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  1. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 41

    So, some closure and information about Grandma CC. Being familiar with breast cancer, it can be quite rapid which gives little time for goodbyes. Now that CC has moved on to a different 'astral plane' she might not be able to appear, other than in Tristan's dreams ( which may comfort him). Now Hunter is stressed out, and...? Where's 41 - 45? + 😑 + 🎯 = πŸ’£
  2. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 40

    So, you tell us (loyal readers) "...no one ever really dies..."? * And yet Hunter talks with his Great-Grandma Jillian and Grandpa Tristan who said, "she wasn't in spirit form but passed away", (meaning she can't come back in 'spirit form' or be otherwise reconstituted). On top of which Tristan (elder) spoke with CC and she was aware of a coming bomb and told him to keep Tristan (younger) safe? Any statement* you'd like to recant? πŸ€” And what else transpired during Tristan's 90-day coma? Inquiring minds want to know...soon. πŸ‘€πŸ˜­
  3. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 38

    Ok AG, This cliffhanger has all the earmarks of a funeral. While you've repeatedly said "No ones ever really dies in (my) stories", I do recall some people who have died, been killed off etc. Eventually, through shifts in space, time, alternate realities, some (not all so far) reappear. So, is this your version of Ebenezer Scrooge seeing a glimpse of 'possible' futures, or are you just throwing a stick into the bicycle spokes to see what happens? 😳 πŸ˜•
  4. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 37

    As much as I'd like to help, (offering my skills such as they are), I'm in the midst of trying to challenge my late Great-Aunt's estate, which over the last 11 years has become the basics for a story unto itself. My Great-Grandfather's daughter, (ergo my Dad's niece), died in UK in 2009 with No Will, No children (in UK-speak aka 'issue'), leaving about $240K. Under UK law they have to go back up family tree to her common paternal (thanks to UK Primogeniture rules) grandfather to determine heirs. My dad was one of 3 surviving heirs who also had children. Unfortunately greedy and unscrupulous UK lawyers tried to 'game the system' and enrich themselves, friends and cohorts. Longer story shortened, I found out by mis-receiving an email and the hunt began. But COVID intervened, I can't fly to UK (from Canada, OR enter US, my late Mom's family from Maine, to fly from there) to handle directly, so long-distance legal battles ensued ( not pun intended). Anyway, getting back to your finding a sympatico editor, I could just pass along any errors or oops' I find in case you're thinking of re-writes, but not before Sept. By the way, any suggestions I would make are done by DM and not posted for others to see. That's my respect for the author. In the meantime, keep writing, stay safe, get Fully Vaccinated ( 2 shots of Pfizer or Moderna are best), and keep wearing the damn masks in public*. Tony (Anton) * ICYMI - The Anti-Vaxxer covidiots are 98% of those in hospital infected or dying, and Asymptomatic ("I'm not sick so I can't have it") are spreading it as we speak as modern day 'Typhoid Mary'. Even if Fully Vaccinated they can still spread it to you, you just won't get super sick.
  5. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 37

    Apps are only a good as the people (in other countries for whom English is not their first language), make them. In a previous lifetime I used to edit International trade agreements, which involves translating from 1 language to 1 our more others. Then it had to be reverse translated from each language back to English for accuracy. LOTS of mistakes. Tony (Anton) B
  6. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 37

    You said, " I would love more interaction with my readers", and while emojis might be an indication that somebody's reading stories, real feedback is what can reward authors and also stimulate them. Also, I think GA needs to incorporate a 'click meter' that just records that someone has read it. (Otherwise 'somebody' is gonna get his shorts in a twist. But hey, I'm using MY Freedom of Speech). AG, this story can be confusing at times ( oh hell, a lot of times 😜 ), what with character shifts, time and locale shifts etc etc. But in it's own way that to is endearing. My 'Editor's Eye screams a lot at syntax, spelling, continuity , grammar and other errors / issues. Often enough that my 'red pencil' πŸ“ is afraid to be around. πŸ˜‰ Anyway, keep up the good work. Tony
  7. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 3

