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    A Memorable Memorial Day Weekend

    May 1975 A few weeks later Henry called Fred. He planned to visit Uncle Will (a/k/a Professor Lang) Memorial Day weekend (A Holiday in the USA remembering people who died while serving their country in the armed forces that is celebrated the last Monday in May. The long weekend begins the unofficial start of summer vacation season.) Henry explained that he planned to go Friday afternoon and return home Monday evening. He invited Fred and Bruce to accompany him. If either worked on Saturday they could commute back to Cleveland. Fred was thrilled at the thought of having three nights with Bruce. When Bruce arrived at the store to share lunch Fred told him about the adventure and he readily accepted the idea of a long week-end together. The following Friday afternoon Bruce arrived at the store and soon after Henry drove up. To their surprise he was not alone. He arrived with a tall six foot (183 cm) thin, handsome, black man who appeared to be about Henry’s age (38 years old). “Hi. This is my friend Derrick. Since he as well as you two are working tomorrow I suggest he drive us to the farm. The three of you can commute back in the morning. I will stay with Uncle Will.” Bruce and Fred got into the backseat of Derrick’s new 1975 Buick Century. As they drove to the farm Henry filled them in on his new friend. Henry and Derrick had met at Club Cleveland Baths three weeks earlier. Both were in shitty moods as each wanted sex but that evening but were turned off by the thought of just anonymous sex. They had met in the sauna and continued their conversation at the table near the vending machines. After an hour of meaningful discussion where each told their life stories and frustrations they continued their dialog in Henry’s room. The sex that followed was the most intense and enjoyable Henry had had since the loss of Seth. The following evening they met at a restaurant for dinner and then returned to Henry’s apartment. While Derrick had his own place he had not slept there since that night after dinner. Derrick, a graduate of Ohio State University was a veterinarian on the staff of a clinic in East Cleveland. He had had a seven year relationship that ended when he returned home early from work one afternoon a year earlier finding his lover being fucked by one of their ‘friends’. His ‘love’ moved out and in with this so called ‘friend’. For the past year Derrick had satisfied himself with his trustworthy fist and weekly visits to the bathhouse. While sex was easily available there he never felt satisfied and usually went home with a contented but limp dick and depressed soul. Neither he nor Henry had considered returning to the baths since their meeting. Henry had already told Derrick the life stories of Bruce and Fred. The conversation between the younger men (a UPS driver and college student planning a public accounting career) and their friends (a junior high school English teacher and veterinarian) was easy. They were all surprised at how fast the time moved during their forty minute drive. As they pulled into the driveway two elderly gentlemen walked out of the house to greet them. Uncle Will (age 80) and Reg (age 78) welcomed them with smiles and hugs. To his surprise Fred had an erotic feeling as Uncle Will who was older than his grandfather shook his hand and then wrapped his arms around him. Later he and Bruce discuss the ‘hotness’ of these two elders. They were led to the house and were soon sitting at the kitchen table where a simple supper was waiting. Will and Reg were very interested in the ‘How we met’ stories of Bruce and Fred and also Henry and Derrick. They then told how they had met each other through mutual friends, the Russian Vlad and Peter Smith, Will’s great nephew (son of his niece). Since meeting the two enjoyed traveling together and had just returned from a cruise to the Caribbean where widows and even some married women had relentlessly but unsuccessfully pursued them. Derrick asked them to pause telling their story while he called his office to discuss Saturday’s schedule. He was told there had been cancellations and the office would close early and that it was not necessary for him to come in. A smiling Derrick returned to his friends. He told them about the change in plans and asked Will and Reg to continue their Caribbean narrative. Reg continued. Luckily they had a cabin boy who not only cleaned their room and arranged the bed at night but also was available for encounters between the sheets. Since they had requested that their beds be arranged as a double bed not two singles with a night stand between this young man from Greece correctly assumed they enjoyed men and made himself known to be available. Another hint the cabin boy received was the gay magazine with photos of naked men that Reg had by mistake left on the night stand. The first night out he had knocked on their door soon after they had returned from the show in the ship’s theater followed by a goodnight drink paid for by an elderly woman who had sat next to Reg and placed her hand on his knee. When the hand crept up he had excused himself to do a needed ‘pit stop’. Returning from the bathroom he noted she had moved over one seat and now had her hand on Will. Noting the look of panic on Will’s face he harshly announced, “Will, you have not taken your heart medication yet, it is already three hours late. We do not want a repeat of the episode we had on our last cruise. Excuse us please.” The very heart healthy Will thanked him profusely for the quick thinking made up story as they made a fast retreat to their cabin. Soon after entering their cabin there was a knock on the door. The cabin boy entered carrying extra towels. With a twinkle in his eye he said, “I thought you two might need extra towels.” Then looking at Reg he continued, “Do you have a stain on your shirt?” Taking a wet washcloth from his hand he reached for Reg’s chest. He slipped two fingers between the buttoned opening of his shirt and with one hand rubbed the imaginary stain while accidentally massaging his nipple. When he felt the nipple harden he asked, “Would you like me to look for more stains?” Reg was hypnotized by this thirty year old Greek Adonis. A weak ‘yes’ was all Reg could reply. Then looking at Will the Greek announced, “You seem to have a stain on your pants.” He then kneeled and began rubbing the wet cloth against the fly of Will’ pants. Looking up he inquired, “Is it OK if I clean the stain?” When Will nodded ‘yes’ the Greek continued. “It would be better if you removed the pants.” Will made no objection as the pants were lowered. At his age he did not get rock hard boners but did swell up. After massaging the dick encased in silk dark blue boxers the Greek stood. “Do you mind if I get more comfortable?” The two both replied with a ‘please do’. Within seconds Adonis was naked. Placing his arms behind his head he asked, “Do you like what you see?” Both were stunned by the beauty of the perfectly sculptured body. They happily ogled starting with the curly short black hair covered head, then piercing dark brown eyes, neatly trimmed armpits, small fleece of curly black chest fur, perfect six pack abs, a treasure trail leading to a trimmed black curly thatch crowing the dick of a Greek God, a petite but perfectly sculptured dick with foreskin hanging over the head and two small but perfect balls. For the next thirty minutes both men inspected and caressed the delightful figure. When the Adonis announced he needed to return to his ship duties Will took his now hard piece in his mouth and was soon swallowing Greek nectar. For the remainder of the voyage they played with and tasted the Adonis daily every evening and most afternoons. The tip he received at the end of the voyage was greater than the total amount he received from all other passengers in his area of the ship. Will and Reg then told about their planned trip to Vienna. They would be traveling with Alex and Roland. Through a friend of a friend of Roland they had contacted a violin student at the Vienna Conservatory who supplemented his income by hosting selected tourist. While they needed no assistance in visiting the usual places such as Schönbrunn, Belvedere and other Palaces, numerous museums, St. Stephens Cathedral and other churches and the many places of interest to ordinary tourists, Hans, the student, was willing to take them on tours of intimate Viennese places including gay bars and bath houses. They understood Hans and his friend, if given an appropriate incentive, would be willing to accompany them to a performance of the Vienna Philharmonic followed by an intimate performance in the hotel room. Good nights were said as all the guests were eager for quality time with their partner. Will suggested Fred and Bruce take his car the following morning since they had left their cars in the hardware store parking lot for the day having planned to commute with Derick who now did not need to work on Saturday. When they had completed their Saturday jobs they would return to the farm. Henry and Derrick would stay and help Uncle Will with some projects around the house, take him and Reg on a shopping trip to nearby Medina and explore the farm (as well as each other). Then the sleeping arrangements were discussed. There were three bedrooms upstairs. Two had queen size beds and the third two single beds. Fred and Bruce were given the master bedroom with a queen size bed and night stand with supplies of interest to men. While this was the best room they could only have it Friday and Saturday nights. Sunday afternoon Sean and his friend Frank would arrive for a two or three night visit. Sean had owned this house which his grandfather had built. When he inherited it from his Uncle Bob it was stipulated that if he did not have a family it should be given to Jacob Winkler, the lover of Uncle Bob prior to his death in World War II. Jacob Winkler had married and had children and grandchildren who farmed nearby. Sean, a Catholic priest in Pleasant Valley (a suburb of Cleveland), and his love, Frank (a priest in the Akron area), rendezvoused at the farm when schedules permitted. They would have the master bedroom Sunday and Monday nights. Fred and Bruce would move to the room with two beds where all assumed only one bed would be used. Will’s bedroom which he shared with Reg was on the main floor. Closing the door to their room the two young men embraced and were soon naked. This would be their first night together. Following a passionate and intense encounter in their honeymoon bed they decided to shower. They showered together and after helping each other towel off walked down the hall in their uninhibited nakedness. As the stepped out of the bathroom they encountered a naked Derrick. He stated, “Well, don’t you two look happy,” as he observed their hard dicks standing almost straight up. “Just as happy as you,” replied Fred as they both ogled Derrick’s impressive seven inch (about 18 cm) circumcised dick. “Now you have pleasant dreams.” “Oh, I know I will. And you two young men, don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” This was said with a chuckle as they all laughed. Early Saturday morning Fred and Bruce were jolted awake by the ringing of the alarm clock. Since this was the first time they had slept together each wanted some morning quality time with the other. Unfortunately Bruce’s need to be at work by 7 am restricted their activities. Neither had a morning woodie since twice during the night, first initiated by Bruce and later Fred, they had encounters. However, although their dicks were tired each dick was not going to miss the opportunity for a quickie. After each swallowed the other’s cum / protein they dressed and went downstairs. Entering the kitchen they were surprised to find Uncle Will preparing their breakfast. As they ate their healthy (no meat) meals two boys wondered into the kitchen. “Good morning Uncle Will. We’re on our way to the barn to do the morning milking.” The taller of the two eleven year olds turned to Fred and Bruce. “Hi, I’m PT and this is my best friend David. We do the milking on weekends when I visit from my home in Columbus.” Following introductions, small talk, gulping down hot chocolate and taking a pastry the boys bounded out toward the barn. Will then explained, “Those two eleven year olds are the most charming young men I have ever met. PT is the son of Peter Smith of Columbus. He comes up here almost every weekend and stays with David. Usually they sleep upstairs when PT visits with the milking of the cows an excuse to be here in the house near the barn. Since I have guests this weekend they are sleeping at David’s house about a half mile (.8 km) down the road. David is the son of Paul Winkler and grandson of Jacob Winkler. When the original owner of this property, Sean McFadden, transferred ownership of this property to Jacob a few years ago I bought the farm house from Jacob who now owns the adjacent barn and surrounding fields.” After thanking Will for the breakfast Fred and Bruce drove to their jobs in Cleveland planning to return that afternoon. Meanwhile Henry and Derrick were sound asleep cuddled together upstairs. Since they had been sleeping together the past weeks at Henry’s apartment their farm visit did not have the intense romantic overtones that the visit by Bruce and Fred had. Henry went downstairs about 8:00 wearing a robe in quest of coffee. He found Will and Reg sitting at the kitchen table reading the morning paper, The Cleveland Plain Dealer. “If you city boys would like to sleep in I could bring you coffee, pastry and fruit” Will stated. Henry leaned over and kissed the thoughtful man on the cheek. As he leaned his robe fell open exposing his striking naked body. “You sure know how to treat your guests. Derrick is still sleeping but I am sure the smell of coffee will get him up.” Laughing he continued, “Up in more ways than one. I’ll take my coffee now and see you soon.” Will replied, “You sure know how to treat your host. I have been mentally undressing you and Derrick since you arrived. What I see is what I expected and more!” About ten minutes later as Will knocked on the door and then entered the bedroom the two handsome men were sitting in the bed, naked from waist up. After placing the tray on the night stand Will suggested, “If you boys would like to pose for photographs I could take pictures you could send to your Mamas and I could also take photos you probably would not want to send to Mamas.“ Henry had told Derrick that Will had both the equipment and expertise to take and privately develop professional quality photographic portraits. The men accepted the offer and it was suggested they do it Sunday morning. After coming downstairs about an hour later they encountered Will and Reg sitting at the kitchen table having more coffee and reading the newspaper. As Henry and Derrick settled in at the table two men walked in from outside without bothering to knock. Will introduced Jacob Winkler and his son Paul Winkler. They were the grandfather and father of David who had stopped by earlier before milking. Following introductions Derrick asked for a tour of the barn and visit with the cows. The Winklers had been told he was a veterinarian and were interested in his observations. He told them he usually only had dogs and cats as patients but had studied large animals at Ohio State. An hour later Derrick, Henry and Jacob returned from their farm tour. Paul had departed for the farm store while Jacob used the excuse of doing some work in the barn to stay. Earlier Will had told Henry and Derrick the story of Jacob. He had been the lover of Bob, the owner of this house, who died in World War II. Jacob had married and was now a husband, father and grandfather. However, he still enjoyed the pleasure of men although in his situation the opportunities were limited. Will had told Henry and Derrick that if they found Jacob attractive he would be extremely pleased to bottom for them. The two guests did find sixty-two year old Jacob endearing and by the end of their farm tour both had erotic thoughts about this handsome elder farmer. Henry took Will aside, “While Derrick and I are almost entirely exclusive we do occasionally enjoy togetherness with the right guy. We find Jacob enticing. Do you think he would want to join us? How do we proceed without insulting him?” Will replied, “No problem.” Returning to the kitchen he announced, “Jacob, Henry tells me there is a screw loose in their bed frame. Would you be willing to go upstairs and help them screw?” With a glint in his eye the answer came fast, “Follow me!” About a half hour later the two black men in their thirties and the virile sixty-two year old farmer returned to the kitchen, all with smiles on their faces. “Living here in my all white farm community I have never had the opportunity for a racial experience. You men are welcome to visit my farm anytime. Your ‘Cumming’ (said with a twinkle) was greatly appreciated.” As Jacob sat at the kitchen table taking one of the muffins his wife had sent over with him the two eleven year old boys walked in. “Hi Grandpa. Uncle Will, we brought the mail in (from the mail box at the end of the lane). Are there any chores PT and I can do for you today?” “Thanks for the offer but not today. We have a houseful of guests this weekend. Earlier you met Fred and Brian. These two gentlemen are Henry and Derrick. Henry is a junior high school teacher so if you have any homework questions I am sure he could help you. Derrick is a veterinarian who takes care of sick dogs and cats.” As they shook hands David said, “I wish you lived near here so you could take care of our three cats and old ‘Boots’ our hound dog. Actually, it will be more cats since mom told me our Sapphire is going to have kittens soon.” Will then told the boys they were going to Medina and asked if they would like to join them, if David’s mother approved. The boys immediately left on their bikes to ask David’s mother for approval and a very satisfied Jacob departed. As he walked out the door Will commented “If you brought one of your wife’s delicious pies over for dessert this evening I’m sure our friends would enjoy your visit.” Will then told Henry and Derrick his assumptions about the boys. “David and PT have been friends all their lives. I am told that even as tots, before either talked, they were inseparable. PT is the son of my grand-nephew, Peter, a professor in Columbus. In recent years PT has spent many weekends and most of summers here at the farm. They milk the cows very early in the morning in the adjacent barn that David’s father and grandfather showed you. Using the need to be near the barn as an excuse when PT visits they have been sleeping upstairs in the room with twin beds. As I said that was the excuse. Actually, I believe they just wanted to be together in private. While I rarely go upstairs a few months ago I went up to close windows when a sudden windy rain storm appeared. I discovered that only one of the two beds had been slept in. Also their pajamas were laying on the dresser neatly folded. Since laundry had not been down for a few days obviously they were not wearing PJs. Now, why would two naked boys sleep in the same bed? (Will said with a chuckle). While I had no problem with their sleeping arrangements knowing I would have done the same at their age if the opportunity presented itself I was concerned that their parents would not share the same belief. If either their mother or father had been here at that time they would have most likely gone upstairs to close the windows and discovered the boys slept in one bed, naked. So, I had a talk with the boys that evening. I made it clear that while I had no problem with how they slept, others, especially their parents, might not share the same opinion. I warned them that if their parents discovered how close they were to each other they might forbid their friendship. While this was difficult to explain to a couple of eleven year olds it was necessary. I do not know if they still share a bed as they leave the room every morning with both beds unmade and pajamas laying on the beds. Now the only scolding they might get from David’s mother would be that they did not make their beds or hang up their PJs. At eleven are they sexually active? Do they jerk off together? Are they cumming yet? I don’t know. I do not remember when I started. But if they are, so be it. I am happy they have each found a special friend.” Derrick commented, “I know I had my first jerk off at age eleven. We had just moved to a new house and I started the fifth grade at a new school so I remember my age. One night I woke and was hungry. I quietly crept downstairs to steal some cookies from the cookie jar. As I walked past the bathroom I noticed the crack under the closed door was lite. I don’t know why but I peeked through the keyhole. My dad was sitting on the toilet holding his dick in his hand. He was stroking it up and down. As I watched my own got hard. Suddenly my dad stroked faster and white stuff shot out that he caught in a piece of toilet paper. I went back to my room and did the same. My first cumming. For about six months I had been waking sometimes with wetness in my pajamas. I thought I was pissing in the night and was ashamed to tell anyone. As soon as I started wacking off regularly my wet dreams were less frequent. A couple of months later while on a church overnight trip my roommate and I jerked off together. Haven’t stopped since.” On the twenty minute drive to Medina David sat in the front seat of Derrick’s Buick between him and Henry while PT was happily crowded in the back seat between Will and Reg. After grocery shopping they drove to the town square. Not wanting to force the boys to tag along as they shopped for household items and clothes Will suggested they meet the two boys in about an hour at the ice cream parlor. He gave each boy a dollar for ice cream. David and PT first visited the news stand where they purchased the latest Batman and Superman comic books. David’s mother did not approve of his reading violent material so the boys kept them at the farm house hidden under the mattress. They shared the comic books with Uncle Will who enjoyed them for both their artistic work and some story lines, especially the relationship between Batman and Robin. The boys sat on a bench in the town square reading their purchases and then ventured to the ice cream parlor. Each ordered a two flavor double dip cone and they then sat at one of the small tables. David whispered to PT asking him if he thought the two men at a nearby table were farmers. Each wore a plaid flannel shirt, Levis and the same kind of boots as Roy Rogers. When one of the men looked in the direction of David the boy asked, “What kind of farming do you do?” The man laughed as he replied, “We are not farmers. What makes you think we are?” David replied, “The way you are dressed. Although I have never seen a farmer wearing boots like yours.” (Little did David and PT realize these two were groomed and wearing the clothes of a stereotype gay man of the 1970s with their neat short hair, bushy mustaches, sun tans, flannel shirts, Levis and boots). The talkative David then told the men he and his best buddy planned to own a farm someday. He related how they milked cows and did various farm chores. The two men were genuinely interested. When David asked what they did one replied. “I work in an office and my friend is a carpenter. Our home is in Elyria and we rode down here on our Harleys to see the sights and let the wind blow through our hair.” As Will, Reg, Henry and Derrick entered David told them, “These two men are our new friends. They rode here on their Harleys.” As the four men observed the two stranger each had the same thought, ‘These are obviously gay guys. Why are they taking an interest in young boys? Luckily we got here before these possible perverts did anything strange’. Anticipating their situation the talkative one stood and extended his hand to Will. “Hi, I’m Doug and this is my friend, Tommy. We were sitting here when David asked if we were farmers.” Soon all had ordered ice cream and the eight sat at two tables pulled together. The four men were relieved when it became obvious young David had initiated the original conversation. As they talked Will decided to invite their new friends to dinner. They had planned to ride back to Elyria that afternoon but gladly accepted the invitation to visit a farm. Upon arrival at the farm David insisted that Tommy and Doug be given a tour of the barn and meet the cows. Derrick tagged along still not totally comfortable with the young boys being alone with the new friends. Since it was milking time the boys gave a demonstration of their cow handling skills. The boys departed for David’s home and dinner. Soon after Bruce and Fred returned from their workday in Cleveland. All eight (Will and Reg, Henry and Derrick, Bruce and Fred, and the new friends, Tommy and Doug) enjoyed a long discussion filled dinner. Jacob arrived with a shoofly pie (molasses pie with a crumb topping) baked that afternoon by his wife. He was more interested in what hopefully world happen upstairs than tasting the pie. Will told their new friends, Tommy and Doug, that Jacob would gladly bottom for any or all. While Tommy and Doug declined the offer Henry, Derrick and Fred happily accepted it and Bruce followed to observe the festivities. While he had not decided if he would actually enjoy being a top or bottom he did enjoy watching his man fuck. Tommy and Doug stayed downstairs and helped Will and Reg clear the table and wash dishes. They accepted Will’s offer to stay the night. About a half hour later Jacob departed with a smile on his face and bounce in his stride. Conversation and beer continued into the evening as each shared their ‘how we met’ stories. Tommy and Doug were especially interested when Henry and Derrick told about their first meeting while at the baths in Cleveland. They had heard of such places but had never visited one. Tommy stated that they were not interested in encounters with others being in exclusive relationship since meeting five years earlier. Fred explained how the club Cleveland was not only a place for sexual encounters with strangers but also a fun place to relax with his love and also observe man couplings. Fred and Bruce offered to accompany their new friends to Club Cleveland, not for group sex but just relaxation, observations, conversation and encounters with their own love. When Will announced he was ready for bed all the other’s agreed. Since the new friends had not intended on staying overnight they had no luggage. After giving the new friends toothbrushes each couple went to their own room. All seemed eager to be in bed with their lover. There was no modesty or messing around as the six guests shared the shower and facilities in the upstairs bathroom. As naked Bruce and Fred snuggled and embraced under their covers they quietly discussed the events of their visit. Just over a year earlier Fred and a month earlier Bruce had been totally naive about man to man relationships. This weekend had certainly opened their eyes to the normalcy of such couples. However, one concept that concerned them was the expected arrival of two Catholic priests the following afternoon. How could they continue to enjoy their intimacy among men of religion? At breakfast Will suggested that this morning would be a good time to take professional quality photos of the men. There would be no chance of the young boys, David and PT, stopping by as they would be at church with David’s parents. As suggested earlier he would take photos that each could share with their mother and if they desired photos that would be totally private. Tommy and Doug were enthused stating they would like photos of themselves on their Harleys. Photos of each man and each couple clothed and smiling were taken in the house. They then discussed how and where they would pose for the naked photos. Bruce and Fred suggested in the hayloft of the barn, Doug and Tommy on their Harleys in front of the barn while Henry and Derrick decided the bright sunlight next to the barn would be the best place to emphasize their ebony skin. All gathered in the hayloft for the photo session of Bruce and Fred. Naked and fluffed up, but not hard, they were in position for the first photo when a car was heard pulling into the lane. Reg looked out that window and announced Sean had arrived. He called out the window telling Sean they were in the hayloft for interesting activities. The bare ass Bruce and Fred were embarrassed when the handsome fifty-seven year old priest entered the hayloft wearing clerical clothes. To be introduced to a Catholic priest was intimating to these two Protestants. To be introduced while stark naked with their fluffed up dicks was mortifying. They took the priest’s leering at them during introductions as a sign of disgust. Once they got to know him better they would have understood it was a sign of interest. They were too embarrassed to notice the bulge growing in Father Sean’s pants. Sean apologized for arriving in his ‘work’ clothes. He had served the six and eight o’clock masses and departed as soon as the second mass ended. He had not changed clothes as he was anxious to get to the farm and was thrilled that he had arrived at such an interesting moment. After introductions Will explained their plans for the morning and invited Sean to assist in the endeavor. A suggestion the priest gladly agreed to. Following the session in the hayloft Doug and Tommy posed with their Harleys wearing their plaid shirts open, boots and fluffed up dicks. Henry and Derrick posed with the trunk of a tall elm tree. The sun fully embraced their bodies. Will asked if Sean would like his photo taken with his priest friend when Frank arrived. Sean laughed as he told the group that Will had on previous occasions taken their photos and that he was happy to savor the pictures of a younger Frank and himself. At lunch, with Sean’s permission, Will took copies of photos of Sean and Frank taken in their late thirties from his locked cabinet to share and help even the score since Sean had seen the other six naked. All admired the handsome, above average in length and girth uncut dick of the man of God. Sean was quietly modest about his appearance. By the time lunch was over Bruce and Fred were comfortable with their priest friend and planned to attend their first Catholic service soon at his church in the town next to the home of Fred. Soon after lunch Frank, the priest lover of Sean, arrived after his Sunday morning duties at his church near Akron. This short, stocky man about the same age as Sean was incredibly good-looking in a sexual way. After about thirty minutes of introductions and easy conversation Sean announced that he and Frank had some serious religious matters to discuss. As they bounded up the stairs, hand in hand, Will laughed as he stated, “Their religious activities will be based on body worship and adoration.” Later, when Sean realized Fred and Bruce had been sleeping in the master bedroom upstairs he offered to let them sleep there that night. Fred replied that while he and Bruce enjoyed sleeping in the large bed, their first two nights together they would have no problem sleeping in one of the twin beds in the bedroom with Tommy and Doug. Then laughing he said, “In anticipation of your arrival we put clean sheets on the bed this morning. After you religious discussions I assume the sheets are now embedded with man smells and stuff.” Frank replied, “How right you are!” Following another evening of enjoyable conversation and beer all retired for a night of sleep and/or whatever men who love men do. With no signs of modesty, naked Bruce and Fred crawled into one of the twin beds while naked Tommy and Doug pulled the sheet over their bodies in the other bed. While Fred and Bruce embraced, explored, stroked and sucked in the slightly moon lite dark room man loving man sounds emitted from the adjacent bed. Following swallowing the juice of each other they held each other. As Fred drifted off to sleep Bruce noted the movement about three feet (1 m) away. He was memorized by the dim moon lite sight of a man obviously fucking his love. The one being fucked quietly murmured sighs of pleasure. Bruce was still conflicted about fucking and could not understand how someone being impaled could express such enjoyment. However, he did know these were true signs of pleasure. As he contemplated he rolled onto his side and spooned with his back against Fred’s chest. He rubbed his ass against Fred’s dick which responded to the encounter. Bruce realized his own was getting hard although he had just cum as he massaged his love’s now hard dick against his rosebud. Little did he realize that Fred was now awake and enjoying the encounter. Eventually both fell asleep. As they drove home the following evening they both agreed this was the most enjoyable weekend either had ever had. They also silently thought about the dick to ass introduction of the previous night and wondered if it would be repeated and eventually completed. …………………………. Prior to their departure on Monday afternoon Bruce had had a private conversation with Will concerning fucking. Without going into personal details Will had told Bruce some men found the act of being fucked extremely pleasurable. To be dominated by a person you loved could be amazing. Also the fucker would have intense feelings that were a combination of erotic ecstasy and power. They then discussed techniques. Will suggested a rubber be used the first times. He also emphasized the need for lubrication. He told Bruce that it might be painful, extremely painful the first time. With a tender partner he loved and trusted hopefully the pain would turn into bliss. He suggested that during the first encounter of an ass virgin the fucker should lay on his back with the partner kneeling over him and slowly sitting on the hard dick. This way the virgin would be in total control. He further suggested that they go slow and when the dick was in to stop and let the ass adjust to the new experience. The following Wednesday Fred met Bruce at the gym. The owner went home early leaving Fred and Bruce to close up. After the last customer left and the door was locked Bruce led Fred to a bench in the locker room. He then confided to his love his fantasy of being fucked. He told Fred about the amazing feeling he had in bed when they spooned and Fred’s hard dick caressed his ass while Fred slept. Fred told Bruce that he was wide awake and had restrained himself from pushing in. Bruce then told about his discussion with Will. He had brought rubbers and a tube of KY lube and wanted to try the new activity. Fred was ready and by the time he had removed his gym shorts was rock hard. Laying on an exercise mat on the locker room floor his dick pointed straight up. The now naked Bruce gently rolled a rubber onto his love’s dick and generously lubricated it. Kneeling, he reached back and lubricated around his hole. Kneeling he took Fred’s hard dick and guided it to his anxious opening. As he leaned back he felt it slide in. At first there was discomfort, no pain. As he let it slide further the pain began. Remembering Will’s statements he stopped when he felt it was about half way in. The pain slowly decreased. However, the pleasure he anticipated did not appear. He rose until the dick slipped out and then rode back onto it. The pain gradually decreased turning into tenderness. He stopped and starred into the eyes of his love. Fred leaned up as Bruce leaned down and they kissed while still impaled. As they deep kissed Bruce had a feeling of euphoria. Suddenly he wanted his man deep inside him. He leaned back and accepted all of his love. The pain returned. But it was both a combination of pain and pleasure. Suddenly he felt the dick in him throb. The cumming of his love into him brought him over the edge as he shot a fountain of juices onto Fred’s chest and face. An exhilarated Bruce leaned forward and the two kissed harder than ever as the deflated dick slid out. Fifteen minutes later Bruce was again kneeling over his love. This session lasted longer as Bruce accepted the excruciating pain that accompanied the greater pleasure. They began closing the gym frequently. Bruce soon learned that his favorite position was to lay on his back with his legs on his love’s shoulders as he was roughly fucked. While Fred did not enjoy treating his man harshly he did enjoy the pleasure he knew his hard robust thrusts gave him. Since Tommy and Doug had shown an interest in visiting the baths Fred and Bruce arranged to meet them at the hardware store on a Saturday afternoon. The four drove to Cleveland in separate cars since they all were not sure how long each couple would want to stay. Since admission to the baths included the rental of a cheap locker or more expensive room each couple rented one locker which would not be used and a room, actually small cubical. Following a tour of the facility and visits to the steam room, sauna, Jacuzzi and observations of the activity in the orgy room the four sat at the table in the vending area discussing their evening. All agreed that while they enjoyed watching man on man sex performances they would not consider activities with strangers. Doug and Tommy thanked Bruce and Fred for their introduction to the baths. They stated that they planned to go home after some quality time in their cubical. Being totally into each other they never returned to the baths. While Bruce and Fred had similar feelings about three ways and sex with strangers they returned weekly since it was their only opportunity for action except on the floor of the locker room or when Fred plowed into Bruce while he leaned on the locker room bench. Their visits to the baths ceased at the end of the summer when they moved in together into a small apartment on Cleveland’s west side. Unfortunately they were forced to put twin beds in their small bedroom as visitors might think it unnatural that two men shared a double or queen size bed. This concern was especially directed to Fred’s parents who visited infrequently
  2. Tallguyct

