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  1. Tallguyct


    Could have filled a couple of chapters with crazies. Decided to keep the story moving and just give a couple. Tall Guy
  2. A smiling Jim greeted Mike. “So, are you ready to announce yourself to not just Springfield, but the world?” For the past week, Mike and Jim had been discussing at lunch and by email the wording and photo poses for his profile. Mike wanted wording that stated he was interested in a relationship that included more than just anonymous sex. He had studied many profiles by men from Springfield and beyond. He had laughed at and also pitied the writer of one of the shortest narratives, ‘My ass - your dick’. A few had written long essays, 200 words or more, that he was sure no one read to the end. Why would you want to have sex with someone that could not stop writing, did they talk like that? Mike had written, and Jim approved, a short paragraph: ‘Middle-aged guy recently came out to myself and a few friends. New to man / man sex. After a few encounters, I realize I want friendship that includes tender sex. Not into quick fuck/sucks. Desire a man that satisfies my soul as well as my dick. Non-smoker, social drinker, no drugs – expect same.’ They had also discussed a username. Mike decided that he did not want to include ‘Mike’ as part of his username as he wanted to remain as anonymous as possible. Following careful consideration, he selected a username that he hoped presented the ‘Mike’ he believed he was: ‘ready2love’. At the beginning of the profile, basic information would be listed. Mike and Jim agreed on the following attributes for each item: in the weight category, Jim had recommended reducing correct weight by 10 pounds (4.5 kg). He told Mike that actual lying could cause problems if he met someone in person who had read his profile. The person might wonder, ‘if he lied about weight, what other lies did he tell?’ Jim pointed out that some mild exaggeration was OK. Also, since Mike was losing weight on a consistent basis, he would soon not be far from the truth. Attributes: I’m – Gay Position – Top Cock size - Average Age – 45 Height – 5’ 10” (1.78 M) Weight – 190 (86.2 kg) (Less than his correct weight of 200 (90.7 kg) Body type – Average Body hair – Average Ethnicity – Caucasian Sex preference – Condoms. While about half of the profiles contained no pictures, Mike and Jim agreed a photo would be beneficial in presenting the new Mike. Jim had suggested that when Mike lost an additional 10 pounds (4.5 kg), new photos should be taken. After reviewing numerous profiles, Mike had decided that one photo of himself soft (but somewhat fluffed up) from neck down would be placed on the main page with additional erotic photos in the private section that would be made available to men requesting to see them. None of the photos would show his face. Rob had offered to take the photos using his smart phone. Mike was worried that he might not be able to get it up if he was embarrassed posing in front of his friends. When photo time arrived, he was greatly relieved when Jim announced, “We thought you might respond better to having photos taken if we were all naked. As he said this, both Rob and Jim removed their clothes. Just looking at these two hot young men inspired Mike. By the time he was naked, his dick was half hard. While he already knew Jim had an impressive dick from his peak at the urinal months earlier, he was relieved to not have the smallest as Rob’s cut dick was equal in size to his when soft. He wondered if he would find out how they compared when erect. As Jim observed Mike, “Your dick is at a perfect state for the main profile photo.” Then Rob commented, “But, where are the balls?” Mike was dumbfounded by this comment. “What I mean is, your balls appear to be perfect, but in a small photo no one will see them. There are hidden in a forest. You, my friend, need some manscaping.” When Mike got a totally confused look on his face as his fluffed up dick began to shrivel, Rob continued. “As you have probably noticed both Jim and I have balls that are easy to see. That is because we manscape each other. That means, our balls are shaved clean. Also the thatch over the dick is trimmed. I suggest you permit Jim to take your dick in hand (said with a laugh) and prepare it for a perfect presentation.” As Jim led him to the bathroom, the thought of his dick and balls ‘in hand’ brought it to full attention. Jim took a travel bag from a bathroom shelf and removed a rechargeable trimmer. “This electric body groomer is designed to be soft and gentle while removing unwanted hair. We trim each other weekly.” Jim then spread a newspaper on the bathroom floor and kneeled in front of naked Mike. Holding a ball with one hand, he gently ran the shaver over the tender skin. Mike felt nothing except a soft vibration. Jim commented, “This is the first dick other than mine or Rob’s that I have held in years. Ever since I met him, I have only desired my Rob.” As Jim continued manipulating the balls, Mike was unable to hold back and soon had a full erection. “Well, I see you are enjoying your manscaping. Now I am going to run it along your shaft to remove dick hairs. Control yourself and do not cum. We want every body part to be ready for the photo shoot.” The gentle vibration of the trimmer moving along his hard dick was extremely erotic. Mike gritted his teeth and willed his dick to behave. “Now I suggest the thatch over your dick be trimmed. I will trim it to be similar to Rob’s. OK?” “Rob looks great. Please do mine.” Suddenly Mike realized the ball and dick activity had felt too good and he was afraid he might blast off. “Stop, please. Let my dick cool off or you might receive a face-full. Let me take a short break.” A few minutes later, Mike returned from his walk around the home. Jim used a different trimmer to trim Mike’s thatch. Admiring himself in the mirror, Mike was pleased to see that his dick and balls were no longer obscured by a forest of hair. Then the photo session began. The first pose for the main profile was of Mike standing with a slight twist showing his body from neck to feet with a soft, but slightly fluffed-up cock. Then, photos with a hard cock were taken. The first was the same pose, except now hard. The next was a close up of the dick and then one with Mike’s hand clasped around it squeezing out precum. To make sure there was a good supply of juice, Jim took a tube of hair gel and applied some to the tip of the dick. As Mike began to thank his friends for a job well done Rob piped up. “Let’s do one more. A photo of you cumming with jizz floating in the air would be priceless.” Mike exclaimed, “Are you crazy? How would that be done? I’m not a porn star. No way am I going to jerk off to an audience. Even if I went through the motions, I don’t think it would happen with you two scrutinizing me.” “Don’t be bashful, Mike. Such a photo would catch the eye of interested guys. This is what we will do, the three of us will do it together. When you are close, Rob and I will each grab our phones and take multiple photos hoping one will catch the spunk flying through the air. This takes me back years. I haven’t participated in a circle jerk since high school.” They went to the kitchen where it would be easy to clean the floor. Jim and Rob placed their phones on the counter within easy reach. Then Jim took his dick in hand and began stroking. Rob did the same. Seeing his two young, handsome friends doing it inspired Mike. As he pumped, he watched Jim as with each stroke he pushed the skin up over the head and then retracted it. Suddenly, Mike felt the juices rising. “I’m cumming!” The cameras were quickly grabbed and as Mike discharged one of his most intense cummings ever, multiple photos were taken. As an exhausted Mike leaned against the kitchen counter, Jim uttered, “Got to finish.” Putting down his phone he grabbed his dick and vigorously beat it. Rob joined in and soon the floor was covered with the elixir of three cummings. Mike noted that Jim’s impressive soft dick grew to a very impressive one. Rob’s, when hard, was the same as his. While Jim cleaned the floor, Rob downloaded the photos to his computer, where he had photo editing software. With some cropping and a little color enhancing, they had photos for the profile. The cumming photo was amazing. Mike had let go of his dick as the eruptions began. Of the multiple photos taken by Jim and Rob, the best one showed a close up of the hard dick with a stream of cum spewing from the pee hole and floating in the air. Rob then opened the hook-up site. He opened a new user account for Mike with the username ‘ready2love’, paid for six months with his credit card, filled in the profile information and attached the five photos. The one with the soft, but somewhat fluffed up, dick for all to view was placed on the main profile page. The other four included the amazing cum shot would be available by those who requested them. Mike, a/k/a ‘ready2love’, could grant the request to see the hidden photos, say no or ignore the request. Mike gave Rob cash for the fee paid. He profusely thanked his friends, dressed and departed. Now, as he was ‘ready to love’, he would wait for any interest. When he returned home, Maggie was in bed reading. Mike went downstairs to their home computer and logged into his account. He noted that ‘ready2love’ was on the list of new profiles. He opened the three messages already in his inbox. None were from local members. Two were from out of state and the third from Korea. All had nice comments about his profile and two asked for permission to view his private photos. The 55 year old guy from Montana said: ‘You are one handsome dude. Too bad you are so far away. Wish we could tenderly touch followed by you plowing my cowboy ass.’ Mike looked at the cowboy’s profile. The photos showed a rugged guy that Mike would certainly enjoy riding. To his surprise, his dick started to rise, and he was soon using his hand while imagining topping the cowboy. With images of bucking broncos swirling through his head, he enjoyed another cumming of the evening. Mike then sent a reply to cowboy, ‘Thanks for the comments, both kind and kinky. I checked out your profile. Your rugged body inspired me and I just had a very enjoyable jack-off in your honor. Good Night my friend.’ Mike felt safe talking to the cowboy as he was far away. If it had been someone nearby, Mike would have probably just given a thanks. Within a week, Mike received two messages from men in Springfield. The first was from a man who with a very brief, crude message which said he wanted to be fucked. Mike checked his profile, which included six photos of his ass - no face, no dick - just ass. Mike had decided he would answer every local message in a nice way even if the guy turned him off. He replied, ‘Thanks for the offer. I don’t think we would be a good match. Happy hunting.’ The other message was from a young man (his profile indicated he was young, maybe not true). ‘You are a handsome mature man. I want to be dominated and fucked by a daddy. Please be my daddy.’ His profile stated he was 20 years old, 6 feet (1.83 m), 140 pounds (64 kg). There was no photo. Mike had no interest in getting involved with a young guy, especially one that wanted to be dominated. He wanted a guy near his age who would make him feel wonderful when they cuddled. In his imagination, this was the only type of man he would enjoy fucking. The thought of holding and caressing the right man was necessary foreplay to a happy suck or fuck, not some activity to just satisfy his dick for the moment. He replied to the alleged 20 year old, ‘Thanks for your interesting offer. However, I am into men in their 40s or 50s. Best of luck in your quest for fun.’ Mike wondered if he would ever find Mr. Right.
  3. As many of us know there are more Mr. Wrongs than Mr. Right. Mike will get lucky finding Mr. Right before too many Wrongs. Thanks for reading.
