happened. I sent a copy to my phone and Jasper’s phone, before locking the phone and putting it back in the drawer.

“Well, there isn’t much to say after hearing that, I am afraid that is very strong evidence on it’s own. Do you have a home address for these two?” Jasper asked me, “No, but Hamish will know since they are his relatives,” I replied, “Ok, don’t say anything to Hamish yet, let me and the local police handle it from now on,” Jasper instructed.

After saying goodnight to Nathan, we all headed outside, and with Jasper having a hotel in the city, we said goodnight to him and told him we would wait onboard the yacht at Wrest Point. I sent a short message to Hamish, “Nathan staying overnight in Hospital. Can you please come to Hobart first thing in the morning, as the police will need you both to make a statement on what happened onboard the Duchess.”

I didn’t get a response, and I wasn’t expecting one, as we headed back to Wrest Point, where Sebastian brought the dinghy over to collect us, and after a bit of supper, we retired to our cabins to get some sleep. When my phone began to ring at just after 11 pm, I nearly just ignored it, and when I looked at the screen for caller ID it just read Blocked Number.

“This had better be good to wake me up at this hour,” I said into the phone, “Is this Mr Anton Hamilton?” a voice said, and I sat up and turned on the light in my cabin. “I am, who is this speaking please?” I replied, “This is Senior Constable Gerald Duggan from Huonville Police,” came a reply, and I was now fully awake.

“How may I help you officer?” I asked, “Do you own a motor yacht by the name of Huon Duchess?’ the officer asked me, yes I do, it is supposed to be in Huonville and is due to come up to Hobart, where I am at the moment first thing in the morning, why is that?” I replied.

“Sir, I wish to inform you that your yacht is currently wedged into an inlet on Eggs Island, which is on the Huon River, just downstream from town. There is also a dinghy with the yachts name on it, currently beached at the boat ramp on the Channel Highway in town. I am currently on night shift, and I found an envelope on the ground containing a set of keys in it, the name of your yacht on the envelope, can you explain why this has happened?” the officer asked.

I groaned in annoyance, knowing full well what has happened. “Officer, as I just mentioned, I am currently in Hobart, and by the sounds of it my skipper has decided to abandon the yacht and leave. I will be able to come down in the morning to collect the yacht,” I replied.

When I staggered out of bed the next morning, with not much more sleep that what I had before the phone rang, I washed my face to try and wake up some more before heading upstairs, as I had taken up the master suite on the yacht for the night.

“Oh, oh, someone does not look at all happy,” Simon commented when he saw me arrive and sat down at the formal dining table to have some breakfast, while Sarah headed down to the galley.

“Yeah, I got some very unwelcome news at about 11 pm last night. The police at Huonville have found the Duchess abandoned, and the keys were deposited at the police station,” I explained. “Oh shit, that is not good at all, so Hamish and Francesca have just packed up and left?” Simon responded.

“That is my guess, they left the dinghy at the boat ramp, so my guess is that they have just packed up and left for good, no doubt because they don’t want to testify against their relatives in regards to Nathan been assaulted,” I said. “Oh man, that is not good at all,” Simon said, just as Sarah arrived with a cup of tea and a plate of cooked breakfast, which she placed in front of me.

“Thanks Sarah,” I said, before taking a few sips of tea, and a bite of the toast. “Si, we will need you to go and collect the Duchess, since you are the only one qualified to skipper it, I will update Jasper on what has happened, and Si, you better take your two crewmen and your other half with you, and take her home to the island,” I instructed.

“Sure boss, that is not a problem, we have already eaten our breakfast, we can be on our way shortly,” Simon replied. “Good, and before you leave Huonville, do a full inspection inside and out to make sure nothing is missing or damaged,” I asked. “Sure thing boss,” Simon said before he headed below deck.

After a day of visiting Nathan at the hospital, where he would be staying another night of observation, my brothers and I did some looking around the city, before returning to the yacht at Wrest Point to relax. When Nathan finally was released from hospital, the lads and I headed to the hospital to collect him, and we were on our way back to the yacht when I received a text message, and it was from Simon.

“Hey boss, we arrived back at our new base, just before dark last night, and there appears to be no damaged to the yacht in any way. We will wait patiently for your return, Simon.” Just a few minutes later my mobile rang, and it was Jasper calling.

“Hey Jas, how are things going regards the legal matter?” I asked when I answered. “Interesting, the twins have been arrested and charged, and are awaiting court. Their uncle and cousin have just disappeared, no doubt, keeping away from the shameful behaviour of their relatives,” Jasper replied.

“I see, and where are you now?” I asked, “At the Hobart Airport, on my way home,” Jasper replied. “Well I am glad to hear it. Anita will be looking forward to seeing you back home, give my best wishes to your family,” I replied, “Will do mate, look after my stepson, and I look forward to hearing from you soon,” Jasper answered.

By the time we arrived home onboard the Trimaran, everyone was tired after a few trying days, and I asked Sarah to come and see me in the morning to work out a plan for relaunching the updated website, and some time soon I wanted to get the whole team all in uniforms and standing near the end of the jetty for a new photograph, that will include all three yachts.

Very early the next morning, I was having a Skype meeting with some old friends, to try and convince them to come back to Australia, to work with us and in particular work onboard their former yacht. With the second cottage now vacant again, I decided to make it our new administration base.

After my brothers had gone to bed last evening, I had gone next door and dismantled the beds, and relocated the bedroom furniture from all three bedrooms into the smallest of the bedrooms, leaving the two bigger bedrooms free to become office space, and the desk that was in the study is now in the smaller of the two offices.

When Sarah knocked on my cottage door at 8 am, I was just having my second cup of tea, as I went to the door. “The lads are still asleep, so let’s go next door where I can show you my plans,” I said to Sarah, and she followed me into the other cottage.

“Welcome to our new administration base, I moved the beds and wardrobes from the two bigger bedrooms, to make room for office space, and I thought the dining table would make a good conference space, and the kitchen and lounge can remain the same,” I announced as we entered the cottage.

“So we will need to get some desks, and replacement computer and office equipment and supplies, including a white board, and maybe a communications aerial and sat dish on the roof to improve mobile and internet,” Sarah said to me, and I just smiled.

“I will leave it in your capable hands. You will find a small desk in one of the offices, along with my laptop computer to get started on. One last thing, I had a Skype meeting with Vic and Rita early this morning, and I have convinced them to come over and work for us for a minimum of six months, so that we have a full compliment of skippers and galley crew, we just need two deck crew for the trimaran,” I said to Sarah.

Copyright Feb 2021 All Rights Reserved, Preston Wigglesworth
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental. Note: While authors are asked to place warnings on their stories for some moderated content, everyone has different thresholds, and it is your responsibility as a reader to avoid stories or stop reading if something bothers you. 
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Wow, what a dramatic chapter. I hope Nathan's Court case is successful, they deserve punishment for injuries caused. Nathan was smart to record it, that's great evidence.

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Great chapter

but violence under any circumstance is unacceptable- I’m glad he recorded the incident 👍🏼

I think there’s more to the skipper doing the bolt like he did.... he’s probably running from something🤨 

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