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  1. Peter Thomas (PT) Smith & David Winkler In 1964 Louise Smith and her four month old baby, Peter Thomas (PT), visited Uncle Will in Seville, Ohio. Her friend, Rachel Winkler, stopped by with her baby, David. Both baby boys were fussy and crying. The mothers decided to but PT and David in the same crib so they could cry together. As soon as the babies were together both stopped crying and both smiled. Fifty-six years later the babies / boys / men are still together, both smiling. (Review of Chapter 39) In the 1980’s following high school graduation PT entered Ohio State and David worked on his father’s farm. They met the Gunthries, Darren, Ji, his wife and their two sons: Tommy and Josh. Darren had met his wife, Ji, when we served in the US Army in Korea. Following Darren’s service in the army the family moved to Kentucky near Darren’s parents. When his drunken and abusive father attempted to rape Ji Darren moved his family to Ohio where he accepted the position of managing a farm for an elderly couple. Following his tragic death in a highway accident Ji, a Korean woman, was left with two children. With the help of Uncle Will, PT and David purchased the farm and invited Ji and sons to continue to live there. Soon after Becky was born. Ji did not realize she was pregnant at the time of Daren’s death. David and PT were now substitute fathers to Tommy, Josh and Becky. Two years later Ji was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. While she wanted PT and David to raise her children they all realized it would be impossible for two young men to adopt two boys and a two year old girl. Then Rachel, David’s mother, suggested one of the men marry Ji. When she passed on her husband would be the legal father. At Ji’s death in 1988 David and PT became the fathers of nine year old Tommy, seven year old Josh and two year old Becky. They were very involved in their children’s lives. When the boys joined Cub Scouts and later Boy Scouts both were active in the organizations. Athletic David volunteered to be assistant Basketball and Baseball coaches in both middle and high school. PT arranged field trips to the Ohio State Agriculture center in Wooster for a class of each of his children. The family attended church every Sunday. David was a Sunday school teacher and both helped chaperone school and church events. However, although they were respected in the community they assumed there were some who questioned the propriety of these two men who lived together being involved with children and young adults, especially boys. They were careful to never be the only adult with boys and young men. Whenever they coached or chaperoned there was always another adult present. When Tommy turned eleven they decided to have ‘the talk’. Having done some research they determined this was not necessarily too soon. They wanted their children to think of sex as something natural, not something they should hide. With the suggestion of the school librarian, a member of their church, they ordered two books about sex directed to boys the age of Tommy. They discussed masturbation as something all boys and men did for pleasure. They discussed the various words used for it such as jack off or jerk off, beat the meat, wank or whatever the current slang term might be. They told Tommy that when he started to turn into a man white stuff would come out. It could happen soon or not for a couple of years. When it did happen they told him they would have another talk with him. This time about the responsibilities of a man. They also discussed touching warning him that no one should ever touch him anyplace especially the area covered by a bathing suit. While up to this point the conversation had been relaxed and friendly they told Tommy that if an older person ever tried to touch him he should ‘just say no’ and immediately tell one of his dads about it. They gave him the books and told them to ask them any questions he might have. He could ask now, tomorrow, next week or next year. During their discussion the three ate and drank Tommy’s favorites, cherry vanilla ice cream and Dr. Pepper pop (soft drink). While Tommy seemed interested and not embarrassed he never returned with questions, which was not a surprise. The two fathers had never initiated conversations with their own fathers about sex. Two years later when they asked Tommy for the books so they could discuss growing up with Josh he replied, “Already showed the books to Josh. He knows all about jerking off.” Their discussion with Josh was a little different since his brother had told him all about stuff. A few years later they had a similar discussion with Becky. Without going into much detail they discussed menstruation telling Becky that when it happened she was no longer their little girl but was turning into a young lady. When it did happen she should immediately tell Grandmother Winkler who as a woman knew what she should do. They also gave her the warning about being touched as well as two books directed to girls about sex and maturity. Not only were all of their children good students, the boys were handsome and Becky beautiful. Their father, Darren, was a tall handsome Kentucky farmer and mother, Ji, a beautiful Korean woman. The Asian features inherited from their mother blended perfectly with the Kentucky farmer. The dads were somewhat confused as how to react to Becky’s popularity in high school as neither had pursued girls but were well aware their friends in high school were obsessed with the opposite sex and yearning to get laid. Upon graduation from high school (Tommy 1997, Josh 1999, Becky 2004) all went on to college. Both Tommy and Josh planned to be farmers like their dads and biological dad, Darren, while Becky wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. The boys both entered the School of Agriculture at Ohio State as had Dad PT and Becky chose to attend The College of Wooster. While Wooster was only a thirty minute drive to the south they rarely saw their daughter as she became involved in campus life. Upon graduation from Ohio State Tommy returned home and eventually took over his Grandfather Winkler’s farm. A year after graduation he married a local girl and they had two sons, Darren and David. While Josh enjoyed the concept of agriculture he was more interested in research than actual farm work. He continued at Ohio State eventually earning a PhD and then a researcher’s position at OARDC – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster. He married and had a son and a daughter. Rebecca, Becky, married immediately after college graduation. She and her husband, Cal, moved to Cleveland where he attended the Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University while Becky taught third grade. After law school he accepted a position with a Cleveland law firm. The family that soon included a son and a daughter bought a home in North Royalton, a Cleveland suburb thirty minutes from David and PT. The timeline of the story now moves back a few years - One cold Saturday evening in December 2008 David was surprised when he returned from an afternoon of visiting Josh at the research center in Wooster and found the house dark. He saw a flickering of light coming from the dining room. The table of the candle lite dining room was set with the rarely used Wedgewood fine china they had inherited from the previous owner of their farm house. There was a bouquet of flowers on the table. PT came out of the kitchen dressed in his tight sexy clean Levis and a form fitting flannel shirt that emphasized his macho chest. David tingled at the sight of his forty-four year old hunky partner. “I thought I would give my man a special dinner. Why don’t you wash off the agriculture muck from the research center while I put the meal on the table?” David went upstairs, took a quick shower and dressed in his special Levis and shirt. As he entered to the candle lite dining room he saw his favorite, roast beef and trimmings on the table. PT was pouring wine into the inherited Waterford glasses, possibly the first the time they had ever been used. As they discussed David’s visit with Josh at the research center David had the feeling that something was not right. The fancy dinner and the abstract way his love talked to him seemed strange. PT insisted that David remain seated while he cleared the table and brought out dessert. When PT brought out the hot elderberry pie David’s mother had made and frozen last summer David almost cried. Life was perfect with roast beef, elderberry pie and his PT. PT placed the pie, a contained of vanilla ice cream and the pie plates on the table. He then walked over to David’s chair and kneeled. The looking up into the eyes of the man he had loved all these years he said, “David, Will you marry me?” “What do you mean marry you? I love you, but two guys cannot marry!” PT softly replied, “Yes they can. Effective last month (November 12, 2008) same-sex marriage is legally recognized in the State of Connecticut. We can go to Connecticut and become man and man / husband and husband. Although gay marriages have been legal only four weeks already hundreds of couples from all over the country have been legally married in Connecticut. We can go there early next year during slow season here on the farm.” David looked down at his love and replied, “I will marry you on one condition.” “What’s that?” “That we start the Honeymoon tonight.” Although elderberry pie was his favorite it was not eaten that evening. David had other favorite things to do other than pie. They enjoyed it with breakfast in bed the following morning. When Josh and his wife stopped by after church to find out why the Dads had not attended the service David put on a robe over his naked body and went downstairs and told them, “PT and I must have gotten food poisoning. We were up most the night (that was true) but are feeling better now. We’re just going to take it easy today.” Wedding plans were the main discussion during Christmas season. The three children, their spouses and children, Becky’s boyfriend, Cal, planned to attend as did David’s and PT parents as well as Uncle Tom and Aunt Ann (what they called Tom and Ann). They chose the second weekend of March so Becky who was in her senior year at College of Wooster would be on spring break from classes. PT went on line and planned the event. They found an inn in Litchfield County Connecticut that would provide an entire wedding package: rooms, dinner, cake, wedding service in the great room and most important a justice of the peace to perform the service. The reaction of their friends was positive. Not everyone at their small country church gave them their blessing. About half the parishioners greeted the news with smiles and genuine congratulations. They were aware that some thought it was immoral and a sham on the sanctity of marriage. A few who they considered as real friends were obviously shunning them. The pastor asked if he could stop by one afternoon the week before Christmas. David and PT hoped he was coming to give his blessing. They feared he might ask them to stop attending the church. He had always been friendly and gratefully accepted their contribution of time both as Sunday school teacher and work on building and yard maintenance. Pastor Mike smiled as he greeted the men in their home. “I just want you to know that I fully support your union. I am sure you have noted there are some in the church that do not approve and many that do. While the Church will not accept you as a married couple, I will accept you as two men who are committed to each other and should be treated with the dignity of a married couple. I wish I could give you a formal blessing but the hierarchy of the Church does not permit me as a pastor to do it. But as a man I will do it. Could we please stand and pray.” As David and PT stood Pastor Mike wrapped his arms around them and said a prayer, not as an official minister of the Church but as a friend. David and PT had tears of joy as they felt the love of this man of God. Litchfield County was as beautiful as it had appeared on line. They were amazed that this area only an hour and half from New York City was tranquil and picturesque. As farmers they appreciated the beauty of the farms in the rolling hills. The inn where all stayed had been built in the 1700s and then expanded over the years. The parlor where their intimate wedding would take place was in the oldest part of the sprawling building. The large fireplace and antique furniture added to the charm. Someone wanting the luxuries of life would not stay there, someone who enjoyed culture and history would. All the rooms had four poster queen size beds, antique appearing furniture and private bathrooms. When daughter Becky had asked that one room with a double bed be reserved for her and Cal the fathers made the arrangements with no comment. They realized it would be hypocritical of them to lecture her on morals as they remembered what they were doing at her age and much younger. The sixteen guests (including the grandchildren of David and PT) and the two grooms filled the parlor. Tommy and Josh, stood with their fathers while the justice of the peace conducted the service. Becky, accompanied by her boyfriend playing a somewhat out of tune piano sang Whitney Houston’s classic, ”I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me” at the beginning of the service and “Best of My Love” by the Emotions immediately after the officiant announced the two as husband and husband. The parents of the newlyweds hosted the wedding dinner in a private dining room of the inn. That night all of the guests enjoyed the love of their partners. David’s parents, Rachel and Paul, were as in love as they had been in their teenage years when they began their physical relationship using the farmhouse then owned by Sean (Boys of the 1950s – Chapter 8). Of course Tom and Peter were in one room while their wives Louise and Ann had their room. The sons, Tommy and Josh with their wives had a less active night than the others as they shared rooms with their young children. While Becky was not the biological daughter of PT and David she had inherited their love of men. She skillfully rolled a Trojan Magnum BareSkin condom on her love’s cut, steel hard piece as all the other couples were enjoying their partners in the historic rooms. The following morning no one suggested going to church. The newlyweds’ fathers planned to visit Foxwood Casino and walk on beaches of Long Island Sound. While Peter, Tom and Paul were not gamblers they wanted to see the splendor of the then largest casino in the world outside of China. The mothers, Ann, Louise and Rachel, planned a day of culture with visits to the Mark Twain House and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford, the oldest continually operating public art museum in the United State. The sons of the newlyweds, Tommy and Josh, decided their families with small children needed to visit someplace where the little ones could have fun following the long drive from Ohio and then a day of wedding events. The two families visited the newly opened (but closed in 2018) Coco Key Waterpark in nearby Waterbury. Becky and her athletic boyfriend planned a day hike on the section of the Appalachian Trail that cuts through the northwest corner of Connecticut. Cal as always carried Trojan Magnum BareSkins. Knowing Becky as he did and had known since their freshman year he was not disappointed when she followed him into a clump of bushes off the trail for outdoor activity. The newlyweds told a half truth when they said they planned to explore the rural countryside with its farms and quaint small towns. What they failed to mention was that after a search on the Squirt.org website they discovered a number of video stores with backrooms of booths for viewing and whatever. The many comments indicated an interesting array of men and activities were available. The four nearest places were within a ten to thirty minute drive from the inn. The place they chose based on the many comments was not a disappointment. Being two handsome, rugged farmers in their mid-forties the two were pursued by an array of men of all ages and bodily descriptions. They only wanted to observe not participate. They agreed there would be no lips below the hips by themselves or any of the men they met. They did have an enjoyable time with their hands and the hands of others exploring their bodies. Watching fucking and sucking by others was entertaining. That evening all shared their adventures (except for the romp in the bushes and visit to the video store) over dinner at the inn. That spring following Becky’s graduation PT and David happily attended the wedding of their daughter. The couple moved to Cleveland where Cal entered Law school. Within a year PT and David were again grandparents. Ten years later: Of all of their grandchildren PT and David felt closest to Darren, the oldest son of Tommy. At the age of fifteen in 2018 he was the obvious envy of the girls in his church group and high school. Both PT and David as well as Tommy were concerned that this handsome, blond blue eyed (features inherited from his mother) tall, muscular Adonis would succumb to the charms of the girls swooning over him. They were relieved that he never had a steady girlfriend. Tommy had discussed life with his son that included the use of condoms. Darren was outstanding in both classes and athletics at high school being a straight A student and on both the basketball and baseball teams. When not studying, playing sports or hanging out with his friends he worked on the family farm and almost weekly helped his grandfathers on their farm. Riding his bike between the farms further developed his muscular legs. One summer the three, Darren and his grandfathers, were eating dinner prepared by David. That evening the conversation centered on a new variety of soybeans recommended in a recent issue of the Farm Bureau newsletter. Both PT and David noticed that their grandson was unusually reserved during their discussion. Generally he was the guy that brought up and supported new products and concepts. There was a lull in the conversation. Darren then spoke, “Grandpas, I have something important to say. I think I am gay.” While PT and David did not flaunt their sexuality and did not fly a rainbow flag they had never made an attempt to hide it. Darren knew his grandpas slept in the same bed and occasionally had witnessed a display of affection between the two such as a quick kiss, ass pat or hand holding. PT spoke, “You said ‘you think you are gay’. I am positive that by the age of fifteen you know. what you are. If when fantasizing about sex you think about boys more than girls you are probably gay and if you think only about boys you are gay. David and I knew we were gay when we were much younger than you are now. The life of a gay boy can be as fulfilling as that of a straight guy. David and I have a wonderful life that we would not want to change. Your great grandfather, Peter, found his man when he was in his senior year of high school. I assume you know that my father, your great grandfather, and Tom have been lovers for over fifty years as has my mother, your great grandmother, and Ann until she passed away recently had been lovers for as many years. My advice is ‘Don’t flaunt it and don’t hide it’. Just be yourself. Your friends will accept you. Anyone who does not is not a friend so who cares. Have you officially come out to your parents?” Darren replied that he had not. “Well then, I suggest you do so. They might have figured it out and are waiting for your announcement. Since your dad was raised by two gay guys and your mother married knowing she had gay fathers-in-law I know they will fully accept you for who you are. Soon we need to have a serious talk about gay sex. I assume that at your age you frequently think about sex. If not we would be surprised. While we am not going to pry into your sex life we are also not going to share the details of ours. But I will say one thing, when I was your age my hand was very busy.” “I suggest you get some books about teenage gay life. Let’s go to the computer and check out what is available.” The three sat at David’s lap top and entered ‘teen gay sex’ in the book category on Amazon. They were all amazed at the number of books available. After reading descriptions Darren selected two: LGBTQ: ‘The survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bixexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens’ and also ‘Queer, The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens.’ David ordered the books with delivery to his home so Darren could study them before coming out to anyone else. Two days later Darren was in his room with one of the books in one hand and his dick in the other doing what teenage boys do. A week later he came out to his parents who had suspected his orientation. There was no drama, just love. Two years later in January of 2020 PT texted his grandson asking if he could come by Saturday morning and help move some equipment in the barn. Darren arrived with a friend who he introduced as Nick. While the four moved the equipment PT and David learned Nick was a senior in Darren’s high school class. Also he was the starting quarterback on the football team. The boys discussed their future, going to Ohio State and both majoring in agriculture. From their body language it appeared the boys were more than just friends. When Nick and David went to the house to find some tools PT commented to Darren, “It appears you are following the path of your great-grandfather, Peter, by finding a quarterback in your senior year.” Darren just blushed, smiled and made no comment.
  2. Dear Reader – Over five years ago I decided to write my first fiction article. What I thought would be a short story just kept growing eventually into three books (150 chapters, over 700,000 words when completed). The Boy’s Trilogy is winding down – there will be a few more chapters to tie up loose ends. Tomas (Tom) Kowalski and Peter Smith met by chance (or was it planned by Tom?) in the fall of 1955. Sixty-five years later at the age of 81 they are as smitten with each other as they were back in high school. The character, Peter Smith, is loosely (very loosely) based on myself. Same height, weight and a nerd personality. While my grades were good I was nowhere near being salutatorian of my high school class. The location of Tom and Peter’s fictional suburb south of Cleveland, Pleasant Valley, is in the same area as my home town. Unlike Peter, I did not find Mr. Right in high school. The sexual escapades of Peter, Tom and friends were based 99% on fantasy. An accurate autobiography of myself would not be as interesting as the story of the ‘Boys’. My travels in Russia and Poland were the inspiration for the second book in the Trilogy, Russia My Home. Since 1997 I have visited Russia ten times (with each visit averaging over 30 days). Twice I have visited Irkutsk in Siberia, once with a Russian friend and once traveling alone. This is the city where Vlad found his former teacher / mentor / lover. From 1992 until recently I lived in Poland most years for a month. There I was based in Wrocław (Vra-swaf). This city was Breslau, Germany prior to World War II, the city that Franz (Vlad’s teacher) escaped to after his interlude with the teenage son of a Nazi official. You might wonder why a guy who is neither Russian nor Polish visits these countries. I was an accountant by profession – which many would say ‘so boring’. Early in my career I left my job with a large international accounting firm in their New York office and accepted a teaching position at a small two year college and eventually moved on to a large university. After the fall of the Berlin Wall I got involved in management training in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Republic of Georgia as well as Sicily. I have made good friends in Poland and Russia and visited frequently after the training programs ended. I would gladly share more of my adventures with you. You may contact me at tallguyct@hotmail.com Also you may check me out on silverdaddies.com. My name there is also tallguyct – profile number 2255167. Fact of interest – The boys names – Tom Kowalski and Peter Smith. In Polish kowalski means smith. Apparently both boys are descendants of hunky, hot blacksmiths, Tom’s in Poland and Peter’s in England. Peter, Tom and later, Vlad, had friendships and adventures with numerous boys and men. In these final chapters the lives of many of these men will be updated. Vladimir (Vlad) Melnikov & Aiden Hudson Vlad (Vladek in Russia) was the main character of the second book, Russia My Home. He eventually moved to the USA and settled in Cleveland as a professor of Political Science. In 1966 Aiden Hudson, a graduate of the University of Georgia, moved to Cleveland to continue his education in a PhD program. He met Vlad and the two roommates became lovers and lifetime partners. At their meeting Vlad was 46 and Aiden 24. Over the next 40 years their age difference was not a hindrance as their unyielding love grew. The last mention of Vlad and Aiden was 1993 when Carson and Kyle rented an apartment in their building. At that time, Vlad was 73 and had retired from his teaching position. The previous year he had visited Russia for the first time since his escape at the end of World War II. He had found his aged father still living in the same apartment of fifty years earlier and reconnected with his brother and his family. For the next ten years Vlad returned to Russia every year for at least a month. Usually Aiden would accompany him for all or a portion of the visit. In June of 1995 Vlad visited St. Petersburg while in Russia. He picked up a copy of The St Petersburg Times, a twice weekly English language free newspaper, at a super market. There was a listing of meetings such as Rotary Club, Church services in English, lectures in English and a meeting of Wings (a gay organization) to discuss the book Cracks in the Iron Curtain. This intrigued Vlad as he had recently read this book about gay life in the Soviet Union. With some difficulty he found the location of the group. There were about ten men and the discussion leader Alexander (Sasha) Kukharsky. Following the interesting discussion Vlad, Sasha and some of the others visited a coffee house where gays felt comfortable. Vlad learned that Sasha was a gay rights activist in the Soviet Union, a somewhat perilous activity. Sasha invited Vlad to visit the gay beach on the Bay of Finland, about an hour north of the city by the electric (what Russians call commuter trains). The following Sunday Vlad met Sasha at Finland Station (the same station where Vladimir Lenin staged a triumphant return to his home country in 1917 which was considered the beginning of the Russian Revolution). An hour later they got off the train and began a forty minute walk to the gay section of the sandy beach. Upon arrival they spread their blankets, got naked and enjoyed the scenery of more than a hundred men of all ages and bodies shapes. At the suggestion of Sasha, Vlad took a walk in the bushes that were in some areas taller than him. The various paths led to secluded areas. At a path that led to a dead end Vlad met an interesting looking man that appeared to be in his forties. The older Vlad, handsome and well built for his age, smiled at the man who smiled back. Touching each other they were soon in an embraced with hard dick pressed against hard dick. Within five minutes each had tasted the cream of the other and went on their way. No words had been spoken. About thirty minutes later the same man appeared and began talking to Sasha. The man had been a student of Sasha, a retired professor of physics. Sasha introduced Igor to Vlad. Igor sat on the blanket and their conversation turned into a lifetime friendship. A week later Aiden arrived to be with Vlad his final two weeks in Russia that visit. Igor invited Vlad and Aiden to his dacha for the weekend. Prior to the Russian Revolution Igor’s great grandparents had owned a retail business. As business owners they were considered capitalists. Their business and apartment in the city were confiscated by the Bolsheviks. They were sent to Siberia for two years of punishment. Upon returning they were forced to live in their dacha in the country north of Leningrad (St Petersburg). The dacha was actually a very large house. Over the years it had been divided among the descendants. Today Igor’s mother owns three rooms and other family members the remainder. Although today (year 2020) those three rooms lack access to running water or indoor plumbing Igor’s mother spends her summers there as she has most of her life. There are large gardens around the dacha planted with flowers, berries, fruit trees and vegetables. On future visits Vlad and Aiden would stay with Igor and his partner of over twenty-five years at their apartment in the city and frequently visit the dacha. While Vlad and Aiden were now in a relationship of thirty years they did occasionally enjoy brief encounters of the best kind with others. Thanks to Igor and his partner Aiden learned to love more than just the taste of delicious Russian food. The following year at the suggestion Igor Vlad visited the Yamskie Banya (bathhouse). This banya claims to be the oldest bath house in St Petersburg. It had been frequented by Dostoevsky and Lenin. However, Vlad did not visit it for historic reasons. The layout was similar to other bathhouses Vlad had visited with an interesting addition. It had the usual room with lockers, large shower area and hot sauna type room where naked men sat on benches and some swatted each other with birch branches. The special addition was a door at the back of the hot room. It lead to a short hall. In the hall to the left was a door to a dark room about six feet by six feet (2m X 2m). In the pitch black room men would wait for others. There was groping, mutual jerking off and some on their knees sucking. At the end of the short hall leading from the hot room was a door that opened to a stairway that led to the attic of the four story building (the banya was on the third floor). Men naked or just wearing a towel stood on the dimly lit stairs and landings. Brief friendships were made and consummated on the stairs or two men would go hand in hand to the attic for a somewhat private encounter. On Vlad’s first visit while standing on the landing one flight up from the banya he was next to a tall, thin young man probably in his early twenties. Being 75 Vlad did not believe this man would have an interest in him. But, why was he standing so close? Vlad took a step to the right and their arms touched. The young man did not move away. Vlad took his hand. The young man did not resist. Vlad reached with his other hand and caressed his chest. The young man did not protest. Soon he was on his knees worshiping the small young dick. The young man reached down and pulled Vlad to a standing position. He then took Vlad’s hand and led him to the attic. The stranger let Vlad know what he wanted. The ever prepared mature man took a condom and packet of lube out of the small drawstring bag he was carrying. The younger leaned over and Vlad moved in. Following their coupling they returned to the shower room and scrubbed each other in a nonsexual way, the way other men, including straights, did. Following a brief conversation Vlad suggested they go to a nearby coffee house. He learned that the young man was a medical student in St Petersburg from Kazakhstan. When he would return to his home at the completion of his studies in six months he would marry the girl approved by his family. Vlad invited his new friend to visit him at the apartment of Igor. When Vlad learned his friend had studied ballet he invited him to attend performances at the Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Theater which is considered the foremost ballet theater is Russia. The Bolshoi in Moscow is bigger but not necessarily better – the word bolshi in Russian means ‘big’ (At McDonalds if you want a large milk shake you ask for a bolshi one.) - (Unfortunately the door to the back hall is now locked – no more fun on the stairs and attic.) (The above adventures at the gay beach and banya are based on escapades I or close friends had in St Petersburg.) Within six months of Vlad’s return from Russia he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two years later following numerous treatments he died in the arms of his Aiden. Aiden continued to live in the apartment in the building he had inherited from Vlad. He continued to teach until his retirement ten years later. The fall following his retirement he visited Russia as he had done about every two years. He and Igor took a two week tour of Siberia. They flew to Irkutsk (one of the largest cities in Siberia with a population of about 500,000) and, visited Lake Baikal. This pristine lake in central Siberia is the largest lake in the world by volume holding 20% of the world’s fresh water being over a mile deep. They continued by train east to Ulan Ude near the Mongolian border and then flew to the north end of Baikal for another visit to this beautiful lake and the surrounding forests. They then traveled west by train to the historic city of Tobolsk, then a day long bus trip to Shadrinsk. In this small city they stayed with the mother of Igor’s partner. Then an all-day bus to Chelyabinsk and an overnight train to Samara. There they visited a friend of Igor. They were then offered a ride by automobile to Moscow (16 hours, 1,060 km, 660 miles). Note – This is a summary of the trip I took with my St Petersburg friend in 2007. During this trip we stayed in private homes about half the time. We had enjoyable encounters with men Igor had met through silverdaddies and a similar Russian site. If you want the full summary of that adventure or if you want to contact Igor send me a message at tallguyct@hotmail.com or my account at silverdaddies.com profile number 2255167. During the summer Joshua Winkler (grandson of Peter Smith / son of PT Smith and David Winkler) stayed with Aiden during a three month internship at Cleveland Botanical Garden when he was a student of agriculture at Ohio State University. Living with gay Aiden was not problematic for straight Joshua as both his dads and his grandfather were gay. Today, Year 2020, Aiden continues to live in the same apartment. At age 77 he keeps himself young my surrounding himself with younger men. He attends meetings of the gay organization at the nearby university and usually rents one or two rooms in his apartment to gay students. At Thanksgiving he invites gay students who are unable to return home or do not want to return home for the holiday for a traditional dinner. When Peter and Tom visit Cleveland they stay with Aiden. If students are also staying there at the time they share Aiden’s king size bed in the master bedroom. He is planning to visit his friends in Russia in June 2020
  3. Happy New Year 2020 Twenty years after their first visit to Stockbridge, Massachusetts in 1999 Peter again sat next to his love Tom listening to the Brandenburg Concerto at the New Year’s Eve concert of the Berkshire Bach Society. He felt totally at ease in the darkened theater in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. With his Tom on his right and his wife, Louise, on his left he sat between the two people most important in his life and the two people who totally understood, loved and respected him. Sadly Ann, wife of Tom / lover of Louise, was not with them. She had passed away three years earlier in the arms of Louise following a battle with breast cancer. Peter, Tom and Louise were now all 81 years of age. A week earlier the three had shared their Christmas celebrations at home in Columbus on Christmas Eve and at son PT’s farm on Christmas Day. Almost all the children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren of the two boys and two girls who had met and begun their life journey as seniors at Pleasant Valley High School in 1955 joined in the holiday festivities. The missing person was Ann Margaret Kowalski, the oldest daughter of Ann and Tom. She had little contact with her family and was currently living in Durango, Colorado with a guy named Mel. The Christmas celebrations had included a total of twenty-six family members: Louise, Tom and Peter; Their children – three plus one spouse; Grandchildren – five plus five spouses; Great-grandchildren – nine (aged five to eighteen). The trip to Stockbridge where they stayed in the Red Lion Inn was made in the memory of Ann who had planned their first adventure in 1999 to celebrate the arrival of the new millennium, 2000. On Friday, December 27, 2019, they departed Columbus mid-morning and drove a little over half way to their destination, a seven hour drive, staying near Scranton, Pennsylvania. During their drive Louise sat in the back seat with her Kindle Fire and noise canceling headphones. She was learning Italian in preparation for her trip to Italy the following week. She and a friend from college, Beth, planned this trip. Louise, Ann, Beth and her lover Ashely had been friends for over sixty years. Ashley had passed away ten years earlier. Beth’s apartment was in Newton, a suburb of Boston, where she had been a high school English teacher. They planned to fly from Boston to Rome. In addition to Rome they would visit Florence, Bologna and Venice. They had determined January would be a perfect time to visit this country. While the weather would be cold and damp the places they planned to visit would not be overrun by tourists. When she wasn’t studying Italian she studied Lonely Planet guidebooks and various websites for the areas to be visited. With an early morning start from Scranton they were at Butternut Ski area near Stockbridge by mid-morning of their second day. Louise dropped off Tom and Peter and then continued on to the Red Lion for a day of Italian immersion. Immediately after checking in she made a reservation for dinner at the highest rated fine dining restaurant in the area according to TripAdvisor. Being a Saturday night she could only get a reservation for the latest seating. After being picked up at Butternut following their day of skiing Peter and Tom checked into their room and took naps. Louise woke them when she called their room at 7:00. Upon entering the restaurant Tom took the coats of all three and hung them in a cloak room near the entrance. Peter gave his name to the maître d'. As he gave his name he looked into the eyes of the handsome maître d'. The faces of both lite up as Peter called out, ‘José?’ and the other with a smile exclaimed ‘Peter and Tom?’ The three men embraced while standing at the entrance to the dining room. It had been exactly twenty years since they had seen each other but all immediately recognized the other. As Peter gushed, “José, you are as handsome as ever!” their friend replied “My God, my two beautiful and distinguished friends. Welcome to our restaurant. And this lady must be one of the charming wives you told us about.” Peter introduced a surprised Louise to José and then told him about the sad death of Ann. Following condolences directed to Louise and Tom he continued, “This is a wonderful New Year’s gift to have you at our restaurant.” He led them to a table for four in the corner. As he held the chair for Louise, “Tonight you are our guest. Randy will be so pleased to hear you are here. As chef he is busy in the kitchen. I know he will take time out to say hello and hopefully we will have an opportunity later to catch up on our lives. Let me get take your drink order and then the very efficient Sheldon will be your server. This evening you are the guest of Randy and myself.” José was not surprised that the three did not want an alcoholic drink other than wine. As all three requested Moscato he stated he would bring a bottle to the table. Then José walked to the bar area stopping to speak to a handsome man of about thirty. As he spoke the man looked at their table and smiled. He then came to their table, “Good Evening, I am Sheldon and will be your server this evening. José told me you are friends from years back and very special guests. It will be a pleasure to serve you.” As Sheldon started to tell the specials of the day the door to the kitchen opened and a beaming Randy in chef’s clothes walked over to their table. Tom and Peter stood and the three embraced. The other diners, some of whom were regulars, were surprised to see the chef embracing two guests, especially in such an intimate way. The three joyfully greeted each other as a smiling José and bewildered Sheldon stood nearby. Randy then whispered, “Regretfully, now I must return to the kitchen, but I sincerely hope we have some quality time together.” The meal was superb. Since they had arrived for a late dinner the restaurant was nearly empty by the time dessert and coffee was served. As Sheldon took after dinner orders José sat at the table. He briefly brought his friends up to date on their lives. When they had met twenty years earlier Randy was in his second year at Westfield State University and José in his third year. The following summer Randy was hired to work in the kitchen of this restaurant where José was a server. Randy immediately fell in love with his work in the kitchen. The owner / chef realized his potential. At the end of the summer he continued to work in the kitchen while attending his third year at university. He decided to take come culinary courses at Pittsfield Community College studying at both schools. The schedule was exhausting but he was happy. José who was a year older graduated at the end of that school year. With his degree in accounting he accepted a position with a small accounting firm in Great Barrington, fifteen minutes from Stockbridge. A year later he passed the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam on his first attempt (Few pass all in their first attempt. Your author passed all but one part on his first attempt and the last part on his second). As the small firm grew, he grew with it and today was a partner. While he and Randy owned the restaurant together he only worked there a couple of evenings a week. José continued. “Randy worked in the kitchen and took more culinary courses after receiving his bachelor’s degree from Westfield State. Within five years he became second in command in the kitchen after the owner. While in the kitchen one Saturday evening the owner turned white and sat down. The paramedics rushed him to the hospital and Randy took over for the evening. At the request of the owner’s wife he managed all aspects of the restaurant: meal preparation, menu planning, staff supervision, building maintenance, advertising, etc. When the owner was able to return a month later he was amazed that this young man had flawlessly stepped into the role of chief chef and overall manager. While in the hospital and rehab he and his wife had long discussions about their future. They were both in their mid-sixties. With our meager savings, a loan from the bank and a second mortgage on the building held by the owner we bought what is now Stockbridge’s top rated fine dining restaurant.” As José finished his commentary Randy wearing his kitchen stained chef outfit jointed them at the table. About five minutes into their discussion Louise stated, “I know you guys want to catch up on life. Why don’t I go back to the inn and you continue your chat.” Peter went to the cloak room to get his and Louise’s coats. Reaching into an inner pocket of Tom’s coat he retrieved a small plastic pill pouch. He took out two blue pills. He put one in his mouth and took a drink of water when here turned to the table. He then discretely slipped the other pill to Tom. While he was not ashamed of using Viagra at his age he did not want to announce his attentions to all. Tom smiled then turned his head and took the other pill. Peter then helped Louise with her coat and escorted her back to the inn and then returned to the restaurant. While he was gone Tom asked José if they had any of the healthy tea served at their first visit twenty years earlier. Knowing exactly what Tom was alluding to José stated, “If I remember right the tea certainly helped us start an enjoyable evening. As soon as we are at our apartment I will put the kettle on.” Tom replied, “Although we are in our early 80s Peter and I are as horny as ever. Thanks to the marvelous blue pill, Viagra, we have not lost our ability to have a good time. I have three special wishes for you two: One – When you are our age you are as healthy and horny as we are, Two – That you have a doctor that prescribes the blue pill or whatever is the latest boner upper available and Three – You have a prescription plan that pays for it. If your tea gives us an extra boost all the better. Although this has been a long day for us I am sure you two will give us inspiration.” When Peter returned the four went upstairs to the spacious, skillfully furnished apartment of their friends on the second floor of the restaurant. As soon as they entered the apartment Randy announced. “Gentlemen, after a day in the kitchen I stink. I need a shower. Anyone care to join me?” Peter replied, “This has been a long day for us starting at 5:00 this morning. We planned to shower after skiing but fell asleep as soon as we arrived at our room. I will join you and unless anyone is interested in tasting pungent dick cheese accumulated over the past twenty-four hours I suggest Tom join us.” José joked, “If it is party time in the shower I want to be there also.” The four stripped naked in the bedroom. Just as he had done twenty years earlier José appeared to enjoy displaying his body. Both Tom and Peter gaped in awe at the stunning man. Twenty years earlier he had been a striking body builder. Obviously he had maintained his exercise regimen. The handsome boy had turned into, if possible, an even more gorgeous man. From his sharp featured Latin face to his strong legs he was more enticing than any of the porn Tom and Peter enjoyed viewing. Remembering Peter’s armpit fetish, José placed his strong arms behind his head exposing the clean shaven pits. The two guests moved their eyes down the body observing the manscaped chest, hard abs and then