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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.

Encounter on the # 3 Subway (New York) - 3. Chapter 3 Three Generations of True Scotsmen  

After purchasing the gift, a Samsung Tablet, for his Grandfather, Bruce took the subway back uptown to the university.  Since rush hour was over, he was able to sit and study for an exam that afternoon.   After class, he returned home and immediately turned on his desk top computer.  He easily found the website of the architectural firm listed as the employer of the man he had enjoyed happy time within the crowded subway that morning.  He discovered the firm had forty-five professional employees and three offices: Manhattan, Long Island and Stamford, Connecticut.  Mark Winters was listed as the CFO (Chief Financial Officer).  He then turned to the task of setting up his Grandfather’s tablet gift.  After downloading apps, he set the background picture he had found online: the sunset over Loch Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, Scotland, where Grandfather was born. 

Bruce and his parents walked the three blocks to his grandparents’ apartment.  Bruce was looking forward to the combination 65th birthday celebration and pre-retirement party. He enjoyed visiting his grandparents as there was love in their hearts, tasty food on the table and fascinating conversation.  

The love story of his grandparents was interesting: A month after his grandmother’s graduation from Smith College in Massachusetts, she and two classmates embarked on a month-long tour of England and Scotland. One afternoon, they found lodging in the rooms over a pub on the Scottish Isle of Skye. The handsome bar tender showed them to their rooms. Calum, the bar tender, and Edith, the traveler, were immediately smitten with each other. Calum had completed three years of study at University of Edinburgh, majoring in economics. He was home for the summer, during the busy tourist season, working at the pub that had been in his family for over a century. It was love at first sight and Edith abandoned her two classmates and stayed on as her friends continued their travels. Bruce had discovered it was more than love at first sight. Looking at his grandmother’s Smith College Yearbook, he determined that his father was born a little over ten months after her graduation. It was not only ‘love at first sight,’ but apparently ‘fuck at first sight.’ Calum returned to Edinburgh that fall and pregnant Edith remained with his parents on the Isle of Skye. Upon graduation, Calum accepted a position with the Bank of Scotland. Calum, Edith and little Gavin (Bruce’s father) moved to Glasgow. Five years after moving to Glasgow, the bank offered Calum the opportunity to move to New York City where the bank had recently opened one of its first USA offices. His grandparents had now been married over forty years and his grandfather was soon retiring from the bank where he had been employed more than forty years. 

Grandpa met them at the door.  As expected, he was wearing his MacDonald kilt.    With a smile on his face, Grandpa handed Bruce and his father packages. Receiving a gift from the birthday man seemed strange.  Grandpa stated, “Why don’t you two go in the bedroom and get properly attired for my party.”  Opening the gifts, they found kilts of the MacDonald tartan.  In the bedroom, as they undressed, Bruce’s father asked, “Well, are you going to be a ‘True Scotsman’ and go natural?”  As he said this, father removed his boxer shorts and stood naked.  Trying not to be interested in the physique of his father, Bruce turned away, but not before checking him out.  It had been years since he had seen his father naked.  The brief glimpse revealed that his own impressive endowment had been inherited from his father.  As Bruce stripped naked he wondered if his grandfather was the ancestral big dick.   

Late Monday Evening – As soon as Bruce returned home after his grandfather’s party, he went to his room and turned on his desktop computer to the architecture firm’s web page and found brief biographies and photos of the officers.  The photo of Mark Winters was the man he had met on the subway. He learned that Mark had an undergraduate degree from Wesleyan University and an MBA from UConn (University of Connecticut).  The listing of Mark’s professional accomplishments was impressive. He chuckled to himself as he noted that there was no mention of Mark’s ability to grope cocks on the subway. He now knew the man who had given him such pleasure on the crowded train was a respected professional. The thought of the encounter that morning resulted in that special feeling down there. The photo of Mark reminded him of his middle school teacher, Mr. Morton. As his thoughts turned from the subway encounter to Scottish guys ‘au natural’ in kilts, he got horny. Being an expert at finding man porn, he soon found numerous photos and video of guys in kilts showing all. With his hand around his dick, he found a video of a Scottish man the age of subway guy getting sucked off.  As the handsome guy on screen shot streams of cum on the face of his sucker, Bruce unloaded onto the floor.   

That same evening, 80 blocks (4 miles / 6.4 km.) south, Mark stared at his computer screen.  He could not get the thought and feel of the redheaded twink out of his mind.  He easily found porn sites with redhead / ginger twinks.  Finding a site with live men, he found ‘Redguy’ performing. His bio stated he was 19 years old, from Wisconsin and into men.  Redguy, wearing loose gym shorts, sat rubbing with himself.  While Mark rarely gave tips to live performers, this guy reminded him of subway boy and he wanted to see more.  He gave a series of tips.  The first got the boy naked.  As Redguy played with his soft cut dick, it grew as hard as Mark’s had also sprouted.  The next tip resulted in a jerkoff that ended in a voluminous cum finale on screen that brought Mark over the top. 

Tuesday Evening – Bruce repeated his performance of the previous evening paying tribute to guys in kilts and subway man.   As the satisfied young man got into bed, he thought to himself, ‘My fantasies of subway man are ridiculous.  Why would a handsome guy like that have interest in a young, inexperienced boy like me?’ 

At the same time Bruce was getting off, Mark sat at his computer. He found another ginger twink online.  With dick in hand, he was soon paying tribute to subway boy. As the satisfied man got into bed he thought to himself, ‘My fantasies of subway boy are ridiculous.  Why would a cute young guy like that have interest in an old man like me?’   

