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  1. David sat a table in the Church Hall with Craig’s parents, his sister, her husband and their son, and his nephew (by marriage), Andrew. The other son, CC (Craig Charles), was across the room talking to James, the organist. When Andrew’s cell phone rang, all looked at him with concern. His wife was due to have their second child in two weeks. After a brief conversation, Andrew turned to his parents, “That was Beth’s sister. The little one might be coming early. I must get home as fast as possible.” Andrew jumped out of his chair and ran over to his brother. “CC, I must leave immediately. Beth is on her way to the hospital for a possible early delivery. Dad will make arrangements for you to get back to Amherst.” Andrew then made a hasty departure. CC turned to James. ”That was my brother. His second kid is due, apparently sooner than expected. He was to be my ride back to school.” CC then suggested to James that he should meet his uncle and parents. David and Craig’s family had met guests as they entered the Church Hall. However, James, the organist, had not come down until later. The two approached the table. “Mom, Dad, Grandma and Grandpa, I want to introduce today’s organist, the very talented James Parker. Uncle David, I assume you have met him.” David smiled as he checked out the handsome young man: black, tall – at least six feet (195 cm), thin, dark brown welcoming eyes and large hands with long delicate fingers. Fingers that would do magic with the organ. David chuckled to himself as he considered,’ magic with which organ, the musical organ or the man organ’? He then replied, “I know James’ parents, but I have never formally met this talented young man. I am extremely grateful that you were able to play at the service. Thank you. Your performance was impressive.” CC continued. “With his brilliant talent on the organ, you would think he was a professional musician. His regular job is that as the webmaster at a large travel agency.” CC and James offered to get coffee, sandwiches and desserts for David, the parents and grandparents. They returned with a tray of refreshments. After sitting with his family for fifteen minutes, CC told them James was going to give him a tour of the church. David was tempted to say, “I hope he lets you play his organ.” Instead, he just smiled. Then David thought of Craig and the reaction he would have to his nephew going exploring with a handsome young man. He would have fully supported any type of friendship the two might develop. As David looked around the room filled with friends of Craig, he was both filled with joy that his love had touched the lives of so many, while he felt sad for not only his loss, but the loss of their friend, Craig, by so many people. As he scanned the room, he made eye contact with Scott. The handsome redhead was sitting with a group that had attended the party, including handyman, Pavel. Scott and Pavel appeared to be in deep conversation. Scott and David had created a story to be told about Craig’s need for an ambulance. David wanted his friends to know that Scott had taken care of Craig until the EMTs arrived and had been very supportive since. However, he did not believe it was anyone’s business, even his close gay friends that Craig had passed out during a vigorous fuck. He told friends and family that Scott had remained after the 40th anniversary party to help cleanup. While they were straightening up, Craig felt lite headed and sat down. When Scott offered him a glass of water, he did not respond and the ambulance was called. Prior to the arrival of the ambulance, Scott, who had had medical training while serving in the Marines, performed appropriate emergency treatment. No one questioned the explanation or even hinted that there might be more to the story. Those who had attended the party assumed Scott felt that he was obligated to stay and help clean the kitchen since he had made a mess there while playing the role of a construction worker. Actually, Scott had only removed a few items from each cupboard. While the dishes, cereal boxes, canned goods and paper supplies he had pulled out appeared to make a mess, it only took a couple of minutes to straighten the so called damage he had caused. Craig’s secret, desire for rough fucks, followed him to the grave known only by David, Scott and Pavel. . While they had been introduced to him briefly in the receiving line, David wanted Craig’s family to have more time with the man who had been there for Craig and then helped David with the arrangements for the funeral and memorial service. He motioned to Scott to visit their table. When he arrived David explained in detail how this good friend of Craig had helped and took charge until the EMTs arrived when Craig passed out at home, then at the hospital and also, with the arrangements. David did not tell the family that Scott was an amply hung male stripper. Meanwhile, James was giving CC the grand tour. Following a brief history of the building and walk through the sanctuary, James took CC to the music room where the choir practiced. He closed the door. As the two stood about a yard (approximately 1 meter) apart facing each other, James stared into CC’s eyes and said, “You are not only a handsome man, but a very interesting guy to talk to.” While neither was sure of the orientation of the other, both enjoyed being with and talking to the other. CC had known he was gay for years. When he came out to his parents, they had been very understanding and supportive. He never had a reason to rebel. He knew his Uncle Craig, his namesake, was gay. He knew he and David had been together for years and slept in the same bed. On the computer, he had found various gay websites. He had looked at gay porn, read gay stories and viewed sites with information for gay teens as well as men of all ages. Now at the age of 20, what he had never done, was to have a physical relationship with a man. He had never had a gay friend. CC did not know how to respond to the comment by James. Forcing himself to say something he blurted out, “You’re handsome and interesting too.” James continued to stare deep into CC’s eyes (and his soul). CC wanted to look away but couldn’t. He felt weak all over as he stared back. James asked, “May I touch your face?” CC suddenly felt dizzy. “Except when playing football, I have never been touched by a man.” The two stood, each transfixed on the other. Finally James said, “You did not say ‘no’. I assume no ‘no’ means a yes.” James slowly lifted his hand and moved it toward CC’s cheek. The naive young man stood motionless although he had plenty of time to say something or back away. As the long delicate black fingers caressed his cheek, CC stood frozen. He had read stories and seen pictures and videos of guys touching in every way possible. He often used those fuck, suck and jerk-off videos as inspiration when he beat off. But, the feeling he got from beating off to porn was nothing like what he felt now. James was in a quandary. He had messed around with guys since he was fourteen. This was the first time he was with a man for whom he had emotional feelings, not just a quick suck or whatever was on the menu of the day. He had friends with benefits. When he was horny, a short text message often resulted in a scene of playing, sucking, fucking, 69ing or being with a couple of friends having an intimate orgy. If there were no friends available, he could find action at one of the two sex stores just off highway I-91 north of downtown Hartford. If he was not too choosy, he could have action almost immediately. All he needed to do was go to a booth and leave the door open or stand in the area with a couch and sex video playing on a large screen. Most of the patrons were middle-aged or older. To them, a hot twenty-five year old black guy was a real treat. Those visits never provided emotional relief, just joyous dick pleasure. In his eleven years of active gay sex, James had never had an experience like he was having with CC. This certainly would not be a quick suck or fuck. James wanted to please this young man more than he wanted to please his own dick. This was a new experience for him. He also realized that if he moved too fast, he might scare off this guy who appeared to be inexperienced. There was the possibility that CC was as sexually active as he was and was just playing the naive boy game. While that was a possibility, James was almost positive that CC was as innocent as he was acting. James moved his other hand to the other cheek. He caressed both cheeks as each pair of eyes looked deep into the other. CC remained still and emotionless. James reached down and took CC’s left hand with his right. He raised CC’s hand to his own cheek. At first CC’s hand just lethargically laid against the cheek, just a numb piece of white hand against the black cheek. Gradually CC moved his fingers. As he softly massaged the cheek, James reached for CC’s other hand and placed it against his opposite cheek. The two were now exploring each other’s face. James smiled, CC smiled back. James leaned in. When their noses touched, CC did not back away. James continued his advance and tenderly placed his lips against CC’s. James moved his arms and wrapped them around CC. Slowly, with their lips still touching, CC embraced James. As James pulled him in tight, CC tightened his arms. While James wanted to open his lips and force his tongue between CC’s, he restrained himself. He did not want to scare away his new friend. With the closed mouths hard pressed together, their bodies melted together. As James carefully calculated each move, he decided they had done enough. He did not want to appear as an oversexed brute, which he realized he probably was. As tempted as he was, he did not grind his hard dick against CC. He reluctantly backed off. “As much as I am enjoying this, I have to go home. Today is my grandmother’s 75th birthday and I am already late for the party. I hope to see you again. Let’s exchange cell phone numbers.” Following the exchange of numbers, James led CC back to the reception. When CC sat at the table next to his grandparents, he prayed that his feelings of passion were not evident. He told his family that James had given him an interesting tour of the historic church. Hoping to prove that his time with James had been educational, he recited the short church history James had related during the first five minutes of their encounter. That evening, CC and David were alone at the house. CC’s parents and grandparents were at the Hartford Hilton. They all had been together the previous evening and were having Sunday brunch at a restaurant near the hotel prior to their departure for home the next day. At the conclusion of the reception, David told his in-laws that he was exhausted and just wanted to rest. David was intrigued by CC’s friendship with James, “James is certainly a handsome and talented young man. Did you enjoy the private tour of the church?” CC immediately looked at the floor as his face turned bright red, he mumbled, “Yes, it was interesting.” After a long silence, CC in a very soft voice began, “Uncle David, you know that I am gay. You are the only person I feel comfortable talking to about gay life. I have never had a gay friend. I am very confused. I am twenty years old. I hear all the stuff that guys in the dorm are doing with their girlfriends. Me, I have never done anything with a girl. That does not bother me. But, why can I not do things with guys like my dorm mates do with girls? Today was the first day I ever touched another man. David immediately assumed his nephew (husband’s biological nephew, his by marriage) and James had wild sex in the short time they were gone. He pictured the handsome and talented organist, naked with a hard dick, on his knees sucking his nephew. Then CC continued, “James took me to the music room and closed the door. He told me that I was handsome. Then he caressed my face. He took my hand and held it to his face. I was stunned. It felt wonderful, but I did not know how to respond. He leaned in and kissed me. Then he wrapped his arms around me. Never have I had such a euphoric feeling. Unfortunately, it ended when he told me he was late for his grandmother’s 75th birthday party. I want to see him again. He asked for my cell number and gave me his. What should I do?” After a long pause David spoke, “CC, you are twenty years old. When I was your age, I was as inexperienced as you. At that age, I had never had a friendship with another man. I had never touched or been touched by another man. I was more naive than you for one reason, the internet. I assume you have viewed gay porn.” CC admitted that he had. “I’m glad. Had you told me you never did, I would assume you were a liar or sexually repressed. Back in the 1960’s, porn was tame, very tame. Videos, of course, did not exist. The only magazines were muscle magazines with pictures of strong men posing either in a position so the dick did not show or wearing a G-string.” At that expression CC looked bewildered. “A G-string is like a jock strap, only briefer with strings instead of straps and just a small piece of cloth hiding the dick. Finding information about homosexual life was difficult. I remember trying to find material at my local library. The references in sociology and psychology books were vague and more clinical than real life. I assume you have researched gay life on the internet. I know there are web pages that provide crap and others that give valid information about gays and their lifestyles. As far as books, what was available back then was difficult to find. You could not go to the library and just search for gay or homosexual literature. Bookstores did not have a section for ‘Gay’ books. I did find a few books when I was around eighteen. I still have copies of Another Country, City of Night and Midnight Cowboy - the novel, later made into a movie. You may borrow them. You might find them boring as what is available today is much more interesting and informative. So even if you did not actually do anything with another man in the past, you at least have various sources available: erotic, informative and entertaining. There is a website with hundreds of gay stories. Are you familiar with gayauthors.org? If not, I suggest you check it out.” CC replied, “You are correct about the internet. All the guys in the dorm look at porn. Of course, I do not share my favorite websites like some guys do. I have done all kinds of gay research. I am familiar with the website with stories. I really enjoyed The Boys Trilogy. The first book, Boys of the 1950s, was about two very different guys who met in their senior year in high school. The series covers their life and love from the age of eighteen to their seventies. But reading and research is not the same as doing. All that porn, research and reading did not prepare me for the feelings I had today when James touched my cheek followed by a tight hug. Now that I have been touched by and myself touched another man, all I can think about is the feelings I had with him. What should I do? How did you feel when you met Uncle Craig? All I know is that you were a college student and he was the tow truck driver who pulled your car out of a snow drift.” “To answer your two questions: The first, what should you do about James? In my opinion, if you do not follow up you will regret it. Possibly it was just an emotional moment and once you get to know each other better, you will realize you have nothing in common or interest in each other. At the other extreme, maybe he is the love of your life. I suggest you go to church tomorrow. The regular organist had hand surgery last week and will not play for at least a month. I assume James will be the organist. Just the fact that you are alone in church will give him a clear message that you enjoyed your encounter. Maybe he will give you another tour of the music room. Maybe he will seem distant and say ‘nice seeing you, but I have to go home and mow the lawn’. No matter what, you will have some clarity about your relationship.” For your other question, if you want the long version of, “how I met you uncle and how our relationship developed, we need a few beers and that bag of Cheetos on the kitchen counter. [To my reader friends – David told his nephew the details of the development of his friendship and then love of Craig. In a later chapter I will share the story with you.] CC chose a seat that would give him a clear view of the organ. When James finished playing the prelude, he briefly scanned the congregation. When his eyes met CC, he smiled. He then raised his hand and caressed his face. CC raised his hand to his cheek and caressed his face. James’s smile widened as he lifted his hands over the keyboard and soon the opening hymn filled the sanctuary, Joyful, Joyful, We Adore Thee, sung to the tune of the Hymn of Joy from the finale of Beethoven’s Ninth Symphony. As the congregation stood and began singing, CC felt his heart beating with JOY! …………………………………………………… CC mentioned that he had read Boys of the 1950s. That was my first attempt at writing gay fiction. The first and third books of the Boys’ Trilogy follow the lives, loves, friends and adventures of Tom and Peter from their meeting in high school to their golden years, over fifty years later. The second book, Russia My Home tells the story of Moscow born Vladek. His first love is Hans Eberhardt, his German high school teacher. Fluent in German, he works for Soviet intelligence during World War II and becomes an aide (and lover) to a powerful Soviet General. His next lover is an American officer. He eventually defects to the USA where he becomes respected in his profession while having many friends and numerous affairs. In the third book, Life Goes On, the lives of Tom, Peter and Vladek become intertwined. All are available here on gayauthors. Happy Reading, Tallguyct
  2. Tallguyct

    40th Anniversary

    Reading about the coming of age of a teenager is interesting and nostalgic. Reading about the adventures and challenges of a mature man is close to home for many of our readers. Being twenty years older that David I have had some experience with the travels of a gay man through his 60s, 70s and into his 80s. The mature adventures related are a combination of life experiences, usually enhanced, and fantasy.
