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  1. mutch71


    Another GREAT story added to the series 👍🏼 it’s a shame to see the end, but I’m also now excited to see what’s next 😁 keep em coming 🥰
  2. Thanks for following me mate...

    1. mutch71


      It’s a pleasure to read your stories 😀

      keep em coming 😜

  3. mutch71

    NF Chap 19

    I’m enjoying the continuation of this story 😀 Anton seems to have troubles communicating to others besides his inner group 🙁and is so quick to react... in a negative way im not sure why he’s so reluctant to talk to Lord Edwin?? All Edwin has done, was try to be his friend, not knowing all that’s going on in the background his lordship seems to put his foot in it...... Anton is being unfair to Edwin & will probably loose the chance of a good friendship.. it’s a shame!
  4. mutch71


    What a great story 😀 from start to fin, you had me hooked. thankyou
  5. mutch71

    NF Chap 10

    Great chapter but violence under any circumstance is unacceptable- I’m glad he recorded the incident 👍🏼 I think there’s more to the skipper doing the bolt like he did.... he’s probably running from something🤨
  6. mutch71

    Ford Ch 11

    Loving the story as always 😁 I was expecting more info on the the dinner date, but it was more of a footnote..... and how the hell did the crew find out about it 🤣
  7. mutch71

    Simba Ch 12

    Great chapter 👍🏼 I thought Jacob was going to go to Canberra to study electronics and communications for the ADF?
  8. mutch71

    Surv Chapter 9

    Great story although I never I Understood why simba didn’t want to be friends?? I didn’t think he was a prude or anything, but to refuse a friendship request so quickly and easily is disappointing and tbh very rude
  9. Great story so far... I’m really loving it 😀 But this chapter was just mostly one BIG RABBIT!
  10. mutch71

    DA Ch 48 - Tragedy

    I think there’s a big changes coming..... again. It’s so sad that he’s lost his father, they had a really close bond which Jex will miss terribly 🥺 Jex seems to have too much in his plate Atm and needs to slow down to “take stock” Until they know what his mums prognosis is....
  11. mutch71

    No F'n Way

    Oh boy! this is going to be so much fun seeing how Blu reacts 🤣🤣 another great chapter to a great story 👍🏼
  12. mutch71

    Chapter 52

    NO! This can’t be the end my friend.... 🥺 here was I, once again immersed in the wonders of great storytelling- laughing along with the boys, happy for them, they made it “home”. wondering what surprises await them..... only to realise, now I’m going to have to wait to learn more... 😖 lol once again, you’ve taken us on a great journey, One filled with laughter, danger, great friendships and comradery in facing whatever challenges they faced. im very keen to find out the relationships between your stories.... And why Mparntwe is a central location to all 3... curious 🤔 I wait in anticipation for the next great adventure 😁
  13. mutch71

    The Oscars

    And.... POw! great introduction- I’m looking forward to reading how it unfolded to get them all to the Oscars 😁
  14. mutch71

    Chapter 50

    A great chapter 😁 once again I’m finding myself lost in one of you stories 😃
  15. Hi thanks for a great story, I really enjoyed reading it 😁
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