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  1. Wow! This chapter featured so many stories it was almost a novella on its own. Very well written and informative about aspects of living in and dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. Having lived and worked in NY it's all too familiar. Let's hope, both in this story and our 'real' world (that seems like a nightmare), that things improve. As long as people, everyone and everywhere, pay attention to doctors. Don't be CovIdiots by partying, gathering in close crowds, beaches, etc. Wear the damn masks, social distance, and maybe we'll get through this.
  2. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 26

    In my mind I can hear Brayden bitching to his chauffer about being stuck in traffic behind a bus. Karma (and Kat's call) got his ticket punched by a Circle Line tourist bus.
  3. Anton_Cloche

    PS Ch 10

    GanymedeRex, I agree with everything you've mentioned. And I hope that people reading my comment realize I'm not putting Quokka down. I'm just passing along years of editorial and writing observations. I look forward to more chapters and new 'Q' stories.
  4. Anton_Cloche

    PS Ch 10

    Authors / Writers should always bear in mind the famous (and often mis-stated) quote by Wm Golding: "Give the reader what they want". With a following line that usually says, "Just not the way they expect it", or sometimes "in a way that works for everyone". It is imperative writers not fall into the trap of being repetitive, or writing a variation of one good story with slight changes in names or places. Before on-line posts and social media (15-20 years ago), writers and publishers lured readers into buying subsequent books figuring once they had your $$ they didn't care if readers felt ripped off. NOW, an author's reputation (and following) is at risk in a heart-beat. It's like a chef / restaurateur who has one great recipe and dozens of slight variations. Eventually customers stop returning and bad 'word of mouth' reviews spell 'the end'. GanymedeRex is correct. Muti-level 'teaching' ships, buildings rising out of the sea or ground, luxury catamarans/ships, inherited titles and properties worth zillions, etc. How the authors reacts can make a difference. Unlike the singer / songwriter who said: "You can't please everyone, so you got to please yourself", that doesn't always work. If you've hit 'writer's block', it may be better to put story on pause or temporary hold while you rejig / wait for your muse to return. And, by the way, letting readers know you're pausing to re-write / revise a story, isn't a bad thing. Take heed. 'Alexander' dying off (?) making Edwin next in line to inherit it all? An eco-friendly island retreat with elevated boardwalks? Hope on a Boat? Beware the rabbit hole. T
  5. Anton_Cloche

    PS Ch 10

    Knowing the 'net' sort of funds raised by 'estates' in the UK that are more than just an 'estate house', but include working farms, commercial, holiday lets etc, the size and scope of holdings by Edwin (and Robert) would have to be massive. When you factor in 'rates' / taxes etc, you'd be looking at something akin to the Duchy of Cornwall. You've yet to put a dollar figure on Wigan Plc. Care to share?
  6. Anton_Cloche


    Sorry I'm sooo late to this book. Some pandemic caused havoc. Great chapter about dealing with problems, overcoming and moving on. It was nice to know Teddy kept visiting Grandma Sullivan's grave through the years. She certainly reminded Teddy that she was watching over then with that sudden gust of wind shoving him towards the house. (I wonder if her name 'Florence', was used in remembrance of Florence Nightingale, credited with creating modern nursing in the late 1800s during the Crime an Wars, and who became known as "The Lady with the Lamp", in reference to her nightly rounds, carrying an oil lamp, while tending to 'wounded soldiers and wounded souls'. Wow, 2030 and no self-driving cars to mention. Yay! And it appears we beat the pandemic!
  7. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 13

    Thank you for a nice conclusion to a very good story, and a good epilogue too. (especially as it leaves the door open just a crack). Looking forward to what's next. Stay safe, and socially distant (either on the boat oar in the wine cellar).
  8. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 12