  3. David sat next to the hospital bed of Craig holding his hand. His love, under sedation, had not given any recognition of David since being admitted to Hartford Hospital the previous day. The previous evening, Scott had provided medical assistance prior to the arrival of the ambulance. Since all would have been naked when the EMTs arrived, David put on pants and a T shirt, helped Scott dress while he attended to Craig and then pulled a pair of sweatpants on Craig. The EMTs praised Scott for his quick thinking and appropriate emergency action. David learned later that Scott had received medical training while in the US Marines. Scott drove David to the hospital and stayed with him until midnight. David, fearful that he would not be considered family, had taken a copy of their marriage certificate to prove his relationship. A friend had recommended they have the copy should there ever be a situation where proof was necessary. David was thankful that the hospital staff treated him with the kindness and respect that would be given to a spouse. He did not need to show his proof of marriage to be considered close family. The doctor met David in the morning and explained Craig’s situation. He had suffered an abdominal aortic aneurysm. He explained that often there were no symptoms of the weakening of an artery wall. He did not tell David that a ruptured aneurysm could lead to fatal complications. David refused to leave his love’s side. He looked at his watch and realized it was 5:00 in the afternoon, almost twenty hours since their arrival at the hospital. While he knew he should have something to eat, he was not hungry. Knowing he needed to be strong when Craig woke, he planned to go to the hospital food hall. But, he could not force himself to leave Craig’s side to get the nourishment he needed to be there for his love. Sitting in a daze, he noticed someone approach. With his head down in despair, he first noted the expensive, probably Italian, wing tip black shoes. David almost chuckled to himself as he thought of Craig’s chiding him for being a snob concerning clothes. This was one area where he and Craig differed. Craig never considered what he wore to be essential. When they attended a special event, David would select Craig’s wardrobe. As he raised his eyes, he was impressed by the classic fit of the pinstriped wool suit. His dazed mind was eager to have something to think about other than Craig’s serious condition. He estimated the suit cost at least $2,000. A white dress shirt and conservative necktie completed the elegance of the outfit. As David chastised himself for even giving a shit about what someone wore, considering the situation, he met the eyes of the man in the suit. The curly red hair and azure blue eyes were familiar. If this man were wearing a flannel shirt or kilt he would have recognized him immediately. Scott knelt and wrapped his arms around the trembling David. “I came as soon as I could get away from the office. How are you doing? How is Craig?” With tears in his eyes David replied, “They operated early this morning, about twelve hours ago. He has been unresponsive since. The doctors have told me there is nothing to do but wait. The staff here has been wonderful.” “How are you? Have you left his side?” “No. I just want to be with him.” “What have you eaten today?” “I’m not sure. I think one of the aides gave me a sandwich and bottle of ginger ale.” “You need some nourishment. I’ll get you something from the food hall.” Ten minutes later, Scott returned with a bag of food. It contained a meatball grinder (what a sub or hoagie is called in Connecticut), a ham and cheese sandwich, a container of salad, a yogurt, an apple pie, some cookies, a carton of milk, a can of coke and a container of coffee. David told Scott he was too upset to eat. He then, bite by bite, ate and drank everything except the sandwich. David reached for Scott’s hand. “There is something that I want you to know. What we were doing at the time David passed out was not the cause of the damage. The doctor told me that the aneurysm was a situation just waiting to flare up. The vigor that Craig begged for was similar to our sessions every week or so. Remember the handyman, Pavel, who stopped by briefly at the party? He comes by about once a week and the three of us go at it in a fashion similar to what we were doing. At Craig’s request, he is as rough as you were, probably rougher. That is what Craig wanted. If it had not happened last night, it would have happened soon, probably when just the two of us were home. Your being there was a godsend. If I had been alone with him, I would not have known what to do.” As David said ‘thank you, my friend,’ he squeezed Scott’s hand. “Tell me about yourself. You are a good man and I want to know you better. Also, listening to you will clean my head of the morbid thoughts I have had all day.” Scott began, “First, my name is not Scott. It is Ross MacDonald. My friends call me Scott, while professionally I am known as Ross. I am not a male stripper or a construction worker by occupation. I am a lawyer with a specialty in mergers and acquisitions. My work requires frequent meetings with lawyers, bankers, investors, executives and other professionals. While I am most comfortable wearing an open flannel shirt, tight jeans and work boots, my position requires the semblance of success, hence the suit and tie.” As he mentioned his suit, David thought ‘not just a suit and tie, but a very expensive elegant power suit.’ “I spent the morning with a client, a large manufacturing company with corporate headquarters here in Hartford. The company has factories, warehouses and sales offices around the country as well as factories in Poland and Thailand. The firm is in the process of acquiring a similar firm based in Cleveland. Meetings with the executives of my client and representatives of the company being acquired were followed by a long lunch. While those fools drank and talked too much, I made one beer last two hours. This was followed by an afternoon going through fine print with the lawyers of the Cleveland firm. As we sit here, an associate at my firm is having dinner with this extremely boring group. I am enjoying this ham and cheese sandwich more than I would the pricey, lingering dinner and excessive alcohol. Luckily, there was no one in the group worth cruising. While I enjoy checking guys out, I would never cruise a client, no matter how much my dick begged for it. The guys at your party were interesting and you two are hot, in my opinion. None of the boys from Cleveland even gave me a twitch.” “As far as I know, only one person at my firm knows about my performance skills. One of the senior partners attended a bachelorette party where I performed. I asked and paid the policeman to do a ‘private dance’ for her, which is a code word for a ‘fuck’. The following Monday she came to my office and told me, ‘You certainly have a big talent, and that is our secret.’ By big talent, I assume she was referring to my cock, which was caressed by some of the ladies. I left that party with about $100 stuffed in my G-string or socks when I was not wearing a G-string. I gladly accept their tips. I have a rule of two. For every dollar I collect, two dollars are donated to various charities, primarily a food bank, a shelter for battered women and a homeless shelter. After that party, my donations were double the $100, or $200.” “I would like to hear the story of how you met Craig.” “The short version, he was the tow truck driver that rescued me during a snow storm in 1970. The long version, I’ll tell you later.” As David held Craig’s hand, the exhausted man fell asleep. Scott was happy to just sit quietly. The negotiations of the day had been intense and sometimes nasty. The solitude of the hospital room was the perfect antidote for his work-related stressful fatigue. Suddenly, they were both jolted to alertness by the sound of sudden silence. The monitor that had been watching over David had been constantly beeping. When the beeping stopped, David and Scott perked up as a nurse ran into the room. She checked the connections. Other medical staff rushed into the room. Scott wrapped his arm around David. They knew - Craig was no longer with them. An hour later, Scott drove David home. He led the exhausted man into the house and upstairs to the bedroom. While David went to the bathroom, Scott straightened the room. The bed was pulled apart as a result of both the carnal actions and activities of the Emergency Medical Service the previous evening. When David returned from the bathroom, Scott helped him remove his shoes and undress. Scott assumed that if he did not help him, David would just lie on the bed fully dressed and fall into a deep sleep. As Scott folded the clothes, David took off his underwear and got into bed nude, the way he always slept with Craig. Scott told David, “I’m going to stay the night. I assume it is OK if I sleep in the guest bedroom.” David mumbled a “Good Night,” and was asleep before Scott walked out of the room. Scott suddenly realized he was hungry and went down to the kitchen. Left over party food in the refrigerator and a beer took care of his appetite. He then retrieved the morning newspaper, The Hartford Courant, he had seen on the front step as they entered the house. After reading the paper he went upstairs and undressed in the guest bedroom. Snooping in the linen closet he found a bath towel and new toothbrush. After stepping into the shower, his tired body felt totally relaxed as the warm water ran over him. He removed the handheld showerhead from the holder on the wall. He adjusted the spray to a pulsating mode. Holding the showerhead he aimed the pulsating jets of water toward each arm pit. Then he aimed the spray toward his nipples. As the warm water pounded against his chest, the nipples sent a message of pleasure to his dick. He aimed the pulsating jets of water at his dick as it came to attention. As the spray from the handheld showerhead pounded his dick he used his free hand to pinch a nipple. Almost immediately, the dick that had been denied a release the previous night released the pent up juices, spewing them toward the shower spray. Scott turned off the water. As the dick relaxed, cum dripped out of the hole in the skin covering the dick head. He dried himself, brushed his teeth and walked to the guest bedroom. The comfort of sliding between fresh sheets helped him relax after a day that was both professionally challenging and emotionally draining. He immediately fell into a deep sleep. Sometime in the middle of the night, Scott woke, feeling a need to piss. He then realized he was not alone in the bed. David had crawled in with him. Since the call of nature was getting strong, he carefully maneuvered himself out of the bed without disturbing David. When he returned, David moved in closer. Scott fell asleep lying on his back with naked David spooned against him. As sunshine filled the room, Scott woke in a strange bed with someone cuddled against him. As he processed the events of the past thirty-six hours, he considered his schedule for the day. Luckily there were no pressing items at the firm. The negotiations of the previous day were, hopefully, completed. Any minor items could be handled by phone or email. He did not disturb the soundly sleeping David as he eased out of the bed. After the morning piss, he went down to the kitchen. He brewed himself a cup of coffee, found a healthy breakfast cereal in the cabinet and a banana on the kitchen counter. He assumed The Hartford Courant morning paper would be on the front step. However, retrieving it could be problematic as he was naked. In the front closet he found an overcoat. Although it did not fit his muscular body, he was able to hold it closed as he quickly retrieved the paper. By the time he had finished the paper and called his office to clear his schedule for the day, it was 10:00. He went upstairs and dressed. David stirred. He told David he would return in an hour. About an hour later he returned from his condo in West Hartford wearing casual clothes, chinos and a dress shirt, not his construction worker provocative outfit or power suit. David was in the kitchen wearing a robe. He looked up at Scott with tears in his eyes. Scott wrapped his arms around his friend stating, “I will stay with you today. There is nothing pressing at the office that is more important than you.” David whispered, “Thank you. Last night was the first time in nearly forty years since Craig and I moved in together that I slept alone. I hope you did not mind my need to be next to someone.” “No problem. It gave me great comfort that I could be there for you.” Scott almost made a funny comment about the joy of finding a naked man in his bed, but decided this was not the time for such frivolity. Scott called and made appointments with the funeral home and Pastor Jill at West End Congregational Church. As they pulled out of the driveway headed to the funeral home, David realized he was riding in the most luxurious car he had ever been in, a Mercedes E Class with the smell of a new car. By mid-afternoon all necessary arrangements had been made. Craig and David had decided years earlier that each would be cremated. Their ashes would eventually be combined and scattered in the Connecticut River north of Hanover, New Hampshire. The ashes would then float downstream with some settling in Hanover, David’s childhood home, some in Brattleboro, Vermont, Craig’s childhood home, also the location of their meeting and others in Hartford, Connecticut where the two had lived together most of their lives. While there would be no calling hours at the funeral home, there would be a service celebrating Craig’s life at West End Congregational Church. Craig and David had always felt welcome in the Church as partners, and then, a married couple. They were happy that the rainbow flag frequently flew in front of the Church. Pastor Jill was a very caring minister. Craig had been a member of the search committee that had interviewed a number of candidates for the pastor’s position. Jill had been his first choice. Two days later, Craig’s obituary appeared in The Hartford Courant. Craig Alan Miller 1945 – 2010 Craig Alan Miller, 65, of Hartford, passed away peacefully on Monday, January 11, 2010, in the presence of his loving husband, David Carlson. In addition to David, he is survived by his parents, Millie and Charles Miller of Brattleboro, Vermont, his sister, Melissa Rivers and her husband Mike, and his two nephews Andrew and Craig. Born in Brattleboro, Vermont, he moved to Hartford in 1967. An avid reader, he took all literature related classes offered at Greater Hartford Community College. He continued his education at Central Connecticut State University and Southern Connecticut State University, where he received a MLIS (Master of Library and Information Science) degree. His love of books enhanced his career at Hartford Public Library. Craig was involved in numerous community activities including being a founding board member of Hartford Literacy League, volunteer researcher at Mark Twain House & Museum, and serving West End Congregational Church as a member of its Board of Deacons, chair of the Diversity Committee, tenor in the choir and leader of the Library Committee. A Memorial Service celebrating Craig’s life will be held Saturday, January 24 followed by a reception in the Church Hall. The family suggests donations in memory of Craig be made to the West End Congregational Outreach Fund. Craig’s sister, Melissa, and her husband, Mike arrived from their home in Springfield, Vermont, Friday morning. Craig’s, elderly parents, now in their eighties, rode with Melissa and Mike. Their son, Andrew, arrived later having picked up his brother, Craig, called CC by friends and family. He had been named after his Uncle Craig and his father Charles. CC was a student at Amherst College in Massachusetts. Andrew’s eight months pregnant wife remained home with their three year old son, Andy. David booked rooms at the Hartford Hilton for Melissa, Mike and the parents. While he would have preferred they stay at his home, David understood the need of the elderly parents for privacy and the difficulty Craig’s mother would have using the stairs to the second floor guest room. Craig’s nephews would stay with David. The eldest, Andrew, had taken over the family auto repair garage in Brattleboro. The other nephew, CC, had dreams beyond Brattleboro. His coming out as gay when a teenager was no surprise to his parents or grandparents as they had seen similarities between his coming of age and that of his Uncle Craig. At the reception following the memorial service, David saw CC talking with an attractive black young man. While David did not know the man’s name, he knew the family. The father, an actuary with a Hartford Insurance company, was on the Church’s Finance Committee and the mother, a middle school principal, was a Church choir soloist. Their son, who was in deep conversation with CC, had played the organ at the service, as the regular organist was not available. From the body language of the two young men, David deduced the two were talking about more than the weather or the New England Patriots (professional American football team). Dear Reader: At the end of chapter one, JeffreyL posted the comment: ‘I am glad you are sharing another story about older gay men.’ As a gay Octogenarian, at age 82, I have had various experiences and fantasies to share as I write about older men. As it is said ‘Been there, Done that (or at least fantasized about that)’. As you learned from the events in this chapter, David needs a period of mourning and reflection as he contemplates life without Craig. Eventually the main thrust of this story will be gay life after age sixty. But it is too soon in the story to jump into that immediately after the loss of his love. If you have any suggestions or comments concerning this story or life in general either make a chapter end comment or email me at tallguyct@hotmail.com . If you want to check me out, my silverdaddies.com profile name: tall guy or 2255167 I have three wishes for you: 1 – At age 82 you are as healthy and horny as me. 2 – You have a doctor that prescribes the blue pill (actually the generic version is white). 3 – You have a prescription plan that pays for that wonder pill. Enjoy. During this crazy virus time, stay safe, enjoy visual porn and keep your fist busy!
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  7. “We brought nothing into this world, and it is certain we can carry nothing out. The Lord gave, and the Lord hath taken away; blessed be the name of the Lord.” Maggie and Mike sat next to each other, holding hands, as the service for Ellen continued. The married couple, now at a different stage in their lives, had feelings for each other. They now treated each other as sister / brother, not the married couple they were. Dale sat in the front row between his son and daughter. The son’s and daughter’s families filled the row behind with spouses and five grandchildren. Ellen had passed away peacefully, or as peacefully as one can whose body was ravaged with cancer. Her final four weeks she received hospice care. Dale took a leave of absence from his work to have time with Ellen. He was with her most days and into evenings until her final day. Maggie moved into the guest room of Dale’s home. She was there when he returned home, for comfort, not sex. Maggie and Mike went home to their home after the funeral service. As the two sat at the kitchen table, Mike told Maggie he would support any decision she made concerning her future. After a series of discussions between Maggie and Dale as well as Maggie and Mike tentative plans were made. Maggie and Dale had decided that they would get married a month after the first anniversary of Ellen’s death. Out of respect to Ellen, Maggie and Dale would keep their relationship secret for at least three months. After the three months Dale would tell his children he was dating Maggie. All agreed that Dale would sell his home and buy a half interest in Maggie and Mike’s home, paying Mike half the appraised value of the house. Bob and Mike planned to move to a larger condo with at least three bedrooms. There would be a master bedroom with a private bathroom for Mike and Bob, a bedroom for Pete and Aiden and another room for a home office. Daughter Kathy would keep her bedroom in her mother’s home. About a month after Ellen’s death, Pete and Kathy were asked to come home from the university for a weekend ‘family discussion’. While Kathy knew her brother was gay, the revelation of her father’s orientation was a surprise. Maggie then told her children that she and Dale were seeing each other. She did not give details of the planned marriage. She explained that out of respect for Ellen, Dale wanted to keep their dating secret for a couple of months, especially from his son and daughter. Later that evening Pete told his sister he had met their dad’s boyfriend, Bob, at the Gay Pride Event. Kathy and Pete discussed their parents’ situation. They agreed that everything was working out for the best. They both had friends with divorced parents and agreed that none of their friend’s parents were on good terms like their parents. Saturday evening Bob hosted dinner at Catania Ristorante with Maggie, Mike, the children and Dale as his guests. This unique family enjoyed the food and conversation. Dale felt comfortable attending as anyone that was aware of his presence, including his own children, would assume his kind neighbors were taking a grieving widower out to dinner. Maggie felt like a princess, she was surrounded by her husband, her lover and her children while being treated by her husband’s lover. Maggie and Dale Three months after their mother’s death, Jeff and Michelle Gibbs invited their father, Dale, to their home for dinner. After dessert the adults remained at the table while Dale’s grandchildren went outside to play. Michelle, who was never shy about expressing her opinion, asked her father-in-law, “Dad, it has been three months since mom’s passing. You were a saint the past two years and especially the last months taking care of her in a very loving way. We know you loved her very much. But, you are young. I know mom would want you to be happy. When are you going to start dating?” Dale smiled, “Well, since you brought it up. Maggie Madison, my next door neighbor, and I have been having long conversations over glasses of wine on the deck and enjoy going out to dinner.” Jeff questioned, “Isn’t Maggie married? I talked to her and her husband, Mike, at the wedding. Why would you be having long conversations and dinners with a married woman?” Dale explained, “Maggie and Mike Madison have separated. It is a very amenable separation. They are in the process of divorcing. Mike has moved out. However, they are still good friends. I am not the one causing the divorce. Their plans for separation began before Maggie and I had any conversations.” Jeff commented, “Well, I do not blame her. I remember Mr. Madison as being a no personality blob. Although he lived next door, I do not remember every having a meaningful conversation with him.” Dale explained, “Mr. Madison is no longer a, as you called it, ‘blob’. About two years ago his cousin died suddenly. The cousin and Mr. Madison had had similar life styles. Mike, Mr. Madison, realized he would soon follow his cousin if he did not change his lifestyle. He quit smoking, went on a healthy diet, cut down his drinking to an occasional glass of wine or beer and began a structured workout routine. This resulted in a change in his outlook on life.” Jeff replied, “Now that you mention it, I remember he looked very trim and fit at the funeral and was also outgoing. So, with his new buff body, did he find a hot girlfriend?” Dale, “I am not going into the details of his life. Let’s just say, ‘He is happy, Maggie is happy and I am happy.” Michelle summarized, “Dad, if you are happy, we are happy.” Jeff added, “Go for it dad!” With a chuckle Dale replied, “Maggie and I have ‘gone for it.’ We’ve had more than conversation and dinners. End of discussion.” As if on cue the grandchildren ran into the room at that moment to report a bicycle flat tire. A year later Maggie and Dale were married by a Justice of the Peace. Kathy, Maggie’s daughter, and Jeff, Dale’s son, were the maid of honor and best man. Pete and Aiden When setting up his bedroom at his father’s home, Pete requested a double bed for his room. While he could have had a larger bed such as the king size bed his dads shared, the double bed would be spacious for he and Aiden when compared to the narrow single beds they shared in the dorm and at Hallelujah Christian Camp in the summers. Thankfully, the lust that Mike had originally felt for Aiden subsided as he now considered him a son. Aiden was basically estranged from his overbearing father. Although the boys slept in separate rooms when visiting Aiden’s parents, the father detected a probable abominable relationship based on their body language and the time he saw them kiss in the car. His rantings became so annoying that Pete stopped visiting there. On holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving and Easter, Aiden would visit his parents, attend church with them, have dinner with them and usually have an excuse that would make it impossible for him to stay overnight. Aiden eventually considered his home to be in Springfield with Mike and Bob and of course Pete, his love. Aiden returned from one of his infrequent visits with his parents, obviously shaken. Almost in tears, he explained to his two dads and Pete the announcement his father had made. ‘I saw you and that fairy Pete kissing. Apparently you have chosen a path of sin. You are no longer welcome in this house. I will no longer support your studies at that faithless university where you became bewitched by that degenerate boy. I will no longer pay for your car’s insurance, gas or repairs. You have made the choice to travel down the road of debauchery. I will not pay for your travels on that road.’ Now in a defeated voice Aiden continued, “I will have to drop out of the university at the end of this term. Right now I need to find a part-time job so I can earn enough to keep my car.” Bob reached for the trembling young man’s hand, “Aiden, I consider you like a son. You are a remarkable person with a brilliant future. I am not going to let your nasty father hold you back. I will provide any financial assistance you need to continue your life as it is. However, you must make one promise.” An elated but confused Aiden asked, “What is your requirement?” Bob replied, “When I am old and senile you must agree to look after me.” Aiden, with great relief replied, “That is impossible, you might get old but you will never be senile. Love you and thanks. I’ll be with you forever.” That evening Pete had a suggestion as the two cuddled in their bed in their new home. Aiden replied, “You are devious. Let’s do it.” A week later Pete and Aiden met with Pastor Dick. The pastor assumed the meeting had to do with their work at Hallelujah Christian Camp the following summer. He was not happy with what transpired. Aiden began, “My father has thrown me out of his house, just because I love Pete. If you cannot convince my father to reconsider his decision to no longer help me financially as I complete university, there will be grave consequences for you and your Word of Jesus Church. When I was fifteen, a trusting, naive minor, Deacon Jones sexually molested me in the church. Both you as the supervisor of the perverted Deacon and the Church are legally liable for this abuse. If you cannot convince my father to reconsider his sinful decision, I will file a complaint with the city police. Jason, another innocent boy abused by the Deacon has agreed to also make a complaint. You knew that the Deacon molested Jason. I assume that is why the Deacon made a quick departure. You sent Jason to a conversion therapy program to cure him of his homosexual desires, desires that our God gave him at birth. What you do not know is that Jason realized what was happening. He only cooperated with the program so his parents would assume their child had been cleansed. Jason desperately wanted to get out of his parents’ home. So when he returned from the program he acted like a sexless zombie. Since he appeared to be cured of his God given desires, his parents permitted him to go away for his university studies. Now he is far away attending school in New York City, living a full gay life. While his parents fully support him, they are not aware of his very active gay lifestyle. When I texted him that I was going to confront you he replied with full support. The cruel therapy you and his parents forced him into, did not leave him unscathed. He is seeing a psychiatrist in New York to help him overcome the damage forced on him by you. As his parents pay for the psychiatrist, they believe he is continuing to be cured of his homosexuality while he is actually being helped to accept himself as he is, a happy gay guy. I have a suggestion. You could tell my father that if he disowns his flesh and blood he will no longer be welcome at Word of Jesus Church. If my father does not agree to continue to support my university studies and car expenses within two weeks, we will have another conversation prior to my filing a police report. If the publicity of my abuse does not destroy the Church and your career, the law suits filed by Jason and myself will. On a brighter note. We look forward to another summer working at Hallelujah Christian Camp. Hopefully Coach Win will return for another soccer mini-camp.” A little over a week later Aiden received a letter from his father stating that the university fees and car expenses would continue to be paid. Aiden was relieved that the pastor had been able to convince his father. If he had not, Aiden planned to send the pastor a photo of him smiling while fucking an unidentified ass. Aiden did continue to visit his parents. Pete did not go with him and his name was never mentioned. Aiden refused to attend Word of Jesus Church. His parents attended his university graduation ceremony and took him out to dinner. Pete was not included. The parents were not aware of the wedding ceremony of Aiden and Pete a month after their graduation. The two loving dads were the official witnesses and gave them a Hawaiian honeymoon as a wedding gift. The parents were never invited to the apartment in New City that Aiden and Pete shared after graduation. The boys’ professional careers were challenging and productive. In addition to their work, Aiden volunteered at a local theater organization and Pete enjoyed working with athletic young men as the high school assistant soccer coach. Life was good for Pete and Aiden. Mike and Bob Pete now considered his home to be with his father in Springfield, and moved all his personal belongings to his new home. Aiden also gradually moved his stuff to what he now considered his new home with his two loving dads, away from his biological father. Eventually all that was left in his childhood home were pajamas and the tight white Fruit-of-the Loom briefs. He never wore pajamas except when visiting his parents overnight which was extremely rare. Pete helped him select new underwear, boxer briefs` in a rainbow of colors, made from soft micro-fiber material. The clinging material created a nice package for Aiden’s ample bulge and the viewing pleasure of the men of the house, Pete and the two dads. At their first university break after moving in, Bob suggested the four work out at V & V Fitness Center. They all wore workout clothes to V & V and took clothes to change into later. After the workout, Pete and Bob suggested they all visit the sauna. The boys followed their two naked dads who carried towels to sit on. The dads sat on benches across from their sons who also sat naked on towels. Since maturity, except for the time Mike walked in on Pete as he jerked off and their visit to V & V once during a college break, this was the first time the boys and dads saw each other naked. All four, while attempting not to be obvious, checked out the others. Since they were all comfortable with their bodies there was no embarrassment. After breaking the ice on nudity, in the future, when at home, any of them would feel comfortable walking naked from the shower to their bedroom or going into the kitchen naked for a quick snack. The following year after the dads bought the spacious condo with a private deck, the four would sun bathe naked. Bob privately told Mike, “While I might consider Aiden my son, he obviously is not my biological son. His impressive dick puts my average one to shame.” While Dale moved in with Maggie two months after Ellen’s death, he did not officially acknowledge there living together until after their wedding a year later. At that time he sold his home and paid Mike an amount equal to half the appraised value for ownership of the house he and Maggie now owned together. Soon after Bob sold his condo. He and Mike bought an upscale condo in Apple Hill, the development where his friend Tomas lived. While visiting Tomas, (Chapters 7 – 10) Mike was introduced to muscle magazines and G-strings and soon after, a lunch with friends of Tomas, including Coach Win, Mike was introduced to the joy of fucking. After moving in to their new condo they were invited to Tomas’s home. Mike accepted the invitation after informing Tomas that he and Bob were in a totally monogamous relationship and would not mess around. Their host did offer a delicious Polish dinner followed by hot gay porn watched on his giant HD TV. Mike had told a small lie about being a monogamous couple. They visited Bruce and Todd every three months to help the farmers with paperwork, farm reports and tax returns. Each visit included a delicious meal prepared by Todd followed by fun with the farmers. By unspoken agreement their play time was hands only. Mike and Pete looked forward to playing with and stroking Todd’s magnum uncut dick. Todd would moan in pleasure when one would place his finger at the tip of the uncovered moist with precum dickhead and the other would then wrap their hand around the dick and pull the skin up over the finger. Then the skin covered dickhead was massaged with the probing finger as the skin was pulled up and back slightly being fucked by the finger. Although they would have enjoyed having Todd cum while the finger was held under the skin, Bruce would be on his knees observing and waiting for the eruption. Every farm visit included Bruce receiving a creamy protein drink from each of the three. Two months after Maggie married Dale, Mike and Bob wed. They selected a gay friendly country inn located about a two hour drive from both Springfield and State University. The dads met their sons as well as daughter, Kathy, and her boyfriend, Jason, at the inn on a Friday afternoon. The inn’s wedding package included staying in the honeymoon suite, the services of a justice of the peace, an intimate dinner, flowers and Champagne. Pete and Aiden were the official witnesses at the ceremony Friday evening. The newlyweds went to their suite to celebrate their nuptials. The boys shared one room down the hall while Kathy and Jason were in another. Kathy and Jason returned to the university after breakfast Saturday morning. The four men explored the area by car Saturday and Sunday and also took short hikes in the scenic country side. They visited local attractions, touristy shops and enjoyed each other’s company at small restaurants and a winery. Their rooms at the inn were refuges where they could be away from the complications of work and university while relaxing as only men who love men can relax. Sunday afternoon Mike and Bob said goodbye to their sons and drove back to Springfield while the boys returned to the university. And they all lived happily ever after! ……………………………………………………… This concludes the story of how Mike Found Himself. The same day this final chapter was posted, my next tale was available, The Connecticut River Boys. The story of two men begins in 2010. Following the party where Dave and Craig, both in their sixties, celebrated forty years of love and togetherness a life changing event transformed their world of happiness. They struggle to move forward as they look back at their life together. Forty years earlier, two very different appearing guys in their 20s, an auto mechanic and a college student, met during a Vermont snow storm. Their different backgrounds helped blend them into a loving couple. The story title, The Connecticut River Boys, represents their each: Being conceived on the bank of the river (five years and 60 miles / 100 km.) apart, Coming of age in their hometowns along the river, Meeting within sight of the river during a snowstorm, and Living together most of their lives in Hartford, the largest city along the 400 miles / 640 km of the river.