  4. Although it was probably too cool to have lunch outside, both men wanted the privacy that would permit Mike to tell Jim about his weekend. “I had a great gay time with the boys. Will share the details, but first I want to tell you about the spy cam results. While I was having fun, so was Maggie. I never would have guessed who the man would be. It was our neighbor, Dale. I have lusted over his 50 year old body. He is handsome, strong, has an incredible ass and dick that I saw once in the locker room at the gym. I know his wife has cancer, but do not know the details as to what type or how serious. Possibly the fucking is between two people who cannot get it from their spouse. I am relieved it is him and not some twink or muscle boy she hired. It was a very loving sexual encounter, not just a quick – ‘bam, bam, thank you mam’. This greatly reduces my guilt concerning my recent activities. Mike then gave Jim all the details of his Saturday romp with Tomas, Win and Alan that their lunch time permitted. Tuesday at lunch Jim gave Mike a STD (sexually transmitted diseases) / safe sex lecture. When he finished, Mike thanked him. “As uncomfortable as your lecture was, I know I needed it. I have read about sex diseases on the internet. In my case a refresher warning is probably necessary. Thanks for caring.” Mike then discussed his confusing thoughts with Jim. “While the four-some at Tomas’s was fun and fascinating, later I felt empty. Learning to suck and fuck was wonderful. Playing with all those dicks was awesome. But later I felt nothing. My dick really enjoyed the activity but my heart never got into it. You and Rob are an inspiration for me. I envy your relationship that is built on love, not just doing “it”. I have never known the difference between getting off like I did with Alan and Tomas the previous week and having a loving sexual encounter.” “I understand what you are saying. Rob and I have a fantastic sexual relationship. While I’m not giving any details, I can tell you that I have a very satisfied dick and I am positive Rob feels the same way. I cannot imagine having sex without an emotional attachment. Prior to meeting Rob, my second year at university, I had messed around some. But from the day I met him my eyes and my dick never lusted after anyone else. I assume you are saying you want to meet Mr. Right who is both a hot sex partner and soul mate. But, when you find him, what will happen to your marriage?” Mike was almost in tears when he replied, “I am so confused.” Jim continued, “I hope you realize what an amazing guy you are. In just a few months you changed your life style from the path of destruction to the road of a full healthy life. You discovered who you are and accepted it. You not only learned about gay sex, you became a full participant. You are alive and because you are open to a full life, you want more. Mr. Right is out there. You will find him someday, maybe tomorrow, maybe not for years. As you search, you will probably find a few Mr. Wrongs. I am happy that you are more interested in a relationship than just sex. Now we need to get back to work. Discussion continued tomorrow. OK?” Later that afternoon Mike’s phone buzzed indicating a text was received. ‘Enjoyed our conversation Saturday. Would like to continue discussion. You could come to my place for beer and …. Alan’ Mike replied, ‘After work Wed, Thu or Fri’. As Mike sent the reply he thought to himself, ‘Is Alan Mr. Right? Sex with him is wonderful. Is there more?’ There was an immediate answer from Alan, ‘Thur @ 7, my place, 385 Pelham Place’ Mike immediately called Maggie. He told her his hiking friend was having a few friends over for a poker night on Thursday. She replied the evening was open. He thought she sounded eager to have the house alone. Both of them would probably be having a fucking good time. Mike replied to Alan, ‘cu Thur @ 7 – could cum earlier’ Alan replied, ‘come @ 6, cum @ 7, will order pizza’ That evening at supper Mike casually mentioned their neighbors, Dale and Ellen. “As I drove past the Gibbs’ house, I saw a nurse coming out the front door. Was it their daughter?” Maggie replied, “No. Ellen’s cancer which was in remission has returned. I talked to Dale last week. He cannot leave her for more than an hour. (Mike thought - Just long enough for a fuck) Dale has hired a nurse to be with her week days while he goes to work. He stays close to home evenings and weekends. She is on multiple medications, is weak, uses a walker and has no desire to leave the house. She has her evening medication at 7:00 and then they watch ‘Jeopardy’ and ‘Wheel of Fortune’ until she falls asleep. Dale loves her and is devastated that she is just a shell of what she had been. I am baking a batch of molasses cookies now to take to him. He told me she was a wonderful baker and he misses her treats.” Mike suggested, “Maybe some evening we should have a late dinner and invite Dale over after Ellen is asleep.” Maggie, in a somewhat confused voice, replied: “Yes, that would be nice. It would get Dale out of the house while being nearby. I am sure he would appreciate a home cooked meal.” Mike thought to himself, ‘He certainly eats well at my house - it just is not the traditional dinner.’ Thursday morning when Mike told Maggie that he would stay at work late and then go directly to the poker game after a veggie wrap at Subway, she seemed pleased with the plan. He thought to himself, ‘Dale should thank Alan and me for the opportunity.’ All day at work on Thursday, Mike’s dick tingled at the thought of what would happen that evening. Promptly at 6:00, he was knocking on Alan’s door. As soon as he was in the entrance hall and the door closed, Alan wrapped him in a tight hug and kissed him with an open mouth. Still in the hall Alan pressed his guest against the wall and kneeled. He undid Mike’s pants, pulled down his shorts and swallowed the rising dick that immediately came to full attention. He then led Mike to the bedroom where the two were soon naked. Following tender touching, Mike had an opportunity to improve his sucking skills. The fuck that followed was perfectly orchestrated by Alan. First, Mike fucked him doggie style until he was close. Then, Mike sucked Alan until he was close. This was followed by Mike plowing into Alan while he was on his back. When he was close, there was another suck Alan session. Finally, during round three Mike did not pull out when close. He blasted a load into the condom that was deeply implanted in Alan. Mike then used his hand to finish his friend. Forty minutes after his arrival the two naked men sat at the kitchen table eating pizza. Neither complained that the pizza was cold. Mike asked about swallowing cum. Alan replied that while it was almost tasteless, it was a wonderful feeling to have the juices fill the mouth. He enjoyed swallowing cum because of the pleasure he knew it gave the other. Mike stated that he was going to try to swallow at their next session. Alan replied with a smile, “You may only suck me if you fuck me first.” They were soon back in the bedroom. Alan realized Mike would enjoy the sucking and swallowing more if he had not just cum. Therefore, when Mike was close to completion during the after pizza fuck, Alan told him to pull out. This meant that Mike was at the height of his desire as he sucked Alan. When Alan announced he was about to cum Mike just kept on sucking. Soon he felt the red head’s dick pulsate as cum gushed into his mouth. His immediate reaction was to spit it out. However, he forced himself to swallow and not gag. While the swallowing gave him no great pleasure, he was thrilled with himself as he had succeeded and he hoped he had made Alan happy. Alan then pulled the condom off Mike and with a couple of slurps sucked him dry. When Mike returned home, Maggie was in bed reading. Mike said good night to her and told her he was going to check his email. Sitting at the computer, he opened the spy cam app. He was not surprised when he saw the recording of Maggie and Dale doing it that evening. He was thrilled when this time there were frontal and side views of Dales impressive cut dick. Dale was certainly a grower. The soft dick Mike had seen at the fitness center did not give the impression it would grow to what he saw on the computer. Friday at lunch, Mike told Jim about his session with Alan. Then he stated, “I don’t know if he is Mr. Right. While I did and continue to love his dick and body, I am not sure I ‘love’ his soul. But I am having fun exploring.” At least once a week Mike was at Alan’s home. Both his sucking and fucking skills improved. If they were unable to get together in the late afternoon or evening Mike would skip his daily gym routine and have a quick early morning session. A month later, Alan asked Mike if he would be interested in visiting Secrets in New City. Mike, with some trepidation, accepted the offer. He was not surprised when Maggie encouraged him to take an all-day autumn hike. Monday at lunch, Mike described his visit to Secrets. “As soon as we arrived, Alan gave me a quick tour. As we stood in the open area with a couch and a TV showing gay porn a guy stood next to me. He leaned into me and placed his hand on my crotch. While I was not surprised, I was very uncomfortable and moved away. Eventually, Alan and I went to one of the larger booths. He left the door ajar. The first two guys that peered in were waved away by Alan. Alan motioned for the third, a handsome man of about thirty, to enter. Following the three of us playing with each other, the guy fucked Alan while I watched. I was very uncomfortable. I am sure that Alan expected me to move in as soon as the guy finished. But instead, when they finished, I suddenly had no desire to be part of a threesome and went out of the booth. I went to another booth and when a guy stuck his dick through the glory hole, I left and went to the open area. Sitting on the couch, I watched gay porn while a few guys approached me. I waved them away. Actually my dick had no desire to show itself and stayed soft. Finally, Alan found me and we left for home. Except for the brief encounter having mutual handson dick play with the guy who eventually fucked Alan, I never touched another guy. Now I can say, ‘Been there, Done that’. I have no desire to return.” “I am extremely happy that you want a real emotional connection with another man, not just a series of quickies. Rob and I discussed your quest for Mr. Right. There is a website we recommend that thousands of guys from around the world have posted personal profiles. Most men include photos of themselves. While some are dressed, most are naked showing off their attributes. The nude photos are a combination of guys showing off their dicks, hard and/or soft, while others pose in a variety of erotic ways. Some also post personal videos, mostly jerking off or fucking. Others share videos that give a full range of sex activities. The site also has cruising information about every country in the world. The listing for the USA is by state and then by city. You can discover gay men and cruising opportunities in our town and surrounding places. Another feature is chat rooms where some guys cam themselves, mostly jerking off, while others watch and comment. The site is a real eye opener. If you join, the site will require an email address. I suggest you get a private email account that no one in your family knows you have. When you find a potential Mr. Right, you should not give him any personal information including full name and cell phone number until you are totally satisfied he is reliable. You can use your private email account for communication and remain incognito at the beginning. The site I told you about offers both free and paid-for accounts. Rob and I have a free account that allows limited viewing and communication. You will most likely want an account that does not limit your activity. If you decide to have a paid account you may use my credit card to keep the transaction private. Mike replied that he was interested in finding more about such a website. Jim invited him to visit his home and check it out. That afternoon, he went online using his office computer and opened a private gmail account. While he would never use his work computer for anything at all related to sex, he was not concerned about using it to just open the new account. The following day Mike skipped going to the gym in the morning prior to work. He told Maggie that he had not slept well and would not go to the gym that morning and probably go in the evening. As soon as supper was over he grabbed his gym bag and left to visit Jim and Rob, not the fitness center. Jim and Rob lived in a townhouse (groups of attached houses). After parking in a visitor’s space, Mike walked to the front door. He rang the doorbell and Jim greeted him. “Welcome to our home and love nest (said with a chuckle). A small entrance hall led to the living room. Rob was sitting at a table with a laptop computer. He turned to Mike, stood and offered his hand. “Good seeing you again. Would you like something to drink? We can offer you water, herbal tea, hot chocolate or kefir.” Mike thought to himself, ‘These guys sure have healthy diets. This is the first time I was only offered healthy drinks when visiting someone. Certainly not the hard liquor, beer or soft drinks I would have been offered at my cousin’s home, my now deceased cousin.’ He then asked, “What is kefir? Since you eat healthy I assume kefir is healthy.” Jim replied, “It’s a milk based drink that tastes like yogurt but is higher in calcium, protein and probiotics. It has numerous health benefits. We have bottles of both plain and strawberry flavored. If you like yogurt you should enjoy the flavored drink and possibly the plain one.” “Since the purpose of this evening is to educate the old guy, I’ll try the strawberry kefir.” While Jim got the drinks Rob told Mike to sit at the table with the laptop. The site was already open. Rob explained the various options. In the profile section Mike was amazed that their town, population 95,000, had 148 profiles of men listed. Mike asked, “Does this mean that 148 men in the Springfield area signed up to be listed?” “Yes.” Mike scrolled down the profiles to see if there were any men he recognized. Only about half included photos and practically all of those were dick or ass shots with no face shown. He recognized none of the men. Rob’s tutorial continued with the cruising section where Mike discovered there were three cruising areas in Springfield: a rest area on the interstate highway near town, a town park and the toilet at the mall. Rob warned Mike that none of those were safe areas and that it was unlikely he would find anyone there, as you can see by the comments members have posted. He stated, “From what Jim told me, your interest is in finding a soulmate. Probably a guy looking for hookups at a cruising area is mostly interested in quick pleasure, not lasting intimacy.” The comments by members about these areas were sparse and none indicated hook-ups actually happened. Then he checked out New City and read the description of Secrets. It appeared to be accurate based on his experience. Rob showed Mike how to enter chat rooms where a few guys were showing themselves jerking off while most others were watching and posting messages. They then went to the video section where members had posted videos of themselves, mostly jerking, sucking or fucking. Mike did a quick peek at a couple of videos. Since this was a tutorial on how to use the site, he did not want to waste time looking at videos. If he joined, he could do that later. Mike was definitely interested in joining and creating a profile. Jim suggested he not create a profile until he knew how he wanted to describe himself and what type of photos to include, if any. He explained that as soon as he joined, men would look at the profile of the ‘new member’. He should immediately present himself in a way that would interest the type of men he wanted to communicate with. Rob suggested he take some time to think about how he wanted to present himself. He offered to give Mike his username and password so he could checkout various profiles and determine how to word his profile and what type of photos, if any, he would include. Jim with a smile said, “When you are ready to create an account we would be willing to take photos of you in any pose you desire.” During the following week, Mike went online at home when he was sure Maggie would not be around. After careful thought and conversations with Jim at lunch, he was ready to open an account. Having told Maggie he was going to the fitness center after supper, he was again ringing the doorbell of Jim and Rob ready to open an account and create a profile.