perfectly groomed pubic hair crowning a half hard natural piece with the dick head peeping out of the moist skin opening. As Peter felt his manhood rising he stepped forward and placed his tongue on the inviting pit. What he tasted was man, all man. No soapy taste and deodorant if any had worn off. Just the essence of man. José suppressed giggles as Peter tickled the pit with his tongue knowing how much pleasure his friend was receiving from the attack. Stepping back they turned their attention to the naked Randy. While he was not the Adonis of his Latin lover his body was lean and inviting. The manscaping of his body was as enticing as that of José. They later learned that José and Randy enjoyed using a razor on the balls and pits and special clippers elsewhere to primp their lover. Peter lifted Randy’s arm and first inspected the clean shaven pit and then attacked it with his tongue. A day of sweaty work in the kitchen resulted in a pungent essence that was both off-putting and enticing. It was like cheddar cheese, the stronger the more tasty. Meanwhile Tom was on his knees tasting the precum oozing from each of his younger friends’ dicks. Tom then stood and kissed his lover with open lips so the two could share the nectar of man each had sampled. Following the preview the four entered the large bathroom. The double sized shower stall had two shower heads, each with a shower spray hose with an adjustable spray head. While Tom and José watched Peter and Randy showered carefully soaping and scrubbing each. The two hard dicks were given special attention. Randy had to push Tom’s hand away as he felt his juices getting excited. While Peter was hard, at his age spontaneous cumming was not an issue. It would take more than just a few caresses to get him off. They exited the shower and as they dried each other watched Tom and José soap, sponge, scrub and play. Soon all four were on the king size bed. Peter then announced, “We have good news and bad news. The bad news is that it will take us a long time to cum to completion. Now the good news, it will take a long time to cum to completion.” Randy was on his stomach with his legs slightly spread in an inviting position. Tom rolled on a condom handed to him by José and generously lubed himself and the anxious ass using the tube of KY also given to him by José. As soon as Tom and Randy began their coupling Peter pushed a willing José onto his back. Straddling him he leaned forward and they kissed. He then push José’s arms up and admired the exposed pits again. Leaning in, he gently nibbled on the clean shaven pit. When José giggled and pulled away Peter whispered into his ear, “If you don’t let me eat your pits I will not let you suck my dick.” José just smiled as he moved his arms further up giving the pits more exposure. Peter alternately nibbled on the pits, kissed his friend sharing the magic pit aroma and then swallowed the moist natural dick followed by kissing his friend sharing the natural man taste. Tom then announced he needed a break. Wanting to see Randy’s face as he fucked him Peter rolled his friend over and placed the bottom’s legs on his shoulders. After rolling on a condom he shoved in deep showing no mercy. Had this been the beginning of the fuck Randy would have cried out in pain. Having been fully opened by Tom as Peter plunged Randy felt no pain. He did have feelings seldom felt as Peter’s cock touched deep finding places rarely invaded. Randy cried out in pleasure as Tom and José lying next to him in the 69 position savored each other’s natural dicks. Finally Randy cried out, someone please get me off. My dick is about to explode. As Tom leaned in to take Randy’s swollen dick in his mouth Peter continued to thrust. José stood over Randy’s head and offered himself to Peter. Without missing a fucking beat Peter took José deep into his throat. He pulled completely out of Randy, then positioned his dick head on the hole and as he plunged in with force he filled the condom that was deep in Randy. Randy exploded down Tom’s throat as José did the same to Peter. José leaned in and as soon as his lips engulfed Peter’s cock he was swallowing Ohio cream. The four collapsed into each other’s arms. Following a period of quiet cuddling José announced, “Tea time.” After the tea break another session followed a similar pattern with less force and more tenderness. It was forty minute later before both Tom and Peter each unloaded into Randy. The two older men immediately fell asleep in the arms of their love while the other two showered again. Ten hours later Tom and Peter woke up alone in a strange bed. They dressed and went downstairs. They found Randy in the restaurant’s kitchen. With a smile he offered his friends who were hung over with lust cups of coffee. José had gone to his office in Great Barrington. They returned to the inn and found Louise sitting next to the fireplace with her Fire tablet. She was reading Irving Stone’s The Agony and the Ecstasy, a biographical novel about Michelangelo. The holiday trip continued with the boys skiing two days at Jiminy Peak, a ski area larger than Butternut but smaller than Killington where they had skied twenty years earlier. Louise enjoyed the opportunity to study Italian language and places of interest she and Beth could visit as well as taking walks in the village. New Year’s Day José and Randy invited the three to their place for a late lunch / early supper. The restaurant was closed that day following a hectic New Year’s Eve. Louise felt totally at ease with these friends of her husband and Tom. She assumed there was more to the friendship than chatter and was happy for her men. While she and Ann had been in a mostly monogamous relationship they had occasionally enjoyed more than just chit chat with lady friends. Randy prepared a simple dinner using leftovers from the New Year’s Eve menu. The conversation was light and interesting. Randy and José discussed their one relationship problem, traveling. The busy times at a restaurant in a tourist area were very different of those of an accounting firm. They had finally compromised with one three week vacation every year in late April and May. This was the lull between the end of an accountant’s hectic season ending on tax day April 15 and the slow period at the restaurant between ski season and summer visitors. For the past ten years they had visited a different country for a gastronomical and fun holiday. The past three years they had visited Australia, Italy and Denmark. This year they would visit Germany starting in the Bavarian Alps in the south ending in Berlin after visiting the Baltic coast in the north. While José worked long hours from January to April Randy would research places to visit and most important the many eating opportunities in the country to be visited. They discussed Louise’s planned trip to Italy. She took notes as they suggested restaurants and out of the way places to see in Rome, Florence and Venice. She thanked her hosts for an enjoyable afternoon and stated she would walk back to the inn. While Peter accompanied his wife Tom insisted that he help clear the table and do the dishes. By the time Peter returned the place was squeaky clean as was Randy’s ass following private time in the bathroom. It was no surprise that the four enjoyed celebrating the New Year with Randy on his knees and / or back and the others happily and energetically giving him what he wanted. Three days later they packed the car and departed for Boston. The mid-day two hour drive across Massachusetts on the Mass Pike was surprisingly easy with no traffic problems. Louise would stay overnight with her friend, Beth, who lived in Newton Center, a suburb west of Boston. The following day Peter and Tom would take the women to Boston Logan airport for their flight to Rome. After lunch with the ladies at Beth’s apartment the boys checked into the Marriott and immediately called a couple they had met through silverdaddies.com. Peter and Tom had had a silverdaddies account about five years. Twice they had hooked up with guys in the Columbus area. Both meetings had been ok, but not something either really cared to continue. Soon after joining silverdaddies they had received a message from Brian, a 35 year old bottom. He wanted to be the middle of a threesome sandwich. The picture in his account showed a 5’4” (1.6 M), 140 pounds (63.5 kg), small cut dick, nice smile man. Peter and Tom did not want to invite a stranger to their home and Brian could not host. They finally agreed to meet at Club Columbus Baths on a weekday afternoon. They met and played. The finale was his special request, a man sandwich. With Peter on his knees Brian fucked him with his little dick while Tom rammed into Brian. There was no chemistry. After the encounter Brian did not message them and they did not attempt to contact him. A nice fuck, but nothing special. Their second silverdaddies encounter was with a man closer to their age. Bill sent them a message suggesting a meeting at his home. The description and photos in his account showed a 6’ 2” (1.9 M), 190 pounds (86 kg), muscular body, well endowed hard cut dick, handsome man of about 60. When they met him in person the only true attribute was the height. The photos and description were based on Bill at least ten, possibly twenty, years earlier. He was older, larger, and somewhat flabby. He could not get it up. All he wanted to do was suck Peter and Tom. They both gave him a quick mouthful and went home. As soon as they arrived home they took long hot showers. He sent them a message suggesting another meeting. The very polite Peter replied thanking him for the experience and stating, a lie, that they did not want to get involved with just one person at this time. Although they were not on the prowl they enjoyed checking out the Galleries of Daddies. One evening a few months earlier they had seen the photo of a man named Roger. Both of them were immediately drawn to this incredibly macho, handsome man of 68. Reading his profile they discovered he was in a relationship. He and his partner wanted to message other couples. They were in a monogamous relationship and while they had no desire to play with other men, they were very much into conversation with fascinating couples. The smile on his face and penetrating blue eyes seemed to say, ‘Let’s get to be friends.’ His profile included photos of his partner, Dave, who was equally appealing. Peter immediately sent a message, ‘My love and I were fascinated by your photos and brief profile. You two seem to be a couple that is both interesting and sensual. We can accept the no sex, just friends concept.’ They received an immediate reply. Soon a relationship with communication by messages and eventually on their private email accounts. Both were retired. Roger had been a construction engineer and Dave a detective on the Boston police force. As their friendship continued they began contacting each other by phone. When Tom told Dave that they were going to visit Boston in January their new friends suggested a meeting. They met for dinner at a seafood restaurant on Revere Beach north of Boston. The real Roger and Dave were as handsome and charming in person as their descriptions on line. Following their dinner the new friends suggested they go to their home for dessert and coffee. Peter and Tom did not know what to expect but were up to anything. The apartment was on the upper floor of a high rise on Revere Beach overlooking the Atlantic. The place had a large living room with double doors opening to a balcony overlooking the ocean, a well appointed modern kitchen, one bedroom and a large bathroom. The four discussed their lives and loves. Roger and Dave had met thirty years earlier. There had been vandalism and robbery on a construction site where Roger was the supervising manager. Dave, as a detective from the Boston police, had interviewed Roger. This case required special attention as there had been similar incidences at other construction sites. Materials stolen in the various thefts exceeded $100,000 (in 1990 $). At first Roger was annoyed that the police kept returning to question him. It soon became apparent that Dave’s visits were more than just a criminal investigation. Roger called Dave’s phone at the precinct a couple of times to mention facts he had forgotten previously. Actually this was just a pretense to talk to the detective who seemed very willing to visit the site over very minor items. One day he showed up just before quitting time and suggested he and Roger go out for a beer. A week later Roger called Dave to tell him a friend had given him tickets to a Red Sox game. This was a white lie as Roger had purchased the tickets specifically for a date with Dave. They were both dedicated Red Sox fans. The detective accepted the offer with genuine interest. This began a friendship that grew. Within two years they were living together. Neither had had much sexual experience prior to their friendship and had been totally committed to each other since meeting. At midnight Roger asked Peter and Tom if they would like to avoid the late night drive to their hotel in Boston and stay there for the night. The sofa in the living room opened into a double bed. The two visitors accepted the offer. While Dave opened the sofa into a bed Roger got towels and tooth brushes for the guests. Tom and Peter showered together in the large shower stall. When they emerged from the bathroom each was wearing their micro fabric boxer briefs. Roger, now wearing sleep pants and no top gave them a brief tour of the kitchen. They were invited to make their own coffee and find breakfast food in the morning if they were up early. Roger and Dave closed the door to their bedroom as Tom and Peter crawled into bed and cuddled. The next morning they woke to the sound of Dave making coffee in the kitchen. When Peter got out of bed with his morning woodie trapped in his boxer briefs Dave commented, “You look happy this morning.” After breakfast the four walked on the beach as their conversation continued. Roger told about his only real sexual experience before meeting Dave. “I had been in ROTC (Reserved Officer Training Corps) at Worcester Polytechnic Institute. There were financial incentives for participating. Upon graduation I was required to enter the US Army with the rank of an officer, Second Lieutenant, and was stationed at an army base in Kansas. This was the loneliest time of my life. I just did not seem to fit in. To relieve the boredom of life I began running daily. The best time to run on the hot summer days was just before sunset. Those runs usually lasted more than an hour. There was a small town park where I would often stop and get water at an old fashion hand water pump. One day another runner approached and also stopped. I pumped for him while he caught water in his hands splashing some on his face and drinking the cool refreshment. At that point I did not realize why I enjoyed looking at naked men. I did not understand why guys were so obsessed with girls and getting laid. I was just an outsider to such talk. The other runner introduced himself as Ted. He was probably in his forties. As he smiled at me I suddenly realized I was becoming sexually aroused. I didn’t know why then. Now I understand, seeing an incredibly handsome, muscular, well built guy with a charming smile and nipples outlined by a soaking wet T shirt would turn any gay guy on. We continued our run. When we returned to the base he asked ‘Would you please share a beer with me?’ ‘Sure’, I replied. When we entered the area where the top brass lived I realized he was someone important. We entered a building that had apartments for single high ranking officers. We entered his apartment. It was luxurious, nothing like the BOQ (Bachelor Officer Quarters) where I lived. Since we were both dripping sweat he suggested we sit in the kitchen. As we drank our cold brew he asked me about my background. When he asked about girlfriends I admitted that I had none. He laughed stating he understood the situation. He was so easy to talk to. I was shocked to discover he was a Colonel, one of the highest ranking officers on the base. Had I met him in an official capacity I would have been intimidated. But sitting in the kitchen observing his sweaty nipples and crotch I just felt horny. He suggested I take a shower. By now I was getting hard and prayed he did not observe my condition. I took a cold shower which helped to bring me back to my senses. He had loaned me a T shirt and pair of his sweatpants so I would not have to wear my sweaty running clothes home. He asked if I would like to run with him again. One does not say no to a Colonel, but that was not a problem as I did want to see him again. We met the following day and had an hour run. Back at his place after the run he told me I had the body of a muscle man and showed me some magazines with men in posing straps. Within a week we went from looking at photos of muscle men to my posing in a jock strap to showers together to my first ever blow job. I was in heaven. We would watch gay VHS tapes on his large, for 1980, TV. We never did anything but jerking and sucking each other off although we enjoyed watching the porn with guys fucking, pissing on each other and various S&M acts. I was discharged a year later. That was the end of my sex life for almost ten years. When I met Dave I felt the same lust I had for the Colonel. Soon that ‘lust’ turned into love.” Dave continued, “Until I met Roger I was a virgin to men and had had only a couple of experiences with women who had practically raped me. I really did not know what was going on with them. Thank God none of them got pregnant during those few encounters. I met Roger and suddenly I had feelings for someone. Life has been good. He is the only man I have ever been with or desire to be with. We both enjoy porn and checking out the galleries on silverdaddies. We do not have a need to explore, just look. We don’t mind showing off our bodies as you noticed when you checked our profile. You are welcome to look, just not touch.” When they departed at noon to pick up the girls to take them to Logan Airport there were man hugs. As they drove to their hotel to change prior to picking up Louise and Beth Peter commented, “That was certainly an interesting visit. Those guys are interesting and sexy. Never did I think I could enjoy a night with two such handsome guys when there was no sex involved.” They remained in Boston two more days visiting the Boston Aquarium, Museum of Science and of course walked the Freedom Trail seeing numerous historical sites from the Boston Common to North Church where the lanterns were hung to signal Paul Revere. They hosted their new friends at a restaurant in the city. As they drove west on I-90 toward home in Ohio they discussed the events since Tom had hopped on the band bus sixty-five years earlier and was it by chance or careful planning sat next to his man. Peter reached for Tom’s hand as he drove saying “Life Is Good”. Tom squeezed his hand replying “As Life Goes On”. …………………………………… It may be awhile until the next chapter is published. Meanwhile think of Tom and Peter as their Lives Go On.
  4. Happy New Year 2000 Listening to the Brandenburg Concerto at the New Year’s Eve concert of the Berkshire Bach Society was soothing to Peter. He felt totally at ease in the darkened theater in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. With his love, Tom, on his right and his wife, Louise, on his left he sat between the two people most important in his life and the two people who totally understood, loved and respected him. The seats were uncomfortable and crowded. This required his leg to be pressed against Tom’s. Even if the seats had been spacious the knees of the two men, now together for forty-five years would be embracing the other’s. Peter’s hand rested on Tom’s knee whose hand laid on top of Peter’s gently massaging it. The calmness of the setting gave Peter an opportunity to think about the events of recent years. He thought about his son, PT, and son’s partner / lover David. The two handsome, hardworking farmers were in their 30s. Their adopted sons, Tommy and Josh, 21 and 19 chose the life of agriculture as had their adopted fathers and biological father who had died in an automobile accident when they were 5 and 7. Soon after their father’s death their sister, Rebecca, now 14 was born. When their mother, Ji, was diagnosed with cancer a couple of years later she and David married so he would be the legal father of the children when she died less than a year later. It had been her wish that PT and David raise her children. Since adoptions by a male couple would have most likely been impossible David’s marriage to Ji made him the children’s father when the mother died. Both adopted sons were students in the agriculture program at Ohio State. As a professor of engineering at Ohio State Peter often saw his adopted grandsons. Rebecca was a beautiful popular and smart young lady about to begin high school. Her two fathers had their greatest challenge of children rearing as Rebecca started dating. Neither father had any experience in boy / girl friendships as each had been friends and then lovers since they were both put in the same playpen as infants. Peter squeezed Tom’s had as he thought about Sean, the Catholic Priest who had been Tom’s confessor and mentor as the teenager wrestled with the realization that he preferred men to women. Whenever they had a relationship problem the two turned to this man of the cloth. Although Peter had been brought up in the Methodist Church and now was an active communicant in an Episcopal Church he considered Sean as his spiritual adviser. Their friend, now 81 years old, had been active and outgoing until about six months earlier. Suddenly this strong robust man had become somewhat feeble. (Within a year he would die). Peter reached for Louise’s hand as he thought about their happy years together since they were students at Pleasant Valley High School. The New Year’s trip to Massachusetts had been suggested and organized by Ann, Tom’s wife, who now sat on the other side of Louise. These two girls / women had been lovers since high school as had Tom and Peter. Ann thought the four of them should do something special to usher in the new century. As she studied travel brochures she was drawn to the winter beauty of New England. The snow scenes of Stockbridge came to her attention. The picturesque village had been an area where Norman Rockwell, the American folk artist, had lived. They were not disappointed as the town in real life was as beautiful as the brochures indicated. She also selected this area of the country to enable her husband and Peter realize their dream of skiing in the mountains of New England. For the past two years they had taken lessons and skied in Central Ohio. The boys had discussed skiing Killington, the largest ski area on the East Coast with a vertical drop of over 3,000 feet (900 m), compared to the 300 feet drop at the area they skied in Ohio. With Stockbridge they would be able to ski at nearby Butternut prior to New Year’s Day and then go to Killington for two days after New Year’s. While their husbands skied Ann and Louise planned to visit local museums, visit quaint shops and relax in front of the fireplace at the inn. They had taken two days to travel the ten hours of driving time from their home in Columbus, Ohio. With Niagara Falls, New York being midway they had stayed overnight, their first visit to the falls. Instead of the gushing water of the falls they saw frozen ice falls, a spectacular view. While the scenery was very different and not as spectacular as other times of the year it was a good time to visit since the area was not overrun by tourists. The second day they arrived in Stockbridge, Massachusetts and checked into The Red Lion Inn, an historic inn dating to 1773. While the inn retained its historic elements the rooms were modern. Upon checking inn each man / woman couple accepted their room keys from Randy, the desk clerk. They loaded all their luggage onto one four wheel luggage carrier. After riding up in the elevator as they approached the rooms the girls took one key and Peter and Tom the other key. They had arrived early in the afternoon on Wednesday, December 29th. Dinner reservations at the inn for 6:30 had been made and the four agreed to meet in the lounge near the restaurant at that time. After unpacking Tom and Peter decided to take a walk around the town. As they approached the desk Randy smiled as the two turned in one key. When they returned an hour later he asked them if they had enjoyed their stroll along the shoveled sidewalks of the snow covered village. As he handed them the key to the room they were obviously sharing he stated, “During your visit let me know if there is anything I can do for you.” The following day after picking up a rental car for their wives to use Peter and Tom drove the 15 minute drive to Butternut Ski area, medium / small by New England standards, but much larger than their local areas in Ohio. Following a day of practice runs they felt they were ready for the big mountains at Killington. That evening, following dinner with their wives, Tom and Peter decided to take a night walk in the crisp air of the village. Being colder than anticipated they entered a bar and restaurant about ten minutes from the inn to warm up. A sign over the bar indicated Irish coffee was a specialty of the cozy, warm place. Immediately after they gave their order to the server the door from the street opened and Randy, the desk clerk at their inn, entered. Peter caught his eye and the cute young man smiled. He walked over to their table, “Are you enjoying our winter wonderland?” Tom replied, “It is beautiful, but colder than we anticipated. Would you like to join us?” Randy replied, “I will only be here a couple of minutes. I am waiting for my friend, José. He is a waiter in the dining room and should be getting off work soon.” Just then a beautiful young man entered from the dining room. “Randy, I am sorry but it will be at least a half hour before I am finished tonight. If you want I will meet you back at our room.” Randy replied, “If my friends do not mind I will wait for you here.” “You are very welcome to sit with us,” Tom’s commented. When the server arrived with the Irish Coffees Tom asked Randy what they could order for him and he requested an Irish coffee. “So Randy, tell us about yourself.” They learned that Randy was a second year student at Westfield State University. He had met José in the college fitness center his first semester at the university. He did not comment about the extent of their friendship but stated that both of them were business majors. José’s area of study was accounting and his was marketing. José was a year ahead. When in casual conversation at the fitness center he told José he had a problem with his accounting class his new friend became his tutor. “Without José I would not have passed that class.” At the time of their meeting both lived with their parents and commuted to classes. José’s home was nearby in Westfield while Randy lived about ten miles away in Springfield. “We started studying together and doing stuff like going to the movies. We both wanted to be independent of our parents. When José was offered this job as a waiter I looked for work nearby and was hired at the Red Lion. We moved to Stockbridge at the end of that school year. Since this is a major tourist area we both made good money during the summer. We found an apartment over one of the buildings on Main Street. You probably walked past it. There is as gift shop on the first floor. Our rent is very low in exchange for doing odd jobs for the owner and looking after the building. The owner lives in Lee, about fifteen minutes from here and desires to have someone in the old building on a regular basis. We arranged our classes so we only do the one hour dirve to Westfield three days a week. So tell me about yourselves.” Tom explained how they had met in high school and had been friends since. This was followed by an awkward silence as the two realized Randy knew they shared one room and their wives were in another room. Then Peter decided to tell the real story. Since he would not see Randy after their inn visit it would not matter if he shocked they boy. He had the feeling that the chemistry of Randy and José was more than just two guys sharing rent. “As you might have noted Tom and I share one room and our wives the other. Tom and I were good friends when we met our wives our senior year in high school. We discovered their feelings for each other were the same as ours. We married, each of us have two children and we have grandchildren. We have our families and we have each other.” Randy looked at them with his sincere blue eyes, “You have told me your real story. Now I will tell you ours. Yes, I did meet José at the fitness center my first semester. I must admit that I went there because I enjoy looking at handsome men. The first time I visited the center I saw him working out with weights while I was on the treadmill. He caught me looking at him and smiled. I smiled back. I stayed on the treadmill until he finished his weightlifting and walked toward the locker room. I followed him. We were soon the only two in the shower area. There were eight shower heads, four on each side. He was at the second from the last on the left. I chose the first one on the right. I looked at him. He caught me looking and smiled. He is the most handsome man I have ever seen. His weight lifting has sculptured an incredible body. I had to get out of there before I totally boned up so I finished and went back to my locker and dressed. We smiled at each other when he returned from the shower. Since I was half dressed I did not need to worry about getting hard. I stared at him as he dried himself off. He seemed in no hurry to get dressed. He very slowly rubbed the towel over his body taking special care with his beautiful uncut dick. Finally I got up nerve to ask him if he came there often. He replied that he was there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday after his 1:00 history class. That was a Wednesday, you can imagine where I was Friday afternoon even though that day my last class ended at 10:00 in the morning. For at least a week I was there every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We exercised and then showered at the same time. During brief conversations in the locker room I learned he is an accounting major in his sophomore year and like me lives at home. About a week after our first meeting when I told him about my problems with my accounting class he offered to go over some of the material with me. We went to the student union and sat in a lounge area. For about an hour we went over my assignments. I was amazed that he explained the material better than my professor.” “About two weeks after our first encounter when I entered the fitness center he beckoned for me to come to him. He asked me if I would spot him while he lifted weights normally heavier than he used. After giving me instructions he laid on his back and reached for a barbell. I stood almost directly over his head as he lifted. Seeing the muscles on that beautiful body flex as he lifted was totally erotic. The tightness of the briefs I wore under my gym shorts could not hide the bulge created by my lusty hardon. He could see up my shorts and observe the bulge in my briefs. When he lowered the barbell onto the stand he joked as he asked, ‘Are you enjoying this?’ I was totally embarrassed and wanted to get away. Then he said, ‘Sure is a nice view from down here.’ When he finished with the barbells we both used the treadmills. Then he said to me, ‘It’s shower time.’ I did not know if this was just a statement or a demand. I just replied, ‘Yes.’ This time he selected a shower head next to mine. As he washed himself he very slowly pulled his dick skin back and soaped up his head and shaft. As I started to bone up again I realized he was doing the same. Just then two other guys entered. We turned so our backs were to the newcomers and quickly finished our showers. There were other guys in the locker room so we both dressed with no further eye contact. Then he suggested we get something to drink at the student union. There we discussed our classes. The following Monday we met at the fitness center for another workout. I again spotted for him as he lifted weights. He thanked me for helping him with the weights and said, ‘I owe you. Want to go over more accounting at the student union?’ There were other guys in the shower and locker room so all we did was quickly shower and dress. After the shower we went to the student union and he helped me with my accounting. We now had a routine, workout, shower followed by studying together. While showering no matter which one entered first the other now always chose the nearest shower. If it was just the two of us he would soap up his dick and wash in thoroughly pulling the skin back. He knew I watched and he would look at me and smile. I would do the same to my cut dick. Whenever there was no other guys we would get half hard. Friday afternoons were usually quiet in the fitness center. One particular Friday there was no one else in the fitness center, locker room or shower. We did our usual dick soaping up. Then he started to stroke his. He would pull his hand up and totally cover the dickhead with his skin and then pull it all the way back. It did not take long until he shot an impressive load onto the shower floor. I was totally hard and ready to start when we heard the door to the locker room open. We both quickly deflated. He had told me earlier that he needed to go home after our workout so we just dressed and said goodbye. The following Monday I mentioned that my parents were going away for the weekend. He said with a smirk, ‘Won’t you be lonely?’ I took that as an invitation to invite him to my home. He suggested that we skip our Friday workout and go directly to my house to study. I met him after his history class and he followed me in his car. By the time we arrived at my house my parents had already left for their weekend visit to my aunt and uncle in Maine. As soon as he entered my house he asked if I had a VCR as he had a tape that I might find interesting. We watched the beginning of a gay porn tape together. Within ten minutes we were naked and that began a fantastic friendship. He is the smartest, strongest and best looking guy I have ever met. I am so lucky. Here he comes now.” When José walked to their table Randy said, “I have just met these two very interesting men. They are staying together at the inn.” José extended his hand and firmly shook each. “If Randy says you are interesting you must be as he is an excellent judge of character. Why don’t you come to our humble abode for more conversation?” As they walked ahead of Tom and Peter, Randy told José that their new friends were from Ohio, were sharing a room at the inn and had been together for forty-five years since their senior year in high school. Then he whispered into José’s ear, “These guys might seem old but I think they are hot. I have never been with an older guy. I hope we have more than interesting conversation.” José replied by bumping into his friends shoulder and quietly saying, “Sounds interesting.” They entered the second floor apartment over a gift shop on Main Street. Peter and Tom observed the delightful view from the window overlooking the village center. The snow covered scene with Christmas decorations and lights was magical. Randy walked to the window saying, “It is a beautiful sight, especially this time of the year. However, to keep this place warm we should close the drapes as this window leaks cold air.” Both Peter and Tom realized that there was no need to close the drapes to preserve heat as the room was comfortably warm, possibly a little too warm. However, they also hoped the real reason was to give the four of them privacy for whatever. The small place was sparsely furnished with one easy chair, a table and two wood chairs as well as a desk with a computer. There were two bookcases filled with books and school work. A door led to a bedroom and another door to the small bathroom. José announced, “I need a shower. Rushing around as a waiter and going in and out of a hot kitchen is very sweaty work.” He went to the bedroom and soon returned on his way to the bathroom wearing only a pair of light green tight mini briefs with a pouch that appeared to hold a nice piece of equipment. His muscular body was stunning: perfect chest, six pack abs muscular arms and legs and a well rounded ass accentuated by the form fitting briefs. Rather than hurrying to the bathroom as one would expect a near naked man to do he lingered. “Would you guys like something to drink. Here at home we only drink water and herbal tea. My favorite tea is a blend that includes licorice root and bergamot oil. It is an aromatic aphrodisiac to reduce muscle tension, anxiety and stress.” As he began heating water in a kettle Tom replied, “Sounds perfect. I never realized tea could be so alluring,” as he thought about the comment related to ‘aphrodisiac’. Still in his light green briefs José continued, “I believe that a healthy diet is essential for a healthy body. We try to have only snack food that is nutritious. Both the garlic and avocados in this guacamole are not only good for you but enhance libido.” Peter replied, “You are giving us tea that is an aphrodisiac and snack food that enhances libido. That could result in increased activity in older men like Tom and I.” Randy smiled, “José is a man with a plan. We hope to be the best hosts possible.” As José walked toward the bathroom he removed his briefs exposing his perfect ass. He did not close the door as he turned on the shower. Randy spooned loose tea into a pot and filled it with the hot water. By the time the tea was ready and the guacamole and crackers were out José returned from the bathroom wearing a small towel wrapped around his waist. When he sat on one of the wood chairs and slightly spread his legs his equipment was readily on view. Both Tom and Peter who were sitting tightly together on the easy chair made no attempt to hide their interest in the scenery. They eye fucked the young man as he smiled at them and reached down and scratched his balls. Randy walked over to José. “As you have noted my friend has a perfect body.” He said this as he felt José’s upper arm muscle. “You guys should feel his strong arms, chest and abs.” José stood. Peter and Tom took this as an invitation to do as Randy had suggested. José flexed his muscles as each man wrapped a hand around one of his biceps. José giggled as Peter ran his hand from the bicep to tickle the armpit. Peter, who for some genetic reason had no armpit hair, had a fetish about men’s pits. His already half boned dick hidden in his pants raised to full strength at the touch of the hairy pit. José made no objections as his chest, nipples and abs were caressed. The short towel wrapped around his waist now rested on José’s hard standing tall dick. Peter and Tom kneeled and together explored the shaft and balls of this masterpiece. While it was not the biggest either had ever seen it was one of the most perfect. The natural skin was long enough to just cover the moist and now oozing dick head. When tom leaned in to taste it José backed away. “As much as I want your lips on me we must not rush this.” The men realized that Randy had disappeared. “What happened to Randy?” asked Tom. “He is preparing himself. If either of you is, or hopefully both of you are tops he would be most willing to give himself to either or both of you. Please, get comfortable for Randy’s return.” The two men were soon naked. “Wow, you guys are impressive. I am not sure Randy has ever taken on someone as large as you Peter. Please be gentle with him.” Peter replied, “Tom is a top and I am versatile. I will be gentle. Also, we are always prepared.” Peter leaned over and took a small bag out of his pants pocket holding four condoms. As José knelt and examined each mature dick he commented, “If four are not enough don’t worry, we have more.” A smiling, naked Randy came out of the bathroom. Since the door had been closed the men assumed he had done more than showered and would have a clean ass ready for fun. As Randy examined the bodies and dicks of the men, Peter and Tom checked him out. Randy, like José, was just under six feet (1.8 m) tall. While he did not have the muscles and abs of his friend, the workouts had molded his body into a perfect piece of eye candy. His average in length young cut dick stood almost straight up. “Shall we go to the bedroom to play?” Randy asked. He knelt on the bed. Obviously foreplay was not on his mind. José handed Tom a bottle of lube as he rolled on a condom. Then as Tom stood behind the willing man José put his arm around Peter. I really enjoy seeing my friend being pleased. José then pulled Peter into a tight embrace and they deep kissed with dick pressed against dick as Tom thrusted in and out of Randy. As Tom pulled out he announced, “Almost lost it, don’t worry my friend, I am saving it.” Peter approached the kneeling young man. “Roll over onto our back. I want to see the smile on your face.” When Peter placed his impressive dick against the waiting hole José now had Tom in an embrace. Peter gently shoved in halfway. He pulled out, leaned in and kissed Randy. He then again entered, this time to the base. Randy cried out as he felt the man meat impale him. Peter leaned in again and gave the smiling student all he had. He placed his lips against Randy’s who opened his mouth as he raised his head and attacked Peter with his tongue. Peter then increased both the tempo and toughness of his thrusts. Randy had feelings he had never had before. Suddenly Randy cried out, “I’m cumming!” Just as the cream began to shoot out José leaned in and swallowed his friend’s massive load, his largest and most intense ever. Randy felt lightheaded as he recovered from his first ever no hands ejaculation. José looked at Tom as Peter gently pulled out of Randy. “Please finish me!” Tom knelt, pressed his lips against the ready dick and then as soon as he accepted it he was receiving a flood of cream down his throat. Then with a smile on his face José suggested, “Let’s have another cup of tea. I am sure that with you hot guys as inspiration we will be ready for round two soon. And they were. Tom and Peter were happy that they had held off. At their age round two would not have been so soon if at all if they had cum during their first encounter with Randy. The second encounter was as satisfying as the initial encounter, just slower and more intimate. The four slept in the double bed, crowded but happily mingled together. In the morning each boy lost their morning woodie to the lips of one of the older men. Peter and Tom walked back to their room. Following a quick shower they joined their wives for a late breakfast in the dining room. Friday, New Year’s Eve, (1999) following breakfast the four visited the nearby Norman Rockwell Museum. When they returned from the museum midafternoon Randy gave them their keys with a smile. As soon as the men entered their room the phone was ringing. “Hi, this is Randy. In about a half hour I have a fifteen minute break. If you are interested I would very much like to visit your room.” Without consulting Tom, as he knew what he would say, “We will be ready for more delightful conversation.” The two took a quick shower together. When there was a knock on the door Tom answered wearing a robe as naked Peter sat on the bed. The two mature dicks and one young willing ass resulted in activities that made three men very happy in less than fifteen minutes. Their New Year’s Eve celebration began with the The Berkshire Bach Society concert in nearby Great Barrington. Returning, the four had a late dinner at the inn followed by the midnight celebration to bring in the new Century, 2000. Randy, who was helping the inn staff, smiled at Peter and Tom as he presented the tray of Champagne glasses to the men and their wives. Following kisses and hugs with their wives at the party of strangers, Tom and Peter wished Randy a Happy New Year. He had told them both he and José would be working hours past midnight at the inn and restaurant. The men escorted their wives to their separate rooms where each couple would celebrate in their special way. New Year’s Day following a late breakfast the four relaxed at the inn sitting around the fireplace in the great room. Following a late lunch Tom and Peter who had checked out of their room departed for their three hour drive on scenic back roads to Killington Ski area. They checked into a room in a lodge at the base where they could ski to the lifts. The following morning they began their two days of skiing on the mountains rated as ‘Best in the East’. Their skiing in Ohio had prepared them for the Vermont mountain adventure. With over 100 trails of all levels they both challenged themselves and had easy runs. The six and a half mile (10.5 KM) Juggernaut Trail was an incredible experience for the two. They completed their second day of skiing late in the afternoon. Their return trip to Stockbridge to the Inn was on less scenic roads but faster. They checked back into the Red Lion. Both José and Randy were off work by 9:00. Following a late dinner with their wives the two men took a brisk winter walk to the cozy apartment over the gift shop. They two young men told Peter and Tom that they were impressed that two men almost as old as their grandparents were so virile. Both had only had experiences with men their own age. Playing with the two mature men was an unexpected pleasure. The two also admitted that they had learned a valuable lesson about good sex. Tenderness resulted in a more meaningful experience. They were making love, not just getting off. They thanked their teachers with their actions that went on for hours. The following day the wives were somewhat annoyed that their husbands were late for breakfast showing up at the latest moment the breakfast room was open. They departed late morning for the ten hour drive back to Ohio. The women did most the driving as the two tired but very contented men rode in the back seat often nodding off.