  8. Following the party where Dave and Craig, both in their 60s, celebrated forty years of love and togetherness, a life changing event shattered their world of happiness. Forty years earlier, two very different appearing guys in their 20s, an auto mechanic and a college student, met during a Vermont snow storm. Their different backgrounds helped blend them into a loving couple. After the tragedy following the fortieth anniversary party, the move forward is complicated and challenging as a brawny Scotsman and a twenty year old naive nephew intertwine with the life of a sixty year old.
  9. August 1944 – At the Brattleboro, Vermont station, a handsome soldier stepped off the train from New York City and into the arms of his high school sweetheart. With a three-day pass prior to shipping out to the European battlefields of World War II, they would have time to wed. That evening, they strolled in a secluded grassy area on the bank of the Connecticut River. A kiss led to more and a seed was planted. Nine months later, May, 1945, Craig Miller arrived. September 1949 – Sixty miles (100 km) upstream from Brattleboro, a newlywed couple bicycled to their favorite hidden picnic spot on the bank of the Connecticut River near Hanover, New Hampshire. He was a graduate student at Dartmouth College and she, a schoolteacher. Soon after spreading their blanket, a kiss led to more and a seed was planted. Nine months later, June 1950, David Carlson arrived. The two boys, living miles apart, had idyllic childhoods in their river towns. January 1970 – David, a student, while driving during a snowstorm from his home in Hanover, New Hampshire, to Trinity College in Hartford, slid off Route 5 in a section of the highway adjacent to the Connecticut River north of the center of Brattleboro. The tow truck driver, Craig, rescued David from the snow and eventually took him into his heart. January 2010 – Craig and David celebrate their forty years of love with a group of friends at their home in Hartford, Connecticut, the largest city along the Connecticut River’s 400 mile (640 KM) journey from the Canadian border to Long Island Sound of the Atlantic Ocean. ……………………………………. David held a glass of Champagne to toast their lives: “To a couple of Connecticut River Rats. We were born near the River, me in New Hampshire, Craig in Vermont. We grew up playing in and near the river. We each learned the joys of jerking off on the riverbank, me at riverside scout camp and Craig with his buddies. Forty years ago, on a cold January afternoon we met within sight of the river when this tow truck driver rescued me, stuck in a snowbank. The love that followed is history.” David leaned in and embraced his man. Craig raised his glass, “To the man I met on a freezing Vermont afternoon forty years ago this weekend, who has warmed my heart through the years. For a small town Vermont boy, this man, lost in a snowdrift, was intriguing, a man of the world. Our friendship turned to love. He inspired me to meet my potential and has kept me spinning with passion since we met. Love you, David. You are my soul, my partner and most importan[AF1] t, my love. Craig and David melted into each other’s arms, then cheek to cheek, nose to nose and lips to lips. As their strong embrace and deep kiss continued, their friends, toasting with Champagne, cheered them on at their double anniversary party. They were celebrating forty years of friendship and love as well as one year as a legally married husband and husband couple. They had married on the second Saturday of January, 2009, on the anniversary of their meeting in 1970. Their marriage had taken place less than two months after Connecticut legalized gay marriage, one of the first states to legalize the love of a man with a man. The warmth inside their home in Hartford, Connecticut’s West End was intensified by the love expressed by their friends. The happy celebration was interrupted by a sharp knocking at the front door. When David answered the door, a burly muscular man of about forty entered without being invited in. As David looked at this delicious piece of manhood with curly red hair and azure blue eyes, he noted the tight flannel shirt covered a defined chest and displayed a mat of red fur at the open collar. His tight work pants provided a fetching outline of the man’s equipment. “I have come to start the demolition of your kitchen so the new cabinets can be installed next week.” Craig entered the front hall, “Who is our guest?” David, in a frustrated voice, replied, “He is no guest. He says he came to rip out our kitchen cabinets so the new ones can be installed next week. I have no idea what he is talking about. Did you order new cabinets?” Craig just as confused, “No. There must be a mistake. Who ordered this work? Who are you? Where did you come from?” “I am Scott, from ABC Home Improvements. I have a work order for 121 Elm Street. Is that this address?” As Scott said this, he handed the paperwork to David. “But we did not order this.” “I’m sorry. I have work to do. If you have a problem call the office.” As Scott said this he picked up his tool box and walked to the kitchen. As David trailed the bubble ass of the construction worker to the kitchen, there was another knock at the door. Craig opened the door to a handsome, thin young man with dark hair and chocolate brown eyes. “Is this the residence of Craig Miller and David Carlson?” When Craig replied ‘yes’, the young man stepped in. “I am Rick, representative of the Cuyahoga Tribe Casino. You have been given a gift of 500 Buffalo Chips to use at our casino. To register this gift, I need to see a driver’s license and credit card.” Craig was bewildered. He and David had visited both Foxwood Casino operated by the Pequot Tribe and the Mohegan’s Sun Casino. These two casinos in Eastern Connecticut were two of the largest casinos in the world. He had never heard of the Cuyahoga Tribe Casino. A totally frustrated David returned from the kitchen. Craig told him about their gift of 500 Buffalo Chips and the need to show a driver’s license and credit card. While they attempted to tell the gentleman from the Cuyahoga Tribe that they would not give a credit card to a stranger, there was another knock. Standing in the doorway was a cute, smiling, sailor. He introduced himself as Seaman Alexander Proctor. “I have come to accompany Craig Miller to the recruiting station. You ship out tomorrow.” Craig was dumfounded, “Are you telling me I have enlisted in the US Navy and am shipping out tomorrow?” “That is true, sir. Please come with me.” “There must be some mistake. I am 65 years old.” “Sir, I have the order to accompany you. We must leave immediately. You have received, and obviously ignored, three previous orders mailed to you. If you refuse, I will call the MA (master-at-arms / US Navy police). They will arrest you if you refuse to honor you commitment.” David and Craig sank into chairs, their heads spinning. There were crashing sounds coming from the kitchen as the construction worker was taking everything out of the cabinets, a representative of the Cuyahoga Tribe demanding to see a credit card and now this Naval Seaman threatening to arrest Craig if he did not depart for military service at the age of 65. Meanwhile, their guests seemed amused with their plight. These were their friends and did not seem to care that their kitchen was being destroyed, someone claiming to be a tribe representative likely was committing credit card fraud and a guy from the Navy was taking Craig away. Could it get worse? As they considered ‘could it get worse?’ there again was a knock. As David opened the door, Police Officer Harris pushed his way in. “There has been a complaint of illegal activity in this house. I have a search warrant. All those present must stand against the wall.” He handed David a legal looking piece of paper as all lined up. David and Craig were filled with anger and bewilderment as the policeman began his search. As the officer of the law ran his hands down David’s chest tweaking each nipple, probing each pocket and caressing both crotch and ass, David found the search to be both invasive and titillating. He was dumbfounded that their guests took the insensitive searches lightly, as most giggled when the police officer ran his hands over and probed each of them. Meanwhile, he could hear Scott removing dishes from the cabinets while the Tribe representative and Seaman gave him the evil eye as they waited for the credit card and Craig’s departure. As the insulting search continued, Scott entered from the kitchen. Placing his toolbox on the floor, he opened it and took out a portable tape player. As he pushed a button, disco dance music blasted as the four - Construction Worker, Native American, Sailor and Policeman - chanted lewd songs. The emotions of David and Craig progressed from rage, to relief, to total lust as the first song ended with the dancers having lost their shirts. Three of them displayed chiseled chests, defined pecs and six pack abs. The fourth, the sailor’s body, was soft and sensuous. They were totally naked from the waist up except for hats and the badge the policeman wore on his chest, evidently attached to a nipple During the next song, the dancers lost their pants. Their energetic dancing caused sweat to drip from their bodies onto David and Craig as the four, now all in scanty colorful[AF2] briefs gyrated over them. The sailor moved front and center as the group danced to a suggestive sea chanty. While the sailor danced with his crotch just inches from the noses of David and Craig, all the dancers, as if by magic, lost their scanty briefs and were now naked except for brief G-strings on three and a revealing loin cloth on the Native American. The sailor’s body was delicate and smooth, totally hairless except for a crewcut hair style and who knows what might be hidden by the bulging G-string. The other three were truly powerful and passionate men. Each had incredible athletic bodies with muscular arms, full chests with rounded pecs, narrow waists, loaded G-strings or loincloth and strapping legs. As they twirled each displayed very alluring rounded ass cheeks. As the next number began, they danced with their backs to the audience. As they flexed their ass cheeks to the beat of the music, their strong legs moved in unison. At the end of the first verse, the dancers swirled around and faced the audience each displaying a full Monty. The fluffed-up cut dicks of the Native American, sailor and policeman swung with the music. Sailor Alex gyrated close to the faces of David and Craig as they scrutinized his smooth hairless skin, especially the silky shining balls. While they had seen shaved guys while watching porno, this was their first actual observation of total manscaping. As his dick and balls swung close to their faces Alex noted their desire as each leaned forward. The sailor placed his hands around each leering head. When they did not resist, he pulled the faces forward into his velvety crotch. He then ground against the face of David and then Craig. The guests hooted and applauded as their hosts each received a face full. The sailor moved back as Scott, the construction worker, moved to the center with his uncut exquisite piece of meat hard as steel as it bounced close to the faces of David and Craig. They could smell the musk of man as precum dripped from the hole of the skin covering the construction worker’s dick. At the conclusion of the song, Scott raised his arms behind his head, leaned his chest back and dick forward. With his swinging oozing piece, he slapped the left cheek of David and right cheek of Craig leaving a trail of precum on each happy cheek. As the guests bellowed and hooted the dancers smiled and bowed. All, except Scott, the construction worker, retrieved their clothes, dressed and departed. As naked Scott erotically licked his fingers after scooping dip onto a potato chip the guests panted with lust. He thanked the elderly guest who handed him a cold beer and then kissed them on the lips. Then he jokingly said, I should get dressed for the party. “If my red hair, natural cock and sparkling eyes didn’t reveal my Scottish lineage, my kilt will.” He reached into his tool box and removed a purple and green plaid kilt. While putting it on, he announced, “I apologize for the quick departure of my mates. While Alex, the sailor swings both ways, I know from personal experience, the other two feel self-conscious prancing in front of guys. They do enjoy showing it all to a group of women. If this had been a ladies’ party they would have danced more and harder. And by ‘hard’, I don’t just mean energetic dancing. Two of them are very willing to offer a solo backroom private performance for the right price. You know what I mean? Unfortunately, Alex, the sailor, depended on the cop for a ride and could not stay. I enjoy the company of men, not cute giggly twinks, but real men, mature men.” As he made this statement he smiled at and then wrapped his arms around two of the older guests, guys in their seventies. While all eyes were on Scott, a tall, lanky guy of about forty entered through the front door without knocking. Craig smiled at him, “Gentlemen, let me introduce Pavel. This man takes care of our needs.” At this statement, the guests hooted. “Five years ago, our garage door got stuck shut. On the recommendation of a friend at church, we hired Pavel, a very handy, handyman. Over the years, he has painted most rooms in our home, cleaned the basement, fixed a broken kitchen cabinet and, when there was a leak in our bathroom, recommended a plumber and supervised the repairs. I invited him today to meet Henry Johnson (one of the guests). As you know Henry is leaving for three months in Florida next week. He needs a reliable guy to check out his condo while he is gone as well paint some rooms. If any of you need the services of a reliable handyman, I heartedly recommend Pavel. If he cannot take care of your needs, he will find someone who can.” At that point Craig hugged and kissed Pavel. When one of the guests called out, “Did you say take care of any of our needs?” David replied with a chuckle, “Talk to Pavel yourself about his services. Unfortunately, he told me he cannot stay long as he is in the middle of painting my neighbor’s dining room.” The party continued for another hour. Scott easily fit in and was as interesting in conversation as he was a piece of eye candy. When he sat, always with his legs spread, the natural piece of meat smiled at the guests from the folds of the kilt. Still bare chested, Scott remained after the final guest departed. “I’ll help you clean this mess. Sorry about the disruption in the kitchen. Actually, while my antics were loud, I only removed a couple of dishes during the fake construction project.” After helping clean up, Scott sat opposite Craig and David who were next to each other on the sofa. “So, you guys have been together forty years? That is awesome. You look younger than your guests. Did you start your friendship when you were in kindergarten (age five)?” David chuckled, “You are a little off with your age guess. We were in our twenties when we met. Now I am sixty and Craig is sixty-five.” “I would have never guessed your ages.” (Actually Scott was telling a white lie. He had pegged them to be in their sixties.) Scott was well aware the two were unable to take their eyes off the piece of man displayed between his legs, under his kilt. As he smiled and spread his legs further apart, “If you think I am coming on to you, well, you are correct. I know what you are thinking. Be assured, I am not a hustler. I’m not like my dance buddies who want cash for a private performance. I really enjoy being with a mature man. To me, there is only one thing better than an older, experienced man: that is two of them.” As he smiled, Craig and David melted. Upstairs in the bedroom, Scott told the two to sit on the bed. He knelt and took off their shoes and sox. He played with and tickled each foot and kissed all twenty toes. While the two remained seated, he removed their shirts followed by running his hands over their upper bodies and nipping each nipple. He then pushed each back onto the bed, unbuckled the belts, unzipped the pants and pulled them off. The two, each wearing bikini briefs, sat up. Scott stood in front of them. He leaned over while removing his construction boots and sox. He stood. As the kilt fell, all seven inches (18 cm) of his uncut cock stood tall. Standing in front of the seated men, Scott was not sure what these two wanted or how far they would go. He made it obvious to them that he was available for whatever. David took Scott’s hand and pulled it toward the two of them. Scott’s chest was now inches from their faces. While Craig tweaked the left nipple and leaned in to suck and nibble on it, David ran his hands up the muscular right arm. He felt the biceps, caressed the red haired sweaty pit and then moved his hand down exploring each finger. Leaning forward David sucked and then kissed each finger. Gradually, both pair of hands moved down exploring the tight abs. Scott then stood tall and his dick was level with their faces. David ran his fingers through the thick, red thatch hair as Craig’s fingers explored the ample balls. Then the dick exploration began. They wrapped their hands around the shaft, pulled the skin up and then back, first hiding and then fully exposing the moist head. David gently squeezed the shaft and juice seeped out. He leaned in and licked the head dry. He then turned his head to Craig who licked the juice of Scott off of David’s tongue. Scott stepped back, “Now it is my turn.” With his right hand he caressed Craig’s chest while doing the same to David with his left. After gently pinching each nipple he moved his hands down and rubbed the bulge of each of their bikini briefs. He then pushed open the side of each brief, exposing the balls while keeping the dick shafts still hidden. He knelt, leaned forward and massaged both set of balls with his tongue. Moving his lips up, he then kissed both wet spots on the area of the briefs over the dick heads. One by one, he pulled the briefs down. As each hard cut dick popped out, he swallowed it to its base with one long, pleasurable suck. Scott stood and reached for his kilt. As he took something out of a hidden pocket in the kilt he asked, “Does anyone want to be fucked?” This was said as he held the condom he had just retrieved. Without hesitation David commented, “My ass is a virgin, but Craig is very open to the concept – and I do mean open. While I enjoy making my man happy, I believe the majestic Scottish ramrod would provide a memorable event for him to receive and for me to watch.” Craig then, in a protesting voice, feigned a protest: “Oh David, you make me sound like a slut.” Then with a twinkle, “AND I AM AN ASS SLUT.” Scott rolled the condom on his hard cock. Craig laid back with his ass at the edge of the bed and legs spread. Scott moved in, put the spread legs on his shoulder and admired the waiting hole. David opened a tube of lube. First he massaged some around the hole and then with his finger into Craig’s hole. He then squeezed some on the Scottish dick, wrapped his hand around the hard piece and distributed the lube all over the shaft. Scott leaned in, planting his dickhead against the hole. Craig called out, “Fuck me! Show no mercy!” Scott gently pushed in. He was surprised that his dick slid in with no resistance. Craig called out again, “Thrust it in deep.” The muscular, burly Scott, who was being gentle, thought to himself, ‘if you want it rough, that is what you will get.’ Showing no mercy, he rammed in, pulled all the way out and rammed in again. Craig’s response, “Go, you fucking Scottish Lad, Go!!” As the next hard thrust rammed in, Craig moved his ass forward to get it as deep as possible. Meanwhile, David knelt on the bed next to his love. Craig grabbed David’s dick. As Scott thrust hard and deep, Craig jacked his love’s dick with tight strokes. David prepared to cum. He maneuvered his dick over Craig’s open mouth as Scott continued the delightful abuse. At that moment, when the world turns topsy-turvy, just before a mighty cum, Craig let go of David’s almost ready dick. Suddenly Scott cried out, “He has stopped breathing. Call 911, we need an ambulance. NOW!”