    The Two Guys Go To the Next Level

    Having completed the back massage Bruce held the towel so Fred’s privates were not exposed as he rolled over onto his back. Fred both mortified and thrilled lay on his back with the towel not only tented but showing a stain of precum. Bruce looked at the tent and then at Fred. “That was the reaction I was expecting. May I remove the towel?” Playfully Fred replied, “Only if you drop your shorts before they burst at the seam from the bulge apparently caused by your straining hard dick.” With Fred on his back and Bruce next to him each visually inspected the other’s equipment. Fred was very happy with what he saw: a cute cut dick, not as big as his but very inviting. Bruce asked if he could touch Fred who responded with a yes followed by a warning to be easy or he would get a handful. Bruce placed his massage oil infused hand around it. He gently stroked up and then down. Fred cried out, “One more stroke and I will shoot.” This cry encouraged Bruce who tightened his grip and moved up and then back. Fred’s eruption was enhanced by his month long pent up desires for his friend. The cum shot straight up and then fell onto Bruce’s hand and the area around the dick. With his hand now lubed by both the massage oil and his friend’s cum Bruce stroked himself depositing his load on his friend’s dick. Looking into Bruce’s eyes Fred said, “I have been wanting that since the day we met. I do not know why but you really turned me on.” Bruce replied, “I developed similar feelings about you. I had no idea how to act on them. You are the first man I have ever touched except some professional, nonsexual activity helping guys here at the gym. Fred questioned, “You just said you have never touched another man. What about the massage you just gave me? It sure felt like you knew what you were doing.” Bruce explained, “The owner of this gym, Sol, is a licensed masseur. When he took classes to get certified he practiced on some of us here at the gym. While those massages felt good I did not have erotic feelings. Giving you a massage, my first, gave me feelings. I must admit I planned this session and it worked out just as I had hoped.” As Fred lay on his back with two loads of cum on his dick area and balls while Bruce had a cum covered hand and dripping dick Fred suggested they shower. Fred got off the table, took Bruce’s sticky hand and led him to one of the shower stalls. As the two stood together in the one man shower their bodies touched. Neither minded showering in the cramped area. Both soaped and washed each other. By the time they had rinsed off each had a rock hard dick. Fred turned off the water and stepped out of the shower. As Bruce followed him Fred held his hand stopping his friend. Then with Bruce still in the shower stall Fred kneeled just outside the entrance and took the other’s dick in his mouth. Bruce offered no resistance, only sighs of pleasure who although he had cum just a few minutes earlier was soon pumping a load down the throat of his friend. Fred then stood and took his dick in hand. His second load of the day spurted onto the shower floor with some landing on Bruce’s feet. The events of that late afternoon did not change how the two men felt about each other. However, it did have a profound effect on how they expressed their feelings. No longer was either shy or worried about sexual encounters. Having satisfied, at least for the moment, their hunger for sexual release each was hungry for food. Sitting at the back booth of the pizza parlor while sharing a vegetarian pizza their conversation covered topics each had been afraid to ask the other. Fred asked Bruce why he had been so modest in the locker room keeping the towel around him until he slipped on his underwear. He explained that it was a combination of being shy, thinking his dick was not man enough and the fear of getting a hardon in front of his friend. Fred then asked about his shaving his armpits and trimming the hair around his dick. Bruce explained that he had seen a guy shaving his pits once while in the locker room and thought it looked sexy. He had also seen a man in the locker room who had shaved all the hair around his dick as well as his balls. He thought the bald dick looked weird but liked the look of the smooth balls. He decided to do some trimming around the dick crown and regularly shaved his balls. He enjoyed the appearance and feel of a groomed thatch and smooth balls. While Bruce had told Fred all his sexual experiences with others (his brother teaching him how to jerk off and the encounter with the aggressive girl his senior year) Fred had held back his experiences. Now he felt ready to begin to tell Bruce about his coming of age thanks to the instruction of Henry. Fred explained how until a year earlier he had been almost totally naive about sex. Except for learning to jerk off from neighborhood boys when around eleven and reading magazines and cheap sex stories purchased at the store on West 25th Street he was a total virgin. He told how about a year earlier a fellow student in a literature had defended gays while discussing a book. He continued that he had spoken to the student, Henry, after class. Henry arranged for him to meet some of his friends at a bar. As they sat at a table in the back of the bar they told of their coming and cumming of age. Then Henry offered a series of ‘hands on’ sex lectures. Bruce was intrigued by the concept of gay sex lessons and eagerly accepted Fred’s offer to teach him the course. Fred explained that they had already covered lessons I and II, Friendly Jerk-Offs and Touching. Fred told Bruce they would begin the next lesson the following week and that the topic would be a surprise. They happily talked about various sexual topics such as jerk off techniques, how often they did it (at least daily for each), and their fantasies. As they said good bye outside the restaurant Bruce told Fred that as soon as he got home he would use his fist to pay tribute to their higher level of friendship. Fred replied that he would be doing exactly the same. Bruce also told his friend he would stop by at lunch time the next day even if he had no delivery. The following morning as Fred was recording the weekend receipts into the journal he received a call from Bruce. He told Fred that his delivery schedule was especially heavy that day and he was already behind schedule so would be forced to eat lunch as he drove and delivered. Fred replied that he would think of him that evening with his fist. Bruce laughed replying he would do the same. When Fred hung up the phone he felt good about the fact that while he had a level of disappointment about not seeing him at lunch time he was not devastated. He knew he could trust his friend and that he would soon see him. While they had lunch together in the back room of the hardware store on Tuesday Bruce happily announced that he had arranged to close the gym on Thursday. Sol, the owner, would gladly go home early and they would have the place to themselves after the 8:00 (20.00) closing. He tried to get Fred to tell him the topic of the next lesson to no avail. “You will just have to wait. I guarantee it will be a hard lesson.” Fred said with a smile. Thursday evening after sharing a vegetarian pizza they arrived at the gym at 7pm. At 7:30, the last customer, muscle Pete, put down his weights and walked to the locker room. Bruce quietly told Fred to check him out. “As you can see that guy has an incredible body. What is hidden in those bulging shots is very a glorious sight.” Fred followed Pete selecting a locker close to Pete’s. Being a small family owned gym the locker room was also small resulting in customers being close to each other. As Pete undressed Fred rummaged through his gym bag appearing to be looking for something. He had placed the bag on the bench in such a way that it was between him and Pete. As Fred leaned over to find the imaginary item he was looking for in his bag Pete’s now naked body was just three feet (1 m) away. He almost gasped at the beauty and size of the perfectly formed uncut dick. The dick head was covered by skin that hung about half an inch (just over 1 cm) over the head. Since he needed a reason to be standing next to this perfectly formed Greek god Fred began to remove his shoes. He admired Pete’s muscular buttocks. As he walked toward the shower the muscles of his backside flexed. Then to his astonishment when Pete entered the shower stall he did not pull the curtain for privacy. Fred could only gape as he watched this man washing his body while standing sideways. He turned slightly to the opening of the stall and began an inspection of his perfect dick. Pulling the skin back he carefully soaped the head. After rinsing the head he let the skin slide forward. Turning to face the rear of the shower he reached back to scrub his back. He then moved down and used the wash cloth on his perfect ass. Then bending over exposing his cute rosebud he washed his feet. Standing he turned again facing front. Looking up he smiled and winked at a mesmerized Fred. Taking his dick in hand he stroked soon shooting a massive load onto the shower stall wall. He smiled at Fred as he spoke, “Thanks for the audience guys. If I don’t take care of myself here, when I get home I will not last long enough to fully pleasure my wife. She knows when I return from the gym I am pumped up ready for action. What she doesn’t know is that I drained myself so to slow down our loving.” Fred then realized Bruce was standing behind him also enjoying the show. Returning to the gym area Bruce explained that Pete was an exhibitionist. He was sure he was straight with no interest in guys. Since they only had one car sometimes his wife stopped to pick him up. As he said this there was a knock on the door. Bruce unlocked it admitting a short very average looking woman. Pete came out of the locker room, smiled at his wife, bent over to kiss her while firmly placing his hand on her crotch as he massaged it. As they walked out the door Pete turned and winked at the two guys as he firmly placed his hand on her rear end. Fred then announced, “That was not tonight’s lesson, just a very interesting prelude. Are you ready to continue your education?” After locking the door he took Bruce’s hand and led him to the privacy of the locker room. “Tonight’s lesson is optional. If you do not want to pursue the topic we will not continue. Since all lessons are for your enlightenment and pleasure we will only do what you want to do. Now my friend, get naked and stand in front of me.” Bruce happily removed his shorts and shirt as Fred also got naked. “Shouldn’t we shower first? I feel all sweaty.” As Fred kneeled in front of his friend he replied, “Tonight I am going to taste you. Don’t shower yet as I do not want to taste soap, I want the real thing.” With that he leaned in and swallowed the almost hard dick which immediately responded to full dickness. Releasing the now precum dripping dick he continued, “Tonight’s lesson, if you want to continue, is the art of a ’blow job’. Do you want to learn to be a giver as well as a taker?” With a serious expression Bruce replied, “Ever since you did me last week I have fantasized about taking you. While the thought of putting my lips on a dick repulses me, the thought of your dick between my lips thrills me. I am totally conflicted. Let the lesson begin.” Giving his friend’s dick a deep kiss Fred stood and gently pushed Bruce to his knees. As Bruce kneeled with his face inches from Fred’s hard piece he was told, “How deep you go is not as important as how soft you go. Keep in mind the location of your teeth. I do not want you to chew on it. First kiss it and then if you are ready take just the head in.” Bruce leaned forward and licked the head. He then opened his mouth and placed the head between his lips. The taste of man sweat was a turn off and then a total turn on. He wanted to savor the moment. Suddenly he wanted it all and to the shock of both of them he leaned in taking the entire shaft. As it moved as deep as it could go he gagged. When Fred attempted to pull out Bruce by instinct grabbed his ass and held him in. He thought he was going to pass out from the lack of breathing but did not want to release it. As he released the grip on Fred’s ass his friend began to gently and slowly pull out and then move back in. Fred was surprised that this mouth virgin so readily accepted him. Soon Fred reached the point of no return. Not knowing how his friend would react to cum spewing down his throat Fred pulled out just as he erupted. Turning slightly to the side he shot load after load onto the floor. Then kneeling he pushed Bruce onto his back and swallowed him. As he sucked the dick into his throat it immediately exploded and he gulped the juices. After a few minutes of rest as the two lay next to each other on the cold concrete floor Fred stated, “That was probably the shortest lesson in history. You pass with an A+.” To which Bruce replied, “Next time I want to attempt to swallow, OK?” Fred laughed when he said, “There will not be a next time – for at least five minutes.” Five minutes later Bruce had his first, but certainly not last, juice of HIS man. “What is my next lesson? When will it be?” “Tomorrow evening. When you get out of work meet me at the hardware store. You will leave your car there and we will drive to the classroom of life.” As they drove from the hardware store on the west side of Cleveland to the east side Fred would discuss any topic with his friend except their destination. They pulled into the half filled parking lot of a bar. Although Bruce rarely went to bars he had been in a few and seen many bar scenes on TV. Upon entering the dim place Bruce noticed nothing unusual about this neighborhood bar. As they entered a tall handsome black man of about forty with penetrating brown eyes got up from his table at the rear of the place and with a smile approached Fred. Both opened their arms and they were soon in a tight embrace. Their smiling faces faced each other as their lips moved together. Their passionate deep kiss lingered. Bruce was astonished. Not only was his friend embracing a man, and a black man at that, in a public place, they had a very erotic, deep, long kiss. What would the other patrons of this place think? He was ready for some customer or the bartender to tell them to get their perverted asses out of there. Instead the customers and employees either ignored the public display of deep affection that took place in clear view at the entrance of the bar or looked at them with slight interest and then continued to their drinks and friends. When the two finally disentangled Fred turned to Bruce, “This is my friend Henry, the man who taught me the facts of man life.” Before Bruce could respond Henry moved in and wrapped his arms around the startled young man. In a daze he return the hug but thankfully not an erotic kiss. “You are as cute as described. Fred’s a special friend of mine and I am so happy he found such a delightful friend in you”. As they embraced Bruce was surprised that suddenly he had erotic feelings as he tried to tell his dick to behave. Henry kissed Bruce on the cheek, took his hand and led him to a table at the rear of the bar. “Welcome to your next lesson, Navigating a Gay Bar, Fred and I will team teach this class.” ‘Gay Bar’, Bruce had heard the expression but had no idea what to expect. He then realized that everyone in the bar was male and probably gay which explained the acceptance of the kiss at the door. As soon as they sat a swishy waiter sashayed up to their table. “Hi, I’m Mike and I am here to please you and serve you.” He said this with a twinkle in his eyes. He was definitely advertising his sexuality. On inspection Bruce noted he wore eye makeup, a snug fitting shirt that emphasized hard nipples, the size of the bulge in the tight pants may have been enhanced with a sock and the ass globes were highly inviting. He took their beer orders and upon returning he looked at Bruce stating, “I have not seen you here before. Your eyes tell me this is a new experience for you. If there is any way and I mean ANY WAY I can make your visit pleasurable give me a nod and my ass will run right over to you.” With this he walked away with his ass gyrating the message, ‘Hi, I am available’. Sitting at the table, holding Fred’s hand, Bruce was totally at ease. He soon understood why his friend had found Henry so interesting. Fred had told him a lot about Henry including his ‘hotness’, ability to help him explore his sexuality and his love of Seth who had died in a tragic auto accident. While Fred had failed to mention Henry was black this seemed unimportant now as he got to know him. Suddenly Henry got up and hastened to the entrance as two men came through the door. He embraced both of them with his strong arms and the two returned the hug. Following kisses that were not as intense as Fred had received he led them to their table. Bruce was soon introduced to Vlad and Aiden. Vlad shook his hand and then pulled him into an embrace, “We have heard so much about you. Now we see with our own eyes why Fred is so smitten.” For the next hour they shared beers, jokes and conversation. This was the first time in his life Bruce was with a group of people that he felt totally comfortable with. He was surprised when suddenly Henry said, “Isn’t it about time you two leave. I will not be home before 10:00 (two hours later).” He then handed Fred a key saying, “Enjoy. Just slide it under the door when you leave. I have a spare one with me.” A surprised and happy Bruce followed Fred as they departed the bar. Before leaving each kissed every man at the table. As they drove to Henry’s apartment Fred told him that Henry had offered the use of his place for a couple of hours since they had no place to be together other than the gym. After quick showers they entered Henry’s bedroom. There was a large framed painting on the wall of Henry and another man embracing. Bruce correctly assumed this was Seth. Fred explained that Seth was a talented artist and had done the painting. The bed which appeared to be freshly made had the covers turned back. Rose petals had been sprinkled on the bed and pillows. As they crawled between the lavender satin sheets their bodies entwined. This was their first opportunity to make love other than in the utilitarian locker room with its cold concrete floor, narrow hardwood benches and tiny shower stalls. After a half hour of cuddling and touching they moved into the 69 position with each soon swallowing the nectar of the other. After three cummings they reluctantly dressed. As they drove back to the west side Bruce asked when the next lesson would be. “Meet me at the store as soon as you get off work tomorrow (Saturday afternoon),” was all Fred would say. As soon as Bruce was in the privacy of his bed he discussed the happy events of the evening with his exhausted dick that was both willing to listen and ejaculate a small tribute. Meanwhile Fred was having the same conversation with his fatigued but not totally worn out piece. The next evening as they walked up the steps to the entrance of Cleveland’s Club Bath Bruce had absolutely no idea what to expect. How could anything outshine his experience at the bar followed by love making in a real bed the previous evening. Fred paid at the entrance counter and they were given two towels and two keys. Fred explained that he had rented a private room and a locker which they would not use as the two would share the room. Bruce felt like he had fallen down a pit and entered Never-Never Land. As they walked down the hall two men passed them, each wearing only a towel around his waist. The first was incredibly handsome, about thirty with six pack abs and an ‘aren’t I beautiful, don’t touch’ me expression on his face’. The next, an older less attractive man smiled. Some of the doors to the rooms were open. In one he saw a guy sitting on the edge of a small bed platform jerking off, in another a guy was on his back naked with a soft dick and in another the man was on his stomach with his feet slightly parted and ass exposed. Next to his ass were a couple of rubbers and a tube of something. He was totally bewildered as Fred unlocked a door. Their tiny room had a narrow platform with a thin sheet covered mattress at the side and a narrow walkway about three feet (90 cm) wide straight in from the door. At the end of the walkway there was a built in shelf even with the bed. The wall opposite the bed had a long mirror. On the wall over the shelf were two hooks, each with a hanger. As Fred closed the door he said, “Let the lesson begin. This is called a ‘Bath House’. Most men came here to have anonymous sex. Some are here in the hope of finding a life soulmate, a few are here to just observe and some like you and I are here because it is a place where two men who have no private place to go can enjoy each other. Let’s get naked, wrap towels around our waists and take a tour.” Bruce was in a daze as they toured the place. Fred’s explanation of the facility and how men acted, reacted and connected was similar to the lecture he had received from Henry a year earlier. Bruce sensed that Fred was looking for something or someone as he peered in each room. He stopped at an open door. Taking Bruce’s hand Fred pulled him into the room. Lying on the bed in the dark room was a black skinned man with a towel around his waist. When the man reached for the dimmer light switch and turned it up Bruce suddenly realized Fred’s friend, Henry, was the man on the bed. Fred explained, “When I told Henry we were coming here today he suggested that he help with your man education. He also offered to give you a special demonstration of man parts. I hope you do not mind but I told Henry the only dicks you had seen up close other than mine was your brother’s when like a ‘good brother’ he taught you the joys of jerking off and our muscle friend at the gym who enjoys showing off his nice uncut piece.” Henry continued, “Close the door and sit down my friends.” Henry then stood and let his towel drop to the floor. “While you observed the uncut dick on the muscle man at the gym you did not have the pleasure of examining it up close. For the sake of education (said with a smile) I am making my dick available for your inspection and manipulation. That is if you want such an experience.” Henry’s dick was close to Bruce’s face. Without hesitation Bruce reached up and gently touched the shaft which being soft had a totally covered head. As Bruce started to push the skin back the shaft jerked. His gentle touch encouraged the piece to slowly grow and expand. As it enlarged the pink head peeped out of the skin opening. As the fascinated young man watched it grow he softly took hold of the shaft and pull forward hiding the head under skin. He then pushed back exposing the head now oozing juice from the piss hole. When Henry suggested that he kiss it he leaned in and gently placed his tongue on the tip of the head. Fred then kneeled next to Bruce. When Bruce kissed the shaft a second time Fred leaned in and also kissed it. With their lips on either side of the dick head the two kissed with their lips touching. Bruce continued to examine the head, skin, shaft and balls with both his eyes and tongue. When Henry announced that he was close Bruce continued his exploration until cum began shooting and landing on the young man’s chest. Following showers Henry returned to his room for a period of rejuvenation and the young men continued their exploration. Walking past a door that was slightly open Fred looked in and saw activity that he wanted Bruce to observe. There was no resistance when he fully opened the door and he and Bruce entered the tiny room. Two men probably in their forties were on the bed. One was kneeling with his ass exposed and the other was fucking him. Not only was Bruce seeing his first fuck, he was seeing it up close. The fucker pulled out and rolled the bottom onto his back. He then placed a pillow under the ass and shoved his dick back into the apparently eager hole. Both men were sweating and squirming. Eventually the top pulled out as his hard dick began shooting onto the chest of the bottom. Fred guided Bruce out of the room. He led him to the large, dim orgy room and suggested they sit in the corner. As Fred explained the mechanics and joy of fucking a man walked into the room and lay on his back on the platform in the middle of the room. Soon someone entered and accepted the obvious invitation to fuck. By now a bewildered and extremely horny Bruce wrapped his body around Fred’s as they lay on the platform in a corner of the large dim room. Their love making was intense. A few men approached them offering to join in. Fred gently pushed away any advances. Following earth-shattering cummings by both they showered and continued their exploration. They had touchie / feelie experiences with a few anonymous men in the misty darkness of the steam room and Jacuzzi. Back in their own small room with a dimmed light they had the longest and most intense love session ever. They never saw their friend Henry again. Later he told Fred he had a two hour session of loving, fucking and sleeping followed by more loving and sucking with a Hispanic man his age. At Bruce’s request they returned to the bath the following evening. While this visit did include some observations of man sex and playing with various dicks, those activates were just appetizers for their evening together in the tiny room doing what two men in love do (except fucking was never considered). A week later Henry accompanied them on a visit to the home of Alex and Roland. Bruce not only enjoyed a delicious dinner he keenly observed both Henry and his Fred fuck Alex. While Bruce was not ready to be a top or bottom he did enjoy the performance. They discussed their activates at the baths and agreed that anonymous sex was something neither wanted. While they did enjoy occasional romps with Henry and dinners with Alex and Roland followed by the special dessert served to Fred and observed by Bruce they had no desire for encounters with others. A month later while sharing a pizza in a booth at the back of the restaurant prior to private time in the gym after closing Fred took Bruce’s hand. He then said to his friend words he had never uttered before, “I love you”. Bruce squeezed his hand and with tears in his eyes responded, “And, I love you.” Although the gym officially closed at 8:00 that evening they did not leave until 11:00 having made love (but no fucking – yet, if ever) on exercise mats taken into the locker room for privacy since the exercise area had windows to advertise the gym’s facilities.
  3. Tallguyct

