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  1. From wikipedia - gay - In 1950, the earliest reference found to date for the word gay as a self-described name for homosexuals came from Alfred A. Gross, executive secretary for the George W. Henry Foundation, who said in the June 1950 issue of SIR magazine: "I have yet to meet a happy homosexual. They have a way of describing themselves as gay but the term is a misnomer. Those who are habitues of the bars frequented by others of the kind, are about the saddest people I’ve ever seen. ........ The 1960s marked the transition in the predominant meaning of the word gay from that of "carefree" to the current "homosexual". I doubt if Peter and Tom or few if any high school students in 1956 read SIR (I sure did not, would have if I could have) so the use of the word 'gay' by high school boys was probably out of step with the times. I am the same age as the 'Boys' and at that time was totally confused and clueless about gay, homosexual, queer, man to man, or whatever you want to call it lifestyles. Your Author Tall Guy
  2. November 1990 As Peter sat in his pew at St. Thomas Episcopal Church he contemplated his great uncle’s life and legacy. Will had started attending this church in 1979 following the resolutions passed by The General Convention of the Episcopal Church: Resolved, that it is the sense of this General Convention that homosexual persons are children of God and have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church. Resolved, that this General Convention expresses its conviction that homosexual persons are entitled to equal protection of the laws with all other citizens, and calls upon our society to see that such protection is provided in actuality. While he did not attend on a regular basis he did support the Church financially. When the Church chose its first female priest, Pastor Sandy, he accepted the decision as representing how inclusive the church was becoming and increased his annual pledge. He also supported the Church with his talent. He gave art work to be sold or auctioned at the annual fair. In the parish hall hung two of Will’s paintings: one of the Church exterior and the other the interior highlighting the stained glass window over the altar. Will had discussed his funeral arrangements years earlier, not in a morbid ‘I’m going to die way’ but ‘I want to be part of my celebration when it happens in the future’. He had selected hymns, scripture readings and listed three friends who he would be asked to do readings or reflections: Peter, Henry and Father Sean. Although Sean was a Roman Catholic, Pastor Sandy welcomed the suggestion of him as one of Will’s dearest friends. Peter knew Sean was liberal in his interpretations of doctrine. They joked how Sean’s Bishop would not be pleased if he knew he was participating in the service and would take communion. Although no one really cared they thought that possibly the Bishop would not have a problem with Sean’s taking the bread and wine since he would not consider it a legitimate religious event. During the Eucharist Service the bread would be distributed by a woman, Pastor Sandy, and the Chalice Bearer serving the wine would also be a woman. Peter’s wife, Louise, was a licensed administer of the chalice and served one week a month at their home church in Columbus. She never missed a Sunday. Peter attended sporadically. The urn with Will’s ashes sat on a table next to the altar during the service. What Peter did not share with Pastor Sandy but did with close friends including Sean was that the urn also contained the ashes of JB, Will’s life partner and love who had died years earlier. Will had kept JB’s ashes so that he and his love could continue their happy life on earth into eternity. Peter and his wife, Louise, sat in the front pew with Peter’s parents. His mother was Uncle Will’s niece. While his mother had called relatives on her father’s side of the family (Will was her father’s brother) to inform them of the details of the service Peter did not see any in attendance. However, since the Church was crowded he assumed he would meet some later. He had not seen any of his relatives on his mother’s side of the family since her father’s / his grandfather’s funeral in the 1960s. As the closest relatives to Uncle Will, Peter and his mother greeted guests and accepted condolences at the entrance to the Parish Hall after the service. They were amazed at the number of people from the community who attended. All Will’s men friends who lived in Ohio also attended the service, reception and would all gather for a farewell to Will at the farm house that evening. Only one relative of Will’s other than Peter’s mother, her children and grandchildren attended the service. Peter’s mother had always welcomed her uncle during his visits. Her father had tolerated his brother, Will, when he visited from Georgia and permitted him to stay at his home but not with a genuine welcome. Consequently Will was more likely to stay with his niece and her children, Peter and Ronnie. It was during one of these visits that Will invited Peter to visit him in Georgia. At the time of that first visit when Peter was 20 he met Henry and Seth. Will had told Peter that his family considered him different and were relieved when he decided to move away after high school and army service. When Peter met this one relative, his mother’s cousin Abby, he learned she had not seen or corresponded with Will since his return to Ohio years earlier. It soon appeared she was only interested in any possible inheritance as she discussed what an old man without children would do with his money. When she made the comment that all he owned was an old farmhouse and that it was probably mortgaged to support a poor artist Peter held in a laugh. She would be surprised to learn his wealth accumulated through investments made with and on the advice of his love, JB. Any of the relatives who attended the reading of the will would learn how wealthy he was, how little they would get and how Peter, the grand-nephew who had been Will’s friend, companion and then caretaker was the primary beneficiary. That evening the ‘Men’ in Will’s life assembled at the farmhouse. The guest list of this private party included many of the men who had touched Will’s life, ‘touched’ Will and many who had ‘touched’ each other: Adam, Alex, Bruce, Dan, David, Derick, Fred, Gary, Henry, Jacob (elderly farmer neighbor), Lee, Owen, Peter, PT, Roland, Tom, Sean and Vlad. Years earlier Will had told Peter what to do with his vast collection of photos. He asked that all the erotic ones either be given to the photo subjects or destroyed. Then with a laugh “I want you and all my friends to have a party after my passing on to connect with JB – or whatever happens to dead bodies. Celebrate my life. Also, there is a large sealed envelope marked ‘Game’. Open it at the party and play the game I have created.” Peter opened the large envelope. It contained photos of twenty-five men showing their bodies between the chest to just below the dick. All of these men had willingly posed for Uncle Will. The photos covered a thirty year span with those of Peter, Tom, Seth and Henry taken in the 1960s. No one considered this an invasion of privacy as all were like minded. Each photo was numbered. The object of the game was to identify the man in each photo seeing only mid-body to dick. Most of the photos were of men in the room. Others were of men who were unable to attend the party: JB, Frank, Keith, Seth and Reg – deceased; Jacob and Rob in Washington DC and Ralph and Tim in Breslau, Pennsylvania. There was also a list of the names of the twenty-five subjects. A sealed envelope contained instructions ‘Do not open until conclusion of game – contains identification of each photo’. As the men shared beer and pizza there was good natured joking as the photos were passed around. At the conclusion of the game the men most identified were Peter and Tom since they had had ‘experience’ with the highest number of men at the gathering as well as Henry and Derick – easy to identify as the only two black men. While Peter had the highest number of correct identifications he eliminated himself and Tom as eligible for the prize, a package left by Uncle Will. When the results were tallied Roland was the winner (after Peter and Tom). As he accepted the prize package he snickered as he said, “I had an unfair advantage having watched many of you ‘top’ my love. Also my ability of many years to visually undress men and fantasize about their attributes while on the street, at work, everywhere - gave me an advantage.” Everyone laughed as Roland opened the prize package that contained three porn tapes and a battery operated dildo. “What will I do with this?” he said as he hugged and kissed his Alex. The next event at Will’s party was to go through and distribute the collection of erotic photos. Peter had previously gone through them. He had destroyed the old ones from Daisyville that included the naked conservative Christian pastor and his wife, the sheriff being fucked by a handsome black man and a Georgia state legislator fucking and eating the pussy of a woman. Keeping copies of photos taken by Uncle Will at the requests of the subjects had been his insurance against any repercussions for taking and holding this illegal material in the 1960s. How could a sheriff arrest or a pastor condemn a man who held compromising photos of them? Peter had also removed the erotic photos taken of Paul and Rachel, the parents of David. These had been taken back in the 1960s when the young couple were eighteen. Peter would give the photos to Paul to do with as he pleased. By midnight the party slowed down and some of the couples departed to nearby places: Peter / Tom and PT / David to their nearby farm, Jacob, former lover of Bob – the original owner or the house - home to his wife, Vlad / Aiden and Roland / Alex to rooms at a nearby motel. The remainder paired off going to various beds, sofas or mats on the floor. Henry / Derick and Fred / Bruce shared the king size bed of Will. Dan and Gary slept in the narrow bed in their son Danny’s room. Dan had told his son a guest might be staying in his room. He wanted to warn the boy to hide anything that a 14 year old boy might not want to share. Gary joked to Dan that if they discovered Danny had porn his father would be disappointed. Not because the boy did what a boy that age would do if given the opportunity but that it would probably contain mostly naked women. During the night as they cuddled in the narrow bed Dan and Gary heard sounds that were more than mice scampering in the attic or the old house settling. This initiated a session between the two happily squished together in the narrow bed. Dan noted, “Will is certainly happy looking down on his home full of active men.” The next morning all eighteen returned to the house and the conversations continued as everyone pitched in to cook breakfast, keep the coffee pot filled and wash dishes. By early evening when the last guest departed the party goers had cleaned and vacuumed the house. Except for a refrigerator full of leftovers there was no evidence of the manly festivities celebrating Will’s life. The following Wednesday Peter and his mother’s cousin, Abby, who he had met at the church service were the only two who took the time to meet with the lawyer at the reading of the will. Peter knew he had been appointed executor of the estate and was aware of the contents of the will. Any hope by Abby that Will’s blood relatives who had ignored him would receive anything were dashed when a paragraph of the will was read, ‘Concerning my blood relatives, those who have been part of my life will be remembered, those who ignored me or shunned me will receive nothing’. Abby quietly left the office muttering something about ‘that degenerate old man’. Remembered in the will were Dan and Gary, PT, Peter’s mother and brother, Ronnie, Henry, and a small donation to the Daisy College student scholarship where Will had been an art professor. He had increasingly become unhappy with the conservative philosophy of the college and had told Peter ‘those gay hating white supremacist are lucky to get anything’. The will did include a substantial gift to St. Thomas Episcopal Church, the liberal church where his funeral service had been held. The remainder of the estate was left to Peter with no written instructions concerning its disposition. Will had reviewed with Peter how he wanted his art and photos distributed. Will had also discussed the future of the farmhouse if Peter did not want to keep it. He asked that it first be offered to Dan and Gary at a fair but low price. Their inheritance from him would provide a substantial down payment that would make it easy for the two employed men to obtain a bank mortgage. If they did not want to purchase the farm he asked Peter to offer its sale to someone in Jacob’s family also at a fair but low price. They already owned the barn next to it and surrounding fields. If none of them wanted it Peter could sell it at full market value. When Peter discussed the sale of the house to Dan and Gary they were very receptive to the idea. Peter told them they could live there rent free for six months while they considered the offer. The two young men discussed the opportunity. Originally Gary had planned to use his inheritance from Will to pay down his student debt. The two decided to take up Peter’s offer. Peter told them he hoped they would welcome visits by Sean, an earlier owner. The two replied that Sean and all of Will’s friends would be warmly welcomed. When Uncle Will’s lover, JB, passed away twenty-seven years earlier Peter had been the main beneficiary of his considerable estate. JB originally had planned to have his love, Will, be his primary beneficiary. Since Will had personally become wealthy thanks to his shrewd investments managed by JB he asked that JB make Peter his beneficiary. The fortune that Peter now had included some cash and common stocks of Fortune 500 companies. The bulk of the investments represented real estate purchased by JB and Will when both lived in Georgia. Thanks to the recommendations of Victor / Victoria Hermoso, their financial advisor in Georgia property had been purchased in the Buckhead section of Atlanta. While back in the 1960s this area had been a suburban area north of downtown Atlanta, today it was being developed into one of the main commercial / residential areas of the city with prices skyrocketing. Peter was stunned when he discovered the value of his holdings. As he discussed his wealth with his wife, Louise, and lover, Tom, he realized that at the age of 52 he could retire and ‘do whatever he wanted to do’. Since his teaching and research were what he wanted to do retirement was not a serious consideration. While he had talked by telephone to his financial advisor he had not seen Victor / Victoria since JB’s death years earlier. Peter decided to visit his sharp and insightful advisor in Athens, Georgia. When he had mentioned at Will’s celebration of life at the farmhouse to Aiden, lover / partner of Vlad, that he planned to visit Georgia Aiden asked if he could accompany him and visit his parents in western Georgia while Peter visited Athens. He had met Aiden when the young man was a graduate student at University of Georgia years earlier at the home of the partner of the investment firm that employed his astute advisor, Victor / Victoria. Luckily Peter at Ohio State and Aiden a professor at Cleveland State had the same week off for Spring break. Arriving at Atlanta airport midafternoon they drove to Athens in their rental car and were greeted at the door of their hosts’ home by Daniel Hewes, the now retired principal of the firm that had managed JB, Will and Peter’s investments. Daniel Hewes and Alfred his lover were together when Peter first met them thirty years earlier. Three years later he again visited Daniel and Alfred following the death of JB, Uncle Will’s lover of many years. It was at that meeting that Peter learned he had inherited the bulk of JB’s estate and he had asked Daniel to continue to manage the investments. Victor was the investment advisor at the firm that Peter had dealt with since the inheritance. When Victor was Victoria to his few friends Peter had had the pleasure of intimate pleasures with the handsome man / beautiful lady. Alfred announced that Victoria and her lover of twenty years would be joining them for dinner. Daniel suggested that they might want to freshen up and rest. He guided them upstairs to two bedrooms, each with a king size bed. “You may use either room or both, whatever your pleasure. Victoria and Herbert are arriving for dinner at 6:30. Do what pleases you until then, rest, take a walk or drive or join Alfred and me for conversation.” They thanked Daniel for the hospitality and told him they would be down after freshening up. Peter told Aiden, “You are welcome to share a room with me. Tom and I have an open relationship. I will share with him whatever happens here.” Aiden replied, “Vlad suggested that I warm your bed. While we are generally exclusive we have discussed the possibility of my enjoying this trip to the upmost.” Peter replied, “I feel grubby after the flight so a shower is my immediate need.” As he said this he stripped naked. “May I join you?” Peter just smiled and scratched his balls as he headed for the shower. Although he had not seen his friend naked for many years he had not forgotten the fetching body. He remember the fair haired tall Aiden with a well defined chest, small waist and cute ass. His cut dick while not the largest was an enjoyable sight hanging over small balls. Aiden stripped and followed. As he stepped into the large shower stall Peter pushed him against the wall. He then stepped back and eyed his friend starting with the eyes and moving down to the chest, flat stomach and ending with the perfectly formed dick and balls. Peter stated, “God, you are beautiful.” He then moved in and took his friends hands forcing them over his head as high as possible. The pits with soft tufts of hair were exposed. Then he leaned in and gently kissed then licked one armpit. The aroma of a man who had not showered since the previous evening was a scent of ecstasy to Peter. Peter, whose pits were hairless, had a fetish about men’s pits, the less hairier the more titillating. Peter himself had hair in all the places a man would have hair (head, chest, crown over dick and balls) except for the arm pits. Aiden giggled as Peter’s pit stop tickled him. The two now dripping dicks stood out, straight and hard. Aiden disentangled himself from Peter’s pit attack and slowly knelt. He admired the magnum dick. First with his eyes and then with his tongue. While the size of this dick was slightly larger than his love’s, Vlad’s, the clean cut head appeared naked compared to Vlad’s natural skin covered piece. Aiden leaned in a swallowed it to its base. Between the sight of this handsome man and the pleasure with the pits Peter was almost immediately ready to blast. He grabbed the kneeling Aiden’s shoulders and braced himself as he released a flood of lust. Aiden sucked out the last drop and then stood. He wrapped his hand around his ready cock and almost immediately covered Peter’s dick and balls with his white cream. Peter looked his friend in the eye, “That was an amazing appetizer. I can hardly wait for a lingering dessert between the sheets. Now we better dress and join our friends. We wouldn’t want to dally and have them think we were celebrating out return to Athens, Georgia.” Peter said with a chuckle. “Yea, like Daniel and Alfred would be surprised that we were renewing our friendship. I think they would be more surprised if we didn’t have a midafternoon encounter.” “Well, you boys appear refreshed and rested.” Alfred said as they entered the living room. Aiden with a smirk replied, “Refreshed yes. However, I am happy to report not rested.” Daniel took Alfred’s hand, “Oh, to be twenty years younger and happy to be not rested.” The conversation that followed was easy as the four caught up on the lives of the others since their last meeting years earlier. They were all surprised when the doorbell rang and they realized they had been talking over two hours. All four went to the entry hall to greet the dinner guests. As Victoria and her friend entered both Peter and Aiden were stunned by the beauty of this woman (man). The blond wig had been replaced by a medium length black, hairdo with curls. The Dolly Parton bust was more modest. The form fitting dress was now appropriate for a woman almost fifty years old and the shoes were no long high stilettos. However, the angelic face, dark brown penetrating eyes and dainty hands were still there. The pastel dress emphasized the ebony black skin. Victoria was the most beautiful woman of her age that either Peter or Aiden had even seen in person. She kissed each of her friends on the cheeks. The cheek kissing was a sign that Victoria was no longer into deep kisses and whatever might go along with it. She then introduced her friend. “Aiden and Peter, I am pleased to introduce my friend and lover of almost twenty years, Whitney, or as his friends call him ‘Witty’.” Peter and Aiden studied the new acquaintance, probably in his mid-fifties, about the same ae as Victoria and a little older than Peter. He was tall, average build with a slight middle age spread, thin hair and thick features. As he smiled his eyes told them that he was an intriguing person. They later learned that he was the principal partner of a local CPA (accounting) firm. The body language between Victoria and Witty indicated a happy and completed relationship. During the evening Peter and Aiden visualized a naked Victoria giving or most likely receiving the love of her man. When Peter asked, ‘How did you two love birds meet?’ Victoria answered with a smile on her face. “An attorney approached me who was probating a client’s estate that was especially complicated. The client’s accountant had been Witty. While our firm had handled the client’s investments I had never met Witty. For two days Witty and I worked together untangling the range of investments that included stocks, bonds, real estate and an off shore trust. It was one of the most complicated estates I had ever been involved with. Within an hour of working with Witty I was entranced by him. I don’t know why? It just happened. We ordered lunch and then supper to be brought in. Our conversation turned from the estate to our personal lives. I learned that Witty had been divorced for years and was not in a relationship. The only awkward period in our chatter was when he tried to discuss the Atlanta Braves baseball team with me. He is an avid Braves fan while I had no interest in the team or sport. We did agree on our two favorite TV shows: Hawaii Five-O and Maude. The second day we finished our project in the late afternoon. Witty asked if I would like to come over to his place and watch Hawaii Five-O that evening and share pizza and beer. Generally two guys would go to a bar and celebrate a work accomplishment over drinks and possibly dinner. However, this was the early 1970s and it would have been uncomfortable for both of us, a white guy and a black guy to hang out together. But that situation actually helped us to get to know each other better as going to a private home was the best way to avoid conflicts and strange looks. We sat on the sofa, ate the pizza and had beers. I was really attracted to this man and he later confessed to me that his feelings were mutual. I both shocked and pleased him when I said, ‘Tomorrow evening there is a Braves game on TV. I’m a virgin, yes I actually used that word, when it comes to baseball. Would you be willing to fill me in on the national pastime?’ The following night more beer and pizza. I soon became a Braves fan. At the end of that first game I suggested we watch the game the following night again at my place. I told him I would prepare a real meal, not just pizza, for us. He offered to bring dessert. Witty is not much in the kitchen but he does know where to buy delicious desserts. That third evening the Braves were playing on the west coast so the game started late. Then it went into extra innings. It was after midnight when the Braves finally won in the thirteenth inning. It was a Friday evening and I suggested, ‘It’s late and neither of us needs to be in the office tomorrow. You are welcome to sleep here. This sofa opens into a double bed.’ He readily agreed. Not knowing what might happen I had a slight dilemma. While I was dressed as conservative Victor, underneath I was Victoria wearing lavender nylon lacy panties from Frederick’s of Hollywood. I was not sure what would happen that night and that if we did get naked what his response would be to my lingerie. I went to the bathroom, removed the lavender panties and stuffed the small amount of cloth in my pocket. I did not believe his discovering I did not wear underwear would shock him, if I got lucky.” “Returning from the bathroom I made an additional suggestion. ‘The bed this sofa opens into is very soft and uncomfortable. If you want comfort you are welcome to sleep in my bed.’ He then replied, ‘With you?’ I said ‘yes’. He replied, ‘I cannot sleep on an overly soft bed. So, if you do not mind it would be much more comfortable.’ I gleefully noticed a bulge growing in his pants. I found a toothbrush for him and he went into the bathroom. While he was there I stripped naked and got into bed. I do not own pajamas or any underwear that is manly so I did what came natural. When he returned from the bathroom wearing his boxer shorts I was sitting in the bed exposed from the waist up reading a TV guide. He was boning up so quickly got into bed. He sat next to me with the covers up to his waist. As I found an article in TV guide to share with him one of us and I do not remember which one accidentally moved his leg over. The other did not move away but instead pressed back. The rest is history. Except when one of us goes out of town on business we have shared a bed every night since.” “About a week after our first encounter I showed him a picture of Victoria. While I had fallen for this guy I could not stop being myself. He was perplexed as to why I would show him a photo of a sexy black woman. Then I explained that it was me and she was who I am. He obviously already knew I had the equipment of a man and was speechless. Then, ‘Is this really you?’ We were at my place that evening. To my surprise he said, ‘I’m going out to get us some takeout supper. When I return I want to meet Victoria.’ He returned a half hour later with a takeout meal of Chinese. Victoria with her blond hair, shapely body and stiletto shoes answered the door. Two hours later we were eating cold General Tso chicken and rice. I do not need to explain why we let our meal get cold. Since then I have mellowed in dress but not in passion.” Witty continued, “Here in Athens the only place she can be herself is at home with the blinds closed and when visiting a few special friends like Alfred and Daniel. But when we travel she is my lady. Last year we took a Caribbean cruise. Of course when flying and going through passport control she was Victor. But once on the ship I was delighted to be accompanying Victoria. One evening a couple at our table was making anti-gay comments about our waiter. I replied that one of my best friends is gay and that they would never suspect it if they met him so they should be careful with their comments. They would have shit in their pants if they knew my lady had balls. Another time as she sunned herself at the pool in her yellow polka dotted bikini a really hot handsome guy of about forty invited her back to his cabin. We wonder what his reaction would have been if she had taken him up on his offer?” Victoria interrupted, “With my petite package I can wear a bikini. If I had the equipment of Witty there is no way I could hide it.” Later as they departed Victoria again kissed Peter on the cheek and told him, “This lady will not be in the office tomorrow. But Victor (herself as a man) is prepared to discuss your situation and make recommendations. See you at 10:00.” As the door closed after the guests departed Peter offered to help clear the table and clean the kitchen. Alfred replied, “You look exhausted. Since the dinner was catered the cleanup will be easy, basically just loading the dishwasher. Why don’t you two take it easy and go to bed.” Actually neither was tired and they assumed their friend was giving them an opportunity for some quality time as they both thanked their hosts for the dinner and delightful conversation. Upstairs the two got naked, pissed together, brushed their teeth together and were soon under the covers together. Peter whispered into Aiden’s ear, “This time it will be slow.” When Aiden reached for the other’s cock Peter pushed it away, “Touch anything but that. As I said this will be slow.” Using just feather strokes with finger tips each caressed every part of the other’s body except for the piece that wanted it the most. It was pleasure, ecstasy and torture being forced to hold back. Once again Peter pushed up Aiden’s arms and was soon licking, kissing and tenderly nipping the hairy pit. As Aiden giggle from the pit torment Peter whispered, “If you do mine you can have your way with me.” As Peter raised his arm exposing his hairless pits Aiden gingerly moved in with his tongue. While he had no desire to do this he did it to please his bedmate. Peter’s moans of pleasure spurred on the attacking tongue and soon Aiden was nibbling and sucking on this piece of a man’s body that was new to him. Then Peter rolled onto his side positioning his ass against Aiden’s man piece. As Peter reached for a condom conveniently left on the night stand Aiden needing no instruction realized exactly what his friend wanted. Then Peter rolled onto his back as he preferred to be in a position that enabled him to look into the eyes of the man fucking him. The following morning Peter again made his willing ass available to deflate Aiden’s morning Woodie. After a hearty breakfast cooked by Alfred, Aiden drove Peter to Victor’s office. He then continued on to his hometown of Cou Rouge in western Georgia. By the end of the day Peter felt numb after absorbing the details of his inherited wealth. That evening he called Tom. Their discussion of Peter’s added wealth that the two would share ended with a joint jackoff session, Peter in Georgia and his love in Ohio. The following day Aiden returned from the visit to his parents late in the afternoon. That evening Peter hosted his friends for dinner at Athen’s most lavish restaurant. After dinner and conversation Victoria and Witty went home to their bed, Alfred and Daniel cuddled in their bed and down the hall Peter once again offered himself to Aiden.