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  6. September 1993 – January 1994 Carson returned to their bedroom, “Holy shit, you won’t believe this. My father speaking very calmly just suggested ‘I hope you and your friend Kyle will be able to come over for dinner today’. This could be a major breakthrough with my parents or my dad is setting us up for an encounter. Are you willing to come with me?” “Hopefully this will be a cordial visit and not as you said an encounter of the worse kind. I will accompany you both for moral support and as your lover. Wow!” Stopping at a supermarket they bought a bouquet of flowers for mother. Entering the house they both had a feeling of impending doom. Father met them at the door and shook Kyle’s hand. With what appeared to be a sincere smile he said, “We’re glad you both could come.” Mother graciously accepted the flowers offered by her son. They went into the living room and all sat. The boys had no idea what to expect. Father offered them drinks and both boys accepted beer while he had a Scotch on the rocks and mother a glass of wine, something she rarely consumed. Father spoke, “After you left yesterday we called your Grandfather. You had told us he was aware of the situation for over two years since before your trip to Australia and that he fully supported your friendships. He offered to come over. The three of us talked until after midnight. I must admit your Grandfather is very much up on your life style. He convinced us that your feelings were genuine and not a result of anything we did. He told us we had a choice. Accept both of you as the fine young men you are of reject you and lose you. We realize you are the same person today that you were yesterday and have been for years. While we do not understand the gay situation we will try. While you mother and I are not going to announce to our friends that you are gay we will not hide it. Right now as they say we will take one day at a time.” Mother than spoke, “Tell us about your new apartment.” Carson explained, “It is a small two room apartment with a living room, bedroom and a full kitchen in an alcove at the end of the living room. The current occupant has been living there for twenty-five years. She is a ninety-six year old widow and is moving into an assistant living facility. It will be completely renovated with fresh paint, refinished floors, new kitchen cabinets and appliances. As you know we are currently staying with Vlad and Aiden until the apartment is ready. Vlad has lived in the building over thirty years. It is an easy walk to Case-Western Reserve University where Vlad is a professor of political science. I will admit that I have been evasive about my future plans. I am seriously considering applying for graduate school at the university. Having lived in Guatemala I am fluent in Spanish. I am hoping to combine the Spanish and engineering to make the world a better place. I will not be able to begin my graduate studies until January, if I am accepted. Next week I have an appointment with an organization that provides counseling in the area of housing and job placement to members of the Hispanic community, primarily Puerto Ricans. If accepted I will work there as a volunteer or minimum paid counselor until the next school term. The trust fund created for me by Grandfather gives me the financial freedom to work or volunteer where I want.” Father, who had always been considered a greedy business man by his son was dumbfounded. It was beyond him to comprehend how someone would volunteer when money could be made. He did not understand why his son went into the Peace Corps and now did not understand why he would volunteer here in Cleveland. Father wanted to scream, ‘WHY IN THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT.’ Instead he just smiled with no comment. At home that evening Carson and Kyle celebrated the acceptance by his parents in the way two horny, healthy, young men celebrate. Later that week one night as they cuddled Kyle told his love, “You finally bite the bullet and came out to your parents. I must do the same. I have next Monday off so Saturday immediately after work I’m going home. Wish me luck. If I am not thrown out of the house I’ll return Monday evening. Carson’s Mother called and again invited him and Kyle for Sunday dinner. She sounded truly disappointed when her son told her Kyle was going home for the weekend. He told his Mother he would meet them at church Sunday morning. This was really a significant event as he had not attended church with his parents except on Easter and Christmas Eve since leaving home for college six years earlier. At coffee hour after church one of his high school classmates, Maryanne Josephs, was talking to him in what might be considered a flirting way. Carson was a little uncomfortable with the way the conversation was going. Suddenly to his surprise his mother appeared at his side, “Oh, hello Maryanne. I’m sorry to drag Carson away but I have a roast in the oven and we really must get home.” Carson knew this was a lie as there was no immediate need for him to leave even if there really was a roast in the oven as he had driven in his own car. As they walked away he whispered, “Thanks Mom.” She replied, “You looked like you needed rescuing.” Dinner conversation was actually interesting. Father told about a project he was working on. He then asked about Carson’s interview with the Hispanic organization. Then Mother started asking about the apartment. She wanted to know the color schemes for each room. Carson looked at her with a blank stare. He then replied, “Well, at the suggestion of Vlad all the walls are being painted an off white.” Then, since he had no idea what his mother meant he asked a question. “What color scheme would you recommend?” “Obviously you don’t want pastels. I believe dark colors would make the place gloomy. I might change my mind when I see it but I think earth tones would be both neutral and masculine. What are you doing about window coverings?” Carson had no idea what she meant by earth tones and was baffled by her question concerning window coverings. When he did not reply she continued. “While you can be bold in the bedroom I suggest the living room be subdued. If you would be willing I would love to make suggestions after seeing the place. Marge Murphy just made drapes for their guest room. She is a very talented seamstress and I am sure she would give me some pointers about making them once I know the size of the windows and type of drapes or curtains you want.” Carson almost burst out laughing when his mother said ‘bold in the bedroom’. He was thrilled that she had taken such an interest in where he and Kyle would live. Before ‘coming out’ he had feared that his parents would tell him they never wanted to see the den of iniquity where he and that man lived. “Mom, Mrs. Simmons is moving out next week. It will be a week or more until the painting and renovations are completed and we can move in. But, I will ask if I can have a key as soon as she moves out so we can measure for furniture and plan window treatments.” Kyle had called on Sunday afternoon and told his love that everything was fine and that he wanted to stay until after supper on Monday. Since his dad would not be home from work until 5:00 he would stay awhile as he wanted more time with his father. He probably would not return to Cleveland until midnight considering the three hour drive. Monday evening Carson waited up to hear what had happened. Kyle arrived at 11:30 in a very good mood. “I was able to leave work early Saturday and was home by 7:00 pm. I came out to them over the supper table soon after arriving. You will not believe what my Mother said! She said, ‘So, what news do you have? We have known this since you were in junior high school (about age 13). Did you just figure it out or have you been keeping it a secret?’ Dad then said, ‘Mother and I have discussed this. We did some research and found a book about it. We are happy that you have accepted yourself and found someone to share your life. We hope next time you come home Carson comes with you. We only met him a couple of times. He seems like a nice boy.’ The rest of the visit was great. My mom told me why they stopped going to the church with the name ‘Jesus Love You’ and became Presbyterians. One Sunday the pastor at ‘Jesus Loves You’ based his sermon on Leviticus 20 – ‘If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed and abomination, they shall surely be put to death, their blood is upon them’. My mother told me she did not agree with the pastor but was not going to waste time on someone so narrow minded. She then said, ‘The Old Testament’ is full of rules and laws that no one follows today, why is this one so important. I think that pastor uses such hate speech to encourage people to put more money in the collection plate. You won’t hear that nasty man preaching on adultery since the rumors about him and the organist are probably true.’ That visit was sure a relief. But, I could use a different type of relief.” This was said as Kyle spooned against his love with his rising dick rubbing against the ass crack. Carson was accepted as a volunteer. His work schedule was three days and two evenings a week. He picked up his mother two days after Mrs. Simmons moved out. The daughter had taken furniture of value and offered the remaining to Carson and Kyle. They kept a tall bookcase and two end tables. The rest was donated to Goodwill. When Carson and his mother arrived workmen were in the process of ripping out the kitchen cabinets. The bookcase was in the hall outside the entrance door and the two end tables had been moved to Vlad’s place. The dark walls and heavy velvet dark blue drapes in the living room gave an immediate impression of gloom. Mother’s comment, “With white walls, venetian blinds and narrow beige drapes this room will be bright and cheery. The fluffy lacey curtains and blackout blinds in the bedroom are perfect for a ninety-six year old lady. Possibly you do not need any drapes or curtains in the bedroom. A cloth valance over the double window and venetian blinds are simple and modern. We need to discuss this with Kyle so you two can make the final decisions. Two days later both Kyle and Carson had the day off. Neither had strong feeling about the decorating. Both were happy that Mother had taken such and interest in the place where her baby would be living with a man. Mid-morning they picked up Mrs. Saugen. Their first stop was a fabric store where she helped them pick out material for the drapes in the living room and valance in the bedroom. Then she steered them to a furniture store where they selected a futon (type of sofa that opens into a double bed) that would be both a sofa and provide a place for overnight guests. She also helped them select a small kitchen table with four chairs. Then she asked, “What about a bed.” Carson noted she said bed – singular, not beds. When Carson with some fear since he was officially telling his mother he slept with a man told her they would get a queen sized bed his mother’s only comments concerned quality and firmness of mattresses. She led them to the mattress section of the store and told the boys to lay on various beds to select the correct firmness. For the first time the two laid in a bed as far apart as possible. Later they joked about doing it on the bed in the furniture store. Neither had given quality of beds much thought. For the past few years they had slept on dorm beds of various qualities and while in Guatemala Carson’s mattress was stuffed with an unknown substance. She seemed more concerned with quality than the thought of what her son would do on that mattress. Mrs. Saugen insisted on paying for the material, furniture and bed set as a house warming gift. The boys then took her to lunch. By chance two of her friends were having a ladies lunch at the restaurant. Mrs. Saugen seemed pleased that her friends saw her with her son and the handsome man that she introduced as Carson’s good friend and roommate. Carson had never seen his mother so happy. After lunch she asked if they could make a quick stop at the mall. She drug them into Halle’s Department Store where she insisted they pick out dishes, silverware, other kitchen supplies, table cloth, napkins , two sets of sheets, a blanket and bedspread. While she was aggressive in forcing them accept her gifts she was careful that the boys made the final selection on patterns and colors. Carson and Kyle realized that this was the way she was telling them ‘I truly accept your living together’. A few days later Carson’s father took the boys to an appliance store to buy a TV for the apartment. Carson was more thankful for his father’s show of acceptance than the actual TV. At their Wednesday dinners with Grandpa and Rich computers were discussed. Grandpa was a total virgin when it came to using or even discussing this emerging technology. Rich used them at work where an Information Systems Department supported their use. He admitted he had no idea what went on inside the machines but used them constantly in his work. Kyle, who had studied information systems as part of his graduate studies attempted to explain hardware and software and various programs. Finally a frustrated Grandpa announced, “I assume having such a device would be helpful and in the future essential at home. Rich and I have been discussing an appropriate ‘house warming gift’. Let’s buy a computer for your new home. There is one stipulation, you must teach me to use it. You mentioned hardware and software. I’ve only know about such hard and soft ware as stuff between my legs. Let’s get grandpa modern.” Note – The widespread access to porn on the World Wide Web did not begin until the late 1990s. Grandpa‘s hands on computer learning would have certainly been more diligent if it was available in 1993. As it became available in a few years Carson, Kyle, Grandpa, Rich and most likely all you readers honed your computer skills while checking out dicks, pecs, asses with one hand on the keyboard and the other busy elsewhere. A week later the apartment was ready and the furniture had been delivered. The computer with the latest Microsoft Office software containing Word, Excel and PowerPoint has set up. A modem connected it to the internet and over the years the boys and especially Grandpa would learn the joys of finding stuff on the worldwide web. Vlad insisted on arranging a house warming party with only likeminded men invited. The guest list included an array of men of all ages. Vlad and Aiden along with Lee and Owen, who also lived in the building, arrived early with the food, drinks and party supplies. Next Tom arrived with an older man. The boys were surprised that Tom did not arrive with Peter. They were then amazed when the other four all hugged and kissed this distinguished man. They were shocked beyond belief when Tom introduced his friend, Father Sean McFadden, a Catholic priest. The next to arrive were Grandpa, Rich and another older man, Alex Petro. They later learned that eighty year old Alex’s love, Roland, had befriended Peter, Tom and Peter’s wife Louise in 1956 when as manager of a book store he ordered books not always available to teenagers including The Encyclopedia of Sex. The two had been together over fifty years until Roland passed away a few years ago. Then Professor Peter Smith arrived with two handsome, strong looking young men. Why was Peter, the lover of Tom arriving with two gorgeous men while his partner arrived with an old priest? The handshakes with Peter’s friends were firm and the hands were strong. They were relieved when Peter introduced his son, PT, and son’s lover / partner, David. He explained that the two owned a farm in Medina County and were the proud parents of three: two boys and a girl. “That is an interesting story. David and PT will explain how that happened to you later.” Next, the arrival of Henry, a middle school teacher, and his lover Derick, a veterinarian along with another couple Fred, a former student of Aiden, and his lover, Bruce, completed the guest list. The opening of gifts revealed the sexual thoughts of many of their guests The array included: massage oil and a waterproof sheet, a set of gay porn VHS tapes, the just published The New Joy of Gay Sex, case of wine, bottle of scotch, a set of sex toys that included a dildo, handcuffs and something that was new and unique to the boys that needed explaining and a set of lavender satin sheets (that did not match the earth tones – but the boys did not care) that were tested that night. Carson and Kyle had a most enjoyable afternoon and evening. Being in their own home with this group of likeminded men was amazing. While they knew most of the guests the few strangers were not strangers for long and some would become lifelong friends. The following weekend the boys invited Carson’s parents and grandparents to their new home for Sunday dinner. With the guidance of Aiden they prepared a meal of pot roast, baked potatoes, frozen peas and a fresh green salad. For the party with their men friends the prior week they had purchased four folding chairs. The boys, parents and grandparents crowded around the small table. Carson’s mother was pleased with herself as she observed the furnishings and window coverings she had helped select. When both mother and grandmother had offered to bring part of the meal Carson told them he and Kyle would prepare the main meal and that all were invited to the apartment of Vlad and Aiden up one flight for dessert. Mother knew the boys had no kitchen utensils other than what she had pursed prior to their moving in. She and grandmother went to Sears and bought every kitchen item they could think of including a small mixer and toaster. When presented with the gifts mother stated, “Your grandmother and I had fun shopping for these items. If there is anything here that you do not need or are duplicates of what you have we suggest Carson donate them to the organization where he does volunteer work helping people with housing and other issues.” Carson teared up when she said this as he realized it was her way of saying we support what you are doing. After dinner they walked up the one flight of stairs to the home of Vlad and Aiden. The parents and grandmother (grandfather had previously visited their apartment) were impressed with the elegance of the spacious apartment. Vlad explained that he had lived in the building for over thirty years and had combined two apartments to form their present home. When mother asked to use the bathroom Vlad escorted her down the hall to the guest facility. As they passed the large master bedroom she looked in stating, “All of your apartment is beautifully furnished. This room is really elegant. Vlad realized that if she looked into the room further she would see the wall with drawings by Seth. This talented artist, who had died in a tragic truck accident years earlier had done portraits of many of Vlad’s friends. To the horror of Vlad mother stepped into the room and looked at the wall with drawings of naked men, mostly in pairs. While none were in erotic poses, the true beauty of each man was fully exposed. Vlad wanted to grab her arm and pull her out of the room when she said, “Who are these men? Some look very familiar.” Vlad then proceeded to give a brief and somewhat abridged biography of each man. He started with Henry and Seth stating that the artist, the white man and his friend, the black man, had moved to Cleveland from the south were they felt it would be easier for men of two races to live together. Then he told about Seth’s death. When he briefly told about Peter and Tom she stated, “I met that man at Carson’s graduation. He was his professor and I understand a mentor to my son. I though he was handsome then. He certainly is striking as a younger man.” While Carson’s mother was shocked to see drawings of naked men she was also intrigued. She had never seen a picture or drawing of a naked man except in museums and art books. In fact she had never seen an adult naked man except for her husband and father a couple of times by accident when she was a child. She had seen many naked babies and young boys but with those two exceptions never the real thing. She felt a tingling in her body as she examined the naked drawings. Vlad continued and told about the pair of older men, Roland and Alex. As he told about Roland who was a book store manager and Alex the owner of a landscaping firm she examined the magnum dick on Roland and the uncut natural dick of Alex. The she exclaimed, “My God, I know both of these men. That is Mr. Johns. I always looked to him for advice when I visited Burrows Book Store downtown. He was a very knowledgeable and pleasant man. I am sorry to hear he passed away. I am also sad that Burrows with its many branches in the Cleveland area has gone out of business and the last store, not far from my home, closed this year. The other man visited our home when I called his firm for advice on landscaping. I remember his slight accent and I must admit his handsome body. Although I met him only once he gave me the impression of a sensuous macho man. Are all of these men gay? Never when I met them in real life would I have expected it. Seeing these men who are not only handsome but most important respected in their professions helps me understand Carson. I am glad I got nosy and looked into this room.” As she said this Vlad blushed as he realized she was carefully examining a drawing of himself with his natural uncut piece featured. When Vlad returned to the group while Mrs. Saugen went to the bathroom, grandmother / Loraine, commented, “Did you get lost on the way to the toilet?” Vlad professionally replied with a white lie as he did not want to repeat the conversation he and Carson’s mother had had concerning the naked men. “She asked me about my family in Russia and I got carried away talking about my parents who I had not seen since the 1940s until my visit last year. I did find my dad in the same apartment he lived in fifty years ago. Sadly my mother had passed away not knowing I had survived the war and had a good life in America.” This sad comment led to a brief silence. When mother returned no one wanted to bring up the subject of Vlad’s parents. Back home, knowing she had little hope of getting her husband aroused Mrs. Saugen took a long hot bath and took care of herself while thinking of the handsome Russian landscaper, Alex, and his friend with the large penis, Mr. Roland, the bookstore manager she had often enjoyed talking to. As she thought of the men on the wall she realized that her son could also have a full and meaningful life being who he was. Then with guilt as she considered the pairs of naked men she thought of her son and his Kyle. She slapped her own face as she said to herself, ‘Shame on you thinking of your naked son being with his naked friend. Mothers just don’t do that.’ A month later Carson was accepted in the graduate engineering program at Case-Western Reserve University and started classed in January 1994.
