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  1. The Farmer There was one adventure during the summer of 1970 that David was not comfortable sharing with James. Craig had become obsessed with the concept of fucking. When they read about Cowhand Randy wiggling his ass cheeks that invited a fuck by Cowboy Bob, they were not sure if guys really did this or if it was just porn fantasy. The Joy of Sex discussion of heterosexual sex included ass fucking. The description of a guy anal fucking confirmed that it was possible. There was information on preparation, techniques and positions. If a guy could fuck a girl that way, why couldn’t he f
  2. The next chapter will be posted next week. then I will take a break, Will cum back and continue the story in 2021.
  3. The next morning, following ‘happy time’ on the riverbank, the boys continued their trip down river. At noon they pulled their canoe onto the river bank at Hanover. David called his Uncle Tom from a phone booth in the riverside park. After being picked up and riding with the uncle to his home where Craig’s car was left, they were on their way to Craig’s home. About an hour later, they arrived at the garage where David’s car had been left. He was surprised at the condition of his car. Craig’s father, Charlie, had put on new tires, done a complete tune up, brake job, replaced wiper blades and ch
  4. 1970 - During the school term, David’s roommate, Jason, had shared his porn collection. It was in the bottom drawer of his desk. By an unspoken agreement, each could view it when the other was not in the room and do what guys do when they have porn in one hand,. Most of the porn, which was mild by standards of a few years later, was bought in New York. It was all very heterosexual. While most of the photos were of women, a few had men and women together. While David knew he preferred to look at photos of naked or near naked guys, not the women, he was unaware that he would be classified as ‘ga
  5. As David drove south on I-91 toward Hartford, his only thought was of Craig. There was so much he wanted to say to his new friend. How does a man tell another man that he has strong, emotional feelings for him? That evening he wanted to call Craig and just say, ‘How you doing? I had a great visit. Hope to see you soon.’ Instead, he just thought of his friend. He wanted to hug him, but guys don’t do that. Or do they? As Craig drove the tow truck and worked in the garage, his only thought was of David: He too had the same thoughts: There was so much he wanted to say to his new friend. How do
  6. January 1970 - As David Carlson drove south on I-91, he struggled to see the highway through the heavy and blinding snow. He had left his home in Hanover, New Hampshire, at 2:00 and hoped to arrive at Trinity College in Hartford soon after 4:30. Being a Saturday afternoon, there would be no rush hour tie-ups to slow his journey in Springfield, Massachusetts, or Hartford. He had been on the road nearly two hours and was just approaching Brattleboro, Vermont. Usually, the travel from his home to Brattleboro was just over an hour. He was exhausted from the strain of driving in this weather: he wa
  7. With a twinkle in his eyes, Vlad questioned the truthfulness of the claim that Scott was a male dancer. “I don’t believe this conservative lawyer is a stripper. But, seeing is believing.” Scott replied, “I’ll make you a believer.” He stood and handed his cell phone to David who found the appropriate website. As the music from the Broadway play, Gypsy, started, Scott began his performance. Let me entertain you. Let me make you smile Let me do a few tricks. Some old and then some new tricks. I’m versatile And if you’re real good. I’ll make you feel good. I want your spirits to c
  8. When David returned from his evening with Vlad and Aiden, he found Scott working at the desk with his laptop. Scott smiled. “When I showered, I was tempted to wrap my dick in the provided shower cap so as to not remove the day’s accumulation of man essence. Instead, I just washed with water, no soap to remove the taste you apparently enjoyed last night. Want to sniff it?” He said as he opened his robe. As the robe fell open with Scott still seated, David knelt. He was pleased that the dick was momentarily soft, the first time he had seen it soft, although he had given it a quick ‘feel’ in
  9. Thanks for your view on this. The offer was made a few months after Craig's death. It was only an offer as Scott said, "if ever". It was not forced on David, he decided to accept. Would like to hear from other readers - was it too soon?
  10. i want you to know – you may consider this house as your home in hartford. really enjoyed having you here. james is playing the organ again next sunday. you are welcome to stay here. if you want, james is invited to dinner and stay for breakfast. happy studies. uncle david Just as David completed the text message to CC and pressed ‘SEND’, the phone rang. Scott was calling. He asked if David wanted company and offered to stop at the Burger Joint and bring burgers and salads. When David hesitated, Scott said, “I’m on my way.” Twenty minutes later, Scott arrived with cheeseburgers, a box of f
  11. As the service continued, CC forced himself not to keep his eyes focused on James. During the sermon, CC looked toward James and his friend returned the look. As James again caressed his cheek, CC realized he was becoming aroused as he gazed at the large hand with long slender black fingers touching his face. After stroking his cheeks in reply, CC forced himself to ignore James. He had the feeling that his rock hard dick was dripping juice of joy. Hopefully, the hard-on would go down prior to the congregation standing and the juice would not seep through and stain his light tan chinos. Fol
  12. David sat a table in the Church Hall with Craig’s parents, his sister, her husband and their son, and his nephew (by marriage), Andrew. The other son, CC (Craig Charles), was across the room talking to James, the organist. When Andrew’s cell phone rang, all looked at him with concern. His wife was due to have their second child in two weeks. After a brief conversation, Andrew turned to his parents, “That was Beth’s sister. The little one might be coming early. I must get home as fast as possible.” Andrew jumped out of his chair and ran over to his brother. “CC, I must leave immediately. Beth i
  13. Tallguyct

    40th Anniversary

    Reading about the coming of age of a teenager is interesting and nostalgic. Reading about the adventures and challenges of a mature man is close to home for many of our readers. Being twenty years older that David I have had some experience with the travels of a gay man through his 60s, 70s and into his 80s. The mature adventures related are a combination of life experiences, usually enhanced, and fantasy.
  14. David sat next to the hospital bed of Craig holding his hand. His love, under sedation, had not given any recognition of David since being admitted to Hartford Hospital the previous day. The previous evening, Scott had provided medical assistance prior to the arrival of the ambulance. Since all would have been naked when the EMTs arrived, David put on pants and a T shirt, helped Scott dress while he attended to Craig and then pulled a pair of sweatpants on Craig. The EMTs praised Scott for his quick thinking and appropriate emergency action. David learned later that Scott had received medical
  15. Tallguyct

    Life Goes On

    You are correct, 'know' changed to 'now'
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