    The UPS Driver Delivers

    April 1975 The UPS man, Bruce had made his delivery on Monday. Tuesday morning Fred could think of nothing but this new man in his life. Although there meeting had been only a few minutes and they had only exchanged a few words Fred felt like he knew the soul of Bruce. His uncle commented midmorning, “You seem in a daze, are you feeling OK?” Bruce replied that he had an examination that evening in his Federal Income Tax class that worried him. When his uncle suggested he take the rest of the day off to study Bruce panicked. He could not tell his uncle there was no test and his mood resulted from thoughts, perplexed thoughts, about the new UPS delivery man. He told his uncle that he was prepared and that working would help clear his head. UPS deliveries were usually received mid-day. By mid-afternoon Fred accepted the fact that there would be no delivery. He knew he should not expect a delivery since UPS deliveries only happened every two or three days, sometimes there was no delivery for a week. The bulk of merchandise was delivered by the hardware store supplier on Thursday afternoons. Only unusual items or special orders were delivered by UPS. Wednesday when his uncle asked about his Tuesday evening exam Fred told him he had anticipated the question topics and was well prepared (while thinking to himself – wish that were true – but there was no exam). No delivery on Wednesday or Thursday. A disappointed Fred was relieved that at least there had not been a delivery by a different driver. On Friday soon after noon a totally frustrated Fred saw the UPS truck park outside. He was exasperated because a customer was driving him crazy. For thirty minutes he had been helping her selected the right shade of lavender paint to match her powder room curtains. Finally, she decided that the curtains should be replaced and that she would not be able to select a paint color until she selected fabric to make new curtains. While he felt sorry for whoever waited on her at the fabric store he welcomed Bruce, “What have you for me today? We have not seen you for a few days.” Bruce replied with a cheery reply as Fred signed for the merchandise. He had been rehearsing comments he might make to prolong the visit. “Would you like a cup of coffee?” Bruce replied, “No thank you. Actually I drink no caffeine based products. But, if you have hot water available I could make myself some tea.” Fred replied that he would put the pot in the back room on and boiling water would be available in a couple of minutes. Bruce went to his truck to retrieve his thermos and returned with it and a tea bag. Fred invited him into the back room. “Do you mind if I sit for a couple of minutes. I’m ahead of schedule and could sure enjoy a short break.” Fred invited him to stay as long as he wanted. “You did not need to bring your own tea bag. We have a supply.” “Actually, I do not drink regular tea. Again, the caffeine issue. This is a special tea, Rooibos, imported from South Africa that I get at a health food store. It contains powerful antioxidants that boost the immune system.” “That sounds interesting and healthy. And you do look healthy.” “This is the only tea bag I have with me. I will drop some off with my next delivery if you want to try it.” “If you recommend it, it must be good for the diet. Your body appears to be very fit and vigorous.” Suddenly Fred realized that maybe he had gone too far to let Bruce know he had inspected his body. He was greatly relieved when Bruce said, “Thank you for the compliment. I am very particular about my diet. I also exercise regularly. Thanks for the hot water and chance to take a break. May I use your john (slang for toilet)?” “Of course, the first door on your left down that hall. Between my working here full time and attending university nights I do not have time for proper exercise. Maybe at your next delivery you could tell me more about you exercise regime.” “Gladly, but you might wish you hadn’t asked. Once I get started on diet and exercise I cannot stop talking. My brother tells me I am obsessed with it. If it is convenient I could eat my lunch here while we discuss a healthy life style. Usually I eat it in the truck. Now, if I don’t get to the john soon I’ll piss in my pants.” Returning from the bathroom Bruce laughed as he admitted. “If I had not used your facility I would have done what I frequently do. Piss in a jar I keep in the back of my truck. See you.” The following Tuesday Bruce arrived with a delivery around noon. When Fred asked him if he would like to take his lunch break in their back room he said, ‘Yes’, with a smile. He brought in his lunch bag. As he sat he took out the contents: two hard cooked eggs, a banana, an apple, a small container that Fred learned was plain yogurt and two cookies. His drink was rooibos tea. “You certainly eat healthy. I’m surprised to see cookies on your menu.” Bruce laughed, “These are not cookies.” He broke off a piece for Fred to taste. “They are high fiber baked goods made with whole wheat flour, ground flax seed and sun flower seeds.” Fred tasted it. He commented that they ‘tasted very Healthy’ without adding that they also tasted like cardboard. Fred commented, “My lunch looks pathetic compared to yours.” Observing Fred’s lunch Bruce did not comment on the evils of processed cold cuts in a sandwich made from Wonder Bread (bread made of refined flour), greasy potato chips, Coca-Cola and chocolate chip cookies. The following week Bruce had deliveries for the store and lunch with Fred twice. The next week he stopped by on Monday. “I do not have any delivery for you. Do you mind if I eat lunch here?” Fred enthusiastically replied ‘Yes’ and they continued their conversation during which Bruce had politely and subtly commented on Fred’s unhealthy diet. Over the course of these two weeks Fred learned Bruce’s background, likes and dislikes. He had grown up in a small town on the Ohio River just across the river from Wheeling, West Virginia. After graduation from high school he drove a delivery truck for Kroger’s Supermarkets. His older brother had moved to Cleveland where he worked at the Chevrolet Plant in Parma. He had married his high school sweetheart and they moved into a rented house on Cleveland’s west side. Bruce had visited his brother and decided he preferred Cleveland to the Ohio River Industrial Valley. He was hired by UPS to work in their distribution center and moved in with his brother and wife. Six months later he changed to a driver’s position with UPS. While he was happy living with his brother and wife he someday wanted to be on his own. At first he slept in a bedroom next to his brother and wife. The young couple were very much in love and expressed it almost every night. When Bruce suggested that he would move to the unfinished attic for more privacy his brother had no objections. Bruce told Fred that “It is hotter than hell in that attic on summer nights. There is only a small window at each end. Even with a window fan and my sleeping naked I sweat like a pig.” At the thought of Bruce sleeping naked Fred’s dick responded. Bruce’s eating habits were extremely healthy. He ate very little red meat and only chicken occasionally. He wished he could have fresh fist but was afraid to eat fist from polluted Lake Erie. He ate large quantity of fruits and vegetables and made sure his diet included sufficient amounts of protein, fiber and calcium. When Bruce explained his exercise routine Fred’s dick again responded while picturing him sweating at a gym. When Fred asked him about girlfriends Bruce responded that he had dated in high school because it was expected. “In my senior year a very pretty and popular girl flirted with me which was unusual since I was known as a quiet guy. I borrowed my dad’s Plymouth and on our first date we went to the movies. She led us to the balcony where it was darker than in the lower area. This area was famous for making out. She led me to a seat in the back row off to the side. This area was behind and out of sight of anyone else in the dark theater. As soon as we sat she had her hand on my dick. Of course I got hard. Then she took my hand and guided it to her cunt. She had pulled her dress up above her knees and was not wearing panties. With her legs spread she held my hand and rubbed it over her hairy thatch. Then she took my finger and shoved it into her hole. She pushed my hand back and forth as I finger fucked her. Then she pulled it out and took two of my fingers and shoved both in. She manipulated the thumb so it was rubbing her above the hole. She began to moan and whispered to me, ‘You know just how to make a girl feel good.’ Actually I had no idea how to make a girl feel good since this was the first girl I had ever touched and had never even seen a naked girl. After a while of fingering she gasped and I could feel her cunt area pulsate. ‘Do, do, keep it up’ she moaned. By the end of the movie my hand was numb from holding the area down that was now slimy and slippery.” “As soon as we got into the car which was parked, as she had suggested, at the back of the theater parking lot she had my pants open and had pulled out my dick. She must have been very experienced with men’s pants and underwear to have gotten me out so easily. She started stroking it saying, ‘You are such a man. I want this big prick in me.’ Her saying I had a big prick was a surprise to me. I had never seen a man hard except my older brother when he was sixteen and I was thirteen and he taught me how to beat off. My soft dick is less than impressive from what I have seen of others in the locker room at school and the gym where I exercise. When I gave an out-and-out ‘NO’ she told me she would give me a sample of what I was missing. She leaned over and took my almost hard dick in her mouth. She sure knew how to make a guy feel good. It was not too long until I was ready to shoot. I told her it was cumming. She moved away and I shot my load. What a mess. It landed on the dashboard of my dad’s car, on the steering wheel, on the floor and some landed on my pants leaving a big wet spot. I took her home and she leaned in giving me a kiss. Her tongue went down my throat. This almost made me puke as the cumming had eliminated any desire I might have. When I got home I found a rag in the garage to clean up the car. Luckily there was no one up to see the stain on the crotch of my pants.” “Safe in the privacy of my bedroom I took off my pants and white underwear briefs. To my shock I saw blood in my underwear. Looking down I also saw that my dick was red. Then I realized it was not blood. What kind of disease or rash had I gotten from her greedy mouth? Upon further examination I realized the red stains were lipstick. I knew I would have to throw my underwear briefs away as my mother did my laundry. I went into the shower to clean off my dick. Soap did nothing. After trying with a brush that caused pain I cleaned it with my hand using shampoo. I did not want to use a washcloth as I might get lipstick on it. The washing with shampoo removed some. Since no one ever saw my dick I decided it was best to just let it wear off. When I went to bed I put on another pair of briefs under my pajamas. I put paper towels inside the briefs to absorb any of the red. For the next two days I kept a paper towel in my briefs. Since nothing rubbed off onto the towel I felt safe and within a day there was no longer an indication of the adventure that was both pleasurable and in other ways disturbing.” “We had gone to the movie on a Saturday night. The next day in Church she approached me whispering, ‘You are an expert lover. I want your big prick in my tight hole. Why don’t we go out for a ride this afternoon?’ I told her I was not that kind of guy. She gave me a dirty look and Monday in school I saw her talking to another boy. Soon they were walking the halls holding hands. Two months later the day after graduation they got married and soon she appeared very pregnant. Now that I think about it I believe she knew she was pregnant and was looking for a father for her baby. Probably some guy she could not marry had knocked her up. I assume it was a married guy or someone she did not want to marry or possibly she had just fucked a stranger and did not know who the father was. Maybe it was the math teacher. He seemed like a pervert. In our small school everyone knew each other’s grades. In junior high she almost failed math. But when she took math from this guy she became a genius. My classmates laughed how he ogled her as she sat in the front row with her dress pulled up and her legs spread probably not wearing panties. That is my experience with girls.” “Compared to me, you are a man of the world. I have never seen a naked girl and actually have no desire to. While in high school I did date but never went beyond a kiss. After graduation from high school I no longer felt peer pressure to date, just mother pressure that I ignore. Bruce then made a hasty departure as his long story about his ‘girl experience’ had put him behind in his delivery schedule. The following day a smiling Bruce arrived at lunch time. He had no delivery for the store but again ate the healthy lunch he bought to the back room. When Fred suggested they go to a movie that weekend Bruce gladly accepted with the caveat, ‘I’ll go with you as long as we don’t sit in a dark corner of the balcony and you don’t force my finger into your crotch.’ While they laughed at the joke Fred again felt a twinge in his dick as he thought of sitting in a dark corner of the balcony with hands in each other’s crotches. Saturday evening they met at the store’s parking lot where Bruce left his car and they drove to the theater together. Sitting in the middle of the theater they enjoyed watching the suspenseful story taking place in the Swiss Alps, The Eiger Sanction, staring forty-five year old Clint Eastwood. Following the movie Bruce offered to treat Fred at Manner’s Big Boy restaurant. Fred was surprised that his friend would eat at a place famous for its hamburgers and rich food. Bruce admitted that one of his favorite desserts was Manner’s famous strawberry pie. While he ate healthy most of the time he was willing to splurge occasionally. Both had the famous pie. While Bruce had milk with his, Fred ordered a chocolate milkshake. They discussed Bruce’s exercise routine which took place at a small gym near his home. He invited Fred to join him there Sunday afternoon. Of course Fred readily accepted while visualizing his friend sweating while exercising and then showering. Bruce told Fred to bring shorts, a tee shirt, extra briefs and to wear sneakers. While he would probably not sweat during this introductory workout he should bring a towel in case he felt he needed a shower. He also told him underwear briefs would provide enough support to protect his jewels during this first session but he could wear a jockstrap if he felt it was necessary. He wore a jockstrap since his exercises were intense. Sunday afternoon when Fred entered the small gym he saw Bruce lifting weights. This was the first time he had an opportunity to see the leg and arm muscles of his friend. The delightful sight of the sweaty friend wearing short shorts and a tank top caused Fred’s dick to begin rising. Thankfully he was wearing tight briefs. Bruce put down the barbell and greeted his friend. He then introduced him to the owner, Sol. When Fred asked about paying for the use of the gym he was told the introductory session was free. Bruce took him to the small locker area where Fred needed to only change from street pants to shorts. He was already wearing tight briefs, a tee shirt and sneakers. Returning to the gym area Bruce told him warming up exercises at the beginning and cooling off exercises at the end were as important as the actual exercise. For the first warm up he told Fred to stand about three feet from the wall, place both hands on the wall, step forward with one leg and then lean in. As he did this Fred felt the muscles on the back leg stretch. Bruce reached down and ran his hand up the back of his lower leg where Fred felt the pain from stretching. As Bruce touched him he asked if he felt the muscle in the back of his leg stretch. This very innocent touch from a trainer sent shivers through Fred’s entire body. This was the first time he had actual physical contact with his friend. The warm ups continued with arm movements. Bruce stood in front of him and pushed his arms in place as he stretched them. The touching by Bruce continued as he gave instructions on the use of the equipment. In addition to using various pieces of exercise equipment such as the treadmill he also instructed Fred in the lifting of weights beginning with five pound (2.3 kg) dumbbells, hand held weights. As Bruce demonstrated Fred noted that as his friend raised his arms he saw his armpits were shaved and his tank top moved up revealing a thin trail of hair traveling down from the bellybutton. Between the touching, the sight of the clean shaved pits and treasure trail Fred was in a total state of erotic euphoria. He had to concentrate more on keeping his dick soft than the exercise regime. At the end of the session Bruce suggested they take showers. In the small locker room Bruce stripped down to his jock strap and walked to one of the three shower stalls carrying a towel. The ass cheeks Fred had so admired the first day when he watched Bruce walk out of the store were even more enticing when the straps of the jock strap outlined the ass bubbles as his friend walked to the shower. He disappeared behind the drawn curtain still wearing his jock strap. Fred striped to his Fruit of the Loom white briefs. Inside the privacy of the curtain covered stall he took off his underwear briefs and turned on the water. At the conclusion of his shower he opened the curtain and started to walk out naked when he saw Bruce emerge from his stall with his towel wrapped around his waist. Fred quickly did the same. In the dressing area Bruce slipped on clean underwear while still covered with the towel. A very disappointed Fred decided he was not going to hide his package while also not flaunt it. Standing next to Bruce he removed the towel and put on his clean underwear. Bruce might have spied him from a side angle. Bruce then suggested they grab a bite to eat recommending a pizza place where they shared a vegetarian pizza. While Bruce just drank water Fred had a coke. When ordering Bruce suggested they have pepperoni or sausage or both put on one side for Fred. Fred declined and while they eat he told his friend that he understood eating less red meat, especially processed meat, was healthy and that he had modified his diet. His mother was not happy that her son was not getting enough meat when Fred ate smaller portions. He had tried to explain the health benefits of eating less of or no red meat. This was something she could not understand. For the next two weeks their lives became very intertwined. Most days Bruce stopped by with his lunch. On Thursday evenings and Sunday afternoons they visited the gym together. Fred was limited as to the amount of free time he had as he had classes on Tuesday and Wednesday evenings and needed to study Monday evenings. On either Friday or Saturday evening they went to a movie. Fred was happy with their relationship except for the lack of intimate contact. They had only touched each other that first day at the gym when he learned to exercise and use equipment. He had never seen Bruce naked. It was not that he wanted to see his friend’s dick as much as he wanted his friend to be comfortable being naked with him. They had showered together six times and Bruce never exposed himself while Fred would briefly as he dressed. On the second Thursday after their first gym encounter a sexually frustrated Fred told his uncle he needed to leave work early to prepare for class. He visited Club Cleveland for two hours prior to his class playing in the steam room and fucking a guy in his private small room. After the visit he felt guilty but was not sure if he would ever have an intimate relationship with his new friend. The following Sunday afternoon Bruce suggested they have their pizza prior to the gym. The owner had asked Bruce to close up for him so he could go home early for his son’s birthday party. After pizza they arrived at the gym an hour before the Sunday closing time of 6 pm (18.00). The owner departed as soon as they arrived. Bruce had done the closing other times. Fred now knew the routine and they exercised separately. Everyone else had departed by 5:30 so Bruce locked the front door and put up the ‘CLOSED’ sign. Bruce asked him how he felt. Fred replied that between the stress of his upcoming final exams and the extra work out that day he felt tight all over. Bruce then asked, “Would you like a massage? There is a folding massage table in the closet. A good rubdown would relieve your stress.” Fred thought to himself, ‘If he touches me I will get a rock hard boner. That is a good idea. It will let him know my feelings. He can ignore it or something might happen.’ He replied aloud, “That may be just what I need. Thanks for the offer.” Bruce set up the massage table in a corner next to the locker room. Fred wondered if he intentionally put it where someone walking by could not see what was going on through the window. Bruce then told Fred to undress and lay on his stomach. Fred undressed while Bruce went to the closet to get massage oils and a towel. Returning from the closet he placed the towel over Fred’s ass area. After lubricating his hands with massage oil Bruce stood at the head of the table and started with the neck and shoulders and then rubbed down the back to the top of the towel. He then did each leg from the bottom of the ass cheeks to the toes. Fred was surprised when Bruce gently rubbed his balls tucked between his slightly spread legs. Was the ball touch an accident or an intentional move? Fred moaning with pleasure and told Bruce, “This is my first massage and it feels wonderful, all over, everyplace you touch.” Fred turned his head and looked at Bruce’s crotch. There was a bulge pushing out from the short shorts he wore. Bruce told him to roll over. As Fred rolled Bruce held the towel so his privates were not exposed. Fred both mortified and thrilled lay on his back with the towel not only tented but also showing a stain of precum. Bruce looked at the tent and then at Fred. “That was the reaction I was expecting. May I remove the towel?”
  4. Tallguyct