  5. You will know soon, to be posted 7/31 - Hint, Mike had lusted over this guy as he noted the ass, trimmed pits and sweaty tank top revealing each nipple in chapter 1
  6. While Mike was comfortable being naked in the locker room at the fitness center this was a very different situation. Just as he was checking out the others as sex partners he assumed the others were scrutinizing him. Instead of a G-string Win was wearing a leopard print loin cloth. The loin cloth had a bulge. Mike was already aware of Tomas’s physical attributes. He inspected the bodies of the other guests. Win – In his mid 40s, a tall striking man, 6’ 4” ( 1.93 m), with an athletic body, blue eyes, large feet and hands, hair on chest, no manscaping except for possible trimmed pits and as Mike later learned shaved balls hanging under an impressive cut dick. Fair skinned, red head Alan was probably in his 30s. About the same height as Mike, 5’ 10” ( 1.78 m). Neither muscular nor fat, he was just a delight to the eyes. While Tomas and Win extruded raw, muscular sex, Alan was someone you would want to cuddle, or at least Mike did. As Tomas leaned over to take the TV remote he displayed his ass to all. “I have a new video that should set the tone for the afternoon.” The LG 77 inch (195 cm) Smart TV had the largest and clearest picture Mike had ever scene. The video started with a gorgeous hunk answering his door. He welcomed his friend and they hugged. Soon the two were naked in the bedroom doing everything expected in a male porn video. What made this video exceptional was the quality of the picture, the bodies of the two men and the two porn sized dicks, one cut and one natural. As the show started the four sat on mats on the floor. When Tomas and Win paired off to the delight of Mike he was next to Alan. When Alan gently tweaked his nipple Mike whispered, “That feels wonderful, but there is something you should know. I am new to man sex. My total history with guys in a couple of sentences. From age 12 to 14 I jacked off with my cousin. We never touched each other. That was it until a couple of months ago when I watched a guy jack and cum in the shower at the fitness center and once in the sauna at the fitness center I gave a guy a hand job. That was the first time in my life I touched another dick. Last week I had a very enjoyable afternoon with Tomas. That’s all. A few months ago I discovered gay porn so am aware of what guys do. While I am very ready, very willing and from the bulge in my G-string you will see I am very able, I need someone to guide me.” “It will be my pleasure.” As Alan spoke he reached down and pulled the G-string to the side releasing Mike’s dick. Alan gently stroked it and then leaned in and swallowed it. He sat up and said, “Now it’s your turn.” Mike reached and released Alan’s dick. He leaned down and closely inspected it. He stroked it and caressed the balls. “This will be my first dick suck.” He gently kissed the head. Then as he thought about the many scenes he had seen on porn put the dick head in his mouth. He moved his head down and when he had about half of it in his mouth gagged. Full of embarrassment he pulled back. Alan spoke, “Just relax and be careful with your teeth. Make sure they are not scraping little Alan. Once you have learned to relax your throat you should be able to swallow all of it. You may never be able to swallow a giant like Tomas’s but as you can see Win has mastered the art of the big dick. Of course that took a lot of experience and I am sure he was that” Mike again placed the dick in his mouth. He did not understand why but it really felt good to suck on it. He had thought that sucking was something that actors did on videos, not for their pleasure but for the audience. His body tingled as his lips were wrapped around the dick and he moved up and down. He decided to go all the way and pushed down until he felt it in his throat. This was too much and he gagged again. Alan pulled him up and planted a kiss on his lips as he said, “You are a fast learner. Now it is my turn.” While enjoying the pleasure of having his dick serviced Mike studied his friend’s technique. He wanted to give him as much pleasure as he was receiving. Suddenly Mike realized things were going faster than anticipated. He pushed Alan away, “If your desire is to get a mouthful you almost succeeded. I need to cool off.” As they wiggled out of their G-strings Alan suggested, “Let’s just cuddle for awhile.” For the next ten minutes they caressed every part of the other’s body except dicks as they watched Tomas fucking Win. Then Alan whispered in Mike’s ear, “I want you to fuck me. I know it is a new experience for you. Just lie on your back. I will do all the work.” Mike was confused. When Tomas fucked Win, Tomas, with a great deal of movement, rammed into Win as he just laid on his back with legs on Tomas’s shoulder. They must have stopped for a break as Tomas, still wearing a condom, was lying with Win as they kissed. As instructed, Mike laid on his back. Alan selected a condom from the bowl on the table and opened the packet. He then rolled it down Mike’s shaft. Taking a tube of lube from the table Alan gave Mike’s dick a generous coating and then put some on his fingers and reached behind to lubricate his ass. Then facing Mike, Alan kneeled placing his knees on each side of Mike’s chest. Reaching behind he took Mike’s dick in hand while raising himself. He then leaned back and sat on Mike’s dick as it slipped in. As he moved up and down Mike called out, “That is the most incredible feeling of my life!” Alan leaned forward and kissed Mike. His dick slipped out but as he leaned back it easily found the hole. Alan jacked himself as he rode Mike with more vigor. Mike called out, “I’m cumming.” Alan increased his tempo and self-jacking. As Mike screamed with pleasure Alan came with such force that he covered Mike’s chest, neck and face. As Alan collapsed onto Mike they heard applause from Tomas and Win. “Great show men!” As Alan laid on the cum covered body the dick slipped out of his hole. The two deep kissed as each felt the pounding heart of the other. Following showers and a selection of Polish pastries for dessert round two began. This time it started with the four playing together. Mike had an opportunity to stroke and kiss the others’ dicks. He was impressed that Alan was able to swallow all of Tomas’s. Eventually they returned to the original pairs. Following dick sucking practice by Mike, Alan again made his ass available. This time Alan laid on his back as Mike happily did the hard work. To the enjoyment of both, the second cummings took much longer to happen. While they watched porn following the second round Mike and Alan shared personal histories. Alan was the service department manager of the local Subaru dealership. He enjoyed the freedom of living alone. He had a few ‘friends with benefits’. Mike was not familiar with that phrase. Alan explained that the benefits were good sex with no emotional attachments, just getting it off. When Mike asked how he had met Tomas and Win his friend told him he met Tomas through the cruising site, squirt.org. Tomas had sent him a message suggesting they have coffee. Now they were ‘friends with benefits’. He had met Win at one of Tomas’s man parties. Alan and Mike exchanged phone numbers so they could continue the benefits of their friendship. Alan suggested, “Someday we should visit Secrets in New City. That would certainly be an interesting chapter in your man to man education.” As hyped as Mike was over his first orgy experience he had something else on his mind. ‘Did Maggie get fucked today? By whom?’ Since it would be easier to check bedroom activity on his phone if he was not home, Mike stopped at McDonalds. After ordering a hot caramel latte he found a seat where he could privately check his phone. He opened the spy cam app and entered his password. There was a video available recorded at 12:20 while he was at Tomas’s. He pressed ‘play’. Maggie entered the room followed by a man. She undressed facing the camera. The man was soon naked but unfortunately only his back was visible. Maggie removed the bedspread and then went to the nightstand and took out the bag of condoms. She placed the bag on the bed. She then sat at the foot of the bed facing the camera. The guy kneeled and planted his face between her legs. Maggie appeared to very much enjoy the encounter. He then stood and Maggie was apparently giving him a blow job. She leaned back. He took the bag of condoms and a tube of lubricant that had appeared. With his back still to the camera he or Maggie appeared to be rolling on the condom. He leaned in and with hands on the bed began fucking. When he finished he stood and finally turned around. Mike was dumbfounded when he saw the familiar face on the fit and handsome man. Mike sent a text to Jim, ‘Had a fun filled, active lunch today. Then made interesting spy cam discovery. Our lunch discussion on Monday will be extremely interesting.’
  7. Monday morning, Mike stopped at Jim’s desk, “I had an interesting hike Saturday. Let’s have lunch outside.” Jim smiled, “Sure.” Mike was bursting to share his Saturday experience. Jim, the only person he could tell about his adventures, listened as they sat at an outdoor table. He told about the muscle magazines, Tomas’s stripping to his G-string, his putting on a G-string, the near naked lunch and exercise routine, the erotic shower and second act on the exercise mat. Jim commented, “Wow, that guy sure enjoys a long time of foreplay. I have never considered wearing a G-string. How did it feel?” Mike explained that the actual wearing of the scanty piece of clothing was nothing special but being exposed to and by another man was a tremendous high. He chuckled as he told Jim that he had washed and dried it on Sunday while Maggie was with real estate clients and was wearing it at the moment. Then he confided, “Just knowing that I am wearing an illicit piece of clothing has kept me horny all morning.” Mike had another secret that he wanted to share. At lunch on Tuesday, he again confided in Jim. “I discovered something about a month ago and I want your opinion of my reaction. I stumbled in the bathroom and crashed my toe against the bathroom scale on the floor. (Mike did not admit that he stumbled because he was light-headed resulting from an intense cumming in the shower.) I broke a toenail and needed strong clippers to cut the hanging piece. I knew Maggie had strong clippers and was searching in her nightstand when I discovered a cloth bag in the back of the drawer. It contained condoms. Since then I have been checking the bag and have noted that one is used every few days. Friday evening I checked and again Saturday afternoon. Another one was missing. Obviously Maggie was having a romp while I was hiking and having lunch and fun with Tomas. I do not blame her for doing it. Actually I am happy that she is getting ‘it’. As I told you I had not had interest in sex for years and now realize I only want it with guys. Her desire for fun might be the reason she is so supportive of my hiking. With our daughter and son at university she has the house to herself when I am gone. But there is one thing that nags my mind. ‘Who is fucking my wife?’ I wish I was a fly on the wall and could watch what was going on.” Jim once again exclaims, “Wow! Lunch with you sure is interesting. Yesterday you tell me about having fun with Polish kielbasa and today you tell me your wife is getting fucked by a stranger. What are you going to tell me tomorrow? You said you wish you were a fly on the wall so you could spy. You can do that. My brother has three spy cams in his house so he or his wife can watch the baby and babysitter from work or when they go out. It was fortunate that they did it as things began to disappear. Nothing of great value until one day a gold bracelet his wife had left on the end table in the living room vanished. They were heartbroken that they would have to approach the woman hired to take care of little Noah. When they watched the video of the spy cam in the living room, they saw the theft taking place, Sylvester the cat had taken the bracelet. He had hidden it behind the sofa with his stash that included socks, a pen, a $20 bill and a few other treasures. Spy cams can be very small and easy to hide. You can set it to watch in real time on your smart phone or computer or later. They can be set to be motion activated and only record when there is movement. You can easily buy one online.” Mike replied, “Sounds interesting. But I cannot buy online as Maggie checks credit statements and would question such a purchase. Also I could not have it sent to the house for her to open or question what I purchased. Another issue, they are probably really expensive and I would have to get the cash without her knowing.” Jim suggested, “I could buy it and have it shipped to my home. As far as cost, I don’t think they are very expensive. I’ll check them out and get back to you.” Mid-afternoon Mike received an email from Jim with a links to three spy cams available on Amazon. To Mike’s amazement they cost between $29 and $46. He never realized they would be so inexpensive. Of the three, Jim recommended one costing $39 that could arrive at his home in two days. Mike walked to Jim’s desk and asked him to order the suggested one. Although others might hear that conversation, no one would expect Mike was making a purchase to check up on his wife’s fucking. Friday, Jim had the spy cam and at lunch went over the instructions with Mike and also installed the password protected app on Mike’s phone. Mike had already decided where he would hide it in the bedroom and easily set it up Friday evening while Maggie prepared dinner. Earlier in the week, Mike had received a text from Tomas: ‘having 2 friends over for interesting discussion Saturday afternoon, u r invited. wear the outfit I gave you’ Mike called Maggie at home and told her his Polish hiking buddy suggested a hike up Oak Hill Mountain Saturday afternoon. He asked if they had any plans. Maggie, with no hesitation, said there were no plans and the exercise would do him good. As he hung up he wondered if her lady parts were reacting similar to how his cock would act at the thought of having sex. Mike replied to Tomas’s text: ‘accept – time?’ Tomas replied, ‘noon 4 polish lunch’ Mike replied ,‘c u @ noon’ Saturday morning, Maggie left the house at 10:00 to meet a client at her office. As soon as she left Mike did a condom count. A few days earlier there had been only 2. The current count was 13. Mike then assumed a box of 12 had been added and one used. He also reviewed the cam activity on his phone. There were recordings of himself and Maggie in the bedroom the previous evening and that morning, as well as one of his checking the night stand for condoms. The cam was working and he erased the recordings. Ever since Tomas’s invitation Mike had been thinking of what would happen Saturday afternoon. Who were the men Tomas had invited. Would they be fit and hung like Tomas? He hoped not as that would make him look pathetic compared to them. What would they do? He imagined every possibility from just guys sitting around discussing baseball and the weather to a gang fuck. He had seen on his computer groups of guys that just jerked off. Other porn had group sucking or fucking or, on one video, the guy was tied down on his back with legs hoisted while a group gang raped him, with each pulling out and cumming on his face. While the last one tantalized him he hoped it would be just jerking off. He had never sucked and thought fucking was only something done by porn stars. Saturday morning he was in such a state of anticipation that he desperately wanted to jack off. Finally, to calm himself and save his dick for later he washed his car and swept the garage. At 11:15, he took a cold shower to clean himself for whatever might happen. He had hand washed the G-string as soon as Maggie left that morning and put it in the dryer. Immediately upon putting it on, he got hard. He hoped he did not drip joy juice prior to his arrival. He decided to wear hiking clothes as Maggie thought he was hiking that afternoon and might be finished with her work when he arrived home and wonder why he had hiked in casual clothes. He decided to not shave. The rugged look appeared to be popular. Although he didn’t shave he did apply a small amount of aftershave to his face, dick and balls. At 11:45, he pulled out of the driveway. As he entered Tomas’s home, Mike was pulled into a hug by his friend. “So glad you could join us. My friends should be here soon. I am positive you will have an interesting and very enjoyable time with them.” To Mike’s shock and pleasure Tomas then gave him a deep kiss (not just a peck on the cheek). As Tomas released his embrace the doorbell rang. As the two visitors entered, Tomas introduced all. “Mike, meet my friends Win and Alan.” As Mike put his hand out, he was grabbed by Win who embraced him followed by a kiss on the cheek. Alan then spoke up, “Save some for me.” Mike was again tightly hugged followed by a kiss on the cheek. As Alan, same height as Mike, hugged him, Mike either felt or imagined his new acquaintance was grinding his crotch into his. Tomas announced, “Lunch is waiting on the table. Smacznego (which in Polish means bon appétit)!.” Mike was introduced to more Polish foods: Zurek (Only a taste will tell you how delicious this soup, made with sour rye flour and meats and served with a half of a hardboiled egg tastes), special salads and pierogi. When Tomas told the group he had purchased the food at the Polish deli in New City the day before, the guests chuckled. With a smile Win asked, “Was the purpose of your visit to New City to fulfill your desire for food or to satisfy your other appetite?” Tomas smiled, “Let’s just say I departed New City a very satisfied man.” Mike was somewhat bewildered by these comments. He assumed at some point he would understand this gay talk. Mike recognized Win. He was his son’s high school soccer coach. While watching games, he had lusted at the sight of the handsome coach. Mike then reintroduced himself. “Coach Win, you may not remember me. I’m Pete Madison’s father.” “When we met, I realized I knew you from someplace. Of course - I remember you being at every game. I understand Peter is at State University. How does he like it?” “He must enjoy it. He hasn’t been home since school stated.” Mike then thought about the history of Win becoming the soccer coach. Five years earlier he was both the assistant soccer coach and a history teacher at the high school. Late one afternoon the baseball coach walked into the office he shared with the previous soccer coach. A sixteen year old cheerleader was lying on the desk with her dress up and blouse open. The soccer coach, with his shorts around his knees was fucking her as his hands played with her youthful tits. That was the end of his career. Walt Windsor, the assistant coach, was given the assignment to lead the team the remainder of the season. Although the team had lost its first two games, it went undefeated the remainder of the season and on to the state finals. It won the state championship and ever since, Walt Windsor was known as ‘Win’. Win then commented, “As you can assume, my position at the high school is threatened by my ‘man-to-man’ activities. Also the fact that I am married and have two children adds to the complications of my life. Consequently except for playtime under the roof of Tomas and a very busy hand, I am totally straight in Springfield. Otherwise, any man-to-man activity takes place out of town. In fact, it was in New City where I met Tomas about ten years ago.” At this point Mike interrupted, “Why New City? When Tomas stated he had purchased the food for our lunch in New City, you two laughed. As I am sure Tomas filled you in, I am new to this gay stuff.” Alan explained. “Secrets Adult Emporium is a store that sells adult toys and has a backroom. After paying $10 you enter the back area. There are about fifteen booths with doors that you can lock. Each both has a screen where you can watch your choice of over 100 gay, straight or transgender videos. About half the rooms have glory holes. If you have watched much gay porn, I am sure you know what they are - holes in the wall that you can stick your dick through to the next booth. Some of the booths have buddy windows. That is a frosted window between the booths that clears if occupants in both booths push the buddy button. You and the guy in the other booth can watch each other doing whatever. If you want someone to join you, you don’t lock your door. Interested men will open your door and you may invite them in or wave them away. There are two open areas. Each has a couch and large screen TV. One shows gay porn, the other straight. In these areas you will see guys fondling each other, kissing, sucking and occasionally fucking. Sometimes a guy will just lean over the couch with his ass exposed inviting random fucks. As far as I am concerned, going to Secrets is much safer than a cruising area.” The discussion continued with comments about cruising areas. The three had visited one about five miles north of town at a roadside pull off. All three recommended it be avoided for a number of reasons including: occasionally families stopped there, they each knew someone who had been robbed there, usually by a really cute guy, and the police made periodic drive-thrus. Lunch continued with a range of topics discussed. One bit of information related to Amazon purchases. Win complained that he had to buy his shoes on-line because with a size 13 (EU 46) extra wide foot the local stores had limited if any selection in his size. As he said this Mike thought about the saying that shoe size was sometimes an indication of dick size. He looked at Win’s hands. They were also large. Hopefully by the end of the afternoon he would know if the saying applied in Win’s case. Tomas stated, “It’s play time. I’ll serve dessert later when we need a break.” Everyone helped clear the table. Tomas led the way up the stairs to the large loft overlooking the living room. As the others stripped to G-strings, Mike, with feelings of happy anticipation, wonderment and some fear, followed.
  8. True feelings - will happen but will take some time -
  9. Jeff - I hope you saved water by finding someone to shower with. Thanks for reading - more to cum.
  10. As Tomas walked out of the bedroom to prepare lunch Mike admired the mature, firm, rounded, hairless ass. He then stared at the pile of G-strings in the drawer. Tomas had said to select any one. While Mike was proud of his body as compared to his body of four months earlier, it was no match to the handsome, hard, muscular physique of Tomas. Which G-string would look best on a 45 year old body that was halfway between hunk and flab? Red? Too bright, Brown or black? Too dull? Pink or lavender? Too gay at this time, maybe later when he got to know Tomas better and more important his orientation. So many colors. Finally he shut his eyes and fingered trough the pile to find the softest. Opening his eyes he held a pale green G-string. With some reluctance he removed his clothes and looked in the mirror. Would this body be appealing to the hot Pole? Then he reminded himself that Tomas had pursued him and that he was certainly aware of what he would see when Mike was naked, or at least almost naked. He was relieved that his dick was behaving. The muscle men photos had inspired it to grow. The thought of looking ridiculous in a G-string had caused it to shrivel. Mike wished it would inflate a little to help fill out the scanty piece of clothing. When he walked into the dining room Tomas smiled. “Wow, you look great. Light green looks good on you. Excellent choice. I hope you feel as charming as you look.” Tomas had set the table with himself at the head and Mike close to him on the side. Tomas sat after Mike was seated. With Tomas at the end and Mike close at the side their knees touched as Tomas seated himself. Mike’s natural reaction was to pull back. He then assumed Tomas wanted this connection so he moved his knee back to a normal sitting position. Both men acted as if they were oblivious to the contact. As Tomas spooned a moderate serving of bigos onto Mike’s plate he explained that the dishes with their blue design were from Bolesławiech, a town famous for its ceramic tableware. He also comment that while bigos was delicious it was not necessarily a healthy food. While he generally avoided red meat, he made an exception of this food that reminded him of his mother’s kitchen. “You may make up for the small serving by eating the salads.” Mike did not have to fake his opinion of the delicious taste of this old country food. He had not anticipated a main meal with a cabbage and sour kraut base would be so delicious. During the meal the knees touched with no pressure given and no pull back. When they completed the bigos and salad Tomas asked his guest if he would like a cup of old style Polish coffee. Tomas stood and carried the plates and serving dishes to the kitchen as Mike once again admired the awesome bare ass with a string running up the crack. He returned with a milk pitcher and sugar bowl filled with packets of no calorie sweetener. Returning to the kitchen, giving another bare ass panorama, he returned carrying two glasses filled with coffee. “This is old style Polish coffee, the way my parents drank coffee when I was a child if coffee was available. Today if you were served coffee in a Polish home it would most likely be made in an American style coffee maker such as a Mr. Coffee. It would taste as bland as I find most American coffee, not the strong flavor of this old style coffee which is called ‘Turkish Coffee in Poland’. You must wait a few minutes to drink it. It is made by putting a spoonful of finely ground coffee in a glass. The glass is then filled with boiling water. The coffee grounds float in the water and eventually sink to the bottom. There will be about a half inch (little over 1 cm) of coffee mud in the bottom of your cup when you are finished. You do not drink that. It should be ready to drink when I return with the sernik? (Polish cheesecake). If you want, add sweetener and milk now and stir. Another trip to the kitchen and more leering at the bare ass. Tomas then returned with two dessert plates of sernik. When Mike burned his fingers when he attempted to pick up his coffee Tomas apologized, “Sorry, I should have warned you. Hold the glass at the top like this.” Mike told his host the cheesecake was delicious and coffee interesting. Tomas graciously accepted the praise of the dessert and told Mike that the coffee was an acquired taste and that most Americans and probably younger Poles would not find the coffee as delicious as he did. Then Mike got the nerve to ask the question he was afraid to ask, “Tomas, I have a question. Why did you select me to be your hiking partner and then good friend? You have a great personality and are very outgoing, while I tend to be shy. You have an attractive body while I am to say the least just an ordinary guy. You are physically fit while I am a work in progress. You are a La Meer man while I am just an Old Spice guy. You are world experienced while I rarely leave Springfield. From your comments you are well read while I am somewhat of a couch potato watching too much TV. You have a respected successful career while I have a well paying but boring job. Why choose me as a fiend?” “Wow, you certainly undersell yourself. While I enjoy hiking there is not another person in our group that I would want to have a serious conversation with. I latched on to you because you were the new comer. If I had found you boring our conversation would have ended in ten minutes. But you were an interesting person. To imagine that at the age of 45 you took the wreck your body had turned into both physically and emotionally onto a course of self-improvement was an impressive project. It’s easy to have such grandiose plans, but it is difficult to implement them. Generally men in your situation go on a diet, loose a few pounds and then gradually go back to their old habits. The same is with their exercise programs. They join a gym, give more attention to buying the appropriate clothes and shoes than actual exercise and within a month go less often and soon find a reason every day to not go. You overcame the hardship of giving up alcohol, cigarettes and a killer diet. You began a sensible exercise program. You expanded your social network. You did all this cheerfully and with a positive attitude. That is impressive, extremely impressive. I have many friends who are more impressed with my occupation, my home in an exclusive neighborhood and my Porsche 911 then they are of me as a human. If I did not have those ‘things’ I would not have many of my so-called friends. You were different. You were easy to talk to. You don’t even know I own a Porsche as I drive a five year old Subaru Outback to hiking adventures. You did not know I lived in an exclusive area. You did not gush over the fact that I was a surgeon. You my friend accepted me as who I am, deep down a caring guy. I found our conversations to be easy. You seemed genuinely interested in my life, not my possessions. Then I wondered if we were likeminded in other ways. The placement of the muscle magazines in front of you where you sat in the living room was no accident. Most men would either ignore them or make negative comments. Your reaction was what I had anticipated and hoped for. And finally the fact that you agreed to try something new, wearing only a G-string impressed me. I realize it must have been difficult for you to consent to expose your body. Many men would have been too self-conscious about their body and not be willing to do what you did. I am impressed with the body I see today and look forward to seeing the final product in a few months.” As Tomas made this last statement he pressed his knee against Mike’s. Then Tomas made an interesting suggestion. “If you have time, I would like to show you the exercise equipment I have in the basement.” Mike, who was now feeling a warmth in his crotch after Tomas’s comments about their relationship and knee pressing replied that he had all afternoon and would be interested in seeing the exercise equipment (and hopefully Tomas’s equipment). Mike was impressed with the mini gym in the basement. There were machines to develop arms, legs and abs. There was a treadmill and elliptical trainer as well as weight lifting equipment. Tomas suggested exercises on the arm, leg and abs machines followed by twenty minutes on the elliptical trainer while Tomas ran on the treadmill. The wall facing the equipment was all mirrored. While on the elliptical Mike had an opportunity to think about his surroundings and what might happen. These thoughts were transmitted from his brain to his dick that started to show interest. At first Mike was embarrassed that he might be showing a happy bulge and attempted to think it down. Then while he watched the bouncing bulge of Tomas he convinced himself that his friend would not be surprised if he displayed happiness. Tomas then announced, “If you have had enough it is shower time. As they stepped off their machines Tomas led him to the bathroom. The shower stall was large enough for two or possible more. Tomas then suggested, “You may shower first or if you are willing we could go in together.” Mike’s dick had deflated as they walked from the exercise equipment to the shower. The dick immediately sent a message to the brain, ‘Please, we should shower together.’ Mike replied to Tomas’s suggestion, “Since I am new to getting close to a guy you will have to be my leader. If you suggest we shower together I say sure.” Tomas immediately removed his G-string revealing the most beautiful cock Mike had ever seen. Not only beautiful but large. The shaft hung down over large, low hanging balls. Skin covered the entire head with an opening just beyond it. Tomas reached down, pulled the skin back and then up over the head again. Mike wondered if that was a special show just for him or if his friend did it every time his masterpiece was exposed. The fact that the entire crotch area was clean shaven except for a neatly trimmed crown over the dick enhanced the view. The balls, shaft and entire area except for the crown glistened with sweat. Mike’s less impressive piece was now rock hard dripping precum. Tomas leaned in to the shower area and turned on the water which drenched the entire area from a long, wide rain shower head. There was also a hand held shower that would enable washing any body part from multiple directions. Tomas indicated that Mike should enter the raining shower. He followed. Taking a luffa and soap off a shelf in the shower he handed them to Mike. “Would you please scrub my back?” He turned his back and fetching ass toward Mike. Taking the luffa Mike applied soap to it. Although he had never seen such a bathing accessory he assumed it should be used the same as a wash cloth. Tomas moaned, “You have a magic hand. That feels great.” Mike thought to himself, ‘Not as great as the sensations I am getting.’ He scrubbed from the shoulders down the back to his waist. With some embarrassment he continued to the lower back and finally the firm bubbles of the ass. “Thank you, thank you” said the friend. By impulse Mike ran it up the ass crack. Obviously this was not overstepping as the moans of pleasure continued. “Now it is my turn to wash you.” Mike turned around as Tomas took a fresh luffa, soaped it and scrubbed the virgin back. The feeling was incredible. Tomas finished the back scrub with an invasive wash of the ass crack. “Turn around and I will do your front.” Mike with his hard dick faced his friend. His was not the only hard dick. “Considering where the luffa just was I’ll use my hands to wash you.” Tomas soaped his hands and gently gave a massaging wash first to the face, then arms with a stop at each pit, then chest and stomach. He then kneeled and did each leg and foot. The hard dick and balls were ignored. Standing he said, “We’ll leave the best for last. Please wash me. Mike eagerly did as instructed scrubbing and exploring the handsome body. Mike also ignored the dick and balls. While he was on his knees washing Tomas’s feet the older man requested, “Would you please wash my dick and balls.” The rock hard uncut piece was at eye level. Except for the quick hand job in the sauna this would be the first time Mike touched another man’s dick. Also the first time he had the opportunity to examine one close up. He gently washed the shaft with his hand. He did not know what to do about the skin covering the head. Just then Tomas reached down and pulled the skin back. Mike with great tenderness washed the head with his hand. As he did love juice dripped out. Before Mike could wash the balls Tomas reached down and pulled him up. “I almost lost it. Let me finish you.” Tomas kneeled and washed Mike’s hard dick with just water. Then to the shock of Mike his friend leaned in and placed his lips on the dick head. While Mike had often seen guys getting blow jobs when he watched porn on his computer he assumed this was something that just porn actors did. When Tomas swallowed all of is dick, Mike had sensations he had never felt before or even imagined one could have. Tomas pulled his mouth back and plunged in again. After a couple more mouth strokes Mike felt his juices rising. As he shouted “I’m cumming.” Tomas wrapped his arms around Mike’s ass to steady him with the dick deeply implanted in his mouth. Had Mike not grabbed Tomas’s shoulder to steady himself as he exploded down the throat he might have crashed to the floor bringing Tomas who still had his arms wrapped around his waist with him. Tomas stood and held his friend who was dizzy having had the most intense organism of his life. As Mike relaxed Tomas stepped back. “Let me finish myself.” Standing while facing Mike he began stroking himself. Mike was surprised when the handsome piece of man meat began spewing spurt after spurt onto his dick and balls. A smiling Tomas then said, “Sorry about that. My fantasy is to cum on a hot guy and you are a hottie. Stand still, I’ll clean you.” Tomas took the hand held shower spray and cleaned his spunk off of Mike. Stepping out of the shower, Tomas handed Mike a luxurious soft bath sheet. After each had dried themselves Tomas suggested, “Let’s take a short rest.” He grabbed two more bath sheets and led Mike to an exercise mat. With the towels covering the wide mat they laid side by side. The rest only lasted about fifteen minutes as Tomas began running his hands over Mike’s body. Their second love session was similar to the first except this time they were on the floor. When Mike told his friend that today was the first time he had ever touched another’s dick except for a quick and meaningless hand job in the fitness center sauna Tomas told him to explore if he desired. Mike took the soft uncut dick in hand and played with the skin rolling it up and back. Almost immediately the dick was standing tall. Mike kissed it but was hesitant about actually putting it in his mouth. Tomas then pushed Mike onto his back and started another blow job. After swallowing Mike’s second cumming Tomas kneeled and jerked another load onto Mike’s dick and balls. Tomas then went to the bathroom and returned with a wet washcloth and towel to clean his friend. Returning home wearing the soft pale green G-string under his hiking pants he found a note from Maggie stating she would be with clients until about 6:00. She suggested they go out to dinner and that she would call him when she was free and they could meet at Tokyo Café for dinner. Mike went to their bedroom and checked the condom count. He had counted them the previous evening. There was one less. Obviously she had a fun morning while he had a fun afternoon. It was obvious why she was so supportive of his hiking.
  11. Thanks pvtguy - I was oblivious to that typo, corrected it. My usual procedure is to write a chapter and then proof read it three times on three different days. I am surprised as to what I catch on the third proof. Thank God for spell and grammar check. Unfortunately, sometimes a typo results in a word, just the wrong word and it stays in. Glad you are enjoying traveling down the road of self-improvement with Mike.
  12. Sunday morning as Mike exercised at the fitness center his thoughts went back and forth between the condoms in Maggie’s nightstand and his new acquaintance. Why would a 45 year old woman have condoms in her nightstand? The answer was obvious, she was fucking someone in their bed. Since Mike had no interest in fucking his wife he was not devastated. Who was the guy? Was there more than one? How long had this been going on? As a professional real estate agent she met an assortment of people. Why were they doing it in their home? Maybe they were just condoms that she had found in son Pete’s room. That was unlikely. Not that she might find condoms in his room but that she would take them and hide them. Possibly she had purchased them for their daughter, Kathy. That made no sense. The only rational answer was that she was having or at some time had a relationship. He was not going to confront her as that would likely lead to a discussion concerning his lack of interest in sex. If she was currently screwing around then some of them would be used. He decided to count the number in the nightstand. Then every few days he would check to see if any were missing. Then he would know something was currently going on. He would also check the expiration dates to make sure they were fresh and not there from years gone by and long forgotten. As he continued exercising on the elliptical machine his thoughts turned to the interesting conversation with the handsome Pole. His personal gaydar, as Jim had explained the term to him, told his inquiring mind that Tomas was gay. Being new to the scene he did not know how to proceed. How one should act in such a situation was something that he would definitely discuss with Jim, hopefully at lunch on Monday. As he stood at his locker while undressing prior to going to the showers a tall, well built man probably in his 50s walked in from the shower area with a towel slung over his shoulder. The impressive dick swinging over low hanging balls was a delight to view. He immediately thought of Tomas, similar age, similar body and hopefully similar dick. He assumed Tomas was natural which would be even more interesting than the cut dick swinging toward him. That afternoon he had the house to himself. Maggie was hosting an open house for one of her real estate clients while Pete and Kathy were out with friends. As soon as he arrived home from the fitness center he went to their bedroom. He carefully took the small cloth bag holding the condoms out of the nightstand drawer. There were seven with an expiration date in two years meaning they were fairly new. He carefully returned them to the back of the drawer. Being alone he had the opportunity to do what a horny guy does. Sitting at the computer in the alcove between the kitchen and door to the garage he found one of his favorite porn sites. Within fifteen minutes he was jacking and unloading into a tissue. The following day, Monday, he and Jim shared lunch time at one of the tables in the grass area behind their office building. Mike told him about the hike and his new friend. When he commented, “My gaydar tells me he is probably gay.” Jim laughed. “I hope your gaydar works better than mine which gave me absolutely no hint that you might be one of us.” When Mike asked how one finds out a guy’s orientation and also if the guy has any interest in him Jim cautioned him to go slow, very slow. “If he turns out to be a very friendly, outgoing straight guy you could ruin your relationship by letting him know you assume he is gay. To brooch the subject you could make subtle comments. For example you say something like, ‘I sure envy your life situation. While I love my wife I wish I could have freedom to do what I want to do, when I want to do it.’ His reply will most likely give you a better perspective concerning his orientation. Don’t rush the situation. Just keep hiking.” Five days later Mike checked the condom bag. There was one less. Two weeks after the first hike Mike again met the group. The weather was perfect for hiking. The September air was cool but not cold. Most of the previous hikers were there as well as three new ones. Mike was devastated that Tomas was not one of them. For two weeks he had looked forward to seeing him again. The four hour hike was rated as moderately difficult while the previous hike had been rated easy. Mike had feared that he might not be able to keep up with the others. After an hour of steady hiking the leader suggested they take a break. While Mike appreciated the break he was relieved that he had no problem keeping up with the experienced hikers and did not feel exhausted. While the others chatted Mike sat on a log off to the side feeling somewhat depressed because his new friend had not appeared. Tomas had encourage Mike to do the more difficult hike and when they departed after their healthy protein smoothies had told Mike he would see him in two weeks. Just as the leader called out that the hike would continue someone appeared coming up the trail. To Mike’s joy it was Tomas. He explained to the group that he had received a call from another doctor just as he was leaving his home. While he appeared to be winded from walking fast to catch up he assured the group he did not need a rest and he would continue with them. He then walked over to Mike, “Hello my friend. Glad you made it.” He held out his hand and Mike placed his hand in the large hand of the smiling Pole. The handshake lasted longer than Mike expected, but felt wonderful. The two walked and talked together. When Mike made the comment Jim had suggested Mike replied, “My friend, I know exactly what you mean. I so enjoy the freedom of being alone. Eating when I want and what I want. And eating my meal naked if that is how I feel at the moment. Going to an action movie at two in the afternoon or midnight. Watching porn or listening to opera loud if that is my mood. No constraints.” Mike was intrigued by his comment about being naked when one felt like it and watching porn. As they walked Tomas told Mike about the delicious food his mother, who still lived in Poland, prepared. “I was so happy when about a year ago I discovered Polish foods available at a deli in New City. There are no Polish delis in Springfield but the one I found in New City has two of my favorite dishes, bigos and sernik. While I remember my mother’s being more tasty the ones at the deli are delicious. Bigos is a stew of smoked meats, cabbage, mushrooms, tomato and spices. Every Polish grandmother has her own special recipe. My grandmother passed her recipe on to my mother. When I visit Poland she makes it for me. Sernik is similar to American cheesecake but hearty, not as creamy. I was in New City a couple of days ago and brought some of each home. I would be pleased to share these with you. Our hike will end at about 12:30. We could go to my place and you would have the opportunity to discover these foods of my youth.” Mike needed no prodding, “Sounds delicious, I will gladly join you. My wife will be out all afternoon with real estate clients so at least for a few hours I am as free as you.” (Later Mike learned why Tomas visited New City. It wasn’t just for the Polish treats.) Tomas’s townhouse condo was in the exclusive section of town. Maggie had real estate listings for a couple of the homes and had told Mike about the elegance of both the homes and the beautifully landscaped neighborhood. The entrance foyer led to the kitchen and dining room, both facing the street. It also led to the living room, an extension of the dining room. A short hall from the living room led to the master bedroom. Both the living room and bedroom opened to a private deck across the back of the home. Later Tomas told Mike that he sometimes sunned while naked on the deck. There was also a stairway going from the foyer to the second floor which Mike later learned contained a large media room / loft and guest bedroom. The media room / loft overlooked the living room which had a cathedral ceiling. The quality of both the furniture and home décor impressed Mike who normally was oblivious to home domestic decorations. “I assume you want to wash up after the hike.” He then led Mike through the master bedroom into a spacious bathroom. “I’ll be in the kitchen.” After pissing and then