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  1. Tommy had no idea what he meant by ‘fucking supplies’. As they pulled into the CVS parking lot Jay suggested Tommy wait in the car. “Since two guys buying condoms and other supplies together might be announcing their intentions I would prefer the good people of Mystic not know I am soon having a romp with a ‘twink’. Tommy chuckled at his being referred to as a ‘twink’. He had often seen ‘twinks’ on porn videos where an older guy was fucking a young innocent looking young man or vice-versa Jay returned from the store, got in the van and handed Tommy the shopping bag. Tommy found a box of “Trojan Ecstasy condoms, two tubes of K-Y, a two pack of something called Fleet and two pints of Ben and Jerry ice cream: Chunky Monkey and Strawberry Cheesecake. “What is Fleet?” “You my friend will soon find out. I want a clean fuck, if you know what I mean. I do not know what is special about Ecstasy condoms, but since they were the most expensive I assumed they were the best.” When they returned to the house they quickly put the ice cream in the refrigerator freezer compartment and ran upstairs. Jay spoke, “My friend, before we do it I want you squeaky clean inside. Take off your clothes and come into the bathroom. Now lie down on your side with your knees bent. I am going to gently insert the tip of the container in your ass. Then I will slowly squeeze the bottle and empty its contents into you. Then you lie there as long as you can. You will suddenly have an urge to go. When you cannot hold it in any longer sit on the toilet and let it loose. You will then be clean and ready for what you really want.” Tommy laid as instructed. Jay kneeled and removed the cap from the applicator tip. It actually felt good when he gently shoved it in the ass. Tommy felt the stream of liquid filling him. Jay left the bathroom. At first it seemed like nothing had happened. Then quickly Tommy had the urge to go. He held it in as long as he could. Just as he sat on the toilet seat a hearty stream blasted out of his ass. As he watched the toilet flush he was glad that stuff that was going down the drain would not be there when Jay fucked him. He then took a quick ass area shower. Naked Tommy walked into the bedroom. An equally naked Jay was sitting on the camping mattress. Jay asked, “Are you ready?” “I fucking am!” He continued, “Of course I researched the best way to have a first fuck on your computer. It was suggested that the top lie flat on his back and the bottom kneel over him. That way the virgin bottom will be less anxious and uptight since he will be in full control.” Jay opened a condom package and laid on his back. “Here, roll it on me.” Tommy examined the condom and then placed it over Jay’s hard dick. He had seen YouTube condom putting on demonstrations and rolled it down as he remembered making sure it went to the base of Jay’s dick. Both jay and Tommy were surprised that the condom was very loose, like it was purposely too big. Jay thought it might be defective. He examined the box it had come in. There was a picture of the condom showing it was large at the head and tight at the base. He now understood the construction. It was designed to not be tight over the head and possibly restrict sensitivity and pleasure while being tight at the base to hold it firmly in place. Jay explained this to Tommy. Both had deflated some during the condom inspection. As soon as Jay said, “Are you ready?” both dicks immediately sprang to extreme hardness. Jay opened the tube of K-Y and spread a generous amount on his condom covered dick. He then turned Tommy around and placed a gob on his finger. He gently massaged it around and into Tommy’s virgin ass hole. Tommy moaned with delight. Jay laid on his back and Tommy kneeled facing him. As he squatted down he felt the head of Jay against his hole. The inexperienced and naive to fucking, other than with an ice cream scoop handle, teenager plunged down onto the hard dick. He had often watched porn movies with guys showing pleasure as a dick was savagely thrust into their hole. He did not realize such treatment only gave pleasure to experienced holes. Tommy’s quick movement that shoved Jay’s dick into his virgin ass resulted in excruciating pain. He jumped up and stifled a scream of anguish. Jay stood and wrapped his arms around the trembling young man. “Take it easy my friend. Hard fucks are for experienced asses. We need to move slowly and tenderly. Hopefully you did not rip and damage your hole. We must go slowly.” Jay then took a tissue and gently rubbed it against the tender hole. He was relieved that there was no blood on the tissue, just K-Y. “Let’s take a short break to help the pain subside. Sit down. I’ll get some ice cream. Which do you want, Strawberry Cheesecake of Chunky Monkey?” Tommy replied, “I think I would feel better standing. Chunky Monkey would be great.” When Jay went to get the ice cream Tommy leaned against the wall. He held back the tears as he stood there. He had anticipated this moment for over a year. Every guy being fucked on the porn sites seemed to love it. His friends from Utah and Koki from Japan both had pleasurable encounters. Here he stood with a sore ass and a soft dick. Jay had put on a T shirt and soon returned with Chunky Monkey and two spoons. He had worn the T shirt since there was a possibility his upper body might be observed through the kitchen window. Since the two had shared deep kisses and each other’s cum he did not think sharing a container of ice cream would be strange. Both leaned against the wall as they shared the ice cream. When Jay placed his hand on Tommy’s back and gently massaged it the young man’s instinct was to push him away. But out of respect for his friend he let Jay continue. Gradually the physical touch felt good. He turned with his back to Jay and leaned into his friend. Jay continued to massage Tommy’s back and shoulders. He moved his hands to the front of the young man and massaged the chest, with emphasis on the nipples, and abs. As Jay moved his hands down Tommy moaned with pleasure. Jay gently wrapped his hand around the soft dick which immediately responded. As Tommy’s dick grew the pain in his ass was replaced by a feeling of contentment throughout his body. “I want to try again.” Jay’s massaging and stroking of his friend had brought him to full hardness and horniness. Still wearing the original condom he realized it had not slipped off when he had gotten soft. The special design with a tight base had held it on. “This time just let my dick enter your hole. Do not attempt to force it down. Just let it in and then wait while you ass adjusts to the new experience. Only when you feel comfortable let it slide in a little deeper. When I am about half way in and you do not feel pain move up and down giving yourself a half fuck. If, and only if, you feel no discomfort go down so I am deeper in you. When you ask for it I will begin thrusting.” Tommy did as instructed. He let Jay’s head invade him. He felt discomfort but no pain. He leaned back and took in more of the dick. Again discomfort but no real pain. He moved up and down getting a half dick fuck. With each movement he went down a little deeper. To Tommy’s surprise he realized Jay was as deep as possible. He slowly moved up and then back. Having his ass invaded felt weird but did not hurt. A smile came on his face as he raised himself up and then pushed down completely engulfing Jay’s rock hard dick. Jay’s realized it felt too good. He looked up at Tommy and said, “If you keep that up the party will be over for me. Let’s take a short break. Tommy slowly raised himself and he felt the dick popping out of his hole. Tommy smiled as he whispered, “That was an amazing feeling.” Jay replied, “I think a change in position will even give you more pleasure.” Jay then rolled up the thin camping mattress. “Lay on you back with your ass high on the roll of the mattress.” Tommy did as suggested. Jay then knelt between the long legs of the teen placing them on his shoulders. His ass was now completely exposed. Jay leaned forward and pressed his lips against Tommy’s. The young man responded by opening his lips and sucking in Jay’s tongue. Then Tommy raised his arms and wrapped them around Jay. Jay reached down and adjusted his dick which had filled the condom with precum aiming it directly against the hole. He then slightly pressed in. Tommy did not protest. He pushed in deeper. Tommy responded by attacking his mouth with his tongue. Jay pressed in as deep as he could go. Tommy screamed a whisper, “Amazing.” Tommy had a special feeling. He had read about ‘that spot’. Evidentially Jay’s dick had found it. Jay very slowly and tenderly pulled half way out. He then caringly thrust back in. He pulled back and again moved back in. Jay could hold off no longer. With his next deep thrust his dick exploded filling the condom. Tommy felt the pulsating of his friend’s dick that was deeply buried in him. Since their bodies were pressed together Tommy could not touch himself. With desire to finish he began belly fucking Jay as the two tightly embraced. Jay mimicked his movements which put more pressure on the young dick. As he felt his juices rise Tommy tightened his grip on Jay and attacked his mouth with his lips and tongue. The essence of twink spewed between the two stomachs. Jay collapsed onto a totally drained teenager. Each could feel the heartbeat of the other pound against their chest. Finally Jay suggested they shower. Jay stood and reached for Tommy’s hand. The young man, still in a state of euphoria, at first had difficulty rising and standing. The two, hand in hand, walked to the bathroom. Each gently washed the other. Jay turned Tommy and gently cleansed the area he had just invaded. After drying each other which resulted in rising dicks Jay suggested they go to the kitchen and finish the pizza and the other pint of ice cream. Wearing only T shirts they leaned against the kitchen counter feeding each other slices of pizza and sharing the Strawberry Cream Cheese Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. With a twinkle in his eye Tommy took his spoon and placed a dab of ice cream on Jay’s dick. He then kneeled and licked it clean. The physically fit older man responded and Tommy was soon deep throating his friend. Jay pushed him away. “Let’s save it for more serious activity.” Tommy: “What do you have in mind?” Jay: “How is your ass?” “Painless and anticipating.” Without another word the two ran up the stairs. Tommy laid on his back with ass raised on the mattress roll as Jay rolled on another condom and applied lube where appropriate. Since Jay had cum less than thirty minutes earlier this fuck was prolonged. After a period of missionary position fucking Jay moved Tommy to his knees with ass exposed for a doggie style romp. This was followed by the strong Jay fucking Tommy standing with the young man against the wall held by Jay. They returned to the missionary position and once again Jay exploded into the willing ass. Jay then leaned down and took Tommy’s piece deep to its eight inch base. Immediately Jay had a mouthful. He leaned forward and while kissing Tommy gave the youth back his cum. Following quick showers the two laid next to each other on separate camping mattresses sharing a blanket wearing only smiles. Sometime in the middle of the night Jay felt something warm on his dick. With no surprise he realized Tommy was sucking him off. Jay pretended to be sleeping as he enjoyed the warm lips. He let his juices flow into the eager mouth. Tommy then leaned in a kissed Jay. In the twilight from the moon shining in the window Jay watched Tommy jerk off and then clean himself with tissues. As the sun streamed into the window Jay woke. He observed the sleeping twink who had kicked off his blanket and displayed a glorious eight inch morning woodie. When Jay returned from his morning piss Tommy was awake laying on his back with his extended dick pointed up. Tommy’s first words of the morning were, “Where is the other Fleet box?” Returning from the bathroom Tommy rolled up his mattress and laid on his back. Over an hour later they were at the Mystic Diner each having the Hungry Man breakfast special, (two eggs, two pancakes, home fries, sausage, bacon and ham) a meal that would certainly replenish their bodies and souls. Returning to the house Tommy unloaded the lawn mower from the van and Jay got out garden tools. For two hours Tommy mowed and trimmed while Jay cleared brush and prepared flower beds. When Jay suggested a break Tommy‘s dick responded in anticipation. Within minutes the two sweaty men were in the bedroom with Tommy on his back. Following more yard work the two ordered take out grinders (what ‘hoagies’ or submarine sandwiches are called in Connecticut) and ate them sitting outside on the steps to the back door. When Jay asked Tommy if he was up to some quick fun the teen smiled and walked into the house. Following an afternoon of yard work Jay gave Tommy the choice of dinner at a seafood place serving lobster or a steak house. Tommy chose the steak. After dinner on the way back to the house they stopped at CVS to buy more Trojans, K-Y, Fleet and pints of Ben and Jerry’s. The evening, night and morning followed the schedule of the previous day except with no pain or discomfort. On Sunday morning they painted the walls of their love nest which would be the bedroom of young Sean. Tommy had been afraid someone might overhear him at the restaurant. Now he opened up to Jay telling him everything about his experiences over the past four years. He was relieved that he could finally share his adventures with someone other than his Skype friends in Japan and Utah. Jay shared his life story that was less interesting. His only man to man experience had been some messing around in high school with a couple of his fellow basketball team members and his three years fucking his college roommate. The only woman he had ever been with was his wife who had no inhibitions when they made love. Jay then admitted that he had enjoyed inspecting the cum filled tissues left in his home office waste basket. Tommy was proud that he had impressed his friend with the quantity of cum. He would have been mortified if anyone else had found his glad rags. Following a day of painting three rooms and numerous happiness breaks they departed for home. The following Wednesday as the moving truck was loaded he gave little Sean and Bobby goodbye hugs. As the family prepared to get into the van Mrs. Forster gave Tommy a hug and thanked him for being a good role model to her sons. He and Jay shook hands and then Jay pulled him into an appropriate to be seen by all man hug. Sean called out, “Tommy, We hope you will visit us.” Tommy had the feeling that would never happen.
  2. Note to Reader: Tommy’s high school graduation was in June 2020. The Coronavirus Pandemic would have closed his school with the students completing the academic year with distance learning. In writing this fictional coming (or was it cumming) of age I have ignored the virus and given him a normal life. Tommy turned 18 in his senior year of high school. He could now visit gay places such as bath houses and adult video stores with back rooms. He knew there were four places with back rooms within a fifteen to forty minute drive from his home. Having read the comments on the hook-up site he had an idea of what went on there and the type of men that visited such places. From looking at photos posted by men who had made comments he realized there would be every type of gay guy as well as some straights: old, young, fit, fat, top, bottom and all ethnic groups. As much as he wanted to visit such a place he was afraid to venture to one. What if he met one of his neighbors or teachers? How would he know if someone was disease free? As much as he thought about such places he did not rush out on his eighteenth birthday and see what he could see. He had been accepted at UConn (University of Connecticut) to begin his studies as an engineering major in the fall. UConn had been his first choice because of its academic programs. He was thrilled to learn from checking out the university’s website the university had been named one of the 100 best gay-friendly campuses in the country and received a 4.5 out of 5 rating on the Campus Pride Index Report. The Rainbow Center included on the UConn’s website supported LGBT activities on campus. He would certainly checkout the Center where he hoped to find likeminded male students. The Foresters had told him that they were moving to Mystic, Connecticut near Jay’s new job as IT head of a small manufacturing company. Jay asked Tommy if he was available the weekend after high school graduation. They had purchased a house in Mystic that needed some interior painting and yard work. With the family van loaded with a lawn mower, shovels, rakes, paint, some plants purchased by Mrs. Forster, two camping air mattresses, sheets and blankets Jay and Tommy departed on the two hour drive Friday afternoon. Although Tommy was eighteen and Jay in his early thirties conversation was easy as they discussed Tommy’s plans at UConn, Jay’s new position, the highlights of the past basketball season and of course the Boston Red Sox. Both were disappointed that the Sox had traded its star outfielder / hitter, Mookie Betts and may have lost a starting pitcher, Chris Sale, for the season due to an injury. As they approached the I-95 bridge over the Connecticut River Jay changed the direction of their conversation. “You started babysitting for Sean and Bobby when you were fourteen. When I was fourteen life was very different. There was no internet. Getting information about a boy’s development was limited to what you learned from older guys that was usually incomplete or even totally wrong, the sex education lectures at school that were clinical, books in the library that you were afraid to check out or what your parents told you which was more scary than informative. In a way your generation is lucky since information is available on the internet, all you need is private access to a computer. The problem with the internet is that you often do not know the source of information and there is so much available, some conflicting, that the overload of information can be confusing. When I was fourteen I would have been on line checking out all kinds of information. At age fourteen boys are confused as to their development. On line you can get information, right or wrong. As I said I would have been researching all kinds of stuff about sex.” Tommy just sat there wondering where this conversation was going. Jay continued, “Sexually I am one of those individuals that enjoys going both ways. I assume you know what that means. In college my roommate and I were very active. We learned that each of us got pleasure from doing it with a guy. We were not in love, we just enjoyed satisfying each other.” Tommy thought to himself, ‘Sounds like Steve and me’. “After graduation I met my future wife at a party. We were soon engaged. She is not only a good mother but a fun bed partner. I have not strayed since meeting her. However, when I see a handsome man I often think of him in a sexual way, just like most guys have the same thoughts concerning attractive women.” “I assume you are wondering why I am telling you all this. A couple of months after you started babysitting one evening I checked my email after we returned from dinner and a movie. When I clicked on google chrome I discovered it was already open. Up popped a website you had been viewing. You had minimized it but failed to close it. That website was very interesting. It was just the type of site I would have looked at when I was fourteen if internet had been available. I will admit that I instantly got hard just looking at it and thinking about your reaction. I then checked out your viewing history and discovered other sites you had visited. Nothing that I saw shocked me. It intrigued me and I thought about your reaction.” (Jay did not tell how he responded to the websites which was immediately going upstairs and intensely fucking his wife while thinking about the male websites). After that I began checking your viewing history when you used my computer while babysitting. I certainly enjoyed what you had enjoyed. At least a year later I discovered that you were visiting a hookup site. Since you were doing it each time you had access to the computer I assume you had created a profile and were talking to others. I would have done the same at that age if it was available. Soon after you began visiting the hookup site you made another error. I was cleaning my down loads by deleting old unused files. Since I had placed a lot of data in the ‘Recycle Bin’ I went to it to empty it and remove all the old files from the computer. To my surprise there were some photos in the ‘Recycle Bin’ that I had not placed there. You had taken photos of yourself and after, I assume, posting them on the hookup site deleted them. However you did not realize just deleting was not final. You need to then empty the ‘Recycle Bin’ to wipe them off the computer. I am sure you remember those photos of about two years ago. Tommy, you are an extremely handsome young man. You are definitely above average where it counts. You are probably bigger than me. I did enjoy those photos. Thank you.” Jay did not tell Tommy that he checked the waste basket for cum filled tissues and that he was impressed by the quantity of juice in the tissues. “When you started skyping to Japan and then Utah I assumed you were talking to friends where you shared more than smiles.” “So my friend, I know your secret and have shared mine with you. I waited until you were eighteen and ‘legal’ to let you know what I had discovered. I really enjoyed following you as you explored and developed. I am sorry if I invaded your privacy.” As they continued on I-95 Tommy was silent. Then he spoke, “I do not know what to say. I am very thankful that you gave me the opportunity to explore. I am a little pissed that you spied on me, but I realize I would have spied on you if possible had I discovered you enjoyed the same stuff I do.” “Jay, I must admit that I find you to be an incredibly sexy man. I still remember you placing your hand over mine to help me learn the mouse that first time I used your computer. I remember feeling a tingling throughout my body just from your hand touch. When we played one on one basketball each time we touched it really felt good.” “Tommy, I felt the same way. But then you were underage and I did everything possible to not escalate the situation.” “Remember that time you were helping me improve my foul shot percentage. You stood behind me and helped position my feet and arms. I accidentally backed into you and I thought I felt your hard dick against my ass.” “I remember that well. As soon as that happened I immediately moved to the sidelines and gave you verbal instructions. That time I or I mean my dick went too far.” They were approaching Mystic and Jay suggested they stop at Mystic Pizza before going to the house (The 1988 film coming of age film, Mystic Pizza, starring Julia Roberts was filmed in Mystic and surrounding towns). As they sat at the table near other patrons waiting for their food the conversation returned to topics like the Red Sox. Sitting across from Tommy, Jay stretched his leg and by accident (really ??) pressed against Tommy’s. Buy now he was totally horny and wanted to caress the boy anyway possible. When Tommy did not pull away he began massaging the young man’s leg with his. Tommy smiled at him as he pressed back, “That feels good.” Then to Jay’s shock the eighteen year old said, “Let’s get the pizza to go.” Jay went to the counter and asked to have the pizza as take out. They selected sodas from the cooler and were soon on their way to the Forster’s new home. After entering the house the pizzas and sodas were placed on the kitchen counter. Having spent four years looking on line and talking to various men Tommy had gained a level of maturity concerning sex greater than most his age. He then said, “You told me how much you enjoyed looking at my photos. How would you like to see the real thing?” Moving to a corner of the kitchen away from any window Tommy then removed his T shirt exposing his youthful chest, pecs and abs. Lifting his arms over his head he stood exposing his upper body. He then leaned forward and removed his shoes. Next he unzipped his Levis and let them fall to the floor. He posed in his black boxer briefs. As a bulge grew Jay noted precum oozed out. Jay kneeled and slowly lowered the briefs. Out popped the eighteen year old’s magnum circumcised dick. Jay reached and stroked it. He leaned in and rubbed his nose against the moist piss hole. He then did something he had not done in over ten years. He opened his mouth and swallowed it as deep as he could. He realized a horny young man might not last much longer so he pulled back. “Why don’t you go up to one of the bedrooms with curtains and close them for privacy. I want to get some supplies from the van.” When Jay went upstairs carrying toilet paper, paper towels and a camping mattress he found Tommy leaning against a bedroom wall wearing only a smile and a hard oozing dick standing almost straight up. Jay walked over to the young man. While he wanted to play with the dick he did not want his friend to explode prior to having some fun. Still fully dressed he leaned against the taller teenager. He felt the young hard dick pressed against his. Jay placed his cheek against Tommy’s. He then slowly turned his head until their lips were almost touching. Jay, standing on his tiptoes to equal the height of taller teen, let his lips brush against Tommy’s. The young man did not resist. Jay pressed in. He rubbed his tongue against Tommy’s lips. When he forced his tongue between the lips there was no resistance. Tommy was totally spellbound. As Jay’s tongue moved in between his lips he felt a rush. Except for quick kisses by his mother and grandmothers he had never been kissed before. All through high school, as handsome as he was, he had avoided girls. More than one had flirted with him and he realized he could have easily gotten what some of his friends boaster about: a feeling of her tits with is hand slide under the bra or a moist trip into her panties with his fingers. One of his friends claimed that his date had caressed his dick area and then unzipped his pants and jerked him off to completion while he had a finger in her. As Tommy listened to this tale, possibly, probably not true, he visualized himself jerking off this same guy to completion. As Jay probed his mouth with his tongue Tommy returned the favor by doing the same to his neighbor. Jay leaned back and unbuttoned his shirt. Tommy pushed his hand away and completed the shirt removal. The athletic Jay had a well-developed chest. Tommy ran his hands through the furry mat. As he had seen on the porn sites he touched and then pinched each nipple. Jay cried out in half pain, half pleasure. Jay reached down and removed his shoes. Tommy knelt and kissed the bulge in his Levis. Tommy undid the belt and slowly pulled down the pants and underwear. Out popped Jay’s hard cut dick which now was dripping with precum. While it did not match the magnum, nearly eight inches of Tommy, it was bigger than most at six inches. Tommy smelled the man musk and then kissed the dick head. He played with the low hanging balls. When he opened his mouth and swallowed most but not all of it Jay cried out in joy. Since the only other dick Tommy had ever touched was the smaller one of Steve this was a real delight. Both were now close to completion. Jay gently pushed Tommy away. He then laid on the floor and pulled Tommy into the 69 position. Neither wanted to prolong the play. With mouths implanted on the other both soon felt the convulsing of the dick in their mouths. Simultaneously each shot a generous load down the throat of the other. Each swallowed the juices. As Tommy’s dick slipped out of the mouth of Jay the older man gently sucked the last drop off the mushroom head. Tommy returned the favor. Jay then announced. “That was fantastic. Now I am starved for something other than dick. The pizza is getting cold. Let’s finally have supper. We better put on shirts and pants as there are no shades on the kitchen windows.” As they leaned against the kitchen counter eating the pizza and drinking the soda Jay stated, “I have a feeling this is going to be a long sleepless night.” Tommy explained that Jay’s was only the second dick he had seen hard except on the computer and only the second he had touched. He told Jay about his trysts with Steve. Jay then asked Tommy, “You appeared to have researched man sex in detail, thanks to my computer, is there anything that you saw that intrigued you that we could do?” With a happy face Tommy replied, “I want to be fucked? It has been my fantasy for over a year.” Jay looked at his watch. “It is 8:30. If we leave now we can get to CVS (pharmacy) before it closes and buy fucking supplies.”