    The Education of a Young Man Continues

    May 1974 At the home of Fred’s parents, Mrs. Blackburn, his mother commented on their son’s new attitude. “Fred certainly has been a good mood the past few weeks. I am glad he is going out with friends more often. He certainly seems to enjoy his evening literature class. I thought an accounting student would be more interested in business classes. The play he is attending at the Cleveland Play House followed by dinner should be fun. I hope there is a girl involved. (Actually, while he had told his parents he was attending a play with some of his class mates he really planed on a lesson about man fucking taught by his new friend, Henry.) She continued, “I wonder what the girl is like. I hope she is a Lutheran or at least a Protestant. I would be mortified if he married a Catholic.” By this time Fred’s father, Al, had had enough of his wife’s ramblings. “Maybe she is a Jew. Maybe she is a Puerto Rican, a lot of them are moving to Cleveland. She could be Asian or possibly a Negro.” He knew this would get his wife riled up. “Oh my land’s sake. He would never get involved with someone who is not a white Christian. Whatever made you say that?” Mother would have been totally overwrought and incensed if she knew his plans for the day, receiving a lesson in man fucking form his Negro friend, Henry. As mother continued father had some thoughts. ‘If there is a girl involved I hope he is getting some. I should have had a talk with him about using rubbers.’ Continuing his thoughts about Fred he recollected the time when his son was seventeen when he walked in on him while the boy was jerking-off. What he remembers most was proudly seeing the well-formed large dick his son had inherited from him. With a laugh he had told his embarrassed son, “Sorry, I did not mean to interrupt. Go for it, a man has to do what a man has to do.” Later that day he told his son, “Don’t be embarrassed about what I saw. It’s natural for a guy to take care of himself one way or another. I have a secret to share. Remember when we celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary a few months ago a couple of weeks before your 17th birthday. The truth is it was really our 17th anniversary. You do the math. Thanks to a broken rubber your conception moved marriage plans up a few years. We had planned getting married in the future and having children. That incident just pushed up the schedule. Don’t tell your mother I shared this with you. She likes to play an innocent virtuous role.” Father then went down to his basement workshop to work on a project. Actually the project was his dick. Although his wife had been hot to trot and very aggressive when they were teenagers now over twenty years later she had cooled off. He almost felt like he was getting a mercy fuck once a month as she with no emotion laid on her back. There were other ways to take care of himself. He took out a hidden copy of the newly published magazine, Hustler. This magazine, unlike the almost mainstream Playboy showed explicit views of female pussies, being the first major USA based magazine to do so. He pulled out his impressive dick and began stroking. Simultaneously with his cumming into the ever ready waste basket he heard the phone ringing upstairs. His wife called downstairs, “It’s your office. They want to talk about a 3:00 showing of a house on Pelham Drive.” Hearing this message his dick now tucked into his pants and still oozing after-cum started to get hard again. As a real estate agent showing homes was a significant part of his job. However, life had taken a twist. Five years earlier following an out of town seminar he and one of his colleagues, Jenny, discussed life in the hotel bar. After too many drinks she told him she thought her husband preferred men. He had not initiated sex for over a year, she had found magazines with photos of naked men in his brief case and once when he went golfing with his best friend he forgot to take his gold clubs. She called the wife of his friend and using the pretense for information asked about a recipe for banana bread, had casually mentioned their husbands’ golf outing. The wife confirmed that her husband was indeed having a good round of golf. She did not tell the wife that they were probably doing something other than golf. Al being somewhat frustrated with his wife’s lack of interest in sex and under the influence of a couple of beers suggested they have a drink in his room. That coupling started a relationship that was satisfying to both Al and his real estate business associate. When his wife called down that there was to be a showing on Pelham Drive he knew exactly what would happen. He would do a showing on Pelham but it would not be the house but his dick. The owners of this house had moved out and it would not go on the market for another two weeks as repairs and cleaning were necessary prior to showing it. He would meet Jenny and they would have a grand time. By the time he got upstairs to the phone he was having a hard time hiding his erection as he thought about Jenny’s lips on his dick and his fucking the cleavage of her breasts followed by a multi-position screw. Jenny had accepted her husband for what he was: a good father to their three children, a great provider, an adventuresome travel mate and a nice man overall. While his father prepared to fuck in the vacant house on Pelham Drive Fred drove with Henry to the place of his next lesson, fucking. On their way Henry pulled into a parking area of a city park. “Prior to our main lesson today I thought I would give you some extra insight. Let’s take a walk.” As they walked along a somewhat secluded path in the park they passed a man leaning against a tree smoking. “Don’t stare, but see that man there. I am 96% sure he wants sex, either a quick jerk-off, blow job or maybe even a fuck. But I am also 1% into thinking he is a serial killer or someone out to beat up gays. Or there is as 1% chance he is waiting to rob you. He might get you behind a tree with your pants down and dick out. While checking out your dick he could be after your wallet that is in your pocket around your knees or lower. Also there is a 1% possibility he is an undercover cop planning to arrest perverts like us. But also there is a very small 1% possibility that he is a straight guy just out for a walk to get fresh air.” “Cruising parks or neighborhoods can be found in various places all over the country and from what I have heard all over the world. I brought you here to give you a warning. Please my friend, stay away. As tempting as it looks it could be dangerous. If you ever should visit a place like this do not carry a wallet with a large amount of money and your driver’s license or credit cards. I suggest that when you go someplace like this or to a bar or any place where you might have an encounter with a stranger that you carry a fake wallet. Put a couple of dollars in an old wallet. Also put a fake credit card or two in it. Every few weeks I receive a mailing from American Express or other credit card company wanting me to apply for a card. These mailings usually include a sample card with the name on it as ‘Your Name’ and an account number like 1234-5678-1234-5678. Put one or two of these promotional cards in your wallet. Now if a thief steals your wallet he will happily run away, especially if he sees the credit cards. Later he will discover he has gotten only a couple of dollars and fake cards. If you carry no wallet he may get hostile or assume you have it hidden someplace on you or back in your car. He might get aggressive and if he has accomplices overpower you. Now that you have had an extra lesson let’s get on our fucking way.” As they drove to the next lesson Henry told Fred he had spoken to two friends and one of them would be very willing to be topped by the virgin to fucking. He then gave a brief description of his friends Roland and Alex. He explained that Alex enjoyed preparing gourmet dinners followed by a robust ending, he being the dessert. Henry explained that Fred could just watch or if he felt the desire participate. While Fred did not feel he would want to top the older man he knew he would enjoy watching his friend’s well-endowed piece plowing into him. Lesson IV - Fucking Arriving at the home of Henry’s friends they were greeted at the door by the handsome Russian. As Alex started to introduce their new guest to his lover Roland exclaimed, “Welcome to our home Fred Blackburn. I never expected you were the handsome young man we would be hosting this evening.” At first Fred was surprised that his host seemed to know him. Then he realized he was the manager at the downtown bookstore he frequented. Being a lover of literature Fred had frequently visited Burroughs Bookstore near Public Square. He had spoken to Roland a few times and once had given his name when he ordered a book. “I am surprised you remember me and especially that you know my name. I think I only gave it to you once.” Roland replied, “I remember the names of my most handsome sexy customers. During our brief conversations I had the feeling you were someone who enjoyed the company of men. Now to my great pleasure and hopefully the enjoyment of Alex I discover you truly are someone who shares our passions. Come into the living room and tell me all about yourself while Henry helps Alex put the final touches on the dinner.” The evening proceeded as Henry had predicted and following the delicious meal prepared by Alex, the cook excused himself to go upstairs and prepare for dessert while the others cleared the table. A few minutes later as they approached the bedroom Alex stepped from the bathroom wearing a silk robe. With a twinkle in his eyes he stated, “Dessert is ready to be served.” Henry had explained the likely after dinner activities to Fred. He had also told the student he had various options: he could join in and fuck the Russian, he could jerkoff while watching, he could just watch or he could wait in the living room while Henry gave Alex what he wanted. He did not need to feel pressured to do anything that he did not want to do. When Alex sat at the edge of the bed with his robe open and hard natural dick beckoning to Henry no further invitation was needed. Henry dropped his pants to his knees and removed his shirt. Roland stepped in and applied K-Y to his lover’s anxious ass and Henry’s equally anxious dick. Placing Alex’s knees on his shoulders he moved in. Knowing what his friend wanted he dispensed with any foreplay. Pulling back the skin partially covering his hefty black dick he placed it against the waiting rosebud and shoved in. Alex loudly cried out from the pain and pleasure his friend gave him. The feeling was 10% pain and 90% pleasure. Henry thrust to a near completion and pulled out. Meanwhile he had gestured for Fred to stand at his side. With an arm around Fred he continued to pump into his friend. Pulling out he held his hard precum dripping dick so that both Alex and Fred could inspect it. He then whispered into his friend’s ear, “Would you like to take over for a while?” Henry could see the wet stain at the tip of the bulge of Fred’s pants. Fred hesitated and then said a quiet ‘yes’. He did not bother to drop his pants, he just opened his fly. He placed his mushroom head against the waiting hole. He was surprised when it slid in with no effort. Being an ass virgin he was not aware that between the experience of Alex’s hole and its preparation by Henry’s impressive piece this evening it would be easily penetrated. The feeling was like nothing Fred had ever witnessed. Through the years his hand had given his dick enormous pleasure. The blowjobs by Henry had resulted in even more intense feelings. He was not prepared for the powerful gratification that his dick was receiving. His emotions were so high and his dick so eager that to his delight and then sadness it ended almost immediately. The discharge he felt was the most intense of his life. It was so intense that he fell forward landing on Alex’s chest. His entire body suddenly became numb with pleasure. Henry almost shot his load just witnessing the reaction of his fucking student. Alex embraced him. They kissed as the young man’s dripping dick slipped out. Finally Fred felt strong enough to move away and stand up. Roland reached with a tissue and wiped off remaining cum drops. A totally motivated Henry slammed into his friend resulting in more cries of pleasure. Three times he fucked to near completing and pulled out. After the third time as he held his dick ready to plunge in again Alex called out, “Please, feed it to me!” Henry leaned forward and with a couple of strokes was filling the eager mouth of his Russian friend. When Henry pulled back and stood Fred whispered into his ear. Henry replied, “Oh course you may.” He then announced, “My friend would like another session.” Having dropped his pants and removed his shirt a rock hard Fred moved in and happily returned to the waiting hole. This time he lasted longer finally depositing another intense load. As Henry and Fred used tissues to clean their happy dicks Roland’s robe fell open revealing his magnum piece. Fred gulped in surprise as he saw the largest dick, both in length and girth, he had ever seen poised ready for action. Never had he considered such a petite man could brandish a dick this massive. As Roland crawled into bed with his lover the student and teacher quietly departed. As they drove back to Henry’s apartment where Fred had left his car the young man could not stop talking about the awesomeness of the fuck. Finally Henry was able to break in and tell his friend he had passed the fucking lesson with an A+ and that he had another lesson planned. Without hesitation Fred replied, “IT WOULD BE MY PLEASURE. What is the topic?” Henry told him it would be a surprise and they agreed to meet at his apartment at 3:00 in the afternoon of the following day, Sunday. Lesson V – Navigating a Gay Bar The next lesson was navigating a gay bar. Henry decided they should visit the bar on a Sunday afternoon rather than a Saturday evening when it would be packed. Upon entering the bar Henry asked Fred if he noticed anything different. Looking around the young man noticed nothing strange. Although he was not a regular bar fly visiting a bar was not a new experience. Henry ordered two beers at the bar and they sat at a table in the back. Suddenly Fred noticed, “There are only men at this bar. Some of them seem very friendly. I just saw two guys kiss.” At that instant Mike, the swishy server, approached their table, “Are you guys ready for another round of beers?” Then looking at Henry he continued, “Haven’t seen you here for a while.” Then as he ogled Fred, “What a sweet innocent boy who I could teach so much.” Henry ordered another round of beers. Fred asked, “Is this a bar for gay men? That waiter certainly appears to be friendly.” “You are very observant” Henry replied. They then discussed the joys and pitfalls of visiting a gay bar. Henry was very emphatic when he told Fred that he should be extremely careful about friendships made at the bar. “While most of these men are like you, just looking for some enjoyment this afternoon you never know if you might be talking to a sadistic rapist or gay basher. The most innocent looking person could possibly be out for pleasures that would put you in great danger. While such incidents are rare, you never know. I have had casual hookups and never had a problem. But again, always be aware.” Note: Henry’s warnings were not unwarranted. Starting just a couple of years later, Jeffrey Dahmer, the serial killer and sex offender committed the rape, murder and dismemberment of seventeen men and boys from 1978 to 1991. While the majority of his heinous crimes took place in Wisconsin his first murder was soon after his high school graduation at the age of eighteen in his home town, Bath Ohio. This small town was just 25 miles (40 km) from where Fred was sitting in a bar in Cleveland. Fred enjoyed watching the interactions between the men. He noted some men had handkerchiefs prominently hanging from their pockets. He told Henry he had read about the handkerchief code in one of the gay paperbacks but did not understand the meaning. Henry enlightened him, “The different colors represent the man’s preference. Depending on which rear pocket it’s in tells if he is a giver or taker. While there are many colors and hanky designs the common ones are: Dark blue / fuck (left - top, right -bottom), Light blue / Cock sucking (sucker, wants to be sucked), White / Jack off, Yellow / piss (pisser, pissee), Brown - if yellow is piss don’t ask what brown means, Green / Hustler (for rent, willing to pay), Mustard / Hung (+ 8 inches, 20 cm., wants a big one).” To the relief of all there were no brown hankies visible. Henry decided not to include the mention of ‘red’ handkerchiefs in the current lesson. Red indicated the desire to be fisted, something that was too early for discussion. Lesson VI – Man to Man Relationships Henry then felt it was necessary to discuss intimacy and the difference between casual sex and real love. Looking into Fred’s eyes he began, “Men and women have many levels of relationships. For gay men sometimes this connection is just a quick ‘getting it off’. This could take place in the back room of a bar, public toilet, off a path in the woods, at an office, in a factory or warehouse, a quick visit to a home or just about any place. Two guys getting it off with a fast jerk off, suck or fuck. It could last anywhere from five minutes to much longer. At the conclusion each go their own way never expecting to see each other again. At the other extreme is a loving relationship. Once two men get to know each other they realize this is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Eventually being together becomes more important than just sex. That is the kind of relationship I had with Seth. Within a day of meeting him until his tragic death he was the only man for me. Most relationships are somewhere between. For example, you and I. I enjoy being with you and I enjoy our sexual activities. I do not consider you a just casual blow job but a real friend. However, while I enjoy being with you I do not have the feelings for you that I had for Seth. You my friend, are a good friend, more than a sex mate and less than a lover. I hope you can accept this and understand it. Hopefully, someday you will meet Mr. Right. I did not plan to meet Seth, it just happened. Our friends, Roland and Alex, did not plan to develop a life time loving friendship. What started as a casual sexual adventure over forty years ago soon resulted in a lifetime commitment. Our little sex game of teacher / student is fun and very rewarding erotically.” Henry then leaned in to Fred and pulled his face to his as they kissed. If anyone noticed it was no big deal. This was why being in a gay bar was so relaxing. Henry then pointed out that while their visit to the bar was easy for some it was a very intense and possibly humiliating situation for others as they searched for Mr. Right. When Fred used the bathroom he heard moans coming from one of the stalls. Leaning slightly down he could see part way into the stall under the door. He saw someone on his knees and the feet of a standing person. The no longer naïve Fred knew exactly what they were doing and felt a warm wish for their happiness, at least a few minutes of happiness. Lesson VII – Fun at a Bath House For their next lesson Henry suggested they meet at a coffee shop in the Terminal Tower on Cleveland’s Public Square. When Henry arrived at the agreed time Saturday afternoon he found Fred at a table with a cup of coffee and donut. Joining him Henry explained that their destination would be like a final project where everything covered in the previous lessons, except the bar experience, could be studied further. The walk to Club Cleveland took just about ten minutes which gave Henry time to explain what to expect. Upon entering Henry paid for a room for Fred and a locker for himself. He assumed they would both share the room. Walking to the room they encountered about five men of different shapes, ages, colors and various degrees of hotness roaming the halls wearing only a towel wrapped around their waist. After undressing and wrapping towels around their waists Henry suggested they take a quick tour of the entire facility and then revisit areas of interest to Fred. While passing rooms with open doors and men inside Henry explained that these men were waiting for an encounter. If you thought the man was interesting you stopped at the door and smiled. He would let you know with body language that you were welcome to enter or not welcome. If a man was lying on his stomach he was most likely a ‘bottom’ waiting to be fucked. If you thought this was someone you would want to fuck you would enter the room and gently caress his ass. He would then lift his head up and look at you. If he smiled you closed the door and continued with him. If he shook his head ‘no’ you continued on your walk. They walked past a steam room where Fred was told men might approach him. It could be too steamy to actually see the man clearly, possibly just a shape. If he did not want to have an encounter he should just gently push their hand or lips away. Peeking into the sauna they saw four men. One sitting on the top level was playing with his hard dick. The others had towels hiding their dicks. Three men were in the Jacuzzi. The two sitting next to each other had hands under the bubbling water probably stroking each other. They then showered in an open area with six shower heads. Fred enjoyed watching an incredibly handsome man of about fifty soap and wash himself concentrating on his half hard large cut dick. He looked at Fred and did not appear annoyed that someone was scrutinizing him. He then smiled at Fred and stroked himself to full hardness. Their next stop was the steam room. Standing in the middle of the room he could only make out shapes through the hot mist. He suddenly discovered the man standing next to him was receiving a blow job from someone kneeling. To Fred’s amazement the man next to him reached for his dick and began stroking it. Fred was soon a full mast. The kneeler then turned his head and swallowed Fred. While he wanted to say ‘no, I’m just here as an observer’ his dick said, ‘that feels great, keep it up’. Not wanting to blow his load into the throat of a stranger Fred, as instructed, gently pushed the kneeler’s head back while saying, “Thanks, but it’s too soon to unload.” Henry who had been observing his friend stepped up, “Maybe you need a break.” After the steam room a quick shower was needed. As the two continued their exploration they passed a room with an open door. Looking in Fred saw the handsome older man from the first shower lying on his back stroking his impressive piece. Henry saw the smile on the man’s face directed to Fred. As they continued down the hall he asked his friend, “Did you find that man attractive?” Fred replied with a “You bet I do!” “Then go for it. Just remember, do not do anything you do not want to do. Also, if he wants to be fucked, please use a rubber.” Fred turned around and went back to the open door. He then entered and closed the door. Henry continued on his bath house travels. After fucking a thirty something athletic red head he returned to his room for rest and rejuvenation. About thirty minutes later a jubilant Fred returned. “That was incredible.” He then described his encounter that began with a long touching / cuddling session ending with Fred pumping a massive load down the strangers throat and then then watching him jack off. After closing the door to their cubical the two rested with bodies entwined. After about fifteen minutes Henry suggested, “You seem confident. Go out and find another adventure.” Fred did while Henry entertained a very tall (6’ 8” / 2.05 m) thin black young man of about twenty-five in their room. His massive circumcised eight inch (20 cm) tool was both a pleasure to play with and challenge to swallow. Henry was up to the challenge soon savoring the cream of this ebony twink. When they met in class the following week Henry handed his student a piece of paper with instructions to open it in private. After class they shared a table in a corner of the lounge where coffee, sodas and snacks were available from machines. Fred laughed as he read the document. Diploma The holder of this certificate has successfully completed a course in Man with High Honors. Excellent Grades were received in the following aeas of study: Friendly Jerk Offs, Touching, Cock Sucking, Fucking, Navigating a Gay Bar, Man to Man Relationships, Fun at a Bath House With a smile on his face, “You my friend are a first-rate teacher. Too bad your junior high teacher colleagues and students don’t knew your range of expertise in a certain field of education.” From that day forward the no ‘longer a virgin’ applied his lessons. He and Henry continued to meet to discuss books and have great encounters. He returned to the baths and on one occasion met his first bath mate, the fifty something handsome man, for another enjoyable interlude. He was surprised to discover his new friend was married and had two children, a boy and a girl, both a few years older than himself and that he was a recent grandfather. He returned to the bar where he had interesting conversations. Once while in the bathroom the guy at the next urinal offered to service him and he received a happy for the moment expertly given blow job in one of the stalls. Another time he went home with a stranger. This both excited and caused some fear. As it turned out the guy wanted to be pissed on, a topic that had not been included in Henry’s lectures. With the forty year old chubby guy sitting in the bath tub Fred let loose with a stream. The guy directed Fred’s dick toward his mouth and eagerly drank the yellow juice. Fred completed the visit by jerking off onto they guy’s eager face and then departed. As he drove home he thought to himself, ‘That was interesting, something I don’t care if I ever to again. But I’m glad I made the guy happy.’ One afternoon about a year after he met Henry he was working at his uncle’s store restocking merchandise on the shelves when the door opened. In walked a man dressed in brown carrying a carton. “Hi, I’m the new UPS (United Parcel Service) man assigned to this route.” He placed the box on the counter and handed Fred a clipboard with a receipt to be signed. As Fred signed the receipt on the clipboard he scrutinized this young man: in his twenties, about 5’10” ( 178 cm. ) same height as Fred, muscular arms, strong hands, a tight shirt covering a well-defined chest showing each nipple, an incredible smile on an angelic face. The name tag sewn on his shirt introduced ‘Bruce’. “Thanks for the delivery. I look forward to seeing you again Bruce.” “I do enjoy delivering. Hope to have something for you tomorrow.” As he walked out the door Fred gave a gasp at the sight of the incredible ass, two tight bouncy cheeks. Within minutes Fred was in the bathroom using his hand to give tribute to the man who delivered. Most evenings in the privacy of his bedroom Fred would take out one of the magazines he purchased with photos of men in various positions as an inspiration for a session with his fist and dick. This evening he needed no magazine as erotic thoughts of the delivery man provided the stimulus followed by an intense and long distance cumming.
