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Raging Love - 5. Chapter 5: The bubble bursts. But for who?

Antonio furiously walked to Travis, standing right in front of him. He was so mad that he felt like he was gonna fly. His fists were clenched and his eyes were so red that one would have thought he was from smoking weed or something. He looked straight at the boy and could tell that he looked really scared. Antonio, at that very moment didn’t see Travis anymore. All he saw was a scared-looking Praveen and it made him so mad that he felt like punching something.

“What are you doing here?” He snarled, breathing harshly. “Who the fuck told you to come to my house? Isn’t it enough that I have to put up with you at my company?”

But all Travis did was stare at the angry-looking man, getting flashbacks of the previous encounter with him. The guy had kissed him and all that made him scared and reminded him of his pain. But Antonio didn’t remember that at all. He didn’t wanna do it. And when he saw Travis being silent, he got really upset.

“Why are you here?” He said, his voice low but really cold. “Tell me, what are you doing here?” He yelled.

Granny lost the smile on her face, getting a bit scared with the way her grandson was behaving with her angel.

Travis stared at him without even feeling any form of fear. He rather just got angry. “I forgot my phone, that’s why I came back.” He said softly, dropping his eyes slightly to the floor. Antonio was confused at Travis’ words. He didn’t fucking understand what he meant by that. He tried to speak but…

“Antonio!” Granny yelled, clenching on her wheelchair. “Why are you talking like that to him? He’s my angel!”

Antonio felt his heart pound so deep in his chest that he felt like he was about to have a heart attack. His breaths seized and he glanced at granny and then at Travis. When he looked at the boy, he fumed and groaned angrily.

Celine had her hands covering her mouth as she looked at Travis. She remembered her encounter with him a few hours back and what she had felt. She cried even more. The others were just as shocked and most of them were angry. Emilia stood still, trying to process what was going on.

‘The boy has agreed!’ The doctor’s voice rang in Antonio’s heard. ‘He has some pre-conditions.’

He couldn’t believe he had just been fooled. Antonio felt tears of anger in his eyes but he suppressed them. His hatred for Praveen just went beyond borders. He didn’t know what he felt anymore.

“Take granny inside!” He ordered, trying to speak in a normal voice. But it was just so hard. “Right now!”

Celine quickly started taking granny away from the living room. “Ant… Antonio,” granny yelled. “Don’t you dare hurt my angel? I’ll never forgive you. He came to take me away. You can’t take care of me. Leave him alone or I’ll spank you.”

But Antonio was too mad to even listen to her. After granny left, he moved even closer to the boy, staring at him like the most disgusting thing he’d ever seen.

“We aren’t together, remember?” He said hoarsely, his fists clenching while he stared at Travis like he wanted to punch him. “There’s no affiliation.” He yelled, stamping his foot on the ground. “You’ve already left this house. Why did you return? Answer me!” He snapped, pointing his finger angrily at the beautiful boy. “What kind of games are you playing? Granny considers you to be an angel.

I don’t want to insult you in her presence. She believes that you…” He paused and gave a mocking chuckle. “…you are her savior. You can heal her! But she has no idea that you weren’t there for your family, the people that loved you, and that you are nothing but a cheater, a betrayer, and a whore!”

“Watch what you say to me!” Travis snapped, giving the guy the angriest look he’d ever given anyone. He was staring at him like he wanted to slap him. The guy was shocked, totally shocked. “I am not who you think I am and I won’t let you insult me. I didn’t come to get anything from you or your family.” He warned. “I am not interested in knowing what you think of me and how bad it is.” He paused and got serious. “I came here since granny is unwell. Believe me, I don’t want to come anywhere near you, Mr. Gonzalez!” Then he laughed in mock, getting even closer. “I guess I am unlucky. I can’t help seeing you!”

“I am the unlucky one!” He yelled, his voice filling the entire house. “My grandmother believes you’ll heal her but…” He pointed angrily at Travis. “…from now on, I won’t let you anywhere near her. I’ll take care of her, personally…”

“Really, Antonio?” Travis laughed bitterly and then got serious. “Will you take care of her?” He folded his arms on his chest. “You can’t even take care of yourself. How can you tend to your grandmother or anyone else?”

He was shocked. He couldn’t believe what he’d just heard from someone so quiet in the past. It was all so difficult for him to accept. He furiously walked closer and pointed his shaky finger in Travis’ face, breathing like a wounded warrior.

“I didn’t ask for your fucking help and I didn’t even ask you to come here!” He roared, getting dangerously closer. Travis wasn’t scared. “Do you want to prove that I am useless and you’re perfect? That I can’t handle anything? I can’t even take care of my grandmother!” He was upset that his breaths sounded like a breathing monster in a cave.

“Antonio, please!” Ethan tried to stop him but….

“What is it?” He snapped, glancing at his best friend. “My blood boils whenever I see him!”

“Your blood boils due to what you did!” Travis enraged. “It’s not my fault that I look like your ex-husband and that he left you and I am sure it’s not even his fault. Don’t blame others and make yourself right! I am pretty sure you were a bad son, a bad brother, and certainly not….” He paused, rolling his eyes. He couldn’t say what he wanted to say. “You probably never wanted to be a good person. Whenever anything good comes to you… you drive it away and run away from it.

Your grandmother said so to you today. You can’t take care of her. You’re probably just the same man you were years ago. Your ego and arrogance have continued to persist. How can you take care of your grandmother?” He asked, his voice rising.

Antonio clenched his teeth. “You imagine that I can’t take care of her but listen…”

“My feelings or thoughts should not matter to you.” He said harshly. “You should be thanking me because, despite all the insults you’ve rained on me, I am still here trying to help you. And if you’re so smart then tell me something?” He paused and got even closer. “Despite the situation, granny is in, why do you have sharp instruments in her room?” Antonio looked away. “Answer me!” But Antonio was still quiet. “These patients have to be taken care of like kids.

They need family more than comfort and money. While you can’t find time out from obsessing over yourself, your ego and arrogance have continued to persist. How care you take care of your grandmother?

I won’t allow granny to stay like that. I will ensure that she is back to being self-reliant and she won’t stay here until I can do that.” He said in a harsh tone surprising the guy and everyone else in that room. “I will take her to my house, find the nurses for her, and make sure that she is healed.”

Travis started going in but the guy blocked him.

“She won’t…”

“Stop me if you dare!” Travis warned, breathing sharply. Then he got even closer. “If you don’t let me take her, I will sue you for criminal negligence. You’re a very powerful man, Mr. Gonzalez and you can get out of this easily but don’t forget quickly that I am Travis Marasigan and you don’t know what I can do also.”

He looked at Travis, raising his finger while a tear of anger went down his cheek. He was so mad. “You’ll regret this, Travis!”

“I’m already regretting so many things right now,” Travis said hoarsely.

He then rudely pushed the guy out of the way and entered, feeling a cool breeze hit him in the face. This was so much for him and he felt totally out of place and he was really scared, nervous and… every bad thing was coming back to him.

Walking inside the mansion, Travis could feel all eyes on him but he didn’t even look at anyone one bit. He didn’t even care about what Antonio thought about him or from what he had done, Antonio had found out he was Praveen. All he knew was that he fixed a huge problem by getting himself into another.

Travis went to granny’s room and luckily, she was with her nurse. He took her without anything else, came back to the living room, and found Antonio waiting in the living room while moving from side to side like a wounded buffalo. All eyes were on him and he could see just how confused and angry they were. The most confused was Paul. He had no idea what was going on.

“If you take my grandmother, Travis, I will make you regret it!” Antonio warned, angrily pointing at him. “I swear, you’ll regret ever coming back to this city. Whether Travis or Praveen, I’ll make you pay because…”

“Your threats do not matter to me, Antonio!” Travis retaliated. “It doesn’t matter whether I am Praveen or Travis. You hate both and you’re a free man. But just know that I am a fire that cannot be extinguished.” He gave a mocking smile. “I told you that already. I am simply wasting time talking to you.”

Travis started going out but…

“Travis!” Antonio quickly pulled his arm.

But Travis started falling to the floor and he quickly gripped Antonio’s hand and both of them fell to the floor together. Antonio fell right on top of Travis and he found himself staring into the most beautiful eyes he’d ever had the privilege of staring into. He was hooked.

For a second, everything around Antonio disappeared including his anger, replaced by a joy that he had been longing for…. His breaths seized and his heart missed a beat and then started pounding rhythmically… his hormones instantly got out of control and he found himself getting hot… his eyes scanned Travis’ face and shit, he couldn’t help but admire Travis’ beauty…. The same was happening with Travis. A myriad of emotions had taken control of him, his mind, and his heart. He couldn’t even think clearly.

Antonio found himself getting closer and closer until their noses touched and brushed on each other. He slightly closed his eyes but…

“Get off me!” Travis said harshly, pushing the guy off him.

Antonio came back to his senses and he quickly got up. Travis too got up and both of them looked at each other angrily. Travis shook his head and started getting granny out of there.

“Are you gonna let him take mother?” Emma asked Antonio angrily. “He’s gonna….”

But she didn’t even finish her sentence. Antonio was already storming out of there, going upstairs. He left the entire family in shock and went upstairs and straight to his room. He locked the door and once he reached there, he went straight to the bed.

“Fuck!” He swore, furiously gripping the beddings. He pulled on them and threw all of them to the floor. “Fuck! I hate you so much, Travis. I hate you!” He screamed, his voice filling the entire room. “I hate you so much!”

He felt like he was going insane. He threw everything he could get his hands on in that room, clothes, cups, decors, and even flowers. He was so mad. He went to the bathroom and washed his face angrily before he stared himself in the mirror.

But when he looked in the huge mirror, there was someone else there, someone that scared the shit out of him. It was him but he was dressed differently in a black t-shirt with a band around his head. He looked really happy and he was smiling. Even his hair looked different, longer. Antonio felt his heart pound when he saw that person, the past him. He was scared.

Antonio rubbed his face and looked in the mirror but the person was still there. He gasped sharply, taking a step back.

“What the…”

“Why are you so upset, Antonio?” The guy in the mirror asked, still smiling. “You’ve hated Praveen bitterly for the past six years. Even when you saw Travis for the first time, you diverted that hatred to him and all because he shares the same face with Praveen.”

The guy placed his hand on his chin. “Why did dancing with him and kissing him the other night put you out of sorts? Even today, just a few minutes back when you fell on top of him.”

Antonio shook his head angrily. “It’s not true.”