  3. Tommy is growing up fast. He keeps to his age range and then very limited. But once he turns 18 he feels liberated. Thanks for reading.
  4. For a sixteen year old, Tommy had a great sex life. He and Steve had mastered the art of sucking and each willingly took the cum of the other as they had seen on various porn sites. He continued to babysit and explore the world of porn. He used the generous cash present received from his grandparents on his seventeenth birthday to buy a lap top. He had considered something smaller like a Kindle Fire but he wanted a larger screen to watch porn and Skype chat with Koki. He asked Jay Forster for advice on selecting a computer. Little did Tommy know Jay knew more about his needs than he realized. Jay with some reluctance helped the young man select the computer and related software. He assumed that Tommy would no longer need his computer for homework, porn and skyping. Jay would no longer be able to track the adventures of his young neighbor. Tommy now had access to the world of gay porn and informative websites 24/7. He made a video of himself being fucked by the ice cream scoop and posted it on his page of the hookup account. He received numerous offers from those willing to replace the ice cream scoop with their own dicks. Tommy resisted following up on any such offers realizing it would be illegal for the other guy until he was eighteen and possibly dangerous to an inexperienced guy like himself. Since he had listed his home town as Hartford, an hour from his actual home in Litchfield County as well as not letting his face be seen in the photos or videos he posted he felt he was safe from recognition. He did allow himself to make friends through the hookup site with two boys in Utah. The twenty-one year old pair went by the name ‘dalnjac’ which Tommy learned after skyping with them represented Dallin and Jacob. They told him those were not their real names, each had used the name of a grandfather to shield their identity. They had contacted Tommy after he posted his ice cream scoop activity. He followed up by looking at their page and a video they had posted. He was intrigued watching one of the young man being impaled by his friend. Although their faces were not show Tommy considered this video one of the hottest he had ever seen. Some evenings he watched it while making love to the ice cream scoop. After replying to their comment the three became Skype friends. He learned they were students at Brigham Young University who had met in a creative writing course their first semester. The first day of class Dallin had smiled at Jacob who shyly looked away. At the second class session Dallin sat next to Jacob. After class they discussed their first writing assignment. The discussion led to a friendship that became intense. When Dallin suggested Jacob stay in his dorm room when his straight roommate went home for the weekend his friend accepted without hesitation. Following watching TV in the room and playing video games they got into the separate beds wearing underwear. Neither had been naked in front of the other. They continued to talk across the room to each other in the dark. Finally Dallin suggested, “We have to be careful what we say since we are far apart in this room. Talking loud enough to be herd might result in someone in the hall hearing our conversation.” Then he whispered, “If you got into my bed we could talk in hushed voices.” Jacob replied by getting out of his bed and crossing the room. The boys were now in the narrow bed carefully not touching the other. They shared one pillow. Facing each other they continued to talk about the video game they had played. One or both moved and their noses were soon touching. Neither backed away. As they gently rubbed noses their lips touched. Neither backed away. Jacob licked Dallin’s lips with his tongue. This resulted in deep kissing. Neither had much kissing experience as both had avoided dating girls in high school. They did not need lessons to know what they liked, it just came naturally. Dallin moved into his friend and they were soon chest against chest and hard underwear encumbered dick against hard dick. They wrapped arms around each other and were soon grinding dick against dick. Realizing there could be a messy situation Dallin whispered, “Better back off. I don’t want to shoot in my underwear.” He then pushed the covers off, turned on the light on the nightstand and laid on his back. As he pulled his underwear down his virgin dick popped up. Jacob did the same and the two laid side by side with hard dicks. Each started stroking their own piece and within seconds each shot a load that covered their stomachs and chests. Dallin took Jacob’s hand, “I have fantasized doing that with you since the first day I saw you in class. Stay still.” Dallin then carefully got out of the bed and grabbed a towel. He wiped the cum off his chest and stomach and walked over to the bed. He then cleaned his friend. Leaving the light on, he got back into bed. The two young men were again hard. This time Dallin reached for Jacob who placed his hand on Dallin’s dick. Each gently pumped the other to another organism. The next semester the two arranged to be dorm roommates. One evening while watching porn together where a guy with a smile on his faced was getting fucked Jacob admitted that his ass wanted to be loved. Dallin whose dick was long, almost seven inches, and skinny eagerly accepted the offer. As Jacob laid on his back Dallin attempted to penetrate. Without any kind of lube it was apparent that even with his skinny dick this would not happen to a dry virgin ass. Dallin then remembered he had a tube of hand lotion that his mother had given to him for dry hands in the winter. He had never opened the tube but thought based on what they had seen when watching porn that this might help. He generously slathered his dick and rubbed some on his love’s waiting hole. Mounting his friend he placed his dick against the hole and shoved in. With just his small head in Jacob quietly cried out in pain. When he pulled out Jacob asked him to try again. This time Jacob did not let his love know of the excruciating pain and just let it happen. Dallin got half way in and pulled back. He then pressed in deeper and pulled back. Jacob permitted the intrusion despite the pain he felt. Then Dallin pushed all the way in and just held steady. Jacob had a feeling deep inside that was amazing. He was now in a combination of pain and ecstasy. As Dallin slowly pulled back and then plunged in again Jacob grabbed his friend around the shoulders and pulled him down into an embrace. After a couple of more thrusts Dallin felt his juices rise. He was conflicted between pulling out and staying in. He stayed and unloaded into his love’s cavity. The pulsating of Dallin’s dick deep in Jacob caused a stir in his dick which erupted without being touched, a first for him. Dallin fell onto Jacob’s chest with his dick still planted into his friend. Eventually his softened dick slid out as cum dripped from the no longer virgin ass. Within an hour Jacob was ready for his second, but not last, bottoming of the day. Within a week they made a video that was shared on the hookup sight. That was the video that Tommy viewed frequently while making love to the ice cream scoop. More once when he skyped with Dillan and Jacob the three made love. Dillan would thrust into Jacob as the ice cream scoop thrust into Tommy. When Dillan was close, the three usually ejaculated simultaneously. While Dillan licked the combined cum off Jacob’s stomach during their first session Tommy was inspired to do something he had never done. He scooped his cum off his stomach using the other end of the scoop. He then held the scoop over his mouth and let his own juices pour in. In the future when Dillan licked and enjoy his love’s cum Tommy joined him eating his self made meal. About six months after he posted his self fucking video he received a message from someone in Torrington. This city was less than ten miles (16 km), 15 minutes from Tommy’s home. He checked the profile of the man, torr8. According to the profile, which Tommy did not necessarily believe as he had lied on his about his age, torr8 was 22 years of age. Tommy felt a twinge in his ass as he noted torr8 was versatile, just what his virgin ass wanted. The three photos showed: a large uncut dick (representing the 8 (20 cm) in the profile name), a handsome body from neck to feet and a cute ass. There were two additional private photos available by request. In violation of the rules he had set for himself he decided to contact torr8. Tommy sent a message, ‘You are one handsome man, please send me your private photos’. The next day Tommy received a reply stating the private photos were available to him. Clicking on the ‘See my privates’ in the message Tommy saw the two additional photos. The first was of torr8 standing next to his pick-up truck and the second a close up of his face. Tommy immediately recognized him. He worked at the auto supply store he and his father had just visited the previous week. This was the handsome guy who had helped them find new floor mats that would fit his dad’s car. Tommy was now in a quandary. He really wanted to get to know Doug, the name on his work shirt. But he was afraid to get involved with a stranger. Besides, being under the age of 18 Tommy was jail bait. He did send torr8 a/k/a Doug a message thanking him for the photos and told him what a hot guy he was. Torr8 assumed Tommy lived in the Hartford area almost an hour from Torrington. He replied suggesting they meet for coffee and hopefully more half way between Torrington and Hartford. Tommy politely replied that he was in a relationship and did not get involved with others. He also told torr8 that he had just jerked off to his photos. The next day Tommy drove to the auto parts store. On the way he considered the possibility that torr8 had lied on his profile and was younger than the 22 indicated. Doug / torr8 was at the counter. He had an interesting discussion with the hottie about windshield wiper blades. Tommy came very close to saying, “Torr, thanks for sending me your private photos. You are as handsome with clothes on as you are naked.” Instead he said, “You look familiar, are you on the Torrington High School basketball team? Our school played yours last winter.” Doug replied, no I went to Litchfield High and graduated a few years ago. I played baseball, not basketball. I am completing my associate degree at Northwestern Community College in Winsted. I attend there part time and hope to complete my studies at Central Connecticut State.” Now Tommy knew Doug was over 18. He bought wiper blades that he did not need. His dick was as hard as ever when he walked out of the store. Actually he was in agony as the hard dick was constricted in his tight Levis. Sitting was even more painful. His dick would just not go down. On the way home he pulled off the road at an abandoned gas station, unzipped his pants and with difficulty pulled the rigid, hard dick out. He took the unneeded wiper blades out of the store bag. Then he wrapped the plastic bag over his dick. With just a couple of strokes he was shooting into the bag. The dick softened somewhat and he was able to get it back into his pants. As soon as he arrived home he went to his room, turned on his computer and was soon looking at the photos of torr8. He jerked until he was close and stopped. Then he laid on his back on his bed. With the ice scoop in one hand and his dick in the other he shut his eyes and imagined torr8 fucking him. This resulted in a torrential cumming blasting cum as far as his face. With his eyes still shut he imagined it was the cum or torr8 that he was swallowing. While Tommy did include torr8 n his fucking fantasies he never attempted to see the hottie again. But that did not mean they would never meet again? It meant that Tommy would not pursue a meeting. Do they have a future meeting? Does Tommy get his hands and lips on torr8? Read on!
  5. Tommy arrived just as Steve’s parents were leaving. They went up to Steve’s bedroom. As the parent’s car pulled out of the driveway Steve turned on his computer. Tommy was impressed with the set up and the large screen, even larger than Mr. Forster’s. Soon the screen filled with guy/girl porn. As they watched a scene with a girl kneeling as she jerked off a guy with a humongous dick Tommy got up the nerve to say, “If I don’t jerk off I’m going to cum in my pants before that guy fills her eager mouth. You are welcome to join me or just watch me.” “Of course I will join you. Let’s kneel on the floor.” Then to Tommy’s surprise Steve suggested. “Wouldn’t it be more fun if we got naked?” Their clothes came off almost instantly and they were kneeling opposite each other. They had placed themselves so their dicks were about a foot (30 cm) from each other. The computer screen was forgotten as each ogled the other. Since it does not take much prompting to get a sixteen year old off after a few strokes Tommy cried out as his dick erupted shooting cum that covered Steve’s dick and balls. Using cum as a lube Steve pumped and returned the favor, creaming Tommy’s. They carefully walked to the bathroom holding tissues under their balls to catch any drips. Separately each took a one minute shower. Then with towels wrapped around their waists Steve suggested, “I need a break, how about some ice cream.” Tommy interpreted the word break to mean there would be a pause followed by more. As they sat at the kitchen table both exclaimed that their cumming had probably been the most intense in their lives. Steve continued, “Other than yours I have never seen a hard dick live and up close before, just on the porn sites.” The thought of Steve commenting on his dick caused a natural reaction and Tommy’s towel was soon tented. Steve continued, “I see you are having happy thoughts,” as he leered at the tent. As Tommy spread his legs the towel shifted and his boner stood straight up. Steve kneeled and examined it up close. “May I touch it?” “Only if I can play with yours. The only other time I saw another guy’s hardon in real life was a few years ago at Boy Scout camp when we had a circle jerk and I learned the joy of beating off.” Steve tentatively touched the shaft. He then wrapped his hand around it and stroked it. Tommy pleaded, “Please, take it easy. Let’s take our time.” Steve removed his hand from the shaft and caressed the balls. He then gently squeezed the shaft and precum oozed out. He leaned forward and placed his nose as close to the dick head as possible without touching it and sniffed. “Now it is my turn.” As Steve sat down his towel fell off exposing his rock hard uncut dick. Skin covered about half of the head. Tommy wrapped his hand around the shaft and pushed down. He was amazed to see the skin slide down exposing a moist dickhead. He then pulled up and the head was totally hidden. Soon Steve admonished him. “Please stop. Don’t want to lose it yet. Let’s go upstairs.” With his towel slung over his shoulder Tommy enjoyed the cute ass of his friend as they ascended the stairs. Then Tommy said, “If you like checking out dicks I know a website where you will see all kinds and shapes.” Steve did not object to being exposed to gay porn. Steve seemed very interested in the gay sites. As a twink on screen leaned in and swallowed an uncut dick Tommy said, “That looks delicious.” He then leaned forward and closely examined Steve’s natural dick that was again oozing precum. Tommy then kissed it and then opened his lips. He swallowed half the shaft. He then pulled back forcing the skin over the head. He leaned in again and felt the skin move back as the unencumbered dick head touched his throat. Suddenly Steve pushed him away. “I want to taste you.” Steve than leaned in and took Tommy’s head and about a half inch (1-2 cm) in his mouth. He gagged as he tried to go deeper. Tommy cried out, “I’m cumming.” Steve quickly released the dick from his lips as it shot gobs of boy cream onto his face. Steve laughed as he said, “I’ll get you for that.” He stood and after two strokes shot his boy cream on Tommy’s face. Steve handed Tommy a box of tissues. As they each wiped the cum of the other off their faces Tommy commented, “That was awesome. Next time I’m going to shoot down your throat.” Steve just smiled. Although each had just cum twice at sixteen years of age each was immediately sprouting a hardon. Steve was sitting at a desk chair and Tommy on the edge of his bed. Tommy stood and walked over to Steve. While standing, he held the sitting Steve’s head with two hands and turned it to his own dick. He then shoved it against Steve’s lips who did not object. This time Steve accepted about half of the big dick. However, there was some pain for Tommy as the neophyte to sucking did not know what to do with his teeth. Tommy then kneeled and put his face next to the uncut dick. He eagerly opened his mouth and swallowed it to its base. Little did Tommy realize that he was a natural born cock sucker. With his lips he rolled the skin over the head and then back. Steve cried out that he was cumming. Tommy didn’t miss a beat and soon had a mouthful of cum. He spit the juice into his hand, stood and stroked himself using the cum as lube shooting on Steve’s stomach, dick and balls. Following quick separate showers Tommy dressed and said goodbye. Steve chuckled as he said, “Sure enjoyed our studying together. Let’s do it again. And they did, at least once a week. If Steve’s parents were home they just shut the door and played and sucked quietly. Eventually Steve mastered the art of sucking a big dick and learned to enjoy and swallow boy cum. A month later Tommy accompanied his mother to the dollar store where she wanted to buy cleaning supplies and other bargains. A bored Tommy wandered the aisles seeing nothing of interest until by chance he saw something in the kitchen utensil section. When he saw the ice cream scoop with a plastic handle he did not see an ice cream scoop, he saw a dick. The handle was the shape of Steve’s dick. As he examined it he started to get hard. He took it off the shelf and put it in his mother’s shopping basket. “Mom, if we had this ice cream scoop we would not be bending spoons every time we attempted to scoop ice cream.” She replied, “That is a good idea. At a dollar it certainly is a bargain.” That evening Tommy scooped Ben and Jerry’s Cherry Garcia ice cream into dishes for his parents and himself. His father praised him for suggesting a utensil that would be so handy. Tommy thought to himself, ‘If you only knew how handy this gadget will be.’ He helped his mother with the dishes and then told her he would go to his room to study for a math test. He placed the scoop in his pocket. On the way to his room he stopped at the bathroom and found a jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly. He had read on a gay sex website that this was an excellent and cheap lube but that it should never be used with a condom. He also took a hand mirror that was kept in a drawer in the bathroom. He entered his room and turned the lock knob on the door handle. As he stripped naked his dick rose in anticipation of what might happen. Tommy opened the Vaseline and scooped some out onto two of his fingers. He then reached back and rubbed the jelly around his ass hole. He rubbed some on the ice cream scoop handle and held the end of the scoop against his hole. It was awkward doing this standing so he laid on his back on the bed. Laying on his back he could not get the tip of the scoop against his hole. He needed to raise his ass. He took the extra blanket on his bed and folded it twice. He then rolled the long blanket and it was now about a foot (30 cm) high. He laid on his back with his ass on the rolled blanket. His hole was now totally exposed. He gently placed the end of the kitchen utensil against his lubed hole. At first nothing happened. It was like there was no hole there. He then realized his body was tight and tense. He had to relax. So he just laid there and took slow breaths. Gradually he felt his entire body calm down. He gently placed the end of the scoop against his hole again and pushed in. He felt it going in. There was a little pain, more of discomfort than the hurt he expected. He stopped with it in about an inch (2.5cm). There was no special feeling. He then gently pulled it out and slowly shoved it in about two inches (5 cm). Nothing, just a little discomfort. A disappointed Tommy pulled it out and pushed it back in as far as it would go, about five inches (12.5 cm). The feeling in his ass was awesome as the end of the utensil seemed to touch that spot he had read about on a website. The feeling in his ass was as pleasurable as stroking his dick. He pulled the utensil out and jammed it in with no mercy. The feeling was electrifying. He then fucked himself pulling it out and then jamming it in. He felt his dick getting harder. Although he had not touched it suddenly cum erupted from his dick’s piss hole. Since Tommy was on his back with his ass raised the shots were directed to his chest and face. His mouth was open as he suppressed a scream of pleasure. A glob of his cum landed on his tongue. He could feel his heart pounding. He just laid there as his body calmed down. With the utensil still in his ass and cum in his throat he felt a calmness like never before. The intensity of the moment followed by a peaceful feeling was surreal. He wanted to jump up and scream with joy. He wanted to tell the world about his feelings. Unfortunately there was no one except Koki in Japan that he could share the experience. Sadly it would be two weeks before he could Skype chat with his friend again. Eventually he got up and cleaned himself. He suddenly had an urge to eat ice cream. He went to the bathroom and carefully cleaned the ice cream scoop. He even used some hand sanitizer on the handle of love. He went to the kitchen and scooped out more Cherries Garcia. Feeling guilty he offered more to his parents who were watching TV. He felt a moment of relief when they both declined. He just did not feel right about using the handle of the scoop for pleasure and the other end for getting ice cream. Tommy returned to his room and soon was having another session with his new love, the kitchen utensil. Although self fucking became part of his evening routine he never again received the high that he got when his virgin ass was first raped by the utensil. The following day on his way home from school he stopped at the dollar store and bought another ice cream scoop. He was greatly relieved that his parents would not be holding the handle of the scoop that fucked their son. Had Tommy had a real friendship with Steve he might have shared his experience and offered his ass to him. However, other than dick play and basketball neither had anything in common. If Tommy had not been infatuated with the natural uncut dick and Steve had not been obsessed with the biggest dick on the basketball team the two would probably never have spoken to each other. However, their lust for the other’s piece resulted in almost weekly study sessions until they graduated from high school a year and a half later.