    DK, your 'end notes' in chapters are one endearing item that makes your writing special. Thank goodness for that special woman who helped you when you were being bullied and saved your life. Without her, you wouldn't be here, and your stories would be lost. Hope your summer vacay is working out.
  8. WTH? 'g' with Iron Man-like device in chest that 'counts down', releases 'hallucinogenic gas' AND brings the whole damn 'Company' down in an "explosion" not implosion? Unless chest 'device' was wirelessly transmitting BOOM signal to devices around the building? πŸ’£ So you just had to go one step further (for you) from a 'regular cliffhanger' to a "Yippee Ki Yay, motherfucker" (John McClane speaking, not me ) one. As for Zeke's multi-Million dollar inheritance being totally wiped out? The 'books' πŸ“’'cooked' by 'g' only show the money is 'gone'. Which leaves the question - 'Gone Where'? Corey says: β€œWell, you haven't lost everything". As we all know, bad guys, criminals, drug lords (et al) and sleaze-ball corrupt politicians stash their ill gotten gains offshore. πŸ’° πŸ’΅ πŸ’Έ 🏝️
  9. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 4

    Just an FYI, the image for this story does not appear, unless your mean the original FAMH one. Looking for McNugget now that you've whetted my appetite. πŸ˜› Where is it posted?
  10. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 4

    Doc, you've done it again, brought me happy tears in a finely crafted A Farm at Maple Hollow story. All the hard work, love and caring of Effr, both as Dr and 'father' to Rabbit, has been rewarded as the boy healed and grew. From Timothy - a boy broken and left to die, to a young man learning how to succeed with the help and love of his best friend Bax and the curative power of Ethan, Arik and Sam's cabin on Ant Island in Blueberry Pond. And "in the fullness of time" to marry, follow in his father Effr's footsteps to become a doctor and father to three identical 4-year-old orphaned triplets! (There's a story right there along with aspirin for headaches brought on by a likely rambunctious trio). Thank you, and may Effr (along with Ethan, Arik and Sam) long continue to whisper in your ear and encourage you to write and share more stories of The Farm at Maple Hollow. Tony
  11. Yet again more questions than answers. Hmm, Would Agatha Christie have thrown you off the Orient Express πŸš‚? Would Sherlock have sent you holmes? Why did Zeke 'agree' to have his mind 'wiped' (again) after he'd wiped Tyler's with the syringe Corey gave him to administer to Tyler? If the point was to erase Tyler's memories of 'The Company', Zeke et al, so that Tyler could have a new life, Zeke as 'owner' didn't need to. Accept we now know Corey (and G?) were hiding from Zeke the fact that his inheritance πŸ’° is gone πŸ’Έ. And why is a thoroughly scared to death Wyatt behind 'door #2' πŸšͺin the hidden sub-basement? So this leaves us 3 chapters from 'The End'? Or is it? Is there going to be an Epilogue (5 years on?) to wrap it all up neat and tidy, or a CLIFF HANGER leading to 'A Promise to Protect, Rebuilding'? Stay tooned?
  12. 39.5 fricken weeks? You better start on Book 2 now, so that it's ready by then. You're making War and Peace look like a Reader's Digest condensed novelette.
  13. You said: " So now that it's all written I'm going to sit back and enjoy your reactions. Have fun~ 5 Chapters LEFT!", so where are they? Or like Zeke are you leaving us hanging in wind? Worse than 'cliff hanger' is an author who drags it out. ( makes it harder for readers to decide whether to follow you... Just saying). πŸ˜•
  14. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 33

    In addition to Grandpa Jack finding that in the case of the judge's homophobe son, the rotten apple doesn't fall far from the rotten tree, he's also stumbled upon information that poses a clear and present danger (apologies to Tom) to everyone; from the youngest to the oldest. ⚠️
  15. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 3

    Relieved that an innocent boy, Levi Foley, was able to escape death at the hands of the Outlaw Bears bikers aided by the evil 'rev' McAllister. The bad guys got what they deserved, but at least Bart Foley, before he was killed, saw his good son escape. Quick action by Elm and Effr putting out the attempt to torch Foley's house provided needed evidence in Timothy's rape and attempted murder. Under MA & Federal 'Victims of Crime*' laws, (because of FBI investigation of the Meth lab), Timothy and Levi could be eligible for part of the money seized (including Cayman bank accounts). That would ensure the boys' future. * FYI "The Victims of Crimes Act (42 U.S. Code Chapter 112), enacted in 1984, authorizes crime victim compensation and assistance to victims of federal and state crimes". * US DoJ
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