The guy laughed mockingly. “Really? So, tell me. Do you hate him? Are you sure you just don’t hate yourself instead?”

“Why the fuck should I hate myself?” He chuckled bitterly, fighting his tears. “He cheated on me. He got fucked by that… that…” Antonio couldn’t even say the word. “… I am the one that was hurt, right here!” He hit his chest hard. “And I will make him feel that pain, I swear. I don’t care about him being Travis but he’ll regret everything he has ever done to me, even taking granny today.”

The reflection laughed, raising an eyebrow. “Okay, fine! He betrayed you. He left you heartbroken but what about you?” The reflection winked.

“Me?” Antonio roared, pointing at himself. “What did I do?”

“You weren’t exactly faithful when he was married to you.” He said, still wearing a smile. “You were still with Bruce and…”

“But I…”

“Trying to be defensive, huh?”

“Shut the fuck up!” Antonio gripped his hair, pulling on it. He felt like he was gonna pass out from the pain and anger he felt. “I was the one that was hurt and nothing can be compared to that. I was ready to give up everything for him. I was ready to love him but what did he fucking do. He broke my heart and I thought I was gonna recover but it still hurts so don’t you dare compare me to him.”

He furiously raised his face to look into the mirror but the person he had been talking to a few seconds back was no longer there. All he saw was just an angry-looking man staring back at him. Fuck, it was just too much. He stormed out of the bathroom, banging the door like he was going insane.


“I can’t believe he had the guts to come to our house and get my mother!” Emma raged, groaning like an old lady on her death bed. “I mean, wasn’t entering our company enough? We’re having so many problems because of that boy? Who does he think he is? That boy is definitely up to something, I swear. And believe me, it’s something really bad.”

Emilia was seated with her face between her palms, trying to get her head straight. The person she had seen was not Praveen. He might have looked like him but he wasn’t him. The way he was talking to Antonio, arguing with him, and even answering back, she was sure that Praveen wouldn’t do that. But why would he return suddenly in her son’s life?

“But aunt, what if he was just trying to help out?” Celine asked softly. “You know that granny hasn’t been doing well and after six long years, she finally got comfortable with him and she’s doing well.”

“Really?” Emma laughed, folding her arms. “Only you can suggest something so stupid, Celine. That boy is up to no good. What should I say to you?” She yelled.


“Not now, Eduardo!” She rudely said, her eyes still on Celine. “Wasn’t breaking Antonio’s heart once enough? Did he have to come back to hurt him some more? Well, we get the fact that he’s not Praveen but he shares the same face with him and he knows exactly what Antonio feels and that’s why he continues doing that. What spell has that bitch cast on you?”

Paul was confused about what was going on. “Um, sorry…” He apologized, slightly moving closer. “…what’s going on? I seem to be getting…”

“Well, my dear, there’s nothing to be confused about here,” Emma said harshly. “That boy, Travis, or whatever you call him was once married to Antonio six years ago. He came here with the motive of stealing our entire wealth together with his lover. When we found out, Antonio was heartbroken and…”

“No!” Paul shook his head, a frown appearing on his face. “Travis, that’s impossible. Travis is the son of Richard Marasigan. He had been living abroad and that’s where I met him three years ago so…”

“It doesn’t matter,” Emma said harshly. “He shares the same face with the enemy of this family. And I am pretty sure that he’s got a hidden agenda.”

“But Travis is one of the ri…”

“Paul, please, come with me.” Ethan took his hand and started getting him out of there. “I’ll explain what’s going on, okay? Please!”

The two men left.

“I am pretty sure that boy is just out here to impress my husband.” Bruce clenched his fists. “Did you see what he did? He deliberately pulled my husband so that they fell to the floor together. That boy is just after my husband and I won’t allow him to succeed. This has been his plan all along. He first entered the company and then pretended to help granny and now he’s got her. What will he do next?”

Celine rolled her eyes, shaking her head.

“This was supposed to be a very important day for my brother but he ruined it all.” Andrea snapped, feeling all evil and powerful. “He has no regard for people’s privacy. That boy has got guts and I will make him pay.”

Emma shook her head. She was just so angry. But when she saw Emilia seated with her face between her palms, her anger went overboard.

“I bet Emilia must be so happy. She wanted this.”

“Excuse me!” Emilia quickly raised her head. She was surprised by Emma’s painful words. “How can I be happy when my son is suffering? Which mother on this earth would be happy when her family is getting broken? Do you think that ill of me?”

“Oh please!” Emma rolled her eyes angrily. “You don’t have to pretend. It’s not like you’ve had the best interest of your son and this family. You have intended to hurt us all along and I am pretty sure you were happy when you saw him taking mother.”

“Really, Emma?” Emilia’s tears were again rolling. “You don’t know what you’re talking about. For the last six years, all I have tried to do is to earn my son’s forgiveness. I love him so much and I want to see my family happy again.”

“Well, that’s a dream you’ll die with because this family was already destroyed six years ago and it will never be happy unless you leave us the fuck alone!” Her voice rose and pierced Emilia’s heart so hard. It hurt and Emilia felt like she had died. “I warned my brother about you but did he listen to me? No!” She stamped her foot so hard that Emilia slightly closed her eyes. “He was too blinded by his love for you that he didn’t even see the devil he was marrying.

Now it’s happening. Your true colors have been revealed. You’ve made this family unhappy. You brought that boy home six years ago. You made mother’s mental state to be unstable all because of what had happened and I wouldn’t be surprised if you killed my brother and…”

“Aunt, please, that’s enough!” Eduardo chimed, his voice rising and surprising everyone there. “I won’t have you insult my mother and put all those accusations on her. She is…”

“What?” Emma’s mouth gaped in surprise. “You still defend her even after knowing that…”

“Yes! Because she’s a very good woman.” He said hoarsely, wrapping one arm around her. “What crime has she committed that everyone thinks shit of her. Was bringing a boy she thought would make her son happy a crime? Do you also know that it was my father’s last wish?”

“My brother probably never…”

“Does it matter?” Eduardo snapped, surprising everyone in the living room. “You talk a lot but you seem to forget that when uncle died, everyone turned against you and they accused you of killing him and having extramarital affairs. But who stood by your side and made them understand?” He yelled.

Emma couldn’t suppress her tears. They came flowing together with her pain and so much anger.

“It was her!” Eduardo pointed at Emilia, feeling so much anger. He had had enough. “And instead of you to be trying to find ways of helping her, you’re making this situation worse between mother and son. My mother didn’t make any mistake by bringing that boy home but she made a mistake by helping you.”

He looked at his wife. “Please, take mother inside.”

Celine nodded. “Let’s go, mom!”

Emilia nodded and started going inside.

“And you talk a lot about Antonio’s happiness, aunt!” He added. “Has he ever been happy for the last six years? He’s been a shadow of himself and he’s been in pain.” He shook his head sadly, frowning. “He’s marriage to Bruce hasn’t done shit. He doesn’t even smile. So please, try to fix those problems because I won’t take it next time if you talk like that to my mother. This is my house too and I have equal rights here.”

He gave them one final angry look and stormed out of there.

Emma sobbed softly. “What wrong have I done?”

“You haven’t done anything, aunt!” Andrea said, rubbing on her shoulders. “We know exactly where this problem is coming from and we’ll eliminate that source. That’s a promise.” She vowed.

What were they up to?


Travis arrived home and he was feeling really stressed out and tired and very scared. What he had done was surely gonna cost him something and he was very afraid that Antonio wasn’t gonna let him go scot-free but he was ready to fight Antonio. He was very ready.

“Welcome home, granny,” Travis said with a sigh, going to the front. “Feel free. This is your house too.”

Granny had tears in her eyes. She held on tightly to Travis’s hand and kissed it softly. “Wow, you have a very beautiful house, angel. It’s really lovely. I can’t believe my angel lives in such a big house.”

“It’s also yours now, granny!” He said with a brilliant smile.

“Thank you for bringing me here,” Granny said abruptly, nodding. “I don’t like that house because you always leave me alone. But here…” She paused and caressed his cheek. “…I’ll be with you always.”

“Yes!” Travis smiled brightly.

Just then….

“Daddy!” Sean came rushing to him.

Travis quickly turned and his son rushed into his arms. He kissed his cheek and then held him tightly. “I missed you so much, baby.” He moaned, slowly closing his eyes. “I love you, son.”

“Love you too, daddy!” Sean chuckled, holding on tightly to his father’s neck. “Did you bring something for me?”

“Chocolate?” Travis chuckled sheepishly. “Baby, I will tell you what I got later but for now…”

“Angel!” Granny called softly, looking at the happy father and son. “Who’s he?”

“Oh!” Travis smiled brightly, turning to face granny. But he still had his son in his arms. “Granny, this is my son, Sean.”

“It’s a beautiful name.” Granny didn’t know what she felt as soon as she stared at the little boy. He was the most handsome kid she’d ever laid her eyes on. “I can’t believe my angel has a beautiful child. Come here…” She opened her arms widely.

Travis smiled and nodded at his son. Sean got out of his father’s arms and went to sit on granny’s lap. The old woman kissed his cheek and held him tightly. Seeing all that, Travis couldn’t help but wonder how life would have been if he had given birth to Sean right in the Gonzalez house. But he didn’t wanna think about it for long because he was getting emotional and hurt.

He took a sigh of relief and that was when he saw Vanessa standing at the staircase, staring at Travis like she’d seen a ghost. He knew exactly what was on her mind. So he took her hand and brought her closer.

“Granny, this is my aunt, Vanessa.”

Granny smiled brightly. “Oh, how are you doing?”

Vanessa smiled sheepishly. “Err…. I am okay, ma’am.”

Travis chuckled nervously. “Granny, all of us will take care of you. We’re all gonna be your friends here so you won’t ever feel bored or uncomfortable.”

“Thank you,” Granny said with a smile. “As long as I am with my angel, I am fine!”

Travis was happy. He called one of his maids and instructed her to take granny to the room on the ground floor so that she could move at will. He didn’t want her to get hurt or anything bad. He just wanted her to be free.

“Travis, are you insane?” Vanessa whispered, getting closer to him. “What were you thinking bringing her here? Do you know what this means?”

Travis sighed, rubbing through his hair. “I know but… I didn’t have a choice. She’s not been doing well when I am around and she wanted to come with me.”

“And you saw it fit to just bring her here?” Vanessa was a bit pissed and scared. “Does her family know that she’s even here?”

