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  1. With all the HAWT men rafting down the 'Hooch', I'm surprised Nash didn't get a case of 'The Vapors', Lord-ee. Plus he was the 'mascot'. As for Todd, between 'Hooch', Julips, and whatever other recreational libations are at hand, I see Todd heading for a fall. But will the others be there to rescue him and set him on the right path? Griffith is going to educate Nash about the 'Ramblin Wreck from Georgia Tech'. The term originally referred to 'mechanized transport' vehicles (would barely qualify as trucks or cars), cobbled together by GT engineers in early 1910-30s and used on
  2. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 53

    Calvin, lo has vuelto a hacer. ¡Un gran capítulo! Con la adición de Carlos y los otros niños mexicanos / latinos Brad definitivamente va a necesitar la lección de español. Tal vez el detective Diaz le ayude. ¡Sigue escribiendo bien! (okay, I cheated with the translation since I don't speak Spanish, except to order in a restaurant overseas. Here's the English version. ): Calvin, you have done it again. A great chapter! With the addition of Carlos and the other Mexican / Latino children Brad is definitely going to need Spanish (and other language) lessons. Perhaps detecti
  3. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 22

    This chapter brought tears to my eyes. The loving, caring acceptance shown by all the guys to Pietro allowed him to deal with all the pain and guilt he was carrying from being a young teen terrified of the feelings he had for other boys. A fear so intense, that had he not been able to finally share his feelings his story might have ended in tragedy. Sam's reaction to Pietro, his empathy in offering to be both a friend and maybe a boyfriend , a first for both boys, showed just how much Sam has learned from his relationship with Ethan and Arik, much to their surprise. A touching
  4. WTH? FSELL this chapter was going great, leading us along, families all in town for Lucas and Hailey's wedding. The ceremony getting to the "I do's" and then ... the wheels fell off the bus? No segue? I too had to go back and re-re-read the chapter. I thought you'd had a major FAIL when posting, maybe too many JD's and become a 'Clumsy Ninja' writer! But it worked out in the end (not a pun referencing Jamie and Ben, or did I? ). I'm getting close to the end of 'Jamie - The Journey Begins', but the title suggests hints, foreshadows, at least two more? 'Jamie & Ben - Th
  5. Anton_Cloche

    The Open Highway

    Great chapter. Jamie finally (?) decides where his career future lies with Ben , in the States. Of course by the time they retire after say 25 years as firefighter & EMT they'll only be 55 & 53 respectively. Young enough to retire to OZ (and still work p/t).
  6. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 51

    Liked the chapter as more things seems to be falling into place, or at least they're heading that way. And then, Brad gets another premonition. I know all too well about premonitions. Sometimes they're good, or at least neutral. Other times they can be bad. Often, they're like a loose thread you keep pulling on. It would seem, even though Tony hasn't 'set in stone' the 'Trust', that initial finances are in good shape, and the seized funds of the evil men (penance) are adding to the surplus. Do what does Tony's visit to review finances portend? A departure? An arrival? Hopefull
  7. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 49

    Great chapter and a wonderful trip to the zoo. The evolution of Sanctuary shows that Brad isn't monkeying around with his plans for the children and youths. He's bearing down, showing people how children otter be treated, and won't accept any lion. All puns aside, I look forward to more chapters.
  8. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 47

    I really hope the HVAC (vents, fans and exhausts) in the Cocoons can handle the results of the 'traditional' Irish dinner. Between the boiled cabbage and potatoes, plus the corned beef there will be lots a noises and smells from the pods.
  9. A very good, derailed and revealing chapter Carlos. Ritch(ie) didn't wash out in first month, largely due to his support network of home, family and friends, and I'm sure it will continue, as he adds Will 'Bender' to the list, having been accepted by 'Cap' and César. (I can see 'Bender' being his 'call sign. Ritch's - perhaps he'll reach back and use his late father's call sign, OR, perhaps for fun 'Wingnut'?) As for your, "...not sure if he'll survive 4 years yet." No you don't. I can just hear the mental cogs squeaking (not implying anything other than writer's fatigue. Yeah, tha
  10. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 46

    Wow! Another great chapter . I had to go back and reread to double-check if I missed some important info. Until Christine's grand tour I'd only pictured four floors, former warehouse and lofts, hence the higher than normal height allowing for creation of A, B and C as mezzanines to 2nd floor as if by magic. (not really, just a clever use of 'headspace'). But now Brad speaks of 11 floors? If that's that case, then there had to be a previous commercial elevator (lift) at least 8' x 8' or larger. Even in 'century old / 1900 era' buildings, that was required. Those building codes requir
  11. Sorry for being 2 years late to the party (so to speak). The food and beverages are gone, but 'Jamie' remains.
  12. No no no no! Sean is dead years ago in a car accident with Jamie. Jamie can't be seeing Sean. That doesn't happen unless he's on the door step to... NO! Save them both!
  13. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 21

    Small town America of your / our youth, one of courtesies, common sense has vanished as I watch The Capitol being breached. I look forward to more of The Farm, autobiographical or not, and when you decide to wrap this 1st Book, (in another 10+ chapters), that there will be a smooth transition to Book 2. The transfer of ownership / management of The Farm to Sam as the appointed 'heir'.
  14. Noooo . Now Zeke knows Tyler wasn't imagining 'everything', but who else could know Zeke's home number? A rejected former boyfriend using a scrambler to alter his voice? Not likely the person who killed Tyler's family because he'd call Tyler by name. OR, could it be Zeke and Dr. Corey's 'boss' who they don't like, don't trust, and who Zeke fears would "wipe his memory"? Whaaat?? PLEASE post next chapter ASAP
  15. Another interesting chapter. Almost like a guided tour of best parts of Brussels, Paris and Oxford thrown together. Yonatan and Matan's neatly coordinated homes may be heading for a change if Jan's need to be with Tyrese increases, which it will.
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