washing his hands, arms and face Mike snooped. In the medicine cabinet and drawers he found an array of men’s products. Most were a brand that was unknown to Mike, La Mer men’s essentials. There was cleansing gel, treatment lotion, eye concentrate and other products. This certainly was not the Old Spice deodorant, bath gel and after shave he used. Later when Mike returned home he checked out La Mer on his computer and was shocked that none of the individual items cost less than $100 and the eye concentrate alone was listed at $235. Tomas certainly was serious about taking care of his body. After washing and snooping Mike found Tomas in the kitchen. The bigos was warming on the stove and his friend was slicing a cantaloupe. “I’m making a cantaloupe, protein drink. It contains cantaloupe, nonfat milk, protein powder and organic strawberries. The cantaloupe is also organic. I try to put only organic things in my mouth.” He half laughed at the last statement and Mike wondered what he meant by only organic things in his mouth. Is a dick organic? Tomas led Mike to the living room. “Relax here while I finish concocting the drink. Don’t worry about my furniture. This leather furniture has had a lot more abuse than sweaty hiking clothes” As Mike sat in the incredibly comfortable couch he noticed magazines on the coffee table. He was surprised to see nearly naked men on the covers. Picking one up he noted the date on the cover was sixty-five years earlier, June 1955. Each page had a picture of a handsome muscular man wearing only a brief cloth covering his dick. Mike was intrigued, his dick was more intrigued as it began to respond to the photos. As Mike attentively studied the photos of the nearly naked muscle men Tomas entered the room carrying the healthy drinks. “I see you have found part of my collection of vintage muscle magazines. I do not know if it is because I am an orthopedic surgeon or just an inquisitive guy, but I enjoy looking at photos of handsome men.” Mike replied, “They certainly are interesting. Compared to what you can see today these are mild. But, I assume that in the 1950s these were considered very risqué and indecent.” Tomas continued, “Porn today is so available that it almost gets boring. Maybe that is why I find these so titillating.” Mike then took a chance, “Well, I must admit, I do find them as you say titillating. They certainly do appear happy to be wearing almost nothing. Must feel good to be so free.” Tomas replied, “Yes, it does.” Mike, “Are you saying that you have worn such outfits?” Tomas, “Those pieces of cloth which are called either loin cloths or G-strings are incredibly comfortable, even when hiking.” Mike, “Are you telling me you wore a G-string today?” Tomas, “Wouldn’t leave home without one.” Mike, “I don’t believe you. (That was a lie, Mike both believed and hoped to see it.) Prove it.” Tomas, “Oh, ye of little faith.” Said as he removed his shirt. He then leaned down and removed his socks. Taking off his shoes was not necessary as they had removed their hiking boots in the foyer. “Are you positive you want to witness such debauchery?” Mike with a smile, “Yes.” Tomas unbuckled his belt. He then slowly opened the button on his hiking pants. He gradually lowered the zipper. When he opened the fly Mike only saw blue. Then his friend lowered his pants. As the pants fell to the floor he stepped out of them exposing his glorious 55 year old body totally exposed except for the sky blue G-string covering the place of interest. “You are an incredible piece of eye candy. If this was 1955 I would be seeing you on the pages of (he glanced at the cover of the magazine) ‘Man’s World’. No, not just on the pages but on the cover. I am impressed with what I am seeing.” As Mike spoke, Tomas got into a muscle man pose. As he moved into another pose Mike noted the short neatly trimmed armpit hair, the only hair on the 99% of the body that was exposed. Mike wondered if the crotch was as clean shaven as Tomas’s shiny bald head. Then Tomas made a remarkable suggestion. “Join me. I have a collection of G-strings. You will feel very liberated without clothes.” “Thanks for the invitation. But I don’t have the physique for that.” Tomas, “While I enjoy looking at photos in a magazine that does not compare to the real thing. I would not have made the suggestion if I did not want to admire your body. Come with me.” The almost naked Tomas walked over to Mike and took his hand. He then led him to the master bedroom. He opened a drawer that was full of G-strings in a rainbow of colors and patterns. “Please, pick out one that pleases you. As you dress for lunch I will put the meal on the table.” ………………………….. With all the discussion of Polish food you might think I am Polish. No, BUT, In 1992 I had the opportunity to participate in a management training program in Wrocław (pronounced WRA –swaf), with additional training in Krakow, Gdansk and Warsaw. I made many friends and have visited over 20 times – most visits a month long. Although there is gay life in Poland, it is one of the most gay repressive countries in Europe. In 1997 I had a three month assignment in St Petersburg, Russia. Made many friends, including Valery who I traveled through Siberia years later. Met him at the gay beach on the Baltic Sea north of St Petersburg. Have visited Russia ten times, usually a month each, since then. My gay authors book, Russia My Home – Book Two of the Boys trilogy, was inspired by those visits.
  13. Mike spoke, “Jim and Rob, I want to thank you for a delightful experience. I really needed a break from my normal routine. There is something that I have had on my mind recently and wanted to discuss it with someone. I believe I have found the perfect guys to share my concerns.” “I am gay. Until a couple of weeks ago I had suppressed my feelings. I was so successful at unconsciously smothering myself that I did not realize what my true feelings were and over the years became nonsexual. In the past few months I have opened my mind to my feelings. Following my cousin’s death four months ago I realized I would likely follow him soon if I did not change my lifestyle concerning diet and exercise. This change in attitude about myself resulted in a lot of soul searching. Recently I found information on the internet. I realize the internet may provide false or misleading information, but even if all the information I found is not totally reliable over all I think I learned about myself and my feelings. While I had made these discoveries there was no one I could discuss them with. I was tempted to come out to you Jim as I was 99% sure you would understand. However the 1% possibility that you would see me as a pervert held me back. When you told me you and Rob were in a relationship I was relieved. Now I could talk to you about my feelings. Although I am about twenty years older than you two, you have experience and knowledge far beyond me. I will gladly tell you about my coming of age, late as it is. But right now I suggest we continue our hike.” Jim commented, “Wow, my gaydar sure was not working. Even though we have had discussions at lunch the past few months I would have never considered you were gay.” “What do you mean by ‘gaydar’? Must be another expression that is not part of my world, yet.” Jim explained that ‘gaydar’ was the ability to determine someone’s sexual orientation as gay. Rob and Jim were truly interested in hearing Mike’s life story as they hiked. Mike told about jacking off with his cousin until he was 14 and then being crushed when it stopped. He continued with his lack of interest in sex, relationship with his wife and the adventures of the past months. He told about being obsessed with his 50 year old neighbor’s body, the hands on of Al the trainer, the jackoff scene in the fitness center shower, the hand job in the sauna and his observations of men while exercising and in the locker room. He did not relate his thoughts about walking in on his son or his reaction the day he met Jim and sneaked a peak of his uncut dick. He related what he had discovered on the internet both informative information and gay porn. When they returned to their cars four hours later Mike felt totally drained. The hike had not been strenuous, but pouring out his life and thoughts had been overwhelming. As they said goodbye at the trail side parking area Jim and Rob each gave Mike a supporting hug, the first time in his life that Mike had been held in such a way by a man. Jim commented, “We will continue this conversation at lunch.” Having Lunch together Monday the two again sat outside at the most secluded table. Jim started, “How are you doing my friend. You certainly looked totally drained when we departed Saturday. I don’t believe your fatigue was from the hike. Actually you did better than I anticipated. I don’t think you would have any difficulty on hikes with the hiking group. I suggest you contact them. But, I am sure that is not what is on your mind. Coming out to yourself was probably the most difficult thing you ever did in your life. Also the most important. Understanding and accepting who you are is essential to enjoying life. Where do you go from here? Four months ago you embarked on a journey to improve your physical life. That was probably easy compared to accepting who you are. Rob and I fully support you. Although you are just a couple of years younger than our fathers we feel like you are a little brother that we love and that needs guidance.” “Thanks Jim. I am incredibly lucking to have you and Rob as friends and mentors. You cannot believe what a burden you have helped me carry. Also, (said with a twinkle in his eyes) it’s nice to have friends that are such eye candy, a new expression I have learned. Now I have a confession to make. I did not want to tell this in front of Rob. If you want to share it with him no problem. That first day we met I was walking down the hall and observed your cute ass as you walked into the bathroom. Suddenly I needed to piss. Since you were at the middle of the three urinals I was forced to stand next to you. I checked out your dick. When you shook it and then pulled the skin back and then over the head I was mesmerized. Never had I seen a cut dick up that close. I’m sorry, but that is who I am.” Jim laugher, “I knew you were checking me out. I put on a show for you. I assumed you were a straight guy and was just interested in how an uncut dick functioned. I never assumed you were getting your jollies looking at me. I must admit, I am somewhat of an exhibitionist. Rob gets upset with me when I am in a locker room and shamelessly walk around swinging my dick for all to see. Being uncut in a circumcised world does make me stand out. I am lucky. My father was born in England and thankfully wanted me to hang in the British way.” Mike had read an article in the newspaper months earlier about a Saturday morning hiking group. He told Maggie that he was interested in possibly getting outdoor exercise with the group. She fully supported this. He told her he was not sure how he would find out about the group. She suggested they search for information on the computer, the same computer he used for his porn adventures. She was more familiar with using social media than he and soon found the Springfield Hikers Facebook page. It had a schedule of hikes and the phone number of the organizer. They discovered the group hiked twice a month on Saturday mornings. A hike labeled as strenuous was scheduled for the following Saturday and two weeks later a hike rated as easy was on the schedule. Mike called the organizer, Dan, who was very chatty. He agreed with Mike’s assessment that the easy rated hike in two weeks would be an excellent opportunity for him. When Mike arrived at the State Forest small parking area he met three of the Springfield hikers. Soon five more arrived. It was a mixed group consisting of five men and three women: Gwen and Pete, a married couple in their 50s; Joan, an attractive woman in her 40s; the leader of that hike, Dan probably in his mid 60s, and four other guys, ranging in age from 30s to 60s. All greeted Mike with smiles and welcomed him to the group. Following stretching exercises the hike began. The path was wide and the trail fairly level. Tomas, probably in his early 50s walked with Mike. Since the hike was easy they could talk and Tomas was a talker. Within fifteen minutes Mike learned Tomas was born in Poland, as a teenager had been a mountain guide in the Sudeten Mountains, attended university and medical school in Wrocław (a city in southwest Poland), did residency and additional medical school in New York, was an orthopedic surgeon, divorced with three adult children and four grandchildren, and very happily lived alone. He also seemed truly interested in Mike’s story (that included nothing about his gay revelations) and was impressed that he had made major life style changes a few months earlier. Mike had no difficulty keeping up with the other hikers. He had been afraid that he might hold them back. At the end of their four hour circular hike they ended at the starting point. Tomas suggested Mike accompany him to the Fresh Monkey where they could continue conversation over healthy protein shakes. Mike was thrilled that this handsome man took an interest in him. As they sat on the patio of the health café Tomas asked him about his exercise routine as Mike drank his Maui Colada (coconut milk, splash of orange juice, vanilla protein, unsweetened coconut shreds, pineapple and mango) and Tomas had a similar healthy drink, The Lime Green Mango. The house was empty when he arrived home. Although the hike had not been strenuous he did feel a need for a shower. After he stripped naked he examined his body. In four months he had lost 24 pounds. While he did not yet have the perfect body he was satisfied with the results to date. Not only had he lost weight, the trips to the gym had firmed his body. He smiled at the guy in the mirror as he imagined what he would be seeing in a few more months. Then his thoughts turned to Tomas. The handsome guy from Poland with a trim body. Having been born in Europe he assumed his new friend had a natural uncut dick. As he thought about the Polish dick his began to rise to the occasion. He wrapped his hand around it and began stroking. He squirted some liquid hand soap on it and began vigorous pumping. His body shuddered as he felt the juices rise. While most blasted into the sink two shots hit the mirror over the sink. After cleaning the evidence of happiness he entered the shower. To his amazement as his soapy hand cleaned his dick he felt it rising again. The second cumming took much longer. While the quantity was much less the intense feeling throughout his body was greater as the shower sprayed on his chest. Stepping out of the shower he was still light headed from his back to back jacks. He stumbled and caught himself from falling as his big toe crashed against the bathroom scale on the floor. As he dried himself giving his used and abused dick special attention he saw blood on the floor. He then realized he had cut his toe. He found a large band aid and wrapped it around the bleeding toe. He also discovered that his toenail was broken and that he needed to clip off a loose piece. The nail cutter in the drawer in the bathroom was too small for the needed repair. He then remember that Maggie had a set of nail clippers of various sizes in a case in the nightstand on her side of the bed. He carefully wrapped his toe so as to not get any blood on the bedroom carpet and gingerly walked to the nightstand. Looking through the drawer he could not find any clippers or a case that might hold them. Then in the back of the drawer he discovered a small cloth bag. He looked in the bag and to his bewilderment saw condoms. There were at least a half dozen in gold wrappers. At that moment he heard a car pulling in the driveway. He carefully put the drawer back as he had found it and quickly put on pants, shirt and slippers. He went downstairs and entered the kitchen from the hall as Maggie entered from the garage. As she unpacked groceries she asked about his hike. First he told her about the accident in the bathroom and asked her if she had a large toenail clipper. After examining his toe she went upstairs and returned with large clippers and more bandages. He was able to cut the loose toenail and rewrap his injury. After the toe was tended to he told her about the hike and the Polish orthopedic surgeon who had been impresses with his life style change and related progress. Later in bed his mind was active. Why did Maggie have condoms hidden in the nightstand? They certainly were not for him as they had not had sex for years. Then his thoughts moved to Tomas. He hoped that in ten years his body would be as trim as he had happily observed Tomas. Then from the trim body his thoughts zeroed in on the most likely uncut dick. After the dick contemplation his thoughts went back to the hidden condoms and then back to the Polish trim body and dick and then sleep. ................................................... Note: This story takes place in Springfield. About half of the USA states have a city, town or small village named Springfield. In which state does Mike live? You decide. Maybe it is the Springfield of the adult TV cartoon show character, Homer Simpson.