Travis remained quiet, just staring at Vanessa like she’d grown another head.

“No!” Vanessa shook her head, raising her hands like she was surrendering. “No, Travis, please… No!”

“I had to.” Travis quickly rushed to his aunt and held her hands sweetly. “I had to go back. I lost track of time and…” He began narrating the story of what had happened and how he had been so scared and nervous.

“…so I couldn’t risk them finding the phone and seeing Sean there.” He gave a gloomy sigh. “I guess I was just so scared of them finding out about Sean. It didn’t make any difference since they’d have seen my picture on the phone and they’d have found out. I had to go back.”

Vanessa sighed, feeling a little nervous. “But this means that they saw you and now know that you’re the one who’s been taking care of their grandmother. It means that now you’re closer to them than you were. It won’t take long before they eventually find out that you’re Praveen. What if they try to hurt you?”

“Then I have you to protect me.” Travis smiled brightly, staring into Vanessa’s face. But the woman wasn’t cheering up. “Don’t worry, aunt!” He wrapped his arms around her neck and gave her a tight hug. “I won’t allow them to hurt me ever again. If it’s anyone who’s hurting right now, it’s Antonio and his family. I could see the pain when I took away granny.”


“Shh…” Travis whispered. “Just promise me you’ll take care of granny while I am not around.” He asked softly. “That woman is the reason why I survived in that house. Without her, I don’t know how I would have even made it through. She was in pain when I was framed up too. Please!”

Vanessa loved Travis a lot and she didn’t wanna see him suffer. “Okay!” She sighed. “I promise.”

Travis chuckled happily. “I love you, aunt!” He pulled away from her quickly. “So much!”

“I love you too.”

He kissed her forehead and rushed upstairs quickly to be with his son.

“I just hope you won’t get hurt, Travis.” She sighed. “I hope so…”


Travis was looking at the files in his hands attentively with a brilliant smile on his face. He was looking sexy in a black designer’s short-sleeved shirt that was tucked in a red tight trouser with blood-red shoes on his feet. He had a green blazer on him and his hair was made into a simple ponytail but he looked so damn hot.

“Wow! These are impressive!” He chuckled excitedly, staring at his smiling assistant. “I can’t believe our brand has had such sales and there is still demand them. I am impressed.”

“It’s all because of you, sir!” The assistant blushed, biting her lip seductively.

Travis saw that but he simply just smiled. He handed over a small envelope to her. “Okay, I want you to organize an outing with my team. You guys can go to whatever place you want, whether in the city or outside the city. Just go out, have fun, and forget about work today. You can resume tomorrow.”

“Really, sir?” She jumped up like a little kid.

“Yeah,” He nodded. “All of you deserve it. Just go now.”

“Are you coming?” She asked with her fingers crossed, hoping he was gonna agree. “Please, come with us, sir. We’ll have so much fun with you around. Please!”

Travis smiled, shaking his head. “I still have to go somewhere important. I’ll join you next time, I promise.”

She lost the smile on her face but she was still happy. “Okay, sir. I’ll go and inform your team.”

Travis nodded and smiled brightly. He turned to leave but was so unfortunate to bump into the one person that he didn’t wanna see that day, Antonio. The man was killing it in a dark gray designer’s suit with a white shirt inside and pitch-black shoes. He was looking handsome but Travis didn’t care.

Travis groaned, moving his eyes away from the man. “Whatever you came to say to me, I am not interested. I still have an important meeting at my company, Mr. Gonzalez. So if you’ll excuse me, I…”

“Where’s my grandmother?” Antonio roared, clenching on his fists. “Where the fuck did you take her? I need her back to my house in the next 24 hours or else…”

“Are you threatening me, Mr. Gonzalez?” Travis asked, losing that smile on his face. “I don’t have time for this?”

He tried to pass Antonio but the man quickly blocked him with his arm and pulled him back. Then he held his arm but this time, he held it carefully that it even surprised Travis. The man seemed angry but he wasn’t hurting him as usual.

“Why are you doing this, Travis?” Antonio asked, staring into the boy’s eyes. “First my company and now my grandmother. You say you don’t like me and yet you chose to meddle in my life. What do you really want from me? Are you trying to catch my attention?”

Travis twisted his arm, releasing it from the man’s grip. Then he gave a mocking smile. “In your dreams. And please, I don’t want to meddle in your life.” He warned. “When I first joined your company, I didn’t even know this was who you were gonna turn out to be. When I first encountered your grandmother that night, I didn’t know she was your grandmother. Believe me, I never wanted to come into your life but that woman doesn’t deserve this. You don’t need my help or my sympathy but I cannot allow a poor woman like her to suffer for your stupidity and your foolishness.”

“How dare you!” Antonio snapped, pointing at the boy. His breaths sounded like a huge storm. “Who the fuck do you think you are to insult me? Just because you are my partner in this company doesn’t give you the right to…”

“I beg your pardon?” Travis said hoarsely, getting stern. “I have been trying to mind my own business since I came to this company, Mr. Gonzalez, and everywhere else where we’ve met but you always find ways to talk to me. I am in a very good mood today so don’t spoil it!” He warned. “Please!”

“Well, if you don’t want that mood spoilt then bring my grandmother back to…”

“She’s old enough to make her decisions.” He chuckled bitterly. “I didn’t force her to come with me. It’s not my fault that your grandmother feels more comfortable with me than with her own grandson. But I understand her completely.”


“I think I am wasting my time here,” Travis said. “I don’t have time for the likes of you.”

He started going away again but things happened so fast that Travis didn’t even know what happened. He found himself pinned tightly to the wall with Antonio’s on either side of his body. He couldn’t move. He quickly moved his face up to say something but got the shock of his life when his nose brushed on Antonio’s.

Travis’s mind took him to the night before when Antonio had fallen on top of him. His heart started racing and his body got really weak. He tried to move but the man just stood there like a statue, staring right into his eyes. He was scared and nervous. He wanted to move but each movement he made seemed to be bringing Antonio even closer.

Antonio on the other was filled with so much rage that he didn’t even think straight. He knew he was getting closer to the boy’s face… he could feel his hot breaths on his face… he could feel his heat… he could feel his cologne. But Antonio was just getting closer. His heart pounded so sharply in his chest that his breaths became heavy.

“What… what are you doing?” Travis stammered. His voice sounded like he was really scared.

“I don’t like it when people challenge me!” Antonio sneered, getting even closer. “What did you say just a few seconds back?”

Travis tried to open his mouth to speak but no words came out.

“Don’t think that just because I had let what you did slip a few times that I am gonna let it slip again.” He warned. “Oh, maybe you seem to forget something, huh? Let me remind you.” He groaned, making Travis slightly close his eyes. “I am a very bad guy, much worse than I appear to be. I have no fear or feelings. My feelings, my sentiments, and my conscience were reduced to ashes the day that cheater betrayed me.”

Travis got scared of the way he saw Antonio.

“Everything was finished the day I saw him being fucked by someone else.” He yelled in Travis’ face. Travis’ heart gave a sharp pound in his chest. “I told you I’d get my revenge on you because you have his face and I won’t turn on that. I will make sure that you pay for what Praveen did. Don’t think that just because I tolerate you foolishness sometimes, that I will continue to do so. I may seem serious all the time but behind this stern face…” He chuckled bitterly. “…lies a heart made of stone.

You do not know the limits of my hatred. I was deceived, broken, and hurt and as long as you wear that face, you will pay for that deceit.” He vowed. “So I am warning you to watch what you say to me because I hate people challenging me.”

Antonio laughed bitterly and got closer, so close that his lips brushed on Travis’. “Don’t you remember that night at the party? You gave me a challenge and I retaliated. Don’t make force me to do that again.”

Travis took a deep breath and then pushed Antonio away from him. He furiously thrust his hand forward to slap Antonio but got surprised when the man held his hand tightly and smiled brightly.

“I will never allow you to do that again!” He furiously released his hand. “Never, Antonio!” He was fighting his tears. He had no idea how Antonio had managed to make him that weak.

“Let’s wait and watch!” Antonio grinned sinisterly. “You said that you were a fire that will keep burning even in a horrendous storm but I too have a raging fire that burns within me. A fire that will reduce everyone to ashes. Don’t make me do what I don’t want to do. Return my grandmother to my house in the next 48 hours or you’ll regret ever crossing my path.”

With those words, Antonio stormed out of there, leaving Travis all alone. Travis felt like he had just run out of breath. He knew Antonio was really angry but he hadn’t encountered that side of him since he returned to the country. He wanted to cry but then he remembered who he was, Travis Marasigan. He was no longer Praveen Garcia, a weak boy as they knew him but he was different, stronger, and more confident.

“You don’t know what I am capable of, Antonio!” He gave an evil grin, folding his arms on his chest. “You can threaten me all you want. You can get as angry as you want but in the end, I will neutralize that anger and use it against you.”

He laughed manically and rushed to the elevator because he was already late for the meeting. It didn’t take him long to reach the ground floor. He was so late that as soon as the shaft opened, he began rushing towards the exit. But….

“Hey, Travis!”

He quickly turned and found Paul rushing towards him. “Hi!” He stopped in his tracks and smiled. “How are you doing?”

“I am okay but…” Paul lost the smile on his face. “…is it true? Please, I need to know if…”

“Antonio is my ex-husband?” He finished Paul’s sentence and at his node, Travis sighed. “No! I have never been married before, Paul.” He smiled brightly. “I don’t know why everyone thinks I was once married to him but I wasn’t.”

“Really?” Paul smiled softly.

“Look, Paul, I would have loved to continue this conversation but I am already running late.” He quickly hugged him. “I will see you later and I promise we’ll talk.”

He began rushing out but Travis didn’t even go far before he stopped in his tracks. His heart began racing and he froze where he stood, staring in front as he’d just seen a ghost. He felt a shiver go down his spine and he bit his lip to suppress a moan. He didn’t even know what he felt at that time, whether fear or simply shock.

Emilia was standing right in front of him with her arms folded, looking mad as hell. Her hair was made into a bun, revealing her mad looking face. She was dressed in just a simple black dress with slippers on her feet. She looked thinner than he remembered and also a little older. Her skin was pale and Travis was surprised she was there. He hadn’t seen her there since he returned. Seeing her again, he was filled with emotions but he didn’t wanna a mistake.

Emilia was with Ethan who was dressed in a white designer’s shirt, tucked in a brown skinny jean and blue designer’s shoes. He was looking handsome. The man had come to meet with Antonio when he saw Emilia rushing in the building so he quickly followed her.