  10. As Pete said, ‘Please stay with me tonight. I want to hold you as we fall asleep and see you next to me when I wake up,’ Aiden did not respond. They stood in the dorm room, each with his arms wrapped around the other. Pete released one arm, leaned back and turned off the light switch. As the moon shone in the window, Pete maneuvered the two to his bed. He gently pushed Aiden down on the bed. He kicked off his shoes and removed Aiden’s. As he crawled onto the narrow bed, Aiden signaled his acceptance of their closeness by moving over to give Pete space in the bed. As they lay together silently, Pete held Aiden’s hand while he caressed his face with the other. They were on their sides facing each other. Pete leaned forward and their noses touched. He was relieved when Aiden did not back away. He leaned further and their lips touched. Pete pushed his lips against Aiden’s. When Aiden pushed back against his lips, Pete felt a sense of relief. He had feared Aiden would be overwhelmed by his advances and reject him. Pete moved his hand down to Aiden’s chest and gently massaged the nipples. When Aiden responded with, “That feels so good,” Pete was encouraged to be more aggressive. As their lips stayed together, Pete reached under Aiden’s T shirt and gently moved his hand over the chest, nipples and abs. He placed Aiden’s hand under his shirt and had the pleasure of his friend massaging his chest. Pete sat up and removed his shirt. When he reached to remove Aiden’s, his friend helped. Pete kissed each of Aiden’s nipples. Aiden moaned with delight. Pete reached down, unbuckled his pants and gently kicked them off. Aiden did the same. No longer did Pete fear that he was being too aggressive and would scare off his friend. Pete, in boxer-briefs, pressed against Aiden, in tight white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs. As he pushed, Aiden responded by grinding his crotch against Pete’s. Each could feel the stickiness as their now hard dicks seeped precum. Suddenly, Aiden whispered, “I cannot help myself, I am close.” Pete reached inside Aiden’s tight briefs just as the cum poured out. Pete was also close. He quickly pulled his boxer-briefs down and wrapped his hand dripping with Aiden’s cum around his dick. Three strokes and he was blasting onto his chest. Pete laughed as he said, “That was amazing, messy but amazing.” He grabbed Aiden’s face and kissed hard. Aiden kissed back equally hard. Pete turned on the light on the stand next to the bed. The boys with numerous emotions (embarrassment, lust, anticipation, guilt and ecstasy) chuckled as they observed each other, Aiden wearing his tight white briefs soaked with cum and Pete with cum running down his chest. Pete suggested they shower. Before standing, Pete wiped the cum off his hand and chest with tissues… many tissues! Aiden stood and took off his Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs. He used the briefs to clean cum off his crotch. Pete took off his boxer briefs. Pete could not resist holding his friend. He stepped forward and hugged Aiden. With crotch against sticky crotch and chest against sticky chest, the two hugged without inhibitions. Pete stepped back. We should shower. Pete grabbed towels, his toothbrush and the extra one his mother had packed for him as well as soap and shampoo. The two walked down the hall to the bathroom, each with a towel wrapped around his waist. As soon as the door was closed, when the showered young men returned to the dorm room Pete knelt. After removing the towel, he examined Aiden’s dick close up for the first time. Pete looked at and then gently held the rising circumcised piece. He had imagined Aiden would have a small dick that matched his tall but thin body. To his amazement and pleasure, it grew to a handsome piece that was larger than his. He had never placed a dick in his mouth. Now he had an urge to kiss it, lick it and swallow as much as possible. Not wanting to do something that would be uncomfortable to his friend, he satisfied himself by kissing the head. Aiden stated, “Now it is my turn.” Pete stood and Aiden knelt. He examined the first dick that he had ever touched. In fact, the first hard dick he had ever seen except for Deacon Jones’s small one. He gently kissed the head. Then as the Deacon had done to him so many times, he opened his mouth and swallowed as much of it as he could. While the Deacon had swallowed all of his to its base, Aiden was able to only to take about half of Pete’s. Aiden then stood and each jacked the other, resulting in each shooting onto the dick of the other. Following cleanup with tissues the two naked boys crawled into Pete’s bed, pulled the covers up and cuddled together sharing the one pillow. Both were exhausted, not so much from the two love sessions resulting in intense cummings, but from the emotional feelings each had experienced. Pete’s anxiety from his fear that Aiden would be turned off by his advances and Aiden’s getting totally drained from admitting that although he was abused, he looked forward to the encounters, totally wiped each out. They quickly and easily fell asleep in each other’s arms. When Pete woke, he looked at the clock and suddenly panicked that he would be late for class. Then he relaxed as he remembered it was Sunday and he was free all day. He sat up with a jolt. He had fallen asleep in the arms of Aiden. Now he was alone in bed. Where was Aiden? Had he moved too fast and scared him off? Did Aiden not share the feelings of love that he did? He looked in the corner where their clothes had been thrown during their passionate undressing. Aiden’s pants were gone. Suddenly, he realized his immediate need was to piss. When that was taken care of, he would search for his friend. Pete put on his stained-with-cum boxer shorts and quickly opened the door as he realized he really needed to relieve himself. There in the doorway stood Aiden, returning from his morning piss. Pete, overcome with emotion, grabbed his friend who was still standing in the hall. He kissed and hugged him. Then, pulling him into the room, he firmly stated, “Stay right here. I’ll be back immediately.” As Pete ran down the hall toward the bathroom, he chided himself. ‘Of course Aiden had put on his pants. He was naked in bed and could not just wear his cum-stained tight, white briefs’. After draining himself, Pete ran back to the room. He grabbed Aiden, pushed him onto the bed and wrapped his arms around him in a tight bear hug. Within a couple of minutes, they had gotten naked and jerked each other off while kissing. Following messy cummings, they each cleaned the other with tissues. Pete then announced “I’m starved. Let’s go to the dining hall for breakfast. We have all day to play.” After breakfast, Pete turned on his desktop computer and introduced Aiden to the world of porn, specifically, male porn. Aiden explained that he had never been able to watch porn. When in high school, a piece of paper listing hot porn sites had been passed around. However, when he attempted to look at any of the sites he discovered the home Wi-Fi was blocked from such sites. His father was computer savvy. He was the webmaster for the church and was frequently asked to help friends with computer problems. Aiden knew his father would check the viewing history of his lap top when he visited home. To make his father believe he was a religious boy at school, everyday Aiden went to a Bible Study site for the inspiration of the day. He never looked at the site but wanted it to be part of his viewing history. He confirmed his father’s snooping when he was praised for keeping up with the Lord daily. His father had mentioned the name of the Bible Study site when praising him. He could only have known that by checking his search history. Neither boy had extensive sex experience. Pete’s only sexual activity had been jerking off with straight guys in high school and the occasional session with Tyler and Rhonda/Ron. The blow jobs from Deacon Jones and learning to jack off at church camp were the only sexual activities Aiden had had in his eighteen years. Thanks to watching porn together, they were inspired to try different acts. Each soon savored both giving and receiving blow jobs. It would be a few months until Aiden wanted to feel his friends cock in him. Eventually, Aiden became an enthusiastic bottom to Pete’s happy dick. A week after their first encounter, Pete told Aiden about his occasional visits with a couple he had met at an LGBTQ mixer. Aiden eagerly accepted the idea of accompanying Pete, if he was invited. Pete immediately texted Tyler requesting a session that would include his friend. Tyler replied, suggesting the following evening. Later, Pete texted Tyler suggesting that Rhonda surprise Aiden with her female side when they visit. The scene was set to have Aiden be astonished when he discovered one of the foursome was a girl. When they arrived, Aiden was shocked, not only because there was a girl there, but because Pete wanted and encouraged the lady sex. Soon after their arrival, Rhonda still a she, said, “You two take care of yourselves. I want this luscious boy to myself.” Pete happily watched while the bewildered Aiden was reluctantly seduced by Rhonda and then happily enjoyed Ron as his first fuck. Rhonda, now Ron, enjoyed having three guys fuck her, including the virgin to fucking. Other than the occasional romps with Tyler and Rhonda/Ron, the two remained totally committed to each other. Every weekend, Pete’s roommate, Paul, left for home after his last class on Friday and did not return until late Sunday evening. As he packed to leave the Friday afternoon after Pete and Aiden’s night of pizza and sex a week earlier, Paul laughed as he said, “This may not be the time of month to have an outstanding weekend with Marcia. Luckily she is talented in taking care of me in various ways.” He said this as he grabbed his crotch. Within fifteen minutes of Paul’s departure, Aiden was in Pete’s dorm room. Within sixteen minutes of Paul’s departure the two guys were naked and ready for forty-eight hours of debauchery. This lustful schedule continued throughout their first year at the university. Aiden had been offered a full-time paid position at Camp Hallelujah for Christian Girls and Boys. He had attended the camp every year since he was ten years old. During the past two summers, he had worked as an unpaid junior counselor. This summer he would have a paid position. Aiden told Pete there was a possibility he could get him a position working maintenance or in the kitchen. Pete overcame his objection to being exposed to conservative Christians 24/7 when Aiden pointed out they would be able to share a room, just the two of them. To be hired, even for maintenance, Pete would have to be interviewed by Pastor Dick. Aiden suggested Pete meet with Pastor Dick during Christmas Break. Two days after Christmas, Pete’s father dropped him off at the bus station where he boarded a Greyhound bus to Aiden’s home town. Pete needed to impress both Aiden’s father and Pastor Dick to get the job. Making Pete appear to be a devout Christian was a challenge. He memorized a prayer to say if was asked to recite prior to a meal, he brought sweat pants and a black T shirt to sleep in and borrowed a bathrobe from his father to wear between the guest room, where he slept alone, to the bathroom. He attended church with Aiden’s parents and sang hymns with gusto but turned off the sermon as Aiden did. He was polite and never spoke, unless spoken to. He never visited Aiden’s room with the door closed. However, when the parents visited a friend in the hospital the two boys made up for lost time with an intense suck and fuck session. While the Pastor knew he would not hire someone from outside the church to work at his Christian camp, he agreed to the meeting out of respect for Aiden, who he mistakenly saw as a future leader of their congregation. When Pastor Dick met the handsome, tall, muscular Pete, his resolve not to hire started to crack. When Pete mentioned he was from Springfield and had played soccer in high school, Pastor Dick told Pete he knew Coach Win. He further explained that the coach would visit the camp to give a soccer mini-camp. Then Pastor had a bright idea. “Would you be willing to coach soccer all summer and work with Coach Win when he gives his soccer mini-camp?” Peter replied, “Sure.” Pastor Dick told Pete that he would let him know about the job by the end of January after he discussed Pete’s qualifications and background with the Camp Board of Directors. As soon as Pete left his office, Pastor Dick made a phone call. “Hi Coach Win. I just had an interesting conversation with one of your former players, Pete Madison. Based on the suggestion of a young man who has been active in our church and camp, Pete applied for a position working in maintenance at the camp this summer. Normally I would not hire someone from outside the church for any position. Pete told me he played on your soccer team that won the State championship and that he would be willing to coach soccer at the camp. The fact that he is gorgeous has tainted my thought process. In fact, as I sit here in my office my cock is rock hard as I visualize him in revealing soccer shorts. He also agreed to work with you when you give the week long soccer mini-camp. Do you recommend that I hire him?” Coach Win replied, “I would recommend him without reservation. He is a talented player and has a great personality. I agree with you that he is a ‘ten’ in the looks department. Because of my lustful thoughts, I have attempted to avoid any contact with the high school age players off the field. I vividly remember the time that Pete stayed late after practice to clean equipment. Thinking all the boys had gone home I walked into the shower area naked. There was Pete showering. I saw him in all his glory. He caught me checking him out when I caught him checking me out. If he had not been a student of jail-bait age, I would have not turned to the wall when our eyes met. If he got you hard from just seeing him dressed, how do you think I reacted after eyeing his naked body? I assume your fist will be as busy as mine when we hang up. By the way, is there any possibility of our meeting at Secrets back room in New City soon? I don’t want to wait until summer to have some man on man action.” Just before dinner that evening, Aiden’s father answered the phone. With a look of surprise on his face, he told Pete, “Pastor Dick wants to talk to you.” When Pete hung up he told Aiden and his father, “Looks like I will be working at Camp Hallelujah this summer. Pastor Dick called Coach Win after the interview. Coach recommended I be hired.” At the end of his first year at university, Pete returned home for a week and then went on to Aiden’s by Greyhound Bus to start his summer job. Aiden met him at the bus station and they drove directly to Camp Hallelujah. They had both agreed to save the week of sperm each would have developed while separated until they were together. Staying one night at Aiden’s in a separate bedroom would have been totally frustrating. Aiden had told his parents he and Pete were needed at the camp grounds as soon as possible to prepare for the first campers. The need for them to be on site immediately was an exaggeration. Since the first campers would not arrive for two weeks, they would have plenty of time for privacy as they worked diligently on the campgrounds. The place Aiden had chosen for their sleeping was an old, unused campers’ cabin that had not been modernized. It was in the woods away from the other cabins. The plumbing had not been updated since the 1930s when it was built. The toilet leaked and there was only a cold water shower. To Pete and Aiden this ramshackle building was a palace. Its location away from the modern cabins was ideal for two guys who wanted privacy. Within thirty minutes of their arrival, the two love birds were sharing their week’s supply of built up sperm. While their work was not always enjoyable, their nights were fantastic. Pete’s maintenance jobs ran the gauntlet from easily mowing lawns on a riding mower to cleaning shit filled septic tanks. As a counselor, Aiden was required to be a righteous, Jesus loving, spiritual leader to campers that ranged in age from ten to sixteen. Pete enjoyed working with the campers at the one or two hour soccer sessions every day. They both looked forward to the visit by Coach Win. Pete had told Aiden about the shower encounter with the handsome naked forty year old guy and the erotic feelings he had when the Coach massaged his bruised leg. One evening, Pastor Dick visited their cabin unannounced. Aiden was in the shower and Pete was sitting on his bed looking at porn on his smart phone wearing only brief soccer shorts. He was playing with his dick when there was a knock on the door. His dick dropped from full hard to half-mast as he walked to the door. To his horror, a smiling Pastor Dick was standing there. “May I come in?” Pete could not say no. The Pastor sat in one of the two dilapidated chairs while Pete sat on his bed. While he did not realize that one ball and his dick head was peeping out of the shorts, Pastor did not miss the fine view. As the Pastor crossed his legs to hide his rising dick naked Aiden walked out of the bathroom sporting a half hard dick that was anticipating Pete, certainly not the Pastor. Aiden quickly wrapped a towel around his waist and sat on the other bed. He was surprised when he caught the pious Pastor Dick checking out Pete’s unintentional (or was it?) display of a little bit of dick and ball. Aiden decided to tease the Pastor and moved his legs apart. The movement caused the towel to rise. There was now a clear view of his majestic dick hanging over his balls. The possibility of Pastor’s interest in dicks was confirmed as he caught him staring into his exposed crotch. The thought that he was arousing the Pastor resulted in erotic feelings throughout Aiden’s body and his dick began to rise. As Pastor Dick spoke (and leered), he felt precum oozing out of his dick. He explained that the reason for his visit was to ask the boys if it would be OK if Coach Win stayed in their cabin. (He did not mention that the coach had requested sharing a room with them.) While it seemed unusual that Pastor Dick would have their guest stay in a dreary cabin without hot water, Pete enthusiastically stated they would be happy to host the coach. Pastor Dick continued with small talk as he willed himself not to check out either boy so his dick could go down and he could stand to leave. A week later, Pete was mowing the lawn when he saw Coach Win arrive. He stopped the mower and ran over to his former coach. They shook hands with strong handshakes. As Pete stared into the eyes of Coach with lust he felt, the Coach was returning the feeling. He walked with the coach to Pastor Dick’s camp office. As the pastor and coach greeted each other with manly handshakes, Pastor Dick asked Pete to stay as he had a request. “Pete, this evening Coach Win will be having dinner with my family (wife and two young daughters). As you know he will be staying with you. You and he will have time tomorrow morning to discuss the soccer mini-camp that begins in the afternoon. You and Aiden have been especially hard workers. I appreciate your volunteering to put in extra time this weekend to help with the parents’ events. To thank you for organizing ‘The Walk With Jesus Hike’ Saturday afternoon and Aiden’s willingness to lead the ‘Moses Burning Bush Campfire’ in the evening, as well as all the extra work you will be doing with Coach Win, I have a small gift for you. Here is $30 from the Camp Social Fund for you and Aiden to see a movie at the Littleton Megaplex Theater this evening. I am sure you would like some time away from Camp Hallelujah. Enjoy yourselves.” Peter thanked Pastor Dick for the offer of an evening off. When he told Aiden about the night off, he observed, “The way Pastor Dick told me that we could have the evening off sounded more like an order than suggestion.” As Aiden drove, Pete checked hi phone for the movie schedule at the Littleton Megaplex. Suddenly he shrieked, “Shit, I left my wallet in my other pants when I changed. Do you have any money?” Aiden pulled his wallet out, “I only have $2. We’ll have to go back.” By the time they were back at their cabin, it had been over a half hour since they departed. Aiden parked as close as he could to the out of way cabin. Peter had to walk through a clump of trees to get to it. When he tried to open the door, he discovered it was bolted shut. He thought he heard noise inside. He attempted to look in the window next to the door but could not see in, as the curtains had been drawn. There was a side window that did not open and was covered by a pair of broken shutters. He looked through a crack in the shutter and saw an extremely interesting sight. He saw a kneeling ass being plowed by a standing guy. When he looked through another crack he saw the face of Coach Win. Who was fucking him? He ran back to the car and told Aiden about the scene. The boys returned and looked through various cracks in the broken shutters. The fucker pulled out and Coach Win rolled onto his back. When the fucker leaned in to suck Coach’s standing tall dick, Pastor Dick’s face appeared and moved in with mouth eagerly open. After watching the action for about fifteen minutes the boys wanted to get off with each other and decided to go to a secluded area of the forest. As they walked, Aiden complained, “that fucking hypocrite, him and his Leviticus 18. I have heard it so many times I can quote it, ‘You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination’. Wait, I’m going to go back and see if I can get photos or a video through the shutter crack. If I ever hear that he reviled gays again, I will blackmail him to give a sermon of love and acceptance to ALL! After Aiden took photos and made a short video through the cracks in the shutter, the two had quality time in the forest. They returned to a secluded bench near their cabin and waited for Pastor to leave. Thirty minutes later the Pastor snuck out of the cabin. They waited about ten minutes and walked into their cabin. The room was empty and the shower was running. Pete whispered to Aiden, who chuckled as he nodded, ‘yes’. Coach Win walked out of the bathroom naked playing with his dick. Assuming he was alone, he was embarrassed, surprised and titillated by the action in the room. The scene he witnessed was certainly not what he expected. Naked Pete was on the floor doing push-ups. With each repetition, his gluteus minimus, medius and maximus (ass muscles) flexed. Naked Aiden was doing sit-ups with knees spread giving full view of his dick hanging over dangling balls. Pete looked up, “Oh, hi Coach. Aiden and I are doing our evening workout.” After a few more push-ups Pete said, “Coach, remember when the muscle in my leg tightened during a practice. You helped me walk to the locker room and then massaged the tight area until it loosened. I’ve been having a similar problem. If I move my leg in the wrong direction a pain shoots up and the muscles turn into a hard knot. Aiden attempts to massage it down, but he does not have your touch. Would you please check it out?” As Pete said this he stood and walked to his bed. He laid down on his back and placed his hand on his upper leg, the alleged area of concern. As naked Coach Win moved in to examine and massage the leg of naked Pete, naked Aiden stood next to him saying, “I want to see what you do to relieve the pain.” As the coach, with his hands on the upper leg just inches from Pete’s balls, began an examination of the rectus femoris (upper leg front muscle next to balls), Pete’s dick began a slow ascent. Although Coach Win was trying very hard to maintain a professional bearing while examining Pete’s upper