  3. November 1988 – November 1990 Sunday morning as he rode to church with his parents Gary told them about his plan to move. They were not surprised and had no problem with their 25 year old son moving out. They had mixed emotions about his new place. While they were happy the rent was free they thought it strange that he was moving in with a 93 year old man. Sunday afternoon he moved his few belongings. Will insisted that he move into the largest room on the second floor. Peter had visited his Uncle Will a couple of weeks earlier. He had confided to his son, PT, that he thought his uncle was slowing down in old age. He was concerned about him living alone. PT talked to his great-great uncle on the phone every day and visited a least twice a week and had him over for dinner weekly. He had this frequent contact as he was also concerned about his old relative living alone in the big farm house. When PT and his father, Peter, learned that Gary was moving in they were greatly relieved. Except for their almost 70 year age difference they were a good match. Will not only felt safer with the young man under his roof he certainly enjoyed the eye candy provided by Gary and his frequent visitor, Dan. After moving out Gary had dinner at his parent’s home weekly just a fifteen minute drive from his new home. The Friday evening after he moved in he invited his parents to his new home to introduce them to Uncle Will. They were satisfied with the living arrangements and Gary’s mother was impressed with Will’s charm and surprised at how active and alert a 93 year old man could be. She found his art work impressive and conversation about growing up in the area and teaching in Georgia fascinating. She was amazed at how many places he had visited in the world. Of course there was no mention of his man to man relationships or private art and photo collection. In the future at least once a month Will would accompany Gary when he visited his parents. Dan and Gary kept the extent of their close friendship hidden from son Danny. The son was aware his dad went running with his teacher and played pick-up basketball occasionally at the YMCA. They assumed that in a small town there would be notice of the deputy sheriff and school teacher running and doing things together and that his son would find out from others if his father did not tell him. Since what his father did with his teacher was just guy stuff Danny took no special notice. Once Mr. Martin had told him, “Danny you know that your dad and I run together. But don’t worry. If you screw up in class I will not be a tattletale unless you do something really bad that I would tell any parent. And I am sure you would never do anything like that.” Dan and Gary became friendly with the young farmers, PT and David. At least once a week they would have dinner on the farm or invite the two farmers and their three children for dinner at Gary and Uncle Will’s home. When the two fathers went out together at least once a month Gary and/or Dan stayed with Josh, Tommy and Becky. The dates of the fathers were usually going out to dinner and seeing a movie. About every two months they visited the baths in Cleveland, not to participate but just to observe and ‘hang-out’ with likeminded guys. At Thanksgiving Will was invited to David’s parent’s (Rachel and Paul) home where extra tables were set up to accommodate the twenty-five family members, old and young. Gary had a quiet dinner with his parents and Dan was invited to the home of his ex-wife. He knew that son Danny was really happy that although his parents were divorced everyone got along. Danny had friends with divorced parents who were forced to choose allegiance and sometimes pushed and pulled back and forth between squabbling parents and be forced to listen to trash talk from and about them. Dan and Gary discussed a special gift for their farmer friends. One evening they suggested the two get away for a few days. Since Gary was off from school the week between Christmas and New Year’s Eve the two would be willing to stay with the children if the dads wanted some ‘me time’. A few days later the young farmers accepted the offer. They wanted to visit Nashville, a seven hour drive. Dan invited his son Danny to stay at the farm that week. The sons of PT and David, Tommy age 10 and Josh age 7, enjoyed showing Danny, age 12, around the farm. They built snowmen and had fun sledding with Dan and Mr. Martin (Gary). Danny would call his teacher Mr. Martin. After elementary school 6th grade graduation and moving on to middle school he would call his father’s friend ‘Uncle Gary’. To Dan’s surprise he learned that Gary appreciated classical music. Every time he visited his love there was music in the air. Will had purchased one of the new CD players with first-rate speakers. While all such music sounded the same to Dan, a sound that he found somewhat annoying, he learned to tune it out. Eventually he could hear it without irritation. To his surprise every once in a while he actually enjoyed what he was hearing. When Will suggested they attend a classical music concert in Cleveland Gary was thrilled and Dan unimpressed. Will called his friend Vlad in Cleveland, a professor at Western Reserve University, to discuss a visit. Vlad was also a devotee of classical music and lived within a 15 minute walk from Severance Hall, home to Cleveland Orchestra. Both the concert hall and orchestra are world renowned. Vlad mailed the schedule of events to Will who shared it with Gary. They selected a Saturday concert that featured music of Tchaikovsky including excerpts from Swan Lake and the Fifth Symphony. Dan with a smile on his face and dread in his heart assured them he would arrange to have the evening off. When Dan heard Will and Gary discussing a VHS tape that Vlad had sent he boned up just thinking of the porn they were going to watch. Much to his disappointment he learned the tape was of a ballet, Swan Lake, with the lead male danced by some Russian named Rudolf Nureyev. Just to make his sweetie happy he feigned enthusiasm about the prospect of watching it that evening. After Gary put the tape in the VHS player he sat on the sofa between Will and Dan. To Dan’s relief the opening music was not as boring as most classical music he had heard. Then Prince Siegfried danced by Nureyev appeared on the screen. “Holy shit,” shouted Dan. “Do you see that incredible ass? The way the costume clings to it he might as well be naked. And look at that package up front. No wonder you guys are such fans of ballet.” As the ballet continued Will told interesting facts about the luscious dancer, “He was born on a Trans-Siberian train near Irkutsk, Siberia (the city where Vlad found his former teacher and first love back in Chapter 45) to Muslim parents. Even in Siberia as a child his talents were noted and he eventually had the opportunity to begin his early career with the Mariinsky Theater (Called Kirov during Soviet times) in Leningrad (which reverted to its original name, St. Petersburg, after the breakup of the Soviet Union). At the age of 23 while dancing with a Soviet ballet group in Paris he defected to the west in 1961. His personal life is very interesting, especially from a gay viewpoint. He frequents the baths and rumor has it that he arranges sexual contacts in alleys behind theaters during intermissions.” (Note – he died at the age of 54 in 1993 caused by complications from AIDS). Suddenly Dan saw ballet in a totally different light. Dan was able to have the weekend off for their visit to Cleveland. After leaving Friday afternoon as soon as both Dan and Gary were home from work they were ringing Vlad’s doorbell in Cleveland by 6:30. Dan was immediately charmed by the now 68 year old Russian. His lover, Aiden (younger, age 46) was equally handsome but did not exhibit the essence of sex as did the Russian. After introductions and hugs Vlad told his new friends they would be joining a group of likeminded friends at a restaurant. Vlad had reserved a table for thirteen in a private room at the restaurant. Dan and Gary were amazed as male couple after male couple arrived. Already there were Bruce and Fred (both 38, UPS driver and Bank manager). Within ten minutes the others all arrived: Lee and Owen (41 and 38 – Partner in an importing firm and Manager at BP Corporate Headquarters); Henry and Derrick (50 and 51 – Middle school English teacher and veterinarian); An elegant older couple Alex and Roland (both 77 – Russian, retired owner of landscape business, retired bookstore manager). Vlad and Alex addressed each other with greetings in their native Russian language. Everyone seemed to know everyone and there was a combination of hugs and kisses – some deep kisses. Gary and Dan felt like they had just landed on another planet. The waiter showed no sign of discomfort with this group while taking drink orders. To simplify the evening Vlad had ordered an Italian meal to be served family style.: Antipasto platers, minestrone soup, a pasta side, veal scaloppini or shrimp scampi as the main course, desserts of Pastries and Gelato, coffees and after dinner aperitifs: Amaretto, Frangelico, Limoncello and Sambuca. Henry asked Gary if he could sit next to him as he wanted to discuss his concerns about Will’s health. Henry told Gary: “Over thirty years ago in Daisyville, Georgia while in high school I did yard work and ran errands for Professor ‘Will’ Lang. He realized this black teenager had both the intelligence and willpower to continue his education. He encourage me to study at a college and paid all my college expenses including tuition, room and board. I was introduced to the man who I would love through Will. We realized that my new love Seth, a white red head and black me could not live together in a small Georgia segregated town. During my senior year in college Will contacted a friend in Cleveland who arranged an interview with the Cleveland Board of Education. I have been a middle school English teacher since. I last visited Will about two months ago. In my opinion his health has seemed to deteriorate. When I last visited him he had the appearance of a much younger man than his age of 93. He has seemed to age rapidly and now appears to act his very old man age.” Gary agreed with Henry replying that in the few months he had known Will he appeared to have slowed down. “It turned out to be an excellent situation, my wanting to move out of my parent’s home and Will needing company. Both Peter and PT told me how grateful they were that Will was not alone.” When Henry asked Gary if he and Derrick (his new love following Seth’s tragic death) could visit the following weekend Gary replied that from his viewpoint they were welcome anytime and he knew that Will would looked forward to his visit. Following a day of sightseeing including a visit to the Cleveland Art Museum at the request of Uncle Will they attended the concert. Four of the five (Will, Vlad, Aiden and Gary) totally enjoyed the concert while Dan was satisfied that his presence was making his Gary happy. There was one section of the concert that Dan found delightful, the excerpts from Swan Lake. Dan shut his eyes and as the music filled the concert hall he visualized the handsome Nureyev dancing the part of Prince Siegfried. By the end of the piece the thoughts of the dancing man’s bubble ass, bulge / cod piece / dance belt, strong long legs, small waist and nipples pushing out from the shirt resulted in a very happy Dan. Luckily his hard-on subsided during the applause at the end of the performance. Later when he confessed to Gary his thoughts during the Swan Lake section of the concert the reply was, “Whatever floats you boat. Glad my man found some redeeming qualities in the performance.” The following Friday afternoon Henry arrived in time for supper without his love. Derrick, now a partner in the veterinarian practice, had to work over the weekend unexpectedly. Thursday the young doctor scheduled to work the weekend had sprained his wrist playing baseball and would not have been able to perform some of the surgeries scheduled. When Dan arrived after his shift the four sat down for the simple dinner prepared by Will and Gary. Henry entertained them with stories about Daisyville. He told how one summer while working for Will, “This white guy, Peter – the grand-nephew from Ohio, arrived. Will asked us to clean the basement. When removing screens from the basement windows our hands kept touching. Finally we stopped using the removal of the screens for a reason to touch and just massaged each other’s arms. Soon we were massaging more than just arms. A week later Peter modeled nude for a private art class Will taught that was separate from his position at the conservative college. Peter invited one of the artist to finish his drawing the following evening at Will’s home. Peter suggested I stay and meet this artist and possibly model for him. I met Seth that evening. We got involved in other activities and the drawing was not completed that evening. We soon were lovers. Upon graduation from college Seth and I moved north to Cleveland. We did not feel it was safe for two men to openly live together in rural Georgia and dangerous for a black and a white red head to share lives. My love and I were together for about fifteen years until his death in an auto accident fifteen years ago. Dan offered to clean the kitchen while the others began a game of Scrabble, Will’s favorite board game. As usual extra points were given for words created that one would not share with his mother. By 9:00 Will stated that he was tired. This small act concerned Henry as he had never remembered Will going to bed early when there were guests. This was just not the same lively Will he had visited two months earlier. As soon as Will closed his bedroom door Henry decided to call Peter in Columbus. When he told Peter about his concern about Will’s health, Peter who had not seen his great uncle for over a month decided to immediately drive to the farm house in Seville. He arrived by 11:00 that evening. Henry waited up for his friend of more than twenty-five years. As soon as Peter entered the house the two embraced. They were alone in the living room as Dan and Gary had gone to bed about fifteen minutes earlier. While Henry was basically in a one man relationship he did have a special feeling toward his friend of many years. Peter and his love Tom had an open relationship that had worked for almost forty years. The ‘hello’ embrace soon became erotic as each could feel the hard dick of the other. After checking on Will who was sleeping soundly, they went upstairs to share the guest room. They showered together. With the bathroom door open they dried each other. When an embarrassed, naked Gary with a cum dripping dick appeared at the door they invited him in to do what he had planned to do, piss. Peter had never met Dan’s love. Henry introduced them and to break the ice naked Peter decided to hug the embarrassed naked young man. By the time they finished their hug each was hard. As Peter and Henry inspected the younger’s magnum dick Gary did not miss the opportunity to check out the black natural one and Peter’s impressive cut one. As the two older men departed the bathroom while saying ‘good night’ Gary realized he would have to wait a few minutes to piss until he deflated some. Snuggled together in bed Peter and Henry relived their actions of the summer they met years earlier. The next morning Will was surprised and very pleased when he found Peter in the kitchen. Peter told his great-uncle that when he had heard Henry was visiting he decided to make a quick trip. “Since Derrick was unable to come I did not want your guest, Henry, to feel neglected so I slept here rather than at PT’s (His son’s nearby farm).” By noon Peter agreed with Henry’s concerns about Will’s health and deterioration. That afternoon Peter visited his son, PT, and asked him to contact Will’s doctor Monday morning for the earliest possible appointment. Peter had to return home to Columbus early Monday morning as he had an afternoon seminar with a group of graduate students. PT called Uncle Will’s primary doctor Monday morning and was able to schedule a Wednesday afternoon appointment. He drove his great-great uncle to the appointment. Following an examination and the results of blood tests the doctor found nothing of concern and was not surprised that a 93 year old would not be as active as earlier. The following weekend Peter again visited. He discussed the situation with PT, Gary and Dan. They agreed that Will should no longer drive his car and that he should not be alone at night. Also during the day when he was alone one of them would call him midday. When Peter discussed the plans with Will he did not object giving up the car since he only used it for short trips and had both PT and Gary to run errands. Also he chuckled when Peter asked if it was OK if either Dan or Gary slept with him. He replied, “They are welcome in my bed on the condition that they sleep in the nude.” A couple of weeks later when Dan and Gary went away for the weekend Uncle Will gladly welcomed his handsome great-great nephew, PT, to his bed. This new sleeping arrangement did not stifle Dan and Gary’s quality time the nights that Dan slept there, which was most nights. Since Uncle Will went to bed early and got up late they had opportunity for evening and early morning happiness. On more than one occasion one would wake in the middle of the night feeling a desire for pleasure. He would either go upstairs for some quality time or come downstairs and satisfy their love with Will sound asleep on the other side of the bed. Mid-December Dan’s wife called him with a request. She and her husband were planning to take their two children and Danny to Disneyland during the February school break. Before she could discuss any financial help Dan offered to pay all his son’s expenses. Not only did Dan pay all his son’s expenses he gave him $50 (1989 $50 = about $125 in 2019) for spending money. He also gave him $30 to take them all out to dinner. He told his ex-wife about the dinner plans and asked her to suggest a restaurant when Danny invited them and to act surprised with the gift of the meal. In June 1989 Mr. Martin (Gary) said goodbye to his sixth grade students and wished them well as their time at elementary school ended and they would be middle school students the following fall. This meant that he would no longer be Danny’s teacher. Danny’s father had notified the owner of his apartment building that he would be moving out July 1. The last week of June Danny and Mr. Martin helped Dan move to the farm house. He moved into the room across the hall from Gary’s – or at least his clothes and other personal belongings moved there. He would only sleep in that room on nights when his son visited. Danny was given his own room, the small room at the end of the hall that had been Sean’s mother’s room 90 years earlier. Since during most nights for the past six months Dan had slept at the farm house the move was easy. Dan had never noticed his son having any interest in girls until he entered middle school. Of course when he was thirteen he did not have an interest in girls and thought his fascination with boys and men was just the way it was for all guys. On the weekends when Danny visited his father he often had a long conversation on the phone with a girl using a phone upstairs for privacy. Dan thought back to his feeling when he was Danny’s age and realized that he was infatuated with boys so it was possible his son had the same feelings about girls. Years earlier when Dan was the age of his son a handsome boy, Hal, three years older, lived next door. Dan remembered watching him mow the lawn shirtless. He still remembers that sweaty body. One day when Hal was in his driveway shooting hoops into the basketball net placed over the garage door he invited Dan to join him. They short hoops and then did a one on one game. While Dan was athletic for his age the older boy out played him. Dan did not mind since he really enjoyed being close to this older boy. Both were wearing short shorts, the style in 1968. Suddenly Dan realized Hal was not wearing anything under his shorts and if he stretched for a shot the tip of his dick would appear. Hal caught Dan checking him out. He laughed as he said, “I got a big one, the biggest in my gym class.” Then with a smile he said, “Let’s have a coke. There are cans in the refrigerator in the garage.” They entered the garage by a door at the side. The main garage door was closed. The garage was cool on that hot summer day. Hal got two cans of coke from the refrigerator and gave one to Dan. He then took two folding lawn chairs down that were hanging on the wall. He opened one and handed the other to Dan. Hal placed his chair opposite Dan’s and sat down. He spread his legs and half his dick fell out of the short shorts. Of course Dan starred at it. Hal then said, “Want to see it hard.” Dan did not reply. Hal pulled his shorts up so both the dick and balls were fully exposed. Then he stroked it a couple of times. “Already did this once today. This heat got me in the mood again. How old are you?” “Thirteen” “When I was your age I started jacking off. You do it yet?” Dan had no idea what he was talking about. “I don’t know what you mean.” “Just do what I do. All boys do this.” As he said this Hal pulled his shorts down and was now totally naked with his shorts around his ankles. Suddenly Dan realized his dick was hard. He wanted to imitate his neighbor so he pulled his shorts down. Hal looked at the younger dick and stated, “Impressive. You are bigger than I was at your age.” Dan placed his hands around his hard dick and mimicked the movements of Hal. It was an absolutely amazing feeling. He had been hard before and it felt good but he had never touched himself like this. Suddenly Hal stood up and started stroking faster. Then white stuff shot out of his piss hole. As Dan continued to stroke while examining the pool of cream on the garage floor he felt his body convulsing. He also stood and while these new, strange, wonderful feelings went through his entire body white stuff squirted out of his dick’s piss hole. It was not as much as Hal’s and did not shoot as far. “That was impressive for a thirteen year old. You are now a man. Now you can start fucking and make a girl happy.” Since Dan had a perplexed look on his face Hal asked. “Do you know about fucking, screwing, making babies? Shoving it into a cunt?” No reply. “You have a lot to learn. My dad is coming home soon and will be opening the garage door. Don’t want him to catch us with our pants down and jizz on the floor. Come over tomorrow and I will tell you all about it. What we just did was ‘jacking-off’. All guys do it. Try it again tonight in bed. Catch the jizz in a Kleenex and hide it in the bottom of a waste basket in the morning.” That night Dan took a roll of toilet paper to his bedroom and in the moonlit room had his second cumming of the day. The next day Dan saw Hal shooting hoops in the driveway again wearing short shorts. He went out and said ‘Hi’ to his neighbor. “I got something to show you. It’s in my bedroom. My mom and dad are gone for the day.” In Hal’s bedroom Dan was given an illustrated lecture on fucking. Hal had a porn magazine with pictures of women spread eagle, guys fucking women, guys getting sucked by women, guys going down on women and guys cumming on tits, in mouths and on pussies as Hal called that place between the women’s legs. Hal then told Dan how he had made out with a girl and touched her tits but when he tried to put his finger under her panties she pushed him away. With another girl who would not let him touch her he had put her hand on his crotch and let her feel it through his pants. He hoped that the next time they went out she would touch him if he pulled it out. Following the illustrated lecture and a jack-off session they went out to the driveway and played basketball. That night Dan ‘jacked-off’ as he did at least once every day thereafter. As his thoughts of himself at the age of his son, Danny, he wondered if his son was aware of such stuff. A couple of weeks later on a Saturday while they had lunch at the kitchen table Dan decided that this was the time to have the ‘talk’. Gary was at class at the University of Akron and Will was resting. “Danny, There is something I want to discuss with you. You probably know some or maybe a lot of what I am going to talk about. At your age I knew nothing on the subject of sex. There is nothing wrong about sex. Some parents believe that children should not be informed since it would encourage them to get promiscuous, which means doing bad sexy stuff. Like many boys I got my first lesson from an older boy. He was my sixteen year old neighbor. While I am glad that he explained stuff to me that I had never even thought about yet, it would have been better to learn from someone with more knowledge. A lot of boys your age get confused because they feel changes in their body and how it responds but do not know why. For some reason there is a lot of guilt about the mystery of sex. If it has not happened yet you will soon learn that it feels good, no – great, when you touch you penis / dick or whatever you call it. If it has not happened yet you will learn that stroking it causes wonderful feelings through your body. That is normal. And if it has not happened yet when you stroke your dick white stuff will squirt out when you get this feeling. That is normal, VERY normal. I am not going to ask you if any of this has happened, that is your private business that you may share with me but for some reason boys don’t talk to their fathers about it. When the white stuff, called cum, squirts it is a sign that you are turning into a man. About every month when a girl reaches a certain age she produces a tiny egg inside her. This starts happening at about the same time as boys mature, or shoot cum. The cum is filled with tiny fishlike stuff called sperm. If a tiny sperm touches the tiny egg a baby is created and grows inside the mother. When God created men and women he designed their bodies so that it really felt good for the guy to release his sperm and the girl to receive it. If it did not feel good men and women would not have desire to make babies and there would be no humans on earth. This book explains how all this works. It was written for boys your age. Not all boys develop at the same age. Maybe you have felt these changes, maybe you have not yet. If by the age of sixteen you are not shooting the jizz tell me and we will visit a doctor. Otherwise, enjoy yourself as you turn into a man.” “A couple of final words. While you might be or soon will be mature enough to create babies, you are not old enough to work full time and support a family. So, my son, NO messing around with girls. You can hold hands, you can kiss, but no more until you are old enough to get married and support a family.” “Another very serious topic. If an older person wants to mess with you say NO and tell me. That is not only bad, it is against the law and any adult who does ‘funny stuff’ could be arrested and go to jail. And, as a deputy sheriff I would gladly arrest such a pervert or bad person. I do realize that sometimes boys around your age mess around with each other and experiment. That is normal. But, NEVER do anything with anyone, even another boy your age if one of you do not want to do it.” “So, please read this book. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask me. Nothing you could ask would surprise or shock me. I wish that when I was your age I had a book like this one and a father who was willing to tell me about life. I got my basic information from a sixteen year old who I later discovered was not that well informed.” Dan had a little difficulty finding the book for his son. He asked his love, Gary, a sixth grade teacher if he were aware of such a book. Gary asked the librarian at the elementary school if such a book was available. Sadly none were. He then called the librarian at the middle school and explained that a parent had requested a book that explained the facts of life to a young teenage boy. The librarian was not surprised and gave him the title and author of a book. Unfortunately the local bookstore did not stock it. When he asked to have it ordered the reply by the prim and proper male owner was: “We do not sell pornography.” When he told Will about his quest the old man suggested he call Roland Johns, the retired bookstore manager in Cleveland. He had met Roland at the restaurant party hosted by Vlad two years earlier the weekend they had visited Cleveland to attend the symphony. During a long phone conversation that included Roland’s concern about Will and inquiries about Dan’s life Roland told Dan he would order the book and have it shipped directly to him. When Dan asked for his address so he could mail a check to pay for the book Roland stated that it would be a gift to his son, something that he wished he had received when a teenager over sixty years earlier. A week later the book arrived in the mail. While Uncle Will’s love of life and positive attitude remained he continued to slow down. He started going to bed earlier, sleeping later in the morning and taking naps in the afternoon. One evening in November of 1990 Dan surprised Gary and Will with a Black Forest cake he had purchased at a bakery. He was looking for a reason to cheer up Will and decided they should celebrate two years of Gary living in the farm house. Their 95 year old friend enjoyed reminiscing about their time together over the cake and glasses of Moscato, Will’s favorite wine. That night Gary woke up to a strange atmosphere. He realized something was different. Looking at the clock he saw that it was 3:30. Awake in the middle of the night he thought of his love sleeping naked upstairs. As he planned to tiptoe out of the room to visit Dan and have a cuddle and hopefully more he realized what was unusual. The room was totally silent. The quiet snoring of Uncle Will was not there. He gently shook the old man. No response. He was sad, but not surprised that his friend was no longer with him. He jumped out of bed and ran upstairs. Waking the sound sleeping Dan he told his love that Uncle Will had passed away in his sleep. Dan rushed to their friend’s bed to confirm death. As a deputy sheriff he had had some medical training and immediately realized that Gary’s suspicion was correct.
  4. November 1988 While the two sat at the kitchen table sharing dessert a very nervous Gary who was now in tears said: “Will, if I tell you something that may be shocking will it be totally confidential. If so what I tell you is something that has troubled me for years and that I have never shared with another person, no one. Dan is a real friend. I have never been as close to anyone as I am to Dan. But I am afraid that if he learns my secret our friendship will be over. You must promise that what I tell you is just between us. Otherwise I will have to continue to carry this burden myself.” Will gave his assurance of confidentiality and Mr. Martin, the handsome sixth grade teacher began his confession: “When I was growing up the church was the center of my family’s life. We never missed a Sunday mass. I had my first communion when I was eight. Until I was old enough to go alone every Saturday afternoon my father took me to confession. I was probably the best little boy in the parish and never had any real sins to confess. They were probably sins like stealing a cookie or telling my mother my tummy hurt so I could get out of some chore. The priest always absolved me of my sins and told me to do some Hail Marys. At about the age of ten I had training to be an altar boy. By the time I was twelve the priest told me I was the best altar boy he had ever had. He suggested to my parents that I receive special training so I could serve when the Bishop visited as well as on high holy days. Of course my parents were thrilled that their young son had been chosen. One afternoon on a hot, humid summer day I was helping the priest whose name I will not mention straighten up the sacristy (a room in the church where the priest prepares for the service). I somehow spilled communion wine on him. I now realize he orchestrated the spillage. I was mortified that I had stained his robe. He smiled and assured me there was no problem. He would put on a fresh robe and send that one to the cleaners. The robe he was wearing had no buttons, just a sash holding it closed. He asked me to help him remove it. I undid the sash and the robe opened. He was naked. He smiled at me. ‘On hot days I try to stay as cool as possible.’ He then reached down and scratched his balls. ‘Don’t be ashamed to look. I am no different than any other man. The only difference between you and me is that I have bigger hands, bigger feet and bigger this.’ As he took his dick in hand. I was mesmerized. This was the first adult dick I had seen up close. I had seen my father’s and other men’s but only for seconds when we changed into swimming suits at the bathhouse at the lake. I just stared at it. He was a good looking man of about 40. The dick I saw at age ten was impressive. When soft it was bigger than most of the adult men I got glimpse of at the bathhouse.” “The following week he asked if I would like to practice wearing a cooler altar boy robe. I agreed and we both got naked and put on our robes. He looked at my dick and congratulated me on having a very handsome penis. Of course he had admonished me to keep our special outfits our secret. At confession he would ask me if I had told anyone about our special robes. One thing led to another and within a month we were masturbating together. He would shoot his load and I would just end with a good feeling. He explained that when I shot like him I would truly be a man. A month later we were jerking each other off. This continued and by the time I was sixteen I was looking forward to our encounters. By that time mine had grown larger than his. He would measure me and comment on how big I was compared to the average. He showed me statistics that indicated he was just normal and I was in the top 10%. Once when my parents went away for a weekend he offered to let me stay at a room in the clergy house where he lived. You can imagine what happened that weekend. By now I was totally under his control. The reason he had such control was because I really wanted it. At some point he sucked me off and I learned to reciprocate.” “Then on my eighteenth birthday I suddenly had remorse. I guess I assumed it was wrong and stopped seeing him. He called me at home and I made excuses why I would not see him. I never told him outright that I had decided it was wrong. That is when I decided to go away to college. I could have avoided getting student loans if I had stayed home and commuted to Kent State University but chose Bowling Green State University which was three hours away. While I was at university my parents inherited my grandparent’s home in Wadsworth and decided to move there and sell our Canton home. I have not returned to Canton since. I graduated from a Catholic high school and really wanted to attend the fifth reunion of my class but did not go as I feared that priest would be there.” “Now I feel like such damaged goods and I am ashamed to have a relationship with a decent person. The priest is the only person I have ever been with in a sexual way. Since then the only relief I have gotten is with my hand. When I do that I have great guilt. Who would want a damaged person like me?” By the time Gary finished his confession Will was red with rage. “My friend. You did absolutely nothing wrong. What that pedophile priest did to you when you were twelve years old is criminal. What happened later was just natural. Starting when I was about twelve I enjoyed checking out other guys. On hot summer days boys and some men would cool off by swimming in a dammed up section of a creek near our farm. Today, eighty years later I can still describe all of those dicks. You went from being abused by a pedophile to doing what boys do. You did NOTHING wrong. The first part was an attack by a sick person and later just doing what comes naturally. I am positive that no one would consider you ‘damaged goods’. However, I don’t believe you alone can turn off those thoughts that torment you.” “I have a suggestion. I have a good friend who I totally trust. He is an experience counselor. Also he is gay and at the age of 70 has had a very active and satisfying sex life with his male lover. Please talk to him. He will give you assurances that you are the good person I know you are. May I call him? He lives in Pleasant Valley, an easy drive from here. Actually he was the owner of this farm which he inherited from his Uncle who died in World War II on D-Day.” “If you think it would help I am willing to talk to him.” “Before I call him there is one thing you should know. He is a retired Catholic priest. He will be enraged when he hears you story and will understand the situation much better than most would.” “You actually want me to talk to a priest? I don’t think so. It would bring back too many bad memories.” “Please say yes. You must get these demons out of yourself.” Gary reluctantly agreed and since it was only 7pm Will immediately called Father Sean. As expected Sean was outraged when he heard Will’s summary. He told Will that as a retired priest he had no duties until Sunday morning when he was saying mass for a friend who was visiting a sick parent. He would gladly talk to the young man. Since he considered Will a close friend he could talk man to man and said, “What the fuck, why don’t I come down now. I assume you will have a bed available for me. I could be there in less than an hour.” Fifty minutes later the handsome Sean McFadden walked into the farmhouse that he once owned. Will suggested they sit at the kitchen table. His reasoning being that this would be an informal and nonthreatening format. Gary immediately felt at ease with the handsome 70 year old. He would not have known he was a priest either by his clothes of demur. As Gary related the same scenario he had earlier Sean got more and more agitated. Finally when he concluded Sean explained, “If I had my way we would go to Canton with a hedge shears and cut off the bastard’s dick. Unfortunately your story is not unique and I am aware of more than one pedophile priest who when discovered was either sent to another parish where he continued his abuse or to a psychiatric program to cure him. After the ‘cure’ some were permitted to return to the ministry and some of those went back to their old ways. Someday this attitude of some bishops that the reputation of the church is more important than the lives of children will catch up with them followed by a national scandal.” “Gary, you did nothing wrong at the age of twelve. As you grew older and entered puberty when you sexual awaking begins you responded as your body, not your brain, but your body would. This was a man, a man you trusted, a man that your parents encouraged you to trust that put you in a situation that even by the age of sixteen you were not equipped to handle. By then it felt good and the other was a man of God, the person you confessed your sins to. What he was doing was wrong. Not only was it wrong in the eyes of God but it was a criminal act against the law for which he could have been sent to jail. Today you have the right to report him to the police and testify against him in court. While the testimony of one young man may not be proof for a jail sentence others might come forward. But you will not and should not do it. Even though you are innocent, totally innocent, in the eyes of some you are tainted. A school district does not want a sixth grade teacher, one who teaches twelve year olds, who was molested at that age. So, although you are a victim we will keep it a secret. There is absolutely no need for anyone else to know this. I will write a letter to the bishop and tell him what I know and that I learned in confession. I assume the bishop will do nothing. If he has received other complaints he might do something. Whatever he does I know he will protect the reputation of the church and even if there is some level of punishment it will never be made public.” “Sorry for the ranting. Now it is time for healing. Once again I will say, You did nothing wrong over those six years, You have absolutely no reason to be ashamed, Neither Will nor I are shocked or surprised by you reactions over those six years, Between Will and I we have over 160 years of experience. During that time we have certainly as they say ‘Been there – Done that’. Accept yourself as the beautiful person you are – both inside and outside. Could we three stand and embrace the new Gary Martin.” The three men stood. Sean and then Will walked over to the trembling young man. Sean wrapped an arm around one side of him and Will the other side. Then the two older men wrapped their free arms around each other. As they stood embraced tears ran down all cheeks. Then as Will and Sean pressed their cheeks against Gary’s he quietly utter, “I will not let the evils of one man continue to haunt me. I will never forget them, but I will overcome them. I will heal. Thank you both.” With that he squeezed both his friends. 93 year old Will, although strong for his age stifled a cry of pain as the strong young man over with enthusiasm tightly embraced him. Then Will spoke, “Gary, what you have told us will be held in strict confidence. But, I do think you need to tell Dan your anxieties. I know he loves you. He has shared with me his passion for you and his concerns of your lack of intimacy. It was because of his concerns that I suggested we all go to the cinema and see My Beautiful Launderette. Following the movie we had a discussion in the diner. When I asked for your opinion about the relationship of the two men you said: ‘They needed each other and I am happy they found each other.’ That brief comment confirmed our assumption that you approved of man to man relationships. But, even though you seemed to approve of such relationships we could not understand why you were so emotionally distant. Your discussing your experience with the pedophile priest will explain to Dan why you have acted toward him the way you have. I know that to him it will be a great relief to understand your feelings. Sharing with him will be probably be the most difficult fifteen minutes of your life – But, that will be followed by a lifetime of happiness.” “Will, I know you are right. It will be difficult. “ “I suggest we call Dan and leave a message saying that I need help tomorrow morning and ask him to come by at 9:00. Tomorrow, Saturday, you both have the day off. When he arrives I’ll tell him that my friend and I are going out to breakfast and to run errands. I will not introduce Sean as a priest, just a friend. I suggest you two sit here at the kitchen table, it is less formal. I know Dan well enough to believe he will have only love for you and disgust for the pedophile. The only emotions he will show are love and a tremendous amount of relief. Why don’t you stay the night? You may sleep in one of the rooms upstairs. Sean will be staying downstairs in my bed. When Sean and I return from our errands tomorrow and if we see both your cars in the driveway but do not see you we will assume you are continuing your discussion upstairs.” “I’ll call my parents and tell them I am studying with a friend and since it will be late may stay overnight.” Will then announced, “It’s still early and we need a change of atmosphere. Let’s play Scrabble. You will get triple point value for using any word that you would not want to share with your mother.” Later as Gary showered he was tempted to do what he usually did when he showered, wank-off. He resisted the temptation that his dick was pleading for as his heart told him, ‘Save it for Dan’. As he crawled under the covers naked he visualized his friend as he saw him in the shower at the YMCA. He had noticed Dan start to bone up and chuckled to himself as he remembered watching that fetching ass hurry out of the shower area. By now his dick was at total hardness oozing precum. He could no longer resist the temptation and was wanking while visualizing his ‘Love’. He stifled a scream of pleasure as loads of cream shot onto his chest and lips. Cleaning himself with the tissues of the night table he immediately fell into a deep sleep. “Gary, Gary.” A confused young man opened his eyes. “Gary, its 8:00. Dan will be here in an hour. You better get up.” He then realized where he was and saw Will standing over him. “Wow, that was the soundest and most peaceful sleep I have ever had.” He then pulled the covers back and stood. “Holy shit,” Will exclaimed as he without shame ogled the young body. Also without shame the gorgeous Gary stood with a magnificent woodie pointing his magnum dick at a 45 degree angle. Feeling totally at ease with the old man and considering he had bared his soul the evening before he had no qualms about sharing the sight of his body this morning. “I knew you were handsome. But never did I believe to see such beauty. The sight of you is making my old dick respond as it has not in years. Get dressed, the coffee is ready.” Then to Gary’s embarrassment Will said as he eyed the pile of tissues on the floor next to the bed, “I see you had sweet dreams.” As Will walked out of the room Gary chided himself, ‘Why are you embarrassed? Will was just enjoying my pleasure while thinking of what he would have done at my age’. Sean and Will kept the conversation light as the nervous Gary sat at the table. They asked about his graduate course and recounted stories about their university course work many years earlier. A confused Dan walked into the house. He had seen Gary’s and a stranger’s cars in the driveway and wondered why. “Good morning officer of the law. Sit down and share breakfast with Gary. My friend Sean and I are going out to breakfast and then have errands to run. We will not be back for a couple of hours.” As the two departed a stunned Dan stood in the kitchen. Gary then got up, poured coffee for his friend and placed a cereal box on the table. “Sit down. I have something to tell you. There is no easy way to do this so I will just ‘bite the bullet’ and begin.” During the next moments every emotion possible ran through Dan. All centered on the fact that he was going to lose his friend. Gary then told his story as he had confessed to Will and then Sean. He continued, “Both Will and Sean assured me that I did nothing wrong as a child. First I was preyed on by a pedophile and then let it happen because horny teenagers are programed to want sex. Hopefully now you understand why I was emotionally distant. By the way, Sean is a long-time friend of Uncle Will. His family owned this farm and Will bought the house from him. He is a Catholic priest. Will convinced me to talk to him. Between the two I feel much better about my past.” Dan stood and walked over to Gary’s chair. He pulled him up and the two embraced. “I love you and nothing you have said changes that. Thank you for sharing. The only thing I do not understand is why you thought you had done anything wrong. It happened. You were a victim.” Dan then pressed his lips against Gary’s. The previously tormented man responded. With their lips open each tongue explore the mouth of the other. As Dan realized their hard dicks were pressing against each other he thought, ‘Is he too fragile for a physical relationship yet?’ As Gary thought, ‘Does he think I am too wounded to have a physical relationship yet?’ While the lips were locked the two dicks were having their own discussion. Finally Gary’s dick told him he had to take the initiative as Dan was probably hesitant to force himself on the other. Gay whispered, “There is a possibility that some friend or neighbor might drop in. Why don’t we go upstairs to continue our conversation?” Holding hands they walked up the stairs. As Gary led Dan into the room he had slept in the pile of tissues was still on the floor. Dan joked as he looked at the tissues and said, “Were you thinking of me last night?” “Sure was!” Instinctively each removed his shoes and they laid on the bed. Then a frenzy of pent-up lust and passion began. Their hands explored every part of the other’s body. During the fury of activity their cloths were removed and naked body pressed against naked body. Dan disengaged himself from the arms of Gary and began an exploration down his body. He kissed his friend’s ears, then neck, each nipple the stomach and naval. Thinking of Gary’s past he hesitated swallowing the magnum dick that he so much wanted to taste. Instead he kissed the tip gently sucking off the layer of precum. Following introducing his tongue to the furry blond balls he moved back to the lips. Gary then traveled the same route his friend had. Except when the school teacher worshiped the dick he not only kissed it but swallowed it. Dan cried out, “I’m CUMMING.” Gary released his lips and enjoyed the sight of the juices spurting onto his friend’s stomach. Gary then kneeled over his friend and began stroking himself. Dan reached up and pushed the hand away. He then placed his own hand around the dick and relished the sight of cum pouring out and mixing with the mass on his stomach. Gary fell forward. The two embraced as the sticky stuff coated each. In the shower they playfully washed each other. Since Gary had been willing to suck, Dan kneeled and took his friend as far as he could. Practicing on the well-endowed Peter had not prepared him for this challenge. When Gary got close and attempted to pull out Dan wrapped his arms around his friend’s ass and sucked harder and deeper. He was soon rewarded with his friend’s love juice. Dan then stood and jerked off on to his friend’s limp dick. After the shower they dried each other and returned to bed. Again wrapped in each other’s arms Gary whispered, “I love you.” “And I love you.” Now Dan realized why Dan was so negative about the city of Canto. Following two hours of conversation, cuddling and more tissues on the floor they put on the silky nylon robes Will had told Gary they could use and ventured downstairs. Will and Sean were sitting at the kitchen table. As the younger ones went to the counter to fill their coffee cups Dan whispered something into his love’s ear. Gary nodded yes. When the two turned around the sashes on their robes were undone and the robes open revealing the two bodies. One in his thirties, muscular with dark hair and a pleasing cut dick and the other, in his twenties, handsome, thin-muscular, blond with a magnum cut dick. Gary stated, “You two guys are the best friends and mentors a couple of armatures could have. While we only have eyes for each other we want to share with two very special guys.” Sean hungrily leaned forward and Gary without hesitation approached him. The other two tenderly observed as the younger accepted the caresses from his new friend that started with the chest and nipples to the balls and now hard dick. There was no objection when Sean leaned in and kissed then swallowed the master piece. To the surprise of Dan, the experienced older man easily swallowed it to his base. Suddenly Gary was embarrassed with the thought that after three cummings with his love he would not be able to fully satisfy this man who had been so understanding and tender. The ever hornyness of the 25 year old prevailed and he soon stabilized himself by grabbing Sean’s shoulders as he pumped out the sixth load in 24 hours (3 with Dan, in bed the previous evening and a midday wank in the bathroom of the teacher’s lounge). Dan rewarded Will with his fifth (previously 3 with Gary and a before work cumming the previous day) in the same time period. It had been a busy morning. Now at 11:00 Gary departed for home and Dan to his apartment. He had promised to take his son Danny to the high school Saturday afternoon football game and then out to dinner. Will invited them to return that evening for dessert and to stay the night. Sean announced that he would stay over and drive home early Sunday morning to say mass for his out of town priest friend. That evening as the four devoured the apple pie baked by the wife of Will’s good friend and farmer neighbor the host had a suggestion. Gary, you told me that you wished you could have a place of your own but were living with you parents to save to pay off your student loan as fast as possible. I have a proposition. A man of 93 living alone in a somewhat isolated farm house is probably not the best situation. You are welcome to rent a room upstairs. The price of the rent will be to provide companionship, just friendly – no sex expected, and help me around the house. Of course you would consider this your home and have guests over, or should I say a guest. Think about it.” “I do not need to think about it. The offer is accepted.”