‘Even a witch doesn’t attack her own home.’

Travis just ignored the two and started going away but he barely moved when Emilia started clapping, getting closer to him. She had a stern look on her face and it scared him a bit.

“Wow!” Emilia clapped, getting even closer. “Wow, Praveen! Or should I say, Travis? All I can say is wow! You know, when they told me you had returned and joined the company, I couldn’t believe it. But look at you! You’re sparkling in designer clothes and you’re still acting like a boss at my son’s company.”

Travis looked away slightly, trying not to look emotional or scared. He had a strong emotional bond with Emilia in the past so he knew it was gonna be difficult to talk to her.

“Even after six years, you didn’t forget to hurt us all, to take revenge.” She said harshly, looking at him in disgust. “What should I say to you?”

“Aunt, please, try and…” But Emilia just raised her hand furiously, gesturing Ethan to keep quiet. She didn’t wanna be disturbed.

“You be quiet, Ethan!” She said rudely. “This boy has caused us so much pain and he doesn’t seem to be getting satisfied.”

Ethan was thinking of what to do because he knew that they were at Antonio’s company. He looked around and saw that some people had already noticed the commotion and were getting closer, talking among themselves. Shit!

“Wasn’t what you did six years ago enough? What other spells do you want to cast on my son?” She yelled, raising her finger at him. But Travis just stared at her without even saying a word. “My son has been deeply hurt and heartbroken for six years because of you. My son doesn’t even talk to me, he has hated me limitlessly because of you.” Tears were now building up in Emilia’s eyes.

“My family has been destroyed because of you!” She snarled, breathing like she was about to have a heart attack. “I can’t sleep at night all because of you.”

“Aunt, please, hear me out!” Ethan said abruptly, trying to hold her hand.

“I said be quiet!” Emilia brushed his hand off, still staring at Travis. She had never hated someone the way she did at that moment. “This boy will listen to me today and I don’t care if he insults me the way he’s been insulting all my family members.”

Travis’ eyes were becoming glassy by the second. Hearing Emilia’s angry voice again reminded him of his painful past. At that very moment, Bruce and Andrea made their entrance and they got surprised when they found the drama going on. But since it was Emilia doing the shouting, they just stood with evil grins and watched, waiting to see how Travis was gonna insult Emilia too, if he was.

“I welcomed you into my arms, my heart, and my house but most importantly…” She paused and rubbed off the tear making its way down her cheek. “…I welcomed you into my son’s life. But what did you do in return, you robbed off of our happiness and our love. You took it all away.”

Andrea and Bruce were enjoying the drama. They were busy smiling at each other because Travis had finally found someone to put him in his place. Kudos, Emilia!

“And because of what you’ve done, I can assure you that the almighty will punish you.” Her voice was rising. “You will end up in hell where the likes of you end up or in jail. You get it?”

Travis dropped his eyes to the floor, trying to think of what to do in that situation.

“Aunt, please, you are creating a scene,” Ethan said softly. “Others are present here.”

“I don’t care!” She enraged, stamping her foot on the floor. “I thought that he’ll be at peace after taking my son’s love away from me. But no,” She shook her head angrily. “He has no heart.”

Travis closed his eyes, trying to contain the pain inside. He didn’t wanna seem weak.

He opened his eyes slowly. “Excuse me!” He said softly and calmly. “I am sorry that you had to go through all that but you’re mistaken, ma’am. I never got married to your son and I don’t even know who you are. Honestly, ever since I came here, your family has been attacking me and I do not tolerate that. I didn’t join this company because I wanted to hurt you or anything. Believe me, I do not even like your son and neither do I want anything from your family. If it is because of what you saw the other day, I was only helping the old woman to get better, and instead of you thanking me…”

“You are back answering me now?” Emilia chuckled bitterly, looking into his face. “You really have changed and I can’t believe you fooled us all. I should have said no when my husband suggested bringing a pauper home years ago. I should have stood my ground because none of this would have happened. You deceived all of us and I am sure your parents…”

“Do not bring my mother or my father into this,” Travis said rudely, staring right at Emilia’s face. “With all due respect ma’am, you can tell me anything you want but I won’t tolerate it if my parents are brought into this. They raised me as a respectful boy and I live by the virtue of their teachings. Like I said, once your mother is better, I’ll personally bring her back to you. And if that’s all you had for me then I beg to take my leave.”

He left Emilia looking shocked and defeated right there. Emilia felt like such a fool. She could feel that the person she had just been from talking to was different from Praveen but then again, why did she see all that pain in him, she wondered? He might have been looking stronger but she could see through him. He wasn’t disrespectful like everyone said he was, but he wasn’t respectful either. So Emilia was confused.

She just turned and left the company premises because she didn’t wanna encounter her son.


Antonio entered his mansion and he was so damn tired. As soon as he entered, Stephanie ran to him happily. She was dressed in a red designer’s dress with slippers on her feet and her hair tied in a ponytail. As soon as Antonio saw her, a smile popped up on his face and his anger somehow melted. The girl always had her way with his heart. He loved her like crazy and he didn’t want anyone to mess with her.


“My love!” Antonio took her in his arms, kissing her sweetly on the cheek. “I missed you, baby.”

“Missed you too, uncle!” Steph giggled.

Antonio took the little girl to the living room while talking and laughing with her. He was happy. He was so lost talking to her that he didn’t even see the family members in the living room talking to each other. Only Emilia sat quietly with Celine who was holding her hands.

“Finally!” Emma breathed when she saw him. “You’ve got no idea how long we’ve been waiting.”

Antonio frowned, putting Steph on the floor. She run to Emilia and sat with her. “Is there anything wrong, aunt?”

“Not really!” Emma smiled brightly, taking his hand. “I won’t hide this from you, Antonio. I am upset as it is because of what had happened the other day.”

“Oh!” Antonio muttered, looking at all his family members. “I am sorry but…”

Emma gestured with her hand, telling him to keep quiet but with a smile on her face. “As much as I hate that boy and would love to see him burn in hell, I feel like we’ve experienced too much sadness in this house.”

Antonio sighed. “You don’t have to worry about that. I already gave him 48 hours to return granny. If he doesn’t, he’s gonna pay dearly for it.”

Emma smiled, patting on his back. “Thanks a lot. But that’s not what I wanted to tell you.”

“What is it?”

Emma took a deep breath. “Well, there’s a lot of tension in this house and I just want us to get relieved from that. That’s why I booked a two day weekend out at a really beautiful resort in the next town. It’s really beautiful and I am sure you’re gonna love it.”

“What?” Antonio gasped, getting stern. “A weekend getaway. But that’s tomorrow, aunt! Why wasn’t I informed of this before you made the arrangements? I would have…”

“Antonio, you’re always busy.” Emma slightly raised her voice. “I just wanted us to spend some time together as a family, make our bond stronger. You know of what’s been happening in this house as of late. I want us to just get some fresh air and get back to the way we were before that bastard came back. Besides, I think you and Bruce need a romantic getaway as well.”

Antonio sighed, combing his hair with his hands. “But…”

“Come on, baby!” Bruce got up from the couch and wrapped his arms tightly around his husband’s waist, resting his head on his back. “You work too hard, my love. You need this. You need to get away from all this stress. It will just be for two days.”

“I know…”

“Okay!” Bruce held his husband tighter, kissing him on the neck right in front of everyone. “You can do your work over there. It will be fun, I promise.”

Antonio didn’t wanna go. He didn’t wanna spend a weekend lazing around and doing nothing. Yeah, Travis had pretty much stressed him out and made him angry but that was no reason for him to go out for the weekend.

“I know that.” Antonio shook his head. “It’s just that…”

“Please, uncle!” Ryan said, smiling at his handsome uncle. “Come with us. It will be fun.”

Antonio looked at his nephew and smiled at him. “Ryan, I know it will be but I just…”

“Uncle, please!” Stephanie rushed to him and hugged his legs. “I want you to come with us, please!”

That was it. He had been defeated. He had no idea what the little girl had done to him. He always did most of what she asked him.

Antonio sighed gloomily. “Okay, fine!”

“Yes!” Bruce acted like he’d won a lottery. “I have already parked whatever you need, babe. We’re leaving tomorrow morning. We’ll spend the night there and then come back the next day. That will be enough time for us as a family.”

Antonio smiled sheepishly. “Excuse me!”

Bruce nodded and held his hands together, smiling like a horny idiot. Finally, he was gonna spend a weekend with the love of his life, a romantic weekend without Travis the idiot disturbing them. He had planned it and Emma had executed it. He was gonna have fun.


“Alright, thank you so much!” Travis smiled brightly, cutting the call.

Then he started walking elegantly down the stairs, still smiling orgasmically. Vanessa who was downstairs saw him and she folded her arms, staring right into his face. Then she raised her eyebrow, shaking her head.

“What was that, Travis?” She asked. “I know that smile on your face. What have you planned?”

Travis chuckled. “Nothing! I just have an important meeting with one of daddy’s old business partners. He wants to talk business.”

“Oooh...” Vanessa smiled brightly, still staring at him. “Seems important, huh?”

“It is!” He sighed happily, holding her hand. “Just take good care of granny and Sean for me tomorrow. I was supposed to take them both out for some fresh air. Sean wanted to go to the park and I was thinking of bringing granny. Can you do that for me?”

Vanessa chuckled softly. “Are you kidding me? Getting some time to spend with my grandson? You know I’d kill just for him. And as for granny, I’ll take good care of her. We’re starting to bond and very soon we’ll be great friends. But I feel she loves Sean a lot.”

Travis smiled sheepishly. He didn’t wanna say what was on his mind. “So what did the doctor say?”

“He said that she’s doing great and she may recover soon with her response,” Vanessa said with a smile. “It might be sooner than we expected. Her nurse will be arriving tomorrow morning.”

“Cool!” Travis nodded. “Thank you so much, aunt for…”

“If you finish that sentence, I swear I am gonna kill you,” Vanessa warned, pointing at him. “I have told you to stop thanking me unnecessarily, okay. Now, let’s go and have dinner. Everyone’s waiting.”

Travis smiled brightly and left with Vanessa. He loved the woman so much.


“Oh, thank you so much,” Bruce said to the beautiful blonde waiter that gave him two glasses of a well-decorated cocktail.

Bruce was really happy. Finally, the day that he had been planning to have had finally come, the day when he’d get to relax with his husband, kiss his sweet lips again and make love once again. He had it perfectly planned and nobody was gonna ruin that for him.