  6. Searching on Amazon Jay Forster found a spy camera with motion detection that could be clandestinely placed anywhere. He could hide it on a bookshelf and aim it where he thought Tommy’s dick would be and make a video as the young man filled a tissue with spunk. He could put an app on his phone and watch Tommy in real time from anyplace. Jay clicked ‘Add To Cart’ and then ‘Cart’. After reviewing the order he clicked ‘Proceed to Checkout’. As his hand moved the mouse to ‘Place Your Order’ he scolded himself. ‘You horny pervert. What the fuck are you doing? It might even be illegal to spy on a minor. If Tommy discovered you were spying on him it could ruin your relationship with the young man.’ He moved the mouse cursor to the top of the page clicked the X next to the Amazon page and the spy camera disappeared. Tommy’s emails with Koki, his Japanese acquaintance continued. They were able to see each other on the hook-up web page. However, that was not satisfactory for a couple of reasons. The images were small and grainy. Also anyone in the chat room could view them and read their comments. Tommy told Jay that he had a Japanese pen pal. He asked if it would be OK to use Skype to talk to his friend. The thought of Tommy being involved with someone from Japan peaked Jay’s interest. He gave Tommy a brief lesson on using Skype. Tommy was scheduled to babysit the following Saturday evening. He emailed Koki that he would skype him at 10:00 in the evening which would be 11:00 Sunday morning in Japan. From Koki’s profile on the hook-up site Tommy knew his new friend was gay, average cock size, uncut, age 22, 5’ 10 “ (1.77m) and weighed 150 pounds (68 kg). Tommy had rarely seen uncut cocks and had never been able to examine one. He enjoyed watching Koki roll his skin back and over his head. When Tommy told Koki of his fascination about his natural dick his far away friend gave him on camera close up inspections of the natural dick and its dangling foreskin. Tommy’s profile listed him as gay, above average cock size, cut, age 26, 6’ 2” (1.88 m), and 170 pounds (77 kg). Tommy had told Koki he was a graduate of UConn (University of Connecticut) with a degree in engineering and that he currently worked for the Connecticut Department of Transportation in bridge design. He also told Koki that he shared an apartment with his straight roommate who did not know about his gay life. He could only go on line for sexual adventures when his roommate was out. The best time for him to Skype Koki therefore would be Saturday evenings when his roommate was out with his girlfriend. For a month the two discussed by Skype various facets of life. Tommy told that he was shy and had never had an experience with another man. He had read many stories on line on various gay sites about bar adventures and bath houses. He was afraid to go to bars and would never go home with a stranger. When Koki suggested he go to a gay bathhouse and just observe Tommy replied that he had looked up such places and that the nearest was in New York City. Actually, Tommy would have eagerly gone to a bar or bathhouse if possible. But since such places required identification, at sixteen (not the twenty-six on his profile) he would not be able to visit. In addition to sex they discussed other guy stuff. Both were sports fans. Koki attended baseball games of the Tokyo Yomiuri Giants and Tommy went to Red Sox games in Boston with his father at least once a year. Koki was an avid football (soccer) fan and Tommy never missed a Patriots (American football) game on TV. They discussed the skimpy uniforms of the soccer players and form fitting uniforms exposing bubble asses of the American football players. He asked Koki if Japanese baseball players adjusted their dicks and scratched their balls on TV. Koki replied with a laugh, “Yes”. The skype meetings always ended in a jerk off session with each watching his friend stroke and cum. As a gift to Tommy Koki with a close up would roll his skin up and back and continue the skin play as his dick softened after cumming with some of the cum oozing under the skin. Eventually Tommy decided he should come clean with his friend. He sent the following email: ‘Koki, I have not been totally honest with you. I am not 26 as stated in my profile. Actually I am 16. I would not be permitted to have an account on this site at my real age. I told you I was shy and would not go to bars or bathhouses. I look forward to visiting such places when I am old enough. I live with my parents and cannot use the home computer for sex talk. When I babysit for my neighbor’s children I use his computer. That is the truth about me. If you don’t want to talk to an under aged boy I would understand. Your Friend, Tommy.’ The next day a reply was received. ‘Tommy, No problem. I enjoy our time together. I also have a confession. I am not a 22 year old student at Tokyo University studying business. I graduated ten years ago. I am actually 32. So, if you do not want to talk to an old guy I understand. Your Friend, Koki.’ Tommy’s reply. ‘I do not want anything to change in our friendship. Actually, I am happy that the truth is out as I have something I want to discuss with you about a major concern I have. Steve and I are on the basketball team. He hangs out with the popular guys and would not be someone who would be interested in me. He is one of the best looking guys at school. Two weeks ago we were the last two in the shower area. I admit that I lingered so I could check him out. He was at a shower about six feet (2 m) from me. I could not help looking at his gorgeous body and uncut dick. Very few boys are uncut at my high school. He is tall and thin like me. With blue eyes and reddish blond hair he is a delightful picture. As you know I have told you I enjoy watching you roll your skin back and forth and I was imagining playing with his skin. I felt my dick starting to rise. I looked up and realized he was also checking me out. Suddenly we were staring at each other. I quickly grabbed my towel, went to my locker and dressed as fast as possible. The next day there were five of us, including Steve, in the shower area. I again caught him checking me out. We do not have the same friends and I have never talk to him except when we play basketball. I think of this guy constantly. As soon as I get home after basketball practice I jerk off thinking of his skin covered dick. I am afraid to approach him. What should I do?’ Koki’s reply. ‘Under no circumstances should you approach him in a sexual way. While you are 90% sure he is interested in you there is a 10% possibility he is not. There is the possibility he could react badly to your advance. Your life would be ruined if he told everyone on the team you propositioned him and that you are a ‘perverted homo’. Since he has a circle of friends in the popular group he would likely be believed when he told others about your queerness. Talk to him about anything. Ask him if he saw a certain TV show or movie. If you are in any of the same classes talk about assignments. Invite him to your house to shoot hoops. If he is interested in you he will take any opportunity to be with you. Go slow!’ At the following practice Tommy selected a locker next to Steve’s. Since they were both in the same honors math and English classes Tommy asked Steve what he thought of the book they were discussing and how he would write a critique. The next day after basketball practice they were again the last two in the shower area. Tommy wondered if this was by accident or planned. He had purposely arrived in the shower area after most had departed and it appeared Steve did the same. Tommy sneaked a peak at Steve’s average size natural dick. When he looked up he realized Steve was checking him out. Tommy now had the biggest dick in his class. Tommy decided to give a show. If Steve was interested in him he would watch, otherwise he would just finish his shower. Tommy reached for the soap dispenser and got a glob on his hand. He then gently washed his dick by slowly stroking it. This fluffed up his already handsome piece to half hardness. With a half pumped up dick he then soothingly soaped his balls. Tommy glanced at Steve and as expected discovered the popular boy was ogling him. Then as Tommy had seen on porn he lifted his arms and gently soaped each pit. He then did each nipple. Glancing at his team mate he noted that Steve was now at full hardness with the head of his dick just peeking out. Tommy then said, “That was sure an intense practice today. This hot shower sure feels good. What a great way to release stress.” This he said as he gave his half hard dick a stroke. “Yea, I agree.” The other said as he pulled his skin back exposing the pink head. Tommy could not resist staring at the natural piece. He stroked himself to full hardness as Steve pulled his skin up and back. Suddenly Steve let go of his dick as a steady stream of cum spewed onto the shower floor. Almost simultaneously Tommy shot his load that not only exceeded the other’s in quantity but also distance with some landing on Steve’s feet. After letting the shower spray wash the cum off his feet Steve walked out of the shower area. Tommy lingered not wanting to confront Steve. By the time Tommy walked from the shower to the locker room Steve was dressed and had departed without a glance or word. The next day in English class Steve totally ignored his cum mate. This was not unusual as Steve had never acknowledged the less popular boy with the big dick. There was nothing unusual about basketball practice that afternoon. After the practice Tommy decided not to take a shower. But when he saw Steve’s bubble ass as he walked to the shower area he could not resist. The entire team was in the shower area. Tommy had to wait for an available shower head. He stood just outside the showers with a towel wrapped around his waist. As he waited he gave his dick a lecture, ‘BEHAVE, STAY SOFT.’ The first shower head available was next to Steve. Tommy hung his towel and walked in and stood next to the boy with the cute natural dick crowned by reddish blond hair. Both instinctively turned their back to the other. Then to Tommy’s horror he accidentally stepped back as he retrieved soap from the dispenser and his ass touched the ass behind him. He quickly jumped forward. He finished his shower as fast as possible and returned to the locker room. He was on his way home before Steve returned to dress. That evening as he did his usual dick inspection in front of his bedroom mirror he rubbed his ass where it had had the brief encounter with Steve. Just the thought of their asses touching gave him a hardon of steel. He massaged his ass as he watched his dick grow. Without touching it precum flowed out and then to his amazement without touching himself he shot load after load making a mess on the dresser and mirror. He almost collapsed from the intensity of the cumming. After cleaning the cream on the mirror, dresser and floor he realized he was hard again. This time he thought of his encounter with Steve’s ass as well as the contact with Mr. Forster when months earlier he had backed into the neighbor and was sure he felt a hard dick briefly pressed against him. He had observed numerous man fucks when watching porn. He never understood why the guy being attacked seemed to enjoy it. But now he began to have thoughts about a dick pressed against his ass and wondered what it would feel like to be penetrated. For the next two weeks Steve totally ignored him in the locker room after practice. Tommy assumed it was out of guilt, not out of interest. Meanwhile Tommy continued to have thoughts about fucking. The only person he could talk to about such matters was Koki in Japan. The following Saturday evening they arranged a Skype conversation while Tommy babysat. He asked Koki about fucking. The faraway friend admitted that he really enjoyed fucking the right guy. Usually when he visited a bath house there was ass available. He did it in private rooms with a one on one as well in groups where guys would line up to make someone happy. The last time he had visited the bath house a guy of about 30 was in a sling in an open area. He accepted anyone who wanted to shove it in. Koki emphasized that while some guys did it bareback he always used a condom. He explained to Tommy that obviously those bottoms really enjoyed the attention. He also told Tommy that more than one guy had attempted to fuck him. However, he had never been able to let someone penetrate him. He had no desire to be a bottom. The Koki said in a joking way, “I which I was in Connecticut. You have a beautiful ass and I have an ever ready dick. I would certainly enjoy helping you lose your virginity.” Since Steve was ignoring him and Tommy was not going to be aggressive he just assumed their getting off together was over. Then one afternoon following an especially intense practice Tommy was approached by the coach. Coach Myers wanted to discuss the possibility of Tommy being a started at the next game. After their conversation a sweaty Tommy headed for the locker room. Apparently everyone had gone home as there was no one in the locker area. As he walked to the shower area naked he heard water running. There standing at a shower head in the middle of the room was Steve. The only showers available were next to Steve. Tommy ignored the handsome natural boy as he turned on the shower next to Steve. Suddenly Tommy realized Steve was standing closer than necessary. Without raising his head he turned and saw that Steve was soaping his almost hard dick. Obviously he wanted Tommy to see his horniness. Naturally Tommy began to rise to the occasion. Both boys with hardons stood next to each other. Both began stroking. Almost immediately Steve shot his load. He aimed it at Tommy’s dick which was soon drenched in cum from a natural dick. Tommy retaliated by shooting his load onto Steve’s. Steve laughed as he said, “Thank you. That was fun.” This time the two left the shower area with dripping dicks together. There seemed to be no embarrassment between them. As they dressed Tommy got up the nerve to ask Steve if he ever watched porn on his computer. Steve laughed as he replied, “I am a normal healthy horny boy. Of course I do.” Their discussion then centered on straight porn. The following day Steve suggested, “Tomorrow evening my folks are going to a performance at the Warner Theater in Torrington. You could come over and we could check out some porn sites.” Tommy told his friend he was sure he could borrow his dad’s car and it would be OK if they studied together as long as he did not stay out late.
  7. Tommy proudly told his neighbor that he had tried out for the basketball team and was one of only two sophomores selected for the varsity team. One day after supper Tommy was in his driveway practicing foul shots. He had drawn a line on the driveway after carefully measuring the place a shooter would stand for foul shots. Mr. Forster asked his older son Sean, now seven years old, if he wanted to help Tommy practice. The two went out and offered to help the teenager. As Tommy shot practice fouls shots Sean retrieved the ball and Mr. Forster watched from the sideline giving hints. Mr. Forster then walked over to the young man and stood behind him. He stood close behind Tommy and adjusted his stance and arm positions. After a couple of shots, mostly successful, Mr. Forster moved in and held Tommy’s arms. As Tommy began his next shot his rear end moved back as he raised his arms with the ball in hand. His ass brushed against Mr. Forster’s dick. Mr. Forster instinctively moved back. As Tommy attempted another shot his upper body again leaned forward as his rear end moved back. This time Mr. Forster did not moved away. He felt his dick press against the young ass. While mentally scolding himself for placing himself in this erotic position he did not retreat. Meanwhile, Tommy realized he had backed into Mr. Forster. He had seen videos of naked guys pressing their ass against another’s dick. He enjoyed the feeling and suddenly realized he was starting to get hard. Simultaneously both realized they were moving into uncharted waters. Mr. Forster stepped back and coached from the side while Tommy continued his practice. That night Tommy stood in front of his dresser mirror as usual checking himself out as he stroked himself. He then had an idea. Knowing his parents were downstairs he made a quick trip to the bathroom and found the hand mirror his mother used when putting on makeup. He returned to the privacy of his room. Holding the mirror he turned his ass to the mirror and ogled it thinking of Mr. Forster’s cock as he stroked himself to an intense cumming. This time he let it spray onto the hardwood floor. Knowing this would happen since he would not be able to use a tissue as the mirror was in one hand and his cock in the other he had pushed away the rug covering the center of his bedroom. Meanwhile next door, Mr. Forster was having a long fuck with his pleased wife, getting close and then pulling out, as he fantasized about the young ass. While they never repeated the dick to ass event both thought of it as Mr. Forster stood near his friend giving hoop pointers. Mr. Forster and his sons accompanied Tommy’s parents to most of the basketball games. Although Tommy rarely played being the youngest member of the team it was assumed he would be a starter within a year. On Tommy’s sixteenth birthday his mother had invited the Forsters over for birthday cake. Following singing ‘Happy Birthday’ Tommy blew out the candles. He then opened the present from the Forster family, a coffee mug with a basketball theme. Inside the mug was a generous gift certificate to a local sporting goods store. Each of the little boys, now 8 and 6, gave him a handmade card. Tommy hugged each boy, shook Mr. Forster’s hand and was surprised when he received a kiss on the cheek from Mrs. Forster. He then opened the card from his grandparents in Vermont. Inside the card was a Visa $250 gift card. Tommy was thrilled as he immediately had plans for the card. As soon as the Forsters went home he called his grandparents and thanked them for the generous gift. He told them that the card was a perfect gift as he could use it to buy stuff on line. He did not share with them what he planned to buy. The following Saturday evening as he entered the Forster’s home to baby sit he met Jay Forster at the door and stated, “Mr. Forster, thank you again for the generous sporting goods gift card. My feet have grown and I plan to buy new basketball shoes.” Mr. Forster replied with a smile, “You are very welcome. We consider you part of our family. Now that you are a young man, please call me ‘Jay’. You are taller than me, have bigger feet and have grown to maturity. I feel like a friend more than a ‘mister’.” Later as soon as Tommy was sure the boys were sleeping he sat at the computer with a plan. He was going to join an adult, gay, cruising, hookup site. He had already checked out joining and realized he would need to give an email address. He had created a Gmail account that he would only use for gay sex purposes. None of his friends would know about this account. He signed up and created a profile. He gave his actual height, weight and dick information. As to age he stated he was twenty-six with a birth year of 1992, not his actual year of birth 2002. He also gave his home as Hartford, Connecticut, not where he lived in Litchfield County, Connecticut. He planned to add pictures to the profile. Since he would not show his face it would be impossible to verify his actual age. Then using the computer’s built in camera he took pictures of himself: front view with a slightly fluffed up soft dick, side view with a hard dick, close up of a hard dick oozing precum and standing with his back to the camera showing his young ass. He cropped the photos removing his face and posted them. He then sent copies of the photos to his private email account where he would store them. As a last step he deleted all the photos. Almost immediately he received comments. These included men in Australia, Japan, Texas, Ohio and Connecticut. Except for the Japanese guy all were older, between 45 and 75, and not attractive to him. The young man from Japan was gorgeous. Tommy replied to Koki and they were soon pen pals corresponding weekly. Koki was a student at Tokyo University studying business. He felt safe corresponding with someone thousands of miles away. He would not have replied to the man from Connecticut, even if he had been a real hottie. That was too close to home. Later that evening when Jay checked Tommy’s web history he learned that the young man had been in the hook-up site. When Jay checked the site he discovered that if he wanted more than just basic information about people on the site he would have to join. He was not in the mood to cruise or hook-up so he did not follow-up. About a month later Jay was cleaning his computer files. He had transferred some large files to the recycle bin and decided he should empty it. When he went to the recycle bin he discovered the photos Tommy had taken. Obviously the young man was not aware that when a photo was deleted it sat in the recycle bin until the bin was emptied. Of course Jay studied the photos. He was not surprised to discover that the sixteen year old dick was longer and rounder than his. The full balls hung low and the bubble ass was a delight. He put the photos in a word document and then password protected the page. Jay could not get those images out of his mind. For the next month he thought about them frequently. He wondered if Tommy realized what a masterpiece he had. Jay had to see more. He had a plan and was soon on the Amazon site placing an order.