  7. February 1992 – September 1993 The four met at an Italian restaurant featuring dishes from Northern Italy. Rich had been told by Dale that Peter and Tom were in a long term relationship and were married to women in a similar situation. While Rich did not understand how this could happen and endure he did not want to pry. He did ask the innocent question, “How did you two meet.” Tom replied, “We were both in the same class at Pleasant Valley High School but traveled in different social circles. Near the end of the football season our team played Shaker Heights. I was the quarterback and had a good game. We won.” At this Peter interrupted, “He was not just a quarterback, he was the best quarterback of the league. Being handsome, he was the most popular guy in our class.” Tom continued telling about getting permission to ride the band bus home since it departed at least an hour before the team bus would go. He had been allowed to leave early as he needed to get home to take his parents to the airport who were going away for a few days. He then told that he sat next to Peter on the bus. Peter the quiet scholarly guy. Their conversation revealed the fact that neither had an interest in girls. “I asked Peter to come to my house the next day to help me study for an algebra test. By the time our bus arrived back in Pleasant Valley we both had feelings toward the other and just used the study time as an excuse. The following day, Sunday, he came to my home. My parents were away. Just let’s say that we became good friends, really good friends. That was the fall of 1955. We have been together for the thirty-eight years since.” Rich interrupted, “You said you met after the Shaker Heights game in 1955. I was at that game as I played trombone in the Shaker marching band. I was also in my senior year that fall. We have certainly taken different paths since then. It took me almost forty years after high school to find the right guy.” After dinner as they entered their hotel room Rich told Dale, “That was the most enjoyable dinner party I have ever attended. Thank you for the introduction to two interesting men.” Then he put his arms around Dale, “While I enjoyed the evening with likeminded friends I know our conversation will be more ‘hands on’.” As he said this Rich kneeled and unzipped Dale’s pants.” As they drove home Peter commented, “Rich sure is hot. All the hiking he told us about must be good for the body. It’s too bad they are in an exclusive relationship. Some group fun would have been great.” Tom replied, “You dirty old man, it is amazing how much we think alike.” As he said this he reached for and unzipped Peter’s fly. As Peter drove up High Street observers would assume he was alone in the car as Tom had swallowed Peter’s magnum piece. By the time they were home Tom was licking his lips clean. Dale became obsessed with the relationship of Tom and Peter. Not in a sexual way but an emotional one. He had first met this couple a year earlier. He had had a very enjoyable threesome with Peter and Tom. However that was then and now that he was with Rich he no longer had the desire for casual sex, even with two handsome men such as Tom and Peter. He could not get their relationship out of his mind. They were now in their 50s and had been together since their senior year in high school. What a wonderful and full life they had. While he was very content with his bond with Rich he felt he had missed thirty or more years of being himself. Now he wanted more. But he also wanted his family and his life as he had lived it. He thought about this for a month. Finally he had a long discussion with Rich. While Rich did not approve of his plan he did not share his concern with Dale. A few days later while he and his wife watched the evening news on TV Dale began, “Loraine, there is something I want to discuss with you. As you know Rich and I have become good friends. Over the past months I have developed romantic feelings toward him and he has returned them. There is no easy way to say this, ‘I am gay’. You and I have had a wonderful life together for over forty years and I do not want to change that. In fact when you look at our many divorced friends we are a very loving couple and I want it to stay that way. I enjoy being with Rich and I hope to spend more time with him. I’m sorry, but that is just the way it is and I wanted to be honest with you.” His wife was quiet for a while. Then she said, “This is a lot to process. You are a good and respected man and are a wonderful husband. You don’t know how many times girl friends at the country club have told me how lucky I am to have such a handsome and attentive husband. As you know, my friend Margaret’s husband is a louse. She told me that she would not be able to continue living as she does without the help of her shrink. I am not comparing you to her rotten skunk of a husband. Not at all. While you are a good man this is a confusing situation for me. If you don’t mind I will make an appointment to talk to her psychiatrist, a woman. I know who Margaret is seeing as she mentions her name often.” Dale took his wife’s hand, “I have put you in a terrible situation. If you were to say ‘I want out of this marriage’ I would be devastated but also fully understand. I don’t want you to make any quick decisions. Seeing this person sounds like an excellent idea. Of course you have my full support.” “If you are going to get into some sort of a friendship with a man I am pleased that you chose Rich. He seems like a good person.” A week later Loraine told her husband that she had seen Dr. Blum. She was surprised that the psychiatrist did not appear shocked or even surprised with her situation. She would be seeing Dr. Blum every two weeks. The following Sunday there was a farewell brunch following the church service to honor the priest of many years who was retiring. Both Dale and Rich were surprised when Loraine motioned to Rich as he entered the Parish Hall and invited him to sit at their table. She sat between the two men. As her fiend Mabel who had been divorced walked past their table carrying her plateful of food she jokingly comment to Loraine, “I am so jealous, you get to sit between the two handsomest men in the parish.” Loraine adjusted her schedule spending more time with lady friends. When she told Dale that Mabel had mentioned at a meeting of the ECW (Episcopal Church Women) that she would love to visit Keukenhof Gardens near Amsterdam, the most famous tulip gardens in the world, Dale suggested she consider going. Since he had always planned any complicated trips she had no idea how to organize such an adventure. Dale suggested she invite Mabel to dinner as soon as possible to discuss the trip. The following day he visited a travel agent and got brochures describing tours to Holland and surrounding areas. When Mabel came to dinner two evenings later he led the discussions and the ladies agreed on a two week tour that included the gardens, Amsterdam, and Belgium then ending in Paris. They would depart the second week of April to visit the garden at the height of the tulip season. When Loraine had suggested they invite Rich to dinner with Mabel, Dale nixed it. He told his wife he did not want to give Mabel false hopes about the availability of Rich. He told her that while it was unlikely she was on the prowl inviting two single people to dinner might appear to be an attempt to set them up. When Dale told Rich about his wife’s trip with Mabel and his not inviting his friend to dinner Rich was very happy. Happy for the time the two would have together while Loraine traveled and happy that he had not been half of a couple with Mabel for the evening. They both laughed when he said, “While I like Mabel as a person, she just ain’t my type.” While the ladies planned and shopped for their trip to Europe the men planned hiking and backpacking adventures. Rich suggested they purchase a two man tent designed to be carried on backpacking hikes. He explained that having one tent for two men was better than two one man tents. With backpacking weight was extremely important. A good quality two man tent would weigh less than four pounds (1.8 KG) while one man tents of equal quality would weigh about three pounds (1.35 KG) or six pounds (2.7 KG) total for both of them. Then with a grin, “There is no need to explain why sleeping in one tent would be superior to each of us in a separate tent.” Rich then explained that the most important piece of hiking equipment after boots was the sleeping bag. They selected a pair of matching bags with one difference: one was right zip and the other left zip. Dale immediately realized the bags could be separate or zipped together making a double bed. With the thought of a two man tent and bags zipped together he lost all inhibitions about sleeping outside in the wild. Loraine and Mabel departed on the second Wednesday in April. Dale drove them to Cleveland Hopkins Airport and stayed with them as they checked in and waited at the gate. This would be Loraine’s first long trip without her husband handling all details while traveling. The following Friday Dale stayed overnight at Rich’s. Following a hearty dinner and assembling hiking equipment they had a quick encounter of the best time. They had agreed to limit their fun in the sack as they would be departing early Saturday morning for Mohican State Forest. They planned two days of hiking sleeping one night in the back country. They were on the trail by 9am and hiked for six hours with frequent breaks. Dale was impressed with both the quality and quantity of the dinner prepared by Rich using the miniature stove. Following dinner they rested leaning against a tree reading. Each had brought a paperback to read: Rich – ‘Into Thin Air’, Mount Everest Disaster; Dale – Tom Clancy’s ‘Sum of All Fears’, a political thriller. The April evening was cool and both were very willing to crawl into their sleeping bags although the sun would not set for another hour. Each wore lightweight long underwear tops and bottoms. With the sleeping bags zippered together they were happily snuggled together. Inside the bags with pants lowered their hands took care of each other. To keep the inside of the bags clean and dry each carefully caught the juice of the other in a bandana. Sucking would have been impossible in the confines of the tent and they did not want to go outside in the open. While there was zero possibility of anyone seeing them the April cool air was not conducive to intimate fun. They used bandannas again in the middle of the night and in the morning after each ventured out to piss. Since they were alone in the forest they could have had an encounter outside but the early morning cold made a trip back to the warmth of the sleeping bags a better choice. While Rich prepared a hearty breakfast Dale went to a nearby stream to rinse out the six cum damp bandanas of various colors. They were then tied to the outside of their backpacks to dry out. They packed up and hiked to the parking lot having followed a circular trail. They were home by 4pm. Each eagerly helped the other shower off the trail grim. Following a simple supper they watched a new porn video Rich had rented for the occasion. He had lost his shyness about rentals and with only minor embarrassment rented a gay tape. They watched ‘Once In a Blue Moon’ staring Toby Ross and other naked hot men doing it in various ways. As expected watching the video resulted in the first encounter of the evening. While watching a fuck scene Rich commented, “How can they do that? It seems that every male porn video has a guy getting it up the ass. Do you suppose men do that in real life?” Dale was afraid to reveal that he enjoyed being a bottom. Actually what he enjoyed about being a bottom was the pleasure it gave the other guy. When Tad fucked him in Australia Dale’s pleasure was the ecstasy he felt from Tad, not the actual dick in the ass. But he did want to be honest or at least somewhat honest. “I have fucked and been fucked. It is enjoyable. But not as wonderful as just touching and being touched by that special man – YOU. If you want to try it as a top, the guy fucking or bottom, the guy getting fucked I would be willing to share my experience. But being with you is enough for me. If you want to carry it to the next level just ask.” As he spoke Rich was on his knees pulling down Dale’s pants. Rich did not reply or comment. That was fine with Dale. The following week Rich took Friday off as they planned a two night hike on Baker Trail in Western Pennsylvania, a three hour drive from home. Wednesday evening they packed for the adventure. They had been sleeping together at Rich’s condo most nights since Loraine had departed for Europe. On Thursday morning Dale drove Rich to the Rapid (subway / metro) station. Then that afternoon he picked his friend up at his office and they departed for Pennsylvania. By early evening they arrived at a hostel located on a road where the trail crossed. The sleeping arrangements consisted of a large room with eight bunkbeds. During the hiking season and also during snowmobile and cross country ski season the place was active and reservations were necessary. Rich had called in advance as he was not sure it would be open for hikers yet. They were the only two that Thursday night. The owner told them he had six reservations for the following night. The next morning following a hiker’s breakfast of eggs, sausage, ham, pancakes and yogurt they departed on their three day, two night adventure. Hopefully at mid-day on Sunday they would arrive where the trail crossed a main road about a half mile from a village with a gas station, country store and public telephone. They would call the hostel and the owner would come, pick them up and take them back to their car for a fee of course. The first night they stayed at a trailside camp site that had a lean-to, a rustic three sided shed with a wood floor. That night they did not need tents as they slept protected in the lean-to. Luckily there were no other hikers there so they could zip there sleeping bags together. The next morning Dale needed to wash only four bandanas resulting from their two encounters in the tent. The second night they again found a camp site with a lean-to. The second evening as they set up in the rustic space two other hikers arrived, college students. Not wanting to show their affection for each other they did not zip the bags together. They did place them next to each other. The other two hikers, two guys in their twenties, had personalities as pleasant as their young bodies. Although each pair cooked their own dinners they sat together and discussed life. When Dale mentioned he had traveled in Australia with his grandson and grandson’s friend the hikers were interested in that tripl. They were both scuba divers and were only able to dream about diving along the Great Barrier Reef. While Dale shared many of their adventures he gave no indication of their orientations. He did tell about the drag queens in Alice Spring, the middle of nowhere in the outback. As the boys chuckled over the queens one stood and did a drag imitation using his hands to push up his breasts. The other laughed while saying, “Joe, cool down or these guys will think we’re a couple of pervs.” Keeping up the banter Dale replied, “Joe, too bad you didn’t pack stiletto heels and a feather boa. You’re prettier than any of those Aussie blokes. If your marketing major at college doesn’t work out you have another career option.” Soon the conversation turned to diving in the Great Barrier Reef and the men never learned if Joe really was a queen. Later In the dark of the night they zipped their bags together, cuddled, kissed, caressed, and more with a very quiet happy ending and two more cum filled bandanas while the young men sleeping about six feet (1.8 m) away at the other side of the lean-to snored. The next morning Rich and Dale were up before the boys. When Joe emerged from his sleeping bag wearing only boxer briefs he yawned and stretched. His morning woodie was obvious. He walked a short distance into the woods and the two admired his cute ass as a yellow stream was visible between his spread legs. Dale whispered into Rich’s ear, “The first time we hiked together I enjoyed observing your ass while watching the yellow stream between your legs.” Rich whispered back, “You can watch my yellow stream anytime.” As Joe returned his mate crawled out of his bag. Joe did a little dance singing, ‘Let me entertain you, let me make you smile’ while caressing his breast with one hand and his crotch with the other. His buddy rolled his eyes. Joe then dressed and returned to the life of a serious hiker. Later Dale and Rich discussed Joe’s performance. They were fifty / fifty in deciding if he was a future queen or just a macho guy comfortable with his straight identity who enjoyed life. Soon after noon on Sunday they reached the place where the trail crossed the road and then walked to the gas station and pay phone. The hostel owner picked them up. Following separate showers at the hostel they were on the road. On the way home they stopped at a diner near an exit on I-80 for an unhealthy substantial country style dinner. Dale met Loraine and Mabel at the airport. Although tired from their flight they could not stop talking about the beauty of the tulips, Paris and everything in between. When they told some of their friends at church about their adventures they were asked to give a presentation at a meeting of the Women’s Group. When Dale mentioned to his wife that Rich had equipment for organizing a slide show she invited him and Mabel to dinner. The ladies were impressed with the final show result that included a professional looking slide show with slides for titles, maps and all the significant sights without being repetitive or boring. Dale was impressed that his man worked so well with the ladies. June 1992 Not wanting to intrude on Kyle’s family Dale did not attend the young man’s graduation. Kyle had enrolled in the Library Science graduate major at Kent State, Ohio’s only accredited program. During the summer he lived at home while working at his father’s factory and moved into a graduate dorm at KSU in September. He told his parents he was financing his graduate studies with a scholarship, work study earnings and a small student loan. They were unaware that his love’s grandfather was his primary financial support. That summer the two friends and lovers had a two week backpack hike on the Long Trail in Northern Vermont. While they met hikers of all ages, both male and female, there was never more than just trail conversation. They did not meet any possible future drag queens like Joe to entertain and tease them. Kyle received frequent letters from his Carson who also sent long letters to his grandfather and short letters to his parents monthly. What Carson did not mention was that he had found a ‘fuck buddy’. One of the other volunteers gladly bottomed for Carson. There was no emotional feelings between the two, just raw sex that both enjoyed. Kyle soon discovered that an English major did not necessarily prepare him for a library science program. Being the early 1990s his use of computers had been limited to using ‘word perfect’ to write papers. While the internet was available it was not the place one began a research project. At about the same time he started graduate school the use of electronic information systems began replacing traditional methods at libraries for finding information. He found himself immersed in a program that was changing rapidly. Understanding and using computer technology was an important part of his studies. Kyle was a bibliophile, lover of books, not a computer guy. At first he felt overwhelmed with the information technology. He wished his lover, Carson the engineering major, was there to help him. He was not alone in the struggles of understanding new concepts and procedures. Not only were many of his fellow students in the same boat he realized respected professors were also wrestling the new technology while using it in the classroom. His immersion in his studies kept him from constantly thinking of his love thousands of miles away. Since he did not have a car visiting his parents in southern Ohio was difficult. Using the transportation sharing board he found someone driving to Columbus who would take him that far for gas money. His parents then would drive an hour north to Columbus and pick him up for a visit. Visiting Dale in Cleveland was easy as many students with cars went home weekends. If he arranged a ride to anyplace on Cleveland’s east side Grandpa happily picked him up. At least once a month he stayed with his adopted grandparents, Dale and Loraine. Also at least once a month Dale and Rich drove the one hour trip to Kent and took Kyle out to dinner. The summer of 1993 Kyle completed his graduate studies. In their many letters he and Carson had discussed where they might live. They agreed on the Cleveland area, probably on the east side. Kyle applied for a librarian position in Cleveland Heights. He was hired with a starting date of September 7, the day after the Labor Day holiday. This was one week prior to Carson’s completion of his Peace Corps assignment. Grandpa / Dale told Kyle he would help him find a place for the two to live. Two years earlier the boys had lived with Vlad and Aiden while working in Cleveland the summer prior to Carson’s departure to the Peace Corps. When Dale approached Vlad for suggestions he was told the boys were again welcome to live with him and Aiden until they found something permanent. Then a week later Vlad called with the news that the tenant of the smallest apartment in his building was moving out at the end of November or earlier and the boys could rent that space. Vlad arranged for Kyle to view the apartment that had been occupied by a widow since her husband had passed away twenty-five years earlier. Her daughter had insisted her ninety-six year old mother move into an assisted living facility. Mrs. Simmons graciously gave Kyle a tour of her small, one bedroom apartment. While the place was dark and to Kyle dreary with its heavy drapes and overstuffed furniture he saw potential. After the tour Vlad and Kyle discussed the possible rental. Vlad told the young man that renovations would be made including refinishing the floors, painting and replacement of the kitchen cabinets and appliances. He also told him that although Mrs. Simmons’ lease went to November 30 her daughter had asked if her mother could move out earlier if a space became available where she planned to live. Then Vlad said to Kyle, “I am going to tell you a secret that the tenants in only one other apartment know. I have told Lee and Owen that I am the owner of this building. The management company handles all interactions with the tenants. I don’t want the people living here to know that I am the owner as I do not want someone knocking on my door to answer complaints about snow removal, landscaping, burned out light bulbs in the hall, etc. If you and Carson decide to move in here, ‘Welcome to my building’. I have lived in and owned this building for thirty-seven years, since 1956.” While waiting for the apartment to be ready Kyle moved in with Vlad and Aiden over the Labor Day weekend. A week later Grandpa met Carson at Cleveland Hopkins Airport. While Kyle really wanted to meet his love he had only been working a week and did not believe it was appropriate for a new employee to ask for time off. Much to the consternation of Carson’s parents Grandpa took the young man directly to Vlad’s apartment. An hour later Kyle returned from work. Following a light supper prepared by Aiden the two went to their room where they talked and reunited most of the night. A very tired but happy Kyle reluctantly departed for work the following morning. Carson went to his parent’s home as soon as Kyle left for work. He spent the day with his mother and then both parents when his father arrived home early in the afternoon. His mother and father could not understand why their son did not want to sleep in his own comfortable bed. They were still clueless about his true relationship with Kyle. He was back in bed with his love by 8pm. The next day he again returned home and packed clothes and personal items he would need in his new home. Mrs. Simmons’ daughter had called the management company and told them her mother would be moving out at the end of September. Vlad told the boys after Mrs. Simmons moved it would be at least a week before they could move into the clean and renovated apartment. Carson felt he should come out to his parents. He considered the possibility that they or at least his father would totally reject him. Now that he was no longer living in their home and was financially independent the physical aspect of his life would not change if he were scorned. Emotionally he now had full support of friends and his grandfather who he felt closer to than his parents. The last weekend in September he visited them all day Saturday. At dinner that evening he announced. “Mom, Dad, I have something import to me to share with you. I am gay. This is not just a passing fancy. I am twenty-five years old and have known since elementary school that I felt different.” His mother interrupted, “What do you mean? You are Gay? I do not understand what you are saying.” His father spoke, “It means our son likes boys, not girls. It means he will never get married. It means we will never have grandchildren. It means that when our friends find out they will thing we are defective parents. It means that we somehow screwed up in bringing him up. It means people will be making snide comments behind our backs like ‘Did you know the Saugens raised a queer.” While mother sat with a dumbfounded expression on her face and father had rage in his eyes Carson continued, “I have researched the situation. Five to ten percent of people are born gay. It’s like having red or brown hair, blue or brown eyes, being right handed or left handed, it is just the way some of us were created. I brought you two books and a pamphlet that might answer your questions. I suggest you discuss this with Father Thompson if you need spiritual guidance. The Episcopal Church has accepted gay as equals since the 1970s. Grandpa has known and fully accepted me since before we went to Australia. Also Kyle and I have developed a strong relationship since we met about three years ago. Our friendship was not diminished while I was away with the Peace Corps. As you know we are moving into our own apartment in a couple of weeks. We will move in not as just roommates sharing the rent but as partners and lovers. Please think about this. I’m going back home now. I’ll see you at dinner tomorrow.” At 9:00 the following morning, Sunday, there was a knock on the bedroom door of Carson and Kyle. Vlad told Carson his father was on the phone. Carson answered and his father said, “Your mother and I hope you and your friend Kyle will be able to come over for dinner today. How about 1:00?”
  8. Fall 1991 – February 1992 “Sure do.” Was Rich’s reply as he walked out of the room and returned with a VHS tape. “I have to keep these hidden. I would not want one of my grandchildren finding it and play it hoping to see Bugs Bunny.” He inserted the tape into the player and sat down. The chairs they sat in faced the TV and angled toward each other. The porn adventure: A man and woman were sitting in a kitchen having coffee. She got up and stood at the sink. He stepped in behind her and rubbed her ass pulling up her short dress. She was not wearing panties. As she reached back for his crotch the doorbell rang. At the door was a plumber wearing bid overalls and no shirt. He was invited in and was soon on the floor on his back starting to work on the pipes under the sin. She stood over him and he ogled up her short dress. She smiled down at him and rubbed her pussy. He smiled and rubbed his crotch. Meanwhile the first man continued playing with her ass. She leaned down and unzipped the plumber’s fly pulling out a massive hard dick. Just then the doorbell rang again and the first man answered. He invited the pizza delivery man into the kitchen. Seeing the woman kneeling on the floor stroking the plumber’s dick the pizza guy pulled out his large uncut one. Soon all were naked and in the bedroom. With three guys and only one woman there was a lot of man on man action. The highlight of the video was the plumber fucking the woman who was on her back while the delivery guy fucked the plumber. Meanwhile the plumber was sucking off the first guy who was standing over the girl. Dale was in agony as his hard dick was compressed in his pants. He was not hard from watching the video but from the thought that his new friend was sharing the experience. He looked over at Rich who was riveted to the screen. Finally Dale said, “I need relief. If I don’t do something I’m going to cum in my pants.” Rich turned his head saying, “I’m in the same situation.” He then stood, walked into the kitchen and returned with a newspaper and box of Kleenex. Laying the paper on the carpeted floor with the tissue box in the center he kneeled while unzipping his pants. Dale needed no instructions as he kneeled opposite his friend. Each soon shot impressive loads onto the newspaper and used tissues to clean their dicks. “Dale then stood saying, “This has been a very interesting and informative evening. It took me back to my teenage years. Thank you my friend.” As Dale drove home he relived the situation. The only disappointment was that he had not had a good view of Rich’s dick. He had only opened they fly on his pants and the shirt was hanging out. He wasn’t even sure if it was cut or natural, big or average. He could determine it was not small. Then Dale wrestled with another thought. Would Rich be so grossed out and ashamed by their jerking off together that he would not want to see him again. For the next few days Dale was high on the thought of another encounter and low as he considered the loss of a friend. The following Sunday he was greatly relieved that Rich was in church. He had considered that if Rich had feelings of guilt he might avoid seeing him. As he slipped into the pew Rich whispered, “I found a recipe for a yummy sounding chicken cacciatore. Are we on for Wednesday?” With a wonderful feeling of relief that he had not only lost his friend but that Rich wanted more comradeship whatever that would lead to he replied, “Sounds delicious to me.” Dale replied as he without thought patted Rich’s upper leg. Then he thought to himself, ‘What the fuck did I just do? Will Rich be offended? Did anyone see what I did?’ He was greatly relieved when Rich whispered back, “And I have a very special dessert planned.” As he whispered this he leaned into Dale. During the rest of the service Dale was in a state of boned up tension as he anticipated Wednesday evening. A smiling Rich answered the door as Dale handed him a bottle of Pinot Grigio and a bouquet of fall flowers. “Dinner is ready. I hope you don’t mind skipping the predinner Scotch. You could have it with dinner or after.” Dale replied with a twinkle, “I’ll skip the hard stuff. I don’t need it to get me going.” They seemed to be hurrying through dinner as if each was anxious to get to what might happen later. During dinner Rich asked if Dale would be up to a longer hike on Saturday. Being November there might not be many opportunities until spring. He explained that this was a good time of the year to hike as long as there was no snow or ice to slip on. The cool air would be invigorating and there would be few people on the trail. He explained that Mohican State Park near Loudonville, an hour and a half drive, had some of the best hiking trails in Ohio. They would need an early start to have a full day of hiking as it would start to get dark by 5:00 in the afternoon. Dale readily agreed. He would have agreed to anything Rich suggested, just to be with him for the day. He assured Rich that his shoes would hold up to a rigorous day as he had been breaking them in daily. As they finished the main course Rich suggested, “Let’s have coffee and the apple pie, my mom’s recipe, in the living room.” Since the living room was the location of the television set and VHS player Dale felt a twinge in his dick as he hoped the next suggestion would be to watch another video. As they settled in their chairs with the coffee and pie on side tables Rich stated, “I hope you won’t consider me a dirty old man if I suggest we watch another video.” Dale replied, “As one dirty old man to another I was hoping the suggestion would be made. I certainly enjoyed the action in last weeks and would gladly watch it again unless you have something else to suggest.” “I thought you might say that. It is already in the player.” As the story repeated with the man, woman, plumber and pizza delivery guy romping Dale looked at Rich. He intently watched the screen. He then turned and starred into Dale’s eyes. The two eye fucked. The scene on the screen had the plumber giving the pizza guy a blow job. The pizza guy moaned with delight as the plumber took his massive tool all the way down his throat. When he pulled out the plumber smiled as he licked its length. After some thought as how to word his comment Dale said, “Who do you think is enjoying that more. The pizza guy being taken care of the plumber going down on him.” “They both seem happy, very happy,” was the reply. Dale then stated, “I hope you don’t mind but I have to take care of this,” as he stood and took off his shoes, then pants and briefs. Rich joined him and the two were soon naked from the waist down. Dale noticed that Rich had placed the newspaper and tissues within easy reach. Dale examined his friend’s hardon. It was a beautiful cut dick, a little longer than average with a big head. Then Dale, with the urging of his dick to speak, asked Rich, “Have you ever been sucked.” Rich replied “No.” Dale whose speech was controlled by his pecker, not his brain, “May I have the pleasure of doing you.” Rich said nothing. Dale kneeled and took the hard tool in hand. He kissed the mushroom head. Then he swallowed it to the base. Rich gave out a cry. Dale stated, “That tasted wonderful. But, maybe we should slow down. Don’t want the party to end before it gets started.” Rich finally spoke, “As soon as your lips embraced me I felt the juices rising. It’s a miracle I didn’t shoot down your throat. Yes, let’s take a break. How about a piece of pie.” The two sat down, each hardon softened a little. As Dale ate his pie he looked at Rich who smiled back as their eyes met. Dale stood and walked over to his friend. He kneeled as he said, “I cannot wait any longer” he leaned in and again swallowed the impressive dick. Realizing Rich was close and not wanting to freak him out by swallowing he reluctantly leaned back and kneeled in front of the newspaper. Rich kneeled opposite him and immediately gushes of cum spread across the paper. Dale then finished himself. He smiled as he looked at a dazed Rich, “Well that was fun.” Rich replied, “That was the most intense ejaculation of my life. I almost passed out. WOW!” As they wiped the last drips off their cocks Dale said: “You really turn me on. I look forward to Saturday. There is a lot I want to tell you. Glad it will be a long drive. I better get going. I don’t want to have to explain why I was out late with you.” Dale enter the house just minutes before his wife returned from choir practice. When he told her he planned to hike Saturday with Rich she replied, “Marge and I planned to go to the mall for lunch and shopping. Now I won’t feel guilty abandoning you.” Dale was ready when Rich arrived at 6:00 Saturday morning. With a planned breakfast stop at Bob Evans Restaurant half way they hoped to be on the trail before 8:30. Since they had not had time for long discussions since discovering their mutual interests Dale looked forward to sharing some of his thoughts and adventures. He told Rich that he had been active but had never found someone for more than quick happiness until he traveled to Australia. He told about his mutual coming out with his grandson and then their adventures in the land down below. “When I arrived in Australia I never considered the possibility that I would meet someone that I really connected with. And I certainly never, ever even remotely considered that I would find a man from a different culture. But it happened.” He then told about meeting Tad at the pool and their discovery of each other and then happy and meaningful time together. He did not mention the fucking part. Rich asked many questions and appeared to be naive and totally clueless about man to man relationships. Dale almost felt he was talking to an inexperienced fifteen year old, not a mature man of fifty-three. Dale than related his sexual travels through life. “I never was attracted to girls and did not understand my feelings so ignored any feelings I had about boys. I did not date in high school or college. My only messing around with boys took place behind the garage before I was fifteen. I learned to use my hand thanks to instruction from a neighbor a couple of years older. A secretary at my first job after college pursued me. She actually asked me out. I enjoyed going to the movies and having dinner with someone but otherwise was not too excited. We got married. I don’t remember asking her. Her parents liked me and I never said no and suddenly a wedding was being planned. My mother was thrilled and was very much involved in the plans. At the time of the wedding I was a virgin except to my fist. My new wife got things going our wedding night and I was able to perform. She was aggressive and since it felt good I didn’t say no. Within a couple of months she was pregnant. After that I lost interest. Two years later she asked for a separation. I moved out. The day the divorce became final her future husband moved in. Actually, I must admit that I was greatly relieved. We shared custody of the boy. I realized now I permitted my wife to make any decisions related to the boy. There was never any animosity between my ex and I and we remain good friends. She had two more children with her new husband. My relationship with his her was so good that she would drop off all three children for overnights. Once I had them for a long four day Labor Day weekend. I now see my son, his wife and grandchildren often and at holidays either visit his family or am invited to my ex-wife’s.” “A couple of years ago I discovered porn and took pleasure in looking at magazines while masturbating. I only bought straight porn. I was ashamed to think that I wanted to see naked guys so forced myself to not want to buy magazines that featured men. One day when I was in a video store a couple of years ago renting the current blockbuster I saw an entrance to an area with a sign ‘Must be 18 to enter’. A very ordinary man came out of the room. I went in and discovered the world of rental video porn. Again I refused to permit myself to rent any that only depicted guys. That tape we watched with the three men became my favorite. Finally I got the nerve to buy it. Obviously I enjoyed watching the man on man action.” “When you took my dick in your mouth I was surprised. I had seen it on the video but assumed it was something no one in real life did. I do not understand why you would want to do it. But I will admit it felt wonderful.” Dale then explained that likewise he did not know why it was so enjoyable, but with the right person it was. He thought that possibility the reason it felt so good was because he was giving someone else pleasure. Rich then asked about swallowing. He saw on the videos how both women and men had seemed to enjoy having a guy ejaculate into their mouth and then swallowing it. He did not understand how you could ingest this. Dale then explained that while on the video it was usually shown as cumming on the mouth in real life the receiver took it while the dick was deep in the mouth. Then he laughed, “Showing that would not be interesting since the actual shooting of the cum would not be visible. I will admit I have swallowed. The cum is tasteless, maybe a little salty. I don’t know why it is enjoyable to swallow. Again, maybe it is because you are giving the other pleasure.” There was only one other car in the parking area at the trail head. After finishing the coffee they had purchased at a McDonald’s drive thru when they exited the interstate highway near the park they put on their day packs with food water and extra socks. Rich led the way and they hiked silently about an hour stopping for a brief rest and drink of water. Dale felt the calm he had experienced in Australia. No pressures of job or family while being with a friend. He enjoyed the solitude. The November forest had a special beauty. Twice they had seen deer and as they rested a flock of turkeys wondered by. Rich stopped, “All the coffee we have drunk has created a need.” He stepped off the trail and unzipped. This time Dale stood next to him. The two pissed with streams crossing. Dale leaned into Rich. He leaned back. Both dicks began to rise. Dale turned to Rich who also turned to face his friend. Dale kneeled and swallowed Rich who placed his hands on Dale’s shoulders. It had been a good idea to steady himself because as he shoot deep in Dale’s throat he became lightheaded and needed the support. Dale stood and finished himself off. “That was tasty. Thanks for the extra protein. You better eat one of your power bars to replace the protein you gave me.” They were back at the car by 2:00, five hours after starting their hike. Dale thanked his friend for introducing him to a new and enjoyable experience. Rich then thanked Dale for introducing him to the joy of being sucked. He continued that unfortunately there might not be more hiking available until after the spring thaws. He then asked Dale, “Have you ever tried cross country skiing? If there is good snow cover the trails in Cleveland Metro Parks are some of the best in the area. There are trails that are good for beginners. It is said that if you can walk you can you can cross country ski. Rental equipment is available.” Dale replied, “We both seem to enjoy new experiences. I look forward to trying it with you.” Dale had told his wife he might not be home until early evening as they would probably go out to dinner on the road. They arrived back at Rich’s place before 4:00. When Dale suggested a shower to clean off the trail sweat Rich offered him towels. Dale then told Rich, “Please join me. Two showering together will conserve water.” The thought of showering with another man had never occurred to Rich. He was not going to pass up any new opportunities. Since the bathroom had a combination tub/shower it was crowded. Dale lathered the wash cloth and cleansed every part of his friend’s body with special emphasis given to the nipples and dick. Rich returned the favor. This was the first time Dale had seen his friend completely naked and he was impressed by the athletic fifty-three year old body. Stepping out of the shower Dale was immediately on his knees getting his second serving of man protein that day. Two weeks later Dale received a call from the Senior Warden of the Church’s Vestry. He told Dale that Rich Hayes had recommended that he be a candidate to run for a position on the Vestry at the annual meeting in January. Dale accepted the nomination. He was elected and at the first Vestry meeting after the January election he was asked to chair the Finance Committee. As chair of this committee he would work closely with the treasurer, Rich Hayes. Loraine, Dale’s wife, was thrilled that her husband was involved in church activities. This was certainly a win-win situation for Dale as he met with the treasurer often on church business and otherwise. The first cross country ski session in early January was a challenge. Dale overused muscles in his legs not prepared for such stress. A massage by Rich after the venture made it all VERY worthwhile. Although his leg muscles strengthened on future cross country skiing adventures the massages continued. When Rich mentioned that he would attend a finance seminar in Columbus in February Dale asked if he could travel with him. This would give Dale an opportunity to visit Kyle at Ohio State and possibly his old acquaintance, Professor Peter Smith. Rich of course accepted the offer. Dale told his wife he had business meetings in Columbus. Dale picked up Rich at his office after work on Monday afternoon. On the way they stopped at a Bob Evans just off I-71 for dinner. While Bob Evans was not their first choice for a meal they were more concerned with convenience and a quick dinner. Checking into their room they embraced. Following an erotic shower they began their first night ever sleeping together. The love making was passionate followed by watching the news on TV followed by more intimacy followed by sleeping while cuddled followed by a middle of the night encounter followed by a morning encounter. Rich left to register for his seminar that was held in the hotel. The lucky Dale had an opportunity to rest following their intense activities. He had called Kyle and arranged to meet him at a restaurant near the campus for lunch. He always enjoyed these times with his grandson’s lover. After catching up on the student’s studies Dale asked Kyle what he planned to do after graduation. He realized that Kyle was reluctant to discuss future plans. Eventually he discovered that this boy who he considered a second son wanted to continue his studies in graduate school. Dale then understood Kyle’s reluctance to talk about the future. His parents had made a significant financial commitment so Kyle could attend Ohio State. He was reluctant to ask his parents for more help. Dale finally stated, “Kyle, I consider you a second son. From what you have told me and from comments in the letters I have received from Carson, I believe that your friendship has grown deeper during his absence. There will be another year before he returns after you graduate this spring. If you went to graduate school you would be ready for the career you want when he returns. I will give you any financial assistance you require to complete your dream. I am not doing this just for you but for Carson and the joy it will give me. After more discussion Kyle told Dale that his dream was to get a graduate degree in library science. Dale was pleased that this young man had a plan. Kyle admitted that he had the application for the graduate program but had not applied as it was at this point only a fantasy. He reached across the table and after placing his hand on Grandpa’s said, “I would give you a BIG HUG and kiss if we were not in a public place. Thank you, thank you, thank you!” “Kyle, I know you better than almost anyone else, except of course Carson. You are an ambitious and intelligent young man, as well as a genuine hottie if I may be so crude. You deserve this and I know you will succeed. You cannot imagine how much pleasure I receive from knowing I’m planting a seed that will grow into a great future. So to you I say, Thank you, thank you, thank you.” Following lunch Kyle and Grandpa walked back to the campus. Dale had a 3:00 meeting with his friend, and his grandson’s mentor, Professor Smith. As he entered the faculty office Peter approached him with a smile. They embraced with more passion then mere male friends would. Peter closed the door and the two sat. Their conversation centered on Carson’s Peace Corps adventures and the trip to Australia. Peter happily told that he had received letters from Carson outlining his projects in Guatemala. Dale then told some of the highlights of the trip to Australia. He laughed as he told about to his trip to the baths in Sydney the evening the boys went to a disco only to have them unexpectedly show up. Then he told about the experience at the nude gay beach and the drag queens in the middle of the outback. Peter was most impressed with his telling about meeting the Japanese man and falling for him. Dale explained how this encounter had awakened the realization that he could have a relationship that was more than getting it off for the moment. Dale then told about his search for ‘Mr. Right’ and meeting the shy, inexperienced Rich and how their relationship grew. “Since meeting Rich I have not had the desire to be with another man. I have not been to the baths, have not had the weekly erotic massages and have not considered seeking a quickie. Based on our past history you realize this is a big change for me. I am happy with my man. While he was very inexperienced he has a desire to expand our love making and is a quick learner. I’m sure you will be impressed with him when we have dinner with you and Tom this evening.” After Peter caught his friend up on his activities the two embraced. As Peter held Dale he whispered into his ear, “I am delighted that you found the right man. I look forward to meeting him at dinner.”