Bruce was putting on a sexy black designer’s boxer brief that fit him like a second skin, revealing his gorgeous looking ass and his perfectly shaved legs. He had nothing on top except a pure white towel that was wrapped around his neck. His hair was tied in a sexy ponytail, revealing his beautiful face though he was wearing sunglasses.

The Gonzalez family had arrived at the resort a few hours back and now they were already having fun. They’d already settled in their rooms and the rooms were perfect. Antonio and Bruce’s room for instance was really huge, spacious, and heavenly beautiful and it looked like a room on a Hawaiian beach with paintings of beaches and models in swimsuits. Everything in it seemed classy and of royal class.

The resort itself was a paradise on its own. It had really beautiful restaurants, bars, a beautiful club, conference rooms and a lot of rooms. It looked like heaven and smelt like it too. It had a huge pool area which could fit like a thousand people all at once and also a beachside, absolutely amazing. It had many other services like massage, pool, cinema, and everything that one needed for a great pleasurable holiday.

“Well, well, well…”

Bruce was gotten out of his thoughts the moment he heard that voice. He quickly turned and found a happy and sexy looking Andrea cat-walking towards him, looking like a sex goddess in a blue bikini, barefoot with her gorgeous boobs fitted perfectly. Her hair was tied with a band and she was holding her sunglasses. She had a sexy smile on her that could turn a man horny if he wasn’t gay.

“What’s up? Looks like you’re enjoying this little vac?” She teased, folding her arms. “I could see you lost in your thoughts but that smile on your face told me that you’re thinking about Antonio. Got anything special planned for the night?”

“A lot!” Bruce breathed in the sweet air. “My husband and I will get even closer tonight.” He moaned, biting his lips seductively. “I am gonna make sure that whatever space is in between us, I close it completely. I swear, nothing is gonna prevent Antonio and me from being happy today.”

“Hmm…” Andrea moaned. “Sexy, huh?”

“And what about you, miss sexy?” Bruce teased, eyeing Andrea from head to toe. “What’s going on? Who are you dressed like this for?”

“Who else?” Andrea winked. “Ethan, of course? He’ll be coming here.”

“Ethan!” Bruce gasped, a frown appearing on his face. “Don’t tell me…”

“I made my brother invite him so that I could seduce him with all this?” She gestured, biting her lips. “Okay, I won’t tell you.”

“You’re insane!” Bruce laughed, shaking his head. “I just don’t know why you can’t just come out and tell the guy already. You know…” He grinned. “…we’re waiting to hear wedding bells from you soon, Mrs. Ethan!”

Andrea laughed, feeling her heart race just by Bruce’s words. She could feel herself getting horny just by imagining Ethan making love to her, fucking her in every possible position.

“Well, you gotta seduce them, baby.” Andrea shook her body seductively, making Bruce laughed. “Drive them crazy, right before you capture them. I am simply taking my time. I want to seduce the man before I talk to Antonio about setting our marriage up. You know, I wanna…” She paused and got closer to his eyes. “…get the taste of his joystick before I strike so that it will be too hard for him to reject.”

“You’re such a slut!” Bruce laughed softly, shaking his head. “I think I need to go back to my husband. Don’t wanna keep him lonely.”

“Go get him, tiger!” Andrea said, purring in a sexy tone.

Bruce quickly rushed to his husband and he found him busy with his laptop while comfortably seated on a beautiful pool chair with a huge umbrella. He was looking sexy in black cargo shorts with a white vest and green pool slippers.

“Hey, baby…” Bruce leaned forward and kissed his cheek before putting the glasses of cocktail on a small table. “How’s it going?”

Antonio nodded without even looking at his husband. His mind was just on his PC. “Great! Hope you’re having fun?”

“Yeah!” Bruce moaned, resting his hand on his husband’s muscular chest. “But I was kinda hoping you’d put the laptop down and we’d go swimming together. It’s been long since we did anything fun together.”

Antonio glance at Bruce, giving a sheepish smile. “I know but this is kinda important, babe. I will be done soon but you can swim with Andrea in the meantime.”

Bruce felt some anger rising inside him. He just didn’t understand how Antonio migrated from being a wild, sex god to a boring old husband. He just didn’t get it. Sex, fun, and adventures with him when they were dating and when he was married to that bitch, Praveen used to be amazing but for six years, he had been like an old man that was tired of fun. All he knew how to do was just work out and work. Bruce needed to do something.

There were a lot of people there and most of them were staring at the two of them. They were celebrities for Christ's sake and they needed to show that they were so much in love.

“Hey, you two!” Andrea said happily, sitting on the chair next to Antonio. “How’s everything going? Are we having fun yet?”

“Yes!” Antonio smiled brightly. “It’s a nice place but I haven’t seen the kids or my brother. Weren’t they supposed to be out a few minutes ago? They’re taking too long.”

“Oh…” Andrea gasped, smiling softly. “…about that, Eduardo had called me a few minutes back. He said he and Celine took the kids to a park in town. They’re not gonna be back until this evening.” She didn’t wanna mention that Emilia was with them because the woman ruined her day.

“Oh!” That was the only word that came out of Antonio’s mouth.

“But they’ll be back soon. Come on, get into your swimsuit and we’ll have fun.” She hollered, rubbing her hands together.

“I don’t think…”

“Oh come on,” Andrea took the laptop from Antonio’s lap and closed it, putting it on the small table. “You’re not gonna deny me that. It’s been a long since the last time we had fun. And you’re not going to deny me this. We came to have fun and work can wait. You’re the boss of that company.”

Antonio looked at his sister and couldn’t deny her when he saw that look on her face.

“Fine!” He raised his hands like he was surrendering. “I’ll go and get changed and then I’ll join you later.”

Bruce felt like he’d just been awarded by the heavens themselves when he heard his husband agree. He felt excited and whispered Andrea a ‘thank you,’ when his husband was not looking. He knew that his gorgeous time had begun. He was gonna have fun.

Antonio sighed, getting up from the chair. He was about to start going towards the hotel when suddenly, he just stopped in his tracks and his heart stopped breathing together with his breaths. He felt something really cold and painful go down his spine, making him shudder. It was like a bucket of ice had just been poured on him. It was warm that day but it felt extremely cold for him.

And when Antonio felt his heartbeat once again, it pounded so violently that he felt a wave move through him together with that blood, weakening him a bit. His breaths felt painful like he was breathing in knives.

He wanted to believe his eyes were deceiving him. Fuck, he even rubbed his eyes just to prove he was dreaming but he was still there, coming towards him. He was dressed seductively in a pure white lace match see-through club fitted shirt that was tucked in a tight, black designer’s trousers with a brown belt that matched with the shoes. His beautiful hair was a little bit curled and then let loose and imaginary wind was blowing it backward, revealing his cute stern face. He seemed serious but beautiful. Everything to Antonio seemed to be in slow motion.

“What the fuck!” Andrea gasped, feeling a painful pound in her chest. “What the fuck is he doing here? I have had enough of him.” She was angry. “Can’t he leave us the fuck alone?”

Bruce on the other hand felt like murdering someone. Seeing Travis at the resort just made things go instantly bad. He was really mad and his fists clenched while his breaths sounded like a tornado. He swore he wasn’t gonna spare Travis for invading his privacy.

Andrea groaned and folded her arms on her chest, slowly walking to block the boy that smiled when she saw the trio.

“What the fuck are you doing here?” She roared, breathing harshly. “Why are you so obsessed with following us? You’re like a plague that cannot leave us alone? What the fuck do you want us to do to get rid of you, kill you?”

Travis smiled, looking lost. He took a glance behind, looked at his bodyguard, and then shrugged when he looked at Andrea.

“What are you talking about?”

“Don’t act so dumb!” Bruce snapped, raising his finger. “We all know what you are doing here. You followed us.”

Travis frowned, shaking his head. “I don’t know what you are talking about. I didn’t even know that you guys were gonna…”

“Oh cut the crap!” Andrea brushed, gesturing with her hand. “You know what, you’re so pathetic and obsessed with our family. I don’t even know why we even tolerate you. Now I’m pretty sure that you’re stalking us…”

Just before Andrea could finish her ranting, something surprising happened. Right there, a handsome man who looked to be in his late 30s came there and happily called Travis’ name. He was wearing a really beautiful brown designer’s suit with a gray shirt inside. He had dark brown hair which was shaven on the sides.

“I am so sorry, my beauty!” The man apologized in an Italian accent as he hugged Travis lovingly. “I didn’t mean to keep you waiting.”

Travis glanced at Antonio who was busy staring at him and then smiled. “Not really, Mr. Romano. I just arrived so you don’t have to worry about anything.”

“Really!” The man pulled from the hug and took Travis’ hand sweetly. He then bowed down and kissed it right there. Travis couldn’t help but blush. “You’re really beautiful. An apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

“Thank you so much, Mr. Romano.”

“Non ho mai visto un uomo bello come te.” The man said, meaning, ‘I have never seen a man as beautiful as you.’

“Grazie!” Travis said in a really sweet tone. “Sono davvero umiliato.” Meaning, ‘Thank you. I am really humbled.’

The man’s smile just went overboard. “Impressive! Your Italian is great!”

“When you spend most of your life abroad, you pick up one or two languages.” He chuckled happily.

Andrea rolled her eyes, feeling like she was being possessed with a demon of anger. The same could be said for Bruce. He just wanted to snap Travis’ neck and kill him. Antonio was dumbstruck. He just heard Travis speak Italian, something that took him almost his entire life to learn. Was he Praveen, he thought as he felt something that he didn’t even understand slowly from deep within him.

“Well, thanks for meeting me on such short notice.” Mr. Romano apologized. “I wanted to make this deal before I travel back to Italy this evening. I have been doing business with your father for a long time now. I have heard of the great progress you’ve made since you took over.”

“Thanks. But you don’t have to apologize. After all, it’s just business.” He smiled. “When it calls, you have to answer it.”

“That’s right.” The man nodded. “I like you. Shall we? We have a lot to discuss and such little time.”

“Of course!”

Travis and Mr. Romano walked away arm in arm, smiling and talking like newfound lovers to Antonio’s dismay and Bruce and Andrea’s annoyance. They remained standing there like statues, wondering what they were gonna do next. Was their weekend ruined before it even started?