  8. The next day at lunch two of his friends proudly told about their viewing of the web site. Al had used his father’s credit card to buy ten days of action for $8. It had stated the charge would be listed as CP Enterprises. He knew that his father did not examine his monthly statement in detail and hopefully would not question an $8 charge. He described in detail the girls with the big tits, spread legs showing shaved pussies and guys playing with them. There were scenes of guys eating pussy, girls sucking dicks and guys fucking in various positions. Al laughed about a scene where two guys were with a girl. She was on her back and one was fucking her while the other stood over them jerking off. He continued, “The grossest thing I have ever seen was when the standing guy leaned forward and the other guy who was pumping his big rod into the pussy leaned in and took the other guy’s dick in his mouth. After a while of getting sucked off the standing guy pulled out and aimed his dick toward the face of the other who kept his mouth wide open. He shot a massive load into the open mouth. The fucking guy just kept pumping as he licked the cum on his lips and swallowed it. Totally gross. What kind of pervert would do that? That is so gay and nasty. I would kick any guy in the nuts that even looked at my wonderful piece.” One of the others, “That is gross, what a bunch of homos. No guy is ever going to touch my dick. It is reserved for the lips of a lady.” All joked, including Tommy, about two guys doing anything together. As Tommy sat in history class the next period he could only think of a guy sucking another guy. Why was he getting a hardon in class just thinking about it while his buddies had all agreed it was gross? That night as Tommy wrapped his hand around his hard dick he shut his eyes visualizing a guy sucking his dick. He watched in the mirror over his dresser as he shot a humungous load into a tissue. The cumming was so intense that he felt lightheaded and almost lost his balance. Crawling under his covers he continued his thoughts. Why did his friends think one guy sucking another was gross while he didn’t? Although it had been less than ten minutes since his cumming he was hard again. He reached for a tissue with one hand just as another intense load spurted out. Usually a good jackoff would help him relax and fall asleep. This night he could not sleep. He had to get onto that site and watch those videos. But how? Then he remembered, Saturday night he was again going to baby sit for the Forster’s. After he tucked the boys in he would check out that web site. Saturday evening as soon as Mr. and Mrs. Forster left Tommy played games with the boys. Then while they watched TV he went to Mr. Forster’s den and turned on the computer. With anticipation he typed in the web address of the porn site. He felt a feeling of ecstasy as he saw the message ‘You must be at least 18 years of age to enter.’ He then clicked on ‘I understand this site has adult material.’ Knowing he could not look at this site while the boys were still up he closed it and went to the Boston Celtics (basketball team) home page and left it displayed as he led the boys upstairs and following baths got them settled in bed. He then returned downstairs and with agony watched TV while he waited for the boys to fall asleep. Thirty minutes later he checked on them and both were sound asleep. Since during all previous babysitting sessions neither had awakened he felt it would be safe to finally check out the site. Tommy was trembling with anticipation as he typed in the web address. He clicked the ‘Enter’ box. A naked lady appeared on the screen. Between her spread legs was a message. ‘Welcome to the Cumulicious Party. Join our party: One year of partying $69, one month $12, ten days $8, Sneak preview – Free’. The boys at lunch had discussed this and Tommy clicked the ‘Sneak Preview’ option. The screen filled with twenty small boxes, each had a sex act pictured. He selected one with a good looking man of about thirty. For about twenty seconds he saw this guy fucking a girl. The next one he selected showed a guy with his head between the legs of a lady. Tommy did not watch all twenty seconds. The third had a guy getting a blow job. Then he found the one with two guys and a girl. He knew he would not see the entire video since he had not paid. But seeing these two naked guys for just twenty seconds was amazing. On another he saw a girl playing with a hard uncircumcised dick, pulling the skin over the head and back. By now Tommy was rock hard as he looked at that dick and wondered how it would feel to have skin moving over his head. . He unzipped his pants and stroked his cut dick as he watched the uncut dick short video again and again. He shot a huge load into a tissue. He continued to look at other short previews and soon was stroking himself again. Finally after his third cumming as he watched the Cumulicious Party he was able to turn off the computer. He was watching a movie on Netflix when the Forsters returned home. Back home in his bed Tommy thought about the sights of the night. Why did he enjoy looking at videos of guys? His friends had used the words ‘gay’ and ‘homo’ when discussing the video with the two guys. Was he gay, a homo? The next day, Sunday, he told his parents he would use the home computer to research a history assignment. He hoped he could find information about gays and homos that did not have pictures. Just to be safe he opened pages about Connecticut industries during World War II. He then opened another screen and entered ‘gay’. He was astounded at the number of resources that appeared on the screen. Too much information. Almost as a joke he entered ‘am I gay?’. To his surprise a list of websites popped up. He visits the NHS (National Health Service of Great Britain) site. There was a list of topics to explore: Am I gay? What if I’m gay? Should I tell anyone I think I’m gay? What about sex if I’m gay? STDs with someone of the same sex. How to get free condoms. How to cope if you’re bullied for being gay. This was overwhelming to a fourteen year old. Just when he was going to find out what STD meant he heard someone coming down the hall. He quickly closed the pages and was looking at a Connecticut History site when his mother stuck her head in the door. “I’m getting ice cream for dad and I, would you like some? That ended his gay search for the day. The following Saturday evening after putting the boys to bed he sat at Mr. Forster’s computer reading information on the NHS site. That evening he never looked at a video or photo with naked men. Instead he read three web sites with information about sex for teenagers. On another site he checked out penis growth and size. Following instructions on how to measure a hard dick he found a ruler in the top desk drawer and was pleased with himself that he was above average for a fourteen year old. After reading the information on the web sites he now realized he was ‘gay’ and he had been all his life. He knew that it was not something acquired but in his genes since birth. He also was aware that many people including politicians as well as those considered highly educated did not understand how or why someone could be gay. Having read the information about telling others he was gay he realized for now this must be a secret that he shared with no one. He was now babysitting about three times a month. The one activity that he really enjoyed that he could share with the world was basketball. Almost every day he practiced in his driveway shooting into the basket over the garage door. Sometimes Mr. Forster would join him. Since his neighbor had played both high school and college basketball he looked forward to their one on one games. When little Sean and Bobby joined them they modified the rules for the little ones. Usually Mr. Forster wore loose fitting shorts. Tommy could see the bulge of his dick and he was distracted as he thought about its size and how the balls hung. One Saturday evening soon after his fifteenth birthday Tommy was sitting at the computer in Mr. Forster’s home office. He had found web sites with videos that showed movies up to ten minutes long of guys doing various acts, alone and with others. Since it was after 10:00 he felt safe pulling out his dick so he could jackoff with the guy on the screen. He was stroking in unison with the screen friend and was just about to shoot a load with a tissue in hand when suddenly he heard the outside door opening. A voice called, “Hi, we’re home sooner than expected.” Tommy immediately zipped up and closed the web page he was watching. His dick immediately went limp. He stood and walked out of the den and toward the kitchen as Mr. and Mrs. Forster entered. Tommy told them that the boys had been good and went to bed with no fuss. Mrs. Forster briefly told him about the James Bond thriller, Spectre, they had seen and suggested Tommy would enjoy it. She paid him and Tommy thanked her. As soon as he walked out of the back door he began shaking. What if he had been caught with his dick in hand while watching naked man porn? At home he had a brief conversation with his parents who were watching TV and then went up to his bedroom. By the time he was alone he had calmed down and was soon standing in front of the mirror visualizing the guy covered with tattoos who he had just watched jerking off. Although it had been less than fifteen minutes since he had almost been caught he was shooting a healthy load into a tissue. He put on his pajamas and crawled into bed and began trembling as he thought of the consequences of being discovered. Meanwhile Mr. Forster told his wife he would check his email before coming to bed. He sat at his computer that was still on. When he clicked on the icon to turn on foxfire he realized it was already open. While Tommy had closed the page he was watching in his panic he forgotten that he had left another page open. Mr. Forster was surprised to see a page with a list of videos, all gay. He clicked on one. A guy was sitting on a sofa. Another entered the room. Following a brief conversation both were naked. One was soon on his knees giving head, swallowing the magnum dick of his friend to its base. They messed around more and soon one was shooting a load into the other’s mouth while finishing himself with his hand. Jay Forster felt his own dick getting hard as he watched another video. He then checked the web history and discovered Tommy had been on at least four gay sites that evening. Jay was a man who happily went both ways. During college he and his roommate had encounters of the best time. His roommate was a bottom and Jay an eager top. Since college he had suppressed thoughts of man sex and had happily serviced his wife. He turned off the computer and went upstairs. His wife asked if there were any interesting emails. He replied “no”. Getting naked he crawled into bed. Usually their love making was slow and passionate. Tonight he was ready for it now. She was surprised as he reached for her, pulled up her nightgown and immediately mounted her. He pumped and came after just a couple of thrusts. “I’m sorry. I was just really horny. Don’t know why, maybe watching James Bond and his girl friends in action got me going.” As the thought of the onscreen man to man action on his home computer watched by Tommy continued he again reached for his wife and this time had a long session they both totally enjoyed. Jay Forster soon was hooked onto man porn. The week after his discovery Tommy again babysat. As soon as he and his wife returned home he went to his office to check email. After reviewing Tommy’s web history he looked in the waste basket under his desk and was not surprised to find a wet cum soaked tissue. He was impressed with the amount of cream the now fifteen year old had produced. Soon Mrs. Forster was again getting another aggressive fuck. After each babysitting session he checked Tommy’s web history. There was always a list of gay sites Tommy had watched. Jay was conflicted. On the one hand he thought he was perverting the mind of a teenager while on the other he realized he would have done the same if computers were available when he was that age. Also, he had not encouraged Tommy to look at such material. His friends at school must have shared porn web addresses. He remembered that when he was Tommy’s age one of his friends had a deck of cards. Each card had a photo of a naked lady or a man / lady scene. His favorite was one that showed a lady sitting on a guy’s stomach with his dick in her cunt. (Note: This photo on a playing card passed around was your author’s first exposure to porn in the 1950s). Tommy would have been looking at porn on a computer someplace. He just happened to be using his computer.
  9. When fourteen year old Tommy had the private use of his neighbor’s computer while babysitting he discovered the answers to his concerns about his sexual feelings as well as the joy of viewing gay porn. By the time he was eighteen he was well educated in man sex, but had only experienced it with one classmate. That soon changed with a weekend of man to man experience with a married neighbor soon after his eighteenth birthday. When he entered freshman year at university he experienced passion and found love.
  10. As Tommy enter the house with his eight grade school pack slung over his shoulder he heard the phone ringing. His mother answered the phone and after a brief conversation called Tommy. “Mrs. Forster is on the phone. She wants to know if you could babysit this evening. I told her it was OK with me although it is a school night. They are going to little Sean’s first grade open house and will be home by 9:00.” Tommy was surprised. He had never babysat. However,, since the Forster family lived next door and he knew little Sean and his younger brother, Bobby, he assumed it would be easy. He took the phone from his mother and talked to Mrs. Forster agreeing to the job. At 6:45 he walked to the neighbor’s home. Mr. Forster answered the door. “Hey Tommy, How are you doing. The boys promise to be on their best behavior. They are already in their pajamas. They can stay up and watch TV until 8:00 and then they must go to bed. We should be back by 9:00 or soon after. I see you have your school bag. Do you have homework to do?” “My assignment is to look up information about rivers in Connecticut. I have to answer these questions about the Naugatuck, Farmington, Thames and Connecticut Rivers.” As he showed Mr. Forster the list of questions the friendly neighbor asked if he would like to use his computer. Tommy replied that it would give him a head start on the assignment that he otherwise would have to complete later that evening after he returned home. Mr. Forster took him to his home office and gave Tommy a brief orientation to his computer. Compared to his family’s home computer or the equipment at school this was impressive. As Tommy attempted to use the wireless mouse Mr. Forster put his hand over his and helped him quickly master the six button mouse. This was not the first time they had had physical contact. Sometimes when Tommy and his buddies were shooting hoops into the basket attached to the garage Mr. Forster would come over and give them tips. Mr. Forster had been a star player in high school and helped the boys with both their shooting and foot maneuvers. There was frequent contact as he demonstrated various moves. For some reason that Tommy did not understand he enjoyed the bodily touching and now hand on hand with the mouse. Mr. Forster and his wife soon departed and the boys asked if Tommy would play a game with them. Sean got out the game of Sorry. While it was not a challenge for a bright six year old to play younger Bobby at four years of age would have difficulty. It was decided that Tommy and Bobby would be a team with Tommy reading the cards and Bobby moving the game pieces. By 7:30 Bobby was yawning and agreed to go to bed. Tommy took him upstairs and tucked him in. He returned and played one more game with Sean who then went to bed without being tucked in. Tommy then sat down at the computer and began web searches that led him to sites that gave him the information on the rivers he needed to complete his assignment. Mr. and Mrs. Forster walked in at 9:00 and thanked Tommy for taking care of the boys. They asked him if he would be willing to do more babysitting on weekends and possibly stay as late as midnight. Tommy replied that the boys had been well behaved and fun to play with and that he would certainly be willing to return. Mr. Forster asked if he had been able to use the computer and Tommy replied that he easily completed his homework. Then Mr. Forster told Tommy that if he stayed late babysitting he could play games on the computer. Mrs. Forster then asked Tommy if he was available Saturday evening for a late night. When Tommy agreed Mr. Forster suggested Tommy stop by Saturday afternoon and they could go over games available on his computer. When Tommy returned home he told his parents about his evening including playing Sorry with the boys, getting them to bed on time with no problems and finishing his homework on Mr. Forster’s computer. Then he told them how much he had been paid and that he had been asked to babysit Saturday night possibly until midnight. As he went upstairs he heard his mother commenting that their son had certainly grown up and showed maturity. Tommy did his usual bedtime routine. He pissed, brushed his teeth, went to his bedroom, closed the door, took off his clothes and stood in front of the mirror over his dresser. He examined his fourteen year old body as he did every night. He checked out his dick and balls. He knew that both had grown in the past year. He was proud that when he showered after gym class and basketball practice he noticed that his dick was bigger than most and his balls hung lower. Also in the past year the hair crowning his dick had gotten thicker and he now had a tuft of hair in each arm pit. This self-examination always resulted in his dick getting hard and he soon had his hand wrapped around it. As he stroked his hard piece he thought about the shower room at school and the other boys in his class. He had learned the joy of jerking off at scout camp. He wanted to do it with the guys on his basketball team but knew that one did not make such suggestions. Then his thoughts turned from other boys to Mr. Forster’s hand that had touched his as he learned to use the mouse. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he almost forgot to grab a tissue from the box conveniently placed on his dresser. Just in the nick of time he pulled out a tissue and caught the globs of cream that shot out. After squeezing out the last drop he put on his pajamas and crawled into bed. In the middle of the night he woke up and saw that it was 3:15. Again he thought of Mr. Forster’s hand and soon had pulled his pajama bottom down and was stroking himself. When he realized he was going to shoot he quickly pulled up his pajama top and unloaded on his stomach. He carefully got up and took a tissue from the box on the dresser. This was the first, but not the last, time that he had a middle of the night jack off. Saturday afternoon he went over to his neighbor’s home and Mr. Forster demonstrated games that he had on his computer. That evening he and the boys played Sorry. This time they were not in their pajamas when he arrived. Mrs. Forster told him that the boys needed baths before going to bed. While Sean would be able to do it on his own he should stay in the bathroom with little Bobby and help him wash himself. At bedtime they went upstairs and the boys were soon naked. Tommy immediately noticed the boys’ tiny dicks. He wondered if at the age of four and six his dick had been so small. He then thought about handsome Mr. Forster and what his dick was like. Later he thought of Mr. Forster as he did his usual bedtime inspection and hand workout. Tommy was now babysitting at least once a week. He enjoyed the boys and after they went to bed either played computer games or watched TV shows that he wanted to watch, not just what his parents enjoyed. A couple of months later he was eating lunch at school with guys including Roy Wenger. Other than being on the middle school basketball team with Roy they didn’t have much in common. Roy was fun to be around as he always had a joke to tell or related his latest sexual adventures. If he was to be believed he had already done it with an older girl. Since he proudly displayed the biggest dick in the eighth grade shower room he was somewhat believable. This day he had a serious expression on his face. There were four of them at the table having lunch together. Roy said, “You guys better get a pencil and paper out. I have something amazing to show you.” As he passed around a piece of paper he continued, “This web site is amazing. Go to it and when it says ‘You must be at least 18 years of age to enter’, click the box that says, ‘I understand this site has adult material’. You will see pussy, pussy, pussy, fucking, fucking, fucking, guys with big dicks fucking, everything! It is amazing!” That night Tommy stared at the piece of paper. He was afraid to use the computer at home. It was in his dad’s den. His parents rarely went out. Almost every evening they sat in the living room watching TV. If either parent got up and walked to the kitchen or bathroom they would go past the den. Closing the door would be very suspicious. That night as he did his usual hand work in his bedroom he thought of guys with big dicks fucking.