  5. September – November 1988 As his son’s sixth grade teacher introduced himself Dan checked him out: mid 20’s, about 6 foot (1.83 m) tall, trim, thin body, blond hair, blue eyes, large hands and a smile that electrified Dan’s body. He studied the angelic face and lips. There were no surprises with Mr. Martin’s explanation of class activities. Then he made a request. “Next Wednesday the class will have a field trip to the Ohio Agricultural and Research Center in Wooster, part of Ohio State University. One of the parent chaperons just told me that she would not be able to make the trip. If any of you could volunteer to go with us please talk to me after class.” Then with a chuckle he continued, “Oops, I did not mean class, after the meeting.” Dan did not wait. He immediately raised his hand and said. “I will happily go with you.” “Thank you. We’ll talk after class. I’m sorry. While I do know some of the parents I do not know your name.” “I’m Dan Rockwell, Danny’s father.” Then Mr. Martin smiled as he replied, “It will be a pleasure to have you.” The handsome teacher continued, “I have another request. The first week of November we’re having a career day. I hope some of you parents will be willing to share your work experience.” After the meeting Dan waited until all the other parents had departed and then approached the teacher. “It is a pleasure meeting you. I am sure my son, Danny, will have a great sixth grade experience. I’m pleased that he will have a male role model for a teacher. Before we discuss the field trip next week I want to tell you that I am willing to participate in career day. I could share my duties as a deputy sheriff here in Medina County. Also, if you think it would be interesting I could also answer questions about service in the U. S. Army.” During their discussion of the field trip Dan made a point to include the fact that he was divorced and lived alone with his son living with his mother. Then to Dan’s delight the teacher suggested they share work and home phone numbers. As he shook the large hand of the teacher he felt a tingle from his finger tips to his dick. As they held hands Dan stated “It was a pleasure meeting you. I look forward to working together.” Mr. Martin replied, “Likewise,” as he gave the held hand a squeeze. Dan now had a dilemma, he was scheduled to work the following Wednesday. He was sure someone scheduled to work on the weekend would trade days off. As anticipated he was able to make the switch. If not he would have called in sick. No way was he going to miss the opportunity to spend the day with Mr. Martin. However, he realized there was only a small possibility that the teacher would have any interest in him. The lack of a ring did not prove he was not married. Also at his age it was very likely that the teacher was dating or engaged. Or maybe he already had a man to man relationship. While he tried not to get his hopes too high he did continue to fantasize about a possible relationship. As soon as he arrived home after the school open house Dan and his fist had a conversation with his ever ready cock. The home phone number given to him by Mr. Morton was in the Wadsworth exchange. As soon as he had free time after arrival at work the following morning he did a record’s search for Martins in Wadsworth which luckily was in Medina County. The Martins appeared clean as the only police report in the past ten years for a Martin in Wadsworth related to a tree destroyed in their lawn by an out of control drunk driver. Later that morning after following up on a complaint in the southern section of the county he stopped by Uncle Will’s to tell him about his new acquaintance. When he told his friend about the field trip Will told Dan that PT had worked at the Research Center summers while a student at Ohio State. Then with a smile Will stated, “This is a great opportunity. I am sure PT and David would invite the teacher to their farm. This will give you an opportunity to see how the teacher reacts to a couple of men living together as a family. I suggest you stop by the farm and discuss this with PT.” That evening Dan called Mr. Martin at home. When a woman answered she asked which Mr. Martin. Dan replied ‘the teacher’. She yelled, “Gary, the phone is for you.” When the teacher answered Dan stated, “Hello Mr. Martin. This is Dan Rockwell and I have a suggestion related to the field trip.” Mr. Martin interrupted, “Dan, I would prefer to be called Gary when we are not around students.” Friday afternoon as soon as Dan got out of work Gary met him at McDonalds and then followed him as they drove to the farm. As soon as they pulled into the driveway Josh and Tommy ran from the barn. “Hi Deputy Dan. Where is your sheriff’s car with the siren? As he explained that today he drove his own car, not his work car Becky ran out of the house and let Dan swoop her up into his arms. Then Dan introduced the two boys to Mr. Martin, Danny’s sixth grade teacher. “Why are you talking to Danny’s teacher? Did he do something bad?” Josh innocently asked. The teacher replied. “Danny did nothing bad. In fact he is one of my best students. I am here to discuss a school field trip to the Agriculture Research Center in Wooster with your father.” “That place is neat,” Tommy replied. “Dad-PT takes me there a lot.” Gary got a quizzical look on his face as he heard the father referred to as Dad-PT. PT and David came down the front walk to greet their guest. The farmers gave the teacher a hearty handshake and smiles which were reciprocated. Since Dan had not had an opportunity to tell Gary about the background of this unique family he briefly explained how PT and David, who are soul mates and now farmer mates, had adopted the three children after the deaths of their parents. When Gary asked how two men could adopt children David explained that he had married the mother who was terminally ill as she wanted the children to stay together and have himself and PT as their parents. To the relief of Dan, PT and David the comment by Gary was. “That is amazing and wonderful. Good for you guys and your children.” As they approached the porch PT introduced his Great-great uncle Will who had invited himself so he could meet Dan’s friend. Dan told Gary that it was Will who had suggested the meeting to discuss the school trip. Following dinner while David gave Becky a bath and put her to bed the others cleared the table and washed the dishes. While the boys watched TV the men shared life stories. Gary seemed truly interested in PT’s and David’s life together. All Dan shared was his army experience, marriage / divorce, son Danny and work as a deputy sheriff. When Gary appeared to have a positive attitude about PT and David’s life style Uncle Will told about his growing up in Ohio, teaching in Georgia and friendship with another professor. While man sex was never discuss the likelihood was obvious. Gary’s background was especially interesting to Dan. He was an only child. The family had lived in Canton and about a year ago moved to Wadsworth (in Medina County where Dan lived and worked). In high school he played basketball. He could have attended Kent State and lived at home but wanted to get away from Canton. (While all understood why he would want to live on his own Dan would not learn the real reason why he wanted to be away from his home in Canton until more than a month later). He chose Bowling Green State University since it was almost three hours from Canton. With an education degree he accepted the sixth grade position at Elm Hill School. This was his second year at Elm Hill. Ironically the extra expense of attending university away from home resulted in the need for student loans that made it necessary to move back in with his parents after graduation. “I’ll have to live with my parents until I can afford someplace on my own which could be a few years considering the pay of a beginning teacher, the need to pay off student loans and the cost of part-time graduate study at University Akron, an easy commute from Wadsworth. As a teacher I must have a master’s degree to move up the pay scale. But at least it isn’t Canton as my folks have recently moved to Wadsworth.” Dan wondered to himself, ‘What is wrong with living in Canton. First time I ever heard anything bad about the city, home to the Pro Football Hall of Fame’. The conversation easily continued as Gary appeared to be as interested in the life of his host as they were in him. Suddenly Uncle Will announced, “It’s 11pm, way past this old man’s bedtime.” PT offered to drive him home as Dan and Gary thanked their hosts and walked to their cars. As they shook hands goodbye Dan with some hesitation suggested, “I’ve been wanting to see Bull Durham playing at the Cineplex in Akron. Its plot is based on baseball and sex. Interesting combination. Would you be interested in going tomorrow (Saturday) evening?” Gary smiled as he replied, “What could be better than baseball and sex?” Gary accepted Dan’s offer to pick him up at his home which was on the way from Dan’s home to Akron. A jubilant deputy sheriff drove home as he considered the events of the evening and readily acceptance by Gary of a movie date. Within minutes of walking into the house his fist was helping him celebrate his new friend. A jubilant teacher drove home as he considered the events of the evening and offer of a movie date. With mixed emotions he also thought about the consequences of Dan’s discovering his secret. Within minutes of walking into the house and in the privacy of his bedroom which was adjacent to his parents his fist was quietly helping him celebrate his new friend. As soon as Dan pulled into the Martin’s driveway Gary bounded out of the house. He was relieved that he did not need to meet the parents. Then he chided himself – this was not a date – I do not need to impress any parents – I am an adult and just going to a movie with another adult. As they sat in the crowded Cineplex sharing a giant bucket of popcorn both laughed at the antics of the hapless baseball team. Dan wondered if Gary was having the same thoughts about Kevin Costner that he was having. When Dan’s leg accidently on purpose pressed against his friend’s leg, Gary shifted in his seat and pulled his leg away. A disappointed Dan left his leg in place hoping his friend would reconsider. Nothing happened. After the movie they had hamburgers, fries and cokes at a diner. They discussed everything that two guys might talk about such as baseball, their jobs, and next Wednesday’s field trip. When Gary mentioned that he ran two or three times a week Dan suggested they run together. Gary agreed and they made a running date the following Tuesday after work. The one thing they did not discuss or even hint about was sex. When Dan dropped him off Gary thanked him for a fun evening and reminded him about their Tuesday running plans. As soon as each arrived home they separately jerked off with thoughts of their new friend. On Tuesday afternoon since Mr. Martin’s work day ended earlier than the deputy’s he stayed at school and worked on a project for his graduate class at U of Akron. They agreed to meet in the school parking lot at 5:15. They went to Dan’s apartment where he told Gary he could change into his running outfit in Danny’s bedroom. As they jogged at one point Dan let Gary get ahead so he could admire the cute ass. Since the typical running outfit of the 1980s consisted of short shorts the long legs of his friend were exposed. The teacher had similar thoughts and at one point he let Dan get ahead so he could admire his cute ass and long legs. Back at the apartment Dan gave Gary a towel and told him he could shower in the bathroom. After a short shower the guest emerged fully dressed. Dan handed him a cold beer and told him he would take a quick shower. After finishing his shower with a towel wrapped around his waist he stepped into the living room and asked Gary if he wanted another beer. He thought his new friend might have checked out his bare chest and bulge under the towel but could not be certain. He then went to his bedroom and dressed. He did not close the door thinking this would be a sign that he was willing to share his body knowing that his friend could see the open door but not into the bedroom. Then, sitting in the living room they shared their beers and discussed plans for the field trip the following day. About a half hour later Gary thanked Dan for the companionship on the run, shower facility and beer. He explained that he needed to get home and work on his project for his graduate studies class. Later that evening each celebrated with his fist the sight of the cute ass seen while running. The school field trip to the Agriculture Research Center was a total success. PT had called one of his friends there and arranged to help guide the group. Squeezed into the school bus seat with Mr. Martin was electrifying to Dan. He remember the story Peter had told about his first meeting with Tom thirty years earlier while in a crowded school bus seat returning from a football game. This time there legs were forced against each other out of necessity, not passion. Since his son Danny was staying overnight the following Saturday Dan did not see Gary until Sunday when they again went to the movies following an afternoon run. The shower and dressing scene was the same as the previous week. The movie was followed by a trip to the diner for burgers and conversation. But there was no sex related talk and Dan did not know how to initiate such banter. Gary asked Dan if he would be interested in a ‘pick-up basketball’ game at the YMCA Thursday evening (a pick-up game is a game that has been spontaneously started by a group of players. Players are generally invited to show up beforehand, but unlike regular games there is no sense of obligation or commitment to play on a regular basis). Although Dan had not played basketball since high school fifteen years earlier the thought of seeing his friend sweaty and hopefully in the showers caused him to reply with an “Although I have not played since high school I’m willing to give it a try. Instead of our Tuesday afternoon run let’s shoot some hoops at the outdoor court at the middle school.” Their play at the outdoor court consisted of dribbling, blocking and shooting. While Dan held his own Gary was definitely a better player. It seemed to Dan that there was happily more physical contact than necessary. A couple of high school boys showed up and they had a two on two game with the teenagers. Although the two older men were totally outplayed Dan could not be happier romping with Gary and the sweaty teens. Back at his apartment the showering / changing procedure remained the same. Thursday evening they met in the lobby of the YMCA wearing their work clothes: Gary in a suit and Dan in his deputy’s uniform. They entered the locker room carrying their gym bags. For three weeks Dan had fantasized about this moment. He decided to quickly select a locker and let Gary either find one near his or far away. To Dan’s relief Gary opened the locker two down from his. As Dan undressed he stood at an angle so he could see Gary without turning his head. This would also give him an opportunity to see if Gary checked him out. Dan had wondered if the reason for his friend’s need for privacy when showering and changing after running was because he was embarrassed by a small dick or little nuts. When Gary nonchalantly dropped his pants Dan stifled a gasp as he observed the most beautiful cock he had ever seen. It was cut and longer than the impressive one of Peter. While the head was not a mushroom like Peter’s it was a perfect size and form. The balls were low hanging. Being blond they appeared hairless. Suddenly Dan realized he should not be caught checking his friend out. He turned his head as he dropped his pants exposing his average, very inviting piece. Dan quickly slipped on his jock strap as he realized he was starting to bone up. Back in the locker room Dan felt happy for a number of reasons. He had held his own on the court and not embarrassed himself. Actually he was probably one of the better players of the eight that evening. He was proud that his friend, Gary, was definitely the most talented player. Of course the real reason for his happiness was realizing that Gary not only excelled in basketball but also in dick presentation. The large shower area held all eight. Gary selected a shower head next to his and while not flaunting himself made no attempt to hide his glorious body. A quick survey of all the dicks revealed that Dan had nothing to be ashamed of and that Gary was not only the most outstanding player he had the most outstanding equipment. Dan had to cut his shower short as he realized he was losing control over his own piece that was starting to react to the scenery. By the time Gary returned from the shower Dan had dried himself and was putting on his pants. Dan thought a couple of the other guys were checking out Gary. Why not? Even a straight guy would be impressed and probably envious of the school teacher’s masterpiece. Dan and Gary joined four of the other players as they went to the nearest pub to share brews and banter. The conversation moved from basketball to work to the concern by two of the possibility of getting laid that night. One was married and the other stopping by his girlfriend’s house. Saturday morning Dan dropped in to see Uncle Will. Over coffee he gave his older and very experienced friend the good news and bad news about his friendship with the teacher. The good news related to the fun and fellowship he had with Gary. The running, going to the movies, the basketball, the conversation and also the glorious dick that Dan described in detail. The bad news concerned the lack of closeness and any level of sex. Will had no solution to Dan’s concerns. He stated that although Gary did not hesitate to show off his physical attributes he was probably shy and naive. How Dan could overcome this without being aggressive and possibly turning off his friend was difficult to determine. Then Will had a suggestion. “The movie My Beautiful Launderette is showing at the Art Theater in Akron. While there are many twists in the story the underlying plot is that of the romantic relationship between a young Pakistani man and a young thug he hires. There is some nudity but nothing shocking. I saw it when it first came out three years ago. It has become somewhat of a gay classic. I would be very willing to go with you and Gary. Tell him I suggested it. If it totally turns him off he can blame me. If he finds it interesting, as I am sure he will, we can have an interesting chat afterwards.” Dan called Gary at home and told him Uncle Will recommended and wanted to attend an artsy film showing in Akron. That evening Will and Dan picked up Gary at his home. After the film they went to the diner for the usual burgers and conversation. Will turned the conversation to the relationship of the two men. He commented, “Those were certainly two handsome men who seemed to be very much into each other.” Then he added, “JB and I were certainly into each other. While I am not going to discuss my personal sex life I can assume that you realize during our over thirty years together we did more than talk. Those private times were amazing. The best things that an old man can have is good meaningful friends and fond memories. I am certainly a lucky guy. You two are part of my circle of real friends and the memories of the times I had with JB give me great pleasure every day.” Then to get things out in the open he asked, “What do you (looking at both Dan and Gary) think of the man to man relationship of Omar and Johnny in the movie. Dan replied, “I think it was very intense. I have to admit that it was stronger than how I felt about my wife.” Gary felt uncomfortable but was forced to reply. “They needed each other and I am happy they found each other.” Then much to Gary’s relief the conversation (as planned by Will) turned to other topics totally unrelated to relationships. On the way back to drop off Gary Will suggested, “Gary, our friend Dan is working the evening shift this week as he does one week a month. Usually he has dinner with me once a week. Since he is unavailable would you do me the honor of coming over for dinner Thursday evening.” Gary accepted the invitation. Will asked if he would be willing to bring a quart of ice cream. He did this not because he needed the ice cream but because he wanted to give Gary an opportunity to contribute. When Gary asked what flavor Will replied. “Surprise me with any kind but peppermint. I am sure you have excellent taste.” Thursday evening Gary arrived with a quart of cherry burgundy ice cream. Will did not lie when he told him it was one of his favorites. As they began their dessert Will looked intently into Gary’s eyes. “My friend. One of the wonderful things about being an old man is that you feel you can say what you please. I find you to be a very fascinating person. But I want to know more about you than your professional skills and sports abilities. I want to know the real you. In the movie Omar and Johnny had a man to man relationship. My relationship with JB was wonderful. You probably assume that PT and David are in a relationship that goes far beyond farming and raising children. I am naturally inquisitive so I am asking you. Have you ever been in a relationship with a man or a woman?” Gary did not answer. He just sat there starring at his dish of cherry burgundy ice cream. Finally he said. “Will, if I tell you something that may be shocking will it be totally confidential. If it can be kept just between you and me, I tell you is something that has troubled me for years. I have never shared this with another person, no one. Dan is a real friend. I have never been as close to anyone as I am to him. But I am afraid that if he learns my secret our friendship will be over. You must promise that what I tell you is just between us. Otherwise I will have to carry this burden myself.” “Gary, you are my friend. You would not believe some of the things I have heard about others and some of my own actions. I am sure that while you might surprise me you will not shock me. I will hold what you say between us.” As he said this the only truly shocking thing that Will could think of was that either he was HIV positive or that he was a pedophile sixth grade teacher.
  6. August – October 1988 At 7pm Monday evening Peter answered the door at his home in Columbus and greeted a smiling Dan. The young man felt at ease as he was introduced to Tom who responded with a man hug and Dom, the barber, who had been invited to share the evening. Peter explained that the wives had decided to go shopping to be followed by a movie. They were considering either Coming to America, with Eddie Murphy or A Fish Called Wanda with Jamie Lee Curtis and Kevin Kline showing at the Cinema Complex. He then told Dan that the wives would not be surprised by anything that happened that evening and that he would meet them at breakfast. Dan had a little difficulty understanding this husbands / wives relationship but realized it worked as they had been married 28 years. When Dom was introduced to Dan the barber wrapped him in a sensual hug followed by whispering to the visitor’s ear, “God, you are more handsome than described. Love your muscular body.” Tom fired up the grill on the backyard patio while all shared cold beers, chips and light conversation. When Tom put the steaks on the heated grill Peter asked Dan to help him retrieve the rest of the dinner from the kitchen. Ann, Tom’s wife, had prepared potato salad and coleslaw for the men and Ann who lived next door, Peter’s daughter / PT’s twin sister, had donated a plate of homemade chocolate chip cookies. In the kitchen Peter told Dan, “Our plans for the evening, if you approve, start with the four of us getting together upstairs after dinner. You told me you had never seen a natural dick up close. I am sure both Tom and Dom will permit a thorough hands on exploration. Following introductions and ‘whatever’ we will pair off. Again, if you want to, you and Dom will sleep in the guest room. When I told Dom you were new to the concept of fucking he was very interested in introducing you to the joys of topping. If you do, you must use a rubber. There is a generous supply of them as well as lubrication in the nightstand. However, the house rule is that no one is forced to do anything against their will. So if you are not comfortable with the concept or do not want to sleep with Dom do not hesitate to say so. Would you take the potato salad and coleslaw, I’ll carry the cookies, plates and silverware.” When two year old Emily saw her two grandfathers from her window next door she asked her parents to let her visit them. She ran over and gave a wishful look at the plate of cookies. Grandpa Tom gave her a cookie and Grandpa Peter introduced her to the guests. He then carried her home and soon the four were free to discuss life while eating. Realizing that it was possible but not likely that neighbors might hear them they were careful with what was said. The discussion centered on the topic ‘How does a gay guy meet Mr. Right?’ Peter and Tom related how many of their friends had met including glances in the park, eye fucking the UPS delivery man, groping on the subway, riding a school bus, being a nude model in an art class, friendship at church coffee hour, hitchhiking, at gay bar and at the baths. They told how their friends Tim and Luis met at Julius, a gay bar in the West Village of New York City and Henry and Derrick had met at the Club Cleveland Baths. They explained that the advantage of meeting at a gay bar or the baths was that you knew the other was gay. This is not the case when you meet someone at work like the hot UPS driver or someone at church. However, meeting someone at the baths had the disadvantage of your finding a person who enjoyed anonymous sex. Is this the person you wanted for a sole mate? Another disadvantage for bar and bath cruising was that there were no such establishments in Medina County. Did he want a relationship with someone who did not live nearby or who he could move in with? After dessert all helped clear the table and then wash the dishes. All laughed as Dom sensually dried each plate. By 9pm the four were in the men’s master bedroom. They drew lots to determine who would strip first. Number one Peter slowly removed his clothes except for his silky boxers as the other three sat on the bed. Then Dom followed by Tom and lastly Dan. Then in reverse order each lowered their underwear with Dan revealing his soft cut dick first as the others all hooted and whistled, much to the embarrassment of the youngest man of the group. Tom, knowing Dan’s interest in seeing a natural dick up close stood in front of the guest of honor as he revealed his boned up natural piece with only the piss hole of the head uncovered by skin. He took the hand of the sitting Dan and wrapped it around his dick. The hand pulled the skin forward burying the dick head and then pushed it back exposing the glistening, moist head. When he started to pull it forward again Tom pushed his hand away. “That’s enough for now. There will be more opportunity later, much more opportunity.” Then next in line was Dom who also stood directly in front of the youngest. By now his dick was fully hard oozing precum from the opening in the skin that totally covered his head. He let Dan to about four ups and downs before stopping the fun. Since Dan was very familiar and experienced with Peter’s largest of all cut dick it was not as enticing as the others which were both new to him as well as being uncut. The three then stood in front of the kneeling Dan who eagerly played with one dick until he was told to stop and then moved on to the next. While he was not into sucking, yet, he did enjoyed sniffing the musk of the natural ones and kissing and licking all. Finally Dom first did not stop him and soon shot onto the kneelers chest followed by Tom and finally Peter. The three then guided the cum covered man to the bed and each sucked him with Tom having been chosen to finish and swallow the juices. The three had previously agreed that Tom would be the finisher since Peter had already had a taste and hopefully Dom would spend the night with him. Since the shower in the bathroom comfortably held two men but not four Dom led Dan to the shower where they washed each other from head to toe with special emphasis on the spaces between. Following the showers Dan and Dom put on silky, nylon bathrobes and walked down the hall to the privacy of the guest bedroom. While seeing naked strangers in the hall would not have offended or surprised the wives if they had arrived home yet it was assumed they would have preferred not to see naked men. Following showers Tom and Peter snuggled in their bed doing what was usual and extremely pleasing as it had been over the years. Meanwhile the virgin to fucking virgin had no inhibitions and eagerly looked forward to doing what he had only seen pictures of in the male porn magazines Peter had loaned him. As soon as they entered the room Dom wrapped his arms around the willing man. The robes, never tied shut, were open with their body parts touching the other. Each felt the other’s hard dick pressing against their own. Dom dropped to his knees and swallowed Dan to the base. He held it for a moment and after releasing it he stood. “That sure tasted good. I was tempted to continue with my lips but I sincerely hope there is another place you would be willing to place it.” “I have never been so ready to do something in my life. Ever since seeing the photos of the smiling man being impaled in the magazines Peter loaned me I have often thought about it. My fist has been busy evenings, in the middle of the night, mornings and during breaks at work helping me think about the feelings I would have.” Dom then took a rubber and tube of K-Y from the night table drawer. Kneeling, he inspected the virgin to fucking dick. He then rolled a rubber on it and generously lubed it. Laying on his back on the bed with a pillow placed under his ass he reached down and lubed his hole. “Do what feels natural.” Dan kneeled between the spread legs and leaned in. With his hands placed on each side of Dom’s chest Dan instinctively aimed his dick toward the waiting hole. Dom’s very experienced hole easily accepted the average dick. A wave of ecstasy started at Dan’s dick and moved throughout his body as he had feelings he had never had. Afterwards he realized that he had never had such emotional feelings when fucking his wife. Dan’s euphoric feelings were short lived since after a couple of strokes, in and out, he had one of the most intense cummings of his life. His body went limp as he fell onto Dom’s chest. The emotions of Dan were transferred to Dom who for the first time shot his load without touching himself. As they rolled onto their sides while in a tight embrace Dan was silently weeping. When Dom saw the tears he assumed the young man was ashamed and guilt ridden from performing such an act. Finally Dan whispered into Dom’s ear, “That was the most incredible experience of my entire life. Thank you.” Then with tears of joy running down his face he kissed the barber and as Dom’s tongue invaded the virgin’s mouth Dan responded with his first deep tonguing kiss. As they embraced Dom felt the other’s heart beating. After ten minutes of deep kissing and cuddling Dom realized Dan’s rubber encased dick was hard. He rolled over so that Dan was on his back. Dom then kneeled over his friend and reached back and placed the dick still wearing a cum filled rubber at his hole. Dan cried out as he once again entered his friend. After a few minutes with Dan on his back Dom pulled out and kneeled. Dan needed no instruction as he placed himself behind his friend probing deeper than before. Following another intense orgasm by Dan the two cuddled. Dom felt no need for relief, just a need to hold this guy. Eventually they put on their robes and quietly entered Tom and Peter’s bedroom as they had been instructed to do when they needed showers. The lovers were cuddled together sound asleep. Dom and Dan helped each other shower and returned to their room. Sometime in the middle of the night Dom who was sleeping on his side felt Dan spooned against him with a hard dick against his ass crack. Without talking Dom reached for a rubber and lube handing them to Dan. He just laid there as the no longer virgin rolled it on and entered him as they spooned. Soon he felt the pulsating dick discharge. They fell back to sleep with Dan still in his new friend. Dan was jolted awake when the alarm went off at 6:30. Dom needed to leave early as he had an 8:00 appointment at his barber shop. When Dom looked at the half awake young man he noted the morning woodie tenting the sheet. “I’ll take care of that.” As he pulled the sheet back Dan did not object as the barber leaned in and swallowed his tired but apparently always ready man piece. Following the pleasant wake up Dan quietly entered the bedroom of Peter and Tom to piss. The bathroom door was open and naked Tom was shaving. He smiled at the guest and motioned for him to come in. As Dan pissed Tom turned toward him. He took his dick in hand and pulled the skin back. “Would you like to taste the overnight musk of man that we natural guys produce? It will not be there after I shower.” Dan kneeled and taking the rising dick in his hand moved his nose to the exposed head. The slightly pungent was both a turnoff and an aphrodisiac. He could not resist fondling and kissing it. He wanted to put his lips on it and take it into his mouth but was not sure how to do this yet. He stroked it until Tom unloaded onto his chest. Tom pulled his friend up and suggested they shower together. After the shower Tom suggested, “Since Dom has departed for work and I need to go soon why don’t you crawl into bed with Peter? He is a sound sleeper, as I have been told you already know. I am sure he will be happy to find you there when he wakes.” When Dan woke he was surprised to realize it was 10:00. He was disappointed to discover he was alone in bed. He dressed and went down to the kitchen. There he found Peter and his wife sitting at the kitchen table. Louise smiled as he walked in. “Good morning sleepy head. Welcome to our home. I’m Louise, Peter’s wife. Would you like coffee? How do you take it?” She then offered him a couple of choices for breakfast. She asked him about his work as a sheriff’s deputy, his impressions of her son’s, PT’s, farm and family. Then she told him how much she had enjoyed the movie she and Ann had seen the previous night, Coming to America and suggested Dan see it. Dan was dumbfounded by the situation where he was having a pleasant conversation with the woman who not only knew he had probably had sex with her husband but also had no problem with it. Then he reminded himself that Peter had no problem with whatever she did with her love Ann, Tom’s wife, and probably other women. Louis excused herself while Peter and Dan cleared the table and washed the dishes. Peter suggested a schedule for the day. They would visit Peter’s office where he needed about an hour to catch up on correspondence. Peter then chuckled when he said, “While I check my mail you can take a walk and check out the males. Although classes have not started there is always an assortment of activity. Then we will visit the men’s department of Lazarus Department store (now part of Macy’s) downtown. Following a late lunch we will meet Tom at the Club Baths. How does that schedule sound?” “I especially like the ending at the Club Baths. Based on your description, I am sure this country boy will continue his education that you have so nicely started” As they rode the up escalator to the men’s department in Lazarus Department Store Dan was happily remembering the group of shirtless students tossing Frisbees on the lawn near Peter’s university building. Those thoughts were mixed with his wondering why they were clothes shopping. Peter did not seem like the kind of guy that was really into clothes and he had not mentioned that he needed anything special. They walked through the men’s department ending in the underwear section. Peter spoke, “Since you seemed to enjoy the nylon boxers I lent you I thought you might want to pick out some for yourself. This is a souvenir of your visit to Columbus that Tom and I are giving you on one condition, that you model them for us later.” Peter helped his friend pick out seven pairs, one for each day of the week, in a rainbow of colors and patterns. Following a midafternoon lunch they headed to the baths. A handsome guy at the entrance of about forty with rings on each nipple wearing only very short shorts greeted Peter as an old friend. Peter requested two adjacent rooms. Walking down the hall to their rooms they passed a couple of men wearing towels. When they went by a room with an open door Dan saw a man lying on his stomach on a narrow platform bed that was the length of the room. The naked man’s feet were at the door end and his head at the far wall. Peter stopped and he quietly told Dan that the man most likely wanted to be fucked since he was prone on the bed with his ass exposed and inviting. Sensing someone in the hall the man lifted his head and turned to them. He smiled at them as he wiggled his ass. They continued on to their rooms. Peter told Dan to go into his room, get naked and wrap a towel around his waist and wait. Peter went to his room and undressed. Soon they were walking down the hall wearing towels. Being a weekday afternoon the place was not crowded. Other than two guys in their twenties Dan was the youngest man there and the fittest of all. Therefor he was actively pursued. Their first stop was the shower area. Soon two older men joined them who seemed more interested in leering at Dan than washing themselves. The attention Dan was getting made him both self-conscious and horny. After being groped in the steam room, he with some embarrassment asked Peter about the guy that apparently wanted to be fucked. Smiling, Peter asked, “Did Dom teach you well?” Dan replied, “It was amazing.” The door of the guy apparently waiting to be fucked was still open. Peter tasked Dan that while he would not want to top the guy would it be OK to watch. Dan with no hesitation replied ‘Yes’. As they stood at the doorway the guy still on his stomach turned his head and again smiled. He spread his legs a little wider as an invitation to enter. They stood at the side of the platform bed. The man was about forty, fit but not really handsome. He sat up and was sitting on the edge of bed exposing his soft cut smallish dick. First he opened Dan’s towel. After tickling the balls and playing with the dick he deep throated it as it rose to the occasion. He then did the same to Peter. Being an experienced cock sucker he with not too much difficulty swallowed Peter’s impressively long, thick piece with its large head. He took two rubbers off the shelf next to the bed handing them to Peter and Dan. Peter declined, Dan accepted without hesitation. He then kneeled on the bed with his ass aimed at Dan who was standing at the side of the bed. Dan in his excitement forgot about lubrication as he placed his hard dick against the waiting rosebud. As he pushed in he was amazed at how easily he penetrated this man. Later when he told Peter that he went in with no difficulty without lube Peter explained that their friend had probably been recently and frequently fucked leaving his hole opened and lubed. Also, he stated if anyone had fucked him without a rubber there would have been cum for a lubricant. Upon leaving the room with the door open as the bottom had requested they soon found Tom wondering the halls. He had arrived fifteen minutes earlier. Peter brought Tom up to date about their activities so far at the baths. Tom asked Dan if it would be alright if he and Peter went to their room for some quality time. Dan easily agreed knowing he would find something interesting to watch or do. Although Peter and Tom had been together and slept together for years they had not lost their passion for each other. The atmosphere at the baths heightened their horniness. Following a lengthy session of cuddling, kissing and sucking Tom rolled his love onto his back, lubed up his natural dick and without mercy rammed it into Peter who cried out in pain and pleasure. Tom knew exactly what his love wanted. He vigorously fucked and then when close pulled out. He then sucked and stroked Peter until given the warning that he was close. This was followed by another energetic fuck until close. For forty minutes they edged each other until finally Tom pumped deep into his love while Peter shot streams that landed from his chest to lips. Following a cuddling cooling off period they showered off the sweat and cum. On his own for the first time since arriving at the baths Dan explored. He found a room with a platform in the center. A middle aged guy sat there stroking himself. He smiled at Dan. But Dan decided to do more discovering. He approached a room with the door open. The two twenty somethings were sitting on the bed stroking each other. One motioned him to come in. As Dan stood in the narrow space between the bed and the side wall Blue Eyes with short blond hair with one hand reached and closed the door while with the other removed Dan’s towel. He leaned forward and swallowed Dan’s now rock hard piece. Brown Eyes with jet black curly hair also leaned in taking over the sucking. They alternated sucking the dick and balls. Then Blue Eyes said to his friend, “Is his one you would want?” “Yea, it’s perfect.” Blue Eyes said to Dan, “My friend wants to be fucked. He has a very favorite position. Lay this way.” As Brown Eyes stood, Blue Eyes motioned for Dan to lay sideways with his head toward the sidewall and feet hanging off the bed. Then Brown Eyes kneeled over Dan facing him. Suddenly Dan realized he was about to fuck without protection. “Whoa, wait, need a rubber.” Brown Eyes smiled down on him, “No need for that, I’m clean and you look good yourself.” Dan thought to himself, ‘This guy who just met me in a bathhouse full of an assortment of men assumes I am clean. No way.’ Then as Peter had taught him to say, “Sorry but as they say, ‘No glove, No love. I’ll go back to my room and get one.” “No need,’ blue eyes said, as he miraculously found one. Blue Eyes rolled it on Dan and then generously lubed him. Brown Eyes leaned back. Between the generous amount of lube, hardness of Dan and probability that the hole was experienced Dan’s dick easily slid in. Then to his amazement he realized Blue Eyes was standing between his legs, leaning over and also impaling Brown Eyes. He felt the second dick slide in next to his. As Blue eyes thrust in and out his unprotected piece rubbed against Dan’s. Brown Eyes reached for Dan’s hand and placed it on his hard dick. Dan began stroking Brown Eyes as both he and blue Eyes fucked him. As Dan’s cumming caused him to cry out Brown Eyes shot his load onto Dan’s chest. Then Blue Eyes pulled out and creamed Dan’s balls. Blue Eyes then said, “You made Wally happy. Two other guys tried but were not able to stay in position or lost their hardons. When we saw athletic you, younger than anyone else her except for Wally and me, we hoped you would be able to fill my friend. You did the job. Take a break and cum back.” As Dan walked to the shower he thought ‘That was interesting. But nothing special. Both my fucks today have felt good on my dick but not in my heart. When I fucked Dom I felt good all over. While He is not someone I would want to be with the rest of my life I did enjoy my first and so far best fuck.’ Following a long shower Dan went to the TV room where the news was on. There were three levels of carpeted rows to sit on. An older guy, at least 60, was sitting on the second level against the wall. With his towel pulled open he played with his impressive dick. Dan sat on the same row on the opposite side. It was then that Dan realized the guy was natural and was pulling his skin over the head and then back. While Dan thought he was not in the mood for play the sight enticed him. He spread his legs revealing his piece through the towel opening. Without touching it responded to the sight of the large natural dick. The older man smiled at Dan. They each stroked from their positions about six feet (2 m) apart. Dan moved over and with no objection from the other took the uncut piece in hand. He played with the skin. He leaned forward and kissed it. While he had never sucked a dick his had been sucked often since his meeting Peter. He took the head in his mouth. The musky taste was slightly unpleasant and totally tantalizing. He moved his lips down and soon had about half the impressive dick in his mouth. He moved up and down as he had seen others do to him. The man placed his hands on Dan’s head and forced him down as he felt the dick against the back of his throat. Dan gagged and coughed. He pulled out. “Sorry, I am not experienced at this. Need to take it easy.” “Take it any way you want. That sure felt good.” Dan was thrilled as he realized he was actually sucking a cock. While he wasn’t getting much more than the head in his mouth the man appeared to be satisfied. Dan did not realize how much a 60 year old guy would be thrilled to have a handsome, fit thirty something playing with him. Dan enjoyed pulling the skin over the head with his lips and then pushing back. When the guy announced that he was cumming Dan released the dick and watched the cum flow out. The man thanked Dan, wiped his cum covered dick and balls with the towel, stood and headed toward the showers. Dan had thought he was finished for the day after the double fuck. However, the sucking encounter with the natural dick had gotten his juices stirring. He went to his room and laid on his platform bed with head against the back wall and feet toward the door and gently stroked himself. The first guy to walk by was about 50, had a middle aged spread and overall was not very attractive. However at this point Dan’s dick had only one thought and when the guy said, “Want some help?” Dan smile, removed his hand and let his dick stand at attention as the older guy entered he kneeled at the side of the bed and swallowed Dan. As horny as he was, the two recent cummings from fucking had mellowed him somewhat and the sucking took longer than usual. When he cried out that he was ready the guy increased his tempo and was soon rewarded with a mouth and throat full of deputy’s cream. At dinner as Dan rejuvenated himself with a 16 ounce ribeye steak he related his adventures. Peter and Tom enjoyed listening to the exuberant young man as they thought about some of their year’s earlier adventures. Peter congratulated Dan on his persistence on using a rubber and first sucking. That night Peter and Tom had Dan sleep between them in their king-size bed. Dan practiced his sucking techniques. While he enjoyed playing with the skin covered head of Tom and throating it about half way down he found Peter’s magnum dick overwhelming. Following a couple of yelps as his teeth scraped the whopping piece Dan was forced to give up and return to Tom. His friends enjoyed the enthusiasm and energy of the recent man virgin while not especially the fumbling on their dicks. Following breakfast Dan heartily thanked Peter for the wonderful two nights and one day of friendship and pleasure. Since his arrival in Columbus Monday evening he had had a night of bliss with Dom, a fun day with Peter and Tom and a night with his two friends. Now on Wednesday morning he was driving home. His good times would continue with a definitely different twist as he looked forward to picking up his son, Danny, that afternoon. They would drive to Cleveland to go to a baseball game preceded by hamburgers at a Manner’s Big Boy Restaurant. Stopping at his apartment to change clothes his fist was soon in place as he replayed in his mind and hand the events in Columbus. Dan earnestly began his search for a soulmate. He had learned how Peter and Tom as well as Will and JB had met and been told how numerous others had connected. He was determined to find ‘his man’. He explored many possibilities. He began doing his laundry at the laundromat, not the coin machine in the basement of his building. He met older couples, single women and men with screaming kids and a few sullen people but never anyone he felt attracted to. He attended church and volunteered to help paint the Sunday school classrooms. There was one guy about his age that possibly was single. But even as they sweated and worked together the guy appeared to have no interest in Dan. He attended a Men’s Bible Study group. The men were all well versed in the Bible and had heated discussions about the meaning of individual passages. Dan was soon totally lost. There was one guy in the group who was not wearing a wedding ring within the age range he was seeking. Dan had decided his soul mate should be within the age range of ten years younger to ten years older than himself or between 23 and 43. Dan eye fucked him. But when the man caught his stare he looked away. The evening Dan attended the monthly Bible Study the book of Leviticus was the topic. When the group discussed Chapter 20 verse 13, ‘If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.’ The cute guy Dan was fantasizing about spoke up. “If a guy does that his balls should be cut off. Once when I was on a job a guy made a pass at me and suggested we have a little fun together as he rubbed his crotch. I almost punched the bastard in the face. I just walked away revolted and avoided him in the future.” No one defended men who lie with men. That was the last time Dan attended Bible Study. The next time he saw Peter he told his friend about the outburst during Bible Study. Peter replied, “Men who are comfortable with their sexual identity, straight or gay, are usually not bothered by such discussions. It is very likely that the guy who spoke out so strongly was a suppressed homosexual having difficulty accepting himself and needed to prove to the outside world that he is straight.” Dan started shopping at the large IGA supermarket on the Wadsworth Road hoping as Peter suggested to meet single men. Twice he looked into a possible guys shopping cart and asked a question like, ‘How do you cook that eggplant?’ The first time he asked an innocent question the answer from a guy not wearing a wedding ring was, ‘I don’t know, my wife does all the cooking ‘. A week later the other ring less, handsome guy seemed put off by the question and just kept walking. He considered the men in the sheriff’s office and eliminated all for various reasons. In past years twice when he had stopped a women for a traffic violation she had responded in a sensual way. One had pulled up her skirt and caressed her breasts as she stated, ‘Is there any way we could work out this violation without me getting a ticket?’ Soon after his quest for the right guy started he stopped a man of about 40 for running a red light. As Dan approached his car the man smiled at him with a killer smile. Dan found him attractive as he leaned over the car. The guy rubbed his crotch as he suggested a solution to the violation. Actually Dan got very flustered and ended giving him a warning rather than a ticket. As the man drove away Dan congratulated himself for not taking up the offer. e certainly did not want to get involved with a guy that propositioned a He certainly did not want to get involved with someone who propositioned so blatantly. One afternoon he drive past Uncle Will’s home after answering a routine sheriff’s call. He stopped by to say hello to his aged friend. Will invited him to have dinner after his shift. He gladly accepted and asked if there was anything Will needed from the grocery store. He replied that ice cream to go with the apple pie dropped off by a neighbor would be welcomed. This started a weekly tradition of dinner with Will. When invited Dan would offer to stop by the grocery and most weeks picked up something for Will. Dan enjoyed the conversations and offered to do small tasks for his 93 year old friend. Their conversation often related to Dan’s quest for the right man. When Dan mentioned going to a gay bar Will laughed, “Cannot say that I have experience with that scene. Back in the 1920’s when I was your age I was not aware that any existed, especially in small towns. I never had an opportunity to be into that scene. Who knows, maybe you will find the right guy. I don’t think PT and David have had much experience with bars. Akron is probably the nearest place that would have a gay bar.” The following week when Dan had dinner with Will the old man had interesting news. “I called my friend and previous owner of this house, Father Sean who is now retired. He and his lover, a priest in Akron would visit me on their midweek day off. These visits gave them privacy outside of the eyes of their parishioners in Akron and Pleasant Valley. As you can assume religious rites in the upstairs bedroom was the main purpose of their visits. Frank passed away a few years ago. Sean, now 70, visits me on occasion. On one of his visits years ago Frank brought a young priest and his friend who wanted photos of themselves. I gladly took and developed the pictures of these two men. While most men look better with clothes on these two were a real treat to the eyes nude. To get back to the important information. I called Sean and he contacted this priest who called me. He told me there is a bar of interest in Barberton. As a priest in the Akron area he cannot go to any local bars. I also discussed your interest with PT and David. While neither has an interest in meeting bar people they thought a visit to such a place might be interesting. They are willing to go there with you Friday evening. It’s only a half hour drive from here. Becky could stay with her grandmother Rachel and the boys with me. Are you interested?” They discussed the plans for the evening as the three drove to the bar. Will had given Dan helpful advice: “Don’t give anyone your real last name, address or phone number, Do not tell them you are a deputy sheriff – make up an innocuous occupation, DO NOT go home with anyone – at least this first time, Have a way to signal PT or David if you want to get away from a persistent person”. Will had given Dan an old pair of glasses. “Keep these in your pocket. If you want an intervention by PT or David put them on as a signal. And most important – enjoy your evening.” As they entered the bar, as planned, PT and David went their separate way. As the two farmers settled at a table in the back Dan stood against the wall holding a beer. The cliental was mixed: a few swishy queens, some dressed as lumberjacks with tight Levis, plaid shirt, short hair, and a few old men while the majority were just ordinary guys. Almost all were in conversation with others. The handsome 33 year old Dan soon attracted attention. One of the queens approached. Putting his hands on Dan’s chest and massaging his nipples, “My My, Are you a newcomer? You must be as I would have spotted this beautiful chest the first time I saw it. What brings you here?” The guy totally turned Dan off. “I’m just here with some friends. They are over there.” “Oh La La, you do travel with beautiful company.” As Dan started to put on the glasses the queen said, “Oh, I hope we get to know each other better, later, much better.” With that, to Dan’s relief, he walked away and was soon massaging another chest. A few minutes later Dan was approached by a very ordinary man of about 40. “Hi, I’m Charlie. Haven’t seen you before. Welcome to our little island of happiness.” The conversation that followed was light and easy. Dan was thinking this might be an interesting friend. Then there was a total shift in the atmosphere. As Charlie leaned in he whispered, “Dan, you are hot. Just standing here has got my willie to full attention.” With one hand he took Dan’s and directed it to his hardon while caressing Dan’s totally soft dick with the other. “Let’s step into the bathroom and visit a stall. I am sure we could make each other VERY happy.” “Thanks for the offer. But I will stay cool for now.” Dan walked away and found PT and David. He related both of his experiences. “Well, this certainly is a different world.” PT commented. Then looking at Dave, “Should we invite Charlie home?” All laughed since they all knew he was joking. As they watched Charlie lead a short older guy to the bathroom Dan felt safe to return to his spot. His next encounter was interesting. He and the good looking muscular Brick talked easily for a half hour. They were about the same age. From his tight Levis and muscle A shirt he would not have guessed that this man was a stockbroker. Dan was definitely interested in getting to know him better. When Brick said he had to get going Dan was disappointed until his new friend went to the bar to get a pencil and paper to write down his phone number. “This is my work number as I do not want you to call my home and have my wife or one of my twins answer. Ask for Mr. Bevin Clark.” As they hugged goodbye Dan gave a fake smile. He then walked over to PT and David to tell them about the perfect guy except for a wife and twins. A week later Dan’s ex-wife called to tell him the following Wednesday night was ‘Parent Night’ at Danny’s school. Did he want to attend? She and her husband were going to meet the teachers of their two children and would also meet with Danny’s if Dan could not go. Dan thanked her and replied that he would definitely go. Wandering the halls of his former elementary school Dan felt nostalgia, both good and bad. There were about fifteen parents in the sixth grade room he entered. He chatted with one of the other fathers. Then, “Good evening parents. Welcome to our sixth grade classroom. Please take a seat.” As Mr. Martin introduced himself Dan checked out the teacher: mid 20’s, about 6 foot (1.83 m) tall, trim, thin body, blond hair, blue eyes, large hands and a smile that electrified Dan’s body.
  7. The baths are a real eye opener for this near virgin.
  8. August 1988 As the two younger men held their beers and Uncle Will a glass of wine they toasted their new friendship. Then before Dan could answer Uncle Will’s query, ‘Tell us about yourself’ Peter interrupted, Dan, don’t be shy. I told Uncle Will about our sharing this afternoon. It did not shock him, just intrigued him. We will gladly share our backgrounds with you. I have been with my ‘Love’ Tom for thirty years. Will’s thirty-five year relationship with his Love, JB, lasted until JB’s death. We’ll tell you anything you want to know about our lives but first we want to know more about the handsome, sexy deputy sheriff. “I grew up here in Medina County. My dad is a factory foreman and my mother works part-time as a bookkeeper at an auto dealership. I have two older sister, both are married, have children and live in the area. In high school I was an average student. I played football and am remembered as the guy who kicked the field goal that won our school the regional championship my senior year. Within a month of high school graduation I departed for a stint with the Army. I spent most of my three years in the service at Fort Benning in Georgia. There were no USA military crises during the three years I was in the service so it was mostly uneventful. I had my first sexual encounter there. A group of guys in my unit insisted I come with them to town on a weekend pass. They told me that for $10 I would have a great experience. I was a loner in the army so the opportunity to do something with the guys was intriguing even though $10 was a lot of money back then. I later discovered they had a monthly encounter with a woman who would do it for $50 (over $200 in 2019 money) with up to five guys. One of their group was unable to go that weekend and they needed another $10. We went to her house in a rural area. Her husband or boyfriend or pimp greeted us at the door. He collected the $50. One by one the guys went to a back room. I was given the last position. When I entered the room she was lying on the bed naked. I wasn’t sure what I should do. She told me the others had told her this might be my first time. I did not reply. She told me to undress. Then she sat up and examined my dick saying she needed to make sure it was clean. Luckily I got hard and she laid back and spread her legs. I shoved in and that was it. I was lucky I didn’t get some disease as I did not use a rubber and assume none of the others did. To my relief it was only that one time. The only other woman I ever had sex with was my wife. Upon discharge I returned home and married Jennifer, a high school sweetheart. Nine months after our wedding Danny Junior was born. Both of us were virgins on our wedding night. It’s a miracle that we created a son on our brief honeymoon. She is a good person and I really like and respect her. But now I realize I didn’t ‘Love’ her. When she confessed to me after five years of marriage that she was seeing one of our high school classmates, a high school history teacher, I was more relieved than upset. Our divorce was very friendly. Although Danny lives with his mother and Bruce I see him on a regular basis. I am more involved in his life than my father was in mine.” “As far as my sex life is concerned there is almost nothing to tell. The only female sex was that one time with the whore and then with my wife. And after the honeymoon our sex was infrequent. I never had a strong urge. I do not blame her for screwing Bruce. I suppose you two have a lot of experience with men. I have almost nothing to tell. Like most or all boys I learned the joy of jerking off. I got caught doing it with another boy by a leader at a church sponsored camp out. He gave us such a hell fire lecture that I didn’t do it again for six months and after that with great guilt. In my junior year of high school the captain of our high school football team challenged the other team members to a shooting party in the locker room. We each put fifty cents (about $2.50 in 2019 prices) on a pile on the floor. We then stood in a circle and on the count of three dropped our pants and started stroking our dicks. The first guy to cum got all the money. The last had to clean the mess on the floor. What a wonderful experience. I was allowed to look at other guys hard dicks. I was the winner almost half the time and I never had to clean the floor. One day the coach walked in on us. His only comment was ‘Boys Will Be Boys’ as he turned around and did a quick exit. A week later he gave us a sex lecture. Basically he told us that when a girl says no, she means no. That if a girl says yes and then changes her mind, too bad for the guy. No matter how much she flirts with you, if she says no, DO NOT force her. Then with a smile he said, ‘That is why God gave you a fist which based on what I saw last week I know you know how to use it’. He then lectured us on using a rubber. He demonstrated by rolling one on a banana. He also told us the location of some places that had machines in the men’s room selling them.” “Today was the first time since our football team circle jerks that I did it with another man or even saw a hard dick except once when I secretly watched a guy in my Army unit jerk off. Peter, I knew there was a bathroom on the first floor when I asked about pissing. A few years ago I answered a call at your son’s farmhouse when the old man owner had fallen in the bathroom and needed help getting up. It seemed unusual that you walked me to the upstairs bathroom. Usually someone would say, ‘it’s upstairs, turn left’ and not follow the person to the bathroom. Then when you stood at the door for some reason I cannot explain I decided not to shut the door. Then when I realized you were watching me I decided to give you a show. We were both certainly of like minds.” “I have never known two men in a loving situation until today. Then in just a few hours I see PT and David together and learn that both of you have or had long term relationships. I envy all of you and want to hear your stories. Most important, how did you find the love of your life?” Peter then gave a summary of his coming of age from accidentally (or was it planned) meeting Tom thirty years earlier, their marriages and many adventures and friendships. Will told about his treatment 75 years earlier by his family here in Ohio. He was made to feel like an outcast. His move away led him to Daisyville, Georgia and meeting the love of his life JB. During their conversation Dan asked many questions, especially related to how one meets their ‘love’. Will then stated, “Boys, it’s 11pm, past my bedtime. Dan you are welcome here anytime. See you soon. Goodnight and pleasant dreams.” As Will stood Dan said, “Wow, time sure flies when you are having a good time. I must get going.” Before he stood Peter reached for his hand, “You are welcome to stay here tonight.” When Dan gave Peter a quizzical look he continued, “If you want to find the ‘right’ man you should be comfortable being with a man. Tom and I have a loving relationship. I know he would not feel betrayed if I spent some time with you. In fact, I would not be surprised if he told me he messed around with Dom, our barber friend, while I was gone. Let’s go upstairs and see what happens. The rule in this house is that no one is ever forced to do something they don’t want to do. You will be in complete control. Before Dan could resist Peter took his hand and led the bewildered new friend upstairs. “We both need showers.” Still holding Dan’s hand Peter entered the bathroom. Dan seemed in a trance as Peter took control. Peter removed his shirt and then removed Dan’s. As Peter took off his shoes Dan removed his. Then Peter undid his belt and let his pants fall to the floor. He undid Dan’s. As Peter lowered his nylon dark blue boxers Dan stood transfixed. Peter’s dick stood at full attention. Dan’s was obviously straining to be released. As Dan stood in his tight white Fruit of the Loom briefs Peter leaned in. He placed his lips against Dan’s. When Dan did not move away Peter reached up and pulled their faces together. Dan did not resist. Keeping his mouth closed Peter kissed the virgin to a man lips. He then wrapped his arms around the law man, and placed his cheek against the other’s. Dan reached up and wrapped his arms around Peter. The two men embraced cheek to cheek, sweaty chest to sweaty chest and hard dick to hard dick. Peter stepped back and placed Dan’s hands on the top band of his white briefs. Still in a trance Dan lowered them. His freed dick oozed joy juice. Peter stepped into the shower and Dan willingly followed. Using a soaped up wash cloth Peter massaged his friend’s chest with special gentle attention to the now hard nipples. He then raised the arms and sensuously washed each pit. Dan had no response, positive or negative. Peter then kneeled and tenderly washed the balls and dick. With the hard, dripping dick inches from his face, Peter leaned forward and swallowed it to the base. He pulled completely out and then drove it down his throat again. Still no response from Dan. As he continued the mouth thrusts he felt the dick pulsate in his mouth. He was then rewarded with shot after shot of man juice. Dan grabbed Peter’s shoulders as his entire body convulsed. When Dan seemed stabilized Peter stood and asked, “Are you OK?” “Never been better was the reply.” Peter then handed the soap and washcloth to Dan who tenderly washed Peter’s chest and stomach. Dan then kneeled and inspected Peter’s impressive dick with its large head. He tentatively touched it with his soapy hand. He then placed his fist around it and stroked it up, down, up. After three slippery strokes Peter cried out as he shot massive spurts that landed on Dan’s face and chest. Dan laughed as he washed the cum off himself while still kneeling. Standing they washed each other’s back and then dried the other. Taking Dan’s hand Peter led him to the bedroom. Realizing the deputy sprouted another hard dick Peter guided him to the bed. With his new friend laying on his back Peter once again molested the pleading dick with his lips. Although this cumming took longer to arrive it was as intense as the first. Peter then laid on his back next to his friend and stroked himself to a second cumming that landed on his belly this time. After cleaning himself with the tissues always available on the night table he pulled the covers up, cuddled next to Dan and whispered, “Welcome to the world of man sex.” The next sound heard was the blaring of the alarm clock. As Dan opened his eyes he had a look of confusion on his face. “Wow, am I still here. I thought everything that happened was a dream. Did you really do me twice?” “Yes my friend.” Then as Peter pulled the covers back Dan’s morning woodie stood at attention. “I think your little Dan is telling us something. I will take care of it.” Peter leaned in and was soon tasting his third serving of deputy sheriff cream. “Well, how did you boys sleep?” Uncle Will said with a chuckle as he placed coffee cups on the table. “Or is it more like, how well did you not sleep?” Dan smiled, “Yesterday morning at this time I was a naive guy thinking I was the only one in the world with such thoughts. Now I have learned that not only are there other men like me, but most important there are men in meaningful relationships. I also learned that great sex can happen without just your fist. Will, you found your man in a small town. Peter, you connected on a school bus. I now realize it is possible to find a soulmate. But how?” Peter interrupted, “Come back for dinner this evening and if you have an opportunity stop by at the farm this afternoon. But, anytime now Rachel, David’s mother, will be dropping off the two year olds, Becky and Emily. I told her I would take the girls today while she and her neighbor can tomatoes. We’ll be at the farm.” Dan replied, “I should hit the road. Need to go home and change into my uniform. Definitely see you this evening and hopefully I’ll be able to swing by the farm. Also, thanks for the loan of the underwear, These black silky boxers sure feel different than my Fruit of the Loom tidy whities. The only problem is that they feel too good on my man parts. I’m getting boned up right now just from the soft and smooth feeling.” As Dan walked toward the door Peter stood and wrapped his arms around the deputy. “You have a good and safe day.” Peter then planted a kiss on his lips. As Dan turned the door opened and the two little girls bounded in followed by Rachel. Following a brief introduction Dan was on his way and Peter had the two year olds on his lap. That day on the farm Peter did not have an opportunity for a private conversation with PT and David until after lunch when the girls took naps. While he helped them lay drainage pipe in the ditch they had dug the previous day he filled them in on Dan’s background. He did not go into any details related to the sex but did state that Dan had stayed overnight which certainly implied some kind of activity. They discussed Dan’s lack of knowledge related to man sex as well as his desire to meet the right guy. All agreed that Dan needed to have gay friends, not necessarily for sex but to be comfortable around like minded men. Dan called mid-afternoon and told Peter he would not be able to visit the farm but that he did look forward to seeing them that evening. Soon after hanging up the phone rang again. Peter correctly assumed it was Tom who when his schedule permitted called from his office in Columbus. After Peter gave the details of the encounters with Dan and explanation of the naivety of this almost virgin gay man Tom suggested he invite Dan to visit Columbus. “I am sure we could bring him more out of his shell now that you have cracked it.” Peter chuckled as he replied, “My thoughts exactly. I was going to suggest it, you beat me to it. Here we are, two horney men with similar ideas or should I say plans for encounters.” Tom then told about the events since his call two days earlier. He had visited Dom at the barber at closing. Dom insisted on trimming his crotch area. He again offered to shave the balls to make them finger touching and licking good. Tom had again refused the offer of having a straight razor caressing his tender and meaningful area. As expected he had given the adorable barber a vigorous fuck. Peter arrived at Uncle Will’s after having left the two year old cousins, Becky and Emily, with David and PT. As he helped prepare dinner Dan arrived with six packs of beer and Vernor’s Ginger Ale. As they sat at the table while a meatloaf baked Will asked Dan about his day. After telling about an accident on Route 42 five miles south of Medina where a truck loaded with pigs rolled over he soon turned the subject to male relationships. “Now that I realize it is possible and normal I hope someday to be in a relationship like you have Peter and you had Will. Before yesterday I never even imagined such a situation. Now it is all I can think about. You have opened me to a new world. I feel like E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial who landed on earth in the Spielberg movie a few years ago. All of a sudden I realize there are possibilities that I had never considered. Something that you mentioned yesterday I did not understand. You told me that PT and David go to the baths in Cleveland about once a month. That they enjoy watching others and may have a little touchie, feelie in the orgy room and steam room, but, ‘no lips below the hips with strangers’ or any other activity. What are baths and orgy rooms? I think I understand the touchie and feelie and ‘no lips below the hips’ but not the place you were talking about.” Peter then explained the cliental, activities and layout of the baths in Cleveland and Columbus. While he did not want to get into a discussion of fucking he did discuss other possible activities. Peter then made a proposal. “On your day off I invite you to visit Tom and me in Columbus. It is only about a ninety minute drive on I-77 to our home from here. I know Tom would enjoy meeting you (said with a smile and wink). We could take you to the baths in Columbus. When is you next day off?” “I have Tuesday and Wednesday off next week.” “I don’t have any specific duties at the university next week. Tom will be working but I am sure will make himself available in the evenings. You could drive down Monday after work and stay until Thursday morning if you like. Think about it.” Over dinner and while all three washed dishes Will and Peter told their new friend about various relationships: Vlad and Aiden, Roland And Alex, Henry and Seth, Father Sean and Father Frank, Bob who originally owned the farm who had died during the war on D Day and his lover (not identified as it was not known by many that David’s grandfather was the lover), Jacob and Rob in Washington DC, and then Tim and Luis in New York City. After finishing in the kitchen Will shared some of his photography collection with Dan. As a professional photographer he had numerous pictures of men of all ages. Will only showed photos of men who he knew would not object to begin viewed by a stranger which was most of his photos. He had nude photos of most of the men discussed at dinner. Dan was intrigued by the photos of Tom, both when he was twenty and recently. He commented that he looked forward to seeing ‘all’ of Tom as he had never seen a natural dick up close. All of the boys on his football team who participated in the circle jerks were cut. He had briefly seen natural ones while in the army with no possibility of a close inspection. He had admired photos of Greek and Italian statues, especially ‘David’ by Michelangelo and also in ‘dirty’ magazines of which there were a few shared by officers in his department at work. However, all these magazines emphasized women or men with women, no men alone and certainly no men with men. Then Peter announced, “We should pay for our supper.” Dan gave him a questioning look and started to take out his wallet. Peter laughed, “Uncle Will neither wants nor needs our money. You have something that would very much please him. I’ll show you in the bedroom.” The three went to Will’s first floor bedroom. Peter then embraced his new friend and whispered into his ear. Dan smiled and nodded yes. “Uncle, would you please help us remove our clothes.” Peter stood in front of his uncle who unbuttoned and removed his shirt. Uncle Will gently rubbed the chest and pinched each nipple. Then Dan stood in front of Uncle Will. Next Peter guided his elderly uncle to a chair. Having removed his shoes and socks he stood in front of him and slightly gyrated. Uncle undid the belt, unzipped they fly and let the pants drop to the floor. He then massaged the boxer shorts covered dick. Then with some difficulty he lowered the shorts releasing the hard piece. He stroked it, played with the balls and leaned in to kiss it. Without hesitation Dan moved in place and was soon oozing precum as Will played with him. Then Peter kneeled and took the law officer’s piece in his mouth. When Dan cried out in pleasure Peter pulled back directed the streams of cum to his chest. Uncle Will leaned in, rubbed his hand on the cum covered chest and then licked his sticky fingers. Peter stood and by instinct Dan kneeled. He slowly stroked Peter’s large piece directing the massive cum shot onto his chest. Uncle Will again leaned in and fingered the cum followed by sucking his fingers clean. “Thank you my friends. This old man will have sweet dreams tonight. You two need to go upstairs and shower. Sweet dreams to you both.” Then with a chuckle, “Don’t do anything unless it is something I would have done.” When they returned to the bedroom following showers that included Peter sucking his friend and Dan jerking off his friend Peter stated. “I have something to show you.” From under a floor board in the closet he removed a pile of magazines. ”I keep these hidden as sometimes PT and David’s sons as well as other less enlightened people sleep upstairs. I remember how inquisitive I was when I was there age. Once I found some dirty pictures that my dad had hidden. By today’s standards they were tame but for a young boy to find pictures of naked women was VERY interesting. You might find these interesting.” The pile contained only male porn. They differed from Uncle Will’s photographs since they were in color and showed sex acts, not just smiling handsome naked men in various stages of arousal. One series of pictures both intrigued and shocked Dan. Two men in business suits helping each other undress were on the first page of the tableau. On the next page a series of photos showed them naked, kissing, touching and sucking. The following page had the shocker. The first photo was of one rimming the other. Then holding his dick against the ass of the other. Then with the dick head inserted. Then with it plunged all the way in. Dan was surprised seeing his first man fuck. He did not understand why the man being raped was smiling. Questions about fucking followed. Peter then explained the terms ‘top’ and ‘bottom’. He further explained that not all gay men enjoyed being either or both. He told his friend that men who were into it received fantastic sensations from the encounters. When Dan’s questions got too personal he avoided confessing that he enjoyed bottoming for his love, Tom. “When we visit the baths I am sure you will be able to witness this endeavor. You may borrow some of these magazines on two conditions: First if anyone discovers you have them you tell them you found them in a trash can and secondly you return them clean with no pages stuck together.” Dan started to ask the meaning of the second condition when he realized the answer and chuckled. An exhausted Peter pulled the covers over his naked body while the amazed Dan inspected the magazines. In the middle of the night Peter woke and happily felt the body of this new friend cuddled and entwined with his.