Bruce entered the room angrily and he was already throwing everything on his way, screaming like he was going insane. He felt like something was crawling up his skin, making him angry. He was so mad that his breaths sounded like a whirlwind.

“Hey, Bruce…”

“Why?” Bruce cried, gripping his hair. “Why does that bitch always manage to make me so angry? I hate him and I wanna kill him, I swear. He always…”

“I know exactly what you’re talking about.” Andrea rushed to him, holding his arms firmly. “But listen to me, Bruce. We haven’t lost anything. We’re not going to allow him to make us feel defeated and…”

“He fucking appears everywhere Antonio and I go.” He snapped, clenching on his fists. “I hate that bitch and I swear I am gonna make him pay this time.”

At that moment, Emma came inside the room with a smile on her face. But she lost it when she saw the tension that was in the room. She had been happy. She was just from getting a gorgeous massage of her life. She had a towel wrapped around her pits and her hair was made into a pouf.

“What’s going on here?” Emma asked, getting closer to the two friends. “Why do you look like someone died?”

“Well, aunt…” Bruce furiously rushed to her, looking into her eyes. “…you won’t believe what’s happening right now. That Travis Marasigan is here.”

“What!” Emma roared, feeling a wave of anger sweep her off her feet. “Are you kidding me? How did he even know that we’re here?”

Bruce gave a sigh of frustration, gripping his hair. “I don’t know. But that bitch came here with an Italian man. He said that they were having a meeting here. But I am pretty sure that it’s a lie.”

Emma clenched her teeth, feeling her body vibrating in anger. “I have had it with that son of a bitch! Why the hell can’t he just stay in his lane? Why is he everywhere?”

“I don’t know, aunt!” Andrea sighed gloomily, sitting down on the bed. “Honestly, I don’t even know what we’re supposed to do. Before that bitch came back, we used to live happy lives. But it’s like he’s a demon that’s sucking our blood and I just don’t know what to do.”

“How’s Antonio?”

“Fortunately, Ethan arrived in time and they’re talking outside.” Bruce groaned. “But we need to do something about this Travis issue. We had a perfect plan to just be as a family and forget about our troubles. I was just about to have a romantic swim with my husband but he managed to ruin it all.”

Now that he thought about it, Bruce felt the raging fire burning inside of him. He was really mad. He wasn’t gonna spare Travis.

“That boy has no idea who he is messing with. I swear…”

“Try to calm down!” Andrea quickly got up from the bed. “We need to be careful with that boy. All the previous encounters that we’ve had with him have ended up bad for us. Remember that he’s fearless and more confident than Praveen and most of all…” She paused and gulped, feeling a shiver going down her spine. “…he’s really rich. We don’t know what he’s capable of and…”

“I don’t give a fuck about him!” Bruce groaned, brushing his hand angrily. “I have worked so hard to find myself at this position, Andrea. We’ve made a lot of sacrifices to just let this boy ruin everything for us. Whenever we have an encounter with him, Antonio’s behavior seems to be getting worse. With each encounter, Antonio drifts away from me and I can’t tolerate that anymore.”

Emma sighed, rubbing on Bruce’s shoulder. “I know what you’re talking about and your fears. I also see a point in what you’ve said. There’s a way that that boy manages to change Antonio’s mood whenever he’s around. We were getting close to bringing back the Antonio that we had in the past but with the appearance of that boy, it’s really difficult. He keeps on reminding Antonio of his heartbreak and his betrayal. I don’t want to see him in the same position that he was in years ago.”

Andrea knew that they had to do something and quick.

“That boy could ruin everything that we’ve built for the last six years,” Andrea said, her voice sounding like she was freezing. “He could ruin everything completely and that would be bad for us. We need to be careful with him and…”

“No!” Bruce shook his head angrily. “This time I won’t let it go.” He vowed. “I am not gonna be defeated this time. I swear, I will have my day with that Travis Marasigan!”

He clenched his fists and looked at his two culprits. He was gonna show Travis hell this time and that was a promise.


Antonio was seated in the bar, right at the counter with his friend, enjoying a glass of wine or rather burying himself in his wine. He was having a really bad day… he had a terrible headache and there were a lot of thoughts in his little head. It was just too much for him.

Antonio’s heart was pounding so violently that he groaned each time it did… his breaths were harsh and his body was shaking a little bit. All that was in his head were images of Travis, Travis, and Travis. He didn’t understand how someone like him had managed to make his life miserable in such a short time. His anger was at the surface and he was ready to hit something anything.

Antonio groaned, emptying the entire glass in his mouth. He started pouring himself another and from that sigh from his best friend, he knew that he wasn’t happy.

“You can as well leave me alone, Ethan!” His voice was really low but harsh. “I don’t need your company and besides….”

“Are you kidding me? Look at you!” He gestured with his hand. “I am still wondering how you haven’t gotten drunk. Only God knows how many glasses you’ve taken. Are you trying to kill yourself with drinking?”

Antonio laughed in mock. “It’s just wine. It takes me longer to get drunk. If I wanted to get drunk, I would have gone for something stronger and…” He paused and laughed, playing with his glass. “You know what? I don’t know how he manages to ruin my mood whenever I see him.”

Ethan didn’t need to be a genius to figure out who he was talking about.

He sighed. “Antonio, you don’t have to…”

“Why?” Antonio snapped, furiously hitting the glass on the table. Luckily, it didn’t break. “Why do I feel like killing something whenever I see him? Why do I want to hurt him so much and yet feels weak to do it? Why do I even keep on fucking bumping into him?”

Ethan tried to make his friend calm by touching him but the guy retaliated. His voice was so loud but luckily, there were a few people in the bar and they didn’t pay much attention.

“Every time I see him, it reminds of me of the truth, the truth that I want to forget. It reminds me of what that cheater did to me. It drives me insane with anger and I feel like I am burning inside.”

Ethan slightly closed his eyes. “Look, I understand that…”

“You don’t understand shit!” Antonio snapped, furiously getting up from the chair. “No one can understand what I go through whenever I see that boy’s face. No one! And maybe it’s about time I gave him a dose of his own medicine. I’ll make him feel the pain and anger that I go through whenever I see his face!”


But it was too late, Antonio stormed out of the bar. Ethan could feel his friend’s pain. He could even see it in his face and it killed him like crazy. He loved Antonio so much to see him continue suffering. He didn’t deserve it.

“God! Please, help him out, please. I can’t watch him suffer anymore.” He said under his breath.


Travis was walking gracefully near the pool, enjoying the view of the beautiful water and the sound it made. It somehow made him smile and want to dive inside. It was a cold night but he wouldn’t have loved it any other way. After such a long meeting, he just wanted to relax.

Travis was wearing tight black shorts with a white shirt that was unbuttoned, revealing his sexy chest that could seduce any guy. He had his sandals on his feet and his hair was tied backward, revealing his cute face. He just wanted to relax.

He stopped and just began staring into the pool, enjoying the view. He missed his son a lot and was just from talking to him. He’d have loved to bring him along but he wouldn’t dare make that mistake. He didn’t want any of the Gonzalez finding out about Sean.

“What are you still doing here?” Travis was gotten out of his thoughts when he heard a familiar voice.

He looked past his shoulder and saw Bruce and Andrea standing close to him. They were still wearing the same swimsuits but had towels wrapped around their necks. But they also had grins on their faces.

“I thought you were only here for a meeting,” Bruce said, taking a sip of his Mediterranean juice. “And it looks like you’ve changed.”

“And why not!” He smiled, folding his arms on his chest. “After all, I am by the pool.”

“Weren’t you supposed to leave by now? Your meeting didn’t end or something?” Andrea asked, smiling like a bitch. “Or maybe you’ve decided to seduce some guys seeing that there are a lot of famous guys around here?”

Both he and Bruce laughed in mock.

Travis dropped his hands to his hips and chuckled softly. “Well, on the contrary, I am not like you. I don’t fall so easily. I smartened up!” He smiled cockily. “I was once burned badly by a man who did nothing but toy with me, who merely used me… who deceived me.”

Bruce gave an evil grin, getting closer to the beautiful boy. “So… where is all that bitterness coming from, huh?”

Travis walked a bit closer to Bruce, staring right into his eyes with a bold look. “I am not the kind who needs to flirt to get anybody’s attention.”

Bruce gave a sexy wink, biting his lips. He knew what Travis meant by what he had said.

“Is it my fault if all the men choose to flirt with me?” He chuckled happily together with Andrea. “I am a model. I am really beautiful, sexy and I have a body to die for. Everyone wants a piece of me so it’s not really my fault!” He shrugged.

“It comes with being cheap!” Travis said like he didn’t even care.

Hearing him, Bruce lost the smile on his face and felt the anger forming deep within. “What did you say?”

“I said you’re cheap!”

“How dare you!” Bruce sneered, clenching his fists. “If there’s anyone here who’s cheap like a whore it’s you!” He pointed. “I know exactly what you’re doing. All that bullshit about a meeting! I am not stupid. You’ve always been trying hard to seduce my husband and that’s why you’re here. I know men like you and how desperate and hungry you are for married and powerful men.”

Travis looked lost at first, staring at Bruce like he was angry. Then he burst into laughter.

“You know, I would have gotten angry at that but…” He paused and eyed Bruce from head to toe. “…it’s not worth my time. You’re entitled to an opinion and I think you should learn to keep it to yourself. I am not interested in your husband he’s the last man on earth that I’d consider ever having something with. So you’re very safe and…”

“Really?” Andrea laughed, folding her arms on her chest. “We’re not stupid, Travis. We know exactly what you want and we can assure you that you’ll not have it. Entering our company, faking to help granny and now following us here…”

“You’re so full of yourself, Andrea!” Travis rolled his eyes. “But it’s understandable. After all, it runs in the family.” He laughed, getting Andrea angry. “My business in the company is none of your concern.” His face got stern. “And it’s also none of your business whether I am helping your grandmother or faking it. My business here is also none of your concern. Your family doesn’t interest me at all.

I am a member of this resort and my father owns shares here.” He loved the incredulous look on both Andrea and Bruce’s faces. It was priceless and he wished he had taken a picture. “So whatever family…” He paused, looking at them in disgust. “…following you bullshit that’s in your mind, I suggest you erase it.”

Bruce felt like ripping Travis’ head off. He was so mad. “And what do you think, Travis? We’re supposed to be…”

“I don’t expect you to do anything!” Travis snarled, breathing like he was in a battle. “I know the two of you very well and you like intimidating people. But with me, it just doesn’t work. So I suggest you try that on someone else. And for the record…” He got even closer, enjoying the anger on their faces. “…I still haven’t forgotten what you did to me so you better watch out!”