  14. It had been three months since his cousin’s funeral. Following his resolve to change his life and hopefully ward off an early death like his cousin’s, Mike had made many significant lifestyle changes. By strictly following a healthy diet he had lost 20 (9.1 kg) pounds with a goal of 55 (25.0 kg). He had given up cigarettes and limited himself to more than one beer a day. Actually he now rarely drank beer. In the past month he had only had two when at social events. He had joined a fitness center and exercised daily. And he had made a new friend. Jim, the young cute co-worker inspired him. Most days they had healthy lunches together. While Mike was not positive, he thought Jim was gay. Signs that he was gay included he had exposed himself in the bathroom, (innocently or not?) lived with his buddy from college and had never mentioned any kind of relationship or even friendship with a woman. Mike could not get a recurring thought out of his mind. While exercising at the fitness center he had time to think, especially when he used the elliptical machine for half an hour most days. Why was he frequently thinking about men? He remembered that at the ages of twelve to fourteen the best part of jacking off with his cousin was watching George’s dick. In the past months he had enjoyed checking out his neighbor Dale. The day he helped him move a table off the deck he remembered the wet from sweat tank top that revealed each nipple, the bulge in the shorts that indicated a mighty piece and the firm ass with a line of sweat running down the crack. He remember the day he pissed next to Jim. He could not resist peaking as Jim pissed at the next urinal followed by pulling the skin of his uncut dick back, then gently squeezing out the last drop followed by shaking off anything that might remain and finally pulling the skin back over the head as he tucked it into his pants. He was ashamed to remember walking in on his 18 year old son jerking off. Why did he today remember the details of his son’s hard dick? The episodes here at the fitness center in the shower and sauna were etched in his mind. As he worked out why was he checking out men but not women? He could recollect almost every dick that he had seen here at the fitness center. As he looked around he could visualize the dick of the fifty something hairy guy off to his left using a bicep machine. He had seen it in the locker room and remembered that it was cut, neither long or short with a small head. The dick bent to the left and he had small tight balls. Although he had not seen this ordinary looking guy for two weeks he remained those details. Why did he even have such thoughts? Meanwhile the woman on the machine next to the hairy guy hairy had big boobs. Although he had seen her most days this was the first time he noticed her body. As Mike continued on the elliptic machine he considered his sex life, or actually the absence of one. Jerking off with his cousin over thirty years ago he remembered as being intense concerning his feelings. When his cousin announced when he was 16 and Mike 14 that when boys got older they no longer messed around with each other as they grew into manhood and pursued girls Mike was devastated that his cousin had stopped their fun times together. After that Mike continued to jerk off but with no emotional feeling, just a cumming and then it was over. Gradually he did it less often. Through high school and college he had no interest in sex and seldom pleasured himself. When he met Maggie it was her idea that they marry. He was a virgin to the opposite sex and assumed she was also. They did it on their honeymoon but not often after. It was her desire to have children that basically forced him to perform. It had been years since they had fucked. Through the years he remembered enjoying checking out guys such as his neighbor. That was all it was, looking. When he jerked off maybe once a month he thought about some guy he had seen. That was the extent of his sex life. When he was with a group of guys someone frequently made a sexual comment about either a woman or the hope of getting laid. Why did he not have such thoughts? Suddenly with his desire to improve his life the dormant erotic thoughts were released. But these thoughts only related to men. The day he had watched the guy jerk off and cum in the shower here at the fitness center had aroused him like he had not felt in years. After his shower he had gone to a stall in the men’s room and played with his dick that had gotten half hard. He so wanted to cum like that guy did but it just did not happen. Not wanting to fail having a successful jerkoff he added masturbation to his self-improvement routine. He would play with his dick every day. Within a week of this new routine he was able to get hard and within another week was cumming. The fact that he had given up smoking, most alcohol and was exercising probably helped his dick revive. Between the exercise and loss of 20 pounds most of his beer belly was gone or had tightened. With less fat in the crotch area his dick was less buried. He looked forward to losing all 55 pounds and hopefully have the dick he remember when he was in his twenties. He remembered that as a teenager he noted during gym showers that he was equal or better than most guys in the cock area. Actually, he know looked forward to holding his dick in his fist and moving up and down. He wished another guy would show off for him in the showers. Hopefully, this time he would be able to join in. This new life with his dick did not answer his big question. Why do I look at and have erotic feelings about guys and not women? Am I GAY? A Homosexual? He wanted an answer. There was no one he could talk to. Possibly Jim but he was not sure he was willing to share his soul with the young man. Besides there was the possibility Jim was straight and would be repulsed by such a conversation. Then he had a bright idea, if I can research lawn care on the internet, why not sex? However, he could not use the home computer if anyone was home. It was located in an alcove just off the kitchen. His wife used it daily. Her profession as a real estate agent required her to constantly check her email and updates on real estate sites. She also frequently read and posted on Facebook. He did not have a Facebook account and did not know Maggie’s username or password. He decided he should start using the home computer. At lunch he discussed computer use with Jim. While he used the computer on his desk constantly he had never used it personally. He never used the computer at home except to order stuff on Amazon or Walmart.com. When he explained his lack of computer use Jim laughed as he said, “You mean you never looked at porn?” Then Jim suggested he start his home use by playing games such as solitaire and subscribe to a newspaper, possibly The New York Times. He explained that he scanned the Times every day. Mike then had a plan. He would begin playing solitaire and read the Times. The family would get use to his being on the computer. Then when he was home alone or no one was within eyeshot he would research gay life. Mike began using the home computer every day. In the evening after Maggie checked her email, real estate activity and Facebook posts Mike would skim the New York Times and play a couple games of solitaire. He soon found Spider Solitaire to be addictive. One evening he finally felt safe searching gay material. Maggie was at her monthly book club meeting, Daughter Kathy was at the mall buying cloths and supplies for her return to the university the following week– or that was what she said she was doing and son Pete was in his room with the door closed. Mike hoped he was enjoying life. Sitting at the home computer Mike first selected ‘New Incognito Window’ so no one would be able to trace his search history. He then started a game of Spider. He had the solitaire game available so he could switch to the game with one click if anyone entered the kitchen. He then did a search ‘am I a gay man’. He was amazed at the amount of information that was available. One of the most informative and enlightening sites had a booklet from an Australian organization. The 45 page booklet ‘Out Late –A Guide for Older Men Coming Out’ discussed all aspects of gay life including topics Mike had never considered. ‘The Where can I meet other guys?’ section described: Bars and nightclubs, dance parties, beats (Cruising areas with information on how to cruise as well as the dangers), saunas, backrooms, sex clubs, and the internet. Another section described Sex and Gay Men including: foreplay and masturbation (wanking), mutual masturbation, oral sex, rimming (shocking to Mike), anal sex (also shocking to Mike). The last section of the pamphlet had a glossary with detailed discussions of many gay related terms. Note: The web address of this booklet is at the end of this chapter. By the end of the evening Mike realized he had been gay all his life. As he considered this self-discovery over the next few days he became aware that for at least the previous 25 years he had been in self-denial about his orientation. Along with this self-denial he had stifled sexual thoughts. Mike certainly had a lot to think about at the fitness center while on the elliptic. The following Sunday afternoon while Maggie was with real estate clients and Pete and Kathy were out doing whatever teenagers do Mike again had private use of the computer. This time he decided to check out porn. He had seen porn mentioned frequently but was not sure what to expect. When Jim laughed as he said, “You mean you never looked at porn?” earlier when he had discussed his little use of the computer Mike did not want to admit he was somewhat bewildered. Once again he went incognito to search the web. He enter ‘gay porn’ as his search. The amount of sites was amazing. He looked at pictures and watched videos. Other than masturbation and sucking almost everything he saw was new to him. He was fascinated by the concept of ‘docking’. As he watched a guy with a long flaccid foreskin engulf a cut guy like himself he himself got hard. Taking his dick out, he jerked as the two onscreen dickheads kissed under the skin. He shot probably the most intense load of his life as one of the guys on the screen came and cum dripped out of the docking. Mike found numerous other sites and from then on was on the computer daily if possible. If no one was at home he jerked off while checking porn. If someone was home he went to the bathroom for a quickie. While Mike enjoyed the porn he realized that to have a satisfactory lifestyle he needed to have social activity with healthy people. When he shared his thoughts about joining a hiking group that he had read about in the newspaper Jim was supportive. When Mike stated he was concerned that he might embarrass himself as he had not hiked since he was as teenager Jim had a suggestion. He and his roommate frequently took weekend hikes. Jim suggested he accompany them on Saturday. Mike thanked Jim for the offer and told him he would check the family schedule and get back to him. The next morning as soon as he arrived at the office Mike went to Jim’s work space and told him the family calendar was open and he would gladly go. Mid-morning Jim stopped by Mike’s work area, “It’s a warm day. Let’s have our lunch at one of the outside tables.” Then he whispered, “I have something I want to discuss with you.” Mike could not imagine what his friend wanted to talk about. At noon he retrieved his home made lunch from the break room refrigerator. There were three picnic tables in the grassy area behind the building. Jim was sitting at the most secluded one. Mike sat down and his friend began, “Mike, before we do our hike this weekend I need to tell you something. I told you that my college roommate and I share an apartment. Actually we share more than just real estate. I met Rob in my sophomore year. We became friends and then really good friends. He is my soulmate. I love him. If you do not want to spend the Saturday morning with two guys in such a relationship I understand.” Mike was quiet for a moment. This only confirmed what he had assumed. He decided to make lite of the situation. “I will hike with you and Rob on Saturday on one condition.” He paused as Jim got a disturbed look on his face. “When the big day happens you invite me to your wedding. I have no problem with your lifestyle. Men are born to be who they are. I look forward to meeting Rob.” With a smile Jim thanked Mike for the support. They then discussed the plans for Saturday. Jim assured Mike that the hike would not be strenuous. As planned they met at the parking area where the trail crossed the road. Mike was not surprised that Rob was as handsome as Jim. The two were a perfectly matched pair. Since the trail was narrow they mostly walked in single file. As the others lead Mike was always second or third in the line. His only quandary as they hiked was, ‘which one of these hotties (a term he had learned on the web) had the cutest ass. He chastised himself for imagining each ass being fucked. After hiking about 30 minutes Rob suggested they take a break. Jim said, “Excuse me while I get rid of my morning coffee”. He walked a short distance into the forest and turned his back. Rob followed and the two were soon pissing side by side. Mike walked in a different direction for his relief. Rob suggested they sit on a log, rehydrate with water and rest a couple of minutes. Mike assumed the rest was for his benefit as they had been on the trail only thirty minutes. Mike spoke, “Jim and Rob, I want to thank you for a delightful experience. I really needed a break from my normal routine. There is something that I have had on my mind recently and wanted to discuss it with someone. I believe I have found the perfect guys to share my concerns.”