  9. The preceding chapters covered Vladek’s experiences from the fall of the Berlin wall to his return to Russia in 1992. Meanwhile, the lives of the Boys of the 1950s continued in Ohio. …………………………………………….. 1986 - 1988 Ohio In June of 1986 the four proud parents attended the graduations of three of their children from Ohio State University. PT, the son of Peter and Louise, with a degree in agriculture, had already settled on his farm in Seville with his lover, David. Their very pregnant daughter, Louise, accepted her degree from the College of Education. However, plans to teach elementary school would be put on hold. Sean, the son of Tom and Ann and husband of Louise proudly accepted his business degree and would soon enter the management training program at Olentangy Insurance where his father was now a vice-president. The two homes purchased by the two couples (Peter & Louise and Tom & Ann) had been perfect for their young families. When all their children had moved out to attend college the two couples switched bedrooms. Louise and Ann moved into the home previously occupied by the Kowalski family while the ‘Boys’ moved into the Smith’s house next door. A few years later with their married children planning to stay in the Columbus area the parents discussed and agreed to a change in living arrangements. They would give their married children (Sean the son of Tom and Ann and his wife Louise the daughter of Peter and Louise) one of the adjacent houses and the parents, soon to be grandparents, would move into the other. A contractor was hired and some modifications were made to the Smith house. Originally the house had four bedrooms. One of the bedrooms was remodeled to provide a large bathroom and walk-in closet for the ladies while the men moved into the master bedroom with its private bathroom. The third bedroom was converted to a combination day room / ladies’ office / guest bedroom. The office in the basement remained the men’s office and the adjacent exercise room had a TV and lounge chairs added to become a man cave. Except for which rooms where they slept nothing really changed. While living next door to each other the man and woman couples had privacy at night and shared meals and daily lives during the day. Now the four would do this in one house. The only guests they might have that would not understand their relationships were their elderly parents. On the rare occasions when any of them visited overnight the couples would temporarily shift to man / woman sleeping arrangements as they had from the time of the births of their children to their high school graduations. Their daughter and son, Louise and Sean, moved into the adjacent house. On September 21, 1986 Emily Kowalski arrived. The grandparents were thrilled as they assumed Louise and Sean were their only children who would give them grandchildren. The Kowalski’s oldest child, Ann Margaret, had moved to Oklahoma after graduation from college and seldom contacted her parents. The Smith’s son, PT, and his lover David had purchased a farm in Seville following the death of the farm’s manager Daren. They assumed these two gay farm boys would be childless. Within a couple of years they would be saddened, surprised and thrilled as their son’s lover married the terminally ill Ji and adopted her three children, two boys and a girl. They loved these three adopted grandchildren, born to an Asian mother and Kentucky father following the deaths of the biological parents. In 1988, Emily, the daughter of Louise and Sean was 2 years old and the grandchildren at the farm grandchildren were Tommy – 9 years old, Josh – 7 years old and Becky - 2 years old. At the age of two Emily enjoyed visiting her cousins on the farm. In August 1988 Peter visited the farm for a week. He had no obligations at the university that month and took his soon to be two year old granddaughter, Emily, with him. She was happy to travel with her grandfather as she felt comfortable with him away from her parents as she saw him every day since he lived next door. While Peter stayed with Uncle Will he visited his son, PT, son’s partner and three children every day. Their farm was just a couple of miles from Uncle Will’s home. Emily slept in the bedroom of her cousin, Becky during her visit. The second day of the visit Peter sat on the porch on a hot (100 F, 38 C) Ohio August afternoon viewing the picturesque farm scenery while reading a technical magazine. The grandsons were in the barn doing whatever boys do and the two little girls, Emily and Becky, were at Becky’s grandmother’s home, Rachel, the mother of David. The most interesting aspect of the view was that of his son, PT, and his lover, David. Their bodies glistened as they dug a trench in the front yard for the installation of a drainage pipe. Water seeped into the basement following rain storms. Hopefully the improved drainage would fix the problem. Each wore a bandanna, work pants and work boots, nothing else. As the sweat drained down their bodies Peter had thoughts that he knew were not appropriate for a father to have about his son and son’s lover. Peter went to the kitchen and got a pitcher of cold water and glasses to take to the sweating young men. As he approached them with the refreshing water both smiled. David, his son’s lover, dropped his shovel and stretched his muscular arms over his head. As he stretched sweat dripped from the drenched armpits. Two of Peter’s fetishes were uncut dicks and armpits. Standing in front of the smiling man, Peter’s face was within sniffing range of the man musky smell. To no surprise but possible embarrassment he felt his piece starting to ascend. PT reached for the two glasses and while Peter poured David continued to stretch. What Peter did not know was that months earlier Uncle Will had told the two young men that one of Peter’s fetishes was armpits. David was giving the father of his lover a thank you pit scene for bringing the much appreciated water. As the young men drank one, then two glasses and then emptying the pitcher a car pulled into the driveway. All were surprised to see the sheriff’s deputy’s car. As the law officer approached them all checked him out. The pertinent details which all appreciated: he was about 6’ (185 cm), 170 pounds (77 kg), muscular build, small waist, impressive chest, strong arms emphasized by the tight short sleeve shirt, big hands, short dark hair, and a killer smile. Each privately fantasized being put in handcuffs by this handsome specimen and taken away. Since he was wearing sun glasses the three did not realize that he was also checking them out with special attention given to the chests of the sweating young men as well as their well-defined their crotches. “Morning gentlemen.” “Morning Sheriff,” the three said in unison. The deputy introduced himself as Deputy Dan Rockwell. When Dan held out his hand PT held back stating, “You don’t want to shake these dirty, sweaty hands.” Dan reached forward and gladly held each moist strong hand as his dick gave a special boning up thanks to the touching. He then stated his mission. He warned them about robberies in the area during the past month. Losses had included jewelry, silver, TVs and farm equipment. PT and David had heard rumors of robberies but did not know anyone personally who had losses. PT told the deputy that there was nothing of value in the house and that since hearing the rumors they had been especially vigilant of their equipment. Peter was aware that Deputy Rockwell was checking out the young men through his sun glasses. As their conversation about robberies ended and before the deputy turned to return to his car Peter said, “You look like you could use some refreshment. Join me on the porch. I can offer you a beer, pop (soda), or ice water. When you arrived I was just relaxing and watching the scenery.” Dan replied, “The scenery certainly is gorgeous, I mean beautiful. Since it’s too hot for any crimes to be taking place I would enjoy a few minutes of cooling off with a cold drink. My first choice is beer, but since I am on duty any flavor of pop would be refreshing.” As Dan sat on the porch Peter went to the kitchen and retrieved glasses filled with ice and bottles of Vernor’s ginger ale. As he lifted his filled glasses Dan toasted with a smile, “Here’s to friendship and stunning scenery.” As he eyed the two young men he continued, “Your son and as you called him, his partner are certainly hard workers. I do enjoy watching other men work.” “As do I,” Peter replied. He was not sure where the conversation was turning. He assumed this handsome law man was enjoying more than the ginger ale and corn field scenery. “As partners, did you mean business partners? Do they own this farm together? How long have they been ‘partners’?” “To answer your questions, they are partners in all ways possible. They own the farm together. They are both 24 years old and have been friends for 24 years. My great uncle owns a farm house adjacent to the farm of David’s parents. I live in Columbus. Soon after my son, PT, was born we visited Uncle Will. The boys, less than a year old, were put in the same crib to nap. Although both had been cranky and crying as soon as they were together both stopped fussing and smiled at each other. They have not stopped smiling at each other since. When he started talking PT’s first three words were ‘Mama’, ‘Papa’ and ‘David’. As soon as he could talk in sentences he begged me to take him to visit David and the cows. They have been inseparable since and recently purchased this farm.” Just then 9 year old Tommy and 7 year old Josh came bounding across the yard onto the porch. As soon as they saw grandpa was drinking a Vernor’s ginger ale they asked if they could each have a bottle from the refrigerator. It was then that they noticed the law man and suddenly got quiet. “Boys, this is Deputy Rockwell. He has stopped by for a chat and to cool off with a ginger ale. Deputy these are my grandsons, Tommy and Josh.” The deputy reached out his hand and each boy tentatively shook it. As they ran off to the kitchen the deputy had a puzzled look on his face. Peter then explained how two years earlier David became the legal father and PT the unofficial father of the two boys. Dan replied that he had been at the scene of the accident where the boys’ father was killed. “Those boys sure are lucky to have such handsome fathers,” the deputy said as he continued to leer at the sweating young men. The boys returned from the kitchen each holding a bottle of cold ginger ale. As Tommy looked at the sheriff’s car he asked if it had a siren. He then asked if the deputy had ever chased any robbers going fast down the road with the siren on like he saw on TV. “Well, that rarely happens. If it is OK with your dads I will could take you and your grandpa on a short ride with the siren going.” “Oh yea! That would be swell”, Tommy replied. “Right now your grandpa and I are having a nice talk enjoying our ginger ales and the lush scenery. When I am ready to go we’ll find you.” As the boys ran off Tommy said, “See you later.” As the boys headed back to the barn Dan stated that he needed to piss and asked to use the toilet. Peter led him to the upstairs bathroom, although there was also a bathroom on the first floor the need to be alone with this handsome man guided him upstairs. Dan went into the bathroom and leaving the door open walked to the toilet. He turned and faced Peter who was standing in the hall. As he pulled out an impressive half hard piece he looked up at Peter and smiled. Peter thought to himself that since Dan did not close the door and faced Peter as he exposed himself he obviously had no problem being watched. Was this an invitation? A straight guy would have shut the door for privacy. Dan thought to himself, He seems interested in seeing my dick. A straight guy would have not stayed to watch. Also, a straight guy would not have brought me upstairs when there is a bathroom downstairs, as Dan remember when five years earlier he had responded to a call from the farm house when the old man then owner had fallen and his wife was unable to help him up. He smiled at Peter saying, “Don’t you need to piss?” As he said this his cut piece appeared to be growing. Peter entered the room, closed and locked the door. As he approached the toilet Peter undid his belt, unzipped his fly and let his pants and underwear fall to the floor. Dan gasped as the impressive now almost totally erect large dick with a mushroom head stood at near attention. With some difficulty Peter forced his dick down and let a long stream of yellow flow. Dan did the same. Both men shook the last drips of piss off their dicks. The shaking caused each to begin to rise. Both stood holding fully erect dicks. As each stoked their own piece the other watched with horny interest. After each shot streams of white cream into the toilet Dan commented, “That certainly relieves the pressure from watching those two hunks work and sweat. Oops, I did not mean to insult your son.” “No offense taken,” Peter replied. “There’s something you should know about those handsome guys. They are in a totally monogamous relationship. As far as I know neither has any interest in messing with anyone else. While it is a little difficult for PT to discuss his personal sex life with me, his father, he does tell his Uncle Will about his adventures. Will has told me they go to the baths in Cleveland about once a month. They enjoy watching others and may have a little touchie, feelie in the orgy room and steam room, but as Will says, ‘no lips below the hips with strangers’ or any other activity.” As they returned to the porch Dan thanked Peter for the ginger ale, beautiful scenery and the ‘sharing’ upstairs. After getting permission from David to take the boys and their grandfather on a ride in the police car he went to the car and gave a short blast of the siren. The boys came running from the barn. Deputy Rockwell suggested the older Tommy sit in the front seat and his brother and grandfather sit in the back. As they drove down a country road he stated they would have to find an area with no cows or other farm animals that might be frightened by the siren. As they traveled on a deserted road he sped up and let Tommy press the siren button. Josh in the backseat got scared but did not cry as he realized big boys don’t cry about such things. Back at the farmhouse the boys enthusiastically told their fathers about the adventure. Josh bragged that although he was scared he did not cry. As Dan held out his hand for a farewell shake there was no hesitation on the part of the sweaty farmers to hold the hand of the lawman. All felt an inner tingling as they firmly touched hands. As they walked to the car Peter suggested Dan meet Uncle Will. Dan gladly agreed to stop by at Uncle Will’s after work where they could share off duty beers. Later that afternoon Peter was surprised when the sheriff’s car pulled in the driveway. Dan, now dressed in shorts and a T shirt that emphasized his chest and pecks got out and walked up to Peter who was sitting on the porch where he continued to read a professional engineering journal. “Hi again. In the heat of the day I forgot that I was umpiring my son’s Little League baseball game this evening. Would it be alright if I stopped by your Uncle’s home after the game around 8:00 (20:00)?” The boys had seen the car pulling in and came running from a field where they had been playing. As soon as Tommy heard a ball game mentioned he begged his grandfather to take him to see it. Of course younger Josh also wanted to go. Dan looked at Peter with an ‘OK by me’ expression. Peter replied that of course they would go. The boys ran to the barn where they fathers were working and told them they were going to the ball game. Since David had already promised Tommy that he could try out for a Little League team the following year he not only readily agreed to let his sons go but decided to go with them. As Dan left grandfather and the two fathers admired the bubble ass that so nicely filled his shorts. Following a quick snack the five: boys, fathers and grandfather, were on their way to the Little League field. Peter had not mentioned the upstairs encounter or any suspicions concerning Dan’s orientation. While it did not shock him that this father had encouraged a friendly older man to a jerk-off session he did wonder why this father would be available for a visit after the game. Peter had called Uncle Will telling him he would be late for supper and that a very friendly friend would stop by. When Will questioned him about the friend Peter would only say, “With Dan you should feel very safe and protected.” When Peter arrived at Uncle Will’s after the Little League baseball game he found the old man sitting at the kitchen table with a smile on his face. Uncle Will laughed as he told his grandnephew the he had received a letter from his friend Reg in Washington. Will told Peter that Reg exercises and swims at the gym a couple of times a week. Recently he went with a friend, Jon, who had an interesting experience. Read his letter and tell me what you would have done in the situation as explained. The letter started with a discussion of the oppressive summer heat in Washington DC. It then went to the narrative about his friend’s experience. “My friend and I met at the gym for our three times a week exercise routine. That eventful day I cut my exercise routine short as I was having lunch with a group from church. My friend, Jon, who is 81 was taking a shower after exercising. He is a handsome man, over 6 feet tall (1.85 m), flat belly and good-looking for any age, especially 81 years old. First I will explain the layout of the shower area. There are ten shower stalls, each with a shower curtain, five on each side of a walkway that is about six feet (2 m) wide. Most men showering pull the curtain completely closed. Some are not so careful and don’t pull it across the entire opening. Jon noticed an attractive Hispanic young man about 25 – 30 years old who was showering across from him and had left his curtain about ten inches (25 cm) open. Wanting to observe this handsome young man Jon kept his open about the same amount. He then realized that as he washed his body the young man was looking at him. My friend looked back. Normally when someone is caught staring they look away. This young man did not. While Jon could not see the front he did have a good view of most of the handsome body and cute ass. At 81 my friend is very healthy and active, if you know what I mean. He began washing his dick which began to grow. When he looked back he saw that the other was watching him. Then the young man stepped back exposing a half hard piece. It was impressive but not as impressive as my friend’s 81 year old swelled up but not totally hard dick. He heard someone entering the area and turned so his dick was not exposed. When the new arrival went into the shower stall next to his my friend resumed his exposed position. As he continued to wash (actually stroke) his dick the young man watched and smiled. Finally Jon grabbed his towel from the hook just outside the stall, pulled the curtain totally open and dried himself with emphasis on his dick as the other watched. As he stepped out of the shower stall and looked into the stall of the young man who had pulled the curtain open more, the young man held up his hands like you would hold your hands to brag about the size of a fish you caught and mouthed, ‘so big’ with a smile. My friend returned to the locker room and dressed while the other soon entered and went to his locker in a different section and was not visible. When my friend walked from the locker room through the gym toward the door he noticed the young man standing near the exit. As Jon walked through the parking lot toward his car the other arranged to be walking ahead of him. As Jon walked between some parked cars the other who was now about three yards (3 M) ahead of him dropped a piece of paper and walked on. Since the dropping of the paper appeared to be deliberate Jon picked it up. There was a phone number written on it. Meanwhile the other was getting into his own car. As Jon got into his car he thought about the implications of what had happened. Should he call the handsome Hispanic man? He considered various possibilities: (1) The guy was a hustler available for a price. (2) He was searching for a sugar daddy (a rich man who takes care of a younger man) and could be a very expensive encounter. (3) He was a dangerous young man who had robbery or worst planning to mug and beat an old fairy. (4) He had a ‘thing’ for older men and wanted a loving relationship, possibly long-term. (5) He liked the dick of the old man and wanted a casual, no strings hookup – blow job or fuck. As Jon drove home he considered all possibilities. While his dick was pleading for an encounter his brain was telling him otherwise. After arriving home and a long sensuous jerkoff with thoughts of his shower experience he made a decision. What do you think Jon did? \/ \/ \/ He ripped up the paper and flushed it down the toilet.” The letter concluded with a discussion of a museum opening. When Peter finished Uncle Will asked him, “What would you have done?” “Hopefully I would have done the same thing Jon did. But knowing my dick often overrides my brain who knows what I would have really done. And you, my dear Uncle, what would you have done?” With a laugh Will replied, “Today, at the age of 91, and considering my body is not as buff as it was years ago I would be extremely suspicious of anyone that young pursuing me. But ten years ago when I was the age of Jon I would have given the situation much thought. What would I do? Probably same as Jon. However, if I had been your young age of 48 I might have gone for it. I certainly do have memorable memories of past encounters.” At that point there was a knock on the door. Peter opened the door and welcomed Dan to the farm house. Still dressed in shorts and the T shirt that emphasized his chest, pecks and muscular arms he was a pleasant sight to view. Having umpired the Little League game on a hot humid summer evening his body gave off a man essence that was very pleasing to Peter. While the sight of the damp ring under each sweaty armpit would repel most Peter found it intoxicating. He immediately had thoughts of ripping off the shirt and devouring the pits. Instead, he introduced Dan to Uncle Will. Will, who had put the letter from Reg back in its envelope, invited Dan to sit at the table. Being off duty Dan gladly accepted the cold beer offered. Peter then placed sandwich fixings on the table while Uncle stated, “As old as I am, I will never stop admiring handsome men. You, Dan, are a delicious distraction on this hot summer evening. Tell us about yourself.” ………………………………………………… Note to my readers: The story of Jon’s encounter at the gym is a narrative of what happened to 81 year old me recently. In my case there was a slight difference at the end. Being 2019, not 1988 I googled the phone number. I was offered, for a price, the name, address and available public information about the young man. What did I do? I did nothing except to run the small piece of paper through my shredder. Had I been younger – what would I have done? I have done some stupid and possibly dangerous things in my younger days – hopefully I would not have pursued this one. What would you, my reader, have done?
  10. The condition of the Irkutsk airport passenger terminal in 1992 personified the decay of the infrastructure of the Soviet Union. Crowded, dilapidated were understatements to describe this facility. In Moscow Vladek’s one small suitcase had been x-rayed prior to entry into the terminal. Again he waited in line, this time for his bag to be x-rayed before he could leave the terminal. There was no ‘Welcome to Irkutsk’ desk or kiosk, just tired looking guards with machine guns. As Vladek waited he scanned the faces of people outside the terminal wondering if someone was there to meet him. After he retrieved his bag he walked out the broken exit door and paused. Two handsome men in their fifties approached him. “Vladimir Melnikov?” When Vladek answered yes both men smiled and held out their hands to shake. “Welcome to Irkutsk. I am Maxim and this is Grigory. Papa is thrilled that you are visiting. I have not seen him this happy in years.” As they drove to Franz’s place Maxim told about his background. “When you called Papa, he told you he had two sons, orphan boys whose parents died as a result of the father’s war trauma. He and the late Ilya have two other unofficial sons, Grigory and I. Franz was my teacher when I was fourteen here in Irkutsk. One day I arrived at school with bruises. After class he talked to me and after much reluctance I admitted that my father had beat me and that I deserved it. Franz was very tender and understanding. After many questions I finally admitted my father had discovered me kissing another boy. We were both naked. I cried as I admitted this sin. Franz was totally understanding. He offered to let me stay at his room with he, Ilya, Piotr and Pavel. He became like a father to me. He and Ilya would take the younger boys on excursions to the playground or train station on Sunday afternoons while my friend visited me for a study session, or at least that is what we all called it. That was over forty years ago. Grigory and I have been together since. We both have engineering degrees from Irkutsk Technical University and are aeronautical engineers at the aircraft factory. We both took the afternoon from work to meet such a good friend of Papa.” When Maxim opened the door to Franz’s apartment the old man stood and walked to his friend. When Vladek put his hand out for a handshake Franz instead wrapped his arms around his former student. They held each other while starring into the other’s face. “It is so wonderful to once again hold my young friend of so many years ago. With tears in all of their eyes the two touched lips. The kiss was deep and passionate.” Grigory spoke, “We will give you two some quiet time to catch up on your lives and will return at 18.00 (6pm) to take you to dinner at our place.” As the two friends embraced the sons quietly departed. Franz spoke, “We will have plenty of time to talk later. Now I just want to hold you.” The passions of the two men were as strong at their ages of 72 and 87 as it had been when they met as student /teacher at ages 16 and 31 having last seen each other at the onset of the war when each was 19 and 34. As Vladek embraced his frail friend the two drifted to the bed. Franz felt the younger’s hardness. “You are as healthy as ever. At my age the passions run as high as ever, but the dick does not respond. While I cannot make love to you as we did years ago, I can appreciate your body.” Vladek stood and removed his clothes. Standing naked at the side of the bed he stroked his hard dick. Franz sat up and played with it. He pulled Vladek forward and kissed the uncovered head. “You still have the school boy smell and taste that I remember.” Franz gently squeezed precum from the dick hole and licked it clean. Vladek slowly stroked as his friend pictured the school boy jerking off. Franz rubbed his finger over the wet head as the younger man slowly hacked. When Vladek announced he was close Franz moved in with an open mouth. While at his age Vladek no longer shot geysers he did let go with spurts that landed in his teacher’s mouth. While the force of the cumming was not as intense as years past the feeling was as powerful. As Vladek shot he leaned forward and braced himself against the wall. He felt dizzy as the nostalgic cum squirted out. Franz then squeezed out the last drops and cleaned the dick head with his lips and tongue. Vladek leaned in and kissed his friend, tasting his own spunk. Vladek dressed. Franz stated that he had not had feelings of passion that strong since the death of his lover, Ilya. The two sat at the table drinking tea and discussing their lives over the past fifty years. Promptly at 18.00 there was a knock at the door. As Grigory drove them to his apartment he explained that Maxim was preparing the celebration dinner. “Grisha will also be there with his friend. They live in a building owned by Irkutsk State University where they share a room in an apartment. They have lived together for about five years. While no formal announcement has been made, I assume they share more than just living space.” Franz then reminded Vladek that his grandson Grisha was the person who answered the phone when Vladek called from Moscow. The dinner was a festive occasion with the three generations sharing life adventures. When Vladek and Franz kissed following one of the many toasts Grisha stated, “Grandpa, you are such an inspiration.” He then leaned into his friend, Sergi, and the two locked lips. Not to be outdone Maxim and Grigory embraced. Grisha then stood and walked over to his grandfather’s seat. Leaning in he kissed the old man, not on the cheek but firmly on the lips. “Grandpa, ever since I was a little boy I admired and loved you and Ilya. I knew it was not right to show passionate affection to a man and especially a family member. But to hell with the rules, I love you.” With that he leaned in and kissed grandpa again. Then with a twinkle in his eye he turned to his lover, “Don’t worry Sergi, after Grandpa you will always be number one in my heart.” Grisha then returned to his seat and again deep kissed his young love while erotically caressing his body. Maxim asked, “Would you two like ‘time out’ in the bedroom before we have cake?” The two youngest sat up straight and just smiled as cake was served to all. They discussed plans for the remainder of Vladek’s visit. The following day, Saturday, the six would drive to the lakeside town of Listvyanka, about 70 km (42 miles) away on the shore of Lake Baikal. There they would take an hour long boat excursion on the lake. Then they would drive on dirt roads to a parking place where they would hike the short distance to the lake shore. Years earlier Maxim had discovered a secluded place where he and friends could visit and just be themselves. They would relax in total privacy, roast sausages on a bonfire and swim or just wade in the cold waters of this pristine lake. Some friends would join them. Note: I have visited this beautiful lake during trips to Russia in 2007 and 2010. Lake Baikal is the largest freshwater lake by volume in the world, containing 22–23% of the world's fresh surface water. It contains more water than the North American Great Lakes combined. With a maximum depth of 1,642 m (5,387 feet – over a mile) it is the world's deepest lake. It is considered the world's oldest lake at 25–30 million years. The lake is home to thousands of species of plants and animals, many of which exist nowhere else in the world. The Baikal seal is one of only three entirely freshwater seal populations in the world. Information from Wikipedia. Then on Sunday they would visit ‘The Dacha’. (A dacha is a Russian summer house or more likely a plot of land for gardening and a shack for storage of equipment and overnight stays.) When Maxim moved in with Franz and Ilya at the age of fourteen following the beating resulting from his father’s discovery of his relationship with Grigory he did stay in contact with his parents, primarily his mother. His mother was from a tiny village about an hour by train southeast of Irkutsk. His elderly mother now owned the peasant house of her parents and surrounding land. Although she had a small apartment in the city of Irkutsk, she preferred to live at the dacha in the summer and work in the garden. Except for the addition of electricity no major changes had been made to the house in over one hundred years. Water was available from a hand pump in the yard and the outhouse (toilet) was a small building behind the house. (Just as the mother of my friend in St Petersburg who by choice spends the summer in her dacha that lacks indoor plumbing.) Franz’s other sons, Pavel and Piotr, and their wives had gardens at the dacha. The sons, wives and some of their children and grandchildren would visit the dacha Sunday. While the conditions would be considered primitive by today’s standards it would not overshadow the happiness and abundance of food at the celebration. After returning to the apartment Vladek and Franz undressed and crawled into the double bed, exhausted. This was the first time Franz had shared his bed since the loss of his love, Ilya. Within minutes the two were asleep, naked body against naked body. As the six rode in the crowded automobile on their way to Lake Baikal, Vladek asked why this car and many others he had seen in Irkutsk had the driver on the right side as in England while most cars in Russia were left hand drive as in Western Europe and the USA. As he drove his recently purchased ten year old Toyota sedan Maxim explained that many automobiles in Eastern Russia were used cars imported from Japan. Since in Japan one drives on the left side as in England the cars have the driver’s seat on the right. Grigory joked, “Thanks to Russian ingenuity keeping these old cars repaired they last many years here in Siberia. This pile of metal has almost 300,000 km (180,000 miles). We plan to keep it for a few more years. Hopefully more cars will be available as our economy shifts from communism to capitalism.” When Vladek commented that he did not expect such a smooth straight road from Irkutsk to the shore of Lake Baikal at Listvyanka Grigory gave the history of the road. “In 1960, at the height of the cold war the road from Irkutsk to the shore of Baikal was built in just two months. President Eisenhower planned what would have been a historic visit to the Soviet Union. His itinerary from Washington to Moscow would include a stop at the impressive city of Irkutsk and a visit to beautiful Lake Baikal. Unfortunately before the visit took place the Soviet’s shot down an American U-2 spy plane and President Eisenhower did not visit. The road that would have been the route of the President had been built to impress the Americans.” (The movie ‘Bridge of Spies’ starring Tom Hanks tells the story of the exchange of the pilot of that U-2 pilot, Gary Powers, for a Soviet spy held by the Americans two years after being shot down.) Following their tour boat excursion on the lake the six drove north along the shore. At the edge of the village the paved road ended and became a gravel road which within about five km (3 miles) became a one lane dirt road that kept getting narrower. Where this road became a footpath Maxim stopped the car and told the group they would walk about a kilometer (just over a half mile) to a scenic area on the shore. As the approached their destination Vladek heard talking and laughing. Rounding a bend on the footpath he saw a group of men. He was not surprised as Maxim had told him friends from Irkutsk would join them. What did surprise him was that all the men were naked. The group was a mixture of ages and body shapes. As they approached the men welcomed them hugging each. It was a strange feeling for the clothed Vladek to hug so many naked men. Then Maxim announced, “We are not dressed properly for this party.” Soon the six newcomers were as naked as their friends all wearing only shoes. A bonfire had been started. All had brought the food and drink for the day including beer, sausages, bread and apples. While sausages cooked on a grill placed directly over the fire Vladek checked out the man sausages. The youngest were two students in their third year at university and therefor around 21 years of age. One of them, Sergi (a very common name in Russia), was an absolute delight to the eyes. He was about 180 cm (5’ 10”) tall, muscular, short blond hair with only a tuft of light hair over the cock and almost no visible armpit hair, blue eyes, long full cock with just the piss hole peeking out of the skin covered head, balls swinging low and an incredible bubble ass. He did not mind being the center of attention as the others made no attempt to hide their interest in his body. Sergi was there with a fellow student, Oleg, who was also an enjoyable sight. When Sergi and his friend discovered Vladek was an American professor the three sat on his blanket while eating sausage and drinking beer. Both were studying English and wanted to practice their language skills and discuss American universities. A folding chair had been brought for Franz and Vladek had placed his blanket next to his friend. During his conversation with the students Franz had the pleasure of observing the two young men close up. He later told Vladek that if his dick had been ten years younger it would have been hard just from sitting near handsome Sergi. After their lunch three of the older men invited Vladek to join them in a swim in Lake Baikal. Vladek followed them to the shore. As the three plunged in Vladek warily stepped into the water. Immediately his feet went numb from the frigid water. Meanwhile the other three after diving under the water quickly retreated and ran back to the fire. As they wrapped blankets around themselves everyone pointed to and laughed at their tiny dicks and balls that had shriveled from the cold water. Later Vladek learned the lake had only been ice free for a couple of weeks prior to their visit. When Vladek returned from his brief wading in the lake he sat on his blanket. Sergi kneeled at his feet and began massaging warmth back into the frozen toes. Naturally Vladek’s dick responded to the touch of the beautiful young man. To Vladek’s embarrassment as well as erotic thrill the others watched and commented on his situation. Eventually Vladek thanked Sergi for warming his frozen feet. The young man just smiled and winked at him. For the next hour Vladek was the center of attention as everyone asked him questions about life in the USA. In the past all that they knew about America they heard and read on Soviet government controlled TV and newspapers. They were amazed that two men living together would have a large apartment, own two cars, and as professors each have a private office at the university. Following their long discussion the men either sun bathed, napped or read. One couple wandered off into the forest to explore – probably each other. Sergi asked Vladek if he would like to hike up to a place where they would have a spectacular view of the lake. When he told Franz he would take a hike with the two students the old man motioned for him to lean in. He then whispered in Vladek’s ear, “I think one of those two wants to be fucked by a handsome American professor. I hope it happens and if it does I want all the details.” The three hiked along a path that went up the lake side mountain. Sergi led followed by Vladek and then Oleg. They were all naked except for shoes. Sergi carried a small man purse. Finally they reached a rock ledge that produced a truly spectacular view of the lake. They could see snow covered mountains on the other side of the lake. The absolute silence made the feeling totally surreal. Then Sergi turned to Vladek, “You are a beautiful man. I hope when I am your age I am as handsome and manly as you. Your response to the foot massage showed just how virile you are.” Sergi then just gazed into Vladek’s eyes. He then felt the warmth of a body moving in close behind. Oleg then began massaging his shoulders. Sergi smiled as he gently touched Vladek’s chest. Naturally the older man, about fifty years older than the two college students responded. Sergi then kneeled and swallowed the mature pulsating dick. Olrg wrapped his arms around Vladek and pressed against his back. The younger man’s now hard dick pressed against Vladek’s ass who wondered ‘Is this young man hoping to fuck me?’ Sergi stood and smiled as he told Vladek, “My friend wants you to fuck him. As soon as you arrived and before we learned you were an American and a professor Oleg told me that you were an incredibly handsome man. He asked me to arrange the situation that would permit it to happen. He has a passion for mature men, actually only handsome mature men.” Vladek replied, “How could I say no to such an offer. But I cannot. I will not fuck without a preservative (condom).” Sergi replied, “That is not a problem. We are prepared.” He opened his man purse and took out a pack of preservatives and a small bottle. Then kneeling he rolled the preservative on Vladek’s ready shaft. Meanwhile Oleg had laid on his back on the grass. With his legs spread and dick pointing straight up he smiled at the professor. Sergi then rubbed a liquid from the bottle on Vladek and the waiting ass. Now Vladek’s only concern was holding back and not immediately shooting his load. He kneeled between Oleg’s legs, placed them on his shoulder and planted his dick head at the waiting hole. Then he gently pushed in his average sized piece (a little less than six inches / 15 cm). Sergi stood at Oleg’s head and stroked himself. As Vladek fucked he raised his head and without asking Sergi knew what to do as he placed his dick at Vladek’s lips. Soon Vladek could hold back no longer and shot into the ass as Sergi poured his young cream down Vladek’s throat. With Vladek still implanted Sergi reached down and jerked Oleg to completion. The three then sat on the grass admiring the view of the lake and mountains. About fifteen minutes later they heard voices and soon two of their friends arrived at the lookout point. As soon as they returned to the campfire site Franz asked Vladek to walk to the lake shore. Vladek helped his elder friend out of the chair and they strolled down to the lake. They stopped at a tree to piss. Vladek asked, “Do you remember the first time we pissed together?” “Of course. Actually I lied to you when I told you the bathroom would be occupied for a long time and that we would have to do our morning piss in the piss pot. You reaction confirmed my suspicion that you enjoyed being with a man. Most men pissing together would attempt to ignore the other. You carefully checked me out as we stood shoulder to shoulder pissing. It was not until at least a month later when you crawled into my bed the extremely cold night when you were sleeping on the floor that I learned how interested in men you were. Actually I could have given you a spare blanket but instead invited you to my bed. You willingly accepted and neither of us moved away when our bodies accidentally touched. Actually my touching you was no accident but a well planned event. That was the last time you slept on the floor in the room we shared at the school.” As they stood at the edge of the lake he continued, “So much for history. What happened on your hike?” To no surprise to his friend Vladek explained in detail the happy event at the lookout point. As soon as they returned to Franz’s room after their day on the lake the two exhausted friends crawled into the bed. With naked body against naked body they fell blissfully asleep. The next morning, at Franz’s request, Vladek willingly put on a show while taking care of his morning woodie. Later Sunday morning Maxim and Grigory arrived to drive Vladek and Franz to the dacha of Maxim’s mother. Franz’s sons, Pavel and Piotr along with their wives and some of their children and grandchildren were taking the train to the village of the dacha. Maxim was the only one in the extended family that owned a car. Upon arrival at the dacha an elderly short woman stood in the doorway. As Maxim approached she hugged him as a mother would hug her son. Then to Vladek’s surprise she gave Grigory a similar greeting. This was the mother who years earlier when Maxim was fourteen had witnessed her husband beating the boy because of the unspeakable act he performed with his friend Grigory. To the mother’s sadness the father banished their son from the house. He was offered a home by his teacher Franz and his friend Ilya. With Pavel and Piotr, the war orphans, already living there the one room home was crowded but happy. Within an hour Pavel’s and Piotr’s families arrived. The abundance of food included: Borscht (beet based hearty vegetable soup), sulyanka (hearty soup) blini (pancakes), pelmeni (small meat filled ravioli / perogi), kasha (boiled buckwheat), numerous cakes and of course an abundance of pivo (beer) vodka and kvass (a fermented drink made from rye bread). Vladek being the first American any of them had met or even seen was the center of attention when again numerous questions were asked about his adopted country. For years Vladek had worried about the fate of his first love, Franz, who had escaped from Berlin to Moscow and then later was hauled away by Stalin’s police at the beginning of the war when all Germans in Russia were taken to places unknown as the Nazi German army invaded Poland on its way to Russia. Now with great satisfaction he observed his friend, Franz, who was the adopted father head of this four generation family of more than twenty. Siberia certainly did contain surprises. The following morning Sergi, driving Maxim’s car, took Vladek and Franz to the airport. As they said their tearful goodbyes Vladek told his old friend he would return. ……………………………………. The Thursday afternoon of Vladek’s departure for Siberia Aiden visited Kostya, the Linguistic Professor. Thanks to instruction by Vladek and familiarity with the Russian Cyrillic alphabet he felt comfortable taking the metro. As prearranged Kostra was waiting at the entrance of the metro station near the university. Although school was not in session, when professor colleagues and some students heard that an American would visit they arranged to be at Kostya’s office. As the eight professors and students, all with some fluency in English, discussed American life and education there was a knock on the door and the Dean entered. He invited them all to his office where they continued their discussion in a small conference room. Soon after taking seats the Dean’s secretary brought in tea, coffee, cookies and vodka. During their discussion the Dean asked Aiden to return in the fall or winter while classes were in session. While Aiden could not make any commitments as he had classes in Cleveland at that time he did say the offer sounded very promising. While the Dean could not provide any payments for flights or lectures he could arrange the use of a guest room in a university building. Aiden told them that while he might not be able to return when classes were in session, his friend Vladek , a professor emeritus (retired), did plan to return to Russia in the fall. Following their meeting Kostya invited Aiden to his flat for dinner and more conversation. His partner, Miron, would enjoy practicing English. As a professor of Economics he and Aiden, a professor of finance, would have common interests. Aiden totally enjoyed the meal cooked by Miron and the conversation that continued until 23:00 (11pm). Miron and Kostya walked him to the nearest metro station. Aiden was both disappointed and relieved that there had not been a threesome. While he found both men attractive and would have enjoyed a romp he wanted to keep their relationship professional, not sexual. He did look forward to a visit with his fist back in the hotel as he checked out some of the passengers on the metro. One sitting across from Aiden smiled as he scratched his Russian bulge. Friday Aiden walked in areas suggested by Kostya. A visit to Gorky Park, a somewhat rundown amusement park with rusting rides, was interesting. He was surprised at the number of flower beds, all carefully tended. There were mini parks and flowers not just in Gorkey Park but in ordinary residential neighborhoods. Never had he seen so many colorful flowers and small parks with trees and shrubs. Friday evening he met Dimitri at a metro station near his place of work. They walked, talked and finally ended up at Dimitri’s apartment. Aiden assumed they would have more than a light supper and he was not disappointed. With Dimitri on his back Aiden made use of some of the condoms brought to Russia, a gift from Dimitri’s lover, Fedor at the Russian Embassy in Washington. While Aiden had not planned to stay the night it just seemed the natural thing to do. Following a night of cuddling and a vigorous morning fuck the two walked to the metro. Dimitri took a train to his office where he was expected to work half a day on Saturday and Aiden took a train back to his hotel for rest after a somewhat sleepless yet enjoyable night. Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday Dimitri and Aiden visited various sights in Moscow, both tourist and nontourist. Saturday’s activities included a visit to the banya. Dimitri explained that this was the best time for checking out handsome young men as they prepared to be clean for Saturday night dates. Aiden did enjoy the sight of young Russian men primping themselves for their dates. Sunday afternoon they attended a performance of the ballet Giselle at a small theater. Aiden eagerly anticipated Vladek’s return from Siberia. He would arrive at 11:00 Monday morning (Moscow time) having departed Irkutsk at 10:00 in the morning. With a five hour time difference the six hour flight arrived just an hour after takeoff by local time. That afternoon they shared stories of their weekend adventures in detail as well as each other. That evening the two visited Vladek’s father and Katrina. Tuesday was another day of father and son bonding along with Aiden and Katrina. At tearful goodbyes that evening Vladek promised his father that he would return before the end of the year. Wednesday morning there were no complications at the airport. To Vladek’s relief as the stern faced passport control officer examined his paperwork the police did not arrive to arrest him for deserting the Soviet army back in the 1940s. They arrived home in Cleveland Wednesday evening. Note: The dacha of Maxim’s mother was a compilation of friend’s dachas I visited on the outskirts of St. Petersburg, Russia and Kiev, Ukraine.
  11. Saturday morning Vladek and Aiden took the metro to Ploschad Revolyutsii station where they would meet Dimitri in the hall between the two platforms. Exiting the train they walked through archways to the center hall. The archways leading from the main hall to the platforms had bronze statues of heroes of the Revolution and Soviet wars. A smiling Dimitri was waiting for them. Vladek then departed to take a train to spend the day with his family as Dimitri and Aiden exited to begin their sightseeing adventure starting with the area around the Kremlin (Kremlin means ‘fortress within a city. This walled area built in the 1400s contains the seat of the Russian government, five palaces, four cathedrals and the official residence of the President of the Russian Federation.) Aiden was unable to enter the Kremlin because he needed identification to pass through the gate. Upon arrival at the hotel he and Vladek were required to surrender their passports to the hotel to have them registered with the police. The passports had not yet been returned. However, even if he had his passport he would not have carried it while roaming the city as required by law. Fedor’s advice was to carry a photocopy of the passport and visa and keep the originals in a safe place. It was rumored that police might ask for identification and then threaten to take the passport unless a bribe was paid. The photocopy would prove the holder was an American and there would be no incentive to have it confiscated for unknown offenses. Since Red Square with Saint Basil’s Cathedral and Lenin’s tomb was on one side of the Kremlin and the beautiful Alexander Gardens were on the opposite side it was an interesting area to visit. Following a tour of Lenin’s tomb where the lifelike body (or as rumored a wax figure) of Lenin was on display and a visit to St. Basil’s, often used as the symbol of Moscow and / or Russia, they walked to the Alexander Gardens on the opposite side of the Kremlin. After showing the flower garden where he and Fedor had met Dimitri told Aiden said they would have a very special tour. They walked down a stairway opening from the sidewalk in the garden into an underground room. Aiden suddenly realized they were in an underground foul smelling public toilet. Along the wall to the right was a long trough where two men were pissing. Doors along the left wall appeared to be toilet stalls. Most the doors were open and he could see the interior of the dirty stalls which did not have porcelain toilets, just a hole in the floor. Dimitri walked over to the trough and standing near one of the two men opened his pants and pissed. Aiden joined him. Then glancing to his left he noted that the man who had been there since they arrived was not pissing. He was stroking a very impressive Russian dick. Looking in the other direction past Dimitri he noted that the other man just stood there holding his dick. When someone was head coming down the stairs both men leaned in to hide their exposed dicks. Upon realizing it was not a guard they relaxed and continued, one stroking, the other holding. The new arrival stood at the end of the urinal and did his business and quickly departed. Dimitri leaned into Aiden and whispered, “It might not be safe, either from a physical or disease situation to get involved. Robberies are as common as blow jobs. I want to show you something else.” They zipped up and Dimitri led him to the far end of the room. The last stall door was closed tight and the second last one was slightly open. Dimitri pushed the door open. A kneeling man was in the stall with his face against the wall toward the last stall. When he turned to see who had opened the door the dick that he had been sucking stuck out of the glory hole. He smiled and motioned for Aiden to come in. Aiden smiled back but did not enter. Then looking through the crack between door and frame of the last stall Aiden could see a man leaning against the wall. Then to his surprise he saw that this man, who had his dick sticking through the hole, was being fucked by a third man. Demitri then whispered, “I have never seen so much activity down here. Usually you are lucky to see a guy jerking off at the trough or maybe see someone through a stall wall hole. You certainly saw it all today. Let’s get out of this shit hole.” Back at ground level they sat on a bench facing the toilet entrance noting men entering and exiting. Some returned soon after entering having just a piss. Some were there much longer. They continued their stroll along wide boulevards, narrow winding streets, through public gardens and past numerous historic buildings. Dimitri gave a running commentary explaining the sights. Their final destination was the Arbat. This wide pedestrian street had been for centuries one of the most prestigious areas of Moscow to live. Aiden later learned the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (completed in 1953, one of the Stalin seven skyscrapers) where Fedor was employed was at the far end of The Arbat. In 1992 this was an interesting area to stroll. (Today the street has become a major tourist destination with its many street performers, street artist, souvenir shops and places to eat and drink including The Hard Rock Café, Dunkin Donuts and of course a busy McDonald's.) As they ambled through the area Dimitri suggested they go to his and Fedor’s apartment for a drink and snacks. Aiden accepted the offer assuming the visit would include more than light refreshments. While Aiden used the toilet Dimitri brought out snacks. A thirsty and hungry Aiden was pleased to see the table loaded with food and drink: beer, bottle of vodka, bottle of water, basket of bread, plate of salami and cheese and a cake. As they drank and ate Dimitri walked around and stood behind Aiden. Putting his hands on the visitor’s shoulders he said, “If you would like to do more than eat and drink I could make a suggestion.” Reaching back and placing his hand on the Russian’s, “And what do you suggest?” He leaned forward and tweaked Aiden’s nipples, then leaned in more as his hand reached the crotch while his own hard dick was pressed against the back of the American’s head. They were soon standing and helping each other undress. To Aiden’s pleasure he saw the fine body of the Russian wearing the light green bikini briefs with a bulge pushing out and a wet spot. The Russian handed his guest a condom as he laid on his back. Following a long fuck with numerous timeouts when close Aiden pulled out, ripped off the condom and with hands on his hips and a smile on his face leaned forward and shot into the eager open mouth. He then swallowed the Russian’s cock immediately receiving a mouthful. Following a quick cleanup they walked to a wide boulevard and were soon on a trolleybus headed for a visit with Vladek’s family. The family warmly greeted Dimitri. Vladek introduced him as the friend of the officer at the Russian Embassy in Washington who helped them navigate the visa application process. While sharing light refreshments as Aiden (with translations by Vladek) and Dimitri recounted most of the day’s activities Boris and Katrina had many questions about Aiden’s impressions of Moscow. Later that evening in the privacy of their hotel room Aiden shared his adventure at the toilet and later romp in Dimitri’s apartment. Vladek replied, “много русских мужчин, мало времени.” “What did you just say?” “So many Russian men, so little time.” Sunday afternoon following the Moscow Philharmonic performance at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall Vladek treated his family to pastries and coffee in the café at the hall. At a nearby trolleybus stop he said goodbye to his father, Katrina, brother and sister-in-law who were going home. Vladek, Aiden and Dimitri bought flowers and vodka at a kiosk as gifts for their dinner hosts and entered the nearby metro station. Forty minutes later they were ringing the buzzer at the building. Taking the lift to the third floor they were greeted by a smiling Andrei (rainbow man) and another slightly older gentleman. Andrei led them through the door to his apartment. As soon as the door was closed and before anyone introduced themselves Andrei and then his partner kissed each guest in the Russian way, cheek to cheek, three times. Standing in the entry the three removed their shoes and put on guest slippers and then were ushered into the main room where two additional guests waited. Each introduced themselves: Andrei a chemical engineer who appeared to be in his early thirties, Oleg, his partner, slightly older but just as handsome, a school administrator followed by the two guests, Miron – a professor of economics and his partner Kostya (short for Konstantin) – a linguistics professor with a speciality in English. Much to Aiden’s relief Kostya was fluent in English and Miron could with difficulty carry on a conversation. The drinking, eating and most important conversation began with their arrival at 18.00 (6pm) and lasted until 23.30 (11.30 pm). If it were not that the metro shut down sometime between midnight and 1:00 the party would have lasted longer. During the course of the evening all learned the background of the others and how they met their partner / friend. Vladek, still concerned about the possible repercussions from his army desertion in 1947, forty-five years earlier, told his new friends the same made up story he had told Fedor at the Russian Embassy in Washington about his opportunity to go to the USA. The story being that after official discharge from the Soviet army while stationed in Berlin he had been the interpreter for an American business man planning a joint venture with the Soviet factory. He was invited to go to the USA to help with the arrangements. Although the Soviet Union and USA had been allies during World War II, as soon as the war ended the nations drifted apart and the cold war developed. Vladek then told his new friends more than he had told Fedor at the Embassy in Washington. While he was sitting at the table working as an interpreter for the Soviets and the businessman he caught the business man starring at him. He thought he detected an erotic stare. They were sitting opposite each other at the table. Vladek returned the stare. Soon he felt a foot against his shoe. He pressed back. The businessman, Walter Alan, licked his lips as he pressed back against Vladek’s foot. Walter then sat up and leaned forward at the table with his hands hidden. Next Vladek felt the foot of the shoeless American rubbing up his leg. Vladek then while carefully examining a document with one hand directed the foot to his crotch and rubbed it against his now hard dick. Their work session for the day soon ended and Vladek accepted the American’s invitation to examine more documents back in his hotel room. At twenty-seven years of age Vladek enchanted the fifty year old American. Vladek did not return to his room that evening. He remained a good friend of the American who was married and father with two daughters until his death twenty years later. This made up story by Vladek did have one element of half-truth. He had had a relationship with an American Army Major, Alan Walters, not a businessman Walter Alan. It was Major Walters who had helped him escape and settle in the USA. Vladek remained friends with the married Major visiting him at his farm in Pennsylvania. Andrei and Oleg had met five years earlier during an intermission of a performance of Swan Lake at the Bolshi. Andrei had taken his mother and Oleg was there with a boring friend. At the first intermission the four by accident shared a table at the buffet. Andrei and his mother had coffee and pastries while Oleg and his friend beers. At the second intermission Oleg searched for and found Andrei while his friend had gone to the toilet. Mother had stayed at her seat. The two had a brief conversation and they willingly exchanged phone numbers. The rest is history. Kostya and Miron had met while students at university twenty years earlier. Kostya explained that at age nineteen both were naive about sex, or at least man sex. However, both knew they were attracted to men but did not understand why. Both had by accident discovered a cruising toilet at the university. “One day I was sitting in a stall peeping through a hole in the wall watching a man jerking off in the next stall. This of course got me started and I was soon matching the other, stroke for stroke. Then suddenly to my shock as I had my eye at the peep hole I saw the eye of the other guy peeping back. I leaned back but could not resist continuing my jerkoff. As I unloaded into a piece of paper the other called out ‘awesome’. I was mortified. When I with great embarrassment left the stall there was a man my age standing by the door. The guy walked with me as we left the toilet room. He said, ‘I caught you looking at me and I really enjoyed looking at you’. He suggested I go to his room and we could watch each other do it. That was fifteen years ago and we still enjoy watching each other. Actually we enjoy a lot more than watching but that is private between us.” While these stories were interesting the highlight of the evening was the discussion and follow up of Vladek’s story about his teacher at his special German language school in Moscow when he was a teenager prior to the war. “I fell in love with one of my teachers, Franz, the first time I had him in class. A few months later Franz invited me to sleep in his room on one of the upper rooms of the school building so I would not have to commute two hours each way by cold, dark trams in the winter. Then one exceptionally cold night Franz heard me shivering in my bed, a mat on the floor, and suggested we share his bed for warmth. We shared a lot more that night and were soon lovers. Franz was a German teaching German here in Moscow. I later learned he had escaped from Berlin where he had gotten involved with one of his students. He was discovered giving this student, the son of a Nazi official, a blow job. With the help of a Russian friend who worked at the Soviet Embassy in Berlin he escaped to Moscow. He had met this Russian friend while cruising in the Tiergarten Park in central Berlin. He had a satisfying life in Moscow until the beginning of World War II. The day the German army marched across Poland toward Russia all Germans were rounded up. I assume they were sent to camps in Siberia. By then I had been assigned to be an interpreter for General Valery Karasyovl. I was not only his aide, I was his bed partner. At my request the General made a phone call that day that may have saved Franz’s life. I do not know what happened to him. He was my first love. Did he go to a death camp? Was he sent someplace where he could survive? He would be in his 80s if alive today.” At this point Miron commented, “Possibly our friend Maxim could help you find out what happened to Franz. He is a manager at the Ministry of Internal Affairs where he is in the records division. He often entertains us with information he has discovered about various individuals. While he will not reveal names he told about a situation concerning an acquaintance of his, we assume sex partner, who was accused of some political crime. Maxim arranged for his friend to attend the same concert as a top official of his Ministry. His friend followed the official into the toilet. While they stood next to each other pissing the friend made a comment about the concert. As he made the comment he moved back so his dick was exposed. Normally a man would be looking straight ahead and not notice the exposed dick of a piss mate. The young man had been told otherwise. As the official turned his head the young man played with himself. The official suggested they meet at the bar. While the official’s wife talked to some lady friends he bought his new friend a beer. Within a week, with all evidence of whatever bad political activity lost the young man not only had a new job but also a private apartment that had suddenly became available in a Ministry controlled building. Three years later the official continues to meet the young man at his apartment. Meanwhile the young man has a lover who is willing to participate in the romps with the official.” “While our friend is considered a harmless, hardworking bureaucrat he has the ability to let’s say, ‘get the job done’.” Miron took a small address / phone book out of his man purse and was soon calling Maxim. After a brief conversation he handed the phone to Vladek. After hanging up Vladek stated that Maxim was extremely friendly. He had given him all the information on Franz Eberhardt - born about eighty years earlier in Germany and worked in Moscow 1936 – 1941. When Vladek and Adiden returned to the hotel Tuesday evening following a day with Father that had included a visit to the Pushkin Museum of Fine Arts with the largest collection of European art in Moscow the desk clerk handed them a message. ‘I can get you tickets for the football game. You will be happy with the results. Please call me, Maxim.’ Vladek was confused with the message. And then it dawned on him. Maxim did not want anyone to know he was searching information on a German. Turning to Aiden he said in Russian, “Good news. We are going to see the game.” This comment was made for the benefit of the desk clerk. Then in English, “Did you understand me? Maxim can get us tickets.” As they walked to the elevator Vladek explained, “Maxim sent me a coded message. He has good news. But, not wanting anyone to know our business he told me to call him about a football game.” Back in the room Vladek called Maxim. “I got your message. Good news. You have just what we wanted. When can we meet to get the tickets?” Maxim replied that he could come to the hotel and meet them in the lobby in an hour. While it was extremely unlikely anyone was reading their messages or listening in on their phone conversations the thoughts of Soviet spying continued and everyone was careful, just in case. An hour later Vladek and Aiden were in the lobby waiting for the man they had never met. Miron had described him as tall, thin, balding about fifty with thick glasses. When a man meeting this description entered Vladek smiled as the visitor looked around the lobby. Casually Vladek approached him, “Maxim?” The man smiled, “Vladek?” They shook hands and Aiden introduced himself. The Russian’s understanding of English was limited so they just smiled. “Could I buy you a drink at the bar? Or would you prefer light refreshments in our room?” “It would be easier to get to know each other in the privacy of your room.” Maxim said with a grin. Vladek was not sure what the man meant by saying ‘get to know each other in the privacy of your room’. Was he hinting to a sexual encounter or just interesting conversation? Either way Vladek would make this man happy. Up in the room Maxim took a paper out of his man purse. “I think I have found your man. He was a school teacher and is a pensioner living in Irkutsk.” Vladek took the paper. The Soviet government had accumulated detailed information on this German. He had worked on a farm during the war, moved to Irkutsk, lived with Ilya Filippov who had died seven year ago. Both his phone number and address were listed. Maxim stayed for three hours discussing life in Russia and USA with Vladek while Aiden smiled. He made no innuendos about sex so there evening consisted of conversation and vodka. He probably would have stayed later except that the metro would soon shut done after midnight. As soon as Maxim departed Aiden asked Vladek when he would call Franz. He replied, “The time difference between here and Irkutsk is five hours. So if I call him at 6:00 tomorrow morning it will be 11:00 there. I will ask at the hotel front deck how a long-distance call can be made. So my friend, I need my rest. Since our evening with Maxim was interesting and uncorrupted maybe the lips you did not use while he and I talked could find an object of desire.” “Whatever do you mean?” Following helping each other shower Aiden finally had an opportunity to use his lips following by another night of bliss in Moscow. Early the next morning after consultation with the desk clerk, Vladek was in a small phone booth holding a phone, waiting for an answer. “Hello.” “May I speak to Franz Eberhardt?” “Just a minute. Grandpa, there is a phone call for you.” Vladek immediately thought to himself. ‘How could Franz be a grandfather?’ Then he thought about the three children of his friends David and PT in Ohio and the two sons of a gay couple in Pennsylvania who Tom Kowalski had met while in the Army. These gay parent families had been created when the biological parents died (in the Ohio) or abandoned their children (Pennsylvania). Vladek was brought back to reality when a familiar voice said, “Why do you want to speak to Franz Eberhardt?” “Franz, I recognize your voice. This is Vladimir Melnikov, your student in Moscow of more than fifty years ago.” “OH MY GOD, is it you VLADEK?” “Yes” Since both assumed the conversation, especially a long distance call by someone with a USA passport, might be monitored neither would give any damaging information. This is just the way it was. “After the war I was the translator for meetings between the USSR government and American businessmen. I went to the USA to help further the interests of the USSR in the negotiations with the Americans. However, it soon became apparent that the Soviet / USA partnership as allies during the war would not continue into the future. I stayed in the USA, completed my university training and became a professor at an American university. It was not until the breakup of the USSR that I could return or have any contact with my family. My mother passed away and my father still lives in the same apartment in Moscow. You were called ‘grandpa’ by the man who answered the phone. Tell me about yourself. We only have a couple more minutes for this conversation.” Franz briefly told about being sent to a farm in Siberia, moving to Irkutsk after the war with a soldier who had been sent to manage the farm after losing a leg in the Battle of Stalingrad. He was able to return to teaching and his friend got a position at the railroad station. They adopted two little boys who had lost their parents and would have lived on the streets without a new home. Those boys, Pavel and Piotr, married and he has four grandchildren, two boys and two girls. Three of the grandchildren are married and he has five great-grandchildren. One grandson is not married. Grisha, is a botanical researcher at Irutsk State University. He visits frequently to make sure the old man is alive and well and was the person who had answered the phone. Vladek concluded, “It is wonderful to hear your voice and know you are, as you said, ‘alive and well’. I think this phone conversation will soon be cut off. I will call you again before I leave Russia.” The phone went dead. Aiden was waiting for Vladek outside the phone booth. He could see the tears in his loves eyes and feared there had been sad news. Vladek said, “Let’s take a walk.” Once outside he continued, “It is all good news. Franz is healthy and well. He and his friend adopted two war orphans. He has two sons who are married. He has four grandchildren and five great-grandchildren. I am so happy for him. Irkutsk is one of the largest cities in Siberia and near beautiful Lake Baikal. Since we both knew there was the possibility of our call being monitored or recorded we were both careful about what we said. I am so happy I could kiss you but that might get us in big trouble as we stroll down проспект Мира (prospekt Mira or Peace Street). They walked in silence. Then Aiden spoke, “You should visit Franz.” “That would be impossible. I do not have enough money to buy an airplane ticket and the train would take days each way. We only have ten more days until we depart for the USA.” “Ask Pavel to return some of the money you gave him. He will not spend the $4,000 immediately and you plan to return in September or October. You could give him more money then. There is an Aeroflot office at the hotel. Let’s see if it is possible to fly to Irkutsk on short notice. You go alone. I am sure Dimitri, Kostya and Miron (friends of rainbow man) will look after me. In fact, Kostya had suggested I visit his office at the university. As a Professor of Linguistics with a speciality in English he is interested in meeting with an American.” “Are you sure you are comfortable staying alone here in Moscow?” Following some good natured banter about what Aiden might do with the Moscow friends and what Vlad might do with his first love they visited the airline office. Vladek was able to book a flight to Irkutsk in two days, Thursday, with a return flight the following Monday. Between the two they had enough cash to pay for the tickets. Hopefully Pavel would be able to return some of the gift money Vladek had given him. If not they would live on tea and bread the remainder of their Moscow visit. By noon they had completed the arrangements. Vladek booked another call to Irkutsk and this time Franz answered. The old friend was thrilled that his best student ever would visit. He told Vladek that he hoped to have someone meet him at the airport. If no one was there after thirty minutes he would have to take a taxi to his apartment.