  11. Henry Bailey and Derrick Peter Smith met Henry Bailey in the 1950s when he visited his Uncle Will in Daisyville, Georgia. Uncle Will saw potential in Henry, the ‘yard boy’ and had encourage the young man by providing financial assistance so he could attend a Negro college, Albany State College. Henry would begin his final year the fall after Peter’s visit majoring in teacher education and literature. He planned to be a high school teacher. During Peter’s visit Henry met Seth, a pale skinned red head. They became lovers and decided to move north where they could live in a less hostile racial environment. Henry accepted a position to teach English at a Cleveland middle school and Seth was hired by a landscaping firm owned by Vlad’s friend, Alex. The lovers had a blissful life until the tragedy. Seth was killed in an auto / truck accident. After months of mourning the loss of his love Henry visited Club Cleveland Baths, not out of lust but loneliness. Henry and Derrick met at Club Cleveland Baths one evening in 1975. Both were in shitty moods as each wanted sex that evening but were turned off by the thought of just anonymous sex. They had met in the sauna and continued their conversation at the table near the vending machines. After an hour of meaningful discussion where each told their life stories and frustrations they continued their dialog in Henry’s room. The sex that followed was the most intense and enjoyable Henry had had since the death of his love Seth two years earlier. Within days the two were living together. Henry had begun his teaching career in 1959 following his graduation from college. Originally he taught English at a junior high school in Cleveland. A few years later he moved to a high school. After receiving a master’s in education he continued his studies taking numerous graduate courses in English, History, Sociology and related fields for enjoyment, not because he was required to. The head guidance counselor at the school understood Henry’s lifestyle. About once a year she would encourage a confused student to talk to Henry about life. He continued teaching until 2002 when he retired at the age of 65. Derrick eventually became a partner in the veterinarian practice. He and Henry were the same age and retired at the same time. They had both been active in community organizations and used their retirement as an opportunity to give more of their energies to various causes including gay issues, African –American organizations and for Derrick volunteer work at an animal shelter. Most summers they visited Provincetown, Cape Cod in Massachusetts where they could vacation and play with no concern about the color of their skin or their gayness. Derrick passed away in 2012 at the age seventy-five. Two year later Henry was one of the first tenants at A Place for Us, the first LGBTQ-friendly senior housing community in the state of Ohio. Being just a block, a four minute walk, from a Rapid (Cleveland’s metro) station he had easy access to downtown Cleveland and University Circle, the cultural center of Cleveland. Today, 2020, at age 83 he moves slower but is just as horny as he was when his and Peter’s hands touched as they repaired a bike flat tire in the 1950s. He has a circle of likeminded friends at his new home. With accounts at silverdaddies.com and squirt.org on line he sees and chats with gay men all over the world. He and his new young friend, Cory, (he is only seventy-one) have series tickets at both the Cleveland Playhouse and Cleveland Symphony. About once a month a group from their housing community visits the Flex Baths in Cleveland. While they do not expect action they enjoy the eye candy. The joke is that earlier in life they enjoyed checking out younger men. Now at their age everyone there is younger. Henry is active and happy with memories of his many friends and especially the two loves of his life: Seth and Derrick Fred & Bruce As covered in Chapters 28 thru 33 in the early 1970s Fred Blackburn, a student at Cleveland State, took an evening course titled Contemporary American Literature which covered the period from World War II to the 1970s. Each week a different book was discussed at length. Giovanni's Room, a 1956 novel by James Baldwin, was the topic of class the second week of April. One of the students, Henry Baily, spoke passionately about Giovanni’s situation and his own place in society as an African-American. After class shy Fred talked to Henry. The two became friends and when Henry discovered, as he had suspected, that Fred was gay he agreed to give the shy young man lessons in gay life. Fred was a quick learner. While Henry was a good friend, Fred hoped to find not just a friend but a lover. Still a full-time student he eventually, while working part-time in his uncle’s hardware store, met and in time became the lover of the UPS delivery man, Bruce. Bruce, about the same age as Fred was 5’10” (178 cm), same height as Fred, muscular arms, strong hands, a well-defined chest showing each nipple protruding on his form fitting brown UPS shirt and an incredible smile on an angelic face. They eventually shared a small apartment on Cleveland’s west side. Following graduation Fred entered a management training program at Cleveland’s major bank. ………………………………………………. For the next five years life was idyllic. Thanks to his finance major at Cleveland State Fred was assigned to the investment division at the bank. He enjoyed working at his desk analyzing potential opportunities for the bank. Being a quiet person he did not relish meeting with representatives of investment opportunities. These meetings were frequently long business lunches or dinner meetings. Meanwhile Bruce was happy with his position at UPS. He enjoyed the physical activities of the job. By the time Fred was in his late twenties the high pressure position often left him drained in the evenings. Meanwhile, Bruce’s physical activity at work increased his libido. Soon after they had started their sexual togetherness they had visited Club Cleveland Baths and witnessed fucking. On their first attempt Fred topped Bruce. The pain to Bruce’s virgin ass almost immediately turned into pleasure. Soon he became an enthusiastic bottom wanting his love’s dick daily. Within a few years the loving lost its passion as it became routine although neither would admit it to the other. Fred no longer needed or wanted the long sessions. Bruce wanted more. Eventually when Fred had an evening dinner with bank clients Bruce would visit the baths. During his first visit without Fred he felt a combination of guilt and extreme hornyness. He sat on the bedlike platform in his small cubical with his back against the far wall and feet toward the door. Since a twenty-eight year old cute muscular guy is major eye candy he had offers from numerous men. He nodded his head no until a tall guy of about forty stood at his door and dropped his towel. Bruce drooled at the sight of one of the largest dicks he had ever seen. The guy smiled and asked, “Want to have some fun?” Bruce wanted to touch this magnificent piece so he smiled. The man entered the small room, closed the door and stood next to Bruce. The soft dick slowly turned into a hard piece of steel. Bruce had only been fucked by Fred who had an above average dick but nothing like what he was stroking. The man saw the pile of condoms and tube of K-Y on the little shelf next to the bed. Bruce followed his eyes and smiled as he took a condom and held it out to the man. He felt dejected when his new friend shook his head no, “Sorry, but no way will that work. If it doesn’t break while I attempt to put in on my whopper it will definitely break in your ass. But that is not a problem. I carry my own”. From a little bag he had pinned to his towel he took out a packet with XXL printed on it. The guy tore the packet open and placed it against the head of his cut dick. He rolled it on and applied a generous amount of K-Y. He then told Bruce to roll onto his stomach. Bruce complied and spread his legs. Mr. Whopper kneeled between his legs, leaned in and pressed his dick head against the inviting hole. He gently pushed in. Bruce was amazed that he felt only discomfort, no shooting pain as expected. The man knew exactly what he was doing as he slowly pressed in and then stopped so the bottom could adapt. He then slowly pulled back leaving only the head in and then slowly penetrated as deep as possible. As the dick head hit that special spot Bruce had feelings he had never felt before. After another gentle in and out the top pulled completely out and flipped Bruce onto his back. Then as his eyes penetrated Bruce’s he rammed in. Bruce cried out in pain. The man held himself deep in and said, “I don’t want to hurt you, but I do want to please you. Just say stop and I will. Otherwise, I will pump your ass hard and raw.” Bruce said nothing, just smiled. Mr. Whopper pulled completely out and rammed in again. He then pumped hard and furious. Bruce wanted to cry ‘STOP’ as much as he wanted more. When he was at the point that he thought he could no longer take the pleasure of the abuse the man pulled out, ripped off the condom and flooded cum over Bruce’s dick, stomach and chest. The guy shook off his dick, stood and left the room leaving a cum covered dazed Bruce. Bruce, with some shame, realized he felt a level of satisfaction he had never had with his love, Fred. This man had used him, abused him and then walked away. His initial reaction was a feeling of humiliation. Following a shower he returned to his cubical and laid on his stomach with his ass exposed and feet toward the door. He heard someone enter the room. When the intruder began massaging his leg, Bruce reached for a condom and K-Y. Without looking at the visitor he held them up. They were taken out of his hand. Soon the new guy was on his knees between Bruce’s spread legs. He felt a dick about the size of Fred’s enter. The unseen top pumped and following loud grunting pulled out. Although there was no emotion it had felt good. Soon another man entered. When Bruce wiggled his ass and held up another condom the guy walked out of the room. Within five minutes there was another visitor and another emotionless fuck. Bruce then went to the shower. He dressed and went home. He had only been at the baths a little over an hour. He was watching TV when Fred returned home. They shared ice cream, went to bed and neither initiated sex. Bruce was soon visiting the baths at least twice a week. Sometimes he told Fred he had to work late. One evening he laid at the edge of the platform in the middle of an orgy room. He placed a pile of condoms next to his exposed ass. That evening he was fucked five times by an assortment of guys of various ages, colors and dick sizes while others watched while jerking off. Two pulled their condoms off and shot on him. He just wiped it off with a towel. One of the guys just jerked off and then leaned over spreading his juice over Bruce’s dick and balls. One especially attractive man suggested he visit Bruce and bring a friend. He gave Bruce his phone number. Two weeks later Fred told Bruce he would have a late meeting. Bruce called the number and arranged for the man and his friend to come to the apartment. Fred returned home earlier than expected. The two men were double fucking Bruce. One of them was on his back with his dick in Bruce who was facing down leaning on the other’s chest while the second was kneeling behind with his dick also planted and pumping. Fred said nothing. He turned around and walked out of the apartment. In a near hypnotic state he drove to the apartment of his friend Henry who shared his home with Derrick, the veterinarian. A surprised Derrick answered the door. A sobbing Fred was consoled by his friends. He told them he had noticed a change in Bruce and for the last few months they had not had meaningful conversations or sex. That night and for the next week he slept on the couch at Henry’s and Derrick’s. The following day he called in sick at work and returned to his apartment when Bruce was at work and loaded all his belongings into his car. A week later he moved into the spare room at the home of Vlad and Aiden. When an apartment in Vlad’s building became available he moved into it. Today, Year 2020, about forty years later Fred is sixty-nine years old. He retired from the bank after a successful career. He never developed another meaningful relations. Through the years he did have friends with benefits. About once a month or less he visited the baths for meaningless encounters. Once when he walked into the dimly lit orgy room he saw Bruce getting fucked while two guys watched and stroked. Fred turned around and went home. That was the last time he saw his first and last love. . Carson & Kyle Carson met Kyle in 1991 when both were students at Ohio State and he visited the Career Development Center to explore job options where Kyle was a student helper. They became friends and soon lovers. When Carson, an engineering graduate, entered the Peace Corps for a two year stint Kyle, a year younger, had an additional year at the university. Following his graduation Kyle accepted a librarian position in Cleveland. After the Peace Corps Carson and Kyle moved into a small apartment in the building owned by Vlad. Having been in Guatemala during his two years in the Peace Corps Carson was fluent in Spanish. Being financial set thanks to the Trust Fund set up by his grandfather Carson was able to accept a low paid position with a nonprofit organization that provided housing and employment counseling to people whose first language was Spanish. Carson returned to school and obtained a masters in civil engineering. Kyle took a course in basic Spanish and soon he and Carson were speaking the language at home. They enjoyed practicing the language in bed where the only language permitted was Spanish. Carson applied for a consulting engineering position with an NGO (Non-governmental organization) in Washington DC that developed and consulted on infrastructure projects in Central America. Carson had developed a specialty in water and sewage management. Kyle found a librarian position in Washington. When they told Vlad they were considering positions in Washington DC he put them in contact with Jake and Rob. When Carson had his interview in Washington Kyle accompanied him and they stayed with Jake and Rob. Rob the bookstore manager and Kyle the librarian became instant friends. While both couples were true to their partners they enjoyed joking around and naked time together in the in-house sauna. With the help of Carson’s grandfather they bought a two bedroom condo in the Columbia Heights section of the city. The second bedroom was used as a combination home office / guest room. They recently celebrated their twenty-fifth anniversary of togetherness and ten years of marriage. …………………………………………… This concludes the adventures of the Boys of the 1950s and their friend Vlad. Peter Smith and Tomas Kowalski had a chance encounter in 1956, their senior year at Pleasant Valley High School that resulted in a lifetime of love. They met Vladimir Melnikov whose life from the 1930s to the 1960s was told in Russia My Home. The third book in the trilogy, Life Goes On, continued the adventures of these men and their many friends to today, 2020. I sat at my computer in 2015 planning to write a short story about two boys and their coming of age in Ohio. With no predetermined plot their lives just evolved as in five years I wrote over 700,000 words in three books. The lives of the boys were inspired by my growing up in a suburb of Cleveland. However, their sexual adventures were mostly a combination of fantasy and wishful thinking. The inspiration for writing Vlad’s story came from my numerous visits to Russia (ten visit totaling 369 days from 1997 to 2016) and Poland (based in Wrocław – formerly Breslau, Germany prior to World War II; over 25 visits, total 750 days from 1992 to 2015). Stories my friends told me were included in Vlad’s life. I have some story ideas for future tales. Until then, Thank You for reading. Would enjoy your comments. You may contact me at tallguyct@hotmail.com or silverdaddies.com My user name there is tallguyct and profile 2255167 To quote Bugs Bunny of Looney Tunes: That’s All Folks
  12. Jacob (Jake) Yoder & Robert (Rob) Johnson As narrated in the second book of The Boys’ Trilogy, Russia My Home, Vlad met Reg soon after arriving in the USA following his escape from the USSR. The older Reg enjoyed showing his new friend the joys of American life beyond their bedroom. Twice they took road trips to (as Dinah Shore sang in the 1950s Chevy commercials) ‘See the USA’. In 1950 during a road trip when their car broke down in the picturesque Lancaster County of Pennsylvania they met eighteen year old Amish boy Jacob (Jake) Yoder. In 1959 Reg and Vlad again took a road trip to see more of the USA. Just outside of Nashville on their way to Kansas City they picked up a hitchhiker. The young man, Robert (Rob) Johnson had left his home in Frog Creek, Tennessee and was on his way to a new life in San Francisco. The continuing story of Jake and Rob: After leaving his home in 1950 Jake moved to Washington DC where he lived with Reg and attended university. Nine years later, the other young man - Rob, after meeting Reg and Vlad hoped to live with Vlad in Cleveland and attend Western Reserve University. He registered for two classes to attend part time. Although he was a top student in Frog Creek, he was not sure he had been prepared for a major university. Before classes began Rob and Vlad visited Jake and Reg in Washington. As Rob and Jake shook hands at their first meeting both felt a tingling that went from their hands to their dicks, up to their brains. While both had enjoyed their encounters with Vlad and Reg neither had the feelings of love that transpired at their first touch. At the end of Rob’s first semester at Western Reserve University in Cleveland he moved to Washington to be with Jake and completed his university studies at American University. Jake, nine years older than Rob was well established in this position with the US Department of Agriculture. Rob’s second love, after Jake, was books. He worked in bookstores while attending university and was hired as a store manager upon graduation. The two were totally committed to each other and never considered bar cruising or fun at the DC Club Baths. When Rob moved to the house where Jake lived with Reg he was 20, Jake 29 and Reg 64. Until Reg’s death eighteen years later the three shared the King size bed in the master bedroom. Rob and Jake were never shy about making love in the bed they shared with the man who met so much to them and had helped rescue both from lives in communities where it would have been impossible to be the men they wanted to be. When Jake fucked Rob Reg would often join in. He would either suck off Rob while he was being fucked, let one of the two suck him or just jerk off. The boys always made sure that Reg was taken care of. Reg was only home about half of the time as he frequently visited Vlad in Cleveland, Will Lang on the farm and traveled with Will on month long trips all over the world: USA, Europe, Asia, South America, Australia and New Zealand. When Vlad visited Washington the boys usually moved to another bedroom after having quality time with Vlad and Reg. In 1972 on Reg’s 75th the boys planned a special party for their friend / mentor / lover. Peter and Tom (both 34) drove Vlad (then 52) and Uncle Will (age 77) from Ohio. Other guests included six men, Reg’s friends from Washington. Also two women were invited, Ellen and Sandy. They were in their 50s and had been partners and lovers for over thirty years since their college years. There was no special theme just food, drink and conversation. The ladies enjoyed hearing and then telling raunchy jokes. About two hours into the party Reg was blowing out the seventy-five candles on his birthday accompanied by ‘blowing’ jokes when the doorbell rang. Jake answered the door. An odd couple entered the room. The young man was wearing an old style Turkish outfit including billowing pantaloons and carrying a tape player. The attractive young lady removed her coat revealing her ‘Belly Dancing’ costume. The Turkman turned on the player. As the Arabic instrumental music began the very charming, thin young woman placed her arms over her head and began sensuous movements. As her arms and hands moved in snakelike motions her belly glided in and out. She went around the room touching each guest on the head, cheek, chest or arm. She would place the hand of a guest on her belly as she gave a special contortion. She approached Reg and Will last. After rubbing her hands over Reg’s head she moved in close to him. She took his hand and guided it under her flowing gown. As she held his hand in place over her private place Reg suddenly smiled and started laughing. She did the same to Will and he had a similar reaction as his hand caressed the spot hidden under her gown. Later the other guests discovered the reason gay Reg and gay Will received such pleasure from feeling the apparent lady parts. At the conclusion of the music the young dancer reached under her gown and appeared to be making some adjustments. She then took off her wig, removed her dancer’s bra and let her skirt fall to the floor. There stood a handsome young man wearing only a G string, which both Reg and Will assured the guests had not covered the dick and balls when their hands were led to the private parts. Ellen then stood and walked over to the near naked man and took his hand, “My friends, I would like to introduce Craig, my nephew. He and his lover (as she took the hand of the handsome Turkman with the tape player), Troy, are performing arts majors at Georgetown University. Craig studies dance and Troy majors in theater. This lovely boy (as she smiled at Craig) came to live with Sandy and me when my asshole brother, his asshole father, told him to get his faggot body out of the house. I gladly took his faggot body into my house. It’s time for Sandy and me to go home. Thank you all for a lovely party and a special thanks to you two (as she kissed both Craig and Troy on the cheeks).” Both Ellen and Sandy kissed Reg on the lips and departed. Craig still wearing only a G string that highlighted his bubble ass and Troy in his Turkish outfit enjoyed birthday cake and chatting with the others. During a lull in conversation Troy announced, “As Craig’s Aunt Ellen told you, we are performing art students. As soon as we both turned twenty-one we found work related, very loosely related, to our studies, Craig as a student of dance and my studies in theater. We are go-go boys at the ‘Farmer in the Dell Club’ three nights a week. It’s fun and the pay certainly beats our previous jobs as waiters. If you are not familiar with the bar it’s a place where men such as yourselves go to see boys pretending to be horny farmers hands perform. Although touching is not permitted the patrons are very generous and it certainly helps pay the university tuition. Jake who helped arrange our performance with Aunt Ellen has assured me none of you would be offended by our next performance.” Troy put a different tape in the player and pressed the play button. As David Bowie’s (who came out in 1972) I’m Only Dancing, played Craig in his G string and Troy in his Turkish costume began typical stripper gyrating. Soon Troy had lost his outfit and displayed a healthy bulge in his G string. To the dismay of the guests Craig and Troy displayed only G-string bulges and cute asses. The boys stayed after the guests departed leaving Reg, Jake and Rob who lived there and Vlad, Will, Peter and Tom who were staying at the house during their visit. Craig then announced, “If you do not object we would like to do a special performance for the birthday boy and his friend, Will. You may watch but this show is for Reg and Will.” With the tape player turned on they started dancing. They pulled the men to a standing position and gyrated against the older men, rubbing young dick against mature dick. As the song ended the boys whispered into the ears of their dance partners and led each back to his seat. When the second song began they continued dancing, now with crotches almost touching the sitter’s face. They then took the hands of Will and Reg placing them at the side strings of their skimpy outfits. Then with a nod encouraged the lowering of the G-strings. Their half hard dicks were now swinging near the faces. Will enjoyed the sight of Troy’s meaty uncut piece slowing rising over low hanging balls. Reg relished the sight of Craig’s perfectly formed average sized circumcised piece that was now totally hard. Both boys played with themselves and then took a hand of each bewitched man encouraging a seventy plus year exploration of a twenty something cock. Will and Reg stroked and played with the balls. When they gently squeezed each piece young precum oozed out. Then Troy took two bandanas out of a suitcase. They encouraged the older men to continue the stroking. Suddenly Craig cried out as his dick erupted and cum spewed into the bandana. Immediately Troy did the same. The boys then gave the cum filled bandanas to the men with a special ‘Happy Birthday’ wish to Reg. The audience applauded. The boys dressed in regular clothes putting the dance outfits in the suitcase. As Jake said goodbye to the boys at the front door he handed each an envelope. Craig protested, “You don’t owe us anything. I owe my life to Aunt Ellen and she asked me to do this for her friend, although she was not aware just how far we would go. We really enjoyed doing it.” Jake replied, “You guys really made Reg and Uncle Will happy. You did not have to go all the way but I am so happy you did, not only for Reg and Will but also all of us who certainly enjoyed your youthful show. You are struggling students. Please take this token of our appreciation.” The boys were shocked when they opened the envelopes and discovered the substantial amounts. While it was a generous amount to a student for Reg it was no great sacrifice. He was wealthy and a fun moment would mean more to him than any material gift. …………………………………… Jake was not allowed to return to the home of his parents. Amish tradition required the shunning of someone who had left the community as he had done. However, with the assistance of a non-Amish friend of his mother he was able to send and receive letters to/from home. The friend ran a craft store in Lancaster. Jake’s mother sewed aprons and other items for sale in the store and visited it about twice a month where she dropped off and picked up letters. Amish were allowed to travel, just as long as they themselves did not drive an automobile. Twice a year Jake’s parents traveled by bus to a historic or natural beauty site such as Philadelphia, Washington or Luray Caverns in Virginia. Jake and his sister who had also escaped the community, with her husband and children would secretly meet with their parents. If Rob could schedule it he would travel with Jake to meet the parents. While Jake never acknowledged his homosexuality to his parents he did not hide the fact that he lived with Rob and that they shared a hotel room when visiting with the parents. When Jake’s mother learned that Rob’s favorite cookie was Amish Thimble Cookies (an indentation in the cookie made with a thimble was filled with raspberry jam) she made a point of bringing a few dozen cookies on visits explicitly stating they were for Rob. This was her way of saying I approve of your friend. The parents were taking a risk visiting with their son as their Bishop could have denounced them if discovered and required that they be shunned, in effect losing all friends in a community where all depended on the others. Twice they arranged for their parents to stay at their home in the Georgetown section of Washington. During those visits the parents were put in a guest room with a double bed that they were told was Jake’s room, Reg slept in his room while Jake and Rob shared a room. Two men sleeping together was not unusual. Large families were the norm with the Amish. In their crowded farm houses boys were usually expected to share a bed with a brother and girls with a sister. Rob visited his parents twice a year. He could not drive the seven hour trip to Frag Creek for either Thanksgiving or Christmas as the busiest time at the store he managed began Thanksgiving weekend and did not end until a week after Christmas. He and Jake did visit every year for Easter and usually a week in the summer. The parent’s small home had two bedrooms and a tiny room where Rob’s mother used her sewing machine. When they first visited Rob’s father offered to place a folding cot into the sewing room for Jake. When Rob suggested it be placed in his old bedroom father rearranged the furniture so the cot could be squeezed in leaving almost no floor space available. Since they slept together in the single bed the cot was folded at night as it was almost impossible to move in the room with it open. One morning they forgot to unfold the cot and left the bedroom door open exposing the fact that they shared a one–person bed. A week before their next visit Rob’s mother said in a letter, ‘We hope you do not mind but we have replaced the bed in your room with a double bed. We bought the bed for the visit of Aunt Thelma and Uncle Mac. I am sorry but you and Jake will have to share the bed. If that is not OK I’ll have your father take the sewing machine out of my sewing room and put it on the enclosed front porch and we will put that lumpy cot in that room.’ Rob wrote back thanking his mother for the concern and assuring her that he and Jake would be able to handle sleeping in the same bed. He later learned that Aunt Thelma and Uncle Mac had not visited in over two years. The bed story was apparently a way of his parents letting them know it was OK to sleep together. During their visits to Frog Creek it was obvious that Pastor / Principal Jenkins, both the pastor at the church the family attended and principal of the middle / high school Rob attended, was avoiding them. This was the man who had molested Rob from the age of fourteen until he escaped Frog Hollow. Jenkins had sucked the quiet Rob’s dick and bottomed for Rob from the age of sixteen paying him fifty cents for each encounter. Rob had secretly saved this money and used it to finance his planned trip to San Francisco that was derailed when he met Reg and Vlad. On his first visit home with his love, Jake had privately told Pastor Jenkins after church service ‘You will be happy to know Rob has learned to appreciate a real dick, not the little stub on a pedophile pastor and principal. Hell has a special place for people like you taking advantage of innocent boys.’ Rob’s mother commented once, “Pastor Jenkins and his wife have three of the most handsome and beautiful children in Frog Creek.” When she said this Rob and Jake both thought to themselves, ‘How could such an ugly man have such beautiful children?’ Little did they or anyone in Frog Creek know how that was possible. A few years prior to Jenkins’ enlisting Rob for his pleasure he had found another quiet boy to enjoy. Floyd Mosser was from a family that was poverty-stricken, even by the standards of poor Frog Creek. He enjoyed the attention of the Pastor and Principal as well as the fifty cents received each incident. He used the money to pay the family’s debt at the grocery store. He did not receive any pleasure from the blow jobs or opportunity to fuck his Pastor and Principal other than the cash. Floyd was a tall handsome muscular boy who enjoyed sports and reading. His grades were above average for the school. He enlisted in the Army immediately after graduation. Two years later he returned to Frog Creek following an accident on his army base. While acting as an instructor, a training hand grenade went off prematurely. His injuries included loss of use of his left hand and blindness in one eye. The quiet man returned to home in Frog Creek. As a wounded veteran he received a disability pension from the government. His mother smothered him with affection and concern. When Pastor offered Floyd the position of high school janitor and part-time church janitor he gladly accepted the offer since it included living space in the basement of the church. He would be free of his mother’s constant attention. He realized part of the deal would include his submission to the Pastor. That was not a problem. Floyd just considered the blow jobs and fucking as part of the job. Floyd had been popular in high school and had assisted in the removal of virginity of more than one girl. Luckily he was smart enough to use a condom and never became a father. With his handicap and scared face he no longer received the attention of the girls. Meanwhile, Pastor Jenkin’s wife, Mary, was unhappy that they had not had been able to have children. She had been a virgin at birth and had never seen a hard dick other than her husband’s. She was not aware that the little stub on her husband was not the norm. Since her husband preferred boys to his wife he made no attempt to make sex enjoyable for her. Mary did not know what she was missing or that a little dick that barely entered her was unlikely to shot sperm where it was needed. Pastor Jenkins had an idea. He also was desperate to have children while not being too excited about making babies. He knew that Floyd was straight and only accepted his advances in exchange for his two janitor positions and a place to live. One evening as Mary lamented that she was barren the Pastor suggested the possibility of some help. He told her that Floyd who was handsome prior to his injuries and also a top student had commented to him that no woman seemed to want him. This was not true, they had never had such a conversation. Mary who was so desperate to have children accepted the idea of having Floyd plant a seed. She also enjoyed the idea of having children by this man who had been handsome and was intelligent. The Pastor discussed the possibility with Floyd who accepted the offer. He had not had a woman since returning from the army. He also accepted the requirement that Pastor watch the coupling. Floyd was invited to dinner. Following the meal the three went up to bedroom. Pastor insisted that both get naked. As Mary laid on the bed Floyd laid next to her. He placed his good hand on her pussy and with gentle caressing gave her feelings she had never had from either her husband or her own hand. Floyd was well endowed with a seven inch cut piece that the Pastor had especially enjoyed. Pastor watched with pleasure as the big dick thrust in and out of his wife while jerking his stubby dick. For the first time in her life she felt the ecstasy of a good fuck while Floyd enjoyed his assignment. After the first encounter all agreed to action two or three times a week. After a few weeks Mary began visiting Floyd at his room in the church basement. Uninhibited by the presence of the Pastor they engaged in long passionate sessions that included various positions and activities. After the third child it was agreed that the family was complete. Mary began taking the pill and Floyd used a condom so there would be no accidents. Now Floyd continued to serve the Pastor with no emotion who was unaware that Floyd was servicing Mary with all passion possible. She had mastered the art of blow jobs including deep throating all of it while unbeknown to her, Pastor just got the head of the seven inch dick in his mouth. Rob would have been surprised if he was aware of the passion between Mary and Floyd. He had pitied the very prim and proper Pastor’s wife unaware that she was probably the best serviced woman in Frog Creek. Reg passed away in 1982 at the age of eighty-five. Rob and Jacob inherited the Georgetown home. Within ten years both of Rob’s parents died. His last visit to Frog Creek was for the funeral of his mother who was buried next to his father. He met with the new pastor who had conducted the service for his mother. He contracted a realtor to sell the house and except for a few of his personal items he donated the contents of the house to the church to either sell to support the church or give to needy families. He was surprised to hear that Pastor Jenkins had had a stroke and died. Six months later his had wife married Floyd the church and school janitor. Not knowing their connection he thought that was a strange combination. But he realized living with anyone other than that bastard Pastor would be better for Mary. Jake continued with his career with the Department of Agriculture until 1997 when he retired at the age of sixty-five. Rob, nine years younger continued to work ten more years as a bookstore manager. In addition to managing the chains largest store he was in charge of coordinating visits to the stores in the chain by authors. Being in Washington D.C. there was always a number of authors available for readings and book signing. He was especially proud of arranging a book signing and reading at the three largest locations of the book store chain by Edmund White. This prolific author had written numerous gay themed novels as well as co-writing the 1977 gay sex manual, The Joy of Gay Sex. The event arranged by Rob featured The Farewell Symphony, a semi autobiographical novel by White. During the visit White and his lover stayed at the home of Rob and Jake. Following Rob’s retirement the two enjoyed life together and with a circle of likeminded friends. Their frequent travels included visits to rural America where Jake enjoyed the farm environments. Rob encouraged visits to places of literary interest in the USA, Canada and throughout Europe. Following Jake’s stroke in 2017 the two slowed their pace of activity and today (2020) are happy being with each other, reading, streaming on Netflix and Amazon Prime, visiting museums and concerts but most important being together as they had been for over sixty years.