leg, his dick would not cooperate and rose along with Pete’s and Aiden’s. Pete smiled at his coach, “Coach Win, we are miles from Springfield and Aiden and I are no longer high school students, but legal age, consenting adults.” As he said this, he reached for and gently stroked Coach’s hard dick. Then, with a twinkle in his eye, he said, “I lied. I do not have a problem with my leg. However, that does not mean you need to stop the massage. Please continue. What you are doing feels as wonderful as it did when you massaged my leg when I actually injured myself.” As Coach leaned over, still massaging, but not the leg, now the dick, Aiden admired the over forty year old ass. Having observed Pastor Dick fucking Coach, he assumed the ass would be ready, willing and certainly, able. He reached for and rolled on a condom. When Coach leaned further forward to suck Pete’s dick, Aiden placed his dickhead against the rosebud. He and his dick were happy that the Coach did not resist. He was not surprised that it easily slid in, since the only other ass he fucked was also effortlessly penetrated, the ass of the very experienced Rhonda/Ron. The sex hungry Coach made no effort to prolong the sucking session. Pete’s cry of joy as he spewed down Coach’s throat brought Aiden over the edge as his dick emptied into the condom. The older Coach held back his cumming. Not having the endurance of an eighteen year-old, he held back in the hope of another session. Fifteen minutes later Pete and Aiden reversed positions. Pete fucked while Aiden happily gave Coach a mouthful. At the end of their first session, Pete told Coach, “My ‘gaydar’ was correct concerning you. I detected the lust in your eyes that time we showered together. When you turned to the wall while your dick was rising I knew you enjoyed guys as much as I.” After their second session, they pushed two beds together. Pete and Aiden slept in one of the narrow beds, as they always did, while Coach was close to them. Once during the night and in the morning the three played. They had sexsational sessions every day and evening of Coach’s visit. In addition to fun with the boys, daily he and Pastor Dick took a hike or canoed to the abandoned camp site across the lake. Coach Win departed for home totally exhausted, but with a smile on his face. Pete did not tell Coach they had seen him being fucked by Pastor Dick. The young men did not want to get involved with the less attractive older righteous appearing man. Aiden was totally frustrated with the hypocritical pastor who had ranted against the sin of homosexuality in numerous sermons. Aiden composed an anonymous letter to Pastor Dick: Pastor Dick, You are a hypocrite. You engage in sex acts with men and then while your cock is still wet give sermons condemning the love of two men. While I see nothing wrong with two men making love, I believe it is a sin to do it one day and then condemn it the next. I have proof, photos and a short video of you engaged in sex acts with a man. I will not share them with you because seeing them would identify me, a gay member of your congregation. However, if you ever condemn the love of two men again, I will share the photos and video with the Church’s Board of Deacons. If they do not act on your hypocritical actions, I will share them with your family. The next time Leviticus 18 or 20 are included in the Sunday readings, I order you to explain that those rules were written thousands of years ago when the need to increase the population of the believers was essential. While the act of two men having sex is not a sin in itself, a man having sex that does not result in procreation was seen as a sin since that sex act would not increase the number of followers. You could also explain that since today the problem is not a low population but overpopulation, sex between men should not be considered as a sin. Also, since sexual orientation is determined at birth, condemning someone for being gay would be the same as condemning God for making a gay person. Do not fail to mention Jesus’s message of love and the fact that Jesus himself never spoke of homosexuality. Give sermons of love and acceptance, not hate. Clean up your act, you hypocrite. Aiden planned to send the letter at the end of summer to make it less likely that Pastor Dick would identify the letter with his fucking of Coach Win. At the end of the summer Pete and Aiden returned to State University as dorm mates, sharing a room, their souls and their bodies.
  11. Thanks for your comment. Aiden and also Jason will get their revenge.
  12. Come kick off the school year at the LGBTQ Welcome Back Mixer! This event is for all LGBTQ first year, transfer, and returning students! Here you will have the chance to learn about the LGBTQ resources on campus and in the community. Whether you're looking for a student organization to get involved in, want to meet new people or need help navigating the campus or city, this fun event will provide the resources you need! A mailing to new students and parents included material about University academic and social information. Pete found the information about gay activities especially interesting. He signed up for the LGBTQ mailing list by sending in his email address. When Mike reviewed the information sent to new students and their parents he was both surprised and pleased that universities supported gay rights. That was not the situation when he was a student. Or if it was, he was not aware of gay organizations or activity as he was suppressing such thoughts when in college. Two days after moving into his dorm, Pete walked to the Student Union where the LGBTQ mixer was being held. He entered the event with a combination of fear and eagerness. The information table at the entrance was hosted by an attractive black male student and blond girl. The guy stood and held his hand out, “Hi, I’m Tyler. Welcome to our Mixer. If you have any questions about gay life on campus or in the city do not hesitate to ask me or any of the students wearing a pink name tag. They are upper class students. If you have questions later, send an email to the address listed in this brochure or check out our face book page.” During this short introduction Tyler did not let go of Pete’s hand as he eye fucked him. Pete felt a twinge in his crotch as his left brain said, ‘take it easy young man’ and the right brain pushed erotic thoughts through his body. An hour later, as Pete said good bye to Tyler, he felt very much at ease. A couple of guys had suggested they get to know each other better. Pete had decided he was just going to check out the party and avoid complicating his life, at least as for now. There would be some type of LGBTQ event at least monthly, so he would have plenty of opportunities to make friends. At this time we was forcing himself to be more concerned about course work than guys. He found classes challenging. However, in talking to his classmates he discovered he was not the only one struggling. By the end of the third week he felt positive about every class except English composition. Needing a quiet place to work on a paper for the English class, he found a secluded spot in the library. As he struggled writing the assigned composition, someone sat at the opposite end of the table. He looked up and met the eyes of the handsome Tyler, the first person he met at the LGBTQ mixer. He was surprised Tyler remembered his name as he said, “Hi Pete. You look like you are doing some serious work.” They chatted briefly and then each concentrated on their own assignments. About fifteen minutes later, Tyler quietly announced, “I need to take a piss.” He got up and walked away. As Pete watched him, Tyler turned around and smiled. He gave Pete a nod that was obviously an invitation to join him. Tyler then turned around and Pete enjoyed watching the ass as it walked away. Pete was totally conflicted. After a minute of tormenting himself about the evils of following his desires and of what might happen, he stood and walked in the direction Tyler had gone. When he entered the men’s room, he saw Tyler standing at one of two urinals. Pete, shaking with a combination of fear and anticipation, stepped to the adjoining urinal. As Pete stepped forward, Tyler moved back. He had his hand wrapped around his hard, black, cut dick. He removed his hand so Pete could see it and the balls that were protruding from his opened pants. Tyler then said, “You’ve seen mine, now show me yours.” Without considering the consequences, Pete unzipped his jeans and with some difficulty untangled his now hard dick. Pete secretly was proud that his was a little longer and rounder than the upper classman’s. Tyler reached for it and wrapped his hand around it - “Nice piece of equipment!.” - Then Tyler took Pete’s hand and directed it to his hard dick. As Pete wrapped his hand around the dick, Tyler moaned, “Feels oh so good.” Tyler than suggested, “I would like to finish this party someplace private. Come to my dorm room. OK?” In a trance, Pete replied, “OK,” as he let go of the only dick he had ever touched other than his own. Tyler zipped up and left the bathroom. As he walked out another student entered. Pete moved close into the urinal as the other guy stood next to him. Luckily, the thought of almost being caught caused a rapid deflation of his dick. Pete walked back to the study table where Tyler, while making a phone call, waited. Their walk to Tyler’s dorm room was surreal as they discussed Pete’s English composition assignment. Pete mentally had an argument with himself. While his brain told him to just tell Tyler that he was not ready to mess around, the dick pleaded to go for it. The dick won. When Tyler opened the door to his room, Pete was shocked to see the girl who had been sitting at the host table with Tyler at the LGBTQ Mixer. The girl was pretty and sexy appearing. She wore a pink see through, baby-doll negligee that did not hide the lacy bra holding big tits and frilly panties. Her pink spike heeled shoes matched the outfit. Pete was in a state of total shock. If Tyler had not closed the door and was now standing behind him blocking the door, he might have attempted to run. “Meet my friend Rhonda, or as her friends call her, Ronnie.” As Tyler wrapped his arms around Pete, the girl stood and approached him. As Tyler caressed him, she placed her hands on Pee’s chest and massaged his nipples. She then moved them down patting his abs and then crotch. She knelt and leaned forward kissing the front of his pants. After unbuckling his belt she unzipped the jeans and pulled them down along with his boxer shorts. As she was doing this, Tyler from behind, unbuttoned and then removed his shirt. She leaned in and examined Pete’s rock hard, dripping dick. She squeezed it and as precum dribbled out, she licked it off the dick head. Meanwhile, Tyler had stripped naked and was now standing next to Pete. She squeezed precum out of Tyler and licked his dickhead clean. As she leaned in to swallow Tyler, he grabbed her head and thrust himself deep down her throat. When he released her, she turned her head and swallowed Pete. She must have realized Pete was near the point of no return as she quickly backed out. Except for jerking off with buddies, all straight guys, looking at porn, or using his fist for pleasure, Pete was a virgin to sex. He was in a trance, intoxicated by the sensual atmosphere with no control over his actions. She then stood and laid on the bed. “Now it is time for the men to take care of the lady. Pete, as if in a dream, stepped out of his pants that were around his ankles and followed Tyler to the bed. While Tyler played with the bra covering her tits, she took Pete’s hand and led it down her body. While Pete had never actually touched a lady, he had seen enough porn to know what to expect. As she guided Pete’s trembling hand under her lacy, pink panties his fingers explored. The first area was totally smooth. He had seen both hairy and shaved pussies, so was not surprised at the smoothness. Then his hand encountered something that was definitely not the lady parts he had seen, some very close-up, in porn videos. While he expected his probing fingers to fall into a hole, he felt something soft, long and round. As his fingers touched this piece of flesh, Pete suddenly realized he was holding a rising dick. As it grew, she moaned with pleasure. The dick was now rock hard. There was skin covering the head and he realized he was touching his first uncut dick. She smiled at him, “Surprise. Like what you found?” As she wiggled out of her panties, Tyler removed the bra. Suddenly Pete realized, this was no lady. He had his hand wrapped around the dick of a young man who was most likely wearing a wig. She, no he, reached for Tyler’s and Pete’s dicks. As she stroked them both, Pete stroked her. Then in a very masculine voice, not the feminine voice she had used, she/he asked Tyler, “Does your friend know what I want?” “Not yet.” Then turning to Pete he said, referring to him as a she, “My lady wants to be fucked. She hopes you will please her. If you don’t mind, I will start the action and you can finish her off.” As Tyler said this he mounted the bed kneeling between the spread legs. He reached for a tube and squeezed clear stuff on his fingers. After lubing his dick he lifted Ron’s legs and rubbed lube around and then in the hole. Tyler then moved his legs back, leaned forward and then placed Ron’s legs on his shoulders. The ass was totally exposed. As Tyler leaned forward his dick slid into the waiting hole. He fucked a couple of minutes and pulled out. Then untangling himself from Ron’s legs he moved to the far side of the bed. He took a packet off the night stand, opened it and handed Ron a condom. She said, “Only my Tyler fucks me bareback. Let me roll this on you.” As ordered, Pete stepped forward and Ron expertly rolled the condom onto his throbbing hard dick. Not wanting these people to know he was a virgin to fucking, Pete moved into the same position Tyler had used and placed his dick against the waiting hole. Expecting resistance, he was surprised when his dick just fell in. He pushed in and pulled back. Then again. On his third push in he felt his dick responding to this amazing feeling. The orgasm was so intense that he felt dizzy and almost collapsed onto Ron. As Pete staggered out and back, Tyler moved in. Tyler pulled out and leaned forward to suck his friend. He then moved back in place and continued the fuck. He seemed to be pacing the action. Suddenly, as Ron erupted, Tyler called out in pleasure as he filled his friend. The two kissed. After wiping themselves clean, they dressed, Ron into male clothes. Tyler announced, “I’m starved, let’s go to the dining hall for dinner.” As the three college men walked to the dining hall Pete had a difficult time following the conversation as he thought to himself, ‘This is amazing. In the past hour I have touched my first cock, had someone touch me, saw and played with an uncut dick up close, got sucked and then did my first fuck’. Over dinner the three discussed normal college stuff. Pete learned that Tyler and Ron were both accounting majors in their senior year. Tyler’s father was a partner in an accounting firm and he would work for his father’s firm after graduation. Ron planned to continue his education by entering an M.B.A. (Master of Business Administration) at a university in Tyler’s home town. The two would continue to live together. Following dinner, Pete was invited back to Tyler’s and Rhonda’s room. The now experienced fucker lasted longer during his second fuck, to the pleasure of Rhonda. As the semester continued, occasionally Pete would receive a text from Tyler suggesting a visit. Pete never replied ‘no’. Except for his occasional visits with Tyler and Rhonda, Pete’s fist was his only love partner. The Saturday prior to the Thanksgiving (third Thursday in November) break, Pete attended a LGBTQ mixer. At previous events he had been afraid to get involved with anyone, so did not take up the numerous offers of coffee dates with unspoken suggestions for more. He was afraid to get emotionally attached to some guy. With Tyler and Rhonda, he could just have great sexual experiences with no other expectations. Pete found himself standing next to Aiden, a fellow business major he had met at the mixer at the beginning of the semester. They had never had a serious conversation although they were in the same Accounting 101 class. Their lives were very different as Pete played intramural soccer and Aiden was interested in theater and did set designs for college theater productions. During this casual conversation, Pete mentioned that he was eager to visit his home for the first time since classes began. He told Aiden that his Wednesday classes had been cancelled and he would take a bus to Springfield Tuesday evening and have an extra day with his parents. Aiden replied, “I am also planning to leave for home Tuesday. I have a car on campus and will drive through your hometown. You are welcome to ride with me. It will be nice to have someone help with the three hour drive to Springfield. I then have another hour to my home. They were on the road by 4:00 Tuesday afternoon. Pete at first had been hesitant to accept the ride as he did not know what these two very different guys would talk about for three hours. He was surprised that the conversation flowed so easy. First they discussed their classes. Then Aiden told Pete about the complications of building sets for the current theater production. As they got to know each other better, the conversation got more personal. Aiden told about his family life. Aiden had been brought up in a strict conservative Christian community. Basically, everything he and his family did was church-related, including attending service every Sunday morning, Christian Fellowship Sunday evening and Bible Study on Thursday evening. Every dinner started with a Bible reading and a prayer. Every time he left the house, he was expected to give a detailed explanation of his plans and then explain his activities when he returned. He had no privacy. His bedroom door was not permitted to be closed. Then Aiden confessed, “I began to hate being in that house. My parents had decided that I would attend a Christian college. We had a long battle. They were not happy when I told them I wanted to study business at a large university. They had decided I should attend a college with a strong Bible program. Finally, I told them that it would be a waste for me to go to a Christian college or university to study business if the program did not have national recognition and accreditation. None of their suggested schools had such national business study accreditation. Finally, I told them that if I could not attend the school of my choice, I would not go to college. Instead of college, I would get a job and when I had saved enough money for furniture, find my own place to live. I had back up statements in case my dad lectured more. If he threatened by telling me I was not allowed to live in his house if I did not follow his rules, I had a reply ready. I would tell him that I planned to move in with Uncle Joe and Aunt Sue. My dad hated his brother. He called him a communist and had not spoken to him since he saw a Bernie Sanders for President sign in his yard. Luckily, I did not need to make that threat as it would have led to an unpleasant encounter with my father.” (For those of you not familiar with USA politics – Bernie Sanders was a serious contender for the Democratic Party, Political party of Obama, nomination for President. Sanders proposed medical care for everyone and free university education. While universal medical care is normal in the rest of the world, the USA requires private insurance for care of all except the elderly and those at the poverty level. Those who do not have employer provided insurance and cannot afford insurance have the choice of going personally bankrupt or dying, should they have a serious medical condition. Many conservative Christians, such as Aiden’s family, do not believe there should be government sponsored medical care. That is a total contradiction to the message of Jesus, especially as noted in the parable of The Good Samaritan.) Aiden continued, “My uncle has a son and daughter, both university graduates. When in high school, the son had long hair and an earring and the daughter, a small nose ring and rose tattoo on her shoulder. I was not permitted to have any contact with them. Today the son is in law school hoping to use his legal skills to save the planet. He has an undergraduate degree in environmental science. The daughter obtained a university degree with a major in social work. Now she works as a counselor for a State-funded organization that works with victims of sex trafficking. My father does not consider them to be a Christian family as they do not attend church on a regular basis. I am positive my uncle and aunt would let me stay there if my parents threw me out.” “I pointed out to my parents that State University was the least expensive school with a nationally recognized School of Business in the area. In fact, it was less expensive than any of the small Christian colleges they wanted me to attend. Finally, with great reluctance, they permitted me to apply to State U. I was given a car to have on campus so I could visit home on a regular basis. Much to their unhappiness, I visit no more than once a month. This will be my third trip home since our classes started. I know that as soon as I enter the house, they will begin an interrogation about my activities. None of their questions will be about my course work. It will center on my social life and what I do in my spare time. When they are not questioning me, they are lecturing me on the ‘good life’. That is ‘the good life’ as they see it, not as I see it. They actually believe me when I tell them I attend Church every Sunday and have found a campus Bible study group. My church, as well as my parents, consider homosexuality a grave sin. Luckily, they cannot even imagine that their son is queer. Although I attend church with my parents, I have stopped attending mentally. I sing the hymns loud and totally block out the often hateful sermons.” Pete replied, “God, what a bummer. I have had total freedom while growing up. While my parents showed a lot of interest in my school activities, they were never overbearing. They always wanted to know where I was going and when I would be home, but never quizzed me on what I did with my friends. I always gave them a summary of my activities.” Then Pete suggested, “Since we are not going to get to my house until 7:00 or later and you have another hour to drive, why don’t you stay overnight and drive home in the morning. You can call your parents from my house and tell them we got a late start and that you were up until 3:00 this morning finishing an assignment.” With a smile Aiden accepted the offer. “If I stay overnight at your house, I will have one less day of interrogations and lectures. Thanks for the offer.” During the rest of the drive their conversation covered many topics except one. Aiden did not bring up, and Pete did not want to push, any sex or gay issues. Aiden felt very at ease with Pete’s parents. Maggie had prepared a beef stew that could be warmed up whenever the boys arrived. During dinner, Pete’s parents directed questions to both boys about their campus activities and classes. None of the questions were intrusive and Aiden took them as showing an interest in him, not interrogating this young man who was a friend of their son. When Pete suggested Aiden could sleep in his room on an air mattress, the guest was not insulted that he was being given a second rate bed. Instead, he was thankful that sleeping on the floor would give him an extra night away from the scrutiny of his parents. The boys were both tired and they went to the bedroom about an hour after dinner. Aiden went out to his car to get his toothbrush and he returned with a plastic bag with clean clothes. When it was time to get ready for bed, Aiden went to the bathroom to shower and returned wearing pajamas. Pete was surprised as he knew no one his age who wore pajamas. As far as he knew, guys in the dorm just wore underwear or sleep pants to bed. While Pete was not expecting a fuck, suck or jerkoff session with his friend, he felt that Aiden was being overly prudish. Normally Pete would have put on clean boxer shorts for sleeping. He had a feeling that Aiden was shy. Pete wanted his guest to feel comfortable so he did not change in front of him. Instead, he slept in the boxers he had worn all day. When it was time to actually get into bed, Pete insisted that he sleep on the floor and Aiden in his bed. Aiden protested. Finally, they flipped a coin. Pete won the toss and slept in his own bed. Thankfully, it was the decision of the coin and not Pete that his guest had the uncomfortable sleeping arrangement. Soon after the boys fell asleep Pete’s dad, Mike, laid in bed scolding himself as he had very pleasant erotic thoughts about Pete’s friend, Aiden. The two boys were certainly a handsome pair. His muscular son, Pete, was 6’ 2” (1.88 m) with a strong face. The thin Aiden was slightly shorter. To Mike’s shame he found this boy with dirty blond hair and sky blue eyes very erotic. That was his last vision before falling asleep. The following morning, Pete showered and changed into clean underwear in the bathroom. When he returned to the bedroom, Aiden was dressed. Pete wondered, ‘Was it coincidence or Aiden’s planning that resulted in their never seeing the other naked?’ Then Pete chided himself for being obsessed with checking out his friend. When Pete and Aiden entered the kitchen, the parents were sitting at the table having coffee while reading the morning paper. Pete was surprised and somewhat put out that there was no indication that a breakfast was being prepared. Then to his pleasant surprise his father suggested, “I would like to take you two to the Town Diner for a hearty breakfast.” As he said this, Aiden thought to himself, my father would never do that. Instead, he would be sitting there with a Bible looking pious and begin the morning with a lecture or interrogation. Pete was pleased that his father had offered this special treat of both food and comradeship to his friend. He was doubly pleased when, after breakfast, his father followed Aiden to a gas station and paid for a fill-up. Back at school following the Thanksgiving break, Pete and Aiden began to sit next to each other in their accounting class and ate most meals together in the dining hall. They were soon constant companions, often studying together in the library. While Pete enjoyed being with his new friend, he felt it was strange that two gay guys would never discuss sex - casually, jokingly or explicitly. A couple of times, Pete had joked about gay porn and taking care of the sausage. Both times Aiden appeared uncomfortable and shut down the conversation. Two weeks after Thanksgiving, Pete suggested, “Since my roommate is going home for the weekend, why don’t we hang out in my room Saturday night. We could watch something on Netflix. After picking up two large pizzas, two big bottles of coke, garlic bread twists and a cookie brownie at Domino’s, they had a gourmet dinner planned that was far different than dorm meals. After eating all the food and watching two episodes of Riverdale (with scenes of the half-naked hunk, Archie) on Pete’s desk top computer, Pete initiated a discussion that he had carefully rehearsed. “You and I have been good friends for about a month. We discuss all kinds of stuff. One thing that we have never talked about is sex. As two gay boys, I assume we both have an interest in sex, especially as it relates to men. So, I have a few questions: What is your favorite porn to watch? How do you take care of your natural needs, the needs that every healthy boy has? What was the best sex experience you ever had?” Pete realized he might be putting their friendship in jeopardy by pursuing this, but he really liked Aiden and had fantasized doing stuff with him. Although he wanted more, at this time, he would be happy just watching porn and hopefully jerking off together. Following a few moments of silence that seemed like an eternity to Pete, Aiden spoke. “I am going to tell you something that I have never shared with anyone. If after you hear my story, you don’t want to have anything to do with me, I will understand.” “When I was fifteen years old, my life changed. Our family attended Bible Study every Thursday evening. I was in the teen study group. One day after the session, I saw my father talking to Deacon Jones who was the assistant pastor and business manager of the church. They looked my way and beckoned me over. I thought I had done something wrong. The Deacon spoke to me: ‘I just asked your father if it would be OK for you to go fishing with me on Saturday. Since I only have daughters and the oldest is only five, I have no family to fish with. Would you be willing to go with me? I have an extra fishing rod you may use.’ I was thrilled. My father never took me to fun places or showed any interest in me. I said ‘sure’.” “Deacon Jones picked me up Saturday. We hiked to a secluded spot along the river. He told me it was best to go where there would be no one else so we would have the fish to ourselves. He helped me with the equipment and we fished for about thirty minutes with no bites. He suggested we take a break and go swimming. When I told him I couldn’t because I did not have a swimming suit he laughed, ‘No problem, it’s just us men. Besides, no one ever comes to this spot.’ He stripped naked and waded into the water. I did not look at him until his private place was under water. I knew you should not look at a naked person. Up to that time, I had never seen an adult man or woman naked. I removed my clothes and waded into the water holding my hand in front of me until ‘it’ was under water. I had taken swimming lessons at summer camp so was comfortable being in the water. I swam a little. Deacon Jones splashed me and laughed so I splashed him back. Once, when he swam under the water, he touched my penis. I assumed it was an accident. Then he floated on his back. When he did this I could see his penis and realized it was smaller than mine. He told me to float on my back. I replied that every time I tried to do it, I sank. He stood next to me and told me he would hold me up when I leaned back. When I tried it, he placed his hand under my back and I floated without sinking. It was a great feeling. He then placed his other hand under my rear end. Floating on the water was such a wonderful feeling. I suddenly realized he was rubbing my rear end. His touching me like that really felt good. I assumed it was an accident that he had his hand where it was. The calmness of the floating and the rubbing of my rear end relaxed all of me except my penis. To my horror, I realized I might get hard. I had learned to jack off at camp and knew it was something that one should not do, although all the boys did it. Doing that was my secret. Keeping one hand under my back so I would not sink, Deacon Jones moved the other hand to my chest. He rubbed my chest and then moved down touching my stomach and then my penis that was just starting to get hard. He wrapped his hand around it and began doing the same movement that I did in private. I wanted to tell him to stop, but since the Deacon was doing it, I told myself that it must be OK. Also, it really felt good. He continued until I ejaculated. He smiled at me and told me I was a very healthy young man. He took his hand from under my back. As I started to sink, he helped me stand up. We went to the riverbank and he spread out a blanket. Still naked, we sat on it. Then he told me what a handsome young man I was and that I had just proved that I would someday create wonderful children. He asked me if I knew about making babies. When I told him we had a sex education lecture at school, he replied that I had proved that I was a man. Then he told me that what we had done was our secret. He said this in a way that was a warning. He then laid back while I sat thinking about what had happened. His eyes were closed. I decided to sneak another look at his penis and was happy to confirm that his was smaller than my fifteen year old one. He laid next to me for a while and then sat up. He asked me if I was rested. I said that I felt fine. He told me to lay back and enjoy the warmth of the sun. As I laid naked, he placed a hand on my leg. He rubbed my leg and moved his hand up and touched my balls. Then, he again wrapped his hand around my penis. I felt ashamed that what he was doing felt good. He very gently stroked me with one hand and rubbed his other hand over my body. He touched my nipples - it felt good. He pushed my legs apart and rubbed my rear end and pressed against my hole - it felt good. Then to my shock, he leaned forward and took my penis into his mouth. He sucked me until I ejaculated into his mouth. I think he swallowed most of it. He then spit onto his hand and masturbated himself using the combination of his spit and my juice as a lubrication. His ejaculation was less than what I usually shot.” “The following Thursday evening, after Bible Study, he asked my father if it was OK for me to stay and help put away the chairs and study supplies. He told my father he would take me home. As soon as everyone else had left he told me, ‘You really are a healthy young man. I enjoyed what we did during our secret time. I would like to do it again.’ I did not resist. He knelt, unzipped my pants, pulled out my penis and sucked me until I ejaculated in his mouth. He again spit some into his hand and used it to lubricate his penis. He ejaculated onto the floor.” “Our doing it continued for over a year. My parents were proud when I was chosen to help every Saturday when Deacon Jones set up for Sunday service.” “Almost a year later, at the annual church picnic, I noticed Deacon Jones talking to Jason, a boy a year older than me. After their brief discussion, Jason walked off into the woods. I was not surprised to see the Deacon take the same path a few minutes later. I followed them. Walking down the path, I soon heard quiet talking. They were behind a clump of bushes. Hiding behind a tree, I watched Deacon Jones on his knees sucking Jason.” “Two months later, my parents told me Thursday Bible Study had been cancelled. When I asked why, they just replied that Deacon Jones was no longer part of the church. When I rode my bike past his home the next day, I saw a ‘For Sale’ sign.” “That evening my father came into my bedroom. He asked me, ‘Did Deacon Jones ever do any funny stuff with you? Did he ever touch you where he should not have?’ I knew if I said ‘yes’ I would get a lecture and probably a beating for letting him do it. So I said, ‘No, what do you mean?’ My father replied, ‘As long as there was no funny stuff, we do not need to discuss this further.’ I do not know if my father believed me. However, I definitely know he wanted me to say ‘No’.” “The next day, Jason was not in school. When I asked where he went, I was told his parents decided he needed the structure of a private school. When Jason returned about three months later, he was a different person. Before, he was friendly and outgoing. Now he was quiet and sullen. Now, I realize he was sent to one of those conversion therapy programs. Thank God I lied to my father and told him I had never had an inappropriate moment with the Deacon when he interrogated me.” To Pete, Aiden’s story was both sad and overwhelming. He was silent a few minutes while he processed what he had heard. Then, with carefully selected words, Pete commented, “It sounds like you were abused. Emotionally abused by your parents and sexually abused by Deacon Jones. In my opinion, you have been abused by your parents all your life. Although you willingly accepted the advances of the Deacon, it was both morally wrong and illegal for him to approach a minor. I can certainly tell you one thing, if an adult male had jerked and sucked me off when I was fifteen, I would have loved it. I would have done just as you did. You were smart to lie to your father. If you had not, it is likely you would have been blamed for leading on the religious, righteous Deacon. You probably would have been sent away and turned into a nonsexual zombie. You did nothing wrong. A lecherous adult took advantage of a naive boy who had been bullied by his parents. Knowing how your parents treated you, the Deacon saw you as an easy target. Stop blaming yourself.” “What you need is a hug. My family is not big on hugging, but right now I want to hug you.” Pete stood and stretched out his arms. Aiden did not move. Pete felt deflated as his friend appeared to be rejecting him. Then, slowly, Aiden stood and melted into Pete’s extended arms. As each embraced the other, Peter cautiously said, “Please stay with me tonight. I want to hold you as we fall asleep and see you next to me when I wake up.” Aiden did not respond.
  13. The coming of age story of Mike’s son, Pete, will be told in the next three chapters. ……………………………………. When Pete Madison was ten years old he realized that when his penis would get hard, it felt good, but he had no idea why. During visits to the town swimming pool dressing room, he enjoyed looking at the penises of other boys and especially men. He knew it was not right to look. Why was it wrong to look at naked boys and men? And then why did he sometimes get hard when he saw a man with a big one? These were all mysteries to a ten-year old. About a year later when Pete was eleven, a new boy, who was thirteen, moved into the neighborhood. Jerry had moved there from a farm and had an older brother. One day when he and his new friend were exploring in the woods, Jerry asked, “You ever beat off?” Pete had no idea what Jerry was talking about. “You know, you grab it and go up and down until it squirts. Before we moved here, I saw my brother doing it in the barn once. He is fifteen and has a dick as big as my dad’s. He caught me peeking at him and let me watch him finish. It was amazing. He told me to try it. The next day we did it together. It was the best feeling I had ever had. He told me about the white stuff - he called it cum - that he squirted would make babies. That I don’t understand. He also told me all the guys do it.” At this point Jerry dropped his pants revealing his half hard dick. He began stroking. “Join me. It’s the greatest.” For an eleven year old who was already obsessed with looking at dicks, Pete was in sex heaven. By the time he dropped his pants he was hard. Pete took his dick in hand and stroked along with Jerry. Eventually white stuff shot out of Jerry’s dick hole. He called out, “Wow, that is the most I have ever done. That proves I am a man.” Pete continued to stroke. It felt great. Soon after Jerry shot his load Pete felt a shaking throughout his body, then nothing. He no longer had the desire to, as Jerry called it, ‘beat off’. Jerry told him, “You are probably too young to squirt. You are eleven, I am two years older. I did not squirt until I was twelve. Someday it will happen. The best feeling a man can have!” As they rode their bikes home Pete felt ashamed that he had beat off. Was it normal? There was no one he could ask. As down as he felt, he soon recovered. That night in bed he pulled down his pajama bottoms while lying on his back. Once again he wrapped his hand around his dick. He stroked, had that all over tingling feeling and then felt ashamed. As ashamed as he felt, he recovered within a few hours. For the next year, he and Jerry did it at least weekly in the woods, in Jerry’s basement and bedroom, in his bedroom or in the garage. Soon Jerry added a new dimension to their sessions. He had found his older brother’s stash of porn. It was all straight porn that included pictures of guys fucking and getting sucked. Pete did not share with Jerry how much he enjoyed looking at the guys. About nine months later, as he and Jerry were doing it behind the garage one afternoon, white stuff dribbled out of Pete. Each day the quantity of what Jerry called ‘cum’ increased. Much to the deflation of Jerry’s ego, Pete eventually out shot him in both quantity and distance. Their doing it together eventually ended. Neither had ever touched the other, although Pete fantasized stroking and sucking Jerry’s dick as he saw women doing it to guys in the porn magazines. His seventh grade (at age 13) sex education class at school was part of the science curriculum. For this topic, the class had been divided with boys meeting with Mr. Kelly, the science teacher, and the girls with a female science teacher. The explanation of procreation was no surprise and clarified what he had learned from looking at the photos of naked men with nice dicks fucking. He was relieved when Mr. Kelly discussed masturbation as a normal activity for young men. Following the section on homosexuality or being gay, he decided that was what he was. Just as years earlier he knew not to look at dicks, he realized that admitting to being gay was not a good idea. When Pete entered high school at age 14, he qualified for the junior varsity soccer team. Being strong and athletic, he moved up to the varsity team the following year. By Pete’s 16th birthday, he had grown to his adult height of 6’ 2” (1.88m). Checking himself out in both the bathroom mirror at home and locker room mirror at school, he was pleased with his body. From top to bottom, he was a piece of teenage eye candy displaying a handsome face topped with brown hair, a defined chest, hard abs, narrow waist, strong arms and legs and a pleasing to the eyes, at least Pete’s eyes, well-developed cut dick hanging over swinging balls. Having good grades, an all-American look, a circle of friends and athletic abilities, he was a parent’s dream. His group of friends included boys and girls. While he did date, he never had the desire to try to do the stuff his buddies bragged about. While making out he had never attempted to shove his hand under a bra to feel a bare tit, caressed a girls crotch over or under her pants, or taken a girl’s hand and rubbed it over his clothes covered dick. The soccer team captain claimed his girlfriend gave him blow jobs while he finger fucked her and that it would not be long until they went all the way. This bragging made Pete jealous of the girl as he fantasized giving the captain a blow job. He wondered how it would feel to have a dick in his mouth. He had seen porn where guys came in a woman’s open mouth after either being sucked or jerked off. He liked the advantages of being on the soccer team. First, but not necessarily most important, he enjoyed the physical activities. Second, he relished checking out his teammates in the locker room. He knew he should not ogle dicks. He became an expert at observing a guy without the appearance of staring. The third reason he enjoyed being on the soccer team was the fact that he was in close proximity with Coach Windsor, or Win, as he was called. (In Chapter 10 Pete’s father, Mike, had watched Coach Win being fucked by Tomas. This was the same day Pete’s father sucked his first dick and had his first fuck.) Pete had developed a teenage crush on the forty something handsome coach. At 6’ 4” (1.93 m) with an athletic body, blue eyes, big hands and feet, Pete frequently used Win as an inspiration when he jacked-off in his room at home. On day at practice, Pete twisted a muscle in his leg when he tripped while going after the ball. The coach noticed he was in pain and helped him walk to the locker room. Coach Win told Pete to lie on a training table. As the coach massaged his bruised leg Pete felt his dick rising. Luckily he wore a tight supporter / long brief. What Pete did not realize was that Coach Win was trying to conceal the hardon he himself was getting from the contact with the handsome teenager. Needing to get out of a situation that could escalate to something that would cause a scandal with the coach losing his job, Coach Win helped Pete hobble to a hot whirlpool tub. While moving from the training table to the whirlpool, with the help of Coach Win, Pete’s dick subsided enough to eliminate embarrassment when the coach helped him remove his soccer shorts, while keeping on the support briefs, and then get into the tub. As soon as the coach departed to return to the practice session, Pete pulled the support briefs down and stroked himself to a momentous cumming in the swirling water. Meanwhile, on the way back to the field where the team was practicing, Coach Win took a detour. He needed less than a minute to jackoff while standing in a stall of the locker room bathroom. As he stroked, his hand felt not his own dick, but the leg he massaged of the injured player. As soon as the practice ended Coach Win returned to the locker room and helped Pete get out of the whirlpool. The pain had subsided enough to permit Pete to take care of himself and shower with the team. Pete was now obsessed with the coach. He offered to help put away equipment after practices so he could have more time with the coach. One day he decided to take the time to clean each piece of equipment, resulting in his being the last person in the locker room. Soon after he entered the shower area by himself, Coach Win entered. The coach did not realize Pete was there. He always waited until the last team member departed until he showered. Realizing his thirst for bodies of men, the coach forced himself to stay out of the locker room when the boys were dressing or showering. When the naked coach entered the shower area he was surprised to see Pete. As he went to the farthest shower head from Pete, he thanked the young man for helping with the equipment. At first each turned their back to the other. However, both had the same thought as each turned sideways. Both secretly observed the other. Both were pleased with what they saw. As Pete observed the handsome coach with an impressive cut dick, he willed himself not to get hard. That became more difficult as Coach Win, with soapy hands, washed his dick and balls. Unconsciously (or maybe not), Pete mimicked him, stroking and cleaning himself. As he felt his dick rise he raised his eyes and met the stare of the coach. The apparent lust in the coach’s eyes sent erotic tingles through Pete’s body. The two, each with a half hard dick, immediately turned to the wall. Pete quickly let the streaming water shower off the soap. As fast as possible, he went to the locker room and dressed. Meanwhile, when Coach Win no longer heard Pete’s shower running, he looked over his shoulder and confirmed that Pete had gone. The coach, turning his back to the shower area entrance, took his now rock hard dick in hand and edged himself until close. Knowing he had privacy, he again edged himself. The third time, he let loose a blast that covered the tile wall. The intensity of his cumming left him light headed. He leaned into the cum covered wall to support himself. Their brief interaction and observations gave both Pete and Coach Win numerous inspirations for at home hands-on dick action. While each was careful to never be naked in the presence of the other, neither could deny the sexual tensions felt when they were in close proximity. About once a week, Pete and a few other teammates got together at Russ’s House after school. They were a bunch of regular teenagers hanging out together. Russ lived with his father, a divorced policeman. They planned their visits to take place when Russ’s dad was working an afternoon-evening shift. Since Russ’s bedroom was upstairs and his father’s downstairs, he had total privacy. It started as boys hanging out together, smoking, drinking beer and on occasion when available smoking pot. Peter joined in all the activities except smoking cigarettes. His, as well as his mother’s and sister’s reaction to his father’s stinking the house, caused Pete to vow to never smoke. One afternoon Russ told how he had caught his dad looking at porn. His dad had worked an evening shift. Russ woke sometime after midnight and was hungry. Remembering the cake a neighbor had given them, Russ went downstairs for a snack. As he passed his dad’s open door, he saw his father at the computer watching two girls taking care of a guy. While one fucked her, she was giving the other a blow job. Russ did not tell his buddies that his father was beating off to the action. He quietly went back to his room without cake. Russ admitted that as soon as he returned to his room, he jacked off and then fell back to sleep. The next afternoon, he searched the viewing history on his dad’s computer and found some sites listed that appeared to be porn. He wrote down the addresses and went up to his own computer and found some very interesting stuff. When Russ asked if any of the guys wanted to see pussy, the ‘yes’ replies were unanimous. Pete wanted to reply that he only wanted to see pussy if there was a dick with it. He kept quiet. Russ opened one of the sites and the guys, except for Pete, were soon enthralled watching three porn quality, big-breasted girls of about twenty years of age playing with each other. The close up dildo scene really turned the other guys on. Then to Pete’s relief, one guy stated, “I want to see fucking.” The next scene showed a woman attempting to give a blow job to an athletic guy with an enormous uncut dick. Pete felt his own dick rising as the woman on the screen pulled the skin over the head and stuck her tongue down the piss hole. Then she pushed the skin back and licked the head. Next, the guy pushed the girl, who was kneeling, around and entered her doggie style. At this instant, one of the guys announced, “If I don’t take care of myself, I’m going to cum in my pants.” As he pulled his pants down the others joined him. As the five jacked, four had their eyes aimed at the computer screen while Pete secretly checked out his teammates. While he had seen all of their soft dicks in the locker room, seeing them hard was an eye opener. The smallest guy had the smallest soft dick, but as he stroked, it became the king of the group. While this guy’s was the biggest, Pete was proud that he had the second largest. The guys one by one called out that they were cumming. All the guys watched each of their buddies shoot their loads. When Pete, the last to shoot, exploded, the others were awed by the distance he shot, as well as the quantity of the thick cream that spewed from his dick. As the others commented on his performance, Pete thought to himself, ‘Naturally I shot the most and the hardest, you guys got your inspiration from a computer screen while I got mine from seeing the real thing.’ Their sessions continued throughout high school. Pete became a celebrity within their small group as the others, with a combination of envy and awe, watched his massive explosions shooting further than any of the others. By his senior year in high school, Pete knew he was definitely gay. While he was popular and had a wide circle of friends, none were gay and he carefully kept his orientation to himself. He did enjoy watching gay porn at home. He remembered with horror the time he was laying on his bed jerking off watching two guys about the age of Coach Win. One of the guys had a similar build and cock as the coach. This day he had forgotten to lock his bedroom door. Just as he was getting close, the door opened and his surprised father dropped a package on the floor that had just arrived from Amazon. Seeing his son’s situation, the father backed away and shut the door. Pete was in a state of shock. Not from being caught masturbating, since everyone did it including, as Russ told his buddies later, his policeman dad and possibly his own father. What had him upset was the possibility that his dad had caught him watching gay porn. Luckily the scene on the screen when his father entered was of just a naked guy. A minute earlier this guy was being fucked while he sucked a third. Fortunately his dad did not walk in on that scene. Later that evening his father had visited his room and apologized for entering without knocking. His father had said, ‘I want to assure you that what you were doing was very natural for a teenager. I did the same when I was your age.” With a chuckle, “Except I had to use magazines that I borrowed from my dad’s secret collection, not a computer for inspiration. God created you to get pleasure from doing it. Without that pleasure there would be no incentive to create babies. You can please yourself with your fist or with another person. Until you can support a family, the first is the best choice. One suggestion, please: in the future, lock your door. It is something your mother would not want to see and something I am sure you would not want to share with your sister. Now, back to our studies. Good night.’ Pete assumed that his father had not noted what was happening on the computer screen. If he had, it was just a guy showing off his dick which could have happened in straight porn. (The father’s version of this ‘catching his son’ story was told in Chapter 1) A month prior to his high school graduation his Uncle George died. His father and uncle had been very close and he knew this had a great effect on him. Following the uncle’s death, his father changed from a beer drinking, inactive, overeating guy to a man with a plan to improve his life. During the summer prior to going off to State University, Pete happily saw his father’s transition to a healthy lifestyle. To be continued – Pete enters State University and a new world. …………………………………… A special thanks to my friend, pvtguy, for his thoughtful suggestions that clarify what I am attempting to say. Also, I thank him for his careful review with resulting edits that make it appear I have mastered the English language. If you are enjoying this story, then please take the time to like, comment, and follow the story. Your feedback and comments are always welcome and help me develop the story
  14. After he read the texts to Bob, Mike asked, “What do you think of the message from Farmer Bruce? If I remember correctly, just a couple of minutes ago you said, ‘I’m getting hard just thinking of big dick Todd attempting to plant it in his buddy’.” Bob replied, “Do you think they are inviting us for more than fried chicken, conversation and a farm tour?” “I’m not sure. Bruce was kind of naive about sex and he told me Todd was a virgin to both men and women when they met. They are nice guys and it would be an interesting evening if it was only talking and eating. But if they hinted at more, would you: ‘A’ – Want to? ‘B’ – Be willing to? ‘C’ – If the answer to ‘B’ is yes - How far would you go?” Bob challenged Mike: “If you had no desire to get involved, you would not have given me an option. You would have just said we should make sure nothing happens beyond food and conversation. But, since you left it for me to decide, the answer is ‘A’ – Yes, “B’ – Yes, and ‘C’ – Look, possibly touch, but, absolutely no suck or fuck. I consider us a monogamous couple. However, that does not stop us from having limited fun when together. If I misinterpreted your reaction and you don’t want to do anything, it’s fine with me.” Mike replied, “You know that I do not need another guy to be satisfied. Being in the same room with you is wonderful. Being in the same bed with you is fantastic, all I could wish for. But that does not mean it wouldn’t be enjoyable to see a couple of handsome farmers, and I mean all of them. How big is Todd’s farmer’s equipment? It would be interesting to see! So, I’ll accept the invitation. If all we do is talk and eat, that would be an OK evening. If we saw all of Todd, that would be an enlightening and very enjoyable evening. I agree, no lips below the hips.” The following morning, Sunday, after a happy wake up and leisurely breakfast, Mike drove to his home to mow the lawn. When Maggie had suggested they hire a lawn service to take care of the yard, Mike replied that he actually enjoyed the outdoor exercise. Also, he wanted a reason to remain connected to his home. There was no need for the parents to be home to give the appearance of a routine home life to their daughter and son. Kathy was staying on campus for the summer taking courses and working as a paid research assistant. Pete was working at Hallelujah Camp for Christian Girls and Boys with his friend Aiden. Mike now only slept at home when one of the children visited. Maggie spent most evenings with Dale at his home followed by a late night walk through the back yard to her own bed as Dale returned to the bed of his frail wife, Ellen. Mike took the mower out of the garage, checked the oil and gas level and started mowing. Being a self-propelled walk behind mower, all he had to do was walk and guide it. After finishing the front yard he started on the back. Maggie and Dale were sitting on the deck of Dale’s home. As he passed near them, Maggie waved and beckoned him to join them. He shut off the mower and took a seat with the two. As soon as he was seated, Maggie offered to fetch him a cup of coffee. While she was gone, he and Dale had a brief chat about improvements at the fitness center including the new ab machine. Maggie returned with coffee just as he preferred it, a small amount of milk and no sweetener. The three discussed neighbor activity. An outside observer would have no idea that the husband sitting on the deck knew the other guy was fucking his wife on a regular basis. Dale excused himself, stating that he was going to check on Ellen and hopefully bring her to the deck for sunshine and fresh air. Mike than told his wife about some of the events of the previous day. “Bob and I went to the New City Gay Pride Festival yesterday. I was not surprised to see Pete and his friend Aiden. As the parade formed, Bob and I were in front of a bagpipe band. When we heard them start playing, I turned around to look. Between us and the bagpipers was a group of college age men and women. It was then that I saw our son with his friend, Aiden. As I looked he caught my eye and had a very surprised expression on his face. As the group marching in the parade started to move I stood still until they caught up with us. Bob and I spent the rest of the day with them until he and Aiden had to return to Hallelujah Camp mid-afternoon. We discussed my self-discovery. I told him that you were aware of my situation and that you and I were not in a hurry to decide our future. Of course, I made no mention of your friendship with Dale. He accepted me as I am. I told him that I was not surprised about his friendship with Aiden.” “Concerning you and Dale, my opinion is that as long as Ellen is alive, no one should know about your friendship. Of course, that is totally your call and I will support however you want to handle it.” Soon Ellen arrived, struggling to walk even with a walker while Dale held her arm. After Ellen was seated, they had a slow, quiet conversation. Talking was difficult, not because her husband was fucking the other lady at the table, but because Ellen’s illness drained her of the ability to carry on a meaningful conversation. The following Wednesday afternoon, the two handsome farmers met them at the farmhouse door with smiles and strong handshakes. Then Bruce exclaimed, while dropping the handshake, “This is not a business meeting.” As he said this he grabbed Mike and then Bob together in manly tight hugs. Mike did not want Todd feel he was left out. He wrapped his arms around the tall, lanky farmer. He was not sure if it was an accident or on purpose that he felt a hardening dick press into him. They lingered and then all stepped back. They started their visit with a tour of the nearby planted fields and then the barn. Bruce proudly showed them their new John Deere tractor. Bruce explained that one of the many advantages of combining their farms was the ability to share equipment. They had traded in Bruce’s fifteen year old and Todd’s even older tractors for this new one. Todd asked Bob if he would like a ride on the new tractor. As Bob sat in the seat, Todd got behind him. Being a one man seat they were crowded. As they drove down the dirt trail, Bob was positive he felt Todd’s dick growing hard and pressing against his ass. The feeling was rural erotic. As Bob boned up he wiggled his ass which increased both the size and pressure of the dick against him. Remembering what Mike had told him about Bruce’s comments concerning Todd’s impressive dick size heightened both Bob’s boner intensity and happy ass pressing against Todd. While the two were on their stimulating tractor tour, Bruce and Mike continued their barn tour. Mike was now alone in a barn with his first love. While his dick enjoyed the tension that was developing throughout his body, his brain pleaded for fresh air and the return of Todd and Bob. As Bruce continued his explanation of their plans to grow organic crops, their eyes met. Bruce stopped his lecture and the two stood as if in a trance. Mike could not contain his lust as he felt his heart beat. The expression on Bruce’s face indicated similar feelings. As both fought back the desire to kiss and embrace, they heard the tractor approach. Todd drove into the barn, stopping next to the two flustered former lovers. Bob, hoping his hardon would subside, slowly stepped to the ground. Todd, who always went commando, realized his rigid dick would be obvious in his loose overalls. He remained on the tractor as Bob stated, “That ride was interesting and stimulating. Thanks Todd.” The sexual tension in the barn was tantalizing as each of the four men attempted to control their desires and thoughts. Three excited dicks had stained underwear with sticky precum. Todd, not wearing underwear, had stained his overalls. Fortunately, the dark blue denim material hid the stain. Bruce than had a very unusual request. “I stopped using my on-line account when I met you Mike. I would like to update it and announce my partnership with and love of Todd to the world. We have discussed this and Todd agreed to have photos of the two of us on my profile. We need someone we have confidence in to take the photos. Mike, except for Todd, I trust no one more than you. Would you be willing to take pictures of us and help me add them to my profile? I am not that computer savvy and had a hell of a time setting up my original profile. As farmers, we would like photos with our tractor and in a planted field.” “Sure, just tell me where and how you want to pose and I will take them and help you put them on your profile.” “After Todd moves the tractor out of the barn, we could pose with it.” Todd got on the tractor and moved it to the driveway. He parked it in a way that would make the barn an interesting background. When Todd returned to the barn both he and Bruce began removing their clothes. “I thought an interesting photo would have us wearing just boots, hats and smiles.” Todd removed his boots and then pushed the straps of his bib overalls to the sides. The overalls fell to the ground. His shirt covered his body from the shoulders to the middle of the hanging dick. The lower half of the dick with extended foreskin hanging over the head was a beautiful sight. He then unbuttoned his shirt. As he removed it the masterpiece was in full view. As Todd leaned over to put his boots back on the muscles in his arms and legs flexed. Not only was his dick glorious, his almost hairless entire body oozed sex. The well-developed pecs, defined nipples, six pack abs and lanky but muscular arms and legs were a gay boy’s wet dream. Both Bob and Mike forgot about the tents in their pants and just gawked. The now naked Bruce walked over to his love. Mike had considered Bruce to be one of the best looking men he had ever seen. There is handsome and there is incredible. To see the handsome Bruce and incredible Todd close up, not on a screen while watching porn, was a real pleasure. Hand in hand the two walked to the tractor. The back view was as enticing as the front view as the two tight, bubble asses moved in unison. With every step, Todd’s leg and back muscles shimmied with sexuality. Bob raised his smart phone and took a photo of the gorgeous men displaying their rounded, tight asses. Mike took pictures as his friends posed in various positions. In the last pose they stood facing each other in an embrace. Mike had difficulty getting the light of the sun in a way that emphasized each face. He had them shift a little to the right and then back, then Todd held his head back, and with Bruce’s arm slightly lowered, they remained embraced with body against body. This contact and slight movements, of course, had its consequences. When they let themselves free from the embrace, each spouted a rigid dick. The skin had retracted half way on Todd’s impressive piece. As Bruce, with a mock scolding voice, said, “Now see what you have caused to happen with all of your body adjustments.” Mike took more photos. They then moved to a planted field and took photos with similar poses. This time, Mike made no attempt to conceal that he was using the embracing poses as a way to have his friends grind into each other. When they disengaged, standing in a farm field, far from the rest of the world their dicks again displayed total happiness. With no embarrassment, Mike said, “You two studs have got me so hard I am in pain. If I don’t do something I will shoot in my pants.” He then lowered his pants and began stroking his aching dick. The other three eagerly joined in. Todd’s piece needed both of his large hands to be fully wrapped, one hand around the shaft at the body end and the other at head end. Todd slowly stroked. Even with both hands around it, the head was still fully exposed. As he pulled back the shining, precum juiced head was fully exposed. When he moved forward, the skin totally covered the head and a little juice would seep out of the skin hole. Mike and Bob were mesmerized as they stroked their average happy dicks. Suddenly, Todd increased his tempo and began a vigorous pounding. As his body began to contort, Bruce kneeled in front of his man with his mouth wide open. The eruption began and blast after blast shot into the waiting mouth. As a totally wiped out Todd placed his hands on Bruce’s shoulders to brace himself, Bruce spit some of the cum into his hand and used it to lubricate himself as he stroked himself to completion, as Mike and Bob creamed onto the freshly plowed farm field. Catching his breath, Todd announced, “I’m starved. Dinner time!” Mike was not a fan of fried foods. However, Todd’s fried chicken was perfectly baked, crisp and not greasy. Although Mike was a few pounds under his goal weight, he was always careful about what he ate. He surprised himself when he asked for seconds of the chicken and fluffy mashed potatoes. For dessert, Todd had made an apple pie and served it with ice cream and/or extremely sharp cheddar cheese. The city men and country men had no difficulty maintaining a continuous line of conversation. When Bruce asked how they had met, Bob and Mike told the story of thefts at King Manufacturing and how they worked together. When Todd discovered Bob was an accountant by profession, he started asking questions related to taxes and financial reports that farmers need to submit. Although Bob’s expertise was not in taxes, he answered the questions as best he could. After dinner, Mike sent the photos from his and Bob’s phone to Bruce’s computer. Using a photo editor that Bruce did not realize existed, the pictures were edited. When Bob asked if they wanted faces cropped out, Bruce replied, “We discussed this. Our conclusion is that we admire our faces and dicks. Since only gay guys will be looking, we are proud of our bodies and want to show all.” Bob then opened Bruce’s on-line profile and both downloaded the photos, as well as updated the narrative to mention Todd as ‘My Loving Partner’, not by name. As they sat in the dining room enjoying coffee, a plate of molasses cookies baked according to Todd’s grandmother’s recipe, cookies and homemade elderberry cordial Mike could not resist, making a request, “Todd, I do not know if you are aware of it, but you have one of the most gorgeous cocks I have ever seen. It’s big, the balls hang low and an uncut guy is a special treat to see. Since you had no problem showing off for the photo session and jacked off with us, I wonder if you would be willing to let me see your dazzling body again.” Todd replied, “I like looking at naked handsome guys. You two are really good looking. I will strip for you if you will give me the same pleasure. Let’s move to the kitchen where it will be easier to clean in case we make messes.” Immediately, the four were naked, all with rising dicks. Both Mike and Bob held back their immediate impulse - to get on their knees and suck the monster, or at least as much as they could swallow. Instead, they just looked. Mike asked Todd if he could touch his magnificent piece. Todd just smiled and did not say ‘no’. Mike took the lack of a ‘no’ as an OK. He eagerly and gently wrapped his hand around the shaft pulling the skin up over the head and then back revealing the moist, glistening head. Bob moved in and wrapped his hand around the lower end of the shaft. With Mike on one side and Bob on the other their two hands stroked up, over, then back uncovering the head. Bruce kneeled in front of his man. Using both hands he reached for Mike’s and Bob’s. As the two visitors jacked Todd, Bruce jacked each of them. Bruce kept his lips close to his man’s dick in anticipation of a mouthful. Mike and Bob increased the hand pressure and intensity of their strokes. When Todd’s body started to contort, Bruce opened his mouth wide, holding it almost against the dick head. He was soon rewarded with a series of blasts. As Bruce swallowed his love’s nectar, he continued to pump the two other dicks. As Mike and Bob came almost simultaneously, Bruce attempted to catch the juices of both in his mouth. While he was able to aim some of the cum to his mouth most landed on his face. As the three standing men supported each other, Bruce wiped some cum off his face to use as a lubricant as he finished himself, while still kneeling, shooting onto the floor. Bruce leaned back and grabbed a kitchen towel. After wiping his face clean he stood and embraced the other three. “Well, that was a very delicious after dinner treat!” As they drove home, Bob commented, “That was certainly an enjoyable visit. Even if there had been no photo shoot or dick playing, I would have enjoyed myself. Of course, getting a handful of Todd was amazing.” Mike asked, “Are you implying that we should thank them for an enjoyable evening and suggest another visit?” Bob replied, “They had a lot of tax and farm accounting questions. I would be willing to return and look at their books. While I am no expert in either taxes or farm accounting, I could help them select farm-related software to assist in their record keeping and help them find an accountant if it is beyond me.” “Mike, If you do return to help solve accounting issues, I am willing to go along so you don’t get lonesome.” And so a friendship developed. Together, Mike and Bob developed enough farm accounting and reporting skills to help their friends keep up to date books and file necessary reports on time. Each quarterly tax report required a visit that included a naked foursome. There was an unspoken agreement that there would be no sucking or fucking, but there was no such limit on what the hands could do.