  5. April 1974 As Henry walked into the Hawthorn Restaurant he saw Fred sitting at the bar holding a glass of Coca-Cola. He had doubted that the young man would follow up on the invitation. After shaking hands he sat next to his new friend and ordered a POC (Pride of Cleveland beer). ”We know very little about each other. Let’s wait until my friends arrive to hear your story. When you do tell only tell us what you are comfortable saying. Before they arrive I’ll give you background on the men you will be dining with tonight.” “Vladimir Melnikov who we call Vlad is in his fifties. Born in Moscow he attended a special school for students who showed proficiency in language. As the war broke out he was assigned to be an interpreter of German to an important Soviet general who also became his bedmate. After the war he was assigned to a Soviet post in Berlin. By then he was proficient in both German and English. He met an American major, became disillusioned with the Soviet system, spied on the Soviets for the Americans and after almost being discovered escaped to the USA. He befriended an older American who encouraged him to attend college. Now Vlad is a professor of political science at Western-Reserve University. He lives with his friend Aiden. “Aiden grew up in a small rural town in western Georgia. He received an MBA (Master’s in Business Administration) from the University of Georgia. A friend in Georgia put him in contact with Vlad when he expressed an interest in pursuing a PhD in Economics. After meeting Vlad they became friends and as I told you live together. Aiden completed his PhD and is now on the faculty teaching finance at Cleveland State University. He is in his early forties. As a business student at Cleveland State you may have run into him or at least heard his name, Dr. Aiden Hudson.” As Henry began telling Fred his background Vlad and Aiden entered the restaurant. They were followed a few minutes by Lee and Owen. After introductions they were seated at their table and ordered dinner and drinks. Henry started the dialog. “As I told you earlier, Fred is a fellow student in my literature course at Cleveland State. Last week during a discussion of Giovanni's Room which you all have read a male student spouted off about homosexuals. I stood and gave a strong retort to his comments. After class Fred spoke to me stating he was conflicted about his feelings. I suggested he meet you and here we are. Just before you all arrived I gave Fred some background information on you. I know nothing about Fred and suggested he tell us his life history, at least that which he thinks is pertinent and that he is willing to share. So, my new friend, bare your soul to the extent you are willing. Although we were strangers now we are friends. I know these men well and can assure you they will not betray any secrets you care to share.” Fred began, “I am twenty-three years old and have lived with my parents in the suburb of Parma all my life. I am pursuing an accounting degree at Cleveland State going part-time at night. Days I work as a bookkeeper, sometimes sales person and errand boy for my uncle’s hardware store. After graduation I hope to work in public accounting and pass the CPA (Certified Public Accountant) exam. The reason I am enrolled in the literature course where I met Henry is twofold: first I enjoy reading and secondly I needed an additional liberal arts course as part of the general education portion of my business degree. I am a quiet guy and do not have close friends. I never dated in high school nor have since. I really do not have any interest in dating. My mother and aunts have given up on finding a girl for me. I do not know how to say this, I have erotic feelings about men but do not know how to act on them. My only sexual experience with others was around the ages of 11 – 14. The boys in my neighborhood would steal cigarettes from their moms and dads. We would smoke them behind one of the garages or in a wooded area near our homes. Also at this time the older boys proudly showed the younger ones their dicks. That was when I learned to jerk off. When the other boys got more interested in sports and girls the smoking and jerking off just faded away. I admit that I still enjoy taking care of myself. I have read many books that included men in relationships. There is a book store on West 25th Street that sells magazines and erotic paperbacks. I have purchased magazines with pictures of naked men and paperbacks with terribly written stories about the adventures of men with other men. Some of what they do I do not understand. I hope none of you think less of me for telling you that I enjoy such stuff.” Vlad commented, “My only question is, Will you share some of these books and magazines with us? I know we would all enjoy seeing them. Nothing you have said shocks any of us. I am sure we all had similar experiences learning to jerk off and believing we were going to hell for pleasuring ourselves. I am 54 years old and enjoy it as much as I did when I started at about the same age you did.” A relieved Fred continued, “Henry told me you all are comfortable with your life styles and have had interesting and meaningful relationships with other men. How do you do it? Where do you find your friends?” Vlad replied, “As the oldest and most experienced I will reveal some of my life adventures. The restaurant does not close for two hours and no one is waiting for our table so why don’t we order more beer stay here and share?” All of Vlad’s and the other’s adventures were originally told in this and other books of the Boys’Trilogy: Boys of the 1950s, Russia My Home and earlier chapters of this book, Life Goes On. The following is the opening scene in Book II of the Trilogy, Russia My Home. “I, was six year old and I remember it today, almost fifty years later, as vividly as in 1926, watching the men shower. My father was a tram (streetcar) operator in Moscow. Sometimes I would go with him and would ride the tram all day as he drove it. At the end of his shift we would return to the tram depot. There was a room in the depot where the drivers and maintenance men could prepare for the day’s work and relax at the end of their shifts prior to going home. One of the maintenance men had installed a crude shower in the corner of the room. It was just a pipe running from a cold water pipe, up the wall to about two meters (6+ feet) high. There was no shower head, just the end of the pipe spewing cold water. The water drained through a crack in the floor. As crude as it was to these men it was a luxury. They all either lived in crowded rooms in communal apartments with bathrooms shared by up to twenty people or homes with no bathroom or running water, just an outhouse in back and a water pump at the street corner.” “Even at that young age I realized one should not stare at naked men. But I wanted to and I did. I sat at a small table near the shower and drew pictures on scraps of paper. I would pretend to be concentrating on my art work while actually I was sneaking peeks at the men as they showered. Even today, many years later, I remember some of their bodies. My favorite, other than my handsome father, was Anatoli, a tall thin man. I don’t remember his age or face but I can describe in detail, even now almost fifty yeas later, his beautiful khuy (dick). His was the longest of all. His big balls hung low. When he showered he used a rag to gently soap his body and then wash. He always stroked the khuy a few times. He would pull the skin back and carefully clean the head. One day he caught me looking. He just laughed and said in a voice no one else would hear, ‘so you think I have a nice khuy. I hope that someday yours is as handsome as mine and that it gives you the enjoyment mine does.’ This was confusing. How could a khuy give you pleasure? With that he stroked it a couple of times and continued to wash. It seemed to be bigger than when he started his shower. From that day whenever he showered he would smile at me, carefully wash his khuy and balls and when finished with a bigger khuy wink at me.” Vlad continued summarizing some of his various hook-ups and in some cases loves. Franz Eberhardt was his high school teacher in the special school in Moscow for students proficient in learning foreign languages. The teacher had invited him to stay with him in his room so he could avoid a commute of over an hour each way which in the Russian winter could be miserable riding cold unheated trams. One cold night they shared a bed to stay warm and the inevitable happened. He never returned to his cold mat on the floor. The teacher, a German, had escaped to Moscow from Berlin when he was caught giving one of his students, the teenage son of a Nazi official, a blow job. Next, Soviet General Valery Karasyovl became his lover when he was assigned to be his aide, interpreter and eventually bed partner. Patrick Donovan was an American journalist trapped in Moscow at the beginning of the war. He was Vlad’s first red head and first circumcised dick, Major Alan Walters an American stationed in Berlin after the war played footsie with Vlad under the negotiating table during the division of Berlin by the Allies (Soviet Union, USA, Great Britain and France). They eventually ended in bed. When Vlad narrowly escaped from Berlin where he was about to be interrogated on suspicion of spying for the Americans he ended up in Washington DC where he worked at the start of the Cold War with American Intelligence. To become Americanized he attended church and there met Reginald (Reg) Bagley who soon became a mentor, good friend and bed partner. Bible Billy was a Southern State Senator who held dinners for virile young men that included large quantities of liquids (beer, wine, liquor and water). After dinner the group of fluid filled men would piss on him as he sat in the upstairs bathtub. Professor William Lang (Uncle Will) was met at Club Cleveland Baths along with his now close friends Peter Smith and Tom Kowalski. Jacob, an Amish young farmer, and Rob a recent high school graduate from Eastern Tennessee were two young men that Vlad and Reg met while separate vacation road trips. Jacob wanted to escape from his close knit community knowing he could not live as a man who loved men as an Amish farmer. Rob who was hitchhiking to San Francisco wanted to escape from his narrow minded home town of Frog Creek, Tennessee. After meeting Reg and Vlad he decided to live with Reg in Washington DC. Thanks to the help of Vlad and Reg these two graduated from college and currently live in Washington DC as professional men and lovers. Noah was a young man he met in a men’s room at the university. They had a brief love affair. Owen and Lee were two additional friends of Vlad who would tell their own stories. Henry then told his story explaining how as a high school student he did yard work for Professor Lang (Uncle Will) back home in Daisyville, Georgia. He met Peter Smith, Will’s grand -nephew who was visiting from the north as the two worked in the dirty dusty basement deciding which cob web covered window screens should be repaired or replaced. Their hands touched as they lifted out one of the screens. Neither pulled away and they were soon jacking and tasting each other. A few days later he met Seth, a student in a private art class Uncle Will taught away from the college where Peter was the nude model. Seth was invited to Uncle Will’s home to finish his drawing of Peter who suggested Henry might also pose. The drawing was not finished that evening but a loving friendship began that lasted until Seth’s untimely death in an auto accident a few months earlier. Lee and Owen told about their meeting at a gay bar. When they moved in together both sets of parents were perplexed. Owen’s could not understand why he had an Asian friend and Lee’s did not understand why their son from a wealthy family would need to have a roommate, especially one that was not Asian. Finally Aiden related how he had met an attractive investment advisor, Daniel Hewes, while cutting through a park on his way to class at the University of Georgia. As a finance major he was thrilled to meet such a person. As a man who liked men he was doubly thrilled to meet such a person. When he expressed an interest in pursuing a PhD in business up north Daniel put him in contact with Vlad. Daniel knew of Vlad through Uncle Will. Aiden continued how he met Vlad and not only found a mentor but a lover. By the time Aiden finished the lights were being dimmed as a hint to go home. Fred thanked all for an enjoyable and informative evening telling Henry he would talk to him after the following class. Fred sat next to Henry at the next class meeting. After class he profusely thanked Henry for probably the most enjoyable and interesting evening of his life. Fred told Henry he had a thousand questions and wondered if he could see him again. While Henry did not find Fred sexually attractive, just a cute guy, he partly felt sorry for him and partly wanted to share more time with him. Henry asked Fred if they could meet for lunch at the Hawthorn on Saturday. Fred enthusiastically agreed. When Henry arrived at the agreed time Fred was waiting in his car in the parking lot. Sitting at a booth in the back of the restaurant each ordered sandwiches and cokes. Fred started, “You cannot believe how much I have thought about the histories of you and your friends. I now realize I could meet someone anyplace. The problem is that I have be in the right place at the right time. That is one big dilemma. But once I meet someone, what do I do? I have never been with a man, just boys when I was younger. The stories I read in those badly written, but interesting, paperbacks I buy seem more fantasy than reality. What do men really do?” Fred stopped talking and looked into Henry’s eyes with the hope on his face that his new friend would have a magical answer. Lowering his voice, Henry replied. “What men do depends on the situation. I am sure you have read in your trashy but fun to read paperbacks about men doing all sorts of strange things. I am sure I have done some, maybe many (said with a smile), and would find other actions repulsive, stupid or dangerous. But what one man finds erotic another might find disgusting. There is no one answer to your question.” Fred looked somewhat unhappy as he was hoping for a definitive ‘this is what you do’ answer. “In our class we discuss the actions, emotions and backgrounds of the characters in the assigned novels. The professor leads us in interesting discussions. I wish I could find a teacher of man sex.” While Henry did not have loving feelings for this young man he was developing erotic feelings for him. Suddenly Henry’s dick started to make a statement as this cute virgin looked at him with an anticipative expression on his innocent face. Without thought words fell out of Henry’s mouth. “Would you like a man to man hands on as they would say lesson on man stuff? We could continue our discussion at my place. We will be able to have a more intimate conversation and if you want, only if it is your desire, we could explore man relationships.” Fred was not sure what Henry was suggesting but wanted to spend more time with him so he agreed to go to Henry’s apartment. While Henry considered treating Fred to the restaurant meal he decided it would be better if they acted as equals. They each paid their share. Fred followed Henry as each drove their own car. Lesson I – Friendly Jerk Offs As soon as they entered the apartment Henry told Fred to relax on the sofa and asked Fred if he wanted a beer of coke. Rarely did Fred drink beer, not because he was a teetotaler but because he really did not like the taste of it. But in this situation Fred had a desire to do what men do and requested a beer. Returning with two ice cold POC (Pride of Cleveland) bottles Henry handed one to Fred saying, “Here’s to education.” Henry sat next to Fred. “There is one very important rule in sexual activity, actually two rules: never do anything that you or your partner do not want to do and never do anything that will cause injury either physical or emotional. With that in mind (as Henry placed his big hand on the innocent young man’s knee) just so ‘no’ if I do something you are not comfortable doing.” With one hand on the knee he moved his other to Fred’s chest. With his head turned he starred at the side of the face of this young man who looked forward. Fred had a totally blank expression showing absolutely no emotion. While caressing the chest Henry gently tweaked a nipple. No response. Henry gently massaged the leg from the knee to just below the crotch. No response or sign of resistance. As he rubbed the chest he thought he felt Fred’s heart pounding. Henry then took one Fred’s hands and placed it on his knee. No response. Then as Henry continued to massage Fred’s leg the young man responded with a gentle squeeze of Henry’s leg. Henry reached for Fred’s face and turned it toward his. The victim let his face be moved continuing with a blank expression. Their faces were now inches apart. Henry then moved Fred’s hand up his leg holding it over his rock hard dick trapped in his pants. As he did this he moved his hand up to Fred’s equally hard dick. Smiling, Henry said, “If we don’t soon get relief I know at least I will and assume you also will have a mess in our pants. He moved Fred’s hand to his belt buckle as he undid Fred’s pants. Without any resistance or emotion by the young man each soon had their pants to their knees with hard dicks pointing straight up. Henry unbutton both his and the virgin’s shirts exposing both chests each with hard nipples. Fred did not look at Henry’s body while Henry admired with surprise what he saw. He assumed this small man would have a small dick. It was a beautiful circumcised piece slightly over six inches (15 cm) with a bold mushroom head. Henry was tempted to swallow it but realized it was too soon for such an activity, but hopefully not before the end of the afternoon. Henry took Fred’s hand and wrapped it around his big, uncut, black piece. Without emotion Fred gripped it. As Henry stroked Fred’s the young man mimicked the movement on Henry. In less than thirty seconds each was shooting loads that dripped from their chests and stomachs down over their shafts and balls. While Fred continued to show no emotion Henry wrapped his arm around the young man. “That was lesson one my friend. We can rejuvenate and continue of just stop now. Meanwhile do not move while I get something to clean you off.” Finally Fred spoke very quietly, “Let’s continue.” “Stay still. I will be right back.” Henry wiggled out of his pants, stood, and holding his hands over areas that might drip cum walked to the bathroom. After cleaning himself with a damp washcloth he returned with tissues, a clean cloth and towel. While sponging the largest globs and inspecting the slightly shrunken cut dick he suggested, “We are both still a mess. I suggest we take a shower.” He took his friend’s hand and led him to the bathroom. They stood facing each other each wearing an unbuttoned shirt and sox. Henry removed both of their shirts and his socks. “To save water I suggest we shower together.” He said with a twinkle. Fred removed his socks and stepped into the shower. Henry soaped up a wash cloth and tenderly caressed Fred’s chest. The washing continued in the same way as he had showered with Wade months earlier with one major difference. When showering with Wade he felt both love in his heart and desire in his dick. With Fred it was just sexual feelings, no love, just very intense sexual feelings. Then he moved down washing the stomach to the crown of thatch over the growing dick. He gently turned his new friend around. He wash his back and each ass cheek with a slight invasion into the hole area. Henry then kneeled and washed each leg. Turning Fred around again while still kneeling his lips were inches from the now dick of steel. Using his hands he softly washed the shaft and balls. After letting the shower stream of water rinse off this special area he carefully inspected the dick. The long shaft, mushroom head and loose hanging balls were a splendid sight. Then to the shock of Fred, Henry leaned in and swallowed the shaft to its base. Fred started to yell, “What the fuck” but the words fell away as he moaned with pleasure. Never had he had such a feeling or seen such a sight, a handsome mouth holding his dick. Sensing that Fred would not last much longer Henry stopped and stood. Handing a clean washcloth to him he said, “Now it is your turn to cleanse my body. When you get to my dick it is not necessary to get a mouthful, just do what feels good to you.” A mesmerized Fred washed Henry in much the same way he had been bathed. At the completion he was kneeling with the big, black dick near his face. Henry reached down and pulled the skin back from the slightly covered head of his almost fully erect piece. He then pulled the skin forward. Fred was transfixed as he observed his first black dick up close but more important his first natural dick up close and even more significant his first man dick. With hesitation he reached up and pushed the skin back and then pulled it forward. After a few strokes Henry reached down and pulled him up. “That is enough now. You will have plenty of opportunity to inspect later. I do not want to cream on your face --- yet. You have now had Lessons One: introduction to jerking off with a friend. Now we will have the most important lesson, ‘Touching’.” Lesson II - Touching Henry then led Fred to the bedroom and told him to lie face down. The teacher massaged every part of Fred from his neck to his toes lingering on the cute ass cheeks with a slight invasion of the hole. He then rolled his friend over. Placing Fred’s arms straight over his head and slightly spreading his feet Henry said, “Now, assume you are tied down. Each hand and foot is tied to one of the bed posts. Assume you are totally at my mercy.” He then leaned forward and starting with the student’s fingers gently touched every inch of the body except for the standing, throbbing dick and now aching balls. He gave special attention to the arm pits, nipples and each toe. Fred struggled as if he really were really tied down. His entire body pulsated as Henry gently tortured him. “Please stop. Never has my dick or balls ached with such anticipation.” Henry leaned in and whispered. “You are released from you bondage. Now it is my turn to be ‘touched’.” Henry then leaned forward and with an open mouth kissed a startled Fred. At first the student kept his lips tightly closed. As Henry’s tongue played with the virgin’s lips they finally opened and eagerly accepted the aggressor’s deep probing kiss. Henry then laid on his stomach and much to his surprise received a very tender gentle massage, first to his back and then his front from tip of outstretched arms to full body except cock and balls to his toes. At the conclusion Fred moved in and without hesitation placed his lips against Henry’s who responded with an open mouth and eager tongue. Henry had almost reached the point of no return. He pushed Fred onto his back and planted his mouth on the hard dick. This time there was no protest just a few moans from Fred as he almost immediately exploded into the willing mouth. Henry then kneeled over his friend and soon covered his chest with love cream. Henry reached for some tissues and cleaned off the spunk. They then held each other for about fifteen minutes. Henry whispered into his ear, “On Lessons One you get an A. On Lesson Two, ‘Touching’, you get an A + + +. After a rest and snack they reviewed their lessons for two more hours. The teacher omitted any classes on fucking and the student did not attempt to swallow but did kiss the shaft, head and balls. At the following university class Fred sat next to Henry. After class the two had a short conversation with Fred profusely thanking his teacher of eroticism for the valuable ‘hands on’ lessons. When Henry asked if he would like to continue the classes Fred gave an enthusiastic ‘YES’. Then with a sad look on his face Fred told Henry he had to work the following Saturday. Henry suggested they have a Sunday afternoon session. Lesson III – Cock Sucking The following Sunday Fred drove directly to Henry’s apartment. There was no shyness this time. They embraced with deep probing kisses as soon as the door was closed. Henry pushed his compliant student to his knees. Needing no further instructions Fred undid Henry’s pants and soon was intently examining the hard black masterpiece. He kissed it and attempted to take it in his mouth. Every day and night since the previous lesson Fred had fantasized swallowing the dick. The attempt to take his dick gave Henry no pleasure as the student clumsily placed the head in his mouth and then scraped it with his teeth. Henry pushed him away fearing his dick might be chewed and then bleeding. “Today’s lessons will begin with cock sucking.” He then pulled the student up and kneeled. Removing Fred’s pants Henry inspected the young man’s dick that was hard with anticipation. Henry then swallowed it. After a couple of strokes with his lips he pulled back. “Let’s go to the bedroom.” After each helped the other get naked Henry had Fred sit at the edge of the bed. The teacher again swallowed his student’s dick. He then gave a short lecture on proper ‘dick sucking.’ Henry then sat at the edge of the bed and told Fred to kneel. After a couple of painful awkward attempts he got the teacher’s dick head and about an inch (2.5 cm) of the shaft in his mouth. While he did not earn an A+ in dick sucking that afternoon he did at least get a passing grade. The following Sunday afternoon the sex seminars continued. By the end of the session he received a grade of A- on sucking. While it would be weeks before he swallowed he certainly did enjoy the feel of a dickhead massaging the back of his throat. They had discussed fucking during the third session. Henry made it clear to Fred that he was not interesting in being a bottom and that he did not want to attempt to do Fred, at least not yet. While the student was interested in hearing about fucking he was not sure if he wanted to top or attempt to be bottomed. The trashy gay paperback books he eagerly read had many references to fucking. They included pleasurable fucks, first time trysts that were always painful followed by great pleasure and some stories that included brutal rapes, sometimes gang rapes with the victim tied down and pleasuring men with gigantic thick eight to ten (20 – 25 cm) cocks. While these stories had intrigued Fred he was shocked by the violent acts in these pieces of fiction. Henry told Fred that if he wanted to go that way he could arrange a session with good friends. While Fred was skeptical concerning such an act he was also intrigued. How could a man enjoy being impaled by someone? It must be both excruciatingly painful and humiliating to have someone overpower you in such a way. But, Fred had also discovered that his teacher was knowledgeable and sensitive in the ways of sex and trusted Henry to not force or even encourage him to do something that was not pleasurable to all men involved in the act, whatever the sex act might be. Fred agreed to meet his teacher of eroticism the following week.
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    Henry’s Life Goes On