  12. June 1992 The following morning, Friday, they returned to Vlad’s family. Having their own set of keys they entered the building, walked up the stairs, entered the apartment and knocked on the door of the room shared by Boris and Katrina. They could have unlocked the door and walked in but Vladek had noted the tenderness between Katrina and his father and did not want to walk into an embarrassing situation. Since there was shuffling in the room prior to the opening of the door he thought some form of intimacy may have been taking place. The plan for the day had Vladek staying with his father and brother while Katrina and Aiden would visit various concert halls and purchase performance tickets. Vladek, his father, brother and Katrina had discussed possible performances to attend. Although Aiden and Katrina did not speak a common language they would communicate as best as possible while she purchased tickets and he paid for them. The two soon departed and took the metro to the station nearest the Bolshi Theater (Bolshi is the Russian word for Big). They were able to purchase seven tickets to a performance of Tchaikovsky’s ballet, Swan Lake the following Wednesday evening. Dimitri would attend with the others including brother Pavel and his wife. Boris, his father, had told Vladek to let Aiden know that Katrina enjoyed walking and observing sights and people. When they left the Bolshi Theater the two began their thirty minute stroll to the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall where a performance of the Moscow Philharmonic was scheduled for Sunday afternoon. They walked up the wide Тверская улица – Tverskaya Street, one of Moscow’s most elegant streets (in 1992 hardly a Fifth Ave. but nicer than other Moscow streets). Aiden took Katrina’s arm and guided her to an American treat. Russia’s first McDonalds was on their route to the concert hall. Since Katrina appeared to be a gracious lady he assumed he would not get the truth if she was not impressed with her first Big Mac, Fries and Coke. After purchasing tickets for the Sunday afternoon concert Aiden directed Katrina to a coffee shop where they had coffee and pastries. Noting the prices he assumed she had rarely if ever been in such an elegant place. This definitely was a place for tourists and affluent Muscovites. While she was not the best dress lady in the place she was one of the most elegant. Aiden was enjoying himself as much as she as they sipped, snacked and smiled. Another thirty minute walk took them to their next destination, the famous Moscow Conservatory Hal, where both students and professionals performed in the concert halls of Russia’s leading music school. Tickets for an evening performance the following week in the main hall were obtained. They then sat in the courtyard of the hall relaxing and people watching. Meanwhile back in his father’s room, Vladek, father and his brother brought each other up on life since the 1940s. Boris and Pavel were captivated with Vladek’s war experience and were amazed that their son / brother had actually attended meetings with Stalin while an aide to one of the Soviet Union’s most famous and outspoken generals. The disappearance of the general at the end of the war had always been a mystery. Only Vladek and General Valery Karasyovl knew the truth. Since it had been nearly fifty years Vladek felt it was safe to tell his father and brother what happened. The general who was famous for his war strategy was one of the only people to criticize Stalin’s war plans both at the meetings with the dictator and when talking to other leaders. During the war Stalin needed this man. But when the war ended the general knew his days were numbered as no one was permitted to question Stalin. Two months prior to the end of the war the general had taken the identity of a soldier who had died that was about his age. The deceased had no close family and was from a village in western Russia near Belarus that had been totally annihilated during the war. Since there were millions of deceased soldiers and millions more looking for a place to live when their homes had been destroyed General Karasyovl easily assumed the identity and departed for a place unknown to Vladek, probably to one of Siberia’s industrial cities. If Vladek had been questioned about the General’s disappearance he could truthfully say he did not know when he had gone. Vladek had helped the general escape down the back stairs of a military building as Stalin’s police arrived to arrest him the final week of the war. At that point his brother reluctantly excused himself as he had offered to help a friend who sold electrical supplies from a kiosk in one of the many outdoor markets. As soon as Pavel departed the father asked Vladek about his friend Aiden. “Do you and your friend live together in America?” Vladek was tempted to lie but did not want to lie to his father and realized at some time it was likely their living together would be discovered. He answered that they did. “How long have you and Aiden been friends?” While Vladek was uncomfortable with the direction of their conversation he was not going to lie about his friendship. He told his father that they had lived together for more than twenty-five years. “You have lived with your friend for many years and have never been married. I loved your mother very much and we had a very sensual and passionate relationship and I miss her and think of her every day. Never once during our long marriage did I look at or even desire another woman. After her death I felt a deep emptiness. Katrina had lost her husband and we lived just across the hall from each other. I do enjoy being with her and without shame I can say also in her bed. Even old men have passion. But, I also understand how two men can have a relationship. Twice in my life I have had friendships with men that were more than just sitting around drinking vodka.” “Do you remember when you were a young child and you would come to work with me some days? You would ride along as I operated a tram. At the end of the day the operators would sit around in the tram depot, have a beer and talk as men do. Do you remember the shower that poured cold water from pipe high on the wall? We all enjoyed using that shower as many of the operators lived in dwelling with no running water and a toilet outside while the lucky ones, like me, had a room in a larger apartment for our families where we shared one indoor toilet and bathtub with other families. One day as I showered I saw one of the operators, Anatoli, standing naked waiting to shower himself. He was looking at me. At first I was annoyed and then I suddenly realized I enjoyed having this handsome man starring. We were the only men still there. He walked over to me and taking a bar of soap began washing my chest. We looked into each other’s eyes. He turned me around and washed me from my shoulders down my back to my feet. By the time he finished my feet I was hard. Still on his knees from washing my feet he turned me to face him. I was embarrassed until I looked down and saw that he was as hard as me. He washed my dick and balls. Then he stood and handed the soap and rag to me. He turned around and I washed his back. When he turned to face me I was in a total state of lust. He kneeled, placed his mouth on me and kept it there until I shot my load. He then stood and finished himself off with his hand. While we never spoke of it we were often the last to leave work. While I never put my mount on his dick I certainly enjoyed his doing me. Sometimes when there were men still there he would give me a discrete smile and walk to the far corner of the tram depot. I would always follow him.” At that point Vladek told his father his adventure and thoughts in the tram depot on the days he observed the men showering. From Chapter One of the previous book of this trilogy, Russia My Home: “Even at the young age of six I realized one should not stare at naked men. But I wanted to and I did. I sat at a small table near the shower and drew pictures on scraps of paper. I would pretend to be concentrating on my art work while actually I was sneaking peeks at the men as they showered. Even today, many years later, I remember some of their bodies. My favorite, other than you, handsome father, was Anatoli, a tall thin man. I don’t remember his age or face but I can describe in detail his beautiful khuy (dick). His was the longest of all. His big balls hung low. When he showered he used a rag to gently soap his body and then wash. He always stroked the khuy a few times. He would pull the skin back and carefully clean the head. One day he caught me looking. He just laughed and said in a voice no one else would hear, ‘So you think I have a nice khuy? I hope that someday yours is as handsome as mine and that it gives you the enjoyment mine does.’ This was confusing, how could a khuy give you pleasure? With that he stroked it a couple of times and continued to wash. It seemed to be bigger than when he started his shower. From that day whenever he showered he would smile at me, carefully wash his khuy and balls and when finished with a bigger khuy wink at me.” At that point Vladek and his father chuckled as they realized they had both enjoyed the same man, father with his dick, son with his eyes. Then Vladek continued without embarrassment (from Chapter One of Russia My Home😞 “The man I remember best was you. Papa. You were and are a handsome man. You always had a smile. Everyone liked my papa. When you showered I was spellbound by your fine-looking body. You were tall, almost six feet (1.8 m) tall, had just a small amount of hair on your chest, under your arms and around your khuy. You had strong arms, legs and chest and a small waist. Your khuy was not the biggest and your balls did not hang the lowest but they were perfectly formed. At six years of age I looked at you and hoped someday I would have a body and khuy like yours. I heartily thank you, my father, as I did inherit your body and fetching khuy and I have certainly learned what Anatoli meant when describing his khuy he said, ‘I hope that someday yours gives you the enjoyment mine does’.” Papa laughed as he said, “I remember you sitting there at your little table diligently drawing pictures on any scrap of paper you could find. I thought you were hoping to be an artist. Never did I think that at the age of six you were spying on naked men and concentrating on how your dick would develop.” Then papa told about his army experience. “While there were enjoyable times while in the army it was mostly hell. I was stationed on the western front someplace neat the border of Poland. Sometimes we were on our own to find a place to sleep. One of my friends was a musician from Omsk (A city in Siberia). He played violin in the Omsk Symphony Orchestra. While you might think a musician would be delicate he was tall, strong and fearless. Most of the men in our unit talked about nothing but fucking, drinking, the need for cigarettes and gambling. I was not into fucking any peasant I could trap and had none of the other needs. Mikhail and I became friends, mostly to escape the others. At one point we were sleeping in a deserted peasants’ home. It was a luxury to sleep in a real bed even if it had a straw filled mattress and mouse eaten bedding that I had to share it with another man, Mikhail. Sleeping with another man was not considered odd in that situation since real beds were few and in winter the warmth of another body was necessary. In the privacy of that farmer’s bed in the loft we eventually did more than sleep. I will say I enjoyed it. Actually, I began to look forward to sleeping with this very sensuous man. For two years we arranged to sleep together in tents, bunkers and abandoned houses. At one point the men of my unit were sleeping in a wrecked passenger wagon of a train. Finding a dry and warm place to sleep was usually a challenge and if it required someone to share a bed that is what you did or in our case wanted to do. The warmth and comradeship of Mikhail kept me sane doing that horrible time. One of the saddest times of my life was the day he died in battle.” “After the war I returned to your mother’s bed and never had need for companionship with anyone else as long as she lived. We were both very passionate and no matter how poor we were we had our love.” But, having said that I will confess that I do enjoy looking at a beautiful woman or handsome man. It is an inexpensive pleasure. Vladek then spoke, “While we are confessing I have something to share. I knew you and mother had a very loving relationship. Now that I am too big to be punished I admit that after I learned about men and women from the older boys when we smoked, drank beer and messed around in the attic I sometimes spied on you and mother. It was a pleasure to see my parents in such a loving way.” “Son, now I have a confession. I also spied on my parents, your grandparents. It certainly was an education when the entire family lived and slept in one room. And another confession. I knew you were spying on your mother and me sometimes when we made love. That was my way of giving my son a lesson in sex between man and woman. I was very careful to do it in a very loving way and make sure your mother had as much pleasure as I. Maybe I was wrong to let you see it but in my mind you needed to know how wonderful it could be for a loving man and his wife. And, I also wanted to give you the same educational experience I had from watching my parents.” “Papa, you told me you enjoy looking at beautiful women and handsome men. When you go to the banya you visit on pensioners’ free day. Probably the only handsome man you see is yourself. Let’s visit the banya when full price is required. They will be no poor old men. You will enjoy time with younger men. We could go as soon as Katrina and Aiden return. I am sure he would want to go with us.” “It would be my pleasure.” Vladek placed his arms around his father and while he hugged him he kissed him on the cheek, not like one would kiss an elderly aunt but with tenderness for the father he had not seen in years. Following their conversation papa was resting while Vladek read Russian magazines when an exuberant Katrina and Aiden returned from their ticket buying adventure. For her visiting McDonalds and an upscale coffee house was a rare if ever to happen experience for an elderly Russian. Obviously she had had a grand time with the young man with whom she could not communicate. As she chatted she bounced over to Aiden kissing him on the cheek. Over tea and cookies they discussed the ballet and other performances they would be attending. Then his father reminded Valdek that they planned to go to the banya when Aiden returned. Vladek had been concerned that such an excursion when combined with the other excitement of the day might be over tiring for his father. Obviously he wanted to go or he would not have reminded him. Near the entrance to the banya they purchased three boughs of white birch from a street vendor. Vladek and Aiden also bought felt hats to wear in the steam room. Boris had brought his. The hats were necessary as the steam rooms can reach a temperature of 200 F (93 C). The birch boughs would be used to hit themselves or companions to improve circulation while in the hot room. The banya they visited had a banya for women on the second floor and one for men on the third. There was a kiosk on the first floor (which is the street level floor in Russia – same as USA) where one paid a small fee and received a ticket. Upon entering the banya the attendant took the ticket and gave a bath sheet if purchased with ticket. There were about 50 lockers in a large room. Each metal locker was about 1.7m (5 feet) high and had a seat in front of the double doors. The men stripped, hung their clothes in the locker and remained naked throughout their visit only using the bath sheet or towel from home for drying. The next room contained showers, benches, and a cold water barrel high and wide enough for one brave man to jump in between steam room visits. The next room was a sauna type room with a wood furnace that heated to as much as 93 C (200 F). Many men wore felt hats to protect their heads from the extreme heat. There was a cup size scoop to take water from a barrel and throw it on the fire to create moist heat. Most men brought mats or towels from home to sit on the hot wood benches. The men would strip, shower, go into the sauna, swat themselves or friends with the birch boughs, shower again and then sit naked at their locker resting or talking to friends. After sitting awhile most would do the shower, sauna, swat, shower routine again. Vladek and his father found adjacent vacant locker / seats and Aiden located one directly across from them. All three stripped naked, and walked to the next room wearing only shower slippers and carrying their birch boughs, a bar of soap, loofas / sponges and mats to sit on in the hot room. This room contained the showers and benches where men washed themselves. The three were pleased with the eye candy. Without shame Boris checked out his son and Aiden. He was proud that Vladek had developed into a handsome man and while his dick was not the biggest and his balls did not hang the lowest the package was perfectly formed. Checking out Aiden he inspected one of the few cut dicks he had ever seen. While the dick was not large it was a pleasing sight on this handsome young man. Both Vladek and Aiden checked out Boris. Vladek was happy that his father’s body, not just his dick, was as handsome and strong as one would expect for someone in their 90s. He noted that his father’s dick was just as he had remember it from the shower experiences in the tram depot over sixty years earlier. In the second room, the shower room, Vladek followed his father to one of the open shower stalls. While holding the loofa under the running water he rubbed soap into it. He then proceeded to wash his father’s back. There was nothing unusual about the sight of one man washing another’s back. However, the friend washing was limited to the back. Never would they stand facing each other, dick to dick, and wash the other. Stepping back his father continued to wash himself. Vladek then stepped to the next stall and taking the loofah from Aiden and washed his back. While they washed each other Boris sat on a bench watching them. When they joined Boris he said, “Washing and being washed by your friend must have resulted in a very special feeling. It sure felt good when you, a strong man, washed my back. At least now I do not have to worry about showing my excitement when a handsome man washes me. When I was your age and someone offered to wash my back I had a very difficult time not showing my happiness. At age 94 it takes more than a back wash to get it up.” “Papa, you embarrass me with your sexy talk. But I do enjoy being with you and hope when I am your age I am as healthy and horny as you.” Aiden laughed and gave the old man a thumbs up (a universal sign) when the conversation was translated. The men donned their felt hats and entered the hot room through the door at the back of the shower room. They each carried a birch bough that had been soaking in a plastic container while they showered. This wood lined room had a three tier seating section to the left, a platform with built in benches straight ahead and an open furnace to the right. The higher one sat the hotter the temperature. They chose seats on the second tier and after placing mats on the extremely hot wood bench sat. There were three men on the bench of the platform. One stood and swatted himself with his birch bough. Each swat sent out a spray of sweat with some landing on Vladek and the other two. The man sat and the other two stood. One began swatting the other on the back, ass stomach and legs. As he was pummeled the man receiving the beating held his hands over his cock and balls for protection. Changing positions the swatting continued with sweat spraying around the area. While being sprayed with sweat was not pleasant, looking at these two Russians was VERY pleasant. They were both about forty with trim bodies. Both dicks were impressive and the cock of the swatter swung over bouncing balls as he beat his friend. While watching gave Vladek and friends erotic thoughts it did not appear to be erotic to the two men, just something that Russians did for each other. Another man entered the room. He walked to the open furnace, dipped a ladle in a pail of water and thrust the water into the furnace. The room suddenly felt even hotter as a puff of steam came out of the furnace opening. The man then sat on the top tier, the hottest area in the room, behind Aiden. Vlad stood, stepped down to the floor and told Aiden to join him. He then swatted his lover as Aiden held his hands over his cock and balls willing them to behave. The beating by his lover not only felt good to the body but also erotic to the soul. Luckily his dick behaved and he returned the favor beating his Russian lover. When Vlad offered to swat his father Boris motioned him to lean in. He then whispered into his son’s ear, “Watching you two hitting each other was enough stimulation for this old body.” Following quick showers they returned to the main room and each sat on the metal bench in front of their locker. Vladek purchased three bottles of beer from the attendant and the three drank their beer while resting and most important observing. There was a smorgasbord of ages, sizes and body fitness. There was even a fit looking father with two young sons probably about eight and ten years of age. The three enjoyed clandestinely checking out the many mostly naked men. Boris whispered into his son’s ear, “See that man at the end? Look at him from the shoulder down. Does he remind you of someone?” After checking out the handsome man Vladek replied, “That tall thin guy has a beautiful dick, it is the longest of all hanging over balls that hang low. I remember a similar sight from over sixty years ago. That body from shoulder to toes resembles Anatoli.” Father replied, “I agree.” Following a return to the showers, steam room and whacking with birch boughs, back to the showers and then relaxing they departed the banya refreshed and relishing the delightful views of the 25% of the men at the banay who were fit and appealing. Back at the apartment Vladek and Aiden visited Pavel and his wife in their room to give father an opportunity to rest as he appeared exhausted. Back at the hotel that evening Vladek called ‘rainbow man’. Aiden assumed the conversation that he did not understand was pleasant as his love smiled and laughed during the fifteen minute chat. Vladek finally hung up, “That was certainly interesting. When Andrei, or ‘rainbow man’ as we have called him discovered we are Americans he insisted that we visit his place for dinner. He will invite a few friends, some of whom speak English. I accepted a dinner invitation for Sunday after the Moscow Philharmonic concert at the Tchaikovsky Concert Hall with my family. I told him that our Russian friend, Dimitri, might come along. Andrei asked me questions about our backgrounds. When I told him we were university professors of political science and finance he told me he would invite friends to our party with similar backgrounds. He is a chemical engineer and his partner is an administrator of a high school. Americans would call a person with a similar job a ‘school principal’.” Aiden laughed as he again stated, “So many men. So little time.”
  13. June 1992 Exhausted Vlad and Aiden stood in the slow moving line at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport. The odyssey had started nineteen hours earlier with their departure from Cleveland Hopkins Airport. With three flights, two layovers and a time difference of eight hours they arrived Moscow at 5pm (17.00) having departed Cleveland at 2pm (14.00) the previous day. Sleep was difficult in their cramped economy seats during the eight hour New York to Frankfort portion of the trip. Exhaustion was not Vlad’s main concern. As he observed military guards throughout the airport with their automatic machine guns he pictured himself being dragged away for deserting the Soviet army forty-five years earlier. He leaned into Aiden. As their shoulders touched each felt the intimacy of the other. For them touching shoulders was the same as a kiss. If they leaned in hard it was a deep kiss. Pressing so hard that each had to brace their legs to keep from falling to the side indicated a deep, tongue down the throat kiss. As Vlad leaned to the left, Aiden leaned back to the right. Each leaned harder. Vlad shifted his legs to give himself a good foundation and leaned firmer. As Aiden pushed back Vlad whispered in his ear, “If you push any harder I’m going to cum in my pants.” Aiden smiled at his friend as the two drifted apart and Vlad’s dick receded. Their moment of passion had brought them to the head of the line and Vlad was now facing the dreaded passport control officer. The bored appearing cute, blue eyed young man took Vlad’s passport and examined the photo and then looked up and scrutinized Vlad’s face, returning to the passport and again looking at the photo. He then found the visa and examined it carefully for about thirty seconds which to Vlad seemed an eternity. Then to the shock of Vlad the young man again studied Vlad’s face, the photo and Vlad’s face again finally saying, “добро пожаловать домой в россию” (“Welcome home to Russia”) with a smile. He then stamped the passport and visa and handed them back to Vlad. Vlad, still trembling, passed through the barrier and waited for Aiden who appeared to move through the process faster. Another concern Vlad had as they entered Russia was money. Since the use of credit cards was not yet available they carried enough cash to finance their visit. In addition to the normal required cash Vlad and Aiden were carrying $500 that Fedor had asked them to give Dimitri and $4,000 that Vlad would give his parents or brother if he was able to find them. This extra cash of forty-five $100 bills was carried by Vlad and Aiden in their shoes between the insole and bottom. Upon arrival at the airport they were required to fill out declarations of what they were bringing into Russia. They had not included this extra cash on the declaration as there could have been questions about the amount of excessive cash they were bringing into Russia. The cash declaration was one of the forms the cute, blue eyed passport control office had taken. Upon departure they would have to report the amount of cash they were taking out of the country. Fedor had suggested the method they used to smuggle in the cash. Fedor had suggested they use public transportation to get to their hotel. Some Moscow taxi drivers would take advantage of foreign tourist with excessive fees. Also, it was likely the taxi would get bogged down in Moscow’s gridlock traffic. Thanks to Fedor’s instructions they easily found the local bus to a metro station. Riding the metro was a challenge. With the largest passenger ridership in Europe it transports almost as many as the New York subway and London underground combined. In 1992 all signs and information were only in the Russian language. If one could not read the Russian Cyrillic language riding the metro would be nearly impossible to navigate. Since the names of stations were not usually visible from inside the wagons the difficult to understand announcements even for Russians were the only way to know where you were. At one point they got off the train and waited for it to leave the station so they could read the station name only listed on the wall across the track opposite the platform. Since another train would arrive in 90 seconds this did not cause an excessive delay. Once Vlad determined where they were they got on the next train and counted three station stops to determine where they should get off. (Today the announcements are much clearer and station names are easier to see from the train. But during my first visit in 1997 I used a combination of getting off the train to determine where I was as well as station counting.) They had one change of trains at the Kitay Gorod station. Vlad and Aiden followed the mass of people walking through the tunnel connecting the two lines meeting at that station. A man of about thirty began talking to Aiden who of course did not understand what the man was saying. The stranger pointed to the suitcase Aiden was pulling on rollers. Both Vlad and Aiden had one large suitcase, a smaller carryon and a small backpack. To help identify their suitcases and protect them from accidental opening they had secured a multicolored strap around each one. Vlad then asked the man what his concern was. As the crowd continued to pass by the man said to Vlad in Russian, “You have a rainbow strap on your suitcase. Does this mean you are a man of the rainbow?” Vlad thought he understood the man’s comment. When he had bought the straps for their suitcases he had not considered the rainbow significance. He just thought the many colors would be easier to identify their bags. Possibly this man was asking if they were gay. Vlad replied, “My friend and I consider the rainbow a symbol of our lifestyles. May I have your phone number? Maybe we can meet sometime to discuss Russian culture.” The man smiled as he opened his man purse, common in Russia, and took out a small notebook. He wrote a phone number down and handed it to Vlad. He smiled as he told them it would be a pleasure to have a discussion with such handsome men. He shook both of their hands while gazing into their eyes with a smile of lust. As the man hurried away Vlad explained the encounter to Aiden. “Should we call him? If my assumption is correct we could have a very interesting discussion of Russian culture.” Aiden laughed as he commented, “Will it be a hands on lesson?” (Note to reader: This actually happened to me as I walked through a crowded tunnel of the metro pulling my suitcase with its rainbow strap. Unfortunately I was walking in a daze of exhaustion having just arrived in Moscow and did not encourage the handsome man. Possibly I was wrong about his intention. I do not speak or understand Russian. If I had an opportunity to do it again I could have asked for his phone number and then have a Russian friend help me communicate with him.) Although it was almost 10:00 (22.00) by the time they were settled in their room Vlad suggested they call Dimitri. Fedor had given him numbers at both his apartment and Dimitri’s room indicating that Dimitri would most likely be at his number. Vlad called Fedor’s apartment first and Dimitri answered on the second ring. Since Fedor had given Dimitri no notice by phone or letter that friends were visiting Moscow, Dimitri was suspicious of Vlad’s intent. Fedor had not warned his lover of the visit as he did not want anyone at the Embassy to know he had American friends and he assumed his phone calls and letters were monitored. The only way he could send a letter to Dimitri was to put it in a diplomatic pouch and have it mailed by the Foreign Ministry in Moscow. A letter sent by US mail could take weeks to arrive if at all and may have been given to authorities in Moscow by the Russian Post Office. Vlad was careful as to what he said as he had been warned there was a small, very small, possibility that the phone call was monitored. Vlad assumed that Dimitri’s reluctance to show any emotion was for the benefit of possible monitors. Vlad did not mention he had brought a letter, money or gifts from Fedor. He just told Dimitri that he was given his name as someone that might give them tourist information. When Vlad told Dimitri that he wanted to know where to get some delicious Russian bread that was so pleasing to the lips (remember the code word, bread = kiss) Dimitri gave a gasp and told him he would gladly help Vlad find tasty Russian bread. They arranged to meet the following afternoon at the entrance to the VDNK metro station near the Cosmos Hotel. Vlad related his conversation to Aiden while both undressed. Naked Aiden walked to the bathroom and soon called to Vlad, “How in hell does someone take a bath or shower in Russia?” Vlad laughed as he walked into the bathroom and saw the small bathtub. There was a rubber hose attached to the bathtub waterspout with a sprayer at its end. There was no shower curtain. Vlad then explained how to shower by standing and directing the spray so that stray water hit the wall next to the shower being careful not to get the entire room wet or he could kneel and wash himself. Then Vlad suggested, “Why don’t I just wash you?” By the time Vlad had finished washing the travel grime off his lover using the tiny bar of harsh brown soap and giving special attention to the crotch he was on his knees sucking his friend clean. Aiden then returned the favor, washing and sucking. Then they dried each other using the thin towels that were the size of hand towels at home. At this point each just wanted to go to bed and each got into one of the two single beds. Vlad told his plans for the next day. They would visit his home that he had last visited in 1943, forty-nine years earlier when he had an opportunity to visit his mother when he was stationed in Moscow during the war. Both his father and brother were away fighting in the Soviet army. Knowing that Soviet citizens rarely moved once they found a place to live he hoped to find his brother there and possibly his parents who would be in their 90s, if alive. Or at least he hoped to find one of his old neighbors who would have information about his family. In addition to finding his brother and possibly parents they would meet with Dimitri and sometime in the next few days call ‘rainbow man’ from the metro. As he fell asleep Aiden’s last words were, “So many men, so little time”. Late the following morning after taking the wrong metro line Vlad and Aiden finally found themselves standing outside the building Vlad had lived in until he departed for high school and willingly into the bed of his German teacher, Franz Eberhardt at the age of 16, 56 years earlier. The only change to the exterior of the building since the 1940s was the installation of a heavy-duty entrance door and a row of doorbells. While each doorbell had a place for a name card next to it there were no names. (I was told by my Russian friend that during Soviet times names were not posted making it difficult for authorities, especially the police, to know exactly where one lived.) They decided to wait until someone arrived at the door either coming or going and hopefully get in or at least information about his family. Soon the door opened and a lady probably in her 50s came out. When Vlad started to tell her he had lived in that building she glared at him with suspicion and just walked away. Ten minutes later a young woman arrived pushing a baby carriage. When she approached the door Vlad again started to tell his story. She listened to him and replied, “Why don’t you enter and go up to your old flat. Most of the residents of this building have lived here for years. Hopefully someone will answer your knock and have information for you.” As she released the door using a fob pressed against round plate next to the door Vlad held it open so she could push the carriage in. Then as she took her child Aiden carried the carriage up three flights. Vlad stopped at the second flight and found himself standing in front of a door he had not entered for almost fifty years. With a feeling of trepidation he pressed a button next to the door. He could hear the sound of ringing inside. He waited, no response. He pressed again. Finally he heard some movement inside. Then a very unfriendly sounding voice called out from the other side, “Who is there? What do you want?” Vlad replied, “Hello, I am Vladimir Melnikov. I lived here with my parents and brother and grandparents before the war. I now live in the USA.” The voice behind the door, “Vladimir Melnikov died at the end of the war.” “No he did not. I am living proof that he is alive.” “How do I know you are really the handsome Vladek?” Vlad (or Vladek as he was called in Russia) then described his flat, told that his father was a tram operator and described other people in the flat including a pretty little girl Katrina who always asked him to help her with her studies.” Vladek then heard the door being unlocked with multiple keys. When it opened a woman about his age rushed to him and wrapped her arms around him. “Oh Vladek, what ever happened to you?” Then standing back she exclaimed, “You are as handsome today as you were many years ago.” He suddenly realized he was looking into the eyes of Katrina. She grabbed him again and kissed him cheek to cheek three times in the Russian tradition. Aiden who had returned from helping with the carriage stood in bewilderment as his lover was being passionately attacked by this Russian lady. She then ushered the two in. Holding Vladek’s hand she directed them to her room. “Sit down while I make tea. She plugged in the electric water pot that was on a table in her room. She left the room and returned within a minute with cups and a plate of cookies. Pouring tea she began, “I am sure you want to know about your family. Your mother passed away about twenty years ago. Your father is as handsome and healthy as ever at the age of 94. My husband never returned from the war. A year after your mother died Boris (Vladek’s father) moved from across the hall to this room. We have been a great comfort to each other.” Vladek realized his 94 year old father was living with this woman in her late 60s. They began their relationship when he was in his early 70s and she in her late 40s. Then he chuckled to himself as he realized he was now about the same age as his father and Aiden the same age as Katrina when they began their relationship. He remember how sensual his father had been and assumed he had and possibly still made Katrina very happy. Vlad translated this bit of news to Aiden adding that they were sitting on the sofa that opened into a bed and love nest for his father. Katrina continued, “Your brother, Pavel, his wife and one of their sons and his wife live in your old room. He worked for the Ministry of Transportation and is retired. Their other son, his wife and two girls live near the Arbat. On Wednesday mornings Boris and Pavel go to the banya (public bath). It is the free day of the week for pensioners who fought in the war. After the banya they usually sit in the park at the end of our street drinking beer and talking to friends. Pavel’s wife is visiting her daughter-in-law at her place near the Arbat. You could go to the park and find your father and brother.” Vladek translated the information to Aiden. Katrina gave Vladek an extra fob for the door at the street and the two departed for the park. Vladek remembered the park with feelings of nostalgia. As Vladek entered the small park he immediately recognized his father. He would not have recognized his brother. With tears in his eyes he told Aiden, “That handsome man on the third bench is my father and my brother is next to him.” They were talking to three men who were on a bench opposite them. There was a small space at the end of the bench next to his father. Aiden suggested, “Why don’t you go and sit next to your father. I will sit over there for now. You can introduce me later.” Vladek walked over to his father’s bench. He sat down next to his father. His father looked at him and said, “Do I know you? You look familiar.” Vladek leaned forward and looked into the old man’s eyes. “Yes, you know me very well. But you have not seen me for almost fifty years. I am your son, Vladek.” “No, you cannot be Vladek. He died in the war. After the war one of your army mates came to our room and told us you had disappeared in Berlin” “That is true. I did disappear when in Berlin. It is a long story. I will tell you the entire story but not today. It is too complicated. I have lived in the United States since 1947.” “When you walked up to my bench I knew it was you but did not believe myself,” the father said with tears in his eyes. Vladek reached for his hand and then they fell into an embrace. Vladek then turned to his brother, “Pavel, I understand you are a father to two boys and grandfather to two little girls. Congratulations!” Pavel smiled as the two brothers reached for each other’s hands with their father between them. “I went to our room and met Katrina. She gave me some details of your lives and told me where I could find you.” Vladek then motioned for Aiden to join them. Since Aiden’s Russian was limited to a few words their greeting was limited to handshakes and smiles. On the way back to the apartment Vladek insisted on buying food stopping