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  1. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 10

    To paraphrase many comedians and quote a current 'CEO' who has said, "You're only as old as you feel... Take two 20-ish blondes at night, feel better in morning" :-p
  2. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 9

    It seems you're getting close to wrapping up. (and this is the point where my editor role kicks in to include 'continuity' and gets a bit lengthy). With this pre-epilogue (?) , Thomas starts tallying up his life, recalling important life moments, starting with him discovering 10-year old Geno being rejected by his church asking for some food, Thomas' heart both broke a little, and opened a lot. Geno accepted a meal from Thomas, but was clear he didn't want to do 'those things' (giving his body and soul to men to whom he meant nothing other than sex). After being adopted, and visiting America, Thomas and 11-year old Geno return to Italy and come across five of his 'street family' boys also looking for a meal. The oldest, 14-yeat old Roberto had been one of Geno's protectors. These boys ask about also being sons. With the adoptions done, Thomas takes them to his work apartment in Rome where he adds 2 sets of bunk beds to sleep the other 4 sons. And when Thomas takes all his sons home to meet their Nonna and Nonno, he talks about five grandsons. According to all previous chapters Thomas adopted Geno at age 10. One year later Geno asked Thomas to let him buy dinner for his friends, street 'brothers' and protectors: "Marco (no age indicated but guessing 13), Roberto - the oldest at 14 and his real brother Mario - 13, Luca and Nico - 12. After the meal, when Geno explained to his 'bothers' how he came to be adopted, Geno asked Thomas to adopt them and offered to help Thomas pay the expenses (from the sale of his late birth father's home). The adoptions went through, but no mention of Marco. What happened to Marco? Please don't leave him alone, and on the streets.* * (which we know, Fiction or not, does NOT offer a good outcome. Especially now that a potentially bad winter is looming in the Northern Hemisphere, which includes much of Italy, PLUS Covid-19, 2.0MG!)
  3. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 3

    This wonderful chapter, and the previous remind me of a poem. One that seems to encompass Andrew and Ryan. (partially below) 'And all I ask is a tallship and a star to steer her by, And the wheel's kick and the wind's song and the white sail's shaking...' '...And all I ask is a merry yarn, from a laughing fellow rover; And quiet sleep and a sweet dream, when the long trick's (trips) over. And so the Belle Catherine is born. I so look forward to the coming chapters. Tony B (Sea Fever by John Mansfield https://www.poetryfoundation.org/poems/54932/sea-fever-56d235e0d871e )
  4. Wow Daniel's mum seems to have her mind set about who's at fault . And then there's the ongoing acceptance issues that are plaguing Kevin. When Jason tells his dad, "Relax Dad. All's well with your boys", I'm sure Daniel hasn't thought of the 'private lap dance' show Jason and Kevin shared. I'm afraid Kevin's going to be more messed up, unfortunately. Seems to be a recurring situation with all thing 'Covid'. Just when you hope things are improving, something else goes sideways, turning into the dog's breakfast.
  5. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 7

    Interesting chapter. At least it gets Thomas and the boys clear of any repercussions from the 'sleezeball' uncle (or his possible cohorts wanting a share of €uros for selling the boy). Wonder if Italian jails treat 'known' child traffickers the same as child molesters? Let's hope the next year's go smoothly for Thomas and his family. Nonna and Nonno going to be surprised with the new grandchildren!
  6. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 6

    Hmm. Seems like Thomas is inspired to make his own Italian Casa per ragazzi buttati via. BW inspired?
  7. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 3

    Who are you calling "old"? Oh, wait, you mean the 'vintage' radio programs. That's what reruns of radio and TV shows are for.
  8. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 3

    Just getting caught up on a very interesting Amafi Coast and Thomas' new career, travel and becoming a benefactor to a child in distress when he visits Italy. Bad enough poor 10-year old Geno looses his father, but then his evil uncle (Scar?) kicks him out of the only house he knows. Fate, in the person of Thomas, steps in to help Geno when the Church Priest ignores Jesus' teachings about 'Suffer the little children unto me' (protecting children) and slams the door in the face of a homeless and hungry Geno. Will Thomas and his lawyers be able to help? Is Thomas on the way to becoming more than just a benefactor? Perhaps a substitute father? Tune in tomorrow? Tony
  9. It is another very good chapter! As for Mikedup's comment about "...worms climbing out of holes" my first thought was, he's just being punny with the book title. Then I realized perhaps he's comparing both the bullies and their victims, like Billy and Liam, also wanting to hide from being bullied or worse, being revealed. Or maybe all this hard apple cider infused (8% alc) steamed apples is going to my head.
  10. Anton_Cloche

    Dear World

    Oh Kevin! You stopped your recording but didn't erase it. Is it going to sent accidentally, or? There is a saying, 'Act in haste, Repent at leisure'. It means if you do something in a hurry, in anger, in pain, impulsively and don't think of consequences, you may have to regret that later on, perhaps for your whole life. And in this age of "Social Media", in the blink of an eye, you'll ruin yourself, your Mom, you 'real' Dad who raised you.
  11. Anton_Cloche

    Simba Ch 28

    WT_? No apparent threats. No indications of anything nefarious going on with Nat or Aaron. Nothing on the 'radar' with DIO. Tic tic...
  12. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 7

    I'm not IT support. Nor a teacher, but get that 'important assignment' submitted on time to count. ;
  13. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 7

    Research shows 60% of people don't read, watch or listen to 'The News' whether in print or any other platform. Surprisingly the majority of 'those' are over 50 years of age. (don't blame Millennials, they're not the only ones playing ostrich ). Think GA needs to add a 'Thumbs Down' to the 'Love, HaHa, Wow, Sad, Angry, I Read It, & Like' reaction totem pole. "..interesting, but unbelievable"? At least three times in last four decades 'Looking Glass' aircraft were 'actively deployed' on both coasts, simultaneously. Escape 'hell' via RV, problematic but not impossible if one's paying attention. But hey, it's all just fictional.
  14. Glad to hear how well TJ is doing at home. His little body movements picked up on the baby monitor sure beats a piercing wail in the middle of the night. First time that happens it will scare the rest of the boys (somehow I bet Joshie will be first to the crib, to TJ's amazement and a smile).
  15. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 7

    Canada seems to be very welcoming. Guess that's why it's American's favorite holiday destination, especially for RVers. Maybe you can put together a '5 years later' Epilogue to see where things are for Dad, Tom and Paul in the far north Arctic of Canada. You could also have them call (via landline as the Smithers in North Dakota didn't have cell phone) to see how his first two 'sons' little Jon and Ollie are doing on the farm. Just maybe, the country (U.S.) pulled together instead of falling into Civil War 2.0? A happy-ish ending? (just miss Dad - maybe Big Ron - Jon, Ollie, Paul and Tom already)
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