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  1. Anton_Cloche

    NF Chap 14

    Edwin has become more than just cheeky and self important, he's become exactly what he hates the 'paps' for, being a stalker.
  2. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 25

    "Davey clings to hope while Sean drains a bottle, but neither approach is sustainable long-term." No matter what 'life boat' you cling to, eventually you get tired, and if not rescued, well...
  3. Anton_Cloche

    NF Chap 13

    Hmm? Is Edwin just helping his soon-to-be boyfriend, or is he actively acquiring his competition in a move to corner the market? Lord Fordell has developed a serious 'need to control' attitude, that likely torpedoed his initial budding relationship with his best school mate Brad and his Uni 4-year roommate. (Not unlike lead characters in most of Preston's previous stories).
  4. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 24

    Wow. In this timeline we have waaay too much running amok even for that era. It's like throwing a FUBAR and a ClusterF**k in a giant blender and hitting 'Nuke Frappe'. While there were a few operational weapons / systems available for use back then (based on personal knowledge), use of such 'options' would have tipped off both allies and adversaries as to advancements being made and tested that had the potential to put a halt to 'things'. For example, Bunker Buster and MOABS (conventional, nuclear and 'other') weapons available but not used as it would have tipped off allies and adversari
  5. Anton_Cloche

    The Mighty Thor

    A Viking warrior fights against death and wins new allies in the royal court. Enter Thor! Soon i suspect he will sniff out evil doers to protect his new allies and protectors three - an ambassador, the future King and a princess. Untilda then we just have to do what Thor does, wait, watch, then pounce.
  6. Wow, so my heart says Billy and Liam, but my soul says Sasha needs saving and could be crushed if Billy doesn't choose him (even though he doesn't know that yet).
  7. Anton_Cloche

    NF Chap 12

    Continuity?. This chapter seems to have leapt ahead in time by a few years. When an author does that, I as an editor suggest they use a 'lead in' paragraph to bring readers up to date. Edwin, when he first appeared was 16 in year 11 at school, discovered his royal routes and took his "best mate Brad" to U.K. Next book sees Lord Fordell graduate from 4 years st Swiss Uni, continue his adventures, greave his departed Aunt Beatrice who returned to her native Scotland from Tasmania only to pass away. Now Lord Fordell reappears, but with a mention of "middle aged", and comes out not t
  8. Anton_Cloche

    NF Chap 11

    Hmm, I'm thinking a certain young Austalian who inherited a title of Baron & Lord is returning home from the UK. (Where he is constantly trying to hide from parasitic paparazzi.
  9. Carlos: Although I haven't been commenting as often as I used to (or would wish to), Cadet just keeps getting better and better. To a casual reader each book might seem like its own entity. To a confirmed Hazdayophile, (hey, a new term), each chapter of every book has been advancing little by little through the years and setting stepping stones in the pond (a drop of water creates a ripple effect), that is the Abello / Davenport saga, leading us from story to story amongst the family. Hopefully not leading to a grand conclusion anytime soon. In summary, a great chapter for Good
  10. Anton_Cloche


    Think you're familiar with the writings of @CLJobe? This story may surprise you with the way it starts out, To quote John Cleese of Monty Python: "And now for something completely different".
  11. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 47

    Cal: Mille Grazie and Thank You for another wonderful story, and a very proper epilogue. Almost everything wrapped up in a nice package. You've brought us up to date on Tony and his extended family; some people laid to a proper rest and joining their forebears, others off to raise their own families. As much as Tony 'took in' Frank, Brad and Tom learning from that example, they are now paying it forward by 'taking in' and becoming 'Guardians' for the 12-year old boy found in the school showers, who although not homeless or abandoned as he lives with his elderly grandparents, their
  12. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 42

    Glad to hear that you're getting 'settled' in to your new place Calvin (until you win Powerball and upgrade ). I'm in the midst of an unplanned move at end of April as my landlord retired and sold property and new owners doing a complete tear-down reno. Searching for new 'digs' is more difficult with Covid-19, especially with lockdowns where I live, so have to do either virtual apt tours or rely on photos. With regard to Tony's 'coin collection' I recall touring a Florida museum that displayed sunken treasure (mostly Spanish Galleons). That was the source of the comment about gold and si
  13. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 10

    Don't overthink Randy and Taipan snake. Drag Randy to elevator, throw in the (hopefully dead) Taipan 🐍 and call 0-0-0 (Aussi equivalent of 9-1-1 in North America, 9-9-9 or 1-1-2 in UK) and let them deal with it. They can always say that Randy was a deranged fan stalking Connie. Media focuses on 'stalker'
  14. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 42

    Another really good chapter Calvin! Although things are progressing, and time is passing (in 5 year increments?) hopefully we've got more than a few to come, before Tony walks his and Amalia's daughters down the aisle. Young Vic (is it really Victor Emmanual iv) goes off to college. I'm still in modified lockdown in the Great White North with borders closed. I need more 'The Home' fix, a chapter a week until 4th of July, or a follow-up story 'The Home - II. I'll even grovel. Oww. Take Care. Tony Cloche
  15. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 40

    @CLJobedrops a hint like the RoadRunner drops an ACME safe on Wyle E. Coyote... BOOM!💣 A number of "royals" who sent offspring to America since 1776, did so with significant assets 💰 to see them and their heirs/descendants through good times and bad, and from one generation to the next. In the case of our Italian King and his illegitimate son, that included significant land, (100's to 1,000's of acres of prime land, usually easily accessible, a suitable home (if your home resembles something out of England, Spain or Italy. and funds - historically gold and silver coins (not bullion per s
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