    Thanks for your comments. The adventures of Henry continue in Chapter 29 (in progress) with a tentative title 'Henry Teaches More than Junior High English'. His new friend , Fred, gets an education.
  7. Tallguyct

    Henry’s Life Goes On

    The three previous chapters related the adventures of young PT Smith and David Winkler from 1973 to 1976 and the Smith and Kowalski families’ reaction to the welcoming announcement of the Episcopal Church of the USA. This chapter returns to 1973 to tell about Henry’s life after the death of his lover, Seth. ……………………………… In 1973 when Henry returned from his trip to attend Seth’s Memorial Service in Muddy Creek, Georgia, the visit with his family in Daisyville and the enjoyable stay with Rob, Jacob, Rachel and Andrzej in Washington, Vlad and Aiden invited him to stay with them for a few nights. The few nights turned into weeks. Henry was overwhelmed from the loss of his lover, Seth. He returned from his trip south just two weeks prior to the beginning of the school year. The time he had spent traveling was normally when he would do final plans for teaching his junior high English students. With his immediate involvement in class preparation taking over his time for grief he was concerned that once school started he would have time to dwell on his loss. In the newspaper he read a listing of classes offered at Cleveland State University and noted that a junior (3rd) year course for English majors was offered at night. The course, Modern American Literature, covered the period between World Wars I and II. While he had taken similar courses years earlier he decided any college course would keep him occupied and hopefully give him less time to morn Seth. He signed up for the course which met one night a week for three hours. Being an evening class the fifteen students included both undergraduate English majors and others, mostly adults, with a special interest in literature. The course syllabus included a list of books that would be discussed with a different one covered each week. Professor Stevens was truly interested in the subject and was an insightful interesting person to listen to. The class discussions were lively and sometimes heated. One evening in late October as Henry sat in the living room at Vlad and Aiden’s apartment reading the current book, Brave New World by Aldus Huxley, the phone rang. Henry was surprised to discover he was speaking to Professor Stevens. The professor had asked for each student to provide their phone number, if they were willing, so he could contact them about class cancellations or other significant matters. The professor told Henry he had fallen and broken his ankle. His lower leg was in a cast and the doctor insisted that he stay off his feet for a week. The professor continued telling Henry that he thought he was one of if not the most interesting and insightful members of the class. He told Henry he had considered either cancelling the class or asking a colleague to cover for him. Then he decided the best option for the class would be for Henry to lead the discussion that week. Henry was dumbfounded and did not know how to reply. Before he could say anything the professor asked him to come to his home for dinner the following evening to discuss the book and go over his lecture before Henry made a decision. Luckily, Henry had read the book years earlier and was already half way through this second reading. He stayed up late and finished it again. The following day immediately after his classes at the junior high school he drove to the professor’s home in the suburb of Lakewood. An attractive woman of about forty, same age range as the professor, answered the door. She led him to the professor’s study where he sat with his lower leg in a cast resting on a foot stool. Following a long discussion about the book and a thorough review of the professor’s lecture Henry shared a delightful meal with the family including their two teenage girls. When Henry introduced himself to the class as the instructor for this one evening there was a look of bewilderment on many of the student’s faces. Using the professor’s notes and his personal teaching style he delivered a lecture for about thirty minutes followed by energetic discussion. Everyone seemed to have an opinion on Brave New World. The novel describes life about five hundred years in the future where the citizens are engineered by artificial conception and childhood indoctrination into castes based on needs of society. The discussion that followed which Henry both moderated and enjoyed was finally interrupted when a student stated: “I must leave class now, we are fifteen minutes past regular dismissal time and my ride is waiting for me.” Henry was amazed that the class discussion had been so lively and interesting that he and the other students talked beyond the official class ending time. A few days later Henry visited the professor to return his material and discuss the activities of the class. Since the professor would soon be able to hobble around but not drive his wife was driving him to the university and picking him up at the end of the day. Henry offered to drive him home after their following class. Thus began a friendship that lasted many years. Vlad and Aiden graciously and sincerely invited Henry to continue living with them. While he enjoyed their hospitality he still felt a tremendous void without Seth. The first week he shared their king size bed. While they had fun sexual encounters he felt like an outsider and eventually began sleeping in the guest bedroom across the hall. He had six months remaining on his and Seth’s apartment lease and while he could have broken it with some financial loss he continued to pay the rent putting off making a long term decision. He visited Club Cleveland Baths about once a week. Being a tall, handsome black man with penetrating brown eyes and an impressive in size and shape uncut dick he was the object of desire for an assortment of men. While most of the encounters were erotically enjoyable all seemed to lack any tender feelings. One evening he fucked five different guys. He had tremendous self-control fucking just to the point of no return and then stopping. All five of his conquests shot incredible loads. That night as he laid alone in the bed in the guest room of Vlad’s and Aiden’s home with a very happy but exhausted dick he again had that empty feeling. His circle of friends helped keep him occupied. While the weekly dinners with Vlad / Aiden and Lee / Owen were a reminder that he was the odd man out Henry did enjoy their company and banter. About every two weeks he visited Roland and Alex. These two friends had both retired and sold their spacious beautifully landscaped home in Shaker Heights. They now lived in an upscale condominium community. While Alex put the final touches on the gourmet meal he enjoyed preparing Henry and Roland discussed books, their favorite topic after sex. Alex also felt a deep loss from Seth’s departure. Seth had been an equal manager in his landscaping business and he had planned to turn the business over to Seth. When Seth died so did Alex’s enthusiasm for the business and he had sold it. Henry had always felt especially close to this handsome Russian. Following dinner and more discussion Henry would accompany the two to their bedroom where he at age 39 gave his friend Alex aged 65 a robust fuck. Alex, a sensuous bottom, enjoyed the appetizer from the younger man to be followed by a long, tender, loving session with his lover, the well-endowed Roland, also age 65. Driving home after the fuck Henry would feel a sense of euphoria having pleased the man who was so important to his lover, Seth, but felt that emptiness having had sex but not a feeling of true love. Henry decided to go home to Georgia at Christmas. This would be his first holiday visit to his parents since moving north with Seth. By starting from the home of Peter or Tom in Columbus he would cut two and half hours off the drive and hopefully make the long part of the trip in about twelve hours. Following an enjoyable dinner with the Smith and Kowalski families he went to bed early and departed at 4:00 in the morning. He arrived home in Daisyville just as the winter sun was setting. Surrounded by family and friends he relived the Christmas traditions of years past. When he had mentioned on his Christmas card to Seth’s mother, Mrs. Cudley sent him a short letter asking him to stop for a visit in Muddy Creek. A few days later Henry received a second letter from Seth’s mother. She told him that she had run into Seth’s childhood friend, Wade, at the Piggly Wiggly grocery store and he invited Henry to stay with him or at least stop over for dinner. Henry accepted Wade’s invitation to stay there as he felt he would be more comfortable staying in an apartment building than in a Georgia small town all white neighborhood where everyone knows everyone’s business. During his previous and only visit to Muddy Creek when he was there for Seth’s Memorial Service Henry had met Wade and his partner, Mitch. He had found these handsome men to be interesting, intelligent, good conversationalist and extremely sexy. He was ashamed to admit to himself that he hoped for a roll with the two of them. After spending five days at his parents’ home in Daisyville he drove to Muddy Creek to visit Seth’s family and Wade. His mother’s home cooking, the Christmas Eve service at his childhood church and the pleasure of seeing relatives that he had not seen for years gave Henry a sense of calm he had not felt since Seth’s death. He had run into Mrs. Crankfit, Uncle Will’s nosey bigoted neighbor, at the post office. When he introduced himself she seemed bewildered that this former yard boy was better dressed and spoke with a voice of intelligence that outclassed any of her family or friends. The dinner served by Wade and his lover, Mitch, was simply beer and pizza, the same meal served when Henry visited them after Seth’s Memorial Service. After all the rich and plentiful meals served by his mother and Mrs. Cudley this simple meal was welcomed. It indicated the evening was about each other, not the food. Mitch answered a phone call as they shared their pizza. With a worried look on his face Mitch related the content of the call. There had been an accident at the hospital where he was business manager. Chemicals had leaked and at least one staff member may have breathed toxic fumes. Both police and fire emergency crews were on their way. It appeared none of the patients had been affected. Luckily the patient population was low this week between Christmas and New Year’s Day. Since the hospital administrator was visiting family in Colorado Mitch had been given the responsibility of managing the hospital during the administrator’s absence. He quickly departed. “Mitch will most likely be gone most of the evening if not all night. It is almost a thirty minute drive to the hospital.” Henry thought Wade felt uncomfortable being alone with him as they both had been Seth’s lovers. Seth was Wade’s best friend from the first day of school at the age of six. Gradually their friendship grew from little boy horsing around to big boy sexual experiment leading to loving encounters. Wade was destined to live the rest of his life in Muddy Creek and take over Goodwin’s Chevrolet and Oldsmobile Dealership, the family business. As much as Seth loved Wade he wanted to live in a bigger world, a city such as Atlanta, Washington or in his wildest dreams New York City. Seth had an opportunity for a job in Daisyville and moved there. He considered leaving the comfort of his loving family as his first step in moving to bigger places. In Daisyville he met Henry and they eventually moved to a big city, Cleveland. Wade and Henry had little in common other than their love for Seth. Wanting to break the ice Henry asked Wade if he had pictures of Seth and him as little boys and in high school. Wade got out a box of old photos and sat next to Henry at the kitchen table as he described the background of each photo. As Henry reached for one of the photos held by Wade their hands touched. Neither moved their hand away. Henry looked at Wade and said, “I think our mutual memories of Seth are bringing back deep emotions.” “They sure are,” Wade said as he caressed Henry’s hand. They were now staring at each other. Henry wondered if Wade could hear his heart beating. Henry reached with his free hand and caressed Wade’s hand. Henry thought to himself, ‘I am totally sexually aroused yet my dick is soft.’ Wade placed his free hand on Henry’s cheek. They both leaned in and their noses were touching. Henry was no longer soft. Their lips touched. Their mouths opened. Each tongues began an exploration of the other’s. Wade moved back and whispered, “Don’t worry about a betrayal of Mitch if we move to the next step. After our visit last summer following Seth’s Memorial Service Mitch commented on how sexy you were. This afternoon before you arrived he speculated about the possibility of our getting to know each other better, much better. So if he returns and we are getting to know each other very much better he will not be surprised. I know he would want to join in. It has been a long day for both of us. I suggest we take a shower to as they say, ‘break the ice’. Wade led the very compliant Henry to the bathroom. The two men helped each other remove their clothes. Being about the same height they stood eye to eye as their rock hard dicks greeted each other. Henry’s natural black piece was equal in length to Mitch’s all American cut dick but fuller in girth. Mitch kneeled and inspected the ebony beauty. “Don’t see many uncut ones around here. I know a natural one has a special essence. I want to savor it without tasting soap.” He pushed the skin back totally exposing the pink head. He sniffed and then licked it. Pulling the skin forward he inserted his finger into the skin hole and massaged the covered head. Pulling his finger out he put it to his nose and then licked it. He then opened his mouth swallowing the skin covered head. Moving his lips forward he moved down the shaft until the now uncovered head touched the back of his throat. Releasing the dick from his lips he inspected the precum oozing out of Henry’s happy dick. Squeezing the shaft he rubbed the juice around the head and then pulled the skin over it. Pushing the skin back he admired the glistening crown. He then leaned in and tasted the essence of man. Realizing things were moving too fast Henry reached under Wades arm pits and gently pulled him up. The two men stood facing each other, not touching physically while each felt a rush of emotions sweeping their bodies. Wade broke the ice saying, “If you so much as touch my dick with your dick head or a finger it will respond with a blast. I suggest we take a cold shower to cool off.” “Agreed,” Henry replied. The two stepped into the bathtub / shower. After Henry soaped a washcloth he began gently rubbing Wade’s chest concentrating on the nipples. He washed each arm and finger, doing each individual finger erotically. Raising Wade’s arms he washed the neatly trimmed pits. Then turning Wade around he massaged the strong back with the soaped wash cloth moving down to the ass cheeks and hole. As he reached from behind to wash the hard cum dripping dick Wade pushed his hand away. “Better let me do that.” Wade then turned around and taking a wash cloth erotically cleansed Henry avoiding the dick. Stepping out of the tub the two dried each other. Suddenly Wade grabbed the back of Henry’s head and pulled him into a deep kiss. As their tongues responded to each other so did the dicks. With a mind of its own Wade’s piece could wait not longer. Without being touched it suddenly erupted spewing cum onto Henry’s dick thatch which dripped over his throbbing manhood. Wade reached down and gently stroked Henry’s which needed little encouragement to unload onto his friend. A shaking Wade whispered, “Sorry, I could not wait.” Henry, “Nothing to be sorry for. Being with a man like you I am sure I will be ready, willing and able for more in a couple of minutes.” Never were truer words spoken. By the time each dick had been wiped clean and dried by the other each was again rock hard. Having defused the need for immediate relief the two had a long tender session in bed concluding with each savoring the juice of the other. As the two laid wrapped together in a quiet peaceful post cumming state Henry thought to himself, ‘This is the first time I have made love since I lost Seth. Sex with Vlad, Aiden, Alex, Roland and numerous faceless partners at the baths was fun and satisfying for the moment, but there was never an emotional feeling beyond making my dick happy. This man, the original love of my love Seth, has connected with my body from head to toe, not just my dick. I thought I would never have these feelings again. Now I know it is possible. Thank heaven he will be out of my life in a couple of days or I would be tortured by the thought of not having him totally.’ Henry’s thoughts were interrupted by the ringing of the phone. Wade answered and after a short conversation which included the comment, ‘I have gotten to know our guest very well. I am sure you and he will be very happy to get to know each other better’, he hung up. “Obviously that was Mitch. The situation at the hospital is under control and he should be home in less than an hour. Hopefully that will give us time for our bodies and dicks to rejuvenate to greet Mitch.” While saying that Wade reached for Henry’s soft, exhausted piece which began to respond to the touch. “Not yet big boy. Let’s get our minds off sex and watch TV.” When Mitch arrived home the two wearing robes were sitting, one on the sofa and the other in an easy chair, watching the cowboy TV show Bonanza. Wade had told Henry that he could not sit close to him as they both needed to save themselves for Mitch. Within a minute of Mitch’s arrival they were all naked in the bedroom. Henry was shoved onto the bed on his back. Mitch ordered him not to move as he and Wade began an exploration of the black man’s stunning body. With both their lips and fingers each caressed every part of Henry from the top of his head to his toes. Mitch concentrated his investigation on the throbbing, uncut, oozing black masterpiece. When Henry begged him to stop Mitch moved away. Henry soon discovered that Mitch had not moved away for a period of rest but to prepare for the final act. Mitch was holding a tube of K-Y lube. Removing the cap he squeezed a glob onto his finger and lubed his hole. Then Mitch kneeled over Henry. He reached back and placed Henry’s dick against his hole. Slowly he moved back forcing the impressive piece deep into him. If Henry’s dick had not been somewhat sedated by his recent two cummings with Wade he would have discharged immediately into Mitch. As Mitch gyrated over Henry, Wade laid next to him playing with himself, Mitch’s cock and kissing alternately Mitch and Henry. To the delight of Mitch the fuck lasted fifteen minutes until Henry had a powerful and passionate eruption. As soon as Henry deflated and fell out of the happy hole Wade took his place with his love now straddling him. Mitch on his knees impaled by Wade rammed up and down. As Wade unloaded deep into his man he also reached for his hard dick and soon was covered from chest to chin with gobs of cum. Following individual quick showers the three fell asleep in each other’s arms with Henry placed in the middle. When Henry woke the bed was empty. After peeing down his morning woodie he found his hosts having breakfast. Following cereal with sliced banana and coffee Wade announced as he cleared the breakfast table, “While we are not usually morning people Mitch would gladly serve dessert.” With that Mitch sat on the edge of the cleared breakfast table and laid back. His robe fell open exposing a rising dick. Wade took a can of Crisco out of the kitchen cabinet and handed it to Henry. “If you are willing Mitch would like to begin the day with a happy moment. Actually two happy moments.” As Mitch leaned back onto the table with his hole exposed Henry needed no further encouragement. Within ten minutes Mitch was walking to the shower with two loads dripping from his sore but very contented hole. Although it was Saturday morning both Wade and Mitch departed for work, Mitch to the hospital which was lightly staffed this weekend between Christmas and New Year’s Day and Wade to the auto dealership. Henry followed Wade in a loaner car he had been given the previous morning. At Wade’s insistence Henry had dropped off his car to be given a full tune-up, new tires, wipers, brakes adjustments and any other services needed. This was Wade’s gift to his new friend. Henry’s 1970 Chevrolet Malibu was now in perfect running condition. Henry then drove to the Cudley’s home. He and Mama visited Seth’s grave. That afternoon Mama prepared with the help of her daughter a hearty Georgia family dinner. A total of twenty family members including some siblings of Mr. and Mrs., cousins and numerous spouses and children enjoyed a family reunion. Henry was sure he had gained a few pounds during his visit to his mother’s table at his home in Daisyville and the hearty meals at the Cudley’s. Arriving at the apartment Wade and Mitch after his substantial meal they were happy to see Henry for two reasons. First they appreciated the generous portions of leftover food Mama had sent. Henry was laden with ham, sweet potato casserole, homemade rolls, and three desserts: pecan pie. red velvet cake and sweet potato pie. The second reason for their pleasure in seeing Henry was the anticipation of hopefully having another fun filled man to man (or man on man) erotic adventure. As the stuffed Henry watched his friends sample the left overs he also had carnal thoughts. The three hour romp that followed included six fucks of Mitch, three each from Henry and Wade, performed in various positions: on Mitch’s back, doggie style and against the wall. By 10:00 (22:00) they were cuddled together in bed. Sometime in the middle of the night Henry woke to the gyrating of Mitch’s ass against his dick as the two spooned. The aroused Henry easily slipped in. After a few minutes of tranquil uncompleted fucking both men fell asleep with Henry’s dick soon sliding out. At 6:00 Sunday morning as Henry had requested the alarm clock jolted them awake. He would be driving back to Ohio that day. They gathered for breakfast consisting of Mama’s leftovers: ham, rolls, casserole and the three desserts. Once again Wade cleared the breakfast. Mitch happily received a goodbye fuck from Henry and happy morning fuck from his lover. As Henry drove north in his fine tuned car he thought about his reaction to Wade. When it was just the two of them he was making love to a man he deeply felt for. But when Mitch was added to the encounter it was wonderful, extremely wonderful sex but not with the feeling in the heart he had with just Wade. He pondered if it would have been the same with Vlad or Aiden. Since Seth’s death these two friends had frequently invited him into their bed resulting in great sex but not great emotions. What if it had just been Vlad or just Aiden? Would he have felt love as he had with Wade? He did not plan to pursue that possibility but was greatly satisfied that he was capable of being able to make love not just have good sex. He realized he was capable of feeling love during sex, not just giving his dick pleasure. During an overnight stopover in Columbus he entertained Tom and Peter with the tales of his exploits with Mitch and Wade. He did not tell them about his loving, emotional feelings that he had not felt since the loss of Seth. The discussion took place in the home office where Henry would sleep on the couch. Tom and Peter offered themselves for a happy moment and Henry enjoyed a jerkoff / suck session with his friends, just good sex, no loving emotions. The following morning which was New Year’s Eve day he continued home. He celebrated the coming in of 1974 (and cumming) with his friends: Vlad, Aiden, Owen and Lee. Having enjoyed the literature classes with Professor Stevens he signed up for the next course, Contemporary American Literature which covered the period from World War II to the present. Each week a different book was discussed at length. Giovanni's Room, a 1956 novel by James Baldwin, was the topic of class the second week of April. The basic premise of this very complicated novel centered on the life of an American young man living in Paris and his feelings, frustrations and relationships with other men including a bartender named Giovanni. The description of gay sex shocked some readers. (In 1999 the book was ranked number two on a list of the best one hundred gay and lesbian novels compiled by The Publishing Triangle.) While the class discussion started with plot and character development it soon became a conversation of homosexual lifestyle. Henry, usually a vociferous class discussant was conflicted. One student, who Henry had found insightful and knowledgeable about the previous books, commented, “I do not know why we are wasting class time and our precious reading time at home to discuss such filth. These perverts are the dredges of society. If they want to do unnatural sexual acts including sodomy that is their sickness and problem, not something I, as a Christian, want to be exposed to.” As he continued with his vile rant including Biblical references Henry could hold back no longer. As soon as his rant ended Henry without raising his hand stood. Never had a student stood during class discussion. “Thank you for your candor. Your babbling has pointed out why most homosexual men and women are closeted, meaning have to hide their sexual preference. Who are the gays of the world, of Ohio, of Cleveland? Your brothers and sisters, cousins, aunts, uncles, neighbors, teachers, priests, the plumber who repairs you pipes, the clerk at the bakery, your doctor, lawyer or accountant. You do not know who they are as most must hide their identities. You claimed to be a Christian and used Biblical references to support your bigotry. What did Jesus say about such relationships? Nothing, nothing at all. Jesus gave a message of love and acceptance, not hatred as you have babbled. I lam positive that if Jesus said anything about homosexuals he would have accepted them. You quoted Biblical references about being an abomination to have same sex relationships. There are hundreds of prohibitions in the Bible, many of which you ignore, although as you claim you are a Christian you should be aware of them. Some scholars believe the prohibitions of men lying with men resulted in a fear that there were not enough births to sustain and increase the population of Believers. The reasoning was that if a man was satisfied by another man he was not helping create babies. Since a growing problem today is overpopulation maybe that rule no longer applies. Do not use the Bible to support your bigotry. The Bible did not condemn slavery but stated that slaves should be well cared for. You claim to be a Bible reading Christian so you should be aware of the many, that is many, references in the Bible to slavery. These verses do not condemn it, they tell how to care for the slaves. Reread I Timothy 6:1 which states slaves should regard their master as worthy of all honor. Is that the attitude today? That it is OK to have slaves, just be good to them. Do you follow the rules of the Bible on diet restrictions? On what type of cloth should be used in the clothes you wear? I assume not. As a black man I know bigotry. As a black man who grew up in a small rural southern town in Georgia I know how intolerance and narrow-mindedness can destroy lives. I moved north to escape a society where such prejudices were accepted by many, both white and black. I am saddened but not shocked that such ignorance exists around me, even in a classroom of supposedly educated people.” As Henry sat down Professor Stevens stated, “Thank you for your strong and insightful comments, Mr. Bailey.” While Henry had never come out to the professor he assumed he knew his feelings as he had discussed his friendship with Seth and great loss when the man he had lived with fifteen years met a tragic automobile death. After a period of silence the discussion returned to plot and character development with no reference to sexual encounters of men. As the students departed Professor Stevens took Henry aside, “Thank you for your insightful comments. Since the purpose of literature is to open minds, not just entertain, you certainly gave a lot for the students to think about including their own prejudices. I could not have said it better. Your one minute of fame resulted in the best lesson anyone could have learned tonight.” Henry thanked the professor for his understanding. As he stepped into the hall one of the students of the class was waiting for him. This young man of about twenty rarely commented in class. He spoke to Henry, “I think you made a real impression on the class. You certainly spoke words that I have wanted to hear for years. I think I am like the David who ended up in Giovanni’s room. I do not know. I am very conflicted about myself.” Henry thought to himself, ‘If you think you might be gay, you probably are.’ Out loud he said, “Would you like to explore your feelings further? I have friends who are very open about their sexuality. We often have dinner together. Thursday evening we are meeting at the Hawthorn Restaurant. Would you care to join us? The shy student, Fred, gladly accepted the invitation. Henry gave him directions to the restaurant and they exchanged phone numbers.
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    Country Air Is Good for the Soul

    These boys have been buddies since they were toddlers Can you see where this is going? My first rubber - my brother had a microscope set in his desk drawer with small envelopes holding lenses. One day I was checking it out and found a rubber in one of the envelopes. Do't remember why I knew what a rubber was (as we called condoms back in the 1940s + 50s) but do remember trying it on. They I rolled it back to put away. Of course it was not a tight roll anymore. Don't know if my brother ever discovered what I had done. We did not discuss such stuff. Also remember the rubber machine in the men's room of the local bowling alley. Of course I I bought some. Don't remember but assume I jerked off into them. The summer after my senior year in high school I worked as a janitor's assistant at an elementary school. His coming on to be was exactly the same as with Peter in Boys of the 1950s when he worked as a janitor's assistant after his senior year. He wanted to suck me off. I insisted that I wear a rubber. He brought some to work and I had by first blow job with a cumming. Did it almost daily til end of summer. I visited him at work while on college break. Then he quit or was reassigned to a different school. Also remember he was uncut. It was a real treat for a cut guy to play with his natural piece.
  9. Tallguyct