  9. Summer / Fall 1991 Carson’s parents were at the gate at Cleveland Hopkins Airport waiting for them. With a change of planes in Los Angeles it had been twenty hours since the boys had left Sydney. Carson was surprised that his father seemed interested in hearing about their adventures. There were no lectures or side comments about wasting his life on trivial pursuits. He thought that maybe the change in his father’s attitude resulted from his now having total control over his Trust Fund and not being dependent on his father financially. Following a home coming dinner prepared by his mother she commented that the boys looked exhausted and should go to bed. The bed in the guest room had been made up for Kyle. This would be the first night in over two weeks the two had not slept together. The boys had arrived home on a Wednesday and would start their summer warehouse jobs on Monday. Grandpa had insisted that Kyle take his car to visit his parents over the weekend. He had told his wife that Kyle should drive his Porsche 968. Kyle had driven frequently in Australia and Grandpa assumed that if the young man could master driving on the left side in Australia he would safely drive his car. Carson’s father was taken back that his father-in-law had entrusted his luxury car to someone so young. Kyle departed Thursday and returned Sunday afternoon. While he was gone Carson visited Vlad and Aiden. When Dale (grandpa) had told his friend Alex a month earlier that his grandson and boyfriend would be working in Cleveland during the summer and were looking for a cheap place to live Alex contacted Vlad for suggestions. Vlad told Alex he would like to meet the boys. A week prior to their departure for Australia Carson was invited to the home of Vlad and Aiden. The two older men were charmed by the young man and told him he and his friend were welcome to stay at their place for the summer. Since they would be on a USA road trip for about a month it would be nice to have someone there to look after the place, take in the mail and water the plants. Actually this was not really true as Owen and Lee (Chapters 18 – 20) had lived in the building for almost twenty years and continued to be close friends. Kyle returned to Carson’s home Sunday noon and the two drove to their new home with Vlad and Aiden. This was the first meeting of Kyle and the others. The boys were welcomed with open arms. After settling into their room they sat in the living room with their hosts. Owen and Lee who lived downstairs were invited to dinner. The boys in their twenties, Vlad now seventy-one and the other three in their forties enjoyed sharing life’s adventures. The boys happily told about some of their adventures in Australia: including fun in the sun at Lady Bay Beach, meeting the drag queens in Alice Springs, the scuba diving, meditating naked on the beach with grandpa and a gentleman from Japan, visiting Jack and Noah and the ambiance of the Lavender Reef Inn. They did not share their meeting of Grandpa by accident at the baths, their first fuck each had at the beach and the relationship between Grandpa and Tad. The boys respected Grandpa’s privacy and would let him share details, if any, of his encounters. That evening and during the remainder of the summer they questioned and discussed Vlad’s travels through life from humble birth in Moscow to becoming a respected professor and researcher. Vlad was especially interested in Kyle’s studies who had one year remaining at Ohio State as an English major. While he was not sure where that major would take him Kyle believed this group of men would help him sort through the options. On Monday morning they started their summer jobs in the warehouse of Excelsior Metal Hose. Their jobs included unloading trucks, unpacking and sorting material, driving fork lifts, and helping in the shipping department. Occasionally one of them would accompany a truck driver on deliveries. The work was dirty and required heavy lifting. The first day they returned home tired and filthy. Vlad took one look at the grimy boys and suggested they use the shower in his and Aiden’s master bedroom. This multi person shower with various shower heads aimed at all parts of the body could have been an erotic delight if the boys had not been exhausted. While they helped each other scrub away the dirt neither got hard even when each washed the others’ dick and ass. Putting on shorts and T shirts they joined Vlad and Aiden at the kitchen table where cold beer and spaghetti waited. Their host insisted on providing dinner. As tired as they were after dinner they cleared the table, loaded the dishwasher and washed the pots and pans. Within an hour they were snuggled together in bed. They kissed, held hands and did not for the first time since their first night together get each other off. Soon they were fast asleep and annoyingly hearing the alarm clock going off at 5:30. By the end of their first week their bodies had accepted the rigors of their work. The after work showers became an opportunity for both cleansing and play. Friday Carson used his new strength to force himself on his love against the shower wall. Feeling both pain and pleasure Kyle relived the feelings they had shared in Australia. As they walked into the kitchen Vlad commented while smiling, “You two certainly are glowing this evening. Long hot showers seem to relax you.” Kyle replied, “Nothing about that long invigorating shower was relaxing - I am very happy to report.” All knowingly laughed. The following day, Saturday, the two drove to the airport to meet Grandpa. As they drove home Grandpa gave an edited version of his final week in Australia. Not that he was ashamed of his playtime with Tad, he assumed the details of Grandpa getting fucked is something a grandson does not want to hear. The boys profusely gave thanks for their summer job opportunity. They proudly told of the rigors of the job and that both felt their bodies responding in a good way to the manly exercise. The following Wednesday Grandpa took the boys and their hosts out for pizza. He was correct in his assumption that pizza and beer would be the perfect setting for discussion and banter. He wanted to get to know Vlad and Aiden better. While he could have filled the evening with his interesting tales from his birth in Moscow, loves in high school and army, defection to USA, loves in USA and move to Cleveland, Vlad purposely directed the conversation to the lives of Grandpa and the boys. Dale felt very comfortable discussing his feelings and after a couple of beers loosened up concerning his feelings for Tad. He explained that he never had felt close emotionally toward another man until he met the Japanese guy at the pool at the Lavender Reef Inn. While he had strong feelings for the far away man he realized they could never totally share lives. Prior to Tad all his experiences had been casual meetings that fulfilled the desires of his dick but not his heart. He wondered if he could ever find someone in Ohio that could open his passions A week later the five again shared pizza, beer and lives. Vlad told Dale (Grandpa) that he and Aiden had discussed his situation. They had suggestions about finding ‘Mr. Right’. They explained that it would probably happen when Dale least assumed it would. He should concentrate on making himself available. They discussed the pros and cons of meeting the right guy at a bar or bath. There were more cons than pros. Vlad then told how he had meet some of his loves. His first love was his teacher at a special school of German language in Moscow. As a teenager he fell in love with Franz the first time he saw him in class. He does not know why, that was just the way it was. Apparently the feeling was mutual. When the teacher discovered his student traveled over an hour each way in the Moscow winter on unheated trams he invited him to stay in his room at the school and sleep on a pad on the floor. One exceptionally cold Moscow night Franz invited him to the warmth of his bed. He never slept on the floor again. His first assignment after graduation from the German language school was to a group assigned to review and explain German documents to a top rank Soviet officials meeting near Moscow. There he caught the eye of General Valery Karasyovl, a rising star in the Soviet military. Vlad explained that he was attracted to this officer. He caught himself staring at him. The general looked up and saw this young man intently studying him. “We eye fucked.” Vlad then explained how gay men sometimes show their interest by looking deeply into the eyes of a person of interest. If interested the other will return the stare and probably smile. The General returned the stare. “I was assigned as translator and aide to the handsome, fifty year old, muscular general. While war is hell sleeping with such a man is heaven. After the war, being fluent in both German and English, I was sent to Berlin to participate in the negotiations with the Americans. One day while sitting across from an American major we eye fucked. Then I felt his foot against mine. I did not move away. Soon his foot was rubbing up my leg and massaging my crotch. We became clandestine lovers as it was forbidden for the Soviets to have friendships of any kind with the Allies (Americans, Brits and French). Later having been disillusioned by the treatment of the Soviets toward the defeated Germans I spied for the Americans and when almost caught defected. In Washington I worked for the State Department and attended church not for religious reasons but because I was told it was what Americans did back then. I met Reg, an older man, at Church and soon moved into his Georgetown house and bed. I met Aiden through mutual friends. I have/had five loves: Franz the teacher, Valery the general, Alan the American major, Reg in Washington DC and Aiden. I met all in very different situations.” Aden then gave a brief explanation of his encounter while a student at University of Georgia. “While taking a shortcut through a park on my way to class I said ‘hi’ to a man sitting on a bench. There was something about him and I decided to sit and talk. I was a senior finance major and he an investment advisor. Our knees touched and he invited me to his home for dinner. There I met his lover and others. So, as you see from Vlad’s and my adventures, you never know when or where it will happen.” Vlad then told how their friends Owen and Lee met at a gay bar nearly twenty years earlier. Then he laughed as he continued, “It is interesting that both Dale and Owen found an Asian man. Lee was born in Taiwan and came to the USA when he was three years old. They have had an apartment in our building since soon after meeting. Lee now manages the import firm his father and uncle started. The boys departed for home as they knew the dreaded alarm would go off at 5:30 to signal another day of labor. Then to Dale’s surprise Aiden asked him if he had ever visited a gay bar in Cleveland. Dale replied ‘No’ and the three departed for Dale’s next adventure. Aiden then stated that the bar they would visit was the same one where Owen and Lee met. Being a week night and early at 9pm the dim place was not crowded. As they shared beers Dale studied the faces of the patrons. He had no interest in getting involved with someone significantly younger than himself. That requirement eliminated more than half the group. Of the remaining ten or so there was only one that he thought might be of interest. He told Vlad and Aiden that the only man in the place that showed promise to him was the guy in the back corner leaning against the wall. Vlad gave him some instructions. “Try to get his interest by casually looking at him and then do a serious ‘eye fuck’. It is best if you get him to approach you. That way if you are not interested it will be easier for you to move on. Don’t reveal any personal identifying information about yourself such as your last name or where you live. Stand over there and drink your beer alone. If he glances your way smile at him. If after you meet him you feel you do not want to continue your conversation but don’t know how to escape, take off your glasses. That will be a signal for us to rescue you.” Dale did as instructed. Vlad and Aiden watched the encounter unfold. Dale stood against the wall, caught the eye of the guy and then eye fucked. They guy approached Dale. Their conversation seemed to be one way with the guy talking and Dale nodding his head. Eventually Dale removed his glasses. Aiden walked over to them. “Excuse me” as he put his hand on Dale’s shoulder, “Ralph is starting to have one of his spells. We better get him home.” Dale nodded goodbye to his new acquaintance and walked over to Vlad. As they drove home Vlad asked, “Just what kind of spell was I having.” “A need to suck a dick at home in the comfort of your bed,” Aiden replied. Dale then gave a recap of his one way conversation with Blakley Something the IVth. “He certainly is a lover of himself. While I barely got a word in he told me: his family can trace its roots to the 1600s England, he grew up in a mansion on Euclid Avenue, graduated from Harvard, drives a Cadillac Escalade, and has a winter home in Palm Beach with a pool cared for a 22 year old pool boy with a ten inch cock. When he mentioned his Cadillac I told him ‘that’s impressive compared to the Ford pick-up I drive’. I didn’t want to brag that my Porsche 968 would outperform his car so I made up the truck. I don’t think he heard what I said about driving a pick-up truck as I am sure he would have ended the conversation if he realized I was just an ordinary guy. His breath was rotten and I had to step back to avoid it. I soon became aware that when he talked his face did not move. It was like a store mannequin with lips that moved. I assume he has had numerous face lifts that have totally tightened his skin. Thanks for the introduction to the bar scene. While it is good to know how to navigate such places, I don’t know if I will return. Maybe I could meet someone there. I realize I could also possibly find Mr. Right in church, at the country club, at a business meeting or while having a cup of coffee at a donut store not just the baths or bars.” A week later Vlad and Aiden departed on a road trip that would include visits to their friends in Washington DC, a gay inn at Rehoboth Beach, their friends and Aiden’s family in Georgia, and the music scene in Branson, Missouri. For a month the boys would have the place to themselves. Actually they would miss Vlad and Aiden. They were totally able to be themselves with no worry that their coupling noises, if heard, would be disapproved or annoying. The Wednesday pizza nights with Grandpa continued. The conversation was light. He told them he had received a letter from Tad who had returned to Japan. As they agreed their letters were bland. He had shared the letter with his wife. Their conversation centered on Carson’s future with the Peace Corps and Kyle’s final year at Ohio State. When asked what he planned to do with an English Major Kyle replied that he hoped to go to graduate school first and then find a career. While it was not mentioned, Grandpa realized Kyle would not have the finances to continue his education without substantial student debt. He now considered Kyle like a grandson and might consider helping him if he was still part of the family after Carson went into the Peace Corps. The boys had a tearful goodbye in September when Carson departed for his volunteer work and Kyle returned to Ohio State. Carson had learned that after his training he would be assigned to an engineering project related to water supply in Guatemala. Meanwhile Dale continued his search for Mr. Right. While he realized it would just happen someday he needed to place himself in the right spot at the right time. He visited Club Cleveland Baths about once a week and returned to the bar a couple of times. While he had some very enjoyable interludes at the baths, they were just that, quick passions with no long term emotional feelings. The few times he visited the bar his experience was either totally without conversation or just idle banter with men of no interest. One evening he received a phone call from the Senior Warden (chair of the Church governing committee) of the Episcopal Church he and his wife attended. While his wife never missed a Sunday, sang in the choir and was active in the Episcopal Church Women and the Altar Guild Dale seldom attended. He was surprised that Jack Brown, a man he knew but had rarely talked to, asked him to assist the church treasurer in preparing the annual budget for 1992. Dale had never had a conversation with the treasurer, Rich Hayes, even at the informal coffee hour after the few services he had attended. He knew that Rich was a respected, but quiet man being the CFO (Chief Finance Officer) of a corporation headquartered in Cleveland. Actually he was the type of guy that would blend into the woodwork at social functions. Dale could not think of a valid reason to say ‘No’. A week later Dale sat in the Church Library with Rich and the third member of their budget committee, Millicent Branch. Dale soon realized this would be an easy task. Rich had prepared a budget for the committee to review. It contained no surprises and since the Church was financially sound there were no problems allocating funds. Within an hour the job was completed. Then Rich stated that he needed advice concerning the investments in the Endowment and Memorial Funds. Millicent stated that investments were not her forte and departed. Rich then handed Dale a spreadsheet with a list of the investments. The two men both had considerable expertise on investments and had an interesting and meaningful conversation. They had been sitting opposite each other with a coffee table between. Rich was sitting on a sofa and Dale in a chair. Since they would be reviewing documents together Dale moved and sat next to Rich. There was something about this man that intrigued Dale. When they concluded their investments discussion Dale suddenly felt himself saying: “Rich, we have attended this Church for years. This is the first time I have had a conversation with you. Tell me about yourself.” He said this while starring into the eyes of the man. Rich seemed uncomfortable talking about himself. “There isn’t much to say. I am fifty-three years old and CFO of Mega Corp. I was married but have been divorced over twenty years. I have a twenty-six year old son who is married and has two children, a boy and a girl. He lives in Lakewood and with his civil engineering degree works for a consulting firm. I live alone in a condo in University Heights.” Dale realized Rich was shy and not at all outgoing. “Do you have any hobbies? What do you do on the weekends?” “I enjoy hiking and long walks. Every summer I take a month off and hike. It took me a few years but I completed the 2,190 mile (3,525 km) Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine doing a section each year. Twice I have hiked in the Alps in Switzerland. Most weekends I do a day or overnight hike somewhere here in Ohio. I really enjoy the serenity of the outdoors.” Dale was totally taken aback. Never did he expect that his quiet man was so adventuresome. He realized it must take a brave soul to go off into the wilds alone. Dale then told Rich his background and recent adventure to Australia. When he mentioned that he had taken his grandson and grandson’s boyfriend Rich did not show any special emotion. During their conversation Dale ‘eye fucked’ his new friend. Rich would return the stare and then look down. Finally to the surprise of both it was after 10:00pm. As they walked to their cars Dale thought, ‘I will definitely go to Church next Sunday.’ Since Dale’s wife sang in the choir they arrived a half hour prior the start of the service so she would have time to robe and meet with the choir in the music room for a quick warm up. Dale hung out in the narthex (entry hall) talking to acquaintances. When Rich arrived Dale was pleased as his new friend smiled as they shook hands. Dale asked Rich if he could sit with him as his wife was in the choir. He was happy when the reply was “Sure”. As they sat next to each other during the hour long service Dale kept reminding himself, ‘you are a jerk to think anything will happen’. Yes, as a robust hiker he has a fit body. As a long time divorced man he must not be too much into women. He wasn’t hiking with a mate since when Dale had asked him if he hiked alone Rich had replied that he enjoyed being alone in the solitude of the woods. After the service Rich asked Dale if he would be willing to come to his home some evening to review the draft of the budget. He had put it on an Excel spreadsheet in his home computer and wanted to review it prior to presenting it to the Vestry for approval. Dale with pleasure agreed to a Wednesday evening meeting. Since his weekly pizza nights with the boys had ended he felt a void on Wednesday evenings. Then Dale suggested, “We could go out to dinner together and then review the budget.” Rich responded, “That’s a great idea, but why not come to my place for dinner. I enjoy cooking but only do it for myself. It would be nice to have another person share the table.” Dale replied, “It’s a date. I’ll bring the wine. Let me know the main course so I can match the wine with the meal.” Then Dale thought to himself, ‘that was dumb to use the word date’. “I plan to make Beef Bourguignon in my slow cooker so a hearty red would be appropriate.” “See you Wednesday.” As they drove home from church his wife stated, “You seem to be in a good mood. I was afraid having to sit through a long church would put you in a foul mood.” “I found the sermon very inspiring.” His wife wondered why a sermon based on ‘lust and greed’ would inspire her husband not knowing he had not heard a word of it as he lusted for the man sitting next to him. Wednesday morning Dale told his wife he was going out to dinner with Rich Hayes so she would not need to prepare a meal prior to her choir practice. He did not feel comfortable telling her the meal would be at his home. Dale’s home was in a 1920s building in University Heights converted to condos. His spacious apartment on the third floor was elegantly furnished. Obviously he had good taste. When he opened the door Dale presented his friend with a bottle of Burgundy and a bouquet of flowers. Rich thanked him for both and took a vase out of a cabinet that was the perfect size for the bouquet of fall colors. Rich offered him a drink and Dale requested Scotch on the Rocks. They sat in the living room having easy conversation as they nibbled on cheese and crackers. Dinner followed where the table was set with English bone china, sterling silver and Waterford crystal. The Beef Bourguignon was as delicious as the conversation. Dale was totally at ease while also very frustrated. He could not identify Rich’s sexual preference. He never mentioned women in his life. Was he straight, gay or just a man who had no strong sexual desires. During the course of the evening Dale asked Rich what his future hiking plans were. He replied that he planned a four mile easy hike Saturday, The Deer Lick Cave Trail in Brecksville. Then to Dale’s joy he asked if he would like to go with him. Dale immediately replied ‘Yes’ with the qualification that he had not done much serious hiking but was willing to try. They discussed hiking shoes. While Dale did not own a pair that would hold up on long distance hikes Rich was sure his walking shoes would be adequate for this hike, especially since they would only carry light day packs. When Dale arrived home his wife was in bed reading. He told her about their dinner at the restaurant and long discussion in the bar. He told her about his plans to hike Saturday. He then got ready for bed and told his wife he was going to review some papers in his office. His bed clothes consisted of a night shirt that went down to just below his knees. He enjoyed the freedom of being able to hang loose not constricted by pants or shorts. It was the next best thing to sleeping naked. Entering his office he pulled the night shirt up as he sat in the comfortable leather chair. This evening he did not need one of the gay porn magazines hidden in the back of a drawer to inspire himself. While fantasizing about a naked Rich he slowly stroked to a very happy ending. Saturday morning when Rich knocked Loraine answered the door. Happy that her husband had found a friend who encouraged healthy activity she invited him in for a cup of coffee. Dale was ready wearing layers of clothing and walking shoes that Rich confirmed would be adequate for a day hike. Rich had brought an extra day pack and provided lunch, hiking treats and water. They were soon on the road. Dale found the usually quiet Rich to be an enjoyable traveling companion. He was out of his shell and to the surprise of Dale did most of the talking. He was surprised that the forty minute drive seemed so short. Being the first week of November there were no other hikers parked at the trail head. With Rich leading they silently hiked about a half hour. They took a break sitting on a log as Rich took out some trail treats and the bottle of water. Dale was surprised that they would share the same bottle. He hoped to eventually share more than just a bottle of water. Dale then announced, “The morning coffee has gone through me. I need a break.” He stood and walked off the trail and with his back to Rich he pissed. He saw out of the corner of his eye that his friend had walked in the opposite direction to do the same. He finished, turned and admired the stream of yellow he saw between Rich’s slightly spread legs. He thought to himself, ‘If that had been Tad we would have pissed together. Maybe someday with Rich?’ With frequent breaks including lunch they finished the hike in a couple of hours. Dale was happy with himself as he did not feel he had held his friend back. As they drove home Rich suggested they stop at a sporting goods store that specialized in outdoor activities. At the store he helped Dale pick out a pair of sturdy hiking boots. He suggested that he wear the new boots a couple of hours every day until they were broken in. The next day Loraine was surprised that her husband was going to church. This would be a record, two Sundays in a row. Dale again sat with Rich. There was only one hymnal in the holder at their seat which required they share. Dale was felt goose bumps when they hands accidentally touched. When Dale suggested he treat Rich to a dinner on choir practice night his friend insisted he come to his home again. “I really enjoy cooking. Cooking for just one person is no fun. This week I’ll do spaghetti and meat balls.” “I certainly enjoy meat – balls.” Dale commented in a slightly erotic voice. “I’ll bring wine appropriate for spaghetti.” Wednesday, while his wife was at choir practice, over dinner the two discussed possible long hikes. Since it was now mid-November overnight hikes were not something either wanted to pursue. Rich told of places in New England, the Appalachians and Colorado where he planned to hike someday. Dale had rehearsed how he would approach the topic he really wanted to discuss. Finally at a lull in their discussion Dale began, “Rich, we have gotten to know each other over the last couple of weeks. I have something to ask you and if you don’t want to discuss it just say so. You are a very healthy vibrant guy. I don’t know about you but I am horny a lot. To tell you the truth my hand sees almost as much action as it did when I was a teenager. Do you have these thoughts and how do you take care of yourself?” Rich replied, “If I didn’t know you better I would tell you to ‘fuck off’ and mind your business. Hell, we’ve been talking about hiking together, spending nights together so I guess our private business can be shared. Being a single guy and not wanting to get involved with a woman my hand does keep me happy. But I have a dark secret that I assume you will keep just between us. I enjoy, really enjoy looking at porn. I have a few VHS tapes that I have purchased. For variety I rent tapes at a video store that has a very comprehensive back room.” Dale was ecstatic. “Obviously, I cannot have such stuff in my house. I do have some magazines hidden in my office for inspiration. I have seen some porn videos and really, I mean really enjoyed it. Do you have something we could watch now?” “Sure do.” Was Rich’s reply.