  13. Ralph Woods & Tim Snodgrass Another update on the lives of friends of Peter, Tom and Vlad - Brief Background - Boys of the 1950s – Chapters 27 to 29 and 32. In 1960 during his US Army basic training at Fort Knox Tom met 19 year old virgin Ralph from Breslau, Pennsylvania. The two shared a cheap motel room when they had a weekend pass that enabled them to escape from the rigorous training. Tom assumed Ralph was gay oriented and introduced him to the joy of man sex. Later Peter joined them during a visit to the base. Tom encouraged Ralph to write to his possibly gay friend back home. Upon completion of his army duties Ralph returned home and shared his man sex training with his five year older friend, virgin Tim. Mary, one of Tim’s classmates married the town bully. His brutal treatment resulted in two sons, one conceived prior to the marriage. Eventually the sheriff gave him the option of leaving town or being arrested for spousal assault. He disappeared. Mary was now stuck living with her forty-two year old mother who was basically supported by the men she entertained. Sometimes these men would stay for a week or more. Mary’s two sons were an embarrassment to the grandmother who did not want her men friends to know she had grandchildren. They were also a nuisance to the very sexually active woman as she entertained her various men. To provide her sons with a better life and provide a home away from her promiscuous mother Mary had a plan. She asked Ralph and Tim to take care of the boys for a weekend while she went on a job interview in Pittsburgh. The day after she left Tim was hand delivered a letter by Mary’s best friend stating that she was not returning and asking him to take care of the boys. With the cooperation of the sheriff, county social worker, school principal and a lawyer it was arranged for Tim’s parents to legally be the boys’ foster parents while the boys actually lived with Ralph and Tim. Eventually the boys were adopted by Tim’s parents since it would have been impossible in the 1960s for two men living together to adopt children. While legally the sons of Tim’s parents the boys lived with their two dads: Ralph and Tim. What happened later in life with the family of four follows: 1965: The boys, Eddie and Charlie, had a stable home life with two loving parents for the first time in their lives. After school they went to Tim’s parents’ home to do homework and play until their fathers picked them up after work. As they became close to Tim’s parents, Ralph’s mother totally rejected them. She considered her son living with another man was troubling although she never learned or would understand their relationship. Ralph’s dad, Phil Snodgrass, did not agree with his wife, Lilly, and did everything possible to be close to the boys who he considered his grandsons. Once when he called them his grandsons to the face of Lilly she exploded “Those little bastards are no kin of mine or yours. I just don’t know how a Christian man can approve of two men raising those boys. I don’t ever want to hear you say such abominational stuff again.” Actually Ralph’s dad, Phil, was very supportive of their relationship. He suggested that he could baby sit on Thursday evenings when Ralph and Tim went to choir practice. He then offered to cook dinner Thursday evenings for the family. Since he had never cooked or even been allowed in the kitchen except to wash dishes and clean at the beginning his meals consisted of take out or just hamburgers and hot dogs. Eventually he felt comfortable in his son’s kitchen and began planning simple and then more elaborate meals. First he made spaghetti and then lasagna; hamburgers then meat loaf and then post roast. He taught himself to bake cookies and then cakes and to his amazement a pie with a flakey crust. His son and grandsons looked forward to the weekly visits by ‘Grandpa’. Phil began to wonder about the relationship of his son and Tim. Usually he arrived at their home on Thursday before the others arrived from work and school. One week he went especially early and decided to snoop. He knew there were three bedrooms upstairs as he had frequently put the boys to bed. In addition to their room there was a large bedroom with a queen size bed and a small room with a bed, small dresser and nightstand. The only unusual item he found in the large bedroom was a can of Crisco in the nightstand drawer. He could not imagine why it was there. In one of the drawers of the dresser in the large bedroom he found about ten pairs of bikini men’s underwear in a rainbow of colors. There were no other underwear briefs. As he felt the soft material he imagined how it would feel on his body. He was tempted to try a pair on. He felt himself getting hard just thinking about it. Carefully putting everything back in place he closed the drawer. The bed was not made and there were no pajamas on the bed or hanging in the closet. Did the person in this room sleep naked or just in his tiny briefs? He then checked out the small bedroom. He was surprised when he discovered the dresser contained only towels and winter sweaters. The bed was neatly made. When he pulled back the covers the pillow and sheets appeared smooth with no indication that anyone had slept in the bed since it was made. To determine if this bed was used he folded the top sheet in a unique way that would not be noticed. If the sheet was in the same position next week it would indicate his son and Tim slept in the same bed. This thought fascinated him. (The following week the sheets were folded in the same unique way indicating the bed in this room had not been slept in and confirmed his suspicion that his son and Tim slept together either naked or only in tiny briefs.) He heard a car pulling into the drive and hurried down to the kitchen. That night as he laid in bed next to his wife he fantasized about his son and Tim. Although the thoughts were making him hard he had no desire to touch his wife. It had been over ten years since they had done it and when they had it was fast and with no emotion. Years ago his hand gave him more pleasure than his wife and now gave his dick it’s only pleasure. The more he thought about Tim and Ralph the harder he got. He got up and went to the bathroom. With his PJ pants lowered he stood at the sink and placed his hand on his swollen dick. Suddenly he realized he was imagining Tim with his hand around his son’s dick. He soon was shooting his load into the sink. It was the most intense cumming of years if not ever. (Note to reader – in 1965 there were no gay or hetro porn publications. Porn movies, both straight and gay, were not shown until the 1970s.) The following night as he laid in bed with his dick again hard he thought about jerking off. He had not had any strong sexual urges in years. He had been jerking off about once a week, not with any special emotion, just going thru the motions. He wondered why two men slept in the same bed? Did they do anything sexual? If so, what did they do? In high school he had been involved in a couple of jerk-off sessions at church camp. That was the only time he had seen another’s hard dick. How do two men with such sexual desires meet? How did Ralph and Tim discover each other? He wanted to ask his son about this but knew he never would. He now remember sly comments about guys living together. Then he suddenly realized, he wanted to touch another guy’s dick. For five years he thought of other men in a sexual way. His wife’s attitude about life in general and specifically her rejection of their son and grandsons caused him to dislike her more and more as time went by. He considered leaving her but had no specific place to go in life and realized the cost of providing her with alimony would be too expensive. So he just went through the motions of living with her. When Lilly complained about his snoring he with outward reluctance and inside glee he told her he would sleep in the small bedroom that had been Ralph’s. The first night he moved into the new bed he slept naked for the first time in his life. He kept a pair of pajamas and robe nearby just in case he needed to leave the room. As he stood naked in front of the mirror over the dresser he examined his forty-eight year old body. He said to himself, ‘If I lost a few pounds and firmed up my body I would be handsome for my age.’ He decided to go on a diet and start some kind of exercise regimen. He knew his wife had no interest in dieting and would not be willing to change their eating habits. He would just eat less of what she cooked at home and eat extremely healthy lunches. Also he would stop with the candy and junk food he so loved. When he discussed his concern about his health with Ralph and Tim they were fully supportive. Tim suggested he go to the local fitness center. There he could discuss his exercise needs and health plans with a professional trainer. The next day on his lunch hour he visited the Body Shop. This fitness center had a large room with exercise machines and weight lifting equipment. There were men’s and women’s locker rooms. The men’s had lockers, a shower room with four shower heads and a sauna. He arranged to meet with a personal trainer the following day after work. He then made a quick trip to a sporting goods store and bought appropriate gym wear and shoes. When he told his wife that evening that he would be home late the next day as he was going to the gym to no surprise she was not supportive. “Why would you waste your time in a place like that? Don’t you have better things to do than prance around in school boy gym clothes? Don’t expect me to wait for you to eat dinner. You can warm it up when you get home.” He thought to himself, most wives would be happy to support their husband’s health. Going to the gym has an added bonus of not having to sit at the dinner table and listen to your ramblings and complaints. He started a schedule of visiting the gym on Monday, Wednesday and Friday after work. With his Thursday visits to Ralph, Tim and grandsons he only was home at dinner time on Tuesdays. During the first session the trainer started by discussing his goals. He was then given instruction on the use of eight different machines with a warning to take it easy and slowly increase the weight of the exercises. The trainer then had him use an elliptical machine for ten minutes. He suggested this over a treadmill as it would put less stress on his knees. At the completion of his session he went to the locker room. There were four men there in various stages of dress / undress. Nudity did not seem to be an issue so he stripped and walked to the shower area. There were two other men taking showers. Since there were only four shower heads he was standing within three feet (1 m) of another naked man. The furthest guy was about sixty and had a toned body. The man next to him was probably in his thirties and somewhat chubby. As much as he wanted to take a peek, he did not to be caught looking at their dicks. When the older man walked out he caught a quick glimpse of a swinging uncut piece. He returned to the locker area, dressed and went home. He had totally enjoyed being in the exercise area, locker room and showers with other men. He did not bother to heat the meal left out and enjoyed eating the cold dinner alone more than he would have a hot one with his wife. He looked forward to his gym visits. A week later he asked the personal trainer about the health benefits of the sauna. He entered the sauna with a towel wrapped around his waist as he had seen other men do. He sat, sweat and sometimes had conversations. About a month after he had begun his gym routine he was alone in the sauna when another man about his age entered. The two tier benches of the sauna were along two walls. He was sitting on the middle of an upper bench and the newcomer sat on the middle of the upper bench on the other wall. As the newcomer sat he removed his towel and placed it on the hot bench. Phil was sitting on his towel that was wrapped around his waist. The man looked at Phil and smiled. Phil smiled back. As they discussed their workout session the other man continued to look directly at Phil. He had spread his legs fully exposing his soft dick. Phil could not help examining this impressive piece. As they talked the man reached down a nonchalantly scratched his balls. Phil stared with interest and lust. Suddenly Phil realized his dick was getting hard and tenting his towel. The man smiled and looked at Phil’s tent. Phil then realized the other’s dick was starting to rise. The man reached down and gave it one stroke. Phil thought to himself, ‘It is time I did something.’ He spread his legs and let the towel slip to one side. His hard dick was exposed. The man smiled and began stroking himself. Just as Phil decided to join his friend in stroking the door to the sauna opened. Both Phil and his friend closed their legs while pushing down the dicks. Phil immediately deflated and soon got up, wrapped the towel around his waist and went to the shower area. Following a quick shower a flustered Phil returned to his locker and began to dress. The friend came out of the sauna and instead of going to the shower walked up to Phil, “Could I buy you a beer at Smilie’s?” A totally conflicted Phil answered without thought, “Sure. I’ll meet you there in ten minutes.” Phil finished dressing while his friend walked toward the showers. Phil found an L shaped empty booth in the back of the local bar. He had not been there for years and then it had been with a group of fellow workers to celebrate the completion of a project. When he had returned home after having the smell of two beers on his breath he was chastised the entire evening by his wife. His new friend soon arrived and joined Phil in the small L shaped booth, each sitting on one side of the L. After introducing himself he realized his new friend’s knee was pressed against his. The beers arrived and they talked about the usual stuff: wives, work and the Pittsburgh Pirates (baseball team). Al was about Phil’s age. He had been divorced for fifteen years, had a daughter in college and lived alone. Phil did not move his knee away from Al’s. He next felt Al’s hand on his leg. It felt good. This was the first time in years that he had been touched by another person other than the hugs he gave his grandchildren. The hand moved up and was next massaging his growing dick. Al smiled as he said, “You seem happy tonight.” “This is new experience for me. But I can tell you that I do enjoy it.” Phil then told Al about his son’s situation. Then Al asked a strange question. “Do you enjoy fishing? I have an extra rod. You could come by my place on Saturday and I could show you the special secluded place along Oil Creek where the big ones are.” Phil happily agreed to the fishing trip. He realized Lilly would have a fit. She had a list of chores for the weekend posted on the refrigerator. Getting her wrath was a small price to pay for an enjoyable day of fishing and whatever, if anything, would happen. When he arrived home she was so engrossed in watching on TV that she did not realize he was late in returning from the gym. He decided to wait two days until Friday evening to tell her he was going fishing. Friday when he returned from the gym to his cold supper he told her he was going fishing the next day and that the list of chores would have to wait. As expected she exploded, then sulked. Saturday morning he knocked on Al’s door. His friend answered and invited him in for coffee. As Phil sat at the kitchen table Al walked up behind him and placed his hands on Phil’s shoulders. He began massaging them. “You feel tense, assume your wife gave you grief.” “She did, as expected. That sure feels good.” Al leaned forward and was now massaging the chest. “That feels even better.” When Al leaned further and put his hands on Phil’s belt buckle there was no resistance. He unbuckled the belt and unzipped the pants. Al reached into the underwear and touched Phil’s now hard dick. This was the first time anyone had ever touched him. His wife had never touched him with hands and of course not with lips. Al asked, “Why don’t we mess around before we go fishing.” Phil replied, “I have never done anything with another man. I have never done anything with anyone except my wife and that has not happened for years. But I want to. I just do not know what to do.” Al took his hand and he followed his friend to the bedroom. Al unbuttoned Phil’s shirt and removed it and then pulled the T shirt up and off. “Now you do the same to me.” Phil removed Al’s shirt and T shirt. Al kneeled and removed Phil’s shoes and then reached up and lowered the already unbuckled pants. Phil did the same to Al. The two men were now standing facing each other wearing only underwear, Phil in his Fruit of the Loom tighty whities and Al in nylon maroon boxer shorts. Al kneeled and slowly pulled down Phil’s tighty whities. Out popped the hard, now leaking dick. Al examined it and softly stroked it. He then stood and taking Phil’s hand led him to the bed. They laid next to each other. Al moved his face in until their noses were touching. He leaned in further and their lips touched. Al kissed and Phil with years of pent up desires kissed back. Al forced his tongue between Phil’s lips and then probed the inside of his mouth. When Al pulled his tongue out Phil explored Al with his tongue. Meanwhile their dicks were pressed against each other. Al moved his head down kissing Phil’s chest, each nipple, stomach, balls and dick head. Then to the amazement of Phil Al opened his lips and swallowed the virgin dick to its base. Phil felt his juices rise. He unloaded shot after shot into the willing mouth. Al then moved up next to Phil and laying on his back took his dick in hand and soon shot man cream onto his stomach and chest. They just laid there on their backs for a few minutes holding hands. When Al asked Phil if he was OK, the satisfied man replied, “That was amazing. I have never had such strong feelings.” Al replied, “I hope that was the first of many adventures. It’s fishing time. Al went to the bathroom and wiped off his chest and stomach. Then without closing the door he took a long piss. Phil stared at the yellow stream and felt himself getting hard again. He quickly dressed and the two were soon on the road. They parked at a pull off on the road near the river and walked down a path that appeared to be seldom used. Then they continued through underbrush to a very secluded area on the river bank. During the next hour they each caught three fish, four trout and two bass, and then released them as neither wanted to take fish home and clean them. As they fished side by side Al told Phil about his friend of years. His friend was married and the two got together at least once a week, more if possible. Actually the rod in Phil’s hand had been used by his friend. Then after more than ten years of friendship Jay’s plant where he worked closed and he was given the opportunity to relocate to Kansas City. He missed Jay and had not been with another man since he moved nine months ago. About an hour after they had arrived Al announced, “The coffee has gone through me. Need a break. Care to join me?” He then opened his fly and pulled out his impressive cut dick. Phil did the same. As they stood shoulder touching shoulder each let a yellow stream flow. Al reached for Phil’s dick and held it as he pissed. When finished he shook it. “Need to get the last drop off.” He then turned Phil so he could kneel away from the piss spot. He squeezed a final drop out of Phil and swallowed the now almost totally erect piece. Soon Phil was shooting his second load of the day down his friend’s throat. Al stood and took Phil’s hand and placed it around his dick. Phil needed no instruction as he helped his friend finish. “Do you want to fish more or head out for an early lunch?” “Lunch sounds great.” When they returned to Al’s home Phil followed him into the house. Al turned to him, “You really turn me on. I don’t want to sound like an oversexed pervert but I would like some more quality time.” Phil just smiled as his friend led him to the bedroom. Al then told Phil, “I really want to be taken care of in a special way. You are not being forced to do anything you do not want to do.” “I trust you.” Then with a chuckle Phil added, “Teacher.” They were soon naked. Al took some stuff out of the drawer of his nightstand, a small packet and a can of Crisco. Remembering the can of Crisco in his son’s nightstand he wondered what was going to happen. Al kneeled in front of Phil and opened the small packet. He took out a condom and rolled it onto Phil’s dick. This was actually the first time in his life Phil had worn a condom. Then Al opened the can of Crisco and got some on his finger. He then laid on his back with his feet off the side of the bed. Raising his ass he rubbed some Crisco onto his hole. Phil was totally confused as to what was going on. Suddenly it dawned on him. Al wanted his dick up his ass. “Stand between my legs.” Al then raised his legs and placed them on Phil’s shoulder. “Lean in and fuck me.” Phil just did as ordered. He easily shoved his dick into Al who moaned with pleasure. By instinct he pushed in and pulled back. The feeling was amazing. Never had he had such feelings. Being his third event of the day he lasted longer this time. When he cried out that he was cumming Al grabbed his own dick and stroked it to a mutual cumming. To the dismay of Lilly the two became frequent fishing buddies. She was relieved that he did not bring any home as she did not want to have dead fish in her house. What she did not know was that not every fishing trip included a trip to the river and the only rod held was that of the other man. Phil saw an announcement for a Tuesday evening yoga class at the gym. He had an idea and discussed it with Al who supported the concept. That evening at home he told Lilly, “Yoga classes are being offered at the gym on Tuesday evenings. Going to the gym has really made me feel peppier. We could do the yoga together. I understand it is good for both the mind and body.” His wife was incredulous as she raved, “Are you crazy. I have seen yoga on TV. No way would you catch me in public in one of those outfits. I am happy with my mind and body. If you want it you can go by yourself. You’re already gone Monday, Wednesday and Friday at the gym and Thursday at our son’s house. Why don’t you make it a full week?” She had reacted just as Phil expected. He now had the opportunity to go out Tuesday evening, but he never made it to yoga. Tuesday evening became his and Al’s special night. Phil enjoyed cooking, Al did not. Phil planned and cooked tasty healthy meals. The first week he had brought steak, potatoes and fresh broccoli. When he put the potatoes in the oven to bake he said to Al, “It takes almost an hour to bake a potato. What shall we do? We could watch the news on TV.” Al smiled as he took Phil’s hand who with no resistance followed him to the bedroom that day and every future Tuesday. About a month later Al told Phil, “Friends of mine in Jonesville invited me to dinner. When I mentioned I had a met a special guy they told me they wanted to meet you. These are like minded men, if you know what I mean. You probably know the good friend of our host. He is Gene Morton, principal of the school your grandchildren attend. He and Albert, an antique dealer, have been together for over ten years. There will also be another couple there.” Phil told Lilly he and Al were going to the movies in Jonesville to see Mash, a movie that took place during the Korean War, and invited her to join them. Her reaction was totally predicted. “Why would I want to see a war movie? If you must waste your time on such frivolous stuff, so