at a store that sold meat in one section and dairy products in another. After purchasing sausage and cheese they continued and bought bread at a window level with the sidewalk and finally some carrots and cucumbers from a street vendor. Each place had a very limited amount of food. (As the economy gradually switched toward capitalism the stores began selling more products at considerably higher prices.) Of course they easily found beer, vodka and soft drinks. Vladek gladly paid for all the purchases. He realized the cost of the sausage and cheese was priced as a luxury item for most Russians, something purchased only for special occasions. The remainder of the day the father and two sons discussed their life stories since the end of the war while Aiden, having anticipated the long discussions read a book he had brought, John Grisham’s latest, The Pelican Brief. The three also discussed the changes in the economy. They had heard that the government would soon turn over homes to the occupants. Boris who was the registered tenant of the room where his son and family lived would soon own the room. Likewise Katrina would own her room. Eventually they could sell their room or buy additional rooms in the apartment. Late in the afternoon Vlad discretely asked Aiden to go out to the hall of the apartment and retrieve $4,000 from their shoes. (In Russia and just about every place in the world except the USA shoes are removed when entering a home. There is usually a pile of slippers near the entrance for residents and guests.) Since privacy was limited Vladek then suggested he and his brother Pavel go to the kitchen for a private chat. At that moment no one from any of the four families that shared the apartment were in the kitchen. Vladek gave his brother the money. The brother was dumbfounded as this represented more than a year’s salary. Vladek told his brother that he should use the money in any way that would benefit their father or his family. He suggested that the money might be used to buy Katrina’s room and any other rooms in the apartment that might become available. By 5:00 (17:00) Vlad had met his sister-in-law, nephew and his wife. Their conversation would have continued into the evening if they did not have the appointment with Dimitri. They arranged to return the next day. Pavel gave Vladek a fob to enter the building and a set of keys for the apartment and their family’s room within the apartment. Aiden and Vladek then rushed to the metro station and with no difficulty arrived at the metro station near their hotel ten minutes prior to the agreed meeting time with Dimitri. When they emerged from the station they saw numerous people, single, in pairs or groups apparently waiting for friends. Aiden spotted an incredibly handsome man of about thirty. When their eyes met Aiden felt his dick give a happy response. Hoping this was Dimitri they approached him. Vladek asked, “Dimitri?” The Adonis smiled and held out his hand. As Aiden touched it he remembered Fedor’s comment about Dimitri having the hands of an athlete. The touch and firm shake sent an electrifying message to Aiden’s dick. Vladek then asked Dimitri, “Are you the friend of Fedor?” Dimitri smiled as he replied that he was. “When Fedor learned we were visiting Moscow he told us we should meet his friend. Let’s go to the hotel bar and get to know each other better. I am Vladek and this is my friend, Aiden. He does not speak Russian.” Then in a slow English Dimitri replied, “I am learning to speak English. If I make mistakes please correct me. Although it will be difficult for me to talk in English it will be good practice.” As they walked to the hotel Vladek told their new Russian friend how they had met Fedor. He told how at first he thought they were in trouble and would have their visa applications denied when they admitted to have lived together for years. They were greatly relieved upon discovering Fedor was in a similar situation and just wanted someone to talk to in the USA. As they sat at a table in the hotel bar they shared life adventures without any mention of sexual activity. When Vladek was satisfied this was the real Dimitri he told their new friend that Fedor had given them a letter, gifts and money to give him. Vladek asked Dimitri if he would like to come to their room to receive the items or if he did not want to go up to the room, Aiden would go and get the items. Dimitri replied that he would prefer the privacy of their room. After the door to their room had closed Vladek first retrieved the letter and handed the sealed envelope to Dimitri. While their friend read the letter Aiden took the remainder of the smuggled money, $500, out of his shoe and Vladek placed the gifts on one of the beds. Dimitri was crying by the time he finished the letter. Aiden asked him if the letter contained bad news. “Oh no. It is just that I miss him so much. He told me you are good men and that I should do everything possible to show you a good time during your visit. He underlined the words ‘good time’.” Dimitri was surprised at the $500 cash gift. American dollars were coveted. Since the fall of the Soviet Union inflation caused a decrease in the value of the ruble, sometimes daily. Having money in dollars not only gave him money to spend it protected him from the devaluation of his own currency while he held the dollars. He then turned his attention to the gifts. Fedor had sent him a pair of sneakers, two pairs of 510 button fly Levis, (one black – the preferred color of Russians and the other blue), four muscle T shirts and six pairs of underwear. Just touching the silky, nylon underwear had given Aiden a hardon as he packed them. There were two pairs of briefs (red and white), two pairs of bikini briefs (light green and yellow) and two posing straps (black and lavender). Dimitri inspected each pair of jeans, the T shirts and lingered on the underwear. “I must try these on.” Without hesitation he stripped naked. Both Vladek and Aiden had to restrain gasps as they viewed this muscular handsome man of about 5’ 10” (1.78 m). While he appeared stocky there was no fat, just muscle. Facing them he asked, “What should I try on first?” This hesitation on his part appeared to be an excuse to show off his body. With no shame Aiden and Vladek examined the stunning body: hairless chest, flat six pack stomach, generous uncut cock, crowned by a small thatch of black hair, ample balls, muscular hairless legs and solid feet. As he learned over and turned around to pick up the pair of white briefs his rounded ass cheeks spread revealing an inviting rosebud. Dressed he happily modeled the outfit: a muscle T shirt, jeans and sneakers. Aiden commented. “It fits perfectly. Fedor certainly knows your body.” Dimitri smiled, “Yes he does! Never have I worn such luxurious underwear. I must try on the other styles.” He again got naked now having a somewhat inflated dick. He handed the two bikini briefs to Aiden. “Which one should I try on?” As Aiden selected the yellow ones he thought to himself, ‘this guy is certainly enjoying enticing us’. Dimitri put them on and walked around the room wearing only the bikini. He inspected himself at the small mirror near the entrance door. Then looking at both, “Would you like to feel the softness of this material?” Both fingered the soft yellow material, Vladek near the dick which he could feel rising and Aiden the bubble ass. Removing the yellow bikini he asked Vlad to select a posing strap. Vladek handed him the lavender one. Now with an almost hard dick Dimitri stepped into the posing strap. He stood in front of his friends. As he raised his arms over his head revealing black tufts of armpit hair the front of the pouch moved out as his dick rose. He turned around displaying his perfect ass with the string of the strap running up his ass crack. When he turned to face them again Aiden said, “Do you mind if I inspect the design of your underwear?” “It would be my pleasure to have you inspect this gift that you so thoughtfully carried across the ocean to me.” Aiden kneeled and fingered the delicate material of the pouch. With his index finger under the pouch and thumb rubbing on the outside he felt the soft material and the now rock hard dick that was straining to be released. Aiden moved the pouch to the side and the manhood sprung out almost hitting his face. Precum oozed out of the opening in the uncut skin that covered the cock. As Aiden pulled the skin back and licked the juices from the dick hole Vladek leaned in and nibbled on a nipple. Dimitri stepped back, “This is not fair. We should be equal. Get naked so I can have pleasant sights and feelings with my hands, mouth and ass.” Then he notice another gift on the bed. “What is this other package on the bed? Is it also from Fedor?” “Open it”, Aiden replied. As Dimitri opened the package the two men quickly undressed. Now three naked men with hard swinging dicks stood in the room. Dimitri smiled as he opened the package of four dozen (48) condoms. “Preservatives (Russian word for condom) from America. Russian ones are not dependable, always breaking. Fedor is telling me to be safe while he is away. It would give me great pleasure to have you demonstrate their use.” As he said this he eyed Vladek’s impressive dick. Still wearing the posing strap with a string running through his ass crack Dimitri bent over leaning against the bed. Needing no additional invitation Vladek eagerly opened a condom package and rolled a pre lubricated one over his eager dick. Pulling the string aside he used spit on his finger to provide additional lube to both the willing hole and condom. As he leaned over the Russian Vladek whispered in his ear, “Do you want me to be easy or wild?” Dimitri turned his head, “I learned an American phrase in class last week, ‘No pain, No gain’.” With that encouragement Vladek clamped his hand over Dimitri’s mouth to stifle a possible scream of pleasure, placed his dickhead against the hole and with no mercy rammed in. Dimitri gave a muffled shriek as the older Russian thrust in and out. While he would have normally paced himself, Vladek could not resist the temptation to continue until exploding. As he pulled out Aiden inspired by the reaction of Dimitri to Vladek’s attack shoved in his condom clad dick. To both his and Dimitri’s disappointments he shot within seconds of his first thrust. As Aiden pulled out Vladek pushed Dimitri onto his back. Grabbing the young Russian’s dick he roughly jacked it a few strokes until it erupted spewing cum over the chest and face. The three snuggled together and rested for about ten minutes. Then Dimitri said, “I am very happy that my Fedor sent gifts that so inspired all of us. You must tell him how much I enjoyed our meeting. I am going to go to the bathroom and clean myself.” When he returned a few minutes later still wearing the posing strap he asked, “Please fuck me again. This time long and slow.” He laid on his back, placed a pillow under his ass and smiled at the visitors from America. Forty-five minutes later as he dressed putting on his new Levis and muscle T shirt they discussed a future meeting. Dimitri told them that the following evening he was required to attend the birthday party of his boss at the boss’s apartment. Then he lamented, “I hope what happened last year is not repeated. I had too much to drink and went to use the toilet. One of the administrators, a women of about fifty who also had too much to drink, followed me into the small room and locked the door. She said, ‘I want to watch you piss.’ I had to go so bad I just pulled it out and let the piss stream out. Then as I shook off the last drops she pushed me away from the toilet, got on her knees and swallowed my soft dick. Lips on my dick, even those of a woman, got me hard. She sucked me until I shot down her throat. She swallowed, stood and opened the door. One of the other women from the office was waiting to use the toilet and saw me standing there with my hard dick sticking out. I zipped up my pants and as I walked out the door she looked at me and smiled. A week later one of my man friends told me he had heard about the session with the administrator and that the women were discussing my, as he said, ‘beautiful, manly penis’. This year I will not drink and never go close to a bathroom.” Vladek stated that he planned on spending all day Saturday with his father, brothers and their families. Since all the conversations would be in Russian Aiden would probably prefer to go sightseeing with Dimitri. Their new Russian friend stated that he was sure he could provide the American friend with an interesting day. They kissed goodbye in the room and then escorted Dimitri to the nearby metro station. Returning to their room they helped each other shower and in a state of exhaustion crawled into one of the narrow beds, wrapped their naked bodies around each other and almost immediately fell asleep. In the middle of the night Vladek felt a familiar warmness on his dick. After giving his love liquid protein he used his fist while holding the ever ready glad rag to relieve his man. In less than five minutes the double encounter was over and each was asleep holding the other.
  14. November 9, 1989 A month after Ji’s funeral Vlad sat mesmerized in front of his television. He felt an emptiness resulting from the loss of this courageous woman he had hosted weekly at his apartment while she underwent treatment. He admired the love David, her husband, had demonstrated. David at age 25 was playing roles that were overwhelming yet enjoyable: husband and tender caretaker to Ji, lover of PT, farmer and most important, father to three youngsters who would have become orphans without the love and care of David and PT. While his friends had been on his mind constantly since Ji’s death what he was seeing on television brought his thoughts to international concerns What he was seeing was epic and historic. As a political science professor he was not surprised at the event taking place in Berlin. That the fall of the Berlin Wall was happening so fast without any confrontation by the Soviet Union did surprise him. While he knew the USSR’s influence was weakening he did not expect its loss of control over Central Europe would happen so fast. Soviet domination of various countries was eroding during the 1980s. Within a month, Poland, the largest country under Soviet authority that was not part of the USSR, would became a free country. Vlad speculated that soon the Soviet Union would break up making his home country, Russia, an independent nation. He prayed for the cold war to end as he had not be able to visit his home in Moscow or even communicate by letter since he had defected in 1947 when he went AWOL from the Soviet army. At the time he was stationed in Berlin immediately after the end of World War II. Being fluent in German and English as well as his native Russian he interpreted for the Soviets meeting with top officials of the Americans, then allies of the Soviet Union. When he had an official visit to the office of an American officer to review military material his visit resulted in far and beyond more than just picking up military information. While their first encounter was a fantastic sexual experience eventually the friendship of the American, Major Alan Walters became more than great sex while a true bond developed. This resulted in his having a better understanding of American policy. He was surprised that the Americans were there to help the Germans survive the aftermath of the destruction while the Soviet attitude was to take anything possible. Rape by Soviet forces was overlooked while the Americans punished bad behavior by their troops, if caught. Vlad became disillusioned by the Soviets and agreed to spy for the Americans. Nearly caught in the act he escaped to the American sector of Berlin and was flown to Washington where he worked for the US government. As he watched the wall crumble on TV he decided to call his old friend Major Walters at his home in Pennsylvania. The two had a long discussion about world happenings. ………………………………………….. December 26, 1991 Two years following the fall of the Berlin Wall Vlad watched on TV as his home, the Soviet Union, dissolved. The Soviet Union had been created in 1922, two years after Vlad’s birth. Fifteen separate countries were merged to form the USSR or Soviet Union. These countries with different cultures, ethnicities, religions and languages were forced together. Since Russia was the largest country merged into the USSR the term Russia and USSR were frequently synonymous. For the first two years of his life Vlad lived in Russia, then it became part of the USSR. For the next 25 years he lived in and eventually fought in the army of the USSR until his defection to the USA. Two complications made it impossible to contact his family. First, the cold war resulted in virtually no contact between ordinary Soviet citizens and the free world. Secondly, since he had deserted from the Soviet army and escaped from the USSR his family might be at risk if they communicated with a deserter. It was assumed telephone calls and mail was monitored so he did not write and could not call since they did not have a phone when he deserted and did not know their number if they now had a phone. AT 71 years of age Vlad did not want to delay a visit. As soon as the collapse was finalized he began making plans for a visit to the new Russian Federation. His lover, 49 year old Aiden, insisted on traveling with him. Vlad soon discovered that obtaining a Russian visa would be challenging. It would be difficult because the rules were not only complicated but seemed to be fluid, constantly changing. He could not find a travel agent in Ohio who could help him so he decided to travel to Washington DC during spring break to visit the Russian Embassy. Since Vlad had retired from his professorship they planned a trip to Washington during Aiden’s spring break. They departed by car after Aiden’s last class on Friday morning and were at the home of their friends, Jacob (Jake) and Rob in Washington by early evening. These two lovers had inherited the brownstone home of their mentor, Reg, who had died five years earlier. …………………………. Background on Reg, Jake and Rob: These three men were introduced in the previous book of this series, Russia My Home. Soon after Vlad’s arrival in the USA following his escape from the Soviet Army in 1947 he met 50 year old Reginald Bagley (Reg) who took the young immigrant under his wing (and into his bed). Three years later the two friends, Vlad and Reg, drove across Pennsylvania to visit Vlad’s American Army friend, Major Walters. Reg suggested they drive on back roads to see the picturesque Amish countryside. When their car broke down an Amish family invited them to stay the night. The family had no telephone. They could not call a repair garage. The farmer offered to drive them to town and auto service garage the following day. Thirty year old Vlad and the son, eighteen year old Jacob (Jake), became instant friends (and bedmates). Within a year Jake left his Amish family and lifestyle and moved in with Reg and Vlad. With Reg’s guidance Jake received a high school diploma (Amish usually attended school only up to the state required age of 16) and financed his university education. Jake accepted a job with the Department of Agriculture following university graduation. A few years later Vlad left Reg’s home to attend graduate school at Western Reserve University in Cleveland. Upon completion of his PhD he accepted a teaching position at Western Reserve. Eight years after their travel through Amish country Vlad and Reg took a vacation road trip that took them throughout the Midwest and as far west as Cheyenne. In the Tennessee mountains they picked up a 18 year old hitchhiker, Rob, who was on his way from home in Frog Creek, Tennessee to the freedom to be who he was in San Francisco. Rob accepted the offer of Vlad and Reg to change his destination to Cleveland. With the financial support of Vlad and Reg he enrolled in college in Cleveland. Soon after his studies started he visited Reg at his home in Washington. There he met Jake. They bonded emotionally, sexually and every way two men can get together. The following semester he changed universities and moved in with Reg and Jake. The two lovers, Rob and Jake, recently celebrated twenty years together. ………………………………. Following a weekend of relaxation, sightseeing and conversation with their friends (but no sex as Rob and Jake were in a totally monogamous relationship) Vlad and Aiden began their quest for a Russian visa. Tuesday morning they dropped off the completed application forms that they had pick up at the Russian Embassy the previous day. Later Tuesday afternoon while relaxing at the house Vlad answered the phone assuming either Jake or Rob were calling with a suggestion for dinner out that evening. He was surprised when he discovered he was speaking to an official at the Russian Embassy who requested an interview with both of them Wednesday afternoon. As soon as Vlad had decided to return to his home, Russia, he became apprehensive as to what kind of reception he might receive by the Russian government. He feared that he might be arrested for deserting the army the Soviet army forty-four years earlier. However, he believed this was extremely unlikely. While the Soviets along with their Allies, the USA and others had won the war, their military was in shambles by the end of the war. Maintaining accurate hand written records of millions of Soviet troops would have been an impossible task. Also, it was unlikely that his commander would have reported his desertion as this would have looked bad on his record. On the day that Vlad had deserted in 1947 there were thousands of Soviet troops in Berlin. There were shortages of everything the Soviet army needed including food, clothing and equipment of any kind including office supplies such as typewriters, paper and even pens. Even if his absence had been recorded the document would be buried and lost in army archives. Or at least that is what Vlad hoped. Vlad and Aiden were seated in the office of Fedor Kuznetsov, a nervous appearing man of about forty. The windowless office had cheap furniture. Fedor’s desk had piles of files as did a table against the wall. The only decoration in the office was a calendar on the wall behind the Russian. Vlad noticed the American calendar with a picture of a New England village was opened to February, a month earlier. A faded area on the sides of the calendar indicated it was covering a spot where a larger picture had been hung. Vlad realized the obligatory photo of Stalin in every office and classroom in the Soviet Union had been removed and replaced with the calendar. A year earlier this had been an office of the Soviet Union Embassy which was now the Embassy of the Russian Federation as well as most of the other countries that had been reinstated following the fall of the USSR. As Vlad sat there he realized he had not been this nervous since he defected from the USSR. He wanted to reach for the hand of Aiden who was sitting next to him. Obtaining comfort from a man would have indicated weakness in the Soviet Union (and at that time the USA as well). He just sat there willing himself to be calm. He easily answered Fedor’s questions about the reason he wanted to visit Russia. Then came the question he had been dreading. He was asked to explain his reason for leaving the Soviet Union. Vlad had anticipated this question and had a ready reply that while being basically untrue was believable. He explained that he had been stationed in Berlin after the end of fighting because of his fluency in both German and English. He told Fedor that he had been the translator at meetings between Soviet officials and American business men who were hoping to establish business partners in the Soviet Union. He then stated that when his Army obligation ended he was asked by an American businessman to go to the USA to assist in the development of a Soviet / American business. Within a year of arrival in the USA it became apparent a joint-venture or any business relationship with the Soviet Union could not be established. He then got a job as a translator and enrolled in a university. Upon obtaining his bachelor’s degree he continued his education and eventually completed a PhD program at Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio. He had accepted a teaching position there and was still a member of the faculty 35 years later. Fedor showed no emotion as he made some notes. Then Fedor asked Vlad how long he had lived at his present address. When he asked Aiden the same question Vlad became concerned. Fedor had discovered they had lived together almost thirty years. Then Fedor stopped asking questions and began writing. Vlad felt a sickness as he assumed he was writing about their probable incestuous relationship. Finally Fedor stopped writing. He then handed a paper to Vlad. ‘Warning, say nothing, the walls have ears. I would like to discuss privately with both of you about your lives. I have lived with my friend in Moscow for years. If you two can meet me at 6:00 at O’Briens Pub two blocks down Wisconsin Avenue nod YES. If not nod NO.’ With relief Vlad nodded YES with a smile. Fedor smiled back. “That ends the interview.” Fedor stood and held out his hand. He shook Vlad’s hand holding it longer than necessary. He then did the same to Aiden. As Fedor entered the bar he looked around with the sign of disappointment on his face until he saw Vlad and Aiden sitting at a table in the back of the dark bar. The disappointment turned into a smile as he approached the table. “I am very happy that you accepted my invitation. I have been in the USA two months and you are the first people, American or Russian, I feel comfortable with since arriving.” Sliding into a chair he continued, “When I reviewed your visa applications and noted that you lived together I thought, ‘maybe they are in the same kind of relationship as I am with my Dimitri who is in Moscow’. I miss him very much. When you told me you have lived together for almost thirty years I thought you might have a close relationship. Maybe I am wrong in my assumption?” Vlad spoke, “You are correct in assuming Aiden and I have a close relationship.” Vlad then told how they had met through a mutual friend when Aiden was a college student exploring graduate studies. Vlad continued, “We are staying with friends here in Washington. When I called Jake this afternoon telling him the details of our interview with you at the Embassy and planned meeting he suggested we invite you to have dinner with us. Our friends, Jake and Rob, have been together for more than thirty years. Their stories are fascinating. Can you join us?” “It would be my pleasure.” Over dinner Fedor was fascinated by the stories of all. Jake told about his life on an Amish farm, meeting Vlad and Reg, living with Reg and attending college and now working at the Department of Agriculture. Rob then explained how he was picked up hitchhiking by Reg and Vlad when he had left his home in the mountains to find happiness in San Francisco but changed his mind when encouraged by his new friends to move to Cleveland and attend college. He related how the day he met Jake when visiting Washington he knew he had found the man he wanted to be with the rest of his life. Aiden told about growing up in Georgia and meeting Vlad. Vlad summarized his life adventure from school in Moscow to Soviet army experiences to moving to the USA. However, he did not tell Fedor he was a deserter. Fedor, the youngest of all at the age of thirty-five had grown up in a small city in Siberia. His story: My parents were both factory managers and were able to send me to high school and then university in Moscow, a three day journey by train from home. At university I majored in linguistics with a specialty in English. Then for ten years I had worked for The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Soviet Union. When the Soviet Union collapsed my office continued its operations as a Ministry of the Russian Federation. I never dreamed that I might be given an assignment at an Embassy since those positions were given to family and friends of government officials and politicians. One day as I was sitting at his desk translating some USA documents I was summoned to the director’s office. One of the top officers of the Ministry was in the office screaming in rage. There had been another incident at the Embassy in Washington when a drunken staff member, the son of a prominent member of the Russian Duma (parliament), had destroyed a hotel room while having an affair (fucking good time) with the daughter of US Senator from a conservative Christian Southern State. This was the fourth embarrassing incident caused by an Embassy employee in less than six months. As the officer calmed down my boss spoke. ‘Fedor, We need a clean, level headed person to work at the Embassy in Washington. I have asked around and all your colleagues agree that you are one of the hardest working men in our division. The lady secretaries tell me you have never harassed or been vulgar with them. It is also rumored that you have never been seen drunk or come to work with a hangover. We need a straightforward, calm man who is proficient in both written and spoken English. You seem to be the one person who fits all these requirements’. Within a week I was in Washington. Saying goodbye to my friend and roommate, Dimitri, was the saddest day of my life. I write him letters and call him at least once a week. We assume all our correspondence and conversations are monitored so our telephone calls and letters are very matter of fact with no emotion. Prior to leaving we agreed on code words such as bread meaning kiss, automobile meaning penis and so forth. In his last letter he told me about a new bakery in his neighbor with delicious bread. Then he asked if I had learned to drive an automatic shift automobile or if I was still pulling on the stick shift.” When asked, Fedor told how he had met Dimitri. “One Sunday afternoon I was walking in Alexander Garden near the Kremlin admiring the beautiful plots of spring flowers. I then noticed a handsome man standing opposite me also admiring the flowers from the other side of the plot. There was something about him. I cannot describe it but I was immediately attracted to him. As I stared at him he smiled. I smiled back. We then each started walking to the end of that plot. As we approached each other he said, ‘These flowers are beautiful.’ I don’t remember what I said but we started to talk to each other as we intently looked into the other’s eyes. I suggested we buy bottles of beer and drink them while sitting on a park bench. He replied that having a beer together would be pleasurable. Then he suggested we have it at his room. Even though I had only know this person for five minutes I knew I would enjoy being with him. It was about a thirty minute walk to his room. We could have taken a trolleybus but walking and talking seemed natural. We bought two beers at a kiosk near his building. He had a single room in an apartment he shared with two other families and another single man. His room had a table with three chairs, a sofa that I with great joy soon learned opened into a bed, a wardrobe, a cabinet and filled bookcases. There was a TV on a small table and a radio on the main table. We sat on the sofa. While we had not specifically stated to each other that we enjoyed the company of men we had discussed our lack of interest in women. We sat on the sofa, close but not touching. He stood and walked to the cabinet. He took out a box of cookies and put some on a plate. When he held the plate out to me our hands touched. Neither of us pulled back. I commented that he had the hands of a sportsman and he replied that I had the hands of an artist. We explored each other’s hands. Of course the fondling of hands caused my dick to get hard. He lowered our hands so that they touched my crotch. While caressing the dick that was straining in my pants with one hand he placed the other on the back of my head and pulled us together. Somehow with our lips still locked together we removed our clothes. I did not leave his room until 5:00 the next morning to go home and get dressed for work. After work I returned to his room. Within a week we decided to live together. With a position at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs I was able to obtain an apartment. I have a two room plus kitchen flat. I feel like I have a life of luxury compared to most Muscovites. Dimitri moved in with me. We no longer share a bathroom with other families. Dimitri keeps his original room. Everyone in Moscow lives in a government owned room or flat. It is rumored that ownership of homes will be given to the occupants. At that time Dimitri will be able to sell his room, probably to a family in one of the other rooms.” (My friend in St Petersburg grew up in a five room – five family – apartment all sharing one kitchen and bathroom. Today he owns all the room where he and his partner live in a spacious apartment previously occupied by about twenty people). “Prior to Dimitri I had never had a serious relationship with a man. While at the university I had a few experiences in a nearby park. One person I met was one of my professors. Luckily I was an excellent student so when sucking his dick and when he sucked me we did it for mutual enjoyment with no expectation or need of a reward of a better grade. In the military I was very careful. Since I am not a big person if it was suspected I enjoyed men I probably would have been raped. Jerking off was just something that guys did. A couple of times I was involved in a circle jerk where each put in a few kopecks and the soldier that shot first got one third of the pot and the one shooting the furthest got the balance. I never won but certainly did enjoy watching the others. That was just army fun, no touching or obvious checking out the dick of the others. Dimitri was the first and only man for which I have had passionate feelings. While being in the USA is a wonderful opportunity and experience, I really miss my man.” The four hosts had been careful to not mention any specific sex acts like sucking or fucking. However, it was now obvious that Fedor would not be surprised or offended by talk of man love. Then Vlad made a suggestion. “Would you like to join us in the sauna we have upstairs. While it is nothing like a Russian banya we find it very relaxing.” Vlad almost did not make the suggestion as he feared such a proposition might be a put off to their Russian friend. To his surprise and pleasure Fedor enthusiastically accepted the offer. Upstairs Vlad handed Fedor a towel and slippers. He ushered him into the guest bedroom and told him he could undress there and that they would meet him in the sauna down the hall. The other four stripped in the master bedroom. Vlad and Aiden then entered the sauna. They removed their towels and placed them around their necks. Rob and Jake decided to wait until a little later as the small sauna only held two men comfortably, three crowded and any additional participants would have to stand. Fedor entered with the towel around his waist. Since being naked in a Russian banya was the normal he removed his towel. Vlad and Rob moved apart from each other leaving a space between them. Their conversation was light as the two Russians told Aiden what to expect in a banya in Russia. Vlad was in a quandary. He did not want to offend his new friend nor did he want to disappoint him. Vlad and Aiden, while committed to each other, had never turned down an attractive three-some and also knew and accepted that the other strayed on occasion. This was totally different from the relationship of Rob and Jake. While the two were willing to talk sex and get naked with friends they were totally monogamous, never touching another man. Finally Vlad said to Fedor while looking into his eyes. “I do not want to offend you and I do not want to disappoint you. If all you want to do is sit and talk that is fine with Aiden and I. If you want to have some man fun with us that would be welcomed by us.” “What are you suggesting we do?” Vlad spread his leg exposing his almost hard dick while placing his hand on Fedor’s knee. Then as he caressed the upper leg he stated, “Whatever gives you pleasure.” As Vlad had his hand on Fedor’s right leg Aiden caressed the left. Fedor then said as he spread his leg releasing his hard dick that bounced up, “What you are doing now gives me pleasure.” He then reached for Aiden’s now hard dick. “My first touch of an American. Thank you for the opportunity.” As Fedor fondled Aiden’s piece naked Jake and Rob entered the tiny sauna. Vlad whispered into Fedor’s ear telling him that while Jake and Rob had no inhibitions concerning sharing their bodies it was eyes only, no touching. Fedor made no attempt to hide his interest in the magnificent uncut dick of Jake that was near his face in the small room. Jake obliged his new friend by gently scratching his balls while pulling back his dick skin. While Fedor enjoyed viewing the masterpiece he reached for Vlad’s. Then with a smile Jake announced, “It’s kind of crowded in here. We’re going to leave and do what we want to do while you three do what you want to do.” Fedor’s already hard dick got harder as he admired the round sculptured ass of Jake as he departed. Then Aiden leaned in and swallowed the Russian as Vlad attacked his mouth from the other side. With the lips of an American on his piece and the lips of a Russian pressed against his Fedor was having the first satisfying experience since arrival in the USA. Not wanting this to end he pushed both his new friends away. “Now it is my turn to explore.” Vlad and Aiden stood in front of their seated friend. Fedor totally enjoyed sucking one close to the end and then switching to the other. Then Vlad called out, “I’m close. Do you want it?” Fedor responded by grabbing his ass and pulling the dick tight into his willing mouth. When he finished swallowing the last drops of Vlad he turned to Aiden and soon had his first serving of American cream. Vlad then kneeled and within seconds of placing his lips on Fedor was swallowing his first serving of Russian cream since his arrival in the USA over forty years earlier. The three then went to the large bathroom with mirrors and multiple shower heads off of the master bedroom. The door to the bedroom was open and as they walked through the bedroom they checked out the two uninhibited, entwined lovers in their bed. Following showers they went to the guest bedroom where Fedor had left his clothes and Vlad and Aiden slept. They had another encounter of the best kind with the Russian again tasting both American and Russian cummings and being finished off again by his new friends. Fedor then announced that he should return to his apartment at the embassy. While he did not have a curfew his comings and goings would be noticed. Vlad and Aiden drove him back dropping him off a block away so he would not be seen with Americans. While they had originally been told it would take one or two weeks to have their visa processed Fedor told them they could pick it up at the visa cashier the following afternoon. Vlad chuckled to himself as he realized that being friendly to the visa official had its rewards, an expedited visa approval as well as multiple mouthfuls of Russian cum. For the rest of the week and on Saturday and Sunday Fedor met with his two new friends frequently. He and Vlad usually spoke in Russian to help Vlad retrieve his native language skills. They discussed everything that a visitor to Russian should know including: hotels, restaurants, ballet and theater, riding the metro (subway), the best banyas, how to use public transportation to get to the city from the airport without paying excessive taxi fees, where to exchange money and places to visit including the cruising toilets in the park next to the Kremlin. Fedor also gave them contact information for Dimitri. Before they departed he would send to them in Cleveland gifts and a letter for Dimitri. The visa application required a Russian address. Fedor booked them a room in the Cosmos Hotel. This 25 story, 1,777 room hotel, the largest in Russia, opened in 1979 near the main stadium of the 1980 Olympics. (This Olympics was boycotted by 66 nations including the USA objecting to the Soviet invasion of Afganistan.) Thanks to their new friend, Fedor, they felt well prepared for their visit to the country of Czars, Stalin and now a land of mystery.
  15. I know nothing about family law - just hope what I did was legal. Next chapter is far from the farm.
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