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  1. mutch71

    Ford Ch 11

    Loving the story as always 😁 I was expecting more info on the the dinner date, but it was more of a footnote..... and how the hell did the crew find out about it 🤣
  2. mutch71

    Simba Ch 12

    Great chapter 👍🏼 I thought Jacob was going to go to Canberra to study electronics and communications for the ADF?
  3. mutch71

    Surv Chapter 9

    Great story although I never I Understood why simba didn’t want to be friends?? I didn’t think he was a prude or anything, but to refuse a friendship request so quickly and easily is disappointing and tbh very rude
  4. mutch71


    Great story 👍🏼 I would love to find out there’s a part 2 so we can find out what happens to this happy family 😁
  5. mutch71


    Great story and bastard cliff hangers 😂 it’s Mathew with Freya driving the getaway car ☺️🤔 they killed everyone.... with a candlestick in the parlour lol what about the missed call from Mary??
  6. Great story so far... I’m really loving it 😀 But this chapter was just mostly one BIG RABBIT!
  7. mutch71

    DA Ch 48 - Tragedy

    I think there’s a big changes coming..... again. It’s so sad that he’s lost his father, they had a really close bond which Jex will miss terribly 🥺 Jex seems to have too much in his plate Atm and needs to slow down to “take stock” Until they know what his mums prognosis is....
  8. mutch71

    No F'n Way

    Oh boy! this is going to be so much fun seeing how Blu reacts 🤣🤣 another great chapter to a great story 👍🏼
  9. mutch71

    Chapter 52

    NO! This can’t be the end my friend.... 🥺 here was I, once again immersed in the wonders of great storytelling- laughing along with the boys, happy for them, they made it “home”. wondering what surprises await them..... only to realise, now I’m going to have to wait to learn more... 😖 lol once again, you’ve taken us on a great journey, One filled with laughter, danger, great friendships and comradery in facing whatever challenges they faced. im very keen to find out the relationships between your stories.... And why Mparntwe is a central location to all 3... curious 🤔
  10. mutch71

    The Oscars

    And.... POw! great introduction- I’m looking forward to reading how it unfolded to get them all to the Oscars 😁
  11. mutch71

    Chapter 50

    A great chapter 😁 once again I’m finding myself lost in one of you stories 😃
  12. Hi thanks for a great story, I really enjoyed reading it 😁
  13. mutch71

    The Winner

    Hahaha 😂 a great ending to a great story - keep us guessing 😆 I honestly hope chipper came in 2nd although Chipper deserves to win, coming 2nd would release him from the ridiculous contract the show would have imposed on him and given him back his professional And creative freedom. Chipper is a STAR 🌟
  14. mutch71

    Chapter 47

    Haha great chapter 😁 the boys are relaxed and teasing each other 👍🏼 It’s a good sign. I love how Maurice and Ravengar are puzzled by their aussie humour 😆
  15. mutch71

    Sanc Chapter 14

    Great chapter, but a little disappointing. all of the street kids are going to have issues and most will have a past they are not proud of... they need care, understanding, forgiveness, guidance and most of all love. I’m glad Joshua will be represented in court even if it’s by a person who has already past sentence! Im surprised that even if released by the courts, he will be sent away From the Discovery Project for that past... I understand Toby’s dislike of his former boyfriends decisions And actions, but the leaders of the project need to be more thicker skinned if they’
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