  10. The next morning the two elders met the two youngsters at 6:15 and departed for the beach. All wore towels around their waists and sneakers. By now they had lost any inhibitions about seeing the others naked. Following the quiet session they returned to their rooms to dress for the day’s activities and met in the breakfast room. After breakfast Carson and Kyle gave Tad goodbye hugs that were lingering and somewhat passionate as they assumed they would never see Grandpa’s friend again. As Carson gave his Grandpa a goodbye hug he whispered, “Now Grandpa, don’t do anything we wouldn’t do.” Arriving at the hotel in Adelaide Tad arranged for a two bedroom suite. Although the second bedroom was not needed there was the possibility co-workers might visit the suite. While Tad could explain that an American friend was staying with him it would have been difficult to explain why they slept in the same room. Lucas, the young man from the Australian office of his firm who was Tad’s assistant had met them at the airport. Dale admired the sweet ass of this young man of about thirty as they walked down the hall. At about six feet (1.8 m) tall, professionally styled blond hair, eyes as blue as the sea at the Great Barrier Reef, square jaw, muscular body with a full chest and narrow waist, and an incredible ass this man without trying gave off a glow of sexuality. Dale mentally undressed this Adonis picturing a perfectly sculptured body with a magnificent natural dick over dangling balls. Later Dale confessed to Tad his observations the assistant. Tad laughed as he replied, “Of course I had exactly the same impressions. While his ass appears to be very fuckable I prefer a mature man that sends tingles through my body when we touch. He is nice to look at but like a delicious appearing dessert I think of him as a temporary treat. Actually he is a very knowledgeable young man and easy to work with. I certainly had a streak of good luck when he was assigned to me.” As Tad expressed his thoughts he leaned in and caressed Dale’s chest and then planted a kiss on his lips. Dale continued his erotic thoughts as Lucas helped carry the suitcases and remained in the suite’s living room while Tad dressed for work in his bedroom Dale marveled at the change in Tad. No longer was he the passionate, quiet lover. He became a ‘down to earth’ person in charge questioning Lucas about progress on the project Tad was supervising. As he departed the room for the office Tad told Dale in a very formal way, “I will meet you here for dinner at 7:00. If there is a change I will call you. Enjoy your day.” Dale would have been put out by the change of appearance if he had not realized the formality was for the benefit of Lucas. As Lucas and Tad walked to the elevator Tad told the young man, “Shit, I left my appointment book. You go on down, I will meet you in the lobby.” Returning to the room, he closed the door and grabbed Dale. He pulled his friend into and kiss and as he massaged Dale’s crotch said, “Sorry for the briskness, I did not want to reveal our relationship.” He then kneeled, unzipped Dale’s pants, pulled out the now hard dick and soon was swallowing the American cream. He then picked up the appointment book that he had purposely forgotten and departed again. Since Dale had not had time to plan his stay in Adelaide he went to the hotel newsstand and bought a local travel guide. He was amazed at the number of interesting places he could visit in the fifth largest city in Australia with a population in excess of a million. While having coffee in the hotel café he did a quick review of city attractions and decided to visit The Art Gallery of South Australia which according to the guidebook had one of Australia’s most stunning art collections. Following the museum visit that included lunch at its restaurant he strolled in the city center people watching and window shopping. Returning to the hotel he watched local TV and took a short nap. Stepping into the shower he ordered himself not to touch his dick except for a quick wash. He would save himself for later. While he soaped himself trying to ignore his hardening dick the shower door was opened. To his delight a naked Tad had returned and from the expression on his face and hardness of his dick appeared very happy to see him. Each washed every nook and cranny of the other. Suddenly Tad pushed Dale against the wall. “I want you. I brought the necessary supplies.” Dale felt the lube being applied. “Spread your legs and lower your ass.” As Dale dutifully and happily complied he felt his friend lean in and then suddenly push in. Dale immediately cried out as he was forcefully penetrated. Tad did not move. He just stood behind his friend keeping his hard piece in place. Gradually the pain Dale felt dissipated. Tad slowly pulled out and pressed back holding steady. He again did another slow motion out and in. Suddenly the pain Dale had felt turned into a need. “Fuck me.” he called out. Tad did one more slow stroke, then a faster one followed by strong and vigorous whacks. Dale’s cock was painfully pressed against the wall as his ass was attacked. Suddenly he felt his juices rise and he called out, “I’m cumming.” While he unloaded against the wall Tad filled the condom. Both men sank to the shower floor. As the shower water continued to spray on them they embraced. As they dried each other with the large luxurious hotel towels Dale began ranting, “I thought you were raping me. It was painful. Then it was wonderful. Happy that you arrived from work as horny as I was.” He wrapped his arms around Tad. Following dinner at a nearby restaurant they returned to the suite. Tad sat at the desk working while Dale started the latest Stuart Woods novel, New York Dead, the first book in the Stone Barrington series. An hour later Tad got up from the desk and sat next to Dale. “I am sorry that you came all this distance just to sit in a hotel room. I’ve done enough work for the night. Shall we go down to the bar and have a nightcap.” “No need to apologize. Being here with you is relaxing. No pressure, just quiet enjoyment. A nightcap is an excellent suggestion. But, why don’t we just take something from the minibar here in the room. Then I want to get naked with you and please you.” An hour later following another rough and enjoyable fuck followed by showering the two now exhausted men snuggled together between the soft sheets. As Dale was jolted by the alarm he remembered where he was. While he would have been pleased with a quickie or longer with his friend he also wanted the peace of meditation. The two, after pissing together with no touching, were on the balcony in their meditation positions. While being naked would have been possible on their private balcony the winter weather of South Australia was not welcoming. Wearing thick terrycloth hotel robes and sweatpants they sat next to each other each in his own mental world. Returning inside they stepped out of their pants and each had carnal thoughts as they smiled at the other wearing an open robe. As passions began to flow with rising dicks there was a knock on the door. Each closed their robe as a waiter rolled in the room service breakfast that had been ordered. The waiter who was as cute as he was efficient arranged their food and coffee on the table. He appeared to give Dale extra attention as he worked. He accepted the generous tip from Tad and wished the men a pleasant day. As Tad sat at the breakfast table he chided Dale, “He certainly enjoyed the scenery. You do realize your robe is half open displaying your swollen piece. You appeared very happy to see the server.” An embarrassed Dale had not realized he had exposed himself. “While the exposure was not intentional I hope I gave him happy thoughts. You noticed him checking me out. He would not have done this or even noticed if he were not a like minded discerning man.” Tad needed to be at the office early and Lucas would be waiting in the lobby in fifteen minutes. Neither felt the requirement for a quick one since each was secure in how they felt about the other. As Tad shaved and showered alone Dale got his clothes for the day ready. He helped his friend hurriedly dress and was soon kissing him goodbye at the door. Dale sat and finished his coffee as he planned his day. Suddenly it dawned on him, here he was thousands of miles from the pressures of home and work with no specific plans for the day or someone to tell him what he could do or not do. He was not bored, he was excited. He decided that he would have a small adventure and just let stuff happen or not happen. By the time he had showered, jerked off, shaved and reviewed his guidebook it was 10:00. He decided to visit the beach suburb, Glenelg. Being mid-winter the popular tourist and local’s destination with its wide sandy beach would quiet. A few blocks from the hotel he boarded a tram that had been running on this route since 1929 (replaced fifteen years later by modern equipment). Being off season the car was not crowded and he enjoyed the local scenery during the forty minute ride. The view toward the ocean from the desolate sandy beach was picturesque. However turning back toward the city the view was of a line of high rise residential buildings. He sat on a bench at the street edge of the beach reading the Stuart Woods mystery and watching the few people and birds on the beach. Following a delicious lunch at a seafood restaurant Dale strolled along the beach and then returned to the tram stop for his return trip. Back at the hotel he visited the hotel indoor pool and steam room. He had an interesting conversation with a man about his age visiting on business from Thailand. He didn’t expect any ‘action’ and there wasn’t any. He and Tad had arranged to meet at a restaurant at 6:00. During their dinner conversation Dale was surprised when Tad suggested visiting Club 431, Adelaide’s gay sauna. While they had each told the other about visits to saunas Dale had not expected they would do it together. He had no objection. Actually he looked forward to seeing Australian blokes in their natural beauty. At the sauna they were assigned lockers. Each undressed, wrapped a towel around his waist and after showers began their exploration. They saw an assortment of men in the steam room, sauna, spa pool, swimming pool and cruising area. There was a sling in the cruising area. A group of blokes were standing around the sling watching a somewhat chubby guy getting fucked. When the top was near he pulled out, ripped off his condom and shot onto the stomach. Another guy rubbed his hands over the cum and then used it as lube to finish off the guy in the sling. The top helped the other out of the sling and they headed off toward the showers. The group that had been watching dispersed. Dale was somewhat inhibited when Tad asked him to get into the sling. “My friend, I want to fuck you and I want the world to see what a magnificent fuck you are. Don’t worry, it will just be me. Others will probably watch but you are still my man.” The thought of opening his ass to Tad in the sling and getting pounded while others watched, much to the surprise of Dale, turned him on. He climbed in and adjusted himself so he was available to his friend. Using a condom and lube provided by the club Tad prepared himself and his friend. As Tad entered he leaned forward and whispered. I am going to give both of us pleasure, but I am not going to cum. We will have fun now, then more fun a little later and then more fun. Having satisfied each other twice and no others they returned to the hotel cuddled together between the luxurious hotel sheets. Lying next to his new love Dale thought about this new and wonderful adventure. The routine of the day unfolded, meditation, roaming the city on his own and evenings with his man. Dale had never been so ‘at peace’ with himself. He also had sad thoughts concerning the fact that in a few days he would return to Sydney and then fly back to the USA and possibly never see his first love again. However these gloomy feelings were countered by the realization that he had the capability to find true love. Tad had awakened feelings in him that were new and unexpected. Fifty years earlier he had been a teenager. While many of his peers back then were experiencing their first love he was experiencing confusion. He giggled to himself as he realized the truthfulness of the saying adage ‘older and wiser’. If Mr. Right was available in Cleveland Dale had never let him in. Their last evening together Tad announced, “I have rearranged my schedule and will be able to visit Sydney with you during your last days in Australia. I would like to see Carson and Kyle again. It is so refreshing to see the happiness they give to each other.” As they snuggled together that night Dale suggested, “I could stay in Australia another week. There is nothing pressing back home. Living with myself during the day and you in the evenings, nights and mornings has been delightful. Would it be too much of an imposition if I stay?” “Let me reply to that proposition with my body.” Tad leaned in and kissed as his hands held Dale’s face then moved down the body with a few delightful stops. As he rolled Dale onto his side and caressed his dick against the American ass he continued. “Do you feel my answer?” Their love making was the slowest and most passionate yet. Following their session that lasted until nearly midnight Dale crawled naked out of bed. Picking up the phone he called his home in Cleveland. Being on the other side of the world it would be early afternoon back home. His wife answered and they had a long chat about events in Ohio and his adventures in Australia. He explained that he had discovered a business opportunity in Adelaide and was visiting there while Carson and his friend enjoyed the sun and fun of the Great Barrier Beach. Her reply, “Dale, do you never slow down. I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for you to totally relax and have quality time with your grandson. Now you are doing what you always do, working. Well, if that is what makes you happy then I am happy. Please try to find some time for personal enjoyment.” Dale thought to himself, ‘if she just knew how much personal enjoyment I am having?’ He then told her he would be staying in Australia another week. She was not surprised and told him to take some time to take it easy and enjoy life. “It is too bad that you will miss the dinner party at the country club. Hopefully Carson will be my date.” Dale had always disliked these country club events but had never shared his feelings with his wife. Missing this evening of mindless chatter would be a bonus reason for staying in Australia. The next morning Tad and Dale flew to Sydney. Carson and Kyle were bubbling with enthusiasm when they met Grandpa and Tad at the hotel. They had made plans for the evening and were happy that Tad was there so they would not be abandoning their grandfather. The previous day they had called Noah and Jack and suggested going out together. Their beach friends had instead invited them to their home for dinner and dessert. They were positive their friend who all had topped would be thrilled to have dinner with them. The discussion at lunch centered on Carson’s and Kyle’s fun in the sun and scuba dives. In the afternoon the four did some shopping followed by relaxing around the hotel’s indoor pool. The boys found Tad’s explanation of his project with Mitsubishi in Adelaide interesting. Grandpa fully approved of their planned evening with Jack and Noah. “There is no better way to experience a new place than to visit the home of like minded people. I am sure you will have a better understanding of Australian culture and mindset than someone on an expensive tour that visited landmarks and historic places while never getting to know locals. Our dinner with Jack and Noah following fun in the sun at Lady Bay Beach was one of the highlights of this trip. Not as high as meeting Tad,” said as he smiled at his friend. “Those two certainly provided interesting eye candy. I would have never thought that cute Noah with that enticing ass accentuated by his tight leather shorts was a manager of audits in the Sydney office of Arthur Andersen, an international accounting / auditing firm. I have dealt with the professionals in the Cleveland office of that firm and am highly impressed with it.” (Note – Ten years later, as a result of the fallout related to mismanagement of the audit of Enron, Arthur Andersen was forced to suspend operations in the USA. This resulted to clients and employees in offices around the world defecting to other firms and within a very short period of time the world’s largest multinational firm ceased to exist.) “His love, Jack, as artistic director of a regional theater company is also very talented. Enjoy your dinner this evening. Hopefully there is as performance at the Sydney Opera House that Tad and I can attend.” Carson and Kyle boarded the 6:00 ferry at Circular Quay for the 20 minute ride to Mosman Bay. Noah had told them he would meet them at the dock. As the boys stood at the railing viewing the activity in the harbor a man spoke to them. “Good day mates, nice seeing you again.” Both boys perked up as they recognized the man that had been each of their first fucks. As they shook hands he introduced himself as Ethan. “When Noah called me and told me you were coming to dinner I invited myself. If you get lucky, or more important if I get lucky, we will have fun as we did in the sun.” During the short trip they learned that Ethan was a detective on the New South Wales Police Force (The Sydney Police are part of the NSW Police Force). Noah was waiting for them at the dock. Following appropriate public man hugs and a ten minute walk they arrived at the home of Jack and Noah. Their apartment was on the top floor of a three story building overlooking the bay. As soon as they entered there were more man hugs that included kisses and ass patting. Jack had cold beers ready. They were soon sitting at the dining table enjoying the chicken parmigiana expertly prepared by Jack. The discussion was fun. When asked Carson and Kyle told how they had met and Carson’s coming out to Grandpa and then a few days later his coming out to his grandson. The three Australians told how they had discovered each other. They were in the same high school class and football (soccer in USA) enthusiasts who played on the same team. All three had been buddies since primary school. At the age of fourteen the three seemed to linger in the showers following matches. More than once each caught one of the others checking him out. Once Noah could not help starting to get hard when he watched the other two shower. Ethan looked at him and while holding his soft dick said, “Looks like you are having happy thoughts.” Noah was embarrassed and immediately went soft. He hurriedly finished his shower and quickly dressed. Since the three always walked home together he had to wait for the other two or admit that he was ashamed of what happened. Actually Jack and Ethan were intrigued by the thought of seeing their friend hard. As they walked home Ethan, the most outgoing of the three said, “Wonder which of us has the biggest dick?” Since each of the three secretly wanted to check out the others none objected when Jack said, “No one is home at my house. Let’s see who wins.” Without further deliberations the three were soon in Jack’s bedroom with their pants down each measuring his own soft dick. The soft dicks were soon hard. As it turned out Jack by less than a centimeter (less than half inch) was the erect dick winner. No surprise what happened next as three fourteen year old boys stood holding hard dicks. Each intently watched as his friends wanked. Luckily the floor was not carpeted as each shot their loads. This became an almost daily routine for the three. About a week later Ethan brought some pictures to share. He had found them in his father’s desk. They showed man / woman sex performing various sex acts. What intrigued them the most were photos of guys getting blow jobs. When Ethan wondered how it would feel Jack told him he would try it. Within a week all three were gladly sucking off the others. It would be a few years until any would swallow. All attended university with Ethan majoring in psychology, Noah accounting and Jack theater. Ethan then admitted, “While I really enjoy being with my buddies I did not have the same feeling for them that Jack and Noah had for each other. Maybe it was my psychology major, I don’t know, but I accepted the fact that those two were totally into each other while I enjoyed the sex and conversation but wanted to be on my own. I have never been in a serious relationship and don’t search for one. I prefer sex without a commitment. That is just the way I am. I have never had a problem finding sex when I really wanted it. I met a guy at the baths that turned out to be a priest. He comes to my place every week or so. As you know I like to be fucked. He is a wonderful lover with not the greatest personality. I do enjoy his dick as much as he enjoys my ass.” “Well, all this sex talk has got me fired up. Any takers?” For the next hour the three fucked and edged. Finally Noah announced, “My dick is going to fall off if I don’t finish. The four jerked off all cumming on the face of Ethan who eagerly accepted all donations. He then used the combined cum as a lube to finish himself. Following a shower Ethan walked with the boys back to the ferry dock. The following morning the boys shared a slightly edited version of their evening with Grandpa and Tad. They then said goodbye to Tad who was flying back to Adelaide. For the boys it was a sad farewell as they assumed they would never see him again. Grandpa would return to Adelaide in three days, the same day the boys flew home to Cleveland. The final days in Australia would be in the in the Blue Mountains National Park with its iconic lookouts, spectacular waterfalls, walking trails and mountain biking. They stayed at a resort in Katoomba, a two hour drive from Sydney. Being midwinter the resort where they stayed was less than half full. The boys enjoyed hiking and mountain biking while grandpa lounged around the indoor pool. Three days later Grandpa said goodbye to the boys at Sydney airport where they boarded their flight to the USA and an hour later Grandpa / Dale was on his way to Adelaide and Tad. As Dale buckled his seat belt for his two hour Qantas Airways flight he felt totally relaxed. Not only was he returning to his friend, Tad, he was continuing his totally uninhibited life: no pressures, no detailed schedule, just relaxing in an interesting place with time alone and time with the perfect man. When he had phoned Tad to give his arrival information his friend insisted that he would arrange to have Lucas meet him at the Adelaide Airport. Dale protested to no avail that it would not be necessary as he could easily take an airport bus to the center of the city and that doing so was not a hardship since he had little luggage. As Dale waited at the luggage carousel for his suitcase a smiling Lucas approached him. As they drove to the hotel Lucas told Dale that Mr. Suzuki appeared very pleased that his American friend was able to extend his visit. When they arrived at the hotel Lucas carried Dale’s suitcase to the suite. Upon entering the suite he took the suitcase to Tad’s bedroom without hesitation. As Lucas departed he shook Dale’s hand while saying, “It is good to see you again Mr. Valley. Have an enjoyable visit. If there is anything I can do for you do not hesitate to call me.” While saying this he shook Dale’s hand longer than necessary. Dale enjoyed the extra attention received from this handsome young man. Following a late leisurely lunch he took a stroll visiting both the Chinese touristy area and St Francis Xavier’s Catholic Cathedral, both just as few blocks from the hotel. One did not need to be a Catholic to enjoy the beauty of this building whose construction began in the mid 1800s. Dale did not wander far from the hotel as he wanted to be rested when Tad arrived, hopefully by 6:00. As Dale waited in the suite for the arrival of his friend he suddenly realized that his body was tingling with anticipation. When Tad arrived shortly before 6:00 the two embraced. The embrace was followed by intense love making. It was almost 7:30 before they arrived at the hotel restaurant. Tad was happy that the tickets he had purchased for a performance of La Cage aux Folles at the Festival Theater were for their second night together. This first night was just the two enjoying each other. A week later, both refused to make their final night together a sad time. While they knew in their hearts that it might be a long time if at all, months or years, before they were together again. They also realized that their short relationship had awakened feelings that they would cherish. Dale had never considered that he could actually have feelings for another man other than a quick encounter where often he never learned the other’s name. Was there someone in the Cleveland area that could open his heart?
  11. Sorry friends, I had a problem downloading this chapter - Hopefully you can read it now.
  12. The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert is a 1994 Australian comedy drama film telling the story of two drag queens and a transgender woman as they journey across the Australian Outback from Sydney to Alice Springs in a tour bus they have named ‘Priscilla’. A surprise hit it has won many awards including an Academy Award ‘Oscar’ for Best Costume Design. In 2006 it opened as a musical play in Australia. Eventually the hit play, Priscilla – Queen of the Desert (musical), had over 500 performances on Broadway and was performed in over twenty countries. The movie is a must see for gay audiences. It is available on DVD and hopefully on a streaming service. In 1991, three years earlier, Carson, Kyle and Grandpa journeyed from Sydney to Alice Springs in the heart of the Outback on a flight of less than three hours, not the multiday 1,700 miles (2,800 km) road trip taken by Priscilla. As the adventures of Carson, Kyle and Grandpa unfold the time line will be slightly bent and they will see as performance in Alice Springs of the drag queens Mitzi Del Bra and Felicia Jollygoodfellow along with Transgender woman Bernadette Bassinger. …………………………………….. During their three hour half-filled flight Carson and Kyle viewed the landscape from their window seats. For most of the trip the view was the same: brown desert like. Rarely did they see sights of civilization such as houses or even roads. They did see herds of what they thought were cattle. This seemed unusual as there were no farm houses nearby and the terrain appeared too harsh and dry for cattle. Later to their surprise the two learned these herds of large animals they saw from the air were most likely camel herds. Note: Camels in Australia? Camels were imported into Australia in the 1800s from Arabia, India and Afghanistan for transport and heavy work in the outback. But when automobiles and trucks came along they were no longer needed, several thousand were released into the wild. With no natural predators and vast sparsely-populated areas in which to roam, the camels have flourished and are having a huge impact on the wilderness. It is estimated there are about 750,000 camels in Australia (BBC News). After landing they walked down the airstair from the plane to the tarmac into the dry winter outback air of about 70 F (21 C). The highlights of their two night visit to the center of Australia would be a camel tour and Drag Queen show performed by a group from Sydney. As they sat at a table near the stage with Grandpa the boys were mesmerized by the ‘Queens’. These ladies extruded a manly sexy beauty in their elegant flamboyant costumes. What was surreal about the performance was that here in the middle of the Outback over a thousand miles (1,600 km) from the nearest city they were seeing such a performance. Grandpa told them he had seen similar shows in Cleveland with the difference being that the ‘ladies’ from Sydney were more elegant and outrageously dressed here in the Outback of Australia than back in the USA. Dale said this as he sat across the table from his grandson and Kyle. He had told the boys he would purposely sit away from them and not show any indication of affectionate body language. He did not want others to think this dirty old man had hired a couple of ‘rent boys’. When he had used this expression Carson and Kyle looked at him in confusion. Grandpa then explained that a ‘rent boy’ was a male prostitute. He further explained that when an older man like himself was in the company of a young man, especially one in his late teens or early twenties, others would look down on both of them as being a dirty old man with his paid whore. Carson then joked, “So you’re telling us we could make good money selling our dicks to old men?” Grandpa responded with a serious voice, “That is not a joke. It would only happen over my dead body.” During the show the boys felt a little uncomfortable as one of the ladies seemed to take an interest in them. She appeared to be singing directly to them. After her performance as she flounced through the audience she stopped at their table and said in a voice all could hear, “Isn’t it wonderful that such handsome Boys are in the audience.” As she said this some of the men in the audience hooted their approval as the Lady leaned over and kissed each on the cheek leaving a large lipstick imprint. “Now don’t you boys wash those off. I want you to think of me tonight when you do what macho handsome young men do what comes naturally.” Back in their room with the lip imprints still on their cheeks they had another matter to discuss, fucking. The previous day among the rocks of Lady Bay Beach they had closely observed and then participated each in their first topping. Later each had admitted to the other that it was an amazing experience. While both declared they would not bottom each privately wished the other would. While Grandpa rested after their arrival the two wondered around town. During their walk Carson finally admitted to Kyle that he would like to fuck him. Kyle replied that he had been amazed that the guy being fucked the previous day really seemed to enjoy it. While he could not believe it would be a pleasurable experience the face of the guy being attacked told otherwise. With that admission Carson, as they walked down the street, whispered into Kyle’s ear: “Tonight you get fucked.” That simple statement from Carson sent a tingling feeling through Kyle’s body. As he considered the possibility that his love would penetrate him he suddenly realized his dick was painfully erect. Painful because it was hard in the tight constraints of his Levis with nowhere to go but to be bent and hard. Since they would meet Grandpa immediately after their walk around town followed by dinner and the show they would have no time to consummate their love until after the show. After saying goodnight to Grandpa after the show the two entered their room. Suddenly both were shy. Neither knew the appropriate prefuck protocol. To lighten the mood Carson leaned in and kissed Kyle on the lipstick imprint. He then continued kissing him on the lips. “Do you taste the gorgeous Lady?” Kyle returned the kiss with a similar cheek / lip action. As they stood close each leaned in and they were soon deep kissing. Hands roamed the other’s body. Still fully clothed hands moved from nipple play to cock caressing. Then Carson pulled Kyle in tight and his hands embraced Kyles back and then moved down stopping at the ass. He massaged each cheek and then pressed a finger against the crack in Carson’s pants. Kyle moaned as he had feelings never felt before. Somehow, while still embraced they got naked and Carson continued the ass play as their bodies were tightly pressed against each other with two hard dripping dicks entwined. As Carson’s finger moved between the cheeks it found the hole. As it touched the opening he suddenly felt Kyle’s body constrict and the hole tightly closed. Carson immediate thought was ‘How do I enter such a tightly closed door? This will be impossible’. As he thought this he remembered the ass at the beach that was so welcoming and open to him. He remembered how sloppy wet it had been with the lube from the multiple fucks. He removed his hand from the ass area and guided Kyle to the bed. He reached for a condom and the tube of K-Y given to them by Grandpa. When they had been given the supplies the wise old man had said, ‘Keep this handy. I am not going to tell you to use it or how to use it. But if the need arises you must have it available’. At the time the boys were not sure what the old man meant. Now they did! As they cuddled on the bed with Carson’s hand rubbing the ass crack area he was not sure what position they should use. At the baths they had seen guys being fucked while laying on their stomachs as well as doggie style. Among the rocks at the beach yesterday the bottom laid on his back and as each approached had put his legs on their shoulders. Carson decided this would be the best entry position. He told Kyle to lay on his back. Carson then kneeled between his legs. He opened the condom and was unable to roll it on. He discovered he had it reversed. He turned the condom over and again placed it against his dick head. This time he was able to roll it all the way down his shaft. During this delay he had softened. Taking it in hand he stroked it back to full hardness. He then drenched his dick with K-Y again rubbing up and down the shaft. Leaning forward he placed Kyles legs on his shoulders and placed his dick head against the tightly closed hole. He leaned forward and kissed his lover, “Relax, I will not hurt you. If you say ‘stop’, I will stop.” He smiled at Kyle who smiled back. Holding his hard dick tightly against the hole he felt a softening. Gently he pushed in. He didn’t think he had gotten his head in when Kyle cried, ‘STOP, PLEASE STOP’. Carson gently pulled back. He stroked his dick as he waited to try again. Kyle nodded ‘yes’ and he pushed in again. As soon as he had his head implanted he suddenly lost control and his body convulsed as he shot his load into the condom. “Sorry, I just finished.” He leaned forward and the two deep kissed. Kyle was almost in tears when he said, “I’m sorry. As soon as you got just a little in it really hurt. I wanted you so much.” Still kneeling between Kyle’s legs Carson massaged the hole with one finger. He gently shoved his slippery with K-Y finger knuckle deep in. Kyle did not resist. He shoved in further. Kyle was totally emotionless. He went as deep as his finger could go. He then slowly pulled and then went back in. As he pumped back and forth Kyle grabbed his own cock and started stroking. As he jacked faster and faster Carson finger fucked faster. As Kyle started to scream “I’m cumming!” Carson clasped his free hand over his friend’s mouth so everyone in the hotel would not know Kyle was getting it. Geysers of cum spurted out landing on Kyle’s chest and Carson’s hand that was covering the mouth. Kyle reached up and pulled Carson down onto his cum covered chest and lube covered dick. Carson could feel his friend’s heart pulsating as they embraced. Kyle then softly spoke, “That was the most intense cumming of my life. If your talented finger could do that I cannot wait until your cock does it. Not tonight, my ass, my body, needs a rest. But soon. They kissed, showered and were soon sleeping in each other’s arms. The following morning they did the touristy camel ride into the Outback. Grandpa told them at breakfast he planned to visit a museum and might do a ‘jeep tour’ into the Outback. Returning from their excursion they had a quick lunch and returned to the privacy of their room. There was no need for discussion as to what they would do that afternoon. This time Kyle eagerly accepted Carson. While Carson did get in all the way he soon lost control and the party was over, for now. They went to the hotel pool to lounge and swim. After an hour Kyle suggested they return to the room. This time Carson was able to restrain himself and hold off until Kyle had a cumming that was even more intense than the night before. Their next session at bedtime was slow with another intense ending for both. They were now truly ‘fuck buddies’. The following morning at breakfast Grandpa noticed a change in the boys’ demeanor. Apparently something had happened. He assumed the camel ride in the Outback had been enjoyable but not life changing. Since they were not sharing and he would not pry he assumed it was something very private, probably sexual. He also thought to himself, ‘Oh to be young and innocent again’. Immediately after breakfast they boarded a tourist bus that would take them to Uluru. During the six hour ride to one of the world’s most famous natural landmarks they saw the same Outback scenery of almost desert like conditions and sparse growth. The largest town they passed through was Ghan (population 2016 census – 124 residents). Following a lunch break there the bus continued. Uluru – Ayers Rock is one of Australia’s most recognizable natural landmarks. This sandstone formation stands 1,142 feet (348 m) high. The site is of great cultural significance to Native Australians, the Anangu people. It is visited for its beauty (especially sun rises and sunsets), walking tours, local flora and historical significance. Following an interesting visit, including two nights of boy love, the three boarded an early morning flight at the local airport for the 2 ½ hour flight to Cairns, a city on the Great Barrier Reef. After picking up a rental car at the Cairns airport the three arrived at the Lavender Reef Inn. Marcel, the travel agent who had helped them plan the trip, had told Grandpa the Lavender Reef was a gay owned inn. While Marcel had not stayed there he understood this adults only inn was to some extent clothing optional. Since it was too early to check into their rooms the three changed into swimwear in the changing room used by ‘day guests’. As the boys approached the pool they saw two couples lounging around the pool. The male / female couple, probably in their thirties, were laying on their backs on chaise lounges au natural showing her lady parts and his smallish uncut dick. The other couple was two guys in their forties each wearing a very brief bathing suit. They smiled at Carson and Kyle who were wearing the briefest of briefs. They had purchased the sexy almost nothing swimsuits at a shop near the Lady Bay ferry dock in Sydney. Soon after they laid back on chaises a man probably in his fifties arrived. He took off the robe he was wearing displaying an athletic thin, trim body wearing a modest swimming suit. He laid on a chaise on the opposite side of the pool. Grandpa arrived wearing a swim brief that was more daring than anyone would wear at the country club pool back home but somewhat modest by local standards. Carson had always admired the fit body for a man in his sixties and hoped that at that age he would be as attractive. Grandpa smiled at the boys and then sat in a lounge chair next to the handsome man across from them. He was carrying a paperback edition of Robert Parker’s latest Spencer / Boston Private Eye novel. Soon the other man sat up and spoke to Grandpa. The boys realized the man was Asian. As Dale sat reading the attractive fit looking Asian man next to him sat up. “That looks like an interesting book.” Dale replied telling his new friend that he enjoyed the Spencer novels and always carried one with him when traveling. The man introduced himself as Tadashi Suzuki and told Dale his English speaking friends called him Tad. As they exchanged backgrounds Dale learned that Tad was Japanese, an engineer with Mitsubishi and was working on a project at the company’s Australian headquarters in Adelaide. He also learned that Tad was married and had two married daughters and two grandchildren. As their conversation continued that afternoon and the following days Dale discovered that Tad was born in 1940 and had celebrated his first birthday the month prior to the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor. Both his father and grandfather had fought with the Japanese army. His father died in the war. An only child he was raised by his mother, her sister, whose husband also died in the war and his grandparents. They lived in Atsugi about 30 miles (50 km) south of Tokyo near Yokohama. He explained that he had arrived that morning for a long weekend holiday. Dale wanted to ask him why he had chosen a gay owned adults only clothing optional inn but held back for now. Tad had booked an all day snorkeling tour the following day. Dale had wanted to try snorkeling. However he did not want to go alone and realized he would be holding the boys back if he accompanied them as they planned a more intense scuba adventure. When he told Tad his interest the new friend was pleased as he also did not want to venture into the waters of the Great Barrier Reef alone even if he was on a guided tour. Dale immediately went to the inn office and called Tad’s snorkeling tour company. Happily he was able to book a place with the same group as Tad’s. They continued their conversation over a lunch of sandwiches from the inn restaurant eaten poolside. The boys joined them and were introduced as his grandson, Carson, and the grandson’s boyfriend, Kyle. Tad told Dale he planned to visit The Flecker Botanical Garden in Cairns that afternoon and invited Dale to accompany him. Dale gladly accepted. He also invited the boys who politely declined. They planned to visit the ocean beach a short walk from the inn. After the boys departed for their walk to the beach Tad asked Dale what he meant by ‘boyfriend’ when he introduced Kyle. Dale replied that his grandson and Kyle were in a relationship and very much cared for each other. As he told this to Tad he thought to himself that he would not have been so explicit if they were not staying at a gay owned inn with ‘Lavender’ in its name. Tad asked, “What do you think about your grandson being in a relationship with another man?” Dale was a little offended by the question but answered, “If they are happy, I am happy. Kyle is not only handsome, he is smart and ambitious. I wish them happiness and truly accept Kyle as if he were my own son.” Tad replied, “You are a good man to support your grandson. I am sure my grandfather would not have been so accepting of such a relationship.” Dale then explained that while he supported the life style of Carson, his son-in-law, Carson’s father, was unaware of the relationship and both he and Carson were positive he would not accept his son’s man to man relationship and be nasty about it. As the afternoon and evening progressed Dale realized he really enjoyed the company of his new friend. While he thought about a sexual interlude with Tad he was unaware how to approach such an activity. This was the first time in his long life that he actually met someone that he was attracted to as more than just a quickie. He so wanted to touch this man who he found attractive for not only his beautiful body but who was also interesting, compassionate and had a pleasing personality. At the botanical garden he noted that when he needed to use the toilet Tad did not go with him into the large public restroom yet five minutes later went solo to the restroom. Was he shy or did he just not need to go when Dale did? As soon as they returned from the garden Dale went to his room and immediately grabbed his dick that had been twitching all day. As he stood naked in the bathroom he watched his hand pump his throbbing piece. He was proud as his 63 year old dick blasted a load onto the mirror over the sink. Since meeting Tad at poolside and then as they strolled through the garden he visualized his friend’s equipment. Was it natural or cut? Skinny or fat –probably thin like his friend’s body? Big or little – probably on the smaller size to match the trim, thin body? Did the balls hang low or were they tight? How much hair crowned it – his skin was nearly hairless, as they sat by the pool he noted nothing on the chest and only small patches under the arms? Would he ever learn the answers to these mysteries? The discussion at dinner centered on the boys’ questioning Tad about life and customs in Japan. After the boys excused themselves to have a night swim in the pool Tad and Dale continued their conversation in the inn’s bar where they shared beers until 11:00. As they talked each intently stared into the eyes of the other. Dale did not realize that this ‘eye fucking’ was a type of gay man’s foreplay. He so wanted to reach across the small table and touch Tad’s hand or adjust his leg and play kneesies but did not know the protocol. He suddenly realized that at his age he was certainly naive and if Tad had similar sexual feelings might also be inexperienced in cruising. Dale was not surprised when he again found himself naked standing at the bathroom mirror with his dick in hand followed by another blast on the mirror. He woke later that night with thoughts of Tad and a hard dick. Following a few minutes of cock play he fell back to sleep with a smile on his face. Meanwhile the feelings of the Japanese man were identical to those of the American. He had not gone into the public restroom with Dale out of fear of exposing an erect dick as he attempted to piss. While Dale jerked off after the afternoon excursion and evening in the bar Tad was lying on his bed with happy thoughts of the American while taking care of himself. Following an early breakfast the boys enthusiastically departed in Dale’s rental car to their first scuba school session and the senior men drove in Tad’s rental to the dock to board the boat for their all day snorkeling adventure. The beauty of the day of snorkeling exceeded the expectations of Dale. Sharing the experience with Tad made it more meaningful. Unfortunately he had not seen more of Tad’s body than he had seen the previous day around the pool. Upon returning to the inn they agreed to meet at the pool after showering off the salt water. Dale carefully rehearsed what he was going to suggest. They both entered the pool area at the same time after showering. Dale suggested. “We have been outside all day. Let’s get out of the sun and go to my room. I have cold beer in the mini fridge.” “That is an excellent suggestion. I have some snacks from Japan. You will find them interesting and hopefully tasty. I’ll get them and be there in two minutes.” Dale had a problem. Just thinking of what might happen was giving him a hardon. Tad had agreed without hesitation to visit him in the privacy of his room. His brief swim suit left no space for imagination. Then he laughed to himself, ‘If Tad is into guys he will notice and be pleased. If he is not into guys he will not even realize how happy I am.’ Upon Tad’s arrival Dale popped open a couple of beers as Tad unwrapped the Japanese treats. Then Dale stated, “I must be getting old. My legs feel like jelly after day in the water. How do you feel?” “I know what you mean.” Tad asked Dale if he would like his legs massaged. Dale replied with a ‘yes’ full of anticipation. Tad kneeled in front of sitting Dale and placed both hands on the quadricep muscle of the right upper leg. As he squeezed Dale softly purred, “That feels great.” Both men starred into the eyes of the other. As Tad massaged the leg Dale leaned forward and placed his hands on his friend’s shoulders. They continued to stare. Tad smiled. Dale moved his hands down to Tad’s chest and massaged the nipple area. Tad spoke, “You know how to make a man feel wonderful.” Dale leaned forward and Tad raised himself up as their lips met. Next the two were standing. Since Dale was about four inches (10 cm) taller than Tad he spread his legs to lower his body. The men were standing: chest to chest, hard dick trapped in swimwear against hard dick and smiling face close to the other smiling face. Both leaned in and they kissed, closed lips to closed lips. Then each mouth opened and permitted the tongue of the other to explore. Dale released Tad and slowly fell to his knees while having a brief encounter with the nipples. He kissed the bathing suit encased Asian dick. Then he caressed it before slowly pulling the suit down. Out popped a long thin uncut dick with the skin covering the head. Juice was seeping out of the piss hole. The dick was crowned by a small thatch of black hair as it dangled over smooth balls. Pushing the skin back Dale placed his nose then lips on the dick head. The only disappointment so far was that this intriguing piece smelled more of soap than man. Tad pulled Dale up and the two embraced again. Then Tad kneeled and after some difficulty removed the hard dick from the tight briefs holding Dale’s dripping cut piece. He did not slowly inspect as had been done to his. Instead he swallowed it to its base. Dale cried out in pleasure and then pushed Tad away. He whispered, “I’m on the edge of ecstasy.” Tad ignored his plea and moved back in. Dale immediately released a torrent down his friend’s throat. Dizzy from the act he grabbed the shoulders of kneeling Tad. Feeling light headed he moved back to and then laid back on the bed. Tad repositioned his body and laid next to him. Then to the amazement the agile fifty year old while laying on his back raised his feet straight up and then slightly over his head. With his dick directly over his face he stroked himself with one hand while supporting himself with the elbow of the free arm. After a couple of strokes he was shooting down into his open mouth. As Tad readjusted himself to a prone position Dale reached for his face and pressed his lips against the mouth that had just accepted two loads: American and Asian. He then enjoyed the tasting of the international spunk. The two had rested and cuddled about fifteen minutes when there was a knock on the door. Dale got out of bed and put on the robe provided by the inn. He opened it a crack and greeted his grandson. “We had a great day. What time should we meet for dinner.” Then peering over his grandfather’s shoulder he saw the naked Tad in bed who had made no effort to cover himself. “Oh, I see I’m interrupting something. Good for you Grandpa. How about we meet at the restaurant at 7:00.” Carson then did something totally unexpected. He leaned in and kissed his grandfather on the cheek. “I see you are also having a good, no I mean wonderfully great day. Love you.” Then with a twinkle in his eyes, “Don’t forget all the safe sex lectures you gave me.” Dale returned to the bed and shared his conversation. Tad’s reply, “The relationship you have with your blood, grandson is amazing.” Both were rested and rejuvenated. This time the session was long and slow with each savoring the juices of his friend. The conversation at dinner was light centered on the scuba lessons. Dale felt his grandson and Kyle were looking at the two mature men differently this evening. After relating some of their snorkeling adventure Carson replied. “I hope that when I am your age I enjoy life to the extent you two do. I am so happy you enjoyed going deep and seeing beautiful sights.” Then with a smirk Kyle laughed, “Yes, seeing new sights down under can certainly be stimulating and appealing.” Keeping up the banter Tad continued, “Yes, new experiences can be gratifying as well as fun.” After dinner the boys departed for a walk on the beach while the older men went to the bar for a quick drink as each contemplated an evening of passion. They did not linger over the beers and were soon in Tad’s room. The love making was as intense as earlier, just over a longer period of time. Tad suggested they go to bed early and attempt to get a good night’s rest as he planned to rise at 6:15, a half hour prior to sunrise to go to the beach and meditate. He had told Dale that every morning he meditated 30 to 60 minutes. While at home he usually did it on a balcony overlooking his garden. Here he wanted to do it as the sun rose. Dale eagerly accepted the offer to start the day with his new friend. When the alarm went off Dale found himself snuggled against Tad. When he reached for Tad’s morning woodie his hand was pushed away. “We must depart for the beach immediately to catch the morning sun.” After they pissed together Dale started to put on clothes. “Clothes are not necessary. All you need is a towel wrapped around your waist and shoes. At the beach we will sit on our towels as we meditate.” The immediate thought running through Dale’s head, ‘A half hour or more of naked meditation with my handsome friend may be problematic. I hope there is no one else on the beach to observe the hardon I know I will have.’ As they walked from the inn to the beach Tad explained the basic positions he used and how one cleared his head for meaningful meditation. After spreading their towels on the sand next to each other the two assumed the ‘lotus position’ (seated with legs crossed, feet on top of opposite upper leg and hands at the side). Dale soon felt an inner calm as he stared at the ocean. The only interruptions were an occasional bird flying by and the beauty of the sun as it gradually rose on the horizon, first just a sliver of gold and soon a glorious ball of fire. He had seen sunrises before but had never experienced one with such calm, quiet emotion. He was surprised when Tad suggested that it was time to return to the inn. They quietly walked back. Suddenly Dale realized that any sexual thoughts he had had during the meditation were like a blur and he had not gotten the anticipated hardon. However, as they got closer to the inn carnal thoughts returned. As soon as the door was closed he wrapped his arms around Tad as their previously calm dicks responded with mutual hunger. Dale kneeled and savored the musky man odor emitting from his friend’s hard piece. There was not a soapy taste, just man with a hint of sweet sweat. As they tumbled onto the bed Tad rolled Dale onto his side. Tad moved in behind him and placed his hard piece against Dale’s ass crack. “I want to make love to you.” Dale responded, “Do you mean that you want to fuck me.” “Yes.” “My friend, I have never been fucked. Although men have suggested it I have never been with someone that I truly wanted to express their desire and love that way. You, my friend from a land foreign to me, are someone I feel very deeply for and now as I feel you pressed against me would be pleased to feel you totally connected to me. But, as I said, I am a virgin and do not know how to respond or if I am able to respond.” Tad tenderly replied, “Do not worry my friend. I would not hurt you. Hopefully if you feel pain it will be temporary and then turn into a pleasurable feeling unknown to you. If you say ‘stop’, I will gently pull back. First we must prepare.” Tad got off the bed and took Dale’s hand. He led him to the bathroom. He took a plastic bottle about the size of a can of beer out of a box. There was a tube about six inches (15 cm) extended from the top of the bottle. Dale had seen these and knew what it was. Tad briefly explained the procedure for taking an enema which Dale already understood. Tad told him to hold it in as long as possible and then let loose sitting on the toilet. He then told Dale that he would wait in the bed as he took a quick shower. Tad laid on the bed willing himself not to touch his dick that was hard with anticipation. On the nightstand a box of condoms and tube of K-Y were ready. He had placed a towel on the bed in case there were any messes. A clean Dale emerged from the bathroom wearing a dick soft with apprehension. Tad told his friend to lay on his back. He then kneeled between Dale’s legs. He leaned forward and kissed his friend who barely responded. He then sucked on and lightly bit each of Dale’s nipples. Moving down to the still soft cock he kissed it, gently stroked it and then placed it in his mouth. Finally Dale began to relax as his dick grew. Tad, still kneeling between the legs sat up and reached for a condom. After rolling it on his hard dick he opened the tube of K-Y and generously lubed his dick. Then he placed some on his fingers and massaged it around Dale’s tight with fright hole. “Relax my friend. As your President Franklin Roosevelt said, ‘You have nothing to fear but fear itself’.” Dale relaxed and Tad massaged some K-Y into the waiting hole. Then Tad reached for two pillows and placed them under Dale’s ass to raise it and make it easily available. Tad leaned in, placed his dick head against the virgin hole and gently pushed in. Dale had expected pain and just received some discomfort. Tad stopped and smiled. “Are you OK?” Dale nodded yes with a smile. Tad pushed in more. When Dale felt a twinge of pain he quietly cried out. Tad stopped and held his dick steady. He was now half way in. After a brief interlude Dale told Tad he could continue. With a final gentle thrust Tad was in as far as he could go. He waited a short time and pulled half way out and then gently thrust in again. Whatever pain Dale had felt turned into a feeling he had never had before. The smile on his face encourage Tad to increase the tempo. After a couple more thrusts each lost control as the two shot intense loads. Tad fell onto Dale’s cum covered chest. Ten minutes later they crawled out of the bed and showered together. They dressed in T shirts and shorts and went to the inn’s breakfast room. Thirty minutes later they were back in the room. Dale unashamedly stated, “I want you in me again.” He took off his T shirt, dropped his shorts onto the floor and laid on the bed on his back. Tad obliged with pleasure. This time there was a long period of play prior to the act. Also this time Tad teased his friend by pulling out when close and forbid Dale to touch himself. By the time they finished Dale was surprised that this cumming was even more intense than the first. Following a day of sightseeing and a predinner fuck the four met at dinner. The boys enthusiastically described their scuba session. When Dale told about their meditation session Carson asked if he could accompany them in the morning. Grandpa replied, “You are welcome to join us. We head for the beach at thirty minutes before sunrise so we will leave at 6:15. Also, our meditation session is clothing optional. Tad and I will wrap a towel around our waists as we walk to the beach. We will then sit on the towel as we meditate. Wear or don’t wear clothes, just be comfortable. Then Grandpa made an announcement. “Boys, you have four more days here on the Great Barrier Reef. I know you do not need me for entertainment or chaperoning. Late tomorrow morning Tad departs on a flight back to his work in Adelaide. I was able to book the same flight and will accompany him. I will meet you when you return to Sydney. Then we will have three more days of sightseeing prior to departing for home.” Carson replied, “Sounds like a plan. I am sure you will find interesting things to do in Adelaide.” All chuckled.