Wednesday – Bruce was obsessed with thoughts of the older man.  Although he had discovered Mark was a respected professional, that fact did not eliminate the possibility that he might be diseased, a sadist, a rapist, or a degenerate. While in class, he often discovered he could not concentrate on lectures as his mind, led by his often stiffing dick, thought of the guy on the subway. After his continuous erotic thoughts on Tuesday, Bruce decided wearing loose boxer shorts was not a good idea. This day he wore a jock strap under his shorts to help control the evidence of the result of his erotic thoughts.  Twice that day, in the morning and afternoon, he had hid himself in a booth in the men’s room to jerk off and hopefully eliminate the stimulating thoughts.  The jerk offs only resulted in temporary relief, followed by demoralizing thoughts, further followed by euphoria as he mentally recounted the thought of that hand caressing his piece on the crowded subway.  At home that evening, he again found photos and videos of men that reminded him of Mark and also his middle school teacher, Mr. Morton.  As he jerked off once again, he wondered how often he could do it in one day without causing physical harm. 

By Wednesday Mark rarely thought of the ginger twink.  If he saw a cute redhead or a young man wearing a CUNY sweatshirt, his brain and dick briefly reminded him of the encounter. That evening he met with a university friend, Rick. Their friendship had started in the university library, over twenty years earlier. Mark, a second-year student, was sitting in the library reviewing material for a paper he was assigned in his history class.  Looking up, he saw a student who was sitting two tables away staring at him.  As soon as their eyes met, the student looked down. Mark continued to look at this handsome young man.  When the stranger looked up, Mark immediately returned his eyes to his class project.  Three times the two played this game of cat and mouse.  The next time the guy found Mark staring, Mark did not turn away.  The two intently looked into each other’s eyes.  The stranger smiled, stood and walked away.  Mark hoped he was going to the men’s room.  Mark followed.  When he entered, Mark saw him standing at the third of four urinals.  Mark went to the second.  The two stood side by side pretending to piss.  Mark moved back slightly, making his now hard dick visible to someone who made an effort to look at it.  Out of the corner of his eye, he saw the stranger turn his head.  The stranger then took a step back displaying his equally hard piece.  Mark leaned to the left and their shoulders touched.  The stranger pushed back as he stroked himself.  At that moment, they heard the door opening.  As a third guy entered, each moved forward and with difficulty stuffed their hard dicks into their pants.  The new friend quickly walked out.  Mark followed.  He was waiting in the hall.  “Hi, I’m Rick.  Want to get coke?”  

Standing next to the vending machine, Mark suggested. “Since it is Friday, my roommate has departed for home and won’t be back until Sunday evening. I’ve got beer in the mini fridge in my dorm room. Want a cold one?” The reply was playful, “If a cold one will get me a hot one, I’m all for it!”  That was the beginning of a long-time friendship. Their sexual appetites were similar. Both enjoyed cuddling, jerking and sucking. Neither was interested in being a top or bottom.  Neither desired a commitment. They enjoyed sharing tales of sex with other guys and were not averse to an occasional threesome (or four or more). They were truly ‘friends with benefits.’  Rick now lived in Hartford, Connecticut, and visited New York on business about once a month. While his expense account permitted an upscale hotel, he stayed with his friend, Mark. That evening over dinner in a restaurant, Mark related his adventure the previous Monday on the crowded #3 train. Rick was probably the only person Mark would feel comfortable telling such a story.  They both wondered if the ginger university twink would call. After dinner they went to Mark’s place for the expected and extremely enjoyable, as always, cuddling, followed by sex, shower, more sex, and in the morning coffee and sex.                                                                               

Thursday – Bruce had another day of personal conflict.  Finally that evening, his dick won over his fear of the unknown. He picked up his phone and sent a text message. 

Mark was in the locker-room at the gym when his phone buzzed.  He had just returned from the shower and was naked standing in front of his locker.  Reading the message put a great grin on his face.  ‘Meet for coffee? Your Monday subway friend.’   

Naked Mark, immediately replied, ‘Look forward to coffee with you! Will suggest place soon.’ 

Realizing his dick was now at half-mast, Mark quickly put on underwear and pants.  He then did a quick search on his phone to find the address of the Starbucks near his home.  Within a minute he sent a second message, ‘Starbucks near 96th Street subway - 2521 Broadway @ 95th St - Saturday 10am, OK?’   

Within seconds Mark received a reply, ‘c u Saturday @ 10am.’  

 If you are enjoying this story, please take the time to like, comment, and follow it. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop this and future stories.

A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say.  Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language.   


Copyright © 2022 Tallguyct; All Rights Reserved.
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Stories posted in this category are works of fiction. Names, places, characters, events, and incidents are created by the authors' imaginations or are used fictitiously. Any resemblances to actual persons (living or dead), organizations, companies, events, or locales are entirely coincidental.
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Got to hand it to those Scottish men. It can be damned drafty on a cold night wearing a kilt. Depending on the size of your 'wee man', a proper sized sporran will keep it from poking out ... unless you need it to.

Many a Scottish 'countryman' throughout history, (and to this day in an emergency) can undo his kilt and lay it flat as a sleeping mat, or as a blanket, as the standard (full) kilt uses wool fabric that is either 'single' takes 8 yards / 24 feet  / 7.3m single width tartan (30"-32" wide), or 4 yards of double width (54"-60" wide). 

 Now back to the great story so for. Bruce and Mark getting better (aquainted?). And Bruce learning first hand some 'heir'looms ate handed down generation to generation. 👀 Ooh!

Edited by Anton_Cloche
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