  15. The following day, Friday, both looked forward to using their new talents. Each had the same thought: ‘which is better, the fantastic pleasure my dick gets from pumping away on top or the feeling of compassion, knowing the pleasure I am giving my guy while receiving?’ While neither told the other, both left work early to prepare for their coupling. When Bob arrived home he heard the shower running. He quickly removed his clothes. By the time he slide the shower door open he was hard with anticipation. The smile on Mike, as he stepped in, intensified the rigidity of the erection. Mike grabbed Bob by the back of his head and pulled him into a hard kiss. As tongue explored tongue, the two dicks greeted each other. By unspoken agreement they quickly finished the showers and hastily toweled each other dry. Mike sprinted into the bedroom and laid spread eagle on the bed, his ass up, giving a welcoming sign. Remembering Mike’s pain before pleasure, Bob forced himself to go slow. He leaned over Mike and massaged his shoulders, back and then moved down to the spread legs, ignoring the greeting the pulsating ass cheeks communicated. When Bob finally moved his magic fingers up to the ass, he gently rubbed it. Mike moaned with pleasure. He raised his ass exposing the eager hole. Bob gently massaged the cheeks letting a finger roam over the hole. Mike moaned more. Bob reached for the tube of lube on the night stand. Generously lubing his finger, he massaged the area around the rosebud. Mike thrust his ass up further, giving a clear invitation. Bob inserted a finger. Mike moaned more and pushed up forcing the finger deeper. Bob remembered the location of the spot. When he touched it Mike cried out, “Stop.” Bob tenderly pulled out his finger and leaned forward. Whispering in his love’s ear, ”Sorry, I will be more sensitive.” Mike replied, “That was not the problem. I almost shot my load just from your touch. I do not want this to end with just a finger fucking me. I am ready for you.” As Mike raised himself Bob laid on his back, rolled on a condom and lubed his ready dick. Mike then straddled him in the cowboy position. He leaned back and placed the dickhead against his already lubed hole. As Mike let the dick move in he became light headed with joy. When Bob’s dick found that spot Mike leaned forward letting Bob fall out. As Mike smiled at his love he whispered, “I have a problem. It feels too good. I almost came again. I need a short break.” Bob replied, “Good idea. I am in a similar situation. We both need to cool off. Let’s get a snack.” Two naked guys, one wearing a condom, sat at the kitchen table. They shared a bottle of beer. After a while, a half soft Mike said, “Do me now.” He stood and leaned over the kitchen table. By the time Bob got up and moved in behind, his dick was ready. He placed his dickhead against the hole and Mike pushed back. Despite the pain resulting from the lack of foreplay and a less lubricated condom, Mike thrust back more as Bob plunged forward. Mike screamed in pain and pleasure as his hands free cumming spewed onto the kitchen floor. Bob, who had been willing himself not to cum, immediately filled the condom. Fifteen minutes later, with Mike on his back and Bob squatting over him round two began. With each having recently satisfying their immediate needs, this session lasted long. Following dinner at Outback Steakhouse each session lasted longer to the pain of the asses and pleasure of the dicks. In round three Mike again received and an hour later, thrust in during round four. The following morning, each with a tired dick, kissed and cuddled with neither making an advance on the other. At breakfast their quiet smiles related their feelings as they discussed the plans for the day. The two lovers were soon on the road anticipating a unique adventure. The New City Pride Festival on-line schedule listed a morning parade, afternoon performances on the outdoor stage at Ridgewood Park, numerous booths with clothes, art, and medical information as well as food and beverage tents. This would be the first time either had made a public gay appearance. Had the festival been in their hometown Springfield, not New City an hour away, it is probable they would not have actively participated and possibly not even observed the evens out of fear of outing themselves locally. Their outfits, khaki shorts and tight pastel T shirts that outlined nipples (pink on Bob and lavender on Mike), were conservative compared to the flamboyant clothes of many participants. They planned to march in the parade holding hands. This would be the first time the two would give any indication of a public display of affection. They lost any concerns about making a spectacle of themselves as they waited at the parade staging area surrounded by hundreds of festive men and women of all ages, races and ethnicities. It was a wonderful and surreal feeling as they felt like they belonged there. Being away from home, they did not feel forced to hide their feelings and passion. Their brief chat with two dads and their three children, two girls and a boy between the ages of 5 and 11, gave them a clear indication of how the gay environment was changing. There were cheers when the Grand Marshall of the parade arrived. The openly gay State senator was in his second legislative term, having been re-elected by the constituents of his rural district. There were three marching musical groups: The Five Scots – bare chested bagpipe players (there was speculation as to what they wore under their kilts – if anything), Lips and Sticks – group of macho trumpeters, tromboners, a tuba player and drummers, all wearing as little as legally possible, and The Rhythm Ladies - women’s marching band of twenty playing various instruments. As the parade began, Bob and Mike found themselves in a group in front of the bagpipers. As the bagpipes began playing, Mike turned around to catch a glimpse of the handsome Scots. As he turned, he discovered himself staring at a young couple that was part of a group of college age men and women. His eyes focused on one of the most handsome men in the group, his son. Pete, looked up and, with an expression of astonishment, recognized his father. Mike knew that at some point he would discuss his orientation with his children. He had not planned to do it at a Gay Pride Festival. As the marchers in the parade started walking forward, Mike stayed in place until Pete was next to him. As they began marching together, he said to Pete, “I have been planning a father-son talk. Didn’t plan on doing it today. In brief, here goes, I am gay. Your mother knows. It is complicated. We will talk later. Hi, Aiden. I am not surprised to see you two here together.” Mike was surprised when his son wrapped his arms around him. They had never hugged before. Mike was not the only person surprised by the hug. Bob was totally confused when he saw his love in an embrace with a tall, handsome, really hot looking young guy. Mike saw Bob’s bewildered look. When the embrace ended with the marchers going around them Mike led Pete and Aiden to the confused Bob. “Bob, meet my son, Pete and his friend Aiden. Pete and Aiden, meet my friend Bob. Now, let’s march and have a family reunion later.” Between the bagpipes and the loud and festive banter of the crowd, serious conversation was impossible as they marched. After the parade, Mike purchased soft drinks for the four and they sat on the grass in the shade of a maple tree. He would have bought beers, but neither Pete nor Aiden was 21, the minimum legal age for drinking alcoholic beverages. As they settled in the shade of the hot June day, Bob said to Aiden, “Let’s take a walk and check out the booths while these two talk.” Mike then told his son about his personal revelations following his decision to focus on a healthier life style. He told how he now realized that he was gay all his life but had suppressed all sexual thoughts. He did not reveal his teenage jack off sessions with his cousin, Pete’s Uncle George. He explained that a month earlier, he had admitted to Pete’s mother that he was gay. “Thankfully, your mother realizes gayness is something you are born with, not a deliberate choice. We have discussed your relationship with Aiden. While we were not positive, my gaydar said you were in a relationship. We did not discuss it in a negative way.” Pete chuckled, “Who would have thought that my dad has ‘gaydar’?” Mike continued, “Your mother and I have decided to not make any life decisions concerning how my orientation effects our marriage for now. We had planned to discuss it with Kathy and you in the near future. Your mom knows Bob is a good friend and that we do things together. I try not to shove the situation in her face any more than necessary.” Mike specifically did not mention Pete’s mother’s relationship with Dale. The latest medical information on Ellen, Dale’s wife, gave her six months at the most. If after her death, Maggie and Dale decided on marriage, there was no reason for her children to know she was fucking Dale in their dad’s bed, as well as in the same house where his wife lay dying. Pete commented, “I am really happy that you and mom are working through this in a dignified manner. While I do not see mom doing it, I would assume that such a revelation would result in screaming and hatred by some wives. I have no problem with you telling mom you saw Aiden and me and that you and I discussed your situation.” Mike questioned, “I do not understand how you were able to attend today’s festivities. When Aiden helped you get a position at Hallelujah Christian Camp for Girls and Boys, I assumed you would be tied down all summer.” “We were given most of the day off to take care of important family business. We promised to be back this afternoon no later than 3:00. Since it is a two hour drive we must leave by 1:00.” “I am curious: how does it feel to be a queer couple working at a conservative Christian camp?” “Those people are totally clueless. Since Aiden and I are clean-cut all American boys, there is no way they would even consider we could be, as you say, ‘queer’. The camp director actually called me ‘macho man’ when he discovered I played on the State champion high school soccer team. He asked me if I would be willing to coach both the girl’s and boy’s teams at the camp. Originally, since I am not a member of the church that sponsors the camp, my job was limited to maintenance and kitchen help. Aiden is a counselor, a position that can only be held by those active in the church. Little does the camp director know that Aiden gave up on the church years ago and only attends to please his devout mother. He told me that the pastor seems intrigued with gays and enjoys bashing them in his sermons.” “I have good news. Yesterday the camp director told me that his good friend, Mr. Windsor, will visit the camp for a few days next week. You remember him - my high school soccer coach who we all called ‘Win’? He is going to run a soccer clinic and I will assist him. It will be a real pleasure to work with my old coach.” This revelation gave Mike reason for thought. ‘Walt Windsor or Win, the man he lunched with at Tomas’s followed by a very interesting sexual encounter, was a good friend of the camp director. I wonder if the two met in the backroom of Secrets, the gay video emporium. Is this camp director living a double life? Will my son learn more than soccer techniques from his high school coach?’ As Bob and Aiden returned, they seemed to be in a happy conversation with smiles and laughs. Aiden asked, “We were just wondering, did you two bond in ways fathers and sons rarely bond?” Mike smiled, “If you are asking if we shared sex histories, the answer is NO. I am happy to report that the perversions of you two have not been graphically discussed.” Aiden replied with a mock surprise, “Why do you think we have perversions?” “Since you are a normal healthy young man and a friend of my healthy son, I certainly hope you are not a virgin monk.” Bob changed the banter, “OK, enough sex talk. Let’s find some food so these guys can be on the road by 1:00.” After tacos in the food tent, Bob and Mike walked the two young men to Aiden’s car. Pete gave his father another hug, “Wow, this day was a lot more enlightening that I thought it would be!” And then to Mike’s amazement, his son gave him a quick peck on the cheek. As their car pulled out, Mike commented to his love, “It was not a surprise to discover those two are in some form of friendship. It was obvious by their body language when Aiden visited our home that they were more than study mates. ‘But, Holy Shit’, I did not expect such a positive reaction by Pete to my news, our relationship and his mother’s acceptance. Life is good! What makes it even better is that you are part of it.” Standing in the parking lot, Mike reached for his love and pulled him into a tight embrace and deep kiss, something they could only do in public far from Springfield. As they disentangled Bob remarked, “You are certainly in the spirit of the Gay Pride Festival.” They walked hand-in-hand through the festival grounds. At the band shell in Ridgewood Park, they listened to a performance by a group of twenty somethings. After a couple of minutes Bob commented, “We must be getting old. That music does nothing for me except irritate my ears. Mind if we move on?” “Totally agree.” Mike stopped at a booth with literature related to organic fruits and vegetables. As he thought about the advantages of eating food without pesticides and additives he suddenly was grabbed by someone. This person had him in a powerful hug. As the unknown assailant released him, he said, “Mike so good to see you. I want you to meet my man, Todd.” As Mike stepped back he saw the smiling face of his first real love, Farmer Bruce. As he shook hands with a somewhat bewildered farmer, Todd commented, “So this is the Mike I was told about!” As Mike held the hand, a very big hand, of the tall, lanky farmer he felt a twitch in his dick. The wide grin, golden mop of hair, strong arms and luscious chest exposed by the bib overhauls outshined any guy he had beat off to while watching porn. Mike regained his composure, “And this is my man, Bob.” Bruce suggested, “Let’s go to the beer tent and catch up over a cold brew. As the four walked, Bruce led Mike ahead and quietly talked into Mike’s ear, “Mike, I really felt terrible breaking up with you the way I did. While my dick wanted you, my brain told me a long-term relationship with a married, city man would not work. I thank you for helping me find that a man can really love a man. When I met Todd at the Farm Bureau Seminars, our first encounter was sort of a drunken mess. But we seemed to hit it off and spent the next day together attending seminars. I learned that Todd was a total virgin to sex, male or female. At first, I felt uneasy taking advantage of such a handsome guy. I know he felt a lot of guilt after our first night, fueled by too many beers. But he was the one that suggested we attend seminars together the next day. It was also his idea that we buy another six pack of beer after dinner and return to my room. This time fueled with passion and just a little beer, we I discovered he was a fast learner of man sex. Also, I was the beneficiary of his letting loose his pent up sexual feelings.” Sitting at a table in the beer tent, the farmers shared their history together. Todd, who was not shy, said “I was never with a guy until Bruce got me drunk and seduced me. I will admit I was a very willing participant. Actually, it wasn’t a seduction, but one guy learning about what he had been missing and the other experienced one sharing his knowledge. Not just knowledge - but his dick.” Bruce continued, “With our farms just two miles apart, we started seeing each other every day. I would go over to his place after having dinner with my dad. Eventually, I started staying all night. Within a few weeks, we decided to share our work and equipment. As soon as I told my dad I was going in partnership with Bruce, who he had met a few times, my dad got a big grin. He said, ‘Finally, I can move on. I’ve been wanting to retire for years but did not want to leave you alone to run the farm.’ The next day my dad packed up and moved in with Gloria, his girlfriend. She is a librarian and will retire in six months. She and dad had vacationed in Florida most winters and plan to move there permanently. As soon as dad moved out, Todd moved in. He rented his home to his married cousin, Jake, a mechanic at the John Deere farm equipment dealership. He and his wife Charlotte have three sons between the ages of sever and eleven. Todd gives him a reduction in rent in exchange for helping on the farms when necessary. We would not have been able to come to this Pride event if we didn’t have Jake covering. Already, we are making plans to take a real vacation next winter while Jake and Charlotte watch over the farms. I have always had this fantasy of visiting Key West. Hopefully we will do it in January. Now, tell me all about your friendship.” Mike then explained how Bob had been hired to investigate possible thefts. “I felt a tingling all over the first time I met this handsome guy. My gay co-worker shared his opinion that Bob was likely one of us. I invited Bob to workout with me at the fitness center. In the sauna our knees, not by accident, touched. Later that evening I touched more than his knee. And so our friendship began.” Mike also told how he had come out to his wife and that he and Bob were basically living together. He did not mention that Maggie was happily fucking the neighbor with a dying wife. As they walked back to the farm exhibit, Bruce quietly confided to Mike, “I thank you for being such a tender lover. While you were not the first to fuck me, you were the first to fuck with love. Todd had never considered such an activity. I was hesitant to encourage it - not because I didn’t want it, but because he has the biggest dick I have ever seen except on a couple of porn actors. One evening while watched a fucking porn scene on the computer in our living room, I suggested he try me. His reluctance turned into total desire. Unfortunately, I have not comfortably accepted a guy hung like a horse. Almost daily we work on it. He has learned to be exceedingly gentle. Hopefully someday we will have the energetic, erotic and extremely pleasurable fucks you and I had. Let’s just say that for now we’re in a period of adjustment, or at least my asshole is.” On their drive back to Springfield, Mike told Bob everything Bruce had told him. Bob replied, “Both of those guys are really enjoyable to look at. I’m getting hard just thinking of big dick Todd attempting to plant it in his buddy.” As Bob drove, Mike reached for his friend’s cock. Feeling its hardness, he undid Bob’s belt buckle, unzipped his pants and with some difficulty pulled out the rigid piece. Then Mike leaned over and going under the steering wheel swallowed the slightly pungent dick from a day of sweating. Mike actually savored the strong man taste of his love. Usually it tasted of nothing or Irish Spring soap. Bob continued to drive with a smile on his face as Mike’s head bobbed up and down and was soon rewarded with a mouthful. After Mike swallowed his love’s juice, he sat up and unzipped himself. As they passed a truck while Mike stroked there was a horn blast. When Bob looked in the rearview mirror he saw the truck driver waving a thumbs up out the window. Mike was delighted that he had given the trucker an eyeful. He continued to jack and filled a tissue. As they continued their trip home, Mike checked email on his phone. There were two messages that he found interesting. From his son, Pete, ‘Hi Dad, Great seeing you today. Your friend Bob was a really nice guy. We enjoyed our conversation. Aiden says Hi! Love you.’ From Farmer Bruce (This message had been automatically forwarded from his special e-mail account he had opened when he listed a profile on the gay site.) ‘I was happy to see you today. I had told Todd about you (well not everything). Todd thought you were a good man. I am glad you found Bob, he is nice. We do not have any friends like us. It would be nice to talk more and we would like to show you what we have done to the farm. Todd suggested I invite you and Bob here for dinner. Todd is an excellent cook and his specialty is fried chicken. Your friend, Bruce.
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