    Country Air Is Good for the Soul

    It seemed like they had just crawled into bed when the alarm clock went off. All of the three boys had extremely sound sleeps after their cumming activities the evening before. PT reluctantly got out of bed as the alarm continued to blare. As he pushed down on the alarm button Juan opened his eyes and looking at PT said, “You seem to be happy this morning,” as he stared at the woodie causing a bulge in PT’s white briefs. “I slept well and woke happy except for the early hour. As for this, there is no time to take care of it. The cows are waiting.” As he said this he rubbed his crotch and reached for his pants. When Juan threw off his covers his wood stood straight out having slipped out the bottom of his white briefs. As PT admired the hard dick with its head just peeping out of the skin he tossed Juan’s pants to him. Tending to the cows was very different from the morning activities PT’s and David’s fathers had described from their teen years. Then the cows were manually milked. Now machines did the pumping. The job was just as time consuming as the number of cows had tripled from the 1950s. An addition had been built onto the barn to house the increased herd. Juan quickly caught on to the routine of hooking up the machines to each cow. By the time they had finished the milking and guided the cows to the pasture the boys were so hungry that any thought of sex or a quick jerk off in the barn was overruled by the growling of their empty stomachs. As they walked back to the farm house they discussed their plans for the day. PT was going with his father to visit his grandparents and would not return until after dinner. David and Juan had the day free until evening milking. PT was jealous as David said he and Juan would check out the closet of the bedroom he shared with his brother, Paul Junior, and look at other magazines hidden under a loose floor board. As they entered the farmhouse the smell of bacon cooking was inviting. Uncle Will and Peter were preparing a hearty country breakfast of bacon, eggs, fried potatoes, toast, coffee, hot chocolate and cranberry juice. Florida orange juice had been banned from the menu at the farmhouse as well as both the Smith and Kowalski families in Columbus to protest the support of the gay hating Anita Bryant by the Florida orange juice industry. This woman, a neo-nazi as Uncle Will called her, was the paid spokesperson for the Florida orange juice industry while she led the fight against gays in Florida. One of her main crusades was to out and fire gay school teachers. As the boys hungrily sat down at the table Peter went upstairs to tell Alex and Tyler that breakfast was ready. Knocking on their door he announced, “Good morning my friends, breakfast is ready.” Tyler responded with a ‘come in’. As Peter entered the room naked Tyler stood and reached for a bathrobe. He made no attempt to hide his almost hard dick. Peter took this as an invitation to ogle and said, “Hope I was not interrupting anything.” Tyler laughed as he chuckled, “Nothing that cannot easily be restarted.” With the robe still open he kissed Peter on the cheek as he departed for a quick piss. As Peter told Alex the breakfast menu Tyler returned. Peter then told them he and PT would soon be leaving for his parents’ home and would not return until after dinner. He also told them that David and Juan seemed to have a full day of activities planned. “Maybe you two would prefer to sleep in? I could bring you coffee and some food.” Grabbing his dick, Tyler replied, “You sure know how to treat a friend. Tell the others we are sleeping in late while enjoying the country air.” By the time Tyler was back in bed his dick was at full mast. Alex got up for his morning piss. His lover’s comments and activities had woken his dick which was also fully erect. He loosely wrapped the robe around himself somewhat hiding the bulge as he departed the room headed for the bathroom hoping not to encounter any of the boys while in a hard state. Ten minutes later Peter returned with a tray holding two food filled plates as well as cups of coffee. As he set the tray on the nightstand Tyler said, “Too bad you don’t have time to join us for coffee.” Peter with a laugh said, “My mom is waiting for me. Must go. While no one will be home but Uncle Will who rarely comes upstairs and as you know fully understands you I suggest you lock the door so your sleep (said with a smile) will not be interrupted.” As Peter walked down the stairs back to the kitchen he wondered, ‘Did Tyler invite me to share his bed with Alex or did he mean just coffee?’ While David and Juan helped Uncle Will clean the kitchen after breakfast PT and his father drove off for their day at his grandparents. In a little over a half hour they had arrived. PT received a big hug and kiss on the cheek by grandma and then a hearty handshake with grandpa. A few years earlier grandpa had taught him how a man shakes hands with a man. Their bold lingering handshake was their special greeting. Following a snack of homemade coffee cake and coffee for the adults with hot chocolate for PT grandpa and his son sat at the kitchen table where a pile of papers had been assembled. Grandpa had wanted his son’s advice on various financial and tax matters. PT accompanied his grandmother to the Kroger supermarket where she would not only do the week’s shopping but ask his advice on snacks for the visit. Following lunch Peter and his parents were going to sort through ‘stuff’ in the basement, garage and elsewhere in the house to determine if there was anything Peter wanted, items that could be donated to the church rummage sale or things that should be thrown away. The grandparents were planning to move to a high rise apartment building near the Pleasant Valley Mall. Peter suggested that PT might find this activity boring and told him he could borrow his old bike and explore the neighborhood if he wanted to, or do homework. PT opted for the exploration. His father told him they would set aside anything that he might want. PT’s father had given him a couple of dollars and suggested he ride to the drug store and buy the latest Mad Magazine. PT checked out the magazine rack at the drug store and easily found Mad Magazine. He noted the top rack had magazines wrapped in plastic. Looking at the titles he realized why these were displayed but not able to be read until paid for. He could see the titles and the top half of the magazines. There was Playboy which he was familiar with as well and Hustler and Penthouse. All of these magazines had photos, of which he could only see the top half of sexy women. What really drew his attention was a magazine called Playgirl. It featured a photo of a bare chested man on the cover. If Playboy had photos of naked women inside then he assumed Playgirl had photos of naked men. As he stood there holding Mad Magazine he started to get hard thinking of what he might see in Playgirl. Not wanting to draw attention to himself he reluctantly walked over to the cashier and paid for the Mad Magazine and a Payday candy bar. Continuing his bike ride he decided to visit the bowling alley. Once when they drove past this place his father had told them he came there often when he was in high school, not to bowl but to hang out with friends while talking and snacking. His first date with his mother had been here. The parking lot was full indicating a crowd on a Saturday afternoon. PT bought a coke at the refreshment stand and watched the bowling activity. Needing to piss he went to the men’s room. After washing his hands as he was about to leave he noted a small vending machine on the wall. The sign on it said ‘Prophylactics’ and a message, ‘Prevents disease’. He assumed Prophylactic was a fancy word for ‘Rubbers’. The cost of one package was a quarter. He checked his pocket and found one. He inserted the quarter into the coin slot and turned the handle. A small package dropped into the open space at the bottom of the machine. Since he was not positive he had just bought a rubber although the package was the same size as that opened by Paul Junior before he fucked his girlfriend while David and PT spied on them he wanted to check it out. He stepped into one of the bathroom stalls, closed the door and sat on the toilet seat. The package did contain one rubber. PT rolled it down his finger. The thought of holding a rubber was getting him hard. He opened his pants, lowered his underwear and released his now hard dick. The feel of rolling the rubber down his dick and the sight of the rubber covered dick was awesome. He began stroking it. Soon he felt the juices rise and enjoyed watching the tip of the rubber fill with his cream. He rubbed the end of the rubber over his dick head. When his dick deflated slightly he pulled it off, held it up and examined his cum. At that point he heard the door to the bathroom open. He dropped the rubber into the toilet, squeezed the last drop of cum out of his dick and pulled up his underwear and pants. He then stood and flushed the toilet watching the cum filled rubber swirl around the toilet bowl and then disappear down the drain. He walked out to the main part of the bowling alley and took his coke off the window sill. Pretending to watch the bowlers while sipping his coke he thought about the cum filled rubber that had been on his dick. He decided he wanted to buy more to share with David and Juan and started to get hard again thinking of watching them roll one on and then fill it. He walked over to the cashier and asked for change to play the pinball machines. He did not want to draw attention to the fact that he had gotten change for the pinball machine and not used it for that purpose so he walked over to one of the machines, inserted money and began playing. The machine he picked totally at random had a game called ‘Circus’. He had no interest at the moment of playing just wanted to not look suspicious after getting change to play. Without trying he kept winning more and more points as the ball bounced from one circus act to another. He got so many points he won extra games. The machine was dinging constantly with the wins. Suddenly he realized a group was standing around him watching his play. Finally what seem to take forever he used up all his free balls and the game ended. He then headed for the bathroom again. Upon entering there was a boy of about eighteen standing at the sink combing and admiring his long golden hair. PT wanted privacy for his purchase so he stepped into a stall. He sat there waiting for the room to clear when he noted graffiti on the back of the door. What he first noted was a drawing of a hard dick and balls. Out of the dick was squirting big drops of cum. He then read, ‘Call Betty for a deep throat blow job’. The phone number written below had been scribbled out. Another message read ‘Meet me here Wednesday at 4 PM for a circle jerk’. Someone had written above it with an arrow pointed to the message – ‘Fucking pervert fagots should have their dicks cut off’. He almost laughed out loud at as he read: There was a Young Man from Kent Whose Rod was so long it was bent So to save himself trouble He bent it in double And instead of coming – he went. Just when he thought the room was empty he heard the door open and saw the feet of someone walking up to a urinal. Then he discovered that the stall he was in was next to the urinals and he could see the dick of the guy pissing through the crack between the edge of the door and door frame. He watched a guy pull out his dick and piss. After shaking the last drop off of his cut piece he stroked it. He continued to move his hand up and down until it was hard. This was the first hard adult dick he had ever seen although he had seen Paul Junior’s sixteen year old dick as he fucked his girlfriend. He felt proud of his own thirteen year old dick when he determined that the dick he was watching was the same size as his. The guy shot an impressive load, squeezed out the last drops and put it away. PT had noted he was wearing a red long sleeved shirt and Levis. His bowling shoes were blue with black shoe laces. That was all PT could see. As soon as this man left the room PT went to the machine and bought six rubbers with his supply of quarters. He then returned to the bowling alleys to see if he could find the man who had jerked off. There was a group of men in red bowling shirts with the name of their team, ‘Alley Cats’, printed on the backs. Three of the men were wearing Levis and only one of those wore blue bowling shoes with black shoe laces. PT was sure he had found his man and sat in one of the spectator chairs behind the team’s lane to observe him. This guy was probably the most average looking man at the alleys. Neither tall or short, fat or slim, handsome or ugly with short hair, horned rim glasses he appeared to be about fifty years of age. When he bowled a strike he raised his arms in joy as his friends yelled their support. There was nothing to indicate that this very ordinary person had just shot a load in the men’s room. As they drove back to the farm after dinner with his grandparents his father said, “It must have been a boring day for you. I appreciated your coming (as PT held in a laugh as he thought of his cumming). Your grandparents really enjoyed seeing you and commented more than once how tall, handsome, well behave and interesting you are. PT replied that he enjoyed visiting his grandparents and eating all the special food grandma had prepared. He also told his father that he had fun riding around town. He told him that he had stopped at the bowling alley for a coke and described in detail his game on the pinball machine. Thinking to himself he pondered, ‘it was not boring at all. I discovered that magazines like Playboy but probably with pictures of naked men exist, had my first jerk off into a rubber, saw my first man boner and cumming and was able to buy rubbers to share with my friends. No, it was not boring at all.’ Meanwhile Back at the Farm After PT and his father left for the grandparents David took Juan on a full tour of the barn. He showed him where he hid when watching his brother fuck. They then walked to David’s home. When they arrived David’s mother was just departed for the grocery. She told them there were fresh baked cookies in the cookie jar, that his father and Junior were mending fences in the far pasture and that she would return in about an hour. As soon as her car pulled out of the driveway David took Juan to the bedroom he shared with his brother. Opening the closet, he moved shoes on the floor and pulled up a loose floor board. Under it were more magazines. The boys continued their sex education course that had begun the previous evening. Following a perusal of photos of men and women of all colors in various positions either alone, in couples or groups they jerked off to photos. David noted that Juan had chosen one of a women with big tits and her legs spread. David selected a couple that featured a man holding his hard cut dick just inches from a lady’s face. They shot their loads, closed the magazines and carefully put them back under the floor boards. They would have been surprised to know that about a month earlier David’s father had found the stash or magazines. The shoes worn by farmers were almost always work boots. They wore them working in the field, to Church, to town when doing errands and to most social events. Occasionally they need dress shoes and Junior had borrowed a pair of his father’s black wing tips to wear to a school dance. Paul Senior needed them for a party he and his wife were attending. Two days before the party on a rainy school day while his wife visited a friend Paul Senior decided to get the shoes and polish them. When he leaned over to pick them up off his son’s closet floor he noted a floor board was loose. When he discovered the magazines he was not shocked, just surprised. Suddenly his feelings at the age of sixteen came back to him. While he had never seen photos like these he knew that he would have been extremely happy to see them at that age. He then thought about his growing up and remembering that he and his girlfriend, now Rachel his wife, were kissing and letting their hands roam all over each other’s bodies at that age. He remember the first time he touched her tit, this first hand and fingers exploration in her underwear and the time he pulled his hard dick out for her to see and touch. That night he had held his hand over her hand as she jerk him off resulting in a messy massive cumming. As he reminisced he realized he had a major boner. Lowering his farm overalls and underwear he was soon stroking himself while looking at the same photos his son probably looked at while doing the same. Paul Senior rarely jerked off anymore as his wife from their first coupling at age seventeen to today wanted it as much as he did. If it was that time of the month she was not shy about jerking him off or giving a deep blow job ending with her swallowing her husband’s offering. The following weekend while the boys were at an overnight church youth retreat he shared the magazines with Rachel. They enjoyed matching most of the positions pictured. The only one they did not attempt was fucking up the ass. Following their magazine review Juan and David had a fun day doing what thirteen and fourteen year old boys do: riding bikes, hiking in the woods, sitting along the stream where on a hot day they would have been swimming. Standing in the woods they had a final jerk off prior to the afternoon milking while discussing the magazines. As they pulled up their pants after shooting into the stream Juan had an unsettling incident. ………………………………………………….. Meanwhile, back at the farm house Alex and Tyler slept in late, or at least stayed in bed while not necessarily sleeping. When they finally arrived downstairs Uncle Will greeted them with a wishful smile. Peter had told them about Will’s photography skills and told them he would most likely be very willing to take professional style photos. These could include photographs of Juan and his dad to give to the grandparents as well as Juan with his two dads. Peter told them Will would be willing to take photos that would be very private and intimate where they could pose anyway they wanted. They discussed a photo session over coffee and donuts. Will went to his room and brought back a folder that he kept in a locked fireproof file cabinet. He told them he would never show intimate photos without the subjects’ permission unless he knew the subject would not mind or was totally unknown to the viewer and would never cross paths with them. First he showed some photos from Daisyville. He told Tyler and Alex that they were his insurance photos, meaning having these photos guaranteed that anyone from the city, state or church would not give him problems. The first series of photos included an unattractive man about 50 with a beer belly and small dick. In one photo he was on his knees being fucked by a handsome Negro man in his 20s. The Negro’s face, chest, abs, ass and entire body was gorgeous. His well endowed dick seen in another photo matched his perfect body. In the nexdt photo the older man was on his knees sucking the perfect black cock. The next series of photos was of a handsome man about 50 with a lovely young lady with long blond hair. The photos include the two kissing, he eating her pussy in a close up, and fucking missionary and doggie style. The third series of photos was of a middle aged couple. They were very average looking. Her tits sagged and his semi hard cock was cut and well above average in length and girth. He was bald with a comb over (let the hair grow long on the side and then comb it over the bald spot). She had a beehive hairdo. Uncle Will then explained, “I took all of these photos. Considering how unattractive and homely some of these people are, I think I did an impressive job from an artistic viewpoint. The older man with the attractive Negro man is the county sheriff. When he first came to me he brought a boy about 16 years old. I told him I would not do erotic photos of anyone under 18. The distinguished man with the blonde is a state legislator. He has been in office about twenty years and is one of the most respected politicians in the state. The ordinary couple is the minister and his wife of the church I attend. She is the state chairwomen of ‘Women for Christ’. All these people trusted me to take these photos. I know their secrets. They know I am totally trustworthy. As long as I had prints of these photos hidden in this fire and heat proof cabinet I was protected from the police, politicians / law and church. “ Will then showed them photos of Peter and Tom when they were just out of high school. There were also photos of Vlad and some of his friends. They were posed in various erotic positions. He knew none of these men would object to photos of themselves being shown to friends with similar feelings. For the next hour Will photographed Alex and Tyler in various stages of dress and undress, playful sex and serious sex. When they finished Will told them their payment would be a performance for the old man. As Alex and Tyler eagerly jerked and sucked each other Will observed while taking care of himself. That afternoon while Will developed and printed the photos Alex and Tyler took a hike around the farm and nearby woods. As they walked in the woods they heard voices and realized it was Juan and David. Just as they walked around a bend in the path and were about to call out they spotted the boys. They were standing near the edge of the stream with their pants down to their knees. Each was stroking himself. Alex and Tyler quietly stepped back and observed their son and his friend jacking and shooting. Just as Juan was shaking the last drops off his dick he looked up and saw his dad. Alex turned and walked back to the farm house. Over an hour later Juan and David returned to the farm house. Juan just gave a brief ‘hi’ with no eye contact. Alex looked at Juan and said, “Let’s take a walk.” As soon as they were alone outside Alex began. “There was absolutely nothing wrong with what you were doing today. To be honest when I was your age I was doing exactly the same thing. Usually I did it alone but sometimes with a friend or friends. What you were doing every male teenager has been doing since the beginning of time. It is just part of growing up. Your body was designed to feel pleasure in doing it. When I was your age we called it beating off or jacking off. I assume you know how babies are created. When you can shoot the white stuff we called jizz, spunk or cum you are ready to make babies physically. But emotionally and financially you are not ready. So there is this period of time when the best way for relief is with your hand. Now you should have no bad feelings jacking off by yourself or with a friend. But under no circumstances are you ready to get involved with a girl. We will talk about that later, soon but not today. You are just a normal boy doing what boys do. And by the way, for a fourteen year old I saw that you have an impressive dick that seems to shoot and work fine. And I also want you to know we did not intentionally spy on you. Tyler and I were taking a walk in the woods and by accident came upon you two. I would never intentionally invade your privacy. That is why there is a lock on both your bedroom door and bathroom door. I love you Juan, you are the greatest.” He then stopped and hugged his son who tightly hugged him back. …………………………………….. PT could hardly wait to tell his friends about his experiences that day. He and his father arrived back at the farm around 9:00 (21:00). Since the boys would be getting up early to tend to the cows no one questioned their going to bed early as soon as PT arrived. In the privacy of the bedroom he told his friends about buying a rubber and testing it in the bowling alley men’s room stall and seeing the man jerk off and cum while he hid in the stall waiting to buy more rubbers. Then he pulled out the rubbers he had purchased. Soon each was opening a package and rolling it on. The boys admired each other’s rubber covered dicks. As they pumped each watched his own dick as his cum oozed out and floated around the creamy covered head. After removing the rubbers they held them by the base with the cum floating in the bottom. They compared amounts of juice and decided Juan, the oldest, had loaded the most. After wrapping them in tissues it was decided they would hide them in the opening in the barn wall where Paul Junior hid his after fucking his girlfriend. Juan then told about his encounter with David in the woods and being caught by his father. PT was very concerned as to what the punishment would be and was relieved when Juan summarized his father’s lecture. Juan then said, “I would not be surprised if my dad told Uncle Will and your dad. They probably assuming we are up here jerking off.” Without going into detail PT replied that Uncle Will was very supportive of our having the privacy of this second floor bedroom. They were soon asleep, David snuggled against PT in the dark room and Juan in the bed across the room. Meanwhile downstairs Tyler said to Peter, we invited you to share coffee with us this morning but sadly you preferred to visit your mother. Peter replied that he would not want to have coffee now as it would keep him awake. As Tyler gave a false pout Peter continued. “However, drinking a beer before bedtime never kept me awake.” With that he walked to the refrigerator and took out beers for all. Will with a smirk on his face told them it was time for him to turn in for the night. Peter followed Tyler and Alex upstairs. The two entered their room leaving the door open. Peter followed them in. As Peter stood in the middle of the room Alex closed the door and Tyler walked up to him. Placing his hands on Peter’s chest he began playing with the shirt covered nipples. Alex stood behind Peter grinding his now hard dick against him. All were still fully clothed. Peter just stood there as Tyler unbuttoned his shirt and Alex from behind unbuckled his belt. Soon Peter was naked with his pants around his ankles. Tyler kneeled and examined the pulsating hard dick. He noted that Peter’s length and girth was impressive. Meanwhile Alex had removed his own clothes and was now grinding his hard dick against Peter’s unprotected ass. Tyler, still on his knees, leaned in and swallowed Peter’s masterpiece. Things were moving too fast so Peter pushed Tyler away. “Slow down friend, don’t want to finish before we have some fun.” Tyler stood while removing his own clothes. Soon six hands were exploring all parts of the three bodies with minimal attention to dicks as each wanted this to last. Peter raised his arms over his head and whispered, “Do my pits.” As each of his friends bit and sucked Peter’s hairless pits he felt his juices rise as the pits were the most sensitive spot on his body after his dick. He pushed the two away and stepped back. “Almost lost it. Just from the pit action.” Tyler walked to his overnight bag and pulled out rubbers and lube. Tyler said, “I do not know if you are a top or bottom. Alex really enjoys topping the right man. I can personally attest he is an expert on top. If you are willing he is ready.” Peter replied, “My ass is reserved for Tom and rarely to selected friends. This seems to be the time to make new friends.” As he said this he noted both their hard dicks were smaller than Tom’s. Walking to the bed he laid on his back with his feet on the floor. Alex moved in. He opened a rubber package and rolled it on his hard natural piece while Tyler rubbed lube on both his lover’s dick and Peter’s waiting hole. Alex placed Peter’s legs on his shoulders and gently slid in. He was already near the point of no return and shot his load after just a few strokes. Peter looked at Tyler, “It is ready if you are.” Tyler, normally a top, who was usually the object of Alex’s desires was fully aroused. He unwrapped a rubber, rolled it on and shoved in. No additional lube was necessary. Alex lasted longer than his lover. Although the feeling to Peter was less than when fucked by Tom it was still intense. He stroked himself until close and stopped. When Tyler began to show signs of erupting Peter grabbed himself cumming simultaneously with his friend. Peter stood and grabbed his clothes. While it had been enjoyable he was not in the mood for an all nighter. “Thanks my friends. That was fun. I need my rest. See you guys in the morning.” He opened the door a crack and noted the hall was empty. He quickly went to his own room, put on a robe and went to the bathroom to shower. Sunday morning after tending the cows David rode a bike home to attend church with his family. Will took out his photography equipment and took professional quality photographs of Juan, Juan and Alex his biological father and Juan with both his Dads. Will then gave Juan a lesson in photography developing and printing in the dark room on the second floor of the farm house. Following an afternoon of hiking, tending to the cows and a final teenage circle jerk the two boys and three dads departed for home. The following afternoon Peter had no pressing issues at the university so he went home to have a private conversation with his son, PT. Taking PT to his home office he told him that Alex and Tyler had accidentally seen Juan and David doing what all teenage boys do. Peter gave a heart warming talk that was basically the same as Alex’s to Juan. He told PT that he had done it as a teenager and that it was a normal part of growing up. He also emphasized that while PT was now able to make babies he was not ready to be a father and should have zero sexual contact with girls. Peter ended the one way dialog with a warning, “Hide your girlie magazines better. Your mother found a Playboy in your drawer while putting away clothes. She knows teenagers, both girls and boys have a natural curiosity about the body and sex. Her only concern is that you will get a distorted view of what a girl or woman should look like. Most girls and women do not have bodies like those in the magazine of perfectly posed models used to entice men to buy the magazine. Most every teenage boy has a stash or magazines hidden someplace. I did. You are a good boy. If you ever have any questions about life ask me. Remember, I have been there and very likely done that.” That evening Peter suggested he and Tom have quality time in the office after all had gone to bed. He told Tom about his romp with Alex and Tyler that was just slightly better than beating off. As he kissed and fondled his love he asked to be fucked. As they coupled that night the boys of the 1950s renewed their reason for being together for twenty years.