be it. I have better things to do.” Phil thought to himself, ‘Yea, like planting your ass in front of the TV all evening’. Phil told Al he was free for a late evening in Jonesville. He asked about a host gift. Al replied that he was taking a bottle of wine and that a bouquet of flowers would be appreciated by Albert. Phil suggested they stop at the florist shop on their way so the bouquet would be fresh. When they parked near the shop Phil handed Al money and asked him to go into the shop and buy the flowers. “If any of Lilly’s friends saw me in the flower shop buying flowers I would have some very difficult explaining to do.” He had made a good decision because as Al walked out of the shop he met Laura Mouthmaster, the town gossip, who commented on his buying flowers. Luckily she did not see Phil in the car parked on the opposite side of the street. They were greeted at the door by Albert, a portly man in his fifties. As soon as they entered the house he grabbed Al and kissed him on the cheek, “Welcome, and who is this fetching man?” Before Al could reply Albert embraced Phil and planted a kiss on his cheek. He whispered into Phil’s ear, “We have heard good things about you. I am so happy for you both.” Then Phil and the man standing behind Albert spoke simultaneously, “Mr. Morton / Mr. Woods”. “I am Gene to my friends.” “And I am Phil.” The two men had met on a few occasions when Phil had attended events at his grandsons’ school. Gene commented, “We all have our little secrets.” Phil laughed as he replied, “What happens in Jonesville, stays in Jonesville.” They were then introduced to the other couple that include a married acquaintance of Phil’s from church. He was Phil’s age and his partner about ten years younger. The evening was an eye opener to Phil. Never had he imagined just regular guys like himself had the same outlook on life as he. As they drove home he thanked Al for introducing him to such interesting men. He was amazed that the evening with a group of gay guys was similar to an evening with straights. The conversation centered on their jobs, politics, weather, and of course the Pittsburgh Pirates ball team. Phil and Al were now more than just friends with benefits. Al became a regular at the Thursday dinners with Tim, Ralph and the grandsons. The two took the boys fishing and for each of the boy’s birthdays a Pirates game in Pittsburgh with both grandsons. When Tim and David attended the Association of Air Conditioners meeting and seminars in Philadelphia that lasted four days Phil and Al stayed with the boys. Since Tim and Ralph slept in the same bed Al and Phil decided the grandsons would not be surprised if they did. About six months after meeting Al, Phil discussed his situation with his son and Tim late one Thursday evening when they returned from choir practice. His son was not at all surprised when his father told him how for years he had lived a loveless life. He told them his wife, Ralph’s mother, had no interest in anything including travel and sex. The marriage had been broken for years and the only reason he did not leave was because it was easier to stay and also he had no place special to go. He had no interest in pursuing another women. Then he admitted that he became infatuated with the lives of his son and Tim. The he told that when he met Al at the gym they begun a physical relationship. This had grown to more than just sex. His mother did not object to his spending less time at home. Actually she seemed happy with the situation. She complained about his being gone, not because she missed him but because she needed stuff done. She did not dislike Al. He had spent a day a month earlier at the house helping Phil clean gutters and wash all the windows outside. When he volunteered to bring his rototiller over to plow to expand her flower garden she actually was pleasant and had invited him to stay for lunch. “I assume you and Tim are in some sort of a man to man relationship. It is probably similar to what Al and I have. Life certainly takes strange turns.” Ralph got up and walked over to his sitting father. Phil stood and Tim joined in as the three men embraced. Three months later following their usual Thursday evening dinner Phil was told to stay at the table while the grandsons cleared the table. He heard some commotion in the kitchen. Then the door from the kitchen opened and Eddie entered the dining room carrying a cake covered with burning birthday candles. Charlie followed carrying wrapped gifts. Phil had a difficult time keeping the tears back as the others sang ‘Happy Birthday’. With Lilly his birthday was ignored or if he was lucky she gave him a card. This was the first birthday party in his honor in many years. The boys eagerly watched as he opened their gifts, fishing gear including lures. After the grandson’s went to bed Tim and Al left the room returning with wrapped gifts. Tim chuckled as he stated, “We are not sure the boys would understand these gifts.” Phil burst out laughing as he opened it. All cheered as he displayed ten pairs of brief underwear identical to the ones he had found years earlier in Tim and Ralph’s dresser. There were two each of red, black, violet, light green and light blue bikinis. With a smile Ralph stated, “We got you matching pairs in case you want to share with Al. Are we going to see you model them?” Phil replied, “I’ll save that act for Al’s pleasure. He can give an oral report of the visual results.” Al’s gift was a selection of massage oils in fun flavors: woodsie, citrus, tropical and musk. Tim examined the bottles, “Could we borrow one of these? It might be helpful for my sore leg.” Phil with a serious expression, “Are you going to give us old guys a demonstration of how to use them?” With a twinkle his son replied, “We will give an oral report of the visual results.” Three years later Lilly’s brother-in-law died. Her sister, Rose, like Lilly had never developed a life of her own. She depended totally on her now deceased husband for both social and financial support. She would have to sell the house and live on the proceeds of its sale, as well as the proceeds of a small life insurance policy and a minimal pension. Lilly was concerned that her sister would not be able to support herself. She mentioned frequently that Rose would need a cheap place to live. Phil had an idea and discussed it with Al. The plan was that Phil would stay married, especially since his wife needed his medical benefits, and move in with Al. Rose then could move in with Lilly. They decided it would be best that Phil not make the suggestion. They wanted it to appear as if it were Lilly’s and Rose’s idea. One of the rare evenings that Phil was home as Lilly discussed her sister’s plight Phil said, “What do you think we should do with the third bedroom? Right now it is just a storage room and a place for your sewing machine.” Lilly replied, “I was thinking of asking Rose if she wanted to move into that room.” Phil continued, “That room is really tiny and the closet holds almost nothing. I do not believe she would be comfortable there. Also, it would be challenging for the three of us to share our one small bathroom. Maybe there is a solution. She could have my bedroom. Al has mentioned that he might rent out a room. He certainly has more space than we do. I will ask him if he would be willing to take in a tenant.” Lilly: “He seems to be a nice man. If he is willing it would certainly make life for poor Rose better.” That weekend Phil and Al rented a U-Haul truck and with the help of Tim, Ralph and the boys they moved Rose’s furniture to either her new home with Lilly, to Phil’s new home, to a rented self-storage place and the remainder to the Goodwill Donation Center. They also moved all Phil’s personal belongings to his new home. As tired as they were from the move Phil and Al spent a good part of the first night together celebrating their living together. The relationship between Lilly and Phil greatly improved after he moved out. He continued to take care of the yard and do all necessary repairs and maintenance, usually with the help of Al. He stopped attending the fake Tuesday evening yoga classes that he had never actually attended. Wednesday evenings he and Al were invited to dinner with Lilly and Rose. Rose, an accomplished cook, went out of her way to prepare a special dinner for the men. About five years after she had left her sons with Tim and Ralph they received a letter from Mary. She explained that the hardest thing she had even done was to leave her sons. She was afraid that the boys’ father, Hank the bully, might return and continue to abuse them and forcibly get her pregnant again. When she had been pregnant he made no attempt to hide the fact that he was out every night getting all the pussy he wanted. Living with her mother, the boys’ grandmother, was difficult and a terrible environment for the boys. Grandmother had a constant assortment of various men in her life, some of whom provided short term financial support in exchange for sex. More than once the boys who were less than seven years old had seen grandma playing grownup games with the bedroom door left open. Since giving up her sons Mary had been in continuous contact with her friend, Loretta, and knew the boys were in school, doing well, and involved in activities such as Little League baseball. She then told about her life. She had moved in with a cousin in Cincinnati, Ohio. She first worked at a low paid position as a grocery store clerk and stockperson. She attended secretarial school and was able to get a better position. She met Flynn and they had been married for six months. He worked at the Proctor and Gamble factory. They had a small apartment and were saving to buy a house. He knew all about her past. She hoped they would soon have children. She also wanted to see her sons but thought that should wait until the boys were mature enough to understand why she did what she did. A few years later when Charlie was 16 and Eddie 17 Mary visited with her husband and daughter. Ralph and Tim prepared the boys for the meeting. They discussed the boys’ lives prior to their mother’s disappearance. Neither remembered their abusive father as he had disappeared shortly after Charlie’s birth when Eddie was just one year old. They both did remembered the terror of living with their grandmother. Frequently her men friends would tease or even beat the boys for just being boys or because they had spied through the open door as grandma played her adult games. They also remembered being hungry and missing school just because no one was able to get them there on days their mother was at work. After reconnecting with their mother. They began exchanging gifts at Christmas and birthdays. Mary returned for special events such as high school graduation, university graduation and sat with her boy’s adopted fathers at their weddings. The boys wanted to do something to prove their love and thanks for the sacrifice she made to give them stable lives. For her 50th birthday they planned a special gift. The boys were now 30 and 31, happily married with children and employed in the family business. They contacted their mother’s husband and he agreed to the gift. The boys, their families and dads traveled to Cincinnati for a long weekend to celebrate Mary’s birthday. She was overcome with emotion when she opened the small box that contained tickets for her and her husband for a Caribbean cruise. She truly knew that her sons were thanking her for changing the lives of two little boys when they were six and seven. Today, 2020: The boys are both married. Eddie is the father of two sons and Charlie a son and daughter. The boys stayed in the area after graduation from university. Eddie has taken over management of the family business at its original location from his fathers while Charlie manages a second location of the business in Jonesville. The family business is now one of the largest electrical, plumbing, heating and air conditioning contractors in northwest Pennsylvania. Ralph at age 79 and Tim 86 still live in the little house they had shared for fifty-seven years. Grandpa (Phil) and Al lived happily together until Al’s passing at age seventy–two. Phil’s wife had died three years earlier and Rose remained in the house. After Al’s death Phil moved in with his sister-in-law. Rose, unlike her sister, was a loving aunt. She enjoyed being with her nephew, Ralph, as well as Tim and the boys and then the families of the boys. She and Phil remained in the house with frequent visits by all the family until both passed away in their late eighties.
  14. Peter Thomas (PT) Smith & David Winkler In 1964 Louise Smith and her four month old baby, Peter Thomas (PT), visited Uncle Will in Seville, Ohio. Her friend, Rachel Winkler, stopped by with her baby, David. Both baby boys were fussy and crying. The mothers decided to but PT and David in the same crib so they could cry together. As soon as the babies were together both stopped crying and both smiled. Fifty-six years later the babies / boys / men are still together, both smiling. (Review of Chapter 39) In the 1980’s following high school graduation PT entered Ohio State and David worked on his father’s farm. They met the Gunthries, Darren, Ji, his wife and their two sons: Tommy and Josh. Darren had met his wife, Ji, when we served in the US Army in Korea. Following Darren’s service in the army the family moved to Kentucky near Darren’s parents. When his drunken and abusive father attempted to rape Ji Darren moved his family to Ohio where he accepted the position of managing a farm for an elderly couple. Following his tragic death in a highway accident Ji, a Korean woman, was left with two children. With the help of Uncle Will, PT and David purchased the farm and invited Ji and sons to continue to live there. Soon after Becky was born. Ji did not realize she was pregnant at the time of Daren’s death. David and PT were now substitute fathers to Tommy, Josh and Becky. Two years later Ji was diagnosed with inoperable pancreatic cancer. While she wanted PT and David to raise her children they all realized it would be impossible for two young men to adopt two boys and a two year old girl. Then Rachel, David’s mother, suggested one of the men marry Ji. When she passed on her husband would be the legal father. At Ji’s death in 1988 David and PT became the fathers of nine year old Tommy, seven year old Josh and two year old Becky. They were very involved in their children’s lives. When the boys joined Cub Scouts and later Boy Scouts both were active in the organizations. Athletic David volunteered to be assistant Basketball and Baseball coaches in both middle and high school. PT arranged field trips to the Ohio State Agriculture center in Wooster for a class of each of his children. The family attended church every Sunday. David was a Sunday school teacher and both helped chaperone school and church events. However, although they were respected in the community they assumed there were some who questioned the propriety of these two men who lived together being involved with children and young adults, especially boys. They were careful to never be the only adult with boys and young men. Whenever they coached or chaperoned there was always another adult present. When Tommy turned eleven they decided to have ‘the talk’. Having done some research they determined this was not necessarily too soon. They wanted their children to think of sex as something natural, not something they should hide. With the suggestion of the school librarian, a member of their church, they ordered two books about sex directed to boys the age of Tommy. They discussed masturbation as something all boys and men did for pleasure. They discussed the various words used for it such as jack off or jerk off, beat the meat, wank or whatever the current slang term might be. They told Tommy that when he started to turn into a man white stuff would come out. It could happen soon or not for a couple of years. When it did happen they told him they would have another talk with him. This time about the responsibilities of a man. They also discussed touching warning him that no one should ever touch him anyplace especially the area covered by a bathing suit. While up to this point the conversation had been relaxed and friendly they told Tommy that if an older person ever tried to touch him he should ‘just say no’ and immediately tell one of his dads about it. They gave him the books and told them to ask them any questions he might have. He could ask now, tomorrow, next week or next year. During their discussion the three ate and drank Tommy’s favorites, cherry vanilla ice cream and Dr. Pepper pop (soft drink). While Tommy seemed interested and not embarrassed he never returned with questions, which was not a surprise. The two fathers had never initiated conversations with their own fathers about sex. Two years later when they asked Tommy for the books so they could discuss growing up with Josh he replied, “Already showed the books to Josh. He knows all about jerking off.” Their discussion with Josh was a little different since his brother had told him all about stuff. A few years later they had a similar discussion with Becky. Without going into much detail they discussed menstruation telling Becky that when it happened she was no longer their little girl but was turning into a young lady. When it did happen she should immediately tell Grandmother Winkler who as a woman knew what she should do. They also gave her the warning about being touched as well as two books directed to girls about sex and maturity. Not only were all of their children good students, the boys were handsome and Becky beautiful. Their father, Darren, was a tall handsome Kentucky farmer and mother, Ji, a beautiful Korean woman. The Asian features inherited from their mother blended perfectly with the Kentucky farmer. The dads were somewhat confused as how to react to Becky’s popularity in high school as neither had pursued girls but were well aware their friends in high school were obsessed with the opposite sex and yearning to get laid. Upon graduation from high school (Tommy 1997, Josh 1999, Becky 2004) all went on to college. Both Tommy and Josh planned to be farmers like their dads and biological dad, Darren, while Becky wasn’t sure what she wanted to do. The boys both entered the School of Agriculture at Ohio State as had Dad PT and Becky chose to attend The College of Wooster. While Wooster was only a thirty minute drive to the south they rarely saw their daughter as she became involved in campus life. Upon graduation from Ohio State Tommy returned home and eventually took over his Grandfather Winkler’s farm. A year after graduation he married a local girl and they had two sons, Darren and David. While Josh enjoyed the concept of agriculture he was more interested in research than actual farm work. He continued at Ohio State eventually earning a PhD and then a researcher’s position at OARDC – Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center in Wooster. He married and had a son and a daughter. Rebecca, Becky, married immediately after college graduation. She and her husband, Cal, moved to Cleveland where he attended the Marshall College of Law at Cleveland State University while Becky taught third grade. After law school he accepted a position with a Cleveland law firm. The family that soon included a son and a daughter bought a home in North Royalton, a Cleveland suburb thirty minutes from David and PT. The timeline of the story now moves back a few years - One cold Saturday evening in December 2008 David was surprised when he returned from an afternoon of visiting Josh at the research center in Wooster and found the house dark. He saw a flickering of light coming from the dining room. The table of the candle lite dining room was set with the rarely used Wedgewood fine china they had inherited from the previous owner of their farm house. There was a bouquet of flowers on the table. PT came out of the kitchen dressed in his tight sexy clean Levis and a form fitting flannel shirt that emphasized his macho chest. David tingled at the sight of his forty-four year old hunky partner. “I thought I would give my man a special dinner. Why don’t you wash off the agriculture muck from the research center while I put the meal on the table?” David went upstairs, took a quick shower and dressed in his special Levis and shirt. As he entered to the candle lite dining room he saw his favorite, roast beef and trimmings on the table. PT was pouring wine into the inherited Waterford glasses, possibly the first the time they had ever been used. As they discussed David’s visit with Josh at the research center David had the feeling that something was not right. The fancy dinner and the abstract way his love talked to him seemed strange. PT insisted that David remain seated while he cleared the table and brought out dessert. When PT brought out the hot elderberry pie David’s mother had made and frozen last summer David almost cried. Life was perfect with roast beef, elderberry pie and his PT. PT placed the pie, a contained of vanilla ice cream and the pie plates on the table. He then walked over to David’s chair and kneeled. The looking up into the eyes of the man he had loved all these years he said, “David, Will you marry me?” “What do you mean marry you? I love you, but two guys cannot marry!” PT softly replied, “Yes they can. Effective last month (November 12, 2008) same-sex marriage is legally recognized in the State of Connecticut. We can go to Connecticut and become man and man / husband and husband. Although gay marriages have been legal only four weeks already hundreds of couples from all over the country have been legally married in Connecticut. We can go there early next year during slow season here on the farm.” David looked down at his love and replied, “I will marry you on one condition.” “What’s that?” “That we start the Honeymoon tonight.” Although elderberry pie was his favorite it was not eaten that evening. David had other favorite things to do other than pie. They enjoyed it with breakfast in bed the following morning. When Josh and his wife stopped by after church to find out why the Dads had not attended the service David put on a robe over his naked body and went downstairs and told them, “PT and I must have gotten food poisoning. We were up most the night (that was true) but are feeling better now. We’re just going to take it easy today.” Wedding plans were the main discussion during Christmas season. The three children, their spouses and children, Becky’s boyfriend, Cal, planned to attend as did David’s and PT parents as well as Uncle Tom and Aunt Ann (what they called Tom and Ann). They chose the second weekend of March so Becky who was in her senior year at College of Wooster would be on spring break from classes. PT went on line and planned the event. They found an inn in Litchfield County Connecticut that would provide an entire wedding package: rooms, dinner, cake, wedding service in the great room and most important a justice of the peace to perform the service. The reaction of their friends was positive. Not everyone at their small country church gave them their blessing. About half the parishioners greeted the news with smiles and genuine congratulations. They were aware that some thought it was immoral and a sham on the sanctity of marriage. A few who they considered as real friends were obviously shunning them. The pastor asked if he could stop by one afternoon the week before Christmas. David and PT hoped he was coming to give his blessing. They feared he might ask them to stop attending the church. He had always been friendly and gratefully accepted their contribution of time both