  13. June 1991 Following their overnight flight from Cleveland to Sydney with a change of planes in Los Angeles the three exhausted savored every moment as they rode the bus from Sydney airport to the hotel. Grandfather had told the travel agent he did not want luxury. Although he could afford to be indulgenced, he wanted them to stay in places where the boys would be comfortable without the pretentiousness of wealth. Although each could have had two checked suitcases and two carryon bags Dale insisted all just have one checked bag, one carryon bag and a small backpack. When traveling with his wife he never had the ease of traveling light. When they arrived at their rooms Dale opened his door to a room with one double bed. The boys’ room two doors down the hall had two single beds. Still in the hall Dale quietly suggested to the boys, “If you would prefer, I would be willing to trade rooms. You may have the one with a large bed and I will sleep in one of the single beds in the room assigned to you.” A smiling Kyle who now called Dale ‘Grandpa’, “Grandpa, I like your suggestion. You are the greatest.” Following lunch Dale booked a Gray Line bus tour of Sydney. He had told the boys that he wanted them to have an overview of the area. The bus tour would not only be relaxing after the long flight this overview would give the boys insight for their future explorations. He explained that a man in his sixties and young men in their twenties would not necessarily want to do the same things and that he assumed they would be on their own for much of their travels. One stop on the tour that especially interested the boys was Bondi Beach. They planned to return on their own the next day. Their gay travel agent had provided a list of places that could be of interest. The boys decided to visit a disco / bar following dinner. Dale was noncommittal as to his plans and told them he would probably just take a walk. Following a light supper the boys took a taxi to the disco / bar. Dale’s walk was short, just six blocks. He was not disappointed when he discovered the City Sauna was similar to the baths in Columbus and Cleveland. Although the place was not crowded he did enjoy seeing an assortment of men. He suddenly realized he was one of the few with a cut dick. He was familiar with the taste and feel of natural men, especially Tom (Polish background) and the Russians: Alex and Vlad. In one of the lounge areas he met a man a few years younger. Following a brief conversation with knees touching and tented towels they went to his room for a brief encounter of the best time. As it turned out the very ordinary looking banker had a hefty, thick natural dick that enabled Dale to prove his first-class sucking abilities. Meanwhile, the boys had taken a taxi to the bar / disco Cactus Club. Since neither had been in a real gay bar they did not know what to expect. Walking in they found themselves in a large dim room. As their eyes adjusted they noted that about twenty guys there. Half were sitting at tables or the bar while the others stood, some alone, some in pairs. They each ordered a beer and then stood against the side wall. They realized most of the men were forty or older. There were only a few that appeared to be in their thirties and none their age. A guy about forty walked over, “Hi, haven’t seen you two before. This your first time here?” Kyle then explained that they were tourists from the USA and had just arrived that morning. Carson told their new friend that they had assumed there would be more men there. Flyn replied, “Since its early nothing much is happening. More will show up after 10pm. On Friday and Saturday nights the place will be crowded by midnight and the dance floor loud and packed. You will see everything from queens with excessive makeup to guys in leather attempting to look macho. Some of those are hot handsome blokes, others, just look silly. This is a normal crowd of regulars early on a weeknight.” They told Flyn they planned to visit Bondi Beach the next day. He replied, “Unless you want to see surfers there isn’t much of interest there this time of year. Being winter you will just see surfers and beach walkers, no hot guys. (In the southern hemisphere the seasons are reversed – winter is June to August, the daily temperature in Sydney in June is usually in the mid 60s to mid 70s -18 C to 24 C). If you want to see guys and possibly get some action go to Lady Bay Beach. There is a gay nude area where even at this time of year you will find an interesting mixture of men.” Flyn then told the boys how to get there by city bus or ferry from the Circular Quay (City ferry dock for commuter ferries). The three talked for about a half hour. Flyn was an electrician. He shared an apartment with another guy who was straight but accepting of Flyn’s life. They decided to leave and as they walked toward the door Kyle spotted brochures, free newspapers and magazines on a table near the entrance. They were mostly guy oriented. Taking one of each they stood in the doorway paging through them. Carson spotted an ad and suggested they go on another adventure that evening. Following his pleasant encounter with the banker Dale showered and then returned to his little room. As he shut the door and sat on the bed his brain and dick had a tense discussion. Brain: “We should go home. This body is exhausted after the twenty-hours of travel (including layover in Los Angeles). You really did not get an adequate rest on the plane. Please, let’s go.” The dick replied, “We are already here. This place is full of available dicks. You can sleep late in the morning. Let’s cruise this place.” The dick won the debate and Dale headed to the whirlpool. The round pool could hold about ten guys. There was an underwater seat around the pool and water jets bubbled warm water into it. There were three others sitting in the bubbling water. He hung his towel and eased himself into the seat. Of the three, two were sitting close and obviously playing with each other under the water. The third sat staring at the ceiling ignoring everyone else. Dale sat there totally at ease. About five minutes later his banker friend entered the area and sat next to him. His magic fingers soon had the banker’s impressive dick hard. Dale played with the skin covering the head rolling it up and then back. His friend was doing marvelous things to his now hard dick and balls. Dale noted all eyes had turned toward two shapes entering the area. They were off to the side and Dale was not wearing his glasses so he could not clearly see them. He was soon surprised, but not shocked to see two young men in their twenties, definitely the youngest men there, stepping into the pool. He concentrated on the young men’s dicks not faces as they said in unison, “Hi Grandpa.” Before Dale could say anything the banker harshly retorted, “Just because this distinguished man is older you shouldn’t make fun of him and call him ‘Grandpa’.” Dale laughed as he replied, “No offense taken. This is my grandson and his friend.” The banker confused, “You brought your grandson to a gay bath house? Wow!” Carson replied. “We went to a gay bar for the evening. But it was not interesting so we decided to come here. We thought Grandpa had gone back to the hotel and would be sound asleep now, not cruising.” Said with a chuckle. Luckily the bubbling water hide Grandpa’s hard dick since it might have been a little awkward for the grandson to see his grandfather getting a hand job. The banker moved away as his dick as well as grandpa’s deflated. This was the first time Dale had seen his grandson’s adult dick. He was pleased that it was nicely shaped and average or a little more in size. Kyle’s was similar. The boys stepped down into the pool and Carson sat next to his grandfather. They discussed the boys visit to the bar and plans for the following day. When the banker stood to leave both boys noted the impressive dick. Kyle commented, “That guy sure has a remarkable piece. I have never seen a natural one like that up close.” Again Dale’s brain and dick had a debate. The brain said, ‘Don’t even think of saying what you are thinking.’ The dick replied, ‘The boys won’t be shocked. This is a gay bath. Guys do stuff here.’ The dick again won as Dale said, “Boys, I am positive that man, a banker, would be willing to let you explore his jewels. He sure does have an interesting piece of equipment. Before you go off exploring I have just one request. When you are ready to go back to the hotel come to my room, number 21, and we can return together. I might be asleep. Just walk in. I won’t lock the door.” With grins on their faces the boys got out of the pool and headed for the shower where the banker was still rinsing off the whirlpool chlorine. As they stepped out of the pool Dale admired the cute bubble ass of his grandson. He thought to himself, ‘Wish I had been twenty-two in the 1990s not 1940s’. When the banker finished his shower the boys followed him down the hall. Entering his room he left the door open. The banker sat on his bed and looked at the boys. He smiled, “Come in”, as he thought to himself please cum in. The boys stepped in, closed the door and kneeled to worship the fifty year old hefty, thick natural rising piece. Kyle reached and pulled the skin back and sniffed the moist head that smelled more of soap than man. Since this was Kyle first close encounter with a natural head he did not know he was missing the odor of the musk of a man. Carson leaned in and kissed it prior to swallowing it to its base. Kyle exclaimed, “How do you do that? I doubt if I can get more than the head in my mouth.” Carson released his mouth grip and used his hand to point it toward Kyle’s mouth. The novice in sucking gagged after taking half of the long, thick shaft. The banker enjoyed the deep penetration into the throat of Carson and tolerated the bumbling attempt by Kyle who did not know what to do with his teeth in such a situation. Since his fifty year old dick did not rejuvenate as fast as that of a younger man he had no problem holding off completion while the two youngsters played. Eventually he told the boys to stand and he kneeled. Sucking one and then the other he next got the head of each in his mouth simultaneously. Stroking each with his hand he soon was swallowing two loads of youthful nectar. Suddenly both boys realized how tired they were. They found Grandpa and the three returned to the hotel. The boys told grandpa they planned to go to a beach the following day. He replied that he would sleep until noon and then visit museums and the Royal Botanic Garden. At 9:00 the following morning Kyle woke up, pissed and admired his sleeping mate. He was tempted to initiate play time but realized he was still tired and crawled into bed, snuggled against his friend and was soon asleep again. What seemed like minutes later turned out to be hours. At 11:30 he woke and admired a naked Carson’s backside who was looking out the window. Carson turned around and when he realized Kyle was awake he announced, “This is not a good beach day. It is pouring rain.” Then taking his cock in his hand he asked, “What shall we do?” Forty minutes later the two rested boys thanks to a long sleep and rejuvenated thanks to a happy encounter knocked on grandpa’s door. They were not surprised that there was no answer. They slipped a note under the door stating they would return at 6:00 pm and have dinner with him if he was available. Since they had missed the buffet breakfast at the hotel they found a restaurant and had a substantial lunch. At dinner that evening they discussed their activities of the day and plans for the evening. Dale had visited the Art Gallery of New South Wales and taken a backstage tour of the famous harbourside Sydney Opera House (opened in 1973 it is considered one of the 20th century’s most famous and distinctive buildings). He had been able to obtain a last minute single seat for the performance that evening of Verdi’s opera Aida. Carson told about their visit to the Powerhouse Museum located in a converted electric tram power station. As an engineering student he wanted to visit this technology museum that included collections related to transport, science, space and steam engines. Their plans for the evening were to return to the Bar / Disco after 10:00 pm. Both Grandpa and the boys had outdoor activities planned that were cancelled due to the rain. Grandpa decided to visit the Royal Botanic Garden the following morning, Saturday. The boys discussed what they might see at Lady Bay Beach. Grandpa laughed, “So you want to see a bunch of nude men at a gay beach? Is that why we traveled half way around the world?” Carson replied with a smile, “Yes”. Then after a moment he continued, “Why don’t you join us. The ferry departs from Circular Quay a short distance from the garden. We don’t want to arrive at the beach until early afternoon. We could visit the garden, have a quick lunch and then take the ferry – to see the fairies – us included.” Grandpa replied, “Do you think I traveled half way around the world to see nude Australian men at a gay beach? Is it appropriate for a grandfather to take his grandson to such a decadent place?” Carson replied with a smile, “To answer both of your questions: Yes and Yes. Considering our chance meeting at the bath house I don’t think we have anything to hide, either body or soul.” Since the boys were planning to just observe action at the disco and not have a late night to early morning experience they agreed to meet for breakfast at 9:00. Following a hearty breakfast the three decided the thirty minute walk to the gardens would be refreshing. As they walked Grandpa told about the opera performance and the boys related their impressions of the disco. The explained that by midnight the place was packed with a combination of straights and gays. The dancing man/man, woman/woman and woman/man couples had no inhibitions. While kissing and hugging was common there was no obvious sexual activity. When they went to the toilet to piss away the beer they were both disappointed and actually relieved that there was no sign of gay sex happening there. Overall it was an interesting evening but nothing that they were eager to repeat. The Royal Botanic Garden was as spectacular as the guide book described. Opened in 1816 it is one of the most important historic botanical institutions in the world. They were intrigued by the Grey headed Flying Foxes, a large species of fruit bat roosting in the trees. This colony which could reach up to 20,000 bats was a natural disaster causing significant damage to trees especially around the Palm Grove Centre where dozens of historic trees were killed or severely damaged (information from Wikipedia). (A few years later using humane techniques the bats were encouraged to leave and now are causing environmental problems in other areas). Following lunch at the restaurant in the heart of the garden the three continued their adventure walking to the ferry terminal at Circular Quay to catch the boat to Watson’s Bay. The ride through Sydney harbour was spectacular. Even in mid-winter with a temperature of 25 (77 F) there were many sail boats and wind surfers on this warm for June Saturday afternoon. On their left they viewed the Sydney Harbour Bridge while passing the famous harbourside Opera House on the right. In less than thirty minutes they were docking at Watson’s Bay. As grandpa took out his map to find the way to Lady Bay Beach Kyle noticed a number of men of various ages and shapes with a few really hot ones walking north from the dock. “I don’t think we need a map Grandpa. Let’s just follow those guys or as the Australians call them ‘blokes’.” Having scanned the map grandpa agreed the blokes were headed in the direction of the gay beach. With pleasure they followed the bubble asses of two handsome Aussie men wearing tight black leather very short shorts. When the hotties stopped at a kiosk to buy water Kyle approached them. “Excuse me. We are new to Sydney and have heard there is a private area where men sunbathe. Are you familiar with such a place? Could you direct us?” One of the hotties replied, “That accent, are you Americans?” Kyle replied ‘yes’. “Welcome to Australia. If you are looking for a place where guys can get naked follow us. That is our plan. You three together?” “Yes we are. This is my buddy, Carson and his grandfather, Dale.” They all shook hands. “He really is my grandfather, not just some old guy with a couple of twinks. A couple of months ago we discovered Grandfather and the two of us liked men. There is no doing stuff with grandpa. That would be weird. So when we find a nice spot to enjoy the sun he will probably wonder off in one direction and Carson and I will do what pleases us.” “You guys sure are lucky. Both of our granddads would cut our balls off if they knew what we were up to today. Let’s go.” When they finally reached an area with private sections hidden by rocks they were grateful for the guidance of the cute Aussies, Jack and Noah. They had passed two single guys, two couples and a group of five. All were naked – some on their backs displaying various cock shapes, some on stomachs and others sitting. Then Noah pointed to an area somewhat hidden by rocks, “That would be a good spot for you three. Jack and I are going over there.” At this point Grandpa Dale was slightly nervous about his modesty. While he had seen both Carson and Kyle fully naked at the baths they had only seen him as he sat in the bubbling pool. Then he chided himself. He had nothing to be ashamed of and spread out his towel and then dropped his pants displaying his average size cut dick. He then realized Kyle and Carson were more interested in watching their new friends undress than the old grandpa. Both Noah and Jack removed their tight shirts and then lowered their shorts revealing two above average natural dicks hanging over swinging balls. Jack looked over at the boys who had just lowered their shorts. He called over, “Beautiful day for getting sun. We are lucky. We don’t get this many warm, sunny days in the winter.” He said this while apparently proudly displaying his forty something year old body. The Aussies laid down on their backs, placed their arms and hands behind their heads displaying fine-looking bodies. As Carson turned to spread his towel he secretly checked out his grandfather. He was proud that this man who provided part of his gene base was fine looking, especially for someone in his sixties. The boys laid on their backs with eyes closed and half hard as they thought about what might happen this afternoon. Their solitude was interrupted when a shadow appeared blocking the sun. Carson opened his eyes and there standing over him with his glorious soft dick was Noah. “Jack and I would like to take a walk around. Would you be willing to watch our gear?” Carson sat up with his eyes now even with the cock just about 30 cm (one foot) from his face. “Sure, no problem.” As the two Aussies walked away they noted Jack was carrying a small man purse. Grandpa spoke up, “Why don’t you two check the place out? I’ll watch all of our stuff. When you come back I want a full report. Then I might take a walk.” As the boys walked they saw sights of interest. When they turned between two rocks they almost stepped on a chubby guy of about fifty laying on his back stroking a short fat uncut dick. He smiled and invited them to join him. Kyle replied, “Thanks for the offer. We’re just out for a walk.” They passed a man on his stomach reading, a guy leaning against a rock as another guy sucked him off, and other naked men talking or resting. Then as they rounded a corner Kyle who was leading stopped and then pushed Carson back. He whispered into his friend’s ear. They both crept forward and peered around a rock. They spied a guy on his back being fucked by Jack. Noah was standing next to his friend stroking his dick as the other fucked. Noah looked up and to the distress of the boys looked straight at them. Before they could retreat Noah smiled and motioned for them to come forward. Tentatively Kyle and Carson approached and stood next to Noah who was stroking himself as he watched his friend fuck. Almost immediately Jack moaned and pushed in hard. He then pulled out his condom covered dick. Then Noah opened the man purse and took out a condom and rolled it onto his dick. As Jack stepped aside Noah kneeled and shoved in. Then as Noah pumped Jack removed his condom, wrapped it in a tissue and took a small plastic bag out of the purse and disposed of it. Placing the bag back in the purse he chuckled to the boys, “I’m not saving it, just not wanting to mess up this beautiful place.” He then reached into the purse and took out two condoms. He handed one to Carson. “This guy really wants it. He is a good friend. Feel free to do him a favor.” He then handed the other to Kyle. Neither Carson nor Kyle had ever fucked. In fact they had avoided the subject even though they had seen fucking at the baths back in Ohio and numerous fucks on the porn tapes they watched together. Watching the handsome Jack and now Noah fuck up close really turned them on. Both their cocks were hard as rock although neither had touched himself or the other. When Noah pulled out Kyle with no hesitation or instructions having already rolled on a condom moved in. As he shoved his dick into the well lubed ass the feeling was like no other he had ever felt. Much to his disappoint and the guy being fucked he did not last long. Carson moved in with similar short term results. “You guys must have really been ready, didn’t last long. I’m sure our friend will be here all afternoon. Having just tossed your load you should last longer next time.” The four walked back to their spot together. They gave grandpa a summary of their observations leaving out their first fucks. Grandpa then took a walk. When he returned about thirty minutes later his dick appeared moist and had a drop of cum at the hole. The boys were happy that grandpa evidently had had an adventure. While grandpa was gone the boys and their friends rested. As soon as grandpa returned Noah called over. “Jack and I are taking a walk. Why don’t you join us?” The four returned to the same rock cropping and same ass. This time when Noah fucked he pulled out after awhile and told Jack to take over. Jack did the same and Kyle took over with Carson following. All had edged rather than cumming. Each repeated the routine twice and then each shot on their third round. When they returned grandpa said, “You boys look like you had an exhausting walk.” Two hours later they agreed it was time to return to the ferry. Their friends saw that they were packing up and told them they were also going. During the walk back to the ferry grandpa suggested they stop at a bar where he would with great thanks treat his new friends. Two hours later following beers and then a steak dinner the five boarded a ferry back to the city. They exchanged address and phone numbers. Noah and Jack were invited to visit Cleveland. When it was suggested they meet the following day grandpa told their friends that unfortunately they had a morning flight to Alice Springs
  14. As Carson hung up the phone he said to himself, ‘What in the heck could Grandpa want to discuss that requires a personal visit?’ The following Wednesday Carson waited on an outdoor bench next to the entrance to the visitor parking garage near his dorm. When he saw his Grandpa arriving he rode with him into the garage. Grandpa suggested they get coffee and find a quiet place to talk. It was a warm spring day so they sat on a park bench adjacent to a lawn area where students sat on the grass talking, studying or resting while shirtless young men provided eye candy as they tossed Frisbees. “There are a couple of important issues I want to discuss with you. Recently you honored me by coming out. It was a brave act and I am very pleased that you sought me out as someone to share such intimate information. Now I have news for you. I also have the same feelings as you. The difference is that I grew up in a very different time. When I attended high school and college in the 1940s the concept of being gay did not exist to me. It was joked about but it was extremely unlikely that anyone would come out except to other gays. Actually the term gay was not used back then to identify a homosexual. Possibly terms like ‘Fairy’ or ‘Queer’ were used. I do not remember. Meeting other gays was virtually impossible as everyone hid their orientation so well that there were no other gays. I went to the large Cleveland Public Library once when in high school to find out about homosexuals. The only information was that the average homosexual man was tall, well dressed and likely to be a loner. Since then I have learned they come in all body builds, professions and ages. When I graduated from high school in 1946 I knew I had feelings that were different from my friends many of whom were obsessed with getting laid. But I did not know why I felt different. Today you have role models: On TV there is Billy Crystal as Jodi Dallas on Soap and Steven Carrington, playing the part of a shrewd respected businessman on Dynasty from 1981 to 1989, Elton John’s popularity has increased since he came out in 1976, and Senator Barney Frank, a respected member of the United States Senate from Massachusetts has been re-elected since coming out.” “I married your grandmother immediately after graduation from college. That was what was expected. We have had a good life and I have been a good husband. You at age 21 have Kyle. I never had a Kyle in my life. That’s the way it is. If you are in a sexual relationship with Kyle I am happy for you. If not, I hope someday you find the right guy.” “There is an unspoken rule among gay guys, ‘you do not out someone’. That is for them to do. I will not share your announcement with others and I hope you do not share mine. However, If you want to share with Kyle that is OK with me. Concerning sex lives, I am not going to pry into yours and will not share mine with you. You are free to give me any details you want to and ask questions. That is you decision.” “Now, to completely change the topic of our conversation. As you know your grandmother and I travel often. We have been to Europe a number of times as well as South America, Hawaii and many places in the USA. When she and I travel together everything is first class. We stay in the best hotels, visit the most famous museums, cathedrals and other tourist sights. We never mesh with the locals. We are usually on a tour bus looking out the window, never being part of the local scene. I remember once when we were in Vienna we talked to an American couple who had visited Grinzing, a village on the outskirts of Vienna famous for wine. They had gone on their own by tram (streetcar) and returned on the last tram of the evening packed with happy Viennese singing and having a good time. Meanwhile we were staying at the five star Sacher Hotel, eating famous pastries and never talking to a local except hotel staff and tour guides, all who were being paid to talk to us. I envied those tourist visiting a local restaurant and riding the tram with happy Viennese. Your grandmother thought the concept barbaric. I want to travel and be part of the local area, not just a tourist with his nose in a guidebook.” “You have until mid-September before departing for your Peace Corps training. I would very much like to travel someplace in the world with you. We would not travel first class, but happy class. Also, you may invite Kyle to join us. I would pay all our expenses including Kyle’s. I have made a list of possible itineraries. These are just suggestions. You are welcome to suggest other destinations. I am suggesting we travel two to three weeks.” Dale handed his grandson the list: London, Ireland and Highlands of Scotland, Paris and Swiss Alps, Australia including Outback and Great Barrier Reef, California coast from San Francisco to Los Angeles, National Parks including Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. “Wow, what an opportunity. I will ask Kyle. But there is a problem. Kyle works in the warehouse of the factory where his father is a foreman. He needs the money for his expenses here at Ohio State. He is not fortunate to be a ‘Trust Fund’ student like me.” Dale was silent for a few moments while he considered the situation. “I would be willing to give Kyle the money he would lose by traveling with us. But I won’t. While I could easily afford to, it might be considered an insult by him and his parents.” A period of silence followed. Then Dale spoke again, “I have investments in some small businesses. I know I could find Kyle employment in Cleveland. Probably I could find work for both of you. Living at your home with Kyle might be difficult. Between your father’s antagonism toward your Peace Corps and the fact that your life style would be stifled for the two of you. I am sure we could find a cheap place for you to live that would provide the privacy I assume you desire. Discuss the travel and work possibilities with Kyle before I take you two out to dinner. If Kyle does not have a passport he must apply immediately if we travel outside the U.S.A.” Dale had made reservations at a popular, moderately priced Italian restaurant for their dinner. While he could have afforded Columbus’s most expensive and elegant restaurant he wanted Kyle to see him as a person to be respected for who he was, not what he had. After meeting with his grandson he visited Club Baths on his own. While there were few other men on a weekday afternoon he enjoyed himself. Visits to the steam room, a group session in the large dark room with a carpeted platform in the middle and another one on one in his room resulted in a relaxing and satisfying afternoon. As he drove to the entrance to Carson’s dorm he saw the two young men waiting. At Just under six feet (183 m) thin, dark hair, horn rimmed glasses, brown eyes and a happy smile Kyle appeared to be a confident young man as he introduced himself. At dinner the conversation centered on the summer travels. While Grandpa was at the baths the boys were in the library researching the destinations suggested. At first they had discounted southern hemisphere Australia since a June visit would be in mid-winter. Kyle had found a reference that stated: Northern Australia’s 'dry season' (during the Australian winter) is a time of lovely sunny days and warm temperatures, well suited for exploring on land or underwater. The tidal currents around the Great Barrier Reef are gentler, creating good snorkeling conditions. (audleytravel.com) Since Ohio provided few opportunities for snorkeling or scuba diving neither had done any but each wanted to try it. When they announced Australia as their first choice Grandpa agreed stating they had made an excellent choice as both Europe and the National Parks were extremely crowded in the summer. Grandpa assured the boys that he could arrange summer jobs for them in the Cleveland area after the travels. If a cheap apartment could not be found they could stay in the guest room at his home. By the end of the week the boys were to give him a list of special places they would like to visit and he would contact a travel agent. Kyle was positive his parents would be OK with the plans as long as he could earn money during the summer. Later that evening Kyle called his parents to discuss his plans. The following day he applied for a passport. That weekend Carson and his grandfather had a long conversation on the phone. If possible they would like to take scuba lessons and dive in the ocean of the Great Barrier Reef. If that was not possible they would snorkel in the area. Both he and Kyle enjoyed swimming and had been going to the university pool every day to improve their skills. The other must see places were the rugged outback and Bondi Beach in Sydney. They realized the waters of Bondi Beach in southern Australia would probably be too cool to encourage crowds but they wanted to at least stroll on this famous beach. Dale / Grandfather had contacted some of his friends to help him find a travel agent knowledgeable in ‘gay travel in Australia’. Through a friend of a friend who knew a gay man who traveled the world he found a travel agent in Chicago familiar with both travel and gay life in Australia. When during a long phone conversation Marcel, the travel agent, discovered the gay grandfather was taking his gay twenty-one year old grandson and boyfriend on a tour of Australia he became captivated by the concept. Two days later Marcel phoned Dale with a suggested itinerary and was preparing a list of gay places of interest to both the boys and the older man. An interesting place to stay was a gay owned inn nears Cairns, a city on the Great Barrier Reef. There was a scuba school near the resort. Marcel asked Dale if his grandson and boyfriend would be comfortable at a gay owned inn where nude sunbathing and swimming in the pool and nearby ocean beach happened They would likely be the youngest guests and be ogled by older men. Marcel also had information about bath houses, bars, clubs and beaches that would be of interest to gays. The following day Dale drove to Columbus and took his grandson and Kyle out to dinner. They discussed the suggested itinerary that included Sydney and Bondi Beach, Alice Springs in the center of the outback with a side trip to Uluru (Ayer’s Rock) one of Australia's most recognizable natural landmarks, and the highlight of the trip, a week in or near Cairns on the Great Barrier Reef where scuba lessons were available. He then told the boys about the gay inn where they might be the youngest guests. He explained there would be nudity especially around the pool. While they would not be required to go natural it was common. The boys assured grandfather that nudity would not be a problem. Carson joked, ‘If most guests are older than us and they enjoy checking out our young, innocent bodies so be it. They can look, just not touch.” Dale called Marcel the following morning and the itinerary was finalized. Marcel was pleased to work with this man who had little concern about costs. The following Friday evening the boys shared a pizza in Kyle’s dorm room. His roommate had gone home for the weekend to have a ‘fucking good time’ with his girlfriend. Carson decided he would disclose his coming of age in the world of man sex that he had never shared with anyone. “When we talked about our first manly experience I did not share all with you. Now I know you better and want to share with you events that I have never told anyone. On my twelfth birthday my grandfather gave me a Schwinn Traveler 10 speed road bike. The day after my birthday I took a ride to a park I had never visited before. I needed to take a crap and saw a public toilet. I entered and went into the first stall. While doing what I had gone there to do someone entered. He approached the piss trough that was next to the two stalls. I was in the stall nearest the pissing place. It was then that I realized that there was a small peep hole that gave a view of a guy pissing. I looked through the hole and saw his dick. This was the first time in my life that I could examine an adult man’s dick. I had seen a few at the men’s shower room of the country club my parents belong to and I had seen my dad’s a couple of times. But I knew that one did not stare at a guy’s dick so had never had an opportunity to check one out in detail. Now that I have seen more I realize now that this guy had nothing special. After he pissed he squeezed it, shook it and put it back in his pants. I decided to wait and see if anyone else entered. Soon another man entered. He stood at the end of the trough right next to my peep hole. I could clearly see his dick that was about a foot (30 cm) from my eye. His was bigger than the first. He took a long piss. When he finished he shook it, then shook it more and suddenly I realized it was getting bigger. Soon he had a full hardon that he began stroking. Never had I seen a hard dick before except for my little twelve year old one. He stroked slow and then faster. Then to my amazement he grabbed it tight as white stuff shot out. He squeezed out the last drops and as he was putting it back in his pants someone entered and said, ‘Hey dad, mom told me to tell you the charcoal fire is ready for grilling.’ He departed. I pulled my pants up and left the stall and inspected the wall of the trough where he had been standing. There was white stuff on it. I went back to the stall and waited to see if someone else came in. As I thought about what I had seen I realized my dick was getting hard. I pulled down my pants and put my hand around my little dick as the man had done to his big one. Then I moved my hand up and down the shaft like he had done. I got a feeling like I had never had before, tingling and good. Suddenly some white stuff came out of the piss hole. Not much, but my whole body reacted and for a few minutes I felt weak. I just sat there and looked at my dick and the couple of drops that had come out. Then I just thought, maybe I did a little because I’m small and guys do more like the guy I watched. I remembered waking up a few times with wetness in my pajamas. I thought I had just pissed a little. That confused me but I did not think much about it. Then I heard another person enter and again looked through the peephole. This guy had a very different dick. It was the same size as the second guy with the bigger one but there was no round thing at the end like mine and the other dicks I had seen. It was just skin to the end. He pissed out of a hole in the skin. That was my first observation of an uncut dick. When he finished he just shook it and put it back in his pants. That had been an amazing adventure. First I was able to observe my first dick, then a big dick jerking off and cumming, then my little dick cumming and finally the strange dick with all the skin. I rode my bike home and for the rest of the day could not get any of my observations and my own activity out of my mind. That night I took my dick in hand again had an amazing feeling followed by a small amount oozing out.” “Obviously I returned to my special place the following day. There were a few more observations including another skin covered one. This time the guy pulled his skin back when he pissed and exposed a dick that looked like mine and the others. After he pissed he shook it and pulled the skin back over the end. Although this was ten years ago I remember all those dicks as if it I saw them today. Much to my disappointment I did not see any more hard ones or hand jobs.” “About a month later I was riding through the park and saw a guy in my class talking to some older boys. I stopped to talk. They were waiting for a friend who was bringing a pack of cigarettes. When the friend arrived one of the older boys asked me if I wanted to join them in the woods for a smoke. I had never smoked but was up to it and also did not want to appear as chicken. We rode to a secluded area and sat in a circle. The pack was opened and I had my first puff. I coughed and the others laughed and then told me how to inhale. As we sat there one of the older boys who was probably about fifteen said, ‘This makes me horney. I’m going to jack off’. He pulled down his pants and proudly showed off a dick that was bigger than any of the rest of ours. Then he said, ‘Anyone who doesn’t join has to kiss my dick.’ I pulled down my pants as the others did. Much to my relief I did not have the smallest one. The five of us kneeled in a circle and jacked together. The one who started it shot a healthy load. The rest of us eventually shot less impressive loads. One of the boys was uncut so I had an opportunity to see it close and in action. A few days later the uncut boy rang our doorbell. My mother answered. He introduced himself to her as Jim in my class. Actually that was a lie as he was two years older. We went for a bike ride and you will not be surprised to hear that we ended up in some bushes. He pulled out his dick and I did the same. He asked if I wanted to touch it. Of course I did. When he pulled it out it was soft with the skin covering the head. I touched it and it started to grow. It was an amazing sight to pull the skin back and expose the moist head.” What Carson did not tell Kyle was that Jim told him to kiss it. When he kissed it he could taste the musk of an uncut man. Jim then played with Carson who was hard by now. Jim kissed Carson’s and then took it in his mouth. The feeling by the virgin to sucking was amazing. Jim then stopped and told Carson to do the same. That first taste of a boy dick initiated Carson into the joy of sucking. He and Jim took daily bike rides. By the end of the second week Carson savored his first load. He soon became obsessed with dick sucking. By the time Carson was sixteen the circle jerks and encounters with Jim and the others ended as they apparently got more interested in girls. Carson never told any of his friends about the peephole at the park toilet. Not because he was ashamed but because he did not want to share it. Kyle was the first boy or man Carson met who he liked as a person, not just a jerkoff buddy. So far their encounters had consisted of cuddling, kissing and giving each other hand jobs. That evening Carson decided he wanted more. While watching TV they began their usual touchie – feelies. They sat on the sofa with shirts removed and pants lowered. They kissed as they stroked each other. Then Carson made the big move. He got on his knees in front of his friend and played with his dick just inches from his eyes. He then leaned in and kissed it. He licked the shaft and then swallowed it to the base. He then pulled out with his lips on the swollen head and then plunged in with the dick deep into his throat. He continued the movement until Kyle warned him that he was close. Carson wanted to go deep and swallow the load but was not sure what his friend’s reaction would be. If this was just some encounter at the bathhouse he wouldn’t care and would have taken it. He pulled his mouth away and let Kyle blast onto his stomach. Carson then sat next to his friend and finished himself. What Carson did not know was that Kyle had similar concerns about sucking. Relieved that his friend would not be turned off by the act within thirty minutes Kyle was returning the favor. Within a week each was happily accepting the load of the other and then kissing so to share what had dribble onto the lips. A week later Carson got up the nerve to discuss bathhouses with Kyle. He asked him if he had ever visited one. Kyle had absolutely no idea what Carson was talking about. After Carson described the activities that take place his friend asked him, “Do you want to go there with me so we can mess around with other guys?” Carson did not want to admit he would be up to it with the right guy so he replied, “No, I am suggesting we go and watch not get involved. We can have our own room with a door that locks to mess around with each other.” The following afternoon they visited Club Columbus. In the small room they shared they got naked and wrapped towels around their waists. As they explored walking down the hall a few doors were open. In one a man of about sixty sat on the bed playing with himself. He smiled at the boys as they passed. The man in the next room was lying on his stomach with feet toward the door. As they continued down the hall Carson told his friend that lying like that usually was an invitation to fuck. Kyle was familiar with fucking as they had seen guys doing it in a gay porn magazine he had purchased at a newsstand with a X rated, for adults only back room. He asked Carson if he had ever fucked or been fucked. Carson truthfully replied that he had not done either. After a visit to the steam room where they saw outlines of guys through the steam sucking, they showered and returned to their room for quality time together. Later, more exploring took them to a room with bed like platforms along the wall. To the amazement of both a guy of about thirty was getting fucked by an older man while two others watched and played with their dicks. Apparently the older guy shot his load. He pulled out and removed a cum filled condom. One of the other guys stepped up and positioned himself so he could shove in. He was not wearing a condom and the guy on his back pushed him away. Then he reached for a condom and handed it to the ready one. This guy, also about thirty, slightly chubby, rolled it on his small dick and pushed in. In less than a minute he squealed with pleasure and pulled out. Meantime, another man was ready already wearing a condom. The two watched with interest and then returned to their room. They discussed fucking and both agreed neither wanted to either fuck or be fucked. Actually while both stated fucking was not something they wanted to do each privately wondered what it would be like. They were both horned up from the observations and soon were in a 69 position followed by a kissing and cuddling position followed by a lot of tenderness with each forcing a stop before cumming. Thirty minutes later each shot powerful loads. A month later Professor Peter Smith attended a reception for graduating mechanical engineering students. Since there would be thousands of students graduating that spring from all majors at the university these smaller receptions for students of a specific major gave the students, parents, friends and professors an opportunity to meet on a more intimate basis. Peter spotted Carson with his grandfather and others who were most likely his parents and grandmother. As he approached them the grandfather smiled and held out his hand, “It is so nice to see you again, Professor Smith. I would like to introduce you to Carson’s parents and grandmother.” As introductions were made Peter felt hostile vibes from Carson’s father. The mother, daughter of the friendly outgoing grandfather, appeared quiet and shy as she mumbled a soft acknowledgement to Peter’s friendly greeting. The father spoke, “Today we celebrate my son’s graduation. It would be a happy celebration if he had prepared himself for meaningful employment. Instead he chooses a major that is of no value to the family business and then to our confusion announces that he is giving two productive years to roaming aimlessly around the world on some kind of a lark.” Grandfather looked at Peter and rolled his eyes. Peter responded, “I am sure the two years with the Peace Corps will give him valuable life lessons. I wish such opportunities existed when I graduated from university thirty years ago.” Then turning to Carson he said, “Could I take you away from your family for a minute? I have one lingering question about your conclusion in the interesting and professional final project you submitted.” As they stepped aside Peter quietly asked Carson, “Now I understand your and your grandfather’s comments about your father. Excellent decision to distance yourself from him. Two years in the Peace Corps will make you an even more confident man. Keep me posted on your adventures.” A few minutes later grandfather approached Peter, “It’s amazing that my grandson has developed into such a confident young man despite his asshole father. Thank you for being the mentor he needed. Also, I would give you a man hug if we were in private. A gigantic thanks for introducing me to the baths. I have had a couple of enjoyable afternoons at Club Cleveland. Also more thanks for introducing me to your friend Vlad. I have had lunch with him a couple of times. He is an amazing man with an interesting background. Never did I think I would meet someone who was a lover of a Soviet general, who interrogated Nazi prisoners and then spied for the US Army. If Vlad wasn’t in an exclusive partnership with Aiden I would invite him to my bed. He introduced me to some of his friends including Alex. Alex and I went to Club Cleveland Baths last week. I was amazed when he told me he was eighty-one years old. He looks twenty years younger, what l handsome, virile body. I know you are not surprised that he offered his Russian ass to me and a few others there. When I told him I would see you at this reception he told me to tell you, and these are his exact words, ‘tell Peter my ass is waiting for a visit by his massive dick’. “ Peter laughed as he replied, “Tell my friend I am visiting my parents next week and will call him when I am in the area. Maybe the three of us could get together for lunch followed by dessert.” “Look forward to it. Now I must get back to the family and try to protect my grandson from his father as I have been doing all his life.” The following week Peter did not have lunch with Dale and Alex. Tom took Thursday off and the two drove to Pleasant Valley early in the morning. They each had lunch at their parents’ homes. Then they drove to downtown Cleveland and met Alex and Dale at the baths. Alex happily offered his Russian ass to all three. In the past following such an encounter Alex’s love and partner, Roland, would cuddle as the tops departed. Roland had passed away. This afternoon Dale stayed with Alex in their small room as Peter and Tom roamed the halls that included two three ways with obliging new temporary friends.
  15. Spring 1991 A week before Easter Carson bounced into Peter’s office smiling and holding a piece of paper. As he waived the paper he announced, “I have been accepted into the Peace Corps. It may be a month or more before I receive a date for my training to begin. Hopefully it will begin soon after graduation. But it may not happen until the fall. Also I may not know where I will serve until later, possibly not until my training begins. But, I am going. Professor Smith, thank you, thank you, thank you for having faith in me and making the suggestion to apply. That resulted in not only my joining the Peace Corps but also meeting Kyle. I would give you a hug but that might not be appropriate considering our past history.” Peter stood and walked to the young man. “Today a man hug is appropriate.” As Peter hugged his former student he saw the Dean walk past his door. Peter walked to the door and called out to the Dean who was walking down the hall. “Dean White, Please meet one of my former students. He just gave me good news.” The Dean turned around and returned to Peter’s office. “Dean White, our student Carson Saugen has just been accepted into the Peace Corps.” Realizing that the Dean may have seen them hugging Carson said, “I am indebted to Professor Smith. Last semester when I was having a really rough time both academically and personally he took the time to talk to me. It was his suggestion that I consider the Peace Corps. He is really a great teacher and person.” As the Dean shook Carson’s hand, “I’ve known Professor Smith for years. It is no surprise to me that he has been a true mentor. Congratulations.” After the Dean departed Carson whispered into the Professor’s ear, “Holy shit, one little man hug and the Dean catches us.” Peter replied, “Don’t worry. Since we did it with the door open I am sure the Dean had no suspicion about our personal lives.” Then Carson lamented, “Now I have to tell my father. I am sure he will be totally pissed off. I can imagine the lecture I will get and constant nasty comments every time I see him. If my training begins in the fall there is no way I will live in the same house with him. I will have to get a summer job and hope to make enough to survive away from home.” Peter wondered why this young man from a wealthy family was concerned about money. “You told me that your grandfather set up a Trust Fund for you and that this was used to pay for your education. Who controls the fund?” “I don’t know. I assume my father does. He pays my university expenses and sends me money for books and an allowance for personal stuff. Since I have never asked for much he has not questioned what I spend it on.” “Carson. You are twenty-two years old. Very likely you should have control over the Trust Fund. You need to find out what your rights are. From what you have told me about your father this might result in some sort of confrontation. If it gets nasty you could be in a position where you would need to hire a lawyer to protect your interests. Is your grandfather alive?” When Carson answered ‘yes’ Peter continued. “How is your relationship with your grandfather?” When Carson replied that he sent a letter to his grandfather almost weekly and that he received replies that were friendly Peter made a suggestion. “Maybe the best way to handle this would be through your grandfather since he set up the trust. Call him and after you catch up on your school activities thank him for supporting your education through the Trust Fund. Then ask him what happens after graduation.” Two days later Carson returned to Peter’s office. “I talked to grandfather. When I told him I have been accepted as Peace Corps volunteer there was a period of silence. Then he said, ‘That is a wonderful decision. It will give you an opportunity to see the world, do something meaningful and when the stint ends you will have a better understanding of what you want to accomplish in life. You show a great deal of maturity for making that plan. I wish when I was your age I had had the opportunity to do something other than go into the family business. I guess I had the opportunity, just not the guts to tell my father I wanted control over my life’. Then I told him not to say anything to my parents as I was not ready to get my father’s opinion that I was sure would be negative. He replied, ‘I fully understand. You father has many redeeming qualities but compassion and understanding others are not some of them’. Then I thanked him for the opportunity the Trust Fund gave me in studying at the university and asked him what happens after graduation. His answer was interesting. ‘When you turned twenty-one your father should have discussed this with you. You became the trustee of the fund at that time and should have total control over it now. Your grandmother and I have been invited to your parents’ home for Easter dinner in two weeks. Don’t say anything to your father. I will deal with it. As I am sure you already know he is not the easiest person to deal with on any confrontational topic, especially when money is involved’. Then he suggested we go out to lunch the day before Easter for a man to man talk.” Two weeks later during Easter dinner at the Saugen house Carson’s father dominated the conversation with a combination of boastful comments about himself and lamenting that his son was wasting time at the university by not preparing to enter the family business. At a break in the conversation grandfather looked at Carson and said, “I assumed that as soon as you graduated you would buy a nice car. It was my plan when setting up the Trust Fund that you would not only use it for education but also have some fun. Since you now manage the fund you could use it for a car or travel before you settle down. Also, since the funds are in your hands you should give careful consideration about the investments in the fund and how to maximize your income.” Carson knew his grandfather would talk about the fund and then as they had rehearsed over lunch he replied, “I’m sorry Grandpa. I do not know what you are talking about. I do not have any control over the Trust.” Then grandfather spoke to son-in-law, Carson’s father. “Horace, haven’t you turned the management of the Trust over to Carson. The agreement states that on his twenty-first birthday he shall become the Trustee and manage the fund. I assumed you had discussed this with him and given him guidance.” A very awkward period followed when Carson’s father mumbled something about not getting around to it. Within a week the necessary paperwork had been completed and Carson realized his domineering father no longer had control over his finances. A month later Carson stopped by Peter’s office with a request. “My grandfather is coming to Columbus on business and would like to meet you. If you are available he will take us out to dinner.” A week later, “Professor Smith, I am pleased to introduce you to my grandfather, Mr. Valley.” As they shook hands Peter checked out this distinguished man with perfectly coiffured silver hair, sparkling blue eyes, an inviting smile, wearing an impeccably tailored suit over his tall thin body. The handshake was firm and somewhat lingering. “Please call me Dale.” The Professor was surprised at how young the grandfather appeared to be. Later he learned that Carson’s mother was a senior in high school when she got pregnant and married his father. The grandfather, Dale, had married immediately after college graduation and Carson’s mother was born nine months later. Consequently with early marriages by Caron’s parents and grandparents his grandfather was younger than those of most twenty-one years old students. Later Peter also learned the background of Carson’s parents. His very ambitious father was from a middle class family. His mother’s parents (Carson’s grandparents) assumed he loved her primarily for her money. Getting her pregnant just before her high school graduation with marriage that summer was a financial bonanza for him. Since she was an heiress to a considerable estate from her grandfather, the steel tycoon, her father made sure all her money was tied up in Trusts that her new husband would not have access to. Also pre-nuptial agreements limited his access to money if the marriage dissolved. Consequently Carson’s father, while being obnoxious and overbearing, was also a faithful, dutiful and loving husband. While their dinner discussion centered on Carson and his future the fiasco with the Trust Fund came up. This led to a discussion of investments. Peter mentioned his investment advisor in Georgia. When Carson excused himself since he had a major exam at 8:00 the following morning Dale suggested they continue their discussion in the bar. Dale seemed intrigued that a college professor would have an investment advisor in Georgia. Peter told him about the wealth that his great-uncle had accumulated thanks to the advice of his longtime friend. He explained that he needed the investment help when he inherited the bulk of his great uncle’s friend’s estate. Dale asked, “Why would your uncle’s friend make you his primary beneficiary?” Peter then explained that JB and Uncle Will had been friends for many years, from when they met as young instructors at a small college in Daisyville, Georgia to JB’s death. “When JB completed his PhD in Economics at University of Georgia and then over the years became a distinguished professor he and Uncle Will saw each other whenever possible and traveled all over the USA and world in the summers. JB intended to leave everything to Uncle Will. Then Uncle Will convinced JB to name me as his beneficiary since by then Uncle Will had accumulated wealth and did not need the inheritance which he would eventually leave to me.” Then Dale asked, “Why did you get the inheritance? Weren’t there other family members?” Peter replied, “JB was disowned by his family for being different than men should be. Likewise, most of Uncle Will’s family more or less shunned him for being different except for my mother. He would stay at our house when he visited from Georgia. When in college I spent a summer at his home helping him get ready to move from Daisyville back to Ohio. JB had also retired and the two moved to a farmhouse in Media County.” Then Dale got serious, “Your uncle sounds like a fine man. He was fortunate to have found a soulmate and live a fulfilling professional life back then. It sounds like your uncle was gay and that you had no problem with it.” “That is true. I loved and admired the two of them.” Dale got quiet, “Maybe thanks to the drinks I have had this evening I’m about to share something with you that almost no one knows. I am like your Uncle Will. I knew I was different but back then there was no information on gay life. I was born in 1928 and graduated from high school in 1946. I had absolutely no idea that my feelings were different than the other guys. I came from an extremely wealthy family and had every advantage a young man could have: good education, fancy clothes, fast car, a generous allowance and girls falling all over me. When at university if I wanted to get laid all I had to do was smile. But I rarely did. In fact I only fucked when I had a few drinks and some girl forced herself on me. The only time I really enjoyed it was when we would double date and I would watch my buddy fucking his girl. Finally in my senior year in college one night I had too much to drink and ended up in bed with a classmate. That was my real awakening. We messed around for six months until graduation. Then he got a job in New York City and I returned to Ohio. Immediately after graduation I was married and Carson’s mother was born nine months later.” Peter then started. “Since this is a night for true confessions I’ll tell you my story.” He then gave an abbreviated version of meeting Tom, meeting Louise and Ann, their dating and marriage, living together, and some of the encounters with Uncle Will, Henry, Victor / Victoria and others. With a look of disappointment Dale stated, “If you were not in a committed relationship with Tom I would invite you to my room for more conversation.” “Tom and I have been in a very committed relationship for over thirty-five years. We love each other, trust each other and accept our occasional outside activities. I will share minute details of anything of interest that might happen this evening. We have no secrets and know how horney each is. Besides, how could I say ‘no’ to those sparkling blue eyes.” Since they had had dinner in the hotel restaurant and conversation in the bar the trip to the room was quick. As soon as they entered the room the two men just stood and starred into the other’s eyes. They simultaneously leaned in and kissed, deep kissed. Peter moved his hands and gently caressed the area over Dale’s now hard nipples. Dale returned the favor as each helped the other remove their suit jacket. Next neckties and shirts were removed. Peter leaned in and gently kissed one of the rock hard nipples. Dale grabbed the back of Peter’s head and pressed him tight against his chest. Peter took this as an invitation to increase the force of his nipple play. He gently bit it. Dale moaned. Peter bit harder. Dale moaned more. Peter was afraid he might cause injury so he moved to the other nipple, licking it, kissing it, and then biting it. Meanwhile each was rubbing the other’s crotch area. Dale disentangled him from Peter and knelt. He undid the professor’s belt, unzipped the fly and lowered the pants. He admired the bulge tenting the nylon boxer shorts displaying a moist spot of precum. Placing a hand on each side of the shorts he gently, with some difficulty, pulled them down. Peter’s magnum, dripping dick popped out. Dale exclaimed, “Wow, that is magnificent.” He then leaned in and with no difficulty swallowed it to the base. He pulled back and plunged in again. Peter almost laughed out loud as he recalled the blow job he had received from this man’s grandson in the steam room of the baths. Thinking to himself, ‘Carson’s talent must be in his genes’. After the fourth deep mouth stroke Peter pushed his friend away. He pulled Dale up to a standing position as he knelt and returned the favor. The sixty-three year old average size cut dick was a piece of steel and Peter mouth fucked with force. After about ten strokes Peter felt the dick begin to pulsate as the older man grabbed his shoulders. Still kneeling Peter quickly grabbed a newspaper from the nightstand and shot his fifty-three year old load onto the paper on the floor as Dale unloaded deep into his throat. Standing the two embraced. Dale had no problem tasting his own spunk as they kissed again. “That was a delightful ending to a perfect evening. Tomorrow I am meeting Carson for lunch. You are also invited.” Peter declined stating he had obligations at the university. Then with a twinkle in his eye, “Could we meet after lunch. If my Tom is available I am sure he would like to meet you.” “That sounds very interesting. I have to drive home tomorrow but I can delay my departure. I’ll arrange for a late checkout and meet you in the lobby at 2pm.” Peter arrived home just before midnight. When he crawled into bed Tom his lover asked him, “Did you have an interesting evening?” “Sure did. If you kiss me you will have a taste of a grandfather’s jism.” “You did the nasty with the old man and his grandson?” “No. Stop thinking like a pervert. Carson had to leave right after dinner to prepare for an exam. The handsome, fit sixty- three year old gentleman and I had an interesting conversation in the bar that ended in a quickie in his room. I’ll give you all the details later. But right now this is what I want,” said as Peter spooned against his love with his ass crack inviting Tom’s growing dick. When Peter walked out of his mid-morning class Carson was waiting for him in the hall. “Sorry I ran out on you after dinner. However, I think I aced my exam. So what did you think of my grandfather?” When they arrived at Peter’s office he shut the door for privacy. “Your grandfather is an extraordinary man. We went to the bar and talked for a couple of hours. What started as a discussion of investment advisors moved on to my Uncle Will and his friend, JB. I explained why I received his inheritance. Then your grandfather said, ‘It sounds like they were a very loving gay couple’. When I replied yes your grandfather stated, ‘They were lucky to have found each other and lived such satisfying lives’. Obviously he has no hang-ups about gays. I recommend you come out to him. I believe he will be honored that you trusted him with your secret. Also, some day your father will find out and you will be grateful for his support. A final suggestion, should either of us ever be in a situation where we are asked how we discovered both of us were gay say you as a student saw me in a gay bar, not that you sucked my dick in the steam room at the baths.” As Peter entered the hotel lobby Dale stood and approached him. With a smile on his face he heartily shook Peter’s hand. “Let’s sit in that quiet alcove.” After they sat in a private spot he continued. “I just had the most enlightening lunch with my grandson. He came out to me. I am not surprised, just very happy that he chose to confide in me. I told him that it was important to be who he was and that I would support him in any way he needed it. We also both agreed that he should wait to come out to his father and mother, my daughter. He told me about his boyfriend Kyle. I assume they are in a sexual relationship. I told him that if he did mess around he should be careful. Without forcing him to admit to what he did in private I gave him the safe sex lecture. I then considered coming out to him. Then I decided that this was his day. I do plan to come out to him sometime in the near future. Now, to change the subject. I think you know what is on my mind. Is your friend, Tom, joining us?” “Actually, Tom suggested we meet at the baths.” “I do not understand.” “Have you ever visited a gay bathhouse? There is one in Cleveland and also the same company has a location here in Columbus.” “I was aware that such places existed but assumed they were only visited by degenerates, HIV infected guys and drug addicts.” Peter replied, “You have been extremely misinformed. Most of the cliental are ordinary guys. You will see a rainbow of men: tall / short, chubby / trim, professionals / blue color, black / brown / white, all ages, guys you drool over, guys you want to avoid. There might not be many there on a weekday afternoon, but you never know. If you want to check it out Tom will meet us there.” “I trust your judgement let’s go.” As they drove to the baths in Dale’s car which had been parked in the hotel parking garage Peter asked, “If you don’t mind telling me, just how do you take care of your needs? Do you have a lover? You must have some experience considering how well you took care of my dick.” “I do have a golf buddy. We play more than golf. Unfortunately he is a little older than me and while his passions run high his dick just doesn’t rise to the occasion like it did a couple of years ago. I met an artist in his thirties. He and his partner own an art studio and art supply store. There is a backroom where they give massages. Both of these guys are cute, well-endowed and very sensual. They have a dedicated cliental and I am sure they make more money in the backroom than from selling art and supplies. They provide variety by occasionally having a guest artist who uses more than just his magic fingers, for a price of course. Every fourth Wednesday they or some friends perform for a small select audience. When my wife spends an obscene amount on new clothes or jewelry I don’t complain as I am using my share of the family fortune taking care of my jewels.” Upon arrival at the baths Peter arranged for two adjacent rooms for himself and Dale. He left a note at the reception desk for Tom with his room number. A few minutes later, wearing just a towel, Peter knocked on Dale’s door. Following a quick tour of the entire facility they showered and visited the steam room. Peter did not believe it was appropriate to tell Carson that he planned to take his grandfather to the baths and prayed the young man did not decide to visit there this afternoon. As they sat on the tile bench along the wall they could see through the haze someone lying on his back on the bench along the opposite wall playing with his hard dick. To their left was a man kneeling in front of someone who held the kneelers head as he pumped into the eager mouth. While showering after the observations in the steam room Peter felt arms embracing him and a hard dick pressed against his ass crack. Tom had arrived. After introducing Dale to Tom the three visited Peter’s small cubical. Dale almost immediately offered his deep throat to both Tom and Peter. An hour later the three exhausted and drained men opened the door and headed to the showers. Tom and Peter returned to their room to cuddle while Dale wandered off doing what a man does. Eventually the three left the baths and visited a steak house for dinner and conversation. As they said their goodbyes Peter was positive he would cross paths with this handsome virile man again. The next day Peter called his friends Vlad and Alex to tell them about the interesting man he had met. Although his Russian friend was a few years older than Dale Peter assume the two men would find each other intellectually stimulating and possibly otherwise stimulating. Also, by making friends with Vlad, Dale would be introduced to a circle of likeminded men. A week later Carson called his grandfather. “Grandpa, I have wonderful news. Today I received a letter informing me my training with the Peace Corps will begin September 16 in Washington. I do not know what I will do between graduation and my departure. Whatever it is I will not be at home to receive a summer full of wrath by my father. Next time I am home I will have to tell them.” Grandfather replied, “Again all I can say is how proud of you I am. The fact that you are accepting who you are and your plans to do something significant for others is an indication of the fine young man you are. There is something I want to discuss with you and I want to do it in person. What day next week would you be available for dinner? I would like to have a discussion with you in the afternoon and then meet your friend Kyle at dinner. Discuss this with Kyle and let me know when is best for you. I will rearrange my work schedule to have the day off. By the way, what I want to discuss is happy stuff.”
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