    Looked forward to reading this chapter. Overall good story line but some glaring errors present. Editors exist to make writers look good because they're supposed to catch things, IF they do it write! (That last word is a glaring free example). Trying not to ruffle any feathers, here we go. Beginning at first sentence; Maipo Valley (NOT Malpo) is Chile's most well known wine region. Concha y Toro (NOT Tora). Is the largest wine producer in all of South America, founded in 1883. I previously lived in Nassau County (NOT Counyt). Finally, "When we reach Florida, we are going to stop at the Marina..." Unless the name of the marina is 'Marina' it is not capitalized. that error repeated numerous times. Other than that, it's a good chapter. Next?
  9. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 11

    Okay, there is something odd happening. In this chapter the sound of bagpipes startled the boys and "All three boys..." . Three boys? As an editor I tend to keep track. In the order the 'boys' join Billy's boat we first meet Akela (22 but looks 16). Next to stay on board is 16 year old Liko. Third to join the ship/story is reappearance of 24 year old Kana with injured foot (Akela calls him "my brother"). Last to join Billy is Malo (Akela's other 'brother') after bringing baskets for fruit. So, what's happening? By my count that's four. Is this like somebody's memory test?
  10. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 16

    And just when will Emily reveal to TJ that his doctor/therapist is actually his Uncle? Or are they still afraid it could cause TJ to have a complete mental breakdown? Wait, you mentioned TJ getting hit after running out of restaurant and into traffic.??
  11. Anton_Cloche

    PS Ch 7

    Another good chapter, but a sporting term error starts 2nd paragraph, with this: "After the early lunch, we set off to play a game of golf." Golf is historically steeped in rules, regulations, etiquette and terminology, nowhere more so than at R&A. While golf is a game, you play A Round of golf. Whether 9, 18 or 72 holes. (if you watch a tournament, they refer to 1st, 2nd or Final Round). As one wise (Australian?) once said, “Golf is the closest game to the what we call life. You get bad breaks from good shots; you get good breaks from bad shot, while playing a round". Looking forward to coming chapters. Tony Ps: During this ongoing (for some time to come) pandemic, golf is one of the few sports that offers you fresh air, exercise, and easy social distancing, (only wearing mask indoors at the clubhouse). Fore!
  12. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 9

    Very good chapter. We're learning more (character development) about Billy and his 'sons' Akela, Liko, Malo and Kana. But you failed to mention which bed Liko slept in. Now, with the 'island boys' discovering the Peter-Charles one boat-slip away from them in the Mexican marina , the fun really begins when they meet Glen, Kevin and their 'crew'. Yippee!
  13. Anton_Cloche

    PS Ch 6

    Having visited my ancestral home in Scotland, and played The Old Course at The Royal and Ancient, young Sir Edwin is in for a challenge if he and Robert play that course. (instead of adjacent courses)*. Challenges due to the winds, the rough (need a Sherpa), the hazards (especially 'The Wall') and God forbid they hit into the 10-foot deep 'Hell' bunker. Oh and the double greens (one green serving two holes). Other than that, an easy day on the links. Afore ye go! * Some large brash 'golfer' with a bad hairdo, spray tan, and dodgy score-keeping wants to 'trump' the 'R&A' by building a "Terrific new HUGE course" across the road and said "The Open" should be played on my much better course". Bullocks! Looking FOREward to next chapter, hopefully soon so we don't get TEEd off.
  14. Aww, 'The End' came too soon. I was hoping for more adventures in paradise, or at least living large in la-la land. Oh well, guess you're saving that up for next installment? Great story though (like I'd forget to tell you that).. Hope you're staying well, 'distant' and wearing a HOG mask when required (as a bandana is proven not to be 'medically' sufficient, according to a Hatley riding I.D. Dr friend). Tony
  15. Anton_Cloche

    Chapter 8

    Guessing Akela is the oldest but still a young teen. Where do the other 'sons' rank in ages? Is Kana the youngest (between Adam & Peter) ? Can't believe coming into port in California ICE/ Imigration didn't have a field day over Billy's new 'sons'. "In vīnō vēritās, in aquā sānitās" applies! Tony
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