  15. Following his session with Al, Mike went to the locker room to shower and change. He entered with both apprehension and eagerness. He was not sure of locker room protocol and did not want to do anything that would make him appear clueless. Also he was not proud of his body and felt awkward exposing himself to other men. However, on the plus side, he really wanted to check out naked men. He went to the locker where he had stashed his clothes before the workout. There was only one other man near him. He was getting dressed and ignored the newcomer. Mike decided he would shave before showering. He took off his shirt and walked to a sink at the end of the row of six sinks. There was a guy with a towel wrapped around his waist two sinks over. He was definitely a piece of eye candy who was probably in his mid-twenties. He had tattoos on both arms, chest and lower leg. He was about six feet (1.83 m) with a muscular body and shoulder length blond hair which he was brushing. Mike could observe him by looking in his mirror as he shaved. Tattoo finished with his hair and walked away. As Mike walked back to his locker after shaving he saw Tattoo’s naked backside as he stood at his locker drying himself. Mike noted there was a scale nearby. The scale was positioned so that when you stood on it the lockers were to the left and the row of sinks to the right. Although Mike had no desire to weigh himself he stepped on the scale. As he adjusted the slide bar he was able to further check out Tattoo. There was a tattoo of an owl on his back near the right shoulder. When he leaned over to dry his lower legs his bubble ass was clearly visible. As Mike stepped off the scale Tattoo was pulling on a pair of light blue boxer briefs. Mike thought to himself, ‘Even if I did not see his dick that was a very enjoyable view’. After taking off his sneakers, socks, shorts and white briefs he quickly wrapped his towel around his waist. Actually he had brought a bath sheet (very large towel) as he was afraid a regular towel might not remain in place around his chubby waist. Wearing flip-flops he walked to the shower area. He could see heads of two other men showering as the top foot (12 inches = 30 cm) of the curtains were clear. He stepped into a shower stall opposite one of the men. Just as he had shampooed his hair the curtain opposite him opened and the naked guy reached for his towel hanging just outside the curtain. While being relieved that this guy had a body similar to his meaning he was not the only chubby one there he was disappointed it was not someone with the body of Tattoo exposing himself. Finishing his shower he reached for his towel hanging just outside the curtain. Keeping the curtain closed he dried himself, wrapped the towel around his waist and walked back to his locker. He observed five other men in various stages of dressing or undressing. They were ordinary guys ranging in age from 30s to 70s. He saw a couple of flabby asses and nondescript dicks. As he dressed, to his delight, a young man of about 30 with a muscular body, well defined pecs and six pack abs walked in from the shower area with a towel wrapped tightly around his waist. His locker was next to Mike’s. Obviously Mike wanted to see all of this Adonis. The muscle man reached into his locker and took out a pair of red briefs. Mike pretended to be organizing his gym bag as he waited with anticipation. Then to his dismay, Adonis pulled on the red briefs while the towel was still wrapped around his waist. He then removed the towel. The sight of seeing a bulging basket was good but not as good as the real thing. When Mike leaned over to adjust his shoe he got a close up view of the basket with the outline of a mushroom shaped head in the silky briefs. He could tell that Adonis was either circumcised or had his skin pulled back. That night as Mike laid in bed he felt total contentment. He had not succumbed to any of his bad habits, had started an exercise program, seen some eye candy in the locker room and best of all been touched by a man, Al, his trainer. As he thought of Al putting his hand on his knee, maneuvering his ass onto a piece of equipment and guiding his hands, arms and legs into position he felt a twinge in his dick. He could not remember the last time his dick told him it was happy. Mid-morning as he drank his protein drink he thought of Jim. At lunch time he quickly walked to the nearby Subway and again purchased a six inch veggie wrap. He was in a hurry as he hoped to see Jim in the break room. He was soon sitting across from his new friend who was eating his brought from home lunch that included a sandwich, a small bag of cut up vegetables and an apple. Jim was surprised that in less than 24 hours Mike had signed up at the fitness center and had his first session that morning. Mike eagerly told about his fitness trainer (without going into details about the hands on erotic feelings) and modest exercise program. He also related that when he called for an appointment for a physical the doctor had just had a cancellation and he was able to schedule one the following week. Their conversation continued discussing office issues and gossip. Mike did not think he had ever had such a conversation in the years he had worked at that firm. Mike’s daily visits to V&V Fitness were rewarded with good feelings about himself and seeing a few very attractive men in various stages of dress and undress. His second session with Al was not as hands on as he mastered the exercise machines. Since there had been little contact, on the final machine he purposely totally screwed up getting on. To his pleasure Al’s hands were once again moving his arms and legs in place. The results of the physical were favorable and the doctor saw no reason he could not exercise as long as he did not overdo it and checked his heart rate to not exceed 124 for exercise at a moderate intensity. Mike discussed the results of the exam with Al. His trainer took a chart out of his desk that gave heart rate information by age and extent of exercise activity. Al then introduced Mike to six more machines. To the joy of Mike each new machine required some hands on assistance by Al. Also, the weight applied on the other machines was increased and the length of time on the elliptic was upped from 20 to 30 minutes. While Al did not suggest a specific diet he told Mike to increase his eating of vegetables, fruits and high fiber foods, drastically reduce consumption of red meat and totally eliminate junk food specifically ice cream and candy. He told Mike that it was important to lose weight at a slow consistent rate. In the first month Mike lost 8 pounds (3.6 kg). At that rate Mike thought he would be down 55 pounds (25 kg) in six more months. Al then explained that there was usually a high rate of loss at the beginning of a diet program and then it would taper off. Al told him that losing 55 pounds in 52 weeks would be realistic. He joked, “It took 25 years to put on the extra pounds.” Mike actually began to look forward to going to the fitness center. Both feeling good about exercising and the possibility of interesting sights encouraged him. He did have some pleasurable experiences. One morning as Mike showered he noted that the guy in the opposite shower had left his curtain half open. Since the top 12 inches (30 cm) of the curtain was clear as one showered they could see the heads of those opposite. Mike had selected the last shower stall in the row of six. Consequently there would be no one walking by. Mike starred at the guy as he soaped himself. The man of about 30 was average looking. As Mike starred through the clear part of his curtain the other looked up and saw him. He smiled. Mike wanted to see better and opened his curtain partway. Apparently this man enjoyed being observed so Mike gawked. As the guy soaped his dick Mike mimicked him. Soon the guy had a hard on. While he was average in most respects his dick was definitely above average. When the guy glanced over Mike smiled and gave him a thumbs up. Mike was not hard, that was something that rarely happened. But he did play with his dick as the other pumped. Suddenly the guy tensed up and began shooting spurt after spurt onto the shower wall. By this time Mike was getting hard. He continued to play with himself as the guy finished his shower and dried off. When he walked away Mike closed his curtain and continued to play. However, he had only a good feeling, no cumming. Another incident happened in the sauna. Mike visited the sauna about once a week. Since he never saw anything interesting there was no incentive to be in there and sweat. But he did hope to see something. One morning he entered the sauna and sat on a lower bench along the back wall opposite the door. There were two tiers of benches along the back and one side wall. While Mike sat there with a towel around his waist another guy entered and sat on the lower bench on the side wall. Since he sat near the door side of the sauna and the sauna heater was between him and the door he was not immediately visible to someone entering. He had spread his towel on the seat. He was naked. Naturally Mike checked him out attempting to not be obvious. The guy was about 50 with an almost trim build. There was a small pot belly. He had a deep tan except for the area around his crotch. The tan lines indicated he wore a brief bikini type suit when in the sun. He spread his legs and his dick was totally exposed. Mike could not help leering. He knew he had been caught looking. When he looked up the man smiled at him. While Mike had nothing impressive to show he wanted to encourage the other. He opened his towel and spread his legs. When the other scratched his balls, Mike scratched his. The guy began stroking and Mike played with his. Mike then surprised himself when he without thought moved down his bench so that he was no longer opposite the door. He was at the end of his bench at the intersection of the side bench. The guy slide down toward Mike. With his dick in one hand he played with his nipples with the other. Mike was actually getting hard. The guy spoke, “Would you please finish me off.” Mike was dumbfounded. He had never touched another dick. The only time he had been with another man was when he and his cousin did mutual jackoffs over thirty years earlier. They guy reached for Mike’s hand and directed it to his dick. While Mike stroked the other played with his nipples. Just as cum began pouring out down the guy’s dick and onto Mike’s hand the door opened. Quickly they two closed their legs as the newcomer who was eyeing his phone walked in. A minute later the satisfied man wrapped his towel around his waist and departed giving Mike a wink who sat there with a cum covered hand. Mike wrapped his towel around his waist and walked out of the sauna trying to keep cum from dripping off his hand. He took a quick shower to cool off after the sauna and wash the cum off his hand. When he returned to his locker the guy was getting dressed at a nearby locker. He smiled at Mike. When he departed he brushed against Mike’s ass while saying, “Thanks for giving me a hand. You have a great day”. Mike never saw the guy again. Note – Mike’s gym activities were inspired by my own experiences and observations except that I never had a personal trainer.
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