  10. Again, thanks for your comments. My inspiration for Uncle Will is my grandfather's (who was born in the 1876) brother - grew up on an Ohio farm - eventually moved south where he was a music professor at a small college in Mississippi. My cousin who knew this great-uncle better than I once speculated that he was gay. If so that may have been the reason for getting as far from his family as possible as my fictional Uncle Will did (he was born in 1895). The three boys, especially PT, have more adventures in the next chapter, written in rough form - will be published in about 10 days.
  11. Columbus 1976 Reading the morning paper, The Columbus Dispatch, an article sent a feeling of elation through Peter. He called Louise and showed it to her. She kissed her husband, “Wow, God thinks we are normal, at least some peoples’ God.” She immediately picked up the phone and called Ann. Tom answered and she told him to read the article. Peter reread the article: The General Convention of the Episcopal Church passed the following resolutions: Resolved, that it is the sense of this General Convention that homosexual persons are children of God and have a full and equal claim with all other persons upon the love, acceptance, and pastoral concern and care of the Church. Resolved, that this General Convention expresses its conviction that homosexual persons are entitled to equal protection of the laws with all other citizens, and calls upon our society to see that such protection is provided in actuality. Peter told the other three that the following Sunday he would attend an Episcopal Service and that following the service he would make an appointment to meet with the priest. As the service progressed Peter felt like he was in a Catholic church. The format of the service was similar to the Catholics. While Peter had grown up in the Methodist Church he had attended Catholic services with Tom. He met with the priest the following Tuesday afternoon telling him the same made up story that he had told the Methodist minister years earlier soon after they had moved to their new suburban home. He told the Episcopal priest, Father David, that his brother had moved to San Francisco and lived with another man. He had visited his brother and was shocked to discover they shared a bed. How should he react? Father David replied, “I was brought up to believe that such relationships were an abomination and should be condemned. Now after years of study the Episcopal Church of the United States has determined these ‘Children of God’ like all ‘Children of God’ should have our love and acceptance. You are the first person to confront me on this. While I knew the study had been going on for years I had never really thought about it. As I read the dialog from the Church I am becoming more accepting. Jesus never condemned such relationships. Elsewhere in the Bible where they are condemned I’m becoming to realize it was more of a concern for the survival of the Church. To me it was a sin because couples that were not man / woman could not produce children and keep the flock growing. Today the problem is the opposite, it isn’t not enough people on earth but an increasing amount that maybe someday the earth cannot support. So, while I do not understand how a man can love another man more than a woman these are Children of God, created this way. I would accept both your brother and his partner in San Francisco as part of your family as you would a brother and his wife.” Peter thanked the priest for his honesty telling him he would pray on it and then call his brother and ask him how he and his Joshua were. The following Sunday the Smith family and the Kowalski family attended the Episcopal Church. Tom, a lifelong Roman Catholic, was amazed at the similarity between this service and the Roman service. Within a month they had joined an adult Bible study group while their four children attended Sunday school prior to the service. Increasingly the church became part of their social life. Their four children, ages 12 to 14, participated in activities of the YPF (Young Peoples’ Fellowship) activities. Peter and Tom discussed the temptations offered in this congregation with its many young couples, mature handsome married men and a variety of single men. They agreed that they would resist any temptation to get ‘involved’ with anyone associated with the church. This vow of celebrity was highlighted when Tom agreed to coach the teen basketball team. He made an effort to never be in the locker room while the boys showered and dressed. If at some future time his true nature were become known, no one would be able to say he ogled the boys when they were naked. Peter and Louise joined the church choir. While both had been active in musical pursuits in high school and somewhat in college their instruments were now in the back of a closet not having been played in years. Neither of their children showed any interest in music. Both had received lessons for a year: PT on the trumpet like his mother and Louise Ann had saxophone lessons. But after a year it was obvious they did not have the desire to continue so the parents agreed to the ends of their musical pursuits. Louise and Peter had met in 1956 where both played in the high school band: he clarinet and she trumpet. Peter, a baritone, sang next in the last row of the choir next to Tyler. He knew little about this handsome man about his age and did not understand the relationship between Tyler and the teenage Hispanic, Juan, who occasionally came to church with him and played on Tom’s basketball team. When there was a shortage of music, Tyler and Peter shared the same sheet of music, each holding one side of it. While Peter tried to hold back his feelings the closeness to this man was titillating. ……………………………………………. About once a month Peter met Tom after work and they visited Club Columbus Baths. While they rarely got involved with any others at the bath house, they enjoyed the atmosphere, eye candy and watching the activity in the orgy room. After time in the steam bath where each was usually groped, usually with enjoyment but not permitting any strange lips below the hips, they would go to their room and enjoy each other. Making love on the narrow platform bed in their tiny cubical hearing the sounds of men nearby having tryst in their identical cubicals resulted in an erotic atmosphere. One Thursday evening as they roamed the halls with towels wrapped around their waists Peter passed a room with its door open and two men sitting on the small bed wearing towels around their waists. Checking the guys out he saw Tyler, his choir mate, was one of the men. Realizing he had been seen it would be ridiculous to ignore him. Standing in the doorway Peter said, “What is a nice boy like you doing in a sleazy place like this?” Tyler laughed, “The same as you. Meet my friend Alex.” A hot, handsome, Hispanic man leaned forward and shook both Peter’s and Tom’s hands as they introduced themselves. “Alex is my special friend. Are you two casual hookups or in a relationship?” For the next hour the four sat on the narrow bed platform discussing their lives. Wanting to dispel any illusion that they were cheating on their wives they explained meeting in high school in 1956 and coupling with a pair of girls with similar desires. Tyler and Alex summarized their togetherness. They had met eight years earlier at a bar and have lived together for seven years. Alex had been married and had a son, Juan. When his wife discovered his proclivity for men she left him and moved back to Puerto Rico leaving their son, Juan, with him. While Alex had no interest in church involvement he encouraged his son to participate in the youth activities. Alex, the son of parents from Puerto Rico, had been born in the USA. When he was young his parents who attended Catholic mass every Sunday encouraged their son to be an altar boy. They were thrilled that the priest took a special interest in him. When Alex was thirteen the pious priest introduced him to man sex, first just playing with the young man’s dick and masturbating him. This led to blow jobs. He encouraged the boy to return the favors. By the time Alex was sixteen the family’s spiritual guide was bending over and having the teenager fuck him. Alex explained that he was very conflicted by the situation. He enjoyed the attention and sex from this handsome priest who was probably about thirty at the time. He knew it was wrong but had become addicted to it. He then somberly said, “If I hadn’t had the desire for men the relationship probably would have damaged me for life. There was no love involved, just sex. Tyler was the first man I met who I felt something for other than desires of the moment. He is a good man and wonderful second father to Juan.” Following their conversation the four visited the orgy room and observed a gang fuck. In the dark room they noted a guy with a somewhat fat ass kneeling on the platform in the middle of the room. He was being fucked doggie style by an older man. As the guy grunted and pulled out a thin guy about forty with a pumped up small dick, no more than 4 inches (10 cm) hard moved in. It appeared he could not deeply implant his little dick and appeared to be fucking the ass cheeks that he held tight. Following his quick completion a trim, grey haired handsome guy probably in his fifties or maybe older stepped up. With his trimmed beard, grey hair on a mostly bald head, no other body hair except a distinguished grey mat on his chest and crown of hair over his masterpiece, sparkling tight blue eyes, sweet smile, six pack abs without an ounce of old man fat, muscular arms and legs, and the bubble ass of a young man he was a senior citizen Adonis. He rolled a rubber onto his massive piece, the first man to use protection. His magnum weapon appeared to be at least 8 inches (20 cm) of thick cut meat. This older gentleman moved in behind the kneeler. Placing his magnum instrument against the cum dripping hole he gently shoved in. The guy on his knees screamed, “You’re ripping me open.” The old man held tight and after waiting a few moments for the willing ass to adjust to this magnificent piece he gently pulled back and slowly plunged in again. Suddenly the fuckee screamed again, but his time it was a very different message, “FUCK ME, DEEPER, HARDER.” His fucker responded with a deep thrust followed by completely pulling out and then violently shoving back in. The assault continued as the fuckee cried in pleasure as he was attacked. Suddenly the fuckee cried out I’M CUMMING. Although his dick had not been touched his body trembled as he unloaded onto the carpeted platform. The gentleman pulled out. Holding his rubber covered hard dick he asked, “Anymore takers?” Tom whispered into Peter’s ear, “That would certainly be a treat.” Peter replied, “No way. That would tear me open and make my hole unavailable to your normal large piece during an extended period of ass convalescence.” An average sized guy that appeared to be no older than eighteen, the youngest age allowed in the baths, stepped up to the platform and laid on his back. “Fuck me, grandpa.” The mature man, probably three times the age of the twink moved in, placed the teenager’s legs on his shoulders, reached for some lube and greased both his piece and the young hole. Again he gently shoved in. The teen’s only response was, “Harder Grandpa.” Following a long vigorous fuck grandpa pulled out, ripped the rubber off his dick and jacked a load onto the teen’s semi-hard dick. Then using his hand he finished the boy off who shot a massive load onto his smooth hairless chest. Later they saw the teen and grandpa exchanging phone numbers. Following the erotic show the four showered together checking out each other. Both Alex and Tyler had impressive soft cocks: Tyler’s was cut and Alex’s natural. Each couple returned to the privacy of their cubical. Peter and Tom had an intense session with Peter shooting his load onto his own chest as Tom fucked him and filled him. As the group assembled at the next choir practice Tyler quietly told Peter, “It was nice meeting the real you.” Peter replied with a ‘likewise’. With both maintaining their straight persona no one would suspect these two men had shared their deepest secrets a few days earlier. Three weeks later after choir practice Tyler mentioned that he was going out of town on business leaving Sunday evening. He hoped thirteen year old Juan would be OK as his father would be working nights that week. Peter told Louise about Tyler’s concern as they drove home after the practice. She suggested they invite Juan to stay with them. She was sure PT would not mind sharing his room for two nights. (Little did they realize how much PT would enjoy sharing his room with any boy). In PT’s room they set up a folding bed borrowed from Tom and Ann who had purchased it years earlier for an overnight guest. They invited Alex and Juan to dinner Sunday evening prior to Alex’s night shift on the Columbus Police Force. After dinner PT, his twin sister Ann, Sean (son of Ann and Tom, same age as PT) and Juan watched TV. After watching Hawaii Five-0, they reluctantly all went upstairs to their bedrooms. Actually PT was not at all reluctant. At age thirteen Juan was a year older. PT had seen Juan’s dick when they showered after church basketball practice and was looking forward to having a closer inspection. Other than PT and Sean, Juan was the only boy on the team with a natural dick like his. Much to his disappointment Juan slept in his underwear never exposing himself. The next evening the boys did homework in PT’s bedroom. Juan sat at the desk while PT laid on his bed reading an assigned book. Juan turned around and in a very serious voice said, “Want to see something special? But first you have to promise you won’t tell your parents or my dads about what I showed you.” Of course a twelve year old boy wanted to see something secret and agreed with no hesitation. “My friend Albert brought this to school today. His father has a pile of them hidden in the back of his closet. He told me I could keep it a couple of days.” Juan took the January 1976 issue of Playboy out of his book bag. He then opened it to the centerfold, Diana House – playmate of the month. While PT was fascinated by the photos, Juan appeared awe-struck. Her milky white skin, perfectly formed boobs and triangle of thatch hair was a twelve and thirteen year old boys’ wet dream, if you were into that kind of stuff as it was assumed all boys were. While they examined the photos PT noticed a bulge growing in Juan’s pants. The thought of a hard Juan, not a playmate’s pussy, caused a bulge in PT’s pants. Juan laughed as he pointed to PT’s condition, “Looks like we both have the same thoughts.” PT thought to himself, ‘Little do you know what the cause of my bulge is’. Juan shocked PT when he said, “Let’s jerk off to this beauty.” Naturally PT said, “Yea, let’s do it.” He then walked over to the door and locked it. Juan suggested they turn on the radio to hide any ‘strange noises’. PT grabbed a box of Kleenex handing a tissue to Juan. They sat on the bed with the magazine between them. Juan lowered his pants and underwear displaying a hard natural dick. PT was thrilled that although his dick was a year younger it was of equal size. Juan quietly warned him to be careful and not get any sticky stuff on the magazine as he wanted his friend to share others with him. Pretending to stare at the magazine, PT eyed Juan’s piece. He lowered his head so the focus of his eyes could not be detected. He wasn’t too worried that he might be caught checking out Juan as he assumed his friend was more concerned with the pussy in the photo than PT’s sightlines. Soon Juan was pumping hard and then spewing a hefty load of white cum into the Kleenex. The sight of the pulsating dick unloading brought PT over the hill and he proudly filled his tissue. After wiping their dicks with additional tissues PT announced he would hide the cum laden tissues at the bottom of the kitchen trash can. As they zipped up PT announced, “That was mind blowing. Give your friend a big thanks. Let me see any more that he shares”. After they had gone to bed an excited PT laid there thinking of the stuff pouring out of his friend’s dick. He soon was holding his hard cock under the covers in the dark room. Hearing what he thought were the silent snores of Juan he felt it was safe to relive the experience. He always kept the shoes and socks he had worn that day at his bedside for such occasions. He reached for a sock and placed it over his hard boy dick. As he stroked he did not think of the playmate of the month but of Juan’s uncut dick. Little did he realize that the sounds of Juan were not snores but heavy breathing from the thought of the centerfold. Juan heard PT’s movements and knew exactly what he was doing. The tissue box was on the desk next to his bed and he quietly took a few sheets and silently pumped along with PT. Following their clandestine jerking the boys had a peaceful sleep with similar in some ways and very different in another way dreams. About once a month Alex had evening police shifts. When he had a late shift on a Thursday Louise invited Tyler and Juan to their house for a quick supper prior to choir practice. Juan and PT would stay at the house to do homework or more likely watch TV while not being under the watchful eyes of their parents, or even more likely enjoying the scenery in an issue of Playboy that Juan concealed in his book bag. PT told Juan about his farm visits. While working on a farm did not interest Juan when PT told him about spying on Junior and his girlfriend while they fucked in the hayloft Juan fantasized hiding in the store room just a few feet (three feet equals about one m.) from the action. A few months later Peter announced he would be driving to Pleasant Valley to visit his parents the following weekend. Louise would not be going as she had been asked to speak to a group of high school science students interested in studying at Ohio Wesleyan. PT asked his father if he could go with him. Of course Peter invited his son. Then PT asked if they could leave Friday afternoon and stay at the farm. When he father agreed PT had another suggestion. Could they take Juan with them since he had never visited a farm. Peter called Juan’s father, Alex, and made the request. Alex replied that he would talk to Juan and call him back. Ten minutes later Alex called and had a further suggestion. He asked if in addition to Juan, he and Tyler could also visit the farm. Peter had no objections and they made plans to depart as soon as the boys got out of school Friday afternoon. The five: Peter, Tyler, Alex, PT and Juan departed Columbus in the Smith family station wagon. Taking the recently completed Interstate Highway 71 the drive took less than two hours. Rachel (David’s mother) had insisted they all have dinner at their home. The adults including Rachel and Paul Senior, Uncle Will, Paul Junior and his girlfriend, Mary (also his fuck partner), who had helped prepare the meal, sat at the dining room table while PT, Juan and David happily sat at the kitchen table. During previous visits to the farm PT had kept Dave up to date on the details of his looking at Playboy magazines with Juan. David was interested in meeting and seeing this boy who was a year older than he and PT. At the dinner table in the kitchen David told PT and Juan he had some really good stuff to show them. He had found his brother’s hidden stash of magazines. He explained that the pictures were not just of naked women but of men and women doing it in many different ways. In one a guy was even fucking a woman while another guy was standing over him with his dick in the mouth of the guy fucking. My brother discovered I had found his magazines. “He told me I could look at them but that if our parents ever found out I should tell them I found them in a trash can behind the church. You know what else he told me? He saw me peaking through the spaces in the boards of the storeroom next to the hayloft last month. He said he didn’t care if I watched just as long as Mary never found out. If she did he would cut my pecker off. You can be sure I am really careful when I spy on them. He is really proud of his fucking. He even moved closer to the storeroom last time so I could see better. Now before he fucks he gets on his knees with Mary on her back and leans in between her legs. I think he is licking her pussy. She tells him how good it feels. Then he pulls her up and he lies on his back while she sticks his dick in her mouth. Then he opens the little package and takes out what he told me is called a ‘rubber’ and she rolls it on him and then he fucks her. You can imagine what I am doing with my hand while he does it.” The fathers had not considered having David sleeping in the farmhouse as he could sleep in his own room at his house. When PT asked if David could sleep over since they would get up early to milk the cows Uncle Will immediately suggested, “That would be no problem. I have some extra blankets that he can use as a pad to sleep on the floor of PT and Juan’s room.” As he said this PT smiled at the old man who winked back at his teenage friend. PT thought, my old Uncle sure knows what I want. They remained at Paul and Rachel’s home for another hour. While Rachel and Mary, Paul Junior’s girlfriend, straightened up the kitchen the three boys offered to wash and dry dishes. PT was very conscious that he should make a good impression with David’s mother so she would encourage his visits (and playtimes with David). The father’s assembled in the living room discussing the presidency of Jimmy Carter. While liberal thinking Peter, Tyler and Alex all supported Carter’s agenda during the first months of his presidency Paul, a conservative farmer lamented, “He might be a peanut farmer from a conservative state but I don’t see his policies helping us or our children’s future”. Not wanting to get into a political argument with a friend Peter changed the subject to another topic, The Cleveland Indians (baseball team), and their prospects for the upcoming season. While Peter did not follow professional sport teams he knew a mention of the Indians would get Paul’s mind off politics as he was a serious Indians supporter. By the time they got to the farm house it was after nine pm (21.00). David brought a bag full of magazines. He told the fathers, “I thought I would share these comic books, Mad Magazines (a popular satire magazine) and Boy’s Life (Boy Scout magazine) with my friends”. He held the bag in a way that the magazines could easily be seen. However, hidden in the bag were the pornographic magazines borrowed from David's older brother. With David carrying the magazines PT and Juan carried the blankets Uncle Will gave them to be used as a sleep mat for David. While the fathers and Uncle Will settled in the living room for beer and conversation the boys went up to their room. The sleeping arrangements had Alex and Tyler in a room on the second floor of the farmhouse with a double bed. Peter would sleep alone in another room and PT, Juan and David would share the room with twin beds that PT normally shared with David. As soon as they entered their room David distributed comic books and the other magazines for the boys to hold. He then pulled out the ‘adult magazines.’ PT and Juan were both shocked and astounded by what they saw. Never had the now thirteen year old PT and fourteen year old Juan imagined such activities could happen. These were not the carefully posed models of Playboy showing perfectly formed tits and fur covered pussies. These were real people. The detailed close ups of lady parts were of great interest. All the men had supersize dicks making the boys feel somewhat inadequate. Some were cut and some natural. There where photos of guys fucking the girls in various positions, guys getting blow jobs, fingers in pussies, and an amazing photo of a guy on his back fucking a girl up the ass while another guy fucked her. Probably the most interesting was a series of photos starting with a girl on her knees giving a standing guy a blow job, in the next photo he was jerking off aiming toward her mouth, then another of him shooting cum into her smiling lips and finally a photo of her face covered with his juice. At this point PT said, “I got to take care of myself before I mess my pants.” All three dropped their pants and underwear and kneeled facing each. They kept the magazine with the girl with the cum covered face on the floor between them. David warned them to be careful and not get any stuff on it or his brother would have a fit and forbid him to ever touch one of his magazines again. While Juan concentrated his eyes on the girl both David and PT clandestinely eyed their straight one year older friend jacking and cumming. Being teenage horney boys their cummings did not sedate their interest in the photos. In less than ten minutes they were again as some say ‘pulling the pud’. Just as Juan began spurting another load on the floor there was a knock on the door. PT’s father called out: “We’re about to have ice cream and brownies David’s mother made, care to join us.” “”We are coming Dad” PT replied. Actually PT would not be cumming as the knock on the door caused his dick to immediately deflate as did David’s. Remembering his own teenage years Peter wisely did not just open the door. While he did not suspect anything was happening other than boy talk and perusing comic books he was not going to invade their privacy. Juan cleaned his cum off the floor. This load was of lesser quantity and not shot halfway across the floor as the first loads of all three had. None of the boys had jacked in the past twenty-four hours so the pent up load and inspiration from the revelations in the magazine photos had resulted in near record amounts and distances for all. PT took a Mad Magazine downstairs to show his father. To make sure his father thought they were just reading regular magazines in the bedroom he asked his father if he had read Mad Magazine when he was a kid. Peter laughed, I saved my nickels and eagerly bought each issue the day it arrived at the drug store magazine rack when I was your age. My mother did not approve of it so I kept it hidden. When my father found out I was buying it he would borrow them. Sometime when mom was not home we would discuss articles together. In college on the first day of class in one of my history courses the professor asked each student to write their name on a sheet of paper he passed out. He then read the names and each student said ‘here’ when called. In the middle was the name ‘Alfred E. Neuman’. Three times he called out the name with no answer. Everyone in the class was holding in laughter as the clueless professor stated the name of Mad Magazine’s iconic Alfred E. Neuman. It was too bad that the professor did not realize how impressionable this magazine was on young people on their views of national and world events. As he said this Peter thumbed through the magazine. Finding a satirical comic strip about Anita Bryant’s anti-gay remarks resulting in 200,000 protesters marching in San Francisco he hoped the boys had seen it. Not wanting to get into gay talk over brownies and ice cream he turned the page planning to borrow the magazine later. Back in the privacy of their room PT immediately announced as he opened to the photo of the guy coming on the face, “I must finish what I started.” David joined him while Juan who had already had two cummings that evening and no apparent interest in watching guys jerk off studied one of the other magazines. David announced that they should get some sleep as he and PT were getting up early to milk the cows and send them to the pasture. He asked Juan if he wanted to join them. Juan gave an eager reply of ‘Yes’ while David set the alarm clock. As David started to roll out the blankets Uncle Will had given them to make his bed mat PT said: “That will really be uncomfortable. If you promise to not snore, kick me, or make a cum mess in the bed you can sleep with me.” As soon as the lights were turned out Juan announced, “I will not be able to sleep until I make one more tribute to the magazines.” He could be heard reaching for a tissue. David got out of bed, grabbed a handful of tissues and while Juan’s bed rocked the other two jerked each other off in the dark room.
  12. Just reread some of the comments about my story, Life Goes On.    Hope you are still enjoying the adventures of Peter, Tom and their many friends.

  13. When I started writing this chapter the child sex stuff had never entered my mind, just sort of happened after they checked in.
  14. Tallguyct

    Chapter 2 Meanwhile, Back On The Farm

    While parts of this story are autobiographic, the sex parts are mostly fantasy (or wishful thinking) - never been tied down or tied someone down - enjoyed writing about it - do not know how I would feel with the real thing.
  15. Tallguyct

    Happy New Year – 1973  

    When ever possible I put Russian related incidents in my stories. Sine 1997 my travels have taken me to Russia 11 times with an average visit of a month each. I have a good friend in St Petersburg that I met at the 'Gay' Beach on the Bay of Finland north of the city. My friend in Moscow i met when he was visiting the USA on a business trip. He was traveling with son-in-law of his boss. All the son-in-law wanted to do was visit strips clubs and hopefully get laid. My friend and I were in a strip club near my home - while the son-in-law was having a lap dance in a back room we sat in the back of the club watching the girls on the stage. Finally my friend said 'Is there anyplace we can go to see boys?' I was somewhat shocked - he told me I had made comemnts that made him comfortable asking. I see him on a professional basis in Moscow and he keeps me up on the interesting things to do.

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