Bruce frowned. “What the heck are you talking about?”

“Oh, Bruce, even you can’t be so blind!” He gave a mocking smile. “Who else but your… darling Praveen come back to life?”

Bruce’s heart just gave a violent pound in his chest and he took a step back, feeling like his strength had just given up on him. His breaths suddenly turned into pants as his eyes widened. He got pale and sweat broke on his skin. He was really scared and his hands began shaking. Shit! Andrea too was having the same reaction. She was so pale and weak.

Travis enjoyed the look on both their faces, priceless! They looked like deer caught in the headlight and he found it funny and satisfying. His heart jumped with joy and that grin on his face brightened up.

One moment, he was grinning and the next he was laughing.

“Relax!” He laughed, patting on Bruce’s shoulder. “I was just messing with you. You don’t have to look like you’ve just seen a ghost!”

Bruce felt like he was able to breathe again. He had been so scared that he had felt like passing out. He slowly wiped the sweat forming on his forehead and tried to open his mouth to speak but he found he was dumbstruck. He honestly thought Praveen had come back and he knew what they did.

“But why do you look so pale at the mention of that name? I thought you wanted me to be him so much so why the hell do you look pale?” He mocked, watching as the two friends looked at each other. “Knowing the two of you, you probably tortured the poor guy. But what do I know?” He shrugged.

He walked right in between them and left laughing. Travis was so happy that he’d finally put some fear in the souls of the idiots. He had a huge smile on his face as he went away but something happened, something that scared him a bit.

Travis felt someone wrap arms around his waist from behind and hold him tightly. He stopped in his tracks, felt frozen, and wondered what was going. Travis was about to turn when…

“Uncle Praveen!” A cute voice spoke, holding him even tighter. “I missed you so much. Where have you been? You haven’t been there to cook for me and sing me to sleep. I missed you so much.”

Travis felt his heart freeze and adrenaline started preying on him. He tried to breathe just fine but realized that it was impossible. He was filled with a myriad of emotions and just froze without even turning. He didn’t even know that he had teared up until he felt a tear go down his cheek.

“Where did you go, uncle Praveen? I missed you so much. Please, come back home.”

Travis didn’t know what to do. He felt like a bucket of emotions had just been poured on it. Ryan, little Ryan that he had left without even saying goodbye to. He knew without even looking at him that he was Ryan. But…

“Ryan!” It was Emma’s angry voice. “What do you think you’re doing? Come here right now!”

“No, granny, I…”

“I said come here!” Emma angrily pulled his hoody and got him away from Travis. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

“Uncle Prav…”

“Don’t call him that!” Emma warned, pulling on little Ryan’s hand hard.

“Ouch!” Ryan winced. “You’re hurting me, granny!”

“He’s not your uncle and he’s not Praveen, do you understand?” She yelled at the little boy, making him shed tears. “Don’t you ever mention that name again because I have warned you about it!”

Travis quickly rubbed his tears and glanced behind, landing his eyes on Ryan. He had grown up, 11 years or so. He was handsome and Travis didn’t like the fact that Emma was hurting him. Shit! But he couldn’t do anything. He just sighed and walked out of there.

Emilia and Celine were just as shocked when they saw Travis right there at the resort. They had just returned from where they went only to find the commotion going on.

“How many times must I…”

“Emma, what do you think you’re doing?” Emilia went to Ryan’s rescue. The little boy held her tightly and sobbed. “You’re hurting your grandson. He’s just a little boy and…”

“I didn’t ask for your opinion in this matter, Emilia!” She brushed rudely, gesturing her to keep quiet. “How I raise my grandson or how I talk to him and discipline him is none of your business.” She thrust her hand forward and gripped Ryan, pulling him to herself. “So you better keep quiet and focus on yourself next time.”

Emilia raised her hands like she was surrendering. “I am sorry. Anyway, what’s going on? Why was that boy here?”

Emma laughed, getting closer to Emilia. “Why don’t you follow him and go and ask him since both of you have the same mission? All of you only want to destroy us.”

With an angry groan, she stormed out of there, pulling on Ryan like she wanted to hurt him. It was heartbreaking to see. Emilia remained standing there, looking confused and very hurt. Everyone else left, except for Celine. She wrapped her arms around her mother in law, rubbing on her shoulders.

Emilia sighed, feeling heartbroken once again. She had been happy spending some time with her son and his wife and her two grandkids. But now that she was back, she remembered all her pain.

“What’s going on, Celine?” She sighed in pain. “Why does he keep appearing everywhere? Can’t he just leave us alone? We’re having more problems as it is and he’s making it worse. When will this curse go away from us?”

Celine tried her best to smile. “Please, don’t blame yourself for this. Very soon, all our problems will go away. The almighty sees and he will restore our happiness and love back. I promise. Now let’s go inside.”

Emilia nodded and both of them went inside.


‘I love you so much, uncle!’ Ryan’s voice rang in Travis’ head. ‘I love your food!’

Travis got emotional as he went down memory lane. He had loved Ryan like a son in the past and that love had suddenly resurfaced when he saw the boy earlier. He was standing in the corner, looking towards the pool with tears in his eyes. God, he’d never gotten so emotional seeing anyone from the Gonzalez house. But now that he had seen Ryan, he just wished he had hugged him and kissed him. Hell, the pain that he had felt when he saw him crying was just too much. God! It was too much.


Bruce entered the room with a sigh, closing the door behind him. He was putting on a beautiful black designer’s short with a muscle t-shirt that fit him like a second skin. He smiled brightly, glancing at his watch. It was past 11.pm and he wondered where his husband was.

“Baby!” He called, a smile popping upon his face. “My love?”

He was ready to be with his husband that night. He planned on both of them making wild love to each other.

“My love?”

He went to the bathroom to check but Antonio was not there. He checked the balcony but he was not there. It was strange and he got really worried because his husband was supposed to be back by that time. When he had left him, he was with Ethan so….

Bruce quickly took his phone and dialed Ethan’s line.

‘Hey!’ Ethan hollered on the other end of the line.

“Hi!” Bruce chuckled softly. “Ethan, sorry… I was asking if you were with my husband. He’s not in the room yet.”

Ethan was quiet for a second. ‘Antonio,’ He gasped. ‘We were together at the bar like over an hour ago and he left for the room.’

Bruce frowned. “He left over an hour ago? But he’s not reached here yet. Are you sure that you guys are still not together or maybe you know where he might have gone to?”

‘No! Maybe he’s at the pool. Try calling him. I’ll try and look for him.’

“Okay, thanks!”

Bruce cut the call and quickly dialed his husband’s line. But it didn’t go through. He tried again but his number was off.

“Shit!” He swore.

He quickly rushed out of the room to go and look for his husband.


Antonio was walking slowly on the edge of the pool, feeling like the weight of the entire world had just been placed on his shoulders. He had so much anger inside of him that he felt like killing the entire world. His body was both hot and cold and his heart was pounding violently in his chest. His fists were clenched and his body shook from the anger that he felt. He had images of Travis arriving at the resort and they just wouldn’t go away. He had gone to the beach to just be alone and think straight but it just didn’t work. He needed a really hot shower. Maybe that was gonna help him get rid of the anger. It always helped him in some way.

Suddenly, as he was still deep in his thoughts, Antonio bumped into someone hard, getting him out of his thoughts.

“Oh my God, I am so sorry about…” But he trailed off once he looked at the person. It was Travis.

Travis on the other hand got the shock of his life when he found Antonio looking deep into his eyes when he raised his head to apologize to the person he had bumped into. His heart nearly missed a beat and his breaths stopped for a second. He found himself frozen as he stared into Antonio’s eyes, getting lost in them. Shit! How could he have not seen Antonio, he thought as he ripped his eyes away, acting like a shy virgin?

Antonio on the other hand felt like anger had just been poured into his system. He groaned angrily, slightly looking away.

“Wow!” He said harshly. “Even when I wanna be alone, I still get to see your ugly face. I wonder why you’re everywhere even when I don’t wanna see that ugly face of yours. Why the fuck can’t you just…”

“Excuse me!” Travis was shocked. “You saw me when I arrived here this afternoon. I had a very important meeting and got unlucky when I saw you here. Otherwise, I didn’t even plan on looking at your face today. But what can I do, I have far more important things to do than following you around. So don’t be so sure of yourself, Mr. Gonzalez!”

Travis was telling the truth. He had no intention of seeing Antonio and his family that day. He hadn’t planned it but he loved the fact that Antonio, Bruce, and Andrea’s moods were ruined. He wasn’t gonna give them any peace.

“I don’t wanna quarrel with you!” Travis said, putting his hands together. “But the fact is that both of us are here. Why don’t we just mind our own business?”

With those words, he angrily passed Antonio but the guy’s hand was so quick that it caught his arm and brought him back.

“What the hell do you want now?” Travis furiously brushed Antonio’s handoff. “I was about to leave you and your privacy alone. What do you still want?”

Antonio’s face got stern as he got closer to the boy, raising his finger at him. “Whatever games you’re trying to play, Travis, I am warning you.” He groaned. “You don’t wanna mess with me because you’ll regret it. I told you at the office yesterday that I can be a beast so don’t mess with me. Why do you want to aggravate the wounds that haven’t even completely healed?”

Travis laughed, raising an eyebrow. “Mr. Gonzalez, I am really tired and I don’t want to talk to you.” He put his hands together angrily. “I don’t wanna be rude right now because I have a lot on my mind. What do you think of me?” He shook his head, getting stern. “Do you think I don’t have a life too? I don’t have time to be chasing you and your family for whatever fucking reason you think I’d do that. Please!”

Both of them looked at each other angrily and groaned, stamping their foot on the ground. They tried to pass each other and go separate ways but something happened, something that surprised both of them.

A piece of Travis’ shirt got stuck on Antonio’s expensive gold necklace. Both of them stopped and looked at each other and then looked away angrily again. Antonio was really mad. He didn’t even know how a piece of Travis’ shirt had gotten up to his necklace.

Antonio groaned and then slowly took his necklace and tried getting Travis’ shirt out. But Travis was a bit far so Antonio got a bit closer. Travis rolled his eyes angrily and did his best not to look in Antonio’s eyes. He didn’t want to look into his face but he was angry.