as Sunday school teacher and work on building and yard maintenance. Pastor Mike smiled as he greeted the men in their home. “I just want you to know that I fully support your union. I am sure you have noted there are some in the church that do not approve and many that do. While the Church will not accept you as a married couple, I will accept you as two men who are committed to each other and should be treated with the dignity of a married couple. I wish I could give you a formal blessing but the hierarchy of the Church does not permit me as a pastor to do it. But as a man I will do it. Could we please stand and pray.” As David and PT stood Pastor Mike wrapped his arms around them and said a prayer, not as an official minister of the Church but as a friend. David and PT had tears of joy as they felt the love of this man of God. Litchfield County was as beautiful as it had appeared on line. They were amazed that this area only an hour and half from New York City was tranquil and picturesque. As farmers they appreciated the beauty of the farms in the rolling hills. The inn where all stayed had been built in the 1700s and then expanded over the years. The parlor where their intimate wedding would take place was in the oldest part of the sprawling building. The large fireplace and antique furniture added to the charm. Someone wanting the luxuries of life would not stay there, someone who enjoyed culture and history would. All the rooms had four poster queen size beds, antique appearing furniture and private bathrooms. When daughter Becky had asked that one room with a double bed be reserved for her and Cal the fathers made the arrangements with no comment. They realized it would be hypocritical of them to lecture her on morals as they remembered what they were doing at her age and much younger. The sixteen guests (including the grandchildren of David and PT) and the two grooms filled the parlor. Tommy and Josh, stood with their fathers while the justice of the peace conducted the service. Becky, accompanied by her boyfriend playing a somewhat out of tune piano sang Whitney Houston’s classic, ”I Wanna Dance With Somebody Who Loves Me” at the beginning of the service and “Best of My Love” by the Emotions immediately after the officiant announced the two as husband and husband. The parents of the newlyweds hosted the wedding dinner in a private dining room of the inn. That night all of the guests enjoyed the love of their partners. David’s parents, Rachel and Paul, were as in love as they had been in their teenage years when they began their physical relationship using the farmhouse then owned by Sean (Boys of the 1950s – Chapter 8). Of course Tom and Peter were in one room while their wives Louise and Ann had their room. The sons, Tommy and Josh with their wives had a less active night than the others as they shared rooms with their young children. While Becky was not the biological daughter of PT and David she had inherited their love of men. She skillfully rolled a Trojan Magnum BareSkin condom on her love’s cut, steel hard piece as all the other couples were enjoying their partners in the historic rooms. The following morning no one suggested going to church. The newlyweds’ fathers planned to visit Foxwood Casino and walk on beaches of Long Island Sound. While Peter, Tom and Paul were not gamblers they wanted to see the splendor of the then largest casino in the world outside of China. The mothers, Ann, Louise and Rachel, planned a day of culture with visits to the Mark Twain House and Wadsworth Atheneum Museum in Hartford, the oldest continually operating public art museum in the United State. The sons of the newlyweds, Tommy and Josh, decided their families with small children needed to visit someplace where the little ones could have fun following the long drive from Ohio and then a day of wedding events. The two families visited the newly opened (but closed in 2018) Coco Key Waterpark in nearby Waterbury. Becky and her athletic boyfriend planned a day hike on the section of the Appalachian Trail that cuts through the northwest corner of Connecticut. Cal as always carried Trojan Magnum BareSkins. Knowing Becky as he did and had known since their freshman year he was not disappointed when she followed him into a clump of bushes off the trail for outdoor activity. The newlyweds told a half truth when they said they planned to explore the rural countryside with its farms and quaint small towns. What they failed to mention was that after a search on the Squirt.org website they discovered a number of video stores with backrooms of booths for viewing and whatever. The many comments indicated an interesting array of men and activities were available. The four nearest places were within a ten to thirty minute drive from the inn. The place they chose based on the many comments was not a disappointment. Being two handsome, rugged farmers in their mid-forties the two were pursued by an array of men of all ages and bodily descriptions. They only wanted to observe not participate. They agreed there would be no lips below the hips by themselves or any of the men they met. They did have an enjoyable time with their hands and the hands of others exploring their bodies. Watching fucking and sucking by others was entertaining. That evening all shared their adventures (except for the romp in the bushes and visit to the video store) over dinner at the inn. That spring following Becky’s graduation PT and David happily attended the wedding of their daughter. The couple moved to Cleveland where Cal entered Law school. Within a year PT and David were again grandparents. Ten years later: Of all of their grandchildren PT and David felt closest to Darren, the oldest son of Tommy. At the age of fifteen in 2018 he was the obvious envy of the girls in his church group and high school. Both PT and David as well as Tommy were concerned that this handsome, blond blue eyed (features inherited from his mother) tall, muscular Adonis would succumb to the charms of the girls swooning over him. They were relieved that he never had a steady girlfriend. Tommy had discussed life with his son that included the use of condoms. Darren was outstanding in both classes and athletics at high school being a straight A student and on both the basketball and baseball teams. When not studying, playing sports or hanging out with his friends he worked on the family farm and almost weekly helped his grandfathers on their farm. Riding his bike between the farms further developed his muscular legs. One summer the three, Darren and his grandfathers, were eating dinner prepared by David. That evening the conversation centered on a new variety of soybeans recommended in a recent issue of the Farm Bureau newsletter. Both PT and David noticed that their grandson was unusually reserved during their discussion. Generally he was the guy that brought up and supported new products and concepts. There was a lull in the conversation. Darren then spoke, “Grandpas, I have something important to say. I think I am gay.” While PT and David did not flaunt their sexuality and did not fly a rainbow flag they had never made an attempt to hide it. Darren knew his grandpas slept in the same bed and occasionally had witnessed a display of affection between the two such as a quick kiss, ass pat or hand holding. PT spoke, “You said ‘you think you are gay’. I am positive that by the age of fifteen you know. what you are. If when fantasizing about sex you think about boys more than girls you are probably gay and if you think only about boys you are gay. David and I knew we were gay when we were much younger than you are now. The life of a gay boy can be as fulfilling as that of a straight guy. David and I have a wonderful life that we would not want to change. Your great grandfather, Peter, found his man when he was in his senior year of high school. I assume you know that my father, your great grandfather, and Tom have been lovers for over fifty years as has my mother, your great grandmother, and Ann until she passed away recently had been lovers for as many years. My advice is ‘Don’t flaunt it and don’t hide it’. Just be yourself. Your friends will accept you. Anyone who does not is not a friend so who cares. Have you officially come out to your parents?” Darren replied that he had not. “Well then, I suggest you do so. They might have figured it out and are waiting for your announcement. Since your dad was raised by two gay guys and your mother married knowing she had gay fathers-in-law I know they will fully accept you for who you are. Soon we need to have a serious talk about gay sex. I assume that at your age you frequently think about sex. If not we would be surprised. While we am not going to pry into your sex life we are also not going to share the details of ours. But I will say one thing, when I was your age my hand was very busy.” “I suggest you get some books about teenage gay life. Let’s go to the computer and check out what is available.” The three sat at David’s lap top and entered ‘teen gay sex’ in the book category on Amazon. They were all amazed at the number of books available. After reading descriptions Darren selected two: LGBTQ: ‘The survival Guide for Lesbian, Gay, Bixexual, Transgender, and Questioning Teens’ and also ‘Queer, The Ultimate LGBTQ Guide for Teens.’ David ordered the books with delivery to his home so Darren could study them before coming out to anyone else. Two days later Darren was in his room with one of the books in one hand and his dick in the other doing what teenage boys do. A week later he came out to his parents who had suspected his orientation. There was no drama, just love. Two years later in January of 2020 PT texted his grandson asking if he could come by Saturday morning and help move some equipment in the barn. Darren arrived with a friend who he introduced as Nick. While the four moved the equipment PT and David learned Nick was a senior in Darren’s high school class. Also he was the starting quarterback on the football team. The boys discussed their future, going to Ohio State and both majoring in agriculture. From their body language it appeared the boys were more than just friends. When Nick and David went to the house to find some tools PT commented to Darren, “It appears you are following the path of your great-grandfather, Peter, by finding a quarterback in your senior year.” Darren just blushed, smiled and made no comment.
  15. Dear Reader – Over five years ago I decided to write my first fiction article. What I thought would be a short story just kept growing eventually into three books (150 chapters, over 700,000 words when completed). The Boy’s Trilogy is winding down – there will be a few more chapters to tie up loose ends. Tomas (Tom) Kowalski and Peter Smith met by chance (or was it planned by Tom?) in the fall of 1955. Sixty-five years later at the age of 81 they are as smitten with each other as they were back in high school. The character, Peter Smith, is loosely (very loosely) based on myself. Same height, weight and a nerd personality. While my grades were good I was nowhere near being salutatorian of my high school class. The location of Tom and Peter’s fictional suburb south of Cleveland, Pleasant Valley, is in the same area as my home town. Unlike Peter, I did not find Mr. Right in high school. The sexual escapades of Peter, Tom and friends were based 99% on fantasy. An accurate autobiography of myself would not be as interesting as the story of the ‘Boys’. My travels in Russia and Poland were the inspiration for the second book in the Trilogy, Russia My Home. Since 1997 I have visited Russia ten times (with each visit averaging over 30 days). Twice I have visited Irkutsk in Siberia, once with a Russian friend and once traveling alone. This is the city where Vlad found his former teacher / mentor / lover. From 1992 until recently I lived in Poland most years for a month. There I was based in Wrocław (Vra-swaf). This city was Breslau, Germany prior to World War II, the city that Franz (Vlad’s teacher) escaped to after his interlude with the teenage son of a Nazi official. You might wonder why a guy who is neither Russian nor Polish visits these countries. I was an accountant by profession – which many would say ‘so boring’. Early in my career I left my job with a large international accounting firm in their New York office and accepted a teaching position at a small two year college and eventually moved on to a large university. After the fall of the Berlin Wall I got involved in management training in Poland, Russia, Ukraine, and Republic of Georgia as well as Sicily. I have made good friends in Poland and Russia and visited frequently after the training programs ended. I would gladly share more of my adventures with you. You may contact me at tallguyct@hotmail.com Also you may check me out on silverdaddies.com. My name there is also tallguyct – profile number 2255167. Fact of interest – The boys names – Tom Kowalski and Peter Smith. In Polish kowalski means smith. Apparently both boys are descendants of hunky, hot blacksmiths, Tom’s in Poland and Peter’s in England. Peter, Tom and later, Vlad, had friendships and adventures with numerous boys and men. In these final chapters the lives of many of these men will be updated. Vladimir (Vlad) Melnikov & Aiden Hudson Vlad (Vladek in Russia) was the main character of the second book, Russia My Home. He eventually moved to the USA and settled in Cleveland as a professor of Political Science. In 1966 Aiden Hudson, a graduate of the University of Georgia, moved to Cleveland to continue his education in a PhD program. He met Vlad and the two roommates became lovers and lifetime partners. At their meeting Vlad was 46 and Aiden 24. Over the next 40 years their age difference was not a hindrance as their unyielding love grew. The last mention of Vlad and Aiden was 1993 when Carson and Kyle rented an apartment in their building. At that time, Vlad was 73 and had retired from his teaching position. The previous year he had visited Russia for the first time since his escape at the end of World War II. He had found his aged father still living in the same apartment of fifty years earlier and reconnected with his brother and his family. For the next ten years Vlad returned to Russia every year for at least a month. Usually Aiden would accompany him for all or a portion of the visit. In June of 1995 Vlad visited St. Petersburg while in Russia. He picked up a copy of The St Petersburg Times, a twice weekly English language free newspaper, at a super market. There was a listing of meetings such as Rotary Club, Church services in English, lectures in English and a meeting of Wings (a gay organization) to discuss the book Cracks in the Iron Curtain. This intrigued Vlad as he had recently read this book about gay life in the Soviet Union. With some difficulty he found the location of the group. There were about ten men and the discussion leader Alexander (Sasha) Kukharsky. Following the interesting discussion Vlad, Sasha and some of the others visited a coffee house where gays felt comfortable. Vlad learned that Sasha was a gay rights activist in the Soviet Union, a somewhat perilous activity. Sasha invited Vlad to visit the gay beach on the Bay of Finland, about an hour north of the city by the electric (what Russians call commuter trains). The following Sunday Vlad met Sasha at Finland Station (the same station where Vladimir Lenin staged a triumphant return to his home country in 1917 which was considered the beginning of the Russian Revolution). An hour later they got off the train and began a forty minute walk to the gay section of the sandy beach. Upon arrival they spread their blankets, got naked and enjoyed the scenery of more than a hundred men of all ages and bodies shapes. At the suggestion of Sasha, Vlad took a walk in the bushes that were in some areas taller than him. The various paths led to secluded areas. At a path that led to a dead end Vlad met an interesting looking man that appeared to be in his forties. The older Vlad, handsome and well built for his age, smiled at the man who smiled back. Touching each other they were soon in an embraced with hard dick pressed against hard dick. Within five minutes each had tasted the cream of the other and went on their way. No words had been spoken. About thirty minutes later the same man appeared and began talking to Sasha. The man had been a student of Sasha, a retired professor of physics. Sasha introduced Igor to Vlad. Igor sat on the blanket and their conversation turned into a lifetime friendship. A week later Aiden arrived to be with Vlad his final two weeks in Russia that visit. Igor invited Vlad and Aiden to his dacha for the weekend. Prior to the Russian Revolution Igor’s great grandparents had owned a retail business. As business owners they were considered capitalists. Their business and apartment in the city were confiscated by the Bolsheviks. They were sent to Siberia for two years of punishment. Upon returning they were forced to live in their dacha in the country north of Leningrad (St Petersburg). The dacha was actually a very large house. Over the years it had been divided among the descendants. Today Igor’s mother owns three rooms and other family members the remainder. Although today (year 2020) those three rooms lack access to running water or indoor plumbing Igor’s mother spends her summers there as she has most of her life. There are large gardens around the dacha planted with flowers, berries, fruit trees and vegetables. On future visits Vlad and Aiden would stay with Igor and his partner of over twenty-five years at their apartment in the city and frequently visit the dacha. While Vlad and Aiden were now in a relationship of thirty years they did occasionally enjoy brief encounters of the best kind with others. Thanks to Igor and his partner Aiden learned to love more than just the taste of delicious Russian food. The following year at the suggestion Igor Vlad visited the Yamskie Banya (bathhouse). This banya claims to be the oldest bath house in St Petersburg. It had been frequented by Dostoevsky and Lenin. However, Vlad did not visit it for historic reasons. The layout was similar to other bathhouses Vlad had visited with an interesting addition. It had the usual room with lockers, large shower area and hot sauna type room where naked men sat on benches and some swatted each other with birch branches. The special addition was a door at the back of the hot room. It lead to a short hall. In the hall to the left was a door to a dark room about six feet by six feet (2m X 2m). In the pitch black room men would wait for others. There was groping, mutual jerking off and some on their knees sucking. At the end of the short hall leading from the hot room was a door that opened to a stairway that led to the attic of the four story building (the banya was on the third floor). Men naked or just wearing a towel stood on the dimly lit stairs and landings. Brief friendships were made and consummated on the stairs or two men would go hand in hand to the attic for a somewhat private encounter. On Vlad’s first visit while standing on the landing one flight up from the banya he was next to a tall, thin young man probably in his early twenties. Being 75 Vlad did not believe this man would have an interest in him. But, why was he standing so close? Vlad took a step to the right and their arms touched. The young man did not move away. Vlad took his hand. The young man did not resist. Vlad reached with his other hand and caressed his chest. The young man did not protest. Soon he was on his knees worshiping the small young dick. The young man reached down and pulled Vlad to a standing position. He then took Vlad’s hand and led him to the attic. The stranger let Vlad know what he wanted. The ever prepared mature man took a condom and packet of lube out of the small drawstring bag he was carrying. The younger leaned over and Vlad moved in. Following their coupling they returned to the shower room and scrubbed each other in a nonsexual way, the way other men, including straights, did. Following a brief conversation Vlad suggested they go to a nearby coffee house. He learned that the young man was a medical student in St Petersburg from Kazakhstan. When he would return to his home at the completion of his studies in six months he would marry the girl approved by his family. Vlad invited his new friend to visit him at the apartment of Igor. When Vlad learned his friend had studied ballet he invited him to attend performances at the Mariinsky (formerly Kirov) Theater which is considered the foremost ballet theater is Russia. The Bolshoi in Moscow is bigger but not necessarily better – the word bolshi in Russian means ‘big’ (At McDonalds if you want a large milk shake you ask for a bolshi one.) - (Unfortunately the door to the back hall is now locked – no more fun on the stairs and attic.) (The above adventures at the gay beach and banya are based on escapades I or close friends had in St Petersburg.) Within six months of Vlad’s return from Russia he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. Two years later following numerous treatments he died in the arms of his Aiden. Aiden continued to live in the apartment in the building he had inherited from Vlad. He continued to teach until his retirement ten years later. The fall following his retirement he visited Russia as he had done about every two years. He and Igor took a two week tour of Siberia. They flew to Irkutsk (one of the largest cities in Siberia with a population of about 500,000) and, visited Lake Baikal. This pristine lake in central Siberia is the largest lake in the world by volume holding 20% of the world’s fresh water being over a mile deep. They continued by train east to Ulan Ude near the Mongolian border and then flew to the north end of Baikal for another visit to this beautiful lake and the surrounding forests. They then traveled west by train to the historic city of Tobolsk, then a day long bus trip to Shadrinsk. In this small city they stayed with the mother of Igor’s partner. Then an all-day bus to Chelyabinsk and an overnight train to Samara. There they visited a friend of Igor. They were then offered a ride by automobile to Moscow (16 hours, 1,060 km, 660 miles). Note – This is a summary of the trip I took with my St Petersburg friend in 2007. During this trip we stayed in private homes about half the time. We had enjoyable encounters with men Igor had met through silverdaddies and a similar Russian site. If you want the full summary of that adventure or if you want to contact Igor send me a message at tallguyct@hotmail.com or my account at silverdaddies.com profile number 2255167. During the summer Joshua Winkler (grandson of Peter Smith / son of PT Smith and David Winkler) stayed with Aiden during a three month internship at Cleveland Botanical Garden when he was a student of agriculture at Ohio State University. Living with gay Aiden was not problematic for straight Joshua as both his dads and his grandfather were gay. Today, Year 2020, Aiden continues to live in the same apartment. At age 77 he keeps himself young my surrounding himself with younger men. He attends meetings of the gay organization at the nearby university and usually rents one or two rooms in his apartment to gay students. At Thanksgiving he invites gay students who are unable to return home or do not want to return home for the holiday for a traditional dinner. When Peter and Tom visit Cleveland they stay with Aiden. If students are also staying there at the time they share Aiden’s king size bed in the master bedroom. He is planning to visit his friends in Russia in June 2020
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