But Antonio was taking too long again. He opened his mouth to speak, raised his head but his nose brushed on Antonio’s, and both of them looked at each other. Antonio wanted to look away but he found himself getting hypnotized. Suddenly, the world seemed to stop moving and everything around them disappeared. It was like they were in a world of their own, or at least, Antonio was. He finally managed to get the piece of the shirt out but he didn’t even realize it. He just kept staring into those eyes, feeling a warmth that took away his anger.

Suddenly, Bruce who had just met up with Ethan came to the pool and found the two in the same position. Bruce felt like liquid electricity had just been poured into his system as his body vibrated painfully and he clenched his fists. His breaths turned into pants and he groaned angrily, furiously rushing to where the two were.

Although Ethan was shocked, he knew that trouble was gonna bloom so he rushed after Bruce.

“Such a bitch!” Bruce barked as he rushed to Antonio and Travis.

Both Antonio and Travis heard his angry voice and they came back to the real world. Antonio quickly moved away from Travis and stood at a distance, looking at his raging husband. Shit, what had just happened, he thought?

Travis on the other hand just stood still, staring at Bruce like he was a mad man or something. Deep down, he wanted to smile but he seemed stern. He could see the anger on the man’s face and he just acted shocked.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing trying to seduce my husband?” He roared, standing a distance from Travis. “You’re such a whore! I know the only reason why you came here was so that you could try and seduce him with your stinking body.”

Travis chuckled, shaking his head. “Bruce…”

“You wanted to seduce my husband, huh?” He bellowed. “Huh?”

He groaned angrily, his fists clenched, and then started running angrily towards Travis. He wasn’t gonna let it go this time. He was gonna fight him to the death.

“I’ll kill you!”

Ethan got scared when he saw Bruce running to Travis. He knew what was gonna happen. He started running as fast as his legs could carry him and just as Bruce was about to grip Travis, Ethan reached there quickly and wrapped an arm around Travis’ shoulder, getting him out of the way.

Things happened so quickly that Bruce didn’t even realize how it happened. The next thing, he found himself diving into the pool with a splash. Ethan covered his mouth because he hadn’t expected that. He looked at Travis and quickly let him go.

“Oh my God,” Bruce gasped when he got his head out. “Oh… fuck…”

Bruce looked at Travis and felt so much hatred for him. He was really mad. It was Travis that was supposed to be in the water getting the humiliation of his life and not him. He wasn’t gonna let it go. He looked at his husband and the man was just standing there, staring at him without even saying anything.

“Fuck, no!”

Bruce angrily swam to the edge of the pool and got himself out. He was dripping wet and it was a freaking cold night. He furiously got up and started rushing to Travis with his finger raised. He had had enough of him.

“Bruce, please…” Ethan stretched his hand, blocking Bruce from Travis. “…it was just an accident. Don’t make a scene!”

“An accident!” Bruce scoffed, fighting his tears. “This bitch has always been trying to seduce my husband. But I am warning you!” He roared. “Stay away from my husband or else I am gonna do something that both of us won’t like.”

“Husband?” Travis gasped in mock astonishment. “I don’t even know what you’re talking about. My shirt got entangled with his…”

“Liar!” He screamed, shaking his head. “Do you think I am a fool? First, you came here pretending to have a meeting, and now you’re trying to seduce my husband. He’s mine and you won’t succeed in your plans. My husband is only mine!”

“Bruce, please…” Antonio finally spoke, trying to get him away from there. But the guy withdrew his hand. “…what the hell are you talking about? You know very well that I wouldn’t do anything with him. The only reason why you found us…”

“I don’t wanna hear it and I don’t care!” He yelled, giving his husband angry eyes. “The only thing I know is that this whore here is trying to take you away from me. I won’t allow that. Don’t think that I am stupid and I didn’t see that.”

“Bruce…” Antonio called softly.

“There’s no way I am gonna lose to him.” He yelled, clenching his fists. He furiously looked at his husband. “I don’t even want him to come close to you. I forbid you from even talking to him.”


“Each time he’s around us, he always seems to have one motive. He wants you to fuck him and…”


“I am never going to allow that.” He got closer to Travis, raising his fist in Travis’ face. “Do you hear me? This man is only mine and only I have access to him.” He yelled, surprising Travis. That was another level of anger. “I will kill you before I let you seduce him. He’s mine… his body is mine, his lips, and even his dick. If you think…”

“Will you shut the fuck up?” Antonio snapped, roaring like a lion.

Bruce got shocked when he heard the tone Antonio had just used on him. He quickly turned and what he saw scared him big time. Antonio’s eyes were blood-red… he was breathing like a monster and his fists were clenched. His body vibrated and the look he gave Bruce was scary.

“What?” Bruce gasped, feeling pain forming in his heart. “Honey, did you just…”

“Yes!” Antonio snarled. “Why the hell do you always like creating unnecessary drama?”

“What?” Bruce couldn’t fight his tears. They came flowing. He couldn’t believe what was happening. “What have I done? I was only trying to defend my husband and now you’re shouting at me? You should be angry at him and not me!”

“You know what?” Antonio raised his hands like he was giving up. “I am done with this. You can do whatever the fuck you want to do.”

With those words, he angrily turned and started leaving but… he felt a powerful grip on his shirt that stopped him. Antonio furiously looked at what was holding his shirt, a hand, and then looked up to find Bruce looking at him in anger. Bruce had gripped his shirt and oh, Antonio was mad. He couldn’t believe Bruce had just done that.

“What the…” He couldn’t even finish his sentence. “What do you think you’re doing?”

“How dare you, Antonio!” Bruce sneered, his jaws shaking. “How dare you talk to me like that in front of Travis? What was my crime, huh? Is defending what’s mine a crime now? You’re my husband and…”

“Let go of my shirt!” Antonio said in between clenched teeth, trying to contain his anger. “Right now.”

An evil grin appeared on Travis as he watched the two fighting. He hadn’t planned on causing a fight but since it had started, he had no choice but to watch happily with his arms folded.

“No!” Bruce shook his head. “You’re being unfair!”

“I said get off!” Antonio pulled his shirt furiously from Bruce’s grip. “What the fuck do you think of me? Do you think I am such a man whore that I can easily be seduced by anyone? Do you think I am a sex freak that can be seduced by anyone? I can’t believe you think of me like that, my husband. Wow!” He clapped angrily, surprising the guy. “What a husband you turned out to be.”

“Guys, please, let’s calm down and…”

“Calm down!” Antonio snapped, glancing at his friend. “I have been calm this entire time. But what the whole point of talking to someone that doesn’t even trust you. It’s a waste of time.” He got closer to Bruce, looking into his teary eyes. “Now you listen to me, I don’t give a fuck about what kind of man you think I am but please, keep it yourself. I have tolerated enough from you already. I followed you to this freaking resort to make you happy and show you that I loved you but it looks like I wasted my time.”

He shook his head angrily and stormed out of there with Ethan following behind, trying to make him understand. Bruce was left alone with tears on his face, wondering what had just happened. Antonio had just shouted at him right in front of their enemy. It was really painful and Bruce cried softly.

He slowly looked in the direction of Travis and saw that mocking smile on his face. He could tell the boy was satisfied with what had happened. Bruce furiously rubbed his tears and rushed to Travis, pointing his shaky finger at him.

“Don’t think that you’ve achieved anything by this.” He warned, his voice sounding like a storm. “I will get you for this, Travis. Mark my words, you’ll pay for this humiliation. If I were you, I would be scared because you’ve just woken a monster inside and this monster… will destroy you. I promise you this, Travis!”

He stormed out of there with more tears flooding his face.

Travis chuckled in mock. “You had made me feel the same pain in the past, Bruce. You and Andrea. You had hurt me, mocked me, and later destroyed me along with Antonio.” His face got stern as memories of his past filled his head. “Now wait and watch how I destroy you. I will make you feel every pain I felt years ago.” He vowed.

“I swear! You’ll feel every bit of it!”

An evil grin appeared on Travis’ face as he walked out of there, laughing sinisterly.

What has he got planned next?

Copyright © 2020 vanalas; All Rights Reserved.
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Thanks a lot to everyone that took the time to read my work. I really love you all guys a lot. Don't forget to drop your comments about what you really think about my work

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🤦🏻‍♂️ Bruce can’t trust Antonio because Antonio was having an affair with him when he was married to Praveen so he’s afraid history in a way will repeat itself. Serves him right to be in such an ironic situation. The interaction with Ryan was very emotional as I couldn’t imagine being in Travis’/Praveen’s shoes where he couldn’t tell Ryan how much he missed him nor stop Emma from hurting him. Glad to see Granny is doing better though it was a ballsy move taking her away.

I can’t wait for the next chapter and I’m still curious why Santiago hasn’t been mentioned. The only thing I can imagine is Santiago perhaps went his separate ways because he was in love with Praveen who likely after being so heartbroken couldn’t return his feelings. He may have felt it was too painful being around the person he loved when it was unrequited, though this is wild speculation. It’s just that Santiago planned to take Praveen away and keep him safe so it’s weird that he hasn’t even been mentioned in passing by Travis or Vanessa as while Travis/Praveen had his dad you’d think Santiago would have been in his life over the years.

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23 hours ago, NimirRaj said:

🤦🏻‍♂️ Bruce can’t trust Antonio because Antonio was having an affair with him when he was married to Praveen so he’s afraid history in a way will repeat itself. Serves him right to be in such an ironic situation. The interaction with Ryan was very emotional as I couldn’t imagine being in Travis’/Praveen’s shoes where he couldn’t tell Ryan how much he missed him nor stop Emma from hurting him. Glad to see Granny is doing better though it was a ballsy move taking her away.

I can’t wait for the next chapter and I’m still curious why Santiago hasn’t been mentioned. The only thing I can imagine is Santiago perhaps went his separate ways because he was in love with Praveen who likely after being so heartbroken couldn’t return his feelings. He may have felt it was too painful being around the person he loved when it was unrequited, though this is wild speculation. It’s just that Santiago planned to take Praveen away and keep him safe so it’s weird that he hasn’t even been mentioned in passing by Travis or Vanessa as while Travis/Praveen had his dad you’d think Santiago would have been in his life over the years.

You seem to have extracted my thoughts before I even got. To ask! 😂 I too have been looking to hear the backstory or Sebastian’s return scene.




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    You probably have a crazy and hectic schedule and find it hard to keep up with everything going on.  We get it, because we feel it too.  Signing up here is a great way to keep in touch and find something relaxing